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Postby laura » Fri Nov 12, 2004 10:52 am

hi again so my other f.f is on hold as of now(sobs quietly at her desk!) so this will hopefully make up for it!)
read it...go on i dare ya!

<span style='color:blue'> "pieces of me" sequel to "the real me"</span>"Catch up!"

<span style='color:purple'>So its been about a week or more since "that day" as i so nicely call it! I could also call it the day i pulled out someones heart along with my own and intentionally stamped it into little pieces....yeah we broke up but it was for the best,i guess...
And in ten day alot has happened,i mean ive been transfrered to New York for a start,for three months replacinging one of the women workers on leave since she had her baby which is good i guess but since i know no one im a little scared!,Oh and Elisha and Trace posponed their wedding,nothing serious but her dad took ill and since she wanted him to give her away they pushed it back till janurary which in all aspects is great ,they get an extra month to plan and I....well i get more time to hide from certain people....
Having talked to Elisha and avoided trace,ive found out hes ok....well i think what she said was "After he was done drinking his bar dry and not showering for a week he started talking again.."
To that i had no answer,i couldnt the guilt was eating me up....but i try not to think about it although given the fact hes on EVERY entertainment show at the minute doesnt help...his movie is coming out a week before the wedding which gives him almost two months to sell it,hes doin' a good job though im proud even though im not sure i have the right any more,but i am...

So having not spoken to Elisha in about 24 hours i decided to call,she was due back to L.A the day before ans she promised me she'd help me pack up,so dialling her cell i realise its switched off,so daringly i call the only other place i knew she'd be justin's...dialling his number felt weird and strangely my heart was pounding hard on the third ring i decide to hang up,until i hear a voice on the the other end paying no attention to who it might be i ramble on...."oh is elsha there? there was silence on the other end so i realise who answered the phone....damnit... after a little hesitation he speaks again,
"uhhh yeah she is.....hold on" and with that hes gone....and a more cheery voice comes on the line...

"hey girl lisen i know im late right?but i swear once trace gives up the keys to the car im on my way...." not really knowing what to say after she began she contiuned with the first thought in her head.
"oh dont worry about it i just thought you forgot...so uhhh hows your dad?""
"better,i guess they said it was a mild heart attack,nothing "mild" about it but he swears hes fine which is a good thing..."
"good, so lisen, elisha tell me,is justin there..." there was silence for a second and then she said as if in code.
"uhh yeah uh huh...yup"
"how is he?"
"oh the "thing" oh thats ok well it seems ok i guess.... ticking along nicely...for now anyway."
"good,good...god i wish i could talk to him...elisha im an idiot..."
"no your not you did what you did because it was right at the time,dont let your guilt for...uhhh "shopping" hold you down!"
"hes still there huh,"
"yup! knowing he was even in the same room as her made me just wanna rush over there and fix the ache in my gut,the guilt was consuming her and she knew it,she knew she lied when she ended things the last thing she wanted was not to be with him,but after what he did she had no choice.Although it didnt make things any easier.

When he'd gotten up that morning he had been feeling optimistic about his day,he had a plan one that didnt materialise as his morning progressed,it was interview after interview with forigen press over the phone for the movie and then he had ET and Access Hollywood later in the day,just as he was heading out the door the phone rang it was her not calling for him,but his heart dropped at hearing her voice,she sounded alot more cheerful than he expected but at the same time he didnt know what to expect,all he knew was that he missed her....

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Fri Nov 12, 2004 4:47 pm

Awww, you know you miss a person when the sound of his/her voice makes you feel something and miss them all over again. But if she's moving to New York, she's really gonna be far away from him. :( Maybe Elisha can trick them into meeting up again. :lol: They need to get the ball rolling again. :wub:

Great first chapter. :yay: This sequel looks to be winner, Miss Laura. :kiss: :hug: MORE, please. ;)

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Postby laura » Mon Nov 29, 2004 4:42 am

<span style='color:red'>paigeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i found my disk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i found it i found it!!!!!!!!!!!!! woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo my karma is improving!!! sadly my totally numb ff is gone! and i will finish ir but just not now so babes please read this>>>>> so happy now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</span> :D

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Postby laura » Mon Nov 29, 2004 5:06 am

<span style='color:blue'>"On the rox's"</span>

Packing up her box of trinkets, little momentoes and ornaments all safely wrapped in bubble wrap,well what was left of it after elisha had finished popping it, she switched on the tv,MTV to exact,usher was on...dancing on panio,total rip off of justins concert version of Nothin' else...but at least justin looked cool doin' it usher looked like an idiot....no surprise there then.
"so ava...You excited 'bout New York?"
"yeah i mean i love this place and i was just settling in too but i guess a change cant be bad you know....after... well EVERYTHING i need it, but dont worry you -me -wedding still top priority...i promise"
"uh you better,did i tell you...im getting the dress,the one in british vouge....its being imported....remember the princess silk,with the train?"
"wow! really that one was amazing,what made you choose it?"
"i dont know....i guess it just jumped out at me and i realised it was the one...in a way kinda like trace....its weird i know but still..... she had a look of sentiment washed all over her face the girl was head over heels....
"uh honey i hate to break it to ya but trace...is weird..."
laugung and joking for the next two hours as well as consuming several bottles of pink wine they decided to head out,clubbing to be exact, and since paige was bring her knew "sorta boyfriend" chad something something...i didnt catch it we decided to make a night of it,so dressed to the nines and with a nice wine buzz she felt good in her new gucci dress and LV heels,expensive but so worth it,and she had needed the treat because on the inside she was heartbroken so if on the outside she looked great she hoped it would work on the inside too.Ava had always been good at hiding her feeling and this was no excepion..

"Trace man com'on i wanna go home im tired...."
"i know dude but i promised my girl id meet her you siad you'd come along,remember....?"
pulling up at the side entrace of "roxy" they headed inside,justin was in no mood to see a "happy couple " all over each other,all he wanted was to sleep.but he loved his friends so decided to stick it out for a while then get a cab home if he had to....

"Elisha,what you havin?"
"girl put your money away,its your last night in LA drinks on me,oh an i guess trace if he ever gets here....hey wheres paige?"
"uh...she should be here...i have no idea...that girl and time keeping not a easy combo...
Taking there seats in the roped off area of the newly decored lushous setting of "roxy" they both began sipping on their apple martinis....just as paige came husling through the entrance with a very hunky man at her side,Ava felt as if she'd seen him somewhere but couldnt quiet put her finger on it.....
"hey babe,sorry we're late,but ummm...something came up"
ill bet!..........

"na its ok,aren't you going to introduce us" i said as she clearly forgot i hadnt met this guy before....
"oops sorry,Chad Murray,this is my very good friend,Ava!!, ava,chad!...."
After exchanging there mutual greeting and setting into conversation she realised that the club suddenly had a strange air to is,either someone very importaint just walked in or the place was on fire,either way most of the partons seemed destracted all of a sudden.Ava figured this the best time to pop to the toliet,no cues...!

Spotting elisha and a group of people he didnt really recognise justin left trace at the bar and headed over,
"hey girl," greeting elisha with a friendly hug as she introduced the rest of the people at the table, "good to met y'all,lish....your boy,hes stuck at the bar,"
"what else is new.i'd better go check on him,excuse me!"
with that she disapeared leaving justin with these strangers,except one wasnt a stranger she was a friend of Avas,which ment only one thing she was somewhere close..damit! he wasnt up for seeing her,not now...
"uhh...paige is it?"
"yeah..umm lisen is uh..is Ava with you tonight?"
"yeah she is i think shes in the bathroom....i didnt think you'd be here,i mean after what you did i dont know how you could even show up! I mean its her last night in LA and you had to show up and spoil it didnt you...

ok where did that come from,sh** like he didnt feel guilty enough as it was....
"look i get it ok your looking out for her but i...""wait did you say last night...what do you mean?"
"UUh....i dont see how its any of your business...."
ok she was really getting to him im now...but the over whelming sense of panic struck him as he saw her heading towards the table....sh**.......

Strolling towards the table she realised some people had gone and one person in peticular had joined the fold...."sh** whats he doing here..." she said somewhat under her breath as she reached the table avoiding his stare.
"so...wh..where's elisha.." she asked paige as she took he seat across from her just one person away from the guy she dumped,glancing up she realised he wasnt looking at her but down at his beer,almost as if he was contemplating what to do next.....she wished she knew what to say...or if she even knew if he wnated her to say anything,she was not only going to kill Elisha for leaving but paige too she was so wrapped up in whats his name she was completely ignoring her physic calls for help across the table,leaving a dead silence between the two people...

Finally after what seemed a life time he spoke up,loudly over the pounding music...."sooo i hear your leaving LA?Where you headed?"
"What??? i cant hear over the music...what did you say...."
Still unable to hear she decided to do something with out giving it much thought,she skooted over beside him,close....almost too close....
"Sorry what?" with a strange look and an almost painful expression he stalled,and then began as he picked up his beer.." i said where are you going,i hear you where leaving LA?:
"Ohh yeah i... uh im leaving to NewYork,three months, it was kinda a last minute thing..so i took it,i mean its not like i have anything to stick around here for...so...".
she realised when she siad it - it appeared as a dig at him,and in a way it was...
He had to leave she was too close,he never imagined she'd get close,he was surprised she even talked to him...but she was so close he could smell her perfume.And it was driving him crazy.......
Just as he was ready to spring up and bolt for the door his so called "friends" appeared looking sickeningly happy,he hated them,being all chirpy and in love when he just wanted to curl up and die...ok he didnt hate then he hated love thats for sure.
"sooo j having a good time...." oh he was gonna pay for that.
"no trace im goin' home i cant deal with this...." looking back at ava who hadnt heard what he's said as she was talking to the guy with her friend....
"look dude i didnt know she'd be here ok..otherwise...."
"save it! of course you knew,you both did and you left me alone with her,did everyone forget that like 10 days ago she BROKE UP WITH ME!!!! i dunno what you all expected here but its not happening...."
And with that he stormed out of the VIP room headed for the side entrance leaving not only his friends speechless but half the club.
Ava couldnt begin to discribe the guilt she felt,but each time she felt it she had to remind herself that this was all his diong,he was the one that slept with with that skinny ass girl and never said anything then slept with her.....he deserved to feel bad...didnt he?

god it feels good to say this again: feedback!!!!!!!!!! leave it! you know you wanna!!!!!!! :blink:

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Mon Nov 29, 2004 8:35 am

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! :yay: :yay: You found it! :yay: That just made my week. You know how I love this story. ^_^

I'm with Chad! :jawdrop: Now that made my year. :rofl: If only it were true in reali life, too. ;)
"hey babe,sorry we're late,but ummm...something came up"
ill bet!..........
Something sure did "rise" while I was with him. ;) ;) ;)

That was a real mess between Ava and Justin in the club. They hardly got to talk with the loud music and commotion, and Justin didn't even say goodbye properly.

