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Yes a new one...and I promise that I will finish this one. I know that i didn't finish the other ones...sorry. Okay so here it is.

<span style='font-family:Courier New'>Chapter: 1

“What about this?â€￾ Laura got out some blue faded jeans and a black t-shirt that had ‘New York’ written on it.

“No…dose it matter what I wear?â€￾ Raquel signed and sat on the edge of her new king size bed. She was getting annoyed.

“Yes, now take this and try it on.â€￾ Raquel took the mini skirt and a long sleeve sweater into the bathroom. She tried it on and looked into the tall mirror. She couldn’t believe she is going to do this. She hated dating, to her it was all about people acting fake and trying to impress them for couple of months and then after that you find out what their true colors are. She had some bad experiences on dating, they just never worked out for her. She was only doing this is to make her granny happy. She wanted to see Raquel with a man who can take care of her, Raquel never had to rely on a guy, and she was indepented and could take care of herself.

Ugg...this is going to f***ing suck.

She tried to make sure that the skirt was fitting right, so she wouldn’t feel uncomfortable wearing a skirt. She got out and stood in the doorway.

“Damn you look hot; if I wasn’t a girl I’ll do you right now.â€￾ Laura said.

“Uh, thanks I guess.â€￾ Laura was the type of a girl who has sex on her mind 24/7 just like men. She would do it with anyone and even have a three some. But the thing that Raquel loved about her was that she would be there for you no matter what.

“Here, wear this necklace and take this purse. I put some lip-gloss and some powder in there.â€￾ She was a fashion maniac; she had to have the right clothes and accessories.

“Thanks girly for all your help.â€￾ They both hugged and Laura wished her good luck.

Raquel made her way out the door of her house and was headed to a little eating place called “Louise’s Placeâ€￾. She stopped and crossed the road that was wet from the thunderstorm that they had in the morning but right now the weather was much better. She got there and made her way to the table that was on the right side. She looked around in every direction to find a guy with a red rose but all she could see was people chatting and eating. After ten minutes of searching for him, she decided to order some food because she was starving. She ordered a salad with chicken. She looked up and spotted a guy who was with a yellow rose, can it be him? He was a good looking. He had his hat on sideways, a blue polo shirt with some jeans. She got up; he saw her and made his way to the table.

I think I have seen him some where before, I just can’t remember.

“Hi, you must be Raquel, I’m Jason.â€￾ He held out a hand for her to shake, he had a good strong grip. He handed Raquel the rose. “Sorry I didn’t bring a red one, I thought that yellow would be a bit more appropriate since it is our first date.

“Oh it’s okay; I love roses in every color. Thank you.â€￾ She liked him. He had nice green eyes and brown hair. He looked to be about six feet.

“So do want to order some food first?â€￾

“I already ordered something for me; sorry I was starving I couldn’t wait any longer.â€￾

“It’s okay, it was my fault, and I should have been here early.â€￾ He took the menu and started looking for some dishes. Raquel couldn’t take her eyes off of the man sitting in front of her.

f***, where did I see him before? Was it at a party? School?

He brought the menu down which broke her eye contact from him, he waved to the waiter to come here and he ordered some pasta. He looked back at her.

“So what do you like to do on your spare time?â€￾ he asked.

“Well I paint, I love art, and I work at Wal-mart. Not the funniest job but I manage it. What about you?â€￾

“I like music a lot and I’m a singer.â€￾

Holy sh** I know where I saw him before, on the TV.

He’s name was Jason Fokker. He is the most famous singer in the world.

That was stupid of me that I didn't know who he was

“Oh my god, I can’t believe I’m on a blind date with you, wow. This is too much man.â€￾ He laughed at her reaction.

“Clam down; I don’t want everyone to know that. I was surprised here that no one recognized who I am.â€￾

“Well Alton is a small town, and people don’t really care who is who.â€￾

“That’s nice.â€￾ The waitress came with his order and he started eating. They talked about a lot of things and found out that they had a lot in common. She thought that this date was going suck but it didn’t it was one of the best dates that she has ever been on, it's not because he was Jason Fokker but he was a nice guy who doesn't have sex on his mind ever f***ing second.

After they had lunch they went to his aunt’s house. The car ride was quite because they didn’t really have anything to say, they both were nervous even though they got along so well. Fifteen minutes later they reached to the rich side of the town, where his aunt and uncle live. He parked the car in the parking lot; she got out and stared at the magnificent brick house.

“Are you just going to stand there or are you going to come in with me?â€￾ She looked at him and he smiled. He held out his hand and she took it. They entered the house and it was so gorgeous, it felt like she was in a museum and she couldn’t touch anything or even sit down. His aunt and uncle were out of town but his cousin and a friend were in the basement which was turned into a game room. They both entered the basement and Raquel’s eyes immediately fell on this tall guy who was playing a video game with a medium height guy.

“Yo, this is Raquel.â€￾ They both turned around and she got to see what they look like. The tall was really good looking better than Jason. He had these deep blue eyes, kissable red lips but he had a big nose but it suits his face real well. The other guy was short, with brown eyes and he was a short version of the tall guy.

