What It Takes

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<span style='color:purple'>This story is posted over on the JC board but since it doesn't get much action and this is the fan fic board I figured I'd post it over here

What It Takes: Chapter 1
I adjusted myself into the burgundy and navy padded bus seat and let out a sigh when I realized that this would be my spot for the next 8 hours. An hour after receiving the phone call I had a cab drop me off at the bus station and was on the bus out to Maryland to deal with the demons that I had spent the last few years running from. Of course, I could have said no, hell I could have ignored the message but something about the urgency in the strangers voice prompted me to call. After our short five minute conversation, I knew what I had to do and despite the pain that I know will come from this I was here anyway...on my way home.
I shifted and tried adjusting my pillow to make myself more comfortable, with no luck. With my head resting against the window I watched as the buildings faded and began trying to make sense of the events that have changed my life forever.
“When is your flight coming in?â€￾ I asked trying to control the sobs that were about to surface any moment.
“Baby, what’s wrong?â€￾ he asked sensing the tension in my voice.
“Oh Josh, hurry please.â€￾ I begged knowing that there was nothing he could do to move the plane along.
“What happened Lizzie?â€￾ the concern in his voice all too obvious.
“We just need to talk, I’ve been staying at my grandma’s, so I’ll borrow her car and pick you up. What time, I have to go.â€￾
“My flight arrives at 7:00, why are you staying at Grans?â€￾
I nodded as if he could see me and realized the footsteps getting closer “I’ll be there, I love you.â€￾ and I hung up before my father found me.
“Elizabeth!â€￾ my door swung open and I stood there planted to the very spot, unable to say a word.
The anger in his voice shook me to the very core, never had I disappointed him this much “What are you doing here?â€￾ he snapped.
I began mumbling hardly able to speak up to the man that I had adored for my 17 years “I just...I needed some clothes.â€￾
Playing with the hem of my shirt with one hand, hoping to hide the obvious bump that had driven a wedge between my father and I I wiped the tears that had formed in my eyes with the other and waited.
“FINE!â€￾ he turned and walked away, hurting me more then any words he could have spoken.
After the shock wore off I slowly made my way down the stairs past my mother until I reached the door, unable to hold my tongue any longer “Does he really think that’s our only option? I love him momma and he loves me....shouldn’t that be enough?â€￾
She walked over to me and pulled me into her, I was instantly transported to childhood as I inhaled the scent of roses and wished we could escape to the simpler times “Baby, he loves you. He just wants what’s best for you, it will all work out...I promise.â€￾
Part of me wanted to believe her but the rest of me knew that this was only the beginning, our lives had changed and forcing me to give my baby up wasn’t going to solve anything.
I felt the tears begging to form in my eyes as I remembered the feelings that I had as I waited for Josh, waited to tell him that my parents had found out before we could tell them. I was then 7 months along and was able to hide the pregnancy until they caught a glimpse of me as the wind blew my shirt up. Now to add insult to injury the fact that they had to find out this way was far worse than if I had told them. My father stormed off with my mother trailing behind, leaving me standing there...alone.
From that moment the only thing my father said to me for two weeks was that he had made a decision.
“Elizabeth...I have decided that you will give the baby up for adoption. Your grandmother will be here to pick you up shortly and you will remain with her until the birth. That is when the adoption agency will take the child. This whole mess will then be forgotten and never to be mentioned again, do you understand?â€￾
Speechless I stood there until he walked away and I fell to the ground, broken-hearted.
The heat from the sun blazed through the window leaving me feeling warm and as I closed my eyes I could almost pretend that I was going somewhere else.

“What happened, what’s with the tears?â€￾ asked Josh as he took me into his arms, pretending not to notice how much I had grown over the past two months.
Seeing him, being in his arms allowed the pain of the past few weeks to surface “They know.â€￾ was all I managed to say and that’s all I needed too...he knew the rest.
“It’ll be alright.â€￾ I tried assuring me.
I shook my head and looked into his eyes, the eyes I adored. The eyes that saw me for who I was and in turn I saw him for who he was. Joshua Chasez, before Nsync and JC Chasez, the real man that only few people knew.
He quickly put his hand on the small of my back and began walking quickly “Josh...what’s....?â€￾
“Trust me baby, let’s go.â€￾
I nodded and we walked to the car, quickly picking up the pace as we got closer. Once safe inside I saw the young girls standing at the entrance to the parking garage...watching.
Once on the highway he spoke “I’m sorry baby, I just didn’t want a scene.â€￾
I nodded and kept my eyes on the road, trying to stay in control. Our lives had been changing so much, Nsync’s popularity was slowly building and it seemed as if every visit home became more difficult.
“What did he say?â€￾ he whispered once we arrived at our spot by the river. A small clearing on the river’s edge that we claimed as our own when we grew up, the spot we shared our first kiss, our first fight, our first time making love and where our child was conceived.
“He said I have to give the baby up.â€￾
“Did you tell him we love each other? That we’ve been together for three years? That we want this baby?â€￾ he asked almost frantically.
“Of course I did.â€￾ I looked down at him as he sat on the ground and reached for my hand.
I sat beside him with a little effort as it was becoming more difficult to move as I grew “You look beautiful Lizzie.â€￾ he caressed my cheek “it’ll be alright.â€￾
I rolled my eyes, wondering how he could think so but knowing that he truly meant every word.
“Josh...you don’t understand. He told your parents...â€￾
I watched the expression on his face change “He what?â€￾
“If we don’t give the baby up...he will have you charged.â€￾ I whispered ashamed to even say the words.
He knew exactly what I meant and as he took me into his arms we both knew that things would never be the same.
“I’ll love you forever Lizzie, no matter what happens.â€￾ he assured me.
Looking into his eyes I smiled “And I’ll love you...forever.â€￾

What It Takes: Chapter 2

Twelve weeks later, after eight hours of labour I delivered a healthy 7lbs 8 oz beautiful baby girl, with Josh by my side.
We were able to hold her and spend a little time with her before she was whisked away. We spent our time holding, loving, memorizing every feature and explaining how much we loved her. We were fortunate that a nurse brought in a camera and allowed us to take a few pictures. Pictures that I cherish to this day. Moments after the pictures were taken she was brought to the family that so eagerly awaited her arrival...The Daniels’.
Devastated, Josh and I begged our parents to reconsider. It seemed the more we pleaded and demanded recognition for our love the more restricted we were. Our visits had been gradually reduced to once every few months, making our relationship even harder to continue with the stress we were under.
The, calls, just like the visits diminished as Nsync’s popularity grew. I finished high school and tried continue as if my life hadn’t been pulled out from under me.
I graduated with honours and left for New York for my chance to move on just as Josh had.
The week before leaving I ran across a few photographs and letters that were addressed to me and hidden in the hall closet from Mr and Mrs. Daniels.
The letters were simple thank you letters and updates on how our baby, who they called Emma was doing.
They explained how well she was doing and how much they cherished her. The words still rang through my head:

‘Words cannot possible thank you enough for the gift you have gives us. Shared with us. We are so blessed to have you both in our lives and Emma will always be reminded how much you both love her and that it was your strength, love and courage that brought her to us. We will write and send pictures soon.
Jim and Allison Daniels

After graduating from NYU with my nursing degree I decided there was nothing left in Maryland for me and chose to stay in New York.
My parents had divorced the year before graduation and momma was now living in Seattle with her sisters and Gran leaving only daddy back home.
Daddy and I barley spoke since the day I confronted him about the letters from the Daniels’. Christmas and birthdays were our only real conversations and they were forced. So after the past four years it was time to tie up one loose end and then say good-bye to Maryland and it’s memories...including Josh.
“Excuse me Miss.â€￾
I took my eyes away from the window and looked to my right to find a young woman trying to get my attention “yes?â€￾
“Is this seat taken?â€￾
I smiled and removed my carry-on from the adjoining seat when she asked “Ya heading home?â€￾
“Yes, for the first time in a few years.â€￾ I explained
“Me too. I’m meeting up with my boyfriend. We haven’t seen each other in...like...forever!â€￾
“Long distance relationships are really tough.â€￾ I added knowing all too well how difficult it really was.
“But Josh, it’s been months since we’ve seen each other.â€￾ I cried into the telephone.
“I know baby but we were asked do this and it has to be this weekend. If it were only me I’d bail but I have the other guys to think about too. Don’t you think I’d rather see you?â€￾ he asked sarcastically.
I couldn’t say a word but mainly because I didn’t know what the answer to the question was.
“Lizzie, please say that you know I want to be with you.â€￾
“I don’t know Josh, I just don’t know anything anymore.â€￾ I mumbled almost afraid to say the words aloud.
“I love you Lizzie.â€￾
“I love you too Josh. I just don’t know what’s happening between us anymore, things are so different between you and I.â€￾
“I know...â€￾ his voice trailed off.
“It just seems easier to forget when were apart.â€￾ I delivered honestly.
He finished my thought “like when were together, it’s a constant reminder of...her.â€￾
“Exactly...it hurts Josh. It hurts...too much.â€￾
“I know baby, I wish I could hold you.â€￾
“That only makes it harder. It makes us think we can fix this and we both know it can’t be fixed.â€￾
“I’ll always love you, forever.â€￾ he added knowing that I believed him.
“And I’ll love you...forever.â€￾ I paused for a moment and after a deep breath I added “Good-bye Joshie.â€￾
“Wait...LIZZIE, this can’t be how it ends?â€￾ he stated.
“For once I was the strong one and to this day I don’t know why. All I knew was that it had to stop hurting.
“Good-bye Joshua...I love you...forever.â€￾
We both knew we were drifting apart and despite having the best intentions neither of us have been able to stop it. Now whether it was intentional....I’m still not sure The only thing I knew at that point was it was easier to hide the heartache when you were around people who didn’t know me as well as he did.
My friendly travelling partner woke me from my thoughts “Hey.â€￾
“I’m sorry to bother you, I just thought that you’d like to get out and stretch cause it’ll be our last stop for a while.â€￾
I nodded and stretched before thanking her and making my way out of the bus.

Alrighty folks, your turn!
What do you think???

