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Postby laura » Mon Oct 25, 2004 9:27 am

<span style='color:purple'><span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-family:Times'>ok im gonna do this.....this is my second f.f,its so much different from my first you have no ive given it a rating of ® or 18's just incase i offend anyone,just so you know.and if you like it leave feedback!its that simple... :lol:

so here it goes.................... :huh:

So you guys im glad you could finally make it... Johnny Wright laughed outrageously as two of the 5 members of his number 1 band came stumbling through the door at the same time, clashing into each other in the process! "Ouch dude watch where the hell you’re going!!"
"Same to you a**hole!

"Look Chris, Justin just sit the hell down I call this meeting for a reason!"
They did, all five members sat in front of there long time boss, each expecting a meeting on the new album.....but that’s not what they got!
"look you guys you know how ive been having, personal problems right now, and well due to circumstances beyond my control i have to take leave. Like right now!!!!! But you'll be safe hands with some one I trust!
"What? What kind of leave? Like a permanent thing?" Joey was the first to speak up.
"No! like ya'll could get rid of me that easy, no, but I’ll will be having some one fill in here with you guys while im gone.and id like you to meet that person now if you dont mind....
"Johnny you can’t just leave like this not after pressuring us into another god damn album" the youngest and most over confident of the group shouted out as they made there way out of the room.
"Yes I can’t Justin, and if you know what’s good for you you’ll just come with me now!!"
With a huff he mumbled something under his breath and followed his boss in to the other office suit
" knock knock! Treasa there are a few people id like you to meet?" Walking over to the woman situated behind the large desk, feet up yelling at some poor person on the other side for god only knows what...dressed in typical office wear, suit jacket and skirt. Some people called it power dressing, but for the looks of her she didn’t need the dress to have the power she had enough of that all on her own!

"Just a sec!" she held up a finger to signal her need, "yeah well that’s fine if that’s the latest you can do then fine....yeah right! bye."
"sorry about who did you want me to meet?"
" my boys of course! Treasa Wright, meet nsync!""Boys this is your new manager, my lovely niece treasa, i hope y'all will take care of her! Ill let y'all get acquainted.....excuse me..." and with that he left the room,
"So? The silence was....awarked to say the least.
but she spoke up," aright look, despite the fact that you all don’t know sh** about me, I know a whole lot about all of you, and as im your boss from now on, what I say goes. Got it!!!!! Man she was a harse b**** too!
“Or else what you’ll tell Uncle Johnny? Justin remarked with a sarcastic smirk as the rest looked at him with daggers in there eyes.....

Raising her left eyebrow at him while moving closer to him and sitting on top of her desk crossing her legs. " NO because if you don’t ill have your ass kicked so fast you wont know what hit you, I don’t care how "cute" those stupid teenies think you are, i don’t give a sh** if your Christ incarnated, if you don’t pull you weight, your out!!!!! GOT IT b****!"
" yeah got it b****!"
"Justin dude shut upâ€￾ jc whispered too his friend, he was never usually this rude what had gotten in to him!
"no, man she walks in her an assumes were going to kiss her ass, I don’t think so!"
"oh way would that be a problem for the almighty mr Timberlake, ive seen those skanks you hang with, you seem to have no problem kissing there asses?"
"whatever, I don’t care whose niece you are how are we supposed to trust you!"
"well the others arent the ones giving me sh**, so i take it they dont have a problem with me, you seem to be the only one that does so could you please act older than what you look and shut the hell up"

just as the air in the office felt as hot as the vegas in july, just as johnny rentered,
"sooo,how are things going,,,,,"
"fine, right?"
at that they turned to face the man in the door way," yeah fine....."
"gooood! cause a gotta get outta here, ill call yall in a few days to check up,ok, tre hun, you'll be ok right, im sure they wont give you too much trouble?! and if they do, call me!"
glancing at the shaven headed one raising her eyebrow and glaring....."oh i will dont you worry!"

:wub: :wub:


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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Mon Oct 25, 2004 10:51 am

:thumbup: You're off to a great start ... as usual! Loves it! :yay: Treasa and Justin are going to be butting
heads the whole time. Ah, I love a good b**** character. Gives me someone to model myself after. :rofl: :rofl:

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Postby laura » Fri Oct 29, 2004 4:39 am

<span style='font-family:Geneva'>oook still slow on the feedback,cant say im surprised,but thanks paige.... :lol:

since i'll be gone for a week or so i think, ill post a long chapter,so if you like it and i hope you it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rolleyes: </span>

Also this is ahem....more adult than some so just a little warning......

<span style='color:blue'>Alright so this album, what exactly do you wanna do? ideas people, NOW!!!!
well ya cant say she didnt get straight to the point!!!! damn she yelled alot?

"we were hoping to explore a more r'n'b side with this album, like we started with the last album, and like j' has done with his effort,..." jc spoke up more confindantly than the day before...

"right yeah ok i could see that...good, any one else have anything....what about you timber-river-pond-whatever your name is?"
with a disgruntled sigh he ignored her remark and began....
"well, yeah i mean not only have we as a band been M'I'A for the last few years but we've all grown and changed, so have our fans....but we're still nsync and we cant lose sight of why we where popular in the first place plus rnb and hip/hop has pretty much blown up the last few why not go with that?

"so bascilly you want both yours and jc's albums messed? what are we gonna call it squsiofried?
"no we want it to be...."
"oh god you all have no clue do you? jesus tell me i dont have to do for you what i did for spears, jesus, do i have to plan your album for you!!!!!!"
"NO WERE WELL CAPEABLE OF DOING THAT THANK YOU VERY MUCH!"justin answered as he stood up. and headed for the door,
"wait, where the hell do you think your going?"
"away from this,....waste of time,."
"did i say you could leave...NO stop being a b**** and sit the hell down!
"why the hell should i you dont give a sh** about this....."
"and you would know that how? because im not kissing up to im sure most other idiots in skirts do around here huh? because i dont agree to your every dumb suggestion?? is that it!!"" still staring at each other intensly,tre waved her arm towards the door~
" boys would you mind leaving us for a few minutes, we need to talk!
They did, in quiet a hurry to. as justin walked into the room and stood right in front of her face, he was taller than her, even with her in heels, but she didnt find it intimadating,because after all she was the boss,and she planned on letting him know it!

"look, i dont know what the f*** your problem is but i really wish you'd get over it, the additude is getting a little old!"
still he stood there not breaking eye contact with her once, the air between then was s tight it could cut glass, she backed away, because as much as she wasnt intimidated by him, she was unfortuately extemely attracted to the little geek and she hated that fact! but she wouldnt let him see it! she couldnt she needed to keep the upper hand...
0oh MY attitude, what the f***,he looked at her body up and down with a sarcastic grin "have you seen yourself lately,your the one with the....
"And what? so i dont take sh**? big damn deal, you dont like it you know what to do....and being the b**** that you are you would go crying to johnny woulnt you???"
"uh,lisen im well able to stand up for myself especially against phsyo b****es like you!"
"really? " the sarcasim in her voice was more than clear, she moved up to him again, close, so close she could smell whatever colonge he was wearing,he did smell good, no doubt,
"so since your so good at standing up for it...." she looked at him,from the feet up, and locked her eyes on his...
"you dont want me to do that do you? "

"wouldnt have said it otherwise?"
"fine!" and with that he grabbed her,tight and pulled her against him,so close she could feel everything,EVERTHING! And he kissed her, a deep passionate kiss the kind that leave you lightheadand wanting more,much more.....of course she could let him over take her, she had to maintain control, without that she had nothing! and as his hands where making there way down and up under her skirt, she took his hand and pulled him away but her body and mouth did the oppisiate, and then she realised where they were!
"stop! stop it now!"
pulling away she saw the confusion in his eyes,and the frustration!" what the f***! i thought you said...."
"yeah well i did but not now ok, jesus anyone could walk in!" she straightend herself up and headed for her desk,
"well what the hell did you want me to do, not take the wanted that i could feel it....""
"so what if i did? jesus....look just get out ive work to do and im sure you have "someone to be getting on with " so just go!"

he was totally confused,raising his hand in the air he yelled at her" fine,but the next time you have the urge to do something, keep it to yourself! will you! sh**!"

justin walked out of the office totlally confused,she had come on to him, but then she'd stopped it? why? that never happens to him,never...what was with this chick! he didnt know what came over him,or him or her for that matter! it was clear that she hated him, so then why was she acting that way...

It was eight o clock that evening when justin finaly got of the phone with jc, they were discussing ideas for the album,all of which he'd hated, it was just some so much easier being solo, at least then he didnt have to answer to anyone.this whole album was going to suck, he could feel it.
The door bell rang,it didnt usually because anyone who could get throught the gates should have a key?

hi,can i come in? what was she doing here?
"Treasa? what are you doing here?"
"here you left these.handing him his schedule papers" i was on my way over any way.... jive has set a date for the start of the new album, its in 6weeks, so they want at least six songs ready for recording by then...."
"ok,so what didnt you just tell me earlier...."

"i didnt know then,duh otherwise i would've said something?!"
"fine lisen about what happened in your office, im sorry i shouldnt have done that, really, i was......"
she busted out laughing at his statement so much it knock him of his train of thought!
"im..sorry, its just funny, i mean YOU taking the blame for what happened, I was the one who started and ended it so what the hell are you saying sorry for!!!???"
"well yeah but com'on it wasnt right and i should've not done it...."
walking over to the large leather sofa she sat down in a huff
"GOD why are you sooo goody goody all the damn time!" "its pathic really dude!"
"what? excuse me im not "goody goody!" okay!!!"
"riight...sure, im sure you do exciting dangerous stuff allllll the time, ahuh!" her tone was in total sarcasim,and this really sent justin up the wrong way.....she really was a b****...

