"the Shield" From Fox Now Casting Many Types

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"The Shield", a police drama series from Fox's FX Channel, is now casting many principal roles for Episode #316: "What Power Is". The episode will begin production in January.

From the moment of its premiere in 2002, FX Channel’s original series "The Shield" established new creative boundaries by redefining the traditional police drama and becoming one of television’s most critically-praised series.

"The Shield" breaks the conventional formula of the cop genre. It plays out in a tough, morally ambiguous world in which the line between good and bad is crossed every day. As leader of the elite Strike Team unit, Detective Mackey administers his own brand of justice.

"The Shield" stars Michael Chiklis and CCH Pounder, and is produced by Fox Television Studios in association with Sony Pictures Television. Executive Producers are Shawn Ryan and Scott Brazil.

NOW CASTING: Episode #316: "What Power Is"
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"Will Faulks", 30s, Caucasian or Latino. A seemingly-ordinary, even-tempered, lower middle-class, average guy. He’s “everymanâ€￾. Will is not tall, not short. Not handsome, not ugly. Average build. He’s not creepy in any way. You would never suspect him of being a sick rapist and killer. The fact that he committed these crimes is shocking.

"Detective Chris Milne", 20s - mid 30s, any ethnicity. He is fresh-faced and cocky, but not without cause and charm. He's confident enough to defer to Dutch and Claudette’s expertise.

"James Freeman", 40s - early 50s, African-American. He is an attractive but not necessarily classically “handsomeâ€￾ man. He possesses a strength and presence that is charming; big on charisma. There’s also a vulnerability to him. He has made it in a blue-collar world..

"Tone", 20s, any ethnicity. He's the pit boss at an underground casino. A wiry and thin guy. He's physically small but looks mean as hell. The casting directors are looking for quirky, unusual faces for this part.

"Dr. Ausanta", 50s, Latino. A legitimate physician whose son is a drug addict. He’s performing medical procedures on the local drug dealers in exchange for them NOT providing his son with drugs.

"I.A.D. Guy" (Internal Affairs Division), 30s - 50s, any ethnicity. A professional-looking man who pulls back the cover to reveal a character's dead body.

"Jarod", 30s, African-American. A gas station attendant that Taniesha leaves the baby with. The character has a quirky-looking face.


"Joanna Faulks", 30s, Caucasian. The wife of Will Faulks. She’s attractive in an unglamorous way, and she possesses a quiet strength.

"Sara Lang", 20s - 30s, Caucasian. A dedicated teacher at a school for autistic children. She’s gentle and patient, and has a calming, serene quality about her.

"Iliana", mid - late 20s, Latina. She was raised in the hood and isn’t getting out. She looks scummy but she is not a drug addict. She’s together enough to pay the rent on her dumpy little house. She plays a tough game but deep down has a good heart. LEAD ROLE.

"Kara Jackson", 30s, African-American. A professional young woman. She left her child with Taniesha to babysit. She goes to the police when she cannot find Taniesha or her baby.

"Stella", 40s, Caucasian. She's attractive in a tacky way. Self-possessed and vixen like. Stella is the kind of woman who can pull together a hot outfit with clothes she bought from Wal-Mart. She’s sharp and possesses an openness that borders on crass.

For casting details, send email by December 26th to PoliceDrama@followingup.com

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