The Wake

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Postby Stereodee » Sat Mar 15, 2003 6:14 pm

Locked in the room, i can feel the presence. one i never thought of before...a feeling that passes through my veins like a sickness. without this presence, i feel as if i'm empty, nothing inside. i stare out the window, waiting anxiously, with hope, for it to come into the room. looking down at the bodies, all you can see is everyone else who feels this presence... bliss is all they sense. suddenly, it falls through the walls, i feel inspired, yet still hopless, but unaware of it. this is nothing i've manifested, nothing i bought with the worthless currency the others want. it's something like as the native tongue. the light in the room makes her glisten but the contrast of it is tuned down, making seem not as if she were cast from the heavens, but as if she oblivious to anything resulting in evil. in the eyes of an angel, the bottled rain hits the floor unnoticed, seasons pass over. my head against my desk with my eyes shut tight, the presence grows closer to me, many seconds later, i feel the breath run down my neck, like heat from the hearth. i turn my weighted head slightly to one side to catch her in the side of my eye. the hand of she caresses her burnt, golden hair with the eyes lit with the shuttered light. a rough, yet running voice enters the cold, diseased, air wrapped around my bare arms. a few other heads turn to see what cracked their silenced ears, weathered and broken by words. i focus on the acidic rain and listen to the sound. the calm is shattered by something very scatters all the thoughts collected during that time. rain continues to wash away the rot and rust of this world, perpetual...and diseased.

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