"i do! ok and who the hell are you to judge whatever I do?"!
"sweetie, doing cameron diaz maybe dangerous given got know what she has, shes been around the block so many times she needs a car...but thats not what i ment....i meant something fun, dangerous, that gets your adrenaline pumping, and makes you feel things that you havent felt in a long time! that type of thing!"
"i do things like that!"
"o such as??"
"ahuh like i thought! take sex for example, i bet you are a really safe person when it come to sex are'nt you?"
"no? ok when was the last itme you had sex when a) it wasnt in a bed and B) you couldve gotten caught!"? her amusement was written all over her face, and the shocked look on his face was only making it much more obivious!
" excuse me, but i have a very satisfing sex life thank you very much, and anyway its not such a good idea for me to put myself in a plce where the press can find me, especially with sex.... i mean come on,can you picture johnnys face if pictures of THAT ended up on his desk, he'd have a fit!"

"see this is what i mean....always playing it safe, thinking of other people!its so boring.... havent you ever just had the urge to have some one right there without waiting, and just damn the consiquences???"
"well,yeah,but i have self control,and theres much more important things in a relationship than wild sex....
"not much.....but if you say so!"
"well since were on the subject....what about you....?"
"i have a healthy sex life and i do what and who i what i want....scerw the world if it cant deal with it..thats there peoplem....i dont think its healthy to surpress things......its just....not!"

"yeah i guess? there was a sort silence what where they supossed to talk about now,,,,,
" a movie or something?" he was reaching, he was....but he didnt want her leave, and he felt to weird to start another topic of conversation,he was afriad where she'd go next.....
"NOPE,with that she got of the sofa.and headed for the stairs... what the hell....
"come with me...." she looked behind her while she made her way up the large staircase...
what the hell was she doing....of course his curiosity got the better of him and he got up and began the walk upstairs behind her
"what are you doing"? there she was looking out of his bedroom window, you've got an amazing view of the skyline from here,its beautiful,
" um,yeah it is,,but im confused? what are we doing up here? " he wasnt just confused,he was nervous,she hated him, what was she doing here, like this?.
walking up to him and putting her hands at the sides of his waist,she looked up into his face,right into his eyes " what do you think we're doing here?"
"i,dont know,what to think,im thinkin' something but i dont no for sure?"

"huh,ok soooooo what do you WANT me to do up here?" she pondered it as thought she was thinking it over?
"i want...idont know what i want....but this is..."
And with that she stopped him with a kiss a so charged with heat and passion he felt as if he was floating,the feel of her body pressed hard up against him was like heat radiating off her like hot coals on a fire. As the kiss deeped he began to relax into it, Then his hands were on her, pushing up her skirt and tugging her underwear down her hips. but she wasnt about to let him win that easily she was incontrol and she planned on letting him know that! she slid her hands up towards his sholders and pushed him hard against the bed and In turn she reached for his belt, yanking at it with both hands, struggling to get it free. he was in shock that was obivious from the look on his face, but his body was telling her lots of other things.And these were the things she wanted.
As they both struggled to be the more dominant of the two, all of there clothes gradully began to get spread throughtout the bedroom floor,he wanted to take her over completley,but she wouldnt let up, she held her own and wouldnt give in, no matter what he tried to do to her to get her to loosen up, she was in control, and if he was honest, he liked it..... alot!
As they continued to drive each other over the edge with pleasure,no matter how gentle he tried to be with her.she was having none of it, she wanted it hard and fast, and laughed at him when he suggested they slow down "cant keep up huh?"

"oh no i can,but why cant we just take our time..."i want to know every part of you..." "shhhhhh" she didnt want to hear these things,not from him,not now,,,,there was nothing tender or loving about this act. This act was pure sex. And that was just the way she wanted it!...... lying there she watched as he trotted of the the bathroom,it had only been a few minutes since things had calmed down. she didnt want to leave, but if she stayed she didnt know what would happen, and she could take the chance of getting attactched to him, emontionally at least.
but just as she was ready to hope up and run, he reappeared looking as hot as ever, and staring right at her, she was truely beautiful, everything about her was,perfect she was cold with him at first, but now, he'd hoped things would be different, they had to right?
He climbed into bed beside her again, and usually after such an act, girls like to cuddle'n'sh**,right? thats what always happened before, and unlike other guys he acutally enjoyed it, it felt nice.
"com'ere?" he asked her with a low whisper,while holding out his arm, he was lying on his side just looking at her, she had a strange look on her face when he said that.....
"no,im fine here thanks,"
"oh,ok..." he knew she was different from other girls but they all liked to be close after doing that? or so her thought?And if he was being honest with himself, he was a little hurt...
"look i have to, i have to go..." she began to get up from under the covers, he held on to her arm and she looked back at him with a question in her eyes..."what?" "well.why are you leaving,,, stay...."

"what for ?"
"jesus i dont know,just stay, talk,whatever,,,dont just leave like this..."
"like what?"
"this.its just so......cold or something?""
"well what did you want me to do? justin,what exactly did you think this was?
"it was sex...." he looked confused and for a second she thought he looked hurt...
"yes it plain and simple, why would i want to stay? i already got what i came for!"
at this point she was was already half dressed,and searching around for her shoes....
"what? what do you mean what you came for?"
she smirked at that, could he be THAT clueless?
"jesus,do you really think i came over here just to drop of sh**,look like i said today i get what i want, and i wanted to i did end of story, come on like you've never done it?
"no!" he got up,found his underwear and walked towards her,with her other shoe.
"so this was "just sex" right? " sh** i didnt know women could be so cruel,no wait i did,but not about this?!

"what did you want?me begging for a relationship or whatever just because we got busy under your sheets? I DONT think so sweetie, look stop being a little b****....tell me youve havent had a one night stand and just wished they leave and back off?
"ok so we've all been there,but never with anyone i knew....."
"you dont know me?" "so there should be no problem."
"we gotta work together....wont it be..."
"awarked? only if we let it? and to be honest, sex and work for me are completlely separate, and this you and me, wont be happening again so like i said i dont see a problem... i gotta go,"
justin didnt even get a chance to respond as she strolled out the door,and into her porse boxster.....

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Fri Oct 29, 2004 8:58 am

:drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:

OH BOY! I need a cool glass of water after that chapter. Hot, passionate, rough sex with Justin ... oh, how my
mind wanders!

Usually the guy is the one just taking off like that, so this role reversal is excellent. :thumbup: And Treasa's one hot
b****, so now it's Justin's turn to try and tame her. :lol:

Great work! :clap:

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Postby laura » Thu Nov 04, 2004 12:59 pm

ok im gonna be a b**** and bump my own sh** but if people are readin this.......leave feedback,how else will i know if this sucks or not....paige is too nice to say do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks. :blink:

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Thu Nov 04, 2004 1:23 pm

But apparently I'm not nice or else I wouldn't be involved in so many damn fights. :lol:
I better win that Fac Fic Beggar Award b/c I ROCK at feedback. :kiss:

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Postby sexyirishgurl » Thu Nov 04, 2004 6:59 pm

laura i just saw this story today and god is it good lol im lovin it already,i want more so update asap,and fyi it does not suck. :D

i love teresa though im like u paige luv a gud b**** story but can see her humblin 2wards justin soon.

here charcater is takin the male role like sam in sex and the city luvin rox

great work laura

keep it up. :)

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Thu Nov 04, 2004 7:39 pm

Woo, Lisa, on behalf of Laura, I gotta give you mad love and thanks for checking out this story. I know
that Laura will be very pleased to have gained another reader. :yay:

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Postby sexyirishgurl » Fri Nov 05, 2004 9:21 am

cheers paige its my pleasure. :) im sure laura will gain loads more readers as this stori is really interesting cant wait to see where u go next with it.i wud of read it sooner only didnt no it was on this board just saw it yesterday. :) update as soon as u can laura.

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Postby laura » Tue Nov 09, 2004 10:08 am

<span style='color:red'>oooooooh i gotta another reader,nicccceeee... well heres some more so you know what to do,love it hate it..just respond......... :blowkiss:

<span style='font-family:Times'>justin was still completely baffled by her behaviour, he'd never before been treated like a one night stand,he was usually the one to do the deed and get out of there as fast as possible, but he'd never been on the recieving end of it and it to be completely honest it hurt.
Treasa, was in her office as usual at ten minutes to eight, going through paperwork for the new nsync album, and whatnot, she had a rough night, after leaving justins place she tried getting some much needed sleep,but something was keeping her awake and she couldnt shake it off, so now here she was half asleep and grabby as hell....she didnt want to deal with this sh**!

"ugh...why am i doing this...they dont give a sh**...why should i?..
totally frustrated she picked up the phone, she needed at least one of them in the office to do this with, she needed there aproval,as stupid as that was.
"joe,hey treasa here when you get this could you or one of the group meet me i my office before noon.thanx!"
typical,anwer machine hes probley too lazy to answer his damn phone!
buried under the piles of paper work and having spend half the moring on the phone to producers and songwriters, she was beginning to think noon wouldnt come fast enough!
"knock knock" sticking his head around the door, there was no one there,joey had said he couldnt make it to this "meeting" so he figured she'd have to talk to him about what happened between them, even if it was to yell, he needed to know how she felt....he hoped she felt something?..
strolling throught the office building, feeling somewhat more awake with coffee in her system,she headed back to her office, not expecting to see who she** what was he doing here?
dispite her nerves she didnt want him to see her weak so she resumed the ice approach she has held up to everyone for so long and walked through the door...
"justin.hi,well since you were the only one that showed up i think we need to disuss a few things"
"i agree," helookeda at her with a slight question in his eyes...or was that pain....knowing him...probley not..
" this album.i get that your heart isnt in it an all, but dude youv gota make it work otherwise its my ass on the line and im not losing my job over five lazy dudes who just dont give a sh** about anything any more except money and...women, and in one understand?
"yeah,whatever, we have ideas and we we want to be careful above what we do with this album,so if its taking more time than you'd like then im sorry but this is our careers on the line..."
"WE?! ive heard that alot, we....but it seems you are the only one bothered to do this...come here on a friday afternoon and bother to take about this...were are the rest of the "WE?"! "

"i dunno,busy i guess...." justin was really getting fed up with her questions,and there was still one thing he needed to talk to her about before anything...

