For This Moment...

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<span style='color:purple'>This is the first story in a series that Chex and I are working on...kinda, lol!!

For This Moment: Chapter 1

“SKYLARâ€￾ I quickly scanned the room to see where the voice was coming from, hoping that no one else had heard. When I noticed the familiar face, I made my way through the crowd and wrapped my arms around the woman that has become like a second mother to me.
“Diane, I have missed you so much.â€￾ I squeezed even tighter.
“It’s so good to see you;â€￾ she pushed me away for a moment to look me over and then brought me in for another hug.
“We’ve missed you too.â€￾ We both released and began walking to get my luggage, when Diane read my mind and said “Lance’s flight will arrive in about an hour.â€￾
“Great!â€￾ I looked at my watch and tried to remember the last time I saw him, it had already been a month since our last visit.
“I can’t wait to see him.â€￾ I tried not to look like a giddy 12-year-old but I couldn’t stop the smile that had formed on my face.
“He’s very excited to see you too.â€￾ She put her hand on my back “He’s phoned 3 times to see when your flight would arrive.â€￾
I giggled; Lance was just like that, he always wanted to know all the details. The businessman in him had certainly come out when Freelance began.
“Why don’t we go and grab a quick lunch while we wait.â€￾ Diane suggested.
“Good idea, this crowd is making me nervous.â€￾
I looked around to see if anyone had noticed me and made a quick adjustment to my baseball cap. I told Tommy, my bodyguard that I should be okay while I was visiting Lance but being in such a crowded airport without my ‘friend’ was a little nerve wracking.
We managed to grab my luggage and make our way to the restaurant while only being noticed once. I quickly signed an autograph and excused myself hoping that a crowd wouldn’t form. Once seated we both breathed a sigh of relief.
“I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to that.â€￾ I smiled at Diane’s reaction. She certainly did not enjoy our public lives.
“I don’t know how you and Lance manage with the press the way it is.â€￾
I grinned knowing that our life was not one that everyone could handle. “You get used to it. Lance and I have never known anything else.â€￾
She nodded as I drifted back to when we first met.


I had been watching him. He seemed so sweet and polite with the crew that I couldn’t help but look forward to when we would finally be introduced. ‘Famous people’ were notorious for being rude and demanding but he wasn’t like that and that intrigued me. I always did my best to be polite and despite the occasional slip up I succeeded. After all, modeling was just a job and this was a tough business. Models came and go and I was just lucky that right now I was in demand. That could change in a New York minute and I always tried to remember that.
Nsync and I were about to introduce the nominees for ‘Best New Group’ at the MTV awards. We hadn’t met yet because they were not able to attend rehearsals the day before. I had heard of them and was a fan of a few of their songs but didn’t really know much about them. I was lucky enough to be able to announce with a bunch of guys who were very outgoing and used to this sort of thing so hopefully they could help me with my nervousness.
As I stood and glanced around the room I noticed that the guys were making their way over to me. I reminded myself to breathe and smiled.
“How lucky are we this year? We get to announce with a supermodelâ€￾ He immediately leaned forward and pulled me in for a hug.
“I’m Joey and it’s a pleasure.â€￾
A little caught off guard and not sure how I should respond, I giggled at his forwardness
“Skylar.â€￾ I flashed one of my best smiles as the rest of the guys joined us.
“You’ll have to watch out for him, I’m Chris the handsome one!â€￾
“You certainly are.â€￾ I smiled at his boldness.
He looked over at the others with a nod of approval, which caused them to break out into laughter.
I looked over and they quickly volunteered.
I smiled as I looked towards the man that I had been watching from afar. He was finally beside me.
“I’m Lance. You may have to keep an eye on all of them. They‘re all trouble!â€￾ He extended his hand to mine.
As I placed mine in his I felt my heart rate quicken “Nice to meet you Lance.â€￾ I ran my fingers through my long brown hair and smiled.
The stage manager interrupted us by announcing
“Nsync, Skylar you’re on in five...get ready.â€￾
I quickly adjusted my Juicy Couture Patch Pocket jeans and pink Terry Tube Top and gave the guys a wink. I thanked God that this was a very casual event because I didn’t think I could walk in my usual heels at this moment.
I was doing my best to hide my fear but it was quickly sensed. Lance put his arm around my shoulders and whispered “You’ll be great, just follow their lead.â€￾
He pointed towards Chris and Joey who were horsing around. I threw my best fake smile and nod; secretly more worried than before.
Ever since that first moment I felt something later to find out that he did as well.
After the winner was announced, we made our way backstage where the press was waiting for us. The guys huddled around me as we commented on the award. It amazed me to see how at ease they all were. After our interview, I began making my way to the left exit to return to my seat when Lance caught my attention.
“Skylar?â€￾ He ran up to me. “Were leaving now or the place will be a zoo,â€￾
“Right, I understand.â€￾ I tried to hide my disappointment.
“I was kind of...â€￾ I smiled as I noticed him put his hands in his jean pockets and begin to shift around as if he were nervous as well.
Intrigued, I fished for more “Pardon me?â€￾
“I was kind of hoping you would come with us. We’re hosting an after party and I was wondering if you’d be my guest?â€￾
“I’d love too.â€￾ I swear I heard him breathe a sigh of relief although to this day he denies it. He placed his arm around my waist as we hurried along to the rest of the group that was waiting in the car.
As I climbed in the all guys replied at once “you said yes!â€￾
“Of course, I said yes. Why wouldn’t I?â€￾ My curiosity was definitely peaked.
“Usually Lance has to pay for dates.â€￾ Offered Chris as the others laughed. Lance hopped in and rolled his eyes at the disbelieving men.
He then continued “We didn’t think that you brought enough money to get a model to come with you.â€￾ The group erupted in laughter once again at Lance’s expense. I decided to rescue him since he was looking a little green.
“Well, I agreed on one condition,â€￾ the men turned in my direction, obviously interested.
“I would be his date but only if he put out.â€￾ I hadn’t heard these men be quiet once this evening but my comment had all of them speechless and staring. I was now in control and I loved it.
“Right, Lance?â€￾ I looked up at him and winked.
“Right, Sugar.â€￾ Lance threw his head back unable to contain his laughter any longer.
The men, still a little surprised smiled “Your a feisty one, Ms. Adams! We like that!â€￾ Joey patted my leg and the others gave me a nod of approval.
As Lance leaned in and whispered “Thanks, I owe you.â€￾
I turned towards him and our faces were now inches apart “anytime.â€￾


“Did you see the Star last week?â€￾ Diane asked as I began eating my ‘BLT’ sandwich.
“I did...Lance and I had a good laugh.â€￾ I knew the article that Diane was referring to. Our publicists were working overtime trying to quiet the reporters but to no avail. They were dying for a story and Lance and I going to a church in Hawaii was enough to begin the rumours.
The headline wrote:
“Lance Bass and Skylar Adams to Wed.â€￾
The article mentioned how we went to the church and discussed wedding plans with the minister. Now this couldn’t be further from the truth. We snuck through the church to ditch the reporters. While we were supposedly making wedding plans we were actually eating dinner at a nearby restaurant.
“Don’t worry Diane,â€￾ I could see the questions in her eyes.
“When Lance and I make wedding plans, you’ll be the first to know...I promise.â€￾
I watched her expression change to one of relief
“I know; I trust both of you.â€￾
I smiled and continued eating hoping Lance would arrive soon.

For This Moment: Chapter 2

“Baby, are you still awake?â€￾
“Hmmm,â€￾ I tried to wake myself but finally being in his arms after all this time was enough to make me more relaxed than I have been in months.
“I’ve been thinking,â€￾ he looked down and gently raised my chin “Sugar?â€￾
Realizing that I wasn’t going to get any sleep yet, I gave in “Uh huh.â€￾
“I love being here with you and I love this house.â€￾
The gentle breeze through the window of the 4-bedroom house caused us both to shiver. A smile came to my lips as I thought about ‘our paradise.’ This house was where we escaped to every chance we could. Hawaii was the place where we realized our love for each other, the place where we first made love, definitely ‘our paradise.’
“Me too! Let’s never leave!â€￾ I looked up at him with a smile knowing that it could never happen.
“Well, how about the next best thing?â€￾
“What’s that? Hiding out here, making love day and night. Until someone finds us?â€￾ Lance and I both chuckled.
“I like the making love part,â€￾ he pinched my side and continued “but what would you say if I bought the house?â€￾ I lifted myself and straddled him.
“Happy Birthday, Baby.â€￾

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
“That’s his flight.â€￾ Diane woke me from my thoughts.
“Skylar, Are you okay?â€￾ She asked as she placed her hand on my arm.
“I’m fine, just a little sleep deprived. Nothing a good week of sleep won’t cure.â€￾ I patted her arm for reassurance when we heard the flight announcement once again.
We both got up and began walking towards the gate where Lance’s flight was.
“I wish that you and Lance would slow down a little. Maybe take some time off and talk about marriage.â€￾ Diane was always gently trying to nudge us in the right direction. In her opinion, we had been together for 3 years now and it was time to marry.
“Marriage isn’t out of the question, just on the back burner...for now.â€￾
Diane decided it was time to drop the subject, thank goodness because I was running out of answers.
As we waited for the passengers to arrive my thoughts drifted back to our second anniversary.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
“This is beautiful;â€￾ I wrapped my arms around his waist as I stared into the transformed living room. Once again we were in Hawaii at ‘our place.’ But this time he had placed rose petals along the floor and up the stairs. The room was gently illuminated by what seemed like hundreds of candles.
Lance turned and brought me to him and placed a gentle kiss on my lips and whispered into my mouth
“I love you.â€￾
“I love you too.â€￾ I put my arms around his neck as he lifted me up and brought me over to the couch, never breaking the kiss. As he set me down he pulled away, leaving me surprised. Until I noticed what he was doing.
On his knee, he said the words that every woman longs to hear. With such love and devotion, he spoke words that are forever etched into my mind.

“Skylar, I knew since the moment I met you that there was something about you. Something that I needed in my life. You have brought a happiness to my life that I didn’t think was possible. The day we pledged our love for each other was the happiest day of my life. I knew that I had found the person who completed me, my soul mate. I cherish you and I promise that I always will. I look forward to the day that we can always be together...The day you’ll be my wife. I love you.
Will you marry me?â€￾
Unable to hold the tears back any longer he reached up and gently wiped them and placed a kiss on the tip of my nose.
“Yesâ€￾ He grabbed my hand and placed the ring upon my finger, I never took my eyes off of his and noticed that he was also crying.

“There he isâ€￾ Diane left me to wake from the daze I had been in to run to her son. It had been months since she had seen him; I could only imagine how terrible it would be to be away from your son for so long.
Lance was very casual, wearing a green t-shirt and a pair of loose fitting jeans. He looked amazing, as usual. As he hugged his mother his eyes never left mine. As she let him loose and gave him a quick once over she stepped out of his way so we could see each other. We quickly closed the distance between us and brought each other into an embrace, one that I wished would never end.
Lance was the first to speak as the tears ran down my face “I missed you so much.â€￾
“I love you, â€￾ was all I could say through the tears.
“I love you too, Sugar.â€￾ He smiled and I noticed the tears in his eyes as well. The moment would have been perfect if the camera flashes had not begun. Before I knew it Lonnie had Lance and I by the arms and had led us into a staff only door.
“Sit still, I gotta go get Momma Bass.â€￾ Lonnie rushed through the door while security rushed in and guided us to another doorway that led to an elevator. The elevator took us to the parking garage where we waited for Diane with the three security officers.
Two young girls walked by and stared until one of them gathered enough courage to ask
“Are you Lance and Skylar?â€￾
The security guards immediately jumped in a tried to push them along when Lance grabbed one and said “it’s all right.â€￾ He let the man go and grabbed my hand.
“Yes, we are.â€￾ The girls began fumbling through their purses looking for paper.
“I don’t have a pen.â€￾
“That’s ok, I must have one.â€￾ I searched through my bag as the girls began making small talk.
“You guys really are together.â€￾ The other girl slapped her arm in frustration as she rolled her eyes.
“Of course they are, they’re the perfect couple.â€￾ Lance and I smiled at each other as I pulled a pen out.
“Here we go.â€￾ The girls handed me a notepad as I scribbled my usual note. I wrote it on two different pages and handed the notepad over to Lance. He also jotted down his usual when we saw Lonnie and Diane.
“Well girls, it was nice to meet you but we really need to get going.â€￾ Lance grabbed my hand again and we began walking away.
“Can we just get a picture...please!â€￾ Both girls chimed in.
“A quick one.â€￾ I looked at Lance and he followed me back to the girls.
After a quick picture and hug we made our way to Lonnie and Diane who was visibly shaken by the ordeal.
Once in the car she immediately turned to Lonnie who was in the front seat and asked
“Is it always like that?â€￾
“Yes Mrs. Bass, it usually is.â€￾ Lonnie looked at her sympathetically and then looked back at us.
“Don’t worry mom, Lonnie always looks out for us.â€￾ Lance winked at Lonnie.
“He’s right, I’m always there for Lance and Tommy’s always there for Skylar.â€￾ He looked back at us relieved.
Sensing that she was being ganged up on she decided to make one more comment before dropping the subject.
“Lance, I mentioned to Skylar that I think you two should take a break and focus on some marriage plans.â€￾
Lance and Lonnie immediately turned to look at me. I gave Lance a reassuring pat and changed the topic.
“So what plans do you have for our visit, Diane?â€￾
Diane began telling us about the dinner plans that she had for the holidays. She had made arrangements for the entire family to attend Christmas dinner and most of Lance’s friends to join us. It would definitely be a holiday to remember.
Lance leaned toward me and whispered into my ear “this is going to be a crazy Christmas.â€￾
I nodded my head and thought to myself ‘It certainly is.’
I cuddled into Lance and closed my eyes hoping that I could get a little sleep.

And just to reel you in a little...

