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<span style='color:blue'>This is my second fic so i would really love to hear what everyone thinks.

By: Audrey

Chapter 1: Moma Didn't Say There'll Be Days Like This

"I'm 19! Can't I do what I want for once mom? Why do you always control everything? I wanna fall in love. I wanna have a life where I'm free! Leave me alone!" Kiera yelled at her mom.

She knew she didn't hear a word she was saying. She never did. She didn't care. Sucks when you can't drive. Can't fight for your words. Can't sleep. Can't live. Her mother was attached to that phone. Phone, phone, that freaking phone! All the time. Her new current manipulation. I bet this one's younger than the last one. They get younger and younger it seems. The younger they got, the more Kiera cried because she knows her mom is trying to make her jealous.

It was always her getting all the men or little boys. Never Kiera. She had never even been on a date cuz her mother forbid it. She was trapped. Broke. Completely stripped of all exciting life. Never been kissed or hugged for the longest time. What was a feeling anyway? Was it cold? Was it lost? Lonely? Scared? What was it? Some days she just wished she was dead. Seems tempting every single waking moment of the day. Today her mom's new fuuck buddy would present itself. No different. All the same. Dumber than the shiit on the ground. Gropers they were. Filthy pigs. All of them. The trickees. People think they're getting more out this relationship but oh no, as long as they got a penis, mom's got a place to put it in. She shivers but its true. All of it. This one she would just plain ignore than the last one. Last one actually talked. Mom got scared. They don't talk. They're not supposed to talk. They were a game. They were gonna lose and so was this next idiot.

Mom has no heart. No soul. No understanding of love whatsoever. She was love's worst enemy. Hate. She wore it like the gap employee's nametage. She loved it. Didn't care who was hurt as long as she got her worth. Kiera was the total opposite of that. She used to have feelings. Now, she's numb to them. Call her a biitch because of her mom. It wasn't her idea for this. Maybe she was adopted. Mom finally got off the phone and turned to her daughter reading on the couch.

"Get this place cleaned up. He'll be here in 15 minutes!" she ordered.

Kiera rolled her eyes, "I'm not deaf. I have ears. The place isn't even messy."

"Young lady, I said clean and don't talk back to me. Don't embarrass me in front of him."

She glared. Through the years the years of orders and rules, she grew smart. She learned to speak her mind and was not afraid of what came back at her. "Hopefully you got this one's last came. I'm gonna do some studying. Keep the noises down if ya can." She went upstairs to her room and closed the door as she plopped herself on her made bed.

She flipped some Enya and relaxed her tired muscles. She closed her eyes letting all thoughts surpass. "I'm thirsty," she got up and went down to the kitchen for something to drink.

She opened the fridge and pulled out the OJ. She was gonna get a cup to pour in, but she felt lazy and drank out of the carton.

"That juice good?" a voice called from the doorway.

Kiera almost dropped the carton as her heart nearly jumped out of her chest. She put the juice back in the fridge, wiped her mouth, and tried to walk away. No words. Nothing. She knew who it was and she wasn't scared. "Never talk to them" her mom would say. So she can screw them and throw them away where they belong. Nobody changes. Nobody loves. Nobody has a heart. They were still, stiff. Rigid. She made her way passed the voice and ran upstairs to her room for some intellectual story writing. Damn. This one had the nerve to talk. And to HER!

She writes, nobody knows she does. She writes all the time. Some about love. Even though she had no a clue what it is. Some of pain, sorrow. Those, she bathes in. They were her truth, her present, her curse. Loneliness. She befriended that monster all her life. Tears. She converses with the placid melody they sing down her cheeks. She knows it. It's all true. She lives it. It's her life. She doesn't decide that though. Just because she was made, doesn't mean she can't be destroyed the maker.

She lives in fear. Her heart has barely any poetic justice left. Squandering to nothingness. Where the quick sand lay. Only the strong do survive. She remains at the bottom. Where life only ends slowly. March of death awaits her arrival. It won't be too long. Never too far. A couple more years. Who knows? Could be tomorrow. Could be now. She dies in slow increments each day. Pieces of what could build disperse about the world to connect with the happy and the warm. Never will it show. It can't. It won't. Too powerful. The meanings of the words are just too hard. She can't understand. How is she surviving? How is she breathing? Is this real air? She suffocates because she knows it's too late. Never show it's face ever again as long as the controller lives. Love will never knock.

There was a knock at the door. "Shiit! Can't you go away! I'm busy with my life."

The door opened, but Keira's back was still turned as she tried to type her story. "Oh, I'm sorry. I just--can you tell me where the restroom is?"

She groaned. Why do they talk? Do they wanna get me in trouble? Don't say anything. She ignored and kept typing. Trying so hard now to concentrate on the screen in front of her. The door closed and she let out the breath she was holding, "Finally. Now, with the plot. Eh... too congenial. I wanna put a b*tch in there. Spice it up. Can't fall in love just like that. She needs competition. He needs to work for her love. So when he tells her, she would know herself that she is falling too. No, that's too overrated. No, that plot is horrible. I'm gonna just delete it," she reached for the delete button and took a deep breath.

"I think it's fine just the way it is," the voice said whispered softly into her ear.

Not again! This a**hole's obsessed. Don't turn around. Pretend it's Medusa. Yeah, just don't look. He shouldn't be talking. Ignore this idiot. She took out her folder and began reading it. She twirled a piece of hair in boredom.Does this idiot ever piss off? What does he want from me?!

Suddenly, she got an IM from her friend.

CandyAss21: Heya biatch! I gots the scoop on Mr. JT! :)

Her face perked up. Finally, some dirt on the jackass. She commented back:

Mariah111384: Dude, spill the shiit already!

CandyAss21: Patience... word is he dumped Cam and is dating much older women now. Like your mom's age.

Mariah111384: lol I always thought that idiot was hot, I never knew he was demented. What a weirdo!

CandyAss21: I know. But still, all the old women he's been with, they're so freaking lucky, dude. Hey, this is strange, but what if he's screwing your mom?

Mariah111384: Haha, funny. How old is he, 22, 23? Mom likes em young, true. But not that young. She's fuucking almost gonna be 50 soon! That's just nasty.

CandyAss21: Hey, it could happen yo. He could be at you're house rite now. lmfao :P

Mariah111384: :P Yeah, he could be the a**hole breathing down my neck as we speak. This guy won't leave me alone! Help!

CandyAss21: Whateve. Gotsta go. Say hi to JT fo me.

Mariah111384: Oh Lord, if Justin Timberlake was here, I'd fuuck him to oblivion. lol Ah...I love when we pretend to have fun.

CandyAss21: Good times. Lata K K.

Mariah111384: Out biatch.

She signed off from AOL. She put her notepad in her bag. The guy sitting on the chair got up and went close to her ear.

"Are you sure you'd fuuck me to oblivion?" Her eyes screamed but no words came.</span>

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<span style='color:blue'>Chapter 2: But It's Just A Sweet Sweet Fantasy Baby

No blinking... She can't move. No, maybe she can. She can't. Her eyes closed and she swallowed hard. She could feel his breathe as he leaned next to her ear.

"You don't have to be afraid of me. Don't be afraid to speak."

Her breathing speed up furociously. No, she couldn't talk. She promised she would ignore. But he... as he said that. It was different from the last one. It felt sincere. Calming. How could she have been so stupid as to not recognize that voice? She still hadn't seen his face yet. It doesn't matter really. He was a pig to be interested in her mother. She has no respect for this guy whatsoever. He deserves her. They can fuuck all they want. She would have to get away. Far away.

She shook her head and walked to her bed away from him and turned her back to him as she closed her eyes. Hoping for this person to leave.

Her door opened, her mom stared with wide eyes, "Justin, what are you doing in here? This is my daughter's room. The bathroom is the next door."

He cleared his throat, "Oh, sorry. I just came to say hi."

"She's busy with work. Don't bother her." she left the room.

He sighed and turned to the girl currently not giving a shiit about him, "Remember what I said. I'm different. Don't be afraid to see that."

No you're not different. Anybody who finds mother attractive without knowing a thing about her is trash. She heard the door closed.

"Finally, he leaves. Thank the lord! What a pig." she got up and went to take a shower.

When she came out and wrapped a robe around her body, drying her hair with the spare towel. A song came on the radio and she began singing aloud.

Oh When you walk by everynight
Talking sweet and fine
I get hectic inside
Baby I'm so into you
Darling if you only knew
All the things that float through my mind

But it's a just a
Sweet sweet fantasy baby
When I close my eyes,
You come and you take me
On and on and on
It's so deep in my daydreams
But it's just a sweet sweet fantasy baby

She collapsed on her bed and closed her eyes. There was a loud knock. She got up and turned down the music to open the door. God, he looked good enough to eat. damn him. She closed the door, but he blocked it with his foot, "Why do you hate me so much?"

Her only response was breathing out and trying to close the door. damn that large foot. Probably has a dick the same size. It belongs to mother. She kept pushing until she gave up and quickly ran to her bathroom, locking it before he could get in. Go away. You don't understand how hard this is for me. Why is she crying? A guy finally wants to be around and she pushes him away? She must be high. No, she can't talk to him. He must go away. Mom will be mad.

"Come out, please?" he knocked.

No, don't talk. That's what he wants. She screamed suddenly. She can't take it. This guy sounded so nice and real. She screamed loud again.

"What? Open the door! What is it? Are you hurt?!" he pounded.

Tears came now. So fast. Drip, drip, drip. She wiped her eyes as she cried more. The cagged bird finally sang. She heard her bedroom door being flung open. Mom. "What's all the screaming?"

Justin looked at her and pointed to the door, "I think she got hurt. She won't talk to me."

She waved it like it was nothing, "Don't worry about her. She always acts like that. Come on already. Come to bed with me." she reached out her hand.

He shook his head, "She's your daughter and you're not worried about her?! I'm worried. I wanna see if she's ok. Please, open?" he knocked again.

"Justin, she's behaving like a child. She always does this. I think we should leave her alone."

Justin couldn't believe his ears, "I'm gonna break down this door. I wanna see for myself that she is not hurt. I've never heard a scream like that in my life."

The bathroom door opened. There she stood in her bikini suit, carrying her towel in her arm."I'm going outside." she pushed her way out of the room and ran downstairs to the pool.

It was 8:30 at night and she started her laps. When she came to back to catch her breathe, she saw feet and looked up. She cringed. Not again. Can't this guy take a hint? she back away and ducked her head underwater swimming the length of the pool until she came up to a pair of legs in the water. She sighed and stroked to the other side. Yep, he was there. She groaned, but didn't say anything.

"Why are you acting this?"

Ugh, LEAVE! She continued her combo of ignoring and swimming her laps until her hand came in contact with something hard. A hand grabbed hers and she looked up. She tried fighting him but he pulled both her hands toward him, "Give up. Give in."

She lost energy fighting him. He was too strong. A man had never touched her like this. Never. She stared at him with scared eyes. God, she wasn't supposed to but the way he was looking at her broke her last chains and she changed,

"What do you want?" her first words. Even the sound of her voice scared her.

He smiled a little, "Oh my god! You do talk. Sexy voice you have. What I want if for you to relax. You don't have to be scared at all. I won't hurt you."

