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Postby jts_senorita » Thu Mar 31, 2005 9:21 pm

ASHLEY!!!! :yell: What are you trying to do to me?!

Alright... I'm going to assume this is an April Fools day joke. :no: It BETTER be. But, goddamit, you had me at the edge of my seat. Very dramatic.

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Postby JTnTN » Fri Apr 01, 2005 1:58 am

My breath literally caught in my throat as I read that. Ashley, when you start f***ing with my breathing patterns, I think that's when it's time for you to take a step back and re-evaluate WHAT THE f*** YOU'RE DOING.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell. But I only cry when someone dies or if I'm pissed. I'm sure you can guess where I am right now. Please fix it immediately. I don't think I can utter anymore words until this wrong has been righted. Because Ashley, as great as that chapter was in the written sense, WHAT THE f*** ARE YOU DOING! You wanna talk about a bruised heart? Let's throw mine under a microscope. Rewind and rewrite that please. :pray:

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Postby SiMPLYiNSYNC » Fri Apr 01, 2005 2:44 am

:jawdrop: Jordin couldn't of said it any better. Ashley, you know I love you but like she said up there WHAT THE F*** ARE YOU DOING? This chapter was basically like stabbing a knife in my heart a million times and then doing it again another million times. :cry: That's harsh.

I really don't know what to say. I'm speechless. Time to go cry

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Postby laura » Fri Apr 01, 2005 9:40 am

:blink: ok...i barely had time to read this and i was gonna leave feedback monday but sweet jesus..........ASHLEY WHAT THE F**K ARE YOU DOING TO US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this so better be ajoke no i mean it, :( i swear i was like :sick: :jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop: just now....i...jez i cant even type girl...im in shock...... :unsure: its like the second last one and THIS is what ya do..... :blink: i have to go breathe now......fix it please or im not reading the next one on protest,and the fact that i know my lil heart cant take much more of the shock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) i mean i adore you you know that right and as a writer you...rock really but please for the sake of all our sanity............. :P fix them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! muah!

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Fri Apr 01, 2005 11:01 am

:jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop: Yup, that's about all I can manage to say after that chapter. Way to break a heart, Michelle. :no: :no: This is all too sad to comprehend. :( Are these two ever gonna make things work? :thinking: I feel like I already know the answer, but I'm staying hopeful. :pray: Somebody's gotta have faith in these two, so let that be me. :nervous:

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Postby Bluechic01 » Fri Apr 01, 2005 1:32 pm

:jawdrop: and :cry: and that's all I gotta say


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Postby Angelpopstar7 » Fri Apr 01, 2005 10:10 pm

Ashley....there better be a post following this saying "Gottcha April fools!" cause if not that was so...well soo yeah u know what i mean

They twins are Tony's :( How could she lie to Justin for all that time leaving him to believe that the twins were his? I mean wouldn't he have known when nine months was from when they had sex though and known that the twins were born before nine months? or maybe guys don't think like that...i'm just in complete shock though....Tony's an ass for bringing this all up again but she shouldn't have lied in the first place...but she needs to stay and own up to her problems...you can't go running everytime u screw something up

aight i'm done now before i get more pissed off thinking about the chapter lol MORE PLEASE!

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Postby BabyBlue2578 » Fri Apr 01, 2005 11:37 pm

<span style='color:gray'>Okay, okay. Ya got me. :lol: I was wondering if I could fool you guys two years in a row, but apparently not. But don't worry, you guys. You know I wouldn't do that to J & Chelle this late in the game. So turn those frowns upside down. Here's the real chapter. :D

:lonely: I'm still sad, though, because there is only one more chapter and it's goodbye to these two forever. :cry: But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. For now, just enjoy this long ass chapter. :lol:</span>

<span style='font-size:17pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:black'><span style='font-family:bernhardfashion bt'>19 - “You’re My Historyâ€￾</span></span></span>

<span style='color:dodgerblue'>It turns out that he wasn’t really gone. I should’ve known that when he didn’t say ‘goodbye’ to Brendan or Brian. He may be childish sometimes, but he wouldn’t hold that against our children. Oddly enough, when he left our apartment that night, it was to head for Serendipity and help Jourdyn bring my wedding shower to a venue a little closer to my side of town – namely, Jo’s apartment.

I had been lounging around on the couch, still wearing my little black dress, hanging out with the camera dude and playing around with the boys when those familiar sounds of laughter and an elevator rang throughout the outside hallway. I couldn’t figure out what the hell Justin and Jourdyn could’ve been doing back here, but it made me smile to hear their happiness, nonetheless.

Justin walked through the door ahead of Jourdyn, beaming as if we hadn’t just had a big blowout just an hour before. “Hey, baby,â€￾ he said jovially to me.

I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t confused as hell by his good mood. “Hello...â€￾

“You okay?â€￾

“I’m all right,â€￾ I decided, seeing that he was obviously over whatever happened between us. “I thought you had a flight to catch.â€￾

He sat down on the coffee table, just on the opposite side of Brendan’s swinging seat, staring awkwardly at the camera that was situated next to the window across from him. “We probably shouldn’t do the show, huh?â€￾

“You don’t wanna do it anymore?â€￾ I asked hopefully.

“I never really did,â€￾ he admitted, smiling as the boys laughed at their swing action. “I don’t know what the hell I was thinking.â€￾

I nodded thankfully as I digested his words, but still confused out of my mind. “Well, I’m glad you had a change of heart, I guess... But what about your flight?â€￾

“I walked out of that door earlier and as I stood outside of it, realizing all the stupid sh** I’d just said to you, I decided that, as much as I love my job, there are more important things. And my family is one of them.â€￾

“Justin,â€￾ I demurred, “we’ll be fine without you for a couple of weeks. It’s no big deal.â€￾

“But it is. I can’t just pack up and leave you here if you’re not comfortable with the situation.â€￾

“And I can’t keep you from your career every time I have some fear of inadequacy in regards to motherhood. I have to learn to cope without you at some point.â€￾

“That is true,â€￾ he agreed. “But how can I walk away from this.â€￾ He took a moment to nuzzle up to Brendan’s little face, kissing the top of his soft, brown hair. God, he’s so cute with his sons.

I watched Brian rock slightly, just completely in love with the way his eyes lit up with his smile. What on Earth could be even remotely frightening about taking care of anyone that brought me that much joy? “Justin, do me a favor and go. We’ll be just fine.â€￾

“You want me to leave, I’ll leave.â€￾ He switched positions so that he was sitting closely beside me on the couch. “But not tonight.â€￾

“I thought you had some sh** to do in LA.â€￾

“I do. But like I said, you’re more important. And tonight, it’s your night.â€￾

“What do you mean?â€￾ I chuckled nervously.

“He means,â€￾ Jourdyn interjected, breezing through the open front door with a smile, “that tonight is your wedding shower and we’re here to celebrate it.â€￾

“With the two of you?â€￾ What kinda bootleg shindig is this?

“No,â€￾ Justin laughed. “I’m here to get the boys. Jo is here to take you to your little soiree.â€￾

“Yeah, so go fix your hair and put on some shoes,â€￾ Jo instructed. “And most importantly, fix yo’ hair, baby.â€￾

“But... I already did fix my hair.â€￾

“Girl.â€￾ She haphazardly ran her hands over my messy mass of curls and stared down at Justin with a smirk. “You might wanna try again.â€￾


After I got over the pain of Jo’s playful insult, as planned, we headed through the light breezes of May in New York and ended up at Jourdyn’s Fifth Avenue crib. Before we even walked through the doors, I could hear the murmur of tons of women, presumably gabbing one another’s ears off. I was excited to see all of my friends and family, but in the same token, I was in this odd state of longing for Justin and the boys. Ah, the home life.

Jourdyn gazed at me awkwardly as she fiddled with her keys in trying to open the door. “Chelle, are you all right?â€￾

“I’m great,â€￾ I smiled, wondering why she was looking at me like that.

“You look... preoccupied.â€￾

“I was just thinkin’ about somethin’,â€￾ I revealed. “Come on and open the door!â€￾

“f*** it,â€￾ she laughed, knocking on the door. “Open up, y’all!â€￾

In mere seconds, the door was pulled back, and behind it stood my favorite soon-to-be mother-in-law, wearing a navy blue pantsuit and a huge, welcoming smile. “Michelle!â€￾ she shrieked.

I walked into the festively decorated apartment, dimly lit with lily-scented candles, done up with white and baby blue balloons at every turn, a host of tables in the middle of the living room, centerpieced with bunches of white roses over elegant, white lace table cloths. After my elation subsided over the gorgeous layout, I finally gave Lynn the biggest hug I could pull off. “Hi! How are you?â€￾

“Oh, we’re all perfect, sweetie. So glad you could make it,â€￾ she grinned.

I inched further into the apartment with her at my side, gleefully greeting the guests as I recognized them. It wasn’t a huge gathering, but most certainly all the people that are near and dear to my heart. Everyone except... “Where’s my mom?â€￾ I asked in alarm. “She was supposed to be here.â€￾

“She was here just a minute ago,â€￾ Sydney recalled, hopping up from her seat at one of the head tables.

“I’m right here.â€￾ We all turned in the direction of the small hallway to our right to see my mom quickly scurrying towards me. “You know I wouldn’t miss this for the world, baby.â€￾

“Ma!â€￾ I squealed, holding my arms out to her. We quickly interlocked arms and bodies, swaying and rocking across the floor as if we hadn’t seen one another in years. “I’m so glad you’re here.â€￾

“I’m so glad you’re here,â€￾ she retorted. “I thought I was gonna have to beat Justin’s ass if he didn’t get you to this party.â€￾

We all laughed in return just as Jourdyn came shuffling across the room, toting a large, dry-erase board with Eva following quickly behind her with an easel. “Okay,â€￾ Jo announced, “now that our beautiful guest of honor is in the building, I guess it’s time we get this party started.â€￾

“Oh, Lord,â€￾ I laughed, taking a seat at the table at the very front of the room, inches from my cousin and maid of honor, Tiffany. “What is she up to?â€￾ I asked her. Tiff just shrugged and glanced around the room coyly, watching Sydney move swiftly between the tables, dropping shot glasses and huge bottles of tequila in the middle of each setup. “What the hell are y’all doing?â€￾ I repeated.

“Chelle, get your ass up here,â€￾ Jourdyn instructed, playfully pushing Eva out of the way. “Ladies, sit down while I explain the name of the game to the bride.â€￾

I smiled and nervously stood beside Jo before she meticulously placed me in the empty chair adjacent to us. “Don’t embarrass me,â€￾ I pleaded.

“Now, Michelle, you know us better than that.â€￾

“Yeah, that’s how I know you’re about to embarrass me.â€￾

“Michelle, in this bowl right here,â€￾ she explained, receiving a clear, glass bowl with a plethora of blue and white paper strips, “we have twenty questions about your beloved future husband that he answered for us. Now, if you know him as well as I think you do, you just might walk out of here with tons of dignity tonight while the rest of us girls get wasted.â€￾

I laughed, realizing just where this was going. I don’t even wanna imagine what kind of crazy ass questions are in that bowl. “Jo, you’re killin’ me here.â€￾

“I didn’t kill you yet. This is just the beginning.â€￾ She turned the dry-erase board around so that everything written on it was visible for the audience. From what I gathered, there was the name of each woman at the party, followed by a number. “Here, we have what each of your guests estimated to be the number of questions you’d get right.â€￾

I saw that next to Sydney’s name was the lowest number. “Four?â€￾ I asked her. “Thanks a lot!â€￾

“Hey, I saw the questions,â€￾ she smirked. “Good luck.â€￾

Jo quickly interrupted our interaction. “Shut up, Syd. Now, this is relatively simple. You get a question right, all of us take a shot; you get a question wrong, you take a shot. After all twenty questions, we’ll look at the board and see whose guess was right, all right?â€￾

“I can’t believe I’m agreeing to this.â€￾

“You don’t have a choice, babe. Now, who’s reading the first question?â€￾

My mom was the first to kick off her pumps and jump from her seat to hit the front of the room, smiling wildly at me as she pulled a light blue balloon-shaped slip of paper from the bowl. She even let out a hefty chuckle before reading the question. “Okay. Justin told you that he was fifteen when he lost his virginity, but what age was he really?â€￾

“I don’t get multiple choice?â€￾ I requested. “How am I supposed to know?â€￾

“Is that defeat that I smell?â€￾ Eva piped up, already pouring the first shot glass.

“No, no, I’ll take a guess,â€￾ I sighed. “I dunno, dude. He said fifteen, so that’s all I have to go with.â€￾

My mom threw up her hands and poured herself a tiny glass full of liquor. “She’s right, y’all.â€￾

I clapped and watched in satisfaction as the room full of ladies downed their tequila. “One down, nineteen to go!â€￾

Lisa, my beloved secretary, was the next up to bat. “Oh, la la,â€￾ she giggled, wiggling her eyebrows. “Michelle, what is Justin’s magic number?â€￾

“Forty-three,â€￾ I answered quickly, ignoring the ladies’ catcalls. “Ain’t that right, Lisa?â€￾

She jokingly rolled her cheerful green eyes, holding up her shot glass. “She’s right, ladies.â€￾

“Bring it on,â€￾ I said smugly. “I’m ready for y’all.â€￾

“She think she somethin’ ‘cause she got a couple of questions right,â€￾ Syd jumped in, walking towards me with a cocky sway. “They ain’t all this easy.â€￾

“Just ask the question, honey.â€￾

“Michelle, what is...â€￾ she paused to pour me a drink before even finishing the question. “You can’t possibly get this right.â€￾

“What is it?â€￾ I asked.