But you can see that feelings still remain. He wouldn't get that angry and storm out if she didn't still mean a lot to him. He's gonna be flying to New York to make things right. That's if he has a fully-functioning brain. :D

Great job, Laura. MORE! :yay:

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Postby laura » Tue Nov 30, 2004 11:32 am

<span style='color:blue'>OK THIS IS SMALL BUT IT'LL HAVE TO DO....FOR NOW...SO I GUESS PAIGE OFF YA GO????!!!!!!! :lol:
"<span style='color:red'>November rain"</span>

Outside he was relieved to felt the cool november air hit his face,leaning out against the back entrance wall as he wait the lifetime for the valet to bring around his marcedies he slid down and sat on the side walk,praying no photographers would find their way around there too....
he was surprised when he heard the door open again thought he didnt look up,had it been some teenie it would only have caused a scene.
"why are you sitting on the ground...."
"i dont know.. i didnt feel like standin' i guess...." it was Ava,a fact that surprised him greatly,though he'd never show it...
"well you shouldnt sit there you could sit on something icky..." she didnt really know why she'd followed him out there but she had and now she really didnt know what to say,which was something she seldom felt with him.....
"icky?is that even a word?"
she laughed at that she hadnt ment to.."i dont know,but i use it so yeah..look justin are you..well are you okay?." looking over to her as she sat down beside him he didnt know how to answer that question,did he brush it off,use sarcasim as his defence or just be honest?,he figured since his not so honest outlook cause his pain he decided to just tell her..
"no....im not ok...Ava i know that i dont have the right to feel this bad since it was ALL my fault but i just...feel basically like sh** run over twice.."

"yeah...i get that.......look j what i wanted to say is that..well since im not gonna be in LA for a while,well maybe its a good thing...i mean sh** that they pulled tonight wont happen again for a start,i was as shocked to see you as you were me believe me...but my point is,and i swear i do have one is that if we're not forced to see each other then maybe we can,i dont know we could just forget....."
turning towards her and looking straight into her eyes,he had to make sure he'd heard her right...
"do you really want to just,forget everything we had just like that...damn Av...i thought...well i guess i was wrong..!"
"NOO!justin lisen i dont i just figured that if you did,that maybe we could move past the whole awarkardness thing..we'll have to sooner or later,i just..well the distance might help thats all..."
"it doesnt matter if your a few thosand miles away or just a few miles,it wont make me forget,nothing could-but i want you to know something...i am truely sorry for putting you through all of what i did..im sorry" and she knew with the pain in his eyes that he meant what he said,and she was thankful for that.

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Tue Nov 30, 2004 12:25 pm

I say "icky" all the time. It surely is a word in my vocabulary. :lol:

Aww, what a nice apology at the end. I really do feel like he meant every word of it, and it's nice that Ava can recognize that fact, and accept his apology. It takes a lot to say sorry, and both of them have been through an emotional rollercoaster ride with one another, so this kind of closure is good. :thumbup: :nod:

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Postby laura » Wed Dec 01, 2004 10:05 am

paige here ya go! im not sure bout it buuuut here:

"leaving on a jet plane"

The next day was hard, as much pain as LA had caused her she still loved it there and was sad to leave,even if it was only for three months..she dreded New York and deep down wanted to change her mind but she knew she couldnt,or no matter how nice paiges dad was he'd fire her ass...so having siad her goodbyes at the airport she board the plane,sitting with way to much time to think she put on the movie....charlies Angels....yeah no way.... so sitting back in her business class seat she tried to sleep she had so much a head of her she had a feeling she'd need it. with landing came the pains,or was it nerves,at this point either wasnt good,but she was going to do it she didnt know how but she was......

Starting off with press interviews was never a good thing epeshically since all they seemed interested in was his love life...or lack there of...all he heard all morning was "mystry blonde this that ahd the other...they didnt give a sh** that he'd slaved away making a movie and maybe just maybe he'd want to talk about that....
so sitting oppisate carson daly(LA special...some sh** about cross over stars....) for like the third time in two months he bagan with the usual questions nsync,britney getting pregnant...cameron having a baby, oh yeah that.she had a boy...poor kid she named him wait for it...oscar,ocar diaz,is she trying to get him beat up at school.well i guess its the only oscar she'll ever be holding...and of course the blonde hes been seen with,partying(yeah right) and of course rowing with?....with daly it was easy i'd learned to bullsh** my way through his interviews years ago....no change now.. Maybe sometime we might get round to the movie....
"so were back with justin timberlake,all 'round entertainer first with nsync then solo,now movies...man is there any thing you cant put your hand to???"
"you know actings always been something thats appealed to me....even back in the day with the mmc....so i guess you could say it was a childhood dream,which im lucky enough to get to do.."
"And with morgan freeman too that must have been an experience...."
"absoloutly,i mean hes just so talented,we all know that but he was just so down to earth and he offered me advise...helped with the nerves...so yeah it was all good man...."
"it seemed that way...so after edision becomes a huge box office success are you gonna desert the music and concentrate on movies...?!"
"no,well for the time being i am working on movies i mean i have one more in the works at the minute and another in talks so i guess you could say im outta the music scene RIGHT NOW but uhh...i'll be back dont worry,music is what i love.... no doubt"
"thats cool man...so can you tell us anything about the next movie your into???"
"uhh...i dont know...should i?"
as the audience roar with agreement he decided to please 'em and give a little taste...
"okok.its called "Alfa dogs"...i play the best friend of jessie james.we all know his story..uhh..its not exactly what you'd expect i guess from me?, you know but thats what i want....."
"so not one for the young fans then...."
" uhh no?...i wouldnt recomment it for the young ones....unless the moms and dads want a lot of awarked questions...but otherwise i think its gonna be great"
"well in that case so do we...thank you...ladies.gentlemen...justin timberlake..."~
Making his way out of the studio he breathed a sigh of relief,man he hate interviews.such pointless questions,plus daly was an ass....
he switched on his phone and realised he had a message..."hey justin its elisha,i cant get hold of trace,tell him im going to new york for a few days,uhh...i gotta help,ava move in to her place,i dont wanna leave her on her own not her first night in a new place....well if you tell him and get him to call me later okay?take care dude..."
Why didnt she just leave a message on his voice mail..he'd never understand that girl?...Ava...he missed her,he should have been the one helping her move...he should be with her....but he wasnt and he had to just get over that!
feeeeeedback! :rolleyes:

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Wed Dec 01, 2004 10:30 am

Good interview. I liked it. :thumbup: And he better always be into his music. That's why we love him so much. ^_^

:rofl: Oscar Diaz ... what a name! :rolleyes: I loved the line about that's the only Oscar she'll hold. How true! :lol:

And I agree, Justin should be in New York with Ava. Yup, he just should be there with her. :nod: I love those two. :wub:

Great work! :kiss:

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Postby laura » Wed Dec 01, 2004 10:32 am

annnnd just because im feelin nice...and you know wont be here tomorow!! :lol:
<span style='color:purple'>
New york new york!</span>

"Elisha....what are you doing here.????" Ava had only arrived like six hours before and had just ate take-out....she was beyond shocked to see her friend....
"well i felt guilty leaving you here for your first night...so here i am...."plopping her large hold all down on the carpet she made her way into the appartment.
" uhhh...cool then..."
After unpacking the necessaties at least for the night they settled down and got chatting, Ava wasnt surprised when justin was brought up, of course elisha had it in her head that they would sort things out....Ava wasnt so sure....but let her ramble any way...
"he misses you so much ive never seen him so miserable,not ever after diaz...Av...he loves you! you know that...you guys where so cute together,i wish you'd work it out..."
Sighing loudly,letting her aggrivation be known, 'Lisha...come on let it go we've gotta move on, i want us to at least be friendly and if we had kept hurting each other that wasnt gonna happen......"

After that she seemed to let it go and they watched a movie....she was leaving the next day so they got to sleep early..the next day Ava was all ready and set to meet her new co-workers.....nevous as hell.but she could deal with it...

The next three weeks flew by,Ava was getting on great with her new co-workers,all mainly female and gay men,huge surprise,but everyone seemed sweet,and she was greatful,she even found out a few people live in her appartment building which made cab rides to work alot cheaper....she'd kept in touch with elisha,her nerves where building her dress had arrived and had to be aulterd, her design for bridesmaids dresses had been sent off and she and trace had been tasting cakes for like a week, she'd checked in with justin,via elisha anyway.he was busy in europe promoting the movie,and no doubt taking advantage of all the ladies throwing themselves at him...well he should right...she had no right to feel jelous any more...so then why did she..?
Justin loved england it was cleaner and the people where so much more polite here than LA! but damn there was some slutty ass girls here...the only girl he wanted,he couldnt have...
The promotions were going good and the previews of the movie had recieved a good review...thank god...

Sitting at her desk she was bored,it was friday and things were pretty slow on fridays,
so when her mobile rang she was surprised,even more surprised when she saw the caller id...
justin calling.... that cant be right....
" a huh..hi!..uh how are you..." he sounded weird,she sounded confused
"uhh,im good i guess...where are you?"
"im in london...man its cold here....hows nyc..."
"its..its cold too i guess...justin not to be rude but why are you calling...." she had to ask,anyone would...!!
"yeah pretty random are'nt i...look i just wanted to know...is there a chance that we could,i dont know...start communicating...or something,i miss you and more than anything i miss hearing your voice...Ava...? you there..."
"uh yeah i am, but well justin i mean is it such a good idea, you and i we..we were never really "friends" do you think we could do it...!"
"i like to try...i really would...question is would you...?" :unsure:

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Wed Dec 01, 2004 1:31 pm

:huh: Oooh, please give it a try, Ava. :pray: If nothing else, Justin could become her really great friend, and everybody needs a great friend. :wub:

No doubt Mr. Trousersnake was having his fun with the ladies in Europe. :no: Boys -- can't live with them, can't live without them. :D

Thanks for the two updates, Laura. You're too kind. ^_^

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Postby laura » Fri Dec 17, 2004 5:21 am

<span style='color:green'> :D ok:here it goes again...opinions please! thanx!