Standing in the shallow waters, he backed her against the pool wall. His hand reaching downward into her bottoms as one finger penetrated her insides. NEVER has a man ever given her what she is feeling right now. She's as innocent as they get. She moaned as she threw her head back a little, closing her eyes, enjoying the pleasure she was getting while he slowly kissed her neck. Fuuck, she was getting HOT already! He started in slow, sensual motions, but her moaning picked up as he went faster and faster fiercely, probing at the delicate skin. She could feel she was almost about to break in half until...


Fantasy ~ Mariah Carey</span>

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<span style='color:blue'>Chapter 3: Catch Me Cuz You Can't

Her eyes shot open, looking about her room. HER ROOM! FUUCK! She was still in her robe with the tie untied. Her hand remained where she was getting pleasure from. Shiit! The things he was doing to her. No words came. She was silent. Breathing in and out. Soaking in the moment. But her damn phone kept ringing. She got up, washed her hands, and went to answer it.

"Hello?" her voice was drawled with a quiet tone, still making sense of things again.

"Hey biitch! I've been calling forever. Why didn't you pick up? Don't tell me your hands were busy at the moment." Brittany chuckled.

More or less. "I was sleeping. Admist all the sexual noise that's usually occuring, I actually got some sleep. What could they be doing? Actually talking?! God forbid."

"Dude, don't scare me. Doesn't sound like mom ta me. Anycraps, wanna hit The Spot tonight?"

"Cool man. Meet me at the end of the street in like an hour and 45, k?"

"Sweet. Lata chica. Make sure mama don't know you escaped the house of terror."

"Funny. Peace," she hung up and went to her bathroom to dry her hair.

She picked her favorite hip-huggers and new Dolce & Gabbanna light blue tank top. Nothing too flashy. She was never your typical hoochie dresser. She always wore what she liked. But right now, she was horny as hell and she want to get some. Well, not sex, but close enough.

All guys at The Spot were horny bastards. Lucky for her tonight. Normally she wasn't a club girl. She loved dancing and takes ballet but the atmosphere of clubs just annoyed her. Sex addicts and rich people galore. Was like Donald Trump's birthday party, scratch the billion part. Tonight she just wanted to be sexy. Nothing was going stop her.

She applied lip gloss and brushed some baby blue eye shadow to match her top. She grabbed her leather jacket and her purse opening her window. Her leg reached the roof top--

"Where are you going?" Justin stood in the doorway lifting an eyebrow.

Keira's head shot up as her face cringed, "Out." Why did she have to go and do that? Oh well, too late.

Justin came closer as he closed her door walking over to her window, "Out where?"

Her other leg swung to meet her leg on the roof, "Go away."

Her back was to him as she sat on the window trying to escape. She won't, if she's smart she won't."And what if I don't? I can't just let you walk out. Mom will be mad when I tell her."

She turned around and stared in his eyes with blazing anger, "Fuuck you!"

He smiled, "Are you sure you want to?"

"Ugh! I'm leaving. Fuuck this AND you!" she slowly made her way down but was pulled back by him.

"I said I can't let you walk out. Come back in." he pulled her closer.

She struggled against him. "Leave me alone!"


She managed to push him more but he suddenly grew ten men stronger and pulled her all the way inside. "A'sshole!"

"Look, I was just trying to help you out. You could have gotten hurt doing what you were doing."

"Yeah, well, I don't need it. I just need for you to piss off, fuuck my mom, and leave me the fuuck alone!" she screamed in his face.

His hands came in his protest, he seemed confused, "Whoa, hold up girl. What makes you think I fuucked or I am fuucking your mom?"

She laughed pathetically, "Oh god! Why do you even speak? It's written all over your fuucking face. I know you are. Don't pull shiit with me. You're all the same."

"Oh god, what in the hell kind of person do you think I am? Your mom is 50, Keira! She works with my uncle. She asked me to watch you tonight cuz she said she had a date or something."

She wasn't sure if she had a jaw anymore. OK, any kind of red was practically smeared over her face. Did she just hear right? Justin Timberlake was her freaking nanny?! Oh my god! This has got to be a new low, even for mom. She was too shocked to say anything so she took this as her opportunity and made a mad dash out the window but was caught again!

He pulled her back in and threw her onto her bed. Pissed off look in his eyes. "I said, stay still now. You will not leave this house while I'm in charge. You will not go anywhere especially dressed like that. Are you asking to get raped?"

She sighed as she sort of sat up on her elbows, "Why do you care? I'm meeting my friend in 10 minutes. I need to get out of here. Oh and thanks, I didn't know conservative is an invitation for a healthy rape. Excuse me," she got up but he pushed her down. Fuuck This was NOT supposed to turn her on. But she couldn't help getting wet as he took more action of the situation.

"Stay where you are. You know I'm stronger. Now, Keira, am I gonna have to nail you to this bed?" he came closer.

She gulped, no, she's not supposed to be effected like this. He cannot win. He got closer, and she smirked a little as an idea came. He came closer and closer than she pushed him hard on the floor, "I will NOT be told what to do anymore!"

"Too bad sweetheart. Is this all you care about? Dressing slutty? Just begging for some random guy to take away your innocence? Fine, if that's what you want than, well, I can't let you do that." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a condom from his wallet throwing it down next to her.

She picked it up and held between her fingers, looking at him for some answers, "What the fuuck are you doing?"

"Well, we're gonna have sex. I can't let you do out there knowing you'll get so many STDS. I'd rather you do this with someone you know. Get undressed."

Oh yeah bucko, that's hot. Even for Justin Timberlake, that was really dumb. She rolled her eyes and threw the condom at his chest and he caught it. She scoffed, "The only person you'll be having sex with is yourself you prick! Ya got that?" she stood up and she felt herself being pinned to the bed.

Her hands pinned above her head. He licked his lips staring her. He leaned down close to her ear whispering, "Be a good girl or I'll tell her everything."

She got cold shivers from his voice. Growing wetter by the second. Damn him. Damn his voice. His charming sexy voice. She decided to give in, "OK, I'll be good. Where's the condom?"

He put his finger to her lips. Damn, they were soft. He couldn't wait to feel them on his. If she wasn't a virgin he'd fuuck her brains out. But, being that she was so gentle and innocent, he wanted nothing more than to go slow and still pleasure her the same. He wanted to kiss every inch of her body. First things first..."Shh, forget about it. I just wanna show you..." his lips slowly came upon hers.

As they were kissing, Keira got an idea. They somehow came off the bed, kissing their way to the front door. She didn't wanna admit it, but fuuck yeah he was an amazing kisser. He knew exactly what he was doing. She on the other hand, followed his lead. She broke away suddenly and opened her "lust-filled" eyes to meet his. Time for the game face. "I WANT you."

"Me too. You make me so fuucking hot, Keira..." she hushed him with her fingers on his soft lips.

"You're not listening, Justin. I said I WANT you!"

He was confused. They wanted each other. What was the problem? "I know, I want you too."

She savored in licking the inside of his mouth. Tasting the last of him. "...To get OUT!"

He licked his lips, What the fuuck? "What?!"

She gave him hard shove out of her room, closing and locking the door in a flash. She giggled. That was fun. "Always with your dick, never your brain huh, a'sshole! Truly sad. Anyway, tata! Oh, that's right, you never got any," she laughed while grabbing her purse and quickly climbed down the latter to meet her friend beeping away like a pissed of New Yorker.

After some tries, Justin finally got the door open. Well, broke the lock and started running to the window to see the car drive away. "Fuucking biitch," he cursed as he ran like a mad man down the stairs, not evening closing the door as he got in his Mercedes speeding to the destination of the girl who gave him stiffer problems besides the one in his boxers.</span>

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<span style='color:blue'>Chapter 4: So Much For My Escaped Happy Ending

The "feeling" eventually died down as Justin sped wildly following the dark blue Honda. "Stupid biitch! Thinks she can get me up and piss out. Hell nah. When I catch her, she's gonna be punished. When I'm through with her she won't walk for weeks. Where's that biitch now? Ah-hah! Gotcha!" he came up right behind the car stopping at the red light.

Keira was reapplying lip gloss in the mirror when someone beeped behind her. She jumped and turned her head out the window her eyes bulged out and she turned to Brittany. "Dude, he's right behind us. I have to get away from him. Can't you go any faster?!"

"Yeah, lemme just flying through this traffic. What's up with you? Who's he?" Brittany looked in her overhead mirror.

"Some a'sshole stalking me. Just hurry up try not to look at him OK. He's a pig. Just, can we hurry this shiit up? He's gaining!"

The light changed and Brittany turned to her right staring at her friend while driving, "Dude, are you sweating? This better not be a Brett thing."

She scoffed, "Please, I'm so over that loser! He nearly raped me at that party last week. Feeling me up and shiit. I was throwing up in my mouth the whole time. Uh, don't remind me dude. Just get there already!"

"Aight, aight, mama's gonna fix this. So who's the stalker? Is he hot?"

Fuuck yeah. Not that you have to know. "I don't wanna talk about him now. I just wanna be far away from him. You got my ID?"

Brittany pointed to her purse, "Yep, it's in there. Pull it out so we're ready. Man, Damien hooked us up big time."

"Tell me about it. I love that guy." Keira got the card out and put it in her wallet as she turned her head to glare at the enemy breathing down her neck.

They reached the parking lot as Keira unlocked the door, Brittany stared, "What the hell are you doing, I'm driving dude?"

"Um, yea I need to get out like now! Stop the car, I'll get out and you'll park it," she waited until her stopped completely and shot out without saying bye.

All Keira knew was that she had to run. Run away from him. He was ruining everything. All her plans faltered now but she could still save some of them as her legs carried her to the entrance of her favorite club in West LA. She had uber connections with the owner and he always let her cut in front of everyone. Having a thing for her didn't hurt too little did she know.

She greeted him with a quick hug,"Hey Joe, can't talk gotta run," she made her past him and ran straight for the bar ordering her usual.

She placed her drink on the bar and closed her eyes as her favorite song came on as she mingled herself with the dance crowd. She was swaying and grinding to the sweet sounds of the techno mix track until she felt hands slipping on her hips guiding her to the beat more accurately.

I've been doing my own thing
Love has always had a way of having bad timing
But to my great surprise
Ever since I looked in your eyes
I had one question for you

Tell me if you want me to
Give you all my time
I wanna make it good for you
Cause you blow my mind
I promise boy that I'll be true
You're the perfect find so
Tell me if you want me to

If you thought I'd sleep on this
Boy, you're cause all I dream about is our first kiss
And you're the first one to make me feel like this
And this is one opportunity that I can't miss, no, no
Boy, you wanna know the deal
You are wondering if the words I'm saying are for real
Cause you got more appeal
Than any man in this whole world
And baby, I got to know how you feel

Now it's time to let you know
I don't wanna rush
We should take it slow
Boy, I can love you
Can you help me grow
Give me a new beginning
I'll give you a happy ending

As she softly sung the last line giggling a bit, she felt her grinding partner breathe on her neck, "Baby, I'm already happy."

She knew that voice too fuucking well for her own good. Shiit! She was trapped! Her body, locked against his, feeling his pulsating erection against her thigh. She was fuucked, if not literally, mentally for sure. This guy is pure sex but he will NOT get it from her. No way.

"You weren't so willing at Todd's party. Maybe now you'll wish that you were," his menacing voice sounded as he licked her ear violently.

Tell Me ~ Groove Theroy</span>

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<span style='color:blue'>Chapter 5: The Red or the Blue Pill?

