Can't Let You Go

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Postby Mariah111384 » Wed May 12, 2004 1:06 am

Great job Ash. I love the imagery. You are a great writer. :)
Coolness man. Gimmie mo please!

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Postby AngelOfMusic » Wed May 12, 2004 11:45 am

now that is what i call a nookie chapter!! good lord! poor justin if he were to ever date a fan that had read any of his fan fics he would have a lot to live up to!! :lol: more more more more!

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Postby Angelpopstar7 » Wed May 12, 2004 3:32 pm

AngelOfMusic wrote: poor justin if he were to ever date a fan that had read any of his fan fics he would have a lot to live up to!! :lol: more more more more!

Thats soo true :nod:

Ash that was one hot chapter Mami! :lick: :drool: I think that I'm gonna have to go take a cold shower now....alhtough first I'm gonna have to call up Justin and have him come over so that we can reinact that lovely scene :nod: MORE PLEASE!

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Postby megzrsa » Wed May 12, 2004 3:40 pm

You are seriously one of the best writers when it comes to writing nookie chapters :lick: that was awesome!

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Postby tendertoes » Thu May 13, 2004 8:14 pm

<span style='color:purple'>Woohoo....great chapter!!!!!!!!!!</span>

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Postby shortie17 » Fri May 14, 2004 1:59 pm

WOW! Great Chapter

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Postby BabyBlue2578 » Sat May 15, 2004 3:24 pm

<span style='color:limegreen'>I dunno where everyone is... KENDRA... But we're gonna get this show on the road. B) I dunno if I like this chapter yet, but I hope y'all do. ;)

<span style='font-family:Times'><span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:dodgerblue'>Chapter 10
All I Need

Another day one has begun. Oh, what fun. No, today I really am having fun. It’s the first day of the Challenge for the Children and we’re in Atlanta for the weekend. Seven years, and I still get a kick out of these things. It’s amazing to watch people come together for charity like this. Last year, we raised $4 million, so this year, we’re going for 5.

I now know why they call this place Hotlanta. The end of July is not the time to be standing on a baseball field, waiting for a ball to be thrown in your direction. I’m about damn near ready to pass out. It has to be 90 degrees out here, and mind you, it’s about a quarter after 6PM. Couldn’t we have done this in a gym?

It’s the top of the third inning, the Knights are hitting, and Joey is up at bat. I’m on the Daze team for the weekend, standing at third base, which is a bad idea, because I have a perfect view of Michelle’s spot in the stadium bleachers, and I’m spending more time making eye contact with her than I am paying attention to the game. Not only that, but Sydney, Jourdyn and Brandon are up there with her, being stupid. They make for great entertainment during this boring game.

The crowd is insane, as usual, and Ludacris is just about to strike out Joey, and I can’t wait. Then my team can head to the dugout. The score is tied – at zero – and it’s hot.

I looked around the outfield at all my teammates. They’re pitiful. Hilarie Burton and T-Boz from TLC are in left field having a conversation like they’re sitting on a train or some sh**. Lance is the first baseman, JC is at second, and Pharrell is an umpire? He can’t even call a phone number, much less a baseball game! Well whatever. It’s for charity. It’s nice to see Helena and Shae in the crowd, supporting him. And his newest steady girlfriend, Sarah, is sitting right next to them. That should make for an… interesting family portrait.

I gazed towards the other side of the stadium just before I heard the audience cheer loudly. Finally some action in the game. As soon as I got ready to pay attention to my job, I heard the familiar scream of my name and I knew that it had to be Michelle. I turned around to find her waving hysterically.

“What!â€￾ I yelled. It wasn’t supposed to come out mean, but… oops.

She turned her cap on her head so that I could witness her dramatic wink. “I love you!â€￾

She’s crazy, but I smiled and laughed. “I love you more!â€￾ As if she doesn’t know that already.

Thankfully, she sat down so that we could all watch JC catch Joey slide into second. That’s three outs. Yes!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Bottom of the sixth, the score is tied at 3, and I’m responsible for two. Andre from Outkast got the other run for us. Nelly picked up all three for the Knights.

I thought it would be smooth sailing when I saw that Lindsay Lohan was pitching for them, but she’s good. Damn her. I was back at bat, eyeing the first baseman whenever I could. It’s the winner from last year’s American Idol –LaToya London – and well I’d kinda like to slide into her, if you know what I mean. But as always, I’m in it to win it, so I waited for Lindsay’s pitch.

As I made my way to first, I noticed Chris and that Adam Brody dude actin’ a fool in the outfield. Bad mistake sticking them together. Damien from TRL was back there too. With them having no clue as to what’s going on at the moment, this game should be in the bag for us.

Matt LeBlanc from Friends/Joey went up to bat next. He’s pretty cool for an old guy, but his baseball sucks. I hope he’s better at basketball on Sunday.

Nick Lachey is the second baseman and he’s been after me the whole game. I think this might be it for me.

Or maybe not. Matty got a homer and we were up 5-3.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Top of the 9th, tied again at 8. We were so close to keeping our lead, but Alicia Keys wanted to become the Italian Stallion in the 7th inning and got a frickin’ home run when the bases were loaded. Now, Wilmer Valderrama is at bat for the Knights and LaToya is at first.

I thought that wouldn’t go anywhere, but then Luda decided to walk him, so first and second bases are occupied and Chad Michael Murray is at the plate. Just shoot me now. Before I can blink, LaToya has joined me at 3rd so that the bases are loaded and Nelly us up next.

That’ll be another 4 runs for the Knights. Dude, I f***ing hate baseball.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So as you can probably imagine, we lost the damn game. Not that I’m surprised, or anything. I just don’t like losing. We better win the basketball game, or I’ll really be pissed. I know it’s all for the kids, but I’m a bad loser. Admitting your problem is the first step, right?

After we gathered our stuff from the locker rooms, I headed back outside to where the crowd was still waiting and cheering gleefully as if it were the Olympics or something. We have the best fans in the world. And as much as I’d love to talk to each and every one of them right now (yeah right), I just want to get back to our hotel and take a shower. The sweat has my t-shirt glued to my back, and the feeling is not pleasant.

I threw my gym bag over my shoulder and walked past Lonnie to where Michelle and Sydney were making pleasant conversation. I bet they were talking about me. I tower over them, shielding them from the stadium lights. “Hey ladies, ready to go?â€￾

Michelle immediately looked up at me and grinned. “Where are we off to?â€￾

It better be our hotel. “I dunno, The Omni, maybe?â€￾

“It’s only 9 something,â€￾ Sydney interjected. “I wanna party.â€￾

“Me too,â€￾ Chelle added.

Just great. They’re gonna try to make me do something tonight. I’m tired. “Well I’m sure someone is having a party. Y’all have fun.â€￾

“No, J. You have to come too.â€￾

“I don’t feel like it,â€￾ I whined. “I just wanna go back to our room and take a shower.â€￾

“Good,â€￾ Syd replied, standing up to adjust her shorts. “Then after you get dressed, you can take us to a party.â€￾

“Why does this have to involve me?â€￾ I questioned, rolling my eyes.

“Because it does,â€￾ Chelle answered, rising from her seat. “Now let’s go.â€￾

We started to walk towards the exit, just behind Lonnie, before I realize that we’re missing someone. “Where’s Jourdyn?â€￾

Syd and Chelle stopped in their tracks and looked at one another knowingly. “Umm,â€￾ Sydney began.

“Umm?â€￾ I turned around to face them.

Michelle darted her eyes back and forth between passersby, and me, as fans shouted my name. “Uhh.â€￾

“Uhh? Quit playing. Where’s Jo?â€￾

“She’s with Brandon,â€￾ Syd finally admitted.

“Okay, well then where are they?â€￾


“Dude, what the f*** is going on?â€￾

“Nothing, Justin. Can we just go?â€￾

“Yeah, sure,â€￾ I relented. “As long as she’s all right.â€￾

“She’s fine,â€￾ Chelle quickly retorted.

“Then it’s gravy baby.â€￾ Why the hell do I keep saying that?

We continued to the parking lot, arm in arm, where JC was in the car waiting for us. I’ve never been so happy in my life to see a big black Suburban. I plopped into my seat at the back of the car, thinking my girlfriend was right behind me, but I look up to see her settiling into the seat with JC. What the f*** is that about?

“Smile,â€￾ Syd interrupted my thoughts.

I looked at her in confusion. What is there to smile about? “Why?â€￾

“Because you have no reason to frown.â€￾

I have every reason to frown. Why the hell is she sitting up there with him? “I beg to differ.â€￾

She hit my thigh and chuckled. “No, you don’t. They’re just friends.â€￾

“There’s no such thing,â€￾ I countered.

“Okay, you’re talkin’ outta your ass now.â€￾

“What? Men and women are never ‘just friends,’â€￾ I said, using the quote fingers.

She laughed, thinking I was joking. “Justin, shut up.â€￾

“Dude, I’m for real.â€￾

“Well then what are we?â€￾

I lifted my stare from her, to the back of Michelle and JC’s heads when I heard Chelle let out a hearty laugh. “What are who?â€￾ I directed back to Sydney.

“You and me, crack ass.â€￾

“You are forever, and ever, my best friend.â€￾ There’s a difference.

She rolled her eyes exaggeratedly when I snaked my arm around her neck, and gave her a big kiss on the cheek. “You’re a dork.â€￾

“I try.â€￾

She sat back in the seat with me and watched C and Chelle along with me. “Besides, if she ever leaves you for JC,â€￾ Syd started, “You don’t have to worry.â€￾


“Because you’ve got me,â€￾ she beamed.

“And Jo?â€￾

She nudged me in the stomach. “Always, babe.â€￾

“Then that’s all I need.â€￾ I really mean that too. It would take me forever and a week to get over Michelle if anything like that were to ever happen, but Jo and Syd have stuck it out with me for so long. Girls come and go, but family is forever. And they’re my family.

We laugh at our crazy projections, and watch the city of Atlanta pass us by as we head downtown towards our hotel. As we’re piling out of the car, JC finally acknowledged my presence. “Hey man, good game.â€￾

I tried my best not to be an a**hole. “We lost, dude.â€￾ Guess that didn’t work out.

“It was close though,â€￾ he grinned. “And you did good.â€￾

“Well so did you.â€￾ I pulled my bag onto my shoulder and headed into the hotel beside Sydney.

“Yo, J,â€￾ he called after me.

I turned around to see Michelle get out of the car last, and then looked at him. “What’s up?â€￾

“I think we should talk,â€￾ he said seriously. “Now.â€￾ Great. He’s about to say something that’s gonna f*** up my night. What could he possibly have to talk to me about that can’t wait until the weekend is over?

I looked back and forth between him, Syd and Chelle. Syd looked just as confused as me, but Chelle and JC were obviously on the same page. “About what?â€￾

He glanced around the lobby of the hotel nervously. “I don’t think we should do it here.â€￾

I bit at my nails while Michelle did the same, slowly walking towards me and resting her head on my arm. I don’t think I like where this is going. “Okay,â€￾ I nodded. “Let’s head to my room then.â€￾

We walked to the elevators and waited while I paced anxiously around the three of them. Sydney stopped me with her arm and intertwined her fingers with mine. Soon after, Michelle took my other hand in hers. Why are they treating me like a 5-year-old whose mother forgot to pick him up from school?

They both offered reassuring smiles, but for whatever reason, when Michelle smiled, calmness overcame me, and I was thankful for that. Those dimples are the only things that keep me sane sometimes. As the four of us stepped into the elevator, I just hoped that whatever JC was about to say didn’t take that feeling away.

I watched JC carefully as he eyed Michelle curiously, trying to make eye contact with her, which annoyed me immensely. I let go of Sydney’s hand and pulled Chelle closer to me. I had a nagging feeling that JC’s announcement involved Michelle, and the thought sickened me. I’m scared as sh** to lose her. But she wouldn’t be this happy if that’s what was going down. Would she? Maybe he’s going to tell me that he wants me to let her go for him. Or maybe he just wants to talk about a song or something.

There’s a million things that he could be preparing to tell me. But there’s way too much tension in this elevator for it to be good. Well I know one thing. He ain’t taking her without a fight. What am I talking about? This might have nothing to do with her. But what if it does?

I guess I need her more than I thought.</span></span></span>

Ah, so the plot thickens. :thinking: I know it's been a while, but feedback is GREATLY appreciated. :D</span>

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Postby Angelpopstar7 » Sat May 15, 2004 5:09 pm

What the h*ll is going on here? I demand an answer :lol: JC you better just spit it out boy cause I wanna know what you got going on? Oh i have an idea but i'll keep it on the dl until i find out whats really going on :nod: ahhh MORE PLEASE!

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Postby justins bubbles » Sat May 15, 2004 5:59 pm

<span style='color:blue'>WHAHAHAHAHA it's always JC isn't it? :chatter: :lol:

And yes...I'm caught up! :yay: Wonderful story...wonderfully written...wonderful Justin. :lol: He's kinda an a**hole, but hey, some parts of these stories have to be realistic. :lol: J/k

And what's up w/ him hating baseball? :nono: huh-uh! :lol:

But yeah...loved when I read the first lines of John...and then Joss...lovely songs. ^_^

Now...write. :D </span>

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Postby shortie17 » Sat May 15, 2004 6:13 pm

what's goin on now?
you have to write more

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Postby AngelOfMusic » Mon May 17, 2004 11:51 am

ahhh sh** i cant wait to see what jc is gonna say!

yeah why is it always jc poor joey and chris never steal any of j's women! :lol:

update soon i need to know what he is about to say!!!!!!!!