For This Moment: Chapter 3

“Where were you?â€￾ I stomped up to him challenging him to lie.
“I was with the guys.â€￾
“I know you were with her. Can’t you see what she’s doing?â€￾ I couldn’t believe that he could be so blind. Lauren was always butting into our lives. I was not being paranoid. A woman knows when another is trying to move in on her man and she was definitely moving in. Our relationship was almost perfect, except when it came to her.
“Baby we just met for coffee.â€￾
“Then why lie?â€￾
“Because I know how you’ll react. You lose it when it comes to Lauren.â€￾ He began walking away and I quickly followed him. This was how it was whenever Lauren was in the same town we were.
“Do you blame me? She is always all over you, it’s sickening.â€￾ Lance stopped and turned to me.
“Baby your overreacting.â€￾ He simply stated.
“I am not! Everyone sees it except you. Justin and Kristen see it! So does Josh, Joey and Chris. Why are you so blind when it comes to her?â€￾
“I’m leaving; we’ll talk when you have a chance to calm down.â€￾ That’s when he kissed me on the forehead and left. Just like that.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
“Baby, we’re here.â€￾ I felt a gentle nudge.
“Skylar, wake up. We’re here.â€￾ The nudge became a gentle kiss.
I opened my eyes and tried to remember where I was.
‘I can’t believe I dreamt of that.’ I haven’t thought of Lauren in ages. Must be because we’re here. I quickly put her out of my mind realizing that I was probably just overreacting.
“You all right sugar?â€￾
“Yeah, weird dream.â€￾ Lance nodded and looked to see Diane and Lonnie walking up the driveway and away from us.
I felt Lance place his hand on my thigh, slowly creeping his hand up.
“Just what do you think your doing Mr. Bass?â€￾ I gave him a smile as he continued.
“I’m finally alone with you and I apologize but I’m finding it difficult to take my hands off of you.â€￾
“No need to apologize just don’t get us caught.â€￾ I giggled and placed a few kisses on his neck as he attacked mine.
“Skylar, Kristen is on the phone.â€￾ Diane’s voice was enough to shock both of us into reality. After the giggles subsided I called out “I’m on my way.â€￾ I turned to Lance and slapped him on the arm.
“See, you are going to get us caught.â€￾ I opened the door and started to get out when he pulled me back in by my belt loop.
“Get back here.â€￾ Lance chuckled as I fell back onto the seat. Before I could react his lips crashed onto mine, leaving me completely lost in the moment.
Lance broke the kiss and whispered into my mouth “Mama will kill me if I don’t let you get in there.â€￾
“Now you’re worried! Maybe I should take my sweet time.â€￾ I slowly made my way out of the car. As I walked around to meet Lance I increased the sway in my walk.
“Smartass.â€￾ Lance ran up to me and slapped my ass and continued running towards the house.
“Chicken,â€￾ I took off after him and jumped onto his back as we went in.
“Lance would you leave the poor girl alone.â€￾ I jumped off of him and slapped his ass.
“Yeah Lance, how about some room to breathe.â€￾ I laughed as I ran to the phone knowing that Lance was close behind.
“Lance Bass! Give the girl a break.â€￾ Diane was once again coming to my rescue.
I laughed when he turned in my direction and waved his index finger at me. Knowing he couldn’t retaliate, I stuck my tongue out at him.
“Mama, did you see that?â€￾ Lance walked towards his mother in the kitchen.
“Hello,â€￾ I giggled into the phone knowing that it was only Kristen.
“Well, it’s about time.â€￾ Kristen and I had become good friends over the last year. When she and Justin began dating we instantly clicked. We spent a lot of time together when the guys were out of town; she has even flown out to see me while I was away on a shoot.
We met Kristen two years ago when she opened up for Nsync and after her career skyrocketed we lost contact with her until she and Justin ran into each other again and they have been inseparable ever since.
“Lance was bugging me, sorry. What’s up?â€￾
“I was just calling to say that we could make it tonight.â€￾ We were hoping that they would be able to visit for a few days before heading to Justin’s for the holidays.
“That’s great, when will you arrive?â€￾
“The flight lands at 7:25.â€￾
“Great, we’ll see you then.â€￾
“Have fun!â€￾
“I will. See you soon.â€￾ I hung up the phone and went to tell Lance, feeling a little better about being home this time. Things always seem to go wrong when we’re here, but with Justin and Kristen here maybe things would be okay this time.

Alrighty...there you have it!
What do you think??
Your turn,
Tasha and Chex

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I like it. My mom was reading it from behind me and she said that thinks it's good too.

They are such a cute couple.

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My mom was reading it from behind me and she said that thinks it's good too.

<span style='color:purple'>Um..hi mom :wave: thanks :unsure:



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She didn't read the whole thing. Just a little bit. Great. Now I wonder if I should've said that.

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<span style='color:purple'>I'm just teasing!! I really meant...HI MOM :wave:
I'm glad she likes it!!!
</span> :lol:

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Ya'll better enjoy the constant updates while you can, because I will be posting The Ties That bind, :lol: :ph34r: :chatter:

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:yay: a Lance story!

I love the justin fanfic and all but the boys been annoying me
sadly I keep reading news about him cuz i miss nsync :lonely:
so im happy to see another nsyncer in a story :yay: :lol:

I like it!!! and Lance is such a sweetie and they make a cute couple
and I really like how she acts towards her fame

post more soon!!

thx tash and chex for postin it!!!

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<span style='color:purple'>Posting another chapter cause I need another Chex fix...hint hint Chexie!!
Anway, feedback is a wonderful tool! This story is already written and I am a sucker for feedback so the more I get...the quicker I give you more!!!

For This Moment: Chapter 4

Lance and I decided that we should probably head to our place and get it ready for our guests. It had been months since we had been home and it was in need of a cleaning.
“Finally!.â€￾ Lance said as he opened the door.
“Home Sweet Home.â€￾ I was just as glad to finally be home.
“I was talking about being alone with you.â€￾ He snaked his arms around my waist and began placing kisses along my collarbone.
“Lance Bass, do I need to call your momma?â€￾ I gently pushed his face away as he pouted.
“Don’t give me that look...â€￾ The phone interrupted our discussion.
“Your lucky, don’t go away.â€￾ Lance went to grab the phone in the foyer as I brought in the rest of the bags.
Judging by the laughter and joking Lance was talking with one of his friends. I couldn’t help but overhear him say “No problem, I’ll be there in 15 minutes.â€￾ He then hung up and walked to where I was standing in the kitchen.
“Baby, that was Dev he needs me to go over and help him with the fence. I’ll be back in twenty minutes.â€￾
“Let’s go, but we have to pick up Justin and Kristen at 7, so we can’t be long,â€￾ I looked at my watch and noticed it was already five. “Damn, it’s already five o’clock.â€￾
“I’m just going to run over real quick then, I won’t be long.â€￾ He instantly noticed my questioning look and knew he would have to do better than that. Devin was Lauren’s brother and the kind of friend that always caused trouble. None of the other guys liked him because of his influence on Lance and because wherever Devin was Lauren was almost surely close by.
“I promise, that’ll give you time to grab a shower and get ready before we go. Maybe we’ll take Justin and Kris out for dinner.â€￾
“Boo, we just got home and we haven’t even had a moment alone yet,â€￾ I tugged at his t-shirt “Can’t you go over with Justin after dinner.â€￾ He grabbed my hands and gave me a quick peck.
“He needs help Skylar, I won’t be long.â€￾ He began walking away when my frustration over took me.
“Well, if ‘HE’ needs help you better run right over. Never mind that you haven’t seen your fiancee in a month.â€￾ he turned and walked back.
“Oh, now don’t be that way.â€￾ he grabbed me into his arms as I pushed him away.
“Exactly what way would that be?â€￾ I put my hands on my hips waiting for a response.
“Baby let’s not do this, I will be back in a half hour tops, promise. And when I get back here, watch out.â€￾ He flashed one of his killer smiles.
“Fine, half hour Lance Bass. Or I may not be here when you get back.â€￾
“Half hour.â€￾ He blew me a kiss as he headed out the door.
Standing here, alone I wondered ‘What am I doing here?’ This was the way it always was when we were home, why would this time be any different?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The traffic to the airport was ridiculous, it seemed as if everyone was going somewhere. I was so happy that Lonnie had agreed to come with me because the thought of making my way through this crowd alone was scary. I know that Justin and Kris would have Mike and John with them but until they got there I would be in trouble if I got noticed.
Fortunately, we managed to go through unnoticed. The flight arrived and I waited in the private room while Lonnie went to meet Justin and Kris. This time we immediately went down the back way and down the elevator to the car.
“Where’s Lance?â€￾ Kristen asked as soon as we all got settled into the car.
“He went to help Dev, for half an hour. At five o’clock.â€￾ Justin and Kristen both rolled their eyes.
“What a dick, what was so urgent that Dev needed him immediately?â€￾ Justin asked.
“The fence. I told him to go later with you but he needed to go right away. When Devin calls Lance runs.â€￾
“What a dick! Was Lauren going to be there?â€￾ asked Kristen, reading my mind.
“She usually is.â€￾ I shrugged.
“Well, to hell with him. I’m hungry.â€￾ Stated Justin.
“Where to?â€￾ I asked as the subject got changed. Lonnie, Mike and John decided they would let us have dinner alone this evening. They sat at the other end of the diner as we chatted. It had been along time since I saw Kristen and we had a lot of catching up to do. Unfortunately for Justin, most of that involved teasing him.
“Bass, I am so going to kill you when I see you.â€￾ Stated Justin as he threw his arms in the air in defeat. We giggled knowing how he hated to be around when ‘the girls’ talked.
“Why hasn’t he called yetâ€￾ asked Kristen.
“I have no idea. We argued before he left and I told him that if he wasn’t home in half an hour that I may not be there when he got back.â€￾
“You did? Good for you! Every time Dev and Lauren are around he turns into and idiot. You have put up with that long enough.â€￾
“I know, I am completely pissed.â€￾
“I think that Justin and I will stay at the Fairfield Inn tonight. That way you and Lance can figure things out when he gets home.â€￾
“I hate to say it but that might be a good idea.â€￾ I hated making our guests feel so uncomfortable. ‘I can’t believe Lance.’
“Okay girls, easy now, maybe Lance has an explanation.â€￾ We both looked at Justin and glared.
“OK, got it! Don’t defend Lance. sh**, he is dead.â€￾ Kris and I smiled as she put an arm on my shoulder.
“It’ll be ok, Sky.â€￾
“Thanks, come on, I’ll drive you to the Inn.â€￾
After settling the bill Justin ran up and put his arm around both of us. “We can ditch Bass anytime, if I get both of you.â€￾ We both threw our arms of our shoulders and laughed.
“Dream on Timberlake.â€￾
He could be a goof sometimes but along with Kristen, Joey, Josh and Chris he was one of my best friends and I needed them right now.

For This Moment: Chapter 5

“What the hell was that?â€￾ I jumped out of bed and grabbed the baseball bat from the hall closet. I slowly made my way down the stairs and wondered if I had turned the alarm on. I glanced at the clock in the kitchen, 4am. As I entered the foyer I noticed to figures in the darkness. I turned on the light and was horrified when I realized what it was.
“Baaaaby,â€￾ slurred Lance who was draped across Lauren’s shoulders.
“What the f***? It’s 4am.â€￾ I couldn’t believe he had enough nerve to have ‘her’ drive him home.
I turned and walked up the stairs. “To hell with you Lance Bass.â€￾ I called out to him as I reached the top and entered our bedroom.
I heard Lauren leave moments later and Lance try and stumble up the stairs.
“Skylar, where are you?â€￾ Lance sang as he rounded the corner and appeared in out doorway.
“f*** you Lance.â€￾ I calmly stated as I continued packing the suitcase.
“Don’t be that way, I love you.â€￾ I looked at him and I swear if I could have killed him and gotten away with it I would have. Lance tried taking a step but had to lean against the wall.
“Where are you going? Stay, we’ll talk about this.â€￾ I stomped over and stood directly in front of him.
“I WAS READY TO DISCUSS THIS TEN HOURS AGO.â€￾ I tried walking away as he grabbed my arm. I immediately turned around and slapped him.
“Go to hell, Lance! I am sick and tired of this bullsh** when we come home. Anywhere else you are perfect but when you get around Devin and Lauren you act like a child. What are we supposed to do? Never come back here? So you can mature. Why are you too Chickensh** to stand up to them?â€￾ As he released his grip I returned to my suitcase.
“Baby, we just lost track of time.â€￾
“Losing track of time is being half an hour late, not 12 hours.â€￾
“How long did it take to fix the fence?â€￾
“What?â€￾ He looked at me confused.
“f*** you.â€￾ I closed my suitcase and began walking to the door.
“You can phone Justin and Kristen at the Fairfield and explain why you weren’t there tonight. You can also explain why I left.â€￾ I stomped down the stairs and to the front door when I heard him call
I stopped dead in my tracks
“I have too.â€￾ I whispered to myself as the tears ran down my face I got into my car and drove off into the night. Not really sure where I was going just that I wasn’t staying here.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
“Hello,â€￾ A groggy Kristen answered the phone.
“Kris, I know it’s early but I had to call.â€￾ Kristen rubbed her eyes and looked at the clock, 6am.
“Sky, where are you?â€￾
“I left; I’m in the car.â€￾
“Where are you going? What happened?â€￾ Kristen nudged at Justin until he finally popped his head up. She then covered the phone and whispered “Skylar left him.â€￾ Justin sat up and went to get his cell to try and phone Lance.
“I’m not sure, just far away from him. He came home...with her Kris. 4am and he came home with her.â€￾
Kristen ran her fingers through her hair and asked “you need to slow down and tell me what happened, Sky. Pull over.â€￾
“He came home drunk as a skunk and was draped across Lauren’s shoulders. He said they lost track of time.â€￾
“Bastard.â€￾ Come over to the hotel, we can talk.â€￾
“I don’t want to talk right now; I’ll call you when I get where I’m going.â€￾
“Skylar, don’t hang up. Justin is going to go to Lance’s house; he’s not answering the phone.â€￾ Justin ran out the doorway and Kristen sighed.
“I don’t care Kris. I’ll call you later ok.â€￾
“All right, but please pull over. Take a nap, or call Tommy. He’ll meet you somewhere.â€￾
“Ok, I will. Bye.â€￾
“Bye, be careful.â€￾
Kristen slammed the phone down and went to get dressed.