“Hi I’m Justin, nice to meet you.â€￾ He’s the tall one, Jason’s cousin.

“Hey, I’m Trace.â€￾ He is the short one. Raquel shook both of their hands. They led her to a couch that was near the television. They sat there in silence but finally some one broke the silence.

“So do you play videogames?â€￾ Justin asked her.

“Yeah of course, I like Halo, do you have it?â€￾

“Yeah are you kidding this is my favorite game, let’s play.â€￾ Raquel looked at Jason to see if it was okay with him but he was already at the pool table with Trace. They played for couple of hours. She didn’t even notice that it was ten at night so she asked Justin if he would give me a ride home since Jason wasn't here, he had a meeting and Trace was asleep. They got into Justin's black Nissan and drove their way to my house. This car ride wasn’t quite, we talked a lot about videogames and that led to the football game between the Dolphins and the Patriots, they both are the fans of the Patriots. They finally reached her house, he got out of the car to walk her to the door, which she thought that was nice of him and she gave him a kiss on the cheek and thanked him. Raquel invited him to come in but he said it was getting late, he smiled and left. She tip toed into her room, changed into her Minnie Mouse pajamas, got in my bed and closed my eyes.

"Who the f*** was that guy, he wasn't Jason." She shot up and saw Laura coming in from my door.

"You scared the sh** out me."

She almost gave me a heart attack.

"Sorry, but who was that guy he was f***ing fine. Did you see his ass? Wow!" She came and laid on the left side of me.

"His name is Justin, Jason's cousin. Jason had to go some where so he dropped me off, and about the ass, no. I still don't get what is the big deal about asses." Laura laughed at her.

"Does he have a girlfriend?"

Oh god.

"I don't know."

"Well anyway, how was your date?"

"I had a nice time. But I have one question to ask you how do you know Jason?"

"Well, my uncle works for his security, I thought that you two would be perfect for each other and he needed a girl in his life. So are you going on your second date with him?"

"I don't know he didn't ask. But if he did I would say yes."

"Aww...I should do this as a career. Who know how many people are waiting for me to help them get all matched up."

I think that’s a bad idea.

“I'm sleepy, do you mind if I sleep here?â€￾

“No, it's cool but don't kick me because you do that in your sleep.â€￾ She laughed. She took the comforter and got underneath it.

“Good night.â€￾
what do ya'll think? :unsure:

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<span style='font-family:Courier New'>Chapter: 2

Raquel woke up from the sound of her telephone ringing. She turned to her side, picked up the red phone and clicked it on.


“Hey, how are you?â€￾ She could hear people talking or complaining in the background.

“Who’s this?â€￾

“Jason, remember we went on a blind date yesterday, you didn’t forget me that fast did you?â€￾ She could picture him smiling right now by that comment.

“Oh right, sorry I didn’t recognize your voice. So what are you doing right now?â€￾ She got up in her bed, sat with my legs crossed and a smile appeared on her face.

“I’m actually in Los Angeles right now, remember I had to go some where last night. Well I met with my manager, he told me that I had to get to LA for a meeting and here I am in sunny California.â€￾

sh** California he is too far from me.

“Wow. So how’s California?â€￾

“It’s nice, look I’m sorry that I had to go and break our date so early. So I promise that we will have a second date because I like you a lot and want to get to know you more. What do you say?â€￾ Her heart beat started to pound faster.

He likes me? I just feel like fainting. He is so dreamy, sh** I sound like a teenager.

“That’ll be nice; I love to go on a second date with you.â€￾

“Alright that’s great, so how about tomorrow at seven?â€￾

“Tomorrow? You sure you could make it by then?â€￾

“Yes of course, look I have to go and I’ll call you tonight if I get a chance. Bye.â€￾

“Bye.â€￾ She clicked the phone off and rushed into the kitchen. She saw her granny with Laura eating breakfast at the little kitchen table. She gave her granny a kiss on the rose colored cheek and said ‘hey’ to Laura.

“Good morning pumpkin how was your date?â€￾ Raquel looked at her and she put a piece of bacon into her mouth.

“It was good, his name is Jason. He is a singer, you might know him Jason Fokker, have you heard of him?â€￾

“Oh my lord you did not just said the f word, let me get my hot sauce.â€￾ She got up from her chair but she stopped her.

“Granny, Fokker is his last name.â€￾ Laura and Raquel started laughing at her and her reaction. His name was quite comical. She had never dated a guy with that kind of a name. That’s what made him special. She had never talked about a guy like this before or even liked a guy this fast. She thought knew why girls liked him and it was because his charming style and his personality. She grabbed some coffee and went into her room to freshen up. Laura went home and granny went to help my grandpa with their bakery. They had it since 1902; it’s going to be handed down to Raquel to take care of. It was suppose to be given to her mother but she left her when she was two. She doesn’t miss her and never will. People feel bad for her because she doesn’t have a mother but she tells them she does have a mum, her granny is her mother. She has been there for her when ever she needed her, from her first day in school to her graduation, and same goes with to her grandpa, who is like my father to her. Her dad left Raquel mother when she was only five weeks pregnant. She has never talked to her mother or father, and she likes to keep it that way. She got into my bath tub and took some nice warm shower that relaxed her. After getting dressed she headed to her grandpa’s bakery. She walked for about couple of blocks until she finally reached it. Every new who she was so and this place is like Cheers, a great place to be.