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Postby BabyBlue2578 » Mon May 17, 2004 12:17 pm

<span style='color:limegreen'>Yes, I have more for y'all. Because I'm the sh**. :D Nah, just kidding. I'm glad y'all liked the last one. *NJoy! :blowkiss:
And woo woo! I've got the Bubbles on my side. :wave:

<span style='font-family:Times'><span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:blueviolet'>Chapter 11
Ain’t No Sunshine. He’s Gone

We all walk out of the elevator and head straight for Justin’s room. I know exactly what JC is about to tell him, and to say I’m not nervous would be a total lie. Not for myself, but for him. He’s had so many people screw him over in the past, and now this. Hey, maybe if we’re all lucky, he won’t care. But somehow, I doubt it. I know it’s hard for him to live in a world where he can only trust a handful of people. And it seems like with every move he makes, another person is removed from the bunch.

I’m glad Syd is here for him. He looks so worried right now. I smile to ease his apprehension, but I don’t think it’s working.

As he digs through his duffel bag for his room key, I notice a tear slide down his cheek and I softly wipe it away. “It’s not that bad sweetie,â€￾ I say.

He looks at me and shakes my hand away – not maliciously, just unhappily. He opens the door to his suite, allowing the three of us access before himself. Wow, he must really be upset.

I absolutely hate the eerie silence that we have going on right now. I wish Brandon was here. His stupid comments always manage to lighten the mood, but he’s off with Jourdyn right now, doing only God knows what. They seemed to hit it off at the game today, so I don’t expect to see them for a while.

I chuckle when I notice that all four of us are nervously nibbling at our lips as if we’re waiting on the results of a pregnancy test or something.

“What’s so funny?â€￾ Justin asks tiredly, hopping onto the bar.

I watch as JC plops onto the couch in the room with Syd following closely behind. “Nothing,â€￾ I reply. I stand in front of Justin, holding his hand. Even if he doesn’t want me to, I’m gonna be here for him damn it.

“Alright, so let’s just get this sh** over with,â€￾ Justin proclaims. Yes, let’s.

“Well,â€￾ JC starts, “I have a little bad news for you.â€￾

“Well I figured you weren’t about to tell me I got a raise.â€￾

I smile timidly at his comment, as I’m not sure if he’s trying to lighten the mood or if he’s just being an a**hole. “Just spit it out,â€￾ I direct to JC.

JC tilts his head to the back of the couch and sighs. “Well J, it seems that Ken has been fired.â€￾

Justin’s expression begins to lighten until realization hits him and his features tighten into a frown. “Ken Sunshine?â€￾ JC nods in affirmation. “Why?â€￾

“Well I don’t know the whole story, but it had something to do with some shady stuff going down that included Lou Pearlman.â€￾

Justin’s grip on my hand tightens immensely at the mention of his name and I drop my jaw in pain. But I know he’s mad, so I keep the scream to myself and endure this storm with him.

“I’m a little confused,â€￾ Justin finally says, after minutes of jaw clenching and evil stares around the room. “What would my publicist have to do with Lou Pearlman?â€￾

“According to Johnny, they’ve been in cohorts to drag your name through the mud for quite a while now,â€￾ JC answers.

The first thing that pops in my mind is that damn girl Paige. That was all Ken’s doing. The bastard.

Justin slowly nods his head in understanding. He finally frees my hand from captivity and jumps off the bar. “So is that all you had to tell me?â€￾

“Yeah.â€￾ We all let out a sigh of relief that J didn’t fly off the handle. “I didn’t know how much you’d be affected by it,â€￾ JC adds, “So I thought it best to tell you in private.â€￾

He keeps nodding, so I can see that he’s hiding his feelings. Whenever Justin doesn’t have much to say, he’s either pissed off or tired as hell. Tonight, he’s both. “Thanks man.â€￾

“You cool?â€￾ I ask him.

He smiles. “Ice cold.â€￾ I reach up to hug him, glad to see that he’s relieved. “So I take it you knew about this,â€￾ he focuses on me.

“Yeah. I thought this was one of those business things that I probably shouldn’t get involved with,â€￾ I respond.

Sydney, who had been uncharacteristically quiet the whole time, finally spoke. “Chelle, I think you should though.â€￾

We all turn our attention to her cross-legged form on the couch, picking at JC’s jersey. “What?â€￾ I ask.

“You should get involved.â€￾

Justin’s eyebrows lift in wonderment. “What you talkin’ bout Sydney?â€￾

“I’m talking about Chelle. She could be your new publicist!â€￾

What? Is she crazy? I know nothing about publicist…ing? See, I don’t even know the word for it. “I don’t think so,â€￾ I laugh.

Justin is licking his lips as if he’s onto something. He can’t possibly be considering this. “That’s an idea,â€￾ he says.

“Yeah, a bad one,â€￾ I interject.

“I think it’s a good one,â€￾ JC furthers.

So I’m the only one in this room that thinks this will suck. “I’m not a publicist you guys. Journalist here.â€￾

Syd smiles at her epiphany. “It’s perfect. You already follow him everywhere, anyway. Now you can get paid for it!â€￾

I roll my eyes. I do not follow him everywhere. “This is insane.â€￾ Do I?

“No baby, this is good,â€￾ Justin states, walking behind the bar to retrieve some wine glasses. “I can trust you, and that’s what matters most.â€￾

“But I have no idea what I’m doing!â€￾

“You’ll get the hang of it,â€￾ JC informs, standing from the couch. “Whenever you hear something bad about him, lie. When it’s something good, perpetuate.â€￾

I laugh at his statement until I realize that he’s serious. I offer half a smile when Justin pulls a bottle of champagne from the little refrigerator underneath the bar. Wow, can we say ghetto? “I guess there’s no point in fighting this, huh?â€￾

“Nope,â€￾ Syd laughs, joining us. “You’re in it for the long haul, girl.â€￾

Well, at least I get to spend more time with my baby. I watch Justin’s hands over the wine bottle as it fills the four glasses. We lift our glasses high, and toast.

“To Michelle and Justin’s newest relationship,â€￾ JC declares.

Syd winks at us. “Publicist and publicee.â€￾

We clink and drink. What the hell have I gotten myself into?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Day two of CFTC was awesome. Everyone gathered at Centennial Park for a bunch of games. They call it the Skills Challenge, but I think it would be more appropriately titled Skills-Challenged, because the players were certainly lacking. But it was hilarious to watch Justin get dropped into that dunking pool repeatedly. I want him to get one for his house so I can dunk his ass whenever he pisses me off.

It’s now close to 7PM, and we’re sitting at P. Diddy’s restaurant, Justin’s, amongst all the celebrities that are a part of the weekend. It feels kind of like sitting at The Ivy in L.A., where I usually happen to catch most of these people on my lunch break. But it’s cool, because it’s not LA and it’s certainly not The Ivy.

I’m glad to see that Diddy and Ashton are still good friends. They’re sitting at the table in front of us, with Demi and her kids. I still find it an odd combination, but cute, nonetheless. To their right, Nick and Jessica are with their daughter. They’re all staring blankly at the scenery of Peachtree Road ahead of them. I guess Jessica’s blondeness rubbed off on her husband and child too. Just behind us, Adam Brody and his girlfriend Rachel are joined by La Toya and her family, Lindsay Lohan, and Mike and Coral from Real World? Who the hell set up these tables?

At my table, there are too many people to name, but all of *NSYNC and their guests are here. Fun stuff. Justin sits back in his chair, with his arm around me, sipping his Coke. “Did you hear about Jo and Brandon,â€￾ he says in my ear under the loudness of our table.

I look at him baffled. “No, what?â€￾

“They hooked up last night.â€￾

“You’re kidding.â€￾

“I’m for real,â€￾ he replies.

I glance at Jourdyn, who’s directly across from me and see that she’s animatedly engaged in the story Chris is telling about his haunted motorcycle. My brother is next to her, but he’s making napkin airplanes with Pharrell and Sarah. “Nah, there’s way too much sexual tension between them,â€￾ I answer. “They haven’t done anything yet.â€￾

“I think you’re wrong.â€￾

What the hell does he care for? “Okay Justin, I’m wrong.â€￾ He hates when I patronize him like that.

“Don’t be condescending Michelle.â€￾

I laugh and kiss him on the cheek. “Why do you care anyway?â€￾

“I don’t,â€￾ he says awkwardly. “That’s just what I heard.â€￾

“Were you listening at the door again?â€￾

“Shut up you dork. If anyone could be heard last night, it would be you,â€￾ he winks. He is gonna stop calling me out like that.

“So I have a question,â€￾ I announce, changing the subject.


“Well now that I’m your ‘publicist,’ do I have to quit my job?â€￾ I hope not. I love my job.

“That would be up to you baby. But I don’t think you will.â€￾

I nod in understanding. I think it would probably be for the best if I did, but if I don’t have to, then I certainly don’t want to. “Do you think I should?â€￾

“No, I think you’ll be fine doing both. You’re a big girl.â€￾

As our food finally arrives, I’m left wondering what to do. It’s not like Justin is some washed-up actor. He’s a big-time headline-grabbing pop star. That’s a lot to handle. And I want to be able to give myself to him completely. I do everything at 110%.

I love how he cuts his steak into little tiny pieces, as if he’s a little kid. “So do you know what you’re gonna do,â€￾ he inquires earnestly.

My eyes move across everyone at the table, indulged in their own conversations and then I stare back at Justin with a sigh. “Yep.â€￾ I take a forkful of his mashed potatoes and smirk. “Who’s workin’ for ya baby.â€￾

“What does that mean?â€￾

I laugh at how dumb he is sometimes. “It means that first thing Monday morning, I’m leaving my job at the LA Times.â€￾ Did I really just say that? Yes, I did. Because it feels right. There’s no question that I can pull this off. Not only that, but as Justin would say, I’m going to murder it. I only hope it doesn’t murder us, too.</span></span></span>

:bored: I know, I know. It'll get better though. :D</span>

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Postby shortie17 » Mon May 17, 2004 2:36 pm

looks like Michelle gots a new job, how sweet
more please

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Postby megzrsa » Mon May 17, 2004 3:11 pm

phew, you had us all there Ash :unsure: bad news about the ex publicist <_< stirring trouble for Justin but i suppose a good thing has come out of it :P Chelle has a new job, as long as she doesn't lose her independence then its all good

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Postby Angelpopstar7 » Mon May 17, 2004 3:39 pm

awww poor Justin :hug: i knew that there was something fishy about that Paige girl :nod: good thing that Michelle is there for she gets to be his publicist :yay: I wonder if shes gonna regret giving up her job at the L.A. Times though :nervous: ahh MORE PLEASE!

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Postby tendertoes » Mon May 17, 2004 8:23 pm

<span style='color:purple'>Damn Ken!
Good idea about being his publicist!!!!

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Postby justins bubbles » Mon May 17, 2004 9:51 pm

<span style='color:blue'>:bored: Next please.

:lol: Jokes, jokes...good job. And what'd I do to be that boy's publicist. "Justin Timberlake is dating his publicist!"

"Is this true?"

"Yes, it is. We're very happy and plan to wed and have lots of sex and babies." :D

:lol: :lol: :lol:

And yes, The Bubbles is here. :lol:</span>

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Postby AngelOfMusic » Tue May 18, 2004 10:29 am

Bubs you are truly something else! :lol:

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Postby BabyBlue2578 » Wed May 19, 2004 12:28 pm

<span style='color:limegreen'>:D Here's another lonnnng one for y'all. :blowkiss:

<span style='font-family:Times'><span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:dodgerblue'>Chapter 12
Yo Timb-Man, It’s the Jump Off

I climbed out of the shower and threw a towel around my waist, knowing that breakfast was waiting for me. I heard the knock at the door and the clank of the dishes before I got in. I just hope my food ain’t cold. Or better yet, knowing Chelle, I hope it’s not gone.

I walked into the living area of our penthouse suite to find her at the table, on the phone, smiling from ear to ear. It’s weird because she usually only uses her phone for business when I’m around, and Sunday morning isn’t really the height of the workweek. As I headed for my suitcase, I tried to follow her conversation as best I could, getting nothing but a series of excited shrieks.

“So guess what,â€￾ she exclaimed, slamming down the phone, which I noted to actually be mine.

I turned around, pulling on a t-shirt. “Umm,â€￾ I pretended to think, “You’re pregnant?â€￾

“You wish,â€￾ she smirked. “It has to do with you though.â€￾

“I’m pregnant?â€￾

“Shut up stupid. The VMA nominations came out today!â€￾

My eyes widened at the mention of the VMAs. They are, by far, my favorite award show – even if I had nothing to do with making the damn video. “So?â€￾

“So I just talked to Johnny, and it turns out that you guys got six nods!â€￾

“Six?â€￾ I exclaim. “You’re sh**tin’ me.â€￾

“I sh** you not, my dear. Six, including Video of the Year and Viewer’s Choice.â€￾

I nod my head in slight amazement, taking it all in. Everyone said *NSYNC would fall off after being gone for so long. So if I’m counting correctly, that makes two Grammy’s for us, two more AMAs, another Billboard, a couple of other awards that I can’t remember to name, and the number one album for three weeks straight. Not only that, but we sold another 1.8 million the first week. Our album should’ve been called Not Your Average Boyband, ‘cause well… we’re not.

“So,â€￾ she started, cutting up her waffle, “I was thinking.â€￾

“Surprising,â€￾ I interrupt. I was kidding though. She’s always thinking.

She rolled her eyes and threw her strawberry at me. “b****.â€￾

“So what were you ‘thinking,’â€￾ I ask, joining her at the table.

“Well you know how you’re doing this movie, right?â€￾ I lifted my eyebrow in acknowledgment and she continued. “So I was thinking, right before you leave the scene to do that, you need to do something.â€￾


“Yeah, like to keep your name circulating while you’re gone.â€￾ She popped a forkful of waffle in her mouth and stared at me expectantly.

“What?â€￾ I scoffed, “Like a publicity stunt?â€￾ She can’t be serious.