A'sshole. "Brett! Why are you doing this? I said no!" her voice was scared and small.

He laughed dangerously, "Like that's gonna stop me. You know you want me."

"Let me go now!"

"Why are you fighting this? The way you dress. You're such a tease, Keira."

She felt straggled by his hold around her and she could barely breathe. "Brett, let go, I--I can't breath. Let go," she panted.

"Not a chance baby. I'm gonna make you pay for the shiit you pulled last week."

She felt his hand latch strongly onto her right breast which made her wince, "Stop, stop this Brett!"

He snickered evilly as he roughly pulled her toward the bathroom area and slammed her against the wall. "Don't worry, it's gonna hurt a lot."

She shook her head profusely, "No--" he covered her mouth.

"Shut up! Now, don't move," his right hand opened her shirt, pulling her right breast for view.

His finger tugged at her nipple, twisting it roughly which produced a gasp from her lips. He pinched it so hard she screamed in pain. He than took the whole breast in his mouth, devouring it's large entity. Sucking like a baby, he bit it causing Keira to yelp in pain which made her bite his palm. He pulled his hand back, groaning and slapped her with the unbitten hand. "biitch!" he slammed his lips over hers and thrusted his tongue forward.

Groaning into her mouth, his right hand came on her breast. Squeezing, fondling her skin. He pulled away and Keira screamed but he slapped her and unbuckled her pants. She closed her eye as his hand slipped inside, but he was pulled back with force.

Keira opened her eyes slowly expecting the worst when her face was cradled by soft hands. Her eyes stared, "Justin!"

He licked his lips, "Are you alright?"

She looked behind him noticing Brett get up slowly, "He's getting up. Get Joe now!"

He took her hand and swiftly ran away from Brett. He turned to Keira, "Where is he?"

She covered herself up, "By the bouncer in the front with brown hair."

He nodded and they walked to the entrance. "Hey Joe!"

He turned around and say Justin, "Sup! What can I do?" He spotted Keira looking around nervously, "Keira, what's wrong?"

She cleared her throat and just ran outside, not wanting to say anymore. The men looked at each other, than Justin sped out pacing behind her on the street. He finally caught her and turned her body around to look in her eyes.

What he saw made him want to cry. Her face, her eyes, so much pain just ready to explode. She struggled a bit but he put down her attempts. She tried pushing him away but that only made him hold her tighter. "It's not your fault, Keira. It's not, believe me."

"No! Justin no! It's my fault for thinking that I can have a life without my fuucking mother sending pissant informants. When shiit like this happens, why Justin? Tell me WHY? She hates me and I hate her so back off!"

He shook his head, standing his ground, "No, sweetie, you don't hate her. God knows what would've happened if I hadn't been there. She was right in this case and she loves you."

"Fuuck you!" she spat, "Your nothing! You don't know the first thing about me or my mother so go back to fuucking cradle robbers. That's what you do best right?"

He snickered, "Man, I thought you were smarter than this shiit. If this is what you think of me, fine, I'm still taking you back."

"Oh hell no you won't a'sshole!"

"OK, you asked for this," he picked her up and threw her over his shoulders while walking to his car. With all of her kicking, threatening, and screaming he made it and placed her in the backseat shutting the door so far he thought he almost broke his window. He had to be quick though. Of course she made a run to open it but it was locked and so was the other door. Odd.

She looked up to see his oh so nasty/sexy smile as he placed his lips on the window in a silent victory. She held up her fist but he just laughed. Than, she thought about it, the driver's seat. The door wasn't locked. Just when she reached for it, he opened the door and plopped himself on her hand shutting the door.

"Geez, if you wanted to touch my a'ss, all ya had to do was ask baby," he laughed as she pulled her hand away.

"You got some nerve dicknose! How dare you -- you inconsiderate prick!"

"Oh shiit you really hurt me darling. Cue the violins. I saved your ass from that guy. You have virgin written all over you and he saw that. Lucky I was there in time. So, my sweet girl, two options you have to pay me back, one: a blowjob, nice and good, two licks don't count and deep throating pulls out the bonus points and I won't tell mother about what happened. Number 2: I won't tell your mom shiit if you tell me that you're grateful and mean it. Are we clear girl?"

She ground her teeth. He had some balls on him. Telling her all this shiit! "My name is not girl its Keira! Got it?"

"Miss Keira, do you hear me? Those are your two choices. Wouldn't mind the BJ, you were naughty before and I think you should apologize."

"Gross pig!"

"Hey, its your life. Oh good, we're here. Now, which are you going to choose my dear? The blue pill or the red one?" he turned off the engine and turned his face waiting for her answer.</span>

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<span style='color:blue'> Chapter 6: Good Lays and the Truth

She scoffed, "You're an a'ss! I'd rather lick a toiletseat than thank your ass!"

He laughed, "Nice imagery, baby. Well, that leaves the other one. What do ya say? My dick could use that pretty mouth on it."

She took a long breath. Plus, she was horny still. Why the hell not. How many chances of this will I get? "OK! Let's go! Unlock the door."

Justin was shocked. Truth be known, he only just added that option and opted for the "thank you." He didn't think she'd go there. But hey, getting your c'ock sucked by a fine lady, hell nah he'd pass that up. He grinned like he won first prize, "Alright, let's go," he unlocked the childlock and they ran into the house.

The door was already opened so Keira locked it and jammed her fists into her pockets. Shiit, she was nervous. She'd never really done this before. Sure, she watched it in the movies, but you know that really prepares you for life. She rolled her eyes and started biting her pinkie nail. She removed it quickly when he turned to her and acted like she was ready when in fact she was never scared of anything more before in her life. What if she was bad? This is turning not good really fast.

"Ready?" he asked her grinning.

She smiled as well covering the internal fear, "Yeah, let's go."

They both raced up the stairs to her room and they sat on her bed. She moved on her knees and tried taking off his pants without looking at him. Her hands were moving slow and she willed them to move faster but they won't and now she was visible shaking. As she unlooped his belt his hand came upon hers.

"What's wrong?"

She shook her head, staring at his crotch. Anything to avoid his stare. "I'm fine, let go."

He squinted. Maybe this was a bad idea. There's something wrong with her. "Hey! Keira? What is it? You're shaking."

She pushed his hands away and started unbuckling again, "No, I am not."

He grabbed her hands again, "Look at me!" he demanded.

She shook her head, staying down, resuming her work, "I -- I don't need to."

"Yeah, ya do. Look at me now," he said softly.

She unbuttoned his top button and went for the zipper, "Stop it! I wanna do this!"

"Do you know how to?"

"Of course I do. I've done it a thousand times," she lied.

He laughed, "Yeah, right."

She got the zipper finally down and stared at his erect penis, begging to be let loose through the material of his boxers. Her eyes went wide and she gulped, "I've sucked a lot of guy's dicks. I don't need you laughing at me. A deal is a deal now shut the f'uck up!"

He sighed, finally giving up pushing her hands away as he stood up and went to the window, "You don't have to do this OK?"

"Yeah, I do. I want to. We made a deal. I would die if mom found out where I've been. I can't have you telling her anything," she stood behind him.

He turned to her seriously, "Look, I can see everything. You really don't want to do this. That's OK. I won't tell alright?"

Her eyes raged with anger, "What the f'uck are you trying to do to me, huh? Is this a game you're playing? I got shiit to do. You don't know what I want so shut up and let me do this."

"Jeez, you're not listening. I said it was OK. I don't want you to do this. I won't tell her. I'd rather you don't do anything you don't want to if that's the way its going to be. I don't want to make you do something just because I'm horny as f'uck now."

Keira sat on her bed thinking. I thought he wanted me to do this. F'ucking player."Get out!"

He stared at her, "What?"

"I said out! Get out of my room! I don't need ya." she laid down on her bed and turned her back, hiding the beginning tears peeling to drop.

He sighed coming over and sat next to her, "I can't leave yet. Your mom told me to stay here until she comes back."

She chuckled pathetically, "I really don't like you around me now. You can go now. Go watch TV or something. I'm tired."

He rubbed his eye, sleep evident as well, "OK, I'll if you..." he trailed off on purpose.

"Spit it loser!" she was pissed now.

"Give me a kiss. A real one."

She closed her eyes breathing out. She thought for a moment. "Than you'll piss off?"

He laughed a little, "I just won't bother you."

She sat up taking a breath, than she looked at him. The way he was looking at her just pulled her mouth to his and it did just that. The moment their lips touched again was amazing she had to admit. She was slightly shocked when he slid his tongue in her mouth, feeling her. It was really sweet honestly. No forced emotions. This was the... truth?! No, she doesn't know him. Other than he may be a good lay. No, this is getting too real for her own good. When she felt his hand cup her jaw, she broke away.

She tired to hide all what was going on through her head and did the best she could by controlling her breathing. She stared up at him, actually not wanting him to leave?! What the hell. No, she couldn't keep him here. She didn't own him. He can live his own life and stay far away from hers.

She cleared her throat, "Um, g -- goodnight." she stood up and went to the bathroom to brush her teeth.

Justin, on the other road, was so confused. The raw but sensual heat he felt for that kiss was just... indescribable. Well, He knows he promised to leave but, she didn't really specify when. He made himself comfy on her bed, taking off his shoes and jacket. He folded his hands behind his head, waiting for her to open the door. </span>

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This is a picture I found that really fits Keira well. Just someone to think about while you read the chapter. celebwelove.com/Avril_Lavigne/al05.jpg Keira

Chapter 7: I Can Just Feel, Tell Me Are You Real?

Keira started brushing her teeth, thinking about that kiss. He was so mean. Making her do shiit like that just to piss her off. No doubt in her mind she would do it again in a heartbeat. Heartbeat? What does he know about hearts? He takes them and breaks them like he did Britney and Cameron. He knows how to hurt that's for sure. And he fuucking knows he's smoking when he does it. Shiit, that man's gorgeous. What the hell is he doing in my life though? Jerk! She rinsed her mouth and wiped her face. She sighed as she put her toothbrush back, wiped the dripping the sink counter and got undressed in her T-shirt and panties.

She yawned and picked up her clothes, turning off the light and went straight for her hamper dropping her clothes in. Justin was nearly asleep on her bed already. She started humming "The Reason" as she put on her blue sleeping shorts. She turned off her desk light and walked in the pitch dark to her bed. She got in the covers and closed her eyes, still not noticing the body next to her. She slept on her left side.

Her eyes popped she looked to the right and screamed which made Justin pummel to the ground. "What in the fuuck are you doing?"

He rubbed his head a little, trying to regain hearing from her scream that nearly scared the bejesus out of him. He still didn't answer her.

"Well? What are you doing here? On my bed? What is this like a "rape Keira day?" If it is, take a fuucking number!" she screamed in his face.

He exhaled as he sat on her bed, "No, I'm not here to rape you."

She laughed, not believing a word, "Alright, what do you want? You said you'd leave me alone if I... kiss you. I did so go."

He cleared his throat, "Well, yes that is true. I did promise, we did kiss and it was really hot by the by. You told me to go, yes, but you never said when, so, the deal is concealed and the kiss doesn't count," he licked his lips. "You taste good though. Thank you for playing," he winked disgustingly, leaning against her pillows.

She threw her hands up in rage, "You make me sick. Get out NOW!"



"No siree Bob," he giggled.

