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Postby shake_that_bass » Sat Jun 14, 2003 11:45 pm

Sigh. Not all Americans are like that. I don't really care anymore what other countries think of us. WHITE POWER means white supremacy.

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Postby WHITE-POWER » Sun Jun 15, 2003 2:41 am

The only way hate is stopped if people like you would just blow up.

:laughup: Many would ( and do ) say that about your own warmongering nation and its corrupt leaders. Funny how all our insults can be exchanged and applied to one another. Nothing profound about your point :rolleyes: My opinion is a product of what goes on in this imperfect world. It is merely a reaction. You think hate or loathing begins in isolation?

Take your rose tinted glasses off. Your country has created and breeded enough hate in it from its so-called day of 'discovery' to this present day, (for certain groups of their own people,as well as outside their borders), which it has managed to consistently spread around. Read your foreign policy a little closer. Sure most, other countries are full of bullsh**, but hey at least we admit it. No delusions going on here: I'm willing to acknowledge and admit the ills of my own government anytime, anyplace. You see, unlike you lot, I don't place blind faith in the powers-that-be and am not hesitant about questioning the crap they insist on spoon feeding us. An absurd concept I realise, as far as you're concerned. But it's one that does exist over here :rolleyes:

And the only response you lot can muster up to someone like me, is: whine, whine, you're all whinging liberals. Maybe, to an extent, but I'd prefer to consider myself a swinger between both the right and left wing. Even so, no matter what wing you affiliate yourself with: it's all relative, all the same ... no-one possesses an individual or unique opinion, we're all a group of some sort although it is apparent that some of your fellow americans do feel that they aren't lemmings and are unique in their sentiments. :laughup: Such delusions.....

Point: You will meet people who don't agree with you or like you, or more to the point, just want to piss you off as much as possible : it's called life :)

don't really care anymore what other countries think of us

News flash: you never did care, honest; this comment is merely made out of nothing but immediate self defence; you obviously felt compelled enough to make a response though. :thinking:

It's funny: 'none of you care' but you end up responding anyway, and when you do, it's so lame and pitiful, I can't help but feel that you needen't have bothered yourselves.

And once again - there was much anti-French vitriol and hate on this board courtesy of your american cohorts, which was advocated all the way and never once, contested by these same americans that whinge if someone says anything negative about them in return.

<span style='color:red'>So let me get this straight: you can all hate a country and its civilians because they just SIMPLY DID NOT AGREE WITH YOU, but the minute that hate is reversed and you're on the receiving end of that hate, it's wrong and unacceptable?</span> Who do you think you're trying to kid? You all manage to compromise your own integrity brillantly, by showcasing yourelves as such hypocrites with every sentence you utter: if you can't take it, don't dish it out. It's really that simple.

WHITE POWER means white supremacy.

Said before, but I shall repeat myself for your benefit. There is no supremacy at all, just irony. Trust me. :rolleyes:

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