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Postby Kick-a$$ » Tue Feb 04, 2003 6:08 am

:D Hey! Avril has sold over 375,000 copies of her album Let Go in Australian (thats Platnuim 5!!!) in 22 weeks! Also she debuted in top 5 in the Aussie albums, and has never left the top 5! She just ended a heaps of weeks at number 1 but to be pushed back to 2 by 8Mile soundtrack. Shes doin well in Australia 22 weeks in top 5 now thats an effort!

In the singles charts in Australia.

Well Avril's Complicated was a number 1 for something like 6-7 weeks ending 2002 end of year charts (top selling singles all year) at number...8.

While Sk8er Boi has just dropped out of the top 50. But had a very secessful time in the charts hitting a high mark of 3 and selling more than 75 000 copies. It ended 2002 at number 38.

Avril's latest single--> Im With You hasnt came out just yet I will keep you up to date on the info on its chart ride!

Avril's let go ended the year at number 10 on albums over all for the year which is good considering it only been out at the end of the year!

The top 5 singles in australia ending week 3/2:
1. Loose Yourself- EMINEM
2. '03 Bonnie and Clyde - Jay-Z & Beyonce
3. Stole- Kelly Rowland
4. Hey Sexy Lady- Shaggy
5. Born to Try- Delta Goodrum

Top 5 albums:
1. 8Mile Soundtrack
2. Let Go- Avril Lavigne <---ROCK ON !!!
3. Come Away With Me- NOAH JONES
4. The Eminem Show- EMINEM
5. Chicargo Soundtack

Well better go i will keep ya updated on Monday (my time) hehe :lol:

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