“How many times did Justin say the two of you have had sex?â€￾ she said, grinning with the women that began to hoot and holler.

I laughed and pointed at all the guests before I let the number “421â€￾ slowly escape my lips.


“Y’all gotta do better than that. Mama Lynn, why don’t you try me.â€￾

“You sure?â€￾ I waved her over and she happily obliged, pulling the top piece of white paper from the pile. “While you were dating Tony, which one of the lovely ladies in this room did Justin have his first and last date with?â€￾

“One of these hoes dated my man?â€￾ I joked, putting on my Puerto Rican version of a Brooklyn accent. I scanned the room, studying each of the women’s guilty little faces. This was one question I had no earthly idea of what the answer could’ve been. “I dunno, man. I’ll say Eva.â€￾

“Ladies, the girl is four for four!â€￾ Lynn proclaimed.

“Jo, I hope you got a lotta space for these women to sleep over,â€￾ I laughed loudly. “I’m f***in’ y’all up tonight.â€￾

“Who’s next?â€￾ Jourdyn asked, ignoring me.

My cousin Maya slowly rose from her seat. Just the way she walks gives me a headache. I still can’t stand that b****. She gave me a devious smile and pulled her question from the bowl. “What is Justin’s favorite alcoholic drink?â€￾

“That’s easy,â€￾ I scoffed. “Jack Daniels.â€￾


“And? Ice.â€￾

Maya happily poured a shot full of tequila into the glass beside her and handed it to me. “Drink up, honey. That is wrong.â€￾

I took the glass from her, but I knew I was right. “What’s the answer then?â€￾

She shoved the paper in my face and showed where Justin had very clearly written, “Jack and Coke.â€￾

The rest of the guests cheered loudly as I took my punishment like a woman and downed the shot, wincing as the alcohol coated the back of my throat and burned in my chest. “That’s just fine. Four for five ain’t bad.â€￾

Ironically, but not at all surprisingly, Maya was just the beginning of my bad luck streak. By the time we finished the game, those four questions were the only ones I had gotten right. It got so bad that they had to replace some of my tequila with club soda before I was too wasted to even sit in the chair. And ultimately, Sydney ended up being correct in her estimate, so she won a little portable DVD player. I think they set me up, though. How the hell am I supposed to know how many stitches Justin got when he sliced his hand, or how many times he chews his food before swallowing? Only freaks and geeks like Jourdyn would know sh** like that.

But hey, it’s all in fun. The party continued as planned. I opened my gifts as the guests nibbled at the Southern feast of finger foods that Jourdyn so aptly had catered to fit the theme of Michelle the Southern Belle. Lovely party, I must say – even if I was gettin’ drunk as a hobo.

Over the mellow sounds of Justin’s new album, I heard Sydney call me from across the large room. “Chelle, get over here.â€￾

I turned to see her standing at the front of the room with some kind of kinky, bondage type article in her hand. “What are you up to?â€￾ I asked, walking towards her. “I ain’t makin’ out with no women, honey.â€￾

“Girl, get over here and hush,â€￾ she laughed. Once again, I was seated into the small bamboo-inspired chair at the head of all the tables while she covered my eyes with that freaky thing, which turned out to be a blindfold. “Time for another game,â€￾ she announced.

“Yeah, no sh**.â€￾ I smiled nervously at the onlookers, scared to death of whatever they hand in store for me.

“What we’re gonna do now,â€￾ she explained, “is have your man come in for a minute, and we’re gonna see if you can pick him out of a group of strangers.â€￾

Amber alert! This is cause for concern, recipe for disaster. “And how the hell am I supposed to do that?â€￾

“Very simple, Chelle.â€￾ She patted me on my back and I could hear her shoes against the floor, telling me that she was circling me the way a shark circles its prey. “You’re gonna pick him out by his knee.â€￾

“What!â€￾ I involuntarily shouted. “That’s impossible.â€￾

“You can do it, Chelle.â€￾ It was Justin’s voice. I positively lit up at the sound of his cute little voice. “Just look for the knobby ones,â€￾ he encouraged me.

“Okay, baby,â€￾ I smiled.

“Cheater!â€￾ Lynn called out. “Justin, shut up before we gag you.â€￾

Sydney jumped back into the conversation with a sigh. “Thanks a lot, J. Okay, change of plans: Chelle, you’re gonna have to pick him out by his funky ass feet.â€￾

“Gross,â€￾ I frowned. “And wait a minute, if he’s here, then where are my babies?â€￾

“Relax, they’re with JC,â€￾ she assured me. “Boys, take off your shoes. Chelle, you come with me,â€￾ she directed, taking my hand.

Stumbling blindly to whatever destination I had, I asked, “Who are these guys?â€￾

“Oh, just some dudes we found on the street.â€￾

She sat me down in yet another chair and told me to hold out my hand. In response, I received what I assumed to be a man’s foot. Disgusted, I reviewed the foot with my fingers, studying as much as I could in the thirty seconds that I was allotted for this particular task. The next two feet seemed, to me, exactly the same as the first. “Are y’all handing me the same foot?â€￾ I finally queried. “‘Cause that’s just wrong.â€￾

“Girl, stop stallin’ and get to the last one,â€￾ Jourdyn retorted.

The foot was dropped into my hand and instantly, by the softness of his toes and the high arch of his foot, I knew it was Justin. “This is it!â€￾

“Are you sure?â€￾ Sydney asked.

“b****, don’t play. This is Justin.â€￾ Without asking, I removed my blindfold to see Justin staring back at me with a goofy grin. “Ha!â€￾ I shouted, hugging my baby with pride. “Now, how ‘bout y’all take another shot!â€￾

“Michelle, are you drunk?â€￾ Justin asked.

“No, baby! I’m just havin’ fun.â€￾

“Ladies,â€￾ he started, turning to the other guests, “why is my fiancee drunk?â€￾

“Because she doesn’t know you as well as she thought,â€￾ Heather cackled, sipping her mojito.

“Shut up,â€￾ I shot back, looking at the other three guys whose feet I’d just fondled, not recognizing any of them.

“Okay, boys, we have a party to finish, so get out,â€￾ Jourdyn interrupted, guiding Justin, as well as the other strangers, towards the door.

“No,â€￾ I whined, “why do we have to kick him out?â€￾

“Because...â€￾ she smiled wildly, opening the door to let Justin exit, while ten more strangers, one by one, slowly walked into the apartment. “The strippers are here!â€￾

The ladies all screamed with glee, jumping from their seats as they headed towards me. But not before Justin came galloping back into the apartment. “Wait, wait, wait a minute,â€￾ he shouted, rushing to where I sat. “Y’all didn’t say nothin’ about any strippers.â€￾

“That’s because we didn’t want you showin’ up with your boom box and playin’ the Tootsie Roll,â€￾ Jourdyn laughed loudly.

“But my Tootsie Roll is good,â€￾ he complained, beginning to slide in all the different directions that the song instructs. “To the left, to the left; to the right, to the right; to the fro–.â€￾

He was cut off by Eva’s light shove, towards the door, once again. “No,â€￾ she stated simply.

“What? You don’t like my dancing?â€￾

“Just no.â€￾

I laughed loudly, watching him leave for the second time tonight. “I love your dancing, baby!â€￾

“Don’t do anything I would do!â€￾ he yelled, his shout being drowned out by the apartment building’s hallway.

“Y’all didn’t have to kick my man out like that,â€￾ I commented.

“Yes, we did,â€￾ Lynn interjected, walking into the room, toting a large cardboard box. “You girls have some partying to do.â€￾

“Mama, you ain’t leavin’, are you?â€￾ I asked her.

“Yes, sweetie. Me and your mom are gonna get on outta here and let you young ladies have your night.â€￾ She smiled sweetly and kissed my forehead before reaching into her box and pulling out a Connect Four game and placing it on the first table. “Ladies, let’s get to it,â€￾ she announced.

“Wait! Get to what?â€￾ I watched her pull out another Connect Four while guests scrambled to their tables like a group of kids waiting for milk and cookies. “What the hell are y’all doing?â€￾

“Don’t tell me you’ve already forgotten you and Justin’s favorite game,â€￾ Tiffany laughed.

The ten fully-dressed strippers moved throughout the room, each of them claiming a seat at one of the ten tables. “Y’all are insane.â€￾

“Y’all made up the game. We’re just playin’ it.â€￾

“Chelle, I’ll see you tomorrow,â€￾ my mom winked, blowing a kiss at me. “I love you, baby.â€￾

“Love you, too, ma. Bye, Lynn!â€￾

They each waved and hugged the guests on their way out, leaving us to do whatever dirt was in store for the rest of this evening. “Ladies and gentlemen,â€￾ Jo loudly began, “take your positions. Chelle, do me a favor and sit right here, across from Chad,â€￾ she commanded, patting the hot seat. “I hope you got on underwear, ‘cause if you lose, you lose.â€￾ She put on some “mood musicâ€￾ as she called it – that being Prince – and took her seat at the table across from me. “Let the games begin!â€￾

I shook Chad’s large vanilla hand and dropped my piece into the middle slot. Dude, I’m just glad I’m drunk for this.


<span style='color:black'>June 22, 2007. I can’t believe it’s actually here. It was the night before our wedding – the rehearsal dinner, to be more specific – and our family and friends sat rhapsodically at endless tables in the upstairs portion of Serendipity, which had been adorned with our wedding colors all around. Brian and Brendan joined us for the actual rehearsal at the wedding site, but now, they were both back at the apartment, hopefully not giving my aunt too much of a hard time.

But here at the restaurant, we had the entire wedding party, my parents, Chelle’s mom, and even my good friend, Christina. You’ll find out why she’s here tomorrow. However, as I was saying, we were in the middle of the end to our dinner; the attendants’ gifts had been presented, as well as their gifts to us, and the eternal round of speeches had begun.

Sydney had taken her seat after finishing her spiel, just as Christina slowly rose from her own. “Can I say something really quick?â€￾ she asked politely.

“Be our guest,â€￾ Chelle replied softly, smiling as she wiped tears from her eyes from the effect of others’ previous words. “The stage is yours.â€￾

She moved to the middle of the room and smiled at our intimate group. “Hello, everyone. I wanted to start by saying that I’m just so glad to be here,â€￾ she began, endearingly using her hands to express her words when she couldn’t quite find them. “Being around this absolutely amazing family has really given me beautiful insight into Justin, The Man. You know,â€￾ she said, turning to me, “I’ve known you for a long time, and you’ve consistently astonished me with your talent, and your dedication to your work, but I’ve never really had the chance to see you outside of that. And I’m so proud of you, Justin, for remaining that same, wonderful person on the outside, and to the public eye, but seeing you here, you’ve grown so much inside. You’re a father now,â€￾ she clapped innocently, “and you’re going to be a husband. I can’t believe the man that I met freakin’ fifteen years ago has evolved into this. I love you,â€￾ she nodded, “and I hope you know that.â€￾

“I love you, too,â€￾ I interrupted softly.

She smiled sweetly in response, resuming her speech. “I’ve had this huge admiration for you ever since we went on the road together four years ago. I’ve just been falling in love with your aura, your personality – you’re such a wonderful man, Justin. And Michelle, over the past few years, I’ve watched you help mold him into that man. I know I don’t know you that well, but I think that you’ve been the perfect woman to breathe new life into him and give him such vibrancy and livelihood. I’m so honored to be here, and be a part of such a perfect love coming together. And I just wanted to say that,â€￾ she grinned, looking down at the floor. “And I wish the two of you all the best... although, you probably don’t need any wishes, because we all know that this is forever, but hey, gotta say it anyway, right? Anyway,â€￾ she chuckled, “good luck, I love you both, and I can’t wait to see you tomorrow.â€￾ She blew a kiss towards us and took her seat as we all clinked our glasses and clapped at her inspiring soliloquy.

I gave her a thankful nod, placing my arm around Michelle as she cried her little hazel eyes out. “You’re such a dork,â€￾ I told her.

“I know. But everything she said was so true. You are so beautiful,â€￾ she sniffled, grabbing my face to plant one on my lips. “God, I can’t believe this is really happening tomorrow. Do you realize that tonight is the last night that you and I will be single people? This is it, baby!â€￾ She sighed at the thought and turned to the next speaker.

Dude, she was right. I know I’ve been unattainable for years now, but it’s different now; it’s official. I don’t get any ‘We were on a break’s or ‘What happens on tour stays on tour’s. Starting tomorrow at 6:00PM, Justin Timberlake is off the market. Again... Wow.


I gotta admit that Trace f***in’ hooked up my bachelor party. It started off with drinks at Jekyll & Hyde, as well as a sh**load of free stuff from this crazy ass scavenger hunt that he organized. Granted, most of it was stuff that I already had, like iPods that I’d never use, and video cameras, but ain’t nothin’ better than somethin’ that’s free. Plus, I got tons of little stuff, like a pu*** Inspector badge, as well as a shot glass to wear around my neck all night that read ‘Last Night Out.’ How appropriate.

After the old guys left the bar – my dads, uncles, co-workers – we headed into the rented-out restaurant for some good, clean fun. Honestly, it was clean fun. For the first couple of hours, I sat around with my boys, all of us decked out in custom-made, baby blue and white ‘Memphis Mack-Daddy’ trucker hats and shirts, thanks to the genius of Trace, and we took each other’s money in interminable hands of poker. Drinkin’ Corona, eatin’ ribs, and gettin’ paid – now that’s my kinda party.