Alrighty...your turn!
Chex and Tash

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Postby zozon3 » Wed Oct 08, 2003 11:57 pm

Lance is a DICKHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :stfu:

damn i wanna know more !
post more tash plz!!

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Postby checkers » Thu Oct 09, 2003 12:09 pm

It gets better trust me :)

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Postby zozon3 » Thu Oct 09, 2003 2:57 pm

It gets better trust me

<_< tease :lol:

tash im just gonna keep bumping this till you give me an update :rofl:

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Postby Angelpopstar7 » Thu Oct 09, 2003 6:13 pm

Whoa man!! I love this story! Lance is such an a$$!!! Dude I would of left him to! I'm glad that Skylar had enough guts to leave him after that! That boy needs to come to his senses!! More please!

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Postby tendertoes » Thu Oct 09, 2003 8:59 pm

<span style='color:purple'>We're so glad you like it!! I'm a little disappointed with the feedback. Although I thank our loyal readers... :hug:

For This Moment: Chapter 6

I ran around the new apartment jumping over the couch trying to find the phone amidst the boxes. Finally, I spotted it on the kitchen table “Hello,â€￾
“Sky,â€￾ I squealed when I realized who it was.
“Kris, I am so glad you called.â€￾ I squealed when I realized who it was, and then gently put the boxes on the floor so I could sit down.
“I got your email, you got an apartment? In New York?â€￾
“Yep, and it’s wonderful. When can you come down here.â€￾ I secretly hoped that she would come as soon as possible. I hadn’t talked to Lance since that night four months ago, even though he phoned at least twice a day until I changed my number. He tried to find me many times but I would always disappear before he got there. I couldn’t see him. I was still so hurt, he made a decision that night and now he had to live with it, so do I.
“I can come in a few days. How about the 26?â€￾
“That would be great phone me back with the flight info.â€￾
“Skylar, how are you really doing.â€￾ I could hear the concern in her voice.
“I’m fine, really. I’m just miss you and our talks.â€￾
“Me too, I’ll be there in a few days and we can really talk.â€￾ So much emphasis was put on ‘really talk’ that I wondered if this was the right decision.
“I am so ‘Gone’.â€￾
I smiled as she used ‘our’ little joke and waited for me to respond with my usual ‘Bye Bye Bye,’
“Bye Kris.â€￾
I hung up and made my way to the couch wondering how I was going to call Diane? How was I going to look Kristen in the eye and tell her I was fine? She would surely see right through me.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
“Do you think we can get married here?â€￾ Lance asked as we walked the beach hand in hand.
“Sure, I’d love to get married right here.â€￾ I planted my feet firmly in the sand and looked around. The view was amazing the water was breathtaking but more importantly we were at ‘our house.’ We named the house paradise and knew we wanted to stay forever. This was our place away from the rest of the world, our hideout.
“Right here, got it. When?â€￾ we continued walking.
“Tomorrow!â€￾ I smiled as he rolled his eyes.
“You know we can’t do that. What day is it today?â€￾
“The first of June, why? I looked at him and wondered what he was up to.
“Since we can’t do it tomorrow, how about the 2nd of June, next year?â€￾ He smiled as he saw my expression change to excitement.
“Baby, I would marry you right now if I could. But I’ll settle on setting a date.â€￾
“June 2nd, 2003?â€￾
“I’ll meet you here.â€￾ I smiled at his response.
“It’s a date, Mr Bass!â€￾
“Lance pulled me in for a kiss and asked “When should we tell my mother?â€￾
“I won’t be able to make it home with you until after Thanksgiving...Christmas?â€￾
“That’s perfect! At Christmas we’ll announce the date.â€￾
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The phone ringing woke me out of my daze.
“Hello,â€￾ I mumbled into the phone still half asleep.
“Hi, it’s Kayla. We’re going clubbing. Be there in half an hour.â€￾
“I don’t...â€￾ I was interrupted.
“Get ready. Wear something hot, your coming.â€￾ Saying that she hung up. Kayla was always trying to get me out to try and forget about Lance. Up until now I had done a good job of avoiding her, I guess I was going to have to go sooner or later. As promised she arrived with one of our friends Amy and we made our way to the cab waiting downstairs.
I chose to wear my black dress which is a good thing because where we went everyone was dressed up. We mingled with the celebrities until early morning. I spent a lot of time chatting with Nick Carter. Although I wasn’t a fan I did know a little about his music. Besides, I was just happy that I found someone to have a normal conversation with. Surprisingly enough, we have a lot in common. It was 3 am when I noticed that I couldn’t find Kayla anywhere. I groaned knowing that she probably left with someone.
“What’s the matter?â€￾ Nick asked as he noticed I was beginning to look a little upset.
“I can’t seem to find my ride. I’m going to go and...â€￾
“I can give you a lift.â€￾
“Do you mind?â€￾ I would much rather going with him than making small talk with a cabbie the whole way home!â€￾
“Of course not.â€￾ he handed me my wrap and we exited the club and got into his pick up truck. Not my usual mode of transportation but it worked for him.
“I’m really glad that we had a chance to meet.â€￾
“Me too, your a great guy Nick.â€￾
As we pulled up to my apartment building he got out and opened the door for me.
“I’ll walk you to the door, to make sure you get in safely.â€￾
“Thanks, that’s very sweet.â€￾
“Do you think I could see you again?â€￾ Asked Nick as we entered the building.
“Nick, I have to be honest with you. I’m sure you know that I am single but I’m still not ready for anything.â€￾ he has been so sweet he deserved the truth.
“How about a friend?â€￾
“A friend I could handle.â€￾ I smiled as I leaned forward and placed a kiss on his cheek. “Thank you.â€￾
“Just being a friend.â€￾ he winked “Can I call you sometime?â€￾
“Sure, anytime.â€￾ I handed him one of my business cards and turned “Goodnight, friend.â€￾
Nick looked down at the card and chuckled “Goodnight friend.â€￾

For This Moment: Chapter 7

“Damn phone.â€￾ I dragged myself out of bed. “Who the hell would phone at 8am?â€￾ Kristen was arriving today and I had hoped I would get a little more sleep.
“Hello.â€￾ I snapped into the phone. Wishing they would just go away.
“And when did we decide to date Nick Carter?â€￾ Kristen squealed into the phone.
"You shouldn't believe everything you read in the tabloids." I smiled and rolled back under the covers
“Get your ass out of that bed and tell me what happened."
"Nothing. He drove me home...that's it." I giggled knowing that the suspense was probably going to kill her.
"That's it? I thought you would have some decent gossip for me. Damn that man is fine.â€￾ I knew it.
“That’s it! He was very sweet. He asked to see me again.â€￾
"Well are you gonna do it, I mean see him again?"
“We went to the movies last friends. I explained the situation and he understands. He’s a great guy; believe it or not we have a lot in common.â€￾
"Lance is freaking out; he saw my copy of Star this morning and has been buggin ever since"
“I don’t give a sh** Kris.â€￾ I snapped.
"Do you really mean that Skylar, I mean since you left him, all he has done is bug the sh** out of Justin and I for information? Justin is about ready to kill him."
"And frankly so am I.â€￾
"Let's not get into this. Lance is the last thing I want to talk about. Please?"
Trying to cover the phone I heard Kristen say "Lance, if she wanted to talk to you, she would call you, now let me talk."
"Lance is there?" I felt my throat tighten
"Yes, and now he won't leave me alone. Do you want to talk to him?"
"Absolutely not." I felt my pulse quicken as the tears threatened to fall..
"Whoa girl, just asking, don't kill the messenger." Kristen defended.
“I’m not ready yet, Kris.â€￾
“ That’s when I heard the familiar voice “Skylar, please baby listen to me, I am so sorry."
“Lance?â€￾ I couldn’t believe that after all this time he was there. It was so much easier to avoid him.
"Yes, Skylar please listen to what I have to say before you hang up on me."
“Tell me why I should Lance? Do you really think that what you say matters anymore?" I felt the anger resurface once again.
"But if you would let me explain instead of hanging up on me all the time. I love you."
“You love me? Really? You made it quite apparent how much ‘you love’ me. Honestly Lance, I can’t handle that much love.â€￾
"But nothing happened, I swear, we just lost track of time."
"You left me all night long to help your so called friend. Is that love?
"Look, I got there, Devin handed me a beer and like I said we lost track of all time. Lauren just helped me home like a good friend."
“A good friend? Your kidding right? Joey, Justin, Josh and Chris are your good friends. Lauren is a lying manipulative b****. Bottom line Lance, I Love you very much. More than I probably should but I cannot and will not be treated like that when they are near. If you think I am overreacting, go ask your real friends, they'll tell you. Goodbye." I slammed the phone down as the tears flowed. ‘I hate him’ I screamed into the apartment.
The phone rang again “What.â€￾ I screamed into the phone.
"Skylar, I am so sorry. Lance grabbed my phone and then Justin grabbed me before I could stop him. They both know there are not enough places on this plane to hide when I am done talking to you"
Feeling defeated I replied “It’s okay, I know.â€￾
"Look, there not coming with me to New York, I am hopping on a commercial airline in Chicago, Justin wants to come to make sure you are ok, but I won't let him this time."
"Good because I don't think I could handle seeing him right now or any of them.â€￾
"My plane should arrive around 1 pm are you gonna meet me at the airport, we can go to the spa.â€￾
"I'll be there. Tommy is going to pick me up at 11:30. The spa sounds good, I'll set it up."
"Cool, look I am gonna let you go, I have some unfinished business to attend to with two of pop's princes. I will see you later today, are you gonna be alright until I get there?â€￾
“I’ll be fine. See you soon.â€￾ I lied.
"I am so *Gone*"
"Bye Kris."
Kris sighed wishing she could help her friend
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Kristen almost threw her phone across the plane.
"Where is he?" she asked very calmly, though the guys could see she was anything but calm.
"UM, baby, don't you think you should take the time to cool off before you find Lance."
“Not a chance. What I have to say to that boy will not wait. I have held my breath long enough."
Justin knew better than to get in the way and obediently Josh pointed to the bathroom.
Kristen knocked on the door "Lance can I come in please." She said sweetly if not more sarcastically and just pushed her way into the bathroom, locking the door behind her.
"We are gonna have a little talk, my friend. You are hurting another friend of mine real bad, and you should know by now, that that just does not fly with me."
The guys, not wanting to miss a thing, huddled around the bathroom door.
"Kristen, I really don't want to talk about this right now..." Lance began, but she interrupted him before he could finish.
“But you definitely take my phone and talk to Skylar about it."
Lance gave her a pleading look, one that worked on most women, but not Kristen. "Lance, do you know you about killed her when you did what you did. If you were Justin and I was her, you would be hurting let me tell you. Why is all I have to ask."
“I lost track of time. We got to talking and before I knew it was 7:30. I knew I was dead and next thing I know Lauren is in the doorway while Skylar is freaking out."
"You were drunk is what you mean, and don't give that look. This isn’t the first time."Lance glared at Kristen while she continued "Did you think that Skylar wouldn't freak out? You left her alone for15 hours while you were with Devin and Miss slut.â€￾
“I wish everyone would lay off of Devin and Lauren. I’m a grown man, I stayed because I wanted to.â€￾ Lance argued.
“Then I guess you really don't love her. Because when you love someone, you just don't do that sh**."
"Kris, you know I love her. More than anything." Lance stared at Kristen as the tears began to flow. "What am I going to do?"
"To tell you the truth Lance, I don't know if she will ever forgive you. I know you told me to lay off Devin and Lauren, but they are a thorn in your love. I can't tell you too choose, because I know how hard making friends in this business is. True friends that is, but you have to see it from her side as well."
"How do I fix this?" Lance pleaded “Will you help me?â€￾
Kristen scratched her head. "Let me talk to her. And for Heaven sakes, don't call or ‘Drop by’ until I get a chance to see how she really feels."
“Okay.â€￾ Feeling a little relieved Lance opened the bathroom door thinking that maybe things would be ok. As he opened the door the four men fell to the ground and in unison they asked “How can we help?â€￾

For This Moment: Chapter 8

"Damn I hate long flights" Kristen said as she gave me a hello hug.
“It’s so good to see you. You look great.â€￾ I looked over at my best friend and smiled.
"Your just humouring me, you look great." she joked.
“Your right, I look great! Just loose the bags under my eyes and I could be a model.â€￾ I laughed as we walked hand in hand to pick up her luggage with Tommy trailing behind.
“A day at the spa will fix that up real quick. I just wish it could cure what Justin made me do last night."
I tried to contain my laughter as she continued "that man thinks I can move like he does, I think not." We both burst into laughter as people began to look.
“Easy Kris, some of us aren’t getting any.â€￾ Tommy hurried us along while we continued giggling the entire way.
"After what he did to me last night, you can have him."
"No thanks; I'm not that hard up yet. No offence."
"None taken, did you set us up for a day of being spoiled?"
“Of course, I had to call in a few favours but it's all set.â€￾
"Great, I need this day to relax and hang out with my best friend.â€￾ She put her arm around me and continued “Because this best friend has a huge favour to ask."
“Oh yeah?â€￾ I suspiciously replied.
The girl who was supposed to be in my next video got pregnant. So, I was wondering if a certain super model friend help out a "in the sh**" singer?" she continued before I had a chance to respond.
"I just don't want to have to go through any more agencies trying to find someone when I have you, who would almost certainly want help her best bud."
“Of course I‘ll help, when?â€￾
"The shoot is June 2 in LA, can you make it?"
I hesitated for a moment and decided that I’d rather be with Kris than all alone on that day.
“Sure, I’ll be there.â€￾
"YOU ARE MY HERO." Kris said grabbing he and hugging me hard.
“I won’t be when you see my fee.â€￾
"AH! I knew there was a catch. If I can't pay it, I will make tightwad Josh help, he is directing."
The smile disappeared from my face as I wondered if I could see him again.
Kris noticed the look on my face and said quickly, "Don't worry Skylar, Josh won't hound you about Lance, I promise."
“It’s alright, I can’t hide out forever.â€￾ I lied wishing I could. “Now come on, let’s get pampered and we’ll talk to the masseuse about healing your Justin problems.â€￾
"Nothing can cure what Justin does to me, but what the hell, it's worth a shot."
“Too much info! Stop, please.â€￾
Kristen laughed as we pulled up to the Spa "Lets go." she said practically pulling me out of the car and into the building.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Kristen’s visit was wonderful. I almost felt ‘normal’ again. I tried to keep Lance out of the discussion most of the time, talking about him was just too difficult. I missed him so much that I began questioning my decision to leave. ‘Could I live with how Lance was when he was around Devin and Lauren?’ ‘Was it fair for me to expect him to be different?’ I had no answers, the only thing I knew was that I missed him like crazy. I had done a pretty good job at avoiding him before we spoke but now I can’t get him out of my mind.
Before Kristen left we spoke to Josh about his plans for the video shoot and everything was confirmed for June 2nd. It was wonderful speaking with him, I hadn’t realized how much I missed all of them. They were my friends as mush as they were Lances’ so I decided that going to LA wouldn’t be that bad. I would get a chance to see everyone and if I happened to see Lance, it would be difficult but I would have to deal with it at some point.