<span style='color:orange'> Its not right but its ok?</span>

After agreeing on a Friend thing with justin they chatted,about noting importaint really,but it was a conversation that made her smile,so much people where beginnig to ask questions...
"girl what the hell did you sleep with a hanger in yo' mouth i know its friday but still..."
"what cant i just be...happy..."
"com'on i just patched things up with a...an old flame,we agreed to be friends..so yeah im happy..."
"ohhh girl....the just friends thing...baaaad idea..."
"oh why...." this she HAD to hear...
"because,first ya'll get close as "just friends" and hang out,next thing you know you end up in bed...now dont get me wrong,make up sex is THE best,but girl its a dangerous road to go down..."
After ashley left and returned to her desk Ava tried to block out what she'd said,she was different sure she still wanted him, i mean what girl wouldn't but no she had self control, since justin clearly didnt she'd have to keep it platonic.

On the run up to the wedding two weeks later they had a countdown of a little over a month and with christmas coming fast,Ava had a lot on her mind, and as he mother had called and said she was coming over to see her you could say her stress levels where off the charts, so walking out of Saks on fifth the last person she ever thought she'd see was justin getting out of a rater large limo...talk about drawing attention to yourself...but it was freezing and the snow was just starting to fall heavy,so no one really took notice....except her..
So walking up to him before the massive bodyguard got to her she slid up at his side.Tapping it lightly
"What are you doing here...?"
looking around with a look of shock and then one of recognision he finally smiled.."ooh Ava hey girl...sorry to look so weird its just so many people come up to me and act like they know me,but anyways....how are you?..." he sounded chipper which considering the last time she saw him....well this was a much nicer sight..." im good,shopping..so im good..."
"i see that...look its cold out here you wanna step inside..." as he held open the door for her she looked at him and then into the warm vehicle....how could she say no?
"sure" as she stepped inside his body slid right in next to her...causing her tempure to rise ever so slightly....
"thats better man...i hate the cold...so um...hows work?"
"its work.just in a different place i guess...."
"uhhuh...yeah im here for work too,i was thinking of calling but well i wasnt sure i mean,if you woulda wanted me to or not?"
"why would i not want you too,you where part of the phone call a few weeks ago were you not....." with a somewhat teasing tone,he figured that was a good thing...
"well yeah but i thought..i dont know that maybe you were mad at me still for...for what i did,you know..."looking at the ground she saw the glint of regret in his eyes,she wanted to make it disappear..
"justin,look im over it,i wasnt MAD.. I WAS hurt but sh** i dont know maybe im growing up or something,but im over it.life's way too short and i want us to get along..to be...friends?liked we talked about."
"you do.."
"yeah dont you?"
OF COURSE! i mean just because i was an idiot,i dont want to..well lose you i guess,..but..friends?" with a look of dissapointment he relented..while bobbing his head as if in agreement "friends!...i could deal with that"
After a conversation that wasnt as long as it should have been Ava made her excuses and said she had to get home and since justin had interviews they agreed to catch up again soon,and for justin soon wasnt soon enough he loved being around her and since things were at least civil again between them he was looking forward to this christmas more than anything.....

With less than 2 weeks to chrismas Ava decided to use up her extra sick days and return to LA four day earlier than planned so that gave her a little more time to shop for gifts for her mom who was arriving two days laters and her friends and she guessed as justin was now "a friend" he counted too....
Staying with paige's family again in her old room that hadnt changed since she left she felt right at home once she got back,of course Piage wasnt to be found,her and the chad guy where now so in love he'd flown her to Austaila for christmas although she did recieve a rather excited phone call from her at three in the morning her just going oooonnnnnn about how AMAZING HE WAS and HOW MUCH SHE LOVED HIM... it was sweet! she didnt fall for any guy easy but when she fell she fell hard....one of they many things they had in common..

Waking up in new york he couldnt really believe he was there and she was now in LA they both seemed to be apart or in one place when she was in another,they had agreed on things-mainly the friend thing,so feeling bold he decided to call her.
"Yeah,justin hows a goin....."
"good...lisen how are things going for your moms visit..."
with a groan she let out all her frustrations,"uhhhhhhh you have no idea how much i gotta plan just to keep her happy its unbelieveable....
"ohh that bad huh..."
"yeah you called just to see that?god you must be bored!"
"um,yeah thats really not what i called for."
"so why did you call..." not that she was complaining that he was calling her she liked him talking to him thats for sure..she liked it even better when he was in front of her.but since that wasnt gonna happen she'd take what she could get....
"i.no i cant its embarassing....."
"embarassing.justin....come on its me here....." she was smiling because she could almost here him squirm on the other line.
"ok,i really just called to...uh...i wanted to hear your voice thats all.."
she didnt really know how to respond to that,it was sure nice to hear but she definatly hadnt expected it.....
with a somewhat nervous laugh he continued."uh yeah pretty doky i know,but i cant help it i guess,im a dork..."
now at that she did laugh.almost forgetting for a moment her senses.."yeah your dork but i love you..."
sh**........did she really say that out loud....crap crap crap....so desperately trying to back track she continued before he could get a word in.." i mean...well i...its just that...oh crap..." so she hung up,not know what else to say and afraid of his response.
"ava...ava..hello...." as he heard the dial tone come on the phone he knew then she was gone,he also knew what he heard,she loved him even if she hadnt meant to have said it.Which he guessed she didnt given her response it didnt matter she had said it and it was out there....now all he had to do was figure out what to do with it.

Standing in the middle of the kitchen with the phone reciever in her hand she silently cursed herself for being sooo stupid,how could she have let herself say THAT to HIM!!! of all things she confessed her love to him,she hoped that he would just brush it off,but knowing him as she did she knew it wouldnt be the last she heard of her slip up.
But now she couldnt think of that she had to pick up her mum, the nightmare was just beginning!!!

well? :huh:

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Fri Dec 17, 2004 9:29 am

Oooh, that was a major verbal slip. :huh: You just know that Justin is going to go after her now for saying that. :lol: Those three words can make a person do some crazy sh**. :rofl: And he's crazy enough as it is. :P

Paige and Chad ... you need a cage to keep those two apart from one another. ;) :lol: :P

Great update. :kiss:

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Postby laura » Mon Dec 20, 2004 5:10 am

YEAH.... so working on totally numb took some time so this a'int as good as it should be.....but its long as hell.....but here ya go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

<span style='color:blue'> simple kinda life?</span>

When the plan landed in LA, justin almost right away began to feel nervous,she was here -he was here,but now so was her nightmare of her mother,now that would prove a problem if all he had heard about her was true...

"Ava sweetie"!!,honey have you been eating your, skin and bones..." As she approached her mother at the baggage claim and embracing her into a hug she looked her up and down as if to see if she was damaged..
"no mum im fine,how was the flight..."
"it was ok,bit stuffy but what can you do..."picking up her two suitcases and heading for the exit they both engaged in normal catch up chit-chat about the family her old friends everyone,but the time they had made it to the car the subject of justin was about to come up she could feel it,now she just wasnt sure how to handle it....
"so Ava honey about this man of yours...john is it..." rolling her eyes as she answered...

"mum we talked about this..its justin,and hes not my man any more...remember..."
"oh thats right...well i hate to tell you i told you so.."
"so dont,"
pulling up in the drive way they were greeted by mr and mrs jones,AKA the people that will get her off my case,did i mention i love them?:?well i do..

After settling down to tea and something to eat nd after much catch up mum and i decided to go shopping.i wanted to show her LA before it got to late,she was scared of cities in the dark,so i decided to try and change her mind and "this hell hole" as much as i could...so driving around all the tourist spots and shops she seemed to be enjoying herself as she shopped and chatted away with silly americans who were entranced by her accent...some people are easily amused.
"so mum,what you think?"
"of what dear...?"
"the city mum,what do you think?"
"its...ok i suposse?but honey i'd much rater have you home where i know you'd be ok"
Not this again.......

"mum i told you i am fine! After chrismas im going back to NewYork for a couple more months then back to LA.I have friends here and well paiges family are just as good as my own!"
"oh i see,you dont want your own family is that it?"
"nooo mum your getting it all wrong...i love you all you know that.your only a phone call away,and you know im safe! Please cant you just be happy that im happy!"
"but are you really?"
"really...what? happy?"
"yes.i mean with that timberlake boy and all that i read....Av,hes no good...."
"what you read.Was in a tabloid! It doesnt mean its real..."
"so he didnt sleep with a dancer and then you and you yelled at each other at a party of some kind?"
crap crap crap........

"well, that was....that was..."she couldnt think of a lie fast enough and that gave her away completely....
"see....." he mother looked so smug,she hated it!
"look it was a hard situation and im sure that girl made up alot of her story.but im over it and we're building a friendship,so you can look as smug as you like i dont care.....!"
After her little out burst it was that cold erie silence all the way home,and it didnt change when they got there either,they just both stayed out of each others way and hoped for the best,and things where looking up when they both decided to help decorate the chrismas tree.
Things had gotten back to the uncomfortable situation they had been in before however when the door bell rang and mrs J answered.......

"uh,Ava sweetie theres someone here for you?" looking over from the step ladder she was standing on with lines of tinsil wrapped around her neck she eyed mrs j...thinking it was just elisha she responded.."oh ok...let her in..."
Silence fell over the living room when that person steped in though the doors...
looking over she saw who she thought she heard....noooooooo!!!! he cant be here not with the devil woman here too! sh** sh** sh**!!!!!
Steeping down fron the ladder and quickly taking off the tinsil she walked over to him giving him a threating eye as she did so...."uh...what are you doing ....here...now...here...." she was terrified of what her mother was going to SAY OR DO TO HIM NOW!!!!!!
"well,i just wanted to stop by and give you your christmas gift...thats all.." He looked as uncomforable as she felt...

"Ava sweet heart are you not going to introduce us.?"
He mother stood up and made her way towards both of the very nervous people standing at the doorway...
"oh of course,mum,this is justin....justin,my mum....linda.
"Its nice to finally meet you,Ava has told me lots about you..." even nervous he was still charming..
"ooh so your the boy that has treated my daughter so badly...well i would say its nice to see you too but we both know that would be a big lie,and from what i hear you do enough of that for everyone in this room...."
"mother!!!!!!!" looking at her with daggers,Ava never thought her mother would say something like that....and judging by his face,neither did justin..
"well dear its the truth...." sitting back down and sipping her tea,looking way to pleased with herself...
looking to the ground justin wished it would just swallow him up....what a b****.like he didnt feel quilty enough about that as it was!