This particular hand of poker had dwindled to just me and Chris, and I was waiting desperately for him to fold, ‘cause I’d just bluffed like a motherf***er and I didn’t really wanna see his two-thousand bucks.

“Yo, Justin,â€￾ Trace called, possibly saving my ass. “Come here for a minute.â€￾

I turned from Chris to see Trace standing by the restaurant’s huge plasma television screen with a CD in his hand. “What’s up?â€￾

“I wanted you to see something before you got too drunk to appreciate this sh**,â€￾ he laughed, waving me towards him. “Come sit down.â€￾

“Sorry,â€￾ I said to Chris, thankfully hopping up from the poker table. I pulled my crooked hat further onto my head and took a seat at the booth situated directly in front of the TV. “What could this be,â€￾ I commented loudly, as Pharrell took a seat to my left, Lance to my right, and an ensuing crowd of bachelor partiers followed suit.

“Justin Timberlake, this is your life.â€￾ Trace popped the CD into the DVD player mounted just below the flatscreen and took a seat in the one open chair beside us. “In girls,â€￾ he finished.

I laughed animatedly as Usher’s old ass song “Call Me A Mackâ€￾ came pulsating through the restaurant’s speakers and a picture of me in one of my signature pimp fedoras appeared on screen. The image then faded into a video clip of me with my very first girlfriend, Danielle, when I was a wee little boy. Damn, I was such a f***in’ dork. “You must be kidding,â€￾ I chuckled, reminiscing with the video as we prepared for her prom. I remembered it all so clearly. That was before half the people in the room even knew me.

“Dude, who did that to your hair,â€￾ Joey chuckled.

I threw one of the limes from my beer at him with a laugh. “Hey, man. It was the nineties.â€￾

“Damn,â€￾ said Brandon, gawking at the screen. “Justin was always a big ol’ pimp, huh?â€￾

“It ain’t easy.â€￾ I looked knowingly at Pharrell. “But it sho’ is fun,â€￾ we finished together, even ending it with the dap.

The next scenes of the video were random shots from the few months that Jourdyn and I were a couple – stuff from when she would visit when *NSYNC was in Europe and Joey was taping every damn thing; the two of us hanging around in the studio; acting crazy as hell at Disney World. Man, we had some good ass times. We still do, but you know what I mean.

“Justin, you okay?â€￾ Trace asked, shaking me out of my trance.

“Yeah, I’m great.â€￾ Next up was my ‘relationship’ with Britney. I was prepared for about an hour of mind-numbingly boring video clips since we were together for so f***in’ long, but our coupledom was relayed in a simple screen shot from the “Cry Me A Riverâ€￾ video when I kicked ‘her’ picture off the table. And that was it. “Damn.â€￾ Dude, that sh** almost sent me to the floor laughing. “Trace, that was f***in’ awesome, man.â€￾

“Don’t nobody know it better than I do,â€￾ he grinned.

“This is why you’re my best man,â€￾ I agreed, still laughing. “That was hilarious.â€￾ I sat through the subsequent scenes, laughing at the montage of screaming fans, because they, too, are a part of my long list of girlfriends. Not to sound like Alfie, but I’m a lucky man, having them in my life.

As the scenes shifted from Alyssa and Cameron right on down to Michelle, the soundtrack became much more sentimental, switching from Fiddy’s “P.I.M.P.â€￾ to my very own “Nothin’ Else.â€￾ The way the camera shot to a picture of Abercrombie & Fitch when the “met at your storeâ€￾ part of my story came into play was just too funny. Cheesy, but hilarious actually. He had all of our public moments – sh** from Access Hollywood and MTV, as well as vacations in Hawaii, her moving to Los Angeles, my parents’ anniversary parties... even JC’s album release party from last year when we weren’t even together. It’s crazy just how much sh** we’ve been through; how we met and bonded so easily; went through all that drama, but still ended up where we are now. And what’s most crazy is how much that song relates to her. I really had been walking that day aimlessly.

Isn’t it a shame times have changed?
But isn’t it strange, lifelines stay the same

“Yo, J, I bet you didn’t think she’d be the last woman you’d ever f***, did you?â€￾ Trace asked loudly with a laugh.

I looked at him, but didn’t really focus on what was going on around me. So much was going through my mind, but nothing was making any sense. But now that he mentioned it, I really didn’t think that back when we met. So why am I thinking about it now?


It had to be close to three or four in the morning and we’d played about all the drinking games we could handle, but the party wasn’t quite over yet. As I obliviously returned from the bathroom, the very familiar guitar and bass of “Lapdanceâ€￾ instantly rocked the bar to its core. I found Pharrell standing on the small stage that was situated behind my table, as well as Chad and Shae with their band, preparing to sing.

“This is for you, baby boy,â€￾ Pharrell announced into the mic, watching the crowd of drunk guys gather around him.

Just then, the music got louder and loud whoops came from the opposing end of the bar, where I saw a small group of women entering the restaurant – the first in the group appearing to be Renece, scantily clad in black leather chaps and one of those knit bikinis, resembling a black version of Christina.

She pranced up to where I stood in confusion and without permission, took my hat off to place it on her own head. “Ooh baby, you want me?â€￾ she sang. She pulled me to the miniature stage, along with a chair and forcefully pushed me into it. “Well, you can get this lapdance here for free.â€￾

I watched very attentively as she turned around so that her ass was directly in my face. I was gettin’ chills just lookin’ at its perfect rotundity; the way her waist curved into that big ol’ onion booty – that sh** ain’t no joke. She slowly took a seat on top of me, and I think that was all the stimulation I needed to find that my dick knew exactly where I was coming from.

I couldn’t do anything but stare down at her ass as it slowly gyrated across my crotch, forcing me to drown out the loud ass music that I was sitting mere inches away from. I rolled my hands over her bare arms, down her sides and let them settle along her hips, attached to them as they moved to the music. I had to force myself not to let them gravitate to her ass, but it was a struggle. That is, until I felt my phone vibrate in my back pocket. Chelle said she’d call when she got back from her cocktail party, and I’d be dead if I didn’t answer. But dude, I couldn’t let Renece stop now.

A few minutes later, after ignoring Michelle’s call, and joining in the round of “Go Niecy!â€￾ that had erupted throughout the entire bar as Renece worked her magic to “Brain,â€￾ Brandon came walking up to me with his phone at his ear and rolling his eyes exaggeratedly.

“It’s for you,â€￾ he said, leaving me with the phone and the stripper, knowing that I couldn’t handle both at the same time.

“Hello?â€￾ I yelled into the phone, plugging my free ear with my index finger.

“Justin, I’ve called you three times!â€￾ Chelle yelled back at me.

“I couldn’t hear you! There’s live music and it’s loud!â€￾

“Who the hell is Niecy?â€￾ she asked, hearing the raucous chants in the background.

“Nobody,â€￾ I lied, watching Renece bend all the way over. “I’ll call you back,â€￾ I told Chelle, dropping the phone before she could even protest. I had an ass literally staring me in the face. Sorry, Chelle, but nothing beats that. Not tonight, anyway.

Trace suddenly appeared on the stage, behind a camera flash that blinded me for about half a minute. But once I’d regained competence, he handed me a beer and a hotel room key. “That’s for you, man.â€￾

I looked down at the key and then back the booty that was still shaking in front of me. “Seriously?â€￾

“Dude. Last night out,â€￾ he smirked, reminding me of the shot glass around my neck. “You said she was your last wish.â€￾

As they say, what happens at the party stays at the party. “Thanks, man.â€￾

“My pleasure.â€￾

“Actually, I think this pleasure is gonna be mine.â€￾


A constant banging against my door shook me from whatever sleep I was halfway into at almost 5:00AM. What the f***? Groggily, I got out of my resting spot, which happened to be the couch of the penthouse Trace had gotten for me, and trudged to the door with half-open eyes. Standing behind it, predictably, was Michelle soon-to-be-Timberlake.

“Where is she?â€￾ she demanded, charging into the room like a bull on crack. “Where is that b****?â€￾

“What b****?â€￾

“Renece. I know she’s here, so bring her on out so I can kick her ass before I kill you.â€￾

The irrationality of her voice was giving me a bigger headache than I already had. “There’s nobody here, Michelle.â€￾

“Liar! They told me you left with the b****, now where is she?â€￾

So much for our ‘Stays at the party’ pact. “I swear she’s not here.â€￾

“Oh, you finished that fast?â€￾ she asked sardonically. “I talked to you less than an hour ago. Justin, where is she?â€￾

“I honestly don’t know, baby. We came up here, she gave me some stuff for the boys that she’d had in her car and then she went on her way.â€￾

She turned towards the television that had been left on ESPN, scanned the couch with the two huge teddy bears that Renece had brought up and that I’d been sleeping with, and then looked back at me. “That’s actually stupid enough for me to believe,â€￾ she finally decided.

“I swear,â€￾ I repeated. “If you look at the pictures from the party, you’ll see that I’m wearing the exact same sh** I had on there as I am now.â€￾ Although, I think Renece stole my hat. The little thief.

“Well, why’d you leave with her!â€￾ she asked, poking my sides with her little fingers. “You’re such an a**hole.â€￾

“So are you, Miss Strip Connect Four.â€￾ I kissed her temple and then yawned. “I’ll admit that I was really tempted, but I didn’t need a last night out. I thought about it, and I don’t mind f***ing you for the rest of my life,â€￾ I smiled goofily, with another yawn.

“Oh, I’m so glad that that’s not burdening you anymore.â€￾

“Can’t say I don’t love you.â€￾

“I never would,â€￾ she replied, hugging me. “Especially not on our wedding day.â€￾

I pulled away from her realizing that it was officially June 23rd. My wedding day. I know I keep saying it with an awe factor behind it, but is that not mind-boggling to anyone else? “In that case, get out,â€￾ I stated evenly.

“What? Why?â€￾

“Because it’s bad luck for me to see you the day of the wedding.â€￾

“You’re crazy,â€￾ she laughed. “Certifiably.â€￾

“Crazy in love.â€￾

We’re pushing on, we’re passing through
It won’t be long ‘til I walk with you

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Postby SiMPLYiNSYNC » Sat Apr 02, 2005 12:02 am

Pshh, I knew it was an April Fools joke. I was just playin' along. :rofl:

That wedding shower was awesomeee. That little quiz about Justin sounded hella fun. Man, I knew his favorite drink was Jack and Coke. I coulda got 2 outta 20 cus what Justin fan doesn't know what age he was when he lost his virginity? :lol:

You scared me (again) when Trace gave him that key and said Renece was your last wish. I actually though J was gonna do something stupid the night before his wedding. I guess I gotta give the man more credit.

One more chapter? That's all too sad. I'm gonna freakin' print out She Got Me, Can't Let You Go, and Heavier Things so I can read em whenever I want. :D Then when you become a famous writer I'm gonna have you sign `em. :lol:

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Postby Angelpopstar7 » Sat Apr 02, 2005 12:18 am

thank goodness it was only an april fools joke cause i seriously was about to loose it :rofl:

Now they sound like my kind of parties :rofl: Chelle is one lucky chick :nod: strip connect four...never heard of that...although i never heard of strip twister till i played that...thankfully i'm flexible so i didn't loose any of those matches :rofl: and strip poker on a church retreat...shhh don't tell no one...people were pretty much nekkid! haha but back to the story...man chelle not knowing your man gets you drunk as a skunk! hey that rhymed! :rofl: ok i really need sleep :lol:

and justins party...Pharrell live now thats what i want :drool: at least he didn't sleep with Renece...i was a lil worried for a min cause i knew how much he wanted her but thankfully he controlled himself...or so he says lol...i'd write more but i'm exhausted...MORE PLEASE!

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Postby Bluechic01 » Sat Apr 02, 2005 1:08 am

Those were the best parties EVER! lol. Mannnn, now I wanna get married.
I can't believe they're almost over...just one more chap :cry: I don't think I can bring myself to say anything else. *sigh*

Its been fun Ash, now we have to let our babies go :hug:

Awesome chap as usual, now I have to go cry :lonely:

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Postby mtvjunkie » Sat Apr 02, 2005 7:59 am

<_< Ashley honey, I love you but right now I really have to slap you :lol: That first chapter freaked the hell out of me!

As for the second chapter, for a moment there I thought Justin was gonna screw up majorly, but thank god he didn't because again, I would have to slap you :lol: I'm feeling rather violent today... :thinking:

Part of me doesn't want the next chapter to come, but a majority of me is waiting for their happily ever after. I have no idea what to think :lol:

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Postby BabyBlue2578 » Sun Apr 03, 2005 2:01 pm

<span style='color:ff0099'>Okay, so last weekend, I was really trying to avoid writing a paper, and this is what I came up with:

http://registry.weddingchannel.com/search_purchase/guest_view.asp?wauid=564843151Justin & Michelle's Wedding Wesbite

Beware of extreme boredom, y'all. It makes you do sh** like this. :lol: But humor me and sign the guestbook if you want. And if you'd like to do it in character, that'd be awesome, too. :P

I've only just begun writing the next chapter, so bear with me cuz I cry every time I think about it. :nerd: :lol:

Oh, also I gave the Abs girls a shoutout on my http://rockstar.tasting-eden.comsite, so check out my Thank You's if you'd like. :D</span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Sun Apr 03, 2005 7:33 pm

:clap: :clap: Yeah baby, I like it like that. I like it like that. Now that chapter was more like it. :lol: I knew it was an April Fool's joke cuz I'm cool like dat. :nod: Actually, I happened to be around last year, and you were pulling crazy story stunts like this, so I know all about you, lil' mama.