“Well not like Nipplegate or anything, but I mean, like do something press-worthy. Make one of your crazy ass Britney remarks. That always gets you in trouble.â€￾

Okay, she’s officially insane. “Michelle what the f*** are you talking about?â€￾

She ran a quick hand through her straight hair and chuckled dismissively. “Don’t worry about it babe. I’ve got a month to figure it out. Let’s just eat.â€￾

I pulled a sugar packet from the little basket on the table and tossed it at her, landing it in her hair. “Don’t be planning anything crazy either or I’ll fire your ass.â€￾

“Baby, my ass is fire,â€￾ she mocked one of those neck-rolling attitudes. “Besides, you’d never fire me,â€￾ she added, wiping the sugar pack from her head.

“Yeah, you’re right. I’m just too damn nice for my own good.â€￾

She cackled loudly, showing her mouthful of bacon. What the hell is so funny? “Yeah Justin, you’re nice.â€￾ Damn, she didn’t even try to hide the sarcasm.

“b****, I am nice,â€￾ I retorted.

She threw another strawberry at me, hitting me right in the nose and I smiled. Sometimes, I wonder if we’ll ever grow up. But then, I realize that I don’t want to.

“What did I tell you about calling me that,â€￾ she interrupted my happy thoughts.

“Lighten up. I call everybody that.â€￾

“Well I’m not everybody,â€￾ she quickly countered.

She got up and opened the big glass door to the balcony that overlooked Centennial Park. I immediately joined her, watching the Olympic fountain thingy spray water on all the kids in the park. I wish I was down there with them. Nothing takes precedence over water being sprayed in your face at every direction.

“Sorry,â€￾ I finally proclaimed.

“Don’t be sorry. Just don’t say stupid sh** like that,â€￾ she replied with a laugh.

Well if that doesn’t sound familiar. “You know you’re in love when you start quoting the sh** I say in magazines.â€￾

She pulled me into a hug. “Or maybe I’m just obsessed.â€￾

“Pathetic, even.â€￾

She broke from our embrace and pulled her hair up as she sauntered back to the table. “Ready to play today,â€￾ she winked.

I picked up my plate of bacon and brought it back to the window with me. “I’m ready to win today.â€￾

“Cockiness is not your friend,â€￾ she said with a roll of those caramel orbs.

“Yeah, but it’s yours.â€￾ I walked back to her seat and began to place kisses down her neck, lifting her shirt over her head. Some people shoot hoops, some run laps to warm up. Michelle is mine.

In her best Austin Powers voice, she verbally agrees. “Oh yeah, baby.â€￾

First quarter.

Forbes Arena at Morehouse College was totally insane, and as the loud boom of ‘The Jump Off’ pulsated through the speakers, I got this tingling in my toes that told me this game was about to be good. Before Ryan Seacrest could even finish announcing my name, I ran to the court, engaging with the fans – particularly my number one fan, who was standing courtside. She wore a Daze jersey with the number 1 on the front, as well as 31 and ‘The Mizzle’ printed on the back, along with a cheerleader looking skirt. Interesting outfit, to say the least. A long line of family and friends stood beside her, cheering wildly.

I checked my shoelaces, stuffed my jersey into my shorts, and stepped on the court with my other four teammates, awaiting the jump ball. Coach Diddy decided that Carmelo Anthony should jump for our team, which makes sense, because Coach Latifah – or is it Coach Queen? Well whatever. She has LeBron James jumping for them.

I watched intently as the ref dribbled the ball to half court and tossed into the air just to see LeBron lob the ball to Nelly. I peered as he glided past Lance, headed straight for the hoop. In one swift motion, he executed a lay-up, just before I picked up the rebound.

I moved quickly to our basket, trying my best to fake out Joey. Before he could blink, I charged towards him, damn near knocking him over on my journey to the net. The crowd went crazy when I experimented with my 360° dunk.

I just barely heard Ryan over the commotion of the audience. “And number 1-slash-24, Justin Timberlake, Bugs Bunny himself, has set the stage early in the game!â€￾

At this point, all I can think is Damn right, it’s better than yours. I could teach you, but I’d have to charge.

Second Quarter. Daze – 22. Knights – 21.

Just about three minutes left in the half, and I really don’t think we’re up by enough. I took a deep breath and exhaled loudly before taking my place over the line of the key. I looked at the rim of the net while dribbling the ball nervously. We all watched as the ball flew from my hands, hit the backboard and bounced off of the rim. I closed my eyes and wiped the sweat from my brow with my arm cuff. I don’t know why I’m so stressed. This isn’t the f***ing NBA Finals – it’s a game full of celebrities. But then again, every time I set foot on a court, I mean business.

As the referee bounced the ball to me, I noticed Michelle standing below the hoop, biting her nails in anticipation. “This one’s for you, girl,â€￾ I whisper to myself. I let the ball escape my grip and do what it wanted. Nothin’ but net.

MTV’s LaLa inbounded the ball, passing it to Nick Lachey. He dribbled down the court, just before my little Christina Maria stole the ball, surprising everyone, and passing it to T-Boz. She completed the play and scored another 2 points for our team.

“Ladies and gentlemen,â€￾ Seacrest came back on the speakers, “Christina Aguilera is playing dirrty!â€￾

That’s more like it. By the end of the quarter, we’d gotten 7 more points. I walked off the court, wiping furiously at the sweat with the tail of my jersey. I plopped down in my chair, gulping down Gatorade and searching for Chelle.

Suddenly, I felt a slap on the back of my neck. “Good game, baby.â€￾ It was Jourdyn.

“Yeah, it is.â€￾ I reclined in my chair and titled my head back so that I could see her face. “You havin’ fun?â€￾

A shy smile spread across her face. That had to be all about Brandon. “Too much,â€￾ she replied.

“So I heard. Spare me the details, okay?â€￾

“Aww, you’re not jealous are you?â€￾ She pushed my cheeks together so that my lips gave off that fish look.

Jealous? Yeah right. “Jealous of what? You still belong to me.â€￾

“Correction sweetheart. You’re my b****.â€￾

I restored my head to its original position when I saw Michelle walking towards us with a throng of fans behind her. “Forever,â€￾ I finished.

“Justin!â€￾ Michelle yelled, unnecessarily. I’m like two feet from her.

“How may I help you, Miss Alexander,â€￾ I asked, professionally.

She pulled me from my seat and situated me between the teenaged girls that accompanied her. “I need for you to take a few pictures.â€￾ I frowned at her questioningly. Reading my mind, she added, “Don’t look at me like that. It’s good for publicity.â€￾ She magically pulled a digital camera from the back of her skirt and held it up to her face. “Smile!â€￾

Third Quarter.

Big Boi put the ball into play, passing it to Tyra Banks. You’d think dating a basketball player would give this girl some skills, but no. JC ran past her, grabbing the ball and throwing it to Pharrell. He dribbled down the court, crossing over Chris and heading straight for the hoop. He tried out a three pointer that turned into an embarrassing airball, but I caught it, and justified our steal with a lay-up that could have been mistaken for an oop.

I winked in Michelle’s direction when I heard her cheering, as I made my way to the Knights’ hoop. LeBron had the ball, and I knew he was about to try something crazy. Never wanting to be outdone, as he started to make his shot, I stood in front of him, elbowed him in the stomach and then dropped to the floor dramatically just before he stumbled over me and skidded across the court. I smiled when I heard the whistle blow and the ref declared an offensive foul.

Gonna get rowdy, gonna get a little unruly
Get it fired up in a hurry, wanna get dirrty
It’s about time that I came to start the party
Sweat drippin’ all over my body
Things are getting just a little naughty
Wanna get dirrty
It’s about time for my arrival

Now, who’s dirrty? Coincidentally, that song blared through the speakers, signaling that it’s time to get amped.

Here it comes, it’s the one you’ve been waitin’ on
Get it up, get it rough; Yup, that’s what’s up
Givin’ just what you love to the maximum
Uh oh, here we go

Fourth Quarter. Daze – 48. Knights – 31

We are killing them and I couldn’t be happier. Since we were about to win, I figured it was time to have a little fun in this game. I called time out and headed to our bench where Michelle sat peacefully in my chair, talking to my teammates.

“You feel like playin?â€￾ I asked, sitting in front of her on the floor. She looked back and forth between Kutch and Frankie Muniz, figuring I had to be talking to one of them. “I’m talking to you, crackhead.â€￾

“Me,â€￾ she asked incredulously. “How am I gonna play?â€￾

“Walk on the court and do your thing.â€￾

“J, I’d love to, but I’m not a celebrity. These people didn’t come to see me play basketball.â€￾

I waved at a couple of girls behind her that were trying to get my attention. “They’ve seen everyone. Plus, it’s not like everyone doesn’t already know your name and face.â€￾

She smiled at the possibility of playing the last few minutes of the game. I know she wants to do it. “But what about your team? Don’t you think they’d like to finish the rest of the game?â€￾

I glanced down the row of chairs as her gaze followed, seeing everyone yawning, fanning themselves, and stretched lazily over their seat. “I don’t think they’ll mind.â€￾

“I dunno,â€￾ she trailed off.

“Look, this is my game, and so, what I say goes.â€￾ I smiled so she’d know I was just kidding. “Now get your ass up.â€￾

“Justin, I have on a skirt!â€￾ she screeched, as I pulled her from my chair.

“You ain’t doin’ backflips across the court. Come on.â€￾

“But –“

“I’ve seen you play ball in a dress and those high heel things that you like to call shoes, so don’t even try it. Let’s go.â€￾

I stood before my team, next to our coach and asked who would mind sitting out for the rest of the game. When four tired hands went up, Michelle chose to let Miss Hilarie Burton stay on the bench with the rest of our team, while us five headed onto the court.

“Well,â€￾ Ryan announced, “It looks like Bugs is calling the shots now. He’s got his girlfriend on the court and she is officially in the game!â€￾

Better call your boys ‘cause I’m coming
You can’t be me, I’m a Rockstar

I took the ball from the ref, put it into play by passing it to Chelle and smiled happily when she immediately dribbled circles around La Toya, bounced the ball through her legs, and went for the three. Swoosh.

La Toya inbounded the ball to Nelly and he did his fancy dribble down the lane, stopping at the three point line. Mike, a.k.a. The Miz, just happened to bump into Nelly as he completed his shot. Brick. Adam Brody got the rebound, but put up another brick for his team when Michelle blocked it. Alicia Keys went for a lay-up and finally got the two points for the Knights.

I passed the ball to Chelle and damn near saw red when LeBron tried to foul her. Not only that, but he was too fast for her, so she was stuck at half court, trying to get past him.

Something on your chest, better get it off
There’ll be no one left when we set it off
We ain’t gonna take it no more
Since it’s almost over now, almost over now

“Watch the waist!â€￾ I yelled to her.

Momentarily, she ceased her attempt to move around him and simply stood bouncing the ball with her other hand on her hip. I have no idea how she knew I was there – maybe the ball just slipped from her hand – but without looking, she let the ball fall behind her and into my hands. Unfortunately, LeBron thinks he’s playing an NBA game, and he was in front of me as fast as I’d gotten my hands on the ball.

I looked for any of my teammates, who all seemed to be guarded, so after failing at the crossover, I simply let the ball fly from my grasp and fell back into my stance as I attempted at the 50-point shot from half court. The entire gym watched the ball sail over their heads, as if it were all playing out in slow motion. Real time seemed to finally settle back in when the ball floated through the hoop, not even touching the rim.

You don’t succeed, ‘cause you hesitate
You think we’re fly, but we levitate

I gave LeBron James a smug ass smile before being congratulated by my team.

“Girls and boys, it is a wrap!â€￾ Ryan exclaimed. “Justin Timberlake said he’d bring it home and he just did!â€￾

You can’t be me, I’m a Rockstar

I can see it already. On the next Access Hollywood, ‘Is Justin Timberlake Joining the NBA?’ That’s one rumor that I wish was true.

Michelle ran past me and gave me an encouraging slap on the ass, which made me almost lose my concentration to focus on hers. Almost. As Coral sauntered by, bouncing the ball, I accidentally pummeled her and she went crashing to the floor. That really wasn’t deliberate. Damn, that might give them a couple of points. Oh well, they can’t beat my fifty. They might as well give it up. This game is over.</span></span></span>

:blink: I know that was long, but it was fun, right? :lol: Okay, even if it wasn't, feedback please. :crossfingers: I'm off to see Shrek 2! B) </span>

<span style='color:hotpink'>Lyrics: "Dirrty" - Christina Aguilera f. Redman (Stripped)
"Rockstar" - N.E.R.D. (In Search Of...)</span>

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Postby Sarah » Wed May 19, 2004 1:26 pm

<span style='color:deeppink'>woo! first to reply on both boards!! :lol: :nerd:
once again another great chapter! i just hope that the two of them working together doesn't ruin their relationship!
update soon!! :P </span>

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Postby megzrsa » Wed May 19, 2004 2:13 pm

woo wooo! Now that was a fun chapter :headbanger: I got a little lost in that as though it was a real game :lol: more please Ash :P

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Postby Angelpopstar7 » Wed May 19, 2004 3:01 pm

aww i loved that chapter Ash :thumbup:

She got up and opened the big glass door to the balcony that overlooked Centennial Park. I immediately joined her, watching the Olympic fountain thingy spray water on all the kids in the park. I wish I was down there with them. Nothing takes precedence over water being sprayed in your face at every direction.

Thats a site to see...its the cutest thing in the world! :nod: I have a couple pics from when i was in ATL and its so adorable...all these lil kids running around in bathing suits :wub: Plus there just happened to be this basketball tournament going on when I was there so I got to see tons of hot guys with their shirts off :drool: :lick: lol

But back to the story Justin made the 50 point shot huh :thinking: way to go J :party: you know that boy wasn't gonna let LeBron get away with anything :lol: ahh MORE PLEASE!