"well mrs mc donald your right i am the person who treated your daughter badly,and i feel so ashamed of that fact,so you have no need to try and insult me,or to guilt me anymore that i have already done myself" looking over at Ava whos face was now as red as the shiny tinsil around her he motioned for the door"Ava i have to go i'll talk to you soon though right?"
"of course yeah....""Ill leave you out...!"
glaring at her mother as she exited the room with justin just behind her...
reaching the front door she was sure there was enough distance between the two rooms that her mother wouldnt hear her talk

"UHHHH! god justin im so sorry i had no idea she'd go off like that.sometimes i wonder how i could ever be related to that woman!
Looking over towards her as she stood in the doorway he honestly couldnt believe it himself...
"uh yeah..But she has a point..i mean i did what she says..."
"i know but it doesnt give her the right to..."
"Ava its ok,look come outside i want to give you your gift..." his eyes lit up as he said those words to her and it made her heart do a little pitter patter dance,it shouldnt have but it did!
"you really didnt have to,i mean i..."
Raising his hand to silence her her took her hand and led her through the door,out on to the driveway..
"ok get in?" pointing to his car...
"get in...uh why?"
"beeecause i have to take you to your gift..."
rolling his eyes playfully he nudged her and made her lower in to the car seat.." look i promise youll like it ok?so please just trust me?
Trust him?...easier said than done..

But she got in anyway...as did he and they set off to where ever the hell it was they were going!
Some fifteen minutes later we arrived after a car journey filled with Ava complaining about her mothers attitude,he really couldnt say anything against her,she was right after all....
"justin...why are we parked in the middle of a storage lot?!" confused she followed him out of the car and on to the tarmac.
"well i what to give you your gift,so hold on.." And with that he nodded to the man standing at the door of one of the garages.one of four that is? and he pulled a lever and all six doors opened....
"ohmygod!" putting her hand over her mouth as she saw what revealed...
"so,what do you think?" getting in close to her and waiting for her response.....
"justin..i...do know what to say?"
"well for you to be speechless.i guess is a good thing...right?"look all you have to do is pick the one you like the most?And its yours..
She could tell three out of the four cars in front of her but had no clue what the other one was?it looked like something outta a james bond flick.....how could she pick one?
Looking down at her he realised she was confused,and paniced that she didnt no what to do...it was kinda funny she was usually so together....

"well" he decided to start again"you have a escalade.mercedes,a rolls,Austin martin...and if you dont like the colours i can get them changed.." she looked at him then he was proud she was speechless because of him...
"god...no one's ever.i..seriously you should have though i mean when you mentioned gifts,i figured something small....that you could wrap...." laughing at her as she continued to inspect the fine machines in front of her with him at her side.

"Why shouldnt i have?were friends right?and this is how i treat my friends,so girl come on and have a look i wanna know what you want!! And with that he lead her over quickly towards the man as he explained what they where and what they did...she had always just figured that you drove cars and thats it, apparently she was wrong,she was almost waiting for him to say one could fly for crying out loud....
Having chosen the midnight blue mercedes,he agreed to have it delivered to her place the next day...she was so excited,it was nice to see her smile again,and it was an even better feeling to be the one to make her smile....

Driving her back to her place he was lisening to her go on about how thankful she was and how nice it was of him to do it....he had played the friend card,but the real reason if he was being honest was because he still loved her and he wanted her to have something safe,to keep her safe... and he figured a well built car would do that....
Watching him drive she couldnt really remember him looking so confident and incontrol before,and best of all he was smiling which was a very good thing,
"so justin now that i have my car,what the hell am i supossed to get you as a gift to match that.?"
"you dont have to g..."
"no! of course i do i had planned on it...but seriously dude,what do you get you....i mean you have everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Looking over at her he realised her eyes where on him,intensly beautiful sparkling green eyes...god he loved her....
"well i dont know i really dont need anything.." he needed her!...
"okay then what do you want?" he wanted her!
"i want.." you
"Yeah???" looking at him in the eye as he turned away....
"i want...you..."
"you want me?????!"
Her eyes widened at his confession...had he just said what she thought he said?

"uh,justin...come on..." Trying her best to laugh it off as a joke but he was serious she could hear it in his voice!
"what you wanted me to be honest.so there i was honest i want to spend some time with you!"
"yeah honest? but not that honest!"
"sorry i cant help how i feel,but i see im making things weird"
Pulling up at the door of her current living space..she really didnt know what to say,it had gone from comforable to awkward in 5 seconds flat!!!

"Look Ava i dont want to make you feel weird ok...sure i cant help how i feel but i want us to be friends like we agreed"
"so then why tell me that"
"because i needed to get it out...and now it is,we can move on, so how bout you come to dinner with me..."
baaaad idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! flashed in front of her eyes....
"justin i dont think that's..."
"not just me then,trace and elisha too....." he was nervous,and sturttering,so not mr smooth she was used to!
That made it less worse she didnt think she could handle being alone with him in his house on his terms....it was to much temptation!
"okay then.i will..."

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Mon Dec 20, 2004 8:55 am

:blink: Ava's mum -- wooo, nasty lady. She's just got a bad attitude about her daughter being independent and doing things on her own. I hope she'll get over that someday. Ava needs to be out in the world, experiencing the good and bad part of everything. :nod:

What a Christmas gift!!!!!! :jawdrop: Justin can be my friend anyday. :lol: That kind of gift would've left me speechless, too.

I hope there aren't any awkward moments at the dinner, but I have a feeling that something crazy will happen. :lol: Awkward moments abound between them. :nod:

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Postby laura » Mon Jan 10, 2005 5:06 am

<span style='font-family:Times'><span style='color:red'>its been awhile huh? well heres two for ya...im almost done i think so...enjoy? :lol: </span></span>

<span style='color:purple'>All shook up!

Having agreed to meet for dinner the following evening she went inside and faced her mother who of course whated to know what went on....she lied of course but she did tell her about the car,to which she replied it was only a bribe....what a b****....of course she had thought so herself but would never admit it!

The next day went by fast, and she was very nervous about the evening ahead so many times she had thought about calling and cancelling but always at the last minute she backed out.
So pulling up to his estate in her brand spanking new car she was almost ready to throw up with nerves...
she was coming he knew it was her once he saw the car so once more for like the tenth time since he'd gotten dressed he checked his reflection...and headed for the door....
He saw her exit her car,dressed in a simple black vintage evening top and matching bootleg trousers with heels with her hair in a messy bun. she looked amazing,of course to him she could be in a bin liner and still look good...

"hi!" they both greeted each other, as she came in..looked around and noticed no one else was there...... trying to hide the panic in her voice she began
"so,are trace and elisha here yet?" Aka Her safety net!

"um no" as he helped her out of her coat "They had a few last minute things to take care of for the wedding,as usual...today it was cake...and catering...i have no idea really...they shouldnt be very long!
"oh..." she was now more nervous than before! He told her to take a seat and she did, he went off the get her a drink...and right at that second she could use one...or three!
Coming back from his bar he placed the glass in front of her,and not wanting to seem too "alco-in need" she waited before reaching for it.
"so..."he began as she didnt seen to want to " the car...everything good,you still like it right?"

"ooh sure,really amazing..... they dropped it off this morning,my mum almost died...but she didnt mores the shame..." " but thank you again... i still have no idea what to get you...i always sucked at gift getting..."

Looking over at her as she took up his two seater sofa with her feet behind her she looked comfortable and not, all at once,he was sure why but he didnt know how to get her over it!
just as he was about to say something about it there was a loud noise from the fornt door,the other two guest had arived....

"hey where y'all at" Traces loud southern drawl was sounded throughout the house...
rolling his eyes at his rudeness he got up
"We're in here,and your late"!
Walking through the door Ava was greeted by an Excited Elisha and an tired looking Trace.
"hey girl,oooomyyygod all those amazing cakes,i swear i couldnt decide! its unreal whats out there....it took for ever"
Rollin his eyes and nudging her trace looked down at his girl.

" yeah I know!! woman it only took ya three damn hours to pick one...looking over at his best friend he continued ."christ dude it was all cake!!"

Laughing at their interaction Ava,she was so glad she wasnt alone with him,it wasnt that she didnt want to be!it was just he was a hell of a lot more difficult to resist when they where alone and now was still no exception!
As they made their way into the dinning room where they finally got down to dinner.

Mixed with casual conversation and mostly talk about the wedding and with it being on janurary 1st they didnt have much time left to plan, so basically it was all elisha would talk about....and well since she was on such a high about the whole thing she kept Ava in conversation throughout the entire meal,and when she was talking to justin her words kept getting messed up!-sure she was nervous but she had elisha as her suport and she should have been at ease,but the way he looked at her it gave her goosebumps all over,she wished it didnt but it did! he was still as cute as ever and working hard on being sweet to her but he was still the guy who cheated on her and although she wanted to let it go and almost thought she had,it was all she could see when she even thought of getting That close with him again,she wanted to trust him but didnt know if she really could?

Glancing every now and then from his meal he would notice her,noticing him and it made his heart do leaps because of it.
He knew he should concentrate on being her friend but he didnt want to be her friend, he wanted to her boyfriend, he wanted to be her everything but for now he just needed to be closer to her and "friends" was just gonna have to do...when she was around things just seemed better and funnier and well just plain fan-bloody-tastic he loved her,he hoped she loved him no- he knew she loved him he could still see it but it was clear from her actions and and her tensed attitude towards him that she still wasnt completely in the place of trust! And above all things,thats what he wanted!
Have your self a merry chrismas! yeah riiight?

In the week that ran up to chrismas everyone saw less and less of each other with Ava staying in LA and trace and justin and of course elisha all headed to memphis for the holidays it made the whole "friendship" with justin alot easier,when he was with her he had this presence and it was overwelming to say the least and of course there was the charm and those eyes that you could so easily got lost in....well lets just say alot of that was depleted over the phone...like i said: easier!!!!
but what wasnt easy was the phone call she got form justins mother on chrismas eve...saying they were all in LA and where celebrating here and wanted me and my*ahem* family to come too....now at that point i was sure she was drunk...i mean she had to have talked to j about this...and well with my mother and him...not the best of chrismas spirit to say the least....i tried to make my excuses so that no one would find out but of course my mom answered the phone the second time she called and since the smiths wernt exactly big on tradation (she didnt cook--ever!) my mom was sold on going over to justins for dinner,after she talked with lynn i swear it was like stepford she was all about "forgiveness" and getting used to justin...blah blah blah. so in short we where all going to hell for dinner...why i didnt just put my foot down and say no i have no idea.And to top it off we had to be there before noon! Total nightmare!

so on chrismas morning around eleven thirty am after the exchange of gifts and all the hoopla that it was we got dressed and i had a few drinks...what? i was terrified and then warned my mother to be nice,so their we were all standing at the front door of hell waiting to be let in......

"lynn!hi" i spotted te familer head coming round the door.
"sweetie!its good to see you again!" she came up and embraced her in a hug before introducing everyone to everyone else! while i scanned the group of people for justin..elisha...any one that wasnt my mother!!!
" Ava,honey " lynn approached again "what can i get you, drink soda water anything honey..."