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I love this story!!
thx fro postin it up here!

definitely keep writing :lol: !

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<span style='color:blue'><span style='font-size:21pt;line-height:100%'>W-O-W!</span></span> That is all I can say! I :wub: this story!! Keep on updating it for us!!! Please!! :please:

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theres a ton of updates on the JC page :lol:
guess whos hella happy for that? :rofl:

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<span style='color:purple'>I'm going to post a few chapters here and get you guys caught up to the other board and then just continue here...lovin' the feedback!

What It Takes: Chapter 4

“Where can I take you?â€￾
I turned my attention from the young couple to the cab driver.
“359 Riverside please.â€￾
He nodded, hit the monitor in front of him and pulled out of the bus station and onto the highway with a screech. I stared at the man who was barely tall enough to see over the wheel and wondered what the hell I had gotten myself into.
Fortunately for me we weren’t too far from my destination so instead of small talk I opted for silence with hopes that he would concentrate on the road a little more.
With the bus ride flying by I assumed that the cab ride would also, unfortunately not. As we drove down the vaguely familiar in slow motion, or so it seemed my mind was cluttered with memories. So deep in memories that I didn’t even notice when the cab finally stopped.
Still staring out of the window I noticed the white stucco building on my right and then turned to the driver, handed him a ten and exited the car, amazed at how the old building hadn’t changed at all after all these years.
The shutters and doors that so distastefully surrounded the windows and doors were a terrible brown that just added to the eeriness of the place. The stucco two-story was still as run down as before only now instead of the beat up cars that graced the front drive, they were now replaced by newer, fancier models.
I climbed the six, brown stairs to the front door and hesitated as I thought to myself.
‘Am I really ready for this?’ and with a deep breath I opened the door, not only too the building but to my past.
The screeching of the door haunted me as the sound brought back a memory that I had tried to forget years ago. The shiver up my spine was now almost incontrollable, causing me to close my eyes for a second to allow everything to register.
Still staring out of the window I noticed the white stucco building on my right and then turned to the driver, handed him a ten and exited the car, amazed at how the old building hadn’t changed at all after all these years.
The shutters and doors that so distastefully surrounded the windows and doors were a terrible brown that just added to the eeriness of the place. The stucco two-story was still as run down as before only now instead of the beat up cars that graced the front drive, they were now replaced by newer, fancier models.
I climbed the six, brown stairs to the front door and hesitated as I thought to myself.
‘Am I really ready for this?’ and with a deep breath I opened the door, not only too the building but to my past.
The screeching of the door haunted me as the sound brought back a memory that I had tried to forget years ago. The shiver up my spine was now almost incontrollable, causing me to close my eyes for a second to allow everything to register.
Opening my eyes, I scanned the room in disbelief. Although the outside of the building hadn’t changed the inside was unrecognizable. To the left was a reception desk that hid a very busy woman, trying to manage the phone. Behind her the usual office supplies, filing cabinets, fax machine, copier, computer and so on. A far cry from the stacks of boxes filled with files and carefully placed to hide that holes on the walls.
To my right was a waiting room that had all the comforts of home. Television, oversized couches, coffee and end tables and plants brought life to this area. The change from the nicotine stained wall to the bright, sunny room was so welcoming that I had to wonder if I was in the right place.
Directly above my head was the sign that would prove to be my reminder. I quickly looked down, almost in denial and looked down the hall that seemed to have four offices and somehow did not seem as inviting as the waiting room was.
A tall skinny woman with dark hair emerged from one of the offices and almost walked past me. Noticing the blank expression on my face, out of curiosity I’m sure she asked “Ms Baines?â€￾
My voice caught in my throat, only allowing me to whisper “Yes.â€￾
“I’m Mrs. Urban, thank you so much for coming.â€￾
I nodded still unable to speak.
“I’m afraid that you are a little early. I’m still waiting for some information from the hospital to be sent over regarding your file.â€￾
“The hospital? I’m not sure I understand?â€￾
“I realize that you have many questions...â€￾
A couple emerged from the office that she had just left and she turned to them, gave them a quick nod and then looked back at me. “I’m terribly sorry but this is a very important matter that I must attend to, Could you please come back around three this afternoon? Everything will be in order by then and we will be able to discuss the reason I called you down here.â€￾
I looked at my watch, seeing that it was only ten and sighed “I guess so.â€￾ I muttered, realizing that she wasn’t leaving much choice.
“Thank you.â€￾ she turned on a dime and went straight to her office and closed the door.
And here I was once again, with the sign right in front of me ‘BOWIE ADOPTION AGENCY.’
I hurried out of the office, happy to finally be out of there. Feeling relieved and overwhelmed at the same time. Walking down the sidewalk, with hopes to find a telephone I remembered that there was a corner store not too far away and picked up the pace as I mumbled to myself ‘what the hell am I going to do for the next five hours?’

What It Takes: Chapter 5

Standing outside the phone booth I decided to call the only person that mattered to me here in Bowie.
Although we hadn’t spoken in months, I instantly recognized her voice and smiled before speaking.
“Lizzie is that you?â€￾ She used the nickname that only she and Josh had ever used, causing me to take a deep breath before answering.
“Yeah K, it’s me. How are you?â€￾
“I’m good where are you?â€￾
I giggled realizing that the traffic flying by must have her wondering where the hell I was calling her.
“I’m at the convenience store on Riverside.â€￾
“Riverside?â€￾ She paused in confusion I’m sure “In Bowie?â€￾
“Yeah, I needed to come into town to take care of a few things.â€￾ Strangely enough, I was vague even though I knew she could probably see right through me. She knew that Bowie was the last place that I would ever willingly return to.
“A few things? Bullsh**! I’ll be there in five.â€￾ With that she slammed the phone down.
Leaning back against the phone booth I was strangely calmed by the sound of the cars speeding by. And closed my eyes for a moment.
Lying across the hood of the rental car that Josh had gotten when he came into town early this morning, we stared up at the stars. Our time together was becoming less and less so becoming frustrated he took off for the day. He was due back by noon tomorrow, which meant that we had about 12 more hours before he had to be on a plane.
Both extremely frustrated by the lack of concern about our relationship by everyone by us, we decided that tonight was ours and I left, without a word. Just a quick note to say that I was all right and that I’d be back tomorrow around lunch.
We stared at the blanket of stars above us, intentionally not looking at each other. Hoping and praying that the night would last.
He rolled towards me and rested his head on his forearm as he stared “so...â€￾
I rolled my eyes at his feeble attempt and smiled as I kept my eyes on the stars “so...â€￾
He gently kicked my feet out from under me, sending my legs crashing onto the hood of the car.
“Smartass.â€￾ I snapped as I pinched his arm and tried not to giggle...or look at him.
He leaned his head over until our noses touched “but you love me!â€￾
I jokingly pushed him away and replied “I have no idea why!â€￾
Regaining his balance after being pushed he lunged toward me and before I had a chance to react he was on top of me “Not so fast Elizabeth Marie Baine’sâ€￾
I groaned and tried to squirm as I protested “not the full name.â€￾
Chuckling he warned “Say you love me...or else!â€￾
“No way, Chasez.â€￾ I shouted as I tried to push him off of me which in turn cause him to bury his face into my neck and nibble torturously “SAY IT BAINE’S!â€￾
Through my laughter I yelled back, not really intending to comply “OKAY OKAY.â€￾
He lifted his face and smiled “Okay...what?â€￾
I mumbled “I...ahem...you!â€￾ I teased.
He brought both of my hands over my head and pinned them “One last chance Lizzie.â€￾ he warned.
Unable to fight anymore, I won the only way I knew how. I lifted my head and gently placed my lips onto his, before tracing them with the tip of my tongue. Satisfied I lied back down and smiled...I had won.
“That’s not fair!â€￾ he scolded.
Pretending to be shocked I gasped “Are you complaining?â€￾
He brought his lips to my ear and whispered “Never.â€￾
“Better not be.â€￾ I winked.
After a quick kiss he pulled away “How and why do you do that to me?â€￾
“Do what?â€￾ I smiled, trying to act innocent.
“You know exactly what I’m talking about Lizzie.â€￾
I grinned and pulled him to me, inhaling his scent.
I then said exactly what he wanted to hear “cause I love you.â€￾
He rolled his eyes in defeat “what am I going to do with you?â€￾
“Come a little closer and I’ll give you a few ideas.â€￾
The beeping of the horn brought me back to reality with a scare. K jumped out of the truck and came over to the booth and pulled me into a hug. It had been years since I saw her, ignoring her pleas to come and visit. Promising that I would never return, wanting to forget everything that happened and the dreams that died here.
Yet, here I was...remembering.

