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Postby dirtypop4nsync » Sat Sep 11, 2004 9:52 pm

this is my first so its short. i decided to post the whole thing at once! hope ya like it!!!
Chapter 1: The beginning
Jackie and Val have been friends for many years now. They met over the internet and when Jackie graduated she went to Wisconsin to visit Val. Jackie lives in New York. Four years later after Val graduated she came to New York. While in New York Jackie noticed an ad in the paper!
“Hey Val come here look at this!â€￾ Jackie pointed to the ad in a paper. She read it “*Nsync is looking for backup dancers. Come to Madison square garden tomorrow at 11. There will only be 11 picked. You must imitate one of *Nsyncs old dances!â€￾
“Omg , we defiantly gotta go!â€￾ Val says while getting all excited.
“What song are we gonna do the dance to?â€￾ Jackie says while thinking.
“Hmm I think we should do It’s Gonna Be Me.â€￾ Val says then starts singing it.
“Yea, I have the video on a tape!â€￾ Jackie says while walking into her room. She pulls out a box from inside of her closet.
“Why is all your *Nsync stuff in a box?â€￾ Val Ask while sitting on Jackie’s bed.
“Well im 22 and I love them a lot but I think its to childish to have posters up and stuff!â€￾ Jackie says while opening the box.
“Oh yea I guess it is!â€￾ Val says while helping Jackie find the tape “I’ve found it!â€￾
“Great now lets practice!â€￾ says Jackie while putting the tape in the machine.
They practiced for many hours. Then they both went to the mall to buy fabulous outfits. They got blue pants and pink tank tops. They buy pink and white sneakers. They decide to put there hair in a pony tail. They sleep early so that there wide awake tomorrow.

Chapter 2: The audition
They both wake up early and got ready. They decide to take the train. When they get there, there’s a really long line. They decide to practice for a bit.
“Omg Jackie im so nervous!!â€￾ says Val while putting her number on.
“There’s no need to be. Just go in there and shake that booty!â€￾ says Jackie in a jokingly voice.
“Yeah that’s true!â€￾ Val replies.
About 2 hours later Val and Jackie are next. They are taking everyone in one by one. Jackie first. She goes in a does very well. Val’s next, and she does very well to. All the people that tried out come back in. They will be picking 11 people. Jackie and Val are sitting in the bottom row. *Nsync walks in and everyone cheers for them.
“We are here because we want to get new and fresh dancers.â€￾ Justin says and then sees Val and stares at her.
“We will be calling out the numbers of the people that win!â€￾ JC says while looking at Jackie.
Jackie’s number is 1180 and Val’s is 1181.
“when I call your numbers come up here. Here are the numbersâ€￾ Chris say
Jackie and Val hold hands.
“123, 1090, 1180, 1181, 123, 87, 1, 659, 467, 953, 1198!â€￾
Val and Jackie are so happy. They cant stop smiling. Jackie is even crying.
“Thank you all for coming out here and remember to always follow your dreams!â€￾ says lance
Jackie and Val hug.
“Alright you guys follow us so you can fill out some paper work and we will give you the schedules for practices.â€￾ said Chris while walking.
“Omg I cannot believe that we both made it!â€￾ said Val.
“YAY! Now we can work together!â€￾ Jackie says while clapping.
All of them go in a room and fill out papers and get schedules. There first practice is in two weeks.

Chapter 3: Tour
“All right guys today is our first concert on our tour!â€￾ says Joey “and we all know your very nervous but don’t be! Once your get out there and you here those people cheering it all goes away and believe us we know!â€￾
“Yea so just go out there and do your best!â€￾ said Justin in an exciting voice.
“Ten minutes till show timeâ€￾ says Chris
“Ok does anyone have any questionsâ€￾ says JC
“Umm what happens if we mess up?â€￾ asks Leah on of the other dancers
“Well you just keep going!â€￾ says Lance “Any more?â€￾
“NO!â€￾ they all say
“Ok then!â€￾ says Lance
They all go out and have a great show!
While the tour is going on this start getting very close between Justin and Val. They start dating and this one girl Tina is getting angry because she wants Justin to.
“Yo listen Val I want Justin!â€￾ Tina says angrily
“Well me and Justin are dating!â€￾ says Tina
“Hey honey!â€￾ Justin says then kisses Val
“Tina wants us to break up because she like youâ€￾ Val’s says while upset.
“Listen Tina I love Val! She’s the one that gives me that fuzzy felling inside. I will not break up with her and you will have to understand that!â€￾ says Justin
“I don’t understand and I will get you!â€￾ says Tina and then she walks away
“What was that all about?â€￾ asks Jackie
“She wants Justin and I think she might hurt me!â€￾ says Val all worried
“I’m gonna talk to the guys and fire her then just hire a new dancer!â€￾ says Justin
“Ok you do that!â€￾ Jackie says while walking away with JC. JC and Jackie have been dating for 2 weeks and Val and Justin have been dating for 3 months.