She went on her bed and pounced on him and tried to pull his body off, "Get off, pansy! I'm warning you, get out or I'll --"

He raised an eyebrow, licking his lips. Just knowing everything he did turned her on. And it did. "Yes? Do you have something to say?"

"Fuuck you, a'sshole! People like you fuuck up everything good in my life! I should beat you to the pulp for forcing me kiss your ugly a'ss lips!"

He laughed charmingly, "Oh Miss Keira, you really shouldn't lie to people. It's not a horrible thing that you liked it. I can read you so well my lovely girl."

She pulled on his arms and that made him pull back and her on top more, her head much closer. She looked away, knowing he won and she was trapped like a stray dog. She shook her head. Her system failing to cooperate with her self-esteem. She was crumbling slowly. This is the most contact she's ever had with someone other than her friend and it was scaring her.

"I wish you were dead," she spoke through gritted teeth, dead serious.

Justin stopped smiling. Huh? Where did this come from? Surely yeah, she's a stubborn girl with a majority fuucked in the head mother, but death? Why would she wish someone dead? What could pull someone as beautiful as her to say such words? Thinking about that statement freaked him out to say the least. He was sort of afraid to ask her anything else but he knew he had to.

"Why do you say that? What's wrong?" his voice was so incredibly soft, almost above a whisper.

She shook her head slightly climbing off him sitting on the edge of her bed. Yeah, what's he going to do? Care for you?! Yeah sure, he's all about helping others when their life is messed up. Why in the hell should he be different? He never changes. He's Dad. A lowlife strung from greedy worthless parents that taught him all the cruelty he needed to know. Don't trust people, they only hurt you more. They all should be dead. She covered her face as a tear came down and she swiped it away.

She swallowed, speaking what she hopes or she will just break in half, her last words to him. "Go away," she said calmly.

Justin stood up and knelt in front of the concealed young woman. Her blue eyes somewhat red and her hair covering more emotions. He took her face in his hands, "Are you OK?"

She had no idea why she wasn't fighting his skin contacts on her but it appeared maybe she wanted him to touch her or someone for that matter. Human compassion was something her mom could never fathom even if you held a magnum to her temple. She was devoid of all things real. That thought alone dropped more tears down from both discovering eyes. She had to know just why it was her and him at this moment.

"Are you real?"

He smiled a little, "Of course, so are you. Are you alright? Do you need to say something? What can I do?"

She looked at him, straight into his eyes. Who is he really? She couldn't find the celebrity anywhere. The egotistic persona was no where in sight. Strange. All fake advances were unseen to the naked eye as she saw something else. Was it his heart? Soul? The compassion she dreams and writes about? Maybe it was all of those things.

He wiped her tears with his thumbs and continued staring at her. So very considerate. What was that look? His look showed no more than just enough of what she was begging everyone else to show her. He was caring. This wasn't a joke. This was too people looking at the crumbs in the dumpster. The discarded banana peel.

She boldly took his hand and prayed so deep as she begun placing her lips onto his fingertips. Justin wasn't about to stop her. Maybe this was her way opening up. The raw emotion she displayed made his heart go weak at the site. She was so intricate about people. The way she molded herself was extraordinary. No one like it. It was passive. Unique. Serving it's purpose to its master. She understood it and he was beginning to. Its not everyday you meet someone who changes the way you look at everything. Maybe something so simple did exist. Closer than you think.

Man, this was becoming too heated for him. Who knew how much built up intensity existed in one little girl. From than on, things will change. People can change. And its now possible because of her, he can change.

She kissed his palm and turned it over kissing on top finally opening her eyes. She was feeling saved. Almost conjured a new spirit. Like reborn or something. Washed of dried, old pain that lingered for so long. Than she blushed when she realized what she did. She pulled away looking incredibly nervous.

"I'm sorry about that. I -- don't know why I did that." She laughed hoarsely.

He took her hand back, his eyes never shying from hers, "Its OK. I think you told me more than I need to know."

She brushed some of her hair behind her ear, "Sorry. Um... I guess I should go to bed."

He got and sat next to her, still holding her hand, "Unless..."

"Unless what?"

"Uh, do you wanna hang out?" She could've sworn there was timidness in his tone.

"Um... well, what could we do?"

"We could watch a movie?"

She laughed, "Why are we talking like this?"

He smiled leaning back on her bed as she did the same next to him, "I have no clue. No clue whatsoever."

After a moment, "I'm really not aloud to have boys in my room."

"Is this what you had you grow up with? My mom trusted me growing up."

Her lips pushed together, "Mine hardly knows I exist."

"Shiit, I'm sorry."

She shook her head, "Don't be, it's the way it is when you're only one tiny voice in the world."

He pulled her to him and hugged her petite frame, "Sometimes a voice is really all you need in life."

She smirked, "You know, you're not such a dumbass after all. You're kind of... decent."

"Tell me what you really think why don't ya."

"Is that what you really want?"

"No, now that you mention it."

"Well, I'm surprised kind of."

"What do you mean?"

"I didn't think you'd turn out to be this completely different guy that I had in my mind. I really don't like celebrities in general. They're all the same. Why do you hide?" she looked up into his eyes.


"Why do you act the way you do? Are you afraid of being who you are?"

He thought for a long minute which felt like an hour to Keira, "I'm not sure."

"I think you know, but you're not ready to do something about it."

"What makes you so sure?"

"When you kissed me, I could feel everything. I don't know really. Its like a weird connection. I think you're scared that's what think."

Her face was so close to his now. He thought a little bit. If all this came from a kiss, she can tell him again right? Maybe only she knows for some reason. He leaned in and covered her lips with his so slowly. After a few seconds he pulled away.

"What am I feeling now?" he breathed.

She close her eyes, "You don't know really. Everything confuses you."

He leaned in to get more answers as he kissed her thoroughly. "Now?"

She opened her eyes a little, "You're strong on the outside, but you're heart is still broken. You can't let people in anymore."

One last time, he captured her lips with such tenderness he thought he could really cry. He needed more. She obviously knows all. "Why?"

She swallowed, opening her eyes entirely, "You want to leave because you're scared but you want to stay because I'm what you need. That's why you keep kissing me, not because you want answers, because I am the answer."

This is too freaky. How does she know everything? How could one night completely change a person? It wasn't possible. Justin knows he doesn't fall in love and he can't. This is crazy. "Keira, I -- "

"Keira, where are you? Justin?" her mother yelled downstairs.

Keira gave a shaky breath, sliding away from him, "You better go."

He bit his lip. Why is she right about everything? "Yeah, goodnight."

Keira knew she was forgetting something. Than she remembered as she saw him stand up and walked over to the door. "Wait! Justin, wait!"

He turned around and placed his eyes on her, "Yea?"

She stuttered a little but still managed the words, "Thank you for what you did at the club."

Her eyes squinted. Was that a tear? Was he crying? What's going on? "Of course, I had to. Take care, Keira." Than he left and that was it.

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<span style='color:blue'>Chapter 8:It Was Stranger Than His Sympathy

Keira awoke feeling like crap. She didn't get enough sleep. Mostly thinking about how much she knew about Justin. How could she know all that? It wasn't possible. But she did and that's what has her mind over in knots. She stretched out taking her sweet time. Her door was left a smidge open and she begun to indistinct voices. It sounded like her mom and another voice clashing together. She rolled her eyes walking to her bathroom to get cleaned up and dressed.

About half an hour later, she dressed in some fitted jeans and soft pink spaghetti strap top. She put on her angel necklace given to her by the only person who showed her the least bit of attention. Her Grandma. She died when Keira was just 7 years old. She remembers everything up until she died. How she produced a spawn like her mother is unheard of. Well, her Grandpa wasn't a very nice guy, so she probably gets her rage from him. Her Grandma Mary was a Cancer and Keira is a Scorpio. The rest is history pretty much. It was an amazing life than. Being in her arms. Seeing what others can do with a simple gester. It was almost like she had teeth back than. Now, she keeps them in. Until last night.

She needs some time to think. Think about herself. Think about feelings. When did she become a fortune teller? How and why is she frustrated now? She clasped on her necklace and gave herself a look in the mirror. Eh... she could do without the circles and her weirdly shaped nose and mouth. She should've gotten them fixed when her mom went for her nose job. Other than that rift, she twisted her mouth to the side and went with it.

She sat in her chair and got online to check her mail. She received an IM from Brittany.

CandyAss21: Wuts ^

Mariah111384: Heya. What happened last night?

CandyAss21: Well, I was ditched by Thomas. I saw Nathan, we started getting buck wild no j/k. We were grinding everything! Felt like I was having sex with him. Shiit, that dude's obsessed with me. Hey, why'd you leave? I couldn't find you.

Mariah111384: Well, shiit, you would believe who groped me in front of everyone. Uhuh, the a**hole himself. Oooo, I just wanna cut off his dick.

CandyAss21: Hey, I run a clean show here. lol

Mariah111384: No you do not. :)

CandyAss21: Well, no I don't. Not mah point. Wait, wut was ah saying?

Mariah111384: Dude, ur jus talkin I'm hearin.

CandyAss21: I love ya. Wut be the plans fo today?

Mariah111384: Well, plans to walk around will be no mo if we could hang by The Commons.

CandyAss21: Fuuck dude! Remember when Kyle felt me up by Imaga--


"Whoa! What the fuuck? Ugh god! Probably just Brett bothering me again. Fuucker doesn't have a life of his own. I accept your a'ss." She clicked accept and read what was sent.

TheGlovedOne23: Hey Keira...

Mariah111384: Brett, fuuck off!

She clicked off the window and went back to Brittany but couldn't because his window came back up.

TheGlovedOne23: It's me, Keira.

Mariah111384: Me? What, are you Korean now, Brett? I told you to leave me alone!

TheGlovedOne23: lol Its Justin.

She cringed. Still intrigued, what does he want?

Mariah111384: Justin? You be any Justin.

TheGlovedOne23: :) How could I forget? We kissed. You told me exactly how I was feeling. Come on, Keira, don't play this shiit. All of that happened, correct?

Mariah111384: You couldn't know all that. Not of that was real. I don't know who you are but you better leave me the fuuck alone!

TheGlovedOne23: I can't...

Oh no. This can't be happening.

Mariah111384: What?!

TheGlovedOne23: I have to see you again.

Mariah111384: I've had enough! Stop bothering me a'sshole!

Mariah111384 has logged off. Her phone rang. She breathed in and answered it. "Hello?"

"Please listen to me Keira. I just want to talk -- " She knew who it damn well was.

"No!" She clicked it off, but it rang again.

She answered, "Stop it!"

"Dude?? You signed off! What gives?" Brittany yelled.

She hit her head, "Shiit, forgot. Sorry man. I got kicked off."

She snickered, "Yeah, whatever. What's up? We going?"

"I don't know. Yeah, I guess -- " her mother burst through the door without knocking.

"Keira, Patrick and I are gonna be out for the rest of the day. Justin's coming to watch you again so you better wait here. And clean that shiit off your face," she didn't give her a chance to reply she just left and slammed the door.

"Fuuck!" Than she heard a voice and realized Brittany was still on the phone, "Hey, sorry. I'll talk to ya later. Bye."

"OK, holla! Hasta!" Keira clicked off her phone.

Trapped again! She saw him yesterday, why does she have to see him again? "That idiot ruins everything! Why me?"

