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Postby *PrInC€š§~R¶* » Sat Apr 10, 2004 7:04 pm

<span style='color:purple'>Chapter: 12

*Sakaura’s point of view*

Sakaura and her mom drove into their driveway. They got out and got all of their shopping items from the backseat. They walked up to a small house and her mom Jennifer got out the keys and opened the door; they put the bags on their table. Sakaura saw the light blinking on their answering machine so she pressed on the button:

“Hey, Mrs. Johnson it’s Syaoron and I was wondering if Sakaura can come with us to Hawaii and let us know what you think and call me back, have a nice day.â€￾

Her mom came up to her:

“Oh mom can I go, please?â€￾

“Umm…honey no I’m sorry we can’t we don’t have enough money to buy you a plane ticket, and it’s going to be way to expensive, I’m sorryâ€￾.

“But I’ll pay half of it from my Christmas moneyâ€￾.

“No I’m sorry and put these groceries in the fridge and we’ll start to make dinner soonâ€￾.

‘I don’t get it why I can’t so, this f***ing sucks major ass’ she said it over and over in her mind.
After she was done putting everything away she went into her room, which was light lavender with an accent color white. She grabbed her phone and laid on her back on the bed. She called up Sy.


“Hey I got your messageâ€￾.

“Oh cool so you gonna come or what?â€￾

“No I can’t ‘cause of this stupid money problem thingâ€￾.

“Well you don’t have to worry about money, my mom will pay for itâ€￾.

“No! No please don’tâ€￾.

“Why not? I’ll ask her right now, hold on alright don’t hang upâ€￾

“No wait Sy you better not!â€￾

He ran down stairs to the kitchen area.

“Hey ma, Sakaura can’t come to Hawaii because they have this money problem so like I was wondering can you pay for her trip?â€￾

“Well yes but I have to ask her mom about it and see what she saysâ€￾.

“Did I ever tell you that you’re the best mom in the world?â€￾

“No but I don’t mind hearing it 4 millions timesâ€￾.

“Thanks maâ€￾ he hugged and she gave a kiss on his cheek.

He ran upstairs and was almost out of breath, and then he picked up the phone.

“Alright she said that she will but she has to talk to you mom aboutâ€￾.

“No stop, ha ha that ticklesâ€￾, Sakaura was saying while Tommy was tickling her.

“Uh what’s going on Sakura, you thereâ€￾, Sy said.

“Oh hey ha ha sorry Sy…so what happen?â€￾

“Umm…yea what’s going on?â€￾

“Oh nothing Tommy’s hereâ€￾

“Ok well mom said that she has to talk to your mom and see what she saysâ€￾

“You guys don’t have to do this you knowâ€￾

“Yea well we don’t care what you think…no really it’s totally fine and beside it wouldn’t be fun if you weren’t thereâ€￾.

“Thanks man, I owe youâ€￾

“Yea you doâ€￾

“Byeâ€￾ they both hang up after that.

~ Sakaura’s bedroom with Tommy~

“So what was that all about ‘I owe you’?â€￾ Tommy said while putting her arm around her waist.

“Oh nothing it’s just his family I guess invited me to Hawaii (she told him the whole story)â€￾.

After hearing what she said, he was a little jealous of Sy. He knew that she was going to go no matter what and Sakaura will do anything for Sy because they were so close. He hated Sy’s guts. But he covered up his feeling towards Sy when Sakaura asked him if it was ok for her to go and he was totally cool about it.

“So what you wanna do know?â€￾ Sakaura asked.

“Oh I don’t know but we could do this…â€￾ he came in closer and put his hands under her shirt and laid her down on her bed, he kissed her neck softly and then kissed her pink lips. She put her arm around his neck and she kissed him back.

*ring ring* *ring ring*

When they both heard the telephone ring they both jumped up.

“Oh it’s just the telephone,â€￾ Tommy said. They both sat there and Sakaura looked up at him and smiled at his messy hair. While they were in her room, Sakaura’s mom picked up the phone and it was Sy’s mother Sejal.


“Hey jenny it’s me Sejalâ€￾.

“Hello how are you?â€￾

“I’m doing good and how about you my dear?â€￾

“Oh I’m doing alright. So why you called so suddenly?â€￾ Jennifer asked.

“Well I wanted to ask you if Sakaura can come with us to Hawaii and you don’t have to pay anything, I know that you are going through a lot and I wanted to pay for her trip. I don’t want her to miss on this trip. It means a lot to Sy and us if she comes along with us, she’s like my second daughter you know that. So would you please let her come and you can come also, you can take the vacation break. What you say?â€￾ Sejal wanted her to come also so badly because they became really close since Sy and Sakaura are best friends.

“Well I don’t know…â€￾

“Oh come on it’s be really helpful, it’ll get rid of your stressâ€￾.

“Well sure I guess I can go but after we come back you have to come for dinner here as a thank you giftâ€￾. Said Jennifer.

“I sure will Jenny and make some of that Apple pie…ummm I love that pieâ€￾.

They both laughed.

“Well alright. So when is this trip?â€￾ Jenny asked.

“It’s going to be on June 23 but we still have to buy the tickets and when I get them I’ll tell the time.â€￾

“Ok well it was nice talking to you Sejalâ€￾.

“You too honey…we should talk like this all the timeâ€￾.

“Yes we should well byeâ€￾.

