Liberal Sends A Message From His Ship In Mdl East

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Postby admin » Sat Mar 22, 2003 9:25 am

For all of my friends and supporters...

Well, given the news I've been able to get (my choice, Faux or Corparate
News Network, covering it from all angles, corparate right to frothing at
the mouth right), the invasion of Iraq is going well. No sign of any
'Weapons of Mass Destruction'™, but I'm sure the Oliver North (wtf is he
doing there, wasn't he discharged without benefits?) will plant (I mean
find) some there, soon enough.

There are reports that the Iraqi's are using Scud missiles, but somehow I
find that hard to believe. They are probably FROG-M's, Russian built relics
from the 1950's that are legal under the peace treaty. But, since Scud's
aren't, and the announcers pointed that out, well now you'll have to prove
they weren't...

CNN reports that the "Shock and Awe" attack against Bahgdad has gone in. No
word on casualties, but who cares, they're only ragheads, right? (Sarcasm)

We've been getting the darndest letters from the NBC 7/39 'email the troops'
program. Most are sweet, sort of "May God keep you safe". Some are jokes
(Somebodies been sending transcripts of late night television jokes).
Others are bizarre. The bizarre ones have several things in common:
1. They support the troops and the pResident, and don't see how anyone could
support one without the other (for lessons, talk to Trent Lott).
2. They claim that although there are protesters, the 'silent majority'
suports the war. Now, if I remember correctly, for every person with a
sign, there are 10 who couldn't get off work, or didn't feel well, or agreed
but didn't have the gumption to get out and protest. Given that the anti
war crowd outnumbers the prowar crowd by some 10 to 100 to one, how do they
figure the majority supports the war? They also use the number "72%", which
if I remember correctly would be the ones who support the war no matter what
plus the ones who support it with UN support. (More on the UN later). So,
without UN support, the majority opposes it...
3. They want us to kick ass and take names, but show no sign of wanting to
sign up and actually help do it. In other words, Republican Chicken Hawks.

Now, the UN...
The UN is dead. It's probably been dead for a while. It died of the same
thing the League of Nations died of, the inablity to prevent strong nations
from ignoring it. When the UN wouldn't rubber stamp this war, we pulled the
plug on it. Either the UN enforces the US will, or into the dustbin of
history it goes.

France is mocked. People have learned not to do so near me, for fear that
the History Major would give them a lesson that will challenge thier
beliefs. France is vilified more the Iraq is. Which is a bizarre way to
treat an ally.

North Korea is ignored. The fact that North Korea has WMD™ and the
ability and stated intention of using them is nothing, for if Iraq has them
Western Civilization is threatened. (When asked what he thought of Western
civilization, Ghandi said "It would be a good idea".) But Iraq doesn't have
them. I will have my doubts of whether or not they have them no matter what
evidence is turned up by US troops. Only if Iraq uses them will I truely
believe that they had them. God Forbid that they do use them, for if they
do, our troops will suffer, and the US will destroy them for that crime.

So the troops have gone in, the bombs are falling, and what do we have left?
I have hope, that the people of Iraq do not suffer too much from this war
"To give them their freedom". And that our men, the troops out there at the
sharp end, do not suffer any losses. May the devil who caused this strife
not benefit from it. And I remember...The party that fought and won WW1 was
thrown out of office in the next election. The party that fought and won
WW2 lasted only one more election, but they had Harry Truman. The party
that was winning Korea lost out before that war ended. And the party that
'won' Desert Storm lost out also. (Vietnam left out on purpose, since there
was plenty of blame for both sides in that one). May the party that started
this misnamed 'Operation Iraq Freedom' not gain anything from it. Let them
run on thier record on the economy, or thier scandals, or their inablity to
convince anyone not on thier payroll that this was needed. (And whatever
happened to naming operations for security instead of sound bytes? Anyone
remember Operation Overlord? Or Operation Watchtower? Or Operation

I believe that we will defeat Iraq. I hope that it will not blow up in our
faces. And I believe that when this is over, we will have to merely wait
while the economy continues to crash, and the people get tired of running up
defecits to provide tax breaks for wealthy people who don't need them. This
country has survived invasions, civil war, and bad leaders before. We will
survive this.

And I remain,
The one and only
Hawker Hurricane
Hawker Hurricane
Leading Petty Officer
USS Some Ship (NON-03)

Push to test... Release to detonate.

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Postby laura l » Sat Mar 22, 2003 9:59 am

The war of propaganda has begun. US media say one thing, Iraki and other Arabic media will say another thing, each trying to shock and convince their own party. There will be the usual exhibition of corpses, blood, and tears on one part, and the waving of US flags and hails of US troops on the other.

I very much liked this letter, but I hope you won't mind if I question its authenticity. maybe you can tell me more about it.

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