Dazed & Confused.

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Dazed & Confused.

Postby laura » Mon Jan 10, 2005 5:45 am

Meet the Cast!


soapoperadigest.com/features/weekly/EvaLongoriaL.jpg Lacey.........

imdb.com/gallery/granitz/2151/Events/2151/JulianMcMa_Cohen_1535168_400.jpg?path=pgallery&path_key=McMahon,%20Julian Christian......

Thats all for now? do y'all want me to post it here?????

well let me know k? :D

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Mon Jan 10, 2005 8:49 am

You better post if here. :nod: Christian ... :drool: :drool: I may be lusting after him more than Justin. :lol:

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Postby xoinnocentjrtgrl » Mon Jan 10, 2005 7:17 pm

wow.. how hot is that Justin picture? It wont let me see it. It must be buuurning :drool:

Post it here, fa sho.

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Mon Jan 10, 2005 7:38 pm

It's all about Julian McMahon. Now that's a hot piece of 37-year-old man ass. :lick: :safesex:

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Postby xoinnocentjrtgrl » Mon Jan 10, 2005 8:37 pm

you can have him. more Justin for muah :D

wtf.. my cousin just IMed me saying "hey whorebag B) " :lol:

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Postby laura » Tue Jan 11, 2005 3:56 am

well...um ts not exactly "about jmm...but hes in it...a little...i just need to see him....excuses i know!!! ill post when i get on a pc...damn mac's no floppy drive.... :rolleyes: thanks for the replies babes!

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Postby laura » Tue Jan 11, 2005 7:37 am

<span style='color:purple'> DAZED & CONFUSED!</span>

"give it back i mean it justin if you dont im soo telling my mom....she'll kick your ass for being mean to me!! give it now...."
"make me shorty...." Fighting over the toy that he'd stolen and was teasing her with as she chased him around the house he was two years older and as she was only seven he had the advantage on height...

"give i swear ill get you for this!" the tiny curly haired girl screamed again....
"noo...make me!" as she chased him down stairs and out the door she aimed right and knocked him straight into the swimming pool, leaving her my little pony at the edge of the pool and her friend soaking wet.....as she watched on in fits of giggles.

"so what do you think?"

"think of what?" Justin answered snapping out of his daze,

"duh.. justin come on your spacing out on me here....what do you think of lacey getting married? can you believe it?"

"uhhh yeah i guess its good...i mean i dont know the guy...hell she bearly knows the guy,but other than shes marrying a stranger? Then i guess its ok?"
"oook say that again with less tenison...."

"what? i just dont think its something she should be doing thats all she only 21 for god sakes?"
"listen old man your what? two years older than her im almost three she a'int that young...hell our parents had us at her age...."
"exactly and look what happened there..."
"i know...but please when we pick her up from the airport please,please drop the over protected act and be happy for her....ok...i mean come on man we havent seen her in almost two years now....shes bound to have changed..just like us?"

Pulling into lax airport both justin and trace had agreed to pick up their best friend of there entire lives as she was arriving from italy after two and a half years away the excitement levels where of course at an all time high...

"so do you think shes changed? i mean last time we saw her she was a skinny nineteen year old with glasses...what do thin now... i mean..."
"dude...shut up...we'll see her soon enough...please just shh..."
"fine...fine god whats up your ass?"
"nothin' ok just keep watching for her ok..."
And they did as flight 453 from rome was let out of the gate they waited to see if they'd recognise her...

As the tall tanned curvy brunette with sunglasses and a holdall in her hands exited the door they still kept watch as she approached they looked up

"hey losers.....sh** you make a lady carry her own bags....shame shame..." she siad in an excited tone as she reached for her two friends and grabbed them into a big hug...

"my god justin...you...shaved the fro...baby im proud of you.."

"yeah yeah girl how you doing...."
"im good great really" Turning to the shorter of the two boys she continued her welcome "traceeeee sweetness...what the hell did you do do your self?"
"the clothes...dude...the hair...what one of y'all gets style and one loses it...what am i gonna do with you both..."

As they walked to the car with the countless trollys of her luggage they finally got back on the road home. As the excited talk continued mainly about the boys families and what was going on now and various exciting things that happened in the last few years....emails and phone calls didnt match up to real thing with her,watching her smile and laugh seeing ti in her eyes...he was glad she was back, he'd missed his best friend.

Settling in to her friends house she realised that his career had been good to him his house was lavish and well decorated she figured it had nothing to do with his tastes though but it screamed off his mother, with little touches of him which was nice. The room she was taking over was really beautiful she almost felt it was made for her. Soft colours and plain simple lines, it was sweet of him to agree to have her there considering they hadnt seen each other in so long add that to the fact that her fiancee was joining her in two weeks and introuding in on him....well it was pretty damn nice.

Making her way out of the room and down the long hallway towards his bedroom she ploitely knocked on the door before coming in...

"Jus...you here?"
"yeah..." Looking over the door that lead in to a separate room she saw where the voice had come from.

"hey hun...come in..." She entered and watched as he took various items off the dozens of racks he had hanging in that room as he inspected each one

"what you doing?"
"picking out an outfit for this thing i gotta go to tonight?"

"yeah its just this thing ive had on my agenda for ages now"
"Oh..."she repeated.She had to admit she was a little disapointed she figured since it was her first night home her friends would want to be with her.

"Yeah..." He smiled looking at her as she leaned against the wall beside him pouting like a five year old.

"See" he continued " i gotta take this girl out to dinner....i havent seen her in too long and i wanna spend my time off with her...."
"Really..." her face lit up as she realised he was talking about her

"yes really dumbass....who else did you think i was gettin all dressed up for...."
"well...i dont know.....britney, janet, alyssa,kylie, cameron....could have been anyone..."
"Funny..." he smiled sarcastically as he continued to rifle throught his shirts

"so what about this man of yours...i thought he was coming with..."
"oh...yeah he was but at the last minute something came up at work and he had to fix it...so the soonest he'll be here is two weeks..."
"what does he do anyway.."
"computer consultant for the largest bank in rome, its a very importaint job...and he great at it.."

"oh...cool..how you meet..."

"um well i met him at a little cafe in italy right outside the vatican actually,while i was there on assignment i didnt know it at the time but he only lived a few minutes from me in Rome...funny huh.."

"auhuh..." As he dropped a shirt he was about to try on she bent and he bent at the same time to pick it up causing them to bump heads in the process.
"ouch...dude you've got one helluva hard head..."
"Right back at you shorty..."
"Ohhh ill shorty you..." As she reached for a hanger sitting next to her she proceeded to hit him with it....gently but still with enough force.

"I HATE that name...im not shorty no more lake...got it..." She was laughing as he covered from her with his arms...

"Fine fine..ill stop please...stop hittin me girl..." And she did as she took the shirt from him and picked out a nice babyblue one and handed it to him as she headed for the exit.

"Hey where do you think your goin'" He asked throwing the t-shirt he'd just taken off right at her landing on her head....
"well..." she threw it back, " Im off to explore this manision before you..Mr superstar help me unpack my sh**...okay..."

As she cursed him for bringing that stupid nickname up again she headed down stairs-she needed to see the rest of his pad...it looked amazing from the outside but she had no idea how he lived here...alone...

As she made her way into what she guessed was his studio she saw all kinds of things that belonged to him...mainly photos... all over the walls... some of him and trace, him and his mom and dad.grandparents and one in peticualar that grabbed her attention...mainly because she remember the night it was taken vividly. Their prom.

"come on Lace..where gonna be late..."
"we cant be late justin...its the prom...what are we gonna be late for....bad food...bad music and lilah woods being made prom queen...again...please...."

"Come on lacey you where the one that wanted this...so...?"
"Fine fine...im coming out....and dont you dare laugh!"
" I wont, i promise...."

As she came through the door she remembered the look on his face..he was speechless...she was beautiful...

"So...what do you think?" As she did a little twril right there in the hallway...her dress was floor length and a light colour of baby pink that looked great on her skin tone her hair was sweeped up and had little bits near her face she looked perfect..and considering the fashion of 1998 it was nice she could think of it now and not squrim...too much any way... that night was wonderful...she and justin had a blast watching all their friends make fools of themselves and of course lilah woods fake shock as she was made queen...well that bit wasnt so much fun....however watching her boyfrend dump her in front of the entire school was.

As they made there way home that night she remembered he was the perfect gentleman,as he walked her to the door

"Soo,thanks for tonight lace.i think had i not went with you i would have been bored out of my mind....."

"yeah. i know what you mean... i guess we're good together you and me..." Laughing as she searched for her key through her tiny purse he stood and waited as she did.

"uhh for such a tiny thing can you believe you can lose something in it.....oh never mind....found it..."
"humm?" As she tried to get the key in the lock she was stalled by his hand as he reached for hers and turned her towards him.

she remembered being shocked at what she thought he was going to do...but even more shocked that he was doing what she thought... As his eyes concentrated in on hers and as his head slowly dipped towards hers she didnt think she just reacted, she closed her eyes and waited...as he kissed her a soft gentle kiss that seemed to last for hours...she knew things had changed with them now.. and she was right they had... she had a feeling nothing would be the same after that kiss.....

"Lacey Reid!!!" She turned as she realised someone was calling her..

"huh?" was her only answer as she turned around...then seeing down yet another hallway there was a women calling her name with a big friendly smile on her face.

"Lynn!!!!!! ohmygod..." As she made her way towards the woman she was embraced into a large hug,she had always thought of lynn as a second mother...as her own mother and father had travelled more and more as she became a teenager she sort of became family.

"My girl....god you've grown up so so much...oh baby ive missed you..."
"aw,ive missed you too..."
"Are you settling in ok?" the older woman asked as she wrapped her arm around the girl making there way out of the studio.
"well ive only been here about an hour or so...but yeah apart from being pretty jet lagged im fine!"
"good..come on i'll fix you something to eat...knowing my son..he probley forgot..."
"see....where is he anyway..."
"I dont know a few mintues ago he was getting changed but im not sure now."

As they settled in to the snack that had been perpared for her she realised just how much she really had missed lynn,she was always a good person to come to for advise...and now was no different.

"so...tell me about this man of yours?"

"well what you wanna know..."
"for a start how he won you over...and you once told me you'd never marry...what makes him sooo special"
"i dont know...hes...hes just wonderful...hes italian..his name is christian...so at first it was the looks you know...he was dark and tall, tanned but not orange ...and when we met...well the accent didnt put me off either...but anyway we got to talking and he turned out to be really sweet and interesting...we sort of became friends,then...i dont know..."
"you fell in love.?" Lynn asked as she poured more juice to wash down the exceptionally large sandwitch she'd made them both...
"yeah...i guess i did.."

Over hearing the conversation between both his friend and his mother,he almost didnt want to interupt but he couldnt stand listening to her go on and on about how great this guy was...it just didnt sit well...and it was tearing him apart...he wasnt really sure why?


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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Tue Jan 11, 2005 8:30 am

I LOVE IT! :yay: Dear, this is wonderful. Really! :nod: Poor Justin, getting all jealous of Lacey being engaged to Christian. I feel badly for him, but she was away, and fell in love ... it happens. :D But it looks like Justin will be ready and waiting to save her if Christian turns out to be an ass.

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Postby laura » Tue Jan 18, 2005 10:31 am

<span style='color:purple'>"Justin honey what took you so long ive been here almost twenty minutes...." His mother commented as she walked over and kissed him on the cheek.

"I uh i had some phone calls..."
"oh...well sit.. ill make you something to eat"

He sat beside his friend as she finished off her lunch and turned to face him.

"so justin..what exactly do you do in this oversized playpen ALL by yourself....dude this place is huge!"

"yeah i know its a little big..."

"no sh**....i could fit my entire appartment in your living room...i guess its the perks of being an adored pop hot shot the world over... huh lake?

"aw come on now.... i work hard for what i got..."
"i know i know....im just playin' boy."

"soo seriously how do you live here all the time by your self...i remember a time when you hated being alone so much you had sleep in with your mom and dad...."

"okay first of all i was seven,second please dont tell any one that..and im grown now! thank you very much and im fine being here alone.

"huh...justin is never alone dont let him fool you sweetie...its always a girl of somekind hes got here...so dont pity him."
His mother quipped in as she placed another sandwitch in front of her son as he scowled in her response.

"mom!!! please....im not that bad..."
"sure your not.... hey i may have been in italy baby but i heard the stories about you.....justin trousersnake..." As she burst out laughing as did lynn he just dropped his head on the countertop.

"uhhhh please why wont that die....whhhhyyyyy..."

"oh quit wining its not exactly a bad rep to have...im guessin' it hasnt hurt you in the lurve department either...dude your dating cameron diaz..and as creepy as it is that you had both her and miss "wardrobe malfunction" herself on your bedroom wall as a kid..i say well done..."

"its not creepy! and im not dating her.."
"oh but i thought." looking over at lynn who was giving her the warning eye...

"oh..." was all she said back...

"yup...i was but...no im not now..."

"what happened....."

"nothing...i guess... that was the problem...i just dont think i loved her enough ...thats all.."

"Oh.......well moving on..i didnt mean to bring the mood down...sorry..."

"no...its not your fault you didnt know...."