It was six thirty and she was getting ready to go out with Jason. She was excited because he always brought a smile to her face. He said to wear a dress because we are going some where nice. She wore a black dress, which was simple yet sexy, had my hair down in big curls with some diamond earrings. It was six forty-five and she heard a doorbell ring.

It must be Jason, sh** he is early.

She looked out of her little window and saw a hue black limo waiting out side in the driveway. Her granny knocked on Raquel door couple of times until I told her to come in. She looked at me and grabbed her hands.

“Oh pumpkin, you look so beautiful.â€￾

“Really? Thanks Granny.â€￾ She gave her a hug.

“There is a limo driver waiting for you in the living room but Jason isn't here, when do we get to meet him.â€￾ Raquel started walking to her dresser, got her black beaded purse out and put in on her shoulder.

“Soon, hopefully you'll get to meet him this week.â€￾ Her granny walked her down to the living room where she saw this African American man with a black suit on and a hat.

“Ms. Raquel, hello, I'm Christopher and I'll be your driver today.â€￾ He held out a hand for her to grab and she followed him to the limo. She waved and winked back to her grandparents. They looked really happy especially her granny because she wanted her to have a man to love. Christopher opened the door for her and she mouthed out a 'thank you' and entered the limo. As she sat in the middle of this big seat she saw an envelope with her name written on it. She opened it and it said.

Dear Raquel,

You must be wondering where we are going? Well if you haven't figured it out it's a surprise. Take the blind fold and wear it on your head after you are done reading this little note. Now I will be waiting for you at our little place.


She smiled looking down at the letter. She put the blind fold on and was anxious to see what he had planned for them. No one had ever done these kinds of things to her and she enjoying every minute of it. It had been almost half an hour and she couldn't wait anymore.

“Are we almost there?â€￾ She asked Christopher.

“Almost...and here we are.â€￾ He turned to the right and then stopped. Raquel heard the door and a person sat next to me.

“Hey, are you ready for our date?â€￾ It was Jason.

His voice was so sexy; no wonder girls fall for him.

“Sure am but can I take this blind fold off?â€￾ He made a little laugh.

“No, not yet.â€￾ He took her arm and let her out of the limo. They slowly walked so she wouldn’t trip. She listened to every sound that was near her so she can figure out where they are but all she heard was the door opening. They entered a place and got on the elevator. Bing! He took my arm again and led her outside because she could feel the summer breeze on her skin. They stood still and he slowly took of my blindfold and she still had my eyes closed.

“Okay now you can open them.â€￾ She slowly opened her chocolate brown eyes, saw candles laying everywhere. She could the vanilla scent, which was her favorite; she looked straight out into the sky that had million of bright stars shinning down at them. She turned around and saw him leaning against the doorway; he had a smile on his face and was looking at her with his gorgeous green eyes.

“This is so beautiful, thank you so much. I love it.â€￾ He came near me and she gave him a tight hug.

“Your welcome, I knew you’ll enjoy it.â€￾ He laced his fingers into mine and guided her to the little table that has these beautiful plates, wine glass and red roses in the middle. Then the food arrived couple of minutes later. Raquel had Chicken Parmigiana with some wine that went with it. Jason had Steak Gorgonzola-Alfredo with wine. All of the food was from Olive Garden, one of her favorite restaurants.

“So what is the most embarrassing thing that had happened to you?â€￾ He asked.

“Well, when I was six I was in a Christmas play and I was playing one of the angels…â€￾ He interrupted me.

“And you threw up or had to pee, am I right?â€￾ He lifted one of his eyebrows.

“Uh…kind of, I had to dance around and before I got on stage I had to go to the bathroom. So when I got out my angel dress was stuck into my underwear and no one even told me. So I tuned around and everyone in the audience saw my pink panties that had a little phony in the back. I was so sad that I ran out of the stage and started crying. But my granny came and rescued.â€￾ He looked at her with a straight face but then suddenly he started laughing.

I swear people all the way in China could hear him laugh. I didn’t know it was that funny.

