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Postby neonskittle » Mon Feb 26, 2001 8:57 am

my name's christine, and i'm a new member here! yay! hehe, well i'm needing a lot of help. i have been currently working on an eminem scrapbook and i don't have many pictures of his daughter hailie jade or his little half brother nathan. i was hoping that someone could help me out in finding some! i know that hailie has been on mtv's BIOrythm and on the recent mtv news now grammy hangover show. if anyone can get captures of her pictures from there i would greatly appreciate it! if you can direct me as to where photos of her can be found on the internet i would love you forever! i have been searching and searching, but finding now luck, only links to eminem fansites mentioning her. i hope that you can help me out!

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