Vanessa Carlton Feels Like Avril's Older Sister

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Postby CrazyCanadianChick » Thu Aug 08, 2002 12:44 pm

In the case of Carlton and Lavigne, their coinciding success has been accompanied by a growing bond between the two that began with they were both working at the same New York studio. Carlton remembers the first time Lavigne entered the room: "She's so adorable. I remember, she came fresh in from Canada. And she's just like this wide-eyed girl, she had cornrows," Carlton says. "She's very sweet and, you know, I told (her), 'Call me if she had any questions,' you know? I just feel like kind of her older sister or something."

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Postby StorieTella » Sat Aug 10, 2002 4:06 pm

From this new bread of ‘teen angst,’ or ‘young prodigies,’ I will probably end up buying Vanessa’s CD out of the three girls. I like her style. She reminds me of a young Sarah McLaughlan. I like Michelle Branch as well. But Avril seems kind of fake to me.

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Postby Kick-a$$ » Sun Oct 20, 2002 12:51 am

Umm... where to start... Avril Lavigne, she is hot. She is a brilliant singer, great idol and celebrity. Michelle Branch, she is hot, brilliant singer, great idol and celebrity. Vanessa Carlton, she is pretty (not hot), great singer, great idol and celebrity. The thing is with comparing these 3 great artists is they all have difrent styles! Avril Lavigne and Michelle Branch are both rock. And Vanessa is more pop than the others. Also they have very very difrent styles if you listen to Avril Lavigne then listen to Vanessa Carlton then listen to Michelle Branch's top singles. You will see they are all diffrent styles. Also you's have left poor Colombian babe Shakira out. Shakira has a totally difrent coz the other 3 have known English for more than her and also she would like to stay like her Native Music even though its crap if you bought the album Laundry Service you will see. There are about 3 songs sung in Colombian which is pointless releasing an album with Colombian songs on it coz they dont know what the hell she is saying!! Also Shakira is fairly dumb or just a plain old natural blonde. Coz how could she make a single and release it and then 2-3 after it was released sack her manager coz she didn't know she was talking about her breasts being so humble! Thats pathetic! Shakira is Pathetic so NO ONE BUY HER ALBUM! Its is pure trash!! But i suppose if you like that kind of thing than you will like her album!

Okay Avril Lavigne... Is definately pure talent same as Michelle Branch and Vanessa. Avril and Vanessa I think should do a duet! It would kick some major a$$ Michelle Branch is great but if I was going to buy one of thier album's it would have to be 1. Avril Lavigne's, 2. Michelle Branch and 3. Vanessa Carltons and WHATEVER YOU DO... DONT BUY SHAKIRA'S ALBUM IT IS TRASH! PURE TRASH! AND A WASTE OF CA$H!!

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