What It Takes: Chapter 6

Hopping into the old chevy truck I took a deep breath, smiled and waited. I knew it was only a matter of time before she asked why I was here. Unfortunately for me, she knew me too well to accept anything but the truth.
“Lizzie!â€￾ You look great!â€￾
We met in a hug “So do you! You cut your hair! WOW!â€￾
We looked at each other and smiled, both trying to hold back the tears when she whispered “I’m glad your home.â€￾
The little girl in me, who would like to pretend nothing happened and all was forgotten wanted to shout ‘it’s good to be home’ but the woman I have grown into could only manage to say “It’s good to see you, I‘ve missed you like crazy.â€￾
‘I wasn’t home’
We exchanged small talk on the ride back to her place, until we settled down on the back porch with a glass of iced tea. The awkwardness has passed...it was now time to cut the crap.
Putting her feet up on the lawn chair beside me she began “So, are you going to tell me what your doing in Bowie?â€￾
I grinned “Do you want the lie I’ve been rehearsing or the truth?â€￾
Laughing she answered “Let’s try truth first and then you can hit me with the bullsh**, just for fun.â€￾
“I was called down here for an appointment.â€￾
“Here? Who would need to see you from here? Is your dad alright? Cause I just saw him a few days ago and he looked ok.â€￾
“He’s alright, it was the adoption agency.â€￾
“How come? What do they want with you? she asked trying to hide the look of horror on her face.
“I don’t...â€￾ she looked at me in disbelief “Seriously K, I went there and they asked me to come back in at three. All she mentioned was something about hospital records.â€￾
She sat up straight “That’s all they said? What the f***?â€￾
“I have no idea, but it’s safe to say I’m going to lose my mind.â€￾
She looked down at her watch “Only four hours to go.â€￾
Pulling up to the curb outside of the agency I hopped out of the truck and leaned in the window “Thanks K.â€￾
“Call me as soon as your done and I’ll come and get you.â€￾
“Thanks, wish me luck.â€￾
“Are you sure you don’t want me to go with you?â€￾
I nodded “I’m alright, I have to do this alone.â€￾
“I understand, good luck!â€￾
I took a deep breath and turned making my way up the walkway, not knowing what would lie ahead. Or how quickly things could fall apart.
As soon as I walked through the front doors I spotted Mrs. Urban who was waiting for me at the front desk “Right this way, thank you so much for understanding. This way please.â€￾
Taking a glance in the waiting room, as I followed her to her I noticed a familiar man standing in the far corner.
‘Hmm, strange’ I thought to myself but quickly dismissed it when we reached her office.
After a few minutes of rustling through the mounds of paperwork on her desk she looked up “Thank you for coming.â€￾
“In all honesty Mrs. Urban, after our brief and vague conversation you didn’t leave me much choice,â€￾ I answered honestly “That is if I wanted any answers.â€￾
“I apologize but I’m sure...â€￾
“I’m sure you can understand that I have had a very stressful two days. All I’m really looking for is some answers.â€￾
“Of course. Now I’m sure that you know that it is not customary to be contacted by he adoption agency after an adoption has been made final...especially after so many years. Now circumstances have cause me to break this rule...â€￾ she paused “A situation has arisen, regarding the Daniel’s andI believe you could help.â€￾
My heart began pounding and I could feel the tears begin to fall. “What’s wrong with Emma?â€￾
“I know this must be very difficult and I’m sorry to have to tell you this but Emma’s health has come into question very recently and after speaking with the Daniel’s we decided that the birth parents should be contacted to discuss family histories in depth.â€￾
I stared at her, listening. At least I thought I was listening because I was sitting quietly, in all honesty I probably blanked out around ‘Emma’s health being in question.’
My voice failed me ‘can this be happening?’
“I realize that this is a great deal to be thrown at you, but I’m sure you understand that time is of great importance here, are you willing to help?
Once again I was staring at her “Of course I’ll help, just tell me what to do.â€￾
“A detailed family history would be greatly appreciated, also an appointment with a geneticist might be helpful. Once you contact me with all your information, I’ll set up an appointment with Dr. Allanson, a very reputable geneticist in town. Is tomorrow too soon?â€￾
“I’ll phone you in the morning and we can arrange a time...what’s wrong with Emma Mr’s Urban, please?â€￾
“I’m sorry but I cannot give you that information, the best I can do is set up an appointment with the Daniels and I‘m sure they will fill you in.â€￾
“Please schedule it as soon as possible and I’ll be in touch.â€￾
She closed the folder on her desk and stood opening the door for me and then closing it behind her as she followed me out into the entrance “Thank you again, now if you’ll excuse me I have a last minute appointment. Cindy can answer any questions that you may have.â€￾ she motioned to the receptionist and went into the office across from the one I had just left.
Standing there for a moment, in shock I nodded to the receptionist and then reached for my cell in my purse, only my purse wasn’t there. I had forgotten it in the office.
I walked down the hall and stood at the doorway to the office opposite hers and was about to excuse myself and ask her if I could go and get it when I heard a familiar voice...that familiar voice. I looked and saw the back of his head and turned, planning a quick getaway...to hell with my purse and walked right into the familiar stranger.
Trying to catch my breath I looked up and was met with a smile from the man who I then remembered as one of the men from the airport “I’m sorry ma’am.â€￾
Ruining my escape as he spoke Mrs. Urban and her client turned and looked in our direction.
“I forgot my purse.â€￾ was all I muttered as I turned and stepped out of his way and began to leave when I heard his voice.
“Lizzie, is that you?â€￾
I kept walking, even though we both knew that I had heard him. Mrs. Urban had quickly gotten my purse and caught up to me and handed it to me as Josh called out from the doorway to the office.
“I am so sorry Ms. Baines.â€￾ Announced the woman who was just as surprised as I was.
“I’ll phone you in the morning.â€￾ I reached for the door once again.
“Damn it Lizzie....would you just stop!â€￾ He demanded a little more then he asked.
This was all too much, I hadn’t been prepared for this. I obviously expected something but not for Emma to be ill and now I had to deal with Josh...no way, one thing at a time.
I turned my head slightly, avoiding eye contact and spoke “Not now Joshua.â€￾ and walked out refusing to look back.

What It Takes: Chapter 7

Was I surprised that he didn’t come running after me?
Not at all, although it had been a few years he knew me well enough to know that when I called him by his full name that I was serious.
When I walked up, K was sitting on the front porch talking on the telephone.
“Hey,â€￾ I whispered as I sat down beside her.
“I’ll call you back.â€￾ she announced and then slammed the phone down onto the side of her chair “What happened?â€￾
“Josh was there.â€￾
“WHAT? Are you sure it was him?â€￾
I nodded, “he called me Lizzie.â€￾
After explaining what had happened K was shocked and after a moment of silence she ran her fingers through her hair and sighed “Man! What are you going to do?â€￾
“I’m not really sure.â€￾ I giggled although I’m not really sure why “I’m going to go and phone mom and see if she can help. If not, I guess I’ll call my dad.â€￾
Her eyes widened “Are you ready for that?â€￾
I stood “Right now it doesn’t really matter...Emma needs my help.â€￾
“How are you doing? asked K as she peeked through the door of the spare bedroom, finding me at the computer.
Taking a break, I leaned back in my chair and stretched “Not too bad. The only thing mom could dig us was anemia. I just left a message for dad.â€￾
“Think he’ll call back?â€￾ she asked sceptically.
“I hope so.â€￾ I shrugged.
“Come on, let’s get a snack.â€￾
I nodded and followed her to the kitchen and sat around the island, picking at some grapes.
“I’m sorry I’m not being very good company K.â€￾
“Are you kidding? I’m just glad that you called, you shouldn’t have to go through this alone.â€￾
“Me too, thank you.â€￾
She smiled “How work going?â€￾
“Not too bad, they’re a little pissed about me having to leave so quickly but I had some time banked. Hawaii will have to wait!â€￾ I teased.
“Damn right! There is no way your going there without me!â€￾
Laughing I added “It wouldn’t hurt to find a spunky little surfer dude.â€￾
“It wouldn’t hurt you either.â€￾ she raised a brow.
“Not into surfers, sorry.â€￾ I popped a grape into my mouth.
“Right, your into musicians.â€￾
“What was it like to see Josh anyway?â€￾
“Scary as hell! The only thing I could think about was getting the hell out of there.â€￾ she handed me a drink as I continued “I just couldn’t deal with it. With the news if Emma, Josh was just the last thing I wanted to have to deal with.â€￾
I was interrupted by the ringing of the telephone.
K hopped of the stool and reached for the phone “Hello.â€￾
Mouthing the words ‘it’s your dad’ and then answering him “Yes, Mr. Baine’s. One moment please.â€￾
I stood and hurried past her and down the hall into the spare room “Hello.â€￾
“Elizabeth, I heard your message. Why are you in Bowie?â€￾
He was obviously as surprised as I was.
“You better sit down daddy...â€￾ After 20 minutes of talking about it and the health of the family, I heard the doorbell ring.
three times
‘who the hell is that?’
K came barrelling into the room and whispered “Hang up Lizzie!â€￾
I looked at her in confusion and answered What the f***?â€￾
I then heard a rock hit against the bedroom window and my name being called “LIZZIE!â€￾
‘Oh my...’
“Daddy, I have to go, I’ll call you when I know more.â€￾
“What’s going on Elizabeth?â€￾
“LIZZIE!â€￾ the voice called, only louder this time and followed by “It’s Josh!â€￾
My father heard it this time “Is that Joshua?â€￾
I found myself explaining “The agency phoned him also, I had no idea he would be here.â€￾
“He’s trouble Elizabeth! How many times do I have to tell you that?â€￾
“Damn it daddy, I have to go. I’ll call you tomorrow.â€￾ I slammed the phone down and looked at K “What the hell am I going to do now?â€￾
“I tried to get rid of him, you need to go and talk to him.â€￾
“NO way!â€￾
“You can’t hide forever.â€￾
“Who’s side are you on?â€￾
“Yours, of course. I think you guys have to...â€￾
she was interrupted, once again by Josh “Fine, I’ll stay here all night if I have to!â€￾
“Oh for f*** sakes, I’m gonna kill him!â€￾
“LIZZIE.â€￾ he sang this time.
I grabbed the telephone “I’m calling the cops!â€￾
Ripping it out of my hands she snapped “Do you want everyone to find out why you guys are here? If the cops show, it’ll be in every paper and you know it!â€￾
I couldn’t argue, she was right and she knew it. As much as I didn’t want to deal with it, I didn’t want it to be public by tomorrow afternoon. For my sake, Josh’s and most importantly Emma’s.
“ARGH!â€￾ I stood up and made my way to the front door with K trailing behind as I mumbled “can I at least hurt him?â€￾
Laughing she answered “Ok, but just a little.â€￾
I opened the front door, stomped onto the porch and watched as Josh, who was now lying on the grass and still singing my name, stumbled to get up. He had obviously had too much to drink and was pissing off his bodyguard so much that he didn’t even try to help him over.
Swaying over he slurred “Lizzie, I knew you’d come.â€￾
Furious now, I snapped “what the hell are you doing? Do you want the neighbours to call the cops?â€￾
“I just want to talk to you Lizzie.â€￾ he reached for my hand.
Pulling it away as quickly as I could I answered “It’s Elizabeth.â€￾
He spoke softly, obviously offended “To me,â€￾ he paused “it’s Lizzie.â€￾
Mike reached for his arm “Come on C, it’s time to go.â€￾
He pulled his arm away and almost lost his balance “f*** you Mike!â€￾
K, came out at that point “Would you guys get your asses in here before the neighbours go ballistic.â€￾
I turned and gave her a look as I walked by her “Thanks K.â€￾
“Enough sh** Lizzie! Quit running!â€￾
Josh walked behind me, reaching the spare bedroom door I slammed it shut and threw myself onto the bed.
A moment later, I heard a thump followed by Josh singing my name again. With a groan I threw the covers over my head “AARRGGHHHHH!â€￾

*Deep breath*
What do you think???

