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Postby Mystery » Mon Oct 18, 2004 7:59 pm

This is a fan fiction a friend of mine help make. It's not made by me. But I'm gonna post it here as long as you all like it. Even though some parts may sound a little dumb & immature, its pretty funny. The whole story isn't done yet, so I'm posting the 1st few Chapters.

Background info: Danielle, Bri, Lizzy, & Smood are all Major JT fans (and Cameron-haters). They are currently on a road trip. What for? To make *Nsync reunite & of course to meet Justin. Bri is the creative/leader one. Lizzy is the ultimate Cameron hater, but kind. Danielle is the crazy hyper one, and Smood is the mellow, smart one. The girls all call themselves (in the story) 'JT's Angels.

Chapter 1
Setting: Somewhere in Southern New York

Danielle: (riding in car with Bri) maybe u shouold leave a couple of cars for anyone else so we dont have to go back again!

Bri: Okay,good idea.

*Bri makes a creeching stop at an automall place nearby*

Smood: i love this roadtrip. so where are we now? heading to hollywood hills?

About a half-hour later...

Bri: I bought all the cars!!! If any more people want to come, and wem don't have any cars..hop in the passenger seat (cars are only 2-seaters..sorry I ran out of cash) or the trunk.

*zooms back on the road while listening to "Bye Bye Bye"*

Bri:(shouring from car)Smood, we should get a Justin Global Positioning System to track down Justin! Pull over at Wal-Mart!

*pulls over & parks in Wal-Mart Parking lot. We all Run inside*

*Pushes people away to get to Technology Section (while making a brief stop at trhe poster section 'cause there was a hot shirtless pic of J there).Makes it to Technology section counter to talk to the clerk*

Bri: Dude, I need Justin GP System!

Clerk: Well which Justin GP system do you want? Justin Guarini, Justin the Zombie, Justin the hobo across the street, Justin the-.

Bri: I want Justin Tim-.

Clerk:Hold on, I wasn't done with the list yet. Justin Combs, Justin Smith, Justin Timberlake,Jus-

Bri: That's it! How much?!

Clerk: 500 dollars.

Bri: 500 Bucks! That's crazy!

Clerk: Well he is a popular celebrity. And from what I hear this GPS system is one of a kind.

Bri: (sighs) Fine, fine.

*reaches down into pocket...nothing. Reaches down intom the other...NOTHING!*

Bri: Dude, this is an emergency! I really need that GPS system.

Clerk: Okay, I'll give you a discount of 2 cents take it or leave it.

Bri: (Turns to call the other JT Angels who is still admiring the gorgeous JT poster) Danielle! Lizzy! Smood! We need Cash!

Clerk: Hey, have you seen the seen the new Yu-Gi-Oh movie? That movie so awesome! I love how Yugi shoots lightning bolts-.

Bri: (turns back) Dude! Don't know, Don't care.

*comes up with brilliant idea*


Clerk: (hops over counter and runs off) WHERE?!

Bri: (Takes JT GPS System) SEE YA!

*The JT ANGELS (The name I gave our little JT gang) run towards their cars and begin to speed off. Suddenly it feels like sirens are right behind us!*

Bri: Uh-oh! THE COPS!

Chapter 2
*in the middle of Ohio*

smood: wow i didnt even notice the cops arent there anymore
bri: i think they lost us when we were flying over that river.
danielle: but where are we now?
smood: OHIO
danielle: where ppl are usually tipping cows?
smood: yeah
lizzy: so where are we headed for now? we're nowhere.
bri: *stops at a gas station and goes in for a map*
i need a map, fast.
clerk: a what?
bri: a MAP. m-a-p.
clerk: of what?

bri: where else?. i need one of the states. all the streets. see those girls out there? well all of us need to get to hollywood or la ASAP! now give me the damn map!

clerk: sorry girl. we only have maps of the local area. go into dayton. i`m sure there are places there. maybe wal-mart. they are very resourceful.

bri: (thinking to herself) great right back to where we started. wal-mart probly has an alert out for us all over the country. *goes outside*
girls we need a backup plan. this isnt working. we have no idea where we are going.

smood: you know, we never used that GPS

danielle: lets hook it up!

lizzy: k lets go *everything gets done* wow this thing has a built in map and has directions to pin point him exaclty!!!

bri, smood, danielle: amazing. lets go *vrrrrmm*

*in Orlando*

Danielle: (reading Justin GPS) It says that J is near the airport.
Danielle: Yeah, Orlando International Airport.
Bri: Uh-oh!
Lizzy: What?!
Bri: J could be heading on a plane to somewhere far away.

*Smood Sees a Baby Blue limo*

Smood: Look! Limo!
Bri: Cool ride.
Smood: It looks like someone is getting out of it.

*Cameron Diaz steps out of the limo/Lizzy reaches for her soda*

Lizzy: (about to throw soda at Cameron) Why I outta...
Bri: (takes Lizzy's soda) Calm down! We'll get her later. Lets go!

*JT's Angels Drive off, just as Justin steps out of the limo and heads inside the airport with Cameron*

Setting: Orlando International Airport/Ticket Lobby

Danielle: (running up to Ticket counter clerks) Have you seen Justin?! Have you seen Justin?! JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE?!
Bri: (walking around/looking at Justin GPS) WHERE is he?!


Lizzy: What's that sound?
Smood: Apparently Justin is nearby.
Bri: C'mon! He's only 50 feet away.

*Angels run off, jump over a few 5 year olds, and finallythey see JUSTIN Himself. They gasp*

Smood: Gosh, he looks so HOT today.
Lizzy: Yeah but he needs to shave.
ALL Angels: Yeah.
Bri: It looks like Cameron is there with him.
Lizzy: (rolls eyes) Big surprise.
Danielle: It looks like he's heading inside that jet.
Smood: Let's go!

*The girls run towards the door, but the airline assistant closes it & locks it shut, just as they reach the door.*

Danielle: (Trying to open the door) C'mon Door! OPEN!
Smood: Well this was a short trip.
Bri: We shouldn't give up.
Danielle: I'll try to use my hairpin to pick the key lock.
Lizzy: Bri, pick a number between 1 & 2000.
Bri: 1480?
Danielle: Got the Key lock opened!
Lizzy: Got the number lock opened too. Good guess.
Bri: Well I am a Scorpio, the sign of intuition.
Smood: Let's go get Justin & reuntite them with N*Sync!

*JT's ANGELS run inside the hall to the private jet. But its too late. They see the jet roll on to the runway & take off.*

Airport Securtiy: Hey, get those girls!

*The Angels run out the hallway door, through the airpost, and back int their cars*

Bri: We'll get him soon.
Smood: Hopefully.

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Tue Oct 19, 2004 10:35 am

:lol: Very cute. We seriously need JT GPS systems in real life to pinpoint exactly where he is. :nod: Although I think some of the crazy girls on the JJB have one cus they usually know where he is. :lol:

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Postby Mystery » Sat Oct 30, 2004 9:52 am

Here are the next 3 chapters....


Setting: Best Western Hotel in Orlando/Pool Area

*The Angels walk in the Spa Area*

Bri: YAY! No annoying little kids diving in the pool.

Lizzy: Oooh, JACUZZI!

Danielle: SAUNA!

Smood: Let's not get off track. We're on this road trip to find Justin & reunite them with N*sync.

Lizzy: We know.

Bri: Hey, every hero needs a break.

*Danielle & Lizzy jump in the pool*

Danielle: GOOD! Because I'm Hyper! HYPER! HYPER!

*Danielle Splashes Lizzy*

Lizzy: Danielle!!!

*Lizzy & Danielle have a short, soaking splash fight, then get out of the pool. The angels head to the Jacuzzi to chat about plans*

Smood: We need to talk about plans.

Danielle: But I'm still hyper!!!

Bri: Okay Danielle here's a deal. If you can sit still & be quiet for the WHOLE plan conversation, you will get to splash ALL of us in the freezing cold pool after. But if you don't, no prize. DEAL?

Danielle: Deal! Get ready to get soaked!

Smood: Okay lets get down to business.

*Smood, Lizzy & Bri begin to chat about their JT plans. Danielle continues to be un-hyper until she spots a familiar looking guy...IT'S JC! Danielle tries to get the girls attention, since they don't seem to notice.*

Bri: (being tapped fast on the shoulder by Danielle) WHAT?! No the deal is not over.

*Danielle struggles to keep quiet as she tries to get their attention*

Danielle: (whispering) Umm...Lizzy.

Lizzy: Danielle! You're supposed to be quiet.

Danielle: (whispering) But-

Smood: No buts, we made a deal, and right now you're beginning to break it.

Danielle:(whispering) Its really something important.

Bri: Not as important as reuniting N*Sync.

Danielle: (whispering) But-

*Bri puts her index finger to her mouth (signaling quiet). Danielle suddenly sees JC exit the Spa area*

Danielle: (yelling) THERE'S JC!

Bri: What?!

Lizzy: No way.

Smood: Where?!

Danielle: OVER THERE!

*The Angels see JC shut the Spa Door & enter the elevator nearby*

Lizzy: Man, waht Danielle said really was important.

Bri: Alright, tonight we stalk the Hotel Hallways.

Smood: I always wanted to be a spy.

*The girls hop out of the jacuzzi & head towards their towels to dry off*

Danielle: I wouldn't be drying off if I were you.

*Danielle pushes Bri, Lizzy, & Smood into the pool. The girls begin to splashe each other for a while. Then head out of the Spy area.*

Smood: So we're stalking JC tonight.

Lizzy: Yep.

Danielle: How about we get some pizza first.

Bri: Who's up for Dominos?!

ALL Angels: I AM!

Chapter 5

Setting: Elevator of the Orlando Best Western*

*JT's Angels are standing in the elevator,at midnight, waiting to arrive on the 16th floor (where the ritzy rooms are). They are all wearing Black Tops & Army Pants, much like what a burglar would wear. Bri is checking her voicemail on her cell phone. Lizzy is reading the latest Issue of J-14. Smood is reading the Justin GPS...Justin is 800 miles away, but they don't know where. Danielle is humming the Jeopardy theme. Suddenly the Elevator stops on the 10th floor, a chef & his culinary delivery cart come in.*

Smood: Wonder what he's got in the cart?
Danielle: It was probably better than the 3 Large Domino's Pizzas we ate...IT SUCKED!

*The Elevator stops at the 14th floor, the chef & his Cart leave the elevator*

Bri: Sshhh! Let's see where he's going.

*The Angels walk out of the elevator....except Danielle. The Door shuts just as she is about to walk out*

Danielle: HEY! (pressing the 'Open Door' doesn't work)DUMB ELEVATOR!

Setting: 14th Floor Hallway

*The rest of the Angels begin to slowly follow the Chef*

Smood: Where's Danielle?
Lizzy: Uh-oh! I think she's still in the elevator.
Bri: Sssh!!! He's knocking at the door.

*JC opens the door*

JC: Hey, dude!
Chef: Ah, Mister Chasez, pleasure to serve you tonight. Enjoy your meal.
Bri: Let's Go!

*The girls run under the the culinary delivery table (white tablecloth is covering it) just as the chef heads for the stairs & JC pulls the suddenly heavy table in*

JC: (pulling table in) Man, this table is heavy.
Bri: (Whispering) HEY! Who you callin' heavy?!
Lizzy: Ssshhh!

Meanwhile....IN THE ELEVATOR

Danielle: (singing) I'm stuck in the elevator, stuck in the elevator. Don't know where I'm going. I'm stuck in the elevator, stuck in the elevator. Don't know where I'm going.

*The elevator stops on the 'Roof' floor*

Danielle: Finally! (leaves elevator, opens door to Roof.) OH MY GOSH! This isn't JC's room! OH MAN! IT'S windy!

*Danielle Spots some rope & decides to use it to climb down & get to the right floor*

Danielle: It's worth a shot.

Setting: JC's ROOM

*JC heads towards the Bathroom while the girls get out & explore the room*

Lizzy: Man, he has a lot in this room.
Bri: He even has a coffee machine! WE DON'T HAVE A COFFEE MACHINE!
Smood: That's because he's a celebrity. (lays on JC's Bed) This bed is so COMFY!

*The girls hear the Bathroom Door open & quickly run under the bed*

JC: Okay time for some chicken.

*The girls poke their heads out to see JC eating his meal. Suddenly JC's cell phone rings, AND ITS RIGHT NEXT TO THEIR HEADS! Smood quickly snatches the phone and answers it*

Smood: HELLLOOO???
Justin: Is JC there?
Smood: Yes, who is speaking.
Justin: Justin.
Smood: JUSTIN!!!
Lizzy & Bri: JUSTIN!!!
Justin: Is JC there or not?
Smood: Nope.
Justin: Okay, sorry.
Smood: Hey we were wondering--

*Justin Hangs up*

Smood: He hung up!
Lizzy & Bri: He hung UP!
JC: (looking at the girls) HE HUNG UP!

*The girls gasp*

Setting: On the Wall of the Best Western (around the 14th floor)

Danielle: (singing) I'm Hyper, and I'm climbing down the wall. I'm hyper & I'm climbing down the wall. I'm Hyper---

*Danielle spots inside a window the girls & JC chatting. JC doesn't look happy*

Danielle: How dare JC be mean to the other angels! I'm gonna get him!

*Danielle begins to swing the rope towards JC's window*

Setting: JC's room

*JC is questioning the girls about their actions. The girls are no longer under the bed.*

JC: So you're here for?
Lizzy: To reunite N*Sync.
Smood: You have to come with us so we can get everyone together to record another album.
JC: Who's Idea was this?
Lizzy & Smood: (pointing to Bri) Hers.
Bri: Oh thanks for being supportive.
Smood: You're welcome.
JC: Guys, I mean Girls, we are all----

*JC & the girls hear a loud sound coming from the window. Apparently Danielle crashed into it (probably from being hyper) and is now barely hanging on to the edge of JC's Hotel balcony. JC rushes to the window & opens it. The girls & JC hope out of the window & into the balcony*

Danielle: HELP! (looks at JC) HEY I found JC!
Lizzy: Danielle, Hang on!

*JC & the girls help Danielle climb up & land safely on the balcony. They all go back in the room*

Danielle: Thanks you guys.
Bri: I guess we should be going now.

