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“GHOSTS OF GIRLFRIENDS PASTâ€￾, a romantic comedy from Disney Studios, is now casting many roles for production in November.

WHO’S INVOLVED: “Ghosts of Girlfriends Pastâ€￾ will star Ben Affleck, and was written by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore. The film will be directed by Betty Thomas ("Private Parts", "The Brady Bunch Movie")

PLOT SYNOPSIS: The film is a romantic comedy about a cynical fashion photographer and ladies' man named Colin Mead (Affleck) who happens to run into his ex-girlfriend Jamie at his brother's wedding. Though she still has feelings for him, Jamie is turned off by his callous behavior. When Colin's antics almost ruin the wedding, he is visited by the Charles Dickens-like "Ghost of Girlfriends Past".

Production begins on in mid-November, 2003.

DISTRIBUTOR: Disney Studios

PRODUCERS: Sean Bailey, Chris Moore and Jonathan Shestack


Speaking parts and background roles are still available. Both non-SAG and SAG actors are encouraged.

Male Roles For This Film:

"Paul Mead", Caucasian, 20s. He is the brother of the Ben Affleck character. As kind a guy as his brother Colin is a jerk, he's on the verge of marrying his true love and he's invited his outcast brother to his wedding. Having lost his parents when he was two and been virtually raised by his brother, Paul loves his brother unconditionally. Trying to overlook the havoc Colin wreaks at the rehearsal dinner, he rises passionately to Colin's defense when the guests all criticize him.

"Sergeant Volkom", Caucasian, 50s - 60s. Sandra's dad is the minister at the wedding and also a Navy Sergeant. A tough, by-the-book guy with a huge soft spot for his daughter, he has completely organized every detail of the wedding. When the wedding is called off, he's set to spirit away his daughter, until physically prevented by a desperate Colin, whose intervention the Sergeant actually admires.

Female Roles for This Film:

"JAMIE PEROTTI", Caucasian, 20s - 30s. She is the long-lost girlfriend of Ben Affleck's character. Smart, classy, well-educated, kind, compassionate, adventurous, ambitious but emotionally vulnerable, she is a beautiful and captivating young woman who falls madly in love with a superficial, irresponsible, aimless, loverboy slacker of a photographer, played by Ben Affleck. LEAD ROLE

"Sandra Volkom", Caucasian, 20s. Sandra is Paul's bride. She is cute, sweet, smart, and very nervous. Throughout her tumultuous rehearsal dinner she fights bride-to-be-hysteria, reminding herself to remain calm. But despite her tendency to unravel, she is a smart, loving woman with a good sense of humor who quickly recovers her balance.

"Deena the Bridesmaid", Caucasian, African-American, or Latina, 20s. Deena is the leader of Sandra's three sexy bridesmaids. She is slightly upset about being a bridesmaid for the ninth time and is on the prowl for guys at the wedding. She comes onto Colin and makes a date with him but gets stood up.

"The Ghost of Girlfriends Present", African-American, 20s - 30s. This tough, Queen Latifah-like woman is the righteously indignant Ghost of Girlfriends Present who embodies the furious and deadpan. She mercilessly shows the Ben Affleck character what the consequences have been from the times he has callously slept with women and dumped them. Colin meets his match.

For casting details, send email by October 10th to

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