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Postby checkers » Fri Nov 07, 2003 10:54 pm

Ok girlies, sorry this is a wee bit ("wee bit my ass" I can hear most of you mumbling lmao) Late......But I got a free moment and decided its time to get back to posting. This story is finished, so It will be updated every damn day (hear the cheers) problably in the early afternoons as soon as I log on..unless there is no feedback...then I hold out (inset evil laughter)

So without further ado

<span style='font-size:21pt;line-height:100%'>THE TIES THAT BIND</span>

The Ties That Bind: Chapter 1
I sat down on one of the lawn chairs by the pool and just watched everyone around me.
To my left, I saw two of my best friends, Skylar and Lance whispering to each other by the grill.
To my right I saw the love of my life, Justin, trying to inflate a pool toy for Josh who was one of our other best friends. Josh had brought a new girl with him today. None of us had met her yet and we were all extremely surprised when they arrived with two children. The oldest, a little girl had her heart set on playing with the inflatable whale and Josh elected Justin to blow it up for her.. He seemed to be doing well with the children even though it was definitely not Josh’s style, But they seemed happy enough, although we all secretly wondered how he would make the transition from fine wine and dinner conversation to spilled pop and McDonald’s.
Joey and his date, ‘what’s her name’ were in the pool, and Chris was inside the house talking to someone on the phone
I could feel safety and contentment all around me and it was a great feeling. My life is the kind of life that people would die for. A gorgeous boyfriend who loved me, five best friends that would do anything for me, I was definitely a lucky woman.
Skylar caught my eye and winked, I winked back knowing that something was up. They had asked all of us to come down here for a visit which was something they rarely did, except for special occasions. She had a secret, I could tell that right away. Lance and Skylar had had some rough patches lately but things were finally starting to turn around for them and no one deserved it more.
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Justin hand the still not inflated pool toy to the little girl and point to me. I sat up when she came over and asked me to blow it up for her.
"Sure sweetie" I said taking the toy from her.
"Justin says you are usually full of hot air anyway so you might be able to do it.â€￾ the little girl, that I later learned was Megan, announced making me choke on the air I had in my lungs.
Justin jumped up and looked at the little girl. "I told you not to tell her THAT." He said laughing and running towards the house. I would have chased him if Skylar hadn’t come over to me.
I rolled my eyes in his direction and blew up the toy for Megan, who looked to be about five years old and cute as a button. Her brother, Cole looked to be around two and a little wild, his poor mother has been running around after him all afternoon.
“There you go."I handed Megan the toy, she gave me a quick hug and jumped into the pool with Joey and his date.
"What are you doing here all alone?" Skylar asked as she pulled up a chair and sat down.
"Thinking of ways to hurt my man." I smirked "So far I have 99"
“Mind if I add a few?"
"I mean hurt him physically, not sexually" I joked knowing she could take it.
"We'll talk about that later." Skylar winked and then raised her eyebrows "Lance and I am glad that you guys could make it."
"I'm just glad that you guys are back together. Now Lance will finally quite pumping me for info,â€￾ becoming a little more serious I added “all in all Sky, I am so happy for you."
"Thanks, tonight’s a pretty special night. We're glad that all of our friends could make it."
She looked over at Josh and his date Hailey and continued "what's up with them?" Her attention then turned to Joey and his date in the pool "Look at them...I don't even know her name. She probably won't be around long enough anyway."
I laughed, "I forgot it too, but maybe we’re wrong, Joe might just finally settle down.... Wait a minute what am I saying."
“Ashley, that’s her name. They’re sisters; they owned that club we went to when I was in L.A. Apparently they went back a few nights later and met then.â€￾
"Wow, it's been at least a month since we went to that club, maybe this Ashley is gonna stick around for awhile."
"Scary thought, isn't it. So what's up with you? How are things with Justin?"
"Great, I can't believe that we have been together for so long, I love him, he loves me. Does that sound a little too perfect to you."
Obviously surprised by my response she asked “What do you mean Kris?"
"Well, it's the perfect relationship, we hardly ever fight, we love each other, but I have one of my feelings that something is about to happen that will blow us out of the water."
She placed her hand on my knee "Don't worry, your right he loves you and you love him...nothing else matters. I wish Lance and I had realized that earlier. Things might have been a little easier for us."
"Yea, but it looks like you guys are fine now, remember, its your weaknesses and mistakes that make you stronger." I saw J come out of the house and look in my direction holding up a white dinner napkin as a surrender flag.
Skylar saw that also and started laughing.
"Looks like someone wants to make up." I said getting up and walking towards Justin.
Skylar called out "You better go and whip that boy into shape, he's getting out of hand."
I laughed and walked over to Justin. when I was standing in front of him, he dropped to his knees as if he was begging for my forgiveness.
"You are by far the biggest dork I have ever met Justin." I said looking down at him, feeling my love for him swell up inside of he. I had never felt so much for any guy I dated. I did truly love him.
That's when Chris joined us once again and called out "Damn J, get a grip."
The group erupted in laughter as he got off his knees.
Skylar and Lance noticed everyone close by so they called us over, telling us to have a seat. Justin picked me up and carried me to one of the lawn chairs.
Once everyone was settled Skylar began "We're so happy that everyone could make it today, you guys mean the world to us which is why your here."
Skylar stopped and Lance finished "Besides our parents, we wanted you guys to be the first to know." The silence and anticipation was nerve wracking,
Chris finally broke it by shouting "WHAT?"
After we all laughed Skylar blurted out "We're getting married...June 2, next year."
"HELL YA." I yelled
After we congratulated them, Skylar pulled me aside "Kris?"
"Damn girl I am so happy for you." I said grabbing her in a hug.
Laughing Skylar continued "I was wondering if you'd be my Maid of Honour?"
"Does that mean I have to wear a dress?" I noticed the shocked look on Sky's face and said. "I'm joking, I would be honoured."
"I promise, no taffeta and ribbons. I have one problem though."
“What’s the matter, Sky? I was suddenly very concerned.
"I really want Jess to stand as well, I'm just not sure how Chris will feel about it."
Feeling relieved I replied “Man, by the look you were giving me I thought you were going to tell me you were pregnant!â€￾
"Oh my, are you trying to give me a heart attack! Just because were getting married does not mean were ready for kids, besides we have already Chris. Our own kids can wait another year or two."
We were interrupted by Lance sneaking up behind Skylar and wrapping his arms around her waist "Quit hogging her Kris."
"You are gonna get her for the rest of your life... all of a sudden I feel really sorry for you Sky."
"I'm a strong woman, what can I say." Laughing she turned and kissed her husband to be.
For a moment I think I was actually a little envious.
Envious, hell ‘Pure Jealousy’ was more like it.
I might be a mouthy b**** sometimes, but I am like every girl at heart, one day I want to get married and have kids myself.

YOU KNOW THE DRILL (I miss saying that lmao)

Tasha and Chex!!!!

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Postby zozon3 » Sat Nov 08, 2003 3:42 am

im here lol

loved it

good chapter guys

post more soon!!

then I hold out (inset evil laughter

someones gonna lose their number one fan of these series if you hold out :rofl:

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Postby Angelpopstar7 » Sat Nov 08, 2003 10:38 pm

i remember reading this story on the justin board :nod: i loved it then and im sure that i will love reading it again more please! i loved the part when the lil girl was like he says you are full of hot air all the time i was laughin so hard when i read that! lol MORE PLEASE

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Postby Sarah » Sun Nov 09, 2003 11:05 am

great chapter!!
post more soon! :)

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Postby checkers » Sun Nov 09, 2003 6:23 pm

The Ties that Bind: Chapter 2
"Lance and Skylar look so happy. I can't believe their finally getting married." I stared out the window and sighed.
Justin put his hand on my lap "It's about time; I can't wait for the wedding.â€￾
“Me too, Skylar asked me to be her Maid of honor." Justin stopped at the red light and looked over "Really? Lance asked me to be his best man."
"That’s great baby, Skylar promised me no taffeta or ribbons, thank goodness! Can you imagine what the wedding is going to look like, it will be so beautiful."
"f***, I guess that means I have to wear a monkey suit. What did I agree to?"
“You will look handsome J;" I smiled at him thinking of what he might look like at our own wedding one day, if God ever made me that lucky.
As we pulled into the driveway Justin surprised me by asking, "Do you ever wonder what our wedding will be like?" He looked over and grinned as I got out of the car.
‘Our wedding?" Did he just read my mind?’
As we walked up the driveway he grabbed me by the waist, pulled me into him and whispered "Of course our wedding silly!"
I looked down at my ring less finger and sighed, imagining a pretty engagement ring on it. "Yea, I guess I do think about our wedding, I can almost picture every detail." My heart skipped a beat as he nuzzled my neck.
“Soon enough, Baby" He let me go just to open the front door and then brought me into his arms once again.
My heart felt like it was getting ready to explode; he had just promised me that we would be married one day.
As cake and car ideas went though my head, Justin kissed and then released me, grabbing the mail and sifting through it. "Junk, bill, junk, bill, a letter from your mom, what's this..." Justin handed me my letter from my mom and opened another letter.
It was in a pink and blue envelope. "Probably just a fan letter." I stated opening my letter. I looked up at him and noticed he went pale.
"What's the matter babe?" I asked putting down my forgotten letter and putting my hands on his shoulder.
"Nothing" he said trying to hide the letter from me, but I was too quick.
I snagged it and waved it over my head. "Is some fan telling you how kinky she wants to get with you again?"
“Kristen, give it back." Justin tried to get the note from my hands but I jumped up on the desk chair and began to read it. I'm sure that if I had a mirror in front of me. I would have gone just as pale as Justin had.
I just looked at Justin and then at the letter. "No truth behind this, right." My voice was barley above a whisper.
He helped me down from the chair and answered "just some crazy fan, you know how they are."
"But never like this, she re-enacted the whole process in this letter. Damn we haven’t ever got that freaky ourselves. She says that she has your son, Justin. 3 year old Jacob Randall."
Of course we both have gotten some strange fan mail in our times, but I guess because of the weird feelings that I’ve been having, I took it to heart.
Justin took a deep breath, "Baby, it didn't happen." I could see the pain in his eyes and wondered what it was from.
I took the letter and tore it in half. "Well that's the end of it then, you want a beer?"
Justin nodded and I escaped to the kitchen. I just had to get out of the room and away from him for a moment. I called back to him, "Go sit in the living room, I’ll bring it to you."
I got his beer, got over my urge to cry and joined him in the living room, where we spent most of the night curled up on the couch watching movies, in silence.
Though I believed him, I still could not shake the letter and it's contents from my mind. Luckily I still had the envelope, with the girls address on it.
I don't know why I kept it, but for some reason, I had too.
I fell asleep before the movie had ended and was awakened when Justin was carrying me up the stairs to our bedroom.

I pretended I was asleep so that when he went into the bathroom I could quickly get up and hide the envelope in my sock drawer. Somewhere he would never think to look. He spent a good 30 minutes in the bathroom and came out in just his boxers.
I had already gotten dressed for bed, wearing one of his old jerseys that reached my knees and he saw me awake.
“Are you ok?" He asked climbing over me to get to his side of the bed. He never walked around the bed; he always had to climb over me.
"I'm fine now that you’re here." I said running my fingers over his chest. A big smile stretched over his face and he reached over and turned off the light.

you know the drill

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Postby zozon3 » Sun Nov 09, 2003 7:33 pm

awww lol

but wth is up w the letter? :thinking:

good chapter chex!

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Postby Angelpopstar7 » Sun Nov 09, 2003 8:17 pm

i kno i kno! lol but its a secret....shhhh lol

Skylar better be ready for whats about to happen...is there any truth behind this letter??? just have to find out :nod: more please!

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Postby tendertoes » Sun Nov 09, 2003 8:43 pm

<span style='color:purple'>As you all know I am a sucker for begging...which means I almost always give in....
BUT...Chex isn't! Even though we wrote it together...I have no say over when she posts!
Feedback is a must...she's a little cranky that way... :ph34r:

B) :lol: :P :)

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Mon Nov 10, 2003 11:57 am

Hmm, this is good, real good. That letter sounds suspicious to me. Is there some truth behind it ?... the wheels inside my head are turning.

I love the part about Justin climbing over her instead of walking around the bed ... I found that so sweet and cute for some strange reason! I'm weird and can't help it.

Post more please!

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Postby Sarah » Mon Nov 10, 2003 3:33 pm

whats gonna happen about the letter?!! great chapter! post more soon!

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Postby PreCiouSbAbY » Mon Nov 10, 2003 10:01 pm

Chex...did u already post this b4??

cause i think i might have read it b4...on that now demised Yahoo! fanfic site. LoL, let me know...unless this is some sequel i was unheard of :unsure:

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Postby checkers » Mon Nov 10, 2003 10:42 pm

Precious, there was an instance were someone from abs took the story withyout permission and put it on her site...After I talked to her..she gladly removed it...that might be it.

