A Date With Destiny

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Postby Bri_Angel » Sun Jan 16, 2005 6:38 pm


*Its been a while since the Angels have been on any adventures. After reuniting Nsync, they all parted ways. Bri went back to NY to attend Syracuse University & join a sorority. Smood & Lizzy also went back to college to get degrees in Investigative work. I think their Justin-searching skills may have helped them. Danielle went back home to finish up her last year of high school. Gabby went back to her hometown to reunite with her boyfriend. Mimi went back to Europe & began her travels around other parts of the world.*

*The girls had very little contact during these times. Until one night....*

Setting: Delta Alpha Xi Sorority house/Syracuse University Campus/Living Room

*The phone rings just as Bri passes by it. She is covered with 'Silly String' because of a 'war' between the nearby Fraternity house. She answers it. Its Gabby.*

Bri: Hello?

Gabby: (on the phone)Bri?

Bri: Gabby?

Bri & Gabby: (simultaneously) Hey!

Bri: What's up?

Gabby: Nothing, really. You?

Bri: Well I've joined a sorority, working on a degree in law, & had a silly string war with the Frat house across the street.

Gabby: Well that sounds fun.

*There is a few minutes of silence on the phone. You can hear the laughing & screaming outside the Sorority house with the silly string war still going on. Bri & Gabby say nothing. It is awkward for both of them.*

Bri: So.....what did you want?

Gabby: Well, I know how you said you were done with this Angel Adventure stuff & focus on your grades....but....

Bri: But what?

Gabby: Well Smood called me the other day, saying that a friend of hers' step-father's mother's brother owns this mansion out in Tapoca Beach, Florida. I hear its beautiful there. And the other angels think this idea is really cool. So we we're wondering if you wanted to join us on another Angels-

Bri: Trip. Well I don't know. I mean, the semester is over in less than a week. Finals start tomorrow. I have a sorority trip to Six Flags on Monday, won't come back until Wednesday. We haven't had seen each other in nearly 2 years. I mean-

Gabby: (interrupting, sad)Ok, well I guess you're not-

Bri: I'll come!

Gabby: (relieved) Really?

Bri: Yeah, I like the feeling of having a rush-schedule. But can I bring my cousin, Lola with me? She's shy & probably won't last long by herself here in the 'Cuse.

Gabby: Sure thing! Smood is bringing her friend, Nicole, & Mimi is bringing one of her travel buddies, Gemmi.

Bri: So where are we gonna meet?

Gabby: At Orlando International Airport on June 27th. We have the mansion until October 1st.

Bri: Perfect. Courses don't start until the 5th.

Gabby: Okay, so its a yes?

Bri: Si. Yeah. Yep. Yes, Ma'am....and any other word that means Yes.

Gabby: (laughing) Ok, well. See you in a week!

Bri: Yeah, see you at Orlando international! Bye!

*Bri puts the phone down. She pauses for a second, before grabbing a nearby silly string can & running out the front door.*

Bri: (yelling at Frat Boys) Alright! Who wants some of this?!

*1 week later, June 27, Orlando International Airport, is where our story begins.*

Chapter 1 "Angel Heaven"

Setting: Orlando International Airport

*The newly reunited angels, Lizzy, Gabby, Bri, & newcomer Lola, are all walking through the crowded sections of the Airport, looking for the other Angels.*

Gabby: (looking around) See any of them?

Lizzy: No.

Bri: Oh, I forgot to introduce you guys to my cousin, Lola.

Lola: (shyly) Hi.

*Lizzy & Gabby look at Lola. She is a petite girl, about 5'2'' with curly, shoulder-length brown hair & gorgeous hazelnut eyes, but they are hidden by her thick, scientist-like glasses. She is wearing a red sweater with brown pants & a big, detective-like green jacket on. when she talks, her voice barely goes up above a whisper.*

Lizzy & Gabby: (simltaneously)Hi Lola.

