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"A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS", a children's film in the tradition of "Harry Potter", is now casting for production in November.

This Paramount Pictures feature will star Jim Carrey, and is based on a series of nine children's books by author Daniel Hadler under the pseudonym of "Lemony Snicket". The story is about the three wealthy Baudelaire children who become orphans when their parents are tragically killed in a fire.

They are taken in by the evil Count Olaf (Carrey), a distant cousin who only wants to get his hands on the family fortune that the children have inherited.

Production is scheduled to begin in mid-November, 2003.

CAST MEMBERS: Jim Carrey, Meryl Streep, Jude Law

DIRECTOR: Brad Silberling ("Casper", "City of Angels")

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Nickelodeon Pictures

DISTRIBUTORS: Paramount Pictures and Dreamworks

EMAIL FOR MORE INFO: Auditions@followingup.com

The film's casting directors are now casting a variety of principal and supporting roles.

Male Roles For This Film:

"Hook-Handed Man", any ethnicity, 20s - 30s. He is the main henchman of the evil Count Olaf (who is played by Jim Carrey). This odd-looking character is a scowling, sarcastic guy who is rough around the edges. He does whatever it takes to please his boss. He has hooks for hands and sometimes wears fake hands to cover his deformity. SUPPORTING ROLE

"Bald Man", Caucasian, 20s - 30s. He is another of Count Olaf's evil henchmen. The Bald Man is a nasty, despicable guy who acts as Count Olaf's fawning servant. He is also the master of ceremonies of Olaf's theatrical productions. SUPPORTING ROLE

"Taxi Driver", any ethnicity, 30s - 40s. A tough and brash character from the streets. SUPPORTING ROLE

"Constable", Caucasian, 30s - 40s. A traditional British constable. A respectable and very trustworthy police officer.

"Gruff Grocer", any ethnicity, 40s - 50s. A callous but genuine blue-collar man who works at a grocery store.

Female Roles For This Film:

"White-Faced Woman #1", Caucasian, 30s - 40s. A henchwoman and maid of Count Olaf who wears white powder all over her face. This is one tough woman. She is nasty and cruel towards everyone except Count Olaf, who she kisses up to. She loves to gamble and torture the Baudelaire children. SUPPORTING ROLE

"White-Faced Woman #2", Caucasian, 20s - 30s. She's the sidekick of the first white-faced woman. This character is also mean-spirited, but more passive than her counterpart. She will back up whatever her partner says. SUPPORTING ROLE

"Henchperson", any ethnicity, 20s - 30s. This character is probably the most comic of Count Olaf's henchpeople. We never find out if the character is male or female. She or he uses many ridiculous disguises, and is quite overweight. The character dances and sings at random times for no reason.

"Realtor", any ethnicity, 20s - 30s. An intimidating and unscrupulous real estate agent.

For casting details, send email by October 24th to Auditions@followingup.com

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