Those parties sounded so fun. Paige Maxwell shoulda been there. :P I was there in spirit, though, for sure. Wouldn't have missed it for the world. I thought Justin was gonna f*** it all to hell, but he remained strong and in control. Woo! :yay: Dude is whipped and it's about time, yo. :lol:

My favorite part was Christina's speech. ^_^ That was truly beautiful and heartfelt. I'd pay her to say something that nice about me. :rofl:

Eeee ... the big day is finally here. :nervous: I wish Michelle and Justin nothin' but love and happiness. They've got my only heart 4 eva! :kiss:

P.S. Thanks for the shout-out, mamacita. :hug: :kiss2: You're simply amazing, not just as a writer, but as a human being. For what it's worth, I love you. And what is worse, I really do! :hug:

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Postby SiMPLYiNSYNC » Sun Apr 03, 2005 8:02 pm

The Wedding Website! :wub: If the press get ahold of that...it'll be interesting. :lol: I'll be sure to sign the guestbook even if they don't know an Adriani Thahar.:rofl:


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Postby mtvjunkie » Mon Apr 04, 2005 3:13 pm

^_^ I just read your thank yous and I sent you a PM, just thought I'd tell you where you'd read it because otherwise you won't find it for about a month :lol:

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Postby jts_senorita » Mon Apr 04, 2005 6:04 pm

Hahaha! :lol: I love the wedding website! It made me laugh... And now I'm even more convinced that they are a real live couple. :no: :lol: Oh delusional me... :nerd:

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Postby laura » Tue Apr 05, 2005 3:44 am

im avoidy girl i know but aw the more i write the the more i so dont want to because i know *sniff* that *sob* its the second last time for these two and im sorry but i cant except that just yet.....its....nooooooo *sobs uncontrollably* god look at me and it aint even my story.....but aw i love em...its like a death it really is... :nervous: :cry: but ashley i dont think ive anything bad to say about this chapter....except under no circumstances ever pull another trick like that again...i was freakin out i thought "oh yeah we tipped her over the edge!!!!" but thankfully ya came back to your senses! yayayayayay! :beerchug: lalalalalalalalala im igoring that fact that im waiting for the last chapter.... :heartbreaker: *oh and girl why are you thanking me? all i did was tell the truth and enjoy a kick ass story.....over and over and over again.... no thanks required,well maybe to you.... :hug: :hug: :hug:

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Postby JTnTN » Wed Apr 06, 2005 5:57 pm

I think I've sent you about all the emails you can handle, but I'm sad I won't get to read about their happy ending for 9618065092 days. :lol: But just know that I'm there in spirit and thank you for writing three awesome stories. I love you, I love them, and you rock. JUSTIN & CHELLE FOREVER! :lol: :blowkiss:

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Postby TimberAss » Sat Apr 09, 2005 2:50 pm

That is such a cute site! AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW :D

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Postby laura » Thu Apr 14, 2005 9:31 am

your killin' me here Ash...killin' me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :nervous: :nervous: :nervous: :pray: :shrug: :wub:

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Postby BabyBlue2578 » Thu Apr 14, 2005 1:23 pm

<span style='color:gray'>Well, alright, y'all. Here we go... :lonely:</span>

<span style='color:black'><span style='font-size:17pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-family:bernhardfashion bt'>20 - “Only Diamonds Now Remainâ€￾</span></span></span>

<span style='color:dodgerblue'>I can’t believe this day is really here. My wedding day. Y’all, I’m getting married! Do you know how freakin’ huge this is? This is the one day in a woman’s life that she dreams of from basically conception. I know I’m not the only one that used to walk around with a t-shirt on my head as if it were a veil. We picture the perfect proposal, something very Cinderella-esque, with candles and roses and everything. We all have that man in our lives that we envision standing at the altar with, pledging to spend forever with. And I know that it doesn’t come true for everyone, but by the grace of God, I’m being given this beautifully perfect life to spend eternity in.

I worry
I weigh three times my body
I worry
I throw my fear around

For the past week, I’ve been shuffling back and forth between immense nervousness and sheer elation. Why the nerves? I’m not exactly sure. It’s not that I have any questions or doubts about what I’m doing here. I suppose I’m just playing into the pre-wedding jitters ploy. Or, maybe I just think too much. Because trust me, I’ve been thinking a lot. I’ve thought about the hundreds of thousands of days that are ahead of us – the sun, and the rain; the memories we’re going to create. It’s a huge jump from our incomprehensible way of running away whenever incertitude or frustration comes into play. Now, it’s all or nothing. Now, we can’t give up. Yesterday, it scared the sh** out of me. Today, as I woke up to a hotel room full of white lilies, the thought of timeless love and companionship just brings me an air of serenity.

But this morning, there’s a calm I can’t explain
The rock candy’s melted
Only diamonds now remain


<span style='color:black'>I was standing in the mirror of my penthouse bathroom, manicuring my goatee into the perfect shape and form when I heard a knock at my front door, immediately followed by the entrance of who I assumed and hoped to be Trace.

“Yo, Justin,â€￾ he called out, answering my own internal questioning. “Where are you?â€￾

“I’m in the bathroom,â€￾ I sent back. Deciding that I’d finish shaving after my haircut, I quickly grabbed the nearest hand towel to wipe my face and headed for the living room where Trace sat at the edge of the couch, digging through a duffel bag. “Hey.â€￾

“What’s up, man. How you feelin’?â€￾

“I’m feeling good,â€￾ I nodded, looking around the room as if I’d never seen it before. “Nervous, but it’s an excited kind of nervous, you know?â€￾


“What are you looking for?â€￾

“Michelle told me to give you something...â€￾ he trailed off, searching furiously through the moderately-sized black bag. “And she said you have to wear them today.â€￾

“What is it?â€￾

“Here it is,â€￾ he commented, pulling out a crisp white pair of boxer-briefs. “She said if you don’t wear them, she won’t marry you.â€￾

I laughed, taking the underwear from him, seeing that ‘Mr. Alexander’ had been imprinted across the waist band in light blue. “I would gladly wear these.â€￾

“Good, ‘cause they go with the ‘Mrs. Timberlake’ drawers that she had laid on her dresser when I was in there.â€￾

“So, you saw her? How is she?â€￾

“She’s great, man. They’re in there making a huge fuss about her and sh** with the hair and the makeup and all that. You know how it goes.â€￾

“Did she get the flowers?â€￾

“Every single vase. I counted.â€￾

Relieved, I took a seat next to him on the couch’s armrest. “Thanks, man.â€￾

“Hey, I’m here for you.â€￾

“You are,â€￾ I agreed. “And I appreciate it.â€￾

“I know we’ve been apart for a while now, but I’m there when you need me.â€￾

“Twenty-six years, and counting.â€￾ I held out my hand for the dap, but was met with a big ass bear hug. “I know you ain’t goin’ nowhere.â€￾

“True dat, true dat,â€￾ he chuckled in a way that only Trace could. “So how’d it go last night?â€￾

“It was a great party,â€￾ I recalled. “You were there.â€￾

“Stupid, I mean with Renece.â€￾

“That went great, too.â€￾

“Yeah? What happened?â€￾

“Absolutely nothing.â€￾ I smiled, thinking of how crazy Michelle looked when she came bursting through the door. “She brought me a couple of things for the boys and kissed me goodnight.â€￾

“Damn, dude. That’s rough. I thought for sure she was up for it.â€￾

“No, it was cool. That’s my homegirl, man. I couldn’t let it go down like that.â€￾

“You tryin’ to tell me that you stopped her?â€￾ he asked with disbelief in his tone. “Shut up, J.â€￾

“I’m serious.â€￾ I followed Trace towards the kitchen where he set up a chair and plugged in the electric razor that he’d also retrieved from his bag.

“Sit down and stop hallucinating.â€￾

“Trace, shut up,â€￾ I laughed, knowing he wasn’t gonna believe me, no matter what I said. “I love Michelle and that’s it.â€￾

“If you really turned her down, then, that means only one thing,â€￾ he said, beginning to brush through my short, coarse hair.

“Don’t cut me,â€￾ I inserted, hearing the buzz of the clippers inching closer and closer to my head. “I need my ears today.â€￾

“I got you, man.â€￾

“So what does it mean?â€￾ I queried, reverting back to his previous remark.

“That you’re ready.â€￾

By the time I recognize this moment, this moment will be gone
But I will bend the light pretending that it somehow lingered on


<span style='color:dodgerblue'>Something old. My grandmother’s locket - check. Something new. The lily in my hair - check. Something borrowed. I have Brian’s hospital bracelet, Justin is wearing Brendan’s - check. Something blue. Where is my something blue? I stared carefully at my reflection in the mirror. I scanned my entire body, from the top of my curly updo to the very bottom of my silver and diamond heels. Nothing blue.

My cousin, Tiffany, was watching me as she strategically situated tiny diamond studs in her own cascading jet black hair. “Michelle, what’s wrong?â€￾

Don’t panic, Chelle. Don’t panic. “Nothing,â€￾ I squeaked out.

“Why do you look like you can’t breathe?â€￾

“Because I can’t.â€￾ I swallowed visibly and closed my eyes. “I don’t have my something blue. Where is my something blue!â€￾ I shouted to the rest of the people in my penthouse room. Well, so much for not panicking.

Hearing my worried tone, my mother rushed to my side. “Baby, don’t upset yourself.â€￾

“Ma, I don’t have something blue!â€￾

“It’s okay,â€￾ she hushed me. “What was it? We’ll just get you another one.â€￾

“It was... What was it? Tiff, what was it?â€￾

“A sapphire toe ring,â€￾ she answered, not missing a beat. “Anyone seen a sapphire toe ring?â€￾ she announced.

“I’ll have the hotel staff get one to you as soon as possible,â€￾ Jourdyn interjected.

Marianne, my wonderful wedding planner, came power-walking into the room like a woman with a mission. “Have no fear, my dear. Your Something Blue is here.â€￾ She smiled and handed me a ring box, along with a quick hug. “Michelle, you are beautiful.â€￾

“Thank you,â€￾ I grinned back, sighing in relief. “Thank you so much.â€￾

“Girl, I told you not to let this day stress you out. You are perfect. He loves you. Everything else is just gravy.â€￾

I nodded and digested her words, realizing that I really needed to calm my ass down. “Just gravy,â€￾ I agreed. “Okay.â€￾

“Now, I hate to rush you, but it’s five to 6:00 and your carriage is waiting downstairs, so I need you to get going. I have Christina cued for you at exactly 6:20.â€￾

“It’s five minutes to six?â€￾ I exclaimed. Butterflies suddenly began to shoot through my stomach as if they were being attacked in there.

“Calm down,â€￾ Marianne reminded me.

“Okay.â€￾ I sighed a few more times and looked around the busy room. Jourdyn and Sydney were waiting at the door, gorgeous and perfect in their baby blue knee-length dresses and curly hair swept into low ponytails. Justin’s gonna be so proud when he sees them. I smiled warmly at them before glancing over to my mom, standing with the boys and their fellow grandmother. “Okay, let me kiss my babies one more time so Mally can do my lips and we can get out of here.â€￾

“Okay, kiss the boys, Chelle. Ladies,â€￾ she snapped repeatedly to Jo and Syd, “I need you downstairs. Tiffany, honey, I need you down there with them, okay?â€￾

Laughing at the chaos that would soon ensue, I kissed Brendan and Brian’s faces and tiny little hands as many times as I could before Lynn and my mama pulled them out of my grasp, headed for the door. “Bye, mommies,â€￾ I grinned. “Bye, babies!â€￾

Lynn readjusted Brendan in her arm so that she could blow me a kiss with her free hand. “Congratulations again, sweetie.â€￾

“Thank you.â€￾

“I love you,â€￾ Mama told me, standing before me with tears in her eyes. “I can’t believe my baby is getting married.â€￾

“Ma, don’t make me cry,â€￾ I whined. “We don’t have time to do my eyes again.â€￾

“Oh, fine Miss Vanity,â€￾ she chuckled. “We’re leaving.â€￾

“That’s Mrs. Timberlake,â€￾ I corrected, seeing her to the door. “And I love you, too.â€￾

She kissed her fingertips and then let them lightly fall against my cheek. “Goodbye, Michelle Alexander.â€￾

Hello, Michelle Timberlake.


<span style='color:black'>Was there a second of time I looked around
Did I sail through, or drop my anchor down?

We picked a perfect day. June 23rd at 6:15PM was the ideal day and time for a wedding. The air was still warm from the day, but it wasn’t dramatic or uncomfortable. The sun wasn’t necessarily near its setting point, but it had lowered considerably, creating this perfect mix between blue and orange amongst the clouds. We even closed out Central Park so that we were guaranteed not to be interrupted by a stray ball or a loudly passing Harley.

The Central Park Conservatory Garden had been decorated, at Michelle’s strict direction, with white lilies and delphinium accentuating every single white chair in the audience. The aisle that the chairs created was also aligned in the extravagant white blossom. And in front of the garden’s fountain, the archway that had been constructed for us to stand underneath had been built from those same flowers and nestled into a cloud of hydrangea and stephanotis. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this many flowers in my life. But God, it was amazing.

As we practiced in rehearsal, while my good friend John Mayer played the processional guitar riffs, I stood before our two hundred guests, adjacent to Trace on my left and our officiant, Reverend Al Green, standing in the exact middle of our flower arch, all three of us smiling brightly. I scanned the quiet crowd, recognizing all of my family and some of my closest friends, as Brandon escorted my Grandma Bobbye to her seat and JC showed my granny to her front row spot. Immediately after that, Brandon returned, his mother’s arm interlocked with his, as well as Brian perfectly nestled in Mama Angie’s embrace. JC, beaming in his white tuxedo and light blue vest, walked with my own mama, holding Brendan, helping her take her spot in the front row, directly across from Chelle’s mom.

