How To Scare The Crap Out Of Your Parents!

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Postby Kick-a$$ » Thu Jan 08, 2004 9:31 am

So...Have your parents been annoying you lately? Are they making your life a living hell? Heres some ways to scare the crap out of them, spook them into an early grave. We all love our parents but this is the ultimate revenge!


These are some I gathered from different people, friends and family. Most I htought of but we all came together to bring you this untimate scare tactics!!!

Sit on a chair facing the corner of a dark room with a bright light on you. Wearing a white shirt or a light colour. Call your parents in and make them stand at the door. Start mumbling to yourself saying "why....why did i do it" and then your parents shall say "what did you do?" you stand up and turn around and yell "I KILLED ROVER OUR PUPPY!!!" with fake blood all over your shirt and hands and have a bloody butchers knife.

Hide the bird and skatter fake feathers around the house and say it had to be done the bird was getting old.

Hide the bird and scatter fake feathers around the house and say he put up a struggle but i finally got him. Then smile and say "bird for dinner anyone?"

Every night a certain time late, sneak out side grab a handful of rocks from the garden and throw them at your parents window. Make sure its loud and run qickly and quietly back inside into your bedroom and pretend your asleep. Do this every night at the exact time. It will drive them crazy!!

Put a fake snake or spider in your parents bed, make sure it looks and feels real and is BIG!

If you live on a farm and have horses sneak outside at really late like 12 or 2am. When everyones sleeping and go to the barn and grab a small poney or a chook and bring it inside. Then run back into youor room quietly and let the animal wake the house up in the middle of the night. They will surely think there mental!

Get a fake baby (preferable one that cries on impact) and fill up a waterbomb with dark red dye or somethin blood like, put that in the baby's pocket. And when your parents drive in the drive way, out of know where throw the baby, make sure you can be seen, like over the fence, or behind a big bush, or even outta a high window!!! Make sure it hits the window and the blood filled water bomb splatters.

Tell your parents you have invite Michael Jackson over for dinner.

If you mum or dad are asleep on the lounge walk up and grab there nose and close it so they cant breath outta there nose (i done it). Damn dont ya get a reaction!!

If a room fogs up like the kitchen write on the window: "DIE b**** DIE" and claim it wasnt you.

Out of the middle of no where run into your parents room screaming Michael Jackson was under my bed!!! And force them to go check, when they do and see nothing say "I saw him!!!! He was there!!!!" 1Hour later repeat.

If you have a man hole near your window, jump out your window and rattle it and slam it shut loud and jump back in, shut window and turn light off, and get into bed and pretend to wake up screaming, and your parents come running in, say "i saw a man in a cape go tinto the man hole!!!! i saw it!" and when they go searching in there (and are actually fully in the man hole, slam the doors shut and jump back in ya window and pretend your scared as hell.

I dont have many more lol :lol:

Oooohhh also scare them as many times as you can, and pop up everywhere possible!! like come out from behind corners or somethin and scare them.

Also if you want to make ya parents think your mentally crazy!!!

Go into Target/Myers/Kmart and when the annoucner comes on saying "discounts are at isle 4" or somethin fall to the ground and crouch up yelling "they are after me!!! the voices!!!! help!! go away!!!"


feel free to add some really good ones that are not listed here!!! :D :P

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Postby Sarah » Wed Jan 14, 2004 4:56 am

^ :lol:
if i did ne of them my parents would not fall for em! there pretty hard to scare!

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Postby vanilabean4 » Fri Jan 16, 2004 12:09 pm

Tell your parents you have invite Michael Jackson over for dinner.
now THAT is scary!

especially if he moves in!!
:blink: :blink:

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