Chapter 4: A late night talk
Val is in her room when she hears a knock on the door.
“Who is it?â€￾ Val says
“Its Jackie can I come in?â€￾ Jackie says
“Yes Jackie!â€￾ Val says while she turns off the TV. “What’s up?â€￾
“I just came to talk! You know like 6 years ago we were wishing we would be dating Justin and JC and now its true and its like WOW!â€￾ says Jackie as sits on the bed
“Yea I know and like Justin said he loved me!â€￾ Val says in aw
“He did that’s so cute!â€￾ says Jackie
“Yea oh I wanted to show you something!â€￾ says Val while pulling out a copy of US weekly. “Its you and JC holding hands!â€￾
“Oh wow I need to show JC this! Its my first picture in a magazine!â€￾ Jackie replies
“Yea that’s so cool. So do you think me and Justin will last? Like every girl like wants him and im afraid!â€￾ Val says as she combs her hair
“Yea! He said he loves you! You guys will defiantly last for along time.â€￾ Jackie says
“Yea I hope so! I mean we have been dating for 3 months.â€￾ Val replies
“I love JC. I am glad you hooked us up. I would have never gone up to him!â€￾ Jackie says as she look through the rest of the magazine
“Yea well im gonna take a shower and go to sleep so ill see you tomorrow!â€￾ Val says as she gets her pajamas out.
“Yea me to. Ill see your tomorrow!â€￾ Jackie replies as they hug. Jackie walks out and Val gets ready for bed.

Chapter 5: The proposal and wedding between Val and Justin.
It is a Friday night and JC, Jackie, Val, and Justin are hanging out at Justin’s house. Its been a year after the tour ended. Its I nice night out and they are all sitting in Justin’s living room watching TV.
“So what do you guys wanna do?â€￾ says JC while having Jackie on his lap and playing with her hand.
“Hmm I dunno!â€￾ says Val. Val sitting on the couch with Justin’s head in her lap and playing with his hair. Justin gets up and gets down on one knee.
“Val I love you so much. And I wanna be with you for the rest of my life. So that why I wanna know if you would like to marry me?â€￾ Justin asks while he had the ring in his hand.
“YES I WILL MARRY YOU!â€￾ yells Val in a high voice. She’s all teary eye.
Justin puts the ring on her finger and they kiss.
“Wow! Im so happy for you guys!â€￾ says Jackie as she hugs Val
“Congratulations!â€￾ JC says while doing there hand shake.
1 year later on there wedding day.
“Val you look so beautiful and these dresses for the bridesmaids are so pretty. Thanks for making me your maid of honor.â€￾ Jackie says while doing her makeup.
“I am so nervous!â€￾ says Val as she helps he mom do her hair.
“Oh don’t be!â€￾ says Barbara while she does Val’s hair.
They go out and Val and Justin both say yes. At the reception they dance to there wedding song.
Chapter 6: Val’s first movie.
Val’s stars in a movie about a killer.
“Hey Jackie! You will never believe what I just found out.â€￾ Val says all excited
“What clam down will you!â€￾ Jackie says
“I just got nominated for four MTV movie awards!â€￾ says Val while jumping up and down.
“Wow that’s amazing. I’m so happy for you!â€￾ Jackie says while hugging Val
“Thanks!â€￾ Val replies.
“What categories?â€￾ asks Jackie
“Best new actress, best horror film, best kiss, and movie of the year!â€￾ Val says while jumping up.
“That’s great. I’m definitely going to see you win all four awards!â€￾ Jackie says as she answers her phone. â€￾Ok sorry that was JC.â€￾
“I don’t think ill win all four!â€￾ Val says
Five months later it’s the MTV Movie Awards. All four of them come in the same limo. Val wins the best new actress and best horror movie.
“Congrats Val!â€￾ says Jackie and JC
They are about to start a new tour for there new album.