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Postby AngelOfMusic » Wed May 19, 2004 4:25 pm

that was a fun chapter! i love that he made her get in the game in a skirt! that was hysterical!!! more please!

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Postby justins bubbles » Wed May 19, 2004 7:04 pm

<span style='color:blue'>That was by far my favorite chapter. :nod: Anything w/ basketball is gonna hold my attention. :lol: And the part where she quoted him from RollingStone I was so thinking "Where have I heard that before?" :confused: :lol: Then he said that she had quoted him... :ph34r:


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Postby BabyBlue2578 » Thu May 20, 2004 7:25 pm

<span style='color:hotpink'>:ph34r: Not quite an update, but I WILL have another long one for y'all soon. Probably today. :D

But anywho, I thought since y'all are reading this story, I should tell y'all... I've officially been nominated. I dunno how, or why, or who, but hey, I figure I should just roll with it. :lol: So Can't Let You Go, She Got Me, and a short story that I wrote called Gossip Folks have been nominated in the Awards, so... yay!

Y'all can vote for me I don't think voting is open yet, but y'all can check out the site, nominate some people, read some stories... fun stuff. Also, all three of my stories are at the archive.

Big kisses to all of y'all that are reading. Y'all know how much it means to me. :blowkiss:

Oh yeah, She Got Me is also nominated for the Impression Awards... but that's not a voting thing, so I guess it was irrelevant, huh? :lol: Okay, I'm done rambling. Thanks gals. :kiss:</span>

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Postby Angelpopstar7 » Thu May 20, 2004 8:15 pm

aww Ash thats awesome :yay: I'm deff going to vote for you :nod:

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Postby BabyBlue2578 » Thu May 20, 2004 9:54 pm

<span style='color:limegreen'> Again, thank y'all for the great feedback. It's very inspiring. :cheesy: I'm just gonna apologize ahead of time, because this one might be excruciatingly long. :ph34r: I hope you enjoy it. B)

<span style='font-family:Times'><span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:blueviolet'>Chapter 13

August 18, 2005. August 18th. That date sounds so familiar. What the hell is supposed to happen that day? I’m standing in line at In-N-Out Burger, eyeing the date on my cell phone. I can’t imagine why that date is etched in my mind, but it seems like I should be doing something.

Just as I complete my order, my phone rings, signaling that it’s Justin. “Yes,â€￾ I answer.

“Miss Alexander?â€￾ He’s doing his business voice. “Some woman is at my house that seems to think she has an interview with me. Do you know anything about this?â€￾

Oh, sh**. I knew there was something. “Umm, yeah. Did you let her in?â€￾

“Well no, I thought she was lying.â€￾ He sighs into the phone. I hope he doesn’t fire me. It’s only been two weeks. I’ll get it together. “So why aren’t you here?â€￾

I check my watch to see that it’s only 1:30, and we weren’t supposed to start until two. “I stopped at In-N-Out to get us some lunch. She showed up a little early, I guess.â€￾

“You’re such a liar,â€￾ he laughed. “When will you be here?â€￾

Thank God he’s not mad. “Ten minutes.â€￾

We hang up and I let out a sigh of relief, mixed with anxiety. This is the first interview he’s going to do with me as his publicist, and I’m scared as all hell. They all tell me to just go with the flow, so that’s exactly what I plan on doing. I mean, how hard can it be to say ‘He can’t answer that.’

I retreat from the restaurant to my silver BMW – it was a Christmas gift from Justin. Yes, I still have my Honda. As I make my way down Mulholland Drive, I can’t help but wonder just how insane this is about to be. I’ve sat in on tons of interviews with Justin and Ken, and all Ken seemed to do was sit there and complain. Then, in my previous line of work, I did plenty of these things where I just wanted to b**** slap the publicist for saying ‘no’ to every freakin’ question. It would be hypocritical of me to do the same thing here. But it’s what I’m being paid to do. Ah, the things we do for love.

I pull up to Justin’s estate, entering the security codes to his gate, and roll up the winding gravel driveway to his house. When I see the unfamiliar white Acura parked in front of the garage, I’m thankful that he let this poor woman inside.

My turquoise skirt suit almost immediately sticks to my back as I get out of the car and meet the blistering heat. I walk into the house to find a thirty-something blonde woman, who I assume to be the interviewer, sitting on the sofa in his living room, staring at a notepad and biting at a pen.

“Hi,â€￾ I say, standing in the threshold of the room.

Her blue eyes focus on me, and she smiles at the sight of my bags of food, rising from the couch. I’d guess that she was an ex-model before a journalist, but I suppose pretty people are everywhere in L.A. “Michelle Alexander?â€￾

I extend my free hand to her and nod. “Heather Masterson,â€￾ I ask. “I’m so sorry about all the confusion.â€￾

She waves dismissively, “Don’t even worry about it.â€￾ She follows me as I walk further into the house. “This might be a long shot, but are you, by any chance, the same Michelle Alexander that did the double feature on Tony Mirano that just came out in RollingStone and The Times?â€￾

I’m beaming at the fact that she recognized my work. “Yes, I am.â€￾

“I’ve gotta say that that was amazing,â€￾ she coos.

Wow, I have a fan. I’m touched. Brownie points for Heather. “Thank you! I worked on those stories for months.â€￾ Okay, so it was weeks, but does she really have to know that?

I guess the sound of my heels on the wooden floor signaled that I’d made my entrance, and Justin came leaping down his staircase to give me a hug. “Could you be any later,â€￾ he asked, in his best Chandler voice.

We both laugh as we walk into the kitchen with Heather in tow, all taking seats at the counter.

“Is this like a two-minute thing, or am I gonna have to talk to you all day?â€￾ He winks at her and a pang of jealousy shoots through my stomach. He’s a professional flirt, and for the first time since Paige Maxwell made her last appearance in my life, I feel myself being potentially overtaken by my own resentment.

“Well,â€￾ Heather says, “It depends on whether you like it fast or slow.â€￾ Looks like he’s met his match.

“We’ve got a lot to do today,â€￾ I politely interject. “Maybe we should get this started?â€￾

She smiles at me uneasily and turns towards Justin. “Geez, is she your publicist or your girlfriend?â€￾

I chuckle evilly at her comment as I pull my burger from its bag. If only she knew.

I overview the list of questions that she intends to ask, wondering if the readers of Details magazine really give a damn about his marriage plans or how much he hates the paparazzi.

“Did you have qualms about coming back to *NSYNC,â€￾ Heather shoots, situating her tape recorder between us. Great question. I don’t have to get involved.

He looks at me, chewing on his onion ring and nodding. “There was a short period of time when I thought, you know, ‘Maybe this isn’t the direction I should be going. Maybe I was destined to be a solo star, and *NSYNC was just my stepping stone.’ But you know, those guys are the reason I’m here today, so I kinda had to put it all into perspective and not think about myself for a minute.â€￾ He takes a bite of his burger and laughs. “That sounds kinda cocky, but it is what it is.â€￾ He wipes his mouth and continues. “Maybe this will make it better – Those four guys are honestly what I’ve come to live for. Professionally, that is. I’d rather die before I intentionally let one of them down.â€￾ Good save. Bad lie.

It’s hilarious to me that Justin constantly talks about how much he hates doing these interviews, but then, as soon as the question is asked, he rambles incessantly. Half the time, his answer does nothing but stray from the question. I chuckle, taking a sip of my soda as he finishes his answer.

Both he and Heather look at me as she goes on. “Of all the possible names in the world, why did you guys choose Groove as the title for your album?â€￾

“Well ‘groove’ is a word with many meanings.â€￾ Here he goes again. “It can refer to dancin’, listening, harmonizing, or, you know, just finding your place in this crazy world. And that’s where *NSYNC was when we came back. We were getting into the groove of things.â€￾

“I thought it had something to do with the old school flare that the album takes on,â€￾ she suggests.

He gives her a look of shock. “Girl, what you know about the old school?â€￾

“I grew up listening to Motown,â€￾ she scoffs.

“No sh**!â€￾ His country twang becomes prevalent, and he’s more than excited at her revelation. “I would have loved to be alive back then. That’s when music was real, dude.â€￾

“Like you have no idea! The Temptations, The Supremes…â€￾

“Lionel Ritchie, Gladys Knight and the Pips!â€￾

“The Four Tops, Marvin Gaye!â€￾

The two of them are going back and forth, wildly naming names and I pinch myself just to make sure I’m still sitting there. I mean damn, it’s not like me and J don’t already have all this stuff in common.

I abruptly stand from my stool and focus on Heather. “I hate to be rude, but he has a photo shoot soon.â€￾

“It’s cool Chelle,â€￾ Justin jumps in. “She can come.â€￾

Well then I guess everything is just hunky f***in’ dory.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Two hours later, after enduring an excruciatingly repetitive set of questions and answers at Justin’s house, I’m now sitting in his dressing room, on my cell phone, trying my best to get a hold of Janet’s ‘people.’

While Justin was in here changing clothes for his photo shoot, a stroke of brilliance hit me, and now I’m trying to implement my plan. He’s out there with Heather, dancing to Motown tunes and taking pictures, so this is perfect timing.

After a while, I decided that I liked Heather. She’s intelligent, funny, honest, but most importantly, married… with a daughter. I know I’m pitiful, but seeing that she’s not a threat takes a huge load off my mind.

After leaving a message for Miss Jackson, I begin to sift through Justin’s wardrobe, attempting to find something for his next clothing-switch. It seems as though I’ve become his publicist, personal assistant and stylist, all at once. Before, I’d just be sitting here awaiting his return. It’s not that I mind it at all – it’s just weird.

Justin comes bustling through the door and hops onto the couch, where I quietly sit, with my legs crossed, playing games on my phone. Stretching across the seat pillows, he kisses my bare knee and looks up at me with one eye closed. “Why aren’t you out there with me?â€￾

“I had a few calls to make,â€￾ I answer, not breaking my gaze from the screen.

“Tic-Tac-Toe on your cell hardly qualifies as a call.â€￾ He sits up and begins pulling his clothes off, leaving on his pants and black undershirt. “Plus, I’m getting bored with Heather.â€￾ Surprising.

“I’ll be out there in a minute then,â€￾ I yawn. I pull off my suit jacket, revealing a white top that was less business than casual, but my office at Jive isn’t even finished yet, so I figure it’s okay. “Here, I picked this out for you next.â€￾ I throw the outfit towards him and rest my legs over his lap. Completely unsolicited, he pulls off my shoes and begins to massage my feet.

“So I just realized,â€￾ he announces.

I lay my head on the armrest and fall into a daze as he rubs my entire foot. “What did you realize, baby?â€￾

“I haven’t asked you to be my date yet.â€￾

I lift my previously tilted head from the couch and let my eyes smile at him. “Your date?â€￾

“Yeah, to like, the VMAs?â€￾

“You wanna take me to the VMAs?â€￾ I sputter. I’m thinking that’s not the best idea.

“Who else would I take?â€￾

“Well the last time you showed up with a date unexpectedly, it turned into a media storm about you and Britney being a couple.â€￾

He works his hands up my leg, still massaging it. “Exactly.â€￾

I stop playing Tic-Tac-Toe and stare at him. There are about a million thoughts running through my head, but none of them could have prepared me for his not-so-subtle innuendo. “You’re ready to take this public?â€￾

“Well I would think that after almost two years, it’s about as public as it’s going to get without me actually having to spell it out. There’s no reason for you to sit two rows behind me, or act like some kind of seatfiller anymore.â€￾ He smiles – most likely at the thought of being freed from the captivity of being known as America’s most famous pimp.

I rest my elbow on my thigh and let the palm of my hand support my chin, thinking. “I don’t think so,â€￾ I reply, shaking my head. “It’s too risky.â€￾

“What?â€￾ He stops rubbing my feet and frowns in my direction. “What are you talking about?â€￾

“Your fans won’t like that you’ve been lying to them. Now isn’t the time to spring this on them – not when I’ve been your ‘friend’ for a year and a half.â€￾

“Chelle,â€￾ he says my name as if it’s some kind of disease, “You know that the only reason we said that is because of Ken’s stupid advice.â€￾

“Right,â€￾ I interrupt. “And changing that story just to piss off all your fans, right before you go off to Canada to do this movie, it’s just not gonna be good.â€￾

“Michelle –“

“Justin, they’re gonna start to think they can’t trust you.â€￾

“Can you forget about the public for one f***ing minute?â€￾ He’s almost yelling. Not quite, but he’s on the verge. “Don’t be my publicist right now. Be my girlfriend. Think about us.â€￾

I take a deep breath and smile towards him. “I’m thinking.â€￾

“Okay, now don’t you wanna be the one by my side when we win Video of the Year?â€￾

“J, I think you’re getting a little ahead of yourself.â€￾

He rolls his eyes and clenches his jaw momentarily. “Let’s just call this hypothetical, okay?â€￾ I nod in agreement. “I want your face to be the first thing I see when I hear our name called for… whatever we win. Or don’t win. I just want you to be there.â€￾

I’m simply imagining how great it would be to sit there with him, holding his hand through the nominees and hugging him when they read ‘*NSYNC’ off of the envelope. I envision standing up, with Lynn, clapping my little hands off as they receive their moon man and make an abomination of an acceptance speech, and me smiling like a dork the entire time. And then, just as they’re walking off the stage, I picture catching Justin’s eye and blowing him a kiss from the audience while he winks at me. I do want to be there. I have to be.

I now have to justify this to myself by saying that his fans probably won’t even care. I’m not Britney Spears. I’m just a girl in love. I’m not even close to famous. It’ll all be okay.