<span style='color:blue'>The Ties That Bind: Chapter 3
I usually love it when the guys have to go on the road for a few days to do promotional stuff. I end up missing Justin like crazy but the sleepovers with Skylar and movie nights help me relax and just be my crazy, moronic self.
But tonight was different; I couldn't keep my mind on the movies. The letter was driving me crazy, I couldn't get it out of my mind.
"Kris, I'm so glad you invited me over tonight. Diane wanted me to go spend the weekend with her to go over wedding plans." Skylar sighed and popped a chip into her mouth.
"Already," I said half heartedly "ya'll aren't getting married for another year, how long does it take to plan a wedding"
"According to her you can never be too prepared. I swear that woman might make us all crazy by the time were finally married. Kris?"
Skylar woke me from my thoughts "Kris, what's up?"
I tried to shrug it off "What do you mean?"
"You’re not paying attention, that's not like you. What's up?"
"Sky, I have got something to tell you, but you have to promise me it stays in this room. And for the love of God, you can't tell J I told you."
"Of course, what’s so bad that you can't talk to Justin about?"
I sighed and sat up "Well, Justin knows about it but he would kill me if he knew what I had planned."
I ran upstairs, grabbed the envelope from my sock drawer and tossed it onto Skylar’s lap.
"Justin threw away the letter that was with it. But I practically have the thing memorized."
“What is this?â€￾
I could see Skylar's expressions change as I told her about the letter
“What did Justin say about it?â€￾
"That it was just a fan, but you should have seen the letter that came with it."
"What are you going to do Kris? I mean, if this is true? J, would never cheat on you though, I don't understand how this could have happened."
"The letter said he was 3, Justin and I have only been together for 2 years, so I know that he didn't cheat on me but I have to know if there is any truth behind this and I need your help"
"Whoa," she ran her fingers through her hair and sat back against the sofa "what do you have in mind?"
I took a deep breath, hoping that Sky didn't think I was crazy. "I want to go see her."
“You what?â€￾
"I have to know if there is any truth behind it, just to spy. I am not going to walk up and introduce myself or anything like that. I just need more information. I mean, what if it is Justin's kid and I would be depriving the poor thing of a father? I won't do that. I grew up with out a father; I won't make another child suffer."
"If that's what you want to do. When do we leave?"
I was a little taken back. I thought Skylar would refuse and tell me I lost a few screws. "Tomorrow morning. I have to do this while the guys are away."
“Where the hell is this anyway?" She pointed to the address.
"It's only an hour from here, I checked the map, it's kind of a bad neighborhood, but I don't want any bodyguards with us, one might tell Justin."
"Kris, I think we should at least take Tommy, you know he'll be cool with it."
"And what if he lets it slip to Justin." I paused and thought for a moment, I didn't want Skylar to get into any kind of trouble because of this.
"You don't have to go I can't take any chances I can take care of myself, and you know it"
Nodding she gave in “Alright, 8 am?â€￾
I smiled and said "8 it is.â€￾
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
"Good thing I watch all those cop movies." I mumbled to myself the next morning sitting in the car waiting for Skylar to get our espressos.
I had no idea what I was going to do if somehow I had to come face to face with this woman but I needed to find out if there was any truth behind her claims. Skylar got in the car and began laughing, "Too bad we forgot our camouflage outfits."
"Would you really be seen in black face paint?" I laughed as she handed me my coffee and I started the car.
Laughing she replied “Probably not Thelma.â€￾
"Ha ha Louise, let me know if the thought of marrying Lance becomes too much, I‘ll drive us off a cliff."
"Give me a few more months and we might need to take another road trip." she grabbed the map and continued "We're going here?" she pointed to a little dot that was barely even noticeable.
"Yes, have you ever realized that women never really get lost. When Justin and I take our drives, he always gets lost and never listens to me. Men just don't have what it takes to be road warriors."
“Come on, men get lost just to drive down a deserted road and make out.â€￾
"So true. And the back seat of Justin’s beamer is so small." I took a sip and chuckled keeping my eyes open for road signs.
"Why do you think we have a truck? At least if the press comes by we can hide in the back.â€￾
"Don't mention the press, last week they caught us kissing at a restaurant and plastered it all over Star magazine."
"I saw that.â€￾ You guys looked pretty cute though."
I smiled and made a right turn. "Pretty intense huh? I felt like cold cocking the guy who took the picture, Justin’s hand was on my ass."
Cutting to the chase Skylar jumped in "What are we going to do Kris? What if we see her?"
"Honestly Sky, I don't know.â€￾ I took a deep breath and continued, "What would you do if you were in my shoes and Lance might have a kid running around that he didn't know about"
"I don't know, but as much as I hate to admit it. She hasn't done anything wrong yet."
"I know, but if it is true, I blame Justin just as much as her, it takes two to make a baby. I know Justin was not a saint before we got together"
Giving a weak smile Skylar added, “I wish I knew what to say Thelma. We’ll get to the bottom of this.â€￾
I looked over at Skylar “We’re here.â€￾
We both looked around as I parked a few houses away. My heart and mind were racing, so quickly that I didn't even notice when two people walked by looking into the car.
Skylar ducked down in her seat. "Now I wish I had that black face paint."
After sitting for a few more minutes I felt Skylar nudge me and point in the direction of the house that we had come all this way to find.
What I saw made my blood run cold. A young girl, not more then 20, came out of the house carrying a little boy. The girl was a pretty blond, but it was the little boy caught my eye. It was as if I was seeing Justin at 3yrs old. The same blond curly hair and nose that his father had. At this point, I had no doubt in my mind that Justin was the father of young Jacob Randall.
I took a deep breath to calm myself and looked at Skylar to see if she saw what I did. I could tell just by the look on her face as our eyes met mine that she did.


You know the drill
Tasha and Chex

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Postby Angelpopstar7 » Mon Nov 10, 2003 11:38 pm

i swear that i read t his before too....are ya sure you didn't have it posted on the justin board or something Chex??? :confused:

they better be careful....ya neva kno who might see them lol I think that would creap me out if i saw like my boyfriends kid that he didn't even know existed...weird more please!

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Postby zozon3 » Mon Nov 10, 2003 11:56 pm

damn you chex leavin me in the dust <_< :lol:

okay damnit knew this was gonna happen lol

update soon!!!!!!

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Postby Sarah » Tue Nov 11, 2003 4:39 am

so the letter was true then! i need to know more!
update soon!!

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Tue Nov 11, 2003 10:05 am

It was as if I was seeing Justin at 3yrs old.


Wow, Justin has a lot of explaining to do. I had a feeling that the letter was true!

I wonder what Kris going to say to the girl???

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Postby AngelOfMusic » Tue Nov 11, 2003 1:31 pm

HELL YA I LOVED THIS STORY WHEN YOU FIRST POSTED IT AND I LOVE IT NOW! i am so stoked that you are reposting this! i love this story!!!!

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Postby checkers » Tue Nov 11, 2003 1:38 pm

Angelpopstar7 wrote: i swear that i read t his before too....are ya sure you didn't have it posted on the justin board or something Chex??? :confused:

they better be careful....ya neva kno who might see them lol I think that would creap me out if i saw like my boyfriends kid that he didn't even know existed...weird more please!

Yes it was posted on the J board lmao..... Tasha and I thought we needed to repost it so the ladies that did not get to read it got caught up before we posted the 3rd installment of the series Jessi and Chris After The Storm... that will be finished shortly (ducks flying objects thrown by Tasha)

<span style='color:blue'>The Ties That Bind: Chapter 4
Justin was due back any time now and the fear has set in. 'How do I tell him that he has a son with another woman?'
But as I looked at the pictures of him as a little boy, and the pictures that I had snapped on our little spying adventure of Jacob, there was no mistake.
Skylar had asked me if I wanted her to here when I told him but I declined. This was something I had to do myself.
I heard the gate open and his car pull up the driveway and hid the pictures under the couch cushion before running to the door. Before he could open it, I had swung it open and jumped into his arms.
"You missed me that much?" He asked. I nodded my head against his shoulder as he picked me and twirled me around before carrying me to the living room. He then sat down on the pulling me down onto his lap.
"How about you show me how much you missed me?" He asked gently kissing my neck. Realizing that he was sitting on the pictures that could change our whole life, I got cold and backed away from him.
"What’s the matter baby, you look like you seen a ghost?" Justin said trying to pull me back towards him.
My breath caught in my throat "Justin, I have to show you something. But please don't be mad at me, I did it for your sake as much as mine."
A little surprised he responded "Okay." and put his hand on my lap.
"Stand up." I told him, hoping he wouldn’t argue so I could get on with it.
"Baby, what are you up to?" he stood up and I took the pictures out from under the couch cushion.
“This weekend while you were gone, I took a little trip. I couldn't seem to get that letter out of my head and I had to know. Hopefully these will explain what I can't." I handed him the pictures
"Kristen, what is this, who is this little boy?"
I knew he was confused, because he rarely called me Kristen; it was always Kris or baby. "That's little Jacob Randall."
He sat back down and brought his hands to his face "Kristen,"
He stood up again and raised his voiceâ€￾ what the hell were you thinking? You couldn't just leave it alone?"
I quickly defended myself “Justin, you know about my past. I couldn’t leave it alone.â€￾ It suddenly hit me. He did know “Oh My God, you knew. You slept with that girl at one point didn't you?"
He jumped to his defense "How could I tell you? Would you have understood?"
Judging my expression he knew the answer "I told you."
"But Justin it was before we got together. Did you know about Jacob?â€￾
"I was with her, but I had no idea about this kid, I swear Kris. I had no idea."
"What happened, was it a one night stand, or did you date her for awhile?" Part of needed to have some answer, as crazy as it sounds.
"Kristen, what good is it going to do? I was with her and that’s it. Why does it matter?"
"Do you love me Justin?" I knew the answer but I needed to hear it anyway.
"What the hell kind of question is that? Of course I love you." he walked over to me.
I quickly moved away for fear that I wouldn‘t say what I had to if I got lost in his arms "Then you have to do the right thing."
"The right thing. Hmm, right."
"Do you know what I am talking about Justin?"
"f*** Kris, don't you think that I've been going crazy about this? I don't know what the right thing is." He started pacing the room, "Think Timberlake, think" I heard him mumble under his breath
"You can have all the time you want."
Turning around and getting defensive he snapped, "What the hell is that supposed to mean?"
"Justin, I know this is hard for you to deal with, I am here remember that." I walked over to him and placed a hand on his face before he replied, "I just don't know what to do? What am I going to do?" He touched my hand that was on his cheek, looking at me for the answers that were not coming to him on his own.
"It's not the end of the world Justin, you have a son."
"It's a blessing, to have a child, and you should never feel guilty or ashamed of it. I will be here to help you through of course, you can't get rid of me that easy."
"How did I get so lucky?"
"You, what about me? Trust me baby, I am the lucky one." I wiggled out of his arms and started up the stairs.
"Where do you think your going?"
"To take a shower, want to join me." Justin smiled and chased me up the stairs.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I told Justin that the first time he and Carrie met, they needed to be alone. As much as he tried to convince me to go with him, I refused and he finally backed down and went with his bodyguard Tiny. Tiny was a great guy, and someone we could always count on. Not to mention I could get sweet-talk him into telling me the gossip.
Justin walked into the restaurant and looked around and found Carrie sitting at one of the booths drinking a cup of coffee.
"Carrie?" He said walking up to the booth and sat down confidently.
Carrie looked up and smiled warmly. "Hello Justin, I see you got my letter. How are you?"
“Been better. Look, I don't know where to start, let's just say that I'm a little surprised to get a letter...3 years later."
"I really didn't know if I should tell you." she replied.
“You didn't know if you should tell me? Are you crazy? I had a right to know, if he's really mine."
She sarcastically replied, “We made love.â€￾
"Made love? I'd hardly call it that; you followed me all damn night. You knew I was drinking and you didn't let up. You told me you were covered."
"Call it what you want Justin. We produced a child together. I see in the papers that you are dating a country singer, Kristen Hartford.â€￾
"You listen to me, whatever happens between you and I; you leave Kristen out of it."
"Does she know you got drunk and screwed the first woman you could find, since you don't want to call it making love?"
Having had enough at this point he stood "Carrie, I knew you wouldn't be reasonable about this. If we can't deal with this like adults...I'll call my lawyer. For your information, she does know about all this, but I don't want her hurt...understand?
"Sit down Justin, you’ll make a scene.â€￾ he looked around to see if anyone had noticed and then complied as she continued “I can deal with this; you are going to be apart of your son's life. We live in hell while you live in a mansion with your girl toy. It's time to own up Justin, and it's long overdue. I will keep "Kristen" out of this the best I can, but I am not promising anything"
"You gave me no choices Carrie; I'm not the bad guy here."
"You were the bad guy when we slept together."
Realizing he was beginning to raise his voice he lowered it and adjusted his baseball cap “I’m not going to argue with you, now what do you want from me?â€￾
"A better life for our son. You have a lot of money, I don't. Get my point."
"Yeah, I got it. But you won't see one penny until I have proof."
"What kind of proof do you want? Blood test, consider it done."
"Any test we need, I'll talk to my lawyer and we'll figure it out."
“No, I don't want your lawyer involved. Just meet me and Jacob here, tomorrow at 9:30." she handed Justin a slip of paper and got up from her seat.
"If your not there, I call up the tabloids."
Not wanting to deal with her any longer he opened the paper and let her go. Taking a quick sip of his drink he walked in the opposite direction.
As Justin got into the car he hit the steering wheel. Not wanting to hurt Kristen, he decided that he needed to talk to someone about this.
He picked up his cell and dialed the familiar numbers.
"Ya, what's up J?"
"Dude can you meet me at the studio in an hour I need to talk to you?"
"Sure, let me clear it with the boss and I'll be there. Is everything alright?"
“Not really, since when did Skylar start wearing the pants in the family, dude you flaking."
"f*** off J, your just as whipped as I am."
Justin smiled, picturing Kristen's face and said "I sure am, see you in a hour."
"Later." As Lance hung up he looked over at Skylar "I got to meet J, something's up." Skylar nodded and picked up the phone.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
"Ok, what I have to tell you might shock you a little. Lance right about now, you are the only one I can talk to about this."
"f*** J, what the hell is it?"
"I think I might have a kid."
"You what? Bullsh**." Lance leaned against the wall, obviously in shock.
"I'm serious, remember about 2 and a half years ago when we were at that one club and I left with the girl, Carrie?"
"Hello, the blond psycho that we told you not to leave with?"
"Ya that would be her."
"What happened? Well, I know what happened but weren't you protected." Lance began pacing the floor.
"Well, she said she was covered, but I guess she wasn’t. We are getting blood test tomorrow."
"Damn it J, she's covered you should know better than that...f***."
"Hello, I was only 18. Cut me some slack, she was cute."
Running his fingers through his hair he sat down beside him and asked, "What are you going to do if it's yours?"
"What any man would do, provide. What I am most worried about is Kristen."
"No kidding. How is she holding up?"
"She is taking it better then I expected, she is the one that made me meet with Carrie today."
'Whoa, what about the press. If it's yours it'll be everywhere. Someone always leaks to the press."
"I will take it in strides, hell Joey had a kid, and they aren’t beating him up about it much."
"He's not seeing another famous woman though. Think it through J, Carrie is messed. Think things through."
"What I have to think about right now is Kristen. You know her story, if it is my kid and I neglect him, she will leave me in a heartbeat, but I am also afraid that if he is mine, she will leave me just the same."
“Kris isn't like that, just don't leave her out of the loop. She'll be behind you, but keep her involved."
"Thanks Lance, you are the best sometimes, do you realize that."
"Of course I do, but you better get back to that woman of yours and smooth things over. I need to get back to mine."
"Thanks again, give Skylar a kiss for me."
"You wish, Timberlake."
Justin smiled, hugged Lance and jumped in his car riding with the stereo full blast all the way home."
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I was on the phone with Skylar when I heard Justin pull up. "He's here, Lance must be on his way." I told her and said goodbye. Skylar called me right after Lance left to meet with Justin and I was practically dying to find out what happened.
He walked in yelled "Baby, you still here?"
"Upstairs in the bedroom." I called out and ran to the mirror to brush my hair. While talking to Skylar, I had twisted it so bad that it was all tangled. Justin knows I play with my hair when I am nervous or upset. So I tried to smooth it out the best I could.
"Need anything before I come up?" he called up the stairs.
Get your ass up here Timberlake and tell me what happened, don't make me come get you."
I could hear him laughing and as he made his way up the stairs I ran and hopped on the bed.
He walked into the room. "What the hell? You’re in bed and not naked? Haven’t I taught you better then that."
"If you don't start talking Timberlake, I'm going to..." I was interrupted as he jumped onto the bed and startled me.
Laughing he began “Ok, I met with her, she wants money, and lots of it, but that is no big surprise."
"Get the hell out. She said that?"
"I also have a blood test scheduled for tomorrow morning at 8:30. I want you to be there."
"Do you really think that's a good idea?"
"I need you there with me. If he is mine, I don't know what I am going to do. Please Baby"
I cuddled into him and tried my best to comfort him and myself "Okay, of course I'll be there for you. I'm just worried about seeing them."
"What do you have to be worried about, I should be worried that you will kill her first chance you get, and don't give me that look Kristen Renee, I know you too well."
"J, let's just go to bed. I don't want to think about it anymore tonight."
"BED" Justin's eyes got wide as he crept closer to me on the bed and hovered over me. "Did you just say, lets go to BED."
Laughing and turning around I replied "Easy lover boy, you have a big day tomorrow."
Justin flopped down beside me. "Kris, one more thing I need to ask you?"
"What now Justin?" I giggled knowing that he was stalling.
"If this little boy turns out to be mine, what is it going to do to us, the truth."
Turning back around to face him
"I promise you Justin, that I am not going anywhere. We'll get through this together. Now, if you make me that same promise we can both stop worrying."
"I promise."
"Good, now turn around and go to sleep, you horn dogâ€￾
Justin laughed and turned off the light. "I might need a sleeping pill." he whispered in my ear just before I whacked him with my pillow.
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Postby AngelOfMusic » Tue Nov 11, 2003 2:18 pm