“Anyway, tell me your embarrassing moment?â€￾

“Oh god, okay this is really embarrassing. It was my twentieth birthday and I had this huge party, I had Puff Daddy, Paris Hilton, and a lot more celebrities. I had to get on stage and say thank you to every one, make a speech and leave. Well one of my friends was drunk, Trace, you met him…â€￾ She nodded. “He was drunk as hell, he came on the stage behind me and started copying me, and I didn’t even know he was there. Then he took the microphone away from me so everyone would not hear what he had to say but that stupid kid held it right near his face and said, ‘Bro your fly is open.’ Everyone stopped and looked directly at me and even the music stopped. I was like what the f***, I look down and it was open so I had to zip it up. That was so awful, I was turning all red and that was a sh**ty day. And the worst thing is that still to this day everyone there remembers it.â€￾ Raquel started laughing and almost choked on her food. After asking each other questions and getting to know each other well they ordered some desserts. They both got some cheesecake, New York style that is. they talked about their friends, he told her how Justin and Chris are wild, one time they dresses up as crack whores and she told him about her best buddy Laura, even though he knew her. They talked for which felt like ours but then music came on; it was ‘Flow’ by Sade. He directed her into the middle of the balcony and they started slow dancing, she was not a good dancer because she had never slow danced before in her life so she stepped on his feet couple of times but he was okay with it. He taught her step by step. 1,2,3,4.

<span style='font-family:Monotype Corsiva'><span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'>Feel a love light rush over me
I feel the love turn to me and then your love just creeps over me
Over me
See me (within the light)
Flowing (take me to you)
Like the river to the sea
You come down (I’m in the light)
You cover (pull me to you)
And the waves rush over me
O baby
When you hold me
When you hold me

And I won't let you go
I won't let you go
And I won't let you go
I won't let you go</span></span>

They were dancing under the moon light that was so romantic. They both stared into each others eyes; he slowly leaned forward and pressed his soft lips into hers. After seconds he pulled away, she smiled and he captured her bottom lip again. This time the kiss became deeper and deeper until they were out of breath. It was magnificent, the fire work started coming up.

I’m really liking this guy and I don’t want to let him get away. </span>

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:clap: :clap: I like, I like. Jason sounds like he treats Raquel like a princess, and thus, he's definitely a keeper. :lol: Although, I have a feeling that a Jason-Raquel-Justin love triangle is going to form in the coming chapters. So that should be really interesting to see, if indeed it does occur. :thinking:

:rofl: @ Granny getting upset at her for saying Fokker. :rofl: :rofl:

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Thanks Paige for your reply, you're such a sweetheart :hug:

<span style='font-family:Courier New'>Chapter 3:

It has been two weeks of Raquel and Jason dating and it was like a fairy tale. She never thought that this could be so perfect. Right now Jason is in China promoting his album that was released couple of days ago. She was bored being home all day so she came here to Justin’s house and Laura came with her. Laura wanted to meet him so badly and Laura thought Raquel will hook them both up.

“So Justin do you have a girlfriend?â€￾ Laura took the cup of coffee from the tray that Justin was holding. Raquel just looked at her and shook her head.

Damn she is fast on getting guys.

“Not right now, but I’m looking. I’m single but ready to mingle.â€￾ He flashed his beautiful smile.

He has some nice teeth; I need to his dentist’s phone number.

“Oh, same here, I’m looking for a guy but I just can’t find the right guy.â€￾ She took a sip of her coffee.

“Justin, what kind of a girl are you looking for?â€￾ Raquel asked only because Laura told her to ask him.

“I like a girl who is honest, because if you are not then it’s not going to work out. My girl got to have junk in her trunk, if you know what I mean.â€￾ He laughed and elbowed Raquel. Laura laughed with him but Raquel didn’t laugh. He stopped and looked at her. “So what you girls want to do?â€￾ He took the cups out of their hands and placed them on to the table that was in the middle of the living room.

“How about we go out for a movie?â€￾ Raquel suggested.

“Sure that sounds great, I’ll go and change.â€￾ Justin got up.

“I’ll help you.â€￾ Laura said. Justin stopped and looked at her confused. Raquel laughed.

“No thanks my mum taught me how to dress myself, but thanks anyways.â€￾ He gave her a weird smile and ran upstairs.

“I’ll help? What the f*** was that?â€￾ Raquel walked up next to her.

“Nothing, I just…f*** he is hot okay.â€￾

“Dang girl, keep your hormones in check.â€￾

“Please ask him if he likes me? Even if he doesn’t make him like me.â€￾

“I can’t make him like you, you can’t force love.â€￾ She heard Justin coming downstairs. “Shh…he’s coming and I’ll ask him.â€￾ She winked at Laura.

“Alright I’m ready, how about you guys?â€￾ They went to the theater that was ten miles out of the town. They reached the theater; Justin parked while Laura and Raquel went inside. They waited for him near the candy store. Then finally he came.

“Alright, what do you girlys want to watch?â€￾ He took out his wallet.

“Oh first off all you are not paying for my ticket, you can pay for Laura but not mine.â€￾

I don’t like it when people pay for me.

“Clam down, I wasn’t. I was going to buy some chocolate.â€￾


“Good. I want to watch Shrek.â€￾ I said, “it’s a good movie.â€￾

“I already have seen it, twice.â€￾ Laura said.

“Same here but I saw it thrice.â€￾


“Okay, but I haven’t.â€￾ Raquel looked at them and they were giving her this weird look, “alright fine let’s see something else.â€￾ She rolled my eyes.

“How about Glitter?â€￾ Laura asked.

“Glitter? f*** no. I’m not seeing a chick movie especially the one that sucks.â€￾ Justin shouted out.