She had an idea as she heard the car driving away. She grabbed some cash and her shoulder bag and as soon as the cost a.k.a. mother and the toddler were clear, she made her way through her window and stepped down the latter on the side of that house. NO! Until she spotted that wonderful escalade just glistening for her capture. Fuuck! She should hide, yes go hide. A bush. Success.

Too late, he saw her. Damn! "Keira! I know you're hiding. Come out now!"

She moved a little from the bush she ducked behind. As she moved, her house key fell out and made a clinging noise. Shiit. He heard, it was too late. She came out and took off on full sped towards the streets. Huge mistake. Just as she reached the end of the block, her body was crushed by another one.

He gripped her hard. He knew damn well she was a spitfire and he wasn't going to take any chances with being gentle. Except when he spoke. She fought more against him as he said, "Now, give up on this one. Don't make me mean, Keira. I don't like to be mean. Let's go back to the house and have a nice chat." </span>

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<span style='color:blue'> Chapter 9: Kissing To Find You, But Refusing What's True

"Get off of me!"

"Why do you do this? If I let you go you'll escape and I can't let that happen. Remember yesterday? I came just in time."

"Why in the fuucking hell do you care so much? You're mother's henchmen. Watching my every move."

"I really don't care what you think of me darling. I'm just doing what I have to do."

"No! You are not! You are doing what you're told to do. What kind of shiit is that?"

"Keira, please. I don't wanna fight you. This is not worth it."

"Not worth it? Not worth it! You're not fuucking worth it! I hate you!"

"That's good, you need to come back though."

She growled, "Why?"

"Because I'm not letting anything happen to you. While I'm in charge, you will listen to me."

She laughed, "Yeah, sure master."

"Actually I would prefer god or Justin. Now, must I carry you or will you comply with my request?"

She turned around and now faced him and slapped him hard, "No! Nobody, not even you will stop me from having a life of my own."

The slap stung, but he bundled his anger still, "Baby, you're going to wish you never did that."

"What are you gonna do? Kiss me? Feel for me? Fuuck you! You can't possible care one iota how I feel. You are the same and you will never change dad!"

"Dad, my name is Justin! What are you talking about? What happened with your dad?"

"Nothing did. Nothing OK? Let me go!"

"Calm down, I can't let you go."

"Try harder."

He laughed, figuring her out that quickly, "You're one who's scared? You said its me, but its really you. When people try to help you just push them away. Why? Its not like I'm going to hurt you. If I wanted to I would have left you with that a**hole. Why do you become a biitch so quickly?"

"You wouldn't understand. Being raised, or should I say, being on my own, you learn not to let everyone in. Nobody really cares and I'm OK with it."

"No, you're not. You're just a kid. You don't know what you're talking about or who you are because nobody has really showed you that. Am I getting warmer?"

"No, that's not true."

He didn't think about it for a second as his lips pressed against hers. If she can do that with him, maybe they can do that to each other. Either way, he's going to find his answers. He pulled away and opened his eyes, speaking what he felt, "You wanna trust so bad its tearing you up faster every second and you don't know where to turn. You don't want to be alone but you push anything that comes in your way and you hate yourself for it."

Keira looked away. This is got be the weirdest thing in the world. How does this guy know everything about me? Well, I can't give him the satisfaction of knowing he is. "You're wrong. The only person I hate is you -- "

He kissed her again. Slowly, calmly. No rushing, she was surrendered and he felt all that desire. He could see small poignant images. Mixed scenes of scary times. Man, she was a broken soul. His heart crushing to be let in. She was falling and he was doing his best to catch her frail body, "You're afraid of becoming who you really are because you know you get hurt when you try to be. You're lost and small but what scares you the most is that I'm seeing all of this. And it terrifies you that you're not stopping me from kissing you."

She shook her head. Shiit! No, this can't be happening. I have to leave. He can't have control. No one can. Love doesn't exist and it never will. "None of that is true. You're thinking with your dick again and it disgusts me. Now, let go or I'm gonna scream so loud I -- what in the fuuck are you doing?"

He took her hand and gently began kissing her fingertips. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "You have beautiful hands. I could kiss them all day."

She licked her lips, crossing her eyebrows in confusion, "Stop it. You need to stop this now."

"No, I don't want to stop. I haven't felt this good in a long time."

"Stop... now... I mean it," she whispered.

"Sweetie, don't think for one second that you are to blame for her shiit. Its not your fault."

"You don't know anything, don't assume. I'm alive and that's what matters. I don't need your "its OKs" and more sympathy. I can't put up with it."

He grabbed her face and stared strongly, "Break it down, please. Please, what is this telling you?" he touched her heart so gently.

She gulped and stared with glassy eyes, "I don't know. I don't know anything."

"Neither do I. Shiit! I'm willing take a chance for once. Can you do that? Can you trust me?"

She saw something as she kissed him now. She slid her tongue in and swirled it around. Trying to find a perch. A home. They're connected through this somehow and she's not letting it go to waste. She could kiss this man forever, but it wasn't up to her really. She felt so much in that kiss. One of the things was, did he lie? Hypocrite? Did he wear that nametage for the world to see? She caressed his cheek so... wonderingly. He was a mystery. All of him made her want to be seen and heard. Still, hidden beneath the obvious truth, lies the other truth. Was he there or somewhere unreachable?

"Can you trust me?"

He didn't even think, "Yes, I do. I will. I wanna take care of you. Please, come back with me. Its not safe out there. Come on."

Where else can she go? Brittany's probably still working at FYE, no buses come until 25 minutes later, the streets are never safe. She looked at his hand and took it, "Let's go."

Justin smiled a little walking back to the house. "Don't worry, we're gonna have fun I promise."

She straightened her bag and looked off at her neighbor's houses. The families would come in 3s 4s 5s and they would all sit down at their table to eat. She saw the Meyers 3 houses down from her all eating brunch together. She saw smiling, laughing, playful slapping, tiny sibling arguments. All that always came from the gawking was, it wasn't her. This was not her life. Her life was controlled. Planned. Puppeteered. All the things she learned were that you really are alone. Than there was Justin.

Wait a minute, who the hell was he? An informant of the only the person that should be burned to the stake! He's a pretty good actor, but not that good. She stopped and pulled her hand from his hold, running up to her house. Once inside, she locked the door and ran straight up to her room, closing the door locking that as well.

Her life was a joke. There was no care. No real forms of feelings. She let out a scream as she collapsed on her bed and finally burst out what she had been holding painfully in for the past 11 years. Letting some real stuff come out the pipes for once in her life. </span>

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Postby miniamylynnlee » Sat Nov 27, 2004 9:06 pm

;) :huh: :o wow. :huh:

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Postby Mariah111384 » Sun Nov 28, 2004 4:09 am

<span style='color:blue'>Chapter 10: I Won't Put Your Picture Away

Justin found a way through the back screen door. He opened it and closed it slowly. He was just on his way upstairs when his eyes spotted a framed picture. Looked like a warm older women clutching a small little girl with a bright smile topped with corn-silked straight locks. He picked it up to take a closer look. He knew who that smile belonged to. The women must be someone very close to her. A family member because she resembled her a little. They have the same facial expression. He heard a sink turning on upstairs and placed the picture back in its place. The sink shut off when he reached the top of the stairs. Her door was closed and locked. He listened a little and heard typing interwoven with soft music. Than he heard a voice singing. The singer singing the song wasn't that loud so it had to be Keira.

He smirked, "She's full of suprises,"

Keira began typing the next lines of her story as she started singing along with the song.

The winter here's cold, and bitter
It's chilled us to the bone
We haven't seen the sun for weeks
To long too far from home
I feel just like I'm sinking
And I claw for solid ground
I'm pulled down by the undertow
I never thought I could feel so low
Oh darkness I feel like letting go

If all of the strength and all of the courage
Come and lift me from this place
I know I could love you much better than this
Full of grace, full of grace
My love

So it's better this way, I said
Having seen this place before
Where everything we said and did
Hurts us all the more
Its just that we stayed, too long
In the same old sickly skin...

She twirled a piece of hair around her finger and sighed. She typed a fews lines until she heard a knock. She glanced at the door and got up toward it. "What do you want, Justin?"

"Are you OK? You ran pretty fast and I was wondering if something was bothering you."

"I'm OK, you should go."

"I can't do that."

"Why not?"

"Because I like being around you." he said casually.

She laughed, "Pardon me?"

"I like you a lot."

"You don't know me, but thank you."

"Its true, I'm closed off with everyone else, but I don't know... its different with you."


"Because you're the same but won't admit it."

She scratched her head. Did he have a point? "What is this all about?"

"Open the door and I'll tell you."

"Yeah, right."

"No bull shiit. I promise I'll tell you."

She looked back at the her computer than back at the door. Having no clue why she was doing any of this, she walked over and unlocked the door. She turned around and laid down on her bed staring at the ceiling to pass time.

She heard the door open and through the corner of her eye saw him coming in and she turned her back, "Talk."

"You gonna look at me?"

"No, you don't need me to look at you. You came to say something now say it!"

He let out a breath, "Why are you being like this? I don't want to give up but GOD! I feel like I'm wasting my time trying to get through to you. We both connect. I can't explain anything because I don't know either, but I feel it. I already know too much about you and that freaks me out more than I can say. I just want to understand all this. Would you just look at me dammit?" he yelled turned her body around.


He looked at her eyes, "Has anyone ever told you that you have amazing eyes?"

She pulled away from him, barricading in the corner of her bed, "Don't touch me."

He sat on her bed, ignoring her flinching, "Why can't I touch you?"

She shook her head absently and pulled her knees toward her chest, "You don't know a thing."

"I can't know unless you tell me. For gosh sakes, I'm not gonna rape you, or hurt you physically. I wasn't raised that way."

"I wasn't raised period."

He came closer. What was happening? She was coming around? He had to know. "What happened?"

She stared at him incredulously, "Why? I don't wanna tell you anything."

"Are you afraid if me?"

"No, just don't wanna talk."

"Can I ask you something?"


"Has anyone loved you? Like really loved you? Anyone in you're life?"

She didn't want to answer but she was pulled to, "My Grandma. She was the only one."

"Did she give you that?" he pointed to her necklace.

Keira looked down and touched the trinket, remembering those times so vividly. She closed her eyes than opened them again, "Yeah. Its not the same."

"What do you mean?"

"How would you feel if the only person who meant the world and your life just left without anything? She was taken away and she didn't do anything to deserve that!"

He tried taking her in a hug, "No one does. Must have been horrible. I'm so sorry."

She pulled him a little closer, "You didn't do anything. People tend to leave me, I suppose its me causing it."

He pulled away and kissed her cheek softly, "No, don't ever believe that for a second. I won't leave you. I'm staying right here. I want you to know that. Please don't ignore me. I'm not in any way your Grandma, but believe me when I say I see you. Please..."

He sat closer and placed the rest of his body on her bed laying down. Keira had an idea. She used to do this with her Grandma all the time. She leaned over and pressed her ear on his chest closing her eyes. Keira and her Grandma used to do this by counting how many beats in a minute. Keira would always be higher than her Grandma because she was a hyper kid. Her hand was rested on his stomach.

It was silence and her taking part now.

Her eyes opened taking their time. She realized something. Man, this was literally out of this world because the things she feels when she feels him just... wow. She picked her head and looked at him. Her hand brushing down his face so delicately. So precise. She licked her lips and inhaled his scent.

She looked him dead in the eye and whispered what was pure, "You're not lying to me."