"busy,funny from what i know you were the only one with a career,to speak of,why were'nt you busy??"
"i just wasnt ok?jesus why do you always have to push sh**!"
"im not pushing anything! dont bite my head off just because you've had a bad day,sh** it has nothing to do with me ok!""
"well incase you didnt notice it has EVERYTHING to do with you, with you,me and what happened last night!!"
"ohh.what? di i hurt your feelings?poor you,not used with being used huh?"
"look just stop being a b**** ok.just for one second!""this is importaint"
"ohhh and why is that?? look justin, we had sex simple as that....its not a big deal...!"
"well maybe it is to me!"
"god what are you a woman!dude,com'on get real...!"
"so your saying you just...what used me to get laid is that it?
"yup...gotta problem with that,because you didnt seem to mind at all last night when you got just as much as i did,so dont go acting like i forced you in to this, im guessing, but i could be wrong but you seem smart enough so dont tell me you didnt know what i wanted from you???!"
"maybe..but what if i said i wanted more........"
"not just that...jesus...more from you..i dont know to be honest but i dont want what happened last night to be just some stupid one time thing?"
with a sarcasim tone off the charts in her voice she responded with a smirk
"sweetie,like i said last always get what i want and i dont want some "relationship" with a boyband member,sh** im your boss for now it would not go down well at all!" " and besides IT WAS SEX! GET OVER IT... I AM!"
looking over at her as if he didnt beileve her "really?? so if it was just sex then why do i get the feeling you want it to be more?
"more???? your kidding right?thats the last thing i want!!
look can't you just forget about it and go find another girl to annoy please,im getting tired of this and i have alot of work to do.
"i dont believe you..i think this whole image that you have going is just an act. you cant be this much of a b****?
not all the time.
"whatever,just go away!"
And he did but he wasnt giving up on her not just like that he somehow knew that he could bring her round and find out just what she was hiding,it wouldnt be easy but he was more than willing to try...

After justin left her office tre was.well more than anything irritated as hell at him,she totally regreated doing with him what she did, she knew the boy was sensitive but this was absurd,he was acting like a woman! All she wanted was to have sex with him and now he wanted her be all girly and sh**,no way the last thing she needed was another "relationship"!

the phone had been ringing non stop all moring with producers left and right as well as other artists looking for a guest vocal, the nsync album was one that was antisipated for sure but at 22 treasa wasnt exactly used to this world that her uncle had just thrown her into sure she'd delt with this crap before but on a much smaller level,now she was totally incharge of getting this thing done and to be honest she had no clue how to do it! Add the fact that one member of this band seemed to have a serious interest it provided another unnessary distraction!

"man can i talk to you for a sec.?" sitting down with his best friend on one of the empty recliner chairs in hisliving room he turned to him, "sure whats up?"
"well i have this problem,its really importaint that you dont tell anyone!"
"o sh** your not dying are you?"
rolling his eyes "no! but see,there's this girl,this women and i really like her,and well we've even slept together,well ok we didnt sleep but we did have sex,but the problem is she's not like most girls?
smirking his friend looked up to meet his glare..."shes a guy?"
"sh** man shut up and lisen ok?"
"sorry,so go on...."
"ok,well shes sort of different right shes not girly and sweet at all she hates me!!!!!"
"uhh she hate you,then why did she sleep with you...!
"hell i dont know she just did and she was incharge of everything dude seriously she would'nt let up...i dont get it! im completley confused, i like her and id like to get to know her,ya know but shes having none of this!!!"
" she hot?"
"of course shes hot shes beautiful.!but shes so stuborn!""
"ahuh...dude i dont know she seems like the perfect woman no strings and sex with a hot woman,its like christmas!!! why are you complaining"
"im not...not really i guess i just used to being treated like this, and theres another problem!"
"what...shes married?"
"no,not that i know of?...uh,shes,,,,well shes johnny's niece"
"shut up....dude you did not just f*** with his family! hes sooo going to kick your ass! your a dead man!""
"i know man i know!!!!!!!
*************************************** **********************</span></span>

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Postby BabyBlue2578 » Tue Nov 09, 2004 11:29 am

^_^ Hey, girl! I meant to respond the other day, but the bootlegness of the computer started kicking in and didn't post.

But I honestly love it. You've got a great little story on your hands, especially with someone as on f***in' fire as Treasa. :lol: (Love that name, by the way.) She and Justin are gonna make for an AWESOME duo, I see. The biitches are the best... And I would definitely know! :P

I gotta run to class, so I can't read the update, but I'm looking forward to it for when I get home. Later, doll! :kiss:

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Tue Nov 09, 2004 5:12 pm

Trace has a point: Sex with no strings attached! And the problem is? :rofl: Justin seems like he's really being genuine in his attempt to have a more meaningful relationship with Treasa, so I hope that she eventually lets down her guard, and gives him a chance. She'd be a fool to pass up an oppotunity to have super hot sex with him all the time. ;) :lol: :D

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Postby sexyirishgurl » Tue Nov 09, 2004 6:48 pm

amen paige lol justin does seem really genuine about his feelings 2wrds her so hopefully shell see that and want 2 get to no him better 2 as i think theyd b gud for each other.and wat man wud turn down no strings sex with a hot woman? hes got it bad lol update laura ,cheers. lovin ur work> :)

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Postby laura » Wed Nov 10, 2004 6:00 am

<span style='color:purple'>it makes me giddy that i have feedback to read......i will update,i promise just gotta find the right disk first............ :rolleyes: </span>

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Postby laura » Wed Nov 10, 2004 6:42 am

njoy! :D

<span style='color:gray'>"impossible..."</span>

Sitting at the panio bar below the offices treasa held on to her apple martini and flipped through her notes and messeges from various producers that she had to meet,she hated this part of the job it was so time consuming and irritating.Plus the dumbasses of nsync had no idea how much she was working for their benefit! being approached by guys was nothing new for her she was used to it,in this bar it was mostly yuppie lawers and such who bascally thought they were god! she loved bringing them down a knotch or three when they tried there cheesy lines on her and if she then decided to play with them she knew they couldnt handle her and she was highly amused by that fact!

"hi?so.uhh...can i buy you a drink"
Another scrawny kid in a suit thinking hes the one she wants....not likely..but she decided to play any way.
"nope got one thanks!" not looking up from her papers she dismissed him if he was someone she felt like messing with he wouldnt give up that easily....
"uhhh ok,well how about i buy me a drink and sit with kevin by the way.."
Finally looking up at him she realised he wasnt really a kid in a suit looked about thirty...not bad on the eye, "well...kevin do what you like i dont care..."
"could we talk...uh,im sorry i didnt catch your name?"
"thats cause i didnt throw it,duh...."
"ook,so do you come here alot?"
oh people come up with different lines please.....
" you?"
"no,im only in L.A for a few weeks im a new yorker....."
"oh,nice...what do you do..." she didnt care but it beat work.
" wall street,stock market...." looking quiet proud of himself
"im supossed to be impressed right now huh?" with a smirk she reached for her drink.//
"well girls mostly are when i say that...."
"well im not most girls...."
looking her up and down he answered,with a glint in his eye,one she recognised instantly... "no,i see that..."
After much flirting on his part she decided to bite his bait and go with him back to his hotel to be exact, she had sex with him not a huge surprise...but for him it seemed like a big deal because he kept saying "he'd never done anything like this before" yeah she believed that one... for her though it was some one to pass the time.Even just for a few hours of guilt free pleasure it was worth it,afterwards she immedantly got bored and had to get out of there she felt like she was suffacating,just as he was about to dose off beside her she got up and grabbed her clothes and headed for the door....
"hey!! where are ya going??"
"where does it look like im going?....out!!"
"why? stay..its late...also i didnt catch your name?what is it?"
"does it matter? we're done..cya." and with that she was out the door,reaching the elevators she felt that felling again the one she always got when she did what she had just done.she didnt know if it was guilt or discust with herself,but it was always there,a good hot shower always made it dissapear,even just for a little while,on till the next distraction came along!

Justin got out of his jeep at the parking garage just below her appartment building.It was a high end place thats for sure,not surprising,he wanted to see where she lived,he couldnt sleep for thinking about her so, if he just happened to bump into her then that was all well and good too.
Heading up the elevator to the penthouse appartment the carrage got stalled at the second floor.
"damit...people take the stairs...." as the door opened she couldnt believe who she saw....what was wrong with the man didnt he get it??????
"what the f*** are you doing here justin?its 4 in the morning?
looking at her --she looked as though the ringer she looked messed up and like she'd been crying way.not her?...
"hello to you too sweetie,always nice to see ya!" he mocked cheer,added with sarcasim.
"ahuh why are you here?"
"i was..uh visiting a friend..."
"oh you have friends....surprising...." as the lift took off,she was confused if he was leaving why didnt he go down and not up....?
With the ding of the doors opening she ignored the fact he hadnt moved,she got out and headed for her door,unlocked it and stepped inside.just as she removed her coat she heard a knock at the door,temped not to answer she felt weird,but did so way...."justin,,,,what do you want...go home you physo...!"
" No! like i said i came to visit a friend! " stepping up to her inside the door frame "..hello friend...."
Opening the door she peaked out a little more, "ok look im convinced your insane,and we are sooo not friends...go away or i swear i'll call the cops."
"Sure you will...and say what that a person you work with and slept with wants to talk and you freaked out,,,,im so going to jail then....."
"look what do you want its late...."
"like i said i want to you now!"
"about?" shurgging and looking lke a five year old he puffed out his lower lip and looked above.."i dunno,com'on its feezing out here cant i at least come in...."
She thought it over for a few seconds and decided she may as well....she had nothing better to do and it wasnt like she ever felt safe enough to sleep....
"fine but not for long,you gota go home...!"
"sure..." and with that she let him in all the way,he looked around her place,not caring that she was staring right at him.
After she let him and he gave her the his opinions on her place~ they both headed for the sofa,she switched on the tv and against her judgement offered him a coffee.
"so what'ya do tonight?" he was interested sure... but would she tell him the truth or just what he wanted to hear.
"um..well nothing THAT exciting,went to a bar had a few drinks,you know how it goes..."
"yeah i had a pretty quiet night too,got bored,i need to keep active you know!!"
"humm,,,,so to keep "active" you decided to stalk me in the middle of the night,i could have been busy,in bed or out,how did you even know where i live?
"uhhh.well ok you got me i asked the secetary at the offices.... said it was and emergency..."
"huh" "placing her mug on her coffee table she curled her legs underneath herself and moved slightly closer to him...!remind me fire her..."
"why,you dont like talking to me??" looking sheepish yet adoreable in a navy nike zip up and faded jeans she could exactly deny that the whole conversation wasnt exactly horrible,She liked his company,if anything it beat being alone,althought she'd never admit it!
"well from what i can tell your the one doing all the talking....but ok this isnt THAT bad...."
grinning at her as he looked her body up and down she felt a tingle travel up her spine,it took something special to give her tingles like that,she just wished it didnt have to be him..................</span>

feeeeeeeeeeeeedback? :crossfingers:

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Wed Nov 10, 2004 8:24 am

:D Tingles .... oooooooh ..... tingles. Could those be, dun, dun, dun .... feelings? :nod: :thinking:. But I really want to see if see tells him about her one-night stand. I'm thinking that she won't, but she just might to push him away as soon as she lets him in. She's not going to give up on her games yet.