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Postby Angelpopstar7 » Tue Sep 16, 2003 7:18 pm

man now i wish that i hadn't of read ahead over at the joshie board to know what was going to happen but oh well im loving it!! .....more please! :please:

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I don't have time to read this now but I promise that I will tomorrow.

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Postby tendertoes » Wed Sep 17, 2003 7:28 pm

<span style='color:purple'>Thanks Betty!! Take your time...I"m not going anywhere!!</span>

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I have a chapter and a half to read but I'm lovin it so far.

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Finally caught up and I'm lovin this. Do continue.

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[COLOR=purple][B][I]I'm gonna post a few to catch up to the JC board...

They are short chappies

What It Takes: Chapter 8

I woke a few hours later and laid in bed for a little while...listening. The house was very quiet so I decided that it would be the perfect opportunity to sneak out and grab a bite to eat. I slipped off my jeans and into a pair of women’s boxers that K had lent to me, along with a tank.
“Man, I need to go shopping tomorrow.â€￾ I mumbled to myself. I never really had any intentions to stay, actually I had hoped to meet with Mrs. Austin and then be on the next bus and as far away as possible.
I opened the door and was relieved to find that Josh wasn’t there. Taking a breath of relief I went into the kitchen and found him sitting at the island with his head buried in his arms. Just about to turn he looked up and whispered “Don’t go. I won’t say a thing.â€￾
I stood and stared for a moment, not sure what to do.
‘Was he serious?’
I nodded and walked over to the fridge, opened it and grabbed a bottle of water. To scared to turn around, I stared into the fridge, looking for food and answers, not finding either.
I sidestepped to the junk food cupboard and searched...
Seeing the dill pickle chips Josh remarked “Dill pickle...you like those.â€￾
I turned and smiled “Yeah, but I try to stay away from junk.â€￾
He laughed “I guess they aren’t the healthiest, bad suggestion...sorry.â€￾
I smiled and realized that he was probably more uncomfortable than I was “It’s ok.â€￾
“I guess things have changed, huh?â€￾
“They sure have.â€￾
I grabbed the bag of chips, opened it and mumbled “Screw it!â€￾
Smiling, he put his head down, obviously not feeling so well “Want me to get you something?â€￾
He slowly dragged his head up “Could you?â€￾
A few moments later I returned with the bottle of tylenol but instead of finding him where I had left him, he had moved to the couch “Here,â€￾ I handed it to him “Did you learn anything?â€￾
“I am never going to drink again.â€￾
I rolled my eyes “Sure...goodnight.â€￾
He reached for me and grabbed the closest thing he could which was my leg “WAIT!â€￾
I stopped at stared down at his hand, feeling the heat from his touch burning through me I took in a deep breath and waited for him to speak because I couldn’t find the words.
“Thank you.â€￾ he whispered.
I nodded and walked away hoping that he would just let me go. As the tears began to fall I closed the bedroom door and threw myself onto the bed...again.
“Good morning, Mrs. Austin please.â€￾
“I’m sorry but she isn’t in at the moment may I take a message?â€￾ the receptionist asked in her ‘I’m so friendly...don’t you want to puke voice.’
“This is Elizabeth Bai...â€￾
“I have a message here asking if you could come in around five this afternoon to meet with the Daniels’ family.â€￾
“Oh...I guess so...sure. I’ll be there.â€￾
“Thank you, see you then.â€￾
I hung the telephone up, took a sip of my coffee and sighed. I sat there in silence, amazed at how things had changed so drastically in the past two days. I had spent so much time running from everything and everyone and within hours they had all come rushing back into my life...it had all caught up. I guess it always does.
In a few hours I was going to have to sit across from the people who had my daughter, mine and Josh’s daughter. I was going to have to look at the people who had the life I had always wanted, the family I had always dreamt about, with the worst part being that they had with our daughter.

What It Takes: Chapter 9

It was now 6:50 and I was standing outside of my rental wondering if it was too early to go in. With K working today, my only non-threatening distraction was shopping. I sure as hell didn’t want to speak with my father until I had too, knowing that the Josh lecture would be the first thing that was discussed. I had spent the afternoon at the mall, getting a few things and then decided to rent a car so that I didn’t have to depend on K for my whole visit.
Tapping the hood I mumbled “Screw it, I’m going in.â€￾ and made my way around the building to find Josh, Mike and another man standing outside.
Gathering my courage I continued walking past them, only nodding in acknowledgement and wondering what the hell he was doing here...again.
I walked through the front door and smiled as I walked past the receptionist and down to the waiting room, there was no need to announce myself for she was expecting me.
After a few minutes of sitting alone and trying to control my breathing, I caught a glimpse of Josh, Mike and the stranger walking in and to the desk. After being told he would have to wait, they joined me.
“Hey Lizzie.â€￾ Whispered Josh as he sat beside me.
I looked over “Hey Josh.â€￾
The stranger let out a chuckle and replied “Josh?â€￾
“That is my real name Justin.â€￾
“I know C, it’s just I’ve never heard anyone but your mom call you that.â€￾ He laughed.
Unable to keep my mouth shut I mumbled, so that only Josh could hear “why am I not surprised?â€￾
“What the hell is that supposed to mean Lizzie?â€￾
I stood and began walking away, only to turn a moment later and snap “It’s Elizabeth and it just means that when you left,â€￾ I paused for effect “You left everything behind...including your name!â€￾
Rushing over to me before I could get away he grabbed my arm “I thought we could at least be friends Lizzie, damn it you were almost civil last night.â€￾
“f*** you Joshua!â€￾ I pulled my arm away and turned, almost walking into Mrs. Urban.
“I can see we need to get started right away.â€￾
“That would be best.â€￾ I responded as I walked toward her office with Josh right behind me, bumping into me when I stopped in the doorway and stared at Mr. and Mrs. Daniels.
“Oh, um...â€￾ realizing how awkward this was Mrs. Urban walked past us and stood between the four of us “Elizabeth and Joshua, this is Jim and Allison.â€￾
All I could do was stare as they walked over and brought us both into a hug. I numbly complied and watched as they walked over and sat in the two other chairs that had been added to the office.
Obviously as stunned as I we remained standing until Mrs. Urban spoke “Please sit down and we’ll get straight to business.â€￾
Jim spoke first “I appreciate you both for coming down here, I’m sure you know how important this is.â€￾
Allison added, completely off topic “Look Jim, they do make a cute couple. Doesn’t Em look exactly like Elizabeth, but I think she has Joshua’s eyes.â€￾
“Allison, please don’t make this harder then it already is.â€￾ He scolded and she backed down, allowing him to speak.
“Our little...Emma is quite ill and I’m afraid we are all at a loss. We thought that if we contacted you, the birth parents that you might be able to shed some light on things.â€￾
“Of course,â€￾ Josh spoke “and I’m sure I speak for Lizzie as well when I say that we would do anything possible to help Emma get better but I’m afraid that I haven’t come up with anything in my family history that would even raise some suspicion.â€￾
I nodded in agreement, still unable to speak.
“Now we have sent her for numerous amounts of tests and they have all come back inconclusive...â€￾
I finally spoke up “What have you sent her for? I am sure that there must be more tests.â€￾
“Of course there are Elizabeth, but most of them are out of our league. We have already re-mortgaged twice; loans are unheard of because of the position we are in.â€￾
I looked at Josh and then back to the Daniels’ “what are you asking?â€￾
“We are just asking for a family history, that way we could pinpoint exactly which tests to run instead of wasting money that we don’t have.â€￾
“Like Josh said, we haven’t been able to come up with anything other then anaemia.â€￾
Allison began tearing up and Jim leaned over to her “it’ll be okay Ally, we’ll figure something out.â€￾
“How much do you think that you would need?â€￾ Asked Josh, surprising us all.
“The bank has offered to loan us another 2000 but other then that we don’t know. We want to assure you that we will take care of this, we just needed your history. We are so sorry to have bothered you both.â€￾
“I would really like to help if I can, perhaps if you told me a little about the situation we I might be able to recommend something, I’m not sure if Mrs. Urban told you but I am a nurse at Mount Sinai in New York.â€￾
“I’m sorry, I don’t feel comfortable sharing that information.â€￾ Spoke Mr. Daniels.
“I understand.â€￾
Mrs. Daniel’s began digging through her purse “Aha, here it is.â€￾
We looked at her and Jim quickly put his hand over what she was holding “what are you doing?â€￾
“I have to show them Jim; she is the spitting image of them.â€￾ She pulled her hand away and held out a picture to us.
I slowly lifted up my hand to grab it, when Josh reached over me “Thank you.â€￾
He put the picture between us and we both set eyes on her at the same time, we must have only stared for a moment or so before Allison spoke but it seemed like forever.
“Spittin’ image isn’t she? Looks just like you Elizabeth, I almost fell when I saw you, mirror image! Joshua, her eyes light up the room when she enters, she’s very beautiful.â€￾
As she rambled we stared, until I could take no more and got up.
“I’m sorry...â€￾ with that I turned and ran out of the room.
Not stopping until I reached the car I slammed my fist onto the hood as I realized that I had forgotten my purse in there again “DAMN IT! I’m gonna tie that thing around my neck!â€￾
"This thing? Might be a little heavy."
I turned to find Josh; “I’m not in the mood.â€￾ I reached for my purse and he pulled it away.
“Things are going to work out Lizzie, I promise.â€￾
“You promise?â€￾ I snatched my purse “you promise? Well, somehow that doesn’t comfort me too much! It’s not going to be okay! It hasn’t been okay in years; I stopped believing you when you left the last time!â€￾
Saying that I got into the car and sped off, where I was going I had no idea.
‘To hell with Bowie and to hell with Josh.’