I’m getting the idea that Laura is getting turned on by Justin talking this way, as in saying f***.

“Alright, you don’t need to swear, Justy. How about watching Dr. Dolittle 2, eh?â€￾ Raquel put my hand on her right hip.

“Yeah.â€￾ Justin and Laura both said at the same time. Laura told Justin and Raquel to get the tickets while she went to go get popcorn for all of us. She wanted Raquel to talk to Justin about them being a couple. They stood in line that had twenty people ahead of them waiting.

“Justin, my man, my dawg, I was wondering that you need a girl in your life. I don’t know maybe someone like Laura.â€￾ She raised her right eyebrow.

“Laura, are you serious? I mean she okay, she just not my type.â€￾

“Well what is your type?â€￾

“To be honest I don’t know what my type is. I’m still trying to figure it out.â€￾ They moved forward.

“Well look Justin, can you please just go on a date with her, only one. It will make her really happy. She really likes you.â€￾

“She doesn’t even know me we just met like an hour ago.â€￾

“I know and that’s why you should take a chance and go out with her so you two can get to know each other better, who knows you too might be perfect for each other.â€￾

“Perfect for each other? I don’t think so. But sure I’ll ask her on a date.â€￾ They finally reached the counter and Justin asked for three tickets. Raquel paid for hers and Laura’s while Justin paid for his. They met Laura near the food counter and Raquel gave her thumbs up. She could tell that she was excited.

After the movie he dropped Raquel out at her house and was driving Laura to her own house.
Justin and Laura were in the car. It was pretty much quite except for telling the directions to Justin. He knew had to ask her out, who knows maybe they could be good for each other.

You can do this Justin, you can do it. How hard can it be to ask a girl out? You’ve done it many times?

“So Laura, did you like the movie?â€￾

“Yes, it was funny. What about you?â€￾

“It was okay; I liked the first one better.â€￾ Silence fell over, “I was wondering if you want to go out again.â€￾

“YES! I mean sure I would love that.â€￾

Wow she really does like me.

Oh my god he asked me out, thank you Raquel.

“Great. How about tomorrow at six? I’ll pick you up.â€￾ He parked the car near the curb to her house.

“Sounds good.â€￾ She leaned forward and kissed him on the lips.

I wasn’t expecting that.

He gave her a smile and said their goodbyes. He took out his cell phone and gave Raquel a call.

“Hey what’s up?â€￾ He said.

“Hey Justy.â€￾ Justy?

“What’s the deal with the Justy? My name is Justin.â€￾

“Justy is you nickname from now on by me. I think it’s cute.â€￾

“Uh…yea, look I asked her out and she was excited she screamed out YES!â€￾

“Aww…that’s great. So where is you date going to be?â€￾

“I was thinking of taking to her to a skating rink near Wal-mart.â€￾

“That sounds good, I’ll talk to you later, and I have to go. Bye.â€￾ They both hung up.

The date is going to go well...at least I hope so.

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Postby *PrInC€š§~R¶* » Mon Jan 17, 2005 7:42 pm

<span style='font-family:Courier New'>Chapter: 4

“I am so excited. I can’t believe he asked me out.â€￾ Laura said excitedly to Raquel who was at Laura’s house helping her get ready.

“I’m so happy for you. You are going to have a great. He’s a fun guy.â€￾ Raquel said putting chips into her mouth.

“I know, thank you for telling him to ask me.â€￾ Laura was putting on some makeup.

“No problem, don’t you think you are wearing too much make up. I mean you are only going bowling.â€￾

“Bowling? Is that we are going? I thought that he will take me to a restaurant. I hate bowling.â€￾ Laura made a frown and collapsed into her bed.

“Yes bowling, bowling isn’t bad. It’s a fun game and the thing that matter is that you are with him, right?â€￾

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.â€￾ Laura was glamorous. She loves dating rich guy because then he will buy her all the expensive things.

After half hour Justin came. But as usual Laura always takes at least two hours.

“Are you nervous?â€￾ Raquel sat next to Justin on the couch.

“No, I’ve done this many times.â€￾

“Many times? How many girlfriends have you had Mr. Player?â€￾ He smiled.

“Only five. There was one time where I dated Britney Spear, which turned out bitter. She cheated on me with one of my friends.â€￾

“You had five girlfriends in what last…?

“Twenty years.â€￾

“Oh cool. I’m nineteen, turning twenty in December 7th.â€￾ Raquel said.

“You’re younger than me, never knew that.â€￾

Laura came down the stairs and saw Justin and Raquel talking and laughing away. She cleared her throat loudly and interrupted them. Justin looked up and came towards Laura.

“You look nice.â€￾ Justin said. Laura was wearing some jeans with a red tank top.

“Thanks you too. Are you ready to go?â€￾ Laura asked.

“Yeah I am.â€￾ They both waved good bye to Raquel and left to go Bowling.

They entered the bowling alley. It was packed with teenager, adults and little kids running around. They paid ten dollars at the main entrance and were assigned to lane three that was way to the right.