"I would never lie to you," his hand touched her cheek.

She still didn't understand, "Why me? Why did you choose me?"

He smiled kissing her lips softly, "I didn't, it was supposed to happen. Plus, I was drawn to those FRIENDS DVDs."

She laughed falling on him, "You like that show too huh? Maybe we could watch it now."

"I would love that. Such a simple idea. You gotta have friends you know."

"You're crazy you know that?"

He grinned, "Nope, I think for the first in my life my head is finally on straight. This feels so right. What do you say? Would you like to give it a try?"

Full Of Grace ~ Sarah McLachlan </span>

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Postby miniamylynnlee » Sun Nov 28, 2004 5:34 pm

i know that song. i know that name. i know how she feels. this should be a movie. :D :lol:

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Mon Dec 06, 2004 12:44 pm

:D Wow, I really like how this story has developed since the last time that I read it a while ago. Nice work! :clap:

Keira's life is the kind that you don't wish upon anyone. It's like she's a stone -- so hardened to feeling love and true happiness. :( But it looks like Justin is really open to getting to know the "real" Keira and finding out how she ticks. It's gonna take time and they're probably going to struggle and butt heads many times along the way, but his intentions seem genuine and sincere. :thumbup:

I like the picture that you posted to give an idea of what Keira looks like. I like being able to connect a face with a name. :nod:

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Postby Mariah111384 » Tue Dec 07, 2004 12:58 am

<span style='color:blue'> :D Thanx Paige! I always love your long a'ss reviews! Spanks for your charisma mami. ;)

Chapter 11: Don't Let Yourself Grow, Cuz Everybody Lies

Keira buried her face in the nap of his warm neck, refuting the question entirely. The truth was she wasn't ready for any of this. She was scared. She was always scared when it came to real things. Being where she is now had never crossed her mind. She was taught to take care of herself. It wasn't normal, it was her life. She was hunter who pushed animals blocking her path. She smiled when she smelled him. It was like some fruity scent that drove her mad with desire.

"You smell good."

He chuckled, pushing the question for a moment, "I'm glad you noticed."

"At least you don't stink like most guys do. You smell clean."

"Well you my dear, smell like watermelons and vanilla."

"Its my gloss and my perfume. I don't go anywhere without my gloss."

He licked his lips, "Yeah, I got a taste of it, good stuff."

She hugged his body harder than she already has, "I'm so confused. I feel so geriatric. I mean, I don't know really. I don't want to make any decisions but I feel like its too good to be true. All of this can be just taken away so quickly. Brittany and I always hang out and stuff but I feel like she never really listens to me, like you're doing now. I always have to hidesomewhere for my mom. I'm always hiding."

He kissed the top of her head, thinking. "That really sucks, I'm sorry you live that way. I want you be happy. You're mom obviously doesn't give a shiit if she puts me in charge."

"What are you talking about?"

He laughed, "I'm 23 baby, I'm just a child too."

"Hey, I'm not a child!" she complained.

"No," he smiled, "I mean, neither one of us are old enough to know what's up. I feel so buried in myself sometimes and I'm so worried that I'll be a failure. I can't fail."

"You? A failure?" she sat up, "Jeez, if anything, you should know failure for once! I'm covered in it. Everything I do, it seems like its just not enough no matter how much I try. I hated school, and still do. I was never the honor student, or the one that did sports. I was so driven by not following the herd. I hated my school. Such assholes. Rich b'itches, people who screw you over. Hmm, kind of like Hollywood."

He laughed. "Pretty close. What did you wanna be?"

"A writer. Than I started singing like 2 years ago."

"You sing huh? What do you sing?"

"Don't flatter yourself too much... pop. Its easy and its what I can write. I liked bands like The Goo Goo Dolls and The Calling."

"What about The Justin Timberlake?" he smirked.

"No, I don't care for Usher that much. I mean, he did cheat on his girl."

"I totally resent that so much. We're so different. People don't get that. And we don't fight like everyone says. He's got his thing, and I got mine."

"Which is?"

"My body."


"Hey, everyone seems to like it."

"A body is just some stupid thing created so we wouldn't be floating in the air like Casper."

"You're so cute. You say the cutest things."

"I try."

"And you're sexy as hell. Whoops, there I go, saying the thing I'm thinking."

She giggled, "Weirdo."

"Right on. Hey, are you hot in here? Is the AC on?"

She grabbed his shirt when he tried to get up, "No, don't get up. I like you here."

"Miss me already," he said, huskily.

"Jackass! Everything is about you isn't it! Jees, stay back down already," she pinned him down without much of a puff from him.

He licked his lips, "I like this position we're in. Kinda kinky, right?"

She scoffed, "Sex, sex, sex. Men. They should all be locked up in a jail cell without their manhoods."

"Oh, me likey the bondage. I'm just kidding. I shouldn't joke I know. But this a'ss is just aching to be grabbed by me," he grabbed her bottom and gave a squeeze.

She rolled her eyes and climbed off him, "I hate bringing that out in guys."

"What is that?"

"Sex. I mean as long as you're joking, but still I don't like to be treated like that. Real girls don't think about that really. I guess its the writer in me." She smiled.

He eyebrow raised, "The writer huh? What kind of stuff you got written? Can I read some?"

"Its darker than Black Sabbath and Poe put together. I tend to jot an unhappy person when I write."

"I don't care. Show me what you do."

"I'm private when it comes to that stuff. Maybe I'll show it you when I want you to see it."

"Oh OK. I was just curious."

She laughed jumping on the bed, resting her elbows on her pillow and laying her head down, "So, what are we doing now?"

"We could watch those DVDs?"

"Sure, let's go." She stood up and pulled his hand.

He giggled, "I really like you like this. God, just imagine how controlling you are when I get you in the sack."

She turned around placed her hands on his should, playfully narrowing her eyes, "I like me like this too. And wouldn't you like to know?"

"Oh believe me girl, I most deffinitely would not be opposed to it." </span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Tue Dec 07, 2004 8:14 am

I love the sexual tension between these two. Hot, hot, hot! :drool: And they have great conversations -- I love me some good dialogue. :thumbup: :nod: :lol: I just hope that Justin realizes that throwing Keira into bed isn't going to make her open up her heart any faster, so he needs to take it slow. They can joke, but he better not get any of his "wise" ideas. Sex isn't the answer this early in the game. :no:

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Postby Mariah111384 » Sun Dec 12, 2004 5:28 pm

<span style='color:blue'>Anotha update!

Chapter 12: More Than Girl Problems

Keira popped in a disc of the Friends DVDs and put it on pause. She ran to the couch and curled up in Justin's arms as the opening scenes started up. The very famous theme played up and they started singing.

Keira grabbed his hand and clapped them when the clapping came up, "Hey, I can clap for myself you know."

"Yeah I know. I just felt like it."

He laughed, hugging her body closer. He checked the time and frowned. Only 3 hours left of being with her. Her mom told him she'd come back at 6 in the evening. It really sucks. Well, better soak up what I can with her."Keira?"

She was so absorbed in the TV, she hadn't heard him, "Sorry what?"

"Are you having fun?"


"Are you having a good time?"

She turned her head to him, kissing his lips softly, "Do you have to ask? Of course I am. I can't remember the last time someone paid this much attention to me."

"Well get used to it. You won't feel alone when I'm around."

She turned back around giggling suddenly, "I love you."

He thought he heard right. Had he? No, wasn't possible. "What did you say?"

"Rachel just heard that Ross was in love with her in Central Perk when she was closing. That's classic!" she laughed some more.

"Oh heh. Right, that's right," he laughed weirdly.

She grabbed him hand and kissed it, "Stop being weird. Oh, right I forgot its you."

"Haha. I really wanna hear you sing. When will you sing to me?"

"When you stop bothering me and watch the show," she pressed.

"Sorry, I just... I'm curious is all."

She sighed, "No one has really cared all that much about my singing. I'm having a hard time believing you are kind of."

"What, why do you say that?"

"Trust, I haven't learned that much in life. I'm still in this bubble of shock that you care so much. I guess that makes me horrible."

"No, not that. Nothing about you is. You're just well, truthfully you sound really lonely, but I'm will to change all that."

"People make promises and break them. How can I believe you're different?"

"You're gonna have to trust me."

What the f'uck? Trust? She can barely trust herself. Who the hell was he anyway? Some Pop star with sex and money on his mind? Friendship? Yeah right. This wasn't about her, it was about him. shiit, she's sick of this game. She's been scared off and hurt the last time. She knew what she had to do. Its the only way to save herself from anyone.

Who was she kidding? She sure as hell cannot do this. Pushing him away almost worked. She bit her lip and got up, "Um, I'll be right back."

As she got up, his eyes stared. He grabbed her elbow, "Something wrong?"

She calmly pulled her arm away and shook her head, "No, I just remembered something that's all. You can stay down here, I'll be back."

"OK, as long as you're OK."

She nodded with a smiled, "Yeah, I'm, um... girl problems you know."

He laughed, "Aight, come back." He gave her a kiss.

She turned and left upstairs to her and shut the door. She grabbed her cell and dialed Brit. The line picked up, "Hey, um I need you to come get me, its an emergency. I don't know, your place I guess. Fine, just come. A block down on the corner of Oak Glen. OK, bye."

She knew what she was doing was just wrong but she had to. She grabbed her purse, climbed out the window, and carefully climbed down the side latter. She got down and walked briskly to the end of her street. She hide herself behind a wall and waited. She looked back quickly. Not now! Now of all times she's having doubts. "It has to be this way. He knows he's like everyone else. OK, stop thinking about it!" She yelled at herself.

"How you doin?" Joey smirked on the TV.

Justin was getting impatient. What the hell is she doing that's taking this long? "F'uck it. Gotta see if she's OK."

He jogged up the stairs and knocked softly on her door, "Sweetie? You alright?"

He opened the door slowly and noticed she wasn't there. He frowned. "Maybe in the bathroom."

No. He was wrong again. "Keira? Where are you?"

Than he looked outside of her big window saw her waiting from far away. He saw a car come next to her and she quickly got in. He grew so angry his knuckle were a ghostly shade. "F'uck! She's not winning this war."

He ran as fast as he could to his car and followed right behind the one who carried the only girl who finally opened his eyes to just being just yourself with someone. </span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Sun Dec 12, 2004 7:41 pm

Rawr ... so close, yet so far. Every time she opens up a little, she takes a step back by running away. Now Keira, you can't be doing that, sweetie. Give Justin a chance and make him prove that he's not like all of the other guys. He's trying so hard and I'd like to think that she'll see that it's not an act and that he does care for her.

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Postby Mariah111384 » Thu Dec 23, 2004 2:17 am

<span style='color:blue'>Chapter 13: The Reason Is NOT You

"Why are you upset? What did she do?"

For once, it wasn't her who did anything. She turned her head ignoring the question. What was she going to do? She can't trust a celebrity. They ruin everything. Why did he have to show up? Everything was fine until he did. It wasn't fair, she didn't have to trust anyone and it was great. Well, kind of.

"Dude, what's wrong? Seriously, what?" Brittany's voice sounded worried.

Keira sighed, "I'll tell you when we get to you place."

"I'm here for you OK? If she said something to you again, you're staying over. I hate when you're like this you know?"

"Yeah, I'll tell you everything when we get there."

