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Postby heidilee30 » Wed Jun 15, 2005 3:06 pm

I`m now taking summer wallpaper requests I what something to do to make the summer go by fast. so if you would like some wallpaper 4 a group fan site or just your desktop. just e-mail me the pics that you would like to use or post them here. i also have a wallpaper group to. smartgroups.com/groups/celebritywallpapersmy wall paper group

1. pics (can be of more the one celeb or just solo pics too please just pics in jpg or gif form only)

2. any text you would like to have in the background or i can make you some of my own

3. any background or word colors you may what with your wallpaper

4. the e-mail you may use 4 this is \[EMAIL=ladyjade@my.bomis.com\]ladyjade@my.bomis.com\[/EMAIL\] or \[EMAIL=buffyeminemfan@go.com\]buffyeminemfan@go.com\[/EMAIL\] or \[EMAIL=eminemhailiejademaroon5fan@hotmail.com\]eminemhailiejademaroon5fan@hotmail.com\[/EMAIL\] with the subject wall paper summer request and the name of the celebrity that you what the wallpaper done about .

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