"no nothing thanks its still a little early" i lied but the last thing i needed was to get pissed even before dinner...uhh lynn wheres justin..."

"ohhh you know him...lazy bones,hes still asleep...and trace and elisha havent arrived yet...seriously hun,relax sit down and eat...something..."
"i will....hows my mother behaving....i wasnt thrilled about her coming here,she and j..well she hasnt been the kindest towards him you know?
"yeah..he mentioned,it was kinda why i wanted to meet her, to have her here,i want her to know my son isnt exactly what hes made out to be...plus i wanted to see you,justin tells me your becoming friends thats good right?"
"umm yeah..i guess..."

"i sense a but here?"

"well...its just.." lowering her voice so the others would be less likely to hear her "its just...justin and i we were never really just friends,ya know so im not to sure how to go about this whole thing.."
nodding along signafining that she understood "well you know justin once he he gets something in his head nothing stops him and he truely cares for you and im guessing thats why he wants you around...you know Ava he is really sorry for what happened with that silly girl and all....really..im not making excuses but its just what i know."
after their brief but enlighting conversaation Ava decided it was time she helped out with dinner,but her mission was to first wake justin up...accordding to lynn he was embarrasing her sleeping so late...
making her way up the winding stair case she found his door,knocked quietly and headed inside just as she did he emerged for the bathroom - totally naked!!!
Ava immedently spun around facing the door it - him naked was the last thing she expected!!!!"OHMYGOD!!!SORRY SORRY SORRY ! your mom sent me....you..you were..oh god...i gotta go!
And with that she raced down the stairs passing lynn on the way and heading straight to the kitchen...
A few minutes laters she was joined by a rater flustered looking justin, lynn all the while looking at them as if they had two heads.....as they both avoided each others stare.....Ava was so embarresed....sure shed seen him like that before and it wasnt a bad thing it was just....different now....not okay....
"oh darn it!" both silent partys looked at the woman after her out burst...

"what?" they said in union...
"i forgot to get cranberry sauce,justin you know your dad cant eat turkey with out it...ohh damn any way i thought id remembered everything...!"
" its ok im sure he'll be fine..."
"no,lisen honey could you just skoot to the store and maybe get some....
"mom what shops be's open on christmas day...."
"walmart..." Ava spoke up...." i heard their open till one,you've got a good half hour before it closes".
"see...this is why i like you Ava,smart thinks on her feet...good you and justin go get it!"his mother hugged her!
"what?,no lynn i.."
stepping around the counter top to where she was standing justin butted in " SURE!!!! why not!!!"

"what?" ava looked at him with a raised eyebrow and a tone that was less than sure.

"yeah well go,be back before anything gets cold and i die of hunger and i wont have to lisen to my dad go on and on about his dinner being runined!!!!!!"
"good! off y'all go now!"
just as they were headed for the door trace and a freezing looking elisha landed through the door presents in tow....justin made his excuses and they both headed to the jeep in the drive way,Ava said nothing....and continued her silence throughout the fifteen minute drive to walmart.
pulling up in the parking lot she began to exit the car,as did he with out saying a word,it was ten mintues to closing and there they were running around like idiots looking for cranberry sauce......

" cranberry.cran-berry" justin chanted to himself as he looked for the jar he needed the large shopping complex was emptying fast and soon they were almost the only customers...without the sauce!
Ava appeared around the isle with a stray can of cranberry and much to his relief she was ready to go,he on the other hand had to use the bathroom-fast....
"uhh Av,could you just wait for me a sec,i'll be right back?"
"where are you going we got what we needed! lets just get outta here!
"noo i need to pee...."
"Well im not waiting out side alone,ill come with you, ill wait outside the door...k?"
"scaredy cat!!"
"am not..." so he went inside,she waited,and all of a sudden the lights went out...
Bangging on the door "justin damn hurry up...there closing come on!!!!"
"im coming shhesh woman calm down" she could here at the other end of the door as he appeared, "im here lets go.." and just as he said it they both heard a large slamming, it was the doors!!!!!!!
they both made a run for the doors,not locked automatically! and yelled for the attendent to come back,she didnt hear then as she continued towards her car....
They where locked in.!!!!!!!!!!</span>

feedback please???

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Mon Jan 10, 2005 8:57 am

Locked in at Wal-Mart ... damn, that's like a fantasy to me. :lol: Wow, their parents and dinner guests are gonna be pissed at them, but they're going to have to make the best of the situation. And by best, I mean, :safesex:. :rofl:

I hope Ava's mom and Lynn get along well enough. Without the kids there, a big fight might happen. :nervous:

Good update! :clap:

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Postby laura » Tue Jan 11, 2005 7:25 am

<span style='color:red'>
Here with Me</span>

<span style='color:blue'>"what the hell are we spossed to do now" he said as he slammed on the door once more.


Watching her walking away he realised he shouldnt have done what he did, she was right it was his fault...now they where stuck and it was almost 1;15

"sh** at this rate dinner will be over"
"yeah... look lets just go look for another way out okay?"

smart....i shoulda thought of that....

so they did and wandered all over the store finding no way out- i mean seriously who locks emergency exits any way? and of course the payphones didnt work and they had both left theirs at home....crap!!!!!! giving up on seeing anyone in the parking lot she walked inside and headed straight to the candy isle....

closely followed by the other other person in the store...

"what!" she snapped.
"okay so your still mad at me...im sorry ok?!"

"whatever......look i didnt even wanna do this whole dinner from "hell thing" anyway it was my stuipid mothers fault....and now...chrismas is ruined! because of someones stupid need for damn cranberry sauce!!!!" she began walking away..



Sighing heavily she tried to calm herself down and lowered her tone too "look you already said that ok....its no ones fault...were just...stuck..." looking around again she finally realise there was no way out...but he approached her and began again

"no...im sorry for everything ok....every stupid thing ive done going right back to when i let you leave me in ireland,i shouldnt have...i shouldve held on...but i didnt because i was doing the right thing..or so i thought and i lost you,and when i finally did get you back i f***ed up and....well you know...and i know we have this friend thing but...well i guess thats my fault too."

standing there listening to him as he spatt off in a rambling fashion she guessed was every built up thing on his mind......." we where never friends...never..and i dont know how to be your friend...i love you..you know that.......and it kills me to have to pretend all the time..."

"justin...i..." she began as she followed his lead and at down on the lawn display furniture.

"no let me finish! i know....i know you dont trust me ok.you dont say it but i feel it,the awareness and the tension...and i deserve it i do i was a complete bastard to you and im lucky you even wanna be in my life at all...i just..well i needed you to know that,and i dont know what made me say it ALL now...like this but...well its out now......" taking a deep breath he felt as if his head was about to explode.he'd held it all in and now she knew,she knew everything he felt it was up to her now what happened.

After a short silence,she finally figured out what to say

"justin...its not that i dont WANT to trust you i do...its,just difficult is all. i mean your my first real real realtionship as a semi-adult and...your so different.WE'RE so different, i mean youve had al this experience and done things i cant even imagine and youve been i love before i havent." " And when you did what you did it hurt and i was pissed,but im not now because i get it..."
"it?" he questioned.

"i wasnt enough for you....i get it..."

"what???? Ava no thats not it at all i swear!

"no its ok,you and i...well maybe my mum was right..."

"you've got to be kidding...Ava i may have been in love before but its not something i say lightly...never have i ever said it and not 100% meant it..."

"i believe you mean it but....what if i trustd you again and let myself feel for you again...what would happen the next time we fight and some slutty girl is just there...how will i know yo wont just...."

"i never cheated on anyone before and i never will again..i know how it hurts
Ava it was a mistake, and i am sorry..."

"sorry that you did it or that i found out?"

"that i did it,thought about it even,when you and i where going through some rough sh** i just...."
"look we dont have to talk about this now ok?"
"no your right.....we just gotta get out of here..."

After about an hour of walking seperately around trying every exit door and phone they came across they gave up! every where was locked and all phone where out of service.
looking back she saw he was seated on the armchair of the house furnisihing section at the back of the store almost......with his head back and his eyes closed..

"justin" he opened his eyes..
"you ok?"
"yeah.....i just never thought id end up spending christmas in a wal-mart? he laughed as he said it, "and ya know,in a way its good at least i wont piss of your mom if im not there right?"

"oh god!!!! i wonder how its going....my guess...not good if she has anything to do with it? remind me to apolgise to your mum..."

"eh" getting up and looking at her..."you hungry?"
"uh yeah starved .."
"come on..." he grabbed her hand and let her down one isle and up the other until he reached "hot foods" and began making pizza...
"what topping...." he asked.
"um...cheese please..." as she sat on the other side of the counter...
"cool." handing her a large slice on a paper plate and a "big gulp" filled with pepsi.

"Ava?can i ask you something?"
"i think you just did?" she had to laugh why did people aways ask a question before a question.....

"ok...well before when you came to wake me why did you freak out and run..i mean its not like you haven seen me naked before...."

he smirked something evil as she tried to answer which threw her off even more...

"well.i dont know its different now i guess...we're not "that way " any more,so its not right."
"you think so?huh! cause i see you naked all the time..." he said as casually as if it was nothing causing Ava to choke on her drink..
"excuse me....."
"you see me naked,how EXACTLY!"
"calm down girl it a'int like i pulled a paris hilton,but yes ive seen you right.."
looking down at her self she suddenly felt naked right then "yeah..."

"well all i gotta do is close my eyes and there you are" as he closed his eyes in front of her.

"STOP!!" she tried to laugh it off,but he kept doing it "stop im serious...."

"nope sorrrrry noth'in you can do sweetie! its a perk...so to speak that i get...."
he laughed his trademark loud laugh as she went redder that she ever felt before...times like these she wished she was one of thise "cool" girls...

sitting down on the stool next to her he tapped her on the knee..."im just kidding...kinda i dont do it all the time."
"oh that makes it better...."
"you know i dont think you should be embarrased? your beautiful....everywhere...noth'in BAD to see..."
she just looked at him and laughed...

"hey wanna watch a movie..."
"yeah they have this whole section...videos dvds and everything you could need to be entertained and comfortable...you know i might never leave here...its great when you think about it...."

"if you say so you nutter...." as they made their way to the section of the extremely large store he was taking about and made aragements with a large sofa to sit and watch a movie he let Ava choose...she chose
"love actually" typical girl........

meanwhile back at the house:

"where are they its been four hours...walmart is so not that far away..." elisha was beginning to panic,shed kept conversation flowing throughtout dinner,trying not to dwell on the fact they where both still not home.
"well i want to know why she had to in the fist place was your son not capible of getting one item by himself...!" linda mc donald aimed her stare at lynn while the entire table looked on...
"what the hell does that mean?"
"well....it just seems to me,he needs a woman for everything....cant seem to do anything with out some kind of female attention...."
"hes capible thank you....and it was your daughters idea.shes a smart girl...she just wanted to help out,"
"ohh and you all decided to take advantage of that fact didnt you...a young naive girl..in a strange country...just wanting to fit in and your son just...."
"JUST what?"
"nothing....i just think a man of his age shouldnt be taking advantage of a young girl...."

