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Posted: Sat Feb 14, 2004 1:47 pm
by Nikechik454
I was never really into Survivor, I watched one season and that's it. But when I saw Survivor All Stars, I was hooked again. I don't even know who half the people are, but I love it.

I'm really pulling for Lex and Boston Rob. Lex seems like a cool guy and he was robbed his season. Boston Rob...what can I say? He is hilarious, any episode without him in it is wasted air time. Not to mention he's not too bad on the eyes either. LOL!

Anyone else hooked on Survivor this season?

Posted: Sat Feb 14, 2004 11:54 pm
by jerianne
hey! i LOVE survivor!! :wub: i have watched every season! but i'm not good with their names.
i want rupert to win! :D i think he is a good player. and he got voted off way to early last time. and he's from indiana, my home state.
i also like colby!! :yum: yummy!!
i HATE jenna! :puke: she is such a b****! and she wears me out!! they better vote off her next!!
i also wish that they didn't vote rudy off! :cry: i hated to see him go.
anyways, enjoy the season! i think it will be a good one!
oh, i like lex. and boston rob, is 1 of a kind, for sure. LOVE the accent!
also, jenna should have never went on the show. if a family member has cancer, u don't take chances like that.

Posted: Sat Feb 14, 2004 11:57 pm
by jerianne
i made a mistake, sorry. i can't remember the girl that just left on the last episode. i cannot remember her name. but she is the one that shouldn't have went on the show. (her mom was dying of cancer and she went on the show anyways. but the last episode, she decided to leave, to be with her. she got to spend 8 days with her, before she passed away.)
but she should have never went on the show. some things are way more important than money.