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'Black Trash' Release Date Pushed Back Again

Posted: Mon Feb 12, 2001 3:31 pm
by Reservoir Dogg
Listen to Sticky Fingaz 'Black Trash' sampler featuring the bonus track 'Jackin' Fo' Beats':

The release date for 'Black Trash: The Autobiography Of Kirk Jones' has been pushed back to April 27, 2001. Because the bootleg version has already hit the streets, there might be some changes made to the line-up of songs on the album.

Also be sure to check out Sticky's video 'Get It Up' on BET, MTV, and The Box. To request the video on MTV, go to:
Make a video request to BET at or call BET at 1-800-617-0106. Log on to The Box at and help put the video on top.

For more on Sticky, check his official website at:

Posted: Sun Feb 18, 2001 10:56 pm
by HairyPirateBooty
Ok. :o