"right...hey whens trace getting here..what is that scrub up to these days...you know besides following you around like a puppy..."

They settled in to various different conversations and just chilled out in one of his many large spacious rooms..chatting and teasing the life out of each other about all the many fashion mistakes both of them had the misfortune of making.

soon eight o clock had rolled around and as justin had arranged it so they would go out meet some of her old friends and catch up she wanted to look her best...and with suitcases full of french and itailian designer clothing she had her pick and intended to make the most of it.

"Lace,girl you ready..." he annonced himself as he tapped on her door opening it..what he saw he was prepared for she was mid change with her back to the door and her top off and her skirt half way up her thighs..her body was in one word...amazing.she definatley wasnt the skinny girl he knew way back when..she was a grown woman with curvys in all the right places her hips and legs where toned and smooth just like her arms and as her long dark
hair flowed over her tanned back he snapped out of his trance and turned around as she turned to face him.

"i knocked i swear..i didnt know you'd be...well that you where....um.."

"its ok...justin...hey im dressed now you can turn around..." As she patted his shoulder to turn him as he did he saw she was fully dress and smiling at him..almost laughing.

"what..what are you laughing at..."

"you...you idiot...freaking out cause you saw me in my underwear....it a'int like you havent seen me in a lot less now is it?"
"um...yeah but that was.." as he grinned and blushed bashfully he looked to the ground as she came closer to him...


"it was different then thats all..."

"why... because you didnt think i noticed you looking at me that way back then?would that be why it was different?"

"yeah" looking her straight in the eyes he couldnt begin to explain the overwhelming urge he had to just kiss her right then and there...but he couldnt..by right he shouldnt even be thinking about such things..she was engaged to another man.

"i see" she finished as she reached for her purse and headed to the door of her new bedroom...
"well i guess we have to go...be with people now..cant stay up here all night."

He passed her and as she giggled at his awkwardness the only thing he was thinking was he wished they could stay there.....



Dinner at chi went well, very well Lacey was loving being on home turf again,seeing everyone she hadnt seen in what felt like forever and enjoying every second of it too.

Coversations began and ended and with each topic and person she felt more and more sorry that she hadnt come home sooner... Her best friends where of course the goofiest hosts ever but they kept everyone entertained.As always.

After midnight they arrived at the club,Lace wasnt exactly sure what it was called as they where ushered in so fast by justins huge security guards but inside it was beautiful...and packed wall to wall almost....

As she took her seat beside trace she decided to try and have a desent convo with him without interupptions..she hadnt managed it all night.

"so honey what are you up to these days.."

"workin...playin....you know..."

"yeah who you playin with is what i wanna know...."
"oh...just some people...nothing solid.."

"you sure bout that? i heard different today?"

"you did? was j mouthing off as usual?"
"no...yes....come on are you seeing that girl...from 24...whats her name?"
"Elisha..." He answered for her,
"yeah thats it...so.???"
" soo....its new...really new but yeah i am kinda...its funny cause most people thinks shes with justin...""

"see thats what confused me,and i thought he was too...and maybe thats why cameron broke up with him...." she was prying it was obivious but justin wasnt going to tell her what happened...so she had to get her information from the next best thing,

"ooh no,cam didnt break up with him...he broke up with her..it was only in the last few weeks actually...

"oh well see...."
"here you go..." Justin came burstig into the seat with a tray of colourful drinks in hand as he took two beers and passed trace one...
"what ya talking bout?" His tone was chipper...he was happy..and ready to get pissed too so that made him even more relaxed.

"oh nothin' importaint man...." Trace answered lookng at lacey as he took a swig of his beer.
"cool.....hey lace..."
"wanna dance?" he asked as he got up and reached out his hand

They made their way on to the dance floor that was crowded with people.everwhere you looked there were people.

As the music changed to something a little more upbeat than before justin and lacey grooved together to the beats never missing one, as ice cube " you can do it" blasted throught the speakers the crowd on the floor seemed to double and as a result their bodies were pushed even closer together than before. he watched as she moved,almost as good as him,and he couldnt say that about most girls but she was always different to the girls he knew now...she was his...

With the music carrying her mood higher she couldnt help but enjoy herself...she hadnt let go in quiet sometime and she knew was in good hands...in more ways than one,she loved dancing with justin he was really the only one who could keep up with her, and she liked the way he moved..

As he reached for her hips to pull her closer he noticed she was in a world of her own just moving to the music..he loved that she could just get lost in it like he could...with the right song you can block the rest of the world and all your troubles out.

With her eyes closed all she could do was feel..and at that moment all she could feel was how good it felt to be held by him,sure they where in a club full of people but it felt differently and if she was being honest with herself she rather liked it...in the back of her mind she knew she shouldnt be dancing so close or in such a manner with him or anyone for that matter- she was engaged after all...

As the song came to an end she realised she was getting thirsty and a little two close for comfort to her best friend, his moves were causing her to get in all honesty...a little turned on, and she couldnt allow that to happen.

"Drink" She mouthed to him as she reached for his hands and made sure she had his attention.

"Sure" He mouthed back as he ushered her off the dancefloor towards the bar.

He handed her a medium sized glass filled with some kind of green and pink mix.She wasnt sure what it was but it tasted good a bad thing as it was causing her to drink alot more than she knew she should have..

As her offical welcome back parteeee as trace had named it continued she stayed close to justin, and as she was slightly intoxicated it wasnt a bad idea, she knew she would be safe with him. As he introduced her to person after person as well as one hot girl after another who seemed to size her up as they where introduced as well as asking about the engagement ring on her left hand.

Justin assured them she wasnt his fiancee and they shouldnt worry right before flirting with each and everyone of them ignoring Lacey at times completely.


Making her way out of the car as it came to a complete stop outside justins house she walked ahead leaving him to make his way alone.

As she waited at the door for him to come up with the key she was upset and she didnt know why....well maybe she knew and she just didnt want to address it,but he shouldnt have just ignored her! After all as she saw it as kinda her night was it too much to ask that he put his playboy ways on ice for one night?

She practally stormed inside,promting him to ask

"Are you ok...you were real quiet in the car..."

"Im fine!" She asked as she began taking off her shoes...her feet were numb they hurt so bad.She hated heels figured a man made em' just to torture women.

"You sure...you dont seem fine...in fact you seem kinda pissed."
"im fine really..."

"uhuh...nooo" He made his way to the fridge and pulled out a sandwitch offering her half as he dug in to his.

"uh yess...god..let it go, im tired is all ok its been an eventful day." biting into her snadwich she was glad to have something solid after all the drink she had consumed.
"Oh, okay then..."

Slamming down her sandwitch she looked in in the eye,

"You'd just let it go just like that wouldnt you..."

"Like what? you said you were fine!!!"

"well im not ok...i am pissed at you...!

"WHY? what the hell did i do now?"

"well you act like this was all about me being back here,but it wasnt......it was just an excuse for you to go an flirt for the freakin' state in some club with some really really skanky girls...

"HuH?....girl your drunk..."
"I am not...you just completely ignored me.And i dont think its fair you waited till trace and everyone left to do it.Leaving me completely on my own!!!! i would never do that to you!"

"you already did that to me!!!!"


"nothing,never mind...ive had too much to drink....im goin' to bed.."

"NO wait,tell me what you meant just now? When exactly did i leave you on your own huh?"

"You really want to get in to this now? Its almost 4am...and like you said your tired...im tired, lets not do this and say things we'll regret in the mornig ok?!"

"no...i wanna know what you meant..."

"FINE! you wanna know...fine...you left me alone along time ago...remember,you swaned off to italy and just left..it didnt matter who you were leaving behind you just went..." he stopped at the door and turned to her,he saw the shock in her eyes as he moved towards her.

"what?your joking right? justin you left way, way before that remember.... you spend months and months at a time away with nsync...."

"yeah but i always came back? You didnt...jesus for like six months you didnt even call lace.." his tone was strained as if he was holding back tears and it broke her heart to know she hurt him like that.

"i...i didnt think you'd care...you where all over the place and you had britney i figured you didnt need me.."

"i always need you..your my best friend in the whole world, you were the only person i could truely trust and you moved to and entirely different contanant for god sake! I missed you so much...and now your here and your different, and getting married for cryin out loud..." his voice lowered to little more than a whisper...she almost strained to hear him...


"so....im not really sure how to handle you...i mean this now..."

"Handle what j....now your not making any sense..."
"never mind,look just forget it ok...im going to bed" He headed for the door again..leaving her standing with what he guessed were more questions than answers.</span>

im beginning to take it personal...there not THAT bad are they???? or is it just me??? well silly hing to ask...but um... feedback??? :rolleyes: :lol:

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Tue Jan 18, 2005 11:06 am

Awwww, these two definitely have feelings for one another, and now, past issues are coming back to haunt them. And jealousy is rearing it's ugly head ... this won't be a good situation until everything is resolved between them. If Lacey does go through with the wedding, I can just imagine Justin flipping out, and throwing a fit. :ph34r: He wants that girl. :nod:

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Postby laura » Wed Jan 26, 2005 11:10 am

okay i think ive left this long enough i guess im not getting any more reader huh? just you and me paige...
well....as bummed as i am that im crap at this ive kept going(glutten for punishment i know..but whatever...)

let me know what you think bad or good....? :lol:


Rolling over she glanced at the ticking clock on her night stand, 10;30 my god she bearly had six hours sleep, add a hangover to jetlag and she was crappy,and confused...more than ever now since there little "talk" last night, she still had no idea what he meant "handle" what exactly?...she figured she'd come back and everything would be like it was before she left...theyd just be friends and hang out,but no...they both had changed in millions of different ways justin had gotten more serious, and responsible as well as damn sexy too, but something inside him was gone the spark of his soul wasnt there like it used to...She remembered him being alot more hopeful or something? It was a part of him she loved...he made every situation a good one.No matter how bad he always would find the good.

"justin pleasssse dont let it die...pleasssseee." she wined as she begged her then ten year pld best friend not to let her cat die..

"im trying ok...shes stuck i cant get her out.." He was reffering to the black and white cat that was jammed in some fencing wired in the large field across form there houses...she was bleeding pretty bad and it didnt look good.

"pleeeease get her out, felix cant die she cant..." Stomping her food in protest as she saw the cat grow still as he tried to yank it out cutting his hands in the process.

"Lace...i..i think shes.." Looking up at the small eight year old he saw tears in her eyes "uh..i think she dead..."
As he saw the the tears shed from her face she ran off leaving him with her now dead cat.

She remember she ran for what seemed like forever finally stopping as she reached the entrance to the large forest as she sobbed and sobbed, she loved that cat,and now it was gone,just like justin would be soon...she was losing her two friends.

She remembered she sat and cried for a long time and she was joined by justin whos hand was now bandaged up.

"you ok?"
"IM FINE!!!" she said as she crossed her arms and turned away from him.

"Please lace...i tried i did.. i guess she didnt want to be saved..."

with the maturity of only an 8 year old she responded in the only way she knew how....being stubborn!
"dont be stupid of course she did...she was my pet and loved me..dumbass..you let her die!!"
"No i didnt ok...i tried to get her out for you ok....i mean if i couldnt and you couldnt maybe someone else wanted her more than us?" he nudged her gently on the arm to get her to look at him...
"What do you mean?"
"I mean...maybe god wanted her more...maybe he wanted to be loved just like she loved you.."
"maybe..." she pouted.
"You know what i think?, i think shes safe with him,and look at it this way she'll always be up there looking out for you..."
"i guess,thats not so bad..." Looking up at the boy she knew all her life she watched as he dried her tears.

"ok...now please stop crying..i hate it when you cry..."

Brought out of her thoughts by the buzzing of her cell phone she answered it quickly as the sound wasnt helping her head ache

"Lacey darling.."
"christian...god its good to hear your voice..how are you..."
"good sweetheart how are you?" The itailan accent was still as captivating as ever dispite her wandering thoughts about people she shouldnt.

"im good..little tired.we went out last night...plus the jet lag...i feel like crap,but better from hearing you.

"good,um glad i could help.."He laughed a stong powerful laugh,

"well you did,"
"i have some bad news my darling,..."
"what? is everything ok?" Her voice immedently switched to panic mode.

"Fine, everythings fine..its just my work, i wont be able to leave for america for the next three weeks...i know i said two and i thought i would get things finished by then..but now it seems its one thing after another...im so sorry."
"Oh,no dont be its not your fault...and besides whats another week when youll be here im sure we'll forget about it...im fine really.

"good.well it sounds like your having fun with your friends..."

"well...most of the time yes..!" she wanted to say the other half of the time was spend second guessing her feelings for one of them,but couldnt.

Spending almost twenty mintues on the line she finally hung up and finally got out of bed and headed straight for the shower she felt she definately needed to freshen up.

Pouring himself a large bowl of captain crunch followed by almost a pint of milk he headed towards his sitting room and sank down into his lazy boy 3000 and hit mtv,sitting in what seemed to a mindless daze as he ignored the flashing images on screen,he was suddenly alarmed as he saw himself on screen mtv new

"Here we see justin timberlake exiting l.a's hottest new club "paris" with a mystry brunette, the pair seemed quiet friendly as they got in a blacked out suv and headed towards timberlakes home in the hollywood hills...it leads many to question..is this the reason his two year long romance with Cameron Diaz came to an abrubt end just a few weeks ago?....well only time will tell on this one.!"