Bri: Lola, this is Florida. No need for the jacket & sweater.

Lola: Okay.

*Lola takes off her jacket & sweater & puts it in her suitcase. she is now wearing a yellow T-shirt. But she seems very insecure about it. *

Bri: There you go. Its 84 degrees out, enjoy it.

Lizzy: Yeah, show a little skin.

Gabby: (pointing) There they are!

*Danielle, Nicole, Mimi, Smood, & Gemmi run up to the other angels. Gemmi & Nicole introduce themselves. They soon head towards their rental cars & drive to their Tapoca Beach Ocean-view mansion.*

Setting: Tapoca Beach, Florida/ Angel's Mansion

Smood: (opening front door) Welcome....To Angel Heaven!

*The girls enter the extravagent Foyer, with 2 spiral staircases leading to the upstairs. The walls are a pearly white & the floor is sparkling marble, so clean you can see your reflection in it.*

Lizzy: Whoa.

Gemmi: We're staying [i]Here?[/]

Bri: Okay, no one touch anything. We might ruin it.

*The girls sigh for a second before going wild, exploring the new mansion. Everyone except Danielle checks the upstairs. Lola, Lizzy, & Bri decide on a Gypsy-themed bedroom. Gabby, Mimi, & Smood decide on a sky-themed bedroom. Gemmi & Nicole (who instantly 'clicked') decide on sharing a girly-but-futuristic themed bedroom. Meanwhile, Danielle checks the downstairs for any sign of a Pepsi Machine. After a few minutes of searching, she gives up & heads upstairs to pick her bedroom.*

Setting: Angel Heaven/Gypsy Bedroom

Bri: This is the coolest room!

Lizzy: Yeah.

*Danielle enters the room.*

Danielle: Hey, guys. Any more beds left?

Mimi: No, they're all taken.

Smood: Except that one room....

*The angels make their way down the hall to a door.*

Nicole: Open it!

Danielle: Okay.

*Danielle opens it & gasps. Its a Pepsi-themed bedroom with TWO pepsi machines & many advertising posters of the famous soda.*

Danielle: (looking up at ceiling) Thank you!

*About an hour later, after much unpacking, the angels finally go downstairs into the Living room to figure out what they want to do.*

Bri: What should we do?

Gabby: I don't know.

Danielle: (pointing out the nearby window) Hey! Hot Guy at 4 o' clock!

ALL ANGELS: (except Gabby & Lola) Oooooh.

Gabby: Sorry, I'm taken.

Nicole: (looking out window) He's mine!

Lizzy: (looking out window) No, he's mine!

Bri: That guy looks so familiar.

*The shirtless guy outside is mowing his front lawn. He's right next door to the angels. He has his back turned but he then turns around. The girls (except Lola) gasp. Its Justin!*

Nicole: Someone get me some water!

Gemmi: Yes, please!

Bri: I read recently he just bought a place here.

Smood: Shall we say hi.

Gemmi: Hi?! No way.

Lizzy: We've met him before.

Danielle: Yeah, we helped reunite Nsync.

Nicole: Well then let's go then!

*Everyone except Lola runs outside to greet Justin. Lola sits in the living room still drawing silently in her sketch book. Justin is currently single, he hasn't been with anybody in nearly 2 years. You see, shortly after Nsync reunited, Justin broke up with Cameron. There is still some speculation that Cameron may want him back, but so far its just gossip.*

Setting: Tapoca Beach/ Justin's Front Lawn

Bri: Hey there!

*Justin glances at the large group of girls, before continuing to mow his front lawn.*

Gabby: Hello?

Mimi: Remember we helped with the Nsync reunion?

*Justin begins to walk away from them, thinking that they're jsut a bunch of groupies.*

Lizzy: Over here!

Danielle: Remember? I got you guys all hyper! Ba da ba ba ba....I'm LOVING IT!

*Justin turns towards the girls. He remembers. *

Justin: How'd you guys get here?