this is crazy! i mean i know what happens and yet i cant wait for an update! more please!

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Postby zozon3 » Tue Nov 11, 2003 2:56 pm

good chap chex!

theyre such a cute couple

hey chex hows your job going as a boardmaster thing?
lol i dunno what its called

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Postby Angelpopstar7 » Tue Nov 11, 2003 4:39 pm

haha allrighty i thought so i was so confused for a minute lol

haha of course J's gotta be a horn dog right?? lol more please!!

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Tue Nov 11, 2003 8:49 pm

J as a horndog ... perfect characterization! I really like him and Kristen together, so I hope that they're love stays strong with this unexpected turn of events.

I feel better that Justin didn't know about little Jacob. Because if he had known and was not supporting his child, I would have wanted to beat him up. I hope that he is going to take responsibility.

This girl Carrie sounds a bit strange. I think something weird is going to happen and it'll involve her no doubt!

More please!

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Postby checkers » Tue Nov 11, 2003 10:02 pm

zozon3 wrote: good chap chex!

theyre such a cute couple

hey chex hows your job going as a boardmaster thing?
lol i dunno what its called

Lol you mean Admin Zoe'.

Its ok...for awhile...I never spoke up that much...let the guys handle things, because I didn't think they would listen to a girl (one of the owners of the server is a girl...Lisa...But she just has this air of athourity to her, they listen.)

Well last week I got called a stupid b**** by a new person on the server...and before any of the guys (I call them my protectors lol) could respond...I let him have it. Completely Busted his ass..then EJ (my baby) Kicked him off. After that...I have not been afraid to speak up...or get b****y when someone pisses me off..my fellow AAMO love it lol.

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Postby zozon3 » Tue Nov 11, 2003 10:20 pm

Well last week I got called a stupid b**** by a new person on the server...and before any of the guys (I call them my protectors lol) could respond...I let him have it. Completely Busted his ass..then EJ (my baby) Kicked him off. After that...I have not been afraid to speak up...or get b****y when someone pisses me off..my fellow AAMO love it lol.

:lol: haha good that ya kicked his ass :nod:

glad that its goin so well

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Postby checkers » Tue Nov 11, 2003 11:30 pm

ya we get some major f***ing dickheads on the server sometimes...they think they are unstoppable (sp)

Come to find out they have hacks lmao so much for being invincible.

I am still working on the sequal for Protect...even wrote a tiny bit today :jawdrop:

and I swear one of these days I will catch up on each and every f***ing fanfic on this board..even if i go blind doing it B)

Maybe I should just print them all out and replace Stephen King one night :whistle:

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Postby AngelOfMusic » Wed Nov 12, 2003 12:20 pm

I know that you have told us before but what was the board you are admin on again? i am having a stoooopid day and cant remember!

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Postby checkers » Fri Nov 14, 2003 2:35 pm

<span style='color:blue'>The Ties That Bind: Chapter 5
As we drove to the clinic for the final test results my mind wandered back to when the testing was done. Meeting Carrie was difficult enough but having to watch that poor little boy getting a needle and not being able to help was devastating. Afterwards, we had a chance to spend a little time with him in the waiting room and it amazed me how friendly he was. He was bouncing all over; at one point he actually came up to me and asked to get on my lap. Justin and I exchanged smiles as Carrie pulled him away. That's when I knew that she was not going to make this easy
"Are you nervous?" I asked Justin placing my hand on his knee.
He quickly glanced over and replied, " I guess?"
“I can tell it will be all right.â€￾ I didn't really know what to say at this point. Justin had been distant from me since the test was taken. When I talked to Skylar about it, she said that he probably wasn’t talking about it out of fear that it might upset me.
I have been trying my best to be supportive and give him some space but how do you react in a situation like this? I sure as hell have no idea.
He woke me from my thoughts by placing his hand on mine and squeezing "Your right Baby, things will work out."
‘That's better.’ I thought placing my other hand over his.
As we pulled into the private parking lot he leaned in for a quick kiss "No matter what happens in there, nothing is going to change between us, I promise you."
Like going into battle, we walked into the Doctors office hand in hand.
Justin's palms were sweating as we saw Carrie and Jacob sitting on the plastic chairs in the waiting room.
We impatiently waited; fortunately, Jacob kept us all entertained. There was no way to hide the tension, until the doctor called Justin and Carrie in.
Carrie asked me to watch Jacob, like some kind of hired help, while they were in the office. Once Carrie was inside the doors Jacob ran over and plopped in my lap.
"My uncle says you’re a fox." He stated
"Oh did he." I smiled at the little boy. "What else did he say?"
"That I can't tell you he says that."
I laughed. "Have you ever listened to a portable CD player before?"
He looked at me like I was crazy, so I pulled mine, that I always keep with me in my purse, and placed the headphones on his ears. Making sure that the sound was turned down (when I listen to music I listen to it loud.) and found my NSA CD.
"This is Justin singing." I told him putting it on ‘This I Promise You.’
Jacob starting bouncing up and down to the music, much to my surprise, in perfect rhythm.
"Do you like this music Jacob?" I asked him.
“Daddy sing!â€￾ He said pointing to his ears. I sighed and placed the headphones back on his ears.
When the song was over I took the CD out and acting on a hunch, put my own in.
"Do you like this music?" I asked him, playing one of my slower songs.
He nodded. "But mommy don't"
"Your mommy said she didn't like this music?" I asked, already knowing the answer.
"Uncie loves it. He lets me listen when mommy away."
I felt a chill going up my spine. I had one of my feelings again.
And this one was not good.
The doors to the office open 10 minutes later and Justin was white as a sheet. He came out in front of Carrie and gently lifted Jacob off my lap and set him down on one of the chairs. I gave him a strange look as he pulled me up and walked me to the end of the hall.
"I don't have to guess, the truth is written all over your face." I said hugging him. "It will be ok."
"We will get though this together. You hear me TOGETHER." He wrapped his arms tighter around me and I gazed down the hall to where Carrie and Jacob were sitting. Carrie looked up and I could have swore she sneered at me, how I wish I hadn’t forgotten to wear my contacts today.
"Where do we go from here?" I asked.
"Carrie says if it's all right with you, we can take Jacob home with us tonight."
"Tonight?" I snapped. “Don't you think it's a little fast to be pawning him off?"
"Ya, she could use a break to get some errands done, and she will pick him up around 9?" Justin gave me one of his looks I can't refuse.
"Of course it's all right. Did you know he already calls you daddy."
"I noticed." Justin said giving me a kiss on the cheek.
"We need to run a couple errands of our own don’t you think." I asked him and he gave me a questioning look. "Justin, we have nothing in the house for a 3 yr old. Just leave it to me."
Justin raised his eyebrows "Are you going all maternal on me now."
"I'm a woman, what did you expect." I said leading him over to Carrie and Jacob, who was still listening to my CD player.
"Carrie, it's fine with me to have Jacob over." I told her, trying to be nice and civil.
"Oh thank you" he said giving me a hug. To say the least, I was shocked.
She then continued "I have so many errands to do today, it's just easier not to have him with me."
"I can understand." I said as Justin picked up Jacob.
The little boy fit perfectly in his arms.
"Have fun with Kristen and Daddy." Carrie said blowing Jacob a kiss and grabbing her purse.
It was like she couldn't get out of there fast enough. I saw little Jacobs’s face drop.
"Hey Jake,â€￾ he looked at me as I crossed my eyes and stuck my tongue out at him. I smiled as he began laughing.
Justin rolled his eyes, and made a comment about me making that face in bed. I slapped his arm. Then I thought of something. “OH sh**." I said forgetting there was a 3 year old in hearing distance and raced out of the building.
I looked around the parking lot. I saw Carrie on her cell phone, now I may have bad eye site, but there is definitely nothing wrong with my hearing.
"That's right, I will meet you at the club tonight at 7. Of course I will be there, I left the baby with his new daddy and his girlfriend."
‘Errands my ass,’ I thought.
"Hey Carrie, hold up a sec." Carrie twirled around almost dropping her cell phone.
"We need your car seat, just until we get one of our own." I said acting like I hadn’t heard a word of her conversation.
"Stupid me. I didn't realize that, of course." She led me to her car and I got the baby seat out.
"Thanks, what time did you say you’d be picking up Jacob?"
"Do you think it would be all right if he stayed overnight, I’ll pick him up in the morning? Just a night to my self, after my errands of course." She said giving me a fake smile.
"But of course," I smiled and quickly turned away before I said something that I may later regret.


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Postby zozon3 » Fri Nov 14, 2003 2:42 pm



:no: i hope the kid gets to stay w Justin and Kirsten

but i think Carries up to sumthin..........

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Sat Nov 15, 2003 3:58 pm

Whoa now ... this Carrie is a lying biotch! I knew she was up to something. She's going to ditch Jacob, which is probably for the best because she does not want to take care of him properly. It's a sad situation, but he'll be better off with J and Kristen!

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Postby checkers » Mon Nov 17, 2003 2:26 pm

two for the price of one

<span style='color:blue'>The Ties That Bind: Chapter 6
Watching Justin's face as we entered the mall was comical. I could tell he had no idea where to start. I tried to drag him to the first baby store on the map, but he had a different Idea. “Want to go to Toys 'R Us Jacob?â€￾ Asked Justin pulling him in the direction he wanted to go in.
"TOYS" the little boy yelled, running ahead of us.
I chased after him and picked him up. "Want to ride on Daddy's shoulders?" I asked him, not wanting him to run around the store.
Justin scooped up the little boy and smiled. I stared in amazement and wondered if he felt some sort of connection with him.
"Justin," I tugged at his sweater pulling him in the direction of the bedding instead of the action figures "He needs somewhere to sleep."
"Sleep?" He stopped and stared as if I spoke another language
I whispered and raised an eyebrow.â€￾ Well, unless you want him to sleep with us?"
Justin eyes widened and then replied, "Toys later Jacob, you need a bed."
I showed Justin a Winnie the Pooh Bed outfit and he said it was fine. I could tell he had other things on his mind, like trying to corral his son. I started gathering up the things that I thought we would need and stopped to giggle as I saw the look of panic on Justin‘s face. He really had no real experience with children, hell either did I. As I threw the items into the cart I wondered how that woman could send her son off with strangers. Maybe not complete strangers, but still. I just don't get it.
"What about food?" Justin asked.
"Food? Oh yeah." I admit I was a little defeated here but how hard could it be? "Jacob honey, what's your favourite food?"
He leaned over to me and screamed "KATSUP."
Justin gave me a look; "Can we feed him straight ketchup?" He asked and I just shook my head.
"Anything else, like say hotdogs?" I asked Jacob.
Jacob nodded. "Justin, take him over to toys for a bit, and for heaven's sake, don't let him talk you into buying out the whole store."
Justin nodded once and picked up Jacob, glad to be looking at fun things instead of clothes for a toddler.
I finished up my rounds, picking up a car seat, booster seat and potty-chair. I then looked and decided to buy some pull-ups. Carrie hadn't even bothered to tell us if the boy was potty trained. I decided 5 outfits would be enough and went to meet the guys in the toy section.
Jacob was chasing Justin around with a toy light saber and I couldn't help but to crack a smile.
"Jacob" I whispered and the little boy looked up at me and smiled. He allowed me to pick him up, and we snuck over to where Justin was hiding behind the Barbie doll display.
I placed him down and motioned for him to go around the right and I made my way to the left.
In unison we screamed, "BOO."
I smiled as they turned and ran the other way. I admired the way he was dealing with things but it doesn't seem like he realizes that it isn't just fun and games.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I got them out of the mall without any more hassles and switched Carrie's rundown baby seat with the brand new one we just bought.
Making sure that Jacob was securely fastened in the seat, I got up front with Justin, and we headed to the grocery store.
After a quick run through the aisles and buying Justin and Jacob everything they screamed for, we managed to finally make it home. I was already exhausted and we hadn't even thought about dinner yet.
"So baby, tell me what should we feed him?" “
Damn J, he's not a dog, ask him?" I laughed and pushed my way past him, "Jacob, what do you want for dinner tonight?"
Looking up from the new Buzz Light-year cereal we just bought him he replied "Buzz, me want Buzz."
I looked at Justin who was now laughing and he quickly turned away.
Nodding, he replied "yep, how about it Kris?â€￾
I shrugged my shoulders said "it has milk...why not?"
Grabbing the bowls he muttered "Cereal's good for me must be genetic."
I rolled my eyes and replied, "I was hoping he got luckier than that."
Handing me a bowl and still laughing, "Ouch Baby eat your cereal."
Jacob started to look sad so Justin asked, "Jacob, you ok?"
He looked up with tears in his eyes and broke our hearts when he told us what was bothering him "No fight, k."
He repeated himself "No fight, k."
We looked at each other and I crouched down beside him and tried to reassure him in my goofiest voice "we aren't fighting, he's just crazy." He giggled and I ran my hand over his head "Come on Buzz, eat your cereal."