Hitting the off button he silently cursed to himself as he finished off his breakfast.

Walking into the kitchen he knew he wasnt alone,Mainly he could smell her shampoo from where he was standing smelt like strawberries he though. Looking over towards the fridge he saw her,well more to the point he saw her ass, in full view as she was bent over searching for god knows what at te bottom of his large fridge

"ahem" He coughed to let her know he was there.

"morning to you too grumpy."
"Hey....so your speaking to me then..."He felt weird taking to her ass so he moved away...of course not taking his eyes off of her....that was harmless...besides she had a nice booty that couldnt be denied.

"of course i am stupid.....just because we both cant hold our own on drink dont mean anything?"
"ahuh...ok good...what are you looking for?"
"Eggs....do you have any..."
"uhh" he thought...it was a while since he actually went and got his own shopping..."im not sure..."
"how can you not be sure...dont you shop?"
"well...." he looked up as she stood up and faced him bracing her hands on her hips...

"well?...oh you mean no lacey i usually throw a star tantrum and send one of my servants to get sh**? Am i right?"
"yesss.." she argued back.

"ok fine but its not always that easy you know...i mean what person wants to shop when its crammed with screaming girls? Its just not always possible alone,its easier if someone else does it..."
"ohh,so it has nothing to do with the fact that you've gone all hollyweird on us normal folk and dont "do" shopping any more unless it involves monster army trucks you wanna pass off as a normal necessity???"
"no!! no way i would if i could,i just cant and hey...nothin wrong with my choice in cars...."
"ok? you are now..."
"are now what...?"
"going shopping with me dumbass...put on a hat and some glasses or something... and we'll take one of your smaller less "look at me" vechicles....hurry up."

Some thirty minutes later both justin and Lacey were in isle four of "macys market" Looking through the shelves for various items.

"so dude how longs it been sine you did this?"
"im not sure,alone without security....bout two...and a half years..."
"wow...dude you keep doing that your really gonna end up like m-j..."
"you know hold up in your house,not doing normal things...it cant be healthy..."
"ok mom" he looked over to her as she smiled back reaching for a large carton of eggs and placing them in the cart.

"so...what else do you need?" She asked looking up and down the isle.

"not sure...lets just get what we want...sound good?"
"well what we want isnt always good for us..." She remarked using her fake mothering voice..

"well...miss Reid,and what would say we need right now?"
"um best hangover cure ever?"
"whats that?"
"sugar...and lots of it..." As she grabbed the cart she headed on down another isle closely followed by justin as they both stocked up on every sugar coated snack available..as well as "real food" as Lacey was feeling guilty about buying so much crap.

After loading up his black esclade they both belted in and headed home.

"im sorry..."
"for what justin..."
"well a whole mess of sh** really...mainly what i said last night.i flat out blamed you for us...growing apart and its just as much my fault, and for leaving you on your own too...i shouldnt have..."
"So im forgiven?" he asked with that adorable grin he used when he really wanted something.

"of course..we were both drunk i know you didnt mean what you said..." sitting on next to him she noticed he was unusually quiet the rest of the way,he was never quiet with her even if they were talking about nothing that always had something to talk about...it was weird for there to be any silence.

After they got home,the weird silence continued wich Lacey found more than odd since the mood between then was great,just like the old days.

"Justin,seriously whats wrong..you got me freaked dude..your NEVER quiet unless you either did something wrong or your sick...so which is it?"
"nothin' im just..."
"what...hello its me..you can tell me anything you know that....and you did usually...in detail too sometimes..." "remember when you first kissed that girl, Sarah..and you thought kissing was evil and swore you'd never do it again.."
that memory made him smile,he'd forgotten about that,"yeah i remember it was sloppy and wet i thought it was gross..." He recalled laughing as she slide down beside him, laughing too.

"ahuh..and then you asked me had i kissed any one and was it the same...it was so funny, your face...you'd think some on hit you!""
"hey...i was eleven what did i know? And plus she was older so i figured she'd know what she was doin' but egh...no she did not..."
"right then you made me kiss you.."
"i did not make you..."
"you did,you said i wanna see is it me that cant kiss or her,kiss me! thats what you said!!" laughing as she recalled the memory..

"ok,but you were willing so you did...no force...and you were good too...and you were younger...i swore it was me that didnt know how though!!!"
"well i guess by your rep now,you've improved!"
"i have! " he said proudly "ask anyone!"
"no!" she smirked again...
"hey..i have...wanna kiss me again and see?" looking at him he had realised what he'd just let slip and was now blushing uncontrollably as a result.

"justin...i can so not believe you said that..." Laughing a little she wanted to just laugh it off altogether,hoping he didnt mean it..for all their sakes

"um..yeah..well.." He was stuck what did he say to rectify such a stupid slip...

"i was kidding of course...any way your engaged now right?!" looking at her as she sat just iches away that smell of her hair overwhelming every single one of his senses to the point of torture.

"right i am...and ill be married soon too so knock that off..." She playfully nudged him in the side as she went to get up. He grabbed hold of her arm and sat her down again.
"what?" she looked with questioning eyes

"Do you love him." Was all he said.

"love who?"
"christian...do you really really love him?"
What kind of question was that?

"what? of course i do...why do you ask...now?"
He leaned over and aimed for her lips as he closed his eyes slighty and began kissing her.

she couldnt move she wanted to but she couldnt. he was kissing her she felt as though she was watching it from a different angle but as his lips touched down on hers she knew she wasnt....refelx kicked in and she kissed him too.

It wasnt forced or pushy,it was sweet, soft and as if he was just enjoying her taste.

As his lips brushed hers again and his parted with hers and their kiss grew he moved slighty so he was above her his hands on either sides of her face holdig her gently as he explored her as she did him..a slight moan came from her and he instantly ached for her it wasnt something done on purpose or protest but in something she felt,she knew somewhere in her head she had to stop...that it wasnt right...but it felt good.He felt good and she didnt want to stop..she had to but not out of choice.

Pullinh back he saw that her eyes were still closed slightly he hated to stop but he knew he had to before things got really out of hand.

"are you sure you love him?" She heard him ask.His face still close to hers,his breath still on her-his tone low and husky,way to sexy as she paniced.

"why did you do that?"
"why? i dont understand you know im..i cant do that now..and with you!!! god..."
"wow! Hold on.... i didnt see you stopping me! in fact i felt you do the exact oppisate of stopping me!"
"HEY WHERE YOU TWO AT?" Trace's loud voice came travelling through the house stalling the rowing pair in there tracks.

Appearing through the door he went directly to lacey enloping her in a hug whilst greeting justin with a casual hey.

"So what you two doin' inside its a beautiful day...ya'll should be out, you wanna hit the pool.

The tension was high between the other two in the room as they awkardly looked at each other then back at their friend.

"Well...you know that sounds good,it is a little hot in here."

no kidding?

"glad you think so,and dude i hope you dont mind but i sorta invited some people i thought we could continure the party...what you think?"
"Who'd you invited man?"
"Dont worry i wouldnt invite any of your ex's...not like last time, i promise!"

Some fifthteen minutes later the house was filled with noise and chatter, Lacey was upstairs changing in to her bikini and possibly killing all manner of time that she could be possibly alone with justin, After what had just happened she wasnt sure if she could be alone with him....she was shocked at him and what he was so bold to do...but more so with herself. He was right she had kissed him back and if she was being honest she really enjoyed it.

Looking out her large floor to ceilling window that showed her a view of his large spacous "Backyard" it was more of field than anything, filed with landscaping, a sort of driving range set-up and a large pool with lounging chairs around it,chairs that were now almost filled with people...Trace and Justins friends that she didnt know?
As she reached the double glass doors that led out to the pool, the people around it all looked in her direction.Her nerves were sky high as she wasnt sure what to say.

Luckily Trace appeared and slung his arm around her shulders as he introduced her to all his friends some she recognised and and some she thought she knew...all of them famous for one thing or another. She didnt see justin anywhere, it scared her alittle that he wasnt there..it also helped her relax.As she slipped out of her shorts and tank she revealed her small(ish) pink bikini that she had to admit looked wonderful with her itailian tan. She knew she looked good so her nerves disipated as she got to know the girls around her.

Sitting up in his room he knew he knew he had to face her, it was unavoidable he'd done something stupid he'd kissed his best friend, sure it wasnt for the first time....but the last time he'd kissed her was after the prom..he didnt know what had made him to it before and now was the same. After the last time things had been wird with them and it took alot for them to get confortable with each other again,he wonder would things goes back to normal or would she or even he freak out and put an end to their friendship?.

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Wed Jan 26, 2005 12:58 pm

I loved how you included memories they have of being young children. They really do go way back with one another.

:huh: Ooooooh @ the kiss. I felt like something like that was going to happen, but I didn't know when. The fact that both of them were so into the kiss is going to be an awkward sticking point in their friendship. Lacey better work out what's going on and make sure that she really wants to marry Christian.

Good work!

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Postby laura » Thu Mar 03, 2005 12:00 pm

:huh: ok i wrote a little more...wondering should i post it here or just move it to nsyncfiction??? thoughts...any one? :D

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Thu Mar 03, 2005 12:50 pm

HERE! I always forget to go over to NF.com. :lol:

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Postby laura » Tue Mar 15, 2005 6:01 am

[I]i know i know i suck with this one paige...forgive me???? :D

<span style='color:blue'>5)
Sipping on her colourful cocktail that Tara chick had given her she was really relaxed just chilling with trace and his friends at the side of the giagantic pool.The weather was wonderful, hot and sunny not unusual for Los Angeles in August but it felt good.

Through the side of her eye she noticed justin striding through the doors suddenly stripping out of his clothes and diving into the pool.

She had to admit he'd grown into a wonderfully sexy man,he was tanned and muscled in all the right places,he'd grown up nicely.As she watched as he climbed out of the water again, and dripping wet reaching for a large towel.She couldnt help but notice that he was again completely ignoring her.Only this time she was ok with it the last thing she wanted to do was cause some scene with all of these strangers.

After watching him flirt non stop with vertually every woman in sight... she got bored and started downing her drinks alittle faster than usual, mixing in chit chat with all of the people Trace had introduced her to,all of them seemed nice-to her face any way...Serveal of them she knew off,more so from flicking throught the national enquirer than anything professionally speaking?

A few drinks later Joey and Jc arrived heading straght for her,

"little Lacey Raid...girl..its been WAY too long." Joey the louder of the two shouted as he approached.

"hey joe...hows it goin'" Getting up on her lounger she noticed Justin watching her so she did her best to piss him off reaching for joey and hugging him and then moving to Jc and kissing him.

"Lacey...you a'int so little any more" Jc commented as he looked her up and down.

"well...you know....i guess we've all changed! you too 'c' and joey...your a married man now...so just how drunk was she when she said yes????" She hugged Jc again for good measure seeing as he was still looking from across the pool,and by the looks of things not liking what was happening.

Justin had always been a tad nervous when it came to Lacey and her relationship with Jc....for a while he was convinced they were sleeping together....she indended to use his paranoia just to piss him off! If he could flirt then so could she.

"are you sleeping with him...."
"what? dont be stupid...of course not justin what the hell would make you think that??"
"AND?sh** BOY THAT JUST MEANS HE A FRIEND...YOU KNOW FRIEND??" " that thing you and i are supossed to be?what is your problem?"
"I have no problem i was just looking out for you thats all....jc's...hes not a relationship kinda guy i dont want him to hurt you....thats all..."
"OH?? THATS ALL?? you practically drag me out of MY LEAVING PARTY and in here to yell at me? and you expect me to say thank you? Justin you havent talked to 'c in days....just because britney is messing with your head about the sex thing doesnt mean you can yell and act like the spolit brat i know you are....OK?? its not cool....just cuz you aren't getting any doesnt mean everyone else is going at it like rabbits ok???"
"Ok....just promise me something ok?"
"just dont sleep with him ok??I'd never hear the end of it...."

Listening to joey ramble on she was snapped out of her daydream when he began talking about kelly.

"ok she was not drunk...and i figured it was about time you know?....well of course you know your engaged yourself!!!"
Yeah almost forgot about that little detail?

"Sure am...."

"Whos the extremely lucky guy then...hes french right?"
Rolling her eyes she linked arms with them both leading them to the drinks table explaining "no..italian and hes called Christian..you'd like him really!"
"when to we meet this cradle snacher then hes older than you right justin siad he was.!" Jc quipped in..

Laughing off his comment "well...three weeks.Hes moving here with me so...i guess then.ANNND hes not that much older hes only 35 hes dated women that age and no one said anything.." Guilt swarmed her instantly,all she kept thinking about was kissing justin when really her finacee should be the one she was thinking about....

After about an hour of catch up convo with both Jc and Joey as well as several drinks later Lacey was feeling a very healthy alcohol buzz but was getting a headache,so she grabbed her towel and headed inside,perched up on the high stool she knew he was behind her,she couldnt see him but she sensed it.

"So are you just not going to talk to me now?" Looking down at her large glass of water.

"Huh?" he answered as he head for the fridge.

