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Postby CastCall » Tue Mar 30, 2004 9:12 pm

"Beauty Shop", an upcoming comedy film from MGM, is now casting many starring and supporting roles for production in April.

From the producers of the hit film "Barbershop", this comedy will be about a hairstylist named Gina who opens up a beauty shop full of employees who are more interested in gossiping with each other than giving haircuts. The film will star Alicia Silverstone and Queen Latifah.

"Beauty Shop" is being produced by David Hoberman ("Monk", "Bringing Down the House"), Matt Alvarez ("Barbershop"), and Queen Latifah. The film will be directed by music video director Bille Woodruff.

"Beauty Shop" has a variety of principal and supporting roles still open. The film is scheduled to begin production in April 2004.



"Jorge Christophe",Caucasian, mid 20s - 40, Caucasian. A handsome, charming, calculating, upscale beauty salon owner. A smooth-talking and womanizing star of the hair world.

"James", African-American, 20s - 30s. African American, extremely attractive. Master hair braider in Gina's shop. His looks turn heads. SUPPORTING ROLE


"Joanne Marcus", Caucasian, 20s. A rich, fashion-conscious girl who tries to be like Paris Hilton. Superficial, stylish. A bit cold-hearted and snobby. She is a Louis Vuitton representative. LEAD ROLE

"Terri Green", Caucasian, Late 20s - 30s. Attractive and stylish, she is a society wife to a powerful and philandering husband. LEAD ROLE

"Aunt Paulette", African-American, 40s - 50s. A stylish African-American woman, always worried about her daughter, Darnelle. LEAD ROLE

Darnell, African-American, Early 20s. Attractive, party girl with an edge, a good girl who likes bad boys. LEAD ROLE

"Lola", Latina, mid 20s - 30s. Very attractive Puerto Rican manicurist. She is loud and opinionated. LEAD ROLE

"Receptionist", African-American, 20s. Funny, country girl with a heavy Southern accent. SUPPORTING ROLE .

For casting details, send email by April 2nd to

Or go to the web address below....


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