Justin asked "do you see a lot fighting Jacob?" He nodded and then shoved a huge bite in his mouth.
I gasped wondering if he could eat that much and through a full mouth he mumbled, "Uh huh, mommy always fight."
Justin and I looked at each "whom does mommy fight with?" I asked
"Her friend, Craig."
"Craig?" I asked Justin, he just shook his head
As Jacob continued, "she fights with Gramma and Uncie."
Deciding we shouldn't push anymore, but before dropping the subject I added "Well, Justin and I try not to fight because we love each other very much, so you don't have to worry. So, are you going to help make your new bed when you’re done eating?â€￾
Jacob smiled and jammed another spoonful in his mouth. I gave Justin a look that said we would talk about this later.
We managed to get Jacob into bed around 8:30, much to his dismay. Justin dragged me into our room.
As he closed the bedroom door Justin asked "what was that all about?"
I sat down on the bed; "I have no clue J. who the hell is Craig?"
Justin threw himself on the bed and put his arms behind his head. “What the hell is that woman doing? Did you see him at dinner? Poor kid almost had a breakdown because we were joking around, what the f*** is up with that?"
"Did you realize how he just jammed his food in his mouth, like he had to eat in a hurry? And as for him thinking we were fighting, how the hell do you explain us to a 3-year-old?"
He placed his hand on my back "I know baby, we'll get to the bottom of this, I promise. Right now, we’ll just make him feel better.â€￾
I didn't want to look at Justin for fear that I would break into tears myself "I have to go clean up dinner/breakfast," I joked getting up off the bed.
Meeting me at the doorway he calmly replied "don’t be sad, he has us now. It'll be okay."
I looked him dead in the eye. "Yea, he has us now, but what about when he goes home." I pushed past Justin and started down the stairs. I could hear him right behind me.
"What do you want Kris? We can't kidnap him; all we can do is find out the truth and help."
"That's what I plan to do Justin, find out the truth and help."
That's when we heard the screaming and ran to the spare bedroom. As we burst through the door we saw Jacob at the end of the bed huddled under the covers.
“Jacob?" I grabbed the little boy and held him against me as Justin turned on the light. “Little dude what's wrong?"
Through the sobs we managed to understand "No bed, bad guys."
I picked him up without a moment’s hesitation and carried him to our room. “This is daddy and Kristen's bed, no bad guys here"
Jacob still clung to me, so I scooted up on the bed with him and held him tight.
Justin joined us on the bed and I the only thing I could think of.
I started to sing to him "Can this be true, tell me can this be real."
Justin caught on to what I was doing and he started singing along. "How can I put into words what I feel?"
As we looked over and noticed Jacob asleep, J placed a kiss on my cheek. Just as I was about to drift I thought of something "J?"
He groaned and answered "Hmm."
"Tomorrow, we get Jacob some bad guy repellent." I heard the chuckle and drifted off with a smile.
The Ties That Bind: Chapter 7
I woke up the next morning with Jacob on my chest, Justin's head in my lap and a kink in my neck that a chiropractor would not be able to get out.
I shifted Jacob onto his father and the little boy mumbled and fell back asleep. Justin was oblivious to the world as I went downstairs and cleaned up the mess from the night before so I could start breakfast.
As I finished the scrambled eggs, I heard Jacob laugh and Justin yell. I stuck my head out of the kitchen just in time to see Justin picking him up over his head.
Whining Justin squealed, "Kris...Jacob jumped on me." I looked over to see Justin stick out his tongue at Jacob causing him to giggle.
"He's 3 what did you expect." I said putting two plates down on the kitchen table and went to the fridge to get my grapefruit, my usual breakfast.
"Do we have enough time to go and do something fun today?" Asked Justin as he dug into his eggs.
The phone ringing didn’t even faze the boys. I rolled my eyes and placed the spatula down and headed for the phone, slapping J on the back of the head on my way.
“OUCH.â€￾ cried Justin, teasing me.
I gave him the look as I answered “Hello.â€￾
"Kristen is that you" I recognized Carrie's voice. It sounded like she was at a payphone.
"Yes, where are you at Carrie?"
Justin, very familiar with the tone in my voice began his usual whispering "who is it?" Repeatedly until I answered. I swear sometimes he’s worse than a child is.
"My car broke down last night, I’m at the mechanics, can you drop Jacob off tonight around 8?"
I gave Justin the look and said "No problem."
I wanted to question her more, but she just said thank you and hung up, not bothering to ask how it had gone with Jacob last night. I hung up the phone and looked at the little boy, who was eating his eggs like a Hoover.
"Jacob, do you want to go swimming today?"
Finally taking a break, Jacob looked up with wide eyes and said, "I no swim.â€￾ He then returned to his breakfast before anyone could respond.
Justin gave me the look that said he wanted details, and right now.
"We are going to drop him off tonight around 8." I said casually sitting down at the table and ruffling Jacob's hair
"You don't know how to swim?" I asked him.
"Stopping once again he replied "nopie."
"Well, lucky for you daddy and his friend Lance know how and they can teach you." I said grabbing the phone and dialing the very familiar number.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Giggling Skylar picked up the telephone and screamed as I heard the phone drop. I then heard "Damn it Lance," a brief pause and an out of breath "Hello."
"Girl, do you two ever quit?" I said leaning back in my chair and smiling.
"I wish that's what we were doing. Lance is trying to sneak a peak at the wedding dresses that I've had sent over.â€￾
"But of course, but do me a favor, hand the phone to Lance real quick." I said knowing what I was going to do already.
Lance's voice came through "Kris, what's up...do you believe this woman of mine?"
Walking into the other room, I decided to rescue my friend. “Yes, now listen closely James, I have blackmail tapes from the last time we were on tour together, now leave that poor girl alone, or they will be on the 6 o’clock news, by the way how are you on this fine morning.â€￾
He mumbled "Mouth" as he handed the phone back to Skylar
"Whatever you said worked. Fill me in. I need some good stuff on Mr. Bass."
I laughed, "Are you really busy today Sky? We have Jacob with us the whole day, and I really need to talk to you."
"No, of course not. What do you have in mind?
"Well, Mr. Jacob says he doesn't know how to swim yet, so I was thinking that Lance and Justin could teach him while we go over wedding plans and talk."
"Sure...on one condition and you tell me what you have on Lance." I heard her giggle and Lance in the background yelling "Kristen you better not say a thing."
"Sorry Skylar, what I have is singer confidential. Maybe I will give you the videotape for your wedding present, tell Lance I said that.â€￾
I heard Skylar say something to Lance and his voice come through the phone. "You better not do that Kristen Renee.â€￾
Laughing Skylar continued "Oh as if you won‘t give me more. I guess I'll have to tell J about the little Paris fiasco?"
I coughed and turned red "only if you want Lance to know what you did also."
Laughing she replied, "Alright, I give."
"What time are you guys going to come by?"
"Tell poofoo that I won't spill the beans. He has stuff I would rather not have JC and Justin know about just yet."
“Face it Kris, we all do. If we piss anyone of these guys off, we're dead."
"So true, we will be over after breakfast." I looked into the kitchen. Justin and Jacob were having an egg fight.
I sighed and responded, "Give us an hour."
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Skylar opened the door with Lance standing right behind her. She crouched down to Jacob's level and spoke softly "Hey Jacob, I'm Skylar and this is Lance."
She grabbed his hand and we smiled as he followed her into the house. Jacob was a little nervous about going to meet them. We repeatedly tried to reassure him but he just seemed tense. It sure didn't take him long to warm up to her because by the time we got into the kitchen he was already sitting at the kitchen table while she was getting something in the freezer.
Skylar pulled a can of soda out and put it on the counter. "Your gonna give him caffeine?" Lance questioned sitting down next to Jacob.
Jacob looked up at Lance in amazement. I walked over to the soda and picked it up. "It's orange soda ‘PooFoo‘. Its caffeine free." I said holding it out for him to see.
Jacob started to giggle.
"What’s so funny?" Lance asked.
Jacob pointed to Lance and continued giggling before answering "Poofoo?"
We all laughed as Lance turned red and replied "Bad nickname kiddo. Only people who don't like me call me that." He shot me a glance and we continued laughing.
"Ok what was the habit of calling me the mouth of the south?"
He smiled and replied "Terms of endearment, Mouth."
"Terms of endearment my ass Poofoo, I have a mouth and I know how to use it... Not a word J."
All adult eyes fell on me and I realized what I said in front of Jacob, I continued “It may seem like I don't like Lance a whole lot, but I love him like a brother. That’s why I tease him so much and he does it right back.â€￾ I then started to sing "Oh PooFoo, where are you?"
Lance jumped out of his seat. "Did you know you are evil Mouth?" He said circling around to the side of the table I was on.
I smiled and finished the verse. "Can you come out and playyyyyyy."
Lance tried to grab me and I ran behind Skylar who was making her way out to the pool, ignoring us.
Jacob was laughing right along with everyone as Lance tried to get Skylar to move so he could get to me. I don't think that he knew what was up, but he knew that everyone was happy and that’s all he cared about.
Later as we sat along side of the pool Skylar and I watched the men in front of us. They were bigger children than we had thought. "Damn, Imagine Chris was here. We'd have to sedate them."
I laughed “Right now I am glad Chris isn't here. Some of him may rub off on the baby."
"Definitely, they look real cute though. How has the visit been?"
"So far so good, though something is buggin me."
Worried, Skylar leaned in "Why? What’s going on?"
"Well, nothing per say, it's just some little things. Like I don’t think J has a clue about what it means to have a son, and something that happened at dinner last night." I explained what had happened and Jacob’s strange behavior.
“Honestly, it kind of scared me to hear him talk like that. I have no respect for his mother though. Who leaves their child with practically strangers? I realize I don't have kids but I can't even imagine just leaving them. Does she even know how nuts we are?"
“Yeah, your practically borderline psychotics. I just don't get it?"
"Well we are a bit off the wall, we are just us though."
As if reading my mind she added “I don't know Kris, she seems a little strange, just be careful."
I nodded knowing she was right; there was just something about Carrie that bugs me. I then looked out at the guys. Lance was trying to patiently explain the dog paddle to Jacob. "You know something Skylar?"
"Right now, the way things are going. I would trade Lance's mentality for J's in a heartbeat."
Obviously surprised by my comment she shrugged " Really? Why?"
“Well, I’ve always thought that Lance was more mature then Justin by a long shot. Lance would understand what all this means, you know being a father. Justin thinks that life is all about fun and games. He has no idea what he is in for, hell I have no idea but I sure as hell know it isn’t going to be easy. I just hate being the bad guy! Don't get me wrong, I love Justin so much it hurts but I wish he would wake up and see some things for what they are."
"Well, the only thing I can tell you is that if you love him...you have to help him realize it."
"Help him realize that before we are ready, both of us have been thrown into parenthood? Help him realize that there is more to having a kid then keeping his entertained? We went to the store yesterday and I asked Jacob what his favorite food was, he said ketchup. Justin actually asked me if we could feed him straight ketchup."
Laughing Skylar responded "Kris, if you’re not okay with this you need to talk to Justin about it. Let him help you too."
"It's not that I am not ok with it all. I don't know how to explain this, but I have one of my feelings that Justin might end up hating me before too long."
"Kris, your just scared and you have every right to be. But you know as well as I do that J loves you so much. Unfortunately, right now you have to be parent to both of the kids."
"What I know about kids is limited; hell I was an only child. But it seems that I know more then him, and when I try to help him, I know he will think that I am trying to take over. That's what Justin is in a sense, a big kid, he never had a real childhood so to speak."
"Well, Mr. Timberlake might need to sink a little before he can swim. Get my drift?" She winked and I giggled.
"I got you Skylar, but what I know right now, things are going to get a lot harder before they get easier, and I am worried that Justin won't be able to handle it. I heard him on the phone last night with Lynn. He was crying."
"Maybe you should get her to visit. Help him adjust a little. We can take a little vacation. Not a Paris vacation but a weekend."
"Will you be there? Lynn loves you"
"Of course, then we leave. Deal?"
"Do we get to leave them behind?' I asked pointing to the guys in the pool.
Smiling she nudged my leg "Absolutely."
"Ok, how about this, I have Lynn make a visit next weekend and we disappear."
"I'm game...Vegas here we come."
I laughed. "When we get home I need to call Lynn. I know she will be game. She will be upset that I won't be there, hell she introduces me to her friends as her future daughter in law already. But Justin needs a healthy dose of reality and I won't be there to protect him from momma this time."
"Now you’re talking. Now let's go tell the babies about our trip."
"Watch this." I said to Skylar and got up from my seat. "Justin." I said and he turned to me. I kneeled down in front of the pool and he handed Jacob to lance and swam over. "What's up baby." He said licking his lips.
I grabbed his shoulder and leaned forward, pushing both of us into the pool.
Justin came up shaking the water from his hair. "That was mean baby."
"Punish me later! Listen, Skylar and I are going to take a trip next weekend, you kids going to be fine by yourselves."
I got out and set on the edge of the pool, and Skylar came over and sat next to me.
"Your going to leave us all alone." Justin whined looking at Lance, who had put Jacob on his back and swam over to us.
"I am sure you will be fine." I said messing with his hair.
Jacob, jealous of the attention that I was giving Justin, Crawled over Lance to get to me. I leaned forward and took the little boy, sitting him on my lap
Skylar jumped in "unless you boys want to come to the wedding show in Vegas?"
Both men groaned as Lance put his chin on Skylar's lap "Hell no." they replied in unison.
"I didn't think so." I said standing up and walking Jacob over to the chairs to apply more sunscreen.
Justin got out and followed me "I am going to miss you next weekend.â€￾
I smiled and flirted “Really?â€￾
I put Jacob between my knees so I could reach him with the sunscreen. "I will miss you too J. but it's only for a weekend."
Jacob squirmed in my hands, but I was relentless. I was afraid he would get sunburned. Knowing that if he did I would never hear the end of it.
"Yeah, I know. But what if you-know-who is going to be over?" He did his best to be discreet when looking at Jacob. Finally when I was done, I turned him loose to Lance and turned to J.
"Tell Carrie that you can't have him that weekend." I replied nonchalantly.
"Well, I sure as hell don't want him to stay with her." He snapped.
“She is his mother for crying out loud Justin. I know what you mean, but I can't always be there, I have a life too." As those words came out of my mouth, I regretted them because of the look on Justin's face. It was if someone ran over his dog.
"Whatever Kris, I'll figure something out." He left me sitting there as he walked towards the house. "Justin." I called to him but he just kept walking. Skylar gave me a look and I asked her to watch Jacob for a minute and ran after him.
I caught up to him in the dining room "damn it, J. would you just stop?" I snapped.
He stopped and I saw his back muscles tense.
"Turn around." I wanted to be able to see his face. At this point I was blocking the entrance to the dining room, so he couldn't escape.
"I am sorry that I said that." Looking into his eyes I saw no emotion and it scared me.
Heartbreakingly he replied, "You said you would be there." He said, his voice monotone.
"I am still here Justin, what the hell did you think, I was going to leave and not come back?"
What am I supposed to know? I just became a father 2 days ago." He muttered trying to walk past me to get out of the room. I grabbed his arm and put my arms around his neck.
"Yes Justin, you are a father, and from what I can tell a damn good one so far."
"Do you know what I wish?" He asked me.
"What's that?" not sure if I wanted to know the answer.
"That you were his mother, that's the way it was supposed to be. We were going to get married, have kids and spend the rest of our lives together."
"Why do you think it's not going to happen."
"Why? Because, you don't want to be held down by Jacob."
Tears started to flow from his eyes and he looked away. I turned his head, having him face me again. Finally I could see all the emotion in his eyes. He was excited, scared, hurt. I kissed away one of his tears. "You can let go with me baby."
"I need you with me on this, I don't think I am strong enough"
I rubbed the back of his neck with my hand, something that he loves. "I am still here Justin. And I will be. Haven’t I told you that you are strong enough to handle anything that comes your way? You always have." Justin looked into my eyes and he gently kissed my lips.
I returned his kiss, and it became stronger. His hands ran down my shoulders as he pinned me against the wall. I felt his hands go to the straps of my suit. Then I heard the glass door open and Jacob call out "Krissy, Daddy, I hungry."
Justin groaned against my lips and placed my strap back on my shoulder "in here Jake."
Jacob came bounding into the room "Uncie Lance wants to make me a habugger."
"Tell Uncle Lance that daddy will give him a million bucks if he will."
Justin winked at me and I slapped him on the chest. "You know something, all of a sudden I am very hungry." I said wiggling out of his arms and grabbing Jacob up, going back outside hearing Justin groan.
Walking back outside, Jacob said "Daddy give you million bucks if you make me habugger."
Skylar and Lance laughed as I sat down next to them with Jacob on my lap. "Where daddy go?' the little boy asked looking around..
I laughed and tried to explain “Daddy’s...um...busy baby. He’ll be back soon.â€￾
Lance gave me a smirk, "Boy, I wonder what happened." causing Skylar to slap his arm.
I mouthed 'perv' to Lance and snuggled closer to Jacob as he played with my necklace. That’s when I realized that Justin’s wish was also mine. I wish I was the mother of this a perfect little boy.
you know the drill
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Postby zozon3 » Mon Nov 17, 2003 4:17 pm