“Well then, yes,â€￾ I finally answer nervously. Damn. There goes my Janet plan. I’ll just have to find a way to fix the ensuing media frenzy when it comes – perhaps even use it to my advantage.

“You’ll come as my date,â€￾ he inquires, his eyes lighting up.

“You got me baby.â€￾ I sit all the way up, so that we’re face to face, and place butterfly kisses around his mouth, never completely stopping on his lips.

He lets go of the grasp he had on my foot and cups my face with his hands, forcing my lips onto his. Just as this was about to turn into a classic make-out, there’s a short knock at the door before Heather comes strolling in.

“Wow, I did not mean to interrupt,â€￾ she states, her eyes darting around the small room. “I am so sorry.â€￾

I pull away from Justin, replacing my feet on the carpeted floor and smile warmly at her. “Think nothing of it.â€￾

“Yeah, no problem,â€￾ Justin says quickly. He rises from the couch, taking his next outfit with him, and heads for the back of the room where a door to his changing area resides.

“Well,â€￾ Heather smiles, sitting in a chair across from me. “I’m sure the photographer will love the puffy look that his lips have going on now.â€￾

I laugh genuinely. I think I’d like her even if she wasn’t married. “I’m gonna hope so,â€￾ I joke. “That’s exactly what we were going for.â€￾ I replace my shoes while continuing to gaze at her.

“You don’t have to worry about any of this going into the story,â€￾ she informs me.

Knowing how journalists operate, I don’t really buy it, but if she doesn’t mention it, it’ll be nice to see that you can trust some people. And if she does print it, it will go nicely for our coming out party next week. I smirk to myself. “I’m not worried.â€￾

“Do you mind if I ask how long?â€￾

I look at Justin as he retreats from the next room, dressed in all white. “It’ll be two years in December.â€￾

“Impressive,â€￾ she lifts an eyebrow in surprise. “Were you the publicist or the girlfriend first?â€￾

“Girlfriend,â€￾ Justin interjects, sitting down next to me. “Did you have some more questions for me?â€￾

Heather searches her notepad for more interrogatory information. Before asking her question, she stares deeply into my eyes, and I wonder what the hell this woman is thinking. She hasn’t attacked his personal life yet, so I know it’s coming. “Justin, you’ve said many times that you believe in ‘happily ever after,’ yet you live in a world of conflicted bitterness. How do you keep up the prospect of eternity?â€￾

He settles back into the couch and licks his bottom lip. “I’m an observer. I learn from other people’s mistakes, as well as my own. I don’t mean that once I truly fall in love, that it’s going to be perfect and that’ll be it.â€￾ He pauses and holds his hand out to me before continuing. “I just don’t think that it’s impossible to live in bliss forever if you have two people that are committed and willing to make the sacrifice.â€￾

“What sacrifice is that,â€￾ she butts in.

“Well when you’re in a relationship, particularly a marriage, you are potentially giving half of yourself away, and so is the other person. You have to be selfless enough to take on that responsibility.â€￾ He holds onto my hand tightly. “You can’t be selfish – you’re not allowed to be.â€￾

Heather rests her arm over her head and nods. “Is that where you are now?â€￾

“Honestly? I could be. If I knew she was ready to take it there, I’d be willing to do forever.â€￾

I’m thankful that he’s keeping his answers relatively short, because there’s no doubt she’s about to twist his words to work for her feature, but at the same time, I like hearing the answers to questions I’d never think to ask him.

“Back in June, you said that after all this time, your feelings about Britney have not changed. Is that a good thing, or a bad thing?â€￾ She writes notes as she speaks.

I abruptly, and very loudly clear my throat, knowing that Miss Spears was definitely on the list of things not to talk about. It’s been three and a half years. Give me a freakin’ break. I look at him, rubbing my thumb over his hand. I now know what direction Heather is taking this story and I’m liking her a bit less now. “Next question,â€￾ I insert into their conversation.

“It’s okay Chelle,â€￾ he comforts me. “I’ll be fine.â€￾

That’s what he thinks. “Justin, I really don’t think you should answer that.â€￾

“Seriously, it’s okay baby. I’m a big boy.â€￾

“Justin,â€￾ I say through gritted teeth, “If you address any questions about Britney, all your other answers are fair game for innuendo when the story goes to print.â€￾



“Come on, don’t you trust Heather?â€￾

We’re both speaking through clenched jaws at this point, as if Heather isn’t even sitting in front of us. “I trust her to do what she gets paid for.â€￾ And that’s to screw him over.

“Okay is this your job talking, or your jealousy?â€￾

Jealousy? Is he out of his mind? Did he hear what I just said? “Justin, if you aren’t going to listen to me, then why’d you hire me?â€￾

“Baby, I think you’re just paranoid.â€￾ He diverts his attention back to Heather and grins awkwardly. “Sorry about that. She’s new.â€￾ I quickly drop his hand and slowly roll my neck in his direction, peering at him as if he’s got two heads. Heather smiles apprehensively at me. “So what was your question,â€￾ he inquires, ignoring my glare.

“Oh,â€￾ she looks down at her notepad, “I asked if you feeling the same way about Britney was a good or bad thing.â€￾

“That’s really a trick question,â€￾ he retorts.

“How so?â€￾

“Because there are two meanings behind it.â€￾ He sits up in his seat, resting his elbows on his knees, moving his hands as he speaks. “I’ve always said that my biggest problem is that I just can’t let go. I don’t think I hold the capacity to be able to let go of things.â€￾ Damn right. “So yes, I do feel the same about her. I can’t let go of the anger… or the love that I have for her.â€￾

Is this really happening? Am I really sitting here faking a smile, while he confesses that he’s still in love with his whore of an ex-girlfriend that he broke up with in 2002? Is this my life now? I shouldn’t be so skeptical, but I know Heather is only going to use the side of his admission that works to her advantage. It’s her job. And then, there’s going to be a media mess that I’m going to have to clean up.

“Justin,â€￾ Heather begins, packing her materials into a pile on the coffee table between us, “You are one of the most interesting individuals that I’ve ever met.â€￾

“Is that a good thing, or a bad thing,â€￾ he laughs, standing up to shake her hand.

“I don’t know yet. But I do know that I look forward to seeing you again.â€￾

“Good; I do too.â€￾ I sit on the couch, eyeing their exchange. “I can honestly say that this didn’t suck,â€￾ he counters.

She smiles at me and extends her hand with a wink. “Michelle, it was wonderful meeting you.â€￾

I nod, as I rise quickly from the sofa. “Definitely. We should do lunch.â€￾ Yuck, that sounded so Hollywood.

“I’ll be sure to call you once I finish the story.â€￾

“Chelle,â€￾ Justin directs towards me, “I’m gonna walk her out and finish up this shoot.â€￾

I grin as they walk towards the door, and my smile fades quickly once they disappear. I feel like I just entered some weird Twilight Zone. He wants us to go public with our relationship, but he admitted to still loving that girl, knowing that it can only get ugly. Not only that, but he totally disregarded my professional opinion when we both know that I know exactly what Heather’s motives are. What the f*** is going on?</span></span></span>

:ph34r: Hey, I said I was sorry. :lol: I don't even know where I'm going with this, but it damn sure was fun writing it. :P So yay, it's y'all's turn now. :D I'm excited to hear what you're thinkin. :nod:</span>

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Postby justins bubbles » Fri May 21, 2004 12:39 am

<span style='color:blue'>:dance: Woo-hoo I'm first!! That was long...but I like 'em long. :nod: I liked his showed that YOU put time into them so it would look like HE put time into them. :thumbup: I hate it when you read fan-fic answers and they're just...empty. Anyway, as usual, Justin's being an ass. And Chelle ain gon take it! :nono: :lol:</span>

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Postby AngelOfMusic » Fri May 21, 2004 10:01 am

ooohh man he is walking on some thin ice and yet he is not because all of his responses are really thoughtout. although i dont think he should have argued with his publicist/girlfriend in front of a reporter. well we shall see!

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Postby Angelpopstar7 » Sat May 22, 2004 10:38 am

Uh oh better watch your actions boy cause Chelle is getting more pissed at you by the moment :nod: I have a feeling that Heather (that seems so weird typing my name :lol: ) is going to put in the article about Chelle and Justin fighting...we'll have to wait and see...MORE PLEASE!

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Postby shortie17 » Sat May 22, 2004 9:46 pm

ooh things are heating up more please

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<span style='color:limegreen'>Thanks gals. I :wub: ya!

So um, I'm actually heading out of town for a little while on Wednesday and I'll be returning on June 6th. I may be able to update - I may not. I can't make any promises quite yet, but I do promise that I'll work on it and have plenty of chapters when I return. :crossfingers: I'll miss you guys. Hopefully you won't abandon me! :lol: :blowkiss:

I'm not really feelin this one all that much, but I always feel better about when I get y'all's opinions, so without further ado, here's the next chapter.... :unsure:

<span style='font-family:Times'><span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:dodgerblue'>
Chapter 14

It was one of those nights that could only be described in one word, yet you can’t figure out what the word is. Things were crazy, but normal. I was nervous, yet very calm. I guess surreal would be the way to describe it. So much was going on, but nothing was happening.

We sat at the head of the red carpet at Radio City, in our big black Yukon, waiting on someone to open the door. Once Lonnie freed us from the car, my mom stepped out first. She had on a long baby pink dress that clashed against the red carpet – much like her personality. She’s a motorcycle-ridin’, cigarette-smokin’ Southern belle. Maybe you can now imagine why I’m so weird. Either way, she’s never been into the Hollywood bullsh**, and as many times as she’s done this, she still manages to stick out like a sore thumb. And that’s just one of the many reasons I love my mama.

Michelle followed slowly behind her. She was beautiful. She’s always beautiful, but tonight, she’s shining in a whole new way. Where’d I get that from? Anyway, she is. Her short black dress is simple and subdued enough to set her apart from the outlandish pop stars on the carpet, but the hot pink lining gives her the perfect splash of party for the VMAs. The hair, the earrings, the shoes, the makeup – it was all perfect. But her aura is what was captivating. She was radiant. Tonight, she’s New York City. Tonight, she’s mine.

We’ve been walking on eggshells around one another since that interview I did last week for Details magazine. Chelle was pretty pissed afterwards, and I wasn’t quite sure why. She told me to make a crazy Britney comment, so I did. Not only that, but it’s been three years. Who really still cares?

I piled out of the car last, joining the two women that I love most in my life. Michelle made sure that my outfit was matching from head to toe, so I stand between the two of them, clad in jeans, a black shirt with pink stripes – or is it a pink shirt with black stripes? – Well the shirt is black and pink; and I have a black blazer over it. I thank God that she let me wear my Air Force Ones, and even those are pink and black. Pink has sort of become my signature color for these events. It makes me unique. And it seems to offer good luck in getting me on Joan’s Best Dressed list the next day. Not that I care or anything, but it’s cool.

We moved slowly down the red carpet, looking like a bunch of Valentine’s Day rejects, while photographers shouted my name, as well as fans. I entertained them as best I could without stumbling from the blinding flashes. I smiled as I turned around to look for the rest of my group mates. By the time I’d concluded that they hadn’t arrived yet, I felt a strong hand grip my arm and pull me aside.

“Justin Timberlake. How are you tonight, buddy?â€￾ It was that damn Pat O’Brien from Access Hollywood.

“I’m good man. I’m here to have a good time.â€￾

“I see you brought Mama as the date tonight?â€￾

“No, actually I brought my mom,â€￾ I turned around to grab Michelle’s hand and position her next to me. “I brought my mom and my girlfriend here,â€￾ I replied. I figured we might as well get this party started early.

Pat looked a little taken aback by my information, so I gave him a second to digest it all. “Your girlfriend? Did I hear that right, Justin?â€￾

“Yeah, you did,â€￾ I raised my voice over the commotion of the crowd. “This is my girlfriend Michelle.â€￾

“How are you Michelle?â€￾

She smiled earnestly and only nodded, so I’m pretty sure she didn’t hear a word he said.

“I know I’ve seen this pretty lady around quite a few times. How long has this been going on?â€￾ Pat questioned.

I looked at Michelle and waited for her to signal a response. I laughed when she winked at me. “It’s been a while,â€￾ I finally retorted with a nod.

“What made you decide to bring it all to the surface tonight?â€￾

I shrugged. I think this is the first time I’ve actually been nervous talking to Pat. “I dunno, it just felt like it was time to get it all out in the open. Just clear the air, you know?â€￾

“And does Mama approve?â€￾ he directs towards my mom.

Mama joined my side while Michelle tapered from my grasp. “Did I do what?â€￾ Mama yelled over the noise, her Southern drawl prevailing.

Pat touched her arm lightly. “I said do you approve of the new girlfriend?â€￾

She looked around at Chelle, who’d located JC and Chris, and smiled back at me. “I adore her! She’s beautiful!â€￾ My mom certainly has a way of gushing over people. At least this time, she’s sincere.

As the rest of the guys joined me, Pat continued. “*NSYNC has entered the building!â€￾

“Actually Pat,â€￾ Chris starts, “We’re still outside.â€￾

“This is true,â€￾ he laughs. “You guys look great tonight. You lookin’ forward to winning?â€￾

“We always look forward to winning,â€￾ Joey chuckled.

“Honestly, you know um, we’re just glad to be here,â€￾ JC interjected. “We’re glad that after all this time, the fans, MTV, you know, everyone hasn’t forgotten about us.â€￾

Pat nodded and held the mic under Lance. “Are you guys performing tonight?â€￾

“No, tonight we’re just gonna sit back and enjoy the show,â€￾ Lance replied.

“Yeah, I think MTV is getting sick of us on their stage,â€￾ I laughed.

