The Real Me?

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Postby laura » Fri Sep 03, 2004 10:13 am

<span style='color:red'>Ok so here’s it goes, this is my first ever attempt at this fan fic stuff so I just went with the 1st idea that popped in to my head! If its crap which is a definite possibility ;) please just say so.... all and any feedback is greatly welcomed!</span>

THE REAL ME! :rolleyes:

**Ava was your average 19 year old, short, average build, blonde...and bored! Doing the normal things that a 19 year old does, studying in college, partying a little, meeting friends, ya know how it is all in a confusing mixed up world of feeling and emotions all of which frightened her to no end, the normal quiet girl who wouldn’t say boo to a goose! Over protected by her mother and overlooked in favour to all the other girls who where less shy and quiet than her, on the outside that’s hows she appeared any way but inside she was different, more so than those who thought they knew her realised.

**Would she meet the man of her dreams that would bring out the real her? **

"So mum im going now!â€￾

"Ok so you have everything with you that you'll need yes?"

Yup" as far as this weekend goes yes I have everything"

“Concert tickets"?

"please, as if I’d forget those?!"
"OK I was just asking, well have fun"

Rolling her eyes at her over protected mother Ava said her cya laters and was out the door

She was heading with her friends to a concert, a very special concert that shed been looking forward to for ages! Justin Timberlake, yes the boy band gimp that almost overnight became a solo pimp! The one, the only! He ditched Britney and suddenly the rest of the world started to notice what she though was there all along! That he was as fine as hell, curls or not!

Ava was a big fan and was almost ashamed to admit to her (new friends ) anyway that she was a closeted nsync fan, even with the bad hair do's and glitter clothes she still loved the music and she had to admit even them!?

so after travelling a lot on a bus that day she finally made it to her destination, and met her friends they did the normal girlies things, shopping, lunch, yet more shopping, finally they made it to there hotel, which for what three students could afford was bad not bad at all!

Her two friends Catherine and Sara were for lack of a better word, crazy! In the best possible way they were the friends that she'd grown up with and could tell anything to! Well most of the time any way, that was until college time came around and as the decided there different paths I life, the were made part way but still managed to keep in pretty good contact I guess. A nd this concert was the first chance they've had in months to properly meet up they all had the person in common, they love sync and well Justin was all there fave member, appearance wise anyway!

"So are ya excited about tonight?"

"Oh like you have to ask, hello, it’s Justin, alone on stage, can you say drool!"
Laughing out loud,"yeah ok I get it!" "God I can wait either, although I hope he lives up to all the hype!

"Oh he will, he'll show up and to me that’s all he has to do!" Sara said in an overexcited squeal!

both other girls looked at her kind of funny till she looked back defensive she repliedâ€￾ what, oh like ya don’t wana see him up there"

ava rolled her eyes at that" sure we do but jeez at these prices for tickets it better be worth it, and besides there’s more to him than just looks ya know, there has to be I mean has human after all!...."


"So what?"

"SOOO, ugh nothing!

are ya'll ready or not"


Chapter 2

Inside the arena.... it was cramped with teeny boppers, lil girl’s hell even a few grannies which is a scary thought since they seemed to be without any children!

Ava didn’t mind she was buzzed, and that didn’t even go away when some obnoxsics girls in like 6 inch heels stood on her toe, talk about rude!

As soon as he came on stage he pain was forgotten, the concert was amazing, the live act was incredible, but he had such a presence on stage that you know it was where he belonged, and to top it off he not only did the justified album but slipped in some nsync to, ava couldn’t believe it her two favourite nsync songs, gone and girlfriend! It was breath taking!

Of course that fact was lost on cat, who was busy chatting up a security guy, big big dude, ya know the kinda dude that could crush your head with his baby fingers, scary if ya asked me, so I whisper to Sara.....

"What is that girl doing?"

"God ava you know her by now she flirts with anything in boxers"... "That guy.... no exception!

"Yeah you’re right, but girl he’s old enough...!

“I know to be her dad!" "But what can we do"!

The concert came to and end way too soon if ya ask me!

Sara and I go to retrieve cat from now being groped by this dude,

"hey cat, ya ready,

"Well...... I have an idea, tom here signalling to the man on her arm, " is in charge of a after party at this hotel, for ya know the band, dancers and oh...yeah Justin and his "people"


"ugh.annnnnd he wants US to go"

"Us" "ya mean you"....

"Well yeah but I said I wouldn’t go with out you two!" sooooo please come,

"God girl you barely know him, can’t we just go for a quiet drink ourselves!"
"Ava why to you have to be so damn safe ALL the time!

"just come!"

"Yeah av come on!" Sara urged... "Well have fun"....

Feeling somewhat ganged up apon she agreed" fine! a few hours then im gone i dont care!"

"fine lets go"......


** getting dressed in the overly expensive hotel room, justin was for the lack of a better word, fed up and tired of the same whole thing! He was tired he’ worked his ass off and now he just wanted to sleep, not party,

COM ‘on man, its just a little get together, friends, crew....... ladies “trace remarked,

"Yeah man the same girls with the same m/o to get laid, man do you get bored of it? I do!

"hey man i gotta steady girl now, im not thinkin' of me im thinkin' of you dude! since you broke up with cameron, you just havent been the same?! "you need to get out there again! plus man irish girls are hot!"
"yeah but....."
"but nothing, your going!"
" fine but a few hours and im gone i dont care what you say"! Justin finally gave in, reluctantly.

"Fine now let’s go!"

At the hotel, it was huge to say the least, so plush and luxury was an understatement!

It was a massive hotel suite, with massive couches and even beds.....she was in awe of how this was properly a nightly occurrence for these people. Everywhere she looked there were people, an odd large number of women, very beautiful women, to well just a handful of kind of average looking guys, if ya asked ava, nothing special! Yet some how the woman were falling all over themselves, in very slutty outfits.

Not that she was dressed in anything less slutty herself , she looked damn good and knew it too in a slinky black top that just about covered her top half,with small straps holding everything in place, and a knee lenght skirt on her bottom half, made of the same slinky material, and nice srappy kitten heels, a good thing too since she hadnt sit down through the entire concert!

cat had dissapeared through a big door with the equally big dude some time ago, and sara the ever budding alcoholic had heard " free champagne! " and headed in that direction a while ago, typical the both dragged me here and left! then just i thought it couldn’t get any worse, i turned around just in time to see the man of the hour stroll n to suite, lookin fresh and with out question sexy as hell, wearing a pair of stressed torn jeans, a fitted tee that said " im the irish man your mother warned you about!" funny i thought since he wasnt, although i so wish he was!! well he was in ireland so i supose he was trying to be witty,,,,,it worked.

I watched as he made his way arounfd the masses of rather at this stage drunk people, doing that male handshake/hug thing, and kissing the cheek of the lip-gloss ladies in the corner?! ick. less is more people really,but he was sweet and charming with everyone. not at all what i expected.....

As i talked to a older looking woman, who for some reason i thought id saw somewhere before about myself, ireland and "if she was enjoying her time here" and all that goes with stranger chit chat, i noticed that he was heading our way, my heart started to pound sooooo loud i was convinced that everyone could hear it over the blasting music coming from every corner, he came up, smiled at me, and leaned in to the older woman

"Hey mom!" "you came, i thought you said you were tired?"
" well i was but sine my room's next door i didnt think id get much sleep any ways!"

"oh sorry" "im sorry have we met, he said staring right at me with that cute boy-ish grin on his face...... oh crap! at this point i think ive forgotten how to speak...... oh boy talk about timing!

"oh justin this is Ava, my new... friend, his mom filled in whist winking playfully at me!"

then i finally manage to find speech. " hi, im.... well Ava nice to meet you by the way"

"you 2!"

"so mom do you wana come sit, glancing toward the giant sofa,bed thing and then lookin straight at me and smiling " you too Ava?

"ok sure" " WE'll be right over, his mum said cheerliy"

at this point i was almost shaking, that woman was his mother!!!!!

god im so stupid, i looked around for my so called "friends", none of which where to be seen so i thought to hell with them, i get one weekend away from my dull excistance, im gonna enjoy myself, so after lynn handed me my drink and ushered me towards her son i gladly excepted. hell who wouldnt?.

so after i was introduced to the surround table of people, which consisted of justin, trace his best friend who up close not all that bad looking, although sitting next to justin who would be attractive i thought to myself?
His girlfriend Elisa, the girl from24. i only know that because my silly brother thinks she "hot!" But she seemed normal enough, sweet even?

Then there were a few dancers with strange names that I was sure to forget. And last was tiny, ironic as he was anything but "tiny!" Security, I was informed, although not quiet sure what he was needed for they were in a hotel room. A private hotel room...... weird.....

the conversation mixed from one topic to another, and then Lynn said her good nights and "cyas!" as she made her way out of the room, but not before giving me a number and making me promise "to call sometime and catch up!" she was a very sweet woman!

then as the majority of the people left the table justin scooted in close and looked straight at me,



"so ava tell me something about yourself"
"like what?"
" oh i don’t know like how ya got my mom to fall in love with ya!"

"im kidding, its just she doesnt usually take and interest in groupies thats all!"

"excuse me?"
"what?" he ask innocently?

"what did you just call me!"

"um... a....


"a groupie?"

"what the hell gave you that idea" seriously was he dropped at birth, i was NO GROUPIE! he on the other hand was a DUMBASS!

"well i dont know ya just seemed....

"seemed like what.... like a slut? oh i dont think so mr!

"oh, im... sorry i just thought....

"well ya thought wrong,jesus, ,my friend got me here and dissapeared.i met your mom, who now i doubt really is your mother.... and now im being insulted by you! so NO im not a groupie. and for the likes of you! absouloutly not!

" wait why do you doubt shes my mom?

"because dumbass, you obviously have nothing in common with her for her to be your mother, shes nice n sweet and oh yeah NORMAL!

"jeez woman calm dwn,!

"i will not calm down, you just judged me and assumed what i was because of what i was wearing, isnt that right?

"well.... i....

totally irritated and slightly drunk, i then realised i was really yelling at him, at justin fricking timberlake..... not the best move since ive met his security.....

i get up to leave, at this point i didnt care how cute he was, i was pissed off, and i was leaving, and my two ex friends could go to hell for all i cared!

"oh forget it im outta here!"

"oh come on i said im sorry, and i am!" just calm down please? he acually looked sorry,,genuinely sorry. but as i said i was drunk for like the first time ever,, and i was hurt. so i got up gave him the evilist look i could muster, and i walked out.

i dragged my mobile out of my small purse,

"damit" it was dead!

totally irratated i march towards the lifts, and stood waiting....and waiting....

hey" i hear a southern american accent behind me! i slowly turn,

"my name is NOT hey, YA find hey in a barn, not a five star hotel!

" he smirked at that...."so sorry, AVA"!


"look i AM SO SORRY IF I OFFENDED YOU REALLY! i didnt mean it, im a dumb ass your right, look dont leave, id..... like to get to know ya better, lets just sit.... talk.... you can even yell at me some more if ya want?

"besides didnt you come with friends?!
at that i roll my eyes....

" yeah some friends, they ditched me a while ago in favour of alchol and one of your security guys!"

"oh" he said looking some what shy...."sorry!"that kinda sucks huh!"
"ya think?

"also, please stop saying sorry would ya....!"


sor..."ok i'll stop"


"so do ya wanna go some where?"

"oh and do what" "be your groupie...... NO!"

"no look i dont want "that" i just want to.....get to know you better thats all i swear,im not like that!
"sure your not"

"im not !!!let me prove it to you?

slightly irratated and with aching feet, i caved in..."ok fine but then we go find my friends...

"no problem.

so we took a walk,out of one large hallway right i to another one and we reached a door, my guess was his hotel room....

as we entered i was proven right,

"ok...seriously did you rent out like the whole hotel?
"na just the floor, he said looking somewhat pleased that i was im pressed!
"oh" well i do that all the time so its nothing new" i say sarcastically...

"OH YOU DO HUH? hes laughing.... i wonder is that good or bad....?
"yup!"...... no" god im a student for god sake,,,,this is light years away from what im used to.

" so what do you study?"
"journalism,and media studies"
"so you wanna be a reporter,huh, in my experience there all evil, you seem to sweet to be one of them,"
"no i dont wanna be a reporter,in fact to be completely honest,i have no clue about what i want!"
"well your young you have lots of time to figure that out ...right?"
"lisen to the old man in the corner, your only 22"
"true!" " i forget that sometimes!"

"wait... how old are you? "
"IM 19"

"yeah, so too old enough to be a groupie! there like what 12? 16 the cut of limit right? im kidding and he knows it... he laughs, and i get goosebumps.... not good,im enjoying

his company, hes a selfconfessed dumbass, not to mention cocky and arrogant, sexy as hell though... i cant like this person...can i?

"hey now i said sorry about that can we pleasssssse get past it?

"i am past it"

"good" "wanna drink?"
"ok," i take in my surrounding again the luxury aspect is off the scales..... A sitting room, with two large sofas, hugh ass tv that could fit real people and possibly blind those watching it, kitchen with every thing any one person could need....ever. and then ther was a bed room...... im not even gonna venture in there... right?

"so do you want a screaming orgasim or just sex on the beach first?

"EXCUSE ME???????!!!!!!!!!

at the shocked look in my eyes he busts into a full on laugh.....

"i ment a cocktail" "why"? he asks all innocent, "what did you think i ment?"

rather sheepishly i answer.." i knew that!"

"sure ya did," as he winked

"ugh, neither thank you very much,

"aw come on ive been told i make a great screaming orgasim?"

"oh trust me honey ive seen who youve been with and by the looks of those women it wouldnt have took much!"

he smirks and looks almost embarrassed.

As he hands me the very colourful cocktail and motions me to sit down on one of the massive sofas, he switches on some music....funny i didnt see a sound system. and as the sound of coldplays-the scientist filled the room he felt dangerously close to me! but he seems completely relaxed. not a surprise considering his track record of conquests, plus theres the whole boyish chram thing that is just there on show all the time, its kind of annoying how easlily he has me captivated, but ill be the first to admit he's as charming as he is good looking and hes very very good looking.

so yup im doomed right? oh i hope not, im smart, ok so not exactly versed in the ways of rockstar- esque suctuction but still, i know whats what. not that it mattered, we just sat there enjoying each other company, chatting about everything and nothing all at once, of course he wanted to know about me.... and i told what i wanted any way... of course with a dull mundane exsistance such as mine i ran out of things to say about myself..... he didnt seem to mind, in fact he looked as though he was enjoying hearing about my "normal life" as he put it?

" funny, id much rather live the life of a famous,not to mention adored pop (and i finger qoet "god" WHY? come on he's got a big enough head as it is?)

"no you wouldnt, trust me!"
"why wouldnt i" " dont you always say that you "love what you do?"

" are you a stalker or something!? he asks with a smirk...

"no! besides its hard to stalk someone who lives 3000something miles away....

for once he looks was kinda cute....

"god justin, i was joking, jesus lighten up?!"
with a breath of relieve he sighs

" oh right, its just with girls i cant be to careful, ya know i have some crazy fans.

(no kidding?? has he not been on the net lately,)

"oh so that explains it then!?"
"explains what?


i take my time knowing hes curious


laughing i say, "it explains why you alway seem to date these much older women who to be totally honest just dont seem to fit with you thats all,"

"what do you mean dont fit?"

"well come on britney aside all the other woman youve been seen to be dating have been the good side of 10years older than you. at that stage people want different things ya know? i always just though you couldve done better?! look its none of my business but i just go by what i read and what i see, and it didnt make sense."

"oh" he looks to the floor, almost athough id hurt him. sh** i didnt want that to happen..

"hey look, im sorry ok i let my mouth run away some times ya shouldve just said shut up, most people do! i talk way way too much,"

im rambling now that much i realise but i needed to explain!

he looks up, surprised, and he just keeps his eyes on me, as i ramble an apology na dhe comes closer, and closer, and wispers "ava"


hes completely straring at my lips now.. of course im far to flustered with regret to notice....

"shutup" he says gently and with that he leans in and kisses me!

hes kisssing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh for cryin out loud! how did that just happen?!

ok so out of shock i eventually respond, and damn!! hes far too good at this i cant feel anything not my shaking knees, not my sweaty palms, just his lips, his lips on mine,

zilllions of thought run through my head but only one that i hear** so this is what heaven is** huh?

everything else is a blur,all i felt was these really soft lips and for a guy that says something, and they were making me feel lotsof things,things i havent felt i a while.

eventually we ease in to it, way way to easily all the way in to sinking the couch his hands my hands, all over the place, i almost forget where i am when(it never fails) there was the loudest knock at his door, i freeze, of course he thinks its haleioruous,

i sure as hell dont!

"whos that?"
"well i cant see through the door"

"wait, maybe i shouldnt be here?"
"why,? i invited you?

"oh but...

another knock...

grunting in aggravation "im coming jesus hold on would ya!"

i staighten myself up, and he opens the door, its tom, with cat!

sh** so NOW she decides to show up! typical!

hey j have ya seen...... tom stopped mid-sentence as cat sees me.

"oh your here?! "

"yes im here, where the hell did you get to!
guilty as hell she looks up trying to be innocent, "um well we...."
" ok i dont wanna know ok, are you ready, wheres sara?"
"shes with some guy who said hed give us a ride to the hotel. tiny i think his name is though if ya ask me it should be, massive, or sumo, or something!

at that both justin and tom bust out laughing, she was drunk that was clear, but when she gets drunk shes also kinda insulting..... she thinks its not in a mean way but sometimes it can come out wrong?

justin said" yeah hes security, but lisen ya don’t have to go i mean you could stay"

**tempting too tempting....**

"oooooooo did we interrupt something, ava hummm always the quiet one ya have ta look out for ya know!!

cat, shut up... as im sure my face is the colour of beetroot now!

haha soo we did wer you doing something naughty with mr superstar huh!!!!

shut up! cat i mean it, justin looks down at me(cuz yeah compared to 6ft2 am tiny at a whole foot smaller) and grins, **god hes cute, also a bit messed up looking, and wrinkled.... yeah thats sorta my fault.

Grapping cat tightly by the wrist i made for the hallway,"oh, well, i think it would be better if just got home, to the hotel, i mean to the hotel,

"are you sure,!" **was he disapointed?**

yes really its fine, look thanks for the party and well..... everything but really i have to get going before she makes another fool of....... both of us, it was nice..... meeting you and all justin.