Jenny hung up the phone and went upstairs to tell her daughter that they were going to Hawaii. She opened the door and saw Tommy lying on top of Sakaura. They were talking and she was laughing. Jenny never really liked him, he looked fake to her, he wasn’t right for her. She knocked on the door. Sakaura gently pushed him off of her and waved her to come in.

“Hey mama what’s up?â€￾

“I got a call from Sejal and we are going to Hawaii!â€￾ she said excitedly.

“No way! You serious? Wow! Wait did you just say ‘We’?

“Yes I did honey (she came closer to her daughter and put a hand on her cheek) we all are goingâ€￾.

“That’s great mama, shoot I can’t waitâ€￾ she sat down on her bed with a pillow in her arm and had a big smile on her face.

“I’m going to leave you two guys aloneâ€￾. Her mother left the room and closed the door but not all the way, she left about an inch open so she could hear what they were saying while she was in the kitchen.

“Wow you soundâ€￾, Tommy said as he sat on the bed.

“What’s wrong with you?â€￾

“Nothing it’s just that I’m going to miss you, that’s allâ€￾. He looked down and put on the fake sad expression.

“Aww…it’s only going to be for like a week and it’ll go by really fast and we can call each other at nightâ€￾. She hugged him.

“Yea I guess so, well I gotta go my mom wants me to be home for dinner at 6â€￾.

“Yea I should go and help my mom with dinnerâ€￾.

“Bye babeâ€￾.

“Bye babyâ€￾. He gave her a kiss on her lips, and then he left. </span>

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Postby angelpops13 » Sat Apr 10, 2004 8:45 pm

Great chapter. I'm glad she can go. I'm kinda getting to the point of where I just hate Tommy's guts. Ok im alittle confused,i kinda forgot if Sy and Sakaura were together? I just kinda forgot.

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Postby *PrInC€š§~R¶* » Tue Apr 20, 2004 1:09 pm

<span style='font-family:Castellar'><span style='color:blueviolet'>Chapter: 13 Part I</span> </span>

<span style='color:blueviolet'>It was beautiful day and Sy was waiting outside for Eriol and Sakaura to come. They were going shopping at the mall for the vacation that they were going to. A black car pulled over and it was them.

“Finally!â€￾ said Sy impatiently. He sat in the back seat while Eriol was driving and Sakaura was in the passenger seat. They drove to the mall. As they walked in they saw Tonya and her friends standing and eating ice cream, for them to get to the elevator they have to walk by Tonya. And when they did, Tonya stuck her foot out a little and Sakaura fell right on her face. Every one started laughing. Sy and Eriol looked back at what just happened. Sy looked directly into Tonya’s eyes and you can see his eyes burning up. Sakaura got up and was about to fight Tonya but was stopped by Sy.

“You don’t wanna hit this whore, you might get AIDS just touching herâ€￾, Sy said.

Everyone started laughing except for Tonya. She looked at them and left, while the others followed her.

“Why didn’t you let me punch her?â€￾

“Because there are a lot of people and you might get arrestedâ€￾, Sy said.

“She’s right why did you stop I wanted to see chicks fight, I mean come on men it’s would’ve been awesomeâ€￾, Eriol said.

“Dude don’t call me chick!â€￾ Sakaura lightly punched him in the arm.


They walked into the American Eagle store. Sakaura went into the girls’ side and the boys went into the boys’ side. They picked out clothes that they wanted and Sakaura picked out a bathing suit. After they were done they went to Eriol’s house. </span>

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Postby angelpops13 » Tue Apr 20, 2004 5:13 pm

Man i would of punched her back. Well im glad that he didn't though. More plz!

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Postby *PrInC€š§~R¶* » Thu Apr 22, 2004 2:51 pm

<span style='color:deeppink'>Chapter: 13 Part II

After they had gone to Eriol’s house, Sy went home for dinner. They finished having dinner and talked about what they were going to do about the vacation. They had brochures and marked down some places that they can go to. Their mother called the hotel that they were going to stay in and booked four rooms. Sakaura and her mom in one room and Sejal and her husband in another while Eriol and Sy shared a room and Urvi and Josh in another room. They got a call from their father and Sy picked it up not knowing that it was his father.

“Helloâ€￾, said Sy.

“Hello son, I need to talk to your mother can you give her the phone, sonâ€￾. That was probably the first time he had called Sy ‘son’.

“Yea sureâ€￾. He handed the phone to his mom.

“Hello honeyâ€￾. His mom said.

“Yea I need to tell you something. Do you remember David Wilson?â€￾

“Yea, yes I doâ€￾.

“well I met him a week ago and I invited him to our little vacation so we can work on some office stuff together there and he is bringing his daughter along too which would be great for Sy. You know having two richest families getting together and who knows what might happenâ€￾.

“Hmm…I hope you are not trying to bring those two together. I mean it’s a good idea but you can’t force themâ€￾, Sejal was a little confused of why he would want them to be together.

“Well we’ll see what happens when they meet. Tell the kids good night and I’ll see them in Hawaiiâ€￾.

“Yes I will byeâ€￾. They hung up.

“Bring who together ma?â€￾ Urvi asked.

“Oh nothing honey, wow look at the time it’s 8 pm I think you should go to bedâ€￾. She went upstairs worried about what might happen if Sy finds out what his dad wants him to do. All of them watched her go upstairs and heard the door slamming. They all didn’t know what happened on the phone but decided to forget about it and went into their own rooms. </span>

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Postby angelpops13 » Thu Apr 22, 2004 5:23 pm

great chapter. I hope that Sy doesn't like this guy's daughter. More plz!

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