"You justin...all damn day you havent talked to me,hell you've barely looked at me..."

he looked at her like she was crazy, "I have so...."
Rolling her eyes at his stupidity "noo you havent.look....about what you did."
"uh what WE did." he clarified.

"FINE what [/I]did...i think that we need to talk about it...."

"Whats to talk about? I made a mistake.so did you."

"is that what you really think?..." she asked as she made her way next to him.

"dont you?"
"well.. i dont..."

"look at you two..hiding inside!!! We're gonna barbicue....you guys hungry.?" The girl from "24" whos name i couldnt remember came swanning through the door.

"uhh..no..yeah i dont care..." Justin almost dismissed her away as she headed outside again. "look Lace...come with me."
He reached for her hand and dragged her almost towards the living room and closed the doors.

"justin..?" She was nervous at his stange actions.

"Ok...i...ok" He rubbed his hands on the legs of his shorts, he was nervous for one he had no idea what to say to her,but the silence was killing him.

"what...you what?..." looking at him with both nerves and anticaption.

"well.. ok i kissed you..i dont really know what made me do it, it just felt like i had to. i wanted too...but i get that i took you by surprise and im sorry."

"Right well i guess it was just an impulse right and meant nothing...right?" Part of her wanted him to agree the other half,well it wasnt want she wanted at all....


"No?" Her eyes went wide "If it wasnt impluse what was it?"


"Justin please just be honest with me...im really confused right now. i mean im engaged to this great guy and then you...do that and all of a sudden i cant think straight, i just wanna know the truth?"

"me too..."

"so what do we do..."

"I be honest with you....you want that right?"
"of course!!"

"ok... see the thing is, the kiss wasnt exactly on impluse...in fact its been about the only thing ive been thinking about ever since i saw you get off that plane." He swallowed loud,she could almost hear the nerves in his voice.Very few things made him nervous and this one topped the scale.

"oh...k...that i wasnt expecting." She got up off the chair that he stood in front off and made her way to the window.

"you you've been wanting to kiss me since i got here?"her question was in a tone of complete confusion and disbelief.

All he could think of as a response was "yeah"

"Even when you were ignoring me?"


"even when you were flirting with ALL those girls..."

"especially then" He answered blushing uncontrollably "ok look i was
wrong to do this to you now,and im a complete bastard for it...but, i cant help how i feel..."

"And how do you feel??"

ooooohhhh crap i walked straight into that one,now i gotta tell her...sh**!
"well i...im not sure?"
"your not sure?" She repeated. "But you said you cant help how you feel,you must know how you feel if you cant help but feel like you feel....you know?"
Blinking fast he wasnt quiet sure what she'd said,she spoke so quickly but he had an idea that she was right and knew he knew how he felt.

"Look Lacey..i just? i wanna..."
Walking over to him,she stood close.Maybe a little two close but at this point she was willing to risk it.

"you what?" her face was close to his,so close he could feel her breath on his lips and it was driving him crazy he looked up into her big brown eyes and realised she was staring right at his lips...it was killing him.

"huh?" She got closer,and closer.

He bent over a little as she tipped toed to reach his height and she kissed him,he couldnt believe it she had kissed him....

Wrapping her arms around his neck she endulged in the most passionate kiss she'd recieved in a long time as he slowly tailed his hand from her hips up her slighty damp body into her wet hair with each touch their kiss grew deeper, to the point were Lacey was sure the room was spinning.

After finally realising that it wasnt and the fact that a dozen or so people could walk in on then she stopped and backed away slowly.

Slightly berathless...

"oook,i just kissed you didnt i?"

"yes you did..."

"ok...it should be weird right...i mean your my best friend...ive known you...forever...THIS SHOULD BE WEIRD..." slapping her hand to her for head she sat down in a fit of confusion, he joined her.

"but its not is it?..." He asked as he reached for the hand that cover her face and placed it between them.

she shook her head just once," no,its not...not even a little bit....your actually a really good kisser,when did you get good?"

"Hey dont sound so shocked ok.." he faked insult.

"im sorry but...well your full of surprises..thats all..."

"Well same goes for you,girl...you got hot...i mean really really hot...when did that happen?"

"Im guessing it was around the same time you got hot...." stopping momentarily she looked at him, and panic washed over her completely.

"ogod justin,what the hell are we doin'?,Im engaged for god sakes i cant be doin this,you cant either...."
Nodding his head as she spoke he knew she was right,she was it was stupid....but the feelings were there and

now they had both acted on it.

"I know...i do but Lacey...do you love him?...really..you dont even know him, you've know him what like 6 months...and your marrying the guy?"
"And?...are you kidding me...You cant truely love him..."

"And why not!!!!Look in six months we havent had one fight...thats got to stand for something...?"

"You cant love him not all of you because otherwise you wouldnt have kissed me...and as far as the fight thing goes.. i dont think he cares enough to fight with you...."

"So you think i dont love him just because i kissed you? How do you know i dont go around kissing every attrictive guy i meet? Huh?How do you know we dont have an open relationship?"

"BECAUSE..i know YOU!!! and you love....completely or not at all...there has to be doubt otherwise you wouldnt have even considered kissing me again."
"Maybe i just wanted too....i do love him justin...i do...but this with


"Im not sure ok?damnit...all i know is that i liked it,and i liked how it made me feel...and sure i havent felt THAT way in a while but....god this is so hard."

"Im sorry lacey,but if you have feelings for me,then your lying to this guy and to yourself about totally loving him...and thats not right."

"Oh for god sake,i didnt have feelings for you until i got here and got all confused about...everything! you and good you look and all those thoughts ive been thinking that i shouldnt have been thinking, and about me and christain and now im f***ed up because i know your right and HATE it when your right!!!! Ok so i do have "feelings" for you ok....you got me!"

"Look i just want you to be honest like always...remember..."

"yeah fine whatever..." Sitting back on the chair she was pouting again.As she stubborning crossed her arms and turned the entire chair away from him.

"Lace?" He asked nervously.

"what?" Still turned away and pouting like the five year old he once knew.


"for what you physco.?"

"For letting me know i wasnt the only one with a f***ed up head right now....its a load off.....although i would like to know what those thoughts of yours were about me?" Smirking as he sat on the arm of the chair and ran his hand through her damp hair,she looked up..

"I'll never tell you...."

"Aw come on..."
"nope.....no...j this is way beyond a joke ok.."

"I know it is...but im not pressurising you ok sweetie, i wont"

As she reached for his hand she slowly looped her fingers with his "Thanks...."

"you have two weeks till your boy gets here...make you mind up then."



"he'll be here in three....work came up....hes gotta stay an extra week."
"oh" YES!!!

"yeah,so...." Looking up she noticed he had a huge grin on his face.

"Justin Randall Timberlake,what the hell are you up too....your to happy..."
"what?" He asked defencily....
"What.are you up too..."

"well ok...i was thinking... three weeks is kinda a long time...and since your not really sure if you wanna be engaged or not...well i was wondering....if i could keep kissing you till he got here... i like it i wish id tried it alot earlier...." He had to goofiest grin on his face and it wasnt that he was joking because she knew he was serious,but he was flatout asking her to cheat....kind of...i mean kisses are cheating,but he was right he wasnt with her,and in all honesty all she wanted to do was throw away her concious and jump him right then and there. but would she let herself go for once and just do what she wanted?</span>

feeeeeedbacccck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Tue Mar 15, 2005 9:03 am

Oooh, these two are being naughty. I like Lace and Justin together, but I'm gonna feel bad when Christian finds out. :( Unless Christian has been just as bad with the cheating thing and then he can go to hell. :rofl:

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Postby laura » Tue Apr 05, 2005 3:37 am

*waves* i know ive been busy and im still not 100% sure where im going with this story so any suggestions are as ya know completely welcome but as for now here ya go!

<span style='color:green'>Sitting in silence as the impromto party continued outside she was thinking,he was thinking and really freaking out...had he really just asked her to cheat on her finacee?sh** that wasnt right....he off all people knew how f***ed up it felt to have someone you love cheat on them, and this guy loved her he was moving across the world for her,setting up in a new country....But screw it he loved her too...And he'd known her his entire life....... he knew her...didnt he?
"Justin..." She spoke in a low voice as she looked up at him again breaking the silence.
"What sweetheart..."

"I dont want to think about this any more ok...""
"What do you want?"

Smiling she answered "I want you to kiss me."

And he did,with such gentle passion it threw her- she liked that side of him she never really saw before.

As the party began to spread out and the so called guests one by one made thir way either home or on to somewhere else the house and its surronding was growing quiet, after their talk and a little more kissing they finally came out of the living room and were greeted by the only two people in the house.Playing video games in the approapedly named "game room" sat Jc and Trace.

"What the hell....where did you too go....we looked everywhere?"
"uh no you didnt we where in the living room dumbass..."
"oh...ok well i meant everywhere,in your yard..."
"ahuh...move over."

"Hey lace wanna play...?"Trace asked as he looked up and handed her the control pad.

"Trace i hate to break it to you but i grew outta those a while ago...."

"oh yeah i forgot youve gone all french fancy on us now.....too good to play with the boys

"italian!you idiot...and no...im not too good to play with my boys..." Looking justin in the eye she saw him laugh,and look away...if she wasnt mistake she thought he was blushing...

"It just has to be the right game,for me to play thats all." At that justin was all hers,he couldnt take his eyes off her and she was beginning to think their other friend might notice,then again maybe not, this was trace after all...he had the atention span of a goldfish.
Completely in the dark to the possibilites of her words Trace continued "Fine fine....whatever...girls suck at this sh** anyways..."

Justin had always been the older of the two,between him and Lacey that is, he always wanted to look out for herm,to protect her even as kids....well teenagers. He remembered when she was due to go to her prom, and the day before her so called boyfriend broke up with her to go with her other and only female friend sasha, it wasnt good...He even went over there and threateded to beat him up...well he was a short scrawy thing so i figured i could take him down,she intervented and i took her to the prom...i was so nervous at the end of the night, i guess i remembered what happened after my own prom...and it was more than just kisses...and i didnt want her to think anything like that had to happen. i mean i kissed her and it was sweet,think i scared her though..the last thing i wanted to do was make her think i wanted her to do it with me....

Although id be a liar if i said i hadnt though about her that way...she's always been hot girl,but now shes turned into this amazing woman and im not to sure what to do with myself....or her for that matter.

Watching Jc and Trace leave shortly after ten pm both Lacey and justin stood in his hallway waving them off.Justin had to admit he'd been wanting to be alone with her all night,and now was his chance.

"so....?"He trailed off as he approached her as she leaned up again his large hall table that held a centre piece of roses.
"So..." She rebutted. Standing up straight as he leaned his body into her,

"What do we do now.."

"What do you want to do now justin?" With a grin that stared at one side of his very happy face and ended at the other,he shrugged as he placed his hands on her hips and pulling her closer to him.

"Well..." he continued in the soppiest voice she'd ever heard " i wanna kiss you..."


"then do it...im not going anywhere," She laughed as she tried to shake off the nerves that were rolling around in her tummy as he leaned in and brushed his incredibly soft lips against hers-just once as he opened his eyes and smiled as he leaned in again, this time the kiss became more passionate alot more quickly as he reached around her body and picked her up,carrying her somewhere she wasnt quiet sure of, until her body hit something firm, looking up she realised it was the exceptionally large sofa in the game room, it was big and comfy-it resembed a big bed.

No!...him,her in a bed...no!!!

Justin?" she managed to speak through his hungry kisses.

What he answered wasnt of much in words,sort of a moan or a hum and as distracting and sexy as it was she knew they had to stop,things had moved extremely fast and as much as she was enjoying all the wonderful things he was making her feel she knew it was wrong....deep down, waaay deep she knew that.

"Stop...please" She moaned again just as his lips landed on the bare part of her tummy.

Looking up he focused in on her "whats wrong Lace,dont you like that?

"no,i do but....we have to stop,we do! its not right."

Sighing deeply as he sat down on the large sofa bed fixing himself and trying to hid the fact that he was more than a little turned on, "why?...why is it suddenly wrong?..."

"you know why...justin i cant do this..."

"but you were.Just now, and if im wrong tell me...but you really seemed to enjoy it..."

"I do...i did...but j..." He didnt give her the chance to say anything else as he planted the biggest kiss right in her lips, and continued to ignore her attempts to stop it as he sank her deeper and deeper into the soft pillow like structure underneath them. She stopped and joined in feeling her way through out his body, his strong muscular back and up his neck to the tiny curls that where beginning to grow back on his head.

Making his way down her body he resumed the task she intruppeted sliding her shirt up her tummy he gently pressed his lips to the centre of her stomach, after that she lost all sense of what she should and shouldnt do, and ended up semi-naked with the boy she considered her best friend.

Just as they had ventured into their underwear her phone started buzzing, looking over at it as it spinned around the coffee table he whispered "Just ignore it...please..." His lips making their way down her neck.

"I cant..it might be importaint..." As she went to push him away he grabbed her wrist,still powering over her as she sat up.

"what are you doing?"

"dont answer it....""

"justin....please...i have too." Her tone was nothing if not annoyed. Pushing him aside she reached for the phone.

"Lacey sweetheart.... its me,i have some good news...."
Looking over at justin she saw the hurt in his eyes as she spoke, he got up slowly and started dressing again.