I felt a tug on my arm and turned to see Michelle’s dimples in my face. “You have to get moving. MTV is waiting for you, sweetie.â€￾

I lifted my brown in acknowledgment. “Pat, it’s been fun as always.â€￾ I shook his hand and winked at the guys. “I’ll catch y’all inside.â€￾

Me, Chelle, and my mom paced further down the runway, conversing with ET and E! before making our way up the red carpeted step, and stopping at the one of the many MTV stations where John Norris sat with the new Carson Daly – Vanessa Minillo. I can’t stand that damn girl and her unnecessary flirting, but they’ve been waiting for me for the last 10 minutes, so I sat down across from John and smiled politely. Michelle and Mama stood a few inches behind me, which made me kind of uncomfortable, but the sooner this is over, the better, so I didn’t complain.

They quickly threw a mic at me as I saw a line forming, just behind Vanessa, full of celebrities waiting to be interviewed. I waved at people that I knew while waiting for us to go on air.

The countdown to the broadcast ended, and the fakeness began. “Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got Justin Timberlake sitting here, who’s nominated a total of no less than six times tonight with *NSYNC for their second single, ’11:59.’ Justin, how are you tonight?â€￾ John asked animatedly.

“I’m pretty good. I’m exc—“

Vanessa suddenly felt the urge to erupt into my sentence, “Justin! It’s so great to have you here tonight. How does it feel to have the most nominations this year?â€￾ John and me look at her in confusion. Can she hear, or what? Jack Daniels must be a good friend of hers, and I’m thinkin’ they had their own little party earlier this evening.

I chuckled to humor her, knowing that we were on live television, and continued my sentence. “I’m definitely excited to be here. And also honored. You know, this was a risky album for us, so it’s humbling to know that we’re still being recognized for what we do.â€￾ Why did I say that? This is the VMAs, not the Grammy’s.

“Is there anyone that you’re looking forward to seeing tonight?â€￾

I craned my neck and saw Michelle gazing over the balcony at the lower level of the red carpet. “Yeah, um, I’m always interested to see what Eminem pulls out of his hat.â€￾

John nodded while Vanessa smiled uncontrollably. “His album is crazy, isn’t it?â€￾ she exclaimed.

“It’s banoodles,â€￾ I smirked. “So yeah, I wanna see what he’s gonna do. And as you know, I’m a huge Coldplay fan, so I’ll definitely be waiting for them to take the stage.â€￾

“Cool,â€￾ John replied. “Very cool. Now, this is a bit unusual, but you’re presenting an award tonight, right?â€￾

I nodded. “Yeah I am. I’m giving out the award for Best New Artist, actually.â€￾

“With who? Do you know yet,â€￾ Vanessa questioned loudly.

“I actually don’t,â€￾ I chuckled. “My publicist set this one up, so it should be interesting.â€￾

“Wow, that is awesome! The 2005 VMAs are already shaping up to be a memorable night,â€￾ she beamed.

“Hey, I aim to please.“

“Really quickly, Justin, we’ve heard the big news about your new movie. Congratulations on that.â€￾ John interjected, “When do you start shooting?â€￾

“In a few days actually. This is my last big outing before—“

Vanessa interrupted me again, “Where is it shooting? Maybe I can drop by the set. You know, do a little feature for TRL?â€￾

“No,â€￾ I countered quickly, pulling Michelle to my side by her arm, “I don’t think that will be possible. It’ll be a closed set.â€￾

“But you’re JT! You can hook me up with a little all access pass, can’t you?â€￾ She’s even louder than she needs to be, and it’s getting on my damn nerves.

“We’ll see,â€￾ I maintained, laughing. “We’ll see.â€￾

“So,â€￾ John jumped in, “Is this your date for the night?â€￾

I smiled into the camera while nodding. “Yeah, this is my girlfriend Michelle.â€￾

“Aww, I knew you looked familiar,â€￾ Vanessa shrieked. She got up and walked behind me to hug the back of Chelle’s shoulders. “You look amazing tonight! You mind if I ask what you’re wearing?â€￾

Michelle stared at her momentarily, and I thought she was going to embarrass me on live TV, but she feigned a smile and squeezed Vanessa’s hand. “Thank you!â€￾ she squealed – so not like her. “Oh, gosh, what I’m wearing – Well actually, we’re both wearing Roberto Cavalli tonight.â€￾

“I love the matching thing y’all have going –“

“You look pretty damn good too, girl!â€￾

“Girl,â€￾ Vanessa beamed, “It took me weeks to find an absolutely perfect dress for tonight!â€￾

As they rambled about how good they looked, I sat there wondering if this was all going on television. Are they really exchanging phone numbers? For MTV’s sake, I certainly hoped their viewers didn’t have to witness this. “Damn, I feel like I just walked into the girls’ bathroom at Prom,â€￾ I joked, hoping to divert the attention back to me.

Vanessa turned and put her arm around my shoulder. “Aww, are you feeling left out JT?â€￾ Why does she keep calling me that? “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna steal her from you!â€￾ Yeah, no sh**.

“Justin,â€￾ John thankfully intruded, “You’re pretty well known these days for being single. Is that a thing of the past now?â€￾

I caught John roll his eyes as he finished the question, and I knew that he hated asking as much as I hated answering, but we were both there to do a job. I felt more compelled to be honest with him. “Well it was never really a thing at all. We’ve been together since the end of 2003,â€￾ I laughed nervously.

His eyes relayed shock and Vanessa’s head shot from her conversation with Michelle to my direction. I could hear people yelling into his ear monitor and John cleared his throat before speaking. “Wow, well um, there you have it boys and girls. You are certainly full of surprises tonight.â€￾ I laughed, looking back to Michelle, who was mysteriously waving to people below us. “Justin, always a pleasure.â€￾

I nodded and shook John’s extended hand. “Always.â€￾

“I wish you guys the best of luck tonight. And also to you and your lovely girlfriend.â€￾

“Thanks man.â€￾ I stood from the high seat and awkwardly gave Vanessa a hug. “Nice seeing you again,â€￾ I managed to get out.â€￾

“Of course, of course.â€￾ She kissed me on the cheek and proceeded to also shake my hand. “I’m sure I’ll be seeing you again soon.â€￾ God, I hope not.

I handed her the microphone and smiled as I took Michelle on one arm and my mom on the other and we walked carefully down the steps to finally head inside.

“That wasn’t so bad, was it,â€￾ Michelle asked once we’d made it past all the chaos.

“So far, so good,â€￾ I grinned. “I just hope it’s this good at the end of the night.â€￾

“Y’all will be fine,â€￾ my mom comforted us. “Just enjoy the night, baby.â€￾

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the stars of Us Weekly and Tiger Beat, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake.

The voice of the mysterious British announcer signaled our entrance and as 'Toxic' blasted through the speakers, we walked down the steps of the stage arm in arm, smiling wildly. This is too cheesy for words, but what can I do? At least it got me a standing ovation. Wait, why are we getting a standing ovation?

We had just reached the podium when Britney began to speak. “Before we present the award for Best New Artist, Justin, I just wanna say congratulations.â€￾

I looked at the teleprompter for my comeback line. “Thanks Brit. Our wins tonight mean a lot.â€￾

“No, no, no, I’m not congratulating you on the VMAs,â€￾ she giggled.

“Oh.â€￾ I looked around as if I was confused. “Well then what?â€￾

“Well J, it took me a while to accept, but I’ve just been informed that you’ve won the Breakup War.â€￾

“It’s about damn time,â€￾ I stated as the audience laughed.

“Yes,â€￾ she drawled, nodding, “You beat me, man! In fact, you even broke the record for most consecutive comments about a three year old relationship.â€￾

“Man, I was starting to think all those remarks were going unrecognized.â€￾

She held my forearm lightly and we laughed as we looked at one another. “Definitely not,â€￾ she sighed. “So congratulations, man.â€￾

I rolled my eyes with a chuckle. I’m gonna kill Michelle for setting me up like this. “Thanks Brit. That means a lot to me.â€￾ I turned back to the teleprompter so that we could get this finished. “So now that we’re out with the ridiculously old, how about we take a look at the nominees for Best New Artist.â€￾

Britney turned to the jumbotron behind us as I scanned the audience for my seat, where Michelle sat in the fourth row, beaming like a baby. “I’m gonna kick your ass,â€￾ I mouthed to her.

“I love you,â€￾ she retorted. At least, I think that’s what she said. I gave her the finger and a wink before joining Britney to watch the rest of the nominees.

The audience cheered as the screen went black and we approached the podium again. “Would you like to do the honors?â€￾ I asked, holding out the folded card.

“No, no, since you won the battle, you can open it.â€￾

“Well all right,â€￾ I said, pulling apart the paper. “And the winner is—“

“La Toya London! ‘Summertime,’â€￾ we announced simultaneously.

Well that didn’t suck as much as I thought it would. When I went backstage and saw that I was presenting with Britney, I damn near had a heart attack. But she was cool. And hey, at least the right person won the award.

The host, Ashton Kutcher, took the stage, as we all sat in the audience awaiting the next award. “Okay,â€￾ he proclaimed, “Apparently the person that was supposed to present this award got tied up, so I’m here to present the Viewer’s Choice—“

Before he could finish his sentence, a bound and almost-gagged Brittany Murphy hopped across the stage to the mic stand where her ex-boyfriend stood. “I was supposed to do this!â€￾ she yelled, muffled.

Ashton playfully pushed her out of his way as the audience laughed. “I’m sorry, who are you?â€￾

She hopped back in front of him, trying to take over the mic. “This was my job! You stole my job, Ashton.â€￾

“Well,â€￾ he smirked, “I guess you just got punked.â€￾

Brittany forcefully used her elbow to move him out of her way. “And it looks like you got punched,â€￾ she smiled. “The nominees for the Viewer’s Choice Award are.â€￾

Michelle took hold of my hand smiling at me to ease my discomfort. Whenever we’re nominated, these crazy butterflies shoot through my stomach, and after already doing this three times tonight, I was more than relieved to have her at my side. “You’re gonna win,â€￾ she whispered to me.

“I don’t think so.â€￾ I countered. “We were down by 3% the last time they showed the results.â€￾ I took a sip of my drink and focused on the stage.

“You’ll win,â€￾ she repeated, squeezing my hand.

“And the winner is,â€￾ Brittany began.

Ashton opened the envelope and scoffed. “Big surprise here. It’s Justin Timberlake and those other dudes.â€￾

Brittany hit him in the arm and finished the announcement. “The award goes to *NSYNC! ’11:59!’â€￾

The five of us, as well as everyone else in our row, hopped up in unison as the crowd applauded. I hugged and kissed my mom and Michelle before heading the path to the stage.

“How y’all doin?â€￾ I directed to the top of the auditorium, hearing screams and cheers.

“Umm, wow,â€￾ JC said into the mic, “Umm we totally weren’t expecting this.â€￾

“I was,â€￾ Chris interjected, holding up his cell phone. “I called in like a million times.â€￾

We all laughed, and I played with the little flag in the moonman while Lance spoke. “Well I think we’ve thanked everyone we need to. And the fans are totally the reason we’re standing here right now, so you guys get a big round of applause.â€￾

I nodded while clapping. “Not only for this award, but you guys have stuck with us through so much – like more than you should have had to, so we really, truly, honestly appreciate that.â€￾

“Yeah,â€￾ Chris added, “So we dedicate this award to you guys.â€￾

“Thanks,â€￾ Joey finished as we headed backstage with our fourth award of the night.

I made my rounds from the green room, to the press room, on to the bar and back to my seat where my beautiful girlfriend sat cheerfully. She was probably plotting her next publicity stunt for me, but at that moment, I was too damn happy to even care. “Looks like you were right,â€￾ I smiled, handing her a drink.

“Aren’t I always?â€￾ She laughed and took a sip from her cup. “Great speech.â€￾

“Who do you think is gonna win Video of the Year?â€￾

“Definitely Eminem,â€￾ she replied genuinely.

I nodded in agreement. “You wanna bounce?â€￾ The last thing I want is to get stuck behind all these people when this is over.

“Let’s roll, baby.â€￾ We were on our way before anyone could even question us. I’m thinkin’ that this night can only get better.</span></span></span>

Add another long ass chapter to the list. :P Feedback? Anyone? :D</span>

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Postby AngelOfMusic » Mon May 24, 2004 10:03 am

great chapter- i loved the whole brti and justin and ashton and britt part- that was just clever! quite and enjoyable chapter more is needed though!

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Postby justins bubbles » Mon May 24, 2004 3:34 pm

<span style='color:blue'>Well this one definately got me pumped for the VMAs :lol: Good chapter! I love Justin Timberlake and those other dudes :wub:</span>

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Postby AngelOfMusic » Tue May 25, 2004 9:39 am

they should just change their name to jatod- justin and those other dudes...

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Postby Sarah » Tue May 25, 2004 1:05 pm

<span style='color:deeppink'>i loved the chapter!
i miss nsync :(
hurry up and update soon! :P </span>

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Postby Angelpopstar7 » Tue May 25, 2004 4:00 pm

I loved that chapter Ash!! That Vanessa chick sounds soo freakin annoying man...i was ready to punch the computer screen :rofl: I loved how Chelle set Justin to present with Brit...i must say i was laughin hysterically and the other brit and Ashton :rofl: oh man i loved that chapter ash!! MORE PLEASE! Have fun on your trip!

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Postby BabyBlue2578 » Tue Jun 01, 2004 2:55 pm

<span style='color:limegreen'>My, my, my, it's been a while, eh? I got bored today and found some inspiration, so here's another chapter for y'all. I hope it doesn't suck too much. I got kinda rusty while on vacation. :lol:

<span style='font-family:Times'><span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:dodgerblue'>Chapter 15
After the Show, It’s the Afterparty

Of course my luck, and perhaps my name, prevented us from going straight back to our hotel. Just as I thought we were heading to the car, Michelle, my belle, pulled me backstage to do the post show interview. I don’t know how they expect me to do this without the rest of the group, but I damn sure am about to try, because I’m ready to go. Luckily, the only person in the room when I got there was SuChin Pak.