Gabby: We sort of rented the mansion next door.

Smood: Yeah, we have it for the summer.

Mimi: We didn't now you would be here. As in, right next door.

Bri: Oh, and we have some new Angels, Nicole, Gemmi & Lola.

Gemmi: Where is Lola?

Nicole: I think she's still inside.

Gemmi: Oh.

Bri: Would you like to hang at our house?

Justin: Sure. Just let me get a shirt on & I'll be right over.

Nicole: (whispering) No, you're fine they way you are.

Justin: Huh?

Nicole: Nothing.

Setting: Angel Heaven/Living Room

*Bri has ordered some Domino's pizza. The Angels & Justin are chatting it up while waiting for the pizza to come. Lola is still sitting in a chair, away from the Angels & Justin, sketching in her drawing book. Justin glances over at her. He is amazed by her beauty & intrigued that he isn't like the other girls, chatting it up. He gets up & approaches her.*

Justin: (to Lola) Hey.

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Mon Jan 17, 2005 10:16 am

:yay: Yay, the Angels are back together, and vacationing next to Justin Timberlake. WOW! What a vacation! :) Looks like Justin likes Lola. :wub: Maybe he can bring her out of her shyness.

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Postby Bri_Angel » Sat Jan 29, 2005 7:32 pm

Chapter 2 "Summer Lovin' "

Setting: Angel Heaven/Living Room

*The Angels have under-gone new, exciting changes. For one, they have all reunited in a glamorous, ocean-view, Tapoca Beach, Florida Mansion. And two, they live right next door to the hottie they chased down nearly 2 years before. Yes, Mr. Justin Timberlake. They have 2 new Angels, Nicole & Gemmi, who have instantly 'clicked' with the other members. But there's one new girl that seems to not 'click'....Lola. After their 1st meeting-slash-Oh-My-God-There's-Justin-my-buddy moment, Justin seems intrigued by one of the girls. And its not the likely out-going, partying angel....its shy, super-soft spoken Lola. He walks up to Lola & greets her.*

Justin: (to Lola) Hey.

*Lola looks up from her sketch book to see this almost-giant guy with curly brown hair & gorgeous blue eyes. She quickly looks back down at her sketch book & holds it up to cover her face.*

Lola: Hi.

Lizzy: Lola is extremely shy.

*Justin reaches down & grabs her sketch book. He pulls it down, revealing Lola's face. Lola, who is normally uptight & tense, seems to feel calm & ok by his gentleness. *

Justin: (looking at Lola) And extremely beautiful.

*Justin picks up Lola's notebook & looks at it for a second, before giving it back to Lola.*

Justin: And extemely Artistic.

*Justin begins to lean towards Lola, looking & hoping to get a kiss....until....*

Nicole: Hey Justin!

*Justin quickly stands up, a little red faced & turns around towards Nicole.*

Justin: What?

*Nicole points to the nearby window. 4 guys are seen egging Justin's house. Its a little weird, since there's still sunlight. *

Nicole: (pointing) Someone's egging your house!

*Justin looks out of the window to see Joey, Chris, Lance, & JC running like monkeys around Justin's ocean-view mansion, throwing eggs...but not very well. Most of the eggs never reach the house & fall to the ground.*

Bri: Hey! That looks like JC!

Smood: And there's Lance!

Mimi: Chris!

Danielle: And Joey!

Justin: Those guys!

Gemmi: We'll get them for you.

Nicole: Yeah, me, Gemmi, & Smood will go after them.

Justin: Okay, be sure to get those guys & bring them back to me.

Nicole, Smood, & Gemmi: (simultaneously) Sir! Yes sir!

*Nicole, Smood, & Gemmi, leave the mansion to go after the egg-throwing Nsyncers. There is a period of awkward silence.*

Danielle: (breaking the silence) Anyone want some Pepsi? Red Bull?