Awarkward .....

Awarkward ....

Awarkward ........

"oh ok"



""""Bye bye bye i dont really wanna make it tough i just wana tell you that ive had enough""".... cat began singing as i pushed her down the hall! im am so gonna kill her when she sobers up!


As the sunlight began to slowly creep through the hotel window i realised that i was sleeping in the same room as cat? did i get here?

then as i slowly get up from the bed i realise, she was too drunk off her ass to have the sense to stay in her own room, so i had to stay with her so she didnt wander off,

sara, well she passed out as soon as she hit her pillow so it was up to me, i pay for a single room and she ends up with me, cramped, ugh sometimes ya just wanna hit her....

i get up and head straight for the shower, and begin processing the night before, did i really end up letting justin timberlake aka the trousersnake groop me? no did i? ok so i was in the denial stage ok but seriously, I mean ive fancied him for ages, he couldn’t have. i couldnt have, but i did, and at that i was giddy, a lil to giddy as i heard cat tellin me to "stop being so damn cheery its only a half 10"

i get out ond dry of, quickly putting on my clothes and heading in to the other room,

"yes its only half 10 but since i didnt drink a brewery last night im guessing im not as bad as you to day"

"do you even remember what you drank, or mores the point what or who you did???!

"ugh grouch nag nagnag! "

"noooo not nagging just concerned and MAD! , you and sara both just up and left me last night, thats something id never do to you two!........b****es!"

"well last time i checked you found someting to play with to pass the time!"

oh here we go, as i roll my eyes," not the point im mad and i wanna vent so get up shut and lisen 2 me"

getting up and heading to her suit case," not the point, helloooo if i remember right i interuppted something, didnt i? you two looked very..... flushed.

i blush, she was right i couldnt deny it she was, and she knew....

"see i was right, your so red faced right now its funny! so im gonna take a quick shower and then ya have to tell all i mean ALL about what happened!

i wander next door to wake sara, i bang damn hard on the door, she answer after about 10 minutes,


" what do ya mean what get up! you alco, hows the hangover"

"uggghhhh im NEVER DRINKING AGAIN! never,"
"hahaha how many times have i heard that one!"

" SO what happened to you last night, meet your match at the free bar?"
" no, well, i dont think so, met some guy, not exactly hot, but eh he served his purpose!" what about you?"

i smile smugly" ohhhh me? nothing special i suposse??im gonna go get brekfast, do ya want anything?"
" ugh no i cant face food!"

"ooook well tell cat ill be back!"

when i got back to the hotel, they were both in my room, staring, dying to ask.....

"good ahead, what!!!!????"
and with that they questioned me left and right, and i answered,

of course i lied, i mean i love those girls but not exacally the best with the secret keeping,ya know?

" nothing happened i swear, we talked, and drank thats it. besides i spent most of the night taking to his mum, shes sweet.

"i dont believe you," cat said looking as thought id lied under oath or something!

"i dont care what you believe," " nothing like what your suggesting happened" "end of story."

" i gotta call my mum" then were going shopping, i need some , ok WANT some new clothes,

i called mum of couse she gave me the third degree, where i was who did i meet, when i told her about the party i swear she freaked saying that "those people" would only take advantage of a young girl(not that i could in any way do that myself!?)
ooooh k mam im going now ok, no were not doing anything except shopping & dinner ok yup love you 2 bye!"

After a hard days shopping for well nothing in particular and dodging as many questions as i cold about you know who we made it safely to the hotel,

i got in to my room, to find the phone ringing, it was front desk lady,



ok now i was freaked, i didnt know what to think," umm, YES THAT WOULD BE OK,"


i was totally conflustered about the whole "package thing"! sara and cat said they needed a nap so i didnt worry about them poppin around, i opened the door to find a small middle aged man wit one very very big bunch of flowers, not just any flowers, sterling roses, rare and expensive,

ohh noo, it coldnt be, could it?

there you go miss."

"thank you"
i walk inside, and find a card,

<span style='color:blue'>Ava thanks so much for your company the other night, id love to do it again sometime,and id also like to get to know you better,

do yo want to get to know me better? i hope so, talk to you soon


feedback????? :blink:

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Fri Sep 03, 2004 2:47 pm

:nod: You know I love this story! :wub: Anybody who takes the time to write a fan fiction deserves much credit. Congrats on writing your first fan fic and I can't wait to read more of it. :nod:

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Postby Tiff » Fri Sep 03, 2004 9:34 pm

<span style='color:blue'>very great start. dang paige u need to start ur own fan fic...i think u would be a great first one was bad cuz i really didn't know how to start it and stuuf then my second was alittle bit better and now my third one,everyone likes. ne ways get started on one Paige. but more plz!!!!</span>

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Postby xoinnocentjrtgrl » Fri Sep 03, 2004 10:42 pm

I like it alot so far, more soon please

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Sat Sep 04, 2004 8:13 am

Tiff wrote: <span style='color:blue'>very great start. dang paige u need to start ur own fan fic...i think u would be a great first one was bad cuz i really didn't know how to start it and stuuf then my second was alittle bit better and now my third one,everyone likes. ne ways get started on one Paige. but more plz!!!!</span>

I actually have an idea for a short one that I keep putting off. I promise that one day you will get something from me! :nod:

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Postby Tiff » Sun Sep 05, 2004 5:25 pm

YAY!!! :dance: Finally a Story from Paige!!!!

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Postby xoinnocentjrtgrl » Sun Sep 05, 2004 5:47 pm

Paige, dear.. you owe me. i dont know why but you owe me. So you MUST write a freakin story, biatch :D

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Sun Sep 05, 2004 6:35 pm

Hold your horses babies, I promise you will get something from me! And I'll do it before Christmas ... now that seems a long time away, but at least, I've set some kind of time limit that I have to hold myself to.

I will tell you that it's not going to be a long, ongoing one, but a nice, couple of pages story. :nod:

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Postby laura » Mon Sep 06, 2004 8:44 am

<span style='color:blue'>aw thanks for the feed back girls, it means alot, and i know im slow on updates but i will have some this week i promise! im just not sure when ill get the time.... but thanks again! :D </span>

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Postby laura » Mon Sep 06, 2004 9:34 am

ok here a little bit more.......................... :unsure:

<span style='color:blue'><span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'>ooomygod, ok how did he get my hotel room number,

"thats what your worried about,hello, did you not read this " of course cat saw the need to tease in everything and in her best manly voice" id like to get to know you better" huh, he wants you... he does! what did you do with him to get him alllll worked up like this huh?

I dont know, i realllllly dont!

"shhh im trying too think"
"Of what another lie?"

"yes " they said together, "just tell us what happened" "pleasssssssssseeeee" " we wont tell"

" yeah!"" we wont, promise com'on girl pleassssseee"!
" ok fine, we, we kissed and stuff!
"stuff? what stuff!"
" oh never you mind, what do i do i thought id never hear from him!"
" you go see him, now!!"


"wil you too come with me?!"
they look at each other and look at me,

"no hun this card right here, not addressed to us, you, not us...

" i know but please ive never done this before!"
"done what? cat asked smirking...\

" you know this, being all impulsive n crap i mean com on hes justin timberlake for gods sake, i cant..... i mean. look at me>?
"yeah we are your beautiful"
"no im not, im dull normal, ordinary,

"oh god dont be stupid, hello hes obiously interested,and in you no one else,your gorgeous"

"not compared to the women hes used to plus i have zero experiece at this,!"
"so!!! hes used to frecking hollywood royalty for god sake, britney spears, that diaz chick janet jackson, that girl from charmed, the list goes on, i cant compare to that can i?

okfirst off britney spears, can you say trailer trash, cameron diaz IS a surf board trapped in a 8 year olds body, with lets admit it here, a face joan rivers wouldn't buy, as for jackson, wardrobe malfunction" my ass, and as for the others, hes single for a reason ya know?
i laugh at her reasoning. she made it sound so simple....

" now stop looking for excuses and go!"

so i got showered, got dressed, and convinced myself that if nothing else i was going over there to thank him for the flowers, no really i was!

As i already knew the floor and the number of the room, i sneaked past the reception, and up the lift, as i go to get of this very massive hand stops me,

"who are you!?"

"I...i " "Im here to see jus.. i am ava" as if he'd know who i was, just at that tiny came down the hallway, "hey girl what ya doin standin'here, "
"oh he wouldnt....!"

"dude let the girl pass"
"you know her?"
"hell yeah i know her now move!
" ok sorry!"
" sorry hes new" "and rude"
" its ok really i couldve been anyone,"
"but your not though, j cant stop taking about you, just so ya know"!
" really"

i couldnt hide the fact that i was pleased, very please, he noticed. and laughed!

" know where he is?
"his suite," "ya know how to get there right?
"yeah i answer, as my nerves start to build,as i reached the door, a million thoughts are running through my head, but only one i want to lisen to " should i go, what will happen if i dont?! oh crap!

but i reach the door, and after about a minute i finally knock, and wait and wait.

and just as im about to turn around and leave there is shuffling behind the door.

"hey, you came, sorry about that i was in the shower " he moves in to hug me, then i realise, hes not wearing anything, but a towel, damn

" oh no problem, i just wanted to come by and thank you for the flowers, they were really beautiful"
"oh no problem, i wanted to, it was nothing really, i gotta be honest i didnt think you'd come"?
"oh why not?"
" well i dunno i just gota bad feeling,that maybe you were'nt interest?"
why would he think that, had he not been part of the heavy petting fest the other night?

"oh...well im here arent i ?!"
" yes, yes you are, so that means you are interested right? " looking over at me with the most flirtatious look in his eyes!
as i try not to jump him, i look away, " UM well.... lisen to you think you could put some clothes on please, its just...."
"what," looking down at himself, "distracting huh?" he winks playfully making his way in to the bedroom.

"uh NO!"

i knew he was cocky but this is obsurd!

"hey im kidding seriously,i was just about to do that any way,make yourselve at home, please, ill be just a minute, "and with that he disappeared thorugh the double doors,

and i did just as he said, got myself some pepsi, and sat, he was watching basketball, a sport i didnt often watch but,suddenly i realised those men were fine..... oh and the game wasnt bad either!

i was so concentrated on the game that i didnt hear him reappear i jumped as he plopped down on the sofa,right beside me,dressed in a casual t-shirt and combats, nice, very nice.

so? i began,

so.... um about the other night, i began because i couldnt think of another topic of conversation,

i just want ya to know, i dont usually go around making out with girls i dont know, well not recently anyway, its just that i... well i like you, and part of the reason that i wanted to see you again was to see if maybe you felt the same, cuz i got the vibe that you didnt do that with strangers a lot either?

"well obiously there is an attraction,justin otherwise, i wouldnt have shown up, i mean come on you KNOW you cute right?"
"cute huh? just cute?"
"oh shut up im not gonna inflate your ego!"" i like you thats all"
" well good" " cause i think you're really cute,"

After the set up of how cute we thought each other were,we settled into quiet conversation- mostly about, me, again he asked alot of questions, about my life, what i do for fun, family and friends, of course everytime i tried to counter the conversation he asked yet another question,

" come on now im sure ya' already know everything about me?"" most fans do right?"
" true, but thats just the obsessive ones,im not one of those and besides, i know "stuff" about the public side of "justin timberlake" not the real you? now do i?
"yeah thats very true!"
"soooooo" come on ive given you practally my life story, its only fair you do the same!"
" ok so what to you want to know?"
" i only want what your willing to give,that and nothing else?"
of course i realise how that sentance could be taken differently,

"really,"at that he looks at me, up and down, and grins," so what exactly do you want?"

oh oh! how do i answer that one?

at this stage im sweating more than i thought possible,so i get up to walk.....somewhere thats not so close to him,




look,justin not to be rude to you or anything, but what exactly do you want from , me id like to know now, before,i,,,, we get any more "friendly" because to be honest i ave absoloutly NO clue what it is that you see in me!? "why exactly are you interested in me?
i was taking at a million miles a minute, and makin absoloutly no sense what so ever!
"wow ok thats alot of questions in 20 seconds, ok look" i think a much better question would have to be why wouldnt i be interested in you? he approached with a silly look on his face,

" i like you we've discovered that much, i just wanted to know if you felt the same, im assuming from your little out burst that you do, so, lets just hang out some more and see where it takes us? "does that sound like something you could do?"

" i suposse so yes, but lisen, i dont live here and neither do you, i just dont want to get...


lisen to me ok" " stop freaking out and just enjoy this ok, im not a bad guy, and ive been told, im fun to hang with,,,, of course trace said that, and that dude has no other friends so..... im not really that sure, but, hey lets go out, lunch or something, just hang out...?"
" are you sure you can do that i mean, with all that goes with you going out in public an all?"
at this point i just want to kiss him, although i dont want him to know that

then he leans in ever so gently and kisses me i swear that boy could read my mind, the kiss was sweet, tender not one thing about it was rushed, and it stole the breath right out of her chest, so much so that when he pulled back her eyes where still closed,

when she opened them again, he was just looking at her with the same goofy grin, as he dipped his head again and met her lips, this time Ava didnt hold back, she wanted him, and she was more than sure he felt the same way, so the embraced in what could only be discribes as a exploration, of each other, right there on his got to the point, where she wanted to throw all her values and morals out the window and just keep doing what they where doing,until it reached the point of no return,

could she,?

would she,?

would he?


After their lengthy makeout session, that involved alot of, interesting developments, one of which she found very very funny, each time he went under her top he stopped kissing, i mean she new guys had troble concentrating on more than one thing at a time but at THIS she didnt think him of all people would have trouble, he also made it so obivious he was tring to feel her up,

Ava began to giggle so hard that it completlely threw him off,

" what?" "whats wrong?
through her laughing

" nothing, nothing its just....hahaha im sorry, its just you keep stopping when you try and, ya know..... am sorry its just funny, ill stop, never mind....

"no. no i get it!!! your totally laughing at me! thanxs a lot!!
laughing even harder, at the expression on his face, the concern of a very flustered not to mention frustrated 22 year old mixed with the temper of a 5 year old, it was sooooo cute," look ignore me, just... im sorry ok, i wont do it again...

but he stood, up, Ava knew he wanted her to follow him, she did

"yeah, "
" are you mad?" "dont be i was only joking, sorry, but i didnt think someone as "smooth"" as you could falter at that? it was funny,
he walked towards me with the most evil look on his face, " ooohh so ya think im smooth huh? he wrapped his arms all the way around her waist and picked here up from the rear,

and carried her to the bed,

"put me down!!! aw please put me down!"~
and he did to,but not before kissing her so hard she felt dizzy" ok your down"
" um... on your bed yeah, not what i ment,"!
he beagan crawling towards her,until he was just above her," would you like to move? or do you wana stay, as his face inched towards her neck ava's heart began to race so fast she was sure he could hear it!

"i dont.... i ...

"yeeesss??" he said with a evil tone in his voice, one that knew she didnt want to move, not one inch!
she didnt say anything after that,not about moving anyway,her body and her head where on separate planets at that moment, her head was telling her to get u u, leave and go back to normal, her body and in all honesty,her heart wanted him, wanted him as much as he clearly wanted her, and she was after all, incharge of her own life, weather or not her family knew that,she could do whatever the hell she wanted, and right now all she wanted was the man who was making her feel like she'd been hiding before now, hiding the real her..

so even if it was for just one night she did what she wanted, and she wanted justin......!


"ive been down and im wondering why these little black clouds keep walking around with,me

i waste time and id rather be high i think of the world outside and and the rainbow smiles and be free - oh free,

so maybe tomorrow, ill find my way home ,maybe tomorrow i'll find my way"

As she heard the bleeping coming from the other room, and steadyly getting louder, she was awakened from what felt like years asleep, suddenly she realised where she was, what she had just done, and of course who was lying right next to her. she hated to get up, but the beeping just wouldnt stop, she had to answer her phone, so she grapped his t-shirt sitting on the floor and made her way in to the other room, grapping the phone,

"ava honey its your mum, what on earth took you so long!""
" um... i was

"well lisen i just wanted to make sure i know what time your leaving for home tomorow"?
crap id forgot all about, home... back to dulls ville!

Looking at justin, as he lay sleeping,after all that they just did, and now she had to leave, but he would be leaving soon to she had to keep reminding herself of that, he didnt live in her world, he live in the world of awards, massive tours, celebrity parties, not studing, working nine to five and struggling to get by month to month....

"well, im leaving to catch the coach home at seven, that um.. leaves me home at 11. if all goes well and on time , you know what those buses are like,"
"ok good,"
" Well are you girls having fun, what about that timberlake boy, at that party, did you meet him??"

with a nervous laugh she admitted"oh, ha, um, yeah i met him, hes......well hes very..hes a sweet heart, met his mum to, she so nice, alot like you, but ya know cool!"
" oh very funny, well call me tomorow and check in ok, im just worried thats all!"

"ok,no." problem," just as she got the words out she felt theses hands,creeping around her waist,and resting on her tummy, as he kissed he side of her neck... oh god. focus ava focus...

"ok mum, im gonna go now"
"ok dear bye."
ahuh" as she flipped the phone shut, he spun her around looking down at his tshirt, on her..

"huh, it suits you better i think,"!
" yeah its alllll the rage in mailan...."

smiriking at that" oh im sure it sells to!"
" ahuh!"
" so, was that your mum,? he asked with a cute nervous tone in his voice!"

"eh, yup, her daily, no make that hourly check ups, i swear she worrys so much shes gonna have a stroke," " its completely unnecessary if ya ask me, im more than able to look after myself!"
" yessss you are" oh he was going somewhere with a tone laced with suggestion.

"meaning??" of course i play it all innocent, what can i say i like the banter*

" ha! meaning in there lil missy, pointing towards the bedroom, "thats what i mean, you TOTALLY surprised me, i mean i expected ya to be all shy 'n' what not, but......

" well, i dont no, i just felt like doing something.... for me for once! " " shocked ya huh!?"
" yup! " grinnig proudly...

