new comedy outing

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new comedy outing

Postby comedycutie67 » Fri Nov 03, 2006 5:20 pm

anyone like national lampoon? i know they haven't really had anything amazing since van wilder but im not hatin. anyways we had a meeting at umgd and just got to see pledge this aka lampoon's new try at comedy. while a lot were gonna walk out of the room when they heard paris hilton was the lead, we obviously stayed to see how they're gonna pull this off. call me absolutely insane or on too much coffee but the movie was actually hilarious. hilton's the pres of this hot sorority in south beach at a huge party school and what's even more ironic is that the guy from super troopers, who ate all the weed and shrooms at the beginning, is one of the main characters. we cheated and watched the dvd before it's release (doesn't come out til mid dec) but if you wanna see for yourself, they just put up the website at give it a try

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