"Aight." Again, through one ear and out the other. The only other person I feel really listens is Justin. Its not fair. It's just not fair. Why does he have to be so perfect? Thank god I got away before I found out all that stuff was a lie. But if it was a lie, why did I feel he was different? OK, I'm crazy.

They reached Brit's house and got out walking to the door. Keira sprinted inside and ran up to her friends room. She had a feeling she was being followed. Brittany came behind her out of breathe.

"Dude, what's with the ADHD?"

Keira collapsed on her friends bed and closed her eyes sighing, "Just felt like running."

Brittany plopped down next to her and began to stare, "What's up?"

She shrugged, "I'm just tired. The last couple days were weird. I feel like I'm being followed."

"By who?"

"I don't know, someone I don't wanna see." The doorbell rang and startled both girls.

Keira stared at Brit, "Your brother forget his key?"

Brit rolled her eyes, "Perhaps. He always does this to bother us. And mom still let's his a'ss Kato here."

"Jerk, that's why I'm an only child and that's why I love it."





The doorbell rang twice and Brit turned to Keira, "I'll get it. I'll make sure to threw it at his face."

Keira laughed, "Please do. I'm so sick of him."

"Be back." Brit left downstairs.

Keira felt weird laying on the bed suddenly. She got up and looked at herself in the mirror. She heard footsteps and turned to the door as Brit calmly walking back. Keira's eyebrows knotted together, "Who was it?"

Brit shrugged and looked at the hallway, "She's in here."

Keira gaped at her friend , "What the hell? What's going on?"

Than she saw him. Sh'it. She quickly ran in the bathroom locking the door slamming her back against it.

"Open up!" he yelled.

She stayed quiet, plugging her ears. Vivid memories of the past came back as tear cascaded down her cheeks.

She heard him take a breath and blow out, "Keira please. I'm trying to control myself here. Why do you keep running? What, is it me? Tell me what the hell I did to make you so angry to make you push me so much? I thought things were cool. Please, Keira, please, open the door."

She choked back a sob and covered her face releasing more unorthodox sounds. She tied her hair behind her head and softly banged her hand in anger against the door. No, she can't cry, but it was too damn late. Everything happened so fast. She had no control over it. She started dry heaving suddenly. Her breathing was ecstatic. She had no control and soon she was pouring out unbridled song of her life.

"Baby, what's going on? I can't help if you don't tell me? Please, I'm here for you," he actually sounded a bit teary in that last one.

Here for me?! F'ucking here for me?! Ugh! Like I'm gonna take that sh'it just like that. He can beg all the f'uck he wants and I'm staying here. I can't take this anymore! I can't, I'm through with life. I'm through with it all. That's it, I'm done living. I'd rather be dead than have sh'it constantly thrown my way. He's just pretending I shouldn't listen. He's nothing like me. He can have anyone and she has no one. This is so unfair! F'uck! I'm going crazy here. What does he really want from me? What? I'm not beautiful, I fail my classes in school, I don't love myself. What does he see in me? I just want to know once and for all.

She wiped her eyes and stood up staring at the door, "Why?"

"Keira, please open. I'm not going to hurt you."

She screamed very loud, "That's what they all say. All that shiit they feed me. What the f'uck? Why are you trying to break me? Nothing is going to hurt me again! GOT THAT!"

Justin breathed out. Collecting his thoughts carefully before he spoke softly. "But I will not be one them that will do that. Please, come on."

"I can't take that chance, don't you see? I've worked so hard in not feeling and I've been fine. I don't need this added on too! Just leave me alone."

He sighed, both hands on the sides of the door, "I don't want to do this but I will tell your mom. Please come out."

He heard the door unlock and unhatched revealing a very fatigued and dired girl. Red-eyed and faced. She pushed past him and ran down the stairs. She knows if her mom found out, she'd get it worse than last time. She ran to his car and leaned up against the passenger door. Justin was so confused, he didn't really think that would work as it did. But hell, it did and that's all he cared about. He nodded an apology to Brit and walked downstairs and made his way toward his car.

"Keira I'm sorry I yelled at you I just -- " she held up her hand.

"Let's just go back already. I got sh'it to do." She opened the door and along with him and he started driving.

The radio was playing soft music. Perfect. Just perfect. More music to make her feel like utter shiit in this world.

You're everything I ever know
When you smile my face always seems to glow
You turned my life around,
you picked me up when I was down
And I hope that you feel the same way too
Yes, I pray that you do love me too

She reached out and angrily changed it to a random station. Oh just wonderful. More guilt.

Let's talk this over
It's not like we're dead
Was it something I did?
Was it something You said?
Don't leave me hanging
In a city so dead
Held up so high
On such a breakable thread
You were all the things I thought I knew

Once again, she changed it just as an angry song played. Well, it was better than the last two. The last thing she needs is Avril and Kc & JoJo telling her that what she's doing is wrong. But, sh'it! Love or happiness doesn't really happen like this. Can people change? Are their actually people who do look at you and just f'uck everyone else? No way. That kind of thing happens in fairytales. Stop dreaming. Life is not a song.

The song on the radio stopped and up came the DJ, "Hey hey, this is JoJo with the Top 5 at 5 and that was Linkin Park with their current shiz which kicks it off the hook! Next we got Marlyn from Burbank with a song she wants to be heard. Dudes lemme tell ya this song is the now! I love this one. Hoobastank on 102.7 KissFM."

Keira's lips pressed together. She wanted to reach over and change or break the radio at that moment. She was glued to her seat. She couldn't move. Paralyzed by the hope and words of the breeze in the truth.

I'm not a perfect person
As many things I wish I didn't do
But I continue learning
I never meant to do those things to you
And so I have to say before I go
That I just want you to know

I've found a reason for me
To change who I used to be
A reason to start over new
and the reason is you

When the song ended there was nothing to move. Everything ended. Keira couldn't admit that. She didn't want it to be him to ruin her life like the others. It was simply, hate the ones you want to trust. Not so hard. Keep your head high. Ignore all real advances. Yeah, that's how life was going to be. No man can change that. Nobody will break that vow. She was in that mindset. It was save yourself and fight the world. Of course.

Mother f'ucked everything for her.

Speaking of the devil. There she was when they arrived at the house with deranged new toy. Justin glanced at the window, "Shiit, she came back early."

Keira looked back at him blankly. It didn't matter. Looking at him won't solve her problems. She opened the door and climbed out shutting it, never looking back. Operation ignore Pop star commenced at will.

All My Life ~ Kc & JoJo

Happy Ending ~ Avril Lavgine

The Reason ~ Hoobastank </span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Thu Dec 23, 2004 9:05 am

Operation Ignore Popstar is not going to work when the popstar won't give up. Justin is not going to leave her alone. And really, when you think about it, a guy who was just out to use her would've been long gone by now. The fact that he keeps trying and going after her proves that she means more to him than she wants to believe, but she has to accept it one of these days!

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Postby Mariah111384 » Sat Jan 08, 2005 6:16 pm

<span style='color:blue'>Chapter 14: Almost Does Matter

The past 4 days actually squeaked by without a word from Justin. Even though she had promised in her mind that she would just erase him from her memory, doesn't really matter anyway. There was a connection. There was a tiny bit of life in his heart that made all of her just want to believe and be with him. But she can't. It was just too simple. He was too good to be true. He's a f'uck up like her mom.

It was an extremely hot day, and Brit wanted to go to the beach. Keira wanted to sleep. Being up last night until 2am from a rave exhausted her body and she needed a day a least to see the world. Too bad for her. She was dragged anyway. They drove to Venus beach and began sun-bathing. Keira was pasty white and needed some dark or people will think she a ghost or an apparition.

She applied tanning oil and lathered it over her body. She placed her shades and played her discman to soft Norah Jones music. She began to think again. The song she was hearing was track one "Don't Know Why."

Standing here in the endless sand
Catching teardrops in my hand
My heart is drenched in wine
For you'll be on my mine forever

Something has to make me run
I don't know why I didn't
I feel as empty as a drum
I don't know why I didn't come by
Don't know why I didn't come
I don't know why I didn't come

She skipped a couple tracks to number 5 and leaned back, closing her eyes. This was by far her favorite song on her album. Wasn't far from her life either.

Come away with me in the night
Come away with me
And I will write you a song
Come away with me on a bus
Come away where they can't tempt us
With their lies
I want to walk with you
On a cloudy day
In fields where the yellow grass grows knee-high

So won't you try to come
Come away with me and we'll kiss
On a mountaintop
Come away with me
And I'll never stop loving you
And I want to wake up with the rain
Falling on a tin roof
While I'm safe there in your arms
So all I ask is for you
To come away with me in the night
Come away with me

She opened her eyes and sat on her side as another song roamed her ears. She tried to calm down, but shiit, all she could think about was him. His words. The way he said them scared her, it actually sounded true. But it can't be. She doesn't work that way. It should have to be him. Why him? Why was it all him? Sh'it, she needed a drink. She tossed off her discman and threw some shorts on walking towards the foot court. She was standing in line behind a tall blond women. Skinny as can be with a white string bikini strewn tightly on her bronzed skin.

The blond was laughing atrociously on her cell phone as she moved up the line to be one up from the order place.

Keira yawned and rolled her eyes. Jeez that laugh. You could poke a dog's ears with that thing. Look at those nails, can we say Kate Moss eat your heart out? Please, I hate this place already. "Can we hurry the sh'it up."

The blond turned around, staring at Keira as if saying "what the f'uck is your problem?", "Did you say something?"

Keira shook her head tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, "Nope."

She smiled a little, shrugging as she turned around back to her loud ass call which jerked a rolling of the eyes from Keira. This b'itch has some screw looses or something. Ain't my problem. Keira moved up one spot as the blond gave her order.

"Can I have 2 Coronas and 2 large hot dogs with fries please?" Keira couldn't see it, but she could tell with a mouth that big, the grin was twice that size.

She was still on her cell at the same time as she paid and waited for her food on the side. Keira shook her head walking up to get her order voiced. "Hey, can I get a lemonade please?"

"Yeah, large or small?"

"Uh large."


Keira gave him the money, took the drink from his hands, and walked over to the condiments to get a straw. As she got one, she went to get some napkins as well. Her head looked over at the blond still on her phone yapping away. Keira as never rolled her eyes so much in one day. She wasn't one to snoop but the one-sided call did perk her ears a bit as she listened in.

"...yeah um Venus. He's waiting for me. Yes, he. You know exactly who D. Oh please, why would he invite me if he didn't want me back. It'll get his mind of the other one that messed with his mind. I heard it was the girl he baby-sat. I mean how stupid is that shiit? Yeah, he doesn't know though. He'll be mine soon just like before. OK, hello, if he didn't want it, why the hell would he invite to take me where we first you know?" she giggled that annoying laugh.

Jeez, I think I can hear dogs barking to that sound. Who in the hell would want to hang around that? Keira sipped her lemonade and acted as if she were waiting for someone. The blond was slightly entertaining her. Her flip-flopped foot parked against the wall as more interesting stuff floated from the obvious half wit's mouth.

"...oh shiit I know! Well, tonight, hopefully he'll take me out to Geoffrey's. Yeah, he knows its my favorite. Jezz girl, look at me. I can get any guy I want. But I want him and I will get him and no one, not even the baby b'itch will stop me. I know I sound so evil. Well, its true. I lost him once, I won't loose him again. Mark my words. He willbe mine. He can't resist me. Oh, hey I gotta go. Yeah, its ready. Call ya later," she clicked off ai Keira acted like she was wiping her hands.

