Cameron Diaz Film "in Her Shoes" Now Casting

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"IN HER SHOES", a drama/comedy based on the popular novel by Jennifer Weiner, is now casting for production in January.

This feature film from Fox 2000 will star Cameron Diaz as Maggie Feller, a free-spirited but immature party girl who dreams of stardom. She moves in with her career-oriented older sister Rose after getting evicted from her own apartment.

Sibling rivalry follows when Rose kicks Maggie out after she trashes the apartment and sleeps with Maggie's boyfriend.

Production is set to begin in January 2004.

DIRECTOR: Curtis Hanson ("8 Mile", "Wonder Boys")

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Fox 2000, Scott Free Productions

DISTRIBUTOR: 20th Century Fox


The film's casting directors are now casting a variety of principal and supporting roles.


"Jim Danvers", Caucasian or African-American, 30s. A handsome, suave attorney at the law firm of Lewis, Dommel and Fenick. He's also a cold-hearted ladies man who dumps women without thinking twice.

"Simon Stein", Caucasian, 20s - 30s. A clean-cut co-worker of Rose's at the law firm. He's a bit of a geek but a nice guy. He likes to help organize softball games for the office. Simon is one of Rose's boyfriends in the film.

"Michael Feller", Caucasian, 50s - 60s. The docile and meek father of Maggie and Rose. He's a thin man with graying hair who walks with a slight stoop. Michael seems to have lost his vitality. He's very deferential to his wife.

"Mr. Sofield", Caucasian, 60s - 70s. An older man who lives in a retirement community with Maggie and Rose's grandmother.


"Rose Feller", Caucasian, Late 20s - 30s. She is an ambitious attorney at a big Philadelphia law firm. Rose is the unglamourous but highly intelligent, untrendy but upbeat older sister of Maggie (Cameron Diaz). She's been more successful at her career than with dating men. She loves candy and is a bit overweight. CO-STARRING ROLE

"Amy", Caucasian or Latina, 20s - 30s. The loyal best friend of Rose. Amy is slender and pretty, likes to gossip with Rose, and enjoys listening to Whitney Houston songs.

"Ella", Caucasian, 70s - 80s. The grandmother of Maggie and Rose. She lives in a retirement community in Florida, and she hasn't seen her granddaughters since the death of their mother when they were kids. Ella spends all her time doing volunteer work. She deeply misses her granddaughters.

"Sydelle", Caucasian, 40s - 50s. The mean stepmother of Maggie and Rose. Sydelle is constantly trying new forms of cosmetic surgery and diets. She has been over-critical of her stepdaughters since they were kids. She is always ordering her husband around.

"Mrs. Lefkowitz", Caucasian, 60s - 70s. An eccentric woman who lives in the retirement community with Ella.

For complete casting details, send email by November 14th to

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