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Postby Mariah111384 » Fri Jul 16, 2004 2:38 pm

I found a picture for the main character that some of you might know. Hope you enjoy the story! It's my first long visual.

By: Audrey

Chapter 1

"I'm 19! Can't I do what I want for once mom? Why do you always control everything? I wanna fall in love. I wanna have a life where I'm free! Leave me alone!" Kiera yelled at her mom.

She knew she didn't hear a word she was saying. She never did. She didn't care. Sucks when you can't drive. Can't fight for your words. Can't sleep. Can't live. Her mother was attached to that phone. Phone, phone, that freaking phone! All the time. Her new current manipulation. I bet this one's younger than the last one. They get younger and younger it seems. The younger they got, the more Kiera cried because she knows her mom is trying to make her jealous.

It was always her getting all the men or little boys. Never Kiera. She had never even been on a date cuz her mother forbid it. She was trapped. Broke. Completely stripped of all exciting life. Never been kissed or hugged for the longest time. What was a feeling anyway? Was it cold? Was it lost? Lonely? Scared? What was it? Some days she just wished she was dead. Seems tempting every single waking moment of the day. Today her mom's new f*ck buddy would present itself. No different. All the same. Dumber than the sh*t on the ground. Gropers they were. Filthy pigs. All of them. The trickees. People think they're getting more out this relationship but oh no, as long as they got a penis, mom's got a place to put it in. She shivers but its true. All of it. This one she would just plain ignore than the last one. Last one actually talked. Mom got scared. They don't talk. They're not supposed to talk. They were a game. They were gonna lose and so was this next idiot.

Mom has no heart. No soul. No understanding of love whatsoever. She was love's worst enemy. Hate. She wore it like the gap employee's nametage. She loved it. Didn't care who was hurt as long as she got her worth. Kiera was the total opposite of that. She used to have feelings. Now, she's numb to them. Call her a b*tch because of her mom. It wasn't her idea for this. Maybe she was adopted. Mom finally got off the phone and turned to her daughter reading on the couch.

"Get this place cleaned up. He'll be here in 15 minutes!" she ordered.

Kiera rolled her eyes, "I'm not deaf. I have ears. The place isn't even messy."

"Young lady, I said clean and don't talk back to me. Don't embarrass me in front of him."

She glared. Through the years the years of orders and rules, she grew smart. She learned to speak her mind and was not afraid of what came back at her. "Hopefully you got this one's last came. I'm gonna do some studying. Keep the noises down if ya can." She went upstairs to her room and closed the door as she plopped herself on her made bed.

She flipped some Enya and relaxed her tired muscles. She closed her eyes letting all thoughts surpass. "I'm thirsty," she got up and went down to the kitchen for something to drink.

She opened the fridge and pulled out the OJ. She was gonna get a cup to pour in, but she felt lazy and drank out of the carton.

"That juice good?" a voice called from the doorway.

Kiera almost dropped the carton as her heart nearly jumped out of her chest. She put the juice back in the fridge, wiped her mouth, and tried to walk away. No words. Nothing. She knew who it was and she wasn't scared. "Never talk to them" her mom would say. So she can screw them and throw them away where they belong. Nobody changes. Nobody loves. Nobody has a heart. They were still, stiff. Rigid. She made her way passed the voice and ran upstairs to her room for some intellectual story writing. Damn. This one had the nerve to talk. And to HER!

She writes, nobody knows she does. She writes all the time. Some about love. Even though she had no a clue what it is. Some of pain, sorrow. Those, she bathes in. They were her truth, her present, her curse. Loneliness. She befriended that monster all her life. Tears. She converses with the placid melody they sing down her cheeks. She knows it. It's all true. She lives it. It's her life. She doesn't decide that though. Just because she was made, doesn't mean she can't be destroyed the maker.

She lives in fear. Her heart has barely any poetic justice left. Squandering to nothingness. Where the quick sand lay. Only the strong do survive. She remains at the bottom. Where life only ends slowly. March of death awaits her arrival. It won't be too long. Never too far. A couple more years. Who knows? Could be tomorrow. Could be now. She dies in slow increments each day. Pieces of what could build disperse about the world to connect with the happy and the warm. Never will it show. It can't. It won't. Too powerful. The meanings of the words are just too hard. She can't understand. How is she surviving? How is she breathing? Is this real air? She suffocates because she knows it's too late. Never show it's face ever again as long as the controller lives. Love will never knock.

There was a knock at the door. "Sh*t! Can't you go away! I'm busy with my life."

The door opened, but Keira's back was still turned as she tried to type her story. "Oh, I'm sorry. I just--can you tell me where the restroom is?"

She groaned. Why do they talk? Do they wanna get me in trouble? Don't say anything. She ignored and kept typing. Trying so hard now to concentrate on the screen in front of her. The door closed and she let out the breath she was holding, "Finally. Now, with the plot. Eh... too congenial. I wanna put a b*tch in there. Spice it up. Can't fall in love just like that. She needs competition. He needs to work for her love. So when he tells her, she would know herself that she is falling too. No, that's too overrated. No, that plot is horrible. I'm gonna just delete it," she reached for the delete button and took a deep breath.

"I think it's fine just the way it is," the voice said whispered softly into her ear.

Not again! This a**hole's obsessed. Don't turn around. Pretend it's Medusa. Yeah, just don't look. He shouldn't be talking. Ignore this idiot. She took out her folder and began reading it. She twirled a piece of hair in boredom.Does this idiot ever piss off? What does he want from me?!

Suddenly, she got an IM from her friend.

CandyAss21: Heya biatch! I gots the scoop on Mr. JT! :)

Her face perked up. Finally, some dirt on the jackass. She commented back:

Mariah111384: Dude, spill the sh*t already!

CandyAss21: Patience... word is he dumped Cam and is dating much older women now. Like your mom's age.

Mariah111384: lol I always thought that idiot was hot, I never knew he was demented. What a weirdo!

CandyAss21: I know. But still, all the old women he's been with, they're so freaking lucky, dude. Hey, this is strange, but what if he's screwing your mom?

Mariah111384: Haha, funny. How old is he, 22, 23? Mom likes em young, true. But not that young. She's f*cking almost gonna be 50 soon! That's just nasty.

CandyAss21: Hey, it could happen yo. He could be at you're house rite now. lmfao :P

Mariah111384: :P Yeah, he could be the a**hole breathing down my neck as we speak. This guy won't leave me alone! Help!

CandyAss21: Whateve. Gotsta go. Say hi to JT fo me.

Mariah111384: Oh Lord, if Justin Timberlake was here, I'd f*ck him to oblivion. lol Ah...I love when we pretend to have fun.

CandyAss21: Good times. Lata K K.

Mariah111384: Out biatch.

She signed off from AOL. She put her notepad in her bag. The guy sitting on the chair got up and went close to her ear.

"Are you sure you'd f*ck me to oblivion?" Her eyes screamed but no words came. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!


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