"UHH GUYS..." elisha tried to butt in....no luck...

"LOOK lady....my my son did not take advantage of ANYONE!!! your daughter makes her own decisions and is a grown woman in case you hadnt noticed...."
"oh what ive noticed is hes manipulating her....."
"excuse me...."
"with the gifts and the looks...its gross...hes older and will end up breaking her heart like he did that spears girl...........shes 19 years old...hes almost 23...its not right....
"okay first off the spears girl...was cheatin on him,thats why he dumped her.second of all he isnt that much older than her and even if he was it wouldnt matter.....he loves her and she loves him,and they will get throught this thing..."
yeah..until he cheats on her again...."
"what? look what makes you hate him so much? is it what you read? is it the media? because from what i know is its not your daughter? shes over it and they are friends...."
"riight...look this isnt right...hes keeping her here...if it wasnt for him she would be home...."
"shes here becuase of her job...."
"thats not the only reason she came here...its obvious she crazy about him and i dont know anything about him and im not here to stop her from being hurt....thats why i cant stand it if you must know...and now...the only holiday i spend with her and hes taken her again...its not fair!!!! shes my little girl and i never see her,and because of your son shes never wants to come home.!"
"it has nothing to do with him,did you ever think that its because of you and your attitude towards her? im sure you mean well linda but you have to at some point let them go otherwise theyll end up hating you....form one mother to another just try talking to her,really its better than screaming i swear!!!!!!"


"so....what you think of that?" justin asked as the credit rolled on their film,complete with kelly clarksons "the trouble with love" blaring over the store they where still stuck in....
"loved it...theres something about colin firth...i dont know what it is...but...ohhh i would..."
"ok didnt need to know that thanks..."
looking up at him with disbelief in her eyes...playfuly she hit him "ohhh please everythime keira knightly came on the screen you practically drooled..."
"i didnt..." he said sheepishly...
"so shes hot,big deal..."
"well same for me....hes cute."

"sooo what you wanna do now...its almost 6....man it feels like we've been here for ever..."
"i know....im bored." as she began to yawn she finished her sentence " and very very tired...?"
"i wanna get a bed and sleep so bad,although thinking about it i havent done much i still feel zoniked..."
"ok thats not a word..."

" what zoinked?yes it is"
"noooo it isnt..."
"and what? icky is?"
"hey....its a word in my head..lay off my language dude!" she faked insult and pouted playfully...
"your cute when you pout..."
"am i now..." she laughed...
"yeah...but your cute all the time anyway so...."

looking at her as she sat leaned up against him on the large sofa they'd claimed from the display...she was beautiful even curld up with a blanket around her,she was just....beautiful...and if he wasnt mistaken staring right at his lips...damn...
so doig something he knew he could very easily get slapped for,he slowly looked in to her eyes and dipped his head towards hers,and met her lips..he expected her to stop him,but she didnt in fact the oppisate she kissed him a full on kiss..
she couldnt believe what she was doing.her head was screaming nooooooooooooooo telling her all the things that could go wrong...her heart was not..and thats what she followed..well..that and her hormones.
as he moved down so he could kiss her from a more comfortable angle he felt her hands on his chest and shoulder and he knew he'd made the right move she wanted him as much as he did her,thank god she didnt slap him.......

As she moved with him to get comfotable,she realised how much she missed his kiss...it wasnt like anything shed ever felt before,even when he was being agressive and passionate he was stil gentle and giving and it made her do things....things she really shouldnt be doing.
suddenly he stopped and pulled back,breathless he got up from the sofa and tried breathing....
"ok..ok...right..this is,well we...cant be doing this.!"
"because,we...i....god i dont know but it...."
"justin...your stammering...breathe.."

"right sorry its just..." sitting back down again he twised so he was facing her, "Ava,are you sure you wanna keep kissin' me cause i mean i dont wanna stop i just want to..."
"justin..." looking him in the eye as she slid her hand in his, and leaned up towards him she kissed him again...and pulled back, "im sure,now shut up and kiss me!"
He did! with quiet a force too,so much so that she lost her balance on her knees and feel back against the cusions that they sat on.
he was totally hot for her and surprised as hell that she kissed him again,he was complaining he missed the way she kissed,the sweet taste of her lips....and just her being her made everything in his body tingle...among other things, as they continued to map out each others bodies with there hands justin was having a hard time,literally
he wasnt exactly prepared for her actions towards him and to just have her there beneath him,feeling so soft like she did and she smelled so good it was killing him holding back.....but how did her approach her with out comig off a an ass?
With each kiss he gave her and each time he would touch her she almost lost control...it had been a long time since shed felt him that way and she was ready to scream in frustration...all she wanted was to let go..let go with him right there and then...but how did she do it with out seeming too easy?

After what seemed like way to long or not long enough she slowed him down,for one thing she had felt what there little "activity" was doing to him and she didnt think she could hold back any more if things got any worse,or better depending on how you look at it.
"j,we gotta stop..." breathless as she was as he continued to kiss her neck and just under her earlobe driving her crazy..."seriously...we..have to stop......."
"why..." he asked from under her chin as he looked up still not stopping what he started...
"beeecause...we just....have to ok..."
"but why....." he asked not taking his lips off her for a second time.
not with the stupid questions...didnt he just know what was gonna happen,and soooo shouldnt happen if they continued?
"do you really wanna stop baby..i dont think you do." he asked again only this time in a much lower tone......

oh no he did not just call her baby...
"i do...we really should...dont you think it would be better if we did.." she was flustered thats for sure and she was quiet worked up already speaking in sentances had become a challange.

"not really... damn....i forgot how good you taste..."

"oh..." she wanted to give in!she did,plus he was "on" with the charm and it was making it harder...so to speak to not just jump him...
"no your right though we should stop...!" and with that he stopped and got up,his touch leaving her and leaving her surprised more than anything.
"oh...ok..good" she tried to pull off agreement and not shock although her tone suggested otherwise..

"i mean your right,it would be stuipid for us to...whatever now.. i mean we're friends....we dont..do...that stuff any more." the disapointment was rife in his tone...the last thing he wanted to do was stop,but she seemed sure...he didnt want to push her.
"so stupid..." she tried to agree again,

as they both sat side by side ridged in their places,trying to find a conversation...sadly the last thing either one wanted was to "talk" anymore.

"what if it wasnt stupid....what if...it was just you and me.kissing and whatever happened next was up to us and what we want and not whats expected?...would it be stupid then..." he was nervous about suggesting it,but he had to try something...
" i dont think that would be stupid..." she laughed slightly with neves more than anything....

"good..." he finished in a low sexy tone as he closed off the distance between them...with a kiss that lead to the most tender love either one had ever experienced...in not the most romantic of settings on the floor of walmart, but they didnt care,all they either of them saw was each other and in the end thats all that matters.

"Guys i really think we should go look for them there still not answering their cells...and its dark...really what if theyve had an accendent?"
linda and the jones's had left about and hour ago and asked to be notified if they called or came back.As she tried avas cell phone over and over with no answer.
After dinner she and lynn had a serious conversation and it involved a lot of eyebrow twitching as far as elisha could tell.but it ended with a hug that shocked her more than anything,she was half expecting a punch or two,not a hug......
Lynn agreed that elisha and trace should go and look for them,starting at the place they where s'possed to be last.........

Lying peacefully underneath the sleeping bag of a camping set that they borrowed almost an hour before they just lay there enjoying each others silence, followed by justin nudging ava as she turned on her side to face him as he began to attempt converation "Ava...
"so,about what we just... did" said with the widest grin on his face that he could physically manage.
"what about what we just did" her grin matching his just as much...
"well.....does this mean what i think it means?"
"i have no idea...what do you think it means?" still grinning she was sure what he was getting at she just wanted to hear him ask.
"well...." his tone switched to instantly playful and soppy
"i think,that since we've both decided to...overcome our...um..."issues", id like to think we're....i dunno a couple again...if you want......?"

smiling uncontrollably at his awkardness she couldnt help but laugh at his unusual way with words....
"well..."Ava began. "I know this is going to sound hypicritical considering what we just did but, i just dont want us to jump into anything to quickly..."

"oh..." his facial expression said all he needed to.He was disapointed.

"no..i do want..an us...i do...very much,but...."

"you dont trust me do you..."
"I...want too...."

" i want you to too, more than anything"
suddenly there was a bang at the front of the store..."what was that? Ava said shooting up in shock.

"what?" getting up too.
"that" after another bang..."sh**" getting up and grabbing her clothes as he followed her lead.. as she ran towards the door...leaving him zipping up.

Getting to the door she realised it was elisha and trace banging on the door as they looked in.

"Elisha lets go no ones inside....they're not here..."
"look over there trace" as she pointed to the parking lot to the left of the building with all but one left in it

"see its his car....they gotta still be here..." as she continued to knock.

racing to the door elisha spotted her, "ha!" "see...."
"elisha....thank god...look we're stuck...we cant find a way out..."
"how did you get locked in anyway..."

Rolling her eyes she told her how justin got them locked in and how they had no way of getting help..

shortly joined by justin at her side who form where elisha was standing looked a little flushed....weird?

"ok ok we'll go get some help...cops or something i dont know,but we gotta get you both home..." elisha added.
"god...my mum...tell me...how bad was dinner with her?"
"oh...ill tell you later..." as elisha eyed justin as they both stepped away form the store on the way to get their friends home.

around fifthteen minutes later they both arrived again with a cop and the owner of the store who opened up and let them out apoligising every five seconds for what shed done of course it was hard to be mad at her,after all it hadnt all been bad...although it was a relief to be on the way home for both of them..sitting in the passagers seat of justins ride she was feeling more apprehensive than anything about the conversation they had left unfinished, a subject she wanted to address.
"justin...about what we were talking about....before..."

"yeah we kinda left that up in the air didnt we..."

