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Posted: Mon Dec 22, 2003 9:57 am
by Ã…narchy99
End the Holiday Madness

Anyone with half a brain hates the Thanksgiving to Christmas season. There is too much family. Too many happy annoying people demanding things from you. Too much forced joy specials on television. And WAY too many repetitions of songs you've been listening to since childhood. Anything Cathy Lee Gifford espouses must, by definition, be evil.
The only way to escape this recurring nightmare is to:

Stick your head in the turkey just after it comes out of the oven preferably during the Christmas Day family gathering but a Thanksgiving Day end may also serve your purposes. Your timing really depends on your own peculiar circumstances.

Run around banging into family members all the while flailing your arms. You can never go wrong flailing your arms when trying to kill your self. The more flailing the better.
Go into a room that can be easily locked so you won't be accidently saved by well meaning but inconsiderate friends or family members.

[Alternatively you can just flee the house and run through the streets aimlessly until you pass out. NO ONE in a large city will ever go near someone with a steaming turkey on his head. If you live in a wooded or rural area the best thing to do would be to run off into the wilderness so your body can be found with all sorts of gnaw marks on it from the multitude of animals that will flock to your decaying carcass (and the turkey's too).]

An interesting footnote to this holiday might be to swallow a large number of Christmas ornaments (lights, small Santa dolls, actual fruit cake) before you follow your bliss. Give your family and friends (if you have either) something to discuss the following year.
Happy Hellday's :bye:

Posted: Mon Dec 22, 2003 6:03 pm
by princessluvsjrt
uh...thanks for telling me what to do and how. i'll try it...i'm depressed anyway.

Posted: Wed Jan 07, 2004 10:21 pm
by Kick-a$$
:lol: I really could imagine some crazy nut-head running around with a hot steaming turkey on his head!!!!

Alchemy your one funny person!!! :lol:

I hope you really arnt trying to be serious coz its funny as!