" uh ok... i ave to get dressed!"
"um, WHY?"
"'CAUSE i gotta go,"
"oh no ya dont, ya cant leave, i mean we just... no you cant leave,

" i have to " i curl into his body,and kiss his cheek>

with the face so upset looking it hurt to see "but why" he said,

"because, I have to pack and get ready to go home tomorow,"

"oh!" " so your just gonna leave just like that?"
" i dont have a choice, imexpected to be home tomorow, and well i didnt plan on that, infact it was the last thing i ever thought could happen!"

"do you plan everything? he asked as he watched me from the doorway, pull on my jeans

"well, yes, i think i do, dont you?"
"no! wheres the fun in that?

" good point, but unfortunately if i dont plan my life its more than likely that someone else will, and then i have zero power, not that i have much more right now, but thats besides the point, really, justin, i like you, a lot-although im guessing after that little show just now you kinda gathered that, but i cant, and you definately cant, i mean ya live what 30000 miles away,your JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE FORCRYING OUT LOUD!

"dont what? look ava i dont know about you, but i dont just go around sleeping with every hot girl i meet," "

"really," she didnt believe him....she wanted to though.


"ok ok jeez calm the hell down." " look i dont do this either, ever!!

so im just as...confused as you right now...

"you dont seem it, you just seem like you wana go and forget alll about this. well i dont, like i said before i do still want to get to know you, not just in a sexual way, though dont get me wrong i have absoloutely noooo problem doing that with you! i just want more than that, dont you?


ok ok so i get it right im a b**** i just slept with quiet possibly the worlds most gorgeous man and what do i do, i bascally tell him to take a hike, yup i'm crazzzzzzy! right,??

well acually i dont think so, i mean, think about it, hes internationally adored and loaded, me, a poor struggling student, seriously, in reality it will never work, we live on completely different contanints for god sake!

jesus what is wrong with me im totally attached to this girl, this girl whom i havent even know 24 hours!? thats f***ed up right, i mean come on its stupid right?
but when i saw her at my door i swear my heart lept in to my throat!i was so happy that she decided to see me, i like her alot man, and no matter what else im feeling, i just dont want her to leave,

"dude seriously think about this she could be anyone, what exactly do you know about her, how do you know she wont just use what you guys did, to sell it to the papers and make a sh** load of cash from it? huh? justin your not falling for her, you like her sure! but dude com'on its only been a few months since you broke up with cameron, remember her ?the woman you stupidly wanted to marry?? look and just because of what happened, with..... look i know she tore you up but....

"YES! YES OK I REMEMBER, JESUS I WAS THERE YA KNOW, and besides thats completely different!"
"oh, different how, your not over cam, ok, its way way too soon to be even thinking about falling for some chick again, it was rebound sex plain and simple, something to take your mind off what happened before, thats it!"

"your wrong man your so wrong!" " i have to get out of here!" as he headed straight for the door
"wait where are you going!

"mind your own business i'll be back... whenever!"


"so are you almost packed?" it was cat, of course it was,

"yup,almost, "
"ok,.. look i know you dont want to talk about what happened between you and mr superstar, and thats fine, but seriously if he did something to hurt you you really should say something, so we can go over there and kick his ass!!!!"
oh if she only knew the last thing he did was hurt her," no really its ok, we just... hung out and talked, thats all,"
"so way are you so miserable,i mean i know me and sar are like the best party people ya know and are so so sad to leave, but thats not all it is right???"
well duh!! " No thats not all it is, he,wanted me to stay with him, to "get to know each other better!"
" oh wow!"
"yup! i continue to place my things in my suitcase, as she just stares...."
"well im sorry but,he asked you to stay with him, after just some over the sweater action and talking? it takes alot more than that to get a guy to ask me to stay with him! even just for a night?

"yeah but your usually the one doing the asking, sara pipped up coming from the other room,

"ANYway what i mean is that must have been some talk you two had if he got so attached to you soooo soon, dont ya think?

oh oh does she know? "um well we didnt exactly talk all that much,but yeah we, did stuff and i guess thats what hooked him or whatever, but its done -its over and i have to go home"!
"why do you have to go home. i mean cant you come stay with us, summer starts in like what, 2 days,and your already on holidays "

"yeah can you picture my moms face when i tell im moving to the most dangerous city in the country with no money, no job and nothing to do but party with you two"
"true, but i mean come on what can she do your over 18 its your life hun,"

"ugh i dont think i could handle the lecture and the endless questions when i finally did get home!"

" SO, dinner?
"yeah where just gonna go get ready, see ya in a bit...ok!"




just as i was applying my eyeliner there wa of course the biggest knock at the door, made me smuge, "damit"


"look sara i told you i was almost....""your not sara,

it was justin, here at MY hotel room, oh sh**!

" well no im not, but can i come in, please?"
"ok" dammmnnn he looks good,and hes changed, again, for a guy he does like his wardrobe, now in baggy jeans and a hoodie,baseball cap,and... sunglasses? at night, thats odd?

why is he here, was he not a part of the same conversation like 8 hours ago?
" Look i know its weird me here like this but i had to see you, and i just want to know something"
"ok first of all when i walked through the door just now, where you happy to see me?"
"what does that matter?? god he was acting weird?

"it matters ok?!"
"ok yes i was pleased although the happy feeling is quickly disapearing, dont roar at me!"
"im sorry, but ok good, and secondly would you come to dinner with me tonight? "i mean ya have to eat right, everyone has to eat sometime"
"i..sort of already have plans.... why is he doing this i gave him a easy way out of all of this!"

"oh,can you cancel them,!"
"god ive never had to work so hard to get a person to let me buy them dinner before, ever, come on now dont make me beg?"
she smiled at that, was he nervous, she liked that she made him nervous, like a deer caught in the headlights, thats what his eyes looked like when she was about to say no, but she didnt really deepdown want to say goodbye, she wanted to spent her time with him, even if she was too afraid to admit it to herself, she really liked him, and loved the fact he was trying so hard to win her over, it made her heart swell up in her chest to think that he'd really be nervous for her ? of all people?

***so yes she caved in,it was the charm/the grin and those damn lips that did it, of course the girls understood, i mean who better to be stood up for than a superstrar right?~so that wasnt her problem, the problem was that she reallly loved speading time with him, he made her laugh,which was hard to do sometimes.but it didnt seem that way not with him, that night they did a whole range of what he called "Normal people activities"

they did almost everything, from, a little shopping, a film(which because it was dark and there was some. touching they only saw half of it?),to dinner.

to her it was just a night out, but to him it was a time where he could just be himself, with none of the security, the screaming fans and the groupies. he could relax and spend time with her, this girl who made him feel things he though were long gone. felling your not s'possed to have in your twenties, it was a teenage feeling of excitement that washed through him whenever he made her laugh or caught her looking at him in that way, he loved that she made him feel that way,was it more than that did her love her?


So are you gonna tell me why you shut off your phone before?
"na, its not a big deal"
"well then tell me if its nothing?"

frustrated and annoyed that they had to talk about this he gave in," ok, its just my security and well my mom, keep calling looking for me,"
"why, didn't you tell them where you where going?

"why should i have to im a grown man i dont need there permission!!!!!!!!" - it came out alot more angry than he ment it but it just pissed him off that they worked for him yet he had to "check" with them before living his life, sometimes being him sucked plain and simple!

Ava went silent after that,he guessed he scared her, he really hadnt ment to yell at her. he didnt!
" look baby, im sorry really i am, it just pisses me off thats all you have no idea how much i've enjoyed this night with you, just to be normal for once, with a normal girl, its just......wonderful, refreshing even, and the thought of leaving it.....

"its ok really, i guess its hard for me to get huh, i mean im joey normal right here, and never have to worry about being mobbed or photographed in private all the time like you. really its fine,"
"are you sure your only 19.? cuz youve got the wisdom of someone else,someone alot older,"
" thanks, i think,"
" would you like to spend the week with me?"
"well its justi dont have to definatly leave til this time next week, mainly because my mom loves it here and wants to sight see while were here, and i was hoping that since you only live a few hours away that maybe you'd stay with me?"
"oh",then she went silent and began looking down at her shoes, -- sh** ive scared her ive definatley scared her. crap!

"justin, i'd love to i would, but i....."
"look its ok if you dont want to you dont have to make something up, just say so"!

"NO! im not making it up, its just i have a really strict family, and if they knew i was even with in a hundred feet of some (and i finger quote here) "rockstar" they'd have me sent to the nearest convent,no joke,

"are you serious?"
"pretty much, i mean as far as my mother knows im with my two oldest friends,going to a concert, shopping then going home, not having some secret dates and ya know,sex with..... she was rambling that was clear, but he was laughing, that full on trademark "timberlake " laugh, damn it made him ten times more sexier than she first thought! damn!!!!

"oooook so your familys crazy, whos isnt?

rolling my eyes" your right i know i might be blowing it out of purposion but my mum would still flip her lid,see im an only girl so shes just protective, it sucks!

All moms are like that" i mean look at my mom, im 22 ad she still feels like shes gotta come "Look after me?"
"yeah but shes cool with everything right, i mean youve been famous most of your life" she not wound so tight about your lifestyle though. even if she did say shed love for you to find a nice girl and settle down, soon!"
"she said that?"
"yup, last night, i think she'd had one two many, but yeah she wants mini justins a.s.a.p!"
"damn i didnt know that, now im worried,"
laughing full on at that i realised he was totally freaked out" well i m sure she didnt me like right now!

maybe she just means one day, not today,

with a sigh of relief"man i hope so, of course if you wanted to help me with that then. i wouldnt say know?

hes joking, even though he has this funny look in his eye" "sure anytime....rolling my eyes at his suggestion.

"so you didnt answer my question, will you stay the week with me,i swear we dont have to do anything, just hangout if you want,although i have ta say id be very disapointed if thats all we did,"
"jussssssstin, i cant,i mean i didnt bring enough clothes or money for that matter to last me a week,"
"you can, and dont worry about any of that, i'll take care of you, i promise the only one question you have to ask yourself is, do you want to?!"
" yes!!!!!!! i do, really,"

"then thats it then, your staying.</span></span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Mon Sep 06, 2004 10:18 am

:yay: She better stay, and if her mom doesn't let her, well then, screw mom! :huh: :D Ava and Justin are perfect together. I love them! :wub:

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Postby laura » Wed Sep 08, 2004 5:14 am

ooook since no body replied on the jt board im just gonna stick to posting here, so read and enjoy...

<span style='color:blue'><span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'>"ok yall gotta help me here, what am i gonna do, i have to call my mum, right now! i mean im supossed to be catching my bus in like twenty minutes, but instead what am i doing,.....
"freaking out! cat pippedup, whist looking through my suitcase for something "sexy as hell to knock his socks off" or so she put it, you see what i was doing instead of going home back to dullville nowhereland, was infact getting all fancied up to go to some showbizzy party type thing the neptunes slash nerd slash pharell williams slash fine as hell, whatever ya wanna call them, where throwing, because, yeah they where in town for various festival appearances and what not and decided to invite justin who in turn asked me very polietly to be

"his date for the evening, please" pretty sweet right,? it would have been a WHOLE lot more gentlemanly had he not been removing my underwear at the time! not that it wasnt fun you understand, but i had to admit, i wasnt exactly concentrating on what he was sayin' if ya know what i mean!!!

"look av' ya gotta call her, say something, anything. ohh how about the truth!
"could you picture the look on her face!" "she'd flip!!!"
"soooo???? hello,after mr superstar timberlake goes back to lala land i have to live with that woman," "huh thats if she lets me live!!"
" well look at it this way, you can ring her now and tell her the truth that youve meet a great young man, casually slip in that hes the worlds most saught after man, and that he wants to treat you like a princess for a week, then when the weeks over you have alllllll these wonderful memories to keep you warm at night- if and when she kicks ya out!"
"thanks a lot! that doesnt help!"
"oh ava stop being a b**** and just do it"""
"fine!""" so she finally gave in and dialled her mums number,
one ring,
shes not gonna answer, i should just leave it..." oh hi mum,
"ava,? good, are you on the bus yet,"
"um.... well not exactly...."
"what do you mean not exactly??"
"well mum heres the thing..."
And she did it, she said that she'd met and made a "friendship" with justin, and his mother, well she didnt want to blurt out that she'd met then and had sex with him, three times since, now that wouldnt go down well at all, plus she didnt reallllly lie as such she just rearranged the truth...
ok she flatout lied, but she needed to make it as innocent as possible if she wasnt gonna get roared at, see that was the thing about her mum, she had this way, no matter what she said, the tone in her voice was enough, to tell her everything she needed to know, and that tone was more crushing to Ava than any violent act that ever could be committed!
"oh i see, so they want you to stay with them, why?"
"mum i just told you!" " look really its gonna be fine dont worry about me ok ill be fine"!
"but... ava you dont know these people, what if something bad happens ,and you cant get home, what then, no i think you should just come home!"
"i cant mum, i promised justin..... justins mum that i would help her, um... sight see while shes here, itll be good for me to i mean ill get to see the sights myself, ill be perfectly safe, i promise"
"well what about money, you didnt bring your bank card, what...."
she knew it was going to be difficult but jesus!!!
"MUM! listen to me ok, im going now, im going out with justin tonight, im gonna enjoy myself for once in my life, please just dont worry so much, and please dont be mad!" " ill phone you tomorrow ok?"
and there it was the tone,the tone she'd been dreading, the tone shed been expecting! the calm yet threating tone!
"no, no look ok,you go have fun, really, but be careful, ill be fine, go on!"
"no its ok go, ill speak to you when your ready to come home, if you come home" "bye"
"mum dont be angry of please,"
"im not"-- (yeah right!)
"so, we're ok then?"
"yes fine, bye!" and with that she hung up!
ohhhhhh crap

After such a lovely phone call with the woman formally know as my mother, i was feeling totally depressed and so not in the mood to party!,of course thats when my two crazzy friends decided to help me get ready, it helped alot, it did especally since justin had phoned, that totally brighened up my evening, he was checking that i'd be ready on time, i'd explained what had happened, and him being the absouloute sweetie that he is, was so sympathetic, which I gotta admit, helped alot with my mood, of couse he went on to describe the things he wanted us to do after we were done partying, which .... yeah being the typical girl had me all excited and blushing even though my now discusted friends where wanting to slap me, i would wanna slap me too if i was them, they said i was so love struck,now that was scary, ive know the guy a total of 3 days, and granted things moved ALOT faster than they would have done with any normal "date" of mine, im not a slut, no really, hard to believe given the behavior over the last few days but there it is, i liked him, ALOT!
Well alot,was an understatement, wasnt it? i mean sure he was sweet and gorgeous, sexy, looks great naked, and has this damn charm that just surprises me beyond believe, and yeah, I crossed lines with him in the last 3 days that I wouldn't dare have done with anyone else........
it was approaching nine thirty that’s when Justin said he'd pick her up, and sure enough he did, he rang up to her room , before hand just to make sure she didn’t change her mind, yeah like she'd do that!
so there he was, but something was different about him, he was giddy, and smiling alot more than usual,(because of her she hoped), but also he was dressed smarter than she'd previously seen him, he was in a pair of black trousers, white tshirt, and a buttoned down shirt that was left open, topped off with a long leather coat, also black, all in all he looked pretty fine! but that didnt really surprise her, what surprised her was the fact that when she opened the door he went straight for her lips, capturing her in such a way, that when he let her go she was kind of dizzy and almost lost her balance, almost, he was still holding on to her sides so she didnt exactly fall over, thank god.
"you look.... stunning...really,,,"
"i do? really...." she faked modesty, right at that minute she knew she looked hot, and from the look in his eyes she totally believed him when he told her that! she was dressed in a two piece outfit, on top a black midsection halter top,with lots of layers, but which also showed of her middrift, which with all the walking around shops she had done over the past few days was just fine as she'd lost what little bumps and bits she had!

On the bottom half she wore a tight ra-ra skirt just above her knee,one that hugged her hips and her bum just enough,it was also black, wore with her sparkle diamond heels and a chunky silver hipster chain- belt her accessories was kept to a minimum, small diamond earrings, and a bracelet that Justin had insisted on buying her earlier that day when that had gone shopping, of course she put her foot down when he suggested buying her earrings and a ring to match. she guessed that the bracelet itself cost more than her entire wardrobe and that’s not what she wanted him for, she didn’t want him spending his money on her, to her it just wasn't fair, it didn’t matter if he was a zillionaire. she didn’t want his money!
As they entered the most exclusive club possibly in the entire city, that was decked out in rich colours, of reds and deep orange drapes hanging over each booth, dim lighting, a stage and of course a bar, as nerds *lapdance* met them as soon as they stepped through the vip section, Ava was suddenly over come with nerves, she'd' never been to ANYTHING like this before, she knew deep down she was at some point going to make a complete fool of herself but, Justin on the other hand, looked completely at ease, taking her by the hand and introducing her to all of his "boys" of course this was all in a days work for him, these people where his friends, everyone seemed nice and greeted her whilst looking her over once or twice, the girls on the other hand where a different story, they were strange to be honest, all very skinny girls, with way to much makeup on, not to mention the lip-gloss issue,,ick... they threw dirty looks her way each time she walked anywhere or talked to anyone alone! she was slightly creeped out by it all.
" going to get drinks, you want?" justin asked whilst holding her from behind,
"um.yeah sure you pick im not fussy?"
"no prob!, be right back, yo trace, look after my girl for a sec will ya!!"
"sure dude,.... so ava, how did you and j meet," Trace commented coming over and putting his arm around her shoulder,
" well we met a few days ago, at a afterparty at his hotel, you where there remember?"
"ooooh,yeah i was a little drunk, so you guys are a pretty new thing huh,cool!"
"i suposse so,yeah!" had justin not talked to him about her,that was weird.
"right so are you guys serious? or is this just a rebound thing??!" Trace new well enough that j liked her, but he needed to suss her out for himself.

ok that was weird, what did that have to do with anything, "rebound?"
"yeah you know,him,pointing to (justin who now was talking to traces girlfriend,) getting over cameron, by getting under someone else, its classic, inparticular for him!"
"look im sorry what has this got to do with you, how is this your business?" Ava was totally irritated by his intrusive questions,not only that but it hurt that anyone would think that!!!!
"uhhh,nothing i guess, i was just wondering, sorry,"

Just at that justin came up beside her,handing her a colourful drink in a large glass, after such a conversation she really needed it!
"hey,what ya talkin' 'bout,?!"
Trace's eyes where on her,almost scared looking" nothing man, nothin'"
"well to honest, Trace was just wondering weather or not you and i are "serious" or if your just f***ing me to get over cameron diaz???!" "so would you be a doll and fill him in, i need some air, Ava realised she was being crude, but she was totally pissed off, and she wasnt letting him away with it!,,, he was acting like an ass! And with that she headed upstairs to the terrace drink in hand.