“Hi Justin, how are you,â€￾ she asked politely, standing to greet me.

Michelle stood behind as I kissed her on the cheek before sitting down. “I’m good, thanks. How are you?â€￾

“Good, good. Enjoying the rest of the show back here. You guys are out a bit early,â€￾ she commented.

“Yeah,â€￾ I trailed off, noticing her stare at Chelle. “We wanted to get outta there before the crowds.â€￾

“I see. So is the lovely girlfriend that I’ve been hearing about all night?â€￾

Michelle quickly turned her head in our direction and smiled briefly. “Yep, I’m ‘the girlfriend,’â€￾ she chuckled. “Nice to meet you.â€￾

SuChin acknowledged her and directed the conversation back to me. “So what made you decide to come out with this tonight?â€￾

“I dunno,â€￾ I confessed, “It just seemed like a good time to get it off my chest. I think everyone already knew, so tonight was as good a night as any to just confirm it.â€￾

“I’m sorry,â€￾ Chelle interrupted, “But are we on air?â€￾

“No, no, not yetâ€￾ SuChin replied with a grin, “We have to wait until the show ends.â€￾

“Oh,â€￾ we both nodded. “Have they announced Video of the Year yet?â€￾ I questioned.

“Yes, Eminem actually just won.â€￾

I looked at Michelle and she winked at me. Damn it, that’s the third time I’ve been nominated for Video of the Year and haven’t won. I give up man.

“Okay, we’re on in two minutes,â€￾ SuChin announced, pulling her hand from her ear monitor.

Michelle plopped onto the seat next to me and began fixing my clothes. “Okay sweetie, don’t forget to sit up straight. Articulate – stop with all the ‘umms,’ okay? Smile. Be honest, but polite. And have fun baby.â€￾ She gave me a peck on the cheek and quickly wiped her lipstick off of my face before scurrying to the side of the small champagne-colored room. I looked at her as if she’d just lost her mind. I’m not a 5 year old on the first day of school, and she ain’t my damn mama. I know what the hell I’m doing. I decided not to break her off because maybe she just had one too many drinks during the show.

“Okay Justin, this should be pretty quick,â€￾ SuChin informed me. “You can be outta here in less than 5 minutes.

I smiled thankfully and peered back at Michelle, who was now standing next to my mother, beaming at me. Is there something going on here that I don’t know about? Because I think the girl is just crazy.

“Okay, here we go,â€￾ she stated. “Thanks Kurt. I’m sitting here with one-fifth of *NSYNC – Mr. Justin Timberlake – big winner of four awards tonight, including the coveted Viewer’s Choice Award. How happy are you tonight, Justin?â€￾

“Man, I’m damn happy,â€￾ I laughed. “It’s great just to be here and have fun with the crowd. We really came into this with no expectations, so winning was definitely cool.â€￾

“Definitely,â€￾ she smiled. “Any particular performances catch your eye?â€￾

“Umm,â€￾ I began. I heard Michelle sigh loudly in the background before I continued. “Oh yeah! When Brandy came out with Coldplay – I thought that was amazing. Great surprise there. And I also enjoyed the Destiny’s Child reunion.â€￾

“Wasn’t that great?â€￾

“Yeah, with them being away solo for so long, you kind of forget how powerful they are when they’re together.â€￾

“Yeah, kinda like *NSYNC, huh?â€￾

I chuckled. “I guess so.â€￾

“So speaking of which, you guys won Best Group, Best Dance, Best Choreography, and Viewer’s Choice. Out of all four, which means the most to you?â€￾

“Oh man, that’s like saying you like one of your kids better than the other,â€￾ I joked. “No, I’m kidding. I um, I think that, you know, with the Viewer’s Choice being voted on by the fans, that’s always special.â€￾

“Very nice,â€￾ she winked.

“But,â€￾ I interrupted, “Best Dance Video was great to win because we worked our asses off trying to get that down. And you know Chris is no spring chicken,â€￾ I laughed.

“You guys certainly deserved it,â€￾ she laughed along with me. “Now, it was a big night for reconciliation and reunions – you know, you coming out on stage with Britney…â€￾

I threw my head back and cackled loudly. “You know what? That was a surprise even for me. But it was fun. Definitely fun,â€￾ I nodded. “And she was cool about it, so I was happy to do it.â€￾

“Well it certainly got the audience to their feet. Any other memorable moments from tonight’s show?â€￾

“I think the me and Britney thing was pretty special. I’ll remember that for years to come.â€￾

“That’s great,â€￾ she finished. “Justin, thanks for stopping by.â€￾

“My pleasure.â€￾

“Congratulations on your awards. Are you hitting any big parties tonight?â€￾

“Umm, yeah. We’re – *NSYNC – is hosting a party down at Suede. And then after that, we’ll see where the night takes us.â€￾

“Beautiful,â€￾ she grinned. “Thank you, Justin. Back to you guys, Kurt and John.â€￾ She dropped her mic and smiled at me. “Again, thank you so much.â€￾

“No problem,â€￾ I replied, shaking her hand. I stood from the couch and moved towards the door. “Good to see you again.â€￾

“Have a good night you guys.â€￾

Passing through the door, Mary J. Blige and Janet stood at the head of the line to talk to SuChin and I was more than happy not to be behind them.

“So where are we off to,â€￾ Mama asked, raising her dress from the floor with one hand, and drinking from a plastic cup with the other.

Michelle whipped a PDA out of her little purse and began to answer. “Well Justin has an invitation to Diddy’s party that he has to make an appearance at, which doesn’t start until 2:00. So before that, we’ll have to swing by the hotel to change, because we have to wear all white.â€￾ My mother and I both looked at her incredulously while she used her pen/stick thingy to beep around the little screen with. “So right now, we’re gonna head to Suede so you can hang out for a little while. Oh wait, are you hungry? Should we eat first?â€￾

I stopped in my tracks, turned around and grabbed her shoulders. “Baby, could you slow down?â€￾

She took a deep breath and smiled. “Okay, I’m cool. What do you wanna do Justin?â€￾

“I wanna wait for the guys,â€￾ I said, pulling Chelle’s cell phone out of her bag, “And then we can take it from there.â€￾

“Okay, but baby, I don’t want you just standing in the lobby so that people can take random pictures of you. Let’s wait in the car, okay?â€￾

I nodded and rolled my eyes as I waited for Joey to pick up his phone and followed her through the entrance to Radio City where Rob and Lonnie patiently stood, awaiting our arrival.

My mom patted my back lightly as Michelle marched ahead of us, strutting down the pavement that was once the red carpet and towards our car. “It’ll be okay,â€￾ Mama reassured me.

“Ma, she’s driving me insane.â€￾

“Baby, she’s not doing it on purpose. She’s just doing what she thinks is right.â€￾

“But mama,â€￾ I whined, “She’s crazy.â€￾

“Well then Justin, give her a taste of her own medicine.â€￾ She must have noticed the sly grin spread across my face, because she immediately took back her statement. “No, don’t do that,â€￾ she laughed. “Just show her how her actions are affecting you.â€￾

“Okay, I can do that,â€￾ I nodded. I can definitely do that.

2:01AM and I was sitting in the Yukon, not speaking to Michelle because she was really starting to piss me off. We had been doing just fine at Suede, having fun with all our friends. Then, at 1:30, she demanded that we leave to go back to our hotel and change into all white outfits so that we can be allowed in to Puffy’s party. Not even my dear mother, the ultimate partier, wanted to leave for a P. Diddy bash.

“J, can you talk to me,â€￾ she pleaded.

“What do you want me to say Michelle?â€￾

“Are you mad at me for something?â€￾

“I don’t want to go change. I don’t even wanna go to this f***ing thing. Who the hell parties in white clothes?â€￾ This sh** is so stupid.

“Justin, going to just this party alone will get you on all those entertainment shows tomorrow – Access, Extra, everything. It’s good—“

“For publicity,â€￾ I finished for her. “Yeah, yeah I know! Just shut up for a while, okay?â€￾

I felt her cut her eyes in my direction, but I didn’t care. She’s getting on my damn nerves. “Justin Rand—“

“Hush,â€￾ I stated, putting my hand to her face.

She quickly slapped it out of the way and almost hit me before I caught her own hand. “Are you out of your goddamn mind,â€￾ she yelled. “I am not your child.â€￾


“Boy, don’t make me get ghetto on you. Just shut up.â€￾ She crossed her arms and leaned back in the seat to gaze out of the window.

f*** her. I can be ghetto too. I crossed my arms and looked out of my own window. “Fine then,â€￾ I announced.

“Fine then,â€￾ she repeated.



After a few minutes of immature silence, I inched my fingers over the seat towards her thigh. She looked down and playfully swatted it away, looking at me from the corner of her eye.

“I love you,â€￾ I drawled.

As we pulled up to The Ritz Carlton, she started to gather her things. “I hate you,â€￾ she replied.

We climbed out of the car, and I twisted my arm around her neck and attempted to kiss her before she pushed my face away. “You’re dirty,â€￾ I said, dragging her with me by her waist.

We silently approached our room, and as soon as we stepped inside, she fiercely threw me against the door and kissed me. She thinks she took me by surprise, but I got her figured out. I pretended to let her take control momentarily while she undressed me, and ran my fingers over the straps of her dress. We made our way across the room, splattering our clothing across the floor as we hit the other wall.

I was kissing her neck and she was grabbing at everything else when she suddenly stopped.

“What’s wrong,â€￾ I asked hurriedly.

“We don’t have time,â€￾ she proclaimed, walking towards the bedroom.

“Not even for a quickie?â€￾

“We’re gonna be too late for Fashionably Late if we don’t get dressed now.â€￾

She’s got to be kidding. “Michelle,â€￾ I called after her, following her to the bed.

She threw a robe over her almost-naked body and turned to me with an expectant glare. “Get dressed baby. I picked out your clothes. They’re hanging in the closet.â€￾

“Michelle.â€￾ I stood firmly in my spot at the threshold of the room, watching her pace back and forth, quickly getting dressed and essentially ignoring my presence.

Once she’d finally put on her slinky white dress, she stopped to acknowledge me. “Justin, why are you just standing there?â€￾

I peered down at her and shook my head in disbelief. “What drugs are you on?â€￾

“Shut up and get dressed,â€￾ she demanded, stepping into her silver heels.

“I hate you,â€￾ I sneered.

“Love you too baby.â€￾

Okay, so maybe coming to this party wasn’t a totally bad idea. But it wasn’t all that great, either. I look like an American Idol finalist. And I swear, if Michelle wipes another piece of lint off of me or pops another collar, I’m gonna pop her ass.

After dancing with some random blonde on the dance floor, I headed to where I noticed Michelle watching from the bar. “Having fun,â€￾ I asked.

She smiled graciously when I gave her a peck near her temple. “Are you?â€￾


“Justin, honey, where’s your jacket?â€￾

“Oh, I think I left it upstairs.â€￾

She seemed a little more stressed over my reply than she needed to be, but I shrugged it off and ordered myself a couple of shots.

“Sweetie, I don’t think you should have any drinks that could stain your outfit. Maybe have something with Bacardi or Vodka?â€￾

Through gritted teeth, I said, “I think I’ll be okay, darling.â€￾ I know how to have a f***ing drink.

“Baby, it won’t look good if you’re on the cover of Star with a big red stain on your shirt.â€￾

“It won’t look good if I’m on the cover of Star period, sweetheart.â€￾

“Just do me a favor and get yourself a little white wine or something, okay love? And don’t drink too much. We don’t want a drunken cover story, right?â€￾

I rolled my eyes and changed my order to a screwdriver, which she still wasn’t satisfied with, but f*** it. I took my drink and went right back to the dance floor to ignore her.

After a couple of dances, I got a page from Michelle saying that she was sorry and asking me to meet her in the VIP bathroom. Being the forgiving (and horny) person that I am, I excused myself from the floor, bypassing the collection of cameramen that was forming, and made my way upstairs to meet my girlfriend, for what I’d hoped to be a nice little reconciliation rendezvous.

When I’d made it inside, I checked the two large stalls for Michelle, finding nothing but an excessive amount of space for a big porcelain bowl. I started to leave, but instead, I sat down on the plush brown sofa that was placed right next to the entrance, and waited.

Before long, the door swung open, revealing a tall Hawaiian woman, with long dark red hair and a short red dress. I’d had more than a few drinks that night, so my senses weren’t all there, but if I had to guess, I would have said it was Vanessa from MTV.

“Hey,â€￾ she drawled enthusiastically. She just confirmed my assumption.

“Hey,â€￾ I replied dryly.

She promptly sat down next to me, nestling herself into the very small space between my body and the armrest of the couch. “You look lonely,â€￾ she giggled.

“No, I’m fine thanks.â€￾

“Aww, you don’t have to lie to me JT. I’ll stick around and keep you company.â€￾

I laughed loudly and moved towards the other end of the seat. “No, that won’t be necessary.â€￾

“Waiting on someone?â€￾

“Yeah, I am, actually.â€￾ I winked at her and moved towards the door. “I think maybe I’ll wait for her outside.â€￾

“Well she sent me up here to let you know that she got stuck at the bar,â€￾ Vanessa nodded.

She got stuck at the bar? Doing what? Drinking? What kind of lame ass excuse is that? And why didn’t she just send me another message. “Oh,â€￾ I responded. “Well I’ll see ya later,â€￾ I added, opening the bathroom door.

“I’ll walk with you,â€￾ she jumped, standing from the sofa. “I almost got lost trying to find this bathroom,â€￾ she laughed, grabbing my arm. Why am I not surprised?