*The girls begin to walk towards the door*

JC: WAIT! You girls really want us to reunite.
Smood: Yeah.
JC: Well I'll help you. I'm gonna be in L.A. on October 1st. If you get all the guys there by sundown on that day, at my house. I'll personally make sure we make another album right then & there. We can even use the recording stdio & my house. Deal?

ALL Angels: DEAL!

*The girls wave JC goodbye & go back to thier rooms. They have a long adventure ahead of them...*

Chapter 6

*The angels just got off their private jet (courtesy of JC) & are heading towards Justin's Tennessee Home. They got a hint from JC that he might be there. They hop in their rental car & drive towards his house*

Bri: (driving)I can't believe we are going to Justin's house!
Lizzy: Yeah, where is it again???
Smood: 1212 Sunny Shade Lane.
Danielle: (still hyper) How can a shade be Sunny?!
Lizzy: Its just the name of the street.
Smood: I think we're getting closer. The Justin GPS says we're only 3 mils away.

*The angels look out thwe window and see many extravagant homes. Bri Stops at 1212 Sunny Shade Lane.

Bri: Here we are!!!

*The girls get out of the car, and look in awe at the extravagent home.*

Danielle: Justin got money!
Smood: OH Yeah!
Lizzy: Let's go knock on the door.
Bri: How 'bout 1 person knocks on the door.
Smood: Okay. The Person who steps forward will knock on his door.

*The girls all line up. Suddenly Lizzy, Smood, & Bri take a stpe back making it look like Danielle has stepped forward.*

Bri: Congratulations, you get to knock on the door.
Danielle: Okay!

*Hyper Danielle Skips as she heads towards the door. She one answers....knocks one answers.....knocks REAL HARD....stll no one answers*

Danielle": I don't think anyone's home.
Lizzy: Let's check the back door.

*The girls head towards the back door and amazingly, its unlocked. It seems as if no one is home, so the girls decide to explore*

Bri: HELLO?!
Danielle HONEY, I'M HOME!
Lizzy: It seems as though no one is here.

*Lizzy sees a pic of Cameron on a table, she "accidently" pushes it on the floor. The pic & frame shatters*

Lizzy: Oops!
Bri: Let's explore.

*The girls begin to check out the place. Danielle steals some snacks from the kitchen, Lizzy smashes some more pictures of Cameron, and replacing any pics of Camstin Together with a pic of her, Smood checks out the CD's, Bri checks out Justin's room*

Bri: Hey, I found Justin's room!

*Lizzy , Smood, & Danielle check out Justin's room. Danielle hops on J's bed*

Lizzy: His room is so clean.
Smood: Well he barely comes here. He's always working.
Danielle: (sniffing pillows) I wonder what shmpoo he uses.
BrI: Let's check out the Bathroom.
Lizzy: Yeah, we better make sure he has a razor.
Danielle: That boy need to SHAVE!

*The girls check out the Master Bathroom, Danielle takes one of Justin's Razors and a sticky note & writes something on it, then attaches to the razor*

Smood: What are you writing?
Danielle: (reading) Dear Justin....SHAVE!

*Lizzy soptsa a nearby answering machine with a blinking light (meaning new message) and hits 'Play' to hear the messages*

Justin Answering Machine Voice: Hey! This is Justin! Leave a Message (singing) Senorita...I feel for you!

Cameron (message): Hey Justin! Just calling to remind you of our date tonight at the Zebra Room in Memphis. I just made a resevations, so BE THERE by 7. Bye!

Bri: I have a plan!
Lizzy: What?!
Bri: No time to explain, we have to go to the Zebra Room tonight.

Setting: Holiday Inn in Memphis/ Angels' Hotel Room

*Bri is calling the Zebra room to make a last-minute reservation*

Bri: (calling Zebra Room) Hey, I would like to make a last-minute resurvation......yes, party of 4........Okay,......can we be there at 7.......Okay....Okay.....Okay.....Bye! (off phone/To other Angels) Those people were annoying!

Smood: Did we get the reservation!
Bri: YEP!
Lizzy: Operation: Cameron Sabotage has begun!

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Postby Tiff » Sat Oct 30, 2004 10:08 am

Good so far. More plz!

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Sat Oct 30, 2004 2:09 pm

Hyper Danielle is hilarious. :rofl: I loved her singing in the elevator when she was stuck. I wonder how the Cameron sabotage is going to go. :thinking: This oughta be good. :nod:

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Postby Mystery » Sat Oct 30, 2004 2:32 pm

Chapter 7

Setting: The Zebra Room

*The angels have just walked in the Famous Formal-Only Restaurant, the Zebra Room.They are all wearing matching Baby Blue dresses with Glitter. They are all looking around trying to find Camstin. But before they get a chance to, their Serveur (french for waiter) guides them to their seat....RIGHT IN BACK OF CAMSTIN'S BOOTH! The Serveur takes their drink orders, give them their menus, and leave. JT's Angels begin their spy tactics*

Lizzy: (peeking over at the Camstin Booth) Eww! Look at what Cameron's wearing! (picks up her water, throws it behind her, over to Cameron's back) Oops! Sorry! (whipering) NOT!

Cameron: (to Justin) Look at what that b***ch behind us did to me!

*The Angels laugh. Cameron gets up and heads towards the washroom to clean up. Leaving Justin alone.*

Smood: Somebody act like a fan of his & go over there!
Bri: It looks like they might be leaving soon. Cameron didn't look happy.

*The girls all look at Danielle, as if nominating her again to do something*

Danielle: Okay, I'll do it.

Setting: The Zebra Room/Camstin Booth*

Danielle: Excuse me Mr. Trousersnake-I mean Timberlake, can I have your autograph?!

Justin: Sorry, I'm on a date.

Danielle: (talking hyper fast)So you're saying your date won't let you sign autographs. Which makes perfect sense 'cause she's a control freak who doesn't let you do a darn thing without her permission, that swamp thing! She won't even let you sign an AUTOGRAPH!

*The other angels are waiting for the worst that Justin could say after hearing Danielle's speech. "Go away!", "Security!" They were ready to hear it*

Justin: Say again?

Bri: (walks over) Nevermind, Mr. Timberlake. I'll take care of her.

Justin: Okay, Bye.


*Bri & Danielle go back to their booth just as Cameron comes back. Cameron flips her hair and and leans back on the booth, letting her hair hang, tapping Lizzy. Lizzy reaches for her scizzors in her purse and begins to cut her hair. Unevenly of course!*

Lizzy: There! Let's GO!

*The girls run out laughing, as they exit the restaurant*

Smood: I guess we're gona have to think up another plan, to get Justin.
Danielle: We need to get him alone...without Cameron.
Bri: Yeah, but we need to get the other guys first.
Lizzy: Lets go.

*The girls zoom off in their rental cars & head for NYC...where Joey is*

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Sat Oct 30, 2004 2:40 pm

Cutting Cam's hair ... :huh:. These girls mean business. :lol: I hope they can get all of *NSYNC in one room and force them to do another record. :nod:

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Postby Mystery » Sun Oct 31, 2004 3:28 pm

Here's Chapters 8 & 9

Chapter 8

SETTING: NEW YORK CITY (near the theater where Joey performs)

Bri: (looking @ Map) WHERE is it?!
Danielle: Where's what?
Lizzy: Where's JOEY?!
Danielle: Oh.
Smood: (pointing) There's the theater!

*The Angels run towards the broadway theater and run inside. But are quickly stopped by a big guard blocking the door to the theater.*

Danielle: Dude! Let us in!
Guard: The show has already started!
Smood: Look, we really need to meet Joey.
Guard: No.
Danielle: Please.
Guard: No.
Danielle: Please.
Guard: No
Danielle: Please.
Guard: NO!
Danielle: (pauses for a sec, then...) Pretty please with a cherry on top!
Bri: Whatever dude.

*The girls begin to walkm down an empty hall toward the exit. Suddenly Lizzy has an idea*

Lizzy: I have an idea!
Bri: What?!
Lizzy: You know how all theaters have a little "backstage" door.
Danielle: Yeah, so.
Smood: Oh, now I get it. We go through the backstage door.
Lizzy: Yeah.
Bri: How are we gonna find that?!

*Lizzy: points to a nearby vent, just big enough for the girls to crawl in*
Bri: You know I'm afraid of tight spaces!
Smood: You mean clausterphobia?
Bri: Whatever. Same thing. Nope, no way.
Danielle: Well I guess we're gonna have to terrorize Cameron without you.

*Lizzy, Smood, & Danielle begin to walk towards the vent. Bri pauses, thinking for a second then runs toward the vent*

Bri: Okay, I'm coming.


*The girls are crawling through the vent system, not knowing which way to go. Basically guessing they're way through the maze of vent tunnels*

Bri: You know there's no way you can terrorize Cameron without me!
Smood: We know. We have to stick together.

*The girls spot an opening at the end of a Vent tunnel*

Lizzy: An Opening!
Danielle: Finally!

*Suddenly the air turns on & the girls get pushed (really fast) towards the opening that leads to...Joey's ROOM!*

Bri: That was a wild ride.
Danielle: I can BREATHE AGAIN!
Smood: Ssshh! Someone is walking by.

*The girls see a shadow under the door walk towards Joey's room, in total silence, the watch the doorknob begin to wiggle, as if the person is trying to get in. After a few seconds, the person leaves, unable to get in. The girls have a sigh of relief*

Bri: That was close!
Lizzy: Yeah.

*The girls are startled by a knocking at the door.*

Director (knocking at door) Joey! Joey! You're out there in 10 minutes. You're stylist is running late! Hurry!
Joey: (Inside his room/bathroom) OKAY!

Smood: Joey is in here!

*Bri comes up with an idea*

Bri: Who wants to play stylist?
Danielle: (waving arms around) ME! ME! PICK ME!
Smood: Sssh!

*Bri: gets a nearby pad & pen and writes something down*

Bri: (handing note to Danielle) Be sure to give him this & meet us outside the theater ASAP!

*Bri, Smood, & Lizzy, leave the room (through the vents) just as Joey walks in. Danielle is now his stylist*

Joey: Hey, you don't look like Pierre?!
Danielle: Um...I'm...Danielle. I just got hired here.
Joey: Oh, Okay. Cool.

*Joey sits down in the styling chair. Danielle Grabs some scissors and begins cutting a little bit here, a little bit there, and adds a few highlights.*

Danielle: Mr. Fatone, can I ask you a question.
Joey: Sure.
Danielle: So, when do you plan on going back with *Nsync?
Joey: I don't know. Its all really up in the air right now.
Danielle: Okay, your hair is done.
Joey: Thanks, you do a good job for being a hair-rookie.

*Danielle laughs, as Joey begins to leave the room. She then remembers the note to give Joey*

Danielle: OH WAIT!!! Here's a note the Director told me to give you!

*Danielle hands Joey the letter, just as Joey rushes out the door. Danielle then heads back into the vent to meet up with the other Angels*


Joey: (reading note) Broadway bash in LA. Please come & PAR-TAY with us. Address: 111 Sacred Heart Lane. Be there by sundown! (srops reading) That address seems so familiar. Oh well, it sounds fun.


Danielle: Mission Accomplished!
Lizzy: Great. Where do we go next?
Smood: Well I hear that Chris is promoting his clothing line, FuManSkeeto, on TRL tommorrow.
Bri: TRL Here we come!

Chapter 9

Setting: NYC (infront of MTV Studios) DAY BEFORE Chris is on TRL

*The girls are discussing how to get in the Studios*

Lizzy: How about we look for a backstage door?
Smood: How about we order tickets.
Bri: That could take forever, and we already looked twice for a back door.
Danielle: WAIT! I know!
Lizzy: What?
Danielle: We get this giant circus cannon & blast ourselves through the TRL room windows, land on a few fans, capture Chris, and go up a rope that leads to our secret helicopter!
Smood: That's a GREAT Idea!
Danielle: Really?
Smood: For an action flick!
Lizzy: We would need more Angels to do that.

*Bri comes up with an idea*

Bri: I have an idea.
Danielle: What? Get a new member?
Bri: Exactly.

Setting: Empire State Building/7th Floor/Empty Office Room (later that day)

*The girls have advirtised in the NYC papers for a new member. They are now interviewing the Angel-wannabes*

Lizzy: So, why do you want to be an angel?
Girl1: Well I always like the Angels.
Danielle: How many cans of Pepsi do you drink per day?
Girl1: Pepsi?! I drink none! I don't like getting hyper over soda.
Danielle: (whispering to Angels) That's a definate negative.
Smood: Who's your favorite Actress?
Girl1: Cameron Diaz, of course! Why I loved her in Charlie's angels, and I love her style...

*The girl keeps on going on about her love for Cameron as Lizzy begins to pick up her soda as if to throw it at her*

Bri: (to Lizzy) Put the Soda down!

*Lizzy puts the soda down as the girl ends her Cameron-loving speech*

Girl1:...Oh and I love her smile, her teeth, and that pretty much wraps up why I want to be an Angel. To be just like her.

Smood: Thanks, we'll call you if you get the part.
Danielle: Yeah, don't call us! We'll cal you!

*Girl1 leaves as Girl2 (dressed in dark punk/goth clothes) enters*

Bri: So what's your name?
Girl2: My name is Redrum, backwards for MURDER!
Lizzy: Do you love Justin?
Girl2: NO! He can die along with his girlfriend.
Lizzy: (whispering to Angels) Well she got the girlfriend part right.
Danielle:Do you drink 3 cans of Soda like I do everyday?
Girl2: NO! I drink Blood!
Smood: What do you do for a living?

*Girl2 runs out of the room. Mimibella enters*

Bri: (rubbing head) Headache, massive headache. Too many auditions.

*Bri realizes Mimibella is there*

Bri: Oh, sorry. What's your name?
Mimibella: Mimibella.
Lizzy: Do you love Justin?
Mimibella: Yes! I have joined a forum called Timberlakestyle & its pretty cool.
Lizzy: Ok, cool. (whispering to Angels) This is the best audition yet.
Danielle: Do you like to get hyper?
Mimibella: Sure. But I don't think I will be as hyper as you.
Smood: Why do you want to become an Angel?
Mimibella: To join a great team, and to meet & reunite the members of Nsync.
Smood: (whispering to other members) I think we should offer her the job.