“Laura, why don’t you put in our names while I go and get us something to eat? What do you want to eat?â€￾

“I’ll have a diet Coke and some slat and vinegar potato chips.â€￾ Justin nodded and left to get their food. In less than fifteen Justin came back with Laura’s food plus his cheese burger and some curly fries with Pepsi. He placed the items on to the counter that was in the back of them. He stood near Laura.

“Ready to lose?â€￾ Laura said.

“Lose against you, I don’t think so. You are looking at a blowing champion, okay. So you are the one is going to lose baby, not me. Never.â€￾ He popped in couple of fries into his mouth.

“You were a blowing champ? When?â€￾

“Well I never won any awards but when ever I play with my friends I always win.â€￾ Justin took the bowling ball and was getting ready to bowl. He had his knees flexed and his arm all relaxed and all the way back to his shoulder height. He stepped a little forward and dropped the ball quickly as he heard some one scream. He turned around to see it was Laura. He walked up to her.

“Are you okay?â€￾ He looked worried.

“Yeah of course I’m fine.â€￾


“So why did scream?â€￾ He raised his right eyebrow.

“Oh just so you can mess up. I ain’t going to let you win. Hell no. So I try my best to make my adversary lose.â€￾ She drank her Coke and slammed the can onto his chest.

Damn she plays dirty.

She took the bowling ball that in the color orange and was light weight. She swung the ball and it glided through the shiny hardwood floor and got a strike. She was surprised. Justin looked up onto the television screen and saw a POW! Pop up, which meant she got a strike. She came up to him.

“Look who is winning now, baby.â€￾

“We only went once, and that was a lucky shot.â€￾ Justin took the next bowling ball, swung and got a strike. They were competitive through out the rest of the game, it lasted for two hours. But unfortunately Laura lost and Justin won like he said he would.

Justin drove to Laura’s house to drop her off. They both got out and Justin walked her to her front door.

“I had a really nice time.â€￾ Justin began, “I hope we get to do this again.â€￾

“Me too, you have my phone number and my address.â€￾

“Yeah I do, I’ll call you.â€￾ She hugged him and gave him a kiss on the lips. They both smiled, she opened the door and went inside. Justin waited for couple of seconds and left.
Justin entered his house and his parents saw him coming in.

“Justin, come in here.â€￾ His dad yelled through the living. His dad was sitting in his chair reading a magazine while his mum was watching CNN.

“Yes dad.â€￾

“How was your date?â€￾

“It went fine, she’s an enjoyable person.â€￾

“Well we are glad that you had a nice time.â€￾ Justin started to leave. “Oh Justin, Jason is in your room.â€￾

“He’s back!â€￾ Justin ran to his room that was near the kitchen. His room was downstairs while his parent’s room was upstairs. He opened the door quickly.

“What up Jason?â€￾ Jason was in his bed watching MTV.

“Justin, my man. How’s it going? I heard you and Laura are getting at it.â€￾ They gave each other a handshake.

“Ha ha…no, I mean we just went out in a date. She’s cool.â€￾ Justin sat on the bed.

“Cool, just cool? She is f***ing hot.â€￾ Justin looked up at his statement.

“You have a girl Jason. How could you talk like that?â€￾ Jason stared at him.

“Well I was just saying and it’s the truth. I mean Raquel is hot too. They both are hot.â€￾ Justin nodded.

“So, what is going on with Raquel and you?â€￾

“We are still together. She is fun to hang out with. We will last. But the thing is that I don’t want the whole world to know about us, I want to keep in on the down low.â€￾

“Yeah that a good idea.â€￾ Justin replied.

“So what is going on with you and movies?â€￾

“Uh…well I tried out for Model Behavior and I got the part. We are starting the movie shoot next month, so it's exciting.â€￾

“Awesome man, look if you need any help I’m here.â€￾

“No, I want to do it on my own.â€￾

“Alright…â€￾ Jason checked his watch, “…I’m going to go because I have to go to my girl’s house.â€￾ Jason got up and so did Justin. They both gave each other a handshake and Jason left to go to Raquel’s house.
It was ten at night and before he went to Raquel’s house he went to a flower shop that was luckily still open and got her some red roses. Jason got out of his car that was parked on the curb of the sidewalk. He slowly checked himself in the mirror and went up to her window. He saw some rocks lying on the green ground; he picked several of them up. He threw some at the window, then again, again. Finally after throwing six rocks later the lights went on. He smiled.

“Oh lord, who could this be throwing rocks at the window?â€￾ She asked her husband. She walked up to the window and looked out.

“Why it’s a young boy.â€￾ She said to her husband who was still in the bed ignoring her. She opened the window and Jason was surprised to see that it wasn’t Raquel, but her granny. He came closer to the window.

“Oh I’m sorry; I thought that this was Raquel’s window.â€￾ She smiled at the young man standing, she knew it was Jason.

“No her window is on the right side of the house. Why don’t you come to the front door like a normal person and I’ll open it.â€￾ He nodded. She closed the window, walked down the stairs to the front door and opened the door.

“Why didn’t you just knock?â€￾ She asked.