"Hi...well do you want to hear it?"
"Oh of course....whats your news." she tried to sound happy and enthusiastic, but failed.
"well i got word today they've found my replacement at work so i can leave for Los Angeles in a few days...isnt that wonderful.???"


"oh,yes wonderful...you'll be here in a few days.....how did they manage that?"

Watching as justin shook his head and made his way past her she tried to continue her conversation.

Walking into his kitchen justin felt like she had just ripped out his heart and stammed all over it, it ached inside that she was happy to hear from him when moments before they were close,very close to having sex.

He really couldnt believe it.

Minutes later he heard her come out of the other room,she was fully dressed, and looked very pale even with that tan.

He didnt answer her, more than anything the lump in his throat would have sounded out if he had.

Walking over to were he stood she grabbed his hand, "justin please...look at me."
He did,and he saw the tears filling up in her eyes, " So, lover boys gonna be here in a few days huh? thats nice." His tone was bitter and cold. she deserved it.

"Look,i didnt want this ok? With chris its compleciated ok...and then everything with us...its f***ed up."
"justin im sorry ok..."

"For what? i was the one started this...i made you cheat. i should be sorry not you."
"no one makes me do anything i dont want.... i wanted this,what we did...you didnt make me do any of it."
"i should be sorry but im not....Lacey what we were doing in there, felt good...really good, but more than that..... it felt right..."

He was right no matter what way she looked at it it did feel right and dispite her guilt she had to admit that!
" i know it did," she turned fron him then unable to look him in the eyes,
"so then why are you doing this to me?"
"Doing what?"

"this....its torture....why if being with me feels right are you gonna marry that guy...why?"

"i dont know ok!"

"you dont know? you know for a smart woman you can be really dumb sometimes...hes not right for you and you know it too but you just wont admit it."
She knew he was upset but this was bordering on harassment how the hell did he know what was right for her?


Her yelling caused him to match her tone and yell right back...

As he said what he said he right away knew it wasnt true and that more than anything he didnt mean it but he also saw her eyes change,almost like someone had hit her.
She was stunned,shocked, angry...she couldnt believe he said that...she just stood there with her mouth gaping....He took several deep breathes,

"right....OK!!!!!." "Throwing her arms up in the air she pushed past him and made her way through the kitchen and up to her room. The she let the tears she'd been holding back flow freely as she reached the end of the long hallway,sobbing as she reached for her suitcases.She was going.If thats what he thought then screw him she didnt have to put up with it.

Standing in his kitchen he curshed himself for what he said.He didnt mean for it to come out like that...at all it was the last thing he thought.He was confused and angry and most of all he was hurt.

she wanted him then she didnt then she did....it was f***ing with his mind and the frustrations where getting to him.

Minutes later he was making his way down her hallway,stopping at the door he heard the sobbing coming from the other side,she was crying...and it was all because of him.He hated himself at that moment.

Knocking at the door as he opened it she screamed at him to get out. He ignored her and walked in anyway.

Spotting her suit cases open and almost full of her stuff his heart stopped.

"what are you doing Lacey..."
"whats it look like im packing my slutty self up and getting the hell outa here."
"go away,ive already called a cab,it'll be here in ten minutes.Then im gone."

"where are you going?"

"Somewhere far away from you...you jerk."

"Lacey im sorry ok...i didnt mean what i said. im a jerk your right but i didnt mean what i said....look please...dont go... i want, no i need you to stay with me...!
"no...." she said quietly as she zipped up her large suitcases and placed then at the door.

"no!!!! dont you get it....you hurt me justin,you really hurt me...never has anyone made me feel the way you did just now...i already know im a b**** for this ok...i didnt need it for you of all people!!!!!"
"Lacey please i want you here,if i have get down on my knees and beg you i will......... but please dont go."
"Does it matter if im here or not.. i mean when christian gets here we'll be moving to a hotel till we settle on a place anyway so what difference will a few days make."

" A big difference...after that your his,is it too much to ask that i have my friend with me till i gotta let her go forever.."

"but im a slut...why would you wanna be in my company?" He knew she wasn't going to let that go,he also knew he'd hurt her.

Walking over to her as she sat on her bed, he placed his hands over hers as she looked up,tears still present on her cheeks.

"Your not sweetheart,i have a big mouth...and a stupid brain...i was hurt thats all,i lashed out, you know ive always been hot headed...again sorry."
no sh**....

"dont ever talk to me like that again justin,if you do" She began to smile " i wont be so easy to talk around...!!!!"

Grinning a little he was glad she was coming back to her old self.

"will i cancel your cab?"
Looking at him as he sat beside her,he was adorable when he was grovelling,of course he was cute most of the time anyway. so she nodded as he kissed her on the cheek and wiped away what was left of her tears.



The next day the air between the two friends was one of uncertainty but still they managed to mask it with there usual forms of chit-chat and teasing, and never was trace's presence more needed that that day.

"soo....look you two have been in this house ALL damn day i say we get up off our fine asses an hit the beach..whatdaya say?"

Sitting sideways in the recliner reading "The Inquirer" Lacey responded with a bored "eh...i dont know im busy..."
And from the far side of the room an even more bored justin just srugged, not once taking his eyes off his basketball came.

"awe....come on you guys...its wayyyy to hot to just do nothin',please...."

His voice was boarding on a whine,and once he started he just didnt stop.

"well cant you just go alone....or call up one of those slutty ass girls from the party the other day...." Lacey suggested through the thin paper of her guilty pleasure... Walking over to her he snapped the book right out of her hand...

"Girl why on earth are you reading this trash any how?" Snapping it back she rolled her eyes and scarcasticly grunted. "uh, excuse me its not "trash" i find gossip a relevant part of my day,espescally if its about someone you know..." They both eyed there other friend with a smirk...

"What?...ooh god what did i do now? No wait....who did i do now?"
With wide eyes he got up and walked over to lacey who was holding in her laughter as was Trace.

"what you mean?"
With a tone laced in "im-taking-the-piss" she continued to read from the pages of the gossip mag "Well MR Superstar,it says here you and the diaz broke up cause of your mystry female friend from abroad*I take it that was me and apparently she didnt like the sound of me and was jelous can you bleieve it!.... "Interesting huh?"

"yeah....weird...you know id love to were they get this sh**...." Justin finally managed not looking at either of them direct. "so trace the beach actually does sound good" With the hopes of changing the subject he decided to give in and go,if only to avoid questions, "i'll just go get some stuff together and meet y'all out front in a few okay?" And with that he practally jogged out of the room and up stairs leaving his friends some what confused at his behaviour.

Feeling the hot sands throught her toes she quietly embrace the feel of peace that washed over her as she looked out at the vast never ending ocean, a line she knew was there to separate the water from the sky above but at that moment she just couldnt tell were one ended and the other began.

"heads up!!!!!!!!!!" She knew the sound was directed at her,unfortuatley it was too little too late and splat!!
"owe...jesus trace!" Rubbin the spot on her head where the vollyball had hit she tried to get up from the sand that had felt so peaceful moments before,now damnit- it just felt wet!
"Sorry hun,but i did say heads up?"
"yeah well it should have been head Down!!!"

"Sorrrry...." and with that he ran in the direction of dumb blonde number one,see there were 2,and one brunette....her...the two other girls looked like they came for silicone city,or porno vally?she wasnt sure were yet....

Walking over to the large semi-secluded spot on the surprisingly empty beach she sat down on a towel beside justin who was now in nothing but swimming shorts and black gucci sun glasses,looking so damn fine she was having trouble looking at him with out checking him out-over and over again.

"you ok?"

pushing her own shades up on her now highplaced ponytail she checked her head again for signs of injury "yeah im ok....you?"

"He didnt get me...so my heads fine..."

"No.i mean back at the house you were kind of...i dont know...off i guess are you sure your ok?" with that he broke eye contact with her and started messing with a bottle of water to his left.

"um, yeah im good why wouldnt i be?" His tone was softer than usual and that she knew was a sure sign that he was definately not ok...

"i dont know i just mentioned camerons name and you went awol...explain please?"
"nothing to explain...."

He was avoiding her eyes so something so wasnt right she'd always known that about him, his lies and his truths where hidden his pretty blue orbs that always told you what you needed to know.
" huh...vauge much? you never did really tell me why you two broke up?"

"i think i did"

"uh..no and stop being avoidy guy...tell me!!!!!"

"like i said nothing to tell...it just wastnt working for me thats all...we wanted different things i guess..."
"ahuh...so what did she want.....women?"

Rolling his eyes he tapped her with the cap off his bottle of water " no..." with a heavy sigh he continued "she,she just wanted things i couldnt give her, a least not now,marriage-kids- sh** like that...."

Lacey just quietly nodded, "so you dont want that?"

With a noticeable longing in his eyes he fixated them on hers smiling slightly "Well.... not with her i didnt..."


"yeah......" And with that little hint he got up and jogged toward the sea,surf board in-hand. After about an hour she was sure her skin would be burn to a crisp if she didnt apply more lotion,however it was proving to be a difficult task given that Trace was tipsy and covered in the sand she'd buried him in as he slept....and justin- well he had dissapeared with that damn surfboard and not come back.

Struggling to apply to her now tender shoulders she was startled to hear a voice from behind

Justin looking excusted and soaking surfboard in hand was smiling at her

"need a hand.."

"uh.." innocent-completely innocent! "sure..thanks im starting to burn...hate that..." She handed him the large yellow bottle and he proceed to pour it out on to his semi-wet hands and on to her shoulders

"owe..." the cold feel of the lotion mixed with her hot skin caused it to sting.

"sorry,ill be gentle. "


"ok that would be good..."

So he continued to rub the cold liquid into her skin in circular motions massasing as he did, it causing her body to heat up each time his fingers would gently caress her muscles.

Her head was spinning so much she wasnt sure what was the decideing factor, either the heat from the sun or the heat radiating off her friend behind her.

As he concentrated on her body he couldnt help but think about just how good it felt to touch,and the fact that even thought he'd finished the lotion he kept rubbing just because she hadnt stopped him - in fact she really seemed to be enjoying what he was doing to her and really was he gonna protest? i think not.

"so.." He snapped out of his dazed and slightly cleared his throat-and his mind and trying a conversation if nothing else to take his mind of how turned on he was getting before it got embarrasing!
She repeated for him.

"Yeah...so..." Holy awkward!!!
"Justin,you know its ok if this is weird...i mean what we did, what we ALMOST did...its perfectly ok for things to be...off for a little while.

"yeah i know but im not,off i mean...confused yes but not "OFF" i dont think what we did was wrong,it felt really good and im not ashamed of that.

"Of course not, but Lacey...i get it ok, your freaked about...." He lowered his voice and edged in closer to her in case anyone would hear, not likely since all but the two of them were three sheets to wind and currently alseep.

"about us,and stuff and that you just wanna forget it ever happened but i cant....its hard being around you and not being able to express to you how i feel.... But again like im trying to say is well.. i'll just back off if you want.."
She knew what he was saying she had been really standoff-ish since being inturrupted a day before.

"No... i get itS okay...you dont want me you want him,and thats" Stopping for a moment he looked skywards and then back to her."Well i guess i just have to except it."

"No-i....look jay please can we just...take a walk..get things sorted?please?"

He notically frowed at her suggestion and then shook his head..." Nah..you were right before and like you said your confused why make it any harder" With a pause he fixed the straps on her top back to where they belonged "on everyone....well its probley best if i not be around you right now..."
She got up with him standing as tall as she could "What? boy do i need to beat you down...i dont want that....i dont want you to "not be here" i want....."
She hated it when he yelled at her, usually she was strong willed and stubborn when it came to people listening to her bit when it came to him....she was hopeless. He never yelled at her,thats why when he did it made it so much worse.

With tears filling in her eyes she lowered her head and answered something he couldnt quiet hear he hated when he pushed her back like he was doing but if he was being honest with himself she was driving him crazy with all her mixed signals and the frustration just kept building.

"Look im sorry lace..i am you just got to understand it from my point of view here ok? all if this is just...too much...its even got me yellin' you know i hate that..."

"I Know and i know its all my fault..im sorry for f***in' with your head,i really dont mean to be so...."
And with that he instantly softened to her, reaching for her and embracing her tiny figure clad in nothing but demin shorts and a string bikini in - to his arms and just simply holding her close enjoying how soft her now hot skin was against his touch and of how sweet her hair smelled, it was something he'd never forget.

"shhh swetie...dont cry please...you know i hate it when you cry..."
"I know its just this is so hard you know?...."
"Is it?"
"Yes - justin ive never been so conflicked in all my life im not sure if anything any more....

It was just after One am when Justin stripped down to his boxers and climbed into his large bed...Alone.

Having talked with Lacey he felt better that she'd forgiven him, but it still sucked that she was set on marrying that guy,in truth it broke his heart....but she was grown and knew what-and who she wanted, and it just wasnt him?

Shortly after two Lacey was still wide awake, thoughts spinning through her head, she was confused to say the least. first there was christian who was perfect...loving sweet moving across the world to marry her and promise to love her forever and provide her with everything she ever needed? ....

