Avril Sk8er Boi Debutes In Australia

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Postby Kick-a$$ » Wed Nov 13, 2002 5:59 am

Avrils second smash hit Sk8er Boi debuted in the Australian Top 50 Music Charts 2 weeks ago...Debuting at number 3 and selling more than 35,000 copies in one week. After 2 weeks Avril has still gone Gold she has sold 35,000 copies but remained at number 3 when will she go platnum with this huge single? If Nelly feat Kelly and Las Ketchup hadve debuted next month or so Avril would be number one....but Las Ketchup in 5 weeks has sold more than 70,000 copies going Platnum while Nelly and Kelly- DILEMMA has sold over 140,000 copies in 4 weeks doubling Las Ketchup in a shorter time....will Avril get her second number one?

The Australian Top 10 Singles look a bit like....
1. Nelly & Kelly- Dilemma (After 4 weeks Nelly and Kelly sell more than 140,000 copies!)

2. Las Ketchup- The Ketchup Song (after 5 weeks Las Ketchup sell more than 70,000 copies)

3. Avril Lavigne- Sk8er Boi (after 2 weeks Avril sells more than 35,000 copies)

4. Kylie Minogue - Come Into My World (First week in the charts debuted no more than 35,000 sold in the first week)

5. Madonna- Die Another Day (First week in the charts debuted no more than 35,000 sold in the first week)

6. Atomic Kitten- The Tide Is High (after 4 weeks more than 35,000 copies sold)

7. Chritstina Aguliera- Dirrty (after 3 weeks no more than 35,000 copies sold)

8. LeAnn Rimes- Life Goes On (after 5 weeks LeAnn gets 35,000 copies sold)

9. Justin Timberlake- Like I Love You (after 4 weeks hasnt sold more than 30 000 copies)

10. Eminem- Cleanin' Out My Closet (after 7 weeks Eminem sells 70,000 copies)

Want to check out the rest of the top 50 singles in Australia? then click here---> aria.com.au/singles.htmhttp://www.aria.com.au/singles.htm

While she is doin fine in the singles Avril os number 2 in albums charts after 10 weeks and selling more than 70 000copies...will her album go to number one? I reckon it may....

But with all these monster singles coming out Avril....may seem boring and un popular coz shes the new kid on the block kinda..so watch out Avril fans coz she wont be forgotten even if Sk8er Boi doesnt go to number one!

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