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"Jack and Bobby", an upcoming pilot show from the WB Network, is now casting many starring and supporting roles for its premiere episode.

From the producer of "The West Wing", this major new series will tell the story of a pair of brothers destined to become American political leaders. The series will be seen from the perspective of a documentary done in the year 2049 about Jack and Bobby McCallister, two young men who work their way through high school with the burden of an eccentric and self-absorbed mother, the spectre of an absent father, and their own very different ways of handling the world.

The concept for the show was created by Steve Cohen, an early volunteer on Bill Clinton's 1992 presidential campaign and novelist Brad Meltzer.

"Jack and Bobby" is being produced by Thomas Schlamme ("The West Wing"), Greg Berlanti ("Dawson's Creek", "Everwood"), and Mickey Liddell ("Go", "Everwood").

None of the cast members have been set yet.

"Jack and Bobby" has a wide variety of principal and supporting roles still open. The show is scheduled to premiere in September 2004.



"Jack McCallister", Caucasian, 16 - 20. A track star, popular, charismatic and cool, a reluctant big brother and a beleaguered son, Jack is emotionally independent of his mother and very clear-sighted about her failings. Reluctant to take his geeky younger brother under his wing at high school, Jack spends the first few days of school connecting with Courtney Benedict, the daughter of the new university president. SERIES REGULAR

"Justin", any ethnicity, 20s. This phlegmatic Circuit City sales clerk agrees to keep Jack's mother on track when she comes in to buy a television. Justin doesn't have a prayer when Grace rolls in and walks all over him, buying Bobby a synthesizer instead of the T.V. she'd promised him.

"Professor Merle Horstadt", Caucasian or African-American, 20s - 30s. This self-satisfied and verbose professor at the faculty party accosts Grace at the bar and proceeds to toot his own horn.

"Adam Chassin", Caucasian, mid 30s - 40s. A pale man with dark hair and a chiseled face, he can finish other people's sentences within the first three words and usually does. A presidential campaign strategist, seen in the year 2049, he talks about his relationship with and insights into President McCallister. GUEST STAR

"Marcus French", African-American, 16 - 20. He's Jack's good friend in school, one of the cool guys. Bright, a good student, something of a joker, he good-naturedly plays sidekick to Jack, helping him with classwork and keeping Bobby out of the way so Jack can make headway with Courtney.

"Victor Sable", Caucasian, mid 60s - 70s. A ponderous academic, he's a man equally enamored of President McCallister and his own voice. Speaking from the year 2049, dressed in the timeless uniform of the Ivory Tower intellectual (the tweed jacket), he's doing a historical documentary on President McCallister, and comments on the President's administration as well as his earlier years. GUEST STAR


"Grace McCallister", Caucasian, mid 30s - 40s. She is intelligent, erudite, in love with words and not afraid to use them. She's a history professor at the university in her town of Lakeside, Illinois and the single mother of two sons. As a teacher, Grace is confident, charismatic, fascinating and alive; one might even say, presidential. As a mother, Grace is biased towards her younger son, self-absorbed, narcissistic and overbearing. She also loves both her sons enormously and, when faced with her own considerable failings as a mother, Grace has the vulnerability to listen to Jack's advice and the wisdom to accept it. SERIES REGULAR

"Courtney Benedict", Caucasian, 16 - 20. The daughter of the new president of the university, Courtney is a pretty blonde girl who's new in town. She's very poised, articulate, insightful and fiercely independent-minded. Courtney is approached at school by an intrigued Jack. She is touched when she sees Jack being kind to his younger brother, and she eventually confides to Jack the recent tragedy in her life. SERIES REGULAR

"Miss Murphy", any ethnicity, 20s - 30s. Bobby's pretty and well-spoken teacher, she has her class interrupted when Principal Farber comes in to take Bobby out of class.

"Karen Carmichael", Caucasian, mid 50s - 60s. An attractive blonde woman with a southern accent, she's a cross between Ann Richards and Christie Todd Whitman. Speaking from the year 2049, Karen discusses her decision to become President McCallister's Vice President, and her insights into the President.

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