"what the f*** man!" Justins blood was boiling at the thought that his so called best friend had said those things to her!
"what do you mean what, why the f*** where you saying those things to her,i mean that wasnt exactly the conversation i invisioned you two having!" "jesus, dont you like her or something,"!
"dude, i dont know her!!!!!, and just while where on that NEITHER DO YOU!"
"yes i do!!!,ok and the fact that you DONT WANT TO GET TO KNOW HER is entirely not the point here, why the hell did you have to bring up f***ing cameron off all f***ing things!!"
" i just wanted her to understand where your coming from her thats all, and besides you've know her what like an hour and your getting all defensive look its not the first time youve used some girl to get over a ex, remember Jenna? "!"
"what,? why!?, maybe i didnt want her to have to think anout my stuipit exs, trace did it ever occur to you to just leave the hell alone and stay the hell out of my business!!!"
"but i ......."
"no never mind,jesus just leave me alone"! And with that he headed up the same sairs Ava had headed up a few minutes before leaving trace open mouthed in shock. i mean sure they fought but never when trace was just looking out for his best interests!

Ava was completely pissed off. i mean yeah she'd known all about his past, it was kInda hard not to since it was plastered all over the newspapers and the net EVERYDAY! and yeah she didnt really know justin like trace did, for all she knew she was just some screw to help get over the pain of the breakup, i mean she didnt understand these women at all how could ALL of them have cheated on him, he was all the things a guys supossed to be plus hes sweet charming and funny all in one, and shed already slept with him, and the problem was definitely NOT the sex, she just didnt get it!!!
She was so lost in thought she didnt hear justin walk up behind her, she jumped as she felt his hands slide around her waist, and his head dip dow to rest on her shoulder,
in almost a whisper he began, "Im sorry,"
"why are you sorry you didnt say anything?" in an equallly soft tone.
" I know but for trace he had no right to say what he did to you, and for that im sorry"
"its not your fault,that your friend has no sense, thats all him.
"yeah but i dont want you to think that what he said is true,i mean yeah at one point in my life i wasnt interested in anything but....
"but what?" she almost knew what he was going to say,but she needed to hear it, even though she didnt want to,
"nothing but sex, and yeah i have been with girls just for that fact alone, but now..., Ava look at me, please?
slowly she turned,but not looking up at him, he reached for her chin and pulled gently until she was looking him in the eyes,
"but now thats not what i want, i thought i had that before...with..
"with cameron" she finished for him
"yes with cameron, but looking back at it now i realised that all she did was lie to me, and use me for her own advantage, to boost her profile, and a sick as that is i really thought she was the one.
why was he doing this to her,she really didnt wan to know how much he loved another women, especally that woman!!
"look justin i dont..."
"no let me finish, ok? i really like you ava, i do, and i know lots about you and im so looking forward to gettiing to know even more about you,i know i only have the rest of the week here right now,but id like to think that even when i have to go home we could still keep in contact?" " and what trace said about rebound, yeah she hurt me, she really screwed me over ava but ive been through it before, and to be honest i I AM over it, because what else i realised when we split and she told me the truth was that, i didnt really love her as much as i thought, i thought she was the one, the one id be with forever, but now, the feeling i get with you are far better and far more exciting feeling and ideas than i got in all the time i was with her, so i know we've only known each other a few days but we've gotten close havent we?
"of course, do you think i just go around sleeping with ever successful artist i find?
smirking at that,"
well, i'd hoped not?!"
"well no i dont, in fact i dont sleep with very many people at all, so this right now was the biggest thing ive done in a long time, ive crossed lines for you and broken out of my very hard shell, and all in a few days, and all because of you...."
He had this sappy look on his face as he kissed her then, it wasnt a full on "i must have you now kind of a kis it was more of a sweet gesture one that made her think that he really cared for her and cared that sh had done and over come so much just ot be with him,
"so, since we're ok again"
"were we ever not ok???"
"well,,, ya know what i mean,anyway, ya wanna get outa here?
did she ever....
And they did, they didn’t even wait for security or the limo they’d been brought there in they just bolted for the door caught a taxi and went back to the hotel, where they were alone from nagging best friends, and prying eyes, it was just them hanging out taking, and eating, that was one other thing Justin Timberlake did very well, and that was eat, never before had she seen a man who could consume soooo much yet stay in such great shape, must be all the dancing she thought!
"so what ya wanna do now, you were really quiet in the cab"
"we call them taxis here?,but, i dont know its late,theres not a whole to do at this hour,
"well there is one thing we could do, annnnnd we wont even have to leave the room to do it?!
taking off her heels sitting on the couch,she was only half listening and didn’t notice the devilish hint in his voice, " oh yeah whets that?...
"Well why don’t you come here and ill show you what I mean?" winking at her as he walked towards the bedroom,
duh,now she got she did, yeah she was easy but com'on like you'd say know when you saw that look in his eye...
walking over to the bed, she welcomed his embrace,as he began kissing her ever so softly on the neck he mumbled something about how great she smelt, then suddenly he stopped,
"did i tell you just how beautiful you looked tonight?"
"oh only 9, 10 times at least,but if you wanna tell me again i wont protest."
"good, because girl you look HOT"
rolling her eyes," ahuh...just shup up and kiss me already,!
"oooh i get it thats all i am huh, your sex aide? huh is that it?? his tone was more than just playful he was teasing her, she liked it!
"yup thats it thats ALL i want you for, for your body.... didnt you know? she gave as good as she got!
"slowly he began kissing her again, his hands running so slowly all over he body her arms, her neck,throuh her hair, not one part of her was left untouched, it got to the point where she had tostop because he was working her in to such a state she was completely turned on, she had to have him, but he wasn making it easy,each time she would try and take control,he fought back, shaking his head no, gently and taking her hands away.. damnit!
so as they made there way on to the bad he had her under his complete control,but still fully dressed, he slowly ran his hands up and under her top, untieing it from behind,and kissing her neck and her back from behind,then his hands began to wander, to her skirt, no surprise there then, he ran his fingers up her thighs only to discover something...
his breath seemed to halt, his voice going slightly higher with excitment.

"your not wearing any underwear!!"

"no i cant with the..its too.."
"shhh" and with that the tenderness stopped, he pulled her back on towards the bed ,he couldnt help it, who new he would discover such a surprise, damn how many more things could this girl make him feel, he was confused about alot but not this, not her, he had to have her right then. and as she reached for his belt to undo it , he knew she felt the same, it almost scared him how much he wanted this girl, this girl he know only a short while, but just couldnt get enough of... but he'd analyse that tomorrow
tonight the only thing he wanted was her, her and her alone...

It was well into the middle of the night,or the beginning of the morning, however you want to view it, Justin was sound asleep, Ava on the other hand wide awake, even after all they had done less than an three hours ago, and she still wasnt tired, she didnt get it? she had all these thoughts just swirrling around in her head, thoughts she had no control over, mainly they where about the hunk of a man lying right next to her,
she like'd him that much was clear, he like'd her to that also, very clear. but each time she allowed herself to think of him, in that way there it was always in the back of her mind that evil fact that in six days he'd be gone.
The fact remained, in six days he would go home back to his real life and she would to, back to dullesville nowhereland,....without him, and as she beagn to think about what neither of them wanted to think about she realised she was letting herself get far to emotionally attached to this man, she couldnt carry on with that otherwise the heartache would be a 100 times worse at the end of the week,

so as the lay there watching justin in his state of comfort she made a quiet deal with herself,
"In six days, he would leave her, she would leave him, he would back to his reality and she to hers,and she'd be fine, no emotions no attachments six days and thats it!!"
Now if she could only convince herself of that everything would be fine!

As justin began to wake for what he thought was possibly the best sleep he'd ever had, the beeping started,it was coming from the other room, he didnt want to get up,but he didnt want to wake Ava so he had to make it stop she got up and quickly paced to the other room,

"hey hows a goin'?" it was a females voice that much was clear, but it couldnt be who he thought, could it?
"Oh... hey..."
"so, um how are you?"
"im...fine..., "he went silent after that, what did she want?
"well i was just calling to see how... um the tour went.. ive hearding nothing but great things, so i..... justin are you there?
sighing heavly
"yeah im here, look cameron what do you want?"
"i....ok i miss you, i...just needed to hear your voice,....ok?
"i mean i know deep down you miss me too, i thought id call"
her voice was shaky, had she been crying?
"look cam, you understand i dot want to talk to you, i told you that....i just cant handle all this sh** right now....ok?
"oh,ok.... so your saying, what you dont miss me?not one part of you misses me?"
"i didnt say that, of course.... i mean, you...and ,me... well it was what it was..."
"and what was that?.. justin i love you, i know with what happened, and what i said,you know before.... but i do love you, i do...i just...."
why the hell was she calling for christ it had been almost four months, why now,

"you just thought youd call and what,i'd feel sorry for you is that it?!! he felt his anger building but he couldnt help it, after what she had done, why the hell should he be nice!
"NO! i dont want your pity,jaaaay i want YOU!" "i miss you, i miss us, please cant we just talk, like we used to...remember?" she was crying, it was clear from her tone.Damn he hated making anyone cry let alone women!!!!!
so his tone softened,
"yeah, i remember, but cam...i"
"i know i hurt you, i know, and im so sorry baby i am, i was stupid, and you know it ment nothing?! HE ment nothing"! " you have to believe me, what i said that night wasnt true, i was just mad, and scared...i didnt mean what i said..."
"you didnt?"
"nooo baby, i love you i just didnt want to admit it before!"
"cameron, i cant... i mean i loved you so much, more than... well i loved you alot, but what you did,im sorry its just... its too late!
"but how can it be too late,like you said you loved me ALOT"! THAT CANT JUST DISSAPPEAR CAN IT????"
" well, no i guess it can't"
"so, will you give us another chance?"~"
what was he doing, this was the women,that chrushed him she'd slept with his friend,his coworker his bandmate she'd slept with JC for christs sake!!!,
" No im sorry, no!!!!" we're done" get it?"
"but.... but.. jayyyyyyyyyy i cant do this without you!" "I cant!!!!"
"do what?</span>
<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>"justin im pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"</span> </span>

um......feddback please.......? :blink: :unsure: :hug:

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Wed Sep 08, 2004 8:25 am

:jawdrop: Cam's pregnant! AHHHHHHHHH! Oh, what a terrible mess for Justin, and now, Ava!
That's gonna break Ava's heart to hear such news. :no: I wonder if Cam is just using the pregnancy
as an excuse to try to get Justin back in her life? :thinking:

This is all very interesting! More please! :please:

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Postby Angelpopstar7 » Sat Sep 11, 2004 8:59 pm

dang this is hella long so i think i'll be printing it out and slowly reading it :rofl: I'll try and leave ya feedback as soon as possible though! :wub:

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Sat Sep 11, 2004 9:01 pm

Heather, or you can copy and paste it into Word and then make the font bigger ... that's what I did!

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Postby Angelpopstar7 » Sat Sep 11, 2004 9:21 pm

I just copied and pasted the whole story and its 36 pages long :blink: so it might take me longer than i expected....i'll try and read it quickly though

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Postby Angelpopstar7 » Sun Sep 12, 2004 12:15 pm

I stayed up last night till after 12 so i could read your whole story :nod:

I must say that I'm loving this story line...poor Ava though...whats she gonna do when she finds out that Cam's pregnant? Or maybe shes not...maybe shes just saying that to get J back and then she'll say she had a miscarriage :jawdrop: I sure hope not! MORE PLEASE!

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Postby laura » Mon Sep 13, 2004 10:32 am

awwww thanx hunnies.. i promise i have more i just cant seem to find the time with startin college again and stuff, but it will all become clear soon,,, i hope?? :rolleyes:

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Postby Tiff » Mon Sep 13, 2004 5:49 pm

ok its taking my forever to get done reading the chapters but i'll get though it sometime.

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Postby laura » Fri Sep 17, 2004 8:10 am

ok, i have more if y'all want it please just leave the feedback and i'll be happy to post it!!!!!!!! :D

<span style='color:blue'><span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'>"WHAT!!!!!!!!!!"
he couldnt feel his legs,and his head began to sweat
"what do you mean, pregnant?"
"what do you think i HAVING A BABY, YOUR BABY!"
he was in shock, total shock
" cant be.. i
"do you need a diagram? how do you think?
"we were ALWAYS careful,how is this happening?"
"yeah well, i guess not careful enough"
"how far along are you,?"
"ummm... about three and a half months now,"
"why,... he didnt know what to say,
"why didnt i tell you before? i was scared...."
"jus, i need to see you, we need to talk, proper talk, we have someone else to consider now, OUR BABY"

HE HAD AGREED to see her, when he got home and then hung up, why did this have to happen now. now of all times, when he had met this awesome girl who weather he wanted to admit it or not, who he was falling!
He looked over she was still sound to the world. no idea the bombshell just dropped on him! he needed to talk to someone, someone who would understand?! he got up and walked out of the room, just as Ava opened her eyes, and said to herself.....


"Mom what am i going to do", SHES f***ING PREGNANT!! shes having
MY baby,"!
"honey, honey please calm down, please, just sit down..."
"please, look sweet heart you need to deal with this, fast, i know its hard with what she did to you, but sweetheart IF she is having YOUR baby you will have to take responsibility you know that right?
"what do you mean if? she said,,,"
"yes i know what she said i also know what she "said for a year and a half"! i dont trust her justin i dont,"
"so what do i do now?"!
"you go see her and sort it out, as soon as possible...""
"i cant..."
"Ava, i dont want to leave her...."
"oh look justin you have alot more things to be dealing with right now than just "puppy love" its time to go back to the real world and face reality!"
he loved his mother, he did,but sometimes she just didnt get him
"its not puppy love,i really like this girl mom, i do,"
"oh sweetie, i do too shes a great girl, good and honest too but now is not the time!"
go tell her and then go pack ill get the arrangements for a flight as soon as possible.
all the way back to his hotel suite he was cursing cameron for what she'd done.not just the baby thing, but everything, the way all this had played out was well.....pretty f***ed up!

But when he got to his room, she wasnt still asleep like he thought, she was up, fully dressed and she was.... packing? strange...
"hey hun, what are you doing?"
"whats it look im doing?" "packing"
"yeah i see that. why?"
"because?"" i have to go home."
"wait... why.?" at that she just looked at him, with a "what do you think look across her face!"
"look j it just wasnt ment to be...this... us. ok, i have to go, the next bus leaves in a couple of hours, it doesnt leave me much time"!
"wait a minute, tell me why your leaving me,!""
"why do you think??" duh to justin!!!
"because your megastar girlfriend is pregnant, with YOUR BABY! THATS WHY IM LEAVING!!!"
" wait, you know?"
"yes i know,ok? i was lisening,its a habit, i couldnt help it,i really couldnt i wish now i hadnt, but... well its done, and really i understand, thats what you were coming to tell me isnt it?
he look down then he didnt want this, not at all " yes thats what...."
"see, so i would have had to go anyway, your leaving..." her eyes began to fill up but she wouldnt let herself cry, she couldnt, that would mean one thing that she cared, and she didnt want him to know just how much this was hurting her!
" look soooo sorry,i really am, i had no clue, none, she just called and dropped this bomb on me"
"i know,look could you maybe call me a taxi, i have to go."
" no,"
"no, ill take care of it, ill get a car, itll be better, really,"
"no, i dont want anything from you,i...." she was beginng to break down but she didnt want that she had to be strong, this wasnt his fault, it was her's. the she-devil carrying his kid, she was ruining this!"
"Ava why are you being so cold?. i dont understand, i thought i ment something to you,"
god why was he making this harder...she starred to sob she couldnt hold it back
"god justin you do, mean something, more than you know,but this sucks enough as it is, you have a child on the way, granted with the devil, but still, its your kid and that means more than.....this"
"does it? sh** i dont even know if its mine? if she was f***ing my friend and i had no clue, god only knows who else there could have been?"
"oh... i..."
"Ava im sorry," had i known i wouldnt have put you through this,"
"i know,"he was a mess, sitting on the floor, his knees up at his chest,he was filling up she could see it,
"ya know maybe this is for the best, long distance things rarely work out, maybe its better, that we didnt get so involved.... less pain, ya know"
"it sure doesnt feel like it, i really felt like i was fallin in lo...."
"shh dont say it please" at this point they were both silently sobbing!
!but i ....."
"NO! justin dont i cant handle hearing that when i know ill never see you again!"
"we can still see each other, im not getting back with her, no way...."
"no, its better this way, you'll be a parent,with her, she''ll need you, we cant, i cant!!!"
after a lot of talking and hugging.
with her bags in hand, and tears in her eyes she kissed him on the forehead,
"thats the car,i should..."
"yeah i guess so!" he held on to her hand as if his life depended on it
"j, i need my hand,,"
"oh, sorry" with that he leaned in, kissed her gently on the mouth there foreheads touching
"ava? i love you!"
"justin, no... no you dont,"
"yes i do, i.... dont want you to go.."
she was crying again and the lump in her throat was getting bigger by the second,
"oh god...i justin i love you too but i cant im sorry....."
and with that she stepped away grabbed her bags and was out the door, she couldnt look back, she just couldnt handle it!
By the time she got to the bus station she was sobbing into herself, her eyes stinging from the tears she'd shed, never in her life had she cried so much, and all over a man she never got the chance to love...
or would she??

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Fri Sep 17, 2004 8:58 am

:cry: :cry: Ahhh, that was so sad. Why did Cameron have to call up and ruin everything. <_<
I hope that Justin gets home and somehow finds out that Cameron is a liar. He needs to be with Ava.
She's the kind of honest girl that he needs in his life to keep him sane and grounded. No game playing with her. :no:

Ava better get to love him :nod:

MORE! :pray:

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Postby laura » Fri Sep 17, 2004 8:59 am

thanx! :wub:

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Postby Angelpopstar7 » Fri Sep 17, 2004 4:28 pm

dude why does Cam have to ruin everything?!?!? :nono: Justin and Ava were so freakin cute together and who ruins it....Cam...typical Cam :rofl: but i want these two to end up together....they're so freakin cute together! :wub: MORE PLEASE!