John’s guitar picking slowly evolved into the beginning chords of Etta James’s ‘At Last’ just in time for my girl, Christina, to do her bowlegged strut solitarily down the grassy aisle, wearing a classic baby blue gown that seemed to float as she swayed. She smiled at me with glee in her aqua eyes as she took her place, standing next to where John sat, near the first row of Michelle’s guest side.

Next to appear at the Vanderbilt Gates of the garden with Brandon was one of my two sisters. Jourdyn was gorgeous. Her blonde curls were tamed, for once, and pulled into a ponytail by a cluster of delphinium that matched her light blue spaghetti-strapped dress. She slowly walked down the aisle to the mellow pace of the guitar with her eyes fixated on the ground ahead of her. I just knew that she was doing her best not to trip in those heels that she never wears. When she and Brandon finally reached the archway, they separated so that Jo could stand adjacent to John and Christina while Brandon waited beside Trace.

Sydney and JC promenaded down the narrow paseo as if they were walking on sunshine. Their goofy grins matched the happiness in their eyes as they made their way down to the rest of us. I was so proud of my girls and how beautifully they’d turned out. Sydney even managed to transform her athletic body into femininity with her dress identical to Jourdyn’s. Wow, she looks like a real girl. Haha, who knew?

Tiffany stood at the gates with Joey’s daughter, Brianna, and my brother, Stephen, closely behind her. She clutched her cluster of deep purple calla lilies that had hints of blue to accentuate her long, light blue dress, and took a visible deep breath. She smiled at guests, moving quickly past all of them, knowing that two kids were on her heels. Brianna, in her adorable white dress, dropped the petals of white and light blue-dyed roses to the ground while Steve unaffectedly accompanied her, bearing the little pillow that held our wedding rings. Brianna took her place in front of Tiffany while Stephen joined Trace next to me.

Was anything enough to kiss the ground and say I’m here now

Christina then silently directed that the guests rise from their seats as they waited for the blushing bride to appear. The unsubtle sounds of horses approaching sent the guests’ heads in the direction of the gates behind them, and there she was, retreating from her carriage.

And she’s here now

I swear, she looked like an angel stepping onto Earth when her feet touched the ground. The understated elegance of her white halter dress with its fluid chapel train brought out her natural gorgeousness. I loved the way her curly brown hair was pulled from her face and seemed to be held in place by a floating flower. I could see the twinkle in her hazel eyes from the moment she came into view, smiling like she were taking her first steps on this magical ground. Her Uncle James, who she’d picked to walk her down the aisle, handed her her bouquet of white calla lilies, which had been hand-tied into a tall light blue satin ribbon. The vibrant green of the fresh flowers’ stems almost sparkled against the bright blue – a perfect accent to the glow that she already had about her.

So much wasted in the afternoon
So much sacred in the month of June

The five minute intro that John had been playing finally became the opening notes of Christina’s simple solo. “At last...â€￾ It was all I could do not to choke on tears when Christina began to belt out those famed beginning words, her strong, seraphic voice shaking the quiet of the garden. “My love has come along. My lonely days are over and life is like a song.â€￾

Michelle inched further down the walkway with her uncle and I could see the tears glistening in her eyes already. I wondered if she was anywhere near as nervous as I had been all day, and then her unwavering stare told me that she was just as crazycool as I was.

“At last, the skies are above are blue. My heart was wrapped up in clovers the night I looked at you.â€￾ Christina continued to sing over the sniffles coming from the audience – that was just how much emotion her voice evoked. It always manages to put me in a state of awe. Her voice was the perfect accompaniment for the march of the woman who had that same effect on me. I can’t believe that this moment is here... at last.</span>

<span style='color:dodgerblue'>“I found a dream that I could speak to; a dream that I can call my own. I found a thrill to press my cheek to; a thrill that I have never known.â€￾

I don’t know whether it was Christina’s amazing voice, seeing Justin standing at the end of that aisle, so angelic in his all white tux, so perfect in all his beauty, or if it was just the fact that I was actually in the middle of my wedding ceremony, but I had a hard time controlling my tears. We’d done this yesterday and I was nowhere near this emotional, but now, I’m losing it. The tears just flowed endlessly, dropping delicately to my bouquet when I tried to stop them from hitting my chest. This whole moment was just overwhelmingly marvelous.

I kept my eyes on Justin, but my ears on Christina and John. His astonishing knack for moving his fingers across those guitar strings provided her phenomenal vocals with this perfect heading. “You smiled and then, the spell was cast. And here we are in Heaven.â€￾ She paused, preparing for her signature, show-stopping note when I finally approached Justin and the rest of our wedding party. Uncle Jimmy gave me a short kiss before winking at J and taking his place with the other guests while Christina swathed the atmosphere with the last words of the song. “For you are mine...â€￾ I smiled at Justin, still crying my tears of joy. “At last.â€￾

The guests reclaimed their seats and I turned to her, mouthing a ‘Thank You’ as just a tiny symbol of my gratitude to her for doing that. “Wow,â€￾ I whispered to Justin, my eyes widening in elation.

“At last,â€￾ Reverend Green agreed, taking his stance before us. “At last, indeed.â€￾ He chuckled, bearing those pearly whites that he’s so famous for and let a small, white book fall open in his hands. “Friends and family, we are gathered here today to share with Michelle and Justin a very joyous, very important moment in their lives. In the years that they’ve been together – and apart,â€￾ he laughed, “their love and understanding of each other has blossomed and matured, and now, they have decided to live their lives together as husband and wife. If anyone here today can show just cause why they may not be joined together, let them speak now or forever hold their peace.â€￾

I looked around nervously, praying that Renece or Britney didn’t jump up from their seats confessing her undying love for Justin... or Tony for me, while we’re on the subject. There was nothing but silence, thank God.

“You’ve gotten over the first hurdle,â€￾ he assured us in that comforting Southern dialect.

I smiled at him and then at Justin, who was beaming in pride as our friend, Eva, stepped forward to do her reading. “Love is patient and kind; love is not jealous or boastful; it is not arrogant or rude. Love does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrong, but rejoices in the right. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love... never... ends.â€￾

“Justin and Michelle,â€￾ the Reverend began, “we live in a world of joy and fear, and search for meaning and strength in the seeming disorder. We discover the truest guideline to our quest when we realize love in all its magnitudes. Love is the eternal force of life. It is the force that allows us to face those fears with courage and bask in that joy with pleasure. You are pledging that love today – that eternity – and you cannot take it lightly. The giving of yourself in love is difficult because you must learn to give your love without total submission of who you are. Therefore, in your giving, give your joy, your sadness, your interest, your understanding, your knowledge – all expressions that make up life. But in this giving, remember to preserve yourself – your integrity, your individuality. This is the challenge of that pledge. But you are making this promise because of love; because you can be more trusting of a world when you face it as life mates; because you want to bring to your family an appreciation of the beauty you’ve found within one another. Keep this understanding of your marriage in your mind and in your hearts and your forever will see even the lowest of points as beautiful days. Marriage is not perfect, but it is what you put into it. Bring joy to it, bring faithfulness and respect. Bring your love and you’ll be fine.â€￾

Sniffling, I wiped the tears that were resting on my cheeks, preparing to say my vows. “Here we go,â€￾ I mumbled to myself.</span>

<span style='color:black'>“The lovely couple has vows that they prepared for one another. Michelle,â€￾ he encouraged her, taking a small step back from us.

“Justin,â€￾ she began, still trying to remove all signs of crying from her eyes, “Justin, you’ve given me so much to love about you. And I don’t know if you’ve ever wondered why I love you – why I’m standing here today – but just in case you don’t know, it’s because in my heart, I know that you were made for me. Because you’re my best friend. Because you want my dreams to come true... even if you think you’re not a part of them. You showed me that they come true; they don’t come free. Because you challenged me, guided me, and encouraged me. Because you taught me to follow my heart and you showed me that it was okay to breathe again. Because you never gave up on me; you fought for me. Because you were jealous.â€￾ She laughed, no longer caring that her face was being swallowed by teardrops. Little did she know, I was only seconds from the same reaction. She sighed and continued. “Because you’re only human, but you have the heart of an angel. Because... because you’ll do anything for your biggest fan. And you know, finally, that I am your biggest fan. Because you let me and our children make you happier than a number one song ever could. Because we’re a family. Because you’re not afraid to hurt my feelings. Because you make me smile, you make me laugh, you make me cry... Because we’re dysfunctional and you don’t even care. I love being dysfunctional with you,â€￾ she added. “Because you look inside me and find something beautiful, no matter how broken down I feel. Because you’re always willing to give me pieces of you so that I can be complete. God, you’re beautiful,â€￾ she whispered.

“So are you,â€￾ I quickly interrupted.

“Because you love me unconditionally and you never asked for anything in return except that same love. Because you let me return the favor. Because you caught me when I fell, and you refused to ever let go. Because over the past three and a half years, you’ve been my heart, my soul, my love and my life. Because when these words are done being spoken, our lives begin. You and Me become We. It’s Us. Because I want to spend my life with you – beautiful you. Because it’s been more than three years and I still can’t believe that something like you could happen to me. Because you’re like nothin’ else.â€￾ She sighed one more time, closing her eyes from the tears that wouldn’t stop falling down both our faces. “I love you, Justin. Just because.â€￾

“I love you, too,â€￾ I whispered back.

She wiped her beautiful tears and inhaled, silently repeating the words beneath the sniffles of the guests and Reverend Al’s words. “Justin...â€￾</span>

<span style='color:dodgerblue'>“Wow,â€￾ he chuckled to the crowd, firmly exhaling into the warm air. “Y’all see how she’s always tryin’ to top me,â€￾ he laughed.

Look at him with the constant comic relief. What a charmer I’m marrying. I laughed with the other guests, knowing that would probably be my last chuckle until the reception. I knew I’d cry, but this is bordering on ridiculous.

“I wrote vows,â€￾ he finally announced, looking down to the ground, “but I think I’m gonna wing it instead.â€￾

“Oh, now who’s tryin’ to top who?â€￾ I grinned at him, feeling the nervousness that he was trying to displace.

“Shut up,â€￾ he smiled back. “You know... between all the people I meet and interviews I do and whatnot, people always ask me, ‘Justin, how did you do it? How did you make your dreams come true? How’d you manage to create a perfect life?’ Well, the truth is, I have no idea,â€￾ he laughed. “I don’t know what I did. I’ve asked my mom – she doesn’t know either. Because guys like me – the country, goofy kid from Tennessee – we don’t search for this kind of perfection. Guys like me, who’ve given up after being endlessly and unforgivably hurt... well we don’t really have much faith left in anything – certainly not love. We do normal, run-of-the-mill things like play basketball and hang out at the mall more than we’re supposed to in order to conceal our loneliness. We sort of just let things happen to us. We let the smile of a gorgeous stranger have some sort of interminable effect on us; we let our best friends piss us off so that we end up spending unnecessary money in the mall so that we find our way to that stranger.â€￾ He used that pause to wink at Sydney and Jourdyn and then looked back down to me. “I let Michelle happen to me – Perfection happen to me – when I just wanted to buy a hat. Eventually, and even more amazingly, Perfection let me fall in love with her. So, if I could accomplish something that remarkable without even trying, I began to imagine what could happen if I did try. I gotta tell you, when something this exquisite walks into your life, you start to believe in a lot more. You believe in Perfect; you believe in a happy ending. You dare to truly dream. Those who dream by night, in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was in vanity. But dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for we’re able to act our dream with open eyes to make it possible. Well... here we are,â€￾ he smiled nervously, “and I don’t have to worry about waking up, because I live my dream every day here, with you, Michelle. Perfection is right here. This is the beginning of my happy ending. So... the moral of the story, ladies and gentlemen, is if you want your Perfection, you have to dare to dream: go buy a hat.â€￾

And there he is again with the comic relief. After he just elicited this rainfall of joyous tears, he had to go a step further and make us all laugh again. “You’re amazing,â€￾ I decided to tell him, knowing that he already knew.

“I know.â€￾

The reverend smiled and stepped back into his place in front of us, opening his arms to place each hand on one of our shoulders. “Michelle Josephine Alexander, do you come before this gathering of friends and family to proclaim your love and devotion for Justin? Do you promise to affirm him, respect him and care for him during times of joy and hardship? Do you commit yourself to share your feelings of happiness or sadness? Do you promise to remain faithful to him?â€￾

“I do,â€￾ I smiled.

“Justin Randall Timberlake, do you come before this gathering of friends and family to proclaim your love and devotion for Michelle? Do you promise to affirm her, respect her and care for her during times of joy and hardship? Do you commit yourself to share your feelings of happiness or sadness? Do you promise to remain faithful to her?â€￾

He pretended to think for a moment before finally answering with those magic words. “I do.â€￾

“May I have the rings, please?â€￾ Cautiously, Trace took the tiny white satin pillow from Stephen, handing it to Reverend Green. First, he picked up the smaller platinum band that had a single diamond encrusted in the middle of it, and he handed it to Justin with a nod.

“The circle is the symbol of the sun, the Earth, and the universe. It is a symbol of holiness, perfection and peace,â€￾ Justin said. “This ring is a symbol of unity, in which our two lives are now joined in one unbroken circle. Michelle, I give you this ring to wear upon your hand as a symbol of our endless bond.â€￾ He took my hand into his and glided the ring down my finger, just above my gorgeous engagement ring.