What It Takes: Chapter 10

Hearing the knocking on the door become frantic, K picked up the pace “Oh, hey Josh. What’s up?â€￾
People were walking down the sidewalk and making him feel a little nervous so he asked “Can we come in?â€￾
“I guess.â€￾ she stepped out of the way and allowed the three men in “Hey Mike.â€￾
He nodded and the stranger offered his hand “I’m Justin, I’m C’s friend.â€￾
“C? Oh right, nice to meet you.â€￾ she walked away, not acknowledging his outstretched hand causing him to pull it back.
“Can I talk to Lizzie?â€￾
“You could, if she was here.â€￾
“What? Where is she?â€￾ asked Josh, unable to hide his concern.
“She came in here, picked up her things and left. She said she’d be back in a few days.â€￾ she shrugged.
He ran his fingers up through his hair and sat on the couch “f***, what am I going to do now?â€￾
After heading back to my apartment to pack a few things and get a good nights sleep before heading back to Bowie, I decided to stop in at work and let them know that I would be using all of my vacation and possibly would require a personal leave. An hour later I headed towards the exit out of the building with the well wishes of everyone that I had spoken with. Feeling much better now that work was straightened out the only other place that I had to go before leaving was the bank.
“Bye George, see you soon.â€￾ I waived to the security guard as I approached the main doorway.
“Good evening Ms. Baine.â€￾ he held the door open for me and escorted me through “Can I call you a cab?â€￾
“No thank you, I feel like walking this evening.â€￾
He nodded and went back into the building as I made my way into the crowd.
I turned to see who was calling my name and found another security guard “Hi Joe, is everything alright?â€￾
“Yes, I have someone who has been looking for you.â€￾
“Oh, I followed him back towards the main entrance “Sorry to call on you like that, I just figured you’d hate to miss him.â€￾
“I understand.â€￾ once we reached the doors I found Josh sitting down against the wall with a baseball cap on trying to blend in “Thank you Joe, take care.â€￾
“Anytime, have a safe trip.â€￾
I nodded and looked at Josh before I turned and continued walking away.
Once he had caught up he walked alongside me for a few minutes before a word was spoken “You going on a trip?â€￾
“I’m going back to Bowie.â€￾
“Why did you have to come back here?â€￾
“It’s none of your business.â€￾ I picked up my pace.
Beside me once again he prodded “What are we gonna do Lizzie?â€￾
“We? You do whatever the hell you want!â€￾
I reached the bank and after taking the first step I turned “You can leave now, I have to go in and discuss a few things with the manager.â€￾
“Don’t do it Lizzie.â€￾ he pleaded.
“Do what Joshua, tell me what you think I shouldn’t do because I really give a sh** what you think.â€￾ I answered sarcastically and began walking away again.
“Would you stop running from me? Damn it Lizzie this is our problem whether you like it or not.â€￾
I continued walking with a brief prayer that he would just go away, determined not to turn around again I opened the door.
“I wrote the Daniel’s a cheque.â€￾
Forgetting my determination I turned and walked toward him “You what?â€￾
“I wrote them a cheque for ten grand to help them through the next set of tests.â€￾
I wiped the tear that had escaped and whispered “Thank you.â€￾
“After you left I went back in and discussed a few things with them. Can we at least go somewhere so I can update you in private, this is not something we want all over the papers.â€￾
I nodded in agreement “My place is just around the corner.â€￾
As I opened the door to my apartment he tapped my shoulder “Here this is for you.â€￾
I turned and reached for the picture that was handed out to me “I thought you’d like to keep it.â€￾
Taking the picture from him I looked down and knew that no matter how difficult it was for me to give in and listen to him, it was nothing like what Emma was going through.
The least I could do was hear what he had to say, for Emma’s sake.

What It Takes: Chapter 11

Throwing my coat on the deacon bench at the entrance to my apartment I pushed the door open so he could follow me in “come on in, sorry about the mess. I wasn’t expecting company.â€￾
He nodded and followed me through the dining area and into the living room “wants a drink?â€￾
“Sure, anything is fine.â€￾
I escaped to the kitchen, placed the picture of Emma on the fridge and after a moment of hiding I called out “Diet Coke?â€￾
I mumbled to myself ‘perfect.... My ass.’
Handing him his drink I sat beside him “so talk. I have packing to do and then I need some sleep before I head back tomorrow.â€￾
He stumbled through the words as he recalled the meeting after I had left and for the first time in years I could tell how he really felt. He made no attempt to hide the tears that fell from his eyes and as he spoke I don’t even think that he realized it. He was going over it so quickly it seemed as if he were on autopilot.
“I’m sorry, I’ve been rambling.â€￾
“No, it’s ok.â€￾ Without thinking I put my hand on his knee.
Taking his eyes off of me he looked down and before I had a chance to remove my hand he placed his over mine, keeping it there “Don’t pull away.â€￾
“I’m not. I...just. I don’t know Josh; this is all too much ya know.â€￾
He nodded and pulled me into him “Yeah, I know.â€￾
Although I hated it, I loved being there and for the first time in longer then I could remember I felt as if things just might be all right.
Inhaling his scent I snuggled my head deeper into his neck, my body awakening as he trailed his fingertip along the side of my face, comforting me, as only he knew how.
I felt his heart beat quicken as he anticipated every touch as well. Wanting, needing aching to forgive and forget everything that has brought us together after all this time. The only thing we needed at this moment was each other.
He brought his fingertip under my chin and gently guided it up until we were looking into one another’s eyes “I have been dying to hold you like this since the moment I saw you.â€￾
I looked and away for a moment, almost unable to face him as the words escaped my mouth “Josh, I...â€￾ the telephone ringing was the only interruption I need to be brought back to reality.
Jumping up and reaching for the phone I answered, only for it to be the wrong number.
Still standing I spoke “your welcome to stay here tonight; I’ll get you a pillow and blanket. But I’m leaving first thing in the morning.â€￾
He nodded and took the things I offered him as I walking into the safety of my bedroom and closed the door.
Lying awake and hour after I turned in I was dying to either sleep or go and talk to him. The thought of having him so close yet so far away was excruciating. Talking myself into needing a drink I slipped the covers off and went to the door, hesitating before opening it.
I gasped as I stepped into the hall “Are you trying to...â€￾
I stopped as he pulled me into him and his lips crashed down onto mine, leaving me breathless and a little confused for a moment.
Completely lost in the moment I began walking backwards and pulled him into my room. Once inside, I broke from the kiss and despite the darkness the room had just enough light from the bustle of the city down below to allow us both a fairly good view of each other’s faces. Afraid to say a word, for fear that the dream might end I grabbed his hand and led him over to the bed. I crawled up onto the bed and knelt pulling him toward me but just close enough so he could see a little more. Once in plain view I slowly pulled my tank over my head and threw it to the floor.
Admiring my body he whispered “beautiful.â€￾ As he inched closer.
His hands quickly went to my waist, leaving me breathless as he pulled me closer. I closed my eyes as his lips moved across my jaw line and down to my neck, sending shivers throughout my body. Certainly not strangers to each others body, he knew exactly where to kiss and how, as did I.
As he continued I nuzzled into him and gently bit his earlobe which only caused him to tighten his grip and pull me closer to him. A slight moan escaped his lips as he continued his trail of kisses down along my shoulder. Needing him closer still, I surprised him by pushing him away.
Before he could say a word I lied down on the bed and whispered “Come here.â€￾
On top of me before I even managed to say a word he answered “I though you’d never ask.â€￾
I reached to the hem of his t-shirt and gave it a tug. Complying he leaned back and allowed me to take it off. Once thrown to the floor I returned my hands to his chest and dragged them down to the waist of his pants and waited, watching him.
Our silence was filled with emotion, although it may be perceived as uncomfortable it was necessary. Somehow we spoke to each other. The brief moments of eye contact were really questions being asked and in turn answered. Strange to explain but true. No matter how hard we could try to deny it, we told each other how we felt, what we thought and how we hurt.
Continuing to look at each other I let out a smile and after grinning I pulled on the waist of his pants, bringing him to me. As his lips came crashing to mine, we instantly deepened the kiss and reconnected. His hands on my breasts sent my mind reeling, I needed more.
Not wanting to move apart we continued exploring each others mouth and bodies. I then undid his belt, determined to free him of the items that were keeping us from each other, from where we deserved and needed to be.
He allowed me to move them down his body as far as I could while still under him and not breaking the kiss, I then left the rest up to him. Dragging my hands up along his ass I dug my nails in causing him to move into me with a slight moan.
I smiled against his mouth and he bit my bottom lip “be nice, baby.â€￾
Giggling I answered “I love when you call me that.â€￾
Moving to my ear he whispered “you do? I’ll try to remember that.â€￾
The expression on his face became serious “Lizzie, tomorrow...â€￾
I brought my finger to his lips and shook my head “Tonight...â€￾ replacing my finger with my lips I mouthed “Let it just be us.â€￾
He nodded and I reached down and tried to move his pants down even more, feeling him against me was to torturous, I needed him.
Getting the hint he stood and removed his clothing but instead of returning to his position on top of me he sat on the side of the bed and reached for the waist of my pyjama shorts.
Looking at me, questioning whether he should continue I nodded “please.â€￾
He slowly brought my shorts down but to add to the torture he left my panties. Tossing them aside he ran his fingers along the waist of my panties and watched me shiver from his touch. Slowly he brought one side down an inch and then the other as he watched.
Trying my best to hide the response he smiled.
“Need help?â€￾
Chuckling he answered “Do you think I do?â€￾
“I’m beginning to think you might.â€￾
I placed my hands on top of his and guided him, ever so slowly as he let his fingers trace my legs the entire way down to my feet. Once discarded he traced his fingertips back up, stopping at his destination. I let out a moan as he returned to my side.
Wanting to feel him but more importantly wanting him to feel my hands on him I reached for him causing him to immediately jump to my touch.
Making me insane with his touch I leaned into him “I want you.â€￾
Moving on top of me he answered “I need you.â€￾
Holding himself above me we watched each other’s reactions as he entered me. I closed my eyes as I adjusted to him and he leaned and placed his nose to mine “Open them please.â€￾
With a deep breath I did as he asked and watched as he began to move and his own eyes closed for a moment, losing himself in the pleasure we were both feeling.
Memories flashed through my mind as we made love, enjoying each other all night. I knew that this was all that mattered.
He and I...at least for tonight.

