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"The Good Shepherd", an upcoming drama film from Tribeca Productions and Universal Pictures, is now casting many roles for production next fall.

Produced by Francis Ford Coppola and Robert De Niro, this major film is based on the life story of CIA founder James Jesus Angleton. The protagonist of "The Good Shepherd" is a Yale graduate named James Wilson who is groomed to be a spy. He later becomes the head of what will evolve into the Central Intelligence Agency. The film follows four decades of his life from college through the Cold War.

"The Good Shepherd" will star Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio, and will be directed by De Niro himself. The screenplay was written by Eric Roth. The film is being produced by Tribeca Productions and American Zoetrope in association with Universal Pictures.

Production is scheduled to begin in October 2004.  The film has a variety of principal and supporting roles still open.



"Connie Wilson", Caucasian, mid 20s - 30s. A moody, troubled woman with an alcohol problem. She has blonde hair. Her scenes take place in the 1920s. She is very needy for her husband's affection. Connie is jealous of any women who might have affairs with her husband. She has a young son named James.

"Laura", Caucasian, 20s. A pretty, shy, kind-hearted, dark-haired young woman who is attending Connecticut College for Women in the late 1930s. She meets James while they are studying at the Yale Library, and they start dating. She is concerned that she's not worthy of dating James because of the class differences between them.

"Hanna", Caucasian, 20s. A pretty German translator with a hearing aid who has a fling with James Wilson in Berlin in 1945. James is sad to find out that she's actually just an undercover agent.

"Mrs. Russell", Caucasian, 50s - 60s.  She is the loving and loyal wife of Senator Russell in the mid-1950s. She has gone through a stroke and is confined to a wheelchair.


"Kip Wiley", Caucasian, Late 20s - mid 30s. A well-dressed, handsome young Englishman who is very dashing and congenial on the outside, yet has a calculating intelligence inside. Kip is someone to respect and to fear. He speaks with a bit of stutter. He is a British spy, like an early James Bond.

"Thomas Wilson", Caucasian, 30s. A tall, impassive former Navy officer who's the father of James Wilson. He fights with his wife Connie, who's an alcoholic.

"Senator Russell, Caucasian, 50s - 60s. A highly-respected, honest U.S. Senator who is in office in the 1940s and 1950s.

"Communications Officer", Caucasian or African-American, 20s - 30s. An extremely competent, articulate specialist who analyzes sound recordings for British Intelligence and the CIA.

"Richard Hayes", Caucasian, 20s. He is Master of the Secrets and Orders for the Skull and Crossbones society at Yale. He is suave and flippant, and ends up working in Special Operations for British Intelligence.

"The Young Man", Caucasian, 18 - 20s. A young aspiring member of the Skull and Crossbones society. He tells an embarrassing story about himself to the other guys during the initiation ritual.

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