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French Fry Is Sold For $200 On Ebay

Posted: Fri Jul 04, 2003 1:09 am
by MegMeg112
French Fry Is Sold for $200 on eBay

A man has sold what he billed as the world's largest french fry for more than $200 on the Internet auction-house eBay.

Simon Holland found the 6 3/4-inch fry during a meal at a Wisconsin Rapids Culver's on June 24. Instead of eating the spud, he immediately froze it and put it up for auction on eBay.

Posted: Fri Jul 04, 2003 8:24 am
by desi baby
Haha. Man, people in this world are craaaaaaazy.

Posted: Fri Jul 04, 2003 7:37 pm
by Isied
Yeah, crazy stuff, thanx Meg.

hey, don´t u call it freedon fry now?

Posted: Sat Jul 05, 2003 10:34 am
by heloise
bah, those american are....anyway, french fry and freedom fry means teh same because we're for the freedom ! :lol:
and I dont knwo why they called that french fry because it's belgium ;)

Posted: Sat Jul 05, 2003 11:38 am
by Isied
Freedom fry is a really stupid name... <_<

Posted: Sat Jul 05, 2003 12:03 pm
I was just about to mention that 'freedom fry' thing :lol: ....... I'm sure French people were really insulted by that(!) :heartbreaker:

Posted: Sat Jul 05, 2003 12:09 pm
by heloise
you're clever adriana, it's true, you can't imagine how i'm insulting by this name ! :headache: ..... :lol:

Posted: Sat Jul 05, 2003 7:00 pm
by Isied
ridiculous... :P

Posted: Mon Jul 07, 2003 12:37 am
by MegMeg112
hehe, freedom fries....well, 1st of all, most people here don't say FRENCH fries in the first place, even before the war....most people call them "fries", @ least everyone I know does!! LoL. The "freedom" fry was started to be patriotic at some small restaurant SOMEWHERE in the US, and I guess it got on the news and all over the world!

Posted: Mon Jul 07, 2003 7:41 pm
by Isied
Yeah, It really got, but I´m happy it didn´t work out.

Posted: Tue Jul 08, 2003 1:58 am
by MegMeg112