New Nbc Show "beverly Hills Suv" Now Casting

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"Beverly Hills S.U.V.", an upcoming pilot show from NBC, is now casting many starring and supporting roles for its premiere episode.

With Emmy-winning producer Larry Wilmore as executive producer, this new sitcom will be an ensemble comedy about the competitive salespeople who work at an upscale Beverly Hills car
dealership. The show will have a similar tone in many ways to the David Mamet film "Glengarry Glen Ross".

Wilmore has also produced the hit NBC show "Whoopi" and Fox Network's "The Bernie Mac Show", for which he won an Emmy in 2002 for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series.

"Beverly Hills S.U.V." is being produced by Wilmore Films in association with NBC Television. The first episode will be directed by newcomer Jamie Burrows.

None of the cast members have been set yet.

"Beverly Hills S.U.V." has a wide variety of principal and supporting roles still open.

The show is scheduled to begin production in April 2004.



"Taylor Stevenes", Female, any ethnicity, Mid 20s - Mid 30s. Taylor is very attractive but doesn't try to be. The new gun in town, she's a confident and experienced saleswoman who arrives at Beverly Hills S.U.V. and instantly makes a sale. Just like one of the guys, Taylor doesn't hesitate to go all out to make a sale, and proves that she can be just as cunning and duplicitous as the other guys. SERIES REGULAR

"Female Customer" (a.k.a. "Connie"), any ethnicity, 20s - 50s. A female customer named Connie, who's quite charmed by Jeff's sales pitch, to the point where she doesn't mind that he can't remember her name. But her tete-a-tete with Jeff is interrupted when one of the other car salesmen drops dead


"Josh", Caucasian, mid 20s - 30s. Josh is the manager of the dealership, and he has his job because he's the nephew of the absentee owner. Josh is a bit of a nerd but he's no fool; he knows when someone is trying to hustle him. He really wants to be the boss at Beverly Hills S.U.V., but he has no people skills, and as a result, the salesmen try to manipulate him. SERIES REGULAR

"Jeff Aronson", Caucasian, Mid 30s - 42. Jeff is one of the salesmen at Beverly Hills S.U.V. Twice divorced, and sexually charismatic in an understated way, Jeff is charming, and has a smooth, polished manner, and he outwits the other salesmen at the dealership. Jeff likes the games and the cons that come with selling cars, and he's proven to be expert at moving tons of metal off the lot. SERIES REGULAR

"Paul Simmons", African-American 30s - 40s. Paul is an ex-musician whose ability to embellish the "truth" is legendary. Another salesman at Beverly Hills S.U.V., Paul is expert at schmoozing, expert at playing the race card, and expert at coaxing customers into thinking he's cutting them a deal. Series Regular

"Dave Salazar", Latino, Late 20s. He is another salesman at Beverly Hills S.U.V. Dave is married with twin babies at home. A guy who wears his heart on his sleeve, Dave has a healthy libido but doesn't get much action since his wife is invariably busy with the babies. As a result, he spends his spare time surfing the Net. A salesman with an excellent record, he thinks he should be "top dog". SERIES REGULAR

"Ray Lee", Asian-American, Mid 20s - 30s. Ray grew up in Orange County, and relates more to the surfer culture than to the Asian culture. A guy who refers to others as "duuuude," SERIES REGULAR

"Timid Customer", any ethnicity, 20s - 50s. A male customer at Beverly Hills S.U.V., he's checking out a Panzer (the new answer to the Hummer), and he seems a bit timid, preferring to communicate in quiet grunts. Taken in hand by Taylor, he agrees to buy the expensive vehicle, but almost backs out when the other salesmen try to scare him off

"Barry Silverman", Jewish-American, 50s - 60s. The sixth salesman at Beverly Hills S.U.V. who has been in the game too long and feels someone's always out to get him. Barry has seniority among the salemen, but his sales figures aren't as high as Jeff's - but he still wants the status that comes with the unofficial title of "top dog." A short-tempered guy with a driven manner, Barry knows every trick in the book. SERIES REGULAR

"Gas Guy", any ethnicity, 20s - 50s. A guy from the Gas Company, who's there to read the meter, he has to loudly insist that he's not a customer when the salesmen besiege him .

For casting details, send email by March 25th to

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