Then there was justin....the boy who knew her better than anyone in the world...the boy she grew up with who knew all her secrets.who was also caring and sweet not to mention sexy as hell....but whos life she knew she wasnt a part of any more, he'd changed....he was a man...a man she didnt know that well any more?. He was also a playboy weather he admitted it or not whos life was full of uncertainty and constant change and pressure. Was that really a life she wanted? He had made her no promises? Then why did she want him more than the man she was supossed to love?

He'd heard something, he wasnt sure what it was,but it was definatley something moving around, as his bedroom door opened he first thought it was a intruder,then her head popped around the doorway..whispering as she stepped through

"justin?....Are you asleep?...justin?"he closed his eyes again,he was awake but he didnt want her to know it right away.So a little louder she repeated "justinnnnn......."
"huh?" he replied opening his eyes as he felt her get closer.
As she tippy toed into the room she began taking "you awake?"
"well i am now...whats wrong...? sitting up on his mountain of pillows.

"Nothing i just needed to do something...." she walked towards him and with out saying another word she sat down and kissed him,a full on no holds barred kiss, needless to say he was definately awake now!

As she moved in closer to him he pulled her in completley so now she was sort of sprawled across him on top of the blankets that covered him kissing him in a way he never imaged she knew how,as she got up on her knees above him she crossed her arms and pulled off her t-shirt that exposed her pink silk bra, at this point he was sure he was dreaming, that was until she reached over and placed herself inside the duvet with him still not saying a word.

She took complete control,and it scared him a little....just a little.Her mouth moved from his lips to his neck, the sensation of her lips on his skin made him shiver from head to toe and she noticed too as he felt her lips move into a smile

"you like that huh..." she managed to get out before she continued running her tonuge across his ear lobe while his hands caressed her back.

He couldnt speak,he was still in shock....what changed? or had anything really changed?

After a few seconds trying catch his breath he managed to call out her name "Lace..."
"Humm...." She didnt look up she was busy enjoying her journey down his incredabley well toned torso...

"No seriously..."He reached for her shoulders making her look at him.

"I need to ask you something..."
Some what teasing she raised her right eyebrow with a smirk "what..."
A look of complete seriousness washed over him, she knew she had to listen no matter how much she just wanted to jump him...

"Are you sure...i mean sure sure that you want....this?"
she simply nodded.

"sure?" he asked again

She nodded again as her lips brushed his, and thats all the reassurance he needed or wanted. He wanted her and he intended to have her.

She didnt want to second guess her actions she just wanted to act,for once on her impulses....and as far as inpulses go this one felt great.

So she sat semi-straddling her best friend waiting as he saw she wasnt going anywhere and leaned in and kissed her again this time using all his strenght to pull her down so he was above her, he began to kiss not only her lips,that he was convinced where the softed lips he'd ever tasted he made his way down her body as she ran her hands over his,it was exporation at first - not to mention a little awkward.He was making love to his best friend? it crossed his mind that it should be weird seeing her naked,her seing him naked? But it wasnt at all.Something about felt so right and yet so wrong.She didnt belong to him she had promised herself to another.But he hoped what they where doing changed all that.

As the night wore on the two former best friends became lovers as they explored and learned things about each other they never knew.Justin felt as if he was on a cloud or something, that feeling of perfection that came with pure satisfaction...

And as he lay with her in his arms he was definatly satisfied It got later and later and still he found he couldnt sleep,dispite wanting to just drif off with her body lying peacefully next to his he listened to her breathe slowly in and out as her eyes flitted from side to side....He realised she was lost in a dream, him on the other hand? His mind wouldnt slow down, so much had happend to them ~ to her and him as friends they had been through so much together friends, lovers, jobs, confidantes had come and gone but still their friendship was the one thing that never changed,she was the one person who stuck by him no matter what,as a friend....he was scared to death to think that now he was going to lose her for good.Losing her as his best friend was bad enough but as a lover now too? Well that just didnt sit well at all it~ was the last thing he wanted.

</span> :hug: feedback would be nice! :)

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Tue Apr 05, 2005 7:37 am

He can't lose her now ... they've had themselves a good ol' time rolling around in the sheets together. ;) But seriously, they really do work well together. They have so much history and friendship behind them ... I hope they can make a relationship work and never lose one another. :pray:

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Postby laura » Fri Apr 29, 2005 10:07 am

:lonely: :no:

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Postby laura » Fri May 13, 2005 8:51 am

hey!!!!!!!!!!!! i know its been forever right??? i dont know...but here it is anyway let me know what you think of it so far.Im not 100% sure where im gonna go with this but for now,just n'joy!!!!!!!!!!!!! B)

<span style='color:green'>

Waking up she realised he was infact still there, right beside her sleeping soundly with his right arm drapped across her body slightly.The bed was warm and comfortable, the last thing she really wanted was to get out....but she really had to pee,so doing what she had to she quietly moved over to the far side and slid out making sure not to wake him as she did so.
she grabbed the first thing she saw which turned out to be his rolling stones t-shirt, and headed to his en-suite bathroom.

Opening his eyes he realised he'd forgotten to close his blinds as the sunshine greeted him....strongly...rubbing his eyes through a yawn he saw that she was gone...and his heart dropped. Had he really imagined it? but as he heard the running water from the other room he realised he was wrong...she was still here.
Stepping out of the bathroom he saw her, in his t-shirt...how was it that it looked so much sexier on her? Even with her hair all messed up she looked amazing.
"hey..." she said awkardly moving back towards the bed
"mornin'...he said back...his voice cracked and more husky than usual, not uncommon since he had just woken up.
Sitting on the edge of the bed she felt so weird...she just had sex with justin...her justin the boy who grew up next door to her....weirdness was to be expected.
"yeah....look j i dont know what made me do...that last night...but i...well im glad i did it..."
"you are?
"why arent you?"
"oh yeah of course i mean i was surprised....with all you said and then to have you change your mind....well i was just..."
"surprised?! i get it...sorry."
"dont aplogise, please im more than happy about this...whatever it means."
"Lace...." pulling her next to him again he layed down beside her and talked some more..."Im not asking you to do anything you dont want to do.But well...last night we crossed a very big line...and im glad about it believe me....and you were..Amazing...i mean really...ive never..." He realised he was giving to much of his self away, he simply wanted her to know what she meant to him,but it always came out wrong.....
linking her fingers through his she faced him again, noticing the dark blonde stubble forming on his chin...

i know...it was a big deal...but i felt like... well...i wanted to show you how i felt...feel still, with out logic and explaination i wanted you! Thats what my heart keeps telling me...but i not sure about how you...i mean j your life is so different to mine...sure we both travel but theres a difference between us now....a gap.."

Smirking at her he wiped his hand across her hair once leaning into her face, "Well i figured we filled any gaps last night...as well as getting rid of almost eighteen years of serious sexual tension...."
She smiled,she knew what he meant..it made them closer...she got that...

"And i know you have a decision to make as far as your boy is concerned an all...but..." He took a deep breath and continued "well i dont wanna push you.so just know that no
matter you decide i want you to know that im here..."

No matter what? Did he not want her to chose him?
"Wait,are you saying that if i went ahead and got married you wouldnt mind?"
"well...of course i would mind lacey.... i mean sh**? it would break my heart...BUT i'd have to respect your decisions...i cant make this choice for you..."
"ok....but if i did you'd be ok with that?....."

"no...id be...upset,BUT i would have to let you go if thats what you wanted....id mope and hate him, miss you,hate him,..but in time.... i guess id be fine.

Was he kidding...he had to be... "he' be fine" what the f*** was that.....

"oh..." it was all she could manage to say at that moment the urge to hit him was consuming her, "Lacey...i dont want to think i dont want you....i do...so much...i say things wrong,im just as confused as you...i mean your my best friend and i need you...."
"So...the only reason you dont want me to get married is 'cause you need your best friend around..is that it...?"~"
"NO!! Jesus...no..."
"well it sure seems that way to me...."
"its not ok..."
"well what then...say i dont get married what then...."

"well..." He took a deep breathe before he continued, " i guess we could see where things went...dating wise and everything...."

"we'd "date?...." Her eyes wide at his sh**ty attitude. she was fuming.

"yeah....maybe....casually or whatever..."

ok now he had lost his mind, this was not justin...it couldnt be....

She stared him in the eyes,still unsure weather or not he was kidding or not...
"casually....?.... okay...so let me get this straight i'd be giving up a stable relationship to "maybe casually date you? What...you'd visit me, we'd screw and then you'd leave again... is that it....is it??? "

He knew this was one of those times that he shouldnt have said anything...it came out wrong...again...but he panicked...
Sighing as he got up and pulled on his jeans that lay over a chair, he looked at her,sitting looking completely trampled on....he was hurting her with his confusing actions, he didnt want to but he knew if her told her how he felt,she'd cancel everything and even though he wanted that more than anything he didnt want to be blamed for it...she had to make up her own mind.

"Lacey...please dont pout ok...you know i cant do this for you..."
"do what exactly....make me feel like sh**?"
"choose...i cant make it easy for you...otherwise you might resent me for it later on....

At that she got up and walked out...she was pissed off at him more than anything else..she's already chosen...she wanted him,had sleeping with him not made that clear enough for him....dumbass.
Pulling on whatever clothes she found scattered about her floor she headed down stairs..

He wasnt there.
she proceeded to pour herself a strong cup of coffee.

She was a slut...shed just cheated on her fiancee...with her best friend...and now it blew up in her face.He wanted nothing to do with her...or so it seemed...when did he get so damn cold....

Walking to her as she looked out over his garden from where she sat beside his pool cup in hand and a far away look on her face.
Standing behind her he didnt speak.
"was it just sex...." she said in a chocked up voice that was almost a whisper.


"was it sex...is that all you wanted from me..."

Sitting down beside her he wanted nothing more that to scoope her up and tell her how he felt.

"NO!...you know thats not it....Lacey i want you..all of you, and i wanna be with you properly..but i cant if your still with him....but i refuse to make up your mind for you...as much as i want too....i cant..."

"im so confused...and i hate not knowing whats right...everythings f***ed up...Christian's a good guy....he doesnt deserve this...and neither do you.......im sorry im so messed up...." she jumped up and just walked away.He wasnt sure where she went till he heard the engine off a car start, and pull out of the drive way.
she was gone.
She left her cell phone her bags everything except her money purse,she couldnt sit there any longer, with him and dozens of other issues on her mind she just got in and drove. She felt like she couldnt breathe.

For a good few hours she just drove, and drove trying to make sense of what was happening to her, she thought she loved one man, but at the sight of another it went out the window.She couldnt marry someone while she was falling for someone else...but that someone was dumb and didnt give what she needed...she needed him to tell her that he'd be there...with her, beside her that he was willing at least to suport her...but nooooo he was too good to just do it....he had to make it hard didnt he.
Times like these she thought it would be better being a lesbian.....less complication...but then again women were nuts...so maybe not.

"Trace i dont know where she went ok...look its been hours and i still havent heard from her,dude what if somethings happened to her....." He was worked up....more than that he was freaking out....she hadnt called and it was almost nine.She'd been gone almost tweleve hours.
"justin shes a grown woman,shes probley shopping...or with one of her friends....those girls...whats there names...."

Still pacing the floor he stopped and looked up "No i dont think so she left...she was in kinda a state."

"what happened??? Did you guys fight or something...."
"well...we did more than that...."


"well...see...we sorta had sex..."

Trace choked on his beer as he sat up...

"okay....we had sex...."
"i got that...how...when...how...dude..."

"i know ok...i dont know how..well i mean how yes..but ok i kissed her and then she freaked then she kissed me at the pool party thing and then we argued...and then she came to my room and we....had sex..." When he said it outloud it sounded bizarre..
"oh...k....was she good?"

"what? i was just wondering...ive wondered that for a while....ok so now what...is she still gonna marry the guy..."

"thats what she doesnt know....i mean seriously how can she...she cant love him...if she had any real love for him she and i wouldnt have...."
"wait...you kissed her first yes?"
"so...dude.my guess is that you f***ed her up when you did that...."

"meaning....maybe before that she had doubts but your little urges magnafied them...then with the sex...well id say shes messed up....."
"yeah i know but man i dont want her to marry that guy....i want her to be with me..."

Did you tell her that?"

"Kinda?" fidgeting with the label on his bottle of beer he tried to ignore what Trace was implying....
"howd you kinda do that?....Did you flat out tell her your falling for her..."

"im not falling for her..."

"yes you are i can see it....plus dude not only are you falling but you've fallen...."

"huh? trace are you high?"

"nooo man youve been in love with her forever..."

"no i havent...shut up...."

"no its true.Its why you always needed her approval for the girls you dated,and if she
didnt like em' you dumped them....ooh and ah...why did you breakup with cameron again?..."

"what are you on about....i broke up with her because..i...because we weren't working...."

"riight....and it had nothing to do with the fact you found out she was coming back into town...and that she wanted to stay with you and maybe just maybe this was your last chance to tell her how you've felt since what? Prom?...."

After what seemed forever she got into her hotel room at the standard. it was11pm and she was excusted she'd driven around Los Angeles all day, as she fell down on the bed

she just layed there staring into space as she thought over and over what she needed...not wanted...she had acted on want too much the last few days and it was leading her nowhere...she needed to think like a grown up and make her desision once and for all.

