Divas-to-be, take notice

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Divas-to-be, take notice

Postby pinkGLAM » Thu Jun 14, 2001 3:46 am

Divas-to-be, take notice. R&B singer Mya shows how to work the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards. Her gold ribbon-sheath gown by designer Linda Stokes adds a sort of flapper feel to the winning outfit. The bronze slight curl in her hair completes the look. Anyone wanna Charleston?

Showing her love for leather and snake, Pink slithers into the MTV Movie Awards wearing, well, both. Her electric blue leather side-laced blouse sports a SilverSnake logo--a coiled and ready-to-strike cobra. And just in case you didn't catch it the first time, she's wearing the exact same thing on her matching boots, then tops off the look with a yellow leather skirt and some seriously long fingernails. Don't scratch yourself, girl!

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