With this ring, I commit to you
‘Til death do us part that you’ll still have my heart
And I know I’ll be good to you
I said ‘I do’ only to you for the rest of my life

Trace then handed Al the identical groom’s ring just before he gave it to me so that I could repeat the same words we’d been given to memorize. “The circle is a symbol of the sun, the Earth, and the universe. It is a symbol of holiness, perfection, and peace. This ring is a symbol of unity, in which our two lives are now joined in one unbroken circle. Justin, I give you this ring to wear upon your hand as a symbol of our endless bond.â€￾ I completed the same action, placing the new band just above his similar engagement ring.

As planned, Christina Aguilera stood from her chair, prepared to sing once again. JC removed himself from the wedding party line to join her at the other side of the large archway. John went back into guitar-playing mode, recreating the whimsical introduction to the next song with just a few strums.

“Oh, so long for this night I’ve prayed,â€￾ JC began to sing, exhibiting his immense emotion on his face, as he normally tends to do. It’s so beautiful to watch him sing. “That a star would guide you my way. To share with me this special day where a ribbon’s in the sky for our love.â€￾

Handing Brendan and Brian to their grandfathers, Lynn and my mother rose from their seats to stand beside Justin and I. Bringing forward a small table filled with candles, Reverend Green explained, “Candles are a symbol of our own inner light. Justin and Michelle’s mothers will light the outside candles, representing the faith, wisdom and love that they’ve received from their families. These two candles are distinct, each burning alone..â€￾

“This is not a coincidence.â€￾ Christina’s part of the duet was a welcome pause into the process as our two mothers lit the tall white candles as instructed. “And far more than a lucky chance. But what is that was always meant is a ribbon in the sky for our love.â€￾

“Justin and Michelle will light the center candle to symbolize the union of their lives,â€￾ he continued. “As one light burns undivided, so shall their lives be one. From now on, their thoughts will be for each other rather than their individual selves. Their plans will be mutual, their joys and sorrows will be shared alike.â€￾

Symbolically, the duet culminated into the two tremendous vocalists singing simultaneously as Justin and I took the candles our mother’s had lit and used them to create our own fire. “Love, we can’t lose with God on our side. We’ll find strength in each tear we cry.â€￾

“As they come into their marriage relationship as individuals, they do not lose their identity; rather they use their individuality to create and strengthen the relationship of marriage. Therefore, three candles will remain lighted, one for each of them and one for their marriage as symbols of their commitment to each other and to a lasting, loving marriage.â€￾

“From now on, it will be you and I and a ribbon in the sky, ribbon in the sky. There’s a ribbon in the sky for our love.â€￾ Christina and JC finished the song with love in each of their eyes as they watched us complete our spiritual union.

“This is a time for celebration,â€￾ the reverend stated softly. “Let it also be a moment of dedication. The world does a good job of reminding us how fragile we are – we as people, as lovers. Relationships are fragile, too. Every marriage needs the love, nurture and support of a network of friends and family. On this wedding day, I ask that you not only be friend of Justin or Michelle, but friends of Justin and Michelle together – friends of this relationship. In this moment of silence, I ask that each of you, in your own way, say a silent prayer, blessing or wish for the family that has been created here and the hope that they exude as they leave these garden confines.â€￾

As we went into our silenced minute, I bowed my heat and began talking to God, because I knew that I was going to need help. My requests weren’t long-winded or extravagant. I only wanted one thing: God, just help us be okay in the end.</span>

<span style='color:black'>God, please give me the strength to be the man that she needs. Give me the inspiration and the drive to maintain this love. I know there will be those times when I feel like there’s no hope, nowhere to go but down, no encouragement to go up, and those will be the times that I’ll need You. Please, just keep reminding this family that love brought us together and that love lasts forever.

“May the love you’ve found grow in meaning and strength until its beauty is shown in a common to all that is compassionate and life-giving,â€￾ Al proclaimed. “May the flow of your love help to brighten the face of the Earth. May the source of all love touch and bless us and grace our lives with color and courage. Before us all, Justin and Michelle have promised each other their love and have given in to the beauty of commitment. Therefore, by the power vested in me by the State of New York, I declare that you are now husband and wife.â€￾

A series of claps erupted in the garden as we shared our first wedding kiss. Infused with salty tears, I touched my lips to hers, feeling an entirely new person behind our contact. It was now my wife that I had my lips attached to. It was an amazing thought that sent my head spinning as we stood before so many of our friends, beginning our forever.

“Now, you will feel no rain, for each of you will be shelter to the other. Now, you will feel no pain, for each of you will be comfort to the other. Now, you will feel no cold, for each of you will be warmth to the other. Now, there is no loneliness in you. Enter now into the days of your togetherness and may those days be gorgeous.â€￾ The two of us interlocked arms and prepared to head back up the aisle to the horse drawn carriage. “I present to you Mr. & Mrs. Justin Timberlake.â€￾

And there you go.</span>

<span style='color:gray'>On to Part Two...</span>

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<span style='color:black'><span style='font-size:17pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-family:bernhardfashion bt'>Part Two</span></span></span>

<span style='color:dodgerblue'>After our carriage took a slow stroll around the sunset-decor of Central Park, we arrived at Tavern On The Green at approximately 8:30. The Crystal Room, a gorgeous hall draped in elaborate chandeliers and strewn with flowers, had been filled with a total of twenty tables - two for gifts, one long one for the food, and the remaining tables were set up for the guests. Our head, rectangular table was draped in white lace with an array of white and blue rose petals floating in water in the middle of the table. The guests’ round tables contained clear vases of white roses, punctuated with small candles and napkins twisted into wine glasses. I could only see everything in passing as we were ushered into the Tavern’s gardens for our wedding pictures while the guests enjoyed the cocktail hour, dancing to Maroon 5's instrumental performances and snacking on shrimp cocktails and crabcakes.

“Justin, did you see the cakes?â€￾ I asked in excitement.

“I only saw yours,â€￾ he replied, allowing me into the garden before him, holding up the train of my dress. “It’s gorgeous, though.â€￾

“They both are.â€￾

The first cake, or ‘my’ cake, as Justin called it, designed by New York’s very own Sylvia Weinstock, was a profusion of white and periwinkle sugar paste blooms, dropping down the layers of a five-tier square marzipan cake. I loved the simplicity of the pure white squares and the way that the blue flowers created such a perfect outburst of color. Conversely, tradition says that the groom’s cake is usually chocolate, whereas the other is buttercream, and his cake is generally an expression of something that he loves. So, with the help of Marianne, we decided that he’d have a cake in the shape of a grand piano. Thanks to the genius of Mike McCarey, a smaller version of the white grand piano in Justin’s living room had been regenerated into a cake. At the end of the night, all of the guests get their own baby grand cakes to take home.

I got lost in my own little crazy world when we entered the garden, seeing that its vastness had been perfectly played up by our theme of classic white calla lilies and bear grass hanging from the trees. “What are you thinking about?â€￾ Justin asked, his voice pleasantly penetrating my thoughts.

“Just... us,â€￾ I sighed.

Our photographer, Max Vadukul – the guy that did J and Christina’s Rolling Stone shoot, if you were wondering – came stalking through the garden doors with his camera wrapped around his wrist and a crew about the size of a standard celebrity entourage. They quickly set up the lighting station, centered around this little white wooden bench.

“Mr. & Mrs. Timberlake, if you please,â€￾ he directed, extending his arm so that it pointed towards the bench.

“I’m Mrs. Timberlake,â€￾ I smiled to Justin, taking a seat. “Do you know how many girls would kill to legally have that last name?â€￾

“And to think, just four years ago,â€￾ he replied, tapping my nose with his index finger, “you weren’t one of them.â€￾

Many lovers have come and many lovers have gone
Sing your love to and old fashioned song
A thousand years from now, we’ll be still puttin’ it down, my baby

The two of us continued to talk while Max set up our first shot. He positioned and repositioned our bodies, hands, faces, my hair, Justin’s tie – everything – until he found exactly what he was looking for. “Okay, can you two do me a favor and Michelle, give him a kiss.â€￾

“Sure. Where?â€￾ I asked.

“Preferably, on the lips.â€￾

As directed, I went for Justin’s little pink lips but inadvertently ended up kissing his nose when he suddenly dropped his head to laugh at something completely unbeknownst to the rest of us. But before we could correct our mistake, the picture had been taken. “What are you laughing at?â€￾ I asked Justin in confusion. “What?â€￾

“I don’t even know,â€￾ he admitted. “Just happiness, I guess.â€￾

“Stupid, you ruined our picture,â€￾ I said, playfully hitting his nose and wiping off my lip gloss.

“No, that was perfect,â€￾ Max interjected. “Absolutely perfect.â€￾

“Hey, maybe it’ll turn out like our Six Flags debacle,â€￾ Justin realized, remembering our famous first Bugs & Babs shot.

“Hey, maybe so.â€￾

You can change the frame, but the picture remains the same


<span style='color:black'>Marianne patiently stood at the front of The Crystal Room with a microphone in her hand as the instrumental version of ‘Let’s Stay Together’ lightly played throughout the room’s speakers while our wedding party waited quietly in The Crystal Pavilion to be announced.

“Ladies and gentlemen,â€￾ Marianne began, waiting for the murmur of the room to settle into silence. “Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for joining in this beautiful, joyous occasion with Justin and Michelle. But I’ll let them talk your ears off. I’m just going to announce the wedding party. So, without further ado, I give you our guests of honor: First, Justin’s parents, Mr. & Mrs. Paul and Lynn Harless.â€￾

Very quickly, my mom and dad, entered the room, smiling at the applause before taking their seats at the first roundtable at the front of the room with my father and stepmother, as well as our grandparents.

“Michelle’s mother and grandfather, Ms. Angela Alexander and Mr. William Alexander.â€￾

My new mother-in-law strutted into the room, waving at the other guests as if she were a beauty queen. She is too much. “Go ‘head, mama,â€￾ I called out from the back of the line.

With a laugh, Marianne continued her announcements. “Our precious flower girl and handsome ring-bearer, Miss Brianna Fatone and Mr. Stephen Timberlake.â€￾

I watched Michelle clap in immense glee as the two tiny stars walked into the room, waving and bowing to the guests before heading to the tables where their respective parents were seated. “How cute,â€￾ she smiled.

“Next, we have our lovely bridesmaids and groomsmen. Ms. Jourdyn Peterson and Mr. Brandon Alexander.â€￾

The two of them ended their incessant, pointless bickering when they heard their names called and walked into the room with pleasant smiles, taking a spontaneous lap around our table before sitting in their previously assigned seats.

“Ms. Sydney Harris and Mr. Joshua ‘JC’ Chasez.â€￾

Looking like their own little happy couple, Syd intertwined her fingers with JC and pulled him into the room, stopping to pose like a damn supermodel, then proceeding to her seat beside Jo while JC sat down next to Brandon. “She’s such a character,â€￾ I commented to Chelle.

“That’s why we love them,â€￾ she chuckled back, clutching my arm in excitement.

“Next, the bride and groom’s right hand woman and man. The maid of honor, Ms. Tiffany Alexander and the best man, Mr. Juan ‘Trace’ Ayala.â€￾

Michelle and I moved up in the line while Trace and Tiff went into the room to a loud round of applause, taking dramatic bows here and there. They turned to the door and clapped to the two of us as Marianne began to declare our entrance. “Ladies and gentlemen, the moment we’ve all been waiting for...â€￾ She paused for dazzling effect as, to my surprise, our officiant and good friend, Al Green, walked onto the large stage across the room in a white three-piece suit, smiling wildly as the guest rose to their feet.

“What’s he doing?â€￾ I asked Chelle.

She only shrugged and smiled in anticipation when the funky trumpet intro of our favorite song began.

“The gorgeous new couple!â€￾ Marianne announced over the music, “Mr. & Mrs. Justin and Michelle Timberlake!â€￾

“I...,â€￾ Al sang, “am so in love with you.â€￾ Michelle and I danced into the room to cheers and camera flashes, not really knowing what the hell was going on, but decided to go with the flow. “Whatever you want to do is all right with me.â€￾

“‘Cause you make me feel so brand new.â€￾ Michelle laughed into my chest as I spun her around and she softly went crashing into me as I sang to her along with the music. “And I want to spend my life with you.â€￾

“Let me say that since, baby, since we’ve been together, loving you forever is what I need. Let me be the one you come running to. I’ll never be untrue.â€￾

“Let’s stay together.â€￾ Suddenly, it seemed like two hundred people had joined in the chorus as the two of us danced across the room, feeling like the only two people in the world. “Loving you whether, whether times are good or bad, happy or sad.â€￾

We separated for a moment to reach our parents’ table where our sons danced happily in their individual carriages before we unstrapped them and brought them to the dance floor with us. Michelle spun around slowly with Brian, singing the song to him, and I did the same with Brendan.

“Why, somebody, why people break up, turn around and make up, I just can’t see. You’d never do that to me. Chelle, don’t do that to him!â€￾ Al happily shouted in the song with a joking laugh behind it. “Being around you is all I see. Sing it, y’all!â€￾

“Let’s stay together,â€￾ we all sang, guests clapping while me and Chelle danced with our kids, “Loving you whether times are good or bad, happy or sad. Let’s stay together...â€￾

As Al finished out the song, we came back together, still holding onto our boys, but embracing in some form of a hug and kiss that quickly turned to even bigger smiles while applause accompanied Michelle to our seats at the head table while I rushed to the stage to give Al a big ol’ hug.

“Thank you so much,â€￾ I said underneath the claps.