“Well I didn’t want to disturb anyone so I thought I might wake her up by throwing rocks on her window.â€￾

“It’s okay we weren’t really sleeping.â€￾ She let him in, “Raquel is in her room.â€￾ He walked upstairs and behind her was granny going to her room. He went to the right and she went to the left. He walked slowly so that granny would go into her room first and she did when he heard the door close. He reached Raquel’s door that had a monkey hanging on a hook. He opened the door and saw no one in the bed. He walked all the way in and closed the door behind him.

Where is she?

Then he saw the light coming through a door to his left, which was the bathroom. He placed the flowers on her bed and hid in her closet. He wanted to surprise her, he loved surprising her. He waited there for ten minutes by then he was getting tired of standing in the little space that he had. Then finally she came out. He opened the closet door just a little and saw her. Her hair was wet and she had a bathrobe on. When she wasn’t facing the direction of the closet, Jason slowly came up to her and wrapped her arm around her waist. She turned around and a big grin came upon her face and whispered ‘Jason’.

“Hey.â€￾ Jason said.

“Hi.â€￾ She was blushing. She missed him so much but she understood that he was a celebrity and that he won’t be around that much. She knew that they had to work it out to make it last.

“So you took a shower and with out me, that hurts?â€￾ He placed a sad expression on his face.

“Oh shut up.â€￾ She playfully slapped him on his arm.

“Oh by the way these are for you.â€￾ He handed her the red roses.

“Aww…thanks baby.â€￾ She smelled them. They sat on the bed in silence. After couple of seconds Jason looked into her eyes and came closer to her face. He kissed her and she kissed him back. Jason got under her while Raquel was on top of him. He took the robe off of her body. She was wearing a blue spaghetti strap top and some black shorts. His warm hands went underneath her thinned fabric shirt and caressed her back slowly. They continued to make out and Jason stayed over night at her house.

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<span style='font-family:Courier New'>Chapter: 5

Raquel woke up and looked down at the man that was sleeping peacefully next to her. She took the arm that was on her stomach and slowly moved it so she can get up. She went into the bathroom and turned the shower on. She took her shorts and top off and dropped it onto the floor. She stepped into the shower. She relaxed as the warm water hit her naked body. Jason woke and noticed that Raquel wasn’t here. He looked around and heard the shower running. He got up, opened the bathroom door and looked into the direction of the shower. He took his shorts, boxer, and jersey off and entered the shower. She turned around and covered herself with her hands. She looked up and he was staring at the gorgeous naked women in front of him. The water was dripping from her body and running down on the tanned silky skin. He couldn’t stop himself. He came closer and closer while she closed her eyes. Finally he touched her bare skin and put her against the shower wall. He started softly kissing her while his fingers were below her waist and slowly sliding his finger inside pushing them through her walls and deep inside of her. She snatched in a breath and was surprised at his action. He captured her lips again and making the embrace hotter and more intense. Sliding his fingers in up and down motion in a steady rhythm that allowed her to get used to what he was doing. As she was relaxing and really enjoying what he was doing to her, he picked up his pace moving his fingers faster up and down and in a circular motion making the intensity of her pleasure. She moaned and let out a deep sigh and grabbed onto him for support. He enjoyed listening her moan; it was music to his ears. It was getting more intense and neither of them could deny it. He wanted to give her all the pleasure and satisfaction that he can. He slowly pulled his fingers back from her and looked at her who wanted more. He took her out of the shower and into the bed. He made love to her like no one had ever done to Raquel. It was beautiful and special moment between them.
Raquel’s granny was in the kitchen cooking up some breakfast for everyone. She wanted to know why Raquel and Jason weren’t awake. It was ten o’ clock in the morning. So she decided to head upstairs and check on them. She was almost near the door and was about to open it.

“What are you doing?â€￾ Grandpa John replied.

“Nothing I was just about to see if they were awake yet? It’s ten in the morning and Raquel’s need to help you out at the bakery.â€￾ She replied to his question.

“Hmm…I think you should let her stay asleep and she’ll come when she wakes up.â€￾

“Okay John.â€￾ They went back downstairs and Granny Eva gave him some breakfast. After finishing breakfast, they went to the bakery and leaving a note to their grandchild.

It was three in the afternoon when both Raquel and Jason got up. Raquel went into the kitchen to prepare their lunch/breakfast. She saw a note that was posted on the refrigerator.

Raquel, we went to the bakery and there is some bacon, and eggs on the dinning table.


“Hmm…food.â€￾ She said to herself. She took the plate off that was covering the food and looked at it. It looked all soggy and disgusting. The bacon wasn’t red and the eggs started to look green. She took it and threw them away in the garbage. She took some Oreos cereal out from the cupboard and milk and poured it into a bowl. She took it and went into the living room and sat on the couch.

Couple of moments later Jason came all showered and cleaned up. He entered the room and a smile spread across his face as he saw Raquel and an even that took place earlier. He kissed her on the cheek and she waved to him because she had cereal in her mouth. She pointed to the bowl that was in the left hand and he shook his head.