Alright, feedback...please!
YOur turn,
Tasha and Chex


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Postby betty boop » Thu Oct 09, 2003 9:36 pm

Whew! Had a lot to catch up on. Good stuff there. I can't believe that Lance. He so deserved to get slapped.

More please!

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Postby zozon3 » Thu Oct 09, 2003 11:17 pm

"After what he did to me last night, you can have him."


hmmm Lance is still a stupid mofo and I give props to Skylar ( I really like that name btw :lol:) but im still hopin for a reunion

post more!
and you might not have the most readers for this story
but I am you guys' most devoted one :rofl:

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Postby checkers » Thu Oct 09, 2003 11:40 pm

zozon3 wrote:
"After what he did to me last night, you can have him."


hmmm Lance is still a stupid mofo and I give props to Skylar ( I really like that name btw :lol:) but im still hopin for a reunion

post more!
and you might not have the most readers for this story
but I am you guys' most devoted one :rofl:

Thanks, I chose it because my first female child will be named Aarika Skylar. It was the full name of a friend in JH.

And yes Zoe you are lol

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Postby Angelpopstar7 » Fri Oct 10, 2003 12:18 am

oh man id take justin any day! :nod: :lol: I :wub: this story...i have a feeling that she is gonna run into Lance when she is out in LA :unsure: I love the name Skylar too! I know a little girl named Skylar whose 3 and she is soo adorable!! More please! I'm a devoted reader and your devoted readers want more :lol:

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Postby checkers » Fri Oct 10, 2003 9:43 pm

Um Natasha :nervous: please.....PLEASE <span style='font-size:21pt;line-height:100%'>PLEASE</span>say you have TTTB the edited version. :nervous:

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Postby tendertoes » Fri Oct 10, 2003 10:10 pm

<span style='color:purple'>Chex...breathe...I have whatever we did...You'll have to go over it calm and I'll send!

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Postby zozon3 » Sat Oct 11, 2003 1:03 am

no update :lonely:


Thanks, I chose it because my first female child will be named Aarika Skylar

thats a really pretty name !

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Postby tendertoes » Tue Oct 14, 2003 10:04 am

<span style='color:purple'>OKay...I am back but Ihaven't had a chacne to write anything out for my other story so I figured I'd update the one that's already written!
Chex...I am so sorry I missed ya the other day *pouts*
Here ya go folks...

For This Moment: Chapter 9

â€￾Can you believe Joey got another tattoo?â€￾ Lance asked me as we walked along ‘our beach.’
“Are you a chicken Lance Bass?â€￾ I smiled and nudged at his shoulder.
“Of course not, I’m just surprised.â€￾
“Whatever!â€￾ I teased.
“What do you mean whatever? I am not chicken.â€￾ Lance tried to convince me.
“Prove it!â€￾ I challenged.
“Prove it? How?â€￾
“Let’s go and get tattoos.â€￾ Lance looked at me and raised his brow.
“You have got to be kidding me? How is it going to look when you walk down the runway, with a tattoo?â€￾
“Don’t blame me for your cop out, chicken!â€￾ I rolled my eyes and walked off.
Lance ran up to me and grabbed my waist, pulling me to the ground. As I snuggled into him and giggled he asked “ Are you serious?â€￾
“Sure, why not?â€￾
“Let’s go then.â€￾ Lance got up and helped me to my feet.
“Yeah? Really? Let’s go.â€￾ I dragged him behind me.
“But I’m telling Momma you made me.â€￾ I laughed knowing that she wouldn’t believe him anyway.
As we sat in the tattoo studio wondering what to have done a thought jumped into my head.
“How about Japanese symbols? That way no one will know what it means. Unless we tell them. The press won’t have any clue.â€￾
“That’s good. But what do we get?
“It would have to be vague,â€￾ I though about it as I checked through the artists books. “What about devotion?â€￾ I placed the symbol in front of Lance and smiled.
“Devotion,â€￾ he leaned in and kissed me “Perfect.â€￾
“It’s settled then.â€￾ I got up and went to the tattoo artist, who later introduced himself as Jason and told him our decision. We also had a brief talk about confidentiality and he agreed as long as he could say we were done there that he would not say what we got.
“You go first.â€￾ I pointed to Lance.
“Oh no, ladies first. This is your idea.â€￾ I got into the seat and grinned.
“Chickensh**!â€￾ I laughed as I watched the man prepare the instruments.
“So, Ankles?â€￾ I looked up at Lance before the artist began.
“Ankles. You okay?â€￾ He grinned.
“Peachy.â€￾ I looked at Jason and asked “can you just start...Please?â€￾ I squirmed in the seat praying he would just hurry the hell up.
“This is what it sounds like. You okay.â€￾
“Fine...GO!â€￾ I looked at Lance and wondered why in the hell I had such a stupid idea?
An hour later, we emerged...tattooed! We laughed the entire way home, stopping every few feet to admire each other’s artwork.
“I can’t believe we did that.â€￾ commented Lance
“Now you just have to explain it to your mother.â€￾
Lance sighed and said “I am so dead.â€￾
I nodded and laughed as he grabbed me and carried me into the house.
“You Miss Skylar are a troublemaker!â€￾
“But you love me.â€￾ I batted my eyelashes and gave him a pout.
“Lucky for you.â€￾
“Where are you taking me?â€￾ I tried to act surprised as he walked to the stairs.
“To bed.â€￾ Lance replied in his ‘deep voice,’ the one that makes me melt.
I giggled as I began kissing his neck “Well; it’s about time.â€￾

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“Final Boarding call for flight 629 to Los Angeles.â€￾ The announcement caused me to jump shocking Tommy.
“Are you all right Skylar?â€￾
“I’m just a little nervous; I’ll be fine.â€￾ Tommy grabbed my bags and handed our tickets to the flight attendant.
Once seated his worry for me resumed “Skylar, you don’t have to do this.â€￾
“It’s time. I miss my friends. The sooner I see him, the sooner I’ll realize that life will go on, without him.â€￾ I ran my fingers through my hair. Something I always do when I’m nervous.
“If you’re sure, then I’m with you. Just hit me if you want me to slap him around a little. Lonnie will understand.â€￾ I smiled at the man who I depended on so much. He had become one of my closest friends over the years. He put up with all my sh** and loved and supported me, unconditionally. He has been very worried about me the past few months, not wanting to leave me alone. So I definitely understood why he was so concerned with our trip to LA, knowing that in all likelihood we would run into Lance.

For This Moment: Chapter 10

As the plane landed I began to feel my body shake. “It’s going to be fine, Skylar. Just try to relax.â€￾
I smiled up at Tommy “I just have a bad feeling. It’s probably nothing. Let‘s go.â€￾
I let Tommy lead the way, though he kept turning to check on me. When we reached the terminal he let me go ahead as he stayed close behind.
“Skylar.â€￾ I turned towards Kristen’s voice, feeling relieved when I saw her that’s when I noticed Justin following behind her.
“Kris!â€￾ I wrapped my arms around her and sighed. Thankful that Lance hadn’t shown up.
Justin was next, he grabbed me and pulled me into a big bear hug, something I didn't suspect.
"How have you been girly?" He asked giving me a quick kiss on my cheek?â€￾
"I've been good and you?" I pushed myself away and smiled.
“I got one of the most beautiful women by my side and a good friend like you, I couldn't be better." he said grabbing my hands and holding them in his own
"Believe it or not, I've missed you Timberlake." I gently punched him as we began walking to get my luggage.
“Justin is riding on very little sleep, please forgive him, but I must say Sky, you are looking a lot better." Kristen said looking me up and down.
“Thanks, I think.â€￾ I raised my brow in question.
"Ok. what was that look for?"
"Just kidding. So, what's on the agenda?"
"Tonight we party, tomorrow, we get slapped around by Josh. I should have never let him direct, it has gone to his head.â€￾ explained Kristen.
"Oh boy, a popstar with an ego...yikes. We are definitely in trouble.â€￾ I snapped and looked at Justin.
"Also there is a small party after the video shoot that we have to attend, it's not much, but well you know."
I nodded and asked "Well before we party how about we grab a bite to eat?"
"Sounds good to me, Justin your turn to pick."
"Taco Bell." He said with a huge smile on his face.
"Taco Bell?" I looked at Kristen who rolled her eyes.
"Where's Josh when you need him?" I asked knowing that he would have chosen a place that was a little more suitable.
"And if he starts throwing packets of hot sauce at people again, I get to shoot him." Kris whispered to me as we got into the car.
Laughing I replied "Only if I can hit him before you shoot.â€￾
"Deal." Kristen nodded in agreement.
Justin looked at us and asked "What's your beef with the Bell?"
"You and those little packets of hot sauce, I still haven’t got that stain out of my jeans.â€￾ She looked over at me and continued “He actually put one of those things on my seat when I got up to go to the bathroom, and when I sat down, well you get the picture."
“Got it! No hot sauce for JuJu.â€￾ We tried to contain our laughter as Tommy looked back at me and winked.
I smiled knowing exactly what he was thinking, ‘It was good to be back!’

For This Moment: Chapter 11

I walked into the arena a little excited and really nervous. I hadn’t done anything like this before, I was a model not an actress. Granted, it was just a video but still. Now put me in heels in front of a few hundred people and I can wow them all but put me in front of a camera and well, I’m not sure.
Kristen has repeatedly assured me that if she could do it so could I but the lump in my throat told me otherwise. I’m sure that most of it had to with Lance and seeing everyone again.
Josh spotted us immediately and ran over.
“Skylar,â€￾ he pulled me into a hug and kissed my cheek “you look wonderful.â€￾
Still hugging me tightly I giggled “Joshie, your going to squish me.â€￾
“Wimp!â€￾ He pulled away and smiled “I really missed you.â€￾
“I missed you too. Come here.â€￾ I gave him another hug as he picked me up and spun me around.
“You’re staying with me right?â€￾ He looked at me with those damn puppy dog eyes, the ones that drive millions of girls and women crazy.
I began “I never really thought about...â€￾
“Then it’s settled your staying with me.â€￾ I looked over at Justin and Kris, defeated and shrugged. They smiled as we all realized that so far so good. Things were almost normal again!
That’s when Joey and Chris came bouncing in singing the familiar Eminem song Without me “Guess who's back, Guess who's back, Guess who's back, Guess who's back...â€￾
This caused us all to turn and laugh knowing exactly who it was.
I met the boys and brought them both into a hug “I missed you, you bunch of losers.â€￾
“Who? Us? Chris pulled me away from Joey and yelled “Quit hogging her, manâ€￾
Joey pulled me back and replied “I just got her.â€￾ I laughed hysterically the entire time while they argued.
“Fine, I’m getting Kristen then.â€￾ He marched over to Kristen as she hid behind Justin, who had his fists out in defense.
"You know I can kiss your ass Chris, don't even get me started, I have a good 11 years on you." Justin said coming to Kristen’s rescue.
Laughing Chris replied “Ok, tough guy.â€￾
He backed up and went for Josh when he quickly scooted behind Justin “Wait your turn Chris, he’s almost done.â€￾
Now things were definitely almost normal.
When Joey finally released me he immediately asked "We goin' clubbin'?"
That‘s when Kristen stood up for us "you freaks want to come with us tonight? Damn I was planning on leaving Justin with one of you so Skylar and me could get some."
Justin quickly put that thought to rest “The only ‘SOME’ you’ll be getting is from me. Understand?â€￾ He pulled her into a hug and held her tightly.
“Yuck, get a room.â€￾ Replied Chris.
"Jealous Chris? You wish you could find a woman as fine as mine." Justin said kissing Kris on the nose. Just when I thought Kristen would hit him; she pulled him into a deeper kiss right in front of us.
Joey was the first to comment “now, that’s just wrong...plain old wrong!â€￾ He rolled his eyes and motioned for us to leave. By the time the lovebirds came up for air they realized that they were alone.
“Was it something we said?â€￾ Justin asked giving Kristen his evil grin.
She slapped him on the shoulder “Let’s go find them,â€￾ she then slapped his ass “STUD.â€￾
The couple went running out of the building to find us.
"So, do we have to put Joey on a leash if he comes with us?" Kris said when they caught up.
Without looking back Joey replied "Only if we can stop and get you guys a room. Besides, tonight is a celebration...our honey is finally home."
He put his arm around my shoulder and I rested my head.
Now, I love that they missed me so much and I missed them crazy but Joey's line 'Finally home." didn't sit well with me. L.A. was my home, my home with Lance and right now it didn't feel that way. I was just a visitor, my home was New York.
The drive to Justin’s so we could get ready was pretty quick. Unfortunately, getting us both ready wasn’t so quick.
Kristen came out of the bathroom wearing her favorite jeans and a baby doll tee, she had once told me that she didn't bother getting dressed up anymore for clubbing. She said it was because he didn't care if she wore bright flashy clothes because she looked perfect to him when she was in sweatpants. Thinking of that made me miss Lance, he used to tell me the same thing in the morning when my hair was a mess and I was in my baggy p j' s.
Although I hate to admit it, I miss him...especially when I’m so close.