What It Takes: Chapter 12
There is not enough to be said about waking in the arms of the person you were destined to be with. But what if it’s the person your destined to be with, but can’t be because it hurts too damn much? Hurts when he leaves. Hurts when he continues on with his life. Hurts when he’s back in Orlando and all of a sudden life is to busy and he moves on...without you...again.
Let’s face it the morning after is always a little tense but this morning I was petrified to open my eyes, knowing we would have to face the world. Somehow, with my eyes closed we were safe here. If I woke up it would all change.
With him snuggled behind me, I couldn’t help but feel him begin to waken as well. Part of me wondered if he was feeling the same way I was. Was he trying to prolong our time asleep and safe together knowing that things would definitely be different today?
I was about to find out.
Feeling his lips on my neck reminded me that I hadn’t dreamt of last night, he was real and what we shared was very real.
Nibbling on my earlobe he whispered “Baby...â€￾
I ignored him and allowed him to continue.
Another nibble “It’s 1 o’clock.â€￾
I opened my eyes, looked at the clock and sat up “I can’t believe we slept that long!â€￾
He smiled “We were up all night. I think it was after six when we fell asleep.â€￾
Noticing the blankets had pooled around my waist, exposing my bare chest I reached down for them and pulled them up.
“Don’t do that.â€￾ he whined.
“Do what?â€￾
“Pull away from me.â€￾ he pulled me down and when I was close enough smiled “Keep close.â€￾
I rolled my eyes and returned his smile “I have to shower.â€￾
“So do I?â€￾ he winked.
“Why are you making this so difficult?â€￾
“Why are you?â€￾ he answered as he kissed the tip of my nose.
“I’m not,â€￾ I pouted “I just want to run away for a few minutes and hope the awkwardness goes away.â€￾ I answered honestly, making a face as I did.
Laughing he replied “Don’t give me that face.â€￾
“What face?â€￾ I answered, suddenly offended.
“You won’t let me get my way so I’m gonna pout face.â€￾
I tried to get up only to have him pull me right down onto him and roll over on top of me “Stop running Lizzie.â€￾
“I just want to take a damn shower Josh.â€￾
Without answering he kissed me. After tracing his tongue along my lips he whispered “NO!â€￾
I pushed my head back into the pillow “What?â€￾
Although hardly possible he leaned closer “I said NO.â€￾
I turned my head to the side “Get off me.â€￾
Nuzzling his face into my neck he answered “Not even if you begged.â€￾
Continuing his assault he brought the kisses to my shoulder, alternating between nibbles, bites and licks as he pushed the blankets down with his feet.
Now skin to skin, I knew that any common sense that I had had minutes earlier was gone.
With kisses strategically placed down my body, stopping right below my belly button he asked “Weren‘t you going to take a shower?â€￾
Letting out a groan I opened my eyes and shook my head ‘there was no way in hell I was gong anywhere.’
Smiling against my skin he gloated “That’s what I thought.â€￾
As I drifted off to sleep, snuggled deep in his arms I noticed a smile on my face. One I hadn’t had in a while and it felt good, it felt right.
Holding me close he whispered “I love you Lizzie.â€￾
I opened my eyes, stunned and suddenly wide awake. I couldn’t respond and was thankful that he thought I was asleep so I didn’t have too. I stared at the wall until I knew he was asleep, then squirmed out of his arms and went to take a shower to clear my head.

Alrighty, what do you guys think??

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Postby betty boop » Sat Sep 20, 2003 3:27 pm

Very good.

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Postby Angelpopstar7 » Sat Sep 20, 2003 3:38 pm

Holy! :jawdrop: That was great!!! Now we need more! :lol: and that darn purse of hers always gets her into trouble now doesn't it??? :rofl: I need MORE!

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Postby shortie17 » Sat Sep 20, 2003 4:05 pm

as soon as I can I'll finish reading

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Postby shortie17 » Sat Sep 20, 2003 6:25 pm

this is really good

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Postby tendertoes » Tue Sep 23, 2003 2:30 pm

<span style='color:purple'>As I promised...here is the next chapter!!

What It Takes: Chapter 13
When Josh woke two hours later, I had finished packing and was sitting in the living room...waiting.
Stumbling into the living room looking for me, he rubbed his eyes “How long have you been up?â€￾
“A couple of hours.â€￾ I shrugged and brought my coffee cup to the kitchen.
“Want some coffee before we leave?â€￾
“No thanks,â€￾ he walked up behind me and put his arms around my waist and whispered into my ear “Are you in a rush?â€￾
Taking a glance at Emma’s picture on the fridge I nodded “We need to get back and see what’s going on.â€￾
“Do I have time for a shower?â€￾
Leaning my head back against his shoulder I answered “Sure, go ahead.â€￾
“Would you like to join me?â€￾
I shook my head “I think we need to get going, it’s going to take us about 4 hours to get there.â€￾
Placing a kiss on the top of my head he answered “Give me twenty minutes and we’re out of here.â€￾
As he escaped to the bathroom I reached for Emma’s picture.
It was taken in a kiddie sized swimming pool. She wore a pink two piece Strawberry shortcake bathing suit and her hair was pulled back into a ponytail. From what I could gather the colour of her hair was just like mine, her features, mine also but her eyes were definitely his. In fact it was all to surreal, seeing her. Such a huge part of me and Joshua even though we haven’t seen her in the past 4 years. In the background of the picture you could see a swing set and what seemed like acres and acres of land.
My mind drifted to her running through the tall grass, perhaps playing hide and seek with her best friend. Maybe she has already met her Joshua?
Maybe they have already teased each other about being married when they were older? Just like Josh and I had, so many years before.
The photographer had captured part of a dog, German Sheppard I think. Maybe he was her best friend?
I was so caught up in my thoughts that I didn’t hear Josh return “You okay?â€￾
He stopped dead in his tracks when he realized that I hadn’t moved and was holding Emma’s picture.
Wiping the tears that had escaped I whispered “I’m alright, let’s go.â€￾
As I began to walk in the opposite direction he grabbed my arm and moved in front of me “She’s beautiful, isn’t she?â€￾
“Not now Josh.â€￾
“Then when Lizzie?â€￾ he asked getting frustrated.
“When I damn well feel like it Josh.â€￾
“Why do you do that?â€￾
“Do what? I’m not in the mood for games right now.â€￾
“Can’t you just admit what your thinking? Cause I’m willing to bet everything that I’ve thought the same thing.â€￾
“I think you’ve taken too much drugs popstar cause you are now hallucinating!â€￾
“Screw you Lizzie.â€￾
“Already did.â€￾ having said that and knowing I had just pissed him off even more I turned and walked to the door and waited for him to follow.
After a few minutes of waiting I went back to find that he hadn’t moved an inch “I am leaving in 5minutes, get ready.â€￾
“Not until we talk about this.â€￾
I laughed at the thought of him challenging me “I am leaving Joshua and if that means leaving you in my apartment, so be it.â€￾
He crossed his arms and leaned against the counter, daring me.
“Fine, I will admit that I am scared for Emma. I am scared that she may never get to have the things that I had dreamt for her. I am angry that I have missed so many things. I am angry because I will never know if she has fallen in love? If she has a best friend?
Not even the simple things Joshua. Her favourite colour? Her favourite food? Flower? Chocolate or Vanilla?â€￾
My voice rose as I continued “Is that good enough for you?â€￾
“It’s a start...now come here.â€￾ he reached for my hand.
“I told you what I was thinking. Now you have five minutes to meet me at the car.â€￾
I turned and walked out of the apartment and straight to the parking lot where the rental was.
Five minutes later I left...alone.

Your turn folks!!

*Sarah...have you posted yet????

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Postby checkers » Tue Sep 23, 2003 2:47 pm

Stubbron Bastard. :no:

Screw you Lizzie.â€￾
“Already did.â€￾

me next ME NEXT :wave: *JUMPS UP AND DOWN*

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Postby betty boop » Tue Sep 23, 2003 2:48 pm

She left without him? They are almost makin' me mad with this back and forth thing. good chapter. More please!

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Postby Angelpopstar7 » Tue Sep 23, 2003 3:05 pm

uh oh...she left without him...that is only going to make things worse but hope that they don't...they could fight to get Emma back saying that they had no choice but to sign the adoption papers...if they had a good enough lawyer they could probably win but anyways MORE!!! :please: please :lol:

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Postby zozon3 » Tue Sep 23, 2003 3:12 pm

WOOHOOO!! :lol:


:lol: im next in line!!!

what dumbasses!!!!!!!!1

loved it tho hehe post more!!!!

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Postby tendertoes » Tue Sep 23, 2003 3:21 pm

<span style='color:purple'>Glad you like it! But always remember...with fighting...comes make up sex!!!
*wink wink*
Angel...might be an idea??? MIGHT????

*not* :lol:

Chexie and Zoe...only when I'm done and I can make no promises! :shrug:



Also...if Sarah updates...I may have another chapter later tonight! :shrug:

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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Tue Sep 23, 2003 3:57 pm

yay! Wonderful! Although they confuse me lol it's ok though, they can fight, at least they're talking... I can deal with that

Oh and Tash... there's more... so keep writing because I have plenty more :P

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Postby megzrsa » Tue Sep 23, 2003 4:18 pm

I just knew she was going to leave without him :( more plz? :P

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Postby AngelOfMusic » Tue Sep 23, 2003 4:54 pm

while i agree that he is a stubborn ass i also think that she NEEDS to talk about it. she should have gone back inside and said that they could talk about it on the ride there. well i cant wait to see how that affects them. MORE PWEASE!