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Postby sexyirishgurl » Wed Nov 10, 2004 8:55 am

great chapter laura, oh shes got the tingles lol,i hope she doesnt keep up these one nite stand and i hope her nite with kev made her realise that she doesnt want other men that she wasnt to b with justin. :) its nice to see justin hasnt given up persuing her yet.ther gettin ther gradually. lovin it . update. :)

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Postby laura » Fri Nov 12, 2004 5:36 am

ooooooook i did something very very stupid last night i was just finishing this off right and i accidently wiped out like 8 chapters, and now i gota start em over...i mean i have em on disk but it wont open them so im says ther is a problem when opening this** sh** sh**!!! soo girls it might be a while so sorry! :( :heartbreaker: :lonely: :shrug:

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Fri Nov 12, 2004 8:28 am

:( Awww Laura, that sucks. I'm sorry that it had to happen because I know how hard you must have worked on those. Take your time, sweetie. I completely understand. :hug:

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Postby sexyirishgurl » Fri Nov 12, 2004 10:31 am

:( awww laura im so sorry,i no how u feel i once lost 18 pages of course work for english in 5th ,dam computers anyway,take ur time,that really sux,i no how much effort u must of put in2 the chapters,god luv ye,i completely understand 2 . :)

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Postby laura » Fri Nov 12, 2004 10:41 am

:angry: yup im depressed and whats worse is that i really liked it, and since it was my own work...well its a huge deal....damn-it anyway seriously....hate stupid dumbass disks....thanks girls...ill try and get it out again might not be as good as i had it...but..... :rolleyes: :huh:

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Postby laura » Fri Dec 17, 2004 5:35 am


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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Fri Dec 17, 2004 9:30 am

Somebody's stalling and it ain't me. :nono: :lol:

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Postby laura » Fri Dec 17, 2004 10:56 am

<span style='color:green'>guilty i know but i WILL do it do night i swear! ive just copied and pasted whats on here to a disk(hopefully not a bootleg one like b4) and i will have something by monday.....promise!!!! ta da!!!!! :wacko: </span>

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Postby laura » Mon Dec 20, 2004 5:01 am

<span style='color:orange'>okay talk about sloooow but i had to OVERCOME technology sh** in order to get this goin' again,but its not half as good as i had it before it got wiped,but here it is njoy and tell me what ya think! ;) </span>

<span style='color:red'>starting over?</span>

<span style='color:green'>For a good hour the silly very late night conversation continued, nothing in general came up but just a bunch of random topics none of which where close to what was known as "personal infomation",which was just the way she wanted it!
Sure he gave her tingles when he looked at her a certain way or when he laughed but that didnt mean sh**! it was harmless as far as she was concerned.

And thats when the bubble burst.

"so treasa,about tonight when you came in, you looked...well..did something happen tonight?"
"oh? what?"
"I dont just looked,as'd been crying..."
"WHAT? hell no i wasnt cryin' timberlake,incase you hadnt noticed it was and is late. ive had a long ass day,so what if i looked like sh** it doesnt mean i was crying"
"ok ok i was just"
"trifiling!thats what you where doin'"
"no i....." Walking over to her front door she montioned her arm towards it
"get out..."
"i said get out!!!"
"why we..we where just...!"
"yeah well not any more! i want you to leave.......NOW"
His blood was boiling,she'd done a complete 180 in the last few seconds and it pissed him off that she was being so defencive about stupid sh**!
"Look all i was asking was if you were ok....
"I dont care get out...."
"fine i'll leave!!!!-jesus talk about bi-polar!"

And with that he left slamming the door behind him for dramatic effect leaving her dazed and even more confused than before,she kept losing her cool with him....she never usually lost her cool and she hated the he of all people was the one to do it?. So after he left she consoled herself with a large whiskey-or five before crashing into bed for about an hours sleep.

Walking into the office building at 9am she realised as it was saturday and hopefully pretty empty-all except for cleaning staff and they were already on their way out so armed with a small tray load of starbuck lattes and paperwork she headed to her office.
With the cleaning staff all gone it was quiet too quiet and it was giving her the creeps so to keep herself company she blasted some music-funny how it always seemed to make things go faster, so blasting some through her sound system she began typing like a mad woman, for a good two hours she worked interepputed she was so busy she didnt hear the lifts come up and one person get off and enter the offices.

Looking around the large and well decorated main office of "Wright Entertainment" justin just couldnt seem to find the papers he needed for his meeting....of course they where in the on place he hadnt looked....her office.

Singing at the top of her lungs,belting out "mariah careys heartbreaker" as she typed,justin carefully put his head around her door,she had no clue he was there this was her-just being her and she had a spine tingling voice to go with her endless attitude as well it seemed. He was still pissed at her because no matter how beautiful she was or no matter how much he just wanted her shestill shot him down repeatedly! any other woman and he would have given up long ago- out of boredom than anything else,but one thing about Treasa, she was never boring..& justin was never one to give up on something he wanted..And he still had this over whelming sense to just....protect her! from what he wasnt sure, he just wanted to more than anything.

Watching her for a few seconds longer he snapped out of his daze and realised he had to knock before she knocked him out so he did...she didnt he knocked again....and called her
Shocked and stunned that someone was in her office-no not just someone...timberlake and he'd heard her singing! holy crap... turing off the music as she looked at him standing in her door way looking a little nervous...well she knew why it was cute she made him nervous-she liked it!

"Timberlake?what the hell are you doin' here its saturday....shouldnt you be partying with some playboy bunnies or some sh**...?"
rolling his eyes he stepped further in to the over sized office and approached her desk "no if you must know i have a meeting tomorow and since the building is closed then,i just wanted to get the papers for the producers they gotta sign em' before we start writing remember." his tone was cold and unemotional,something Treasa wasnt exactly used too from him....but she ignored it.
"right well here you are" handing them over and returning to her work as he began walking out of the office...he stalled.
"humm?" still typing....
"dont you have somewhere to be on a saturday? his tone less harsh than before............
"yeah so you got what you came for....don let me keep you..."
sighing deepy for courage more than anything he returned to her full view.
"look do you hate me that much you wont even hold a conversation with me?"

Not the feminine bit again pu-lease! Stopping her work she looked at him standing over her awkwardly with his hands resting in his jeans pocket......
"look justin..i...i dont hate you okay...your just really annoying."
"oh thats better then?"
"no i just....look your okay..okay?you just push thats all....and..."
"and! its annoying havin' someone all up in my sh** all the time okay...."
"but im okay and you dont hate me?"
last ditch effort here! if she says no,thats it im done being rejected a guy can only take so much!!!!!!!!!
"okay since you dont hate me an all,how....bout...we go get something to know since you dont hate me and with the work load ya have there im guessin' your gonna need something other than coffee to keep you going...."
he was being sincere,and it scared the sh** out of her......
"umm..well.. i guess that would be ok?,but i pick right?cause you know i leave it up to you and we'd end up in mc donalds...." stepping into her chloe button down caramel coat she ventured for the door...justin very close behind her..
"so what do you feel like?" he asked as he called for the lift.
smirking she looked him up and down slowly...making him visably uncomfortable as she stepped into the open lift
"baby,you already know how i feel!"

FEEDBACK!? :unsure:

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Mon Dec 20, 2004 8:43 am

Ahhh, there is a lot of sexual tension between these two. It's very hot. Some people are all about the game of cat-and-mouse, and it looks like that's the game these two are playing. They like each other one moment and then they're fighting like enemies. :lol:

Treasa better watch out, though. She seems to push herself very hard and she's going to burn herself out with all of the work, and then the drinking, and trying to keep up her tough attitude.

So happy to have this story back! :yay:

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Postby laura » Tue Jan 04, 2005 11:29 am

:blink: bump!! :D :D :D

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Tue Jan 04, 2005 5:15 pm

Me want story, please. :please: :lol:

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Postby laura » Mon Jan 10, 2005 5:19 am

<span style='color:red'>
"surprising isnt it?"</span>

<span style='color:purple'>
Wandering into the resturant..."chi" after a short cab ride to get there they had stepped inside just as the los angeles skies opened and it began pouring rain like it hadnt in a long time.
Being seated she realised that being in "mr timberlakes " company certanly got them the best seats and immedient attention....not bad.
picking up her menu she scanned and had to ask "so is it like this everywhere you go?"
eyeing her meekly and shrugging...."what?"
"you know what,all that"certainly mr timberlake! right away mr timberlake! three bags full mr timberlake"
she certainly had a way with made him smile...
"well... i guess it depends really..."
"i dont know if the place is hip or not and if they take whos seen in it seriously& i guess this place is."
"why'd you say that...."
"mainly? cause i own half of it...."
oh i knew that.....dumbass...

"really.." i lied....
"really....i like doing stuff like this you know?its a good investment for me and it helps other people too with business and with what they wanna do so i guess so its like a win win..."

As we ordered i just nodded along as he rambled on about business and investments not that it was boring it wasnt. i was just wondering how that boy got so much nerve.i'd shot him down countless times and still he kept coming back,either he was incredibly stupid which she doubted to be the case~ he knew his sh** and he had the notches on his belt to prove it, but i still didnt get why he cared so much that we "talked" most guys would have killed for a no strings realitionship-but not him...