Chapter 7: JC proposes to Jackie
It’s a chilly night in November and the moon is shinning bright. JC and Jackie are sitting on a blanket in the middle of Jackie’s backyard.
“JC um I’m a little chillyâ€￾ Jackie says while rubbing her arms
JC grabs an extra blanket and wraps it around them “There ya goâ€￾
“Thanksâ€￾ Jackie says while looking at JC while he looks at the stars.
“Jackie have you ever thought of us getting marriedâ€￾ while holding her
“Um yes we’ve been only dating for what now its 5 years!â€￾ Jackie says sarcastically
“Well ive been thinking about it toâ€￾ JC says while moving out of the blanket.
“What are ya doing silly?â€￾ Jackie says while wrapping the blanket around her.
“Jackie will you marry me?â€￾ JC says while on one knee and a diamond ring in his hand.
“Omg!â€￾ Jackie says with tears in her eyes “YES I WILL!!â€￾ then JC puts the ring on her finger and they kiss.
“Omg I gotta call Val and Justin!â€￾ Jackie runs in to the phone and jc picks up the blankets.
Jackie calls Val “Omg Val guess what!!â€￾
“what? your yelling so loud!â€￾ Val says while moving the phone away
“JC FINALLY PROPOSED!!!â€￾ Jackie says yelling
Justin yells in background “damn girl your loudâ€￾ Justin says while reading a magazine.
“Omg that’s great when the wedding?â€￾ Val asks with excitement
“There no wedding yet ima start planning tomorrow!â€￾ Jackie says
“Um no your not were hiring a wedding planner!!â€￾ he says
“Um ok whatever honeyâ€￾ she says “anyways Val ill call ya tomorrow!â€￾
“Iight Jackie see ya tomorrow at practiceâ€￾ Val say

Chapter 8: JC and Jackie’s wedding
“Oh my you look so beautiful!â€￾ says Val as she fixes her hair. Val’s the maid of honor just like Jackie was at hers.
“Thanks! I’m so nervous! Val where you really nervous on your wedding?â€￾ Jackie asked while fixing her makeup
“Of course. Everyone is nervous on their wedding day.â€￾ Val says
“Val I wasn’t! I thought you said you weren’t?â€￾ says Justin while hugging Val
“I lied!â€￾ Val said while sticking her tongue out at Justin
“Val your so funny!â€￾ Jackie says everyone giggles
“Oh the wedding starts in 3 minutes. We have to get out there!â€￾ says sue
Everyone goes out and they are married. The reception is great.

Chapter 9: The big announcement from Val.
Its about 2 years after both couples got married. it’s a nice night out and there at JC and Jackie’s house celebrating JC’s birthday!
“Guys listen um I got an announcement to make!â€￾ says Val
“What is it sweet pea?â€￾ asks Justin while rubbing Val’s back
“I’m 2 months pregnant!â€￾ she says while rubbing her stomach
“Oh wow congrats Val and Justin!â€￾ says JC and Jackie
“How come you didn’t tell me sooner baby?â€￾ Justin ask while looking at her
“Well I wanted it to be the perfect time to tell you!â€￾ Val says
“Well this is great!â€￾ Justin yells
“JC babe I want a baby!â€￾ says Jackie while making a sad face
“You wanna try?â€￾ asks JC while holding Jackie’s hand
Nine months later Val give birth to a baby girl named Arianna Leigh Timberlake. Jackie is now 5 months pregnant with a boy. Everyone is happy. The End! :)

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Postby xoinnocentjrtgrl » Sat Sep 11, 2004 9:54 pm

I marry Justin :dances: I do the dirty dance with Justin :dances: i have a beautiful baby girl with Justin :dances:
Oh ya'll... Arianna is so pretty

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Postby dirtypop4nsync » Sat Sep 11, 2004 11:04 pm

lol val your a riot. lol

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Sun Sep 12, 2004 8:11 am

:yay: Awww, now that was a happy ending. :) I'm glad that they got those jobs as backup dancers and one thing led to another. Marriage, babies ... nothing but happiness and love for those four. :nod:

Good job, Jackie! :clap: :clap:

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Postby xoinnocentjrtgrl » Sun Sep 12, 2004 9:33 am

:yay: i so happy i got my groove on wit Mr.JT

T'was a good story J

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Postby dirtypop4nsync » Sun Sep 12, 2004 10:26 am

thanks all! im in the procees of writing another one so ill post that one when im done!

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Postby Angelpopstar7 » Sun Sep 12, 2004 1:37 pm

Awww I'm glad that everything worked out for them in the end :wub: It's a good thing that girl Tina didn't try and hurt Val after she got fired...that could have been bad :nervous: good story!

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Postby dirtypop4nsync » Sun Sep 12, 2004 3:21 pm

read unwanted attention

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Postby xoinnocentjrtgrl » Sun Sep 12, 2004 7:49 pm

yeah.. I could have taken that b**** Tina on <_< Sorry lol

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Postby dirtypop4nsync » Sun Sep 12, 2004 8:43 pm

lol i was gonna have her break you leg but i decided to leave it out!!

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Postby Tiff » Mon Sep 13, 2004 6:01 pm

That was a great story. you did a great job on that.

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Postby dirtypop4nsync » Mon Sep 13, 2004 6:30 pm

thanks yall!

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