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Postby CrazyCanadianChick » Thu Feb 20, 2003 11:03 am

Simon Cowell doesn't hand out many compliments — unless he's talking about Avril Lavigne. "She is the dark side of pop music," the stodgy American Idol judge declares. "As Britney Spears was declining, she found her moment. Her timing was impeccable. And her pop records at the moment are probably the best in the world."

They're also among the biggest sellers. Since last June, the Napanee, Ont. teen has sold more than 5 million copies of her debut CD, Let Go, and racked up three Top 10 hits, including the current chart-topper "I'm With You." Now Vegas bookmakers are offering 3 to 1 odds that Lavigne will pick up Best New Artist honours at Sunday's Grammy Awards in New York City.

She's also nominated in four other categories: Song of The Year, Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, Best Pop Vocal Album and Best Female Rock Vocal Performance. Her world-wide success is hardly a "Complicated" story, says Casey Kasem, longtime host of the syndicated radio program American Top 40.

"Avril is like the Female Frank Sinatra — `cause she did it her way," he tells The Star. "`Her way' is to say that `I'm gonna do what I want to do no matter what kind of trouble I get into.'"

Not the kind of attitude you might expect from the daughter of strict Baptist parents, who sang her first public solo at a the Evangel Temple Christmas concert in 1995.

But Lavigne was determined to carve her own niche in the pop music market and not to fall into the mold of a Faith Hill or Shania Twain.

"When I got signed, L.A. Reid (the head of Arista Records) had heard me sing three songs that were like nice little Céline Dion songs, and he'd signed me off my voice and vocal performance," she says. "And as he got to know me I told him, `I don't want to be singing those songs. I want to write my own songs. I want to rock out a bit.'"

And that's just the way her fans like it.

"I love her individuality," says 7th Heaven star Ashlee Simpson. "She's just her own person, doesn't care what she wears. She just is who she is. I think it's great when people show that they are just themselves."

"She is so not the pop princess," adds Canadian actress A.J. Cook (Final Destination 2). "She has got a totally different image."

Lavigne's look — the tennis sneakers, tanks tops and heavy eye make-up — have many calling her the "anti-Britney," a label the singer called "stupid" during a recent interview for Entertainment Weekly. She does, however, admit to being a tomboy at heart, with a passion for — believe it or not — fishing.

Lavigne also does a good job of representing her fellow Canadians, according to Everwood actress and Toronto native Emily Van Camp. "I think she portrays what we're all about — not that we are all skaters — but I think she goes against everything that America is all about and I am really all for that, you know?"

Becoming the symbol of an entire country was furthest from her mind when Lavigne was discovered singing Karaoke at age 15 by Kingston's Cliff Fabri, who later became her manager. Fabri accompanied the young singer to Toronto's North by Northwest festival in 2000 to meet with a group of agents and songwriters. At the time, the pop charts were dominated by the likes of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Mandy Moore.

"People say there was a void in the market for the girl who wasn't the Britney Spears-type quintessential pop idol," observes American Idol host and Los Angeles radio personality Ryan Seacrest. "Avril is the bad girl, but not too bad. She's not necessarily your Britney Spears-esque type pop personality. I think her lyrics are very mature and poised for her age as well."

Of course it wasn't always that way. Growing up in Napanee — a small village of 5,000 located half way between Toronto and Ottawa — her earliest influences came from church music. At 14, Lavigne began performing at talent shows and county fairs. But she still wasn't singing her own songs. "It was covers — new country and gospel," she remembers. "Those were the appropriate songs to do. I was so young that my parents were picking out the songs for me. Eventually, when I got older, I left home and changed into a rocker."

These days, says fellow singer Nivea: "She seems to be truly being herself when she is performing. She writes the music, plays the music, and she is such a young girl, it is amazing."

This spring, Lavigne will headline her first North American concert tour. And don't be surprised to see `Nsync's Joey Fatone first in line for tickets.

"She is part of a new age of music," he boasts. "To her I say, "`Keep it up and kick ass.'"

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Postby Kick-a$$ » Tue Feb 25, 2003 1:42 am

Thanks for the info! It was cool! Umm yea I dont know why people call her anti-britney just coz shes said "im no birtney" and that britney and christina dress like show girls and arnt what they are.

Avril sings about her life, her feelings, her pain, her happiness. Not "HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME!" that Brittany sings and to go along with the lyrics she dresses like shes goin to a strip club to work!

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