For This Moment: Chapter 12

After a quick stop at Josh’s place we were heading to Xpressions, the newest and hottest club in L.A. Josh and I ran in the house and while he changed I threw my stuff into the spare bedroom beside his. Once back in the car, sandwiched between Joey and Josh I was thankful that I opted for casual tonight! After much deliberation, I decided on a pair of Versace low waist flare jeans and my Prada sleeveless v-neck shirt in blue. Not as casual as I’d like, I unfortunately still have to maintain my image. I would have preferred a pair of Gap jeans and a tee, but seeing as you never know when your next job offer may be, I went for style.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“LANCE! STOP! STOP! NO!â€￾ I fell to the floor and tried to bring myself to my feet and head up the stairs.
“YOU WON’T GET AWAY THAT EASY.â€￾ He yelled back trying to grab my ankles.
“LANCE! THAT IS ENOUGH!â€￾ I tried to sound demanding and even a little in control as I put my hands on my hips “You are not being funny.â€￾
Just then he lunged forward, fortunately I moved before he had a chance to catch me.
Lying on the floor he looked up as I smiled down to him “Sugar, if I catch you...your going for a swim.â€￾
I laughed and dodged his hands and continued up the stairs. As I ran into the bedroom, I immediately tried to slam the door to lock it when I was stopped. Lance had caught up and was pushing his way in. Defeated, I ran to the other side of the bed and stared trying to contain my laughter as I looked at him.
“Go ahead, laugh. You’re going for a swim.â€￾ Lance ran his hands through his hair and smiled as he licked his fingers.
“That was just mean, Skylar.â€￾ He inched towards me and I stepped back, unable to control my laughter any longer. Lance was completely covered in chocolate syrup. Previously, we were downstairs making sundaes when Lance thought it would be funny to tickle me. He knows I hate being tickled and continued. Initially, I begged and after the begging didn’t work I grabbed the closest thing I could. The chocolate syrup. I squeezed all over his head and ran like hell, knowing I would get it when I was caught.
Once I found myself cornered against the nightstand I knew it was time to turn on the charm “Come on Lance, you were torturing me.â€￾ I used my puppy dog eyes and went as far as to use the pout to accompany my pleading voice. I slowly began walking closer and hesitantly brought my hand to his bare chest.
“Baby?â€￾ He looked down at me, taking in the sight of me in my yellow bikini. Seeing that look in his eyes, I thought that I might actually have a chance to escape so I gently dragged my fingers down to the waist of his bathing suit.
“I’m sorry. You know how much I hate being tickled.â€￾ I rested my index finger on the inside of his swim trunks, never looking away.
The next thing I knew his lips were on mine. The intensity caused me to wrap my arms around his neck for fear that I would fall. Deepening the kiss, Lance picked me up as I wrapped my legs around his waist while he began walking. Still lost in the kiss, I realized he was moving away from the bed.
Extremely disappointed, I broke the kiss “Baby, where are we going?â€￾
I looked at the bed and he smiled. “Swimming!â€￾
As I began squirming in his arms he tightened the grip. Realizing my fate, I gave in and began kissing his neck. Hoping that we could continue after my punishment.
As we reached the pool he stopped and asked “are you ready?â€￾ He had that evil grin that made me want to pinch his cheeks.
“Do I have a choice?â€￾ He shook his head.
“Okay. But I’m not going in alone.â€￾ He arched his brow as I tightened my legs around his waist.
“I can live with that.â€￾ As he said that, he jumped into the pool.
As we both surfaced, I wiped the water from my face and noticed the smile on Lance’s.
“You’re proud of yourself aren’t you?â€￾ I rolled my eyes when he nodded and swam over to me.
Nose to nose he seductively asked “Ready to go back upstairs?â€￾
I smiled and swam away “Not until you shower, Bass.â€￾
He groaned and pulled himself out of the pool.
As he walked towards the patio doors he turned “Your evil, Skylar,â€￾ he paused and smirked “You have five minutes to get upstairs.â€￾
I swam to the edge of the pool and hopped out. I’d better hurry then.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“What do you think Skylar?â€￾ I raised my head to see everyone looking at me.
“Sorry, I didn’t hear you.â€￾ Kristen smiled and nodded.
“Yeah. Right. Chris always mumbles.â€￾ She slapped him on the knee.
“Easy!â€￾ He looked over at me and asked the question once again “Were thinking of calling back-up, just in case.â€￾ I nodded, knowing what he meant.
We lovingly nicknamed the bodyguards, as back up and at this moment we needed them. We had just drove around the block that the club was on to see what kind of a scene we were going to walk into and we were all surprised. There were people everywhere. The line-up was all the way down the street, we definitely needed help.
“Definitely! I’ll call Tommy; he’s probably with the rest of the guys.â€￾
Sure enough, Tommy was with the other guys and they were all on their way down to rescue us. After a quick lecture about going out without him and waiting until the last minute we hung up.
“Fifteen minutes. We’re all in sh**.â€￾ I shrugged as the others moaned. Sometimes being famous was not all it’s cracked up to be.

Alright folks...your turn!
Tasha and Chex!


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Postby betty boop » Tue Oct 14, 2003 2:58 pm

That pool scene sounded like so much fun.

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Postby Angelpopstar7 » Tue Oct 14, 2003 4:24 pm

aww the poor girl!! :hug: Man the pool scene, ahh that sounded soo cute! i bet that it was hilarious to watch!!! ahh lol i need more!

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Postby zozon3 » Tue Oct 14, 2003 5:57 pm

the pool
sumthin shouldve gone down in there!! :rofl:

hell I wouldve atleast :lol:

the guys are so sweet here
and i love justin and kirstin as a couple!

lovin it!
post more :P

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ok i know that i am late but there are so many fics going right now that i wanted to find time to sit down and really read this one! and i am glad that i did b.c it is so damn good! the only that sucks is that i got to read hella chapters all at once and now i need more!!!!!!! please!

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Postby tendertoes » Wed Oct 15, 2003 1:26 pm

<span style='color:blue'>I'm in a blue mood today!!'s the deal...we are getting to the good part!
So...I will post one chapter and if you want more...well, you know how much Chex and I love begging *wink wink*

For This Moment: Chapter 13

“There is no way that I am standing in that line.â€￾ Chris motioned towards the line as we all groaned.
Our ‘back-up’ had finally arrived and we sat and tried to plan our next move.
“Baby?â€￾ Justin looked at Kristen “You and Skylar go and work your magic. We’re right behind you.â€￾ “What’s the matter, your boyish charm won’t work on the bouncer?â€￾ I laughed when I noticed the bouncer was a humongous mountain of a man, who didn’t look easily impressed.
“I’m just worried it will! Then I’ll have bigger problems.â€￾ The group erupted in laughter as Kris and I exited the car and made our way up to the front door with Tommy.
After a brief conversation, we motioned for the guys to hurry and we made our way into the club.
Once in the entrance of the club, waiting for the guys I turned to Kristen and screamed over the noise “Amateurs.â€￾
Kristen nodded in agreement as Justin came behind her and gently pulled her into him.
“Miss me?â€￾ She rolled her eyes at me and responded “Nope.â€￾ Feeling a little rejected, Justin backed up until Kristen turned and pulled him back in for a kiss.
The others came up and Chris snapped “Get a room.â€￾
They walked over to me and Josh grabbed my arm as we entered the club together.
Joey and Chris instantly went their separate ways with their bodyguard’s close behind. Josh shook his head when he realized that they were off “Looks, like it’s just you and me. V.I.P.?â€￾
“Sounds good,â€￾ we pushed our way through the crowd until we finally found the refuge of the V.I.P. room. It was a little less crowded and we were less likely to get hounded by fans.
After getting a drink and finally grabbing a place to sit, we saw Joey, Chris, Justin and Kristen enter looking for us. I waved them over, a little relieved that Lance wasn’t with them. It wasn’t often that the group was together and missing just one. Maybe tonight would be different.

After dancing for what seemed like forever Kristen and I made our way back up to the V.I.P. Lounge. We noticed the guys still sitting in the back booth and we both rolled our eyes.
“Who would have thought we would be here with the biggest bunch of losers?â€￾ I stated pointing to the guys.
“No kidding, you’d think they would have a little more spunk!â€￾ We both laughed until we realized they were watching us.
“We better get over there and harass them before they get worried.â€￾ I followed her to the table and sat down beside Joey.
“It’s about time.â€￾ Joey leaned into me and nudged “I thought you guys were never going to come back.â€￾
I raised my eyebrows and laughed at Kristen who had missed the last comment entirely.
“Kristen.â€￾ The look on her face was a little disturbing.
“Yeah, what?â€￾ She snapped and then leaned across the table towards me. “Skylar.â€￾
I met her halfway thinking it was some big secret. “What Kris, you’re freaking me out.â€￾
“Lance just walked in.â€￾ She sat back and studied my face for reaction.
I just sat there and stared at her, knowing that there was no possible way that I could speak.
“It’s okay Skylar; I’ll go and keep him busy.â€￾ I patted Joey’s leg and thanked him as he got up.
Josh moved and sat beside me knowing that I probably needed to be reminded to breathe at this point.
I really didn’t know what I was going to do at that point; my mind and heart were racing at break neck speeds.
“I’m okay.â€￾ I looked over at Josh and smiled. “Ready or not...â€￾
“It’ll be okay, I promise.â€￾ I nodded and hoped he was right. The last thing I wanted was a scene; I didn’t want to be all over the Enquirer tomorrow.
“Excuse me,â€￾ I motioned for Josh to let me out as he looked at me questioningly.
“I have to pee, move.â€￾ A little embarrassed he moved to let me out. Kristen who got my hint also excused herself and we made a dash to the restroom.
“Oh Kristen,â€￾ knowing exactly what I meant she pulled me into a hug.
“Screw him Skylar. You did nothing wrong, you shouldn’t be hiding out.â€￾
I nodded and she continued “you go out there with your head held high. If that doesn’t work, we kick the sh** out of him.â€￾
Everyone needed a best friend like Kristen, one who could deliver brutal honesty. I laughed and she took that as our cue, “besides, you’re a supermodel. Screw Lance Bass.â€￾
“Screw Lance Bass. Got it.â€￾ I repeated her one more time as we walked out of the restroom. As we were half way there, I stopped.
“What the hell?â€￾ Kristen ran into the back of me.
“Lookâ€￾ I pointed over and Kristen gasped “I can’t believe that a**hole had enough nerve to bring them here.â€￾
“Let’s go.â€￾ I grabbed her hand and dragged her towards the table. I was not scared anymore. I was pissed. And seeing Devon and Lauren reminded me how much.
“What are you up to?â€￾ asked Kristen, looking a little worried.
Turning around and walking backwards I smirked “I’m going to kill him with kindness.â€￾
I stopped only when I felt myself bump into something; still smiling I turned to see who or what it was.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
“Oh, I’m sorry.â€￾ I lied.
“Skylar, I didn’t know you were here.â€￾ He lied and put his hands in his jean pockets, something he did when he was nervous. I smiled as I watched him begin to trip over his words. “I, uh, you remember Devon and Lauren.â€￾
I glanced over to them and nodded “Of course, how could I forget?â€￾ I turned my attention back to Lance.
“You look great Skylar.â€￾ Small talk was not easy, especially with someone you have so much history with.
“Thanks. You too.â€￾ he softly replied.
Sensing the tension, Joey came to the rescue and put his arm around me. “Sorry to break the reunion up but Skylar promised me the next dance.â€￾
I shrugged and smiled “See ya.â€￾
As Joey and I walked away, giggling I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek “you’re my hero, thank you.â€￾
“Don’t thank me yet, I may kill you on the dance floor.â€￾ he sarcastically answered.
As we danced, Chris, Justin, Kristen ,Josh and even Lance joined us. Much to my surprise, he was alone. Devon and Lauren remained at the table sipping their drinks, far away from me. Having noticed this Kristen bumped into me and motioned into their direction and then Lance’s. I smiled and raised an eyebrow ‘It was about time.’
“That’s it for me, I need a break.â€￾ I pulled at my shirt to fan myself while the others laughed and continued dancing.
While waiting at the bar for my water, I became a little nervous when I noticed someone was standing right behind me. I looked over at Tommy and not being concerned he smiled. Knowing that it was all right I turned to find Lance.
“Hi,â€￾ once again his hands were in his pockets.
“You scared the hell out of me. I almost had Tommy come over.â€￾ I responded.
“Sorry, I just want to talk to you.â€￾
“What’s up?â€￾ We were both trying to make this easy but it wasn’t working out that way.
“Skylar, I don’t want it to be this way. You shouldn’t be uncomfortable with me.â€￾ He reached out placed his hand on top of mine, which was still resting on the bar.
“Lance, I just don’t know what to say to you.â€￾ I looked at his hand and he immediately moved it.
“What have you been up to?â€￾ He smiled.
I rolled my eyes and took the bait “Working off and on; I’ve been trying to spend some time relaxing. You?â€￾
“Freelance has been keeping me pretty busy.â€￾ He grabbed my drink and we headed over to the railing that sectioned off the V.I.P. section.
“Sky, I have to discuss something with you, it’s important.â€￾ I cringed, wondering what could be so important that he would have to discuss it now?
Seeing as I didn’t object he began “A few people have come to me with offers.â€￾
“Offers? What kind of offers?â€￾ I secretly wondered if I really wanted to know.
“For ‘Paradise’.â€￾ There it was. Reality and it had just slapped me in the face.
Feeling the sting I replied “Do what you want; it’s your place.â€￾ I began walking away when I felt his hand on my shoulder.
“Skylar, it’s our place. I just want to know what you think.â€￾ I turned and was shocked when I saw the tears in his eyes.
“Whatever you think is best. We need to get back to the table.â€￾ I walked off, suddenly feeling very ill.