"sorry i know i ramble,im i boring you...."~"

she snapped out of her thoughts and returned to his stare....

"uh no sorry i was just..."

"spacing out..."



"whatever..." As their food arrived they settled in to "dinner conversation" justin kept it light and casual,the last thing he needed was her to unleash one of her many personailities on him again- and in public....
"so johnny...hows he doin'?"
"good! he calls every couple of days to check in on me and ya'll,its funny he still thinks of me as ths little girl...but i dont know i guess parents get that way right?"
"parents? i thought he said he was your uncle..."

sh**,now she needed to explain....

"well he is my uncle.but..well he sorta raised me so,i guess thats why i think of him as my "parent" she used her fingers to get her point across in quote marks....
"ohh..." he looked down at his small bowel of noddles-he was almost finished and knew if he pushed again she'd freak so he left it.
"so any way..."
"should we go its almost 6 i gotta be getting back..."

"oh ok,should i call someone to come get you..."

"na,lets just take a cab..." at that she grabbed her purse and coat and headed for the door leaving him with the bill...

It was still pouring rain heavier than ever it seemed and she was getting soaked trying to hail a cab...
So he joined her but for a full ten mintues no joy...damn cab drivers!
"Treasa,we should've just called someone this is hopeless and im getting wet..."
"oh quit whinning you woman a little water never hurt any one"
"huh!a LITTLE soaked..."
giving him my best "i dont give a sh** look" i spotted a cab! About freakin' time!!!!

"look see i told you i'd get a cab " as she stepped right into the middle of the road ~ damn shes crazy she couldve been run over!!!!!
"well come on it a'int gonna wait forever!!!!" she said with her usual spunk'd attitude....
climbing into the cab as she spat of directions.

"girl could have been killed!

"yeah yeah...."

Watching her as she just looked out the window and sighed i couldnt help but wonder what she was thinking....not that it mattered because i noticed we'd pasted the office building and she said nothing...
"uhhh treasa,we pasted....the offices where are we going?"
"well WE are going to MY place as its closest and your wet im wet and i cant get sick right now so i gotta change..."
"And what about me?"
"what about you?"
"eh drenched!!"
"oh seriously dude your such a baby...ill find you something...."
"im not a baby...."
"sure...course not...." raising her eyes to heaven she let him know her sarcastic feelings on his well being....

After fighting over the cab fair(her agument was he paid for food she paid for transport-he let her win just to get the outta the rain!) they finally made it to her appartment where it was dry and warm..
"sit...ill get you something to wear...i hope..." as she dissapeared through her seemingly endless appartment.
sit he did,trying not to drip on her furniture...he switched on the tv and waited....and waited and waited....he knew her place was big,but damn she couldnt get lost..could she?

Finally 15 minutes later she emerged looking fresh and clean in a pair of blue nike sweat bottoms and a white tank top...
"ok i realised when i was changing...i live uhh" handing him the contents of her arms "this is the best i could do...sorry....the driers over there in the back room just stick em on..."
"uhh oh...k" inspecting the clothes she handed him he was more than a little nervous about what it was....but he did as she asked.
Some ten minutes later he came from her small utilities room wearing nothing but a rather small black robe...small on him anyways...and he knew he looked like an idiot... and her laughing didnt help matters any...
"ok ok i get i look stupid...girl you a'int got ANYTHING bigger? come on now ive got at least a foot on you....this thing..."looking down at himself in the tiny robe "its...embarrassing."

through her laughter she managed to speak,somehow it was killin her he looked so funny
" sorry i really couldnt find anything...."
"yeah yeah....whatever..."
"here" handing him a glass of jack d and coke as she took one herself..."sit...if you can..."

"ok knock it off already..."
"what im sorry you just....look...adoreable.."
"shut up" dying to smile and having a hard time hiding it he began to himself!
" do sorry but its the truth"!
it was good to see that she had finally loosened up around him and he realised it was the first time she'd laughed since he met her....he liked that he'd been the one to make her laugh.

After pouring some more jd's and coke as well as investing in a pay per view movie "Alfie" that neither of them were watching as they kept diving into conversation..
"so...justin what do you do for fun" adopting her interview voice as she had done a few times that night."...she'd been teasing him about lying in interviews...and he admitted "honestly" was his "im lying outta my ass " phrase in some if not all of his interviews.

"Come on.... Treasa you know all this about me....lets talk about you..."
"im not that interesting trust me! and besides its more fun i wanna see if i can spot a timberlake lie!!!!"
"okay,i like singing(duh) surfing and of course golf...and.."
"AND?" she questioned again...
"and...uhh total sterotype here but uhhh video games..."

" Videogames..huh..and HOW old are we again...."
"hey now it takes a lot of skill to...
"playvideogames........ uhuh im sure very mature j....!!
"well what 'bout you then?" he asjed again this time settling closer to her than before.
throwing her hands up in the air and sighing heavily "okay!...what you wanna know boy?"
"well..girl...what do you do for fun...remember fun to have a good time,relax..??"
"i dont have time for fun right now..."
"okay,but when you did?what did you do...."

"i...i dont know..... i liked swimming it was relaxing- peaceful-,i guess everything im too i of course was always in the house one way or another...i dont know dude?...."
"you watch tv..."
"yeah sometimes..." she replied as she grabbed her remote.
"favourite shows...?"}" justin asked since she wasnt going to offer it up.

"i,,,dont have any.."
"oh no..." grabbing hold of her tivo remote he clicked it to saved programmes...
"oooooh really! " and there in front of him was her guilty secrets all lined up... "one tree hill?"oc",wonderfalls"..csi"....
" yeah uhuh miss "i dont no"....... riight!!!!" very mature!!! these shows are so dumb....

"hey those shows arent dumb,they tackle some serious dude chad micheal murray is just!!!!!"

"whatever!" he replied rolling his eyes and tossing down the remote..

"whatever? are you jealous?"

"NO!" taking another sip of his drink he closed his eyes as if he wasnt paying attention to her comments,truth was he was highly aware of everything about her and what she was doing...including how close she was to him.

"SURE!" she answered as she sat her drink on the table in front of her ~ he was close to her now,closer than before due to the struggle for the remote his thighs kept touching her and each time they did it drove her crazy....she wanted him, she did...he was still a hot guy who smelled pretty damn good.but she realised that she didnt need to have sex with him to feel....something for him.... but it still didnt take away the want though and he was way to close for comfort right now...considering he was almost nude...and staring thoughtfully into her eyes as he sipped on his drink...she had to snap out of it she had to!

Otherwise she was falling into that place,where'd she'd been before and got burned...bad...with everything she'd went through before with "him" and what he did to her..... she'd now always avoided close relationships with men.She wasnt against a relationship,she just didnt want to get hurt again thats why she put up such a fight as well as a good dozen emotional walls, no one else was going to protect her heart,she had to!.

"uhh oooookay im guessin' your clothes should be about jus' gonna go check."
hopping up for the couch and striding to the small room off her kitchen she began digging the clothes out of the drier,to see if they'd dried he watched as she went.

As she stood up to begin folding the three pieces she took out she felt a presence behind her,and then she felt hands,and arms and a body-and the tickle of hot breath on her skin...
She stood;frozen as she felt his hands snake around her waist and stop on her tummy.

"wha..what are you doing?"

"what do think?"

"I....dont know?"

What she did know was that her next move would define what they did or didnt do,and what became of all counted on her next move....question was...

what would it be?</span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Mon Jan 10, 2005 9:05 am

:thinking: Cliffhanger ending ... I wanna know what they're gonna do next. :nod: Let's get it on. Treasa's been through heartbreak and heartache before, so I dunno.

:rofl: @ Justin in the little black robe. That's cracking me up just picturing it. :rofl: His scrawny chicken legs exposed. :lol: :P

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Postby laura » Wed Jan 19, 2005 4:29 am

Sorry i know it took foreverrrrr njoy? :D

<span style='color:red'>love me tender!?.... love me true....what am i gonna do with you</span>

Standing with her back still to him the seconds the silence lasted seemed like an eternity for him~ he didnt know what came over him what made him follow her in to that room,to risk every inch of trust he'd worked up to build with her,but he had...and now it was all up to her.

"justin...we cant do this again...we cant...its not right not any more"
Still with his mouth necessled against her neck he responded "why?"
"because...i...look we just..."

"i want to make you feel Treasa,you need to let go"......why not let it be with me? trust me dont you?"

The mere presence of him behind her was making all those walls she had worked so hard to put up crumble right before her eyes she tried to fight it but she couldnt not with him not now..

"what do you want from me justin...."

"i want to make love to you the way you deserve....thats all...Treasa i dont want to use you,i want to be with you.No games.... no lies...... just you and me.."

Turning to face him she saw the sincere look in his eyes,it was one she wasnt used to with men that just wanted to use her or who she had used, it surprised and shocked the hell out of her.....something Mr Timberlake was getting really good at. Too good.

"The only thing i need from you,is for you to let me...." dipping his head down he gently brushed his lips against hers and waited for her to respond~ she did, and as they eased in to the Rhythm of a kiss that grew rapidly~ the tenision he felt in her arms that held him away from her seemed to dissapear bringing her closer to him..

As his hands began to travel slowly down the length of her body and up again she began to do the same to him,trying her best to remove the robe that was tightly hiding everything interesting at that moment but with no joy as things got even hotter between them she motioned to sit up on her dryer.but he wouldnt let her,tugging at her t-shirt in order to stop her he stilled "no..dont,not here okay,i wanna do this right..."

"but..." she protested,he wasnt serious?

"no...." as he continued to kiss her.he took her over as he reached for her gently yet knowing he had the strength to do it lifted her off her feet and began carrying her away-she wasnt sure of the direction(well it was a little difficult given that her lips where glued to his....) but she felt the soft yet firm feel of her mattress hit her and soon he wasnt far behind,needless to say she wasnt exactly hating the direction things had taken but she was still unsure about giving him so much power over her....she tried to fight it...

