Run-DMC's new album 'Crown Royal'

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Run-DMC's new album 'Crown Royal'

Postby Reservoir Dogg » Fri Feb 23, 2001 3:39 am

Has anybody heard any of Run-DMC's new album 'Crown Royal'? The album features guest appearances by Method Man, Kid Rock, Fred Durst, Sugar Ray, Nas, Prodigy (of Mobb Deep), Jagged Edge, Everlast, Ja Rule, and Stephen Jenkins (from Third Eye Blind).
Aside from the legendary production of Jam Master Jay, the album also boasts cuts from Run, DJ Lethal, Dante Ross & John Gamble (Stimulated Dummies), and DJ Homicide.

Go hear the first single 'Rock Show' featuring Stephen Jenkins.
You can also check out 'Lets Stay Together' featuring Jagged Edge.

Track listing for 'Crown Royal':
1. 'It's Over' (featuring Jermaine Dupri)
2. 'Them Girls' (featuring Fred Durst)
3. 'The School Of Old' (featuring Kid Rock)
4. 'Take The Money And Run' (featuring Everlast)
5. 'Rock Show' (featuring Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind)
6. 'Here We Go 2001' (featuring Sugar Ray)
7. 'Run & Rule' (featuring Ja Rule)
8. 'Queens Day' (featuring Nas & Prodigy of Mobb Deep)
9. 'Let's Stay Together (Together Forever)' (featuring Jagged Edge)
10. 'Simmons Incorporated' (featuring Method Man)
11. 'Ahhh'
12. 'Crown Royal'

And here is their new electronic press kit for you to check out:

'Crown Royal' is scheduled for release on April 3, 2001.

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