President Bush's Movements And Actions On 9/11

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Postby admin » Fri May 09, 2003 8:56 pm

probably the most thorough and sourced account I've ever seen on Bush and 9.11, though there is some editorializing throughout.

..long read, especially if you reference the sources, but worth it.

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Postby ADRIANA_A » Fri May 09, 2003 9:09 pm

That's really interesting to read.......

It really confirms that Americans are being forced to conform to the way their government thinks and to abandon any sense of questioning for themselves. It never fails to scare me how people are always quick to believe evry damn thing their govt tells them, esp if it's a govt as corrupt as this present American one.

The Republicans have had proven links to fraud companies like Enron, but since that discovery isn't it funny how war talk sudddenly began to provide distraction?

I know we joke about how 'well....if it isn't on MTV, the americans will never know...' but then these kind of stories never appear on the proper american news channels themselves. the news is so govt-regulated - Rupert Murdoch has contracts with the govt for heaven's sake - the news presenters were reporting the war wearing American flag pins on their lapesl. It seems impartiality has disappeared and everyone is rallying behind this rogue President simply out of patrotism. This is Bush's dream come true - he can nnow do what he pleases, and use 9/11 has the reason for doing it, and he'll know his lemmings /people will just support him regardless.

This lemming behaviour has been proven consistently on these boards and many other boards I've been on. I#m so thankful i live in a country where, althouh it is the lapdog of America, at least we have so many varying newspapers and news channels, that are a mixture of left wing, right wing, socialist, liberal points of view. We have people and journalists who are independant and refuse to buy the bullsh** these corript white men in power insist on feeding us so they can continue terrorising the world.

Thanks admin for posting up this link :)

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