But as he began what he said he would do she soon found herself forgetting every doubt she had in her felt too good-he felt too good for it to she let him...he touched-kissed and generally lavished every dip and curve of her body making her feel things she hadnt allowed herself to feel in a very long time...this wasnt just sex a cheap and easy was love?..or at least it appeared to be,and for a moment she allowed herself to think of it that way....And it felt Amazing!!!!!

Afterwards,as they both lay there him on his side with his arms draped around her, and she facing the other way,but not pushing him away........she enjoyed the just being there with him ~ but she was finding it difficult to sleep.she'd hadnt acutally "slept" with a guy in a very long time,she never felt safe enough to do it,so she layed there thinking,and realised that she did trust justin....... so she did something no even she expected, she moved into his arms and slept peacefully with the only man she trusted. she would deal with her worries tomorow..........

<span style='color:purple'>sunday morning.</span>

He tried to fight it... but the shine of the sun was creeping through her window at an unbelieveable rate no matter which way he turned he couldnt fight it-he had to rolling over he realised she wasnt there,and for a second he thought he dreamt about her..but opening his eyes he saw her,sitting on the edge of the bed,just nothing.
groggy and still half asleep he let her know he was awake "hey...."
looking over at him she smiled
"hey to you too...."

"have you been awake long?" he asked rubbing his eyes..
"um,no just a few minutes..."
"oh..what time is it?" he asked through a yawn.
looking at her watch she realised it was early,"uhh...just after 7am."

" feels later.."



"so?...." she began putting a tanktop on to cover herself as he got out of the sheet and sat at the edge of her bed.
"look justin i....."

"what?" looking at her and smiling,

"nothin' never mind"

The urge to run was eating her up,it was uncomfortable to say the least usually she didnt have to deal with the post sex "talk" she was usually straight out the door by then,but now....he was still here,so was she and it looked likely that they where gonna have to talk about something sooner or later.

" mind if i use your shower?"
" go ahead" silently she breathed a sigh of relief as he disapeared through the bathroom door, and least this bought her some time.As she waited nervously outside.

Standing in the shower as he let the water drip over him he couldnt help but think of how weird she was acting,sure post sex talkin' is always a bit sensitive,but he figured since she'd let go finally..... she would still be cool them as a thing or whatever they were?...even he didnt know that...he knew he felt something for her but was it like? love? lust? or when she goes nuts........ fear?He had no idea.

Getting dessed she was beginning to feel better-well not better,but less freaked.
Buttoning her black prada jacket up she had teamed with her jeans and high boots,she heard the door and automatacally looked over....... that boy had no shame! he was stark nekkid!!!!
"so,Treasa....umm..About what happened. i was just..." beginning to pull his t-sh** over his head and his jeans on that she'd had left on the bed for him "well i was just wondering,"

"what now?" she finished off for him....she could feel the tension creep back into her neck,it was too was uncomfortable and weird and she couldnt handle it~she had to get out.........

"yeah something like that...." sitting on the edge of her bed he signalled for her to sit down next to him..she did,surprisingly...and taking a deep breath.
"look justin,what i let happen last night...i mean what we did, it was great an all but...come not right is it......."

His facial expression dropped as she finished her sentence...."oh...."
"yeah... look i mean if any one finds out it'll be my job and im guessing with my uncle....your life! so i mean its better if we know? she was trying to reason him to her way of thinking,and maybe convince herself a little too.
"Look j..i gotta go..." she didnt really have any where to be,but she had to get out she was sufficating.

"go? its 7;45...and a sunday...tell me you at least take sundays off?"

"no..i..uhh..look i just gotta" walking out of the room and towards her front door she didnt
look back but instead just called to him "look ill see you later ok...."

"TREASA!" turning she saw him still sitting on her bed....


"i......" he looked down at his feet and then back up at her......
"what?"... she repeated.

"nothing...never mind....just go..."

And with that she turned and left...breathing deeply as she got out into the air...

Stepping back into his house an hour later his mood hadnt improved any....and he had a feeling it wasnt about to get any better as trace approached him with the biggest scowl on his face he'd seen in a while...

"what the f***in time do you call this?"

"what?" he answered as he slammed his keys on the counter top.

"what you mean what? where the hell where said you'd be an hour tops? dude i thought
youd been killed or some sh**!"

"sorry mom!!!!! i didnt know you cared!

"enough bull... dude where the f*** where you?"



"nowhere look im goin' to bed..."

"You where with her werent you?"


"yeah know....the one girl your not supossed to go near....johnnys niece,?"

"so what if i was?"
"Nothing..but like i said it WILL end badly..if you dont leave it alone,dude you could have ANY girl
why her?."

"if i knew that things would be a sh** load easier than they are now believe me"

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Wed Jan 19, 2005 9:43 am

Awwww man, you had me going there. I thought Treasa was going to trust Justin and begin a solid relationship with him. But no, no, no ... she always runs. I want her to stop running and enjoy herself for once. Well, I guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens next. :nod:

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Postby laura » Wed Jan 19, 2005 10:06 am

:whisper: in time i swear im almost done!!!!! and *fingers crosssed* IT WILL MAKE SENSE? :blink:

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Wed Jan 19, 2005 10:06 am

Girl, it makes perfect sense to me. She just can't make up her mind. :lol:

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Postby laura » Fri Jan 28, 2005 11:54 am

<span style='color:green'> restless

After a restless night alone Treasa finally made it in to the office, as usual 8;05 monday morning with her assistant meeting her at the lifts with the days "events" otherwise known as meeting after meeting until she died of boredom.....with lisa spouting off her appointments as they sped through the office building she banged into something-or more likely someone...with a baseball cap and jeans "sorry" He she hit back at him
"sh** dude are you blind??....." getting a look at his face she instantly stopped "justin...."

"hey...." the awkardness grew... turning to her assistant she said "look lisa go ahead and set up the office call i'll just be minute..." she did as she was told leaving her boss with her crush.and with the rest of their band watching from the other side of the room. Well mainly jc and joey "jc man look pms lady just arived and i think justins in for it man...he just banged into her..

"uh at this time of the morning...hes for it...."

They continued to watch.

While a conversation was attempted across from them.

"so...." she started off.

"yeah... " he replied the tension of what to say clouding them both....until he
spoke up...

"looks like youve got your hands full today,"

" glad this is part of your job discription!"

"yeah the ad just said cheesy and hey...thats me right?"
that made her laugh...he did have this weird way of making her comfortable...and then not so all in one...

"Treasa we really need to talk about what happened..." Her eyes widened as she ushered him into the nearest corner... "shhhh...jesus....we need to shut up because we are in my place of work where i am the** timberlake......"

"look im sorry but we do okay...i want this sh** resolved once and for all and we will tired of getting messed around....!"

Finally he becomes a man....?

"fine whatever...look not here,the guys are sure they think somethings up...."
"well something was UP last night so there not that wrong...." said with the cheesists of grins...

"justin," trying hard not to smile...but she did...." sh** now is so not the time for this...i gotta go..."

"okay but wait... "

turning to look at him again "yeah?"

"meet me for lunch or something?"

" down stairs its 2... " As she walked away.

Walking over to the guys he hadnt noticed before she pointed them out...."hey guys whats up...."

"whats up?" joey responded..."whats up with you and pms lady over there......... i swear i saw her laugh....cackle maybe...i didnt know she knew how...."

"well shes full of....surprises...."

"yeah...." jc joined."so...what was she going on about..."

"just stuff..."

"what kinda stuff?" jc added

"work stuff.... i dont know?"

"well if its work shouldnt we all know bout it man?"

"look guys whats with 20 questions?"

"nothing..." they said he walked away...leaving them to look on in confusion...

"somethings up wit him dude hes...acting weird...well more so than usual any way." jc concluded as they both looked at each other,as joey finished" it can only mean one thing with j...."
"a girl...."

In her office she was connected to her uncle.
"sweetie how are things going with my boys...they bein good?"

"yeah sure....angels..."

"yeah i believe that was justin..."

"WHAT?"...... did he know...did justin**...

" you know hows he behaving himself...

"oooh...oh well yeah hes good,i guess why you ask uncle johnny?"

"well...j...hes a little tempremental at times..."

"no sh**...but no hes...a good guy..."

"are you sure you dont need help i mean i would be happy to get someone to..."

"no no you just rest im fine..anyway what did the doc's say..."

"oh you know stress, diet, all sh**ty equals - heart attack so yeah,,,the scare they said was just a warning so i gotta do what they say for like two more think you can stick em' that long..."

"ill try...i really will"

my favourite mistake?

At 1;55 justin took his seat inside the little coffee house/cafe just below the office buildings and waited,hoping no one would recognise him,thought he didnt exactly look like "justin timberlake" today with his torn jeans -old sweat shirt and baseball cap covering the majority of his face that was starting to resmemble a yettie with his lack of shaving.

He saw her come through the door,even dodging the rain she was beautiful....she spotted him and walked over and took her seat in the booth oppisiate.

"so did you order?" she asked taking off her wet coat..

"no i waited..."


"so Treasa...."

"cant we order before i hear starving..." as she picked up her menu.

"NO! "

"no?...." rolling her eyes "whatever..."

" not letting you do this again..""

"this?""this what?"

"this whole dance that we do........ that always ends up with me either getting
kicked out or you running..."


"ok...look treasa i like you alot acually i think we both get that right.Otherwise i woulda given up a long time ago,but see... i know you like me too but something i dont know what........ is stopping it..and i wanna know what...."

"excuse me?" her tone hostile and defencive as always when he asked personal questions.

"no,dont do it dont go getting all defensive on me ok...its too late for that..ok so just cut the sh**. Why are you holding back? did you get burned or do you
just....i dunno...hate men?...relationships?...what?"

"what gives you the right to just ask this sh**?"

"based on... that i care about you thats what! ive seen can let go....but you wont completely..."

" look i dont need this ok,just because you "care" doesnt mean i gotta let you know every damn detail...."

"well not everything then how bout just ANY thing? not one thing do i know
about you,nothing real any way and am tired of it.....

she understood why he was frustrated with the whole thing,he'd invested in her but she hadnt in him.And even though she knew that wasnt fair and sometime she was going to have to deal with what happenedto her on a real level but not now she couldnt right now and not with him....