So...what do you think?
Your turn,
Chex and Tash B)

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Postby Angelpopstar7 » Wed Oct 15, 2003 6:42 pm

I NEED MORE!! Don't sell the house! It's the only part of you two that you both share together! You both love each other, you just need to see it!!! Tash I hope that your day has gotten better for ya :hug: Tomorrow will be better :nod: MORE PLEASE

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Postby zozon3 » Wed Oct 15, 2003 10:13 pm

uch and I dont know what I want to happen
Lance still is a dick :lol:

post more tash!! plz?

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<span style='color:blue'>I hate to say this but...the feedback for the last chapter...SUCKS!
But...because we love and appreciate the two who did leave feedback...I'll send another chapter.
But this is the last chapters. If you want it...ask!!!

hee hee...can you tell I'm a freak?? :rolleyes:
Here ya go....
For This Moment: Chapter 14

The morning of the video shoot was chaotic to say the least. Fortunately, my scenes did not begin until a few hours after Kristen so I could grab some extra sleep. As soon as I entered the arena, which was the first location I was whisked off to wardrobe and make-up.
Choosing an outfit for the indoor scene was easy, Josh had his heart set on a short black sundress that accentuated my long legs. The outdoor scene was a little more difficult but after a lot of deliberation we decided on faded low rise jeans, a button down white shirt that was of course buttoned down and cowboy boots topped off with a cowboy hat.
As I finished with wardrobe and make-up I went to find Josh, only to have him yell into a mega phone “Skylar, director’s chair.â€￾
I stopped, cocked my head and muttered “Yes, boss.â€￾
“Oh hey baby, we’re almost ready for you.â€￾ He leaned in and kissed my cheek.
“Great, how’s it going so far?â€￾ I pulled a piece of lint off of his t-shirt and sat in the chair next to him. His eyes left the scene in front of him to see what I had done and then quickly returned “Ok, better if we could get those idiots out of here.â€￾ He motioned towards the left side of the arena and I began laughing. Justin, Joey, Chris and Lance were doing almost anything to get Kristen’s attention. At the moment, Chris was trying to get on Joey’s shoulders while Lance and Justin tried to help. Fortunately they were being quiet just acting like fools.
“Sky, can you go over there and kill them...please?â€￾
I jumped out of my chair “I’d love too.â€￾
I slowly walked over to the group of children who called themselves men and put my hands on my hips. Not noticing me they continued “do I have to place you guys in the daycare?â€￾
They all turned, finally quiet until they noticed that it was me.
“Skylar, what’s up?â€￾ Justin managed to get out as he tried to control his laughter.
Smiling I delivered my best speech as I also tried not to laugh “You guys, she is working very hard up there, cut her some slack.â€￾
I turned to Justin and continued “if you don’t stop she’s going to kick your ass.â€￾ Knowing I was right he nodded and sat.
Feeling as if I had gotten through to them I decided to return to Josh when Lance jumped in front of me “Sky,â€￾ he sang and walked backwards when I continued walking.
“We’re bored.â€￾ He flashed the puppy dog eyes.
“Leave then.â€￾ I snapped. Joey joined him and I knew they were up to no good.
“What? Grow up you guys.â€￾ I stated as I turned to the left and tried to run off.
Suspecting my move Lance intercepted and picked me up and ran back to the seats while I screamed in response.
I heard Josh yell “CUT.â€￾ And I knew we were dead. He walked over to us and Lance put me down. I looked over at the guys, shook my head and muttered “Thanks.â€￾
Given the disappointed look we were getting I suddenly felt like a 5-year-old who had gotten into her mother’s make-up.
“Easy Josh, we were just kidding around.â€￾ Justin defended.
“We are trying to work here, now shut it.â€￾
“Your gonna have a coronary, if you don’t learn to relax.â€￾ Stated Chris.
Now we all now that there is definitely a possibility of this happening, especially Josh, but this probably wasn’t the time to bring it up.
“Skylar, let’s go. You’re on in five.â€￾ I nodded and glared at the guys as they burst out laughing.
“Skylar?â€￾ the men called in unison.
“WHAT?â€￾ I snapped back and the four men sang “we missed you.â€￾
I rolled my eyes and smirked as I lifted my right hand and extended my middle finger which once again caused an eruption of laughter.
I caught up to Josh as he ran his fingers through his hair “This is going to be a long day.â€￾ I smiled knowing that he was right.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“CUTâ€￾ I instantly jumped out of my seat and ran to Kristen grabbing both of her hands.
“You were great; you look beautiful.â€￾ I was so excited for her, this was her dream and it was finally happening...on her own terms.
“I better be beautiful; I need a wheelchair from sitting on that Harley for so long.â€￾ We both laughed as Josh came up. “Good job Kris, you nailed it.â€￾ Just then Lance Joey, Chris and Justin joined us causing Josh to add “despite the interruptions.â€￾
Ignoring him Justin put his arms around Kris and lifted her, swinging her around “Baby you were wonderful!â€￾
Kristen replied by hitting him on the shoulder when he finally put her down “Timberlake, you’re an ASS!â€￾
We all laughed and she moved her glare to Joey, Lance and Chris “you’ll get yours...all of you.â€￾ The guys took the hint and remained quiet as she returned her attention to Justin “did you really like it?â€￾
“Are you kidding? You were amazing! I’m so proud of you.â€￾
Kristen put her face on his shoulder and rested “Thanks baby, I love you.â€￾
Justin lifted her chin and replied “I love you too.â€￾
We were all feeling extremely uncomfortable until Josh broke the silence by tapping my arm and asking “are you ready?â€￾
“I guess so.â€￾ I rubbed my hands together and smiled not really knowing what to do next.
Kristen pulled away from Justin long enough to try and comfort me. All she managed to say was “you’ll be great,â€￾ before he pulled her in for another kiss.
The others groaned and returned to their seats after they yelled “go get them Skylar.â€￾
Those guys are going to make me crazy, I’m sure of it! I had made the mistake of inviting them to one of the shows I was in and I was horrified. I obviously was the idiot because they were definitely not prepared to deal with The Victoria Secret Fashion Show. In their defense, they were well behaved throughout the show; it was the harassment I received afterwards that drove me over the edge.
Josh was very kind, he took my inexperience into consideration as he and Kristen guided me through. Before I knew it we had finished inside and were going to go to the outside location that was about half an hour away.
“Okay, let’s all hop in with Justin.â€￾ Chris replied as we prepared to go to the next location.
“No way man, Kristen and I are going alone.â€￾ He slapped him on the back and then winked as they walked off.
“Okay, I’ll take my car but I can only fit Josh and Joey. Lance you take your car with Skylar.â€￾
“What?â€￾ I immediately objected “there’s room for us.â€￾ I pointed to the SUV that he drove as everyone else piled in.
“I have to talk to these guys stuff.â€￾ He instantly got the look of deceit; he’s a terrible liar.
“Lance is in the group.â€￾ I stared at him challenging him to argue.
Obviously he was busted so Joey stepped in, knowing he was a better liar. “Skylar, we have a stop to make. Go with Lance.â€￾
Off the hook, Chris ran around and hopped in yelling “Have fun.â€￾
I shrugged knowing I wouldn’t win this one and walked ahead to Lance’s car. Noticing that he wasn’t behind me I called out “Keys?â€￾ He waved said good-bye and came over to the truck.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“Lance how long will it take us to get there?â€￾ I impatiently asked as we drove to his parents for the first time. I had spoken with Diane a few times and she knew all about Lance and I but I was still extremely nervous.
He placed a reassuring hand on my knee and smiled “It’ll be fine Sugar, trust me.â€￾ I looked at him wondering if he really thought that would
“You’re probably right, how long?â€￾ He wasn’t answering my question.
“About half an hour. They are so excited to meet you; at least you’ve already met Stacey and Ford.â€￾ I nodded and realized he wasn’t going to help.
“They’ll love you, just like I do.â€￾ I turned my head to see him looking at me.
I smiled “did you...?â€￾
He interrupted “Yes.â€￾
I wrapped my arms around him and whispered into his ear “I love you too baby.â€￾
He gently rubbed my face while he continued to drive. “Forever?â€￾
“Absolutely.â€￾ Was all I could mutter as I began kissing his neck...until he pulled over.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
“Well, do you want to drive through McDonald‘s?â€￾ Lance woke me from my thoughts.
“Oh, yeah sure.â€￾ I stretched my neck as we pulled into the parking lot.
“The usual.â€￾ He prided myself on the fact that he always knew what I wanted.
My reaction, not always.
“Of course.â€￾ I smiled at him and for once we had a nice moment. I just wonder if it will last.
After we got our meals we headed back on the highway “so, how’s your family?â€￾
“Not too bad. I keep them pretty busy.â€￾ He laughed; boy I love that sound.
“I’ll bet you do; your poor parents.â€￾ I gently slapped him on the leg and he looked over. I quickly turned and looked out the window, wishing we would hurry and get there.
“Momma misses you.â€￾ He calmly stated.
“I miss her too. I miss all of you.â€￾ Realizing what I had said I backtracked “I mean them.â€￾
At that point I wished that he could either drive us off a cliff or I could jump out.
Until he replied “we miss you too.â€￾ That’s all he said as he put the truck into park, got out and came and opened the door for me.
For once, I was speechless.

Okay...the ball is in your court... :P :lol:
Tasha and Chex
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ok first of all he cant sell the house! that is just crazy talk!!! secondly-its obvious that she still has MAJOR feelings for him-but i cant tell about lance- what is his deal with dev and lauren?

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Postby Angelpopstar7 » Thu Oct 16, 2003 3:01 pm

awww they are gettin along civilally!!! yay!!! That was funny when they picked Skylar up and she screamed and JC was like CUT! don't ask why it just cracked me up! :lol: more please!!!

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Postby zozon3 » Thu Oct 16, 2003 5:28 pm

Tash you cant threaten your most devoted fan with not posting anymore

I love the story! :yay:

but clear this up for me
Oh hey baby, we’re almost ready for you.â€￾ He leaned in and kissed my cheek

this was Josh saying this to Skylar? I got confused I read it like 3 times and I think ive got it right :lol:

aw I :wub: josh
ooh did ya update that yet
gonna go check lol!

great work chex and tash!
luvin it!

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<span style='color:blue'>Hey guys...sorry it has taken so long to's a biitch!
Anyway, we love you all!! hee hee

For This Moment: Chapter 15

“That’s a wrap!â€￾ We all cheered. It was now 9 pm and we were all starving, the plan was to grab a bite to eat and then head over to Justin and Kristen’s for the after party.
“Let’s go Cowgirl.â€￾ Chris put his arm around me and continued “you did great, you could be a model, or something.â€￾
I smirked “Great idea Chrissy; I’ll look into it.â€￾ We hopped into his truck, without objections this time and proceeded to go to Wendy’s. There had been a heated debate over McDonald’s and Wendy’s, so Chris and I decided to bail and go to Wendy’s leaving the rest of the group to go wherever they wanted.
As we pulled out of the parking lot and passed everyone walking to his or her cars we yelled out “We’re going to Wendy’s, meet you at J’s.â€￾ The group nodded and we were on our way.
I was not the least bit worried about going with Chris. He was never the type to push, just listen. I loved that about him. We made small talk and laughed the whole time. He could always make me smile and I needed that while my situation weighed so heavy on my mind.
I missed his craziness, though I’d never tell him that for fear it would go to his head.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After harassing the young girl working the drive-thru we headed off to Justin’s and Kristen’s arriving shortly after they had.
They were kissing in the kitchen as we walked in, which prompted Chris to react “for heaven’s sake! You have the whole damn house, not in the kitchen.â€￾ We both laughed as they pulled apart from each other only long enough to give us the finger and then resume.
“They told us.â€￾ I sarcastically stated and grabbed Chris and I a beer. I wasn’t a drinker, but in celebration I decided to have a few tonight. I needed to relax a little.
“You’re having a drink? Holy sh**.â€￾ I nodded and dragged him out of the kitchen so Justin and Kristen could continue.
As we made our way through the patio doors we heard everyone barrel in.
Trying to cause trouble Chris yelled “We’re in the back; stay out of the kitchen.â€￾
He smiled, knowing they would have to go in and peek.
“Mr. Kirkpatrick, you are a troublemaker.â€￾
Obviously proud of the statement I made he replied “Thank you, glad to finally receive credit.â€￾
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Feeling a little sleepy I decided that it was time to head back to Josh’s and get some sleep. After finally finding Josh and explaining my situation he offered to take me in half an hour. I agreed figuring it would take that long for me to find which room I threw my coat in when we arrived.
“Skylar?â€￾ I turned to kind Kristen standing behind me.
“Hey Kris, what’s up?â€￾ I leaned against the wall to steady myself.
“You all right? You look a little tipsy.â€￾ She smiled knowing that the few drinks that I had were definitely enough.
I slowly lifted my hand and measured an inch between my thumb and forefinger “A little, I’m getting my coat and Joshie is going to take me home.â€￾
Justin came up and nudged be from behind causing me to move into Kristen “Whoa, Skylar, that’s enough for you.â€￾
I nodded and smiled “Thanks for the advice J, much appreciated. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need my coat.â€￾
I slowly walked away and found my way to the stairs. ‘Wondering if I really needed a coat.’ I sighed and slowly began making my way up.
Kristen leaned into Justin “Go get Lance.â€￾
After finding Lance by the pool talking with Joey he nudged him and Lance turned “What’s up, J?â€￾
“Not much, can you go find Skylar?â€￾
Lance, a little confused by his question asked “yeah, why can’t you?â€￾
Justin caught off guard, pushed him and replied “Just go.â€￾
Lance turned and gave him a questioning look “Alright! I’m going.â€￾
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
‘Where the hell is she? I guess I’ll check upstairs’ Lance thought to himself as he proceeded up the stairs after checking he entire house.
As he reached the last stair he heard a sound in the spare bedroom and walked that way when he heard the familiar voice “f***, where is it?â€￾
Peeking in he asked “Skylar? What are you doing?â€￾
After jumping out of my skin I snapped “Trying to survive a coronary, you need to wear a bell.â€￾ I sat down on the bed, discourage because I hadn’t found my jacket, yet.
Laughing he replied “Sorry, I left it at home. What’s up?â€￾
Pouting I replied “I can’t find my jacket.â€￾
He sat down beside me and smiled “are you sure it’s here?â€￾
I nodded and looked up into his eyes “I think so.â€￾
As his eyes met mine I noticed something I hadn’t in a while, a gentleness that I missed terribly. Doing the only thing that I could at the time I leaned forward and kissed him. I immediately pulled away and tried to judge his face for a response...nothing.
Just when I decided I should leave he brought his hand to my face and gently caressed my cheek. As I leaned into his hand he read my mind saying “I miss you.â€￾
Completely lost into the moment, our lips met. Met with an urgency and a desire that I can’t remember ever feeling before.
He eased me down and moved closer as he began unbuttoning my shirt. Never breaking the kiss I trailed my fingertips down his back until I reached the hem of his shirt. Without hesitation I pulled it up as Lance brought it over his head. Straddled on top of me, I ran my hands down his sculpted chest until I reached the waist if his pants, then I pulled him down to me.
Once again our lips met as he continued working on my buttons. Deciding he needed help I undid the remainder as he placed kisses along my shoulder, freeing me from the fabric that was now in the way.
As our bodies reacquainted themselves Lance whispered into my mouth “I need you.â€￾
Feeling myself becoming more and more lost in the moment I found myself playing with the button of his jeans. Without argument, I unbuttoned and lowered the zipper freeing his now throbbing member. Taking it as a sign he proceeded to kiss down my torso, stopping when we heard a sound.
“What was that?â€￾ my mind suddenly cleared as I prayed we wouldn’t be found like that. We were always pretty daring but making out with my ex-boyfriend at my best friends place on every ones coat was not what I wanted to be caught doing. Judging by how quickly Lance buttoned and zipped his jeans I’d say he felt the same way.
“In here?â€￾ Josh asked Justin as he opened the door and hit the light switch.
Lance and I sat topless and in shock. As I grabbed my shirt to cover myself, Justin and Kristen followed Josh to the doorway.
“Whoa.â€￾ Shouted Justin as he stopped in his tracks.
Kristen being the only level headed one, saw me in my bra and hit both men “Let’s go.â€￾ The men, not turning away backed up until Kristen could close the door.
“Holy sh**.â€￾ was all we heard as the door closed.
Completely horrified, I quickly began putting my shirt on and fumbling with the buttons as Lance grabbed my hands and tried to hold them.
Without thinking, I ripped my hands from his grasp and opened the door running down the stairs until I found Josh.
“Take me home.â€￾ I demanded and headed for the door, sensing the urgency Josh ran to catch up.
“Skylar.â€￾ Lance came running down the stairs with his shirt in his hands until he reached Justin and Kristen.
“Where is she?â€￾ He searched the room frantically.
They pointed to the door but by the time he made it we were already in the car and driving off.
“f***â€￾ screamed Lance.
Kristen placed a hand on Lance’s shoulder but he didn’t move. “Lance, what happened?â€￾
As he began walking to his truck he quietly said “I f***ed it all up.â€￾