*Lizzy, Bri, Mimi, & Justin all sigh.*

Lizzy, Bri, Mimi, & Justin: NO.

Danielle: Okey-dokey.

*Danielle takes a sip of her Pepsi while Justin walks back over to Lola. Just then, the door knocks. Danielle get up to answer it.*

Knock, Knock, Knock...

Danielle: Who's there?

Mystery Voice: Boo.

Danielle: Boo Who?

Mystery Voice: Why you cryin'? HA HA HA HA!

Danielle: Dude, that's so old.

Mystery Voice: No its not.

Danielle: Yes it is.

Mystery Voice: No its not.

Danielle: Yes it is.

Mystery Voice: No.

Danielle: Yes.

Mystery Voice: YES!

Danielle: NO!

Mystery Voice: HA HA HA! Gotcha!

Danielle: Darn!

Mystery Voice: HA HA HA!

Danielle: Yeah! Well....I'm still not going to let you in.

Mystery Voice: Want some Pepsi?

Danielle: SURE!

*Danielle opens the door to see Chris & Joey laughing away.*

Mimi: What do you guys want?

Joey: We just wanted to see if you guys want to play Volleyball on the beach.

Chris: Yeah, Nicole, Gemmi, & Smood already joined.

Lizzy: Sure!

Justin: Don't egg my house ever again.

Joey: Yeah, yeah. J you're a perfectionist.

Chris: So are you guys coming?

EVERYONE: (except Lola) Yeah!

Joey: Race ya to the beach!

*Lizzy, Mimi, & Bri run out the door along with Chris & Joey. Justin is about to walk outside but remembers someone....Lola. He walks up to her.*

Justin: Are you coming?

Lola: No.

Justin: Come on, it'll be fun. You gotta see JC he spikes the ball like a monkey or something.

Lola: You go have fun.

Justin: No, how about you?

Lola: I'm having fun drawing.

Justin: You're coming!

*Justin grabs Lola's hand & drags her off her chair, causing her to drop her sketch book. They then run hand in hand down towards the beach, with Justin leading, and smiling. They then join the Volleyball game.

Lance: Let the games begin!

Setting: Tapoca Beach.....2 hours later.[b]

JC: That was a heated game.

Lizzy: You're only saying that cause you lost, Mr. Monkey-spike.

Bri: Monkey-spike....the word of the day....err...night. Its sunset right now.

Mimi: Yeah, we should get going.

Gemmi: Nice seeing you guys!

Lance: Yeah you too!

*The angels & the egging nsyncers head back inside their homes. The Angels go back to their mansion, the nsyncers go back Justin's mansio to further destroy it. But Justin & Lola seem a lot closer as they walk side by side on the beach, talking*

Justin: So where do you go to school?

Lola: Syracuse University with Bri. I'm studying Art History.

Justin: Interesting.

*Justin & Lola stop & face each other, with the Florida sunset as their background. Justin leans in for a kiss, but Lola quickly puts her hands out & blocks his lips. Justin kisses the palm of her hand & opens his eyes, realizing it wasn't her lips.*

Lola: I feel like some one is watching us.

*Justin looks around for a second before turning towards Lola.*

Justin: I don't see anybody.

*Justin tries to lean in again for a kiss, but....*

Bri: (yelling from Angels' Mansion) Lola! We need you!

Lola: I got to go.

*Lola runs off towards "Angel Heaven". *

Justin: Wait!

*Lola doesn't stop. Justin sees her enter the mansion & slamming the door. He then walks back to his house disappointed, and expecting a huge Mess in house courtesy of his crazy bandmates.*

[b]Setting: Tapoca Beach, FL/Nearby Hill...not to far away from Justin & the Angel's Mansion.

Cameron: (watching scene happen through binoculars) Hmm...a little witch is trying to steal my man. Well we'll just have to see about that.