8am and the buzzing started at the front gate...

"uhh i swear if its fans...im gonna kill em'.... he goaned as he slipped on his dressing gown and headed to the intercom.
"who the hell is it...?"
"uhh...hello...is Lacey there..."
"who is this..."
"uhhh is.. Christian...Her fiancee....is this justin yes?"

sh**...he was here...now...sh**....
Pressing the button again he leaned in
"ah...yes it is...i'll buzz you in,hold on."

As he pressed the loud buzzer that opened the gates he ran and pulled on his jeans and a blue t-shirt and raced down stairs.

"sh** sh** sh**...where the f*** is she...."

Going to the front entrance he saw his figure through the door. damit.
"hello...your justin yes?...nice to finally meet you..im Christian Troy....ive heard so much about you..."

Man he talked alot....

"uhh yeah...nice to meet you too"

He lied it was so beyond nice.

"come in..." He did... bags and bags followed... As the tall italian made his way into the living room. Justin was freaking out, what the hell was he spossed to say to this guy? Had he spoke to Lacey and was here to kick the sh** out of him? Or was he clueless....he hoped it was the latter.

"so,Lacey...is she here? Im dying to see here....ive missed her so...."

"uh...yeah...shes not here...i actually dont know where she is...but uhh....im sure she'll be here soon..!"
"oh good....well...this is a lovely house you have here....very...big..."

"yeah,well...you know....i like it...but its not always in everyones tastes..."

"ah...yes..." As he sat on one couch and justin on another the awkward tenstion was crazy...not knowing what to say.....all justin could think of was I slept with the woman he wants to marry.....over and over....

"so....Is Lacey enjoying here time at home? She missed America so much....she talked non stop about you and your other friend...Tracy?...."

"its Trace....and yeah i guess she is...we missed her too...very much..."

"Yes....She always seemed to miss you the most of all that is here for her...you were the most importaint....its nice she has a friend that means so much to her..."

sh** this guy was clueless.....

"Justin,it was a long ride from the airport.....may i use your bathroom."
go away go away go away...

"um...sure its up stairs third door to your left."

"Thank you."

And of he went leaving justin sweating and screaming inwardly....where the hell was.....


"Lace....Thank god!!!!! ok we have a problem...."
Cutting him off she walked over to him....and placed her hand over his mouth

"NO! Let me go first ok.....look..ive been thinking alot,and i think....no i KNOW what i want...see this whole thing opened my eyes you know? i was moving my life along way way to fast...i didnt think of what id be giving up if got married, and you showed me... i mean.." sitting back on the chair she ran her fingers through her hair in frustration "eugh i know im not making any sense but i swear i have a point"


"no ok...look justin you are first and foremost my best friend,we've known each other forever...and well these...developments i guess you could call them are a transition right i mean its awkward of course but its a good awkward right i mean..exciting?...."


"Justin... listen ok... i realised that when i was gone i missed you so much and i dont want to miss you again.... even if we dont...spend the rest of our lives together at least ill not have those "what if "moments right..." Walking up to him she placed her hands in his smiling..."Justin what i want more than anything is....."

"LACEY....DARLING!!!!!" the dark haired man came rushing down the stairs as he called her.

"Christian........???? "


"Lacey your here! Aw its so good to see you again sweetheart.." Scooping her up into his arms her fiancee attemped to kiss her, and in the shock she didnt stop him.

Pulling away gently she tried to laugh it off as he put her back down.

"Christian...what...i mean how...what are you doing here? your flight wasnt due till tonight?"

"Well...i got an upgrade on a early flight so i took it...i just couldnt wait to see you..."

"OH...thats...nice...well i guess you two have met?"

At that justin stepped up, "yes...a few minutes before you arrived....um.well..im just gonna leave you two alone..."

"No...justin you dont have to go...stay...."

"Um..na, ive work any way...ill talk to later ok...maybe we can finish what we were talking about....."

"yeah...id like that..."

"well christian it was...nice to meet you..."

"And you too...we will im sure we'll see you again yes?"

And with that he was out the door...leaving Lacey with a man that loved her and a very heavy conscience.

"What the f***...Trace i was sure she was gonna tell me how she felt...and then mr italy comes in and f***s it up....." Pacing up and down Traces kitchen floor he recalled everything that had happened....

"I know,thats sh**ty...But do you think shes gonna stay with him,i mean since hes here an all..."

"God...i hope not it would kill me man...when i saw her kiss him it was like i was getting kicked in the gut...f***!!!! Why didnt i just tell her...."

"Tell her what?"

"How i feel about her...."

"Annnnd? how do you feel...."
"i love her....trace im in love with her..."

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Fri May 13, 2005 9:04 am

Whoa, awkward moment avoided just in the nick of time. :o I totally thought that Christian was going to overhear her confess her feelings for Justin. Wow ... that was good!

:rofl: :rofl: @ Tracy! That was hilarious. Little midget man gets no love. :rofl:

Justin's in love! :wub: He better figure out what he wants to say and do it properly, so that he doesn't lose Lacey. Justin isn't too swift with his words. :lol:

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Postby laura » Mon May 23, 2005 8:22 am

<span style='color:purple'>ok this is short but ive started it again.....so hopefully ill be updating a whole lot faster...well... enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!

Sitting in the hotel suite that Christian had arranged for them some two hours since she saw justin she was losing her mind. she didnt know what to do now he was with her,being sweet and loving towards her all and she wanted to do was run.

"Lacey...should we order something to eat...im starving, how about you..." Christian suggested coming out of the shower towel firmly wrapped around his waist.

"Sure whatever you want i dont mind...." she wasnt even looking his way as he came towards her and
wrapped his arms around her waist his mouth kissing her neck from behind.

"well...all i want right now is you...how do you feel about that..."

Inwardly she was sickened with herself....outwardly she was smiling.

"honey...not now ok...im really not feeling well...and you know i dont like doing things unless i can do em' right..."

"Are you sick?"


Yes....with myself !I screwed my best friend and cheated on you...


"I think i might be...i feel hot and my stomach is killing me..."

"oh well maybe you should rest....ill lie with you if you like...i promise no funny business..."

"Thats sweet,but i think you should rest...sleep off some of that jet lag...and ill pop to the chemist see if i
get anything for this pain..."

Although last time i checked they didnt sell anything to get rid of guilt.

"ok...well hurry back ok?"

"Of course..."

Walking out of the main entrance of the hotel she took a deep breath picking out her cell phone she dialed
the one person she needed to talk to more than anything.


"Justin...its Lace...listen can i meet you..."

"Lacey im not sure i wanna spend my evening with you and mr man ok?....sorry...."

"no...justin me..just me?"

"alone?...where is he?"

"sleeping...look i really need to see you...please?"

"where are you...."

As she spat out her where abouts he agreed to meet her in the cafe he knew a few streets away, as she
made her way there she knew what she had to say...and this time she'd get it out.

"who was that?" Trace asked as he looked away from the playstation long enough to see justin hang up
his cell phone.

"Lacey....she wants to meet me..."

what you waiting for ...go!!!"

Sitting inside the chic fifties dinner/cafe that was over the top in elvis and all things americanna she ordered
herself a pepsi and sat waiting to seal her fate as a cheating whore....sure she was gonna break a mans
heart but her heart was more importaint...her mental health too...the indesision was killing her and now
she could hopefully kiss it goodbye.

Walking through the doors of the cafe he spotted her sitting with her baseball cap on sipping something in
a oversized glass.


"Hey...sit down..." As he pulled out the seat and sat in fornt of her he reajusted his own cap so as not to be
noticed right away as the young waitress came to take his order...he did so.quickly before she launched
into conversation.

"Ok,j i wanted to finish what we started, once and for all....i mean things at the house got kinda screwed

"No sh**...so where is he?Does he know your here with me?""

"no..hes at the hotel.."

"Oh...so..um,what are we gonna do now?"

"well that all depends on how the next ten minutes go actually....justin what i was gonna say at the house
basically was that ive thought over and over about what i really want from my life...and who i want to
spend it with...even if its just a little of it..j i want it to be with you...i want to be with you....you and


"Yeah look im not sure what it is you want or if you even want that, but i figured id tell you im ending it with
christian either way, i dont love him the way i should.... those feelings belong to someone else....."

"Im glad you did...tell me that is!."


"Of course....Lacey i was afraid that if i told you how i feel about you that you'd freak and end things with
him on that basis alone...i couldnt do that...you needed to figure it out yourself....And im so so glad you did
because i....Lacey i love you."

"you do?" sitting back on the hight chair she was perched on she silently let out a breath, one she felt
she'd been holding forever....

"yes i do,very much...."

"Are you sure its not just the ive know you forever so i gotta love you kinda love?"

Smirinking at her nerves he placed his hand on hers as it rested on the table, "im SURE its definatley not
that kind of love...its real...and i think my stupid head just realised that i couldnt live with myself if i lost you
again....and it wasnt because your my best friend it was...and is because im in love with you."

At the sound of his words she felt herself filling up with tears.She hadnt cried in a long time..infact the last
time she remembered it was leaving justin in the airport in new york three years before to fly to italy

"ok so do have everything?""

"Yes justin i told you after you checked for the second time! I HAVE everything...boy you worry too much.

"well someones got to...you dont."

"please....i do so,im just not gonna give myself a stroke over it....this thing is supossed to be fun...."

"Well it wont be fun if your stranded with no money...are you s-"

"JUSTIN PLEASE....for god sakes."

"Sorry....i cant help it lace,your leaving.for god know how long and im losing my best friend in the whole
world...excuse me for caring about you..."

"I dont mean it like that j....im glad you care really i am...and hey...cheer up ok, you still have trace...."

Looking up at her he rolled his eyes and sat down on the waiting chairs "Thanks ALOT!"

laughing at his sarcasim she nudged him in the side and pulled his baseball cap further down his face "
come on...you two wont even miss me i guarentee it....besides wont you be a little busy with ms Spears to
even think about me??

"I'll always think of you....God lace im gonna miss you so much...."

"J...stop your gonna make me cry...."

"Well tough...i cant help it....cant you not go....stay here...study here...please?"

With stinging tears dropping on to her cheeks she quickly wiped them away "No...you know i cant....justin
photography is something ive always wanted to do.....what better place than italy huh..."

"I can think of a few places....here with me...." he was choking up she could hear it and see the look in his
glazed eyes.

"justin...please dont do this dont guilt me into staying..."

"look....cant you just stay for a few more months?"

"Why...so you can go off in tour and leave me alone....no i cant i have do this...for me...look i promise ill
come home safe and sound...."

"this is flight 797 to rome departing at gate 12.....flight 797 boarding all passengers.." came from over the
speakers on either side of them.


"Promise!!!" embracing him into a hug she kissed him on the cheek and she tried to pull away gently he
held her there as if his life depended on it.

"Promise you'll come back to me?" He asked again as tears fell on to his cheek..as she pulled away...

Backing away towards the plane entrace hall she nodded and mouthed "promise" as she turned and
walked away.

After a kiss that seemed to last forever they left the cafe and continued to walk hand in hand close to each
other down the crowded street..

"so,what do we do now?" Justin asked as he looked down at his smiling,girlfriend.Girlfriend....He liked the
sound of that.

Looking at the semtimental look he had on his face she couldnt help but laugh " i have no idea...."

"well isnt there something you gotta do before we go any further..."

"OH....yeah...uhhhgh...i gotta do it i know but cant we just not think about it and maybe it'll go away...."

"nope...he wont go away unless you tell him too....or you know i could do it...i would love to infact...."

"no....noooo... i owe him at least a explination why im not marrying him..."

"do you really....really...!"

"yes dumbass...."

Walking up to the entrance of the hotel she let go of his hand, "ok...i gotta do this now...."

"yeah...man this sucks....are you going to be ok?"

"I should be...look i'll call you when...well...i'll call you ok?"

"okay...love you..."

"Love you too...cya later..."

As she walked up to the elevator and pushed for the 12th floor she braced herself for something she
thought she'd never do again....walk away.


sooooooooooooooooooooooo???? :)

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Mon May 23, 2005 9:31 am

AWWWWWWWWWWWW! They're in love and they've finally told each other! :wub: But poor, poor Christian. She's gonna break that man's heart. But, there's this chick named Paige who is always up for consoling men. :rofl: I hope Lace lets him down gently and he doesn't go psycho on her. This is going to be really tough for her to explain, but it must be done. :nod:

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Postby laura » Mon Jun 06, 2005 9:04 am

hey! :wub: i will update soon but ive stumbled on to serious writes block with these characters at the moment wish me luck! -_- :nod:

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Mon Jun 06, 2005 9:19 am

*Undoes your writers block* :lol:

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Postby laura » Wed Jun 15, 2005 10:59 am

*Voiceover* Next chapter,coming soon!!!!

:wub: thank you paige for reading all my random sh**!!!!Since i guess no one else does!! :) :kiss:

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Wed Jun 15, 2005 11:52 am

:hug: :kiss:

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Postby laura » Wed Jun 22, 2005 4:33 am

<span style='color:green'>hey! man its been forever since ive done this here...And yes be prepared for the cheesiest of chapters...I dont know what it was that happened but yeah high on cheese. But enjoy.