I discreetly tried to snake my arm out of her grasp as we retreated from the bathroom to a plethora of flashing lights and clicking shutters. As Vanessa desperately clung to my side in the face of the photographers while we made our way back downstairs, I began to figure out what was going on. Michelle was conveniently nowhere to be found when I got back to the bar, and I immediately felt my muscles beginning to tense. I know that she has her own little way of doing things and she takes her job seriously, but she’s really starting to lose it, and I’m startin’ to think that now is the perfect time for me to help her ass find it.</span></span></span>

:huh: Okay, your turn! :P</span>

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Postby Angelpopstar7 » Tue Jun 01, 2004 3:10 pm

whoa Michelle calm down there a lil bit...i don't think it was such a good idea having her work for J :unsure: And Vanessa :nono: that chick is just bad news!

And you know Chris is no spring chicken,

I was laughin so hard when i read that :rofl: The guys won 4 awards :yay: ahh MORE PLEASE!

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Postby tendertoes » Tue Jun 01, 2004 7:41 pm

<span style='color:purple'>Oh boy :o I can't wait for more!!!</span>

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Postby justins bubbles » Tue Jun 01, 2004 8:32 pm

<span style='color:blue'>What the hell is she doing? There's NO f***ing way I'd stand up a horny Justin Timberlake and send some psychotic over-grown teenie in after him! I'm beginning to think Chelle is losing her damn mind too. :lol:</span>

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Postby AngelOfMusic » Wed Jun 02, 2004 9:41 am

insane in the membrane- she's insane in the brain!!!!!!


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<span style='color:limegreen'>Yep, there's more. :P

<span style='font-family:Times'><span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:blueviolet'>Chapter 16
O Canada

“Michelle Alexander.â€￾

“Hi Ms. Alexander.â€￾ The voice of what sounds like a woman with a very deep voice greets me when I answer my phone.

“Hi,â€￾ I quickly insert into her introduction.

“My name is Celia Martinez and I’m from the Magazine Writer’s Guild.â€￾

“Oh hi! How are you doing?â€￾

“I’m great thanks. How are you,â€￾ she answers.

“Pretty good. I might be even better depending on how this call goes,â€￾ I laugh. Hopefully, she’s about to give me some good news.

“Well,â€￾ she chuckles, “I think you will.â€￾

“Okay,â€￾ I trail off.

“Firstly, I’d like to welcome you to MWG.â€￾ I can hear her smiling through the phone.

“You’re kidding!â€￾

“No, this is definitely not a joke. We were very impressed by your article in RollingStone on Mr. Anthony Mirano. There was no way that we couldn’t induct you.â€￾

I drop my jaw in amazement. The Magazine Writer’s Guild is it. It’s like, the highest of the high, and I made it in with just one article! “Wow, Ms. Martinez, I’m just totally speechless.â€￾

“Oh, there’s one other thing,â€￾ she continues.

I let my excitement taper off and listen to what she has to say. “Okay.â€￾

“For that article you did, you’ve also been nominated in the MWG Awards for Best Feature by a Contributing Writer.â€￾

“No!â€￾ I shriek in amazement.


“Ms. Martinez, you just made my year.â€￾

“I’m so glad,â€￾ she maintains. “You’re very talented, so I hope you continue to write.â€￾

“Oh, I definitely will now,â€￾ I laugh.

“Good, good. Hold on just a second.â€￾ I hear her conversing with someone in the background, so I pull out my cell phone and start to dial Justin’s number. “Ms. Alexander?â€￾

“Please call me Michelle,â€￾ I answer.

“Michelle, I just wanted to congratulate you, but I have to run, so I’m going to transfer you to my secretary so he can give you the details about the awards.â€￾

“Thank you so much Ms. Martinez.â€￾

“My pleasure. I look forward to meeting you in November.â€￾

“Same here. Goodbye ma’am.â€￾

She transmits the call to her assistant and he proceeds to tell me the information about the awards night as I sit at my desk, beaming towards the window and the perfect day that’s formed outside my office. I’m so glad I decided to come into work today. Justin and I are leaving for Canada this evening, so I almost skipped out on the office stuff, but I figured it best to come and tie up some loose ends.

By the time I’d finished talking to Ms. Martinez’ secretary, I was gathering my belongings and calling my boyfriend. He’s been kind of shady lately, with good reason I suppose, but if I can’t share this news with him, then who can I share it with?

I love how he makes me wait forever before he picks up his phone. “Yeah,â€￾ he answers.

“Hey baby,â€￾ I say enthusiastically.

“What’s up,â€￾ he replies dryly.

“What are you up to?â€￾

“I just took Bearlie for a walk, and now, I’m bringing my bags downstairs to put into the car.â€￾

“Oh,â€￾ I say, “Well guess what!â€￾

“Umm, I dunno, you set me up on a date with Alyssa Milano?â€￾

I roll my eyes at his smart ass comment, and continue with my excitement. “No stupid. I’m nominated!â€￾

“Nominated?â€￾ he scoffs. “For what?â€￾

“For my article in RollingStone!â€￾

“Oh really?â€￾ He sounds like I just told him what I ate for lunch. “That’s great baby.â€￾

“So the awards are on November 5th. You’re gonna be there right?â€￾

“November 5th. Yeah,â€￾ he mumbles.

“Yeah. Justin, are you busy?â€￾

“Not at all. Why?â€￾

I pull my purse onto my shoulder and turn off the lights of my office, walking through the door. “Just asking I guess.â€￾

“Hey,â€￾ he says suddenly, “When are you getting here?â€￾

“I’ll um, I’m on my way.â€￾ I throw on my sunglasses and head to my car, mouthing goodbyes to coworkers that I greet on my way out.

“From where?â€￾

“From work,â€￾ I say quickly.

“Oh okay, well I’ll see you soon.â€￾

He hangs up before I can even respond, which he does often, but today, it feels malicious. It feels like he wanted to hang up so that I couldn’t say another word. But there’s no use in crying over spilt milk, so I hop in my Honda and stop at The Coffee Bean before going over to Justin’s house.

I pull into the driveway to find him sitting on his front steps, playing with his mother’s Terrier while his security team surrounds the Yukon that we’re taking to the airport.

“Hey,â€￾ I say to everyone, getting out of the car and opening my trunk. I wink towards Justin’s bodyguards and pull my bag from the car, handing it to one of them before walking to Justin’s spot in front of the door. “Hey you,â€￾ I repeat.

“Hey.â€￾ He doesn’t even look up from the dog.

“Okay,â€￾ I relent, sitting down next to him. I nudge him lightly with my shoulder. “What’s wrong?â€￾

“Nothin.’ What are you doing in that car?â€￾

“Well it is my car,â€￾ I retort.

“Where’s the Beemer?â€￾

“It’s at home.â€￾

“Is there something wrong with it,â€￾ he inquires in concern.

“No, I just wanted to use my baby today.â€￾

“But it’s a Honda,â€￾ he winces.

“Well sorry Mr. Hollywood. It’s still my car and I’ll use it when I feel like it.â€￾ Damn, who put a**hole in his coffee this morning?

“Whatever.â€￾ He hops up from his seat and takes Bearlie back inside the house.

I follow him into the kitchen to throw away my empty iced tea cup. “Who’s watching him,â€￾ I ask, referring to the dog.

“I am,â€￾ a voice behind me interjects.

I turn around to see Jourdyn prancing down the staircase. “Hey girl!â€￾ I exclaim, heading towards her for a giant hug.

“Hola mami! How have you been?â€￾ She sounds like she’s been hanging out at those bodegas on the corners of the streets in Brooklyn.

“What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be in school?â€￾

“Labor Day,â€￾ she reminds me, tapping my forehead.

“Damn, I’ve missed you so much. You started datin’ my big headed brother and forgot about your girl,â€￾ I chuckle. “Now I wish I wasn’t leaving!â€￾

“That can be arranged,â€￾ I hear Justin mutter.

I turn to give him an evil stare, but Jourdyn fixes him instead. “Shut up boy.â€￾ We laugh and walk back outside together. “Girl, that’s a bad ass suit,â€￾ she grins, referring to my white pinstriped pantsuit.

“Oh, thank you. So when are you going back to the city?â€￾

“Well I have a class on Tuesday at 2, so I’ll be leaving around 3,â€￾ she laughs.

“Oh okay, good. I’ll be back on Monday, so we can hang out for a minute.â€￾
As we continue small talk, Justin retreats from his house with what seems to be a permanent scowl. “Ready,â€￾ he asks bitterly.

“Dude, what’s wrong with you,â€￾ Jourdyn questions, hitting the back of his arm.

“I dunno, I think I just need some sleep,â€￾ he responds. He suddenly grabs my hand and rubs his thumb over it. “I’m sorry baby.â€￾

Yeah sure he is. “It’s okay. Let’s just go before we miss our flight.â€￾

We hop into the back of the SUV, waving towards Jourdyn as Lonnie and Rob close our doors and hop into the front of the car. God, I hope this trip gets better soon.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The minute our private jet hit the runway in Vancouver, we were rushed to the set of Justin’s movie, which had already been shooting for a week. We arrive on the lot just in time to greet the director and producer of the film. As Justin hops out of the car to converse with them, I head for his trailer to check it out.

I walk inside of it to find a kitchenette to my right, with a tiny refrigerator, a stovetop with one eye, and a table with two dilapidated-looking chairs. To the left, the living area contains a black leather loveseat, a separate reclining chair, a small television, and a little brown coffee table that resembled a footstool. I know it’s only a trailer, but damn. His tourbus looks a hell of a lot better than this.

Before I even check for a bathroom-type area, I pull out my cell to call his manager. “Johnny,â€￾ I say when he picks up, “I said that I wanted him to be comfortable.â€￾

“He’ll be comfortable,â€￾ he replies, already knowing what I was referring to.

“No, he won’t. This trailer looks like it came out of a trailer park!â€￾

“Michelle, he’ll be fine,â€￾ he maintains. “And that was the best we could do right now.â€￾

I sigh into the phone, transfixing my eyes on the door as I hear the knob turn. “See, this is why I told you to handle it back in July. This… thing is impossible, Johnny!â€￾

“He’ll get used to it,â€￾ he continues. He’s doing his best to convince me that Justin doesn’t need a better RV.

Justin stands before me, obviously trying to listen to the conversation I’m attempting with his manager. He frowns slightly as he looks around the room. “What’s wrong,â€￾ he whispers to me in confusion.

I hold up my index finger, signifying that I need a minute to finish my conversation. “Okay Johnny, tell me who you talked to. I’ll fix it myself.â€￾

“Michelle,â€￾ he says sternly, “This isn’t something you can control.â€￾

“There’s no way I’m gonna let him spend the next two months in this damn box,â€￾ I yell. “So if you don’t wa--,â€￾ I stop mid-sentence when Justin pulls my phone from my hand and closes it. “What the hell are you doing?â€￾

“No sweetheart, what are you doing?â€￾

“Well I was trying to get you a better trailer.â€￾

“It sounded like you were yelling at my manager,â€￾ he counters, handing my phone back to me. “And what’s wrong with this trailer?â€￾

“It sucks,â€￾ I say simply, looking around. “You don’t wanna hang out in this for the next 7 weeks.â€￾

“Damn, I didn’t know your name was Justin Timberlake,â€￾ he retorts sarcastically. “I love a guy that knows what he wants out of life.â€￾

“Justin,â€￾ I roll my eyes, “You know what I mean.â€￾

“I know that I’ll be just fine in this damn trailer,â€￾ he winks. “Stop being so materialistic.

I drop my jaw in an annoyed amazement. “You, who can’t stand me driving around Los Angeles in my Honda, is talking about being superficial?â€￾

“Damn right,â€￾ he laughs, plopping onto the reclining chair. He turns on the 13-inch television, flipping through channels.

“You’re not even gonna complain about not having a flatscreen?â€￾

He shrugs, stopping on a channel that has his face plastered across it. Typical. “It’s just a place to hang out while I’m waiting to be called to the set. It’s not a frickin’ apartment Chelle.â€￾

“Whatever you say sweetie.â€￾ I dismiss his response to listen to what they’re saying about him on Entertainment Tonight. I smile to see that they’re still talking about he and Vanessa at Puff Daddy’s VMA Afterparty a couple of weeks ago. It took me all of two minutes to hatch up that stunt in my head, and two weeks later, they’re still talking about it.

Most of the covers the next day contained the still shot of Vanessa clinging to his arm as they walked out of the bathroom together. It was the perfect follow-up to our outing at the actual show. All of the headlines had people thinking that Justin was cheating on me. I couldn’t let all the playboy rumors go to rest – that’s his M.O.

From the way that he quickly flips the channel, I can tell that he’s still upset about it, but he’ll get over it, I’m sure. I’m just doing my job. He wanted me to be his publicist, so that’s exactly what I’m doing. I just hope that after what I have planned for him next, that he doesn’t flip on me.</span></span></span>

:o What's she up to? :lol: Talk to me gals. :D</span>

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she better be careful- she is getting way to wrapped up in this and its obviously affecting their relationship- i dont blame justin for being cold to her- she is treating him more like a client than a boyfriend

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<span style='color:purple'>Oh man...she is playing with fire!!!! :o

Great job
</span> :thumbup:

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Dude Michelle needs to back off...shes gonna end up loosing her man if shes not careful and we don't wanna see that happen :nono: ahh MORE PLEASE!

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<span style='color:blue'> :lol: She's a biitch. :lol: I'm thinking he should actually cheat on her and see what she thinks. :lol: I'm the biitch. More please?</span>

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:rofl: bubs

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Im starting to dislike her now :o She has turned into a right ol' b**** since she landed this job as his publicist :unsure:
more please :P

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i agree... excellent writing as usual ash!

pleasssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeee more soon!!!!!!!! :D :P B)

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