*Cameron puts her binoculars in her purse before going into her car & zooming off. She has been watching Lola & Justin closely, and is not pleased. She has a plan for them.*

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Sun Jan 30, 2005 1:19 pm

I think it would be so fun to hang out on the beach with the *NSYNC guys. :yay: They sure know how to keep a girl entertained.

Justin seems to be helping Lola lose some of her shyness, but it's probably going to be a while before she feels comfortable enough to kiss him.

Cameron better not try to hurt Lola. :nono: She's a mighty jealous lady, so she needs to be stopped. :lol:

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Postby Bri_Angel » Sun Feb 06, 2005 2:41 pm

Chapter 3 Love Me Because I'm ME"

Setting: Angel's Mansion/Gypsy-themed Bedroom

*After hanging out with the Nsyncers, the angels went to bed & fell fast asleep....well after a minor pillow fight in the hallway. But there was one angel who stayed up during the night...Lola. She was laying on her bed doing some sketches with a flashlight nearby for light. Just about once in every minute, she puts her pencil down & begins to think about one guy...Justin.*

Lola: (whispering to herself) Why does he like me? I'm not a celebrity. I'm not Britney. I'm not Janet. I'm definately not a Cameron. why?

*Lola picks up her pencil & begins to sketch in her sketch book, only to put it down a second later. A thought comes to mind.*

Lola: You know? I bet he's using me. I'm not a one night fling. And I thought he was genuine.

*Lola picks up her pencil, holds it for a second, and then puts it down.*

Lola: Oh, but that smile. And those gorgeous eyes. And the hair...his crazy curls.

*Lizzy & Bri, who are in the beds nearby begin to wake up. Lola looks at the time....7:10 am. Too late for Lola to get some sleep.*

Lola: Maybe I will give him a chance to love me for me.

Lizzy: Good Morning.

Bri: (cranky) Good Night!

*Bri puts her pilow over her head & begins to fall back asleep. Lola & Lizzy laugh at the sight of this, before getting up to see what the other girls are doing.*

Setting: Justin's mansion/Justin's bedroom

*Like Lola, Justin has been up all night...thinking about her. *

Justin: (thinking to himself) Why do I have feelings for her? I mean, I thought I was going to play it single for a while. At least 3 years. Its been a long time since I've had this feeling about someone. After Cameron, I began to date around, having 1 or maybe 2 night stands. But nothing serious. This....this I think maybe serious. Am I ready for this? Yes & no. Sure, I would like to settle down in the next few years, maybe even get married. But I'm not sure if this is what SHE wants. She hasn't opened up to me yet, tell me what she wants in life, what she needs in life, what she has in life. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Everytime I try to get closer to her she keeps runign away from me, as if I was some kind of monster. I'm not a monster. A love monster if anything. You know what? Fine. If she doesn't want me...fine.

*Justin stares at the clock, 7:32 am....he didn't get any sleep.*

Justin: (thinking to himself) But her cute curly brown hair....I can only imagine what our kids would look like. Wait...why am I thinking about thins? She won't even open up to me. I might as well just give-

*Chris opens Justin's Bedroom door, interrupting Justin's thoughts.*

Chris: WAKEY -WAKEY! You have to drive us to the airport...um...NOWEY!

Justin: I'll be right there.

*Justin gets out of bed & begins to get dressed.*

Justin: (thinking to himself) What was I thinking about? Oh yeah....sneakers.

*About a half-hour later Justin drives to the other Nsyncers to Orlando International Airport, they all have to go back to their individual careers in L.A. Justin drives back to his house, and knocks on ther Dorr of the Angel's Mansion. He has to see Lola one more time before makign ihi decision....should he or shouldn't he love her? Gemmi nswers the door, begins to faint a little, still in disbelief that the other girls actually know Justin, and lets Justin in.*

Setting: Angel's Mansion/Living Room

Gemmi: Guys, Justin's here.

Smood: We could tell by the way you slightly fainted at the door.

Justin: Hi guys.