The blond went to get the tray and carried it to the condiments area. Keira got bored watching her. He took a good look at her. Whoever she was manipulating better watch out. She shrugged and turned around only to run smack into a really hard untanned chest. His arms came out to steady her but she pulled out and looked up.

"Hi," was all he could mutter.

She shook her head, making her way around him when he grabbed her arm, giving her one of those damned intense stares, "Don't walk away from me, I'm talking to you."

She ground her teeth, still no words sufaced. She wouldn't give into him. Why was he here was what she really wanted to know. Look at him, its another girl, it has to be. F'uck, why am I getting jealous over this piece of shiit? F'uck him! She tried to pull her arm away but he pulled her toward the showers so people wouldn't recognize him.

She just ignored everything he did. It felt like when he took control when they first met. She could feel herself getting wet, by hiding all of it on the outside. He roughly turned her chin to look at him. "Look at me!"

No, she didn't want to cry. Memories once again came of a time she'd want to forget. She came here to get away from the pain not feel it again. "Leave me alone."

"I can't. You know I can't. I wanna be with you and I will not be treated like this when I have done nothing wrong. Tell me why you can't? What have I done to you? Huh?"

She remained silent. He was right. He didn't do anything but offer her chance she was waiting for. But it was her choice. She chose her way. It was going to stay that way. No matter what he said, she wouldn't be a pawn in his agenda. He can't be trusted. She couldn't think about anything else because his lips talked more than her thoughts when they touched hers.
She couldn't allow this. It was ruining her plan. She pushed him away and stared with hard eyes at him, "Stay away from me."

"No matter what you say, I'm gonna be around. Why can't you give me a chance dammit? Why?"

He was right again. Why? Why can't she listen to him and f'uck everyone else? Maybe, shiit, just fuucking maybe he was telling the truth. She felt it all in his kisses. She felt their life, their energy. Their genuine wanting to just... love again. He already saw it and was willing to wait for her to recognize it. It was so simple. She choked a sob because she was so stupid before. She couldn't see it. It was right in front of her. He was just it. He was the reason. He was all her reasons.

She was calming down, finally realized her faults and maybe she has another chance to make it happen --

"J, where the hell are you here? Where's Mike? Where'd you go?" HOLY FUUCKING SHIIT! It was the blond from before staring at the two monster shocked faces.

But J? F'uck, I should have known it. He was playing me. I knew he'd hurt me like the others. She had to do it or else she would fall down and not get up. She ran without sound, just tear speaking forlorn thoughts of her miserable life. It would never change. All her life she believed in just standing still, but the fact had still remained as she ran. Away from him. She just ran.

Don't Know Why ~ Norah Jones

Come Away With Me ~ Norah Jones</span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Sun Jan 09, 2005 7:45 pm

NOOOOO! Come back, Keira. Maybe there's a reasonable explanation for the other blond chick. :pray: Justin has some major 'splaining to do, for real. :unsure:

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Postby Mariah111384 » Mon Jan 17, 2005 2:29 pm

<span style='color:blue'>Chapter 15; In the Arms Of An Angel, Just Fly Away With Him

Brit rushed Keira home as soon as she caught her face. She looked dead; unrecognizable. Justin Timberlake was far from her mind but on the tip of her tongue. She could still taste him. The way his lips worked over hers was magical. His sweaty body smothering her sexily. Who knew, someone that hot could be the one to break her heart? Wait, what heart? Its not like she was in love or anything. What did her heart have to do with it? It was simple. He kind of opened it.

Just great, mom was home and getting ready for the next one. She heard is his name was John or Sean or something. She saw her talking on the phone lively. She rolled her eyes and did some sit-ups while watching MTV. She lost track when she heard her mom say Justin's name. Oh no!She got up and ran toward the phone. She can't face him after she was completely humiliated at the beach. No, it has to stop.

"Mom, please! Don't!" she yelled trying to stop her but she kept ignoring her until she hung up.

She stared at Keira and gave her swiftly slap across her face, "How dare you! You ungrateful brat! Justin is coming over to watch you while Sean and I go somewhere. Not a word and you will get it harder next time you cross me!"

"Not Justin please! Someone else!" Keira pleaded regardless even though the attempt was futile.

Her mom stepped closer to her and she backed up with her hands shielding her face, "I said, not another word. Justin will tell me everything. He knows what a b**** you are and he will stop you so you will act accordingly now clean this house up before he comes. I want it clean by the time he's here! Got that?"

Keira nodded and backed further away as she started the dishes. Her mom is much stronger than her and she has the ability to kill her with her bare hands. She heard her mom laughed pathetically as she walked up the stairs to finish getting ready.

As soon as she heard the door slam, Keira's face swelled in tears. This is was not her life. It couldn't be. She was a slave. A prisoner. It wasn't happy. It was pain. Than more pain after that. More tears. She thought about calling Brit to escape the wrath of Justin, but she can't. When he comes, she just won't talk to him. She knows that he will give his lame ass excuse for the blond at the beach and she really doesn't care. But, f***, she'd be lying if she said wasn't jealous. She was jealous big time. Of course, he can never know that.

As she was drying the dishes she heard a car pull up. Without looking she knew who it was. She heard a knock and her mom yelled for her to answer it. She sighed and dropped the dish she was drying and made her way to open the door.

She took a look at this one and didn't speak first. He cleared his throat, "Hey, is your mom here?"

Always cute, never not dumb.She rolled her eyes and pointed upstairs without a word and went back to drying the pots and dishes.

She gave a slight yawn as she placed the pots back in the cupboard. She pulled her hair in a loose pony tail and grabbed a Gatorade from the fridge. She chugged 75% of it in one long sip. She was damn thirsty all of sudden.

"That juice good?" Oh Lord, here we go.

OK, she was gonna be cool. Act like he wasn't there. Not so hard. Just like when they met almost. She didn't have to think anymore because he started speaking again.

"Cameron is just a friend. We broke up a month ago and I wanted to go there with her because she's a friend. There's nothing going on between us."

That's great loser. What do you want from me? Wait, why do I care? She shrugged teenagely and walked to the living room, resuming her program. She sipped her Gatorade off and on as she felt him sit next to her. Her eyes stoic on the TV and at the same time, scared of what to expect with him. She licked her lips in boredom and propped her chin on her hand.

"I know you hear me. When your mom leaves you're gonna talk about this. I feel terrible about her. I didn't want you to run off. Turn this sh** off I'm talking to you!" he yanked the remote and switched it off.

She was mad but didn't say anything. She was forced to listen to this retard. Her body turned on fall on her stomach as she laid down. Her arms supporting her head. She gave a sigh as his face came in front of hers.

"Stop this already. Sweetie, come on. I just want to talk, that's all. I don't want to make trouble," he said softly.

She turned her head the opposite direction, her eyes starting to glass up a bit. Why was he being so gentle with her? Why does he see that she doesn't? She can't understand. "What do you want from me?"

He touched her hand on the couch pillow, "Just you."


"I don't know. I know I want you around me though."

"You can't have everything, you know. It doesn't always work the way you want it to."

"sh**, why in the hell are you so difficult? What made you so rough all the time. Why are you so scared? Tell me?"

She sniffed, ignoring the question. Why did she even talk in the first place? Oh, well too late. Her eye was starting to her hurt a bit from where her mom mangled her. She managed to get up without looking at him and went to get some ice just in case its a cold compress deal. She grabbed the ice pack in the freezer and wrapped it in a napkin to make it less frostier. She knew he was behind her watching her every move and that made her a little scared. She wanted to scream to him, what do you want but bit her tongue and applied the ice under her eye.

He came toward her and gently took the pack off her eyes, "What happened to you?"

For no reason, she let loose tears once again, and brushed away from him stomping over toward the living. She laid down on the couch with icepack placed over her left eye. Justin came in and knelt down next to her. He hand brushed her tiny elbow in a small acknowledgment. She turned her face but he took the pack from her hold and stared deeply at her.

His other hand came softly on her cheek brushing the leftover tears, "Who did this to you? Tell me? Turn around, let me see it."

She shook her head, completely afraid he will do the same. She wasn't ready to see him, especially like this. He was almost perfect. Almost everything she wanted.

"Please, I don't want or need to hurt you. Please turn around and look at me baby. Please, come on Keira." He said so gently.

She couldn't help but bare her soul, turning around to face possible more attacks he might endow too. She didn't know if he was violent like her mom, but he could be. Just not the way he was touching her. He closely examined her eye and leaned over and ever nicely kissed underneath it. He pulled back stared in her eyes. She was so broken. So forgotten. No one has seen her. Really seen her beauty. Why was the world so damn trivial? Why can't they ever touch such power as her eyes or the way her heart sang to his. Man, was this is it? His mission really wasn't only to protect her, but to love her.

She gulped as she pushed herself up further in the quicksand-like couch and blinked her eyes. She shook her head brushing her head clear, "I'm fine. Its nothing."

He softly grabbed onto her hand, "Don't lie. Tell me who hit you? Was it that guy at the club?"

Hell no, sh** I could handle Brett in my sleep. Just not that time. No, it was someone with balls. "I'm not lying. Stop it, I don't need to tell you."

He kissed the inside of her palm, "Please, I have to know."

Keira closed her eyes and reopened them. He was still covering her hand with peaceful kiss. His beautiful mouth painted more generous pecks to her wrist, then trailed slowly up each finger. He placed her hand on his chest. Her eyes went wide at the gesture.

"Please, I'm begging you, please let me know you. Let me feel you because I know how badly you to want someone to be with you. I can be that person. Let me please be that person," he whispered kissing her on her still lips.

As he pulled back, she looked away, not knowing really what else to do or who she was. She let out a small breathe and turned her back to him. She couldn't look at him for some reason. He couldn't know who hit her either. Would make her mom just do it. She was confused. She was lonely. If only things like trusting and laughing could be so simple. So close. But they are not. They are not because everything she thought she knew was the destruction of her soul. She wasn't even sure if she had one. Maybe she was empty. Or maybe she was too scared to realize it.

Mom made things a lot harder for her. She can remember there was a time in her life that she actually wanted to end it all. End herself. End the pain. The hurt. All of the sorrow buried. Her life was strange and she couldn't understand what Justin really wanted in it. She always had wanted this life, but now, just looking at the chance staring at her turned body, terrified her.

She felt a hand on her shoulder. His hand. Why was it there? What did he want now? She turned around to look at him and was granted with another sweet surprised kiss on her lips. He kissed her several little time while whispering, "I want you to know I'll always be here for you. I wish I could take away everything you've been through, all your pain. I just wish I could but I can't I'm so sorry. Please give me a chance to prove to you I'm real just like I know you felt I am. Please..."

Her mouth became stiff as he continued with his affectionate lips over her face. What was she going to do? She had dreamed of this so bad, but of course it wouldn't be that easy for her to just give in. She supposed maybe she can give him a small chance. He was right about all she felt. That much was all true.

He pulled away and looked in her eyes. She licked her lips, meekly speaking, "...OK..."</span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Mon Jan 17, 2005 7:23 pm

His mission really wasn't only to protect her, but to love her.
:clap: :clap: :clap: Yes, yes, yes. He's trying to be her rock, and to me, that's beautiful! She has to want him as much as he wants her, though. But her OK at the end is very promising. :nod:

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