I whispered and raised an eyebrow.â€￾ Well, unless you want him to sleep with us?"
Justin eyes widened and then replied, "Toys later Jacob, you need a bed."


jacobs the sweetest little kid
his moms just bad news

cant wait for the next chapter!hehe

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Tue Nov 18, 2003 9:12 am

"So baby, tell me what should we feed him?"

-- I loved that line. J really doesn't have a clue about kids! He's in for a rude awakening!

I really want to know what exactly goes on when Jacob is with Carrie. He seems so scared of everything and she does not seem to care what happens to her son!

I can't wait to see what happens if Justin is left alone with Jacob while Kristen and Skylar are away. I hope Jacob makes it through that experience!

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big chapter and a bit of nookie in it for ya'll WHERES THE FEEDBACK CHICA'S???
<span style='color:blue'>The Ties That Bind: Chapter 8
“You ready yet?â€￾ Justin called out to me as I grabbed my suitcase from the bed.
“Just a second. It’s only dinner, relax.â€￾ Justin and I were meeting Lance and Skylar for dinner before our plane left, Skylar and I had spent a week planning and were so excited for the ‘girl‘s weekend.’
God knows we deserved it!!
Justin has been very busy recording and I have been spending a lot of time writing these days, well trying to anyway. With so many things going on in our lives right now you’d think that I would have alot of material but the furthest I can get is the second line and although it’s been awhile. I don’t think that’ll cut it.
Jacob has been phoning us at least twice a day. During our calls he repeatedly tells us how much he misses us and it’s breaking our hearts. Part of me wants to cancel the weekend trip so I can just relax with my men but I know that J needs some time to bond with Jacob. Especially since Lynn will be here to help things along.
I made it down the stairs to hear the criticism “you really need that much stuff? You’re going for two nights.â€￾
I rolled my eyes and defended myself “Yes, I do. Unlike some people, I do not believe that hanging your clothes over a chair will actually clean them. Even if there is no washing machine, I still need clean clothes. Now, get a grip. Let’s go.â€￾ I stormed past him and walked out of the house leaving the suitcase for him to carry.
As I got into the car, I heard Justin chuckle and reply, "Remember Timberlake, clothes...BAD SUBJECT WITH WOMEN."
I started laughing as he put my suitcase in the back and got in.
He started the car. I smiled and leaned over and gave him a quick peck on the cheek “Thanks for carrying my bag, J and I love you too.â€￾ I winked and he started the car.
We made it to the restaurant and waited for our guests.
“They’re twenty minutes late! They’re never late.â€￾ Exclaimed Justin getting more frustrated as the time went by.
I giggled “Pain in the ass when people are always late.â€￾ I gave him a nudge.
“You are certainly a force to be reckoned with today. Very feisty!â€￾ He leaned towards me and whispered into my ear “I like it.â€￾
I smiled and knew how much I would miss him “I know how much you like.â€￾ I teased.
"Do you have to go to the bathroom?" He winked.
"Maybe" I whispered, rubbing my foot up his leg.
Not expecting that response Justin jumped and raised his eyebrows “Really?â€￾ Before I had a chance to respond he grabbed my hand and pulled me up. As we were just about to leave the booth Lance and Skylar jumped in front of us.
“Where you going?â€￾ Asked Skylar, a little confused.
Justin replied “nowhere now.â€￾ And sat back down with a huff.
"Glad you guys could make it." I said.
“Sorry, were late. I had some things that needed to be taken care of." Replied Lance.
Justin muttered, "So did I."
That's when I slapped him “Justin!â€￾ I snapped turning beet red.
Skylar began to laugh and asked, “Just where were you two going?â€￾
I hung my head as Justin answered, “Kris and I had a sudden urge to check out the bathroom.â€￾
"Teach you to be in such a hurry!" Lance said to Skylar.
"Enough, I will take care of you later." I said to Justin sipping my drink.
Justin looked at me and I felt his hand on my thigh, going up my skirt. "I sure hope so."
I grabbed his hand before it could make it to its desired spot and held it under the table.
"Ok you two! It's only two days!" Joked Skylar.
Justin shook his hand out of mine and resumed his path. "Two days is a lot Skylar, I can just imagine whatâ€￾ “business" you and Lance had to take care of.â€￾
Lance, in the process of taking a drink choked as Justin said that. "Ha Ha." He muttered wiping his mouth with a napkin.
Skylar blushed, proving Justin was right. He grinned at her.
She snapped back "Well It sure wasn't the bathroom"
Lance then added his opinion "Well the car is a close second."
I had to turn my head to keep from laughing out loud as the whole table jumped.
"Damn sugar that hurt." Lance whined.
I could only imagined what hurt at that moment.
Justin leaned closer to me and began to whisper all the things he was going to do to me when I got back, right in front of Lance and Skylar causing me too blush.
“Justin Randal!" Lynn came behind and slapped him on the back of the head.
Skylar laughed as Justin turned around to face his mother
"You knew that she was behind me didn't you?" Justin asked Skylar as Lynn sat down next to me.
Skylar just smiled at Justin and reached for her drink. Skylar could be quite nasty at times, which is one of her best traits.
Justin tried to explain, “Momma, I was...I just. I was just telling Kris how much I’d miss her.â€￾ Satisfied he crossed his arms and sat back.
"Not going to work, but how are you little one." Lynn asked me giving me a kiss on the cheek "Is Justin driving you nuts yet?"
"I'm fine Lynn, and I can handle Justin. All he needs is to be locked in a padded cell while I am gone."
"Don't you worry honey; I will take good care of Justin." She looked over me and gave Justin the look.
Justin gulped and took a drink of his coke. "Momma, I love you. But what are you doing here?â€￾
"I came to meet my grandson, of course. I also came to spend some time with my baby." The look of anger washed away, as she looked at him with sweetness that only a mother can.
She then continued, "where are my manners? Lance Skylar. Nice to see you both."
She got up and went to their side and hugged them close. "I can't believe your getting married. It's about time you snagged this woman up.â€￾
“What do you think I have been yelling at him for the last 2 years?â€￾ I remarked not wanting to meet Justin’s eyes.
“Don’t you mean telling?â€￾ Lynn asked.
"No Lynn, with Lance it's yelling trust me."
Lance was first to respond, "It's nice to see you too, Lynn. I'm glad we'll get a chance to spend some time with you before the girls leave."
Skylar then jumped in "it's too bad that we won't be able to see you a little more this weekend. The three of us need to have one of our girl talks.â€￾ The girls all smiled as the guys groaned.
As Lynn, Skylar and I began to talk wedding plans I looked over at Justin. He gave me a weak smile and grabbed my hand
Skylar asked Lynn what color my Bridesmaid dress should be and Lynn answered a pale green.
"She looks wonderful in green."
I swear that sometimes Lynn knows me better them my own mom. She is like that second mother to me, she accepted me whole hearted when I began to date her son. Promising me that if I ever needed her, she would be there
Skylar’s response snapped me out of my daze. Being very proper she responded very ladylike, more so than I would "Hmm, green! That is definitely a possibility." I knew that Skylar hated the color green. Giggling I replied, "Green would be great Skylar. You love green don't you?"
Skylar gave me a dirty look as the waiter appeared at our table to take our orders and I threw in "What about yellow?â€￾
Smiling her fake smile she replied, "I'll have to give it some more thought. Maybe the trip will help me out a little."
Justin leaned over to me and whispered "If she is that obsessed with the color of your bridesmaid gown, imagine what she is going to be like when we get married."
Lance was laughing silently in the corner and Skylar and I both gave him a swift kick.
Sensing the need for rescue he jumped in "Maybe Jacob could be our ring bearer?"
"Maybe" I said.
"I think that would be great,â€￾ Lynn added.
Lance and Skylar were a little surprised by my answer.
Skylar quickly added, "If your not comfortable with that we'd understand. We just thought that you would like him to be apart of this. He's like the new member of our family.â€￾
"I think it is fine." I said leaning back further in my seat.
"But what if he is shy" Justin asked. "He could get stage fright"
"If he's your son he'll be singing our wedding song."
Lynn smiled and I cracked up laughing as he responded, "Are you trying to say that I am a camera hog or something?"
"If the shoe fits wear it Justin." I remarked as our food arrived and we began to eat. Before we knew it was time for us to go to the airport and then time for us to get on the plane.â€￾
"I am going to miss you so much baby." Justin said wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me closer.
"Me to J, but I will be back before you know it." He nuzzled my neck and gave me one last kiss before we left.
Then we watched as Lance and Skylar said their goodbyes and then we went to board the plane. Suddenly very excited.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Skylar and I had so much fun at the wedding show. To my surprise, when we got off the plane, our friend Jessica was waiting for us. Jessica was Chris's girlfriend a couple years back, unfortunately it ended rather abruptly when Chris found out that Jessie was entirely honest with him.
Jessie is a very proud woman and from what Skylar and I know she had had some financial problems but refused to tell Chris about them, resolving to take care of them herself. Now we both know that she left that out because she didn’t want the media or Chris to believe that was the reason she was with him. She genuinely loved him and that backfired. But Chris felt betrayed and hasn’t been able to forgive her.
Both broken hearted they dropped all contact with each other and secretly still love each other, I know it. Of course Skylar and I remained friends, she was like the 3rd amigo and neither of us were willing to sever that tie because of a man.
We went shopping on the first day, attended the bridal show the next day, where Skylar asked her to be a bridesmaid. She didn't want to accept, because she was afraid to see Chris again, but we assured her it would be ok. Hesitantly she agreed seeing as were both pretty persuasive, Jessie was always a little gullible.
Skylar and I knew that they both still loved each other and although she really wanted Jessie to be in the wedding party she also had a hidden motive. We had a plan.
She was very concerned about Justin, Jacob and I. After telling her what had happened in the last few months she reassured me telling me to keep my faith and that everything would work out, I always loved her optimism.
Before we knew it our weekend was over and it was time for goodbyes. We spoke briefly about the engagement party and made her promise to come before boarding the plane.
"Justin" I called out as I came through the door. I heard a splash from the downstairs bathroom and then Justin yell “get back hereâ€￾ as Jacob ran towards me.
I dropped my suitcase and picked him up, naked and soaking wet but I didn't care.
"Krissy Krissy Krissy." he chanted kissing me on my cheek.
Justin came running after him, his wife beater completely soaked with water.
"Having fun? Where is Lynn?" I asked shifting Jacob in my arms to give him a kiss.
"She had to leave this afternoon. Carrie was supposed to pick him up 3 hours ago. I gave up and decided to get him ready for bed." Justin said.
I shook my head and looked at Jacob “did you have fun this weekend with daddy and Grammy Lynn?" he nodded and squirmed to be put down, setting him down he ran up to his bedroom.
“Well, I guess that's all that matters then."
We followed him into his room. "And who bought out the toy store." I asked looking around. The room was filled with every toy I could imagine, and some I couldn't.