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Postby laura » Mon Sep 20, 2004 4:42 am ive been waitin on miss ashley buuuut it doesnt look like <span style='color:red'>she'll show up :( so heres some :D
<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-family:Times'>
<span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'>After she left Justin was in such a state, he headed straight for the hotel bar, he needed a drink a big one, and he had such a sh**ty morning, in a way he was grieving, he lost someone and lost the possibility of love with that person. Top that with Cameron’s bombshell he just wanted to dissapear.Everyone knew they had to go home, no one sure why so soon, Lynn had filled in trace on the goings on and he went straight to find him, 1st place he'd go.... the bar.

"hey man, how you doing?â€￾ trace spurted out as he took his stoat net to Justin
Looking up for a second and downing his third whisky "who cares...."
"I do, we all do..."
"Oh f*** that, you didn’t even like her so don’t sit here and pretend now that you did just because she’s...."
I meant about the baby thing?"
"oh well f*** that too, I don’t even know for sure if its mine?!"
"True but you’ll find out soon right your going to talk with her right?"
"I guess...â€￾ he was depressed and had quiet a few drinks, it was early too (NOT A good sign....
"Well the flight leaves I a few hours, you packed,"
"Well you better hurry,"
"hurry for what, hurry to go see a woman I hate, the woman who has just ruined possibly the best..."
"The best what? Oh god not that girl again? Jesus man what did she do to you, don’t tell me you loved her???
"What if I did?"
"Dude you didn’t knower!!!"
"Man calm the hell down your drunk off your ass now gets up stairs and pack we're going home!"
"What if I don’t want to, what if I told you I wasn’t going what then huh?
"Dude your not serious?"
"No, but I am just so tired having things decided for me! I can’t stand it anymore!!!"


After that he didn’t say much, he just did as he always did, what was the right thing, he got on the plane for home. Home, why did that thought sicken him so much??

Thought out the whole flight he didn’t say a word, and those around him knew better than to cross him, he was in no mood to deal with sh**, let alone the whords of press and photographers that turned up at the airport in l.A!
It was obvious the news of this pregnancy was starting to spread he didn’t want to deal with it but like all things threw at him, he would... somehow? He just didn’t know how!

When Ava had gotten home, what she had expected to happen, did, the endless questions the disapproving looks, and of course the one question they all wanted the answer to, why was she home so early, to that she made up, she didn’t feel well and wanted to go home, food poising or something along those lines,(more like Cameron poising) and all she needed was her own bed, the truth was she was completely depressed, and just needed to wallow in her grief... plus she really hated Cameron Diaz and the point when she was all over the newspapers... it didn’t help!

As Justin made his way up her driveway his stomach was turning the entire time, why did it have to be her, her of all people, they had talked a couple of times on the phone since he’d been back, which was almost two weeks now, he just didn’t have the nerve to see her face to face and kept putting it off, and about a dozen times over that past fortnight he'd tried to call Ava, he missed her like crazy, he missed everything about her, even her rambling on about nothing... he even missed that! but chickened out at the last minute,thinking, she probley didnt want to talk to him any way.... so he'd face reality like he said he would, like she said he should. and he was about to go right through its doors...
he rag the door bell once, he didnt care if she heard of not!
she did,"jaayyyyyyyyy you came, hey! and with that she ran to hug him.
"hi, can i come in?"
"sure com in, sit down"
"so..." noticing her stomach,,,,so it was true..."so how are you?"
"uhhh pregnant see"
"yeah i ment health wise n stuff..."
"oh im fine babys fine too,"
"good, great, cam, when are you due.exactly..." getting right to the point...
"well since im four months now,im due janurary,sometime im not totally sure yet!"
"didnt the doctor say when she told you how far along you were?"
"well no i mean i was just so shocked when i found out , you know i didnt think to ask..."
"well could you,!!"
"uhh why?"
"why do you think cameron, that baby in there might not be mine! remember, you were f***ing one of my best friends around that time to remember!!" he realised he yelled but he had all these feeling,a he needed to get it out somehow!
"look j, you always said that id make a great mom some day, and that you always wanted kids..... remember,?
"yeah i remember.."
"well, we can still have that now...with this baby, we both could have what we've always talked about....." she was trying to convince him, she wasnt going to let him get away, it had happened before, and she realised it was a huge mistake!
"NO!, JESUS stop trying to manipulate me,cameron get it through your head, i DONT LOVE YOU ANY MORE!" "And as for this baby, i want the test done as soon as possible, i need to know one and for all if that baby is mine!"
"um.... ok... what if it is?"
"then ill be responsibility, for the kid, yeah not problem, but not you..understand?"!!

As soon as she was home and settled her life began to take routne again,and she was ok with that, for the most part
"hello?" Ava woke up sometime after noon, still tired having cried herself to sleep the night before.
"AVA!!! hey girl, hows a going!"
"um...good... who is this"?
"av, are you asleep ,?did i get the time wrong its not early with you is it...damn..."
"its paige you idiot!!!" :)
"paige ohmygod!! how are you!! with that she realized who it was , the girl she had grown up next to, until there family moved to new York a few years ago, they kept in contact through various forms of new age technology but rarely spoke in person because of timing....
" im good, real good,guess what?"
"my dads just been made president of his company, were moving to los angeles"!!
"really, thats wonderful, but,,,LA? really,your family doesnt seem like the LA kind? WAY WAY TO EDGEY'n hip for silicone city..... !!"
"i know totally weird,but really its awesome ive always wanted to live there! the sun"!!!!!!!!!!! the ,men!!!!!!!!!!! the shopping...
that made her think of only one person...
"so... im sorry to keep going on, what have you been up to anyway!"
oh were to begin....
"well nothing really,went to dublin recently,to see a justin timberlake concert, it was fun.... met him, slept with him, fell in love with him, then got my heart broken by him because his evil ex is pregnant with a kid that shes claiming is his,,,,, but how was your week? she had said all that i about 5 seconds, warp speed!!
"huh? WHAT? lowering her voice she repeated.... "i mean what? your joking right?"
"really,your serious...?"

and so the conversation continued with lots of "omygods" and "no ways" from the other end of the phone.....they talked for a good hour, and then it happened...........
"Ava, the real reason i called was well my dad, you know how he saw us as sisters right,when we were younger and everything, yeah, well he wants you to come work for him im los angeles!"
"huh? ooook? now you AREjoking arent you.... a cant do that!"
"yeah you can... ?"
"noooo, you know my mother, and plus this is insane.... i cant!?
"well since hes gonna be president n'all of this company and he knows you have such an interest in media and all that he wants to train you, since i have no interest what so wait.... didnt your mum tell you?""
"what, ??????"
"yeah he called her and asked, she said shed ask you? didnt she?"
"NOOOO?! damn that woman! she was evil too that was clear,
"well anyway he wants you to come over, for a trial period on,,,, what was it... oh right client management?? now i have no clue what that is.... do you?""
"yeah i know what it is!"" but dont i need my degree first,?"
"well couldnt ya train LA and go to school in LA TOO i mean im sure he wouldnt mind and since i missed hanging out with ya sooo much i figured this to best the best idea?
"paige this all well and good but where would i live, LA living from what i can tell is damn expensive!"
" well..with us, duh!! unless ya dont want to i mean i know i can be a bit of a parrrrrrtttyyy girl but itll be fun...!! and from the sounds of things you could really use the change.. and worst comes to worst, if you hate it, you could just go home...."

That was only the beginning to that conversation,,,, damn that girls could talk.... and they did, for about another two hours...
then she went to talk to her mother and brought up the subject to which her mothers answer was
"i dont want something bad to happen to you, thats why i dont want you to go? i cant believe youd consider this, seriously Ava los angeles, thats far to far away, and there is nothing good in that place trust me...
"how would you know youve never left this town for more than a few days, and you want me to be just like you..... no way.

im not gonna spend my life TRAPPED in this hell hole just to please you, thats why i want to leave, thats why i didnt want to come home this week! i hate it here, and i hate the fact that you question everything i do, and when i do do it, its never good enough!!!!! and i hate that being around you and this house and... oh hell even this damn town its sufficating! dont you see that???
"oh i see i sufficate you is that it,it doesnt matter that ive done my best to raise you all on my own with little or no help, thats what you cant stand is that it!"?? "is that why you ran off with that boy in the it,"
"first of i didnt "run off with him im here arent i?" second, im not saying you didnt raise me right im saying you raised me, im grown, im well able to make my own mistakes, i can handle it!!!"i just want to live my own life dont you get that!"

And there was that damn tone again,

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Mon Sep 20, 2004 8:53 am

:huh: Woo, that was a very eventful chapter. I agree with Justin about getting the pregnancy test ... I think Cam is using this baby news to keep Justin in her life and he needs to be with Ava.

:yay: Yay for Paige and Ava being friends. I'm glad that Ava is going to take the job in LA. That's great for her career. Most people don't get such a wonderful opportunity. I think her mom will see that everything is going to work out if she just gives Ava the time to step out and live life on her own for awhile. :nod: Mom's are always scared when their children leave the nest. :lol:

Great chapter, honey! I loved Ava's summary paragraph to Paige about all that happened when she went to the concert ... met Justin, slept with him, fell in love ... :rofl: :rofl: That was awesome! :thumbup:

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Postby laura » Mon Sep 20, 2004 9:49 am

:whisper: yup i thought you'd like the new addition! ;) :kiss:

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Postby laura » Fri Oct 01, 2004 10:30 am

<span style='font-family:Impact'>so since paige seems to be the only one reading this im a little upset, but her feed backs cool so na na na!!!! :angry:
well heres more??? i dont know what to do with it now so this time i neeeeeed the feedback thank u please!" :rolleyes: </span>
<span style='color:purple'>
<span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'>The next few weeks went by pretty quick, as she was orginising her big move to the other side of the plant practically! she was excited to say the least, a little sad to, she'd lived in that town her whole life and now she was leaving it behind to go face god only knows what! and she was leaving behind her friends too, that part sucked most!! but they understood and helped in her decision to finally give in and go.... plus each time she got cool feet she heard that little voice inside her head.....justins voice to be exact telling her what he told her
``promise me you wont let your family hold you down and make all your decisions for you, trust me its not worth ``
And deep down inside she knew shed always regret not going, just like she knew she'd regret not spending that time with justin.....
With all the arrangements made to make the move to Los Angeles done and dusted and she as was settling in to her new job with Mr smiths company, "Stepping Star Enterprises" nicely, since she'd know that family all her life, he was like a uncle to her, which was a good thing to, since he was going easy on her for the first few days and soon enough she was learning quicker and quicker what was expected of and before she knew it the days had quickly turned into weeks, she was greatful that the time was going so fast and that she was kept busy, it gave her less time to dwell and feel sorry for herself, even though she now avoided the tabloids like a disease ,each time she opened them, there was pictures of "them" and, the last ones she saw was "The happy couple coming for a doctors clinic?"" depressing to say the least. she didnt want to see that again....Even if it made her happy to see diaz getting fat.

"sooo Ava wanna go for an early lunch? my dad said we can go..."
from behind her desk she she smirked,
"sure he did,ahuh,no paige you know i have way way to much to do..."
"soooo do it later.... im borrrrred!" ok now she was wining, ava hated people who wined!
"nope, sorry cant...."
sighing heavly and heading for the door," finnne fine! ill just go find something better to do....though i dont know what!"
"paige dont be like that you'll be fine we can do stuff when i finish,"
"ooook... ... we work way to much!! cya!!!!!!!!"
and with that she trotted out the door, as fast as she came through it,

Ava did really have to much on her plate, she was meeting her first real client, the first one she'd be managing solo, she was so nervous, mr smith hadnt told her much, just that it was an actress who was switching agents for some unknown reason?
"Ms Mc Donald.. ??"
"yes, looking up form her paper work she instantly recognized the girl standing in the door way.....
"ohmygod...Ava is that you...
"Elisha!what are you doing here.....wait are you my client?"
"well it seems so!" she was really cheery,and happy and bounced through the door and sat on the chair provided....
"so how have you been, last time i saw you were...."
"no i ment it was.... in dublin....and with everything"
"yeah i knew that, sorry, nervous humor..."
"its fine really, so should we start with business...."

And with that they did, for over an hour, and discussed auditions and different processes and jobs coming up that the company had lined up for her, she was really pleased that the client turned out to be her, she was sweet, had weird taste in men, but she was nice to ava and that was a really good thing.
"oook, well i think thats us for today, if you have any questions about.....anything you know to just call..."
"yup not a problem...ugh i hate that i have to go,buuutttt i promised my fiance that id meet him for golf....
"wait.... your fiance?"
she grinned uncontorllably at that and showed me her left hand
"oh elisha that’s gorgeous...."
"yeah Justin helped him pick it out, thank god too that boy has taste....but of course you already knew that.."
damn, what was she getting at?
"ahh yeah so um.....
the dreaded topic, all she was waiting for was for elisha to tell her she wasnt the only one headed for the chapel.....
" how is he any way..."
"ohh hes fine. better than fine infact, hey? why dont you come see how he is for yourself?"
"what?, yeah come on.... im meeting him and trace in like an should come"

she couldnt do that could she?

"come on im more than sure hed be happy to see you, please and if nothing else you can save me from the hell that is golf with two idiots.....please, as your client i request this!!"

then she laughed out loud,ok so she didnt really need to conivce her but it would have looked bad if she didnt put up at least a little bit of a fight???

"annnnd if you dont, i so could have you fired....."!! she grinned something evil...playful but evil non the less!
with a loud defeated sigh she gave in~
" fine if you put it like that i guess,,,, but i'll have to change....!"
so after they left the office building they headed to the house, and Ava CHANGED IN TO something more suitable for golf... crop trousers and a tank,with her nike trainers, she felt fine, and comfortable enough if she needed to run, fast..if she need to..

As they approached the golf course Ava felt herself get more and more nervous she was going to see him after all this time thinking about him they were going to see each other again, and that scared her more than anything else. what would she say? what would he say? was he back with cameron, did he miss her... well she'd soon find out....
Trace, man im not in the mood for golf today, ok just...go on with out me im just gonna lie down for a while, im too tired..."
"no, justin come on, you have to get out of this house, your gettin' so pale dude, i could almost see through ya... come on it'll be fun. And if anything it'll relax you..."
"theres nothing fun about being a third wheel dude, you know that..."
"true. but 'lisha just called said she'd be with a "friend", she didnt say never know she might be cute....
"ugh, trace she isnt trin' to set me up with one of her freaky friends again is she, last time the girl didnt even talk, she just was creepy! im never doing that again!!"
Trace was fully amused,he knew that thing had gone bad with that date, but she just wanted him to take his mind of his "other women" it didnt go as elisha had planned.AT ALL!
"no no shes not, i warned her, she wouldnt do that again.... i hope, look just come ok and if you dont have fun, ya can always leave?"
he was tired....but golf didn't require much so...
"allllllright..... fine, but i swear if she starts to set me up im outta there!
since the boys were a little late gettingto the course Elisha and Ava started playing with out them,of course neith of them were very good but it was fun trying,
Damn the ball, its stuck... look!"
"ah crap can you get it out?
"uhhhh i'll try hang on" at that ava bent over on her knees with her hand down the golf hole..her bum in the air showing herself to the world.not a good move as just as she did that the two boys decided to show up...
"hey girl,you here long?" justin managed in a cheery tone greeting elisha as trace moved up beside her and kissed her,
"na, not too long,we were just trying to play, but the ball...."
"we?" noticing the girl on her knees,a girl with a very nice ass....
"oh me and...."
on hearing the voices Ava tried to pull herself together,and began to get up and face the people talking,
"Ava!!!!!!!!!!!!!" on seeing who it was his face totally lit up and the grin was from ear to ear,,,literally
"AVA! your...your here,,, how, i mean why,,,,!"no i mean a... well, im not exactly sure what i mean, this is just such shock!"
"well, good i think?" her palms were sweating so bad and her heart was racing off the charts...
At that he bounced straight for her,embracing her in a hugged, damn he smelt sooo good,
"so how have you been, i mean well after everything,,,," she felt like she'd dragged her tongue around that course it was so dry she could hardly speak.....but some how she managed???
" aww "everything" you mean cameron,,,and stuff right?" he looked up to the sky rolling his eyes then they focused on her again...
" i guess?"

At that Elisha and Trace slowly made there way in to the club house......almost un-noticed by the other two people standing on the green and continuing their conversation completely ignoring them.