*Bri gets up & walks over to Mimibella*

Bri: Well, I don't really know how to break got the job.

*The girls celebrate, and have a group hug.

Danielle: Isn't this a Kodak moment!
Smood: Yeah, but we have to meet Chris on TRL tommorrow.
Mimibella: Time to get to work!

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Sun Oct 31, 2004 5:55 pm

I loved their auditioning process. I wanna be an Angel. :lol: The Angels need to do some major Cameron booty kicking. :nod: They've almost got all the guys where they need them. :yay:

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Postby Mystery » Mon Nov 01, 2004 8:44 pm

Glad you like the story. :D

Chapter 10

Setting:Outside MTV Studios

Smood: How are we gonna get in there?
Bri: I just checked the TRL ticket sales and they're all sold out.

*The group all give a big SIGH*

Mimibella:I know! We can find a backdoor!
Lizzy: We checked that out yesterday.
Danielle: Ooh! I know! We can try my cannonball idea!

*Everyone except Danielle gives out a big sigh*

Danielle: What?!I thought it was a good idea.

*Smood sees a group of 5 interns (dressed in TRL Uniforms) walk by*

Smood: I have an idea.

*The girls follow the interns into the back of the MTV Store (below MTV Studios). They then confront them.*

Danielle: (tackling an intern) Gimme your uniform!

*Everyone (including the interns, except Danielle) gives out a big SIGH*

Bri: Can we borrow your uniforms for a bit.
Intern1: No.
Intern2: Why?
Mimibella: Well we're doing a project.
Lizzy: Yeah! "What's it like to be an MTV Intern".
Intern3: Why should we help you?
Intern4: (still getting attacked by Danielle)HELP!!!
Smood: (waving 50 dollars in the air) Does this answer your question?
Intern5: Make it 100, and you can have them.
Bri: Deal!

*Smood hands the Interns the money. Danielle releases the Intern she attacked. They switch clothes in a nearby changing room*

Bri: Let's go to the studio!

*The girls then enter the studio. They walk through the halls of MTV until they reach a door labeled...*

Lizzy: (reading sign) Studio 10....TRL Set!

*The girls open the door & run inside. But quickly haulted by an old (like 70-year old) security officer*

Security: Can I see your passes ladies?
Bri: (shows Security Officer Pass) Hi, I'm Maggie Sanchez, MTV Intern.
Security: You may go through. (Bri walks pass the Security officer)

Smood: (shows Security Officer Pass)I'm Pam Douglas, MTV Intern.
Security: You may go through. (Smood walks pass security officer)

Mimbella: (shows security Officer Pass)I'm Ella Johnson, also an intern.
Security: You may go. (Mimibella walks through)

Lizzy: (shows security officer pass)Intern Molly Blake, reporting for duty.
Security: Go. (Lizzy walks through)

Danielle: (shows security officer pass) Lara Greene, MTV Intern.

*The officer squinches his eyes behind his thick glasses. He looks back and forth between the photo on the pass and Danielle.*

Security: You don't look like my granddaughter, Lara.
Danielle: GRANDDAUGHTER?! Oh...I mean....GRANDPA!

*Danielle hugs the officer*

Security: Lara! It is you!
Danielle: Yep.

*THe other angels are histerically laughing as they watch what's goin' on*

Security: My, how you have grown. Last time I seen you, you were 4-foot-9!
Danielle: So, can I go through, Grandpa?
Security: What?
Danielle: Can I go through, Grandpa?
Security: My Lara never called my grandpa! She always called me Pappy! Security! Security!

*The girls run down the hall and bump into....CHRIS!*

Smood: Sorry!
Chris: Don't worry! I didn't break anything. (waves arms up & down) Nope, I didn't.
Lizzy: Mind we ask something?
Chris: Sure, shoot.
Mimibella: Got any Nsync plans?
Chris: I don't know, its all really up in the air. All depending on Justin, if he wants to do it, we'll all do it.
Bri: Well Justin wants to see you.
Chris: What?! You KNOW J?
Smood: Sort of. He told us to give you this message.

*Smood gives Chris a letter as the Angels run off. The letter contains an invitation to a party hosted by J. A reunion party.*

Chris: Reunion Party?! Sounds fun!

Chapter 11

SETTING: LAX [LA Airport]/Los Angeles, California

*The Angels are 1 week away from reuniting their Nsync friends. JC called Lance to tell him about it, so the Angels don't need to chase Lance down. They also got a new member, Gabby, after getting some hints abotu JT's location from her.But they are still looking for a way to get Justin to come, sans [without]Cameron.*

Bri: How are we gonna get Justin?
Danielle: We can call him up!

*The Angels (except Danielle) roll their eyes*

Smood: Sure Danielle, that's a great idea.
Mimi & Gabby: Yeah.
Danielle: Really?! 'Cause you guys normally shoot down my ideas.
Lizzy: Sure Danielle, we'll call him up.
Bri: Yeah Danielle, we'll just get our little handy-dandy phonebook out and call him up right now.
Danielle: Cool!
Gabby: Not Cool.
Danielle: Not Cool?
Gabby: (pointing)Look!

*Gabby points to Cameron at the nearby luggage terminal. Lizzy begins to run toward Cameron but Smood quickly grabs the back of her shirt to stop her.*

Smood: Down Lizzy!
Lizzy: Grr...why do you all have to stop me!
Mimi: Because we all know what will happen if you get your hand on her.
Danielle: Yeah, it'll take like 2 seconds and Cameron will be gone.
Bri: Yeah...but it would be fun to watch.

Gabby: Idea!
Bri: What?
Gabby: How about we follow Cameron to see where she is going. Maybe she's going to Justin's LA pad?
Smood: Good idea.

*The girls follow Cameron into the parking lot (their parking space fortunately wasn't to far from hers) and begin to 'stalk' her. *

Smood: (driving) Man, that girl drives fast in her little hybrid!
Lizzy: I know!
Mimi: It must be because she can sense Lizzy behind her!

*The Angels Laugh, but stop the laughter quickly after seeing Cameronm pull into her driveway of her HUGE (but ugly) mansion. Lizzy tries to get out of the car and go after her, but Gabby stops her.*

Gabby: Lizzy!
Lizzy: Grr!
Mimi: I guess we'll have to wait then.

*The girls begin the long waiting process until Cameron leaves her house. Danielle starts to sing the "99 bottles of Pepsi on the Wall" song. Bri begins to read the new issue of People. Lizzy begins to plot ways of attacking Cameron. Smood & Mimi listen to the Radio (and of course turining it up when JT is on). And Gabby keeps a close eye on Lizzy whenever she begins to touch the door handle.*

*3 hours later...*

Danielle: (singing) 18 bottles of Pepsi on the wall, 18 bottles of Pepsi...
Lizzy: Shut up!
Danielle: What?
Mimi: It's like the 15th time you sung that since we started waiting.
Danielle: Sheesh, tough crowd tonight.
Bri: Ssh! Cameron is walking to her car!
Danielle: (pretending hand is a walkie-talkie) Operation break into Cameron's house has begun. Over!

*The Angels see Cameron pull out of her driveway & speed off, they then get out of their cars and run to her front door*

Mimi: (running) I can't believe we're doing this.
Gabby: (running)I know, right?!
Lizzy: (running) I'm gonna break her stuff!
Smood: (running) We know you will.
Bri: (running)Where's Danielle?!

*The Angels quickly stop and look back at Danielle slowly running towards them (guess the hyperness must've stopped).

Danielle: (running) I'm running! I'm running! I'm---

*Danielle runs into a tree and falls down*

Smood: You Okay?
Danielle: (Still on ground) I'm fine.

*A few moments later, the girls stand 5 feet away from Cameron's front door. They are about to run at the closed door, hoping it will open....and that its not too hard.*

Lizzy: Ready?
ANGELS: (except Lizzy) Yeah!
Bri: On your mark...get set...GO!

*The Angels all run at the door, all hoping that it will open...and it does EASILY. The girls go flying into Cam's living room, all landing on the floor.*

Danielle: I can fly!
Lizzy: (checking the door) She didn't even lock it!
Bri: Figures. It must be the alcohol.
Smood: Yeah.

*The girls begin to walk through Cameron's house. Lizzy starts in Cameron's closet.*

Setting: Cameron's Closet

*Lizzy is throwing all of Cam's clothes onto the floor...and also cutting them all up with some scissors she found*

Lizzy: (looking at dress) Total Fashion wreck!

*Lizzy begins to cut the dress up*

Lizzy: (looking at T-shirt) Ewww!

*Lizzy shreds the shirt*

Lizzy: (Looking at Thong) OH HELL NO!

*Lizzy throws thong out the window, before heading to the bathroom to wash her hands*

Bri: Having fun in there?
Lizzy: Yeah, except I just touched her thong!
Bri: Eww! Go wash your hands!

*Meanwhile, Danielle is in the party room looking at a GIANT Pepsi Machine*

Danielle: Whoa. The's the most Pepsi I saw in my life.
Smood: Here's a dollar, Merry Christmas!

*Smood hands Danielle a dollar. Danielle puts it in the machine, but it spits it right out. She tries it again, spits it back out. She tries to make it straight and try it, still doesn't work. Finally she starts to hit the machine.*

Danielle: Stupid Machine!
Mimi: What's wrong!
Danielle: I want some Pepsi!
Gabby: Here you go!

*Gabby hands Danielle a perfectly straight dollar. But before Danielle can even touch it, Cameron's dog jumps up and takes the dollar in its mouth and runs. Danielle, Gabby, & Mimi, begin to chase the dog.*

Danielle: Give me back my Dollar!

*Smood, Lizzy, & Bri hear running and things shattering, so they head downstairs*

Smood: What's going on?

Mimi: (running)
Gabby: (running) Danielle's....dollar....that...she...
Danielle: (running)...was....gonna...get....some...pepsi...with....

*Danielle then runs into a lamp, breaking it*

Smood: Looks like they're breaking some stuff.
Bri: We should join!

*All of the Angels begin to run after the dog and break stuff. After about an hour of running, Danielle finally catches the fast little dollar-stealing dog.*

Danielle: (holding dollar) YES! I did it! I am THE CHAMPION!

*The girls see lights flash through the windows near the driveway, and run into the nearby closet.*

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Mon Nov 01, 2004 9:07 pm

:huh: Uh-oh, looks like the Angels are gonna get caught in the house if they don't keep quiet and hide really well. I can't wait for Cam's reaction when she sees all of her stuff destroyed. Somebody's gonna be pissed, and it ain't me. :rofl:

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Postby Mystery » Wed Nov 03, 2004 8:23 pm

Here's the next chapter...

Setting: Cameron's Closet (in Living Room)

*The girls have just ran into the closet after seeing car lights flash through the nearby window. Somebody is coming home. But who? Is it Cameron? Is it Justin? Is it Cameron AND Justin? I guess they'll have to wait & see. They all look through some tiny holes in the closet door to see who is coming in while wondering how are they gonna get out.*

Smood: Oh great. How are we gonna get out of this one?

Bri: Easy. Plan A.

Lizzy: What's Plan A?

Bri: I don't know. I haven't thought of it yet.

*The Angels sigh as they have no way out of the cramped closet.*

Stange Voice: (outside mansion) Hey! Who threw thios thong out the window?!

Lizzy: (laughing while raising hand) I did!

*The Angels all share a laugh. But they quickly stop to look through the holes as they hear a person trying to get in the mansion. They see the front door's doorknob begin to shake a little before they see...*

Justin: (opening door) Hello?! Cameron?!

Danielle: Its Justin! Its-!

*All of the Angels (except Danielle) cover Danielle's mouth before she can yell another word. They look through the holes to see JUstin looking around the living room, before heading up stairs to continue his search for his girlfriend*

Gabby: (whispering to Danielle) Hypermouth!

Mimi: (whispering) C'mon! Let's follow him!

*The Angels begin to open the door slowly, and look around to make sure the coast is clear. Then they begin to slowly & carefully follow J upstairs.*

Danielle: (walking up stairs, singing as if to make spy music) Duh...Duh-Duh...Duh-Duh-Duh-Duh....Duh-Duh...Duh-Duh..Duh-DAH!

Smood: (turning around to Danielle) Sshh!

Danielle: (walking up stairs, whispering/singing as if to make spy music...again) Duh...Duh-Duh...Duh-Duh-Duh-Duh....Duh-Duh...Duh-Duh..Duh-DAH!

*The Angels & Justin reach the 2nd floor hallway. The girls are only a mere 10 feet away from their dreamy idol. Suddenly, J begins to turn around, as if he knew trhey were there. The girls quickly hide behind a giant Cat Statue before Justin can fully turn around.*

Setting: 2nd floor Hallway

Gabby: (whispering) That was close!

Smood: (whispering)I know. What if he called the cops?

Bri: (whispering)Don't worry about that right now.

Lizzy: (whispering) Yeah, we got to get Justin!

*The girls get out of their hiding spot and begin to follow their hot idol again. They see Justin walk into Cameron's bedroom, still searching for her.*

Danielle: (walking up stairs, singing as if to make spy music..yet again) Duh...Duh-Duh...Duh-Duh-Duh-Duh....Duh-Duh...Duh-Duh..Duh-DAH!

*Lizzy gets annoyed and hits Danielle with an empty water bottle.*

Danielle: Ow! What was that for?

Lizzy: For being a hypermouth!

*Danielle hits Lizzy with and opened bottle of Pepsi, spilling some soda all over Lizzy's head.*

Lizzy: Hey! What was that for?

Danielle: For being a tough crowd!

Mimi: (whispering) Keep it down! He might hear us!

Smood: (whispering) Yeah, be quiet!

Danielle: No you be quiet!

Lizzy: No you!

Danielle: You!

Smood: How about both of you!

Bri: ALRIGHT! (starts whispering) Let's go in the bathroom and discuss this like civilized, young, independent women. Got it?!

*The girls head into the nearby bathroom to discuss the problem. Little do they know, just as Mimi shuts the bathroom door Justin walks out of the bedroom and begins to head back into his car.*

Setting: Cameron's Guest Bathroom

Bri: Order! Order in the Diaz bathroom court!

Danielle: Can I have a Pepsi?

Mimi: No. Lets talk about this.

Gabby: Lets all make a law banning us to hit each other with soda bottles!