"Baby," he walked up to me and put his arm around me "Nobody slept the first night. We needed something and these guys work." He motioned to the toys and beamed with pride as Jacob got on the bed and began jumping.
"Bad guys attack again?" I asked
Justin whined, "You have no idea, I was ready to fly to Vegas and hide out."
I laughed and picked up a stuffed bear. "Did daddy go nuts at the toy store." I asked Jacob as he continued jumping.
Jacob nodded as Justin tried to rein him in and get him dressed.
"I am gonna go unpack and join you guys in the kitchen, in five minutes." I said leaving the room and grabbing my suitcase.
When I entered our bedroom I laughed so hard that I just about fainted. It looked like Jacob wasn’t the only one who got a few new toys. A huge stuffed panda sat on the bed and I saw one of my Kristen Barbie dolls sitting on the nightstand.
I picked the doll up and forgot about unpacking, I went into Jacob’s room where Justin was almost finished dressing Jacob.
"Justin?" I called as he turned I held up the doll and he turned beet red.
His only response "I saw it and couldn't resist, I missed you that much."
I walked out of the room mumbling "I don't even want to ask" and Justin heard me and started laughing. Jacob bounced off his bed in his footed PJ's and attached himself to one of my legs. I carried him that way into the kitchen
"So, what's on the menu for snack time tonight?" asked J as he caught up.
"What did you have in mind." I asked sitting Jacob down on the counter next to the fridge and opening it up.
“BUZZ Cereal," he screamed."
I tuned to Justin, keeping one hand on Jacob so he didn't fall off the counter. "Please tell me you fed him something besides cereal this weekend?"
"NO, he's just obsessed. He wants it day and night so we have it for breakfast and bedtime snack."Justin defended.
I put Jacob down and looked at J. "He's obsessed? I wonder where he gets it? Tomorrow we have something a little healthier."
I mumbled under my breath, "Like father like son."
"I heard that."
"I know, you were supposed to." After a quick snack and 10 bedtime stories we finally managed to get Jacob to sleep. As we tiptoed out of the room the ringing of the phone startled us.

I pushed J, so he would hurry and get it and after realizing he was to damn slow I ran around him and quietly snapped "Hello."
"Kristen? Hi, it's Carrie. Sorry I couldn't make it to pick Jacob up. Is it okay if he stays again tonight?"
Wanting to jump through the phone, I put on a disgusted face for Justin, and in my sweetest voice to Carrie, "Of course. He's already asleep. No need to worry, I missed him like crazy this weekend. We're glad to have him." I said beating her at her own game
I heard Carrie mutter something and I kindly asked her to repeat herself. "Oh nothing" she said "I got to go, see you all tomorrow."
I hung up the phone and Justin looked at me
"We have him tonight." Is all I said as I grabbed his hand and pulled him into our room.
"How did the weekend go?â€￾ I asked finishing my unpacking as Justin sat on the bed and pulled the stuffed panda onto his lap.
“Alright, I guess. Man, I don't even remember falling asleep at night. I'm so damn tired I wake up drowning in my own damn drool.â€￾
"Yuck Justin, not what I wanted to hear. Everything went on with Lynn and Jacob?"
Laughing he continued, "Yeah, Momma was so good with him. He loves her to death. He really missed you though. I'm kind of glad that Carrie bailed cause he would have been upset if he hadn't seen you."
I smiled. "I missed him so much this weekend, I think I drove Jessie and Sky nuts talking about him."
"Jessie was there?" Justin was a little surprised and sat up a little.
"Yes, Skylar has decided to say to hell with what Chris thinks and have Jessie be a bridesmaid."
Running his hand through his hair Justin mumbled "Damn, that's going to be trouble."
"What I’m worried about is trying to keep Chris sane when he sees her. They can deny it all they want but I know they still love each other.â€￾
Walking towards the bed I continued “But enough about that, do you think Jacob will sleep in his room tonight?"
He raised an eyebrow and moved closer to me stopping at the edge of the bed "Why?"
"Well, they had this booth at the wedding show called Honeymoon Heaven and I did some shopping"
Justin's eyes widened "Really?" In front of Jess and Skylar?"
"Why not, I seem to remember all those things you said to me at the dinner." I winked, grabbed a little bag and shoved my suitcase in the closet before walking into the bathroom.
I walked out of the bathroom 5 minutes later and Justin's eyes got wide. "I like that." he said pointing to my outfit.
"Tell me how much." I said climbing into the bed with him.
"There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe it." Justin said
"Well then you can show me,â€￾ I said leaning over kissing him.
Justin grabbed me around my waist and pushed me farther into the bed. "I can definitely show you, but it might take a while." he muttered against my neck.
"We have all night." Justin's body pushed me farther into the bed, his weight totally on me. It was as if he couldn't get close enough.
"Where are the clasp on this thing.,â€￾ he asked running his hands over the front of me. I moaned. "Try to find them, think of it as a treasure hunt."
"To get to the gold?" he asked raising an eyebrow lifting me up to look at the back.
"I think I found them." he said and a moment later, the black lace fell off my shoulders. Running his hands down my shoulders, he removed the outfit with grace, along with his pants.
"Now that is gold." I said looking down his body.

Tasha and Chex

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Postby Angelpopstar7 » Mon Nov 24, 2003 12:32 am

"Now that is gold." I said looking down his body.

:laughup: :rofl: :rofl: thats the best line so far I think...Ahhh i loved that chapter!! more please?? :please:

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Postby checkers » Mon Nov 24, 2003 12:35 am

lol its actually funny in a sense when tasha and i first wrote this story there was not any nookie in it at all...maybe just the hint of some you know what i mean..but then we started writing then next in the series and oh boy chris gets LUCKY!!!! So i said we needed to have at least a bit of nook in this one so that scene was written 2nd draft and in a hurry lmao

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Postby AngelOfMusic » Mon Nov 24, 2003 12:17 pm

that was a sweet and long ass update!!!!!! and i cant wait for chris to get some nookie! the man deserves some!!!

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Mon Nov 24, 2003 12:31 pm

That was a great update ... nice and long, just the way I like them! Wow, I better watch what I say with all this nookie on the brain.

I love how Justin bought out the toy store for Jacob. What a fun dad!

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Postby checkers » Mon Nov 24, 2003 2:12 pm

is that a hint ladies :rofl: nice and sutble

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Postby AngelOfMusic » Mon Nov 24, 2003 2:17 pm

well thats what i am known for ya know, my subtlety or was it my lack there of? :confused:

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Postby checkers » Mon Nov 24, 2003 2:26 pm

PLULEEEEEEEEEEEEZEEEEEEEEE ANGEL, you are about as impacient as I am.....hehe

now what chapter did I end on...hehe....

no seriously what chapter did i end on :blink:

<span style='color:blue'>The Ties That Bind: Chapter 9
I sat in the recording studio a few weeks later working on my album. I have always found it to be a great relief to be behind the glass, with the world cut off, listing to the sound of my own voice.
I felt safest in the recording booth. It was my haven, where I could just be me, Kristen and not the heart throb Justin Timberlake’s girlfriend or friend of the beautiful Skylar Adams, and I wasn't anyone’s Kristen. I was just me.
So far we have had Jacob every weekend. He always cried when Justin took him home or when Carrie came to pick him up. Justin was becoming attached to Jacob more and more with each passing day and Jacob with Justin. A bond was forming between father and son and I couldn't be happier for Justin, except for Carrie. She was my one major problem. Justin was doing some interviews, so I worked with JC. He was co- producer and one of my managers, Justin the other one. JC wanted my record out in time for the Grammy nominations.
Tapping on the glass I heard Josh come through "Kris, you there?"
"Where else would I be?â€￾ I said taking off my earphones and glaring at him."
Laughing he replied "K, smartass. If nothing's bugging you let's take it from the top. I only have 4 hours I have to meet Hailey and the kids." He laughed and the music began.
I felt the familiar piece come over me, tapping my foot slightly to the rhythm I began to sing.
So what can you say, in a moment that last forever.
The pain is strong, the realization stronger.
I always though that you where the one.
Now I have to shift through the damage that has been done.
Without final word or a trace of regret
You left me hanging by a thread
But not a word had to be spoken
Your actions left nothing to be said
I can be as strong as I need to be, but what is the use
For the one thing I can't handle right now is the bitter truth
I should have know
By the lying eyes
And the silent cries
That I seem to be crying
How could you do this to me?
Your one and only
Now you left me here dying
"Kristen." Hearing Josh's annoyed voice come through the headphones scared the hell out of me.
I saw him hold up my phone and I sighed. I hated when people bothered me while I was working.
I ran out of the booth and grabbed my phone out of his hand. "Hello?"
"Who just answered your phone?" I immediately recognized the voice and dropped onto Josh's lap.
"That is JC one of my managers and Justin best friend." I answered. Josh looked at me worried and wrapped his arm around my waist.
"Oh, where's Justin? I've been trying to get a hold of him for hours?"
I didn't even know that Carrie had my cell number. She had never called to talk to me, always to Justin. Not that it bothered me much, It just felt weird her calling me.
"He had some magazine interviews and he turns off his cell. What’s the matter Carrie? Is something wrong with Jacob?"
"No, I just was wondering if you guys could take him? Something important has come up. Craig needs me to help him with something."
‘Craig?’ my thoughts drifted back to our first night with Jacob and I remembered mention of him and Carrie fighting "I would be glad to have him, is it over night"
"Yeah, thanks I hope this doesn't cause too much trouble. I'll drop him off, where are you?"
"I am at Jive Recording studios, on Conner Street. You can't miss it, just give your name at the reception desk and some one will bring you up to the studio." By this time, Josh had thrown up his hands and I whacked him in the back of the head.
Before I had a chance to add anything she hung up and I stood. Josh put his head down and asked "What now?"
“Carrie is going to drop off Jacob here. He can watch us, he will be good I promise and don't give me that look Joshua Scott. You are around kids now that you are dating Hailey. By the way, how are things going with her anyhow?" I asked sitting down in the chair next to him.
The smile reappeared on his face as he began "Things are going really good. We're trying to take it slow. The kids are great but we are limiting their time with me right now. You know, so we can figure things out. But I really like her and the kids. I think Joey spends more time with them than I do. He and Ashley get along pretty good. They baby-sit and we go out."
"That's a good arrangement, what happened to their father, if you don't mind me asking?"
“Well, from what I gather, he’s been gone since the baby was born.. We don't talk about it much."
"Gone how?" I asked
“I haven't really brought it up figuring it wasn't time for me to know but she has said she hasn't heard from him in over a year. Something about when he found out she wasn't going to give him money he stopped calling.â€￾
"What a a**hole, Damn that must be hard for Hailey, she must be a strong woman."
"She's amazing! To think we actually think we got it bad sometimes. Fortunately, Ashley helps out a lot! They’re a great team."
“Tell me about it." I said thinking of poor Jacob and Justin "lets get some more recording done and then we can plan a dinner for the four of us. I would love to get to know her." I saw the smile spread on Josh’s face.
“So tell me, what's going on for tonight? You’re going to bring Jacob? He questioned.
I stopped in my tracks and rolled my eyes "Oh sh**, I forgot about the engagement party. I guess I’m going to have to bring him aren’t I?"
"Guess so. Poor Justin is going to be in for a hell of a surprise. He's going to have to compete for all the attention." Josh laughed and motioned for me to head in the booth.
I shook my head as I got back into my spot. We started the song again and I was so into the music that I didn’t realize that Carrie and Jacob entered the room.
Carrie had a strange look on her face and I could see Jacob bouncing up and down. Josh let him into the booth and he crawled up into my lap
"Krissy sing." He said pointing to the mike that was in front of me. I motioned for Josh to start the song again and I sang with Jacob on my lap. To my surprise he was quiet throughout the whole song. When I finished I looked up at Carrie and saw a look of pure hatred on her face, it quickly vanished and she started to applaud.
I walked out of the booth and set Jacob on one of the chairs. "Hi Carrie, thank you for bringing him by. I have to get this song recorded or JC might kill me. Oh Josh this is Carrie, Carrie this is JC Chasez."
She held out her hand to him and as he grabbed it she threw on the charm "JC? It's too bad we haven't had a chance to meet sooner." Obviously referring to the night she was with Justin. He gave her hand a quick shake and excused himself to go over to Jacob.
Carrie turned to me. "I should be by tomorrow morning to pick him up. Thanks again." With that she grabbed her purse and left, just like the first time. Without saying goodbye to Jacob, this time Jacob didn't seem to mind, Josh was keeping him busy showing him all the gizmos and gadgets that were in the recording booth.
Hearing her leave he turned and said "Wow, what a catch."
"You have got to be kidding me" I said bending down to pick up Jacob and kissed his little cheek "I missed you little man."
"Me miss you." Jacob said poking me in the chest.
I smiled and asked him "Can you be good for Josh while Krissy sings." He nodded and I set him down on Josh’s lap so I could finish recording.
We said goodbye to Josh and I took Jacob with me to run my errands. I had to pick up my dress, get my hair and nails done, and now I had get something for Jacob to wear to the party.
He was and angel, telling me I looked pretty after I got my hair done. All I could think was how much of a sweet talker he already was. Typical.
After much deliberation and a little bribery we decided on a tux. He looked so cute. I only had to promise that I would bring him his Buzz cereal to get him to wear it.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Justin was to meet us at the party, so I got us home and dressed. I had planned for a car to pick me up because I didn't want to have to drive in a silk dress. Jacob saw the limo and loved it. The driver held open the door and smiled at him little boy as he began to play with the automatic window that separates the driver from the passengers.
I stepped out of the Limo and held Jacobs hand as we went into the hall. I immediately saw Skylar talking with Diane and walked over to them.
"Kristen, how good it is to see you again. This must be the little heartbreaker that Skylar has been telling me about." Diane bent down to Jacobs’s level and held out her hand. "Hello sweetie, my name is Diane." Jacob smiled at her.
Skylar leaned down as well "Wow Jacob; you look very handsome tonight. Would you like to be my date?"
"Backing out on Lance already." I joked as Diane picked up Jacob.
Trying not to laugh Skylar gave me the 'not funny look' and quickly changed subjects "Kris, Diane mentioned that she would like to discuss a few things with you regarding the wedding." When she finished she smiled smugly.
For someone you can be so damn proper she sure could be nasty at times.
Thinking quickly I responded, "Well Skylar, it is your wedding after all. When Justin and I finally decide to get married, I would be happy to listen to Diane’s plans. But for now, this is your moment to shine."
Smiling and nodding Diane responded, "you are so right Kristen," she paused handed Jacob over to Skylar and put her arm around me.
As she pulled me away she continued, "But, I need your help to get things organized."
She called back to Skylar who was laughing hysterically "We'll be just a minute dear."
I turned back around and mouthed "DEAD BRIDE WALKING" to Skylar, which only made her turn her head so Diane wouldn't see her laughing. I gave her my best death glare as I sat with Diane, talking wedding plans. I gave my advice when needed and looked for the quickest escape route.
I saw my escape when Justin strolled through the door, I politely pointed to Justin and said my goodbyes, trying not to run over to him. It's not as if we don't love Diane, all of us do, it just was not the way I pictured spending the evening, talking wedding showers and flowers.
I walked up to them and Jacob saw me first. "Krissy, here daddy." He said pointing to his father.
Justin was now holding Jacob and leaned to me, kissed my cheek and whispered, "What's going on?"
"Carrie dropped him off at the studio today. She had to help Craig with something; she couldn't get a hold of you so she called me."
I gave Justin a look that said I was not pleased with being interrupted at the studio, but everything was ok.
Cocking his head to the side he made an important observation "This seems to be happening an awful lot lately."
"Well, we can't complain, at least we get to spend more time with our little man." I said tickling Jacobs’s sides.
Giggling he replied, "Me Krissy’s little man."
He handed Jacob over to Skylar who was trying to sneak away and continued, "Baby, I'm not complaining. I'm just saying we have him more than she does."
"And there’s something wrong with that Justin?"
"Of course not," he wrapped his arms around me "I just had something special planned for when we get home.â€￾
"What it is? I hate it when you do that.â€￾ He knows how much I hate surprises.
"I know but we can't now. Not with Jacob around."
I know he couldn’t mean it the way it sounded but I still took it that way.
I snapped, "Well, how about ‘Jacob and I’ just dance for awhile." I turned and walked away scanning the crowd for Skylar and Jacob. Finding them I stormed over and grabbed Jacob from Skylar and walked away as Justin called out for me.
"Leave her alone for now." Skylar said grabbing Justin's arm before he could chase after me.
I danced with Jacob most of the night, sometimes Skylar or Diane took him off my hands so I could dance with Lance or JC, but I refused dance with Justin. I would look for him and he would be standing in the corner watching me or talking with someone watching me.
Sensing what was going on Skylar came up and pulled me aside "Kris; you need to cut J a little slack. He's just disappointed because he thought you two would be alone." I looked Justin's way. He was standing there watching me, with the most pained expression on his face.
"You think I should?" I asked Skylar still looking at Justin and she gave me a little push in his direction
Justin's eyes lit up when he saw me walking towards him. "Hi Baby." He said slowly.
"Justin, I'm sorry I snapped at you. I realize we don't have any time alone anymore, but it comes with the territory of being parents."
Justin grabbed my hand and led me towards the first floor washroom "it's okay, I understand. I know it's not your fault. Come here."
"Why are we going to the bathroom?" I asked as I let him lead me.
“I just want to.... Whoa! What the hell?"
Jessie opened the bathroom door and almost barreled over us as Chris came running behind her.
"Jess wait." I called out chasing after her as Justin dealt with Chris.
Not slowing a bit she called back over her shoulder, “Not now Kris."
I caught up with her and hugged her noticing she was on the verge of tears "What happened?"
"Jess, you can tell me anything! What happened with Chris?"
She snapped, “I just knew this wasn't a good idea. I need to find Skylar."
Not listening she ran off and I felt Justin's arms wrap around me. "They got into another fight." He whispered in my ear as I leaned back against him and sighed.
"What about this time?" I asked him
"Same old business. I don't know why he can't just get over it."
I turned to Justin "He can't get over it because he loves her. When you love someone your heart makes sacrifices, his heart is still in pain. His sacrifice is not talking to her. They need our help."
Justin smiled “Ok, I am out of this! !This is woman’s work"
Laughing I replied, "I meant Skylar and I. I don't expect you to know how to get Chris' head out of his ass. He needs a woman or two to slap him around a little."
"That was an image I didn't need, pulling Chris's head out of his ass." Joked Justin.
"Smartass, you know what I mean. Now let's go find Skylar before Jess does."
"Wait." Justin turned me around to face him. "Are ‘WE’ ok now?" He asked me looking in my eyes.
"We always were. Now let's go before Skylar has a coronary."
Justin and I entered the ballroom and noticed we were too late. We saw Jessie talking to Skylar when she saw me she gave me a look that said "HELP!"
I left Justin and ran the best I could in heels over to them.
When I made it I was pleased to see that Skylar had kept it together long enough to reassure her that she would have a talk with Chris and so far that was good enough.
Jess excused herself to go and talk with someone and I patted Skylar's back and smiled as she sighed, "who knew weddings were such a pain in the ass?" I laughed at her comment and went to find Jacob while she went to see Lance.
I found him snuggled up against Diane "He fell asleep 20 minutes ago." She said as I picked him up. He mumbled "Mommy" and fell back asleep again as my heart broke.
Completely surprised I found the closest chair and held back the tears. I sat and watched the announcements. Lucky for me I got excused from them because of Jacob being sound asleep. As I sat there I noticed everyone around me. Joey and Ashley were talking with Josh and Hailey. They seemed to be having a great time. I made a mental note to get in touch with them so we could all get to know each other better.
I then saw Lance and Skylar hiding out from Diane. I smiled and noticed Devin and Lauren walking towards them. At that point I wished that I could cover my eyes. Although surprisingly enough it seemed to go well. They spoke for a moment and then from what I can tell Lance excused them and they disappeared. Only to reappear about twenty minutes later happy as can be. I laughed aloud and caused Jacob to stir. A little panicked I began humming and he settled quickly.
My gaze then fell on Jess speaking with one of the other guests, unable to take her eyes off of Chris on the other side of the room. Chris was also trying his best to keep his eyes off of her. Damn, Skylar and I need to figure this out.
Justin walking behind me startled me out of my thoughts "Easy way to get out of the speeches."
"Well, you know me." I said still trying to keep my tears in check.
Noticing the tears he askedâ€￾ What’s the matter baby?"
"I picked Jacob up and he called me mommy." Was all I could say before the tears flowed freely down my cheeks." I just don't understand why a person like her gets that privilege. She doesn't deserve it. I just wish he would call me that."
"Maybe he was, you know better then I do that you have been more of a mother to him in this last month then Carrie has been in the past 3 years." He said putting his arm around me.
"It's not right though; he has a mommy and a daddy. I will be forever known as Krissy."
"Baby, he loves you." He pulled us closer to him "and that's all that matters. Not what he calls you? He knows what you do for him and he understands that."
I smiled up at Justin. "I guess your right.
"Come on, you both seem partied out. Let's go home." I nodded and after saying our goodbyes we excused ourselves. As Justin unlocked the door while I held Jacob I smiled knowing that this is what was right. This is what mattered, nothing else.
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Postby AngelOfMusic » Mon Nov 24, 2003 2:41 pm

i cant help it!!! it just comes naturally!! but seriously i love this story- i loved the first time and i am loving this time! carrie is an evil b****! oh and serriously i bet if lance lets his mom plan his wedding in real life it would be a huge southern style wedding with like 93827490182734981372 people there!!! more chexie!

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Mon Nov 24, 2003 3:25 pm

More, more, more ... I'm lovin' these updates! Kris and Justin are doing a wonderful job with Jacob. Carrie is just evil and something needs to be done about that crazy chick!

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Postby tendertoes » Mon Nov 24, 2003 8:07 pm

<span style='color:purple'>
i bet if lance lets his mom plan his wedding in real life it would be a huge southern style wedding with like 93827490182734981372 people there!!!

lmao...that's exactly why we stuck that in the story...lol</span>

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Postby Angelpopstar7 » Tue Nov 25, 2003 5:39 pm

awww he called her Mommy...why does someone like Carrie get to be a mother? I really don't understand at all :no: more please!!!

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Postby checkers » Wed Dec 03, 2003 11:22 pm

Ok I know I have not updated in a long time, But I have been so sidetracked (glares at EJ) lmao