Your turn...
Tasha and Chex!

That was Josh and they are just close friends!!! Promise!

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Postby Angelpopstar7 » Sat Oct 18, 2003 9:25 pm

WHOA!!! I liked that update! :nod: lol Man Josh you had to open that door up!! Lance it wasn't your fault that he opened the's JC's so blame it on well Justin the trouble maker that he is probably sent him up there :lol: More please!!! I need to know what happens!!

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Postby zozon3 » Sun Oct 19, 2003 10:15 am

Lance and I sat topless and in shock. As I grabbed my shirt to cover myself, Justin and Kristen followed Josh to the doorway.


that was funny imagining that situation

:lol: i know theyre just friends
but a little josh obsessed right now so yeah :rofl:

lance idiot idiot!!

great chap tash and chex

update soon :P

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Postby AngelOfMusic » Mon Oct 20, 2003 4:58 pm

oh man oh man that sucks!! i so thought there was gonna be some sneaky nookie going on! but i think that would have been really bad since she was kinda drunk - so if they had do it i think she would have regretted it! poor lance thinks he messed it all up if he would get rid of those two nasty sidekicks everything would work itself out!!!!!

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Postby tendertoes » Mon Oct 20, 2003 6:41 pm

<span style='color:blue'>FEEDBACK...please :please:

For This Moment: Chapter 16

“Do you need anything? Tylenol? Water?â€￾ Asked Josh as I climbed under the covers.
“No thanks, if I need anything, I’ll come and jump on you.â€￾ I smiled and groaned as he leaned over and placed a kiss on my forehead.
Tired of beating around the bush he asked “So, are you going to tell me what happened?â€￾
“Nothing.â€￾ I lied, hoping he would just drop it.
“Do you still love him?â€￾
I sighed and looked at him.
My eyes giving him the answer, he said the words that I couldn‘t bear to “You still love him.â€￾
“I’m really tired Josh, can we do this another time?â€￾ I moved to lie down and pulled the blankets up.
“Skylar, what he did was wrong, I agree. But you can’t hold a grudge forever; you need to tell him how you feel.â€￾
“I need some time to think. As soon as I got off the damn plane, everything I ran from all these months came flooding back. I don’t know what I want.â€￾ I defended.
“You better decide, before it‘s too late.â€￾ He smiled and walked to the door.
I pulled the covers over my head and screamed “I NEED A VACATION!â€￾
Laughing he replied “A Hawaiian Vacation.â€￾
Having said that he winked and walked out of the room leaving me alone with my thoughts.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
[I]Running through the front door I began calling out to him “Lance, where are you?â€￾
A quick check in the kitchen, nothing my mind was racing ‘Where could he be’ I screamed again “Lanceâ€￾ I quickly took the few stairs to the garage and it was empty. Feeling extremely frustrated I ran to the top floor.
I looked in all the rooms on the top floor, except in our bedroom.
"Lance" I yelled flinging open the door to our room, where we had had so many memories. The room was bare, the bed had been stripped and any memento of us ever having been there was gone.
I sat down on the bed and began crying, it was as if our love had never happened. I jumped when I heard a noise down stairs.
"LANCE" I screamed as I ran down.
But it wasn’t Lance, the roof had begun to cave it. I barley made it out in time to see the house crumble where it stood.
Shocked, I fell to the ground and called for him again.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I sat up in bed, the sweat obvious as I ran my fingers through my hair. Josh barged into the room, turned on the light and ran to the bed “Baby are you all right?â€￾
Still visibly shaken I weakly replied “Oh Josh.â€￾ I buried my face into his neck as the tears began to flow.
“Skylar,â€￾ he pushed me away to look at my face and wipe the tears that were endlessly falling.
“Your scaring me, you were screaming for Lance.â€￾ I returned my face to his neck and continued to sob. Realizing that he wasn’t going to get it out of me he asked “do you want me to stay?â€￾
I nodded and he got settled in against the headboard. I cuddled in and after what seemed like hours I drifted off to sleep.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I woke to the crashing of the thunder and found myself still cuddled up to Josh. He was obviously exhausted seeing as he watched over me all night. Feeling worse than hell, I decided to sneak out and go make some coffee.
As I sat downstairs and sipped my coffee I wondered whether I should go back to New York or stay. My mind was racing as I thought of different ways to deal with things. All scenarios led back to one thing, something that I should have done months before. My idea would force me to deal with issues whether I wanted to or not.
After a quick shower and a note for Josh I ran out the door.

Having heard the front door slam Josh jumped up in bed “Skylar?â€￾
He looked over and saw a note that read:

[I]Joshie, (hee hee)
I can’t thank you enough!
I appreciate everything that you do
And I love you for it!
I’m off to finally deal with things
I now know exactly how
I’ll phone as soon as I can

Love ya,

Josh smiled and rolled over “it’s about damn time.â€￾

Alrighty, your turn!
Chex and Tash

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Postby zozon3 » Mon Oct 20, 2003 9:51 pm


finally get that boy!! :lol:

god chap guys!!

cant wait for the next one

aww I :wub: josh :lol:

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Postby AngelOfMusic » Tue Oct 21, 2003 11:22 am

you go get it girl!!!!!!! oh man i cant wait to see how she is gonna deal with those lil pests! if you need an asskicker you know that i am always available!!! :lol: more more more more!!

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Postby Angelpopstar7 » Tue Oct 21, 2003 8:40 pm

Awww another great chapter as always :clap: I'm happy that she is finially going after him...or at least I hope that she is!! I can't stand it!! i need more!!!! please!!!

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Postby tendertoes » Tue Oct 21, 2003 8:49 pm

<span style='color:blue'>Here's another chapter...almost finished here so this requires mega feedback!!!

For This Moment: Chapter 17

As I drove down the familiar street the memories came flooding back. Nothing was gonna stop me from what I had to do. What I had realized from my nightmare is that I need closure from the past, for my present and my future. If I were going to live without Lance, I would have to figure out what we were about.
I pulled into the driveway and remembered the times that Lance and I sat on the front porch just enjoying each other’s presence. I got out of my rental and walked up the front steps. As I put my hand on the door, I paused and wondered if I was ready to do this, realizing I had no choice I placed my key in the door.
Feeling a little unsure as snatches of my nightmare came to me, I almost started to call out his name as I had done in my dream but stopped myself. As I stepped into the front hallway, I felt as if something were missing. I walked around and reacquainted myself. It seems as if every piece of this house was a part of Lance and me....
The couch we picked, the dishes that he hated because he thought they were girlie. I giggled as I picked one up, traced the pattern and sighed. Life had sure changed since our last visit.
With my luggage in hand I paused as I reached the doorway to our bedroom. I set down my suitcase and just absorbed the room it hadn’t changed a bit, throughout all of the chaos the past few months it remained...untouched.
I walked to the dresser and began unpacking even though I wasn’t sure how long I would stay. Being here reminded me how much I loved it and as I thought about the conversation that Lance and I had about selling the tears began to flow. This place was our escape, our ‘paradise’ from the world and even though I was here alone it was still very much my home.
I slowly made my way downstairs and took in every sight, we had placed pictures everywhere. Pictures of us, our friend and families. I glanced at the pictures of Kristen, Justin, Joey, Josh, Lance and I. I stopped to pick up a picture of Chris and I before he threw me into the pool after I had gotten him with the garden hose. The smile that had formed quickly faded when I saw my favourite picture. It was taken our first Christmas together. Someone had been smart enough to take it for us and since the day we got it, it has remained our favorite. We were so happy, we had had our first argument the week before about where we would celebrate the holidays and after 2 days of dodging each other’s calls, we finally compromised. We spent Christmas Eve with my family and flew in Christmas day to have Christmas dinner with his family. It was extremely hectic but we loved every minute of it. That’s when I first realized how much I loved him. Normally I would not have been willing to compromise nor would he. We just always seemed to bring out the best in each other.
The growl of my stomach shook me from my thoughts and I decided to take a quick run to the grocery store for a few things. The cupboards were bare and I needed enough to survive the next few days. Fortunately, I managed to make the trip without anyone noticing me, which was a blessing. The whole world found out when Lance and I broke up and seeing as they knew that Lance and I shared this house if I had been noticed the rumors would have begun again.
Longing to go out on the beach, I decided on a quick sandwich that could be brought along. The evening was cool and crisp which made the air seem very clean and the peacefulness still amazes me. The sound of the waves kissing the shore was all that could be heard. My skirt danced with the gentle breeze that caused me to hug my sweater closer. I can’t remember how long I stood there, in silence as I moved my toes through the sand and enjoyed the quiet. My thoughts were of the past and who I was, the present and who I had become. I even ventured to think of my future, although I couldn’t imagine it being complete. I saw a pain, loneliness and sadness that I hadn’t before. As I thought back to just before the holidays, I realized that I had had everything I had ever wanted and now, it was gone.
I didn’t have him.
My thoughts drifted back to one of our last conversations here and a smile formed as I remembered that night
“Do you think we can get married here?â€￾ Lance asked as we walked the beach hand in hand.
“Sure, I’d love to get married right here.â€￾ I planted my feet firmly in the sand and looked around. The view was amazing, the water breathtaking but more importantly we were at ‘our house.’ We named the house paradise and knew we wanted to stay forever. This was our place away from the rest of the world, our hideout.
“Right here, got it. When?â€￾ we continued walking.
“Tomorrow!â€￾ I smiled as he rolled his eyes.
“You know we can’t do that. What day is it today?â€￾
“The first of June, why? I looked at him and wondered what he was up to.
“Since we can’t do it tomorrow, how about the 2nd of June, next year?â€￾ He smiled as he saw my expression change to excitement.
“Baby, I would marry you right now if I could. But I’ll settle on setting a date.â€￾
“June 2nd, 2003?â€￾ I asked.
“I’ll meet you here.â€￾
I smiled at his response. “It’s a date, Mr Bass!â€￾
Lance pulled me in for a kiss and asked “When should we tell my mother?â€￾
I went through my schedule “I won’t be able to make it home with you until after Thanksgiving...Christmas?â€￾
“That’s perfect! At Christmas we’ll announce the date.â€￾
“Perfect.â€￾ I smiled as we walked along the shoreline.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
As I walked back to the house, I thought about how different my life would have been had I not left. Lance and I would have been married right now. Probably on our honeymoon, seeing as today was the third of June.
Realizing that the phone was ringing I picked up the pace and ran through the patio doors to reach it in time “Hello.â€￾ I said breathlessly into the phone.
“May I speak with Mr. Bass please?â€￾ I wondered who would be phoning him here.
“I’m sorry but Mr. Bass isn’t here.â€￾ I hoped that I hadn’t just fed a reporter the next headline story.
“I see, Mr. Bass has given me a key so that my wife and I could have another look at the house. We were wondering if it would be possible to come by tomorrow afternoon.â€￾ I paused and tried to process what he had just told me.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name.â€￾ I delayed the words that I knew were going to come out of my mouth.
“Mr. Anderson.â€￾ he answered.
“Well Mr. Anderson, I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this but it has been decided that the house will not be sold after all. I apologize if this has caused an inconvenience, but I’m sure you can understand how we don’t want to part with it. I thank you for calling.â€￾ Feeling as if I had accomplished a great feat I smiled.
After a moment he replied “I’m sorry to hear that, if Mr. Bass changes his mind please have him call me.â€￾
I nodded “I will, goodbye.â€￾
I hung up the phone and suddenly felt extremely relieved. I looked at the clock and decided to turn in, I had a lot of decisions to make tomorrow.