Sooo you wanna go sit, and catch up, i mean i m dying to know... whats been happening with you,, how are you here, is it hoidays, or something...more long term?"
"well, ive just moved here i took a job with a agency, the owner is a friends dad, and well im staying with them until i get settled,ya know?
"yeah??? cool... thats great i mean that your here but um... well why didnt you call i mean i would have loved to have helped? or something ?"
oh crap what was he getting at...
"well i just thought with cameron and the baby and everything, that well,,, i dont know...."
"wait cameron??? oh god you dont know do you?"
"know what?" crap crap crap.....
"wellllllll we got some tests done,it was pretty dangerous for the baby, but i needed to know..ya know??. and i... im not the father,she was lying...AGAIN!" big surprise right?~
"ohhhhhhh really!! she couldnt hide her surprise and she didnt want to either....
Thats great.... isnt it?"
"oh yeah definatley! i mean the last thing i wanted was to have to be connected with her for the rest of my life, ya know? i.. well i was relieved to say the least? i tried calling you when i found out,but the number was diconnected,so i just assumed you didnt want to hear from me!
how could he think that??
"no no its not like that, well i was moving so i stopped my moblie number,and the account so thats why there was no answer... of course i want something to do with you,i mean i just...." he was smiling non stop since they had strarted talking it made her go all funny a very good way.
And she was too,her mouth was beginning to hurt she was smiling so seemed silly that she was nervous, because a minute in his company again and she was totally at ease,and
after that it seemed that they were completely in a world of there own, they talked and talked about everything and it was as though they hadn’t ever left, it was that good, of course he had insisted on taking here to his place to show her around, neither of them noticed that the other couple had disappeared and not came back, some three hours earlier, and after they got to Justin’s place and he was being overly modest about how huge his damn house was, excessive wold be the best word, but very tasteful..."so i take you mum have a little to do with this?"
"yeah how'd you guess?"
laughing at him she replied..." well id have a funny feelin' that if it was left up to you it would bascilly consist of a tv a fridge and two lazy chairs plus a playstataion2!"
"um....yeah thats about right!!.....and this is my bedroom."
steeping inside the double doors she realised justin was infact all about the luxurys in all of te areas life, his bedroom was no exception.... big, and strangely cozy at the same time, with warm colours of cream and gold blending into each other the room had a eastern theme,a theme that was thought out well, and in theroy would sound tacky, but this was ANYthing but....
Moving down stairs they sat in his living room, and chatted about what had happened when she got home from their weekend together..

well, I was tootalllly depressed,when i got here, i didnt want to deal with anyone,or anything, i just wanted you to be here, which was funny ya know, i mean we bearly knew each other right? but i just....
"me too, and i know it was overdramatic but i really missed you too,plus i thought id never see you again which made it worse!"
"yeah i know what you mean.
"but you should know, i totally stood up to my mother!!!"
"you did?
"yup, i told her about how i felt about her attitude towards me, and my life choices, and i told her about what i wanted and that i wasnt going to let her hold me back any more!!"
he looked at her then with the most sheepish look...
huh! i bet she took that REALLY WELL????!"
"no... she fliped just like i thought she would! but it helped ALOT!"
"soooo i guess what im trying to say is thank you...."
he smirked at that whilst taking a drink of his beer
"thank me? for what? i didnt do anything special!"
"yes you gave the confidence i needed to make the changes that i needed sooo badly,!"
"i did? well i guess i should be proud of me then huh?" he had the most goofy look on his face just then a look Ava found completely irrisitible.
"yes you should! very!!"
"justin, do you realise we left with out telling elisha and trace we were leaving?!! do you think they're still there?"
laughing at her then he moved closer up the couch and put his arm around her...

"na,,im sure theyve found "something"to do,besides its not the first that ive ditched them, although never for something as great as this.... ive.... he stalled and began looking down at the ground and fidgeting with the bottom of his tshirt...
"what,.... you what?"

"well...ive just.. missed you thats all! more than i should have considering i bearly knew you right?"
Ok this was supossed to be a catching up visit, but when he said that the context of her being there, alone in his house changed dramatically!!!!!
"well,,,just so you know... ive missed you too! i wanted to call but...well to be honest i didnt know what i would say....your right in a sense we did bearly know each other..."
"yeah but i hope now that your here, we can change all that?.he didnt wait for a response before diving right on to the next topic...
"ok well im starving, you hungry?"

"a little yeah....why.....where you wanna go... "mcDonalds???"
he laughed and rolled his eyes at her and playfully tapped her on the nose
"nooooo, very funny, but i think i could could come up with something else....
"you cook?"
"oh god no........ id burn the house down, i was thinking of just ordering in... so what do you want?
"um. i dont mind, pizza or what ever's fine?!"
" good,thats what i was thinking...."

And as the pizza arrived and and the settled into watch a film,the air between them was wonderful, they were laughing and joking and just at complete ease with each other, of course they flirted with each other outragously,but that was nothing new...
"soo what are your plans this week? because i was thinking that maybe we could hang out,spend some time getting to know each other....again? what do ya think???! he said with a playful wink... god she wanted to kiss him then so bad......

"aw thats a really nice idea but i... god i really have to work this week, see my boss is going away on holiday, with his family, and since we've signed two major new clients,

Elisha bieng one of them, i volentered to work...."
He was clearly dissapointed but he wasnt going to let her go that fast.

"oh well i hope, i mean i want us to keep in touch,you know spend some time together?"
"thats sounds nice yeah?,

The last thing she wanted now was to lose contact again she realised that she wanted to get to know justin timberlake on more than just a physical level...

oh god look at the time ive been here for hours,i really should go,..."
"oh ok,well i'll give you a lift home then.?

"that would be great"

she didnt want to leave it was the last thing she wanted to do but being around him alone was really getting to hard,she didnt want to talk even though it was nice what she really wanted to involved a whole lot less talking and a LOT more action.....

pulling up at the smiths new mansion, he realize that he really didn’t know what to say, he didn’t want her to leave, but at least he'd see her again now that she was close, and that he would be just be thankful for.
"so. thanks again, for today.i really had a good time,!"

she started with an air of uncertainty in her voice,she was as nervous as he was, that thought comforted him strangely enough.

"me to,more than you"


"Ava? could i just...

and with that he turned to her and gently touched her chin, slowly pulling her closer to him....

"could i just...."

"kiss you.... and he did, she'd forgotten how good it felt to be kissed,let alone to be kissed by HIM."

She could have died a happy woman right at that moment!!
slowly pulling away from him, she realised his eyes were still closed,that warmed her heart more than anything!!!!!!!!!!

"well, i think you just did!"
he smiled that instant million-dollar smile and looked so cute...he was nervous....
"um.....yeah i guess i did...."
sighing loudly she realised that she hadnt taken her eyes off him since they parted, and didnt want to either,,,
"well i should..go."
"yeah if you have to....goodnight Ava... ill talk to you soon........ ok??"
"no </span>problem, bye."!</span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Fri Oct 01, 2004 10:56 am

That chapter was awesome, Laura. I'm sooooo happy that Justin found out that Cameron was lying. I had a strong feeling about that sneaky woman. Trying silly tricks like that just to keep Justin.

Elisha is such a nice girl, so I'm glad that she is one of Ava's new clients. That professional and social relationship should work out well. :nod:

I would kill to see the inside of Justin's mansion. I bet it is gorgeous, thanks to his mama. :rofl: What can you do? Boys can't decorate properly, unless they're gay. :lol:

Ava and Justin better be spending tons of quality time together to make up for lost time. :nod:

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Postby laura » Fri Oct 01, 2004 10:58 am

:lol: i know for a while there i swore we needed to send the fab5 after him to clean him up but they just need to shave the girlfriend??? :rolleyes:

thanks hun!!!! B)

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Fri Oct 01, 2004 12:57 pm

:laughup: Shave the girlfriend ... ahahahahahaha, that's hilarious. :lol:

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Postby laura » Mon Oct 04, 2004 4:22 am

ok so heres more i dont know if it makes sense,,plus its mega long sorry,,but i neeeeed do your thing

<span style='font-family:Times'><span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'>As Ava reached the top of the very long staircase she just wanted to crawl in to bed and sleep, she was so tired her whole body ached and she had a million emotions running through her head, which didnt help.... just as she was about to round the corner to her room, paiges head popped out through her own door...with a smug grin on her face that she just couldnt wipe off....

"hi,bye...i need sleep...
"hooold on there lil missy, what do you think your doing? standing in the middle of the landing with her arms fixed to each side in a dramtic fashion...oh she was gonna start something thats for sure.......
"ahhh..duh going to bed.... why?"
"arent you forgetting something?, we had plans to do "stuff" after work where did you go?!"
"oh,well see the thing is....well i..."~
"you mean you went out with Elisha Cuthbert instead of me..i get it!"

"no its not like that, well yes it sort of is i mean i did got out with her,but i wasnt with her i.....!"
"no its fine my friend blows me off for a movie star , huh that happens everyday so...
"paige i was with justin!!!!!!!!!" she knew paige was mad,but she needed her to understand and that was the only way to get her to shut up was to tell her exactly what was going on!

"whaaaaat??? justin timberlake, the justin timberlake, jesus how did that happen?"...again?!"
"uhh its a long story, but please id rather just go to bed, im tired we can talk in the mornin, k?"

"fine but i want details.....i mean it....." ;) and with that she went back into her room to start her packing they were leaving for hawaii the next night, and she couldnt wait, though it sucked that Ava wouldnt come, she was pretty clear on the fact that it should be a family holiday,and she wanted to work to save up for her own appartment. well that was Ava for ya, when she made a change in her life, she made it alllllll the way!

The next few days went by pretty uneventful, the Smiths went away on holiday, leaving the mansion empty except of course for Ava and the gardeners, it was weird to be alone in such a big house.But it was also kinda nice, of course she got her daily phone calls from justin which was always a treat,and they promised to meet up at his resturant for dinner in a couple of days because he had to go to a script reading, for something he was being really shifty about but it was all the way in New York,so that put a hold on there plans!,but he had promised to tell her all about when they met up,

she realised that this meeting was being treated as a date, and right now she wanted that but more than anything she realised that it wouldnt be right she wanted to take things slow, and had told him that they shouldnt be jumping straight into thing again as quickly as they did the last time, she wanted to get to know him on a personal level before getting physical again, even though everytime they spoke as "just friends" she wanted to just say screw it and do everything her body was telling her to! But the more grown up part of her realised that she needed to slow it down if she wanted it to last, and he had agreed...... eventually!

so as wednesday rolled on Ava was, for the lack of a better phrase, completely pissed off! not only had she had to deal with numerous complains from certain A-list "stars" about how she wasnt doing her job properly and how they wanted to speak to who ever was incharge, of course she couldnt do that because they were off sunning themselves in hawaii!

"ugh... if that phone rings one more time i swear im gonna bust!

"liz, liz....could you come in here for a sec please..."

"liz was the woman who was senior to her,( ie; had been here a week longer and figured she owned the joint but did no work what so ever!)even though she was only 21, and oh yeah, a real b****...

"look it is not my job to look after your clients could you please just help me and do your job!!!!!!!"
"jez fine,what crawled up your.......
"dont. just dont ok.... please just go answer your phones and maybe theyll stop directing them to me!!!!!!!!!!
And with that her phone rang again... ugh,,,,,,


"well thats**,howd you get that job again?? "

it was justin... thank god not another complaining client!

"ohhhh sorrrrry," she wined
"ive just had a reallly really bad day,but thats besides the point... hi?"
in a really sappy voice he replied
"hi,,so what'ya doin' "

"Being yelled at by evil celebritys.... i swear to god just because they have tons of money and fame and people doing everything for them they think......

suddenly it sank it who EXACTLY she was talking to, he WAS one of those people.... oh crap, she froze instantly....he must have sensed something because he started gigling on the other end of the phone, she wasnt sure if that was a good thing or not????
"umm i mean well you know SOME CELEBRITIES, not... all of them..."
and at that he seeemed to laugh even harder...
"Ava honey its fine, i know how "SOME CELEBRITIES " can be like that trust me?, im sorry.... not all of them are like that thought.......

she knew that,she knew him,...

" i know, so any way were are you,doing anything interestin'?"
"um,,,nope..well acutally i have some bad news i cant come back to LA for another week

"well see i have this girl and i really want to spend time with her,and i dont want it to be disturbed?i dont want "work people" to find out ya know?? cause im meant to be in meeting n'sh**..."
she was now completely depressed she as looking forward to seeing him and he was taking about some chick.....
"so.... where are you anyway...,"
"look up!"
And there he was cell phone glued to his ear,and a grin fixed to his face....
"omy,,,god! you lied....i cant believe you did that! your completely evil,you do get that dont you i mean, seriously, evil,.... of course she was grinning uncontrollably as well, he looked go-ood!! and it was the best surprise she'd gotten in a while...

He walked over to her side of the desk, Ava still in complete shock,,,
so i was thinking you and me could cut out a here and go do, something?
his tone was laced with suggestion, and she really wanted to take him up on that offer but what she wanted with him and what she felt they needed were two very different things....

justin,,,, i cant, i mean i really want to, you have no idea but we've talked bout this..about us you know being that way with each other again.?"
" ok, but...why? he was wining.....not good!
" i mean i get it? i just dont see the big deal, its not like we avent been "that way" with each other before,i just thought you wanted...."
"well, i do, but just not so...soon, ya know?"
"ahuh, yeah but soon? weve been doing this frendly flirting thing now for a few weeks and to be honest thats not all that i want...."
she was realy beginning to get irritated with him, didnt he just get why they had to slow it down? didnt he want the same things as she did?

"Look,as much as it kills me to say this i have to, i want us to be...something different than what it was in ireland ok? i mean then it was just meant to be a short term thing,the week thing remember?
justin just looked at her with a raised eye brow as if he knew what she was going to say but relied anyway,

"yeah i remember,but we didnt even get the week in ireland, because of.... her.... and now your right here and we talk all the time,i just want to...Ava i want you to be my girlfriend,in every sense of that word, because this little unspoken arrangement we have going here the "just friends" act, it sucks ok, it sucks up one side and right down the other.."

"yeah i know it does but j, seriously dont you think rushing thing will only end up...i dunno making things worse i just couldnt handle that. i ve been through alot in the last few months with you and then moving and the stuff with my mum, if we started something now then thats yet more change, i just dont think i can handle it ya know???

"so what are you saying,you dont want an us? is that it?"
"no,well....NO i do i just i dont know right now ok?,"
"you dont know?" he was completely irriatated with at this point she was making no sense what so ever, it was stupid,didnt she just know like he knew?

"you dont know?? well i'll tell you what Ava you give me a call when you decide what exactly you do want???????"!!!!!
And with that he turned and marched out of the office,not a second later the dreaded liz came flying through the door,,,,

"OOMYGOD! was that who i think it was.....AVA!! was that....
"yes it was, and if you dont mind could you go away please im busy!"
"jez i was just askin' thats all no need to be such a b****!!!!!!!!"
"whatever! i dont want to talk about this with you ok,just go..."

Justin was completely confused,why did women have to be so damn complicated,ALL THE TIME! it made no sense! at all, first she wanted him, then she didnt, and then they were s'possed to be "friends" but deep down she had to have know that wasnt what they really were, the spark was still there the spark that was lit when they first met and the spark that never went out since,they were constantly flirting over the phone and even worse in person, and the inuendo was insane bt still she maintained that they were just friends....... he was lying to himself if he thought all they ever could be was friends, and what was even worse she was too, and she couldnt even see it, thats what angered justin more than anything else! he loved her and he longed to tell her but she was being so damn stubborn she couldnt see it! it was rediclious....

Ava realised after jusitn had left the office that she was being a little hard on him, he was being so sweet and considerate with her and considering that he could have any woman in the world that he wanted, he wanted her, and maybe she was liking the fact too much, the fact that he was fighting for them to be together,she was always stubborn but the last thing that she wanted to do was too attached to him,,,,, again. The last time she allowed him to get so close and so intimate that quickly she ended up heart broken because deep down she did love him she had told him that before she left him the first time....just as he had told her.....the question is would she let him love her.........</span></span> :wub: :wub:

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Mon Oct 04, 2004 7:45 am

:wub: :wub: Awww, bless Justin for being such a sweetie and surprising Ava like that. :yay: Gosh, any guy that ever does that for me will get whatever he wants, if you know what I'm saying. ;) I think you do! :lol:

I'm sorry that they had to have that little fight. I think that they're gonna work it all out and be just fine, though. Ava has to let go and realize that Justin is really feeling everything about her, and he needs to realize that ladies are complicated and should respect her desire to take it a slower. You can't have just the physical to have a meaningful, lasting relationship. You need it all. :nod:

MORE! :please:

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Postby Angelpopstar7 » Mon Oct 04, 2004 6:48 pm

I'm almost all caught up....i just have the last chapter to read and hopefully i'll have that read by tomorrow :shrug:

So Ava lives out in LA now hunh? thats the best thing for her cause her mom controlling her every move? thats just a big no no....I'm glad that she and J met again cause those two are destined to be together i know it! and Cam that lying daughter of a b i t c h :rofl: shoulda known that she would have lied

sorry i took forever to leave feedback :hug: :blowkiss: MORE PLEASE!

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Postby laura » Tue Oct 05, 2004 4:42 am

ok this is also meag long,but things start,um,,,,change after this so anything you think i welcome!!!! B)

<span style='font-family:Times'><span style='color:purple'>justin decided that after his fight with Ava that he needed to back off, he was rusing things he had realised that but with what happened in dublin, he thought she woild just want to continue from there, of course it could never be that simple, she was a woman after all.... a very beautiful woman but she as beautiful as she was she was ten times more complicated.......
A whole week went by and he didnt call, and she didnt call either,they were both as stubborn as each other and then some,he wanted to, so did she but what could they say that wouldnt end up in a fight,,,,,
"Ava...stop being a b**** and just call him... "

Ava tried to convince herself that she needed to be the one to call him, she was after all the one that had slowed things down with them. yes she wanted more than anything to be together with him, but a bigger part of her was worried that something like what happened last time, would happen again, even though yoko was out of the picture she was still in the back of Avas mind....she couldnt understand how someone as dumb as cameron diaz could successed in spilting up one of her favorite bands as well as putting a definte split on justin and jc friendships,, and at the same time, get pregnant....stupid! you see when she anonced to the world practly that she was preggers and that it in fact wasnt her exboyfriends like she thought,but his band mate,,,,it put the cabosh on any reunion between j and nsync,,,silly cow! she ruined a really good band, and shes in trouble, those fans can be a little,,um, obsessed and they could totally kick her ass if they wanted to!
Just as she was about to reach for the receiver to dial justins cell, her phone started ringing,she jumped at the shrill noise,and pressed the call button,
"Ava? hi its are you?"
"elisha hi, how are you, is their a problem,i thought we took care of everything last week?!"
"no no problem this isnt a work thing,i was calling because i wanted to invite you to my engagement party.its nothing huge,but id like you to be there?!"
"awe thats sweet,but um....well are you sure your fiancee doesnt like me...AT ALL im not to sure its such a good idea."
"oh ignore him, he had his head up his ass, its my party too,i want you to be there,please?? she wined...
"oh,well i that case,sure ill come, when is it?"
"its saturday night,come by anytime after 8 its at justins...."
"justins?" oh she would definatly have to see him.damn it.
"yeah j's hes throwing it for us, kinda like an engagement present,which is kinda cool right?"
"um...yeah great...well i guess i;ll talk to you then, after 8 right?"
"right,see ya.bye."!!!!!!!
sh**, now she was going to have be there,with his house with his friends...she had no defence...
what she need was a way out, a reason to leave if she reallyyyy had to...."PAIGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"what, sh** no need to yell, we share a wall i hear ya, what?"
"are you busy saturday...."
"um,dont know why?whats up?"! ploppin down on the bed beside ava,and grabbing the huge pink cushion to lean on...
"well, a..friend is having an engagement party, and im invited.i was hoping you'd come with me? what do you think,??? yay or nay?
giggling at her way with words,she replied with a grin:" yay not nay...for sure..wait,a friend,who?"
"oh no one special,just be ready by 9ish right?"
"k..well i gotta go unpack man i ruined half my sh** in hawaii,those surfer dudes can be rough...if ya know what i mean....ha!" wiggling her way through the doorway and into the other room. crazy....
"yeah yeah,....!" and with that she was out thoe door again,Ava on the other hand wasnt going to get any sleep,she had way to many things and one person on her mind....again!