*Justin turns to Lola, she in sitting in a chair, far away from the other girls, sketching in her sketch book.*

Justin: Hi Lola.

*Lola doesn't even lift her head up to look & see that Justin's here.*

Lola: Hi.

*Justin & Lola yawn simultaniously. The Angels notice.*

Danielle: HEY! You guys can yawn at the same time!

Bri: Lola, did you sneak out last night.

Lola: No, I was drawing in my sketch book.

Bri: (not believing excuse it) Sure.

Justin: what are you guys doing today?

Mimi: I don't know.

Nicole: Any ideas? Anyone? Anyone? Going once, going twice.


Nicole: Sold!

*The angels scramble around the mansion to pack some last minute things, leaving Lola & Justin alone in the living room. Justin grabs a nearby chair & pulls it toward where Lola is sitting. He sits in it & stares at Lola, still sketching.*

Justin: So....

Lola: So what?

Justin: What are you drawing?

Lola: Nothing.

Justin: C'mon let me see.

Lola: No.

Justin: Please.

Lola: No.

Justin: Please.

Lola: No.

Justin: Pretty please!

*Justin grabs her sketch book & looks at her drawing, its a picture of Justin. Justin is suprised. He hands it back to Lola.*

Justin: Oh....nice drawing.

Lola: Thanks.

Justin: I was wondering, do you want to go out with me?

Lola: What?

Justin: Not like dating, more like a get-to-know type hang out.

Lola: You mean a date?

Justin: No. I mean. Well....Okay...yeah.

Lola: Sure.

Justin: (in disbelief) What?

Lola: Sure. What time?

Justin: Ummm...7 o' clock at my house. Ok?

Lola: Ok.

*The other angels are running downstairs carrying enough luggage with them, as if they were going there for a month.*

Bri: Guys, were going there for a day, not a month.

*Lola & Justin hear a bunch of suitcases hit the ground, the angels (excpet Bri) are now carrying 2 huge suitcases.*

Bri:....Or a week.

*Lola & Justin hear the remaining suitcases hit the ground.

Bri: Much better.

Danielle: Time for Disney World!

Lizzy: That's WALT Disney World.

The Angels, Lola & Justin hop into their rental Limo & go to Disneyworld for the day.

Setting: Angel's Mansion/Gypsy Bedroom/6:45 pm

*After returning from a fun-filled day at WALT Disney World, the angels are preparing Lola for her date with Justin. Its more excitign for the other angels than it is for her.*

Gemmi: Don't wear that dress!

Lola: Why not?

*The angels look at Lola dressed in a beige secretary-like dress.*

Gemmi: It looks too secretary-ish.

Other Angels: Yeah.

Nicole: How about this one?

*Nicole holds up a knee-length baby-blue dress with white flowers embroided on it. The angels AND Lola think its the most beautiful dress in the world.*

Danielle: All Hail Lola's Dress!

Bri: Put it on!

Lizzy: We need some make up!

Mimi: Here's some!

Smood: What about her hair?

*The angels begin to put makeup on her & do her hair. After all, she IS Justin's Timberlake's date for the night.*

Setting: Just outside Justin's Mansion

*A lady rings Justin's doorbell, Justin answers it & gasps.*

Justin: Cameron?

*Yep, it's Cameron, dressed in a flaming red dress showing off what curves she did have...or appear to have. Any guy would die to be in Justin's shows right now.*

Cameron: Yeah, baby.

Justin: Um...I...Um....Uh...

Camerion: No need to speak. I know how much you love me.

Justin: Wait a minute, why are you here? Its been months since we last spoke.

Cameron: I know, and you've been dying to se me haven't you?

Justin: Um...I...uh..

Cameron: C'mon, you know you love me...because I'm ME of course!

*Cameron turns towars the Angels Mansion & sees Lola walking out of the mansion laughing & waving to the other angels, & walking towards Justin's mansion.*

Cameron: (thinking to herself) That little twerp! Well I guess she'll have to learn fast to see that Justin is mine!