“Raquel, I have to go. Justin called and my manager was pissed off that I didn’t come to a meeting that I had to attend. So I have to go there and clear up this mess.â€￾

“Oh okay, but you sure you don’t want anything to eat first?â€￾ They both got up.

“Yeah I’m sure; I’ll just grab something from Wendy’s.â€￾ He kissed her on her lips and left.
Jason walked into Justin’s house since Lou Pearlman was meeting him there.

“Yo, Jason where the f*** have you been? Lou is mad pissed at you.â€￾ Justin warned him.

“I was at Raquel’s house.â€￾

“All night, eh? Oh space cowboy you rode her? Ha ha…â€￾ Justin laughed. Jason shook his head.

“Shut the hell up man!â€￾ He slightly punched Justin on the arm. He walked into the basement where Trace, Josh and Lou were playing pool. Lou looked up and back down to the pool table.

“So you finally decide to show up?â€￾ Lou said.

“Yeah look I’m sorry I lost track of the time, I’m really sorry.â€￾

“No you’re not…He was with Raquel the WHOLE night.â€￾ Justin blurted in. Jason eyes him and Justin stopped smiling.

“Raquel? Now is this your new girlfriend?â€￾ Lou asked.

“Yeah, why? I can’t have a girl in my life.â€￾ He sat on the sofa.

“No I’m not saying that, all I am saying is that you should have checked with me before you f***ed her.â€￾ Lou said.

“Whatever…look is this what the meeting was going to be about?â€￾ Jason asked. He was getting annoyed with Lou’s sh**.

“No. we as in the whole company were thinking that you should do a movie. What do you think?â€￾

“Uh…right now, no. But in the future, hell yeah I’ll do one.â€￾

“Okay that is all we wanted to know,â€￾ Lou pulled his shirt up and looked at his new watch, “I should be going.â€￾ He shook all of their hands and left.

“Lou is a f***ing a**hole who only wants money.â€￾ Justin said.

“No, he has to be like that, so I won’t do anything wrong.â€￾ Jason defended Lou.

“Yeah well from what I saw, I agree with Justin on this one.â€￾ Josh replied. He was Justin’s best friend.

“Ah f*** I got to go to work,â€￾ Justin replied lazily, “later.â€￾ He left to go to Walgreen. He works at the counter.

“So what are we going to do?â€￾ Trace asked.

“Nothing, I’m going to sleep.â€￾ Jason said. He signaled goodbye to both of them and left to sleep in the guest room. He got out from his clothes and wore his pajamas and fell on to the inviting bed.

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<span style='font-family:Courier New'>Chapter: 6

It was August and Justin on his movie shoot in New York and with him he brought Laura who was shopping while Justin was in his trailer putting some clothes on. They were shooting the ending first. He wore a jacket and a sweater underneath it. He got out and went onto the set.

“Justin you have to come from there…,â€￾ the director pointed to him, “…and then you sit here and kiss her like she says. But when you kiss her tilt your head this way so we could see your face in the screen and hers too, Okay?â€￾ Justin nodded.

Wow, never thought kissing some one involved this many directions.

They did their scene and it took the only two outtakes. After doing couple more scenes they had a lunch break. So Justin and the leading lady Maggie Lawson were in Justin’s trailer practicing the script a bit. They were laughing and talking about the movie and how they were missing home.

Laura came back from shopping and asked couple of people where Justin was and they replied, ‘he is in his trailer.’ So she went to the trailer. She came near it and heard laughter coming out of the trailer. She wondered who he was talking too. She opened the door and saw Maggie and Justin on a couch laughing. She got jealous. Justin looked up and smiled.

“Maggie, this is my wonderful girlfriend Laura.â€￾ He grabbed her hand and led her to the couch. Laura gave her a fake smile and Justin noticed it.

“Hi.â€￾ They both shook each others hand. Laura gave her an evil look and Maggie got the idea it was time for her to go.

“I should be leaving, Justin I’ll see you later and Laura it was nice meeting you.â€￾ Maggie smiled.

“You too…â€￾ She left.

“What was that all about?â€￾ Justin asked with an angry look on his face.

“What was what about?â€￾ Laura pretended like nothing had happened.

“You being mean to her, all she was doing is being nice to you.â€￾

“Ugh…Justin I don’t have to like everyone. And I could tell that she wanted you and YOU wanted her.â€￾ She collapsed into the couch and ran her fingers through her hair.

“Me wanting her? She is my friend, what I can’t have a girl who is a friend?â€￾ Justin was getting irritated.

“Yes.â€￾ Justin was surprised by her answer.

“What you mean ‘yes’? You don’t trust me? I can’t f*** believe you don’t trust me. We have been going out for what more than three months.â€￾

“Justin, I just don’t like it when you talk to girls and that’s it.â€￾ Justin let out a laugh.

“How do you think I feel when I see you f***ing flirting with other guys.â€￾

“Well so…look I’m hungry, do you want to go to a restaurant down the street?â€￾

“Ugh…I can’t take this anymore!â€￾

“Take what?â€￾

“You! Look Laura, I like you but I don’t think