Lizzy: And not to spill soda on another angel's head!

Smood: And also to keep your cool during these missions and not to shout when it isn't needed.

Bri: All agree with this law raise your hand.

*All of the Angels raise their hand*

Bri: All oppose?

*No one raises their hand.*

Mimi: Group hug!

*The Angels all come together to have a quick group hug. While they are doing this, Danielle glances out the bathroom window to see Justin outside, and getting in his car.*

Danielle: Enough group hugging! Justin's getting in his car!

Lizzy: What the-?!

*All of the Angels look out the window to see Justin shutting his car door & starting the car up.*

ALL Angels: NOOOO!

*The Angels dash out the bathroom, down the stairs and run for the front door. Danielle is in the lead, running towards the door and....crashing into it. All of the other Angels crash into the closed door too and fall to the ground. But they quickly get back up, knowing that they need to get Justin.*

Bri: (rubbing head) Next time, try opening the door first.

Danielle: (unlocking door) Got it!

*Danielle opens the door. The Angels run outside towards the driveway only to see...Justin pulling out of the driveway & speeding off into the darkness in his Baby Blue Mercedes.*

Gabby: Darn! We lost him!

Smood: Yet again!

*The girls pause for a second, looking sad at the fact that the didn't catch Justin...*

Danielle: Wanna go to Wal-Mart?

Other Angels: Okay!

*The girls get in their red rental van and drive off to Wal-Mart. *

Setting: Wal-Mart/Candy section

*The girls are all looking around the Candy section...looking for snacks for tonight. Danielle is taking some free Candy samples and getting more hyper.*

Danielle: I LOVE CANDY!

Bri: Ow! My Ears!

Mimi: Danielle, that's like the millionth time you said that.

Gabby: Yeah, and enough with the free candy samples!

*The girls head towards the cash-out counter to pay for their stuff. Danielle spots a Justin headline on the cover of Star: 'Justin: Is he a father? Exclusive Details Inside'. She begins to skim the article in the magazine before being interrupted by Lizzy. She then puts the magazine back.*

Lizzy: Danielle! C'mon we're cashing out!

Danielle: Justin might be a father!

Smood: What?!

Danielle: (pointing to magazine) It says it right here! In Star Magazine!

Bri: Please! You know Star is just a trashy tabloid. Watch, next week they'll say J was an Alien.

Danielle: You guys never believe me!

Mimi: Well we believe you when you say that you're hyper!

*All of the angels laugh as they head out the door of Wal-Mart. I guess they'll have to wait & see if they ever DO get Justin...and if *Nsync will ever reunite.*

[PS...there's a forum about the story [and Justin] where you get to chat with other people [some of which helped write the story].

Or just search 'jtsangels' on]

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Wed Nov 03, 2004 8:31 pm

Ahh, they were this close to catching Justin. They need him so that they can be finished their job to reuinte *NSYNC. Keep searching girls, keep searching! :nod:

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Postby Mystery » Sat Nov 06, 2004 11:40 am

Chapter 13

Setting: Holiday Inn/Room 161/Angels' Hotel Room

*After their tip to Wal-Mart, the girls went back to their hotel room to snack & relax. It is about 11pm. The girls are all around their LARGE Penthouse-like Hotel room. Bri & Smood are watching the Red Sox V.S. Yankees game. Smood is wearing a 'Yankees Suck' shirt, & Bri is wearing a 'Red Sox Suck' shirt. Mimi is walking around the room, on the phone with a friend from France. Gabby is reading the 'All about Justin' Magazine which features the Angels' idol on every single page. Danielle is in the shower while Lizzy anxiously awaits for her to get out, outside the bathroom door. It seems Danielle has been there for a long time. And you could tell in Lizzy's face that she's had enough waiting.*

Gabby: (looking up from magazine, to Lizzy) What's taking her so long?

Lizzy: I don't know.

Smood: (looking at TV) C'mon RED SOX! Its the last inning! The score is tied! Win!


*Bri & Smood laugh at each other after their comments. Then they gance over at the obviously uphappy Lizzy.*

Smood: She's STILL not out?!

Bri: (yelling at Danielle, while knocking on Bathroom door) Danielle! Did you drown yourself in the bathtub again?!

*Danielle Doesn't answer*

Bri: (yelling & knocking again) HELLO?! Anybody in there?!

*Bri whispers something in Lizzy ear. Lizzy then goes in the bathroom.*

Smood: What did you tell her?

Bri: You'll see.



Setting: Holiday Inn/Room 161/ Angel's Hotelroom/Bathroom

*Lizzy has just shut the door to the bathroom and is sneaking around the enormous bathroom*

Lizzy: Danielle!

Danielle: (In the shower) Yeah?!

Lizzy: Are you lost in the bathtub?!

Danielle: No, I'll be out in a sec!

Lizzy: Okay!

*Lizzy takes a seat on a nearby couch near the door. She glances at the clock, 11:12 pm. She'll give her 5 minutes. A while after that, (which seemed like forever) she glances at the clock again...11:44 pm! Lizzy gets up & walks toward Danielle's Shower.*

Lizzy: Times up!

*Lizzy flushes the nearby toilet, making the water in Danielle's shower unbarably cold.*

Danielle: (getting hit by freezing cold water)AAAHH! COLD! COLD!

*Lizzy laughs as she hears Danielle's cold-water screams. Less than a minute later, Danielle comes out with about 5 bathrobes on her.*

Danielle: Its all yours Lizzy. In fact, here's some soap for you to use.

*Danielle gives Lizzy about 7 bars of soap before walking away, still trembling from the cold water.*

Setting: Holiday Inn/Room 161/Angels' Hotel Room

*Danielle walks out from the bathroom, still trembling.*

Gabby: (looking up from magazine) Why the trembling?

Danielle: (still trembling) Cold. Cold Water. Lizzy. Lizzy Flushed. The. The. Toilet. Made. Made. Made water. C-Cold.

Smood: Sshh! It sthe last batter.

Bri: If Jeter doesn't hit this, the Sox will win.

Smood: YAY!

Bri: Don't forget The Curse!

Smood: Sorry, already forgot!

*Bri & Smood watch the TV, waiting to see who's gonna go to the World Series. They watch Jeter hit...foul ball. Again...Strike 1! Again....Strike 2.*

Bri: C'mon Jeter! The bases are loaded!

*Derek Jeter...Strikes out! The Red Sox are going to the world series! Smood begins to jump on the bed, while Bri begins to scream at the television.*

Bri: NOOOO! Derek Jeter! How could you?!

Smood: (dancing while jumping on bed) Go RED SOX! Go RED SOX! GO..GO...GO RED SOX!

*Lizzy comes out of the bathroom, just as Mimi gets off the phone with her friend.*

Lizzy: What's going on?

Smood & Bri: (Smood is yelling excitedly, Bri is yelling angrily) The Red Sox are going to the World Series!

Lizzy: Oh. good for them.

Bri: Who wants to go in the jacuzzi!

*The angels all raise their hands*

Danielle: Defintely ME! ME! ME!

Mimi: But isn't it closed?

Bri: Who cares?

*The girls get their bathing suits on & head for the Spa Area. Gabby lifts the carpet outside the spa area door& finds a key. She opens the spa room door & turns on the lights, while Danielle runs toward the Jacuzzi & turns it on before diving in.*

Danielle: (coming up from underwater, rubbing head) OW!

Mimi: Shallow water. No diving.

*The rest of the Angels go in the steamy Jacuzzi*

Smood: Remember the last time were talkign about plans in the Jacuzzi?

Lizzy: Yeah there was only 4 of us. Now there's 6 of us.

Bri: And there might be a 7th one.

*The angels all look at Bri, not knowing what she's talking about.*

Bri: Justin, of course.

*The Angels nod their heads in agreement. Danielle glances over towards the floor, spotting a magazine on the ground...The Mirror. It has the title "Is Justin Elvis Jr?".

Danielle: (pointing toward magazine) Look! Justin is the son of Elvis.

Mimi: What?

Danielle: It says it right the Mirror!

Bri: (looking around) I don't see a mirror.

Danielle: NO! The magazine on the floor!

Bri: Oh, that Mirror.

Danielle: Yeah that one. Do you think its true?

Lizzy: Well let's see here.

*Lizzy gets out of the Jacuzzi, dries off, and gets her laptop out. She types in, and searches the rumors section.*

Danielle: Well?

Lizzy: Its a no.

Smood: Good. That would be a bit freaky.

Gabby: You could say that again.

Smood: Ok, that would be a bit freaky.

Bri: The Mirror is a Tabloid.

Lizzy: (getting back in) Yeah, don't believe them.

Mimi: We should do a tabloid list.

Gabby: We should.

*The girls are startled by the sound of the Spa door opening. Who is it? The tunr their heads and look. ITS JUSTIN!*

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Sat Nov 06, 2004 7:03 pm

Oh man, I hate it when you're in the shower, and someone flushes the toilet. I get burned to death if someone does that in my house. HOT! :lol:

Oooh, Justin has come to the spa. This is their lucky day. Corner him and don't let him leave.

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Postby Mystery » Sat Nov 06, 2004 7:12 pm

Setting: Holiday Inn/Spa

*The Angels just realized that their hot idol just walked in the spa area*

Bri: Holy Sugar Cookies!

Danielle: (stuttering while in shock) J-J-J-Just-Just-Justin!

*The girls watch Justin bend over to pick up his cell phone he left at the spa earlier. He's wearing an outfit much like the " Gone" video look but with short brown curls & a big beard The girls watch Justin pick up his cell phone. He looks at it for a second before dialing some numbers. He's only 15 feet away from the Angel's in the Jacuzzi. They hear Justin apparently call Cameron's house & leave a message stating that he'll be over tomorrow around 2 pm. He has his back turned toward the girls as he does this, then hangs up, throwing his silver cell phone on a pile of towels. He then begins to take his shirt off.*

Lizzy: Oh my.

Gabby: He must not see us.

Mimi: Sshh! Don't scare him off!

Smood: We need to inform him about the par-

*The girls stop as they see Justin in his bathing suit shorts. Man, WAS HE HOT! But the girls' happy moment was quickly brought to a close...HE'S HEADING TOWARDS THE JACUZZI!

Lizzy: (whispering) Quick! Underwater!

*The girls go underwater, while Justin walks towards the Jacuzzi and gets in. The girls have a hard time keeping their cool as they are underwater. Danielle & Bri begin to poke his leg while underwater to see what he would do.*

Justin: (Being poked, laughing) Oh! Oh! Stop it! Stop it! HA HA HA!

*Suddenly, Justin's Cell phone rings. Justin gets out & answers it...its Cameron.*

Justin: (on the phone)Hey Cam! Are we still on for wait..later today? Where am I?....I'm at the Holiday Inn....why are you so angry?....Can't you give me some space....what do you mean...whatever...let's handle this later....Bye.

*Justin hangs up & dives into the nearby pool. The Angels come back up in the jacuzzi (no longer underwater).*

Mimi: That was a heated argument.

Lizzy: I know.

*The Angels all look at Bri*

Bri: I didn't do anything! I'm not a voodoo witch! I just experiment!

Smood: Someone has to go to the pool.

Gabby: How about whoever catches this penny in the jacuzzi gets to go in.

Bri: OK.

Gabby: Ready?

*Gabby throws the penny in the Jacuzzi)

Gabby: Go!

*Danielle (who wasn't paying much attention to what Gabby said, quickly goes underwater to get the penny. All of the other angels are sitting there, waiting for Danielle to "accidentally" volunteer.*

Danielle: (coming back up, waving penny in the air) You dropped a penny!

Gabby: (snatching penny away from Danielle) Why thank you! Now you need to drop something.

Danielle: Drop what?

Gabby: (pushing Danielle out of Jacuzzi) You! Now go in the pool & get justin!

Danielle: (out of Jacuzzi) Nope. No way. That pool is gonna be COLD when I get in there.

Smood: So?

Danielle: So, I'm already cold from Lizzy flushing the toilet!

*The Angels look at Lizzy*

Lizzy: Don't look at me, I don't know what she's talking about.

Bri: (getting out of Jacuzzi) K Danielle, I'm gonna coach you.

*Both Danielle & Bri are out of the Jacuzzi, the other angels are watching them. Justin is swimming back & forth around the pool, not noticing them at all.*

Bri: (talking coach-like) K Danielle, You're gonna go in there!

Danielle: I'm gonna go in there!

Bri: (talking coach-like) And you're gonna get Justin!

Danielle: And I'm gonna get Justin!

Bri: (talking coach-like) And you're gonna bring him back to us!

Danielle: And I'm gonna bring him back!

Bri: (talking coach-like) And you aren't gonna think about the freezing cold water in the pool!

Danielle: And I'm not gonna think about the freezing--...hey wait a minute!

Bri: Too Late!

*Bri puches Danielle towards the pool. But Danielle regains balance just before sliding in. Suddenly, Danielle has an idea. She spots a children's "Shark Fin" costume in the corner. She runs toward it and quickly puts it on, while thinking "Hey, maybe I'll scare Justin back into the Jacuzzi!". She then dives in.*

*Justin is still swimming back & forth underwater. He stops at one end for air before....looking at what looks like a shark in the water. Justin is terrified, and begins to swim to the ladder on the other side, praying he'll make it past the shark. He swims toward the middle of the pool, the "Shark" (Danielle) follows him. He still thinks its a shark. He grabs onto the ladder, the "shark" isn't too far behind. He quickly climbs out screaming...*

Justin: Aaah! Shark!

*Danielle comes up for air, wondering where Justin went.*

Danielle: Where'd he go?

*The other angels point towards the door. Danielle slaps her forehead & sighs.*

Mimi: Missed him again!

*Smood gets out of the Jacuzzi & picks up Justin's cellphone he left*

Smood: Maybe not.

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Sat Nov 06, 2004 8:00 pm

:rofl: @ the "shark." We all know how much Justin is scared of sharks. :lol: But they have his cell phone, and he's gonna want that back ... BRIBERY! :nod: ;)

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Postby Mystery » Fri Nov 12, 2004 7:31 pm

Chapter 15

Setting: Angel's Rental Car/Highway 9/ Near Beverly Hills

*After Danielle scared Justin away with the shark incident, the angels went up stairs to their rooms to have some much-needed sleep...with the thought of capturing their hunk in mind. They got up later that day around 10 am. They got ready....and now they are driving to....Denny's...for BREAKFAST. Hey, every hero needs a break.*

Gabby: (driving) So what's the plan for today?