"yup...look i want you to know..if you want to,only if you want to...id be more than willing...to...give this thing with a go again...slowly."
"slowly it is then,look ive no need to rush you sweetheart...i want to do this thing right with us.You mean too much to me,i dont want to screw up again...."
she believed him and it made her happy that he was being honest... getting out of his car and in to her own she was stopped as she remembered she had his gift in her car,as she reached in to get it she called him back form his doorway...
"here" she handed small carefully wrapped gift over to him as he approached her car door."sorry i forgot it before...its not a car,but i thought you'd like it"
"thank you...really...for everything..."~"

"well..your welcome..for everything..." she replied with a sweet smile as he leaned in to kiss her goodbye,being a gentleman he aimed for her cheek but she didnt want that,she wanted a real kiss... and he gave her one
"Merry christmas Ava..."
yeah maybe it was a merry christmas after all.....................</span>

feeeeeeeeeeeedback :yell:

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Tue Jan 11, 2005 8:42 am

AWWWWWWWWWWW! :wub: The Christmas from hell turned into the Christmas from heaven. I knew that they'd eventually overcome everything that was holding them back. Being locked in Wal-Mart certainly does wonders for a relationship. :rofl: Not to mention the hot sex that they so desperately wanted from one another. :drool:

I wanna know what she got him for Christmas! :thinking:

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Postby laura » Wed Jan 12, 2005 11:35 am

<span style='color:green'>someone like you?</span>

<span style='color:purple'>On the 27th of december,Ms Elisha Cuthbert was offically losing her mind...her small intamite wedding was turning in to a circus more and more each second...who knew thay had so many people..as "friends",it was killing her...and Ava too.They had been hled up in elishas appartment all day arranging last mintute details... and fittings for dresses...Ava and elishas two cousins~ the only two she had under thirty where serving in those rolls. and trace had justin as his best man,more than fitting considering they'd been friends since birth practically.
Everything was in place in theory at least.The church would be laid out beautifully with a mix of deep red roses in different shades as it would off set the brides dress as well as match the bridesmaids dresses that also where a shade of deep red,and not in a tacky way either....vera wang did no "do" tacky darling...,plus each dress was cut to perfection to meet the requirements of each girl... as for the bride...hers was in a word...stunning, as elisha was tiny in more ways than one the dress had to flow just right not to drown her in silk...and it didnt she was made to wear that dress...

"ok...thats fine,yes in five days,yes..thats the church...right at 9am...someone will be there...thank you."
"What was that...." elisha came rushing through the doors looking fizzed out...
"well" Ava started off.. " that was the florist i just double checked everything.times location...done.."
"ohh...good...good!" sitting back in her large joey and chandler style recliner she breathed deep and dropped her head in her hands...
"Lisha? your freaking out i get it,but please dont worry...everything WILL BE FINE!"~"
" how do you know...something has to go wrong...it has to...im cursed..."
"noo...now your just being blonde! trust me...everything will be fine!!!!"

Ava was happy...too happy and she was sure elisha was going to pick up on it...she and justin had talked and agreed that secreacy was the best thing...for now at least,the added pressure wouldnt help and with the wedding she didnt really want to take the focus off the bride and groom it was for them and she and justin annocing that that had as he put in "offically got it together" would only put things out of balance.

"so she didnt notice anything?"

"no,shes too freaked out to care...god help her really shes pulling her hair out..."

"yeah trace too....man weddings are stressful....and its not even mine and im worried!!!"

"I NO its outragous really...!!"

"so...do i get to see you tonight?"

"uhh...yeah...well i leave my mum to the airport in a while so after that im all yours..."
"you promise?"

"justin...." her tone wasnt playful like his but she knew if they started gushing someone was boud to walk in and bust her and thats the last thing she wanted.

"ok ok...so you never did tell me what happened when you got home?"

"ohh...she freaked thought i was dead..it was very.."all my children!" you know? ...but no..i dont know, she was asking if you where ok,which i didnt expect.then your mum called and she was laughin' and smilin' i swear i dont know what magic your mum woked on her but remind me to thank her...shes like a different woman"
"thats a good thing...right?"

"oohh yeah...you have no idea how good! listen i gotta go...talk you later?"

"sure..love you..."

"love you too." and she hung up smiling as she rushed home.
After leaving her mother to catch her plane and what turned out to be quiet an emotional goodbye...her mother even cried..she never cried...well Ava promised to call more and come home for a while later in the year at least it seemed to do the trick...

Driving her way up justins driveway she missed the other car parked at the side of the house.And headed on in as she knew he'd leave the door open for her...heading in to the sitting room she was for lack of a better term shocked to sh** to see who she saw sitting there.

"oh...i...didnt know you had...company" as she entered the room that was filled with a creepy silence.
"Ava!" justin immedantly jumped up from the chair across from his "guest" and greeted her "im soo glad your here..."
"you are?"

"of couse! uh" as her turned to the person sitting in the chair by the long window "Ava this is cameron,cameron...Ava..."

As the skinny surfboard looking woman raised to meet her she smiled a tight... clearly fake and cosmedically enhanced smile made worse by the size of her mouth....she looked like something out of rainbow...what was his name....zippy. Just plain creepy.

"nice to meet you Eva,ive heard lots about you..."
"have you....not much because he said my name is AVA...?"
" ooh yeah. well j was just going on and on about how wonderful you are..."
"does he now?, funny its the reverse with you,but im guessing you knew that?" as Ava took her seat next to justin she really wanted to scream....this wasnt happening...

"oh...i..yeah.." as she reached for her small dirty looking gold bag and placed it on her lap Ava spoke up.

"justin can i talk to you for a sec..outside?"

"sure" he answered as he got up and followed her out of the room and into the kitchen.

"ok...im trying really really hard not to freak out and be a typical girl here so if you wouldnt mind telling me...what the hell is she doing here????" she wasnt going to hid her emotions anymore she was pissed and planned on letting him know it!

"i really dont know.... she just walked in..when i saw the car i just assumed it was you and opened the door...but then she walked in and scared the sh** outa me! she wont leave...she keeps wanting us to "bury the hatchet..."

"i could think of a few places to bury that hatchet alright......"

Laughing he nodded his head and grabbed her arm playfully...."Ava...come on help me get rid of her shes creeping me out...all this talk of friendship and sh**,after what she did!! hell no!!!~ i havent spoken to jc and im sure as hell not making up with her....."

ava couldnt describe how good she felt when he said that...not the jc thing...she planned on working him around to that but she was so glad about the diaz situaiton!

walking back to the sitting room she was greeted by that nail cutting glass sound of her voice.
"soo ava..what do you do..."

"lots of things...including the man your looking at!...cameron what do you want exactly?"

"wow! talk about getting to the point huh?"

"well.i think and i'd think you'd agree with me here...lying and pretense.is never a good thing?!"

justin looked on in awe,she'd totally taken over the situation and her words where fighin' ones...he liked that she was willing to be hated to get what she wanted....he knew Ava hated not being liked and this was just not "her" but he liked that she was willing to fight...for him.

"your right.well i just came here to...to..."

"to?" Ava asked as she continued to put the heat on her...

"to see if..well i heard that....never mind?"
"no...please cameron tell me what did you want we never did get to that exactly....?" justin spoke up affirmatly.
"well if you must know i wanted us to let go off all the tension between us jay...."

"why?" he asked folding his arms in protest
"why? because i want us to be friends...and jc...well you know how sorry he is about what happened.and all that really was all my fault..."

no sh** zippy???

"yeah..." look cameron i really dont want this...you, him any of it...im done...over it...i really couldnt give a rats ass any more..."

"you heard me,dont play dumb,when dumb people play dumb its just sad...i want nothing more to do with you,for real now...leave!"

Looking at ava with a string of tears in her eyes that Ava guessed were guniune,well she couldnt act so they had to be,she got up and stormed out the door slamming behind her.
"well that was...interesting to say the least?"Ava spoke up as she inched closer to the man beside her....

"yeah i never expected her to show up here!! i never realised it till now,but girl shes gota a physo-evil stare,freaky..." putting his arm around his girl he let her head fall on to his shoulder,
"hey your the one the who dated her..you gotta thing for crazy chicks huh?."

After her endless teasing about how he was always attracted mental women and how they seemed to always wanted to stalk him.....they moved on to other importaint things...making out and making love! Two things neither of them wanted to neglect

The next few days where hectic to say the least,everyone running around trying to get things sorted for the big day,and the day before as it was new years eve justin had decided to throw a party, and as trace and elisha had decided against a bachalor/ette party this served as that too....

Still trying not to get busted with various make out sessions as well as the fact that Ava had spent everynight with him that week...it was going well as they organised the drinks for everyone in the kitchen and food was served though no one took notice of it much..

"justin... trace wants you to meet some people. you go ill do this!" a glowing and happy looking elisha annonced walking into the kitchen.
"oh ok," looking at ava he told her he wouldnt be long and made his way out.

"soo...." Elisha started.
"so?" she repeated.

"things are going well with you too now huh?"
"i guess...why do ask?"

"no reason really...its just..."

"well...its just...you seem alot closer?...ever since christmas really..."

she didnt know...did she?

"oh...well i guess...i dont know.."

"he seems....and you seem"
"seem what?"

"in love..." the girl was teasing...at least she hoped?

"huh?........ girl how much have you had to drink already??"
"im not drunk...seriously...your both clearly smitten with each other ~the long gazing looks and the smiling and giggling,its creepy but sweet..."

it was not creepy just for the record!!!!

"i honestly dont know what your talking about..."

"honestly...hummm justin says that when he lies...."

Brushing off her suspisions she shooed her out as she carried in more more drinks and set them down just in time to catch justin coming back to the kitchen...

"what was up with trace...?"
"he was acting weird...well more so than usual anyway... he kept asking me what was going on with you..."
"funny...elisha was doing the same...she said we looked like we where in love..."


"yeah weird like you said,"

"well not soooo weird...i do love you..."

"what i do...." he asked shrugging innocently and smiling as he rested his hands on her hips.

"i love you too..." she whispered back as he kissed her gently on the neck as she stood over the sink.
"really...?" he asked still not moving his lips from her.
"really" she repeated,and with that she turned around and tip toed up on her toes and kissed him gently and continued her journey out of the kitchen and into the party, leaving him with a grin the size of texas.

with music and alchol flowing freely the party was in full swing just as the bells where about to chine midnight and welcome everyone into '05 justin searched franicly for his girl,there was no way he was kissing anyone but her come 12, as he found her in what seemed a deep conversation with his mother he had to interupt

"mom,you mind if i steal Ava for a few minutes?,also paul was looking for you..." he lied~sure but it was for a good reason, and he was sure she'd understand.
"oh sure honey you two go do what ever it is your going to do,its almost midnight anyway...." with a sly wink she made her way out of the corner.

"yeah" he said as he gestured for Ava to follow him,and she did.
"so...you were kinda rude her your mum..."
"she'll get over it,he ushered her into the study.... the quietest and empyist room in his house as the count down to midnight began....

"Will she now? grinning up at him as she saw a questioning look in his eyes "what was so importaint anyway...."