"what?,shes bring someone,thats f***ed up dont you think??" justin was mad really mad, first she lead him on then turned him down and NOW she was bring a Date to HIS house at a party HE was throwing!
"well she didnt say a DATE she just said someone.....that doesn't mean...."
"oh come on it so does mean!damnit,i thought she was just playing hard to get,but no?she just gave up,,thats sh**ty..."
"well,,,,"elisha looked up from her coffee mug and away again....he caught her sarcastic glance
"well,j you didnt call her either,what did you expect for her to just wait around till you got of your high horse? shes a good looking girl and i dont tihnk...."
'lisha hun, shh?? why do you care j,shes a girl,just a girl.... man youll get over it. besides you could do better than some chick who doesnt know what or who the hell she wants, dude, you know im right, i think you should ask that girl,that girls from the video shoot,whats her name again,Elle? right! she was all over you????!"
"you know what your right i not gonna be embarrased?,sh** she practally dumped me,she doesnt know what she wants and from the sounds of things its NOT me.....screw it!
elisha got up and left the room, slamming the door behind her,letting them know she was pissed,and not standing for it!!!
"'lish....whats wrong?" trace popped his head round the door after a few minutes....
"oh piss know sometimes i wonder why im marrying you, you know that!"
"what the f*** is that sopppesed to mean???"
"well, what your doing to j' for one thing? i mean trace, he likes her, possibly loves her, she confused,,,,but she does want to be with him...i know///!"
"how do you know?!""
"ello,i see her,all the damn time remember, plus some people have told me that i could do better.than YOU! "
"huh?!" he was confused.hell he was male after all...
"trace, some people have tried to convince me that you aren't good enough for me,but i didnt lisen to them, but look j lisens to you and now hes going to bring some...slut to this party and ruin everthing...."
"but shes bringing...."
"no shes bring her friend....female friend,i just was pissing him off,now you....big mouth ruined it!!"

Looking stunning in a gold sparkle knee length skirt and white rapround top that showed off her new califorina tan teamed with gold sandles with her hair in tossled curls she made her way to the car with paige who was now a bag of nerves as she found out exactly who would be there that night! she was dressed in a baby pink sparkle top with black cropped trousers and baby pink ,marc jacobs shoes with opentoe....they both looked hot, no question, and that was Ava's plan,well part of it the other half she wasnt so sure of......

the party was well on the way up when they arrived, greeted at the door by a waiter,with a glass of champane they took in there surrounding,,,Ava realised he had a moved alot of the stuff out of the living room area to make room for all the people..."nice huh?" paige was speachless as she took it in,
"dude this is his house....justin flippin' timberlakes!"
"yeah so.."
"so...uh girl!! was those of us who havent sen him butt naked this is a big thing ok....!"
"oookkk i get it..lets find elisha,,,maybe we could make it quick....!"
sitting in the large over sized chair in his bed room he did up the buttons on his shirt, his "date" was waiting down stairs, jen, a dancer, fine as hell and up for anything, not the smarted tool in the kit,but she had an ass like.... well she was georgous,but she didnt hold his interest in any other way...thats what Ava was great and smart,now he knew that was hard to come by?.....but she gave up so, so would he!"
"hey baby what took you so long? i missed you,,"jen wined as she stopped him coming out of his room...."um, i was changing..sorry,"
"oh its fine,come on the partys well underway...."

spotting the happy couple across the room Ava made her over and was instantly hugged by elisha,while trace looked on,smiling....weird...
"elisha,hun congrats, you too trace your both very lucky,,,"
"thanks, im glad you came...we're glad you came,right trace?"
"um...yeah its...ah...nice to see you again...thanks for coming n all!"
"sure...i left your gift on the table..."
"ooh thanx you know you didnt have to..."
"i know but...."
"hey come with me we'll leave it up stairs...."
as they made their way up the very large staircase they were greeted by a couple,holding hands. ava had to do a double take,,,it was justin and some ugly skinny..girl...!"
"Ava?" he eyed her up and down with a evil smirk and continued down stairs....
"justin" confused she contuined her way up the staircase with elisha,not really sure what else to do?

That was the greetin as he passed her and she passed him, he looked surprise to see her, she looked grossed see him like** that was cold! and...
"who is that girl"
"with j?
"um...some dancer...dont worry i dont think anything is going on..""
"really,then what was he so weird,and why were they he dating her.....!
"ok first breath or youll faint, second he only asked her here so....."
and with that trace came through the door something about their parents.........

making her way down the stairs alone she saw him again this time his lips.glues to dancer-girls.. and his hand on her ass...
"huh,nothing going on, MY ASS!" SHE WISPERED TO HERSELF QUIETLY....
she needed a drink,fast, paige was over at the bar,with some guy name chad something.flirting like a mad women.she didnt want to interuppt, she headed to the kitcen which was surprisingly empty,
"thank god!" at that she reached for the wine....and a very large glass, how could he just...give up like that!" sh** he moved on fast,she just needed time and he wasnt even willing to give that.....BASTARD!"

she was so lost in thought she didnt hear someone enter.....
AVA?! wat are you doing in her by yourself..." it was justin....alone,lokking mighty fine to in a pair of baggy jeans and a babyblue pinstrip button up shirt on top of a white wifebeater...he was growing out his hair..that nade it worse,he was extra fine with the mini-fro??!!........

"oh its you!"" well i just need a drink see i just saw something in your living room just now,some guy with his tongue so far down this skanky girls mouth he could have reached her voice box....i need a drink to settle my stomach...............
"uh huh...fine....i get,,weres YOUR date?"
"my date?"
"yeah....look i dont care ok, you didnt want me you could have just said something instead of just,,,,,ignoring me or whatever,that was pretty f***ed up!"
"EXCUSE ME?!" me ignoring you,huh,you have a selective memory, the phone works both way you know!!!"
"yeah but you were the one that needed time,i was giving you that!"
"2weeks and then what?? your sexual needs took over and you just couldnt wait to....!"
"wait,i havent done anything YOU havent so,get over it....!"
pushing past him she had to head for the back door, she realised she was yelling, but so was he so it didnt matter, he just made her so mad and made her feel so good all at once, she hated that... once out in the frsh air she took her seat on the wooden swings in the backyard,she hopped they were for his little brothers,if not-- he had problems.....

she was sitting there for a few seconds when she felt it.his hand on her bare shoulder,
"im sorry,im sorry i yelled at you in were wrong you havent lost me how could you.... he said gently, almost a whisper,,
"its ok,i was shouting to,im sorry......she didnt know why she was sorry her point was valid but she matched his tone,but she still didnt turn to face him.
"ava, sorry for more than just the yelling,im sorry i didnt call, that i didnt understand why you wanted time....that ive just been so stupid about all this..and with her?..
sitting down on the second swing he rocked back and forth for a while in silence,just looking up at the night sky,she did the same.not sure of what else to say, or do.....

well,i think we should just..start over...what do you think?" ava suggested,not sure of how to restart the conversation...
"what do you mean?....exactly?" she could see the grin begin to form on the sides of his mouth then his cheeks,the dimples were the give away!
"well....i want to be with you, properly no pretense,no games,no slutty dancers. what i want justin more than anything is to be with you, and i need to know now if you,want to do the same.?!"
she was so nervous about bringing the subject up,but she realised she wasnt going to move on or be happy until these feeling were resolved,one way or the other.

"good.......thats what i want Ava, a you and pretense, no games and" he chuckled under his breath,and no slutty dancers either..........
and with that they kissed a slow passionate kiss that made every part of his body tingle, she felt so so good to touch, and she smelled of jasmine and vanilla,he missed that, her kiss was unlike any other, it made him feel things differently than with any other girl before her,,and he liked that more than fact he loved it,,,,,,,he loved her.
holding her index finger up to his lips to stop him,to stop the kiss had to because if she didnt they'd end up in a very embarrasing suition in his garden, and with a house full of people that wasnt a good thing......
"wait wait..."pulling back slightly she got of one of the swings and headed further down the garden...followed closely by justin..

"What? did i do...something wrong??"
" no of course not its just that well,that house is full of people...and well.....did i say you could touch that out here??..nooooo" her tone was slightly playful, slghtly not- and thats what scared him? sh**,,,
"well no you didnt but im gonna,so shh."
"nope,im still mad at you..." backing down even further out of his reach she was giggling-that had to be a good sign right?
" i didnt say you could touch me, what makes you think i want any of this right now after you were just all over slutty in there??humm??"
"well if you didnt you wouldve kissed me the way you just did,so forget her????? You know its ok...its ok to want me,because i sure as hell want know that only too well!"

"true.but still, i want this done right this time,for real now no messing around..
"meaning? he raised his left eyebrow suggestivily,with a mix of arrogance and surprise in his tone...
"meaning...ok well ill do it then,god men i swear? she asked rectorilly holding her arms up in the air slightly!,,,i want us to know like normal people do? i want this to be more than just a wekend fling or just know???" the confusion in her eyes was something he could relate to...but it was still unnessary she had to know how he felt about her,well if she didnt he planned on letting her know it now!
"ava.ive been trying to get this from you for weeks now,dont you get it?i want "us" properly,i have done since you got here..."

Ava?i wanna ask you something?"
"hum?" she smiled loking up into his eyes admiring the slight uncertainty she saw in then, she liked that she brought out the "real person inside the superstar....she'd have to tell him that one day?
"would you like to be...god this is corny?.um? my girlfriend??!" he was smiling that trademark timberlake smile,not only with his mouth but you could see it in his eyes, he was serious.and that was a good thing because so was she.......
"justin.....well duh!!!!!,she jumped up sliding her arms arond him and hugging him,tight-he felt good to touch,too good!
"but im making no promises ok? but,," and with a smile that began from one side of her face to the other she leaned in close to his face-~
" yeah i want this too,!"
"well its about time?!"
"ha.....that we, agreed on something...!"
"oh yeah about something else.....
"whats that...!"
"shut up and kiss me....!"
"i could deal with that,,,,"</span>
feedback????! :P </span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Tue Oct 05, 2004 8:59 am

:wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: I think that was my FAVORITE chapter! I'm glad that they said what was long overdue and are going to be an official couple ... FINALLY! :yay: :yay: :yay:

That was a heated discussion they had in the kitchen, but their anger was all from miscommunication and a lack of understanding. Now that they both know where one another stands, things should be smooth sailing from now on. :thumbup: :nod:

And Miss Paige sure likes to get her flirt on with the men. ;) That's hot! :lol:

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Postby laura » Tue Oct 05, 2004 9:25 am

*whispers* oh god your gonna hate the next chapter!!!!!" :heartbreaker:

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Tue Oct 05, 2004 9:32 am

Aww, I can handle it, babe. I hope! :nervous:

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Postby laura » Fri Oct 08, 2004 3:54 am thinking of ending this soon because i dont really have time any more and well since like two people read it i dont know where to go with it.....there is a possibilty of a sequal but im not sure yet.....but here ya go.... :D

<span style='font-family:Times'><span style='color:red'>After several heavenly moments together they parted and decided to go inside. The party was still in full effect with the dim lighting good music great food and of course alcohol flowing freely, everyone was in a great mood, even trace for some reason...
"so what do you want to drink? " heading for the fridge he pulled out a selection of fruity drinks....they made their way upstairs to the bedroom, it was surprisingly quiet, they went inside and did what they had both wanted for so long, they made love, and for the first time since ava arrived in Los Angeles she felt safe, she felt loved and the fact that she ended up wrapped in his strong arms only added to her happiness.....for moments they just laid there talking, about everything and nothing all at the same time, just like before, Justin couldn’t have described the happiness he felt when he took her in his arms, he felt complete again, he love that feeling to be able to be lying with her and feeling comfortable just running his hands through her hair silently...he loved her..
"If I tell you something you promise not to get scared again?"
"Your not a psychopath killer are you..."
with a slight chuckle he moved to her side facing her
"No, I promise that’s not it!"
"Well I guess I won’t be scared then....what is it?"
"Well ive been wanting to say this to you for awhile now....Av...i love you.. im in love with you!"
Ava could believe what she'd just heard.he loved her...he was in love with her....she was scared but he didnt know why? she had never said the words i love you to anyone that wasnt legally supossed to say it back before,,,she felt it now, and didnt want to hold it back!
"justin.oh god... i love you too,soo much!"
breathing a sigh of relief when she said that he embraced her in the tightest hug ever and kissed her as if he'd never kissed her before...
twenty minutes later they both emerged from the room,holding hands and just giggling at noting importaint,they made there way to kitchen.
It was surprisingly empty, appart form catering staff going in and out it was all clear, so sitting at the breakfast nook on a high stool she watched as he made his way to the fridge.
"Hey.what you want?? we gotta a whole mess of crap in here???"
"Um whatever’s fine?"
"Whatever? Nope we don’t have that! But I could give you a screaming orgasim...again...if you'd like?â€￾ With a evil smirk he handed her the tall glass and she accepted, giggling so much it was embarrasing, and it continued for the next half and hour as they hid out in the kitchen, everyone was busy in different rooms of the house and only the caterers came to the kitchen so it was ok, that was until a tall skinny girl with a grin the size of Texas came through the doors headed straight for Justin
"jayyy there you are! Baby vie been looking everywhere. You should get out there people are staring to wonder where the host has got to???!" Walking up to him as he leaned on the breakfast bar, she slid her arms around his waist. he twisted as to get out of her hold and reached for her arms and pulled them away,
"i was busy ok??"
"busy,your always busy!!~ um whos your friend??
all the while this was going on Ava just stood there,lookin on waiting for her mouth to form a sentence, she totally forgot about that girl...
"oh Ava this Elle,elle this is Ava......" justin wanted the world to open up at that point,sh** how was he gonna explain this one???
"Ava???oooh so your the b**** who ditched him!"
"huh? what" oh she did not just say that!!!!!!!
"well i want you to know that hes with me now so your wasting your time"
"im...sorry WHAT????" "JUSTIN WHAT IS THE RAKE GOING ON ABOUT....look sweetie one date dont make him yours.okay?!
with that she burst out laughing,,,,"welll sweeetie....its more than a date!! didnt you know...!"
looking justin in the eye he was confused that was clear he was speechless.but his face was as red as a balloon....
"justin whats she talking about?!"
"well,shes...shes talking about..."
"what.spit it out jesus!!!!""
"what hes trying to say is that im right, weve done more than date...we've slept togther...twice! thats what hes talking about!!!!!!!!!"
With tears fillin up her eyes and she couldnt believe her ears at the same time, he wasnt saying anything he wasnt trying to defend himself...she was telling the truth! how could he have just slept with her,,,look at her,,,there was nothing to hold on to???!!!!!!!
"justin,shes lying right?tell me she lying! you didnt sleep with her did you!"
he just looked pityful,his voice hourse and his eyes filled with tears of regret."shes..not lying Ava shes telling the truth".
with the realization she was numb, and the fact that Elle hadn’t stopped grinning once didn’t help matters a whole lot..
" i...." she was beginning to break down she could feel it she had to get out! "i have to go now....!"
"NO Ava i only did it because i thought you and me were done i thought you didnt want me, i got drunk and she...she was just sorry....!" he ran and grabbed her arm to stop her from leaving,,
"DONT OK....JUST...DONT TOUCH ME!" she stormed off into the living room, justin straight behind her,slutty girl behind him.
he was shouting at the top of his lungs and he didnt care he needed her to understand! of course the rest of the pary had noticed this and all had gone silent

looking over at elisha she apoligised and headed straight for the door.....
The rest of the party guests including the happy couple watched on in disbelief as the girl stormed out of the mansion closely followed by the superstar..

AVA!!!!!!!!!, AVA WAIT!!
"go to hell a**hole....!" opening the door to her bosses car she jumped inside and slammed the door she was then joined by paige who was as schocked as everyone else!!,Ava was crying,she wasnt even that surprised she knew he was too good to be true! she knew! but somehow he'd managed to pull the wool over her eyes and convince her he wasnt one of the boys, the kind that cheated and screwed around....she was stupid,at least thats how she felt anyway!

On the drive home they almost crashed,twice her hands where shaking so bad.she needed to lie down and die!
"av...u ok?" paige began as they made their way down the freeway,not sure of what else to say...
she just kept her eys on the road "no,,no im so far from ok....ok?!"
"i cant believe he did that to you,what a bastard! and with that "thing" ick..."
"yes paige i know who it wasno need to remind me!"
"sorry im just shocked thats all...i mean sh** he was perfect...and now...?!"
"yeah..." pulling up at the main gates of the house she stopped and just strared at the gates, and broke down in tears,she had been holding it in for she left the house but just couldnt do it anymore,,, and she cried non-stop for fifthteen minutes paige doing her best to keep her upright,,,the sobbing got so bad that she was having trouble breathing....not good,paige finally got her inside and in her bed,she had managed to calm down a little, still sobbing,more quietly...she was drained, her eyes were swollen and her nose completly plugged...she'd tried to get some sleep but each time she did she just pictured them...together and it made her sick. she didnt know she could ever feel this bad, sure she'd been through the ringer before with boys.but that was different they were boys
justin wasnt like them he was...different and she loved he treated her how he made her feel so wanted...and now? he'd made her feel like sh**!

"why???huh answer me that justin why did you do it??" " i mean i know your a guy but jesus surely you have some self control!!!!! you screwed her over you realise that you just f***ed away the best thing that may ever have happened to you?? you get it right?!" Elisha was mad, so so mad he'd f***ed up and she planned on letting him know it!
"look you think i dont know that! you think i havent gone over it a ,million times in my stupid head??? well guesswhat i do! SO BACK OFF! he was tired he hadnt been to bed, hed spend the night pacing around the house..basically feeling like sh** and feeling sorry for himself and trying to call her but when her cell went dead some paige girl yelled at him so he hung up,he didnt need her sh** too after getting chewed out once before by elisha and then his mother..

