Do u guyz think Britney lipsynches??

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Do u guyz think Britney lipsynches??

Postby Nikechik454 » Mon Apr 16, 2001 5:12 pm

Do u guyz think Britney lipsynches?? I think sometimez she doez but only cuz of her dancing but I would like to hear her for real. I would've posted on the Britney board but all Britney fans go there so they would all probably say no, so I wanted your guyz opinions

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Postby Becky » Tue Apr 17, 2001 6:43 pm

Yes she does lip-sync and I do think part of it is because of the dancing...but then there has been performances where she'll lip-sync for absolutely no excuse at all. For an example the AMA's...I don't know Y she did. She wasn't dancing that much, and all the head jerks weren't nesscary.

I'm with U I would like to hear her sing live more often, because she's already established the fact that she can her or hate her U have to give her that much. When it comes to N-E kind of vocal skills she hasn't really shown that much. I'm not expecting her to hit Christina/Jessica notes, but some live singing would be good for a change.

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Postby WhatChristinaWants » Wed Apr 18, 2001 2:33 pm

I think she does 80% of thetime. But sometimes she really does sing live. She sounds fine I dont know why she does it?

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