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Postby tendertoes » Wed Sep 24, 2003 8:16 am

<span style='color:purple'>Here's another chapter :)
cough *Sarah* cough

hee hee

Feedback is a wonderful motivator! Love it...Hate it..suggestions...whatever!
Just leave something!

What It Takes: Chapter 14

Still extremely pissed at Josh when I got to Bowie, I pulled into K’s driveway, ready to run in and tell her what had happened.
“K...where are you?â€￾
I walked through the living room and found her sitting at the kitchen table, only this time she wasn’t alone.
Stunned I asked “What are you doing here?â€￾
“Hi Elizabeth, where’s JC?â€￾
I nodded a ‘hello’ to Justin and then shrugged in response to his question as I opened the fridge, searching for a drink.
“You don’t know where he is? He phoned this morning and said you were coming up together.â€￾ Kristen asked. Knowing me too well she could always tell when I was lying.
“He wasn’t ready to leave.â€￾ I smiled as I opened a juice box and walked into the living room trying to hide the smile that was beginning to form.
Not satisfied they followed me and Justin asked “He seemed to think things were a little better between you too.â€￾
“Yeah, I guess.â€￾
“Cut the crap Liz. Where is he?â€￾
“Seriously K, he’s back in New York.â€￾
“Well what the hell?â€￾ Justin reached for his cell phone and just as he was about to hit send Josh came storming in the front door.
“Where the hell is she?â€￾
I raised a brow and smiled as the others looked at me accusingly.
Spotting me he stomped over “What the f*** Lizzie? I waited for you because we needed to talk, you were supposed to come back!â€￾
I stood up “And YOU...were supposed to meet me at the car in five minutes. Guess we both got it wrong!â€￾
Walking away with Josh close behind Kristen snapped “What the hell is going on between you guys now?â€￾
We both stopped and turned, surprised at the way she was talking to us.
“He met me at work, he came over we discussed a few things. I woke up while he slept for a few more hours. He got up and took a shower. I was ready to leave. I told him he had five minutes to meet me at the car. He didn’t show and I left. Plain and simple!â€￾
They both nodded before looking at Josh who was about to loose his cool.
“What? Don’t you think you may have left a few very important things out? Like maybe the fact that ‘WE’ didn’t discuss anything. And just when we got close to a real conversation about everything that was going on and you were honest enough to share your feelings...you left! Not too mention the fact that we made love...a few times!â€￾
He was obviously insulted because he is usually a private person. He would never go around and blurt out anything like that if he were paying enough attention to realize that we weren’t alone in the room.
After taking a deep breath he calmed enough to speak a little more calmly.
“Why won’t you just admit that your scared because things could be perfect again? After all this time, we fit and you know it Lizzie.â€￾
Surprisingly enough my first reaction was to laugh and then reveal my biggest concern.
“Have you ever thought that maybe the problem was that no matter how perfect ‘WE’ are, something would always be missing? That being with you is a constant reminder and that’s what makes it so damn difficult! I love you Joshie, I always have and probably always will. We could marry, have 12 kids and try to live happily ever after but the fact remains...something or someone will always be missing. The decision that was made for us so long ago decided our future...I’m sorry.â€￾
Completely exhausted I ran to the spare bedroom and fell to the bed sobbing, wishing that this would all just go away.

So...your turn!

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Postby AngelOfMusic » Wed Sep 24, 2003 9:21 am

ooohhh man! c'mon you guys can work this out! seriously sit down and talk it out! i am gonna lock you two in a damn padded room until you work all this out!!!!!! more please!

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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Wed Sep 24, 2003 10:31 am

aww ok yeah they need to talk... it's so sad... but I have faith in them... everything's going to be ok lol

VERY GOOD more? :P

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Postby tendertoes » Wed Sep 24, 2003 10:52 am

<span style='color:purple'>MORE????
I'm a chapter ahead :P
You got any more?? B)


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Postby megzrsa » Wed Sep 24, 2003 10:58 am

So if they can get their little girl back everything wil b perfect :P Everything just has to work out for them 'cause they r soo rite for each other :D
cant wait for more

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Postby zozon3 » Wed Sep 24, 2003 1:53 pm


Liz get your ass back to that boy!!!

I'm a chapter ahead

Post it please? :pouts:

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Postby Angelpopstar7 » Wed Sep 24, 2003 4:26 pm

I'm telling ya they need to fight for Emma! :nod: Then they would have what they were missing out on...i mean they will never have everything cuz they missed out on so much but there is still so much more they could share together! More i can't stand the suspension! :lol:

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Postby tendertoes » Wed Sep 24, 2003 7:45 pm

<span style='color:purple'>I'm going away to my sisters wedding on Friday so I'm really trying to get you guys a few chapters before I leave. I also want Sarah to update...hee hee :ph34r:

Feedback has been great over here...thank you so much!! I'm still writing and hope to have more tomorrow!!

What It Takes: Chapter 15
After meeting with the Daniels’ again the next day, I had decided that there was no reason for me to stay. Emma was going to be taken care of; Josh would see to that so why torture myself? Staying here was not going to help in any way; hell if it would I’d move here permanently. But realistically, I wasn’t needed and I had to accept that.
Justin, Josh and I all stayed at K’s which of course didn’t matter much because once I hit that bed I had immediately fallen asleep. When I woke up, Josh was on the telephone so we didn’t have a chance to speak which was a good thing.
Josh and I didn’t speak at the meeting either. Not because we were mad at each other, just because we had both said things that needed to be thought about. It was way too soon to form any kind of opinion on the bombshells that were dropped last night.
Jim and Allison had set up a plan with Josh so that every month they would submit hospital bills and he in turn would pay the hospital directly. Josh’s lawyer had been very kind and spent an hour on the telephone with him that morning counselling him.
As the meeting ended I grabbed my purse determined not to forget the damn thing again and quickly made my way to the front desk. Stopping to speak with the receptionist, I informed her that I would be going home and that I was to be contacted there with any news that they had.
K and I had discussed my departure earlier that morning. As sad as it was to leave, I was very fortunate to have such an understanding friend. We made plans to keep in touch and made a few jokes about that trip to Hawaii. Because I had taken time off work, I figured that it was the perfect opportunity to stay at home and relax. So that is exactly what I had planned as I pulled out of Bowie.
Now that brings me to today. It is two months later, I’m back to work and beginning to get my life back on track. I’ve had a few dates more just to make others happy instead of myself. Things were...okay.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Opening the door to my apartment I sighed as I threw my coat onto the kitchen table that never really got used. It had been another hard day, it seemed that the ER was full of nuts today. I spent most of my time running from one trauma to the next, not even managing to get a break.
‘Thank goodness I’m off for the weekend.’ I mumbled as I slipped my runners off and hit the play button on my answering machine.
“Lizzie, it’s K. Call me back ASAP.â€￾
“Damn it K, where are you?â€￾
I reached for the telephone and dialled her number only to hear no dial tone.
“Hello?â€￾ I looked at the phone wondering what the hell was going on.
The voice on the other end startling me “Yes, who is this?â€￾
“Elizabeth, this is Mrs. Urban from the adoption agency in Bowie.â€￾
‘Like I had a million agencies phoning’ I rolled my eyes and answered.
“Hello Mrs. Urban, what can I do for you?â€￾
“I’m afraid we have some news about the Daniel’s. Would it be possible to have you meet me at my office?â€￾
“Mrs. Urban, I am in New York. Could this not be done over the phone?â€￾
“I realize that and I am very sorry but this is quite urgent.â€￾
I sighed ‘this woman was going to be the death of me.’
“I’ll leave in the morning, Mrs. Urban, I won’t be able to sleep all night, please tell me more?â€￾
“Emma was left at the local hospital with a note which said to contact me at the agency. They’re running tests as we speak.â€￾
I swear that I had no idea that I had dropped until I heard her shout “Elizabeth?â€￾
I scrambled for the telephone “I’m on my way.â€￾
I quickly hung up and ran to the bedroom and grabbed my bag.

Your turn,

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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Wed Sep 24, 2003 8:15 pm

oooh boy lol drama drama drama...

maybe now her and josh will be ok? lol let's hope so

very good!

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Postby Angelpopstar7 » Wed Sep 24, 2003 8:16 pm

OMG! :jawdrop: I wasn't expecting that to happen at all :no: Things could work out now, Lizzie could get Emma back. What kind of parents would just leave their child at a hopsital? Especially when everyone knows who they are. I bet you that they took JC's money and ran away with it...shame on them...I NEED MORE!!! :please: please

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Postby zozon3 » Wed Sep 24, 2003 8:37 pm

post more post more!!

im addicted to this story :lol:

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Postby betty boop » Wed Sep 24, 2003 9:43 pm

I bet you that they took JC's money and ran away with it...shame on them...I NEED MORE!!!

I think you could be on to something right there.

What she said.

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Postby checkers » Wed Sep 24, 2003 9:56 pm

I was wondering how you were gonna play it out tashie, now I know great update

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Postby AngelOfMusic » Thu Sep 25, 2003 12:36 am

:jawdrop: i totally did not see that coming!!!! but maybe this will work out for the best? right, i hope, please? great chap. more more more!

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Postby tendertoes » Thu Sep 25, 2003 8:02 am

i totally did not see that coming!!!! but maybe this will work out for the best?
:shrug: B)

I was wondering how you were gonna play it out tashie, now I know great update

<span style='color:purple'>I'll buzz ya when I get back on Sunday night!!!
I might have another chapter later today!

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Postby tendertoes » Thu Sep 25, 2003 9:25 am

<span style='color:purple'>Here's another one!