Smood: We have breakfast, and then head for Cam's place.

Mimi: But its only 11:15...we'll be done with breakfast by 12:30 at the latest.

Bri: We know.

Danielle: (tired & cranky)Well then why did we have to get up so early! I need my sleep, you know.

Mimi: (puzzled) I still don't get why we are heading to Cam's house so early. Justin isn't even gonna be there until 2 pm.

Smood: Well let's just say we're giving Lizzy her time with Cameron today.


*Smood turns left to pull in at Denny's. The girls get out of their cars & head inside & order their breakfast. Bri & Lizzy were playing 'Tic-Tac-Toe' while waiting for their meals...Danielle was playing around with Justin's cell phone...apparently acting like a hip-hop rapper while talking to Nelly. Smood was listening to her CD's....& Gabby & Mimi were chatting. After a while, their meals come. After they finish their meals, they pay their bill & leave. They are now walking to their cars.*

Danielle: I'm stuffed!

Gabby: Well I told you not to order the Jumbo Breakfast Burrito!

Mimi: What time is it?

Bri: (looking at watch) 12:21.

Lizzy: Good!

*Lizzy runs toward the car. Hopping in the Driver's seat.*

Lizzy: (yelling from Driver's seat window) C'mon you grandmas!

Bri: Hey who you callin' grandma?!

Lizzy: (beeping horn) Lets go already!

*The other angels get in the car. Lizzy quickly backs out of their parking space...almost hitting a real Grandma! She drives at 50 mph (the speed limit is 25) through the parking lot...over a bush, taking a shortcut to Cameron's neighborhood nearby. The other angels are scared.*

Bri: Slow down Lizzy! You'll have time trust me!

Danielle: AHHHHHH!

Smood: Lizzy! Ever heard of brakes?!

Gabby: Yeah!

Mimi: Slow down!

*Lizzy ignores all the yelling and keept on going at full speed down Cameron's street, knocking over mail boxes, trash cans, and scaring the occasional B-list celebrity. Lizzy sees Cameron's house, and turns, swirving the car a little into Cam's driveway. She hits the breaks just before hitting a nearby tree. The other angels sigh & try to catch their breath after the terrifying incident. Lizzy gets out of the car and walks silently to Cameron's front door.*

Bri: (trying to catch breath) Note to self...never let Lizzy drive....AGAIN.

Other Angels: (besides Lizzy & Bri) Yeah.

Danielle: (tying to catch breath) And thank god for seat belts!

*After a moment the Angels finally catch their breaths and walk outside to join Lizzy. Lizzy is standing near the front door, arms folded, waiting for the other angels.*

Mimi: We're coming!

Danielle: I'm alive!

*The angels all stand in a line, and run towards the door...just like they did last time. And it opens. But it appears that Cameron isn't home. Its 1:00 pm...1 hour until Justin is supposed to be here. Smood runs out & moves the car down the street & out of the driveway...soit won't look like anybody is here. Smood, Gabby, Mimi, Danielle, & Bri hide in the living room closet...just like they did before. Lizzy grabs a nearby broom and hides behind a nearby corner in the living room. She holds the broom live a baseball bat, ready to hit the this case, any moment.*

*Time seems to pass by fast. At 1:44 pm... Lizzy could hear a car pull in the driveway. 'It must be Cameron' she thought to her self. She didn't go to the window & look...she just stayed there in her baseball player postiion ready to hit at any Cameron. Lizzy could hear the doorknob move, someone was unlocking it. She hears the door opening, but doesn't look to see who. She hears footsteps come inside & walking towards her. 'It MUST be CAMERON!' she thought to herself as she stepped out of the corner & swinged the bat....hard.*

*Lizzy had her eyes closed...for the sight of Cameron made her sick. She heard a body fall, and decided to see what damaged she did. She opened her eyes....*

Lizzy: (opening eyes, looking at body) Oh MY GOD!

*The angels hear Lizzy screams, and qucikly get out of the closet to look.*

Other Angels: Oh MY GOD!

Danielle: You killed Justin!

*Yep, Lizzy hit Justin. Not Cameron. They all she Justin, apparently knocked out and on the floor. He has a big bump on his forehead.*

Lizzy: Oh No!

Mimi: Is he alright!

Bri: I think so. He's just knocked out.

Gabby: What should we do?

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Sat Nov 13, 2004 9:43 am

They knocked Justin out ... :rofl: I know that's not funny, but it is. :rofl: Um, I don't know what they're gonna do, but Cameron might go psycho on them when she sees him knocked out. :huh:

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Postby Mystery » Sun Nov 21, 2004 10:03 am

Chapter 16

Setting: Cameron's Living Room

*Lizzy just hit Justin in the head....hard. He's knocked out cold, but still alive. The girls are hovering over him, looking at his gorgeous face, all sorry & shccked about what just happened

Mimi: Oh my gosh!

*Bri reaches for nearby pen & paper & writes something down. She then puts the pen down & hands the paper to Danielle.*

Bri: (handing paper to Danielle) Keep this.

Danielle: What? Why?(reads paper containing an invite to the party) Oh I see now.

*Danielle stuffs the paper in her pocket*

Bri: Just in case something happens, like Justin waking up. Stuff this in his coat pocket.

Danielle: Got it.

Lizzy: Now what are we gonna do.

Smood: Let's take him home with us!


*The angels grab Justin legs and begin to happily pull him by the feet, out of Cameron's house & towards the car.*

Gabby: (pulling) We get to take home Justin!

Danielle: (pulling) Can I show him to my mom?

*The other angels give Danielle a serious look.*

Danielle: (laughing nervously) Just Kidding!

Mimi: (pulling)I cannot believe we're doing this!

Lizzy: (pulling) Man, Justin is heavy.

Gabby:(pulling) I hope we don't hurt his head on the sidewalk.

Bri: (pulling, looking at Justin's enormous beard)Maybe now we can shave him!

*The Angels laugh*

Smood: (pulling)If only we had some shaving cream & a razor!

Gabby: (pullling)Who's up for a celebration with Domino's pizza!

ALL OTHER ANGELS: (pulling) I am!

*Danielle pulls Justin's right shoe off.*

Danielle: I'm stealing his shoe!

Smood: (pulling) Oh, he's gonna be mad at you!

Lizzy: (pulling)You have the buisiness delivery card for Domino's, right Danielle?

Danielle: (pulling) You mean the one with the hours & the number for it? Yeah, its in my pocket.

*Justin's head (which is sliding along the sidewalk near the car) suddenly hits some uneven sidewalk, waking Justin from his knock-out sleep.*

Justin: (eyes still closed) Ow! What the-

*The girls are startled by Justin's voice. They drop his legs and walk slowly back Bri looks at Danielle & points to J's coat pocket. Danielle reaches in her pocket to get the paper. She pulls it out and slowly walks toward Justin's pocket. Justin is moving his arms around, stretching as she does this. Danielle quickly puts the paper in his pocket & walks a few steps back. The angels pause to look at their Gorgeous Idol, as if it was a farewell until then...then meaning the secret reunion party. Justin, still lying on the sidewalk, begins to open his eyes. The angels quickly run toward their car & speed off.*

Bri: (driving)So much for a celebration party with Justin.

Mimi: Yeah.

Smood: But Domino's still sounds good.


*Lizzy gets her cell phone out of her purse and taps Danielle's shoulder.*

Lizzy: Get the number out, I'll call for the pizza.

Gabby: Make it a large, cheesy pizza.

Danielle: Sure.

*Danielle reaches for her pocket & pulls the paper out....ITS The INVITATION! She must have mixed up the Domino's card with the Invitation! Which must mean....*

SETTING: A few houses down from Cameron's house.

*Justin just heard a strange car speed off. He looks around and wonders "How did I get here?"

Justin: (thinking to himself) How did I get here? I heard a car drive by...wonder who that was. Maybe it was Cameron. We had a bad fight yesterday. The last thing I can remember is being hit in the head by someone. Maybe it was her.

*Justin looks at his of his shoes are missing.

Justin: (thinking to himself) Man, who took my shoe! I'm gonna get whoever it is. Those were my lucky basketball shoes! Aw, Man.

*Justin reaches in his pocket, as he gets up from his sidewalk He pulls out a business card from Domino's*

Justin: (thinking to himself) Who put this in my pocket? Probably the same person who took my right shoe!

*Suddenly Cameron pulls in her driveway & gets out of her car. She walks towards Justin, waking him from his thoughts.*

Cameron: Hey!

*Justin turns around.*

Justin: Hey!

*Cameron spots the Domino's card in Justin's hand.*

Cameron: (snatching card away) Domino's! Yum! Let's go.

*Justin pauses for a second, still wondering how he got outside & who took his right shoe.*

Justin: Alright! I'm up for some pizza!

SETTING: 1st Street/Los Angeles/Near Holiday Inn/In Angels' car on the road.

*The Angels are looking at Danielle. She has paused for a second after taking the paper out of her pocket, as if she went into a daze. She was quiet...which was rare. Concerned, Lizzy starts waving her hand in front of her, waking Danielle.*

Lizzy: Hello?! Danielle?! Number please!

Danielle: (laughing nervously) The number?! What number?! There is
n-no number on this paper. Only letters.

Lizzy: Let me see that.

*Lizzy takes the paper from Danielle. Danielle fears the worst. Lizzy looks at the paper for a second before....*

Lizzy: (yelling at the top of her lungs) DANIELLE!

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Sun Nov 21, 2004 12:56 pm

:lol: Oh man, I was SO hoping that they were going to finally shave him. :rofl: They're eventually gonna get him where they need him and everything will work out right. :pray:

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Postby Mystery » Thu Nov 25, 2004 11:28 am

Chapter 17

*The Angels are in their car, driving back to their hotel. Lizzy wanted to order some pizza and asked Danielle for the Domino's Buisiness card they picked up earlier. Danielle looks pale as Lizzy asks for it, losing all the color in her face. She hands the card to her...*


Bri: Hey I'm driving! No yelling!

Smood: (whispering to Lizzy) What the-?

*Smood looks at the card, along with Gabby. They both gasp as they look at the letter that was supposed to go to Justin. Smood is about ready to scream, but gabby quickly covers her mouth.*

Gabby: You know how Bri gets when something goes wrong.

Lizzy: Yeah. Step 1...panic...step 2...scream...step 3...I don't want to know.

Bri: Is everything okay back there? I heard whispers.

Smood: Yeah, everything is fine! Just ordering the pizza.

Mimi: How long will it take?

Lizzy: (trying to cover it up) Ummm....20 minutes.

Bri: Good, we'll take a quick trip to the mall to get our celebration clothes.

Mimi: Yeah, we only have less than 5 days left.

Danielle: (laughing nervously, realizing the time we have left) Yeah...5 days. Talk about a last minute situation.

*Bri turns right and parks in the parking lot of the Beverly Hills Mall. The girls get out & begin to walk to the front entrance. Bri & Mimi are walking in the front, with Lizzy, Danielle, Gabby, & Smood walking about 50 ft behind them slowly.*

Bri: (turning around) What's the matter?

Smood: Ummm...Uh...nothing!

Mimi: (turning around) You all seem nervous. It isn't like we're gonna bite your heads off or anything. C'mon! Speed up!

Danielle: Well in that case-

*Lizzy, Gabby, & Smood covers Danielle's mouth before she can say another word. Bri & Mimi don't seem to notice...since it happens often.*

Bri: (turns back around)Yeah and floor it too, we only have (looking at watch) 18 minutes to shop.

Mimi: (turns back around) Talk about speed shopping.

Bri: I know. (turns back around, still sees other girls trailing behind, stops) Okay, what is wrong? We're going shopping & you guys are stiff as a board. What? Do you think I'm gonna get mad at you at something?!

Gabby: (whispering) Good guess.

Lizzy: (whispering) I guess we could shop to get our minds off it.

*Gabby, Smood, Danielle, & Lizzy run towards Mimi & Bri. They now begin their shopping craze. Bri picks out a gorgeous black top almost instantly. Lizzy runs from aisle to aisle, knocking things off the rack that might resemble something Cameron might wear. After all, she HAS been in her closet! Danielle & Gabby go into the Halloween section and joke around with the masks. Smood & Mimi go into the gorgeous dress section, making faces as they read the expensive prices. Almost 20 minutes pass, and Bri calls the other angels up to get together.*

Setting: Suede Sensation Department Store/Beverly Hills Mall/Beverly Hills, California.

Bri: Lizzy, Danielle, Gabby, Smood, & Mimi! Get over here!

*The other angels walk towards Bri.*

Bri: (giving her store items to Lizzy) Take this, I'm getting the pizza.

*Bri begins to walk away but Smood stops her...*

Smood: Wait!

*The other angels look at Smood. Smood walks towards Bri & whispers something in her ear. Bri makes a shocked face & the color seems to drain out of her face. That's step 1...panic. She turns around to face the other angels.*


*That's step 2...scream. Step 3...well lets just say that involved a lot of hangers & the mall security to step in.*

Setting: Angel's Car

Danielle: I can't believe we got banned from the mall!

Bri: Correction...I did. Remember?

Mimi: (driving) Oh yeah.

Danielle: Well I can't remember! You were beating with a hanger at that time!

*Mimi pulls & parks into the Holiday Inn parking lot. The Angels (and their band-aids) walk out of their cars & into their hotel room. After about an hour, the tension begins to disappear, making the angels go back to normal. Its 6:17, there's a knock at the door. Bri gets up & walks towrds the door. She opens it.*

Bri (opening door): I told you I don't want any Girl Scout Cookies!

*Bri slams the door.*

Smood: Who was that?

Bri: Some girl-

*Someone knocks at the door again. Bri sighs & answers it. She realizes who it is.*

Bri: Aw, man its worse!

*The other angels walk towards the door to see who it is. Its a young girl dressed in a pink T-shirt & jeans. She also has a small backpack on her back.*

Gabby: Who's she?

Renee: (To Bri) Hi sissy!

*Bri rolls her eyes.*

Bri: My little sister, Renee. AKA Miss Never Shut Up EVER!