"no......" she answered finally after a short silence..

"no?" he questioned raising his eyebrow slightly,

"no i cant..."

"why cant you..."

"LOOK I JUST CANT OKAY I DONT NEED THIS sh**...HELL I DONT NEED YOU!!! WHY CANT YOU JUST STOP PUSHING!!!!!!!!!" With that she walked out in to the pouring rain leaving her coat,and in the process getting soaked.Leaving not only him stunned in silence but half the cafe!

Returning home he was pissed off,no more than that he was done being her b****..he'd made up his mind..she was nuts...she had to be. Beautiful,funny and completely stark raving mad!!!!
settling down in his living room with a beer and a movie all he wanted to do was mope. He'd made a huge desision and now hoped it was the right one....she couldnt open to him hed tried over and over but no she wouldnt do it,he knew from early on she was hiding something and he wanted to know what.He'd even thought he'd gotten to her a few times...but no she still ran. and he was done being stamped on...women where evil as far as he was concerned....
Walking back into the office and back in to her desk she ran her fingers through her hair trying hard to hold back her tears and ignoring the fact that she was dripping wet. just then the phone rung...she let it ring a few times as she caught her breath.


"hey babygirl...."

" are you? is everything ok?"

"of course,sweet heart im fine i told you before...STOP WORRYING!" He began to laugh and she was glad to him himin such good spirits.

"so the doctors....what they'd say now?"

"nothin' sweetie im still good...i was just calling..."

"to check up on me?"

"noooo to see how your doing i know you dont really know many people in LA i
just hope your not completely you coping?"
ever since her parents where killed when she was nine her uncle had raised her and she always trusted him,no matter what she needed or where in the world his job took him he always put her first and she loved him more than anything of course at 22 he still worried about her like she was 12....

"no,really im..fine i guess. its just been a rough couple of days...!"

"what did they do?"


"yeah the boys are they treatin you good? there not messin with you are they?"

"no..." all but one was doing the oppisate...he was letting her mess with him and it wasnt fair.

"its just...well justin..hes..well i think ive screwed up."

"why?" his concern didnt go unnoticed as did her fear of telling him.
"well see..we've been getting to know each other...and well...tell me? is he ALWAYS as damn sensitive with women?"

laughing out loud over the line he answered "yeah...thats our j....hes giving,a little too giving...wears his heart on his sleeve....but if he gets to know someone and likes what he knows...well he'll stop at nothing..."

"oh" was all she could manage to say....

"what do you ask sweetie?"

"no reason its just...hes not like most guys thats all....for a while i thought he was gay...but hes i dont get it...he always wants to talk about freaks me out..."

"oh i see....he has a crush on you huh?"

no sh**?

"um...well i dont know...i just wondered is all."

"oh honey if your not interested dont lead him on...justin..loves love but gets
hurt alot...please...for the sake of an up beat album...dont mess with his head..."

Too late!

Walking in to the building where the meeting with the producers was held Treasa held her head high as she reached the floor that held the recording studio she'd booked for them.
First she stopped by pharell williams patch to get his to sign some legal documents...always a pain these things.

Sitting strumming on his gutiar as he penned the last remaining lyrics for the third song he'd completed in a week. He was joined by joey.

"hey man..listen Treasa just walked in" he quipped...

"so...look busy..."

"i AM busy" justin snapped back.
"oook,some one got outta the wrong side of the bed today..whats ok.."
He asked pltting himself down in the chair beside his friend.

"Im fine." he snapped again.

" who is she?"


"yeah the know the one all these " picking up the sheets of music paper on the desk "sad ass songs are about...she sound pretty nasty..."

"i dont know what your talking about....." paying attention to his guitar igoring

joey....hoping he'd go away.

"seriously who is she..."

"no doesnt matter does it."

"uhh yeah cause you sound suisidal about it!! Hell yeah it can tell me you know j?"

"shes..shes....this woman,and... i really really liked her man, i mean i tried really hard to get her to open to trust me...and she wouldnt...she just..."

"just what?"

"used me i guess... and yeah i get how queer that sounds man,but i........dont know what to do..."

"do i know her.."

"no......" he shook his head no and then to a yes..

"so who..."

"you cant tell anyone one please..."
he crossed his heart with his hand...


"Treasa.Treasa you know our "boss" "

"yeah i know.your joking right man..."

"no...wish i was..."

"Have you slept with her..."



"no?" he smirked in disbelief.

"ok yes... but it was...different man shes not like the other girls...shes challanging and intriging.shes also crazy as hell and wont just let me in...but theres still something man..i havent met anyone like her,ever!"

"yes she is different.shes JOHNNYS NIECE !"

"im aware of that! " rolling his eyes sky ward "god why does everyone dwell on that....shes a grown ass woman..."

"sure...and youll be dead ass man when he finds out you boinking his niece..."
"well thats no longer an issue.she wants nothing to do with me...apparantly i "push to much" "
His eyes opened wider as if in shock...."you really like her huh... "

"i did...but im done being hurt...being her b****!~ she doesnt want me then fine! i tried and tried..but nothing and im spend!".
Listening at the door she'd heard everything he'd said and was hurt that he would just blab like that. Also what he thought of her...he was right... and she was shocked that what she was doing was affecting him so much even though she knew she shouldnt be?.Walking to her rental car she got in and just drove...all the while thinking about what she did to him...and then thinking what made her do it...or more likely who?

Marus was a year about Treasa at NYU...they met shortly after she began as freshman a young naive 18 year old...he was a confident 20 year old who just screamed sexiness and charisma.she was instantly hooked when he asked her out and of course wooed her to the best of his abilties...she fell hook -line and a titanic of a sinker for him....
Her uncle had just got married and she was feeling left had just been her and him for such a long time.but now...things where different and when some one paid attention to her the way he did...she wanted to keep it...

She kept seeing him for four months and she fell in love with must be blind because she had no idea who he really was until she found him with another woman,in his dorm room.....she went nuts and dumped him,he wouldnt take it and kept calling and writing letters,then the threats began....calls in the middle of the night,him coming around at all hours to she finally called the cops and they arrested him on stalking charges...he was realised and the called stopped.She though he was finally gone, till one night she came home and found him there...she remembered being scared,but no so much,she stood her ground at first even when he yelled at her.....but he wouldnt leave....
He hit her,repeatly and beat her with anything he could get his hands on....then worse still he rapped her.... he left her defeniceless and broken..literlially and emotionally, she spent weeks in hospital with the injuries.....she swore no man would ever treat her like that again....she wouldnt give them the chance...and never questioned her vow till justin came she regretted every word.

"justin!!!! justin!!!!" Trace yelled form the bottom of the stair case,making his way up....justin was due in a meeting with the record company in ten minutes and still wasnt out of bed.
Banging on the door still no answer he venture in, what he saw was justin still alseep.
"justin get the f***'re late! and its your ass if you dont show for this sh** today...come on!!!!
groggly he opened his eyes,shut them and rolled over "no. im not going,tell em' im sick....make something up...i dont care."

"no! just get up...."

"NO! get the f*** out NOW!"

He did and he called joey to tell him what was up....of course he failed to mention one detail,the meeting was cancelled and Treasa "work acholic" was nowhere to be seen...

Boarding her flight to New York Treasa felt the guilt of leaving behind her work,but then again it was only for a couple of days...they could survive,she thought they probley wouldnt even notice that she wasnt there,since justin was conventaly not answering his phone and the others...well they were spacers at the best of times....

Standing at the reception of "wright entertainment" four of the five members of nsync waited to be seen,all except justin....who was still m.i.a.. the receptionist was left notice to tell the "party " due for the meeting that it was postponed and they should contiune on the work for the finished product as miss wright was " out of town"....

"what the f***...i got outta bed for what this sh**...all because pms lady couldnt drag her ass in here long enough to do her damn job" lance yelled at the unsuspecting girl behind the counter, jc steppd up and pulled him back as her eyes began to fill with tears... " so sorry...lisa...hes..." looking at lance and shaking his head...

" ass..."

"An ass who doesnt know sh**..." they turned to see the missing member of the band approach looking like sh** himself...

"justin,Trace said you where ill..." jc added.

"yeah" He ignored his glace and focused in on the blonde one "look lance just because you show up fpr what? ONE god damn meeting and are out doing god knows
what with god knows who 99% of the time,dont give you the right to come here and diss the girl for doing her job..."

"what are you her mother....she was s'possed to be here...!"

"ok.....and you where s'possed to be here too...six time over the last 2 weeks and you wernt...but some how we managed..."

"what are you saying.....just because you think your "The sh**" dont mean we dont contribute...!"

They were up in each others faces and as the others looked on, it seemed as though they where going to start something... until joey stepped in.

" on relax.."

"no joe i wont...we're here when where needed and wheres he?off with his boyfriend behind closed doors...what the f*** is up with that..."

"justin!!!!!!!!" they all said in unision staring in disbelief that he said it out loud and in mixed company....

"what?" he asked defencively..."f*** this sh**...." he turned form them and walked away....

"uncle johnny...." she yelled leaving down her coat as she entered the large appartment on the upper east side of New York...

"Treasa sweetheart...!" her uncle greeted her with open arms...
And after a small catch up they sat and she brought up the reason she came.

"johnny.....i have to tell you something.."

"sure honey,whats wrong..."

"well......see theres this guy,and hes...special i guess you could say...well different at least? And i like him alot actually," taking a deep breath for confidance she continued "and well you know since,marcus " she swallowed,she hated even saying his name.

"well since him,i havent gotten,close with any one and well this guy has sorta pushed me to deal...with my issues on the subject and hes made me see that i need to do a few things that i dont do now"

"such as" her uncle added whilst looking on with nothing but concern for the girl he considered a daughter.

"well" she continued

"like opening up...talking hes big on that sh**...feelings...listening to what i need..that sort a thing..."

"Thats a good thing honey,its not good being alone all time....."

"i know..but, soo scared i mean what if i do this...tell him how i feel...jump in with both feet,and just end up being burned again...i dont think i could handle it.."