" sorry for yelling at you but shes my friend too,you hurt her!"
"NO....and stop yelling ok???
they both sat in silence for a few minutes when the phone rang,for half a second he expected it to be her,but it wasnt,of course it wasnt! it was his publicist calling to yell, see what happened after the party was Elle went straight to the tabliods with her "kiss & tell" and now it was all around the world,what he had done and who he had done it with. </span></span>

feedback???? :lol:

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Fri Oct 08, 2004 7:29 am

:o :blink: <_< Man, just when they were getting all lovey dovey, that b****, Elle, had to come in and drop a bomb like that. Justin is putting Ava through so much sh**. It really isn't fair. I don't know if she's gonna forgive him or not b/c he is one shady character. :no:

And you're ending MY story so soon? I call it my story just because I can. :lol: :kiss: You do what you feel like doing, and I'll always be waiting for whatever you have to show me next. :hug: :thumbup:

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Postby laura » Fri Oct 08, 2004 10:24 am

:kiss: :kiss: :kiss:

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Postby laura » Mon Oct 11, 2004 3:57 am

<span style='font-family:Times'><span style='color:purple'>The next few weeks Ava was in a permanent state of depression, and because of that her work was suffering, so much so she almost lost two clients, and when the slutty b**** decided to sell her story Avas name was also all over the tabliods, she definitely didn’t need that, of course that promteted her mother to call and give her this huge lecture and of course the "i told you so" she'd been expecting, but ava held her own and told her mother to shove it. Of course it helped that she was 3000 miles away and she didn’t have to see her face, but she wished she hadn’t she was her mother after all! So after that she moved out from Paige’s parents and into her own place, she’d been saving for months and managed to get a really good deal on a two bed roomed place just off sunset, close too work which was the main attraction, so on moving day as Paige had come to call it she got a very weird phone call.

"Ava are you busy this time next month?? because i want you to do something for me?"
"next month,elisha a barely know what im doing this time next week? but um... why?!" she was acting weird no doubt there but it would be interesting to see what she wanted?
"we...ok well im getting married next month! Can you believe it? we decided on a Christmas wedding! It was totally last minute but we decided to just go for it!!
the girl was excited so excited she was talking at a million miles a minute, it was very funny, she was usually calm and level, she had to be stopped,,
And so I was hoping you'd be my maid of honor! I know its weird I haven’t know you that long but here in lea I don’t have very many female friends under 30 so....
"'lisha please, sloooooow down a sec"!
"so...your getting married in a month???CONGRATULATIONS!!....even if it is to trace!" "second of all,Are you sure i mean your right we havent know each other that long???its a huge deal!"
"im sure im sure,ok i like you you cool and funny and honest, most of my ""La la land " friends are so full of b.s i cant get a straight answer out of then the last thing i need is that when picking out a wedding dress and stuff,so pleeeeease????"
"well...of course! sweetie i'd love to!!!!""
"great,thats a load off.....we gotta meet up soon ok and talk!"
"of course, well im moving into my knew appartment tonight,so ill be having a house warming in a couple of days?? how about then??"
"sure thats sounds great,i'll sse you then! &thanks"
"oh no probs,bye!"
that brightened up her day to no end she didnt even mind unpacking the boxes that night, she was happy she was begining to get her life together...finally,to tope off her good mood her boss and now worlds most favorite person mr paul smith paiges dad gave her, her housewarming gift,,well gifts to be exact,he had her complete appartment furnished for her.when paige and her both arrived before the moving vans the next morning she expected to walk into an empty appartment....wrong...
"paige i can not believe your dad,did all this" "its amazing....!"
"yeah well like i said you didnt have to move out,the house is way,way to big for just me him and mom! but as your still as stubborn as ever he decided with mums help of course to pick out this stuff for you....i helped too!"
"aw hun i know you did! who else would get me a electirc blue fridge freezer.your a mad woman, but i love ya!!!!!"
they spent the rest of the night unpacking and gossiping, over wine, as girls often do, but paige was avoiding one topic "him"
"so av.. this house shindig your throwing whos coming??!"
"well the girls from work, you, and elisha and who ever she brings?,nothing big,intimate...!"
"oh,elisha...shes still friends with um...justin i take it?"
"um yeah i guess, why?"
"oh nothing its just in the star yesterday,pics ---he must be traces best man,they were coming out of a wedding cake place,just wondering, i mean if your maid of honour and HES best man??!"
"well...i dont know i guess ill see him but im not really bothered!
"ohhh really if it was me id be pissed at him i mean after what...
"ok i get it you wanna talk about him, i get it... look im pissed but im over it ! ok,hes who he is and thats that..he didnt care enough to control himself with slutty girls and thats over it, really im fine!"
her arguement was, less than convincing but paige let it drop,she knew the tone well enough not to push it...

so justin when is the fitting for the tuxs and things for the guys???!"
"oh, well elisha hasnt booked it yet cuz,she cant get trace to pick i dont know mom..."
"oh well i guess he better hurry up,a month will just fly by you know???!"
"yup i know."
"so what are you gonna do about Ava,i mean shes elishas m.o.h isnt she? wont it be awarkward, after what you did..
well that was his mother when she wanted to make a dig, she didnt beat round the bush...
"uhh..i dont know i guess ill just see what happens...hopefully shell have clmed down by then."
"have you talked to her???!"
"no...ive tried,but that paige girl,who kinda scares me says she moved out,but i think she just said that to get me to stop calling! i dont know what to do?!"
"yeah.! i mean i want to talke to her,to explain things but i hurt her and if i were her id want me to shut up and die,but mom i really miss her, and i still want to work things out with her"
"well justin after what you did its going to take alot of making up, shes a smart girl, one which i liked alot and i think it was uncalled for what you did,but ive said all i have to say on that, look just have fun with the wedding and i'll call you tomorow,k??"
"sure mom, love you,bye!"

after hangin' up on his mom he promised to drop elisha and trace off at a friends on his way to the studio,back with timbaland for a soundtrack,it should if nothing else take his mind off things for a few hours...hopefully.
pulling up at an appartment builing just off sunset he got out to help her in with the gift,pretty big gift " so who is this person, you got them a pretty huge gift....!"
"well...shes....shes a friend..and i know she'll love this..."
"what is it? "oh its dance mat game,i know not a necessaty but she said she didnt need furnature or anything best thing, and she loves to dance , so whay not....!"
"ok elisha im convinced your crazy...."
Heading for the door she checked herself in the mirror, she felt good and better still she felt graet,simple black she felt was approiate it wasnt a big posh thing just a few girls around for a laugh...hopefully,.
"elisha you made it,good..come in..."
"wait trace is coming, we broght you a gift..!"
"sweetie you didnt have to do that i told you i didnt need anything?????!"
"i know and this s a fun gift,and gets funner the drunker you get,trust me!"

Alittle worried as to what it could possibly be she ignored her weird ness and motioned her to the kitchen.
with her back turned from the door she didnt notice who ahd just walked in to her appartment.And with two drinks in her hand she headed for the living room,and then her happy mood intantly deflated,,,justin......
she chose to ignore her gut reaction which was to run for the door,she behaved very grown up about the whole thing walking and greeting trace at the same time as handing him a drink and taking a drink of her own she eyed justin who had a look of serious surprise in his eyes and also one of regret! good!!!!

"justin,,,what are you doing here?"
"well..i uhh didnt know here was you...someone forgot mention that!"
"oh.i see,!" "well dont let me keep you.." she realised she was being cold but she wasnt sure how to react to the whole thing, there was so much she wanted to ask him but a bigger part of her held it all back!
"yeah, i wasnt gonna stay anyway i just helped drop off these two and the gift,so uhhh, i guess ill get going.." he was totally deflated,he was going to kill elisha for springing this on him, thats for sure..Ava looked change there.he had so many things he just wanted to explain,hopefully one day she'd give him that chance.but today wasnt to be that day......
looking on as he headed for the door ava was filled with guilt even after all he'd done to hurt her she still had those feeling for him,the kind that make you heart skip faster and your palms to get all sweaty,damn those feeling she needed to get rid of them once and for all if she had any chance of moving on with her life.
"JUSTIN! WAIT A MINUTE! she jogged slowly down the hallway leaving trace and elisha to fend for themselves.
turing to face her as she called out his name,his face lit up."yeah???"
"look,lets get a few things straight before we have to be,you know..nice or whatever,for the wedding, we already ruined her engagement party,so i just want to get this out in the open ok?
"ok...Ava im sorry i..."
"no...i! me!, ok i want to talk so please just lisen... what you did,it hurt...alot,and even though i had a few days there thst i wanted to chop your head off,im ok now! in a way maybe this needed to was clear that this,you and me would never work out,,were too different and your older you want different thing,things that include skanky women but still i gotta reapect that thats you, i can forgive it justin,i can but i dont think i could forget and thats why i would like us, for elishas sake to at least try and be human toward one another when helping plan this thing....ok???"
"look please just let me explain..i.."
"dont ok,when i think about you and her...well i have this tendency to go catatonic and i really cant handle that right now,so please can we just forget this sh** and be civil.
"i dont want to forget it,i want to explain myself and get all this as you put it out in the open,once and for all,ava please i cant not feel how i feel about you and i cant not let this hang over our heads!"
she didnt want to give in but in the back of her mind the part of her that was totally in love with the idiot she wanted to hear what he had to say for himself....
"fine.ill hear you out but i want you to wont change my mind...understand"
"yes i understand..thank can we meet up maybe tomorrow for dinner?!"
dinner sounded too risky,at night dim
"um not dinner,lunch maybe.tomorow say one."
"ok where???"
"i'll be working form home and theres this lil cafe not far from here "angies" its good..."
"cool there at it.thanks for this ava."
still madly confused about what she had just done she carried on geeting her guests and enjoying her party,which went ahead with no problems thank god!</span>

feedback...... :blink: </span>[/FONT]

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Mon Oct 11, 2004 8:01 am

Whoa ... Paige's dad sure is a nice guy for furnishing Ava's new apartment. :wub: That's a very thoughtful thing to do.
People just can't resist Ava's sweet charm. :lol: :rofl: @ the eletric blue refrigerator. Hey, that's a nice color, I think! ;)

Ava is gonna be the maid of honor! :yay: Elisha better hurry up and get some nice dresses for all of the bridesmaids. :nod:
I want one of those Dance Mat games ... I have yet to try one of those out, and I know that I could act and look like a
fool with one of those. :dance:

I wanna see how this lunch get-together turns out between Justin and Ava. I hope it goes well and no one starts
yelling in the middle of the cafe. :ph34r:

Great chapter! MORE! :please:

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Postby laura » Mon Oct 18, 2004 4:48 am

<span style='font-family:Times'><span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:red'>ok this is it the end is nigh!!!!! hope youl ike it im thinking of a sequel sooooo let me know if ya want one????im gonna post on nsyncfiction soon to see how it goes.....wish me luck!!

The next day justin was a bag of nerves, she had agreed to see him, and since he'd been going over and over in hs head for the last two weeks what he would say if this day ever arrived you would think he would have it covered? nope,his mind was blank and his wardrobe the outfit would make the slightest bit of difference to her reaction,but still every little helped right?

it was around 12 when ava decided to finally get dressed having done no work the entire moring because she'd been going through her wardrobe like a mad woman tring to find something good to wear! like the outfit would make any difference but she had to let him know what he was missing out on by doing what he did with that.twig!!

pulling up to the little italian cafe at five to one justin took one last breath for confidance and headed inside,he spotted her intantly sitting in the corner sipping her coffee looking...beautiful,casual in jeans and a t-shirt that read "blondes have more fun,bruenette remember it the next day!" he hoped thar since she was dressed fun,she'd be in a good mood?!

she saw him as soon as he walked through the door,trying not to be obivious she carriedon with her coffee,he looked hot,,,no change there then,casual in torn jeans and a thin black v-neck sweater,yup still hot!

"hi?"she loked up and lookedaway just as quickly....
" you ordered?""
"uh,no i thought id wait for you..
"cool...." the conversation was awarkard to say the least,neither of them had experienced it before not with each other anyway....they always had something to say,even if it was about nothing things had changed and the effects of that were sceaming them in the face...
After the waitress came took their orders and left the silence was still there,
"ok since i was the one that wanted this i guess i should start?"
"yeah i guess you should!" looking down at her coffee mug she wanted to bolt for the door,but something held her in the seat,she didnt know what it was....
"look Av,i had heard that you were bringing a date to elishas party,and i guess after or little conversation i put two and two together and came up with...."
"well....yeah,look it was the most stupid thing i have ever done! i thought you didnt want me.didnt want us,so i freaked and,,,elle,she was...she was just there and i know its gross but she wanted me and i figured since you didnt that i might as well....its a sorry excuse really i konw but its the truth and i wish more than anything i could take it back because i love you and i dont want to lose you....and..."
"what?,what did you just say??" she was freaked,he did not just say what i think he said...did he?"
"i dont want to lose you..because..."
"no not that,before that?"
"oh....oh i uh..."" his eyes were wide as if hed forgotten he'd said anything let alone THAT,,,he had'nt ment for it to come out like that...
"i love you ava. i love you.."
she just stared at him,she truely couldnt believe he had said that. She thought that after all he'd done he could'nt her her any more,but it seemed he had finally suck to a new low,using this to get her to feel for him...
she got up and still staring at him she reached for her things and headed straight for the exit....he didnt just say he loved her right after explaining why he cheated,,,no sleezy men do that to stupid women who just hear those three little words and forgive and forget,,,,she was not one of those!!

heading around the corner as fast as she could even though she knew he was right behind her,he was yelling her name but she didnt want to hear it she just needed to breathe.and some how she'd forgotten....
reaching the door to her building she ran for the lift...of course it was on like the millionth floor,so she headed for the stairs, but she felt his hand on her arm as she reached the second floor...
"why are you running??Ava please your scaring to me please!"

"why what?"
pulling out of his grasp, she moved to the stairs but her legs just wouldnt move so she sat down on the cold step
"whay are you doing this to me? your just using it as an excuse so ill forgive you, butt guess what j
ustin im not one of you flueezys ok, you want forgiveness fine.but dont be cruel. you dont "love me" because if you did,you wouldnt have slept with that girl,no matter how you thought...."
"dont you think i know that? just please believe me, ava i love you im so in love with you it hurts when your not with me or when i dont hear your voice even if its just to tell me off for my sense of style.or those weid hats i wear.i miss you, i miss us... and i just want what we talked about....i want an "us" i want to start over...... he was talking so fast her head was starting to spin...she didnt say anything as her eyes stug with tears and confusion so she just usher'd him to come with her as she entered her appartment.
quietly she said,
"come in...sit"
he did,he didnt say anything,after all he had said he figured she would have to talk now,he'd said all that was in his head and he could say any more with out her help....he needed to know what she wanted now...

Standing in her new kitchen she was never as confused as she was right at that moment,she loved him and that fact didnt seem to want to change,she wanted it too she wanted to hate him,but she couldnt....and noww he was here alone with her,he had poured out his heart and she had believed him.She wanted so much for this to be made right and she could go back,but as that wasnt going to happen she had to push all her fears to one side and be an adult about this,she had to make things right-no one was going to do it for her.

"Justin,look you know how i feel i know how you feel,but none of that changes what or who you did? you slept with another women,then you and i...and you didnt tell me!!!!!."

"i know and i hate myself for it you have no idea but i do love you and nothing is going to change that."
"look i think it would be best if we just took a step back from this,for us.justin were way too young for all this drama,sh** im not even 20 yet and your only 23. this is not some teen drama like dawsons river or whatever ok this is us, our lives and, our feelings and i cant take being hurt anymore,look i love you i really do but i cant forget what you did,i cant!!And i cant trust you and with out trust what do we have????" Her eyes were beginning to fill up,but she wasnt going to cry not this time,she had cried for the last time over justin timberlake.

"i guess i can understand that but Ava the last thing in the world i wanted was to hurt you believe me!!!
" i do believe you! your not a bad man just f***ed up big time....but..its has to be for our sakes it has to be!!"
"i cant believe this is it...i finally find someone real and i mess it a scewup!"
"no your the most amazing person i know! you just dont know what you really want,and if im honest neither do i.And all this is, is unnessary pain...."
silently sobbing through his words he made his way to the door,her behind him,"so..thats really it,we are over for real?,god i feel like i just got hit with bricks...its over..."

" is.." realisation kicked in for both of them at that moment,all they were doing was hurting themselves and each other. Maybe by ending it once and for all they'd get some peace and finally be able to move on with there lives and allow the real them to surface and take on the world waiting for them both!!!

The End. </span></span></span>

thank you thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Mon Oct 18, 2004 7:42 am

:cry: :cry: THAT WAS SO SAD! And I thought that they were going to work it out somehow. I must have a bit of
the hopeless romantic in my system. :lol: I do agree with Ava that a guy can't have sex with another girl and then
try to win her back with "I love you." While the words are nice to hear, that shows no respect to women at all. :nono:

This was wonderful to read and I do hope that you will continue with a sequel or whatever you decide to do next.
You have great ideas and it's a pleasure for me to read your work. :nod: :thumbup:

GREAT JOB!! :clap: :clap:

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Postby laura » Wed Nov 10, 2004 11:47 am

<span style='font-family:Impact'><span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>im gonna bump this because im working on a sequel and well i want it!!!!! :rolleyes: B) :lol: </span></span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Wed Nov 10, 2004 11:49 am

SEQUEL .... :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: I'm gonna get more of my story, my story, my story! :thumbup: It's a good thing because I really enjoyed this one, so gimme some more! :yay:

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Postby laura » Tue Nov 16, 2004 1:04 pm

<_< sooo no one wants to read this huh? well paige if i find the damn disk again i think ill just email it to ya? what you think?? :blink: :unsure: :) thats if....

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Tue Nov 16, 2004 1:14 pm

You better find that disk, missy. :nod: :pray: You gotta find it first, and then we can figure out if you wanna just send it to me or post it on here.

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Postby laura » Wed Dec 01, 2004 5:02 am

sorry i gotta do this i need it!!!!! bummmmmmp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rolleyes: it gets better i swear!!!!!!! :(

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Wed Dec 01, 2004 8:53 am

:yay: :yay: Update! :yay:

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