Avril Is One Kick @ss Chica!

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Postby nsyncaholic_juchjolajc » Mon Oct 07, 2002 12:07 pm

Avril is awesome. I'm totally into her songs cuz they have a great beat. I love that she's herself cuz that's what we need from people in the music biz. We don't want anymore fakes like christina or britney. Rock On Avril! She's a great role model and it helps a lot that she's the same age as a ton of people who are now looking up to her.

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Postby Kick-a$$ » Sun Oct 20, 2002 2:20 am

Avril is herself and doesnt care what anyone else thinks.. She is desinatly a great roll model for anyone! Because come on now.... I have seen some chicks down town hear skimpy lil shorts like Christina Aguliera does in her new film clip "Dirty!" Now thats shocking! Pople are complaining about Rapists....If they are complaining about rapists then why does this world let them wear that kinda stuff it looks sick on them its gross lil girls like 9 years old wearing shorts that go up thier crack! They are only doing it coz they see Brittany and Christina doin it! I think Brittany and Christina are bad role models coz they are encoruging (i cant spell) these things to happen!! So please! Brittany and Christina grow up! We don't want lil Brittany's running around! Someone more like Avril who belives to be your self is what we need! More people in the music industry need to be like Avril...Vanessa Carlton and Michelle Branch they are all mature and they DO NOT WAER SKIMPY CLOTHES!! Who are Brittany and Christina for calling them selves good role moldels come on! They suck! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AVRIL!!

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