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Postby Reservoir Dogg » Fri Mar 09, 2001 3:15 am

KRS-ONE is scheduled to release his ninth album, 'The Sneak Attack,' on April 10th. Blaze Magazine once called KRS 'the greatest emcee of all time'. He was also named the 'greatest live performer of all time' by The Source.
Having founded the Stop The Violence Movement, H.E.A.L., and the Temple of Hip-Hop, KRS-ONE stands as one of the foremost authorities on hip-hop culture. He has said that 'The Sneak Attack' will 'restore the focus of hip-hop culture.' KRS also added that 'It will offer an alternative to the sometimes over-commercialized rap product of today. I don't perform solely for money, I only rhyme when it is necessary, and it has become necessary...'

You can peep KRS-ONE's new single 'ONE' at

Also check out KRS-ONE at the Blaze Battle available at

Support real hip-hop. One.

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