On entering the room she realised it was quiet..too quiet, either he was still asleep and since he was a light sleepwr she thought maybe he was out...walking into the bedroom she realised he was out leaving a note " Gone to get food. Back soon C xx "

Settling down on the bed she just layed there was a good five minutes having the conversation she dreaded over and over in her head....she had to end it. She knew the second she saw him again that those feelings didnt match up to the ones she had for Justin.Sure she loved him,he was perfect...just,not perfect for her.

"Lacey are you here?"

Snapping out if her daze she sat up as she saw him enter the room.

"Yeah in here...where'd you get to..."

"Oh..." He entered the bedroom with a tray if fast food....Mc Donalds?

"SO...your fist american meal and you pick maccy d's?"

"Well i wanted to see if theres a difference....and im starving..." Hopping on to the large
kig sized bed he opened the containers that held their food...
"You feeling better now...."

"Yup...well..kinda...you know..."
He simply nodded as he continued to dig into his big mac...and with said mouthful of food he realised

"Oh sh**,i forgot drinks...."

"It doesnt matter....im good....unless you want one?"

"sh**,i knew there was something?...No i need one...and so do you sweetheart...or you will when im done with you...." And with a cheeky wink he Grabbed his coat,indicating he'd be five minutes....and was out the door.

He wasnt gone five seconds when his cell phone started buzzing, mid bite Lacey looked at it "out of area...Weird...." But she answered it anyway...but before she could say hello the person on the other end started talking.

"Christian baby, i miss you so much right now...why did you have to leave so soon....those two weeks alone with you where amazing...."

Stunned is the only word for her instant reaction as she held the small silver phone in her hand,
"OH....im sorry, is christian there?..."

"NO! Who is this?" She tried to keep her tone calm she didnt want her to hang up.

"This is Kate...who is this?"

"Im a...friend of christians...how do you know him exactly...."

"OH!!" she began excitedly, "Hes my fiancée..."

At that her mouth fell open....


"Fiancée...we're getting married....um, not to be rude but do you know where he is...."

"Um..yeah... how long has he been your..." She swallowed hard getting the last word out

" Fiancée..."

"well...we've been dating for about a year when he asked me...and that was six months
Six months...when he met her....she felt sick. She knew she had no right to...but she did. Her betrayal was new and unplanned...his on the other hand...

"Uhh..well Kate...congratulations...." she spurtted
"Thank you...who is this again..."

" HIS OTHER FINACEE!!!!" and with that she hung up.

Sitting on the edge of the plus bed in the equally pluse hotel suite she felt...nothing that was the problem she was cold and other than the shock of what she found out.she was a little relieved?.
But her hate for him built up and she felt as if she was going to cry,but she wouldnt let herself...Their entire relationship was a lie.All of it. He was with someone else...that was f***ed up in any country....

Walzing through the door with a cardboard tray of soda he smiled as he walked over and kissed her on the cheek whilst handing her her drink, she still kept her compouser and didnt say anything.

"So sweetheart what is it we do now..."

"what'd you mean?"

"I mean..sight seeing meeting your other friends that sort of thing?...ive never been here before remember..."

"oh...sure whenever..." staring down at her food and not looking him in the eye.

"Lacey...whats wrong..." He tilted up her chin with his index finger making her look at him, " nothings wrong i was just wondering when i became so stupid?thats all."

"what,darling your not stupid....your wonderful and i adore you..."

" AM I?well i was just wondering when you where going to tell me that you where engaged to another woman....and why if i am like you said so wonderful why you'd need her????," Her tone was low and calm,and didnt at all reflect how she was feeling.

His eyes widened as he put down his drink and got off the bed whilst she held back her tears..

Lacey i...wanted to tell you,i did..all the time i did but i couldnt."
"who is she?"

"Kate..shes... she was a old friend for college,we...well about 2 years ago i met her
again,and we got involved. BUT I SWEAR I ENDED IT WITH HER AS SOON AS I

Walking to her he stopped right as she went to move away grabbing her arm in the

"i love you...more than anything i love you and dont want to lose you...please you have to believe me. "

She knew he thought he loved her but something hit her,she finally realised why she first did what she did with justin because she wanted to lose christan...she knew he was smooth and calculating no matter how charming and he'd just proved it by doing what he had done.

Staring at him as this came to her she realised he wasnt saying anything....out of shame she thought.

well she wasnt ashamed.

"Christian i believe that you think you love me...but the truth is...i dont love you....not in the way a couple getting married should love each other, and you..well your spineless for not telling me...or kate...she doesnt have a clue either does she??? "

He shook his head slowly indicating "no"

"I thought not...well let me give you a clue here chris....its over...we're done I NEVER want to see you again....got it.."

He held on to her arm tight,so tight she was sure she'd bruse.

"I do love you,it was just difficult with her...i never lied to you."

"NO? huh then why oh why dont i believe that,your engaged to another woman i think that signifies lies pretty damn big lies if you ask me."

"You loved me,i know you did you cant say you never did...why agree to marry me if you didnt...huh?"

She paused, he was right in a small way.

"I did...i saw it all, us growing old.But i knew somewhere that it just couldnt last....it was a gut feeling you know? And i guess my gut was right..."

"But it was real..." He added.

"NO....christian it wasnt true love because our relationship was built on nothing but lies...and its ending on one too.."

"What do you mean?"

" I mean...you where gutless and didnt tell me the truth,i on the otherhand am not.So"

She took a deep breath before she continued, " Im in love with justin and im leaving you! Thats what i was coming back to tell you before your girlfriend called....so...there you go. your free......im free. and you know what... im leaving."

Picking up her coat from the chair she walked to the door sensing that he hadnt moved she took off her engagement ring and placed it on the table walking out and slamming the door behind her.

Walking into justin's over sized home she she didnt see him but somehow she knew he was there, making her way into the kitch she saw he was cooking...Since when did he cook? Well reguardless she was glad he was there, he was the most comfortating vision she'd seen in a while.
He noticed her presence but she didnt say a word she just walked to him and embraced him in a hug, he did the same wrapping his arms all the way around her body comforting her-it felt like she needed it.
His touch was amazing,it was shocking how just a simple hug could make her worries melt away absorbing his touch and love she flet in it she still didnt feel like talking...he on the other hand was getting worried.

"Lace...you..ok?" he whispered into her ear as she continued to snuggle in to his chest she simply nodded...

"i am now...god what was i thinking"


"yes...god...justin...he was engaged...to someone else as well as me...can you believe


He was silent for about a minute just holding her.Before answering.

"God...really...thats...pretty shocking..."

Rolling her eyes she broke out of his embrace and saw the smug look on his face...

"You ass..im serious...!"

"WHAT? ok bad time to joke huh...Sorry its just...Lacey...now you dont have to feel
guilty any more...honey thats a good thing..."

"Yeah i know but still...he lied to me for months and acted like i was his one and only when i was number two...maybe three or four for all i know...im so stupid..."


"hey...!" she squelled as she hit him on the head.

"Im kidding...im sorry ok, i was trying to lighten you up im sorry but sweetie you cheated on him too...." he said treading carefully.

"I KNOW THAT....but justin come on....the entire time i was with him he was with some other woman, sleeping with her and what not....its gross....i only slept with you once...not that that matters but still...its just wrong...."

"I know...sorry....listen are you regreting it now?"

"What?...you and me?"
he just nodded.

"NO! Of course not....i love you...i didnt love him the right way i know that now...i guess
it just stings thats all..."

"Right.....so we're still..."

"yes we're still..."

"Good" I swear i saw him breathe a sigh of relief when i answered " so...what you think your parents will have to say about this?...."

"oh...them...right...they get in from NewYork on sunday.."
Embracing her in a semi hug he looped his arms around her small frame pulling her closer to him.

"Have they met him?"

"yes...about two months ago...my Mother loved him.........My Dad? NOT so much he said he was way too smooth...go figure huh?"

Settling down some two hours later on a large recliner Justin sat confortably as Lacey sat there too sideways on his lap watching old re-runs of friends. "The one with the Prom video" was the next to air.They just sat for the longest time in silence.Comfortable silence enjoying each others company and their choice in entertainment.
"Justin" Lacey spoke up as she moved her head over to his shoulder looking up at him.


"Remember our Prom...i was so glad i went with you...it was fun wasnt it?"

He chuckled slightly at the memory."yeah it was...watching everyone make fools of themselves....priceless.."

"yeah that...but..well other bits where fun too right?"

He knew what she meant fine well...she meant the kiss....

Smirking quietly he grabbed on to legs pulling her completely in to his lap almost cradling her there her sparkling green eyes just staring u p at him "Lace...that night i realised something that scared me...it was something i tried to ignore for like...ever...but that night i think i knew.."

Still staring with now confusion more than anything else "Knew what???"

"I knew i loved you...thats why i kissed you that night..."

"I thought you where just being,nice..."

laughing at the shock he saw in her eyes he gently ran his finger along the tip of her nose and towards her lips... "no...it wasnt being nice sweetie... i wanted to tell you then...but i got scared..and then you freaked when i kissed you...so..." he shrugged and looked away

"So..what?" She finished for him dying to know what made him stop back then.

"Well...you freaked,that freaked me...i got scared of losing you. So i just ignored it...my feelings i mean...buried them i guess..."

She was surprised to hear what he was saying...very surprised she thought she knew him...turns out...she didnt have a clue!!!!

"what?..." she got up from her sitting position and stood in front of him.

"Look its not a big deal...i dont even know what made me bring it up...i just...well i figured you should know." He got up to,bracing her shoulders with his two hands and rubbing them slightly.

"seriously Lace...its not...im fine..."

"But...justin...all this time...and you..you didnt say anything...where that afraid of my reaction?"
"no...yes? i dont know...i was 19 Lacey i didnt know what i wanted...and all i knew was you where all set on getting out of Memphis asap...remember...."

She did remember that was the week she started arranging to got to paris...it took a long
time to get it finally sorted but he was right...she wanted out...

" i know...but justin we had years to...i just cant believe you kept this inside..."
"well its out now....im glad...finally i can say i love you and know you know what i really mean...you know?"

He was starting to get flustered....but yes..she knew!

And just as rachel discovered a secret from her past a love harboured sice her own prom, her lobster ross waited in the corner...Lacey thought it was funny...maybe justin was hers too...and she was just to dumb to notice....

"justin... i love you...and i love that you love me!"
Smiling her walked in to her comforting embrace and dipped to kiss her,grapping on to her so tight he lifted her right off the ground...
"yeah,i really do...weird huh?"

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Wed Jun 22, 2005 7:15 am

:o CHRISTIAN! What a slimeball. If I were Lacey, I would've beaten that fool right over the head. :no: At least she found out about all of this before she married him. And now she can be with Justin. :dance: I think it's sweet that he's been in love with her all of this time. Now they can finally be together. It's funny how people are brought back together. :wub:

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Postby laura » Thu Jun 23, 2005 10:33 am

^^^well...*ponders* you would think thats how it would go....but hey this is me here?! :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :chew:

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Wed Jul 13, 2005 12:11 pm

:clap: Even though you haven't posted it yet over here, that was a good update, girl. Lots of drama and tension, especially with Cameron making her appearance and Christian's non-stop calling. :lol: I'm sorry that dude ever learned how to use a phone ... he's a pest! :rofl:

Justin better be ready to handle Lacey. And her parents ... oh my God. :blink: Crazy people. I have to agree with Justin. I think her mom liked Christian more than she ever did. :lol:

I can see Justin's crazy ass showing up in Rome unexpectedly. :rolleyes: Jealousy is gonna get the best of him.

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Fri Jul 22, 2005 7:57 am

:cry: :cry: :cry: OH MY GOD ... I am so mad at Lacey right now. I know she was drunk, but she really hurt Justin. :cry: He's had such bad experiences with women in the past, so I don't know what it going to take for her to get back on his good side. :( This is not good. I want laughter and happiness and I'm not getting it. :lol:

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Wed Aug 10, 2005 9:14 am

AHHH. Sorry it took me so long to leave the feedback, m'am. You probably think I've deserted you, which will never happen. :hug:

Oooh, pretty wedding gown. I love it. But now onto Justin showing up. WOOO! I knew he couldn't stand to see the girl he truly loves marry another man. She better not be her stubborn self and marry Christian. <_< I will be forced to jump through this screen and kill her. Her mind must be running in circles with all of this going on.

I don't want to see her make the mistake of marrying Chrisitan just because he's there and she can. She needs to be with the guy who makes her world complete and that dude is Justin. :wub: :wub:

Drama, drama, drama!

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Wed Aug 17, 2005 8:20 am

:cry: :cry: :cry: IT'S OVER! But it was so perfect and wonderful that I'll forgive you for ending such a great story. :lol: Laura, that was seriously perfect at the end when they finally came to the realization that, no matter what, they were soul mates and needed to be together. Nobody could break those two apart. :wub: And nobody better ever try to break them up or I'll be forced to kick a lot of ass. :strong: I was really shocked when Christian revealed that he has made the cheating stuff up. :nono: That dude is shady and that's all I need to say about that. I can see how he was jealous and upset, but still, dude is shady. <_< :lol:

I loved everything about this story. Thanks for letting me read it. :notworthy: :notworthy: :hug: :kiss: :blowkiss:

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