Danielle: Hey! That's just like me!

Bri: (To Renee) What are you doing here?!

Renee: Dad took a vacation & we went here, and what do you know...the lady at the front desk said (goes into deep voice) "There's another person here with the same last name." (back to regular voice) And I said "Really?". And she said (back to deep voice) "Yeah,right down the hall. (back to regular voice) So I knocked on a couple of doors, by the way the guy next door smells, and look where I got? I found you! I found you!

Bri: (turning to other angels) I told you she never shuts up.

Renee: Can I stay here? I promise I won't tell your special spy secrets!

Bri: Yeah, Uh-huh.

Renee: I can even help you with Justin!

Smood: You know Justin?

*Bri begins to slowly shut the door as Renee Babbles on.*

Renee: Yeah, sure! PLEASE can I stay! I'll bring my barbies & we can play dolls! And we can-

*Bri shuts the door.*

Bri: Oh, what a headache that kid brings me! Try living with her!

Lizzy: No Thanks.

Gabby: How can we get Justin now?

Mimi: Yeah, we only have 4 days left!

Danielle: I know!

Smood: What?

Danielle: We can call him up!

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Tue Nov 30, 2004 10:56 am

These girls sure get themselves into a lot of crazy situations. :lol: I hope they call Justin and get to finally meet up with him. Everything keeps working against them when they try to find him.

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Postby Mystery » Sun Dec 05, 2004 11:19 am

Chapter 18

Setting: Holiday Inn/Angel's Hotel Room

Danielle: We can call him up!

Smood: Huh?

Gabby: How are we gonna do that?

Bri: Yeah, it isn't like we have his cell...

*Bri stops her sentence as she looks at Justin's cell phone sitting on the table near the lamp. She looks at Danielle, then at the phone, then back at Danielle, then the phone. She is in disbelief that DANIELLE AKA Crazy Hyper Idea Girl has come up with an idea that does not involve Cannons, Helicopters, or any breakfast food. The angels all look at Danielle.*

Danielle: See! Told ya I was right!

Lizzy: (struggling to get the words out) G-G-Great J-Job...uh...Danielle.

Mimi: What are we waiting for?! Let's call him up!

*Danielle grabs Justin's cell phone & searches Justin's phone book on his cell phone.*

Danielle: (reading names off cell phone) Let's see here...Beyonce ...JC...Mom...Lance...Cameron-

Lizzy: Cameron?! Let me see that!

*Lizzy snatches the cell phone away from Danielle. She looks at it for a second before pressing some buttons. She then turns the phone towards the other angels, so they can see what she did.*

Lizzy: (Holding phone) Changed the number.

Gabby: To what?

Lizzy: To mine!

*The Angels all give an evil laugh as Lizzy hands the phone back to Danielle. Danielle goes back to searching in Justin's Cell Phone book.*

Danielle: (reading names)...Ashanti...Usher...Christina....Britney-

Mimi: Aww...he still has her number!

Other Angels: Aww!

Danielle: (reading names)...Pharell....Alicia...Bryan...Grandma...Chris...Joey...HOME PHONE!

Other Angels: Yes!

Bri: Dial it!

*Danielle Dials the number. She listens closely...its the answering machine picking up.*

Danielle: (taking phone off ear, to other angels) Its the answering machine.

Smood: Well leave a message!

Mimi: Sssh!

Danielle: (leaving a message on answering machine) Umm...hi....this is Danielle. Just Calling to tell you of a cool party me & my friends are having. Its in Beverly Hills, 1212 Sacred Heart Lane, it would be AWESOME if you can come! Bye!

*Danielle Hangs up*

Bri: (rubbing chin, thinking) Hmmm....

Lizzy: What's the 'Hmmm' about?

Bri: Just thinking.

Smood: Thinking of what?

Bri: Thinking that we should leave more messages. The more messages, the more of a chance of him showing up.

Gabby: Great idea!

Lizzy: Gimme the phone!

Danielle: (to Bri) Now you've done it!

*The Angels all take turns leaving a message on Justin's Answering Machine.*

Lizzy: (leaving a message on J's answering machine) This is Lizzy, just callin' to let you know of an AWESOME...VIP...Yes...VIP party. 'Where is it?'you ask. 1212 Sacred Heart lane....AND NO CAMERON FISH SMILE IS ALLOWED!

*Lizzy Hangs up & gives the phone to Smood. She then Dials the number again.*

Smood: (leaving a message)Ya like Boston? Ya like the Boston Red Sox? Well I do. And there's a PAR-TAY goin' on at 1212 Sacred Heart Lane. But remember...NO YANKS FANS ALLOWED!

*Smood Hangs up, she gives the phone to Bri. Bri stares at Smood with an unamused face.*

Smood: What?

Bri: I'm a Yanks fan!

*Bri hits Smood with a pillow. She then dials the number.*

Bri: (leaving a message, acting like a cheerleader) Can I get a P?! P! Can I get a A?! A! Can I get a R?! R! Can I get a T?! T! Can I get a Y?! Y! (back to normal behavior)Why?Because the party is gonna be fantabulous. Yeah. Yeah. You heard it straight. 1212 Sacred Heart lane baby, be there! Oh and bonus drinks if your a Yanks Fan!

*Bri Hangs up. Smood has an unamused face now.*

Bri: What?

*Smood hits Bri with a pilllow. Bri hands the phone to Mimi. Mimi dials the number. She now invites Justin to the French.*

Mimi: (leaving a message)Bonjour, c'est le directeur de partie, Mimi, appelant juste pour vérifier que M. Timberlake montrera à notre partie exclusive. Sa ruelle sacrée du coeur dessus 1212 en collines de Beverly... soit sûre d'être là. Oh et vont de nouveau à Britney!

*Mimi Hangs up. The other angels look at her, puzzled.*

Mimi: I just gave him the directions.

Other angels: Ohhhh.

Gabby: My turn!

*Mimi hands the phone to Gabby. She dials the number.*

Gabby: (leaving a message) Hey! Hey! Hey! Ready for some fun?! Are you ready for some Music! Well come on down to 1212 Sacred Heart Lane...

*Justin picks up the phone.* Beverly Hills, California. Be sure to be there by sunset on October 1st.

Justin: (on phone) Why October 1st?

Gabby: I'll tell you why October 1st?! Because it-

*Gabby is startled by the sound of Justin's voice on the other side of the line.*

Justin: (on phone)Hello?

*Gabby drops the phone in shock. The phone falls to the floor....pressing the 'End Call' button as it touches the ground. Lizzy quickly grabs the phone but its too late...they hung up.*

*After about 3 hours of dead silence in the room, Smood glances over at the clock...9:31 pm. She grabs the remote control & searches the channels...looking for a good show.*

Danielle: What show are you looking for?

Smood:(searching channels) I don't know. There isn't a Red Sox Game tonight, so anything would be good.

Lizzy: (pointing at TV) Ooh! I think I just saw Justin!

*Smood goes back a few channels & stops at Channel 40...the "Hollywood Dish" is on & is covering a breaking news story. Apparently Cameron hit a reporter & stole his Camera after she & Justin were walking out of a Los Angeles Dominos.*

Reporter: (on TV) Hello everyone! I'm Max Fields. Tonight we are covering a breaking news story. We go live with on the scene reporter, Maggie Watson. Maggie?

*The TV scene switches from the bright, red studio where Max was reporting to a dark Alley. There you can see Cameron still attacking the photographer with Justin blocking another photographer from getting any evidence. Maggie is in the middle of this, reporting live.*

Maggie: Yes Max, we have a breaking news story. As you can see behind me Cameron Diaz is punching & kicking the crap out of this poor, poor paparazzo. And look over here! Justin Timberlake...Yes....the Justin Timberlake is puffing his chest out & blocking the other photographer from getting any evidence.

*Reporter Maggie walks up to Cameron with her shiny microphone.*

Maggie: Ms. Diaz do you have any comments?

Cameron: (still attacking paparazzi)NO!

Paparazzo: (getting attacked from Cameron) Help ME!

*Maggie walks over to Justin with her microphone.*

Maggie: Mr. Timberlake, do you have any comments.

Justin: (turning towards Camera) What?! No. Get way!

*Justin walks towards the camera before punching it, causing static on the Angels' TV screen. The static scene is then switched back over to Reporter Max, who is still sitting in the studio.*

Max: Sorry! About that folks. It appears we have Justin would say it...a technical "Malfunction". (laughs) Now onto our Marc Anthony & Jennifer-

*Smood turns the TV off.*

Gabby: Would he act like that before Cameron?

Other Angels: NO.

Lizzy: Looks like we gotta take care of Cameron!

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Sun Dec 05, 2004 12:11 pm

:rofl: @ the technical malfunction. :rofl: :rofl: Cameron corrupts her men ... boo! :thumbup: :lol: Angels -- save Justin! He better show at the party. Their messages were very enticing! :nod:

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Postby Bri_Angel » Fri Dec 17, 2004 10:52 pm

Chapter 19

Setting: Holiday Inn Hallway/Just outside Angel's hotel room.

*The angels have just walked out of their hotel room. They are all dressed in red tops with the words "Mrs. Timberlake" on it, beige pants, & black sneakers. The walk in complete silence...the time is right. Bri & Gabby have been taking martial arts classes. Smood & Mimi have been working on their spy techniques. Danielle has learned how to crush an empty can of Pepsi using only her forehead. Lizzy...she has been waiting for this since their adventure started. The time is attack Cameron.*

Setting: Holiday Inn Parking lot

*The angels walk out of their hotel & walk to their car, still in complete silence. Bri takes the drivers seat & starts the car up. Gabby sits in the front passenger's seat & begins to search the radio stations. Danielle, with her 6 cans of pepsi, gets in the far back & begins to chug down some Pepsi. Smood sits next to her & gets the Justin GPS out...he's 100 miles away...but she doesn't say anything. Mimi sits in back of Gabby & quickly gets her People Magazine out to read. Lizzy, sitting next to Mimi, stares out the window in silence...waiting until we get to Cameron's house.*

*Bri pulls out of the parking space & drives toward Route 8...towards Cameron's house. Just as Bri turns onto Route 8, Gabby finally finds a clear station...and its playing the end of "Bye, Bye, Bye". The girls begin to sing along, breaking their silence.*

Setting: Route 8

ALL Angels: (singing) ain't no BYE! BYE! BYE!...BYE! BYE!

*The angels all share a laugh.*

Gabby: (laughing)That was fun!

Smood: (laughing) Yeah.

Mimi: It was about time we broke the silence!

Danielle: Look what I can do!

*Danielle crushes an empty can of Pepsi, using only her forehead.*

Smood: (unamused) Amazing. Just like the last 15 times you showed us.

Danielle: Hey! Don't hate on the talent! I got skills!

Gabby: Uh-huh.

*Bri adjusts her rear-view mirror. While she does this, she sees Lizzy, staring out the window....looking kind of sad.*

Bri: (to Lizzy) Why the sad face Lizzy?

Lizzy: I'm just bored. When will we be there?

Bri: It'll be another 20 minutes at the earliest.

Lizzy: Grr.

*4 minutes later...*

Lizzy: Are we there yet?

Bri: Nope.

*3 minutes later...*

Lizzy: Are we there yet?

Gabby: Not yet.

Bri: With this traffic it'll be another 20 minutes.

Mimi: Talk about morning rush hour.

Smood: I know, its only 11 am!

*2 minutes later...*

Lizzy: Are we there yet?

Other Angels: NO.

*30 seconds later....*

Lizzy: Are we there yet?

Bri: YEP.

Lizzy: Really?

Bri: NO.

*Lizzy begins to stare out the window, wondering if she'll EVER get to attack Cameron.*

Setting: Cameron's house/Front yard.

Mimi: (shaking Lizzy to wake her up) Wake up, Lizzy! Wake up!

Lizzy: (waking up) Huh? What?

*Lizzy opens her eyes and looks out the window...CAMERON'S HOUSE. AND there's a car in the driveway...chances are she's there. In silence, Lizzy opens the car door & walks towards Cameron's Front door, waiting for the other angels. Within moments, the angels all line up, just like they did before, and charge at the door. The door opens easily, just like it did before. The Angels fly for a second before doing a front flip & landing perfectly. Cameron is screaming her lungs out in the nearby living room.*

Setting: Cameron's house/Foyer (entrance room)

Cameron: Aahhhh!

Bri: (to Lizzy) We'll go upstairs & meet you when you got her cornered.

Lizzy: K.

*Lizzy walks in the living to finally approach the screaming Cameron. Bri, Smood, Mimi, Gabby, & Danielle head upstairs to seach for any clue about where Justin may be. Before Danielle follows the other girls upstairs...she spots something in the Dining room...Cameron's Dollar-snatching dog. She walks toward the dog.*

Danielle: Well, well, well. We meet again Mr. Dollar-snatching Dog.

*Danielle pulls an empty Can of Pepsi from her pocket. She crushes it with her head.*

Danielle: Bring it on.

*Cameron's dog makes a whimpering noise before jumping at Danielle's leg. He holds on to her leg tightly, making it seem impossible for it to get off. Danielle begins to run around the 1st floor.*


Setting: Cameron's house/Cameron's Bedroom

*Smood, Gabby, & Mimi are searching everywhere for any clues of Justin's whereabouts. Bri is being the ringleader, telling everybody where to search.*

Bri: (to Smood) You search over in that corner! (to Gabby) You search in her closet! (to Mimi) You search near her lamp! (to ALL) And I'll search...under her bed.

*All of the angels begin to search in their areas. *

Smood: I'm not finding anything!

Mimi: Neither am I.

Gabby: We need to keep searching!

Smood: Hey...where's Danielle?

*Bri gets out from under the bed, just as the girls hear Cameron's screams again. They all look at each other.*

Bri: Showtime.

Setting: Cameron's house/Kitchen

Cameron: (to Lizzy)GET OUT OF HERE! WHAT DO YOU WANT?!?!

*Lizzy has chased Cameron into the Kitchen. Cameron is walking backwards, and has now bumped into a corner. Smood, Mimi, Gabby, & Bri walk in, surrounding Cameron & blocking any escape plan she may have. Danielle runs in, with the dog still stuck to her leg, interrupting the situation.*


*Danielle runs into the other room.*


*Bri reaches for the nearby phone & scissors, she cuts the phone cord.*

Bri: Not now.

