"miss Congeniality 2" From Warners Now Casting

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"Miss Congeniality 2", the upcoming sequel to the hit 2000 film, is now casting for production in April.

This Warner Brothers comedy will star Sandra Bullock again as Gracie Hart, the attractive female FBI Agent who went undercover in a beauty pageant to catch a killer. The sequel will be about Gracie going undercover once again in order to rescue Miss United States and the beauty pageant's host after they have both been kidnapped.

William Shatner and Heather Burns will be returning in their roles from the first film. The original "Miss Congeniality" made over $100 million in U.S. theaters when it was released in 2000.

"Miss Congeniality 2" is being produced by Castle Rock Entertainment and Fortis Films, and will be distributed by Warner Brothers. This film will be directed by John Pasquin, who also directed "Joe Somebody" and "The Santa Clause".

The film has a wide variety of principal and supporting roles still open. Production is scheduled to begin in April 2004.



"Janet", Caucasian, mid 20s - 30s. She is an ambitious and manipulative young female FBI agent and the ex-girlfriend of Pete Foreman. Janet is attractive, calm, and self-assured. She is secretly teaming up with the corrupt Agent Velez to kidnap Miss United States in hope of advancing her career. The character is described as blonde, but actresses could dye their hair for the part. LEAD ROLE

"Carol Fields", Caucasian, 70s - 80s. The eccentric and blunt elderly mother to William Shatner's character. She lives in a Las Vegas nursing home.


"Pete Foreman", Caucasian, late 20s - 30s. A handsome but very eager and somewhat goofy FBI agent. He becomes the new love interest for Sandra Bullock's character Gracie Hart. LEAD ROLE

"Joel", Caucasian, African-American, Latino, Asian, mid 20s - 30s. He's the personal stylist and confidante of Sandra Bullock's character Gracie. Joel is a flamboyant gay man who's witty, sarcastic, and friendly. This guy is responsible for Gracie's wardrobe, hair and make-up. He's the leader of her "Style Posse".

"Karl", Caucasian, 30s - 40s. A big guy who's nasty and unpleasant, powerful and physically imposing. Karl has just gotten fired from his job as a pirate at a Las Vegas show. He's also a would-be actor/director. Karl teams up with his brother Len to kidnap Miss United States and the beauty pageant's host.

"FBI Agent Hector Velez", Latino, 40s. This ambitious and yet corrupt Latino FBI agent runs the Las Vegas FBI operation. Although he is initially trusted by Gracie, he turns out to be the brains behind the kidnapping of Miss United States. His plan is to oust Special Agent McDonald and become head of the Bureau. .

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