Pressure Drop

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Postby Stereodee » Sun Mar 30, 2003 7:12 pm

Sinking further into everything
I fall beneath the line
Seeing your face blur into a dream
Has drawn me closer inside
I know what I have said to you
Those words don't have to be
Sometimes I lie to hide the truth
I say what I dont mean

[ I dont know what you do to me ]
That makes act that way
Open my eyes, make me see
What I really want to say
I want to know what has driven me
To where I am today
[ I'll never know why I think this way]

No one can see what you've done to me
I'm broken up on the inside
If there is a cure, would I finally see
That this keeping me alive?
I dont' know why I say those things
To make you hurt inside
I'll let you know just I what I mean
So it'll be alright


Surfacing the top and looking up
Can anybody see I'm there?
I'm reaching up, I feel the surface
Once I'm out, will anyone be there?
Or will i just keep on going down?
while pressure pulls me under
I may just give up and drown
Cause I can't take this any longer


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Postby MoRtiCia13 » Mon Mar 31, 2003 4:16 pm

wOmen...the undeniable ability 2 make men lovehate us...and 2 make musicmen write songs about that very lovehate. good strong words stereodee...u r a swell mind.

wanna love ya
wanna bug ya
wanna squeeze ya
wanna touch ya
wanna take ya
wanna shut ya
i can't take this
born 2 break this
i'm a loner
i'm a loser
i'm a winner
in my mind
i'm a bad one
i'm a good one
i'm a sick one
with a smile :)
she's going away.
what's wrong with my life today?


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