He laughed and squeezed tighter. “It’s my pleasure. Just make sure y’all stay together.â€￾

“Thank you,â€￾ I repeated, hopping off the stage, taking my seat. I kissed Michelle on the cheek as I sat down with the rest of the wedding party, smiling at the hundreds of people in front of us. They all had great expectations for us, but none of them exceeding my own. There’s no doubt about it – we’re staying together.</span>

<span style='color:dodgerblue'>As the wait staff began to bustle around the room to get champagne at each table and dinner on each plate, my mother suddenly began to tap her glass with her fork, signifying that it was time for the toasts. “Can I have y’all’s attention,â€￾ she requested, rising from her plush white chair. As the room quieted from the commotion of Al Green, she began her proclamation, clutching the microphone that was laid out for her, walking to the front of our table. “Now, I know that it is traditionally the father of the bride’s duty to begin this entire speech process, but for the past twenty years, I have been Michelle’s mother and father, so forgive me if we stumble past ‘tradition’ for a moment.â€￾ My mom turned to smile at me, offering those infectious deep dimples that I stole from her. She had tears in her eyes, but I knew she wasn’t about to cry – not when Mama had talking to do. “Firstly, I’d like to welcome all of you to the reception. Thank you so much for joining our two families on this beautiful day – a day that Chelle and I have been waiting on for a long time,â€￾ she emphasized with a laugh.

“Ma!â€￾ I laughed, nudging Justin with my free shoulder when he laughed with her.

“It’s true,â€￾ she quipped. “But in all seriousness, baby, I’m so happy for you. I’m so glad that you finally gave in to the power of love; that you’ve learned to trust in the commitment that this marvelous man has made to you and your sons. As a single mother, I’ve struggled with giving you my all while trying to maintain a balance between mother and friend. It’s been hard, girl. You know that,â€￾ she sniffled. “But we never gave in and we never gave up. When I met Justin, I saw those same qualities in him. He never gave in to the temptation of something perhaps bigger and better. I mean, he could’ve had his pick of any of the celebrities sitting in this room. And as I stare at all the faces in this room, the ones that I see on television everyday – Miss Beyonce Knowles and Miss Alicia Keys, and Miss Cameron Diaz – while I’m somewhat starstruck,â€￾ she grinned, “I’m just that much more awed by the fact that Justin chose my little Michelle. My baby. He saw past her little Honda Civic and part-time job to find a beautiful person lurking behind those hazel eyes... and he fell in love with her. That was a true testament to the man that he is and the wonderful woman that Michelle has become. Justin, I did my best with her, and now it’s time for you to come and lead the rest of the way. Together, I know that you’ll create two more precious souls with those boys. I’m so proud of you both. Here’s to you, my babies.â€￾ My mother raised her glass of champagne and waited for us all to do the same. “I love you.â€￾

“We love you, too,â€￾ Justin replied, smiling from ear-to-ear.</span>

<span style='color:black'>During dinner, where guests had a choice between Braised Beef & Fettuccine, Chicken Marsala, or Spinach Alfredo Lasagna, the encroachment of endless speeches continued, us having heard from my own mother after Mama Angie, myself, Brandon, JC, and the maid of honor. We hadn’t really gone for any particular order, so it was becoming a sort of free-for-all, and next up at bat were Sydney and Jourdyn. Much like our rehearsal dinner the night before, I sat beside Michelle, consoling her and holding tightly to her hand as she shed her never-ending flow of rhapsodic tears.

Syd walked to the front of our table, taking the microphone from JC with a smile and a silly wave to the guests in the first row. Jourdyn followed shortly behind, nervously standing closely to Sydney’s side.

“I was just walking that day aimlessly,â€￾ Jo began.

Sydney took the mic from Jourdyn, picking up where she left off. “You picked a perfect day to bump into me.â€￾

“Probably should’ve watched the stars in the sky the night before.â€￾

“But for some reason we still met at your store.â€￾

“Justin began writing that song – those four lines – when he was sixteen years old,â€￾ Jourdyn explained. “He always said that he had a vision in his head of exactly what his angel was; he was always so precise about it – not a face, but a personality; a true person. He said that she had this aura that he would know he’d found with just one glance.â€￾

“Now back then, we thought he was just weird and gay,â€￾ Sydney intimated, laughing, “but as it turns out, he was right. Six years later, he walked into that store, not knowing what the hell he was searching for until he saw her. None of us knew it then, but Justin had finally found his Outta This World when he found Michelle.â€￾

“Justin said that he never dared to dream, but that’s because he’s never had to. He lives with his imagination. He creates his own world and invites us all into it without even realizing it.â€￾

“So, when he began to write that song ten years ago, he created Michelle. He saw what he wanted and attempted to defy explanation.â€￾

Jourdyn turned slightly to smile at the two of us. “I never would’ve believed it if I hadn’t seen it for myself, but love at first sight does exist, y’all. There is such thing as a fairytale. I know, because these two have pulled us into their love story and into a world of pure imagination.â€￾

Sydney used the knuckle of her index finger to wipe her eyes, continuing, “If you wanna view paradise, simply look around and view it. This day is what these two have created. This entire moment that we’re living in, is by the grace of the love that Justin and Michelle have brought to life.â€￾

“So we stand before you,â€￾ Jo furthered, “to thank you for giving us three years of a completely new world, a new outlook, a new twist on life, on love, and on the magnificence of our imaginations.â€￾

“God bless you. We love you.â€￾ Sydney raised her glass of champagne and clinked it to Jourdyn’s as the two of them wiped their eyes before more tears could fall. “To Justin and Michelle.â€￾

Amidst applause and glasses rattling together, they walked around the table to take their seats again, and Trace stood from his place next to me to slowly made his way in front of everyone. He looked down into his glass, swirling his wine around in it, presumably searching for some way to relieve his apprehension. “Don’t worry, y’all. I’m the last one,â€￾ he chuckled with his Memphis twang becoming suddenly apparent. “I, uh... I actually asked Justin, believe it or not, if JC could be the best man just because I didn’t wanna have to write a speech. He’s so much better at this stuff than me. But honestly, I’m glad he made me do this, because I’m standin’ here and I’m realizing just how much I love this dude. And I’m thinkin’ about how pissed I would’ve been to not get to do this. There are only a handful of people that have known Justin as long as I have. I’ve been lucky enough to grow up with this guy right here. We’ve had some crazy ass times, haven’t we?â€￾ he recalled.

“We have,â€￾ I agreed. “The best crazy ass times, though.â€￾

“He took me places that I never thought to go. Just like Jourdyn and Sydney said, he gives you everything – imagination, fantasy, reality – he wants you there with him every step of the way. I’ve been there for the good times, the bad ones, the hard times. I was there for each and every high and low point. I was beside you, watching you ‘make it’ and I couldn’t have been more proud, man. I still am proud of you. I’ve watched some of the women in this room come into your life and open your heart, just to break it somewhere down the line.â€￾ I noticed him wink at Britney when he said that. “And most importantly, Justin, I’ve been able to be a part of what makes you the man you are today.â€￾

“All right now. I did a little somethin’,â€￾ my mom interjected, letting her hoarse laugh take over the front of the room.

“Mama, you did a great job, too,â€￾ he agreed. “I’m gonna be honest, though. When you came back from London with Michelle, back in ‘03, I thought both of you were outta your minds. He was buyin’ her diamond lockets, she was gettin’ him Michael Jordan’s autograph and you’d known each other for like two weeks! Justin, I thought you were truly insane.â€￾ He paused, waiting for the laughter to subside before moving on. “But then, I met my beautiful wife, Emma, and I figured it out. There we go falling in love at the same time again. But no, that was when it all made sense to me. Love doesn’t have a set timeframe. When it’s ready to be true, it bites you in the ass when you least expect it and it doesn’t let go. It endures the struggles and the strain that you put it through because, like the person that you’re in it with, it recognizes the brighter days ahead and wants to be a part of them. Whether it’s two days or two years, when it comes you know it, you feel it – the magic, the electricity, the dream coming true. It’s comfortable when it needs to be, spontaneous when it wants to be and crazy when it shouldn’t be – it’s a rollercoaster. So, my wish to you, Justin and Michelle, is that you have fun on this crazy ass ride, ‘cause you won’t be gettin’ off any time soon.â€￾

I stared at him as I clapped emphatically. I certainly wasn’t expecting so much genuineness and wisdom to come from Trace because I knew just how nervous he was about speaking. But I’m definitely impressed... and humbled. “Thank you,â€￾ I said quietly.

“You okay?â€￾ Chelle asked, rubbing my arm.

“I’m great.â€￾ I placed a forkful of pasta to her lips, as we’d been feeding each other the entire meal. “I’m perfect.â€￾

With her mouth full, she quickly kissed the side of my face and then took a sip of champagne. “You certainly are.â€￾


<span style='color:dodgerblue'>So this is love, mmmm
So this is love
So this is what makes life divine

As the violin of the Cinderella waltz played lightly through The Crystal Room, Justin and I were escorted to where our gorgeous cakes sat at the food table, just waiting to be delved into. Marianne helpfully cleared any extraneous items from the immediate area and handed Justin the knife that we’d cut our first cake with.

“Do you wanna do it?â€￾ he asked politely, carefully holding the blade away from me.

“No, stupid, we both do it.â€￾

“How are we both gonna cut a cake?â€￾

“Don’t act like you’ve never been to a wedding,â€￾ I shot back.

“He’s been,â€￾ Paige Maxwell interjected. She had her camera positioned at her eye, but the accent quickly gave her away. “He just doesn’t stay long enough for the cake.â€￾

The guests laughed knowingly while we waited for Max to set up his camera shot and I explained to Justin that we both hold onto the knife’s handle when we slice into the cake.

“You guys ready?â€￾ Max asked.

Justin clutched the knife and then softly place my hand over his, forcing me to smile at our touch. For some reason, it became a beautiful reminder to me that we were finally, actually married.

I’m all aglow, mmmm
And now I know
The key to all Heaven is mine

With the camera shutter going off, together, we directed the blade into the bottom white buttercream layer, making a clean rectangular cut into the vanilla hazelnut-flavored cake. Justin reached for our plate while I took a fork from the opposing side of the dessert.

“You want the first piece?â€￾ I asked.

“It’s your cake. You take it.â€￾

“It’s our cake,â€￾ I corrected him. Without any further discussion, I dropped the fork to the table and the two of us took messy pieces from the perfect slice and stuffed it into the other’s mouth. I laughed heartily as Justin took the opportunity to playfully smear icing across my lips.

My heart has wings, mmmm
And I can fly
I’ll touch every star in the sky

“Alright, now lick it off,â€￾ he directed, putting his fingers to my lips.

“Suck it,â€￾ I joked, giving him my index finger to do the same. I let my lips fall over his fingertips, ensuring that I removed all traces of icing from his hand as he devoured my own finger in the process, eventually unwilling to give it back. “You are such a dork,â€￾ I cackled, trying to pull back my finger.

His sapphire eyes twinkled, showing that he was containing his own laugh over my stolen finger. “So, I guess that makes you Mrs. Dork,â€￾ he finally said.

“I never said otherwise.â€￾

So this is the miracle that I’ve been dreaming of
So this... is... love


<span style='color:black'>Sing your love to the sun after the rain
A thousand years from now, we’ll be still puttin’ it down my baby

Dancin’ had erupted throughout our reception and I can honestly say that I was having the time of my life. I’d danced with Michelle, for the most part, but I also got down with a few of my favorite women, including my mom, Chelle’s mom, Sydney, Jo, my granny, Eva, Kelly, Ellen – you know I had to cut a rug with her, Renece, Paige, Tiffany, and even some random ass celebrity people, like Oprah and Jessica Simpson. Lauryn Hill and D’Angelo’s ‘Nothing Even Matters’ had just exited the sound system that the DJ had going and the wedding singer himself, R. Kelly, had infected the entire room.

I watched couples rise from their seats – Beyonce and Sean; Pharrell and Helena; the guitar man, John and his girlfriend, Ani; Adam Brody with his new girl, Laura; Heather with her daughter, Megan – they all took to the dance floor with me and Chelle, our parents and our wedding party.

Baby girl, in other words, forevermore, I’ll be here
‘Cause my whole life’s been full of joy ever since you came here

I took hold of Michelle’s hand and we two-stepped across the room, laughing and smiling the whole way. “Where’d you learn to two-step?â€￾ I asked.

My whole world goes around because you spin me, yeah

“One of many advantages of having an old-school mama. I should be asking you that!â€￾ she shouted, snapping her fingers.

“You ain’t the only one with old-school parents.â€￾ I turned to where I knew my mom and dad were gettin’ down.

“They look like they just got married,â€￾ she commented as we danced past Chelle’s coworker, Sylvia, and her husband. “You think we’ll look like that in twenty-five years?â€￾

Some believe in love and some people don’t
Sing your love to a story when it’s told

“As long as you want to.â€￾

“If we can spend twenty-five years like this,â€￾ she clapped, “I’m there.â€￾

I spun her around and stayed behind her as we swayed. “And what if it’s not like this?â€￾

Some have crossed the finish-line and some gave up
It’s like moving a mountain – love can be just that tough

“Then I’m gonna leave you until it is,â€￾ she joked. She kissed the top of my hand, still rocking back and forth to the music. “Don’t worry, baby. You got me.â€￾

I smiled with her while the song continued into the portion where we all had to follow directions. The dance floor turned into a simulation of a line-dancing hall. To my right were Trace and Emma’s friend, Sharry, while Brandon and Jo took the spots to Michelle’s left. And as the song clearly instructed, we stepped, stepped from side to side, round and round, dipped it down, separated, brought it back and everyone did the love slide. It was like the new Electric Slide. And Lord knows I used to love me some Electric Slidin’.