*Cameron kisses Justin, Lola is only about 20 feet away & witnesses the whole thing. Justin pushes Cameron away.*

Justin: What was that for?

*Justin looks & Lola who is running back to the Angel's Mansion, crying.*

Justin: Lola, WAIT! I can explain!

*Justin begins to run after Lola while Cameron stands there in Justin's doorway laughing while watching the whole scene.*

Justin: Lola!

*Just as Justin reaches the Angel's Mansion the door slams right in his face.*

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Postby Bri_Angel » Sun Feb 27, 2005 3:58 pm

Chapter 4"Somehow, Some way"

*Lola has just got caught Justin kissing Cameron on her way to her dat with him. She ran back inside & is completely devastated. The other angels are upstairs playing Old Maid. Justin is pacing outside the Angels' front door, debating on whether to knock & talk to Lola or not.*

Setting: Just Outside Angel Heaven

Justin: (pacing around) What should I do?....She probably hates me....I never had this happen to me before....normally I'm the victim, the one who gets hurt. Not the player....I don't know what to do. Should I knock?! But then what would I say?! What can you say when you just hurt somebody....nothing. I guess I should just leave.

*Justin begins to walk back towards his house, only to turn around seconds later.*

Justin: But what if she wants me to knock. I'm sure she wants an explanation, definately an apology.

*Justin takes a deep breath before approaching the door.*

Justin: Here I go...

*Justin is about to knock, until he hears Lola's voice coming from a nearby window, he walks over to the window & listens.*

Setting:Angel Heaven/Living Room

*Lola is sitting on the couch, with tears running down her face, next to a window..talking to herself, trying to analyze things...to figure things out by herself before breaking the nes to the other girls. Little does she know that Justin is right out that window, listening to every word.*

Lola:...I guess this was never meant to be...I mean, come on...Cameron or me. Justin doesn't want some average, plain-looking Syracuse University student?! I guess all those sweet comments he said, were worthless charm to woo me into being his one night stand. All an act....and I was the sideshow. I can't believe he would plan to have this B-list actress, almost as old as my mother, to come & casually kiss right as i walked out. How screwed up is that?! He must find joy in that...taking someone's heart & crushing it into a million pieces. If he tries to woo me again, I won't fall for it. He may get those million dollar mansions & Escalades...but he's not going to have me. Nope. Player has to learn he won't get everything he wants in life.

*Justin is shocked by what he is hearing. He never knew that Lola would have such strong assumptions for everything. He knows this was not planned, and still has strong feelings for Lola. That's it....he's going to knock on the door. But before he can reach the door.*

Knock, Knock, Knock....

Setting: Just Outside Angel Heaven

*Cameron knocks on the front door, still in her Flaming Red Dress.*

Justin: Cameron!

Cameron: What, baby?!

Justin: Go away! You're the reason I'm in this mess.

Cameron: Aww....poor baby. Come here.

*Justin walks over towards Cameron, and just as the front door opens....Cameron has yet another forced make out session with Justin, right in front of Lola. After a few seconds, Cameron pulls away & then smacks Justin.*

Cameron: Ewwww....what a dog! Get away from me!

*Cameron runs acrosss the street, goes into her Hybrid, and zooms off...the damage is done. Justin stands there, shocked & looking at Lola. Lola is shocked too. *

Justin: Lola....I....

Lola: Get away from me.

*Lola shuts the door in Justin's face.*

Justin: (yelling) I still want to get to know you. Maybe not romantically, but somehow, some way.

*There is no answer back. Justin stands there for a second, before walking back to his house.How is he going to earn back respect from Lola now?!*

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Mon Feb 28, 2005 9:08 am

Leave it to Cameron to ruin everything with her jealousy. That girl needs to get over him and let him love another woman. I hope he eventually figures out how to explain all of this to Lola. :nod:

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