"well you seem to like him? do you trust him...?"

"yes, i think i do...."

"Well then i say give him a chance if he's been doin' all this for ya hes gotta be something special."

"riight,ummm theres one more tennie tiny thing..." looking awkardly at the floor and then back to him..times like these she did feel like she was tweleve.

what ya think?

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Postby laura » Tue Feb 01, 2005 10:24 am

*ahem* :( PAIGE?????!!!!!!!!!!! :unsure: :(

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Tue Feb 01, 2005 12:23 pm

"no joe i wont...we're here when where needed and wheres he?off with his boyfriend behind closed doors...what the f*** is up with that..."

:huh: DAMN! That was harsh. Calling Lance out for being gay. Geez, I hate seeing the guys all fighting like this. It's not going to make for a good *NSYNC album, and we all know that there must be another album. :nod:

I had a feeling that something bad happened to Treasa in the past. After hearing about what happened with Marus, I could see swearing off of men all together. Maybe she'll work up the nerve to explain what happened to her to Justin. It would give him better insight as to why she's so guarded when it comes to her heart and love. She has a valid excuse for her hestitation.

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<span style='font-family:Times'><span style='font-family:Times'> finishing this now..cuz well..i cant think of any were else for it to go..and im kinda happy with the its really long so...i just hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!! love ya! B) </span>

<span style='color:purple'>This Love Has Taken Its Toll!!!</span>

After a short but warning conversation between her uncle and herself about what she was getting into,he gave her his approval something she hadnt expected but he said hes known justin since he was a kid and he was a good guy,after listening to him she finally retreated to her room for some peace and quiet.
sitting in her bedroom she realised she should call him,she was scared but since he wasnt answering anyway she may as well she did,and as she waited for an answer she was surprised to hear a female on the other end and for a moment her heart sank as she realised it wasnt him but a females voice.
"hello...!" the highpitched voice said for a second time.
"yes,is justin there?"

"uhh,whos calling..."

"his boss...!

"oh hang on..." she heard rumbing in the background and wasnt sure what was going
on,then his voice came over the line,




"hi...look can we talk.."

"treasa.??? hang on,im not speaking to you,why are you callin'" his voice was slurred and higher than usual...

"um..yeah justin look i want to tell you.."

"nooo" he began in a stuborn childish tone " im not talkin to you...your mean..."

"uhh justin...are you drunk?"

"! im am not thank you very much missy...its just trace invited some people
and they invited people... and now? well theres a whole mess of people some damn
slutty girls too....!"


"ok shhh... dont tell anyone but...god im sooo sooo drunk right now,i had like 6shots of some coloured sh** this girl gave me...tasted like strawberry.....and...."

"JUSTIN..." her paticance was running low with him and was rambling on like a drunken wait he WAS a drunken idiot...

"WHAT? look you blew me dont want me so why keep callin' done being your b**** i told you dat..."

"your drunk and i gotta catch a plane okay...ill talk to you tomorow."

"catching plaice?are you fishing?" he asked in drunken confusion..
rolling her eyes she finished. "goodbye justin,"

Sighing heavily she tried to get some sleep before her flight at 6am.....and for a confession she didnt know if she could go through with.....

Walking in to her empty cold appartment at three the next afternoon after a hellish flight with annoying kids you just wanted to strangle all the way for new york Treasa was ready to curl up and sleep...unfortuntaly she had to do it...she had to tell him once and for all....he earned the right,she'd put him through hell and it ended today.
So after a quick shower and change she hopped in to her rented mercedes and headed up sunset towards his house...the drive there seemed endless as she thought over whats she was going to say to him.

Pulling on his old jogging bottoms and ignoring the "snowbeast-esque" beard growing on his chin he decided best cure for a hang-over was some fresh air.So grabbing his dogs he headed out the door and began a up hill walk hoping to rid him of his headache.

Driving down hill towards justins drive way she was so lost in thought she past what she thought was a homeless man and a dog...driving on past she realised it wasnt, it was justin,so slamming her foot on the break she reversed towards him...he on the other hand just kept on walking.So she did what she had to she got up and out of the car and walked after him....pushing up her channel sunnies on top of her head to push back her long hair black hair as she reached his side.

"hey look like sh**...dont you ever shave? i mistook you for a hobo..." still he kept on walking he wasnt going to give in to her so easily...

"Go away Treasa..... i already feel like sh** today i dont need you to make it worse..." There it was again the cold harsh tone that ripped through her like glass.

" look like sh** too....but okay, i didnt come here to insult you.."

"ohh that makes a change...." he kept on walking...damn him.

"Justin just look at me...please?" putting her hand on his arm and stopping him.As he looked down to meet her gaze,and for the first time ever...he saw pain behind her and it was very real.

"No,like i said go away...mess with someone else's head why dont you..."


"what?.....what do want from me?"

"i want just listen to me ok...for real now,i need to tell you something importaint..."

"oh...whats that?...albums behind shedule, songs arent good know i went out on the limb for you... i could get my ass kicked by my boss for doing what i did with you but i did it because i thought you were different,i defended you when others where against you,i never once thought you were just a cold hearted b****!!!!!?" his words stung her and brought tears to her eyes but she wasnt going to be bullied by him,sure she pissed him off that was clear but she came with a mission and she was going to finish it no matter what.

" justin please dont do this.... look i know your mad..but please just listen... its not work ok?...."

"go on then..." he stopped and stood beside her and folded his arms as she began again

"N-not here ok,last thing we need is this ending up in some tabloid...cant we go inside?" she smiled,the kind of smile that made his heart beat faster,and his knees go all funny,even though he tried to hate her the feelings for him at least just wouldnt go away...and he was courious as to why she'd decided to all of a sudden act human towards him so he gave in.

"fine" said with the deepest of sighs.He planned on letting her know in more ways than one that he wasnt going to be messed around any more...."ill meet you in the house in a mintue ok?" he said quietly.

"okay!...good..." she felt awkard and more like she was seventeen again now more than any other time in her life...Treasa didnt handle nerves well...usually she could hide them behind sarcasim ,but now it wasnt happening she was terrified plain and simple.

As he walked back the short distance towards his house he was fighting within himself weather or not to let her in again...Would she lie to get what she wants.would she just keep f***ing with his head till he went crazy? or would he do what he swore he'd do....let her go,be a nutter somewhere else.? he had no idea,but as he walked in and saw her sitting in his kitchen he realised he was about to find out.....
<span style='color:purple'> These are my confessions......</span>

Walking the dog out of the back door he closed it again and got a soda from the fridge and took a seat on the high stool beside her,still not saying a word.
"okay justin i get it,your pissed at me i get it and you have every right to be,i just dont want you to be any more...happy is a much better look on you..." she tried lighting the mood with wasnt happening.

"right...." taking a sip of his drink he finally turned to look at her.."

"look justin i need to tell you the truth about me...why i am the way i am,but i dont want you to say anything till im done ok,and most of all i dont want you to pity me over it i am, but i figured you earned the right to know what happened to know since ive put you through hell these last few weeks..and well.."

"what is it.." he thought at first it was just a ploy to get him to talk to her but he realised she was completley serious....

"well...a few years ago..when i started college i was 18 right?,and i moved out from home to go there, you know when johnny got married and all..." he saw that she was nevous shaking even, this was completely out of character for her.

"well i met this guy and well i thought he was the love my life,i...fell for him, fast and i didnt really know anything about him...well he cheated on me i found him with this girl...and well...."

"i broke up with him,but he wouldnt listen he kinda started stalkin'' me...calls in the middle of the night showing up and standing outside when i was alone, that sorta thing....i got him arrested for it but he got out. I figured id scared him away with it you know? but he showed up again on night and he...." she was beginning to breakdown right in front of him he desperatly wanted to just hold her but wasnt sure if thats what she wanted.

"he beat me...pretty bad actually...and then he...he umm..he raped me..well i mean hes in prison now they got him on attepted murder and....i...."

She stopped and tried taking a deep breath but only more tears came out,justin just sat there totally numb at her confession...he knew she held back because of something..but he never imagined it was this.?

Taking another deep breath as she wiped her eyes she started off " soo..... there you haveit... the real reason im so f***ed up...." an attemped shot at sarcasam failed through her tears.

" so sorry..."

"why.. you didnt do it..." she tried to laugh it off but she knew by the way he as looking at her she couldnt he was sorry...she didnt know why..... but he was.

"No woman should ever have to go through sorry it happened to you thats all...." he gently rubbed her arm as she nudged closer...

"yeah...look sorry too...for the way i've treated didnt deserve it.."
"true...but i get why you did it now? You didnt trust and now i know why..."
she just nodded her head as he asked her
"what made you tell me now?"
she sighed again as she tucked her hair behind her ear "I realised i was being stupid,i could trust you...your one of the good guys,it just took me a while to see it..."

"oh,well im glad you finally did?."

"me too" she smiled as she leaned in and gently kissed him once on the lips..he smiled as he realised that this was her,just being herself...the way he always wanted her be...

"so what now...ive no excuse to push you away ...i guess i gotta give you a chance huh?"

"well only if you want to?...i know i want to?..."

"justin,for the first time i think we agree on something here...we both want the same thing..and for once i wont fight you on it!..."

"well im tired of fighting you... but....just one more thing i gotta make sure this time...?"

"huh?" she asked as he got up with her and wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her closer to him.

"Are you sure you wanna do this for real this wanna be my girl???.being with me and all that,that means....??"

"i otta kick your ass for being so cheesy dude? but...yes i want that..for real this time i wanna be your girl.."

And in typical fairytale style, the kiss to end all kisses took place and for once Treasa just let herself go with it,she was finally safe and loved .And as always for her thats all that mattered!

The End :)
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:cry: :cry: AWWW! :wub: That was such a good ending. After all of the rough times these two have gone through, they finally got something right in the end. :yay: I'm so glad that she opened up and let down her guard. Justin is going to treat her like a queen and love her the way she deserves to be loved.

a homeless man and a dog
:rofl: :rofl: That was hilarious! :rofl: :rofl: Justin really needs help. :lol:

GREAT STORY! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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