Love brought us together, so keep on steppin’
Because love’s gonna last forever

Laughter and claps to the beat rang through the entire room, all of us unified into this huge familial circle of love and happiness. This was Perfection. This was Forever. This was my happy ending.

Let’s step out, hit the floor, DJ’s rockin’ that song for us
If anybody asks why we’re steppin’, tell them that we did it for love

Yeah... Love.

And I will wait to find if this will last forever
And I will waste no time
Remaining in our lives together

<span style='color:dodgerblue'>The End</span>

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Postby BabyBlue2578 » Thu Apr 14, 2005 1:34 pm

<span style='color:hotpink'>And there you have it, girls. :) I hope you loved reading it just as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I didn't really feel like going through the motions of recapping all the pictures that I put in this chapter, so if you'd like to see them, you can go through the actual chapters on my site to see the dresses and bouquets and all that good stuff. ^_^ Direct links: http://rockstar.tasting-eden.com/ht_20.htmChapter 20 Part 1 & http://rockstar.tasting-eden.com/ht_20p2.htmChapter 20 Part 2.

I think that's all for now. Y'all know my ramblings will be coming soon, along with the epilogue. I'm off to finish crying. :lol: :blowkiss:</span>

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Postby mtvjunkie » Thu Apr 14, 2005 2:05 pm

:mellow: Am I happy or sad? I have NO idea :lol: Thanks for letting me be invited by the way, Pharrell and I ROCK :yay: :D :P I loved every little detail from the dress to the shoes to the bouquet, you made some awesome choices. It sounded like the perfect marriage, and how did I know Al Green would pop up? :lol:

I don't think this story could have ended any other way, they were destined to have a happily ever after :nod: Wonderfully written my love, and I don't just mean those chapters, I mean the whole story. Just... perfect ^_^

Now hurry with the epilogue :lol:

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Postby Bluechic01 » Thu Apr 14, 2005 3:46 pm

:cry: That was the most beautiful wedding I've ever attended. I can't believe this is a story. That was a beautiful chapter and a beautiful story and I can't believe its actually over :cry: Oh God, I can't stop crying.

It took my all to get through that whole chapter without stopping because I'm so sad. Ash, our babies are adults and married! How are we gonna let them go! ahhhh! Well, its been fun creating these characters with you and this story :hug: But now, I guess I'm gonna go continue my crying. :cry: :lonely:

Michelle & Justin 4EVER <3 I love you guys and take care of the twins for me! :cry:

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Postby Angelpopstar7 » Thu Apr 14, 2005 8:17 pm

Ash :cry: i was suppose to be in the shower like 30 minutes ago but i started reading this and i coudln't stop...and then i started crying and yeah...my mom keeps coming in the room to see whats wrong with me :rofl:

Those chapters :cry: i felt like I was there and the wedding sounds so perfect! It has now become my dream wedding...having Christina Aguilera singing 'At Last' as i walk down the aisle...that would be a dream come true......i'm just at a loss for words right now

Traces lil toast :rofl: that boy had me worried for a lil bit just cause it's Trace ya kno :rofl: but he pulled through and did an amazing job as did everyone else....and Jo and Syd's speach....i loved how they remembered those song lyrics Justin wrote 10 years ago :wub: so cute!

thank you so much for continuing this final story with us...i dunno if i should be crying tears of joy that i got to experience this or tears or sorrow that its over...but either way you did and AMAZING job with all 3 of the stories :wub: I'm gonna miss reading this story but all good things must come to an end at some time...i suppose! I'mma miss it :cry:

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Postby TimberAss » Fri Apr 15, 2005 6:13 pm

BabyBlue2578 wrote:<span style='color:hotpink'>And there you have it, girls. :)  I hope you loved reading it just as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I didn't really feel like going through the motions of recapping all the pictures that I put in this chapter, so if you'd like to see them, you can go through the actual chapters on my site to see the dresses and bouquets and all that good stuff. ^_^  Direct links: http://rockstar.tasting-eden.com/ht_20.htmChapter 20 Part 1 & http://rockstar.tasting-eden.com/ht_20p2.htmChapter 20 Part 2.

I think that's all for now.  Y'all know my ramblings will be coming soon, along with the epilogue.  I'm off to finish crying. :lol: :blowkiss:</span>


Ashley, that was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful. Everything you wrote. All the pictures. Every description was magical. Those vows! OMG! Those vows. . . I cried, LOL. It was so beautiful and it made me want to get married, LOL.

You are an amazing author. Nobody can top that, lol. It was just too good!

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Postby SiMPLYiNSYNC » Fri Apr 15, 2005 8:29 pm

This was really a bittersweet ending. Am I happy? Yes. Am I sad? Yes. Those chapters were amazingly written. I printed them out to read at school and you shoulda seen my face while I was reading it. I was tearing up, smiling, and all that jazz.

The wedding itself was beyond beautiful. Christina, JC, John, AND AL Green at one wedding? You totally wrote about my dream wedding. ^_^ A perfect wedding for the marriage for the perfect couple. I hope that made sense. ;) Oh and her dress was hot. :nod:

Those vows were very, very, sweet. :cry: I cried while reading it and everybody in class was like "WTF is up with Adriani?" :nono:

ME...John's girlfriend? I LOVE YOU times 10! :lol: I grinned ear to ear after reading that. I also squealed, too. :rofl:

You did an amaaaazing job on all 3 stories (hell, you do good on ALL your stories) and I will truly, sincerely miss my favorite couple -- Justin & Michelle. I'm proud to say that I witnessed Justin & Michelle's beautiful love story. :lol:

Thank you Ashley for always making my day with all your stories. You are my favorite and one of the BEST writers. :nod: You never cease to amaze me and I just can't wait for what you have in store next. *hint hint Dirrty Laundry and Caught up. ;)

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Sat Apr 16, 2005 11:26 am

I'm ... SPEECHLESS! Simply amazing and I ain't got nothin' more to say! :D

Just kidding. You know I've got to gush over this stunning piece of work. Ashley, once again, thank you for taking all of your time and effort to create such a wonderful example of literary talent. :hug: :hug: You make me actually like reading and I can't have the whole world knowing that. :rofl:

I can't even begin to imagine what your writing is going to be like in 10-15 years because it is already amazing. :notworthy: Just remember to send me advance copies when you become famous. I fully intend to retain my feedback skills, so I'll be there for you. ;) :lol:

And if the writing thing doesn't pan out, please become a wedding planner. :nod: You could really help some folks out. From the flowers to the dresses to Rev. Al, that wedding was da shiit! :headbanger: I knew Miss Maxwell would turn up somewhere. It'd be a pity to miss out on the wedding of the year. ^_^

As for Ani and John! THAT AIN'T RIGHT! You know she won't treat him properly. :rofl: Good-for-nothing ho. :lol: That's alright though. Paige and John had a quick rendezvous in the bathroom. It's all gravy, baby!! ;)

:notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:

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Postby SiMPLYiNSYNC » Sat Apr 16, 2005 11:55 am

whatchagot4meMRJT wrote: As for Ani and John! THAT AIN'T RIGHT! You know she won't treat him properly. :rofl: Good-for-nothing ho. :lol: That's alright though. Paige and John had a quick rendezvous in the bathroom. It's all gravy, baby!! ;)

:rofl: Paige! You should know that I'm nice and I like to share! ;) Just as long as you pass the Law 'round my way sometimes. :lol:

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Sat Apr 16, 2005 1:50 pm

Sending him right over. :lol: Remember to always obey the Law! :whip:

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Postby jts_senorita » Sat Apr 16, 2005 3:34 pm

WOW. I can't believe it's over! I'm so glad that Justin and Michelle got to have their perfect happy ending. That was a amazing, beatifully written awesome wedding! Just like the whole story. (Haha I'm so craving cake now :lol: :nerd: ) That was definitley the ultimate wedding. Al Greene, Christina, John, JC, Eva, Beyonce, Oprah, and Justin as the groom. :wub: Sounds pretty good to me. Oh, and I'm not sure if it was a coincidence that someone with my name attended the wedding, but I'll pretend it was me anyway. :lol:

Well... I don't even know what else I can say. Just keep on writting. You have such an amazing and valueble talent. And a trully hope that you publish something or write a screenplay or do something with it. Because I know you'd be successful. And I'm not just saying that. Ok. Haha, sorry to be gushing. I just hope you realise how good you are! :)

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Postby BabyBlue2578 » Sat Apr 16, 2005 5:48 pm

<span style='color:gray'>Well... I went back and forth in my head and I've decided that I'm not going to do the epilogue. It would just take away from the perfection and the closure that the last chapter gave me. :lol: :nod: So... I hope y'all don't mind. :ph34r:

Ahhh, I'm trying so hard not to cry right now. But I'm sitting here thinking of how supportive all of you guys have been since She Got Me and it just means so much to me. I started this, not really thinking much of my ability until your feedback gave me confidence and a reason to continue. Y'all are the reason for this story, as well as Can't Let You Go cuz I certainly didn't fathom any of this in 2002 when the first thoughts of Justin and Michelle came to life. :huh: So, in a sense, these are your stories, too. Congratulations on getting through all the hellish drama and insanity of love. ^_^

Like I said in my Thank You's, pleasing my Abs girls is my main priority whenever I write something. So thank y'all for letting me use your names for my characters. I hope I got all of you in the last chapter (yes, Sylvia, that was a shout-out to ya :lol:) and if I didn't, yell at me so I can holla at you in the next story lol.

I'm kinda getting to the point where I'm speechless again. :mellow: I can't believe my babies are just completely grown up now. I'm gonna miss them like hell, but there's nowhere to go but down from here. :lonely: It's been such an amazing ride, though. From the bottom of my currently broken heart, THANK YOU. Thank you Ani, Heather, Helena, Jordin, Laura, Marianne, Paige, Rani, Sharry, Sondra, Sylvia, and anyone else that's popped in here to see what was going on. I love y'all. :wub: The Bugs & Babs Series. Out. :blowkiss: </span>

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Postby TimberAss » Sun Apr 17, 2005 8:31 am

Aw, sugar! I love you too! :wub:

Ash, I know I rambled when I reviewed your thank you on NsyncFiction, but that was nothing compared to the words running through my head. It's just hard trying to get in down clearly.

Your work has inspired and influenced my writing. I know that I could never reach your level of perfection, but my writing has slowly, but surely, grown into something that I can say I'm proud of. ^_^

In the beginning, I was really shy about writing on NsyncFiction because I read your stories and stories from Lisa (bogglethemind) and I was thinking to myself, "How the hell can I even compare to these two?" :unsure: . And I know this is going to sound cornball as hell :P , but when I clicked on your profile and read your comments about yourself, Here I am, perfect as I'm ever gonna be. Love it or leave it, I was like, "Hot damn, this chick is the TRUTH!" LOL

So, in a sense, you made me feel welcome and encouraged me to join and write and express myself. I really appreciate that. And I also appreciate you supporting my stories by reading and reviewing. :)

You share my flare for writing, my passion for Justin, and my obsessions with The O.C., Maroon 5, and John Mayer, LOL. You are not only someone I admire, you are my homeslice and most importantly: You. Are. The. sh**.

LOL, sorry for writing an essay, but I had to let it out. :D

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Sun Apr 17, 2005 10:43 am

:blowkiss: You can guarantee that you'll always have me as your biggest fan! :hug: I love anything and everything you create, so keep smiling, keep shining, and most importantly, keep WRITING! It's a good thing! :lol:

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Postby SiMPLYiNSYNC » Sun Apr 17, 2005 12:33 pm

I remember first reading She Got Me at NsyncFiction, lovin' it, and checkin' everday for an update. So in a sense, you got me. :lol:

As long as you keep writing (which shall be FOREVER!), I'll be reading and crying or cheesin' (depends on the chapter ;) ). I love you and admire you for all that you do. THANK YOU.

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Postby laura » Mon Apr 18, 2005 3:15 am

<span style='color:green'>sh** Ashley is only 9am here and ya got me all teary eyed and what not...this is not a good way to start the day....but ok,first i gotta stop rhyming.... :ph34r: and second this is the feedback that i wrote right after i read the chapters...

Through the depression that i was in knowing that this was the last one i stil managed to almost spit out my water when i realised i was Adam Brodys girlfriend!! :D aww...with the surprises Ashley!!!! Also i dont think that wedding could have been any more perfect Al green and my favourite song ever,are you trying to make me cry???Awesome!...yeah i know when he gets married for real we'll all be b****in' but...and yes i do know that its fiction,although sometimes i get so excited i worry.I cant believe its over :blink: ....I dont really think i can say anything here that hasnt already been said..but well i guess thank you is all...for three wonderful additive stories with the funkiest characters ever!My favourite? Jourdin! :lol: she was always the comic! I loved this story and ive said it huuuuudreds of times but i WANT THIS TO BE MY MOVIE! so we'll do a deal and make this sh** on the big screen whatd'ya say? ok..no maybe not id be sure to just scew it up...but anywho...i know i gotta shut up now! but where was i? Oh...thank you's...well covered characters,plots...aw the writer...well miss AJ i thank you for keeping a movie obsessed media student literate! I love your work and ive managed to rope in a friend who isnt the quickest with the feedback(yes you marian) but i got her printing this out so my work is done,as is yours...for now anyway girl!simply.... Thank you.
:hug: :blowkiss: :angel: </span>

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