YOur turn,
Chex and Tasha

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Postby Angelpopstar7 » Tue Oct 21, 2003 9:12 pm

Awww I'm soo happy that she told him that they weren't selling the house!!! :yay: Now Lance just needs to go down to Hawaii....for some reason I think that JC is gonna have something to do with that :lol: more please!!

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Postby AngelOfMusic » Wed Oct 22, 2003 10:19 am

way to take charge girl!! now that is mty kinda girl!! although i hope she remembers that he said that he had a key to the house! i cant wait to see what lance does!!!!!! more!

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Postby zozon3 » Wed Oct 22, 2003 2:24 pm

woo go skylar!!

cant wait to know what the ending is!!

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Postby tendertoes » Thu Oct 23, 2003 9:33 am

<span style='color:blue'>K folks, here it is!
The last chapter and epilogue!
Keep on the lookout for the next story...The Ties That Bind...TTTB! Chex will be posting that one because although we wrote alot of it together it is her baby as this was mine...hee hee!!
Anyway, I love Lance and Skylar and am quite sad it's done. Their lives will be updated as the stories progress!
For This Moment: Chapter 18

I smiled as the sun peeked through the curtains and illuminated the room and woke me up. Now had I been anywhere else, I would have brought the pillow up and hid out for the rest of the morning but being here was so invigorating. We were always up early, enjoying the day swimming, jet-skiing, walking, horseback riding or just hanging out. It seems there is always something exciting to do here. Something ‘normal’ which is something we always craved.
I hopped out of bed, opened the curtains and patio doors and was surprised at how good I felt. I took a deep breath and scanned the waterfront...heaven. I ran downstairs put some coffee on, the smell quickly filled the room and I thought about how heightened my senses seemed to be here. The slow pace really caused me to take notice of the everyday things that I usually take for granted because of the schedule that I had to deal with.
After a shower, I spent the better part of my morning sitting on the patio sipping my coffee and trying to decide what I should do first. I decided on a quick phone call to Kristen to touch base, I grabbed the cordless and returned to my chair.
As I was about to hang up I heard a groggy voice answer “what?â€￾
Smiling I replied “What the hell kind of hello is that?â€￾
“Skylar, one sec.â€￾ I heard her whisper to Justin ‘it’s Skylar.’
Then I heard Justin reply ‘call her back ’ I laughed and responded “Don’t you guys ever stop? Call me back I’m in ‘paradise.’ â€￾
“Where?â€￾ Her voice suddenly got louder.
“You heard me.â€￾ I rolled my eyes knowing that she would now worry.
“Why did you go there? Are you alone?â€￾ I could hear the hope in her voice and I smiled.
“I’m alone. I came to figure things out.â€￾ I quickly explained what had happened with Mr. Anderson last night and how I was feeling being back here. I let her go after I assured her that I didn’t need her to come down and keep me company.
I knew that this was something that I had to do alone.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Kristen just about jumped out of bed when the phone rang, Justin, who was next to her, mumbled something incoherent and turned over on his side. Kristen shook her head an answered the phone.
"Kris?" Lance had given up on Josh's help after begging him to tell where Skylar was, so out of desperation he decided to phone Kristen and hope for the best.
"Who else would it be? Is that you Lance?"
Shrugging off her comment he continued "Kris, I need your help."
"What's the matter Lance, you sound terrible?" Kristen automatically sat up straight in bed wide-awake.
“I'm looking for Skylar. Now before you jump down my throat, I just want to apologize to her for the other night. I don't want things to end like this."
"Lance, I'm not sure where she is. She called me this morning and said something about Paradise?"
"Bullsh** Kris, I know that you and Josh are trying to protect her but..." realizing what she said he stopped and let her finish.
"Don't take that tone with me Mister, I’m on your side now remember.â€￾
"Thanks Kris, Sorry, gotta go." Knowing exactly what she meant he ran to grab a bag dialling the airport on his cell.
Kristen just stared at the phone in her hand. "Those two are nuts." She mumbled putting down the phone and getting out of bed. She had a funny feeling something was gonna happen, and she decided she better be ready.â€￾
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
As I sat and watched the children playing in the water my mind began to wander. It seemed impossible to make any kind of decision with so many thoughts. Feeling overwhelmed I remembered the journal that Lance and I had of our memories here and got up and ran to the desk.
As I sat down with the old diary I began reading some of the entries and felt like crying. So many things had happened in this house, I grabbed a pen and opened it to a fresh page.

Dear Journal,
Well, how can I start this off? So many things have happened since my last entry. Lance and I were happily in love and were going to be married. Now here it is, a year later and nothing seems to be going right. I still love him with all my heart. I realize this now, but sometimes I am scared of what might happen if I let him have my heart again. He truly broke it last time.
I know that hearts are meant to be broken, but God, why does it hurt so badly. I have to make a decision that is going too completely change my life. I just pray that I make the right one.
Skylar June 3rd ----

Drying the tears I got up and went to the cupboard looking for some comfort food. As the search proved to be a failure, I slammed the cupboard door and sighed. Extremely frustrated, I decided a walk to the store was what I needed along with junk food.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
As Lance paid the taxi driver he paused before stepping out ‘Am I ready for this?’ he wondered.
“What have I got to lose?â€￾ Muttered Lance as he opened the front door and scanned the room.
He immediately noticed how the place was so much a part of the two of them. Everything they shared was alive in this house, he could feel her.
He placed his luggage down and went to the desk to check if any mail had arrived that’s when he saw it. The journal that Skylar used to record their times at ‘Paradise.’ He smiled and looked at the last entry.
As the tears fell, he picked up the pen and wrote

Dear journal,
I know that it is usually Skylar that writes in this, but it seems to help her and right now I need all the help I can get. I love her more then life, and I am sorry that I hurt her deeply. It was never intentional, I want her with me always, but how can I tell her?
We were supposed to be married at one point, but our separation has taught me how much I need her in my life. I want to share all I have with her, I never want to make her feel that she is 2nd or 3rd in my life, like I have before. But how do I tell her without scaring her off? I know she doesn't hate me, but can she ever forgive me? How do I live if she can’t? I just want to take all the hurt and pain from her eyes and replace it with all the love I have for her. She is my everything. I have never loved anyone like her and will never again, she is my one and only.
Now I know what true love is.
My true love is Skylar
Lance Bass, June 3rd ----

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I got back to the house a few hours later, loaded down with all the junk food I could find. I set the bags down in the kitchen and decided to put up my journal. I was so confused at this point, the only thing I wanted to do was eat and sleep. I walked over to the desk and picked it up. I immediately recognized Lance's hand writing next to my own.
Confused I read and by the time I was done, I was crying uncontrollably.
Without thinking I dropped the journal and ran to the place he loved the most hoping that he was still here. I had to tell him.
I found him staring out into the ocean, he was so deep in thought that I don't even think that he noticed me at first.
I could tell he had been crying and it broke my heart to see him that way.
I walked closer and placed my hand on his shoulder.
Startled, he turned to me “Skylar.â€￾
Not knowing what I should say next I whispered “hi.â€￾
He brought his hand to my face to wipe the tears that were now flowing freely “hi, Sugar.â€￾
I placed my hand on top of his and held it close, I then placed a gentle kiss on the inside of his palm. As we stared into each other’s eyes, the incidents over the last few months seemed to fade. We both knew that we had things to deal with but for once we knew we could make it... together. This is where we were supposed to be, this is what it was all...For this Moment.

For This Moment: Epilogue

“Are you ready?â€￾
I lifted my head from his shoulder and nodded. The plane had just landed and we were just about to see Jim and Diane for the first time since we had reconciled two weeks ago. We had spent the last two weeks in ‘paradise’ hiding from the world.
I giggled, as I recalled not leaving the house once the entire two weeks.
Lance grabbed our carry-on bags, placed them on his seat and leaned over me. Resting his forehead against mine he asked “what are you giggling about?â€￾
Stealing a kiss, I replied “Just thinking about the past two weeks. I’m a little sad that we had to leave.â€￾
“I know baby, so am I but momma was dying to see us.â€￾
Smiling I stood up and hugged him “I know, I just didn’t want it to end.â€￾
“Baby, it’s just begun. You just wait until we get home...alone.â€￾ He arched his brow and winked.
Rolling my eyes, I turned and walked away “I’m telling.â€￾ I teased.
Laughing he caught up and put his arm around me as we exited the plane.
Lonnie and Tommy met us at the terminal and led us toward the room that we had arranged to meet Jim and Diane. As Tommy reached for the door Lance stopped and kissed my cheek “it’ll be fine. I promise, I love you.â€￾
“I love you tooâ€￾ we entered the room and saw Jim and Diane turn.
“Lance, Skylar!â€￾ Diane came towards us and brought us both into a hug.
Jim followed and broke us up by stealing a hug of his own. As Jim and Lance hugged Diane continued to hold me close she then whispered into my ear “Skylar, we are so happy the you two could work things out.â€￾
“So are we Diane, so are we.â€￾ Lance put his arms around my waist and replied “now, let’s go home.â€￾

After Lance and I cleared the dinner table we went to find Jim and Diane who were sitting in the backyard around the pool. As we approached, Lance stopped me and pulled me aside “Sugar?â€￾
I wrapped my arms around his neck “Mhh Hmm.â€￾
“Should we?â€￾ He motioned towards his parents.
“I think it’s time.â€￾ I smiled and gave him a quick kiss as we walked over hand in hand.
Lance sat down on one of the lawn chairs and pulled me down onto his lap.
Jim and Diane both noticed our mischievous grins and asked “what are you two up to now?â€￾
Still grinning, Lance began “Skylar and I have to discuss something with both of you.â€￾
Obviously interested, they both sat up and leaned towards us.
I continued “Lance and I have done a lot of thinking the past two weeks and we’ve...â€￾
The ringing of Lances’ cell phone interrupted me.
I sighed as he pulled out his phone “Oh hey Dev.â€￾
He tapped my leg signalling me to let him up. I complied and tried to hide the anger that was beginning to surface. He walked over to the pool, leaving Jim, Diane and I to wonder what was so damn important.
“Sure, see you later. Bye.â€￾ He walked over and grabbed my hand, pulling me up. I looked at him and waited for the excuse. He was silent I took the bait “What did Devin want?â€￾
“He needs me to go and help him with something.â€￾ I took my hand from his. Sensing my anger he grabbed my hand once again and finished “I told him that I’d call him tomorrow.â€￾
I smiled and brought my hands to his handsome face. Looking directly into his eyes I replied “your lucky Bass!â€￾ Then I whispered “thank you.â€￾
He winked and sat back down, pulling me into his lap once again. “As we were saying, Sky and I were wondering what you were doing June 2nd?â€￾
They looked at each other in confusion and then both shrugged and returned their attention to us.
Lance continued “Skylar has agreed to marry me June 2nd.â€￾
Jim and Diane both jumped up and lunged at us, bringing us in for a hug.
Diane was the first to speak as the tears ran down her face “Oh baby, Congratulations.â€￾
Jim took Lance’s hand “Congratulations son; you’re a lucky man.â€￾
Still crying Diane grabbed my hand and led me into the house “Skylar, ever since we met you Jim and I knew that you are the one for Lance. His love for you amazes us. We always prayed that he would be lucky enough to find a special woman and we are so happy that our prayers have been answered.â€￾
Lance came in and Diane excused herself and went over to him.
They left the dining room and as I began drying my eyes, I saw Jim coming over to me.
As we hugged he whispered “you guys are perfect for each other.â€￾ He kissed my forehead and led me into the living room where Lance and Diane were
Upon noticing us she wiped her tears and Lance came over to me. Grabbed my hands he pulled me aside. As he did this Jim went and stood with Diane and held her as Lance began to speak.
“Sky, I have something very special for you. Something that means a lot to everyone in my family; just like you do.â€￾
I stared at him in amazement as he reached into his pocket and pulled out the most beautiful ring that I had ever seen.
Still holding my left hand he gently placed the ring on my finger and looked into my eyes “I love you baby.â€￾
As the tears rolled down my face I looked into his eyes for the words. The words that expressed what I was feeling, the happiness and hope that I had for our future. After searching the only thing I could come up with was “Lance, I question whether ‘I love you’ can actually do justice to my feelings for you. You are my life, my heart, and my soul. I am truly the luckiest woman alive and I can’t wait for the day that I am your wife.â€￾
He took me into his arms and we both knew that this is where I would be...foreve

That's all folks!
Chex and Tasha

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Postby AngelOfMusic » Thu Oct 23, 2003 9:57 am

awwwwwww that was soooo sweet!! and he even told dev no! good boy lance! oh i am sad that this is over! i :wub: this story! great job ladies!!!!

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Postby checkers » Thu Oct 23, 2003 1:00 pm

Guess who is in charge of the next one :biggrin: :nod:

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Postby Angelpopstar7 » Thu Oct 23, 2003 4:39 pm

awww its over :cry: that story was beautiful you guys!!!! I'm gonna miss it!!!!! i'm glad that he told devon that he would call him back b/c if he had gone over there i would of kicked his butt! lol

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Postby zozon3 » Thu Oct 23, 2003 7:42 pm

aww that was supercute

loved it tash!!! :D

I cant wait for the next story :yay:
im lovin these series fic!! :lol:

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