2 for the price of one

The Ties that Bind: Chapter 10
I glanced at my watch, then at the little boy playing with his Lincoln logs in the living room. Carrie was late as usual and I knew that Jacob must be hungry so I decided on fixing him something anyway.
"Want to eat something real quick Jacob, before mommy gets here?" I asked causing him to look up at me then the door and nod.
“Krissy...where's mommy? Asked Jacob as I handed him his peanut butter and jelly sandwich and milk.
"I don't know kiddo, eat your sandwich." I looked at my watch again. I was supposed to meet Johnny and Josh to talk about promotion for the new album, but it looked as if I would be late again.
I took a bite and set my sandwich down and looked at my watch again. If she didn't get there soon, JC was going to kill me. I sighed and picked up the phone.
"Yeah," snapped Josh as he answered his cell on the fifth ring.
"I know you’re pissed, but let me explain"
"Explain what? Why I'm here covering your ass again? You owe me big Kris now get over here."
"Josh, I can't I still have Jacob. Carrie is late as usual."
"Again?" Damn" Pausing for a moment before he continued. "I am just gonna plan some radio and TV interviews without you then Kristen, we have to get this sh** done."
“sh**." I said grabbing my head. I could feel a migraine coming on and fast.
"Josh, I’m really, really sorry."
"I know, it's all right. Now let me go and kiss Johnny's ass so we still have a job in the morning. I'll call you later."
"You know how much I love you right Josh?"
"Oh you are gonna be showing me when you get over here, whether or not Johnny is here." he responded. "You my friend are the biggest perv I know, see you soon." I hung up and my head fell to the table.
'Damn her.'
Jacob looked at me with worried eyes. "Krissy mad at me?" He asked on the verge of tears.
"No baby, I am not mad at you." I said ruffling the curls on his head.
Jacob smiled at me and the doorbell rang. "Yes" I muttered running towards the door.
"Hi Kris, is Jacob ready yet?â€￾ Smiled Carrie.
I wanted to say, ‘He was ready 2 hours ago you twit.’
But I held my tongue and said, “he is just eating some dinner, would you like something?"
"No thanks were already late. Maybe some other time." she walked past me and into the house.
I gave her my dirtiest look behind her back and muttered, "Come on in Carrie." I closed the door and showed her the way to the kitchen
"Jacob, you ready to go home?" called Carrie as we reached the kitchen.
Jacob smiled when he saw me come in, but his smile quickly dissolved when he saw Carrie right behind me.
"Mommy, you here?"
I leaned against the counter and just watched the way they interacted
"Hi Baby." she leaned down and kissed his forehead as he continued eating "Mommy missed you, peanut." she looked over at me and gave me a quick smile.
"Do I haf ta go?" Jacob suddenly said, surprising Carrie and I.
She glanced at me and replied, "Yes, we have to go, right now."
Great I thought smiling at Jacob. "Don't worry little guy, you get to spend Christmas with us remember."
As I helped him off his booster seat Carrie commented "Christmas right, I'll have to talk to Justin about spending the holidays with you guys." She walked to the kitchen door and I had to resist the urge not to deck her.
Jacob joined his mother at the door; he turned around looked at me with tears in his eyes and then threw his arms around my legs. "Bye Krissy, I lub you." I held by breath till I heard the front door slam and I broke down.
I grabbed the phone, trying to hold back my sobs. I never in my life cried as much as I have in the past 8 weeks.
Only one person can calm me down when I am in a rage. I dialed JC’s cell.
"Josh, I need you." I said as soon as he picked up.
"Kristen, is that you, what happened?"
Hardly able to choke back my tears, I managed to reply. "Just please come over."
"Now? I have to finish up with Johnny. Where's J?"
"He's in LA. Josh, please I need to talk to you" I pleaded.
"Kris, I need to finish up here. We can't leave Johnny hanging. Give me an hour and I'll be there."
"Ok, but please hurry." I hung up the phone and leaned my head in my arms and started to cry even harder.
I was sitting on the couch, with a box of tissues on my lap and staring off into space when I heard Josh's car pull up. I ran towards the door and threw it open before he got up the steps.
He walked right in and as soon as I closed the door I threw myself into his arms. A little caught off guard he said "Kristen, what's going on?"
I was crying again, so thankful to have him here, that I could barley get the words out.
He held me at arms length. "Kristen, I have never seen you like this before and frankly buddy, you are scaring the hell out of me. Now what happened?"
"I don't know what to do anymore. How can I compete with her? She is always around, whenever things are going great...she shows up. I'm just...pissed. To make matters worse she's being a major b****. I mean more than usual and I don't think I can deal with it anymore."
"Kris, it doesn't matter what Carrie tries to do. J loves you and that's all that matters. He could care less about her and you know it. The only reason she is around is because of Jacob."
"I think she is trying to steal Justin from me." there, with Josh, the words I have been wanting to say for the last 2 months finally came out.
"Oh Baby," he brought a hand to my cheek "Now, I know that you are overreacting. I have never seen that man happier than when he is with you. You two were meant to be and he knows it as much as you do. You need to talk with J about how your feeling, only he will be able to put your mind at ease."
"Will you stay here tonight Josh, I don't want to be alone. I am so confused."
Josh pulled me to the couch and answered, "Kris, I'll stay if you phone Justin."
"And you have to fill him in. He hates to see you hurt, he will want to make it right. You have to phone him, even if it's just to say hi and to tell him I'm staying." he handed me the phone and put his hand on my lap.
"Josh, there is something you don't understand. Justin doesn't see the whole picture. He sees things through a haze. This arrangement will not always work. One day, when Jacob gets older, he is going to wonder why he is here, and he is going to start asking questions. Justin is going to have to explain to his son that he was a one-night stand and nothing more. Jacob is going to hurt. Justin is going to hurt. Trust me I know and there is no way I can save them from that pain"
"You don't have too. Why is it up to you to worry about that? Right now, Jacob needs two people that love him and he has you and J. He's a lucky kid and despite what you may think he's going to realize it one day. Even though there have been different things to overcome. Don't worry about 10 years from know, worry about today." He took his hand from my lap and placed a kiss on my forehead as he walked to the kitchen.
I sighed and watched him walk out of the room as I grabbed the receiver and dialed the number Justin gave me to his hotel room.
A groggy Justin answered the telephone, groaning "Uh huh."
"Hi Justin, it's me."
"Baby, it's 4 am here. What's going on?"
"Sorry, I didn't realize the time difference. Want me to let you go so you can go back to sleep?
"Of course not. I barely spoke to you today. What's up?"
I just wanted to here your voice is all. I miss you so much I have JC over here keeping me company." Josh walked into the room and handed me a cup of coffee.
"Josh? Kristen what's going on? Why would Josh be there? And don't tell me he's watching a
girlie movie with you cause I'm not buying it."
"Well, I figured if I couldn't have one mouseketeer, I could always have the other." I said trying to be funny so Justin didn't hear the pain in my voice.
"Ha ha! Your a riot, Kris." he sarcastically responded "Are you going to tell me what's wrong or do I have to come home? I know you Kris, what is it?"
"Justin." I whined and Josh looked at me. He mouthed "Tell him now"
"Jacob said something to me today."
"What did he say?"
"He told me he loved me right in front of Carrie."
"Really? That's great! So, why are you so upset?"
"It was the look on Carrie's face when he said it. Like he betrayed her or something. He asked if he could stay and Carrie told him no, then I reminded him that he got to spend Christmas with us, then all of a sudden Carrie got weird, she acted as if she wouldn't let Jacob spend Christmas with us."
"Baby, you don't worry about Carrie. He is my son also and he is coming over at Christmas...whether she likes it or not. She has kept him from me long enough. This Christmas he will be with his other family...us. Do you want me to come home? I can be on the next flight."
"You need to finished up your interviews Justin."
"Not when you are this upset, I can hear it in your voice, I hate being away when you are upset. I am going to catch a flight out tonight."
Him saying that was music to my ears, "Thank you Justin" I started to cry again, the phone dropping to my lap. JC picked it up.
"Kristen, answer me damn it, are you ok?"
"Hey man, she's here."
"What is wrong here? Make me understand."
"I'm not a hundred percent sure. You need to get here and talk to her though. I think she's worried about the two of you."
"sh**, ok, I used my cell, I am on the next flight out. It leaves in 2 hours so I should be there tomorrow morning around 9. Can you stay that long? I'm sorry to be thrusting this on you, but she is scaring the sh** out of me, she is never like this."
"It's no problem J. She'll be asleep soon. She's exhausted. I'll see you when you get here. She'll be alright."
"Thanks Josh, I owe you big time. Give her a kiss for me and hand her back the phone."
Josh handed me the phone back.
"Yeah, Baby girl listen. I'll be home in the morning. Josh is going to stay with you. Now try and get some rest and I'll be home soon."
"I'll try, as long as you will be here when I wake up"
"I will be. I promise. I love you Kristen, more than you know"
"I love you too Justin, so much it hurts." I hung up the phone and looked at Josh.
"See you just have to have faith in him. He loves you he wants to know when you hurt. It'll be okay, now let's get you to bed because if your not rested when he gets home he will kick my ass
I smiled as Josh helped me up off the couch "Have you ever realized when one of us are hurting we turn to you, it must be your curse."
"I tell myself that all the time. I get all the girls...but only when their broken hearted.â€￾ He laughed and slapped my ass "Now get upstairs
"You are staying right?" I looked at him worriedly.
"Of course I am. Do you really think I'd pass up an opportunity to sleep with J's woman?"
I smiled "Not one as fine as this, now come on, Justin's got some clean sleeping pants that you can wear."
I got him the sleeper pants and he went into the bathroom to change. When he got out he crawled into the huge bed next to me and put his arms around me.
Feeling alone I sighed and thanked God that he was here, even though I wished it was Justin.
In the safety of my best friend arms I instantly fell asleep.
The Ties That Bind: Chapter 11
I felt Josh roll out of bed the next morning around 8, all I remember is rolling over and immediately falling back asleep.
As he went downstairs to put the coffee on. Justin came charging into the house as planned, shortly after nine.
I heard him run the stairs the usual way, skipping two at a time and then quietly open the door. I wondered if he really thought that I would still be asleep after he made so much noise.
"Baby, are you up?" He whispered as he approached the bed.
"No, I was having this dream about you and bondage." I rolled over and squinted at the sun before adding, "Will you please pull down the blinds? I feel like I have a massive hangover."
Laughing he did as I asked and hopped onto the bed. "You sure are perky this morning." He stated sarcastically. He then leaned over and placed a kiss on my forehead and whispered against my skin "feeling better?'
"Now that you are here, much." I said lifting up the blankets to allow him under them with me.
"I am sorry I called you in hysterics last night. Josh made me, that is my only excuse"
He removed his lips from my forehead as he scooted under the covers and placed his head on my pillow. Now nose-to-nose he said, "You don't have to apologize. You should be calling me when you’re upset. Don't you know that I want to know if you’re happy, sad, mad anything? I want to know how you’re feeling."
"I know baby,â€￾ I said wrapping my arms around him and placing my face in the space where his neck and shoulder meet. "I just freaked that's all? I’m making you miss interviews aren’t I?"
"They don't matter, you do. Besides, I needed to get the hell out of there. I was going crazy. I should be thanking you." He looked over and winked.
I smiled. "Carrie said she had to talk to you about Christmas, expect a phone call today. She was pretty pissed, what are we going to do?"
"Let's not worry about Carrie. I'd like to phone her and ask to see Jacob, do you mind? We can discuss it with her when we pick him up."
"I have to see her again?" I whined against his neck and then began making slow circles on the small of his back, making him tense up. "I have ways of getting out of it."
He arched an eyebrow and smiled "not this time smartass. You’re coming with me." He got up and swiftly picked me up into his arms. Laughing hysterically he remained on the bed kneeling "All right?"
"But Justin, this time I really can't. Last night I missed promo talk and I have to go to the studio with JC today."
"You’re lucky!" He dropped me out of his arms and fell on top of me "then get out of bed. The boss is downstairs sipping coffee."
I started laughing "Shhh," I brought my index finger to his lips "Don't you ever say the word Boss around that hard ass, it’ll go to his head."
Justin began to nuzzle my neck. "I thought you said I had to get out of bed." I questioned.
Laughing he got up and walked to the door calling down the stairs "Kris said you’re a hard ass." He turned and stuck out his tongue as he walked out the door.
"You dick" I yelled throwing a pillow at him as he left. I got out of bed and chased him down the stairs.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I spent the entire day at the studio with Josh. I had him so frustrated that he threatened to quit if I didn’t go home. When I told him I still wanted to record, he politely told me that he was going to kick my ass if I didn't go home and get some sleep. Fortunately, about that time I was in no mood for arguing so I just got my stuff together and kissed him goodbye, making plans to record the next day. On the ride home, all I could think about was my situation with Justin, Jacob and Carrie. Just the thought of Justin going to visit Carrie and Jacob that morning unnerved me for some reason.
I got home around 6 that night and walked into the house, threw my purse and backpack on the hallway table, feeling as if I wanted to scream.
I didn't hear the sounds of the TV or radio blasting, something I am accustomed to when I got home. I walked into the Kitchen and just about freaked.
A huge mess awaited me. "Justin, that is it." I ran up the stairs and into our room, ready to let him have it when I saw J and Jacob on our bed. My anger melted as both of them looked up at me.
"Hey you’re home." Justin said as he pulled Jacob down on the bed.
That's when Jacob screamed, "Krissy, you back."
"Looks like I am." I smiled and sat on the bed next to Jacob who then reached over and threw his tiny arms around my waist.
I looked at Jacob and then at Justin, raising my eyebrows.
He came over and placed a kiss on top of my head as he sat beside me "what's that look for?" He flashed the killer smile and I felt the tensions of the day slowly melt away.
"Nothing, just a surprise having my two favorite boys greet me when I get home." I laid my head against Justin's shoulder and gently tousled Jacobs’s hair as he played with his toys on the bed.
"Good, we made dinner." Jacob looked over and replied "psgetti." I smiled and wondered if life could get any better?
"I saw that you made dinner guys, did an army come and help you?" I looked at Justin and he knew what I meant
Smiling he defended "I know but it seems we have a future chef here. I made him promise that when he's famous he'll be back and cook for us."
"That sounds great." I tried to reply wholeheartedly. Part of me just wanted to crawl into bed and sleep for a week but seeing as they worked so hard I did my best to be excited.
"Let’s go downstairs, and while daddy cleans up the mess that the chef made." I smiled and winked at Justin and he groaned, "I will try some of your psgetti" I grabbed Jacob off the bed and Justin followed us downstairs.
I did my best to eat what Justin had set out for me but I was just too damn tired. The stress of the last few days was enough to knock me down. Sensing my tension Justin came up and began rubbing my shoulders "you all right baby?" He leaned over to see my face.
I groaned as he worked over the knots that had had formed in my shoulders and neck "I'm just tired. Today was really long; I think I might just go take a hot bath. Is Jacob staying tonight?"
He whispered, "Yeah, I figured that would be ok. Maybe when you wake up we can go to the movies before I bring him home?" He reached for my hand and pulled me to my feet "now, go have a bath...you can tuck Jacob and I in after."
I smiled and told Jacob how much I loved his spaghetti and then made my way to the washroom to drown my sorrows and muscle aches away. I stopped when I heard Justin try to explain "Mommy's just..." he paused realizing what he had said and then continued "Krissy is just tired that’s all. Now help me clean up and we'll get a snack."
I stood there for a moment listening to them interact and wondered how everything could be so perfect...almost.
I slipped into the tub, about ready to die right there wondering how come I was so tired. Justin peeked his head in the door.
"You ok?" he asked.
""Where's Jacob?" I asked covering myself in case the little boy was right outside the door.
"In his room, messing with one of his toys." He walked further into the room. He reached down and lifted the wash cloth I had covering my breasts.
"Is it me or are your breast getting bigger."
"JUSTIN. There is a 3 yrd old downstairs, don't start something you can't finish."
"I'm not kidding, they seem, hell I don't know, fuller then last time I got a good look at them."
I threw the cloth at him, "Go check on your son, I will be out in a little bit. Then you can examine them all you want."
Justin laughed as he closed the door. I looked down and realized Justin was right, my breasts had become fuller.
"What the f***?" I muttered to myself sinking lower into the hot water.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
20 minutes later, I got out of the tub, dried off and put on my robe. I slowly headed into the bedroom and dressed in my most comfy pj's and crawled under the covers for a little rest before I went to see Jacob. As soon as my head hit the pillow I was out like a light..
"Kris? Are you all right?" I opened my eyes and glanced at the clock. It was now 10:30 and I hadn't even gone to tuck Jacob in. I had planned to lay here for a minute and then I must have fallen asleep. "J?"
"I'm sorry baby, I meant to lie down for a minute and then I just fell asleep. Did Jacob go to sleep all right?"
"He's fine, He was exhausted. We went to Lance and Skylar's place this afternoon and he played with the dogs for hours. When we left, I didn't know who was more tired Jacob or the dogs."
"Probably the dogs, I know how rambunctious that boy is. How did things go with Carrie?" I sat up in bed and rubbed my eyes.
He sat next to me and spoke "Actually it went really good. Ben brought out Jacob's baby book and we went through it. It seems that Ben and his parents take care of Jacob most of the time. Which explains why Carrie doesn't have any answers when I ask. Ben told me so much about the little guy that I can't wait to go back and chat with him."
"Really?" I said leaning against him, motioning for him to rub my shoulders again, he grinned and started to apply pressure to my weak spots.
He continued, "Yeah, it was kind of cool to see where Jacob gets some of his characteristics. I mean I was watching Ben and Carrie and the way they would respond to things and I see that in Jacob. Carrie does this thing with her eyes and I have noticed that Jacob does it also...that's cool don't you think?"
"Real cool." I muttered, involuntarily shrinking away.
"Carrie also told me that when Jacob was born he weighed the exact same weight that I did. Isn't that amazing?"
"Yes." I was getting madder by the minute. I backed away from Justin and turned to face him. For some reason, not wanting him to touch me.
"What's the matter baby?" Justin reached to caress my face.
"Nothing, why would you think something is the matter?" I asked hastily, pulling my pajama top closer around me and tucking my legs underneath me.
"Kristen, I love you and Jacob. I went there today and found out a lot of things that I should know about my son. I'm happy about that, Carrie was there because she had to be not because I wanted her to be."
I swallowed my pride and hung my head. "I was overreacting wasn't I?"
"No, I was stupid. I'm just really excited about learning all this stuff about Jacob. How many fathers’ do you know that don't even know their kids birthday? I don't want to be one of those fathers Kris, please try to understand."
I kept my head down because I felt like crying again. 'Damn me and my crying recently.' "I understand Justin." I lied.
"I knew you would. I love you baby. Now let's get some sleep before Jacob has a nightmare. Buzz will only protect him for so long." He turned and got comfortable in his usual position leaving me with my thoughts.

you know the drill

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Postby AngelOfMusic » Thu Dec 04, 2003 12:08 pm

awww j refered to her as mommy! that is so cute!! more more more!

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awwww Jacob told her that he loved her :wub: so cute!!!!!! and mommy again :wub: more??

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Sun Dec 07, 2003 6:45 pm

I feel badly for Kris and her being so upset! I want Carrie out of the picture ... she's so irresponsible, but she is Jacob's mom so she ain't leaving.

I'm glad J came home to comfort Kris. Although I wouldn't mind JC comforting me, too! There's enough of me for both of them to have a little fun with!

Justin laughed as he closed the door. I looked down and realized Justin was right, my breasts had become fuller.

Me thinks we have a situation here!

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