"09 "i want to ask you something?"

08 "whats that?"

"only if you promise not to freak out if i do...

07"promise" as she crossed her heart playfully.

06"Ok" as he took a deep breath he didnt really know what possesed him to do what he was doing? but he was gonna go for it.

"ok..justin your scaring me..whats wrong...?"

"Ava..i love you you know that right,more than anything in this world i love you..

03 " i love you too sweetheart,i hope you know that!!

02"i do...thats why i want you to....

01Ava?............... will you marry me???"

"HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!"</span>

feedback thank u please. :rolleyes:

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Wed Jan 12, 2005 12:02 pm

:yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: Whoa, that was an awesome proposal. :wub: I loved how you incorporated the New Year's countdown and him asking her. :thumbup: Now all she has to do is say -- YES! :pray: I hope she agrees to marry him, but something tells me that this is all too soon, and she is not ready yet. We shall see. :thinking:

And it's a good thing that Mama Lynn and Ava's mom get along so well. Lynn really knocked some sense into that woman.

As for Cameron, :pukeface: is all I have to say. :lol: That woman is pathetic with a capital "P."

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Postby laura » Tue Feb 15, 2005 9:44 am

:o immmmmdonnnee!!!!!! ok this is it bad or good im done!!! njoy it...i have! ;)

lets stay together........

In shock she thought she heard him wrong,but she knew she hadnt,he had asked her to MARRY him? was he crazzy enough to do that? she had no clue thats how he felt...she knew he loved her and she more than ever loved him,but married? He was standing right in front of her and had just asked her the most importaint question he'd ever asked anyone and she was just...not answering....causing his head to fill with to many bad things that could possibly happen should she answer the way he hoped she wouldnt?

"justin...i....are you...oh god you really just did that didnt you?....wow..."
answer answer answer.... was all he could chant in his head....as he waited for her to blink...

looking up into his eyes she saw how much hope was shinning through them, and love...love for her...
so throwing all logic and fear out the window she did for once without question the one thing her heart wanted her to do....

"yes!!!!! yes of course ill marry you!!!!!!!!" she threw her arms around him as he picked her up and kissed her.
A kss he knew he would never forget..

"Thank God......woman...you had me on the ropes..i thought you were gonna say no!"

"ooooh god...sorry...i just...cant...you asked me...and..." she was blushing,she was almost crying,she was above all things...in shock!!!!

"and you said yes....we're getting married!!!!!!!!"

"ohhhmyy god...we're getting...married!!!!!!!!" as it began to sink in what had just happened he put his hand in his pocket and brought out a box,a small box covered in light blue silk... opening it she saw the most beautiful solid platnum ring with one large...very large colourless cube shaped diamond surrounded by two smaller pink diamonds on each side,it was breathtaking!

"i know im doing this backwards...but...well it cant hurt now i know what your gonna say...so again" HE got down on one knee and held her hand in one hand as the ring stayed in the other,

Ava... will you do me the greatest honour,will you be my wife...."
Smiling as if she could do anything but,she let him take her left hand and gently side the ring mid way on, as she said yes the second time he pushed the ring on till it fitted her perfectly....

After midnight the party continued to rage down stairs till after three, but for Ava and justin they had there own party,all alone in his bedroom, he couldnt believe he did it...let alone that she agreed..it was totally top of his list of spur of the moment things...he'd bught the ring,sure but he intended on using it in the furture...he saw it and he envisioned her wearing it...it was made for her...but he asked she said yes! and now he was the happiest man on earth,lying next to his fiancee....god that sounded good..

Lying next to him in the dimly lit room as he held her in his arms she honestly couldnt remember a time like that...where she felt so loved,so safe and protected...and it was all because of this man,the man who wanted to be her husband?...As she admired her new ring he spoke after a silence that made her think he'd fallen asleep..

"did i do good?" reaching for her hand and rubbing his finger over the diamond...with the sappiest cutest grin she thought she'd ever seen.
"of course you did i love it...almost as much as i love you...its amazing really....i still cant believe we...you and me...are engaged?"

"me neither...but im likin' the idea,ALOT! " he laughed the trademake laugh that makes your knees go weak and buterflies appear in your stomach,as she cuddled down next to him..

"me too...but we cant say anything till after tomorow...i dont want to ruin their day..you know?"
"i know...my lips are sealed...what are you gonna go with the ring though?"

"easy...wear it on my right hand...they'll just think its pricey jewels for decoration....no one will know."
((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

The wedding was at three the guests where due in the church by two thirty...suddenly a wedding after new years eve wasnt lookin like such a good idea, the bride looked like death warmed up as Ava tried her best to convince her to get up and start getting ready...although at 8am after new years eve....it wasnt an easy task...

"come on girl...we gotta start getting you ready...please get up...look justins on his way to traces now..so pllleeeease...." she wined..she had to nothing else seemed to work...

"fine! im up...it sucks.. all trace has to do is roll out of bed..i gotta go through all this" pointing to her hairdresser and makeup artist..
"yes you do. i told you not to drink but oohh no...im drunk is what you said...ahuh,"

"speaking off...where did you disapear to last night?"


"ahuh..." as elisha sipped her coffee to try and bring her to life...

"well i just...the party just wasnt for me thats all..."
"ohhh...it wasnt for justin then either,because and coinsadance i think not here,but justin disapeared right around the time you did...funny huh..."

"side cracking....go get your hair done and shut it...." half playfull,half hoping she would drop the subject she pushed her out of the kitchen and in to "beauty central" aka her living room to begin.

Some four hours later plus two breakfasts and a hell of a lot of make up the bride was beginning to resemble a human again...the same couldnt be said for the groom

"Trace i swear it past noon dude if we dont start getting ready your gonna be late for your own wedding man,

"I know...i just dont feel good..."

"your hungover....thats why dumbass...."

"no,man its not just that,i dont think i can do this...this whole wedding thing?"

"WHAT? your kidding right? i mean you have to be....dude you do love her dont you?"

"of course i do...but i dont know if i love her enough for it to be forever..."
He couldnt believe what his friend was saying...he had to crazy...

"Trace,dont be stupid....you do love her. i see it...with not just her but in you too...you've changed,and its because of her...and dude trust me,its a good change!"
"you think so....im not sure..."

"if your not sure then why let her think you are...why even ask her if your not 100% sure..."

"because man i thought i wanted this...i did,really but people have been saying things....most people she knows swear im not good enough for her.I dont know maybe their right..."

"Screw them!!!! they dont see you guys like i do...they dont know you both..."

"Her parents know her!And i over heard them last night dude...they where trying to convince her not to do it!"


"yeah...they said we where rushing things...."


"you think so too dont you?"

"no...not at all man,i think if you love her like i know you do,nothing should stop
you...you want to be with her forever and i get that...believe me..."
"when did you come over all pro-love all of a sudden...."

"what? cant i just be suportive?"

"sure you can ,but you've changed too....its weird its like your glowing n sh**... dude,its creepy..."

"shut up man and go get dressed!!!!" pushing him towards his room that held his tux...justin then went to get himself dressed in his formal wear and worst of all....real grown-up shoes....he hated them.

By two thirty all parties where dressed and ready to go, pictures where taken hugs where given and most of all everyone seemed happy.....
ushering trace towards the wedding car that was due to depart any minute justin had to ask,

"you ok?"

"fine..." fine my ass his nerves where getting to him,he was even shaking.

"you know i love you guys together,and i think your meant to be together.but if you dont.... no ones pushing you into this trace....you could postpone...until your sure?" he tried being supportive he really did but he had no idea what his friend was going through.

"no...you were right before...screw everyone else. i love my girl and thats, that shes it for me man she is..."

"good....lets get this show on the road then huh?"

"On a monday i am waiting,tuesday i am fading & by wednesday i cant sleep
when the phone rings i hear you, in the darnkness theres a clear view and you've come to rescue me
with you i fall so fast i can hardly catch my breath i hope it lasts it seems i can finaly rest my head on something real i like the way that feels, its as if you know me better than i ever knew myself i love how you can tell all the pieces of me."

At 2;59 exactly everyone had their places and knew what they had to do,all except the bride....

"elisha come on,please open the door...." standing outside the bathroom door of the chruch she listened for her answer.

"i cant do this...i cant...Ava...i cant"

"of course you can sweetie,you just have cold feet...nerves im sure traces is exactly the same! come on hun open the door at least..."
opening the door she noticed that she had been crying....

"aww honey dont cry...your gonna screw up your make up...please..."

"ok..im sorry i just...Ava...its forever...i never got it before...FOREVER!!!! WITH TRACE FOR GOD SAKES...."

" yeah.forever with the man you love....its a good thing 'lisha...."

"i dont know if it is any more..."

"do you love him?"

"yes of course but..."

"do you trust him....and does he make you happy?"
"more than anything....""

"then thats it then,thats all you need....can i tell you a secret?"

"what?" She siad whilst sopping up tears with a pink tissue.

"i did something last night...well justin and i did something.."

"eww..not wantig to hear about this.."

"no,its not sex...well we did that too...but no...he asked me..to marry him! and i said YES! "

"ooooomyyyyyygod!!!!! you didnt..."

"i did!

"and you know why?"

"why....???"Because..... i feel about him the way you feel for trace...i love him like you love trace... and you guys are my inspiration....your meant to be i believe that...so just ignore all the other bullsh** thats going through your head right now and concentrate on one thing....your love for him and his for you...ok?"
nodding her head as she wiped her eyes again " i never thought about that either....your right i do love him and i want to do this...."

Some fifthteen minutes later both the bride and her maid emerged looking refreshed...and with alot off their shoulders....

And as the music began to escort elisha down the isle Ava was thankful she could be there to watch her friend marry the man she loved...who stood next to the man she herself loved...and who loved her... as well as all the people in that room: Her friends,Elishas friends~ their families that had welcomed Ava as one of their own.They all made up the person she had become over the past year, she thought of them as the different pieces of her soul that she could never replace and never wanted to.They had helped to shape the person she'd become and for that she would always be thankful. And as the ceromony began with the immortial words, she looked at justin as he did her and she finally felt complete a feeling she thought she'd never experience.

The End.

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Tue Feb 15, 2005 12:06 pm

:clap: :clap: :clap: LAURA, THAT WAS SOOO GOOD! :yay: The wedding turned out perfectly. You had me worried with Trace and Elisha letting their nerves get the best of them, but that was perfect. ^_^

I'm so glad that Ava said yes! :yay: She's going to have such a beautiful life with Justin. Trace and Elisha need to return the favor and help them plan their wedding. :lol:

:notworthy: :notworthy: Thanks for always letting me read your stories. :kiss:

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