What It Takes: Chapter 16
I had managed to get a rental and make it to Bowie in record time. I called K on the way down and sure enough she had gotten a few messages from Mrs. Urban which is why she was trying to get in touch with me. I promised to phone her once I had an idea of what was going on and continued on.
Not having any idea where to go because I had rushed off so quickly, I went straight to the hospital.
It was now two am as I rushed through the main entrance of the hospital and to the admitting desk.
“Hello, I’m looking for Emma Daniel’s room.â€￾ I fought to get the words out.
Working everyday in a hospital, I would have thought I would have been a little more prepared when I walked in but I was completely sick to my stomach. Just the thought of being here and for this reason, scared the hell out of me.
“She has been admitted, room 312.â€￾
I nodded and made my way to the elevator. After waiting for a moment I decided the elevator was too damn slow and took the stairs.
Once on the third floor I took everything in, almost as if I were moving in slow motion. The walls were done in white with purple trim and accents everywhere. I passed a toy room and smiled at the amount of toys and video games that were present.
A portrait of a Mother and Child was the next thing that caught my attention. The mother, so peaceful. She held her baby close to her chest and gazed out the window as did her child. Her nose was pressed against her infants head, almost as if she were breathing in his scent. It took my breath away.
Directly across the hall was room 312. I took a deep breath and walked to the door, finding Mrs. Urban standing at the foot of the bed.
Spotting me she hurried over “Elizabeth I am so glad you made it.â€￾
I nodded unable to say a word.
Placing her arm around my shoulder she ushered me into a small adjoining room.
“They have decided to admit her because of the claims that the Daniel’s have made. They have run a few tests and are waiting for confirmation of payment before continuing. She is sleeping, poor child is exhausted. She sat in the ER for a few hours before anyone noticed her. When they asked her where her parents were she handed them a note and said she was here to find her mommy and daddy and that they would be here soon. The police have the note, but from what the nurse has told me it said to contact me at the agency and that I would know what to do. Frankly, I had no idea and that’s why I called you. I realized that once a child is given up for adoption that as the birth mother should not be contacted but I’m sure you can understand that this is not a ’normal’ situation.â€￾
I answered in a whisper “I understand.â€￾
“The police have looked into the records and there is no documentation for Emma here. No payments have been made...nothing. The Daniel’s cannot be found anywhere and it has been discovered that for the past three years she has stayed with her grandmother with no contact from them.â€￾
I leaned against the wall for some added support because I was sure my knees were going to buckle.
“The nurse also mentioned that grandma dropped her off here so she could find her mommy and daddy.â€￾
I wiped the tears from my face “So, now what?â€￾
“I don’t know,â€￾ she put her arms around my shoulder “Do you want to see her?â€￾
As we walked into her room she added “I have explained that you are her next of kin to allow you to visit and that’s all they need to know at this point. I did tell the police though figuring they needed to know. I also told them you would be here.â€￾
Standing at the foot of the bed I kept my eyes on Mrs. Urban until she stopped talking “Thank you.â€￾
“I’ll leave you two alone.â€￾
I nodded and sat on the chair at her bedside. Then for the first time looked over and saw her.
Her hair shoulder length hair was loose now and I smiled as I realized the sun-kissed highlights that so many people would kill for. Her features very soft and feminine, resembling a porcelain doll. The very shape of her eyes, even though closed looked just like Josh’s.
She took my breath away. I fought back the tears as I took her hand into mine. Her sweet delicate skin, the very touch burnt through me. It had been so long since I had touched her, examined her. Yet she was so familiar. He hands were just like mine, I traced her fingers and was startled when she let out a little giggle in her sleep.
She was angelic, so perfect and a carbon copy of Josh and I. With a smile on my face, I rested my head on the bed beside her and let the last few minutes replay through my mind
The commotion in the hall startled me. I lifted my head and saw the light shine through the curtains. I had no idea how long I had slept but it sure as hell didn’t feel long enough.
While the commotion continued I rose from the bed and went to close the door, to allow Emma some more time to sleep.
As I reached for the door I saw Josh walk by the room, searching frantically.
“Josh.â€￾ I called out in a whisper.
He immediately spoke, before even seeing me “Lizzie.â€￾
“Where is she? Is she okay?â€￾
I nodded and pointed to the room as I whispered “She’s sleeping, they ran a few tests and I gave them the okay to run a few more.â€￾
“Is she okay?â€￾ he asked again, as the tears in his eyes formed.
Trying to hold back the tears I answered “I think so, she’s pretty tired.â€￾
He nodded as he wiped the tears that had managed to escape.
I reached for his hand “Come on.â€￾ Grabbing my hand he followed me into the room.
Eager to see Emma and to hear exactly what had happened to her.

Your turn,

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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Thu Sep 25, 2003 10:02 am

AHH you can't just leave me hanging lol

You're so discriptive... I love it
it's so sad though lol poor Emma but everything's going to be ok now... right? lol

very good... more please?

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Postby AngelOfMusic » Thu Sep 25, 2003 10:04 am

oh my god those bastards!!!!!!! how could they do that! that is wrong in everyway shape and form!!!! god when i find those f***ers i am gonna kill them! more please!

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Postby zozon3 » Thu Sep 25, 2003 1:15 pm

wow good plot girl!!
I never expected that

ahhhh thats just f***ed up tho about the daniels
and the sad thing is things happen like that
ahh I dont get some people!! hehe

ahhh post more before friday!! :P

please tash? :D

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Postby betty boop » Thu Sep 25, 2003 2:52 pm

This is so good. It's hard to believe that people are actually that greedy (well not that hard when you really think about it). How someone could leave a little girl like that it just...it makes me so mad I can't even say.

Point: Great chapter.

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Postby tendertoes » Thu Sep 25, 2003 3:16 pm

<span style='color:purple'>Last chapter before I leave!!*maybe*
Have a great weekend everyone!!

What It Takes: Chapter 17
After a brief explanation, Josh and I settled beside the bed.
With him on one side and me on the other he whispered “So, now what?â€￾
I shrugged as I watched Emma’s face for some sort of response. When I realized that she wasn’t going to wake just yet I added “I guess we wait for the police.â€￾
He nodded “What about the tests?â€￾
“I gave the nurse the okay so I’m assuming they’ll be doing some today.â€￾
“What kind of tests?â€￾ he asked.
“I don’t know Joshie, I mean nobody knows anything about her.â€￾
As if right on schedule a tap on the door interrupted us.
We both turned to find an middle aged police officer, as he walked into the room.
“You must be Elizabeth?â€￾ he asked in a deep voice.
I stood and walked over to him “Yes officer...have you come up with anything?â€￾
“Absolutely nothing on the Daniel’s. We may have a lead on the grandmother, someone is gone to check things out right now.â€￾
“Okay, what about Emma now?â€￾
He shrugged “Your her next of kin.â€￾
“What?â€￾ I looked over at Josh.
Realizing that I needed to be rescued he answered “Of course, we’ll take care of it.â€￾
Still staring at him, the officer turned to him “And you are?â€￾
“I’m JC...Joshua Chasez. I’m with her.â€￾
He brought his attention back to me and must have thought I had lost my mind because he asked “Is that true?â€￾
Stumbling over my words I answered “Yeah, uh, he’s with me. It’s been a long night.â€￾
He nodded “I’ll be back later today when we get some info, try to get some rest. This little girl is lucky to have you two.â€￾
We nodded and as the officer left Josh walked over and put his arms around me. Not having the strength to argue or speak, I did the only thing I could.
I sobbed.
“Lizzie... you need to wake up.â€￾ he whispered into my ear.
I shifted and opened my eyes to find myself on his lap, cradled in his arms on the lounge chair in the corner of the room.
Startled, I tried to jump up but he held me down and whispered “Shhh...we have company.â€￾
I looked over to the bed and saw her, wide awake and staring at Josh and I.
I slowly got up and walked over to the side of her bed “Hi Emma.â€￾
It was nothing more than a whisper but Josh and I managed to hear.
“Your in the hospital baby.â€￾ I pushed the hair that had fallen onto the side of her face.
She nodded.
“Do you feel okay?â€￾
She nodded again, still staring at Josh and I.
“I’m...â€￾ I hesitated, scared to answer “Lizzie and that guy over there is Josh. I’m gonna go get the nurse okay?â€￾
“Mm...k.â€￾ she looked over at Josh and he stood, making his way over to her.
“She’ll be right back. She’s a nurse you know.â€￾
I rolled my eyes as I walked into the hall trying to track down her nurse.
“Excuse me, Emma’s up.â€￾ the nurse stood and followed me back to her room.
“Hey sugar, I’m Nurse Linda. I’m just gonna take a little listen to your heart.â€￾
Emma looked up to me and I nodded and the nurse proceeded to take her vitals.
“Wow, your a good patient.â€￾ I commented.
She smiled and took my breath away when she did.
When the nurse finished she looked up at me “Wow, you two look exactly alike.â€￾
I was unable to answer, hell part of me still questioned whether this was just a dream.
She excused herself and I followed her out “What kind of tests are you planning on running today?â€￾
“I’m not quite sure. We did managed to get quite a few finished last night when we found her. I’ll have to go and see what Dr. Walter’s plans are. I’ll be back in a little while.â€￾
I nodded and went back in to find Josh singing to Emma as she drifted off to sleep.

Your turn!!!

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Postby Angelpopstar7 » Thu Sep 25, 2003 3:33 pm

Awwww that poor girl! I had a feeling that the Daniels were just making that whole story up and stealing all of the money :nod: Shame on them! I hope that Emma is ok though!!!! Now they can have their little family back together!!! :yay: More please! I Hope that you have fun this weekend!!

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Postby megzrsa » Thu Sep 25, 2003 4:03 pm

wow, so much to take in :( Well first of all, the daniels should feel disgusted with themselves! greedy bastards!!!!!
secondly i am soooooooo glad that they r all together :P I hope their little girl gets better :)
The last chapter was really beautifully described :)
hope u hav a gr8 weekend! :D

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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Thu Sep 25, 2003 4:19 pm

:D awww that's so sad and cute at the same time lol

it was very cute she's so cute lol but i feel so bad for her... very good I wanna ask for more but I'm aftraid lol

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Postby musiclova67 » Thu Sep 25, 2003 4:26 pm

I've missed so much!!! I didn't know you were continuing it here on the fan fic board. LOL. Anywayz, awesome chapters. Love the direction you're takin' this story. More, more, more!!!

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Postby zozon3 » Sun Sep 28, 2003 5:21 pm

whens Tash coming back?? :(
i want an update

but Chex updated!!!!!!!!! :yay: :yay: WOOP WOOP :lol:

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