Mimi: We're JT's Angels.

Smood: You changed Justin.

Gabby: And now we're gonna get our revenge.

Lizzy: Prepare for a SMACKDOWN!

Cameron: There's no way you can touch me! I'm a in higher than your level.

*Danielle walks in, finally freed from her doggy trap. Lizzy then attacks Cameron. First a punch, then a kick, then an "Ow, that hurts!". Within 5 minutes, Cameron lays on the ground, all battered & bruised. The girls hear sirens & quickly run in the backyard. Lizzy is trailing behind the girls & suddenly gets tapped on the shoulder. ITS the police. One of the policemen handcuff her & take her in their car before driving off.*

Setting: Cameron's Backyard

Gabby: (hiding behind giant Cat statue) Lizzy got arrested!

Bri: (hiding) Next stop, Beverly Hills Police Station!

Setting: Beverly Hills Police Station/Cell 23

Cop: In ya go!

*The cop pushes Lizzy in the cell.*

Lizzy; Hey! Why am I in here?!

Cop: For battery charges!

Lizzy: But Cameron got battery charges & she's getting away with it. You know? The whole paparazzi incident?

Cop: I know, I know. But Cameron's a HUGE Celebrity. We can't afford to lose her.

Lizzy: (whispering to self) Sure you can. (back to normal voice) How long am I staying here?

*The cop laughs.*

Lizzy: What?! Did I miss something here?!


Lizzy: What?! FOR the REST fo my LIFE?! NO! It can't be! Not because of her! NO! NO!

Setting: Sunflower Street/Beverly Hills/Angel's Rental Car

Lizzy:(with eyes closed)....NO! NO! NO!

Mimi: (shaking Lizzy) Wake up!

*Lizzy wakes up from her dream.*

Lizzy: What?! It was only a dream?!

Gabby: Yeah, and it sounded like a nightmare.

Smood: You kept on saying...'NO...It can't be!'. Really freaky. What was it about?

Lizzy: all started when we-

Bri: Hey, Lizzy!

Lizzy: What?!

Bri: We're here!

*Lizzy looks outside & sees Cameron's house*

Danielle: What was your dream about?

Lizzy: Oh, nothing!

Bri: Its go time people! Let's go!

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Postby Mariah111384 » Sat Dec 18, 2004 1:41 am

<span style='color:blue'>wowee this story is so funny man. im enjoying the playfulness in it. you hit it on the nail. hope to see more Bri!</span> :nod: :clap:

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Sun Dec 19, 2004 10:39 am

:rofl: Whoa, I really thought that Lizzy had gotten arrested. That would've really messed up their plans, but phew, it was only a dream. :lol: Now go beat up Cam. :sprint:

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Postby Bri_Angel » Mon Dec 27, 2004 9:47 pm

:D Glad to see you both like it. :D

Chapter 20

Setting: Cameron's House

*Lizzy has Just awoken from her Cameron-beating Dream. The Angel's have finally arrived at Cameron's house. They all get out & walk towards the front door. Lizzy kicks the door open (its unlocked as usual) & runs in, beginning to break random items. The other angel's quietly walk around the house looking for any sign of Justin's whereabouts.*

Lizzy: (bashing lamp to the ground) I'm gonna beat Cameron up!

Smood: We know you will.

Mmi: Yeah.

Lizzy: Where is she?!

Gabby: Don't know.

Smood: Don't Care.

Danielle: (pointing to other room) Pepsi Machine!

*Danielle leaves the living room to the Party room where the Giant Pepsi Machine is. Then the nearby answering machine picks up...IT'S Cameron!*

Cameron: (on Answering Machine) Hey Justin, if you're at my house watching my cats..which you SHOULD sure to give the kitties lots of Kitty treats! Buh-Bye!

*Cameron hangs up. The angels are in shock, they thought she was here.*

Bri: She isn't here.

Smood: Take 2.

Lizzy: NOOOOO!!!

*Lizzy's screams echo all the way up the nearby stairs...someone replies. Its Justin!*

Justin: (from Upstairs hallway, coming closer)What?! Who's there?!

Smood: RUN!

*The Angel's all run to the party room, where Danielle is still gazing at the gigantic pepsi machine. Just as Smood shuts the door, Justin is half-way down the stairs, and heading towards the party room.*

Setting: Cameron's House/Party Room

Danielle: Do any of you have a dollar?

Mimi: No time.

Lizzy: Gotta hide.

Danielle: OK.

*The girls all scramble to find a good hiding spot, but none of them really work. Danielle points to the Giant Pepsi Machine.*

Danielle: How about in the Pepsi Machine.

Lizzy: What? No way. You just want to live one of your pepsi fantasies.

*The doorknob begins to wiggle. Justin is hot on their trail.*

Gabby: Its worth a try.

*The Angels quickly open the pepsi machine & try to squeeze in. Gabby is the last one is reaching for the door on the pepsi machine cover. The Party Room door is opening....*

*And Justin walks into a perfectly clean Party room. The Pepsi Machine is close & Gabby is looking through the dollar slot to see what Jusin is doing.*

Setting: Cameron's House/Party Room/Inside the Gigantic Pepsi Machine

Bri: That was a close one.

Danielle: (looking at all the bottles behind her) I think I'm in heaven.

Smood: Eccpet you need Justin.

Mimi: What is he doing?

Gabby: (looking through dollar slot) I don't know. No wait, he's heading toward the machine.

Lizzy: Everybody...Sshh!

*The angels stand still & stay quiet as Justin walks toward the machine. He grabs his Wallet from his pocket & inserts a dollar. It hits Gabby in the eye as it comes in.*

Gabby: (whispering) Ow!

*The dollar bounces off of Gabby's face & flies back out towards Justin's hand. He then puts it back in, it hits Gabby again.*

Gabby: Ow!

Danielle: (spotting the dollar) Ooh! Free dollar!

*Danielle takes the dollar before it flies back out again to Justin. Justin gets mad & begins to shake the machine.*

Justin: (Shaking Machine) Gimme my dollar!

ALL Angels: (being shook) Whoa! Whoa!

*Justin begins to punch the machine.*

Justin: (Punching Machine) Give it! What a rip-off!

*One of the Pepsi Bottles above the angels falls & hits Lizzy on the head.*

Lizzy: Hey!

*The bottle falls to the slot where Justin picks it up. He opens it & takes a sip.*

Justin: Refreshing.

*Suddenly, an annoying car beep is heard from outside. Its Cameron. Justin puts the Pepsi down on the table & goes outside. Within a few moments, the angels hear the same car speed off. He's gone. The Angels get out of the Pepsi Machine.*

Bri: (sarcastically) Well that was a success story.

Mimi: Yeah.

Gabby: My eye hurts.

Lizzy: And I never got to Cameron!

Smood: Don't worry Lizzy, we'll find some way to get our revenge.

Bri: Yeah.

*Smood, Lizzy, Mimi, Gabby, & Bri leave the room & head back to the van. Danielle is still in the Party room, eyeing Justin's Pepsi, she opens it & takes a sip before stuffing it in her purse. She then skips out the door, singing...*

Danielle: (singing) I got a free souvenir! I got a free souvenir!

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Tue Dec 28, 2004 10:05 am

Mmmmm, Pepsi! :lickout: And they missed him again! :o :no: :lol: Sell the Pepsi he drank from on Ebay ... gotta make the big bucks. :nod:

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Postby Bri_Angel » Thu Dec 30, 2004 11:38 am

Chapter 21

*After missing their chance at getting Cameron the angels headed back to their penthouse & got some much needed rest. The next day, they awoke...realizing that tomorrow is judgement day. Will their plan work?*

Setting: Holiday Inn/Room 161/Angel's Penthouse

Lizzy: Can you believe that tomorrow we will be seeing Justin.

Bri: Well its not the 1st time.

Smood: Yeah, we met him at Orlando International Airport, The Zebra Room in Memphis, Cameron's house, the spa, Cameron's house again, & we almost took him hostage.

Mimi: Its seems like we only started yesterday.

Other Angels: Yeah.

Gabby: Well you guys started your journey in late August, Mimi & me started in mid-September.

Mimi: Well tomorrow we'll see our plan work.

Bri: IF it works.

Danielle: And Lizzy will finally get her revenge on Cameron.

Lizzy: YESSSSS!!!

Gabby: What are we gonna do today?

Other Angels: Let's go shopping!!!

*The Angels run to their van & zoom off towards the Beverly Hills Mall. Bri is driving, Lizzy is in the front passenger's seat playing with the radio, The other angels are in the back telling Lizzy when to stop at a good station.*

Setting: Route 2 South/Towards Beverly Hills Mall/Angel's Van

Gabby: (to Lizzy)STOP!

*Lizzy takes her hands off the radio tuner, leaving Polka music playing.*

Danielle: (covering ears) IT BURNS!

Lizzy: New station!

*Lizzy begins to play around with the radio again.*

Mimi: STOP!

*Lizzy takes her hands off the radio tuner, leaving pop music playing...but its in French.*

Mimi: I love this song!

Smood: No offense Mimi, but we don't understand much French.

Other Angels: (except Mimi) Yeah.

Mimi: Oh, okay.

Lizzy: New station.

*Lizzy begins to play around with the radio tuner again.*

Smood: STOP!

*Lizzy takes her hands off the radio tuner, leaving the Boston Red Sox Anthem playing.*

Smood: (dancing in seat) Oh yeah! Go Red Sox! Go Red Sox! Go, Go, Go-

*Bri can't handle the anthem for very long & quickly changes the station.*

Smood: (annoyed) Hey!

Bri: (driving & messing with radio tuner) Its a reflex!

Danielle: STOP! Its a good song!

*Bri takes her hands off the radio tuner,leaving the end of a pepsi commercial on.*

Danielle: (singing along)...Pepsi...for those who think young!

*The angels (except Bri) look at Danielle with bored looks, just as the commercial ends.*

Danielle: Okay you can change it now!

*Lizzy begins to play around with the Radio tuner once more, before stopping at an L.A. Pop Station.*

Lizzy: Finally a good station!

DJ: (on the radio) Yo this is DJ Max comin'at ya with another of today's greatest's "Hey Baby" by No Doubt. YEAH!

Gabby: Turn it up!

*Lizzy turns the radio on full blast as the Angel's van flies down Route 2 South. They begin to dance & sing to the music as if there was a party in the van.*

ALL Angels: (singing & dancing) All the boys say...hey baby, hey baby, hey...

*A blue Escalade zooms up in the lane next to them before going at the same speed as them on the road. The cars are going side by side. Danielle, who is sitting right in back of Bri, continues to dance as she looks at the shiny, cool car next to them. The windows of the Escalade begin to come down half way, revealing a shaven head...most likely a guy.*

Smood: (still dancing, to Danielle) I dare you to shout 'Hey Baby' out the window to the guy in the Escalade.

Gabby: (dancing) He's probably some old dude. He looks like he has no hair at all.

Smood: Gonna do it?

Danielle: Oh I'll do better than that.

*Danielle rolls down her window & begins to sing/shout part of the song.*

Danielle: (Out the window, to Mystery guy in Escalade) HEY BABY! HEY BABY! HEY! HEY BABY! BABY!

*The Escalade window rolls all the way's Justin! He is looking at Danielle with a disgusted look on his face. The song ends.*

Smood: Look its Justin!

Lizzy: What?!Where?!

Gabby: (pointing to Escalade) There!

*Justin rolls his Window up. The Escalade zooms off.

Mimi: What did you do?

Danielle: (in shock) I think I just ticked JT off.

Bri: What?! How?!

Danielle: (guilty) Through a dare.

*Danielle points to Smood.*

Danielle: She made me do it!

Smood: Hey!

Lizzy: Hey, remember when we said no more fighting.

Gabby: Remember?

Danielle & Smood: (guilty) Yeah.

Mimi: Good.

Bri: Now we're gonna move through this mall swiftly& silently. Got it?

Danielle & Smood: (guilty) Yes.

*Bri parks the van in the Mall parking lot. Gabby, Lizzy, Mimi, & bri get out of the car & walk together in side the Mall. Danielle & Smood walk behind them.*

Setting: Beverly Hills Mall Parking Lot.

Danielle: (whispering to Smood) It was all your fault!

Smood: (whispering to Danielle) No it wasn't it was yours.

Danielle: YOURS!

*Bri turns around & gives them a mean look. Danielle & Smood stop their arguing. The Angels then enter the store.*

*The angels buy some accersories & make up before leaving the mall. They return to their penthouse. Mimi, Gabby, Lizzy, & Bri blindfold Danielle & Smood & head down the hallway.*

Setting: Holiday Inn/Hallway.

Smood: (blindfolded, being lead by Mimi) Where are we going?

Mimi: I don't know.

Lizzy: I guess you're gonna have to find out.

Danielle: (blindfolded, being led by Lizzy) Ooh! I know!

Bri: What?

Danielle: Pepsi Land U.S.A!

Gabby: Nope.

Danielle: Tickets to the Red Bull Factory?

Bri: No.

Smood: Well then what is it?

Lizzy: You'll see.

*Smood & Danielle hear a door open & then quickly shut. Mimi & Lizzy pull of the girls blindfolds & reveal....*

Smood & Danielle: A Surprise Pool Party!

Mimi, Gabby, Lizzy, & Bri: YEP!

Setting: Holiday Inn Spa

Bri: And its all to ourselves.

Mimi: A wonderful party for a truly wonderful journey.

Other Angels: Aww...

Danielle: What are we waiting for? Let's Party!

*Gabby turns the stereo on...its playing JT's "Rock Your Body. The girls all jump into the pool & begin to what else? PARTY! They play Marco Polo, Pool Volleyball, Have dance-offs, & even do skits on Justin & Cameron.*

Smood: (acting as Justin)...Oh Cameron! I love you! I really do!

Gabby: (acting as Cameron) NO YOU DON'T!

*"Cameron" hits "Justin" with a towel.*

Gabby: (acting as Cameron) YOU LOVE THE ANGELS. JT'S ANGELS!

*The other angels crack up with laughter in their lounge chairs. Bri looks at the nearby clock, its 11:12 pm.*

Bri: K guys, we should really pack it in now.

Other Angels: Yeah.

*The angels leave the Spa area dripping wet & run down the freezing hotel hallway to their room. They change into their pajamas & fall fast asleep. They have a long day ahead of them.*

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Fri Dec 31, 2004 9:29 am

Aww, don't even tell me that the trip is coming to an end? Well, it's been a good one, and I hope that they finally get Justin and all of the guys together and force them to make an *NSYNC record. They have to achieve their ultimate goal. :nod:

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Postby Bri_Angel » Sun Jan 02, 2005 6:14 pm

Chapter 22

Setting: Holiday Inn/Room 161/ Angel's Hotel room

*The Angels are all in their beds sleeping. Bri's cell phone rings & she gets up to answer it. The other Angel's begin to wake up as well due to the "Senorita" ringtone on the cell phone. Today's the day.*

Bri: (answering cell phone, annoyed) Yeah, what do you want?

Renee: (On the Phone) ARE YOU SURE you don't want me to join your club.

Bri: Man, why are you calling me?! What are you a stalker?!

Smood: (to Bri) Who is it?

Bri: (to Smood) My little sister.

Renee: Are you sure?

Bri: (to Renee) Yeah, I'm sure. Do you have any idea what time it is?

Renee: 12 noon.

Bri: Yeah, in Eastern Standard Time. Its barely 9 am in L.A.! Bye!

*Bri Hangs up.*

Bri: (to other Angels) I advise ALL of you never to have younger siblings. And if you do...get rid of them!

Mimi: What was that all about?

Bri: Nothing. She was just being annoying.

*The Angels all look at Danielle, who is still laying on her bed, beginning to fall asleep.*

Lizzy: Oh no you don't!

*Lizzy pulls the covers off of Danielle. Danielle still lays there, falling asleep.*

Gabby: If your THAT tired, drink some Red Bull!

*Gabby gives Danielle a can of Red Bull. Danielle drinks it & her eyes open wide, a sign of sudden hyperness. The Angel's soon get dressed, pack their stuff in their suitcases, go to the Hotel Lobby for breakfast, check out of their hotel, & then get in their van. Its now reunite N'Sync. *

Setting: Angel's Rental Van/Route 2 South

Bri: Time please!

Smood: (looking at watch) 1:38 pm.

Lizzy: We only have 5 hours left.

Mimi: 5 hours to see if our plan worked.

Gabby: (driving)What if JT is already there?

Danielle: (hyper) That would be a miracle. Miracle! Miracle!

Lizzy: Hello! We still have the fish to take care of.

Danielle: (Hyper) FISH?! What FISH?! Who said we're gonna have FISH. I don't like FISH. Are we gonna rent Finding NEMO. Just keep SWIMMING. Just keep SWIMMING.

Gabby: (driving)NO.

Danielle: (Hyper) Aww...Mr. GRUMPY GILLS!

Bri: We mean Cameron, Ms. Red Bull USA.

Danielle: (Hyper) Ms. Red Bull USA?! I love it! I mean I'm lovin' it. Ba da ba ba ba...McDonalds. I'm lovin' it!

Bri: (shaking head) Gabby, why did you have to give her the red bull?

Gabby: (driving)Hey, it was either that or leave her in the hotel room.

*The angels (except Gabby) all look at Danielle who is singing "I'm Lovin' it" in between sips of Red Bull.*

Bri: I would've went with Choice 2.

Lizzy, Smood & Mimi: (simultaniously) Yeah.

Gabby: Don't tell me...

Bri: What?!

Mimi: Oh-no.

Lizzy: What's wrong?

Smood: Uh-oh!

Danielle: (hyper) Uh-oh! Spagetti-O's!

Bri: People! You're giving me a panic attack! What is it!

Gabby: We're out of Gas.

*Gabby pulls over to the side lane just as the Gas runs out. The angels all get out of their cars.*

Smood: What are we gonna do now?

Mimi: Should we call someone to tow it & get a taxi, or walk the rest of the way.

Bri: Its 40 miles to JC's house. And we only have...time please.

Smood: 2:03 pm.

Bri: Like 4 hours remaining. Now you all can go walk a mile a minute but I'll go with choice one.

*Bri grabs her cell phone out of her purse. It says "Low Battery: Now shutting off". She then puts it back.*

Bri: Great, my phone is dead.

Gabby: What more can go wrong.

Mimi: (looking down the road) I think you spoke too soon. Look!

*Mimi points down the road. There's a lady jogging up the road...its...Cameron.*

Lizzy: Great, let me at her. Bring it on.

Gabby: You go do that. We'll be on the look out (pointing to nearby lookout) over there.

Lizzy: Lookout?

*The Angels all run to the nearby look out. Its a circle of sand high above the Pacific Ocean. A really tall outdoor balcony of some sort, about 100 or so feet above the Pacific Ocean.*

Lizzy: Hold on! I'm coming!

Setting: Route 2 Lookout

Bri: Hey! You're supposed to fight!

Lizzy: Got a plan.

*The angels see Cameron coming closer to the lookout. Lizzy has the angels huddle up to discuss her plan. They all seperate, just as Cameron enters the lookout area.*

Lizzy: BOY that CAMERON Diaz sure LOOKS like a man!

Bri: I KNOW why don't she JUST shave her HAIR off just like her BOYTOY'S!

Smood: SHE'S Cam-the MAN DIAZ!

Gabby: Cameron the CRADLE ROBBER!

Mimi: Cameron WANTS to be BRITNEY!

Lizzy: CAMERON doesn't APPRECIATE what SHE HAS. She NEVER gives AUTOGRAPHS. She needs to LOOK UP APPRECIATION and memorize it!

Bri: Yeah!

Danielle: (hyper) CAMERON THE FISH!

*The Angels all look at Danielle, puzzled. Danielle was supposed to say nothing, but apparently her comment got Cameron's attention. Cameron is now walking up to the angels.*

Cameron: (pointing to Bri) You're the leader in all of this!

Bri: But of course. The 'R' in Bri stands for ring leader.

Cameron: (pointing to Smood) You Raided my room!

Smood: (sarcatically) Oh my gosh! That's a shocker! You're so psychic!

Cameron: (pointing to Mimi) You're from France!

Mimi: Bonjour!

Cameron: (pointing to Gabby) You are a member on Timberlakestyle!

Gabby: Duh, we all are.

Cameron: (pointing to Danielle) You drank Red Bull Today!

Danielle: Want some?!

Cameron: (annoyed) Sure.

*Danielle turns around & spits into the empty Red Bull can, she then turns around & gives it to Cameron with an innocent smile. Cameron takes the drink & has a sip.*

Danielle: Good, isn't it?

*Cameron throws the empty can over the balcony.*

Bri: Hey heard of enviornmental safety!

Cameron: (to Bri) Shut up!

Bri: Don't tell me to shut up. Don't mess with a New Yorker.

Cameron: (approaching/pointing at Lizzy) AND YOU! You are the one who cut my hair at the Zebra Room. Who threw water at me, who threw my thong out the window, who's been stalking MY boyfriend! WHAT have you got to say?!

Lizzy: (smiling) Guilty.

Cameron: Why I outta!

*Cameron raises her hand up & is about to take a hard swing at Lizzy. Lizzy puts her foot out, just as Cameron steps out to hit her. Cameron trips, & falls off the balcony, falling into the Pacific Ocean.*

Bri: OH! That was the moment of the year! Nice one Lizzy!

Smood: (singing & dancing) Ding-Dong the witch it dead. The wicked witch.

Danielle: (Hyper, trying to sound like a munchkin) The mean old witch!

JC: (yelling from Car) HEY!

Gabby: (whispering) Uh-oh! Did he see us?

Mimi: (whispering) No, he just pulled up.

Bri: Oh, Hi JC!

Lance: (in car) Need a ride?

Lizzy: Sure!

Gabby: Yeah.

Smood: Our van broke down.

JC: Well hurry up! we only have 3 hours left & J could be arriving at any moment.

*The angels all hop in JC's GIANT Hummer & ride to his house. All of the N'syncers are there...except J.*

Setting: JC's backyard/Party

Bri: Wow! I just met Julia Roberts! Julia Roberts is here!

Lizzy: Yeah & I met Nelly too!

Mimi: But we haven't met J yet.

Gabby: And look its almost sundown!

Smood: We have 12 minutes until the sun officially sets.

*A limo pulls up to the driveway.*

Danielle: Is it him?

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Postby Bri_Angel » Fri Jan 07, 2005 10:06 pm

Chapter 23

Setting: JC's yard

*A black limo circles around the entrance lot, stopping near the Angels.*

Danielle: Is it him?

Smood: (Whispering) JC, who is it?

JC: I don't know man.

Bri: (to Nsyncers) Seriously, no joking here.

Lance: No joke.

Chris: We're clueless man.

Joey: Yeah.

*One of the limo doors opens. The angels gasp.*

Mimi: Its....

Lizzy: Is it....

Smood: C'mon....

Danielle: Oh please...


Bri: Aw, man!

*Bri's little sister Renee hops out of the limo.*

Bri: Man, who invite her. JC, I'm gonna kill---

*Justin steps out of the same limosine.*

ALL Angels: (in-shock, stuttering) J-J-J-J-J-J-J-J-J-J-J. JUSTIN!

*Justin smiles at the girls. The angels feel like they are about to melt.*

Justin: I've heard about you girls.

ALL Angels: (Still in a daze) Really?

Justin: Yep.

Gabby: It must've been from those message we left you, right?

Justin: Nope.

Bri: Or maybe JC, Chris, Joey, or Lance told you.

Justin: Nope. But I was told by somebody.

Lizzy: Who?

Justin: (pointing to Renee) Her.

Renee: (diva-like) If you guys would've let me in your group, maybe I would've brought him around a little sooner. Don't worry, I'll be signing autographs & accepting thank-you hugs later.

Smood: So are you guys gonna record?

All Nsyncers: Well....

*The angels begin to lose the color in their face. All this work, all this planning, and now their gonna back out of it. Please. Oh Please. No!*

All Nsyncers: OKAY!

*The angels and the nsyncers all run inside JC's house & into the studio.*

Setting: JC's house/Recording Studio

Danielle: What's your next single?

Lance: Well its a song called "You're my angel".

Joey: Inspired by you guys.

ALL Angels: Awww.....

*The nsyncers finally reunite in the studio & the angels witness it. Little did they know, it takes hours for them to record a song. Midnight rolls by & they order a pizzza from where else...DOMINO'S! After eating, the Nsyncers are almost done with their song, but are feeling a little tired. They begin to head out of the studio.*

Smood: And where are you 5 going?

Joey: Uhhh....

Chris: To the bathroom!

Mimi: All 5 of you?

ALL Nsyncers: Yep!

Lizzy: Nope!

Bri: You're trying to go back to bed. Well we have been on an adventure for 3 months. RECORD!

*The nsyncers leave the studio. But only to come back with guilt a few seconds later, still exausted.*

Danielle: I have an idea!

*Danielle leaves the studio, a few minutes later she comes back with 3, 6 packs. 1 of them Pepsi, 1 of them Red Bull, & the other 6 pack of Mountain dew. She begins to mix them together, forming one hyper-active concoction. She hands a glass of it to Joey.*

Joey: Are you sure this isn't poisonous?

Danielle: Positive.

*Joey takes a sip & his eyes become wide, a sign of sudden hyperness. The other guys see this & grab a glass, all becoming hyper. Danielle does this too.*

Danielle: (hyper) Are you guys SURE you don't want any?

Bri: We're good, Miss Hypergirl Universe.

Danielle: Miss Hypergirl Universe?! I'm lovin' it! Ba da ba ba ba....

ALL Nsyncers: (hyper) I'm Lovin' it!

*The Angels (except Danielle) All look at each other.*

Gabby: When you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

*The other angels soon grab glasses of Danielle's crazy concoction & become hyper too.*

ALL Angels: (hyper) We're hyper!

ALL Nsyncers: (hyper) Ba da ba ba ba....

Justin: (Hyper) I'm lovin' it!

*They all burst into laughter, but it quickly get back to finishing the track. After a few hours the track is finally done & the angels are amazed.*

Bri: Wow.

Danielle: What a great song!

Smood: Totally grooveable.

Mimi: Can't wait until the album!

Smood: Yeah.

*Lizzy looks at the clock, 7:15 am. They've been there for more than 12 hours. After their 3 month journey, they've accomplished their goal. If only it could last a bit longer.*

Lizzy: I guess we should go now.

Other Angels: (sadly) Yeah.

*The nsyncers walk the Angels out & to their limo.*

Justin: See ya guys.

Other Nsyncers: (simultaniously) Yeah, see you around.

*The Angel's begin to get in the limo. Bri whispers something in Lizzy's ear, & then in Danielle's. Danielle goes in the back of the limo & opens up the trunk. Lizzy, grabs a nearby broom & hits Justin HARD on the head. Knocking him out like she did before. Bri opens the driver's door & pulls the limo driver out. Lizzy & Danielle drag Justin & put him in the limo trunk before shutting it tightly. They begin to get in the limo.*

Chris: Hey what are you doing with J?

Danielle & Lizzy: (smiling innocently) Nothing.

*Danielle Shuts the limo door, and Bri who's in the Driver's seat zooms off. The other nsyncers & the limo driver try to catch up to the car but give up half way down the road.*

Bri: (driving, laughing) MUAHAHA!


*A few miles away from JC's house Cameron is crawling out of the ocean. Her clothes are now rags on her body. She is breathing heavily with exaustion.*

Cameron: I'll get those Angels!


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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Sun Jan 09, 2005 7:31 pm

:yay: All I have to say about this story is ... I LOVED IT! Ba da da da da. What a wild adventure those angels had. I must commend them for getting the job done, and getting *NSYNC back in the studio, and recording. :yay: Thank the Lord!

And whooda thunk that Renee could've hooked them up with Justin all this time. :lol: I guess it pays to be nice to younger siblings. :P

GREAT WORK! :clap:

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Postby Bri_Angel » Sun Jan 09, 2005 8:29 pm

Thanks. And there's a new one on the way. Its called 'A Date With Destiny". All the Angels live in a house together (with the addition of 3 new angels) that's nearby Justin. But Cameron is nearby....Hmmm....

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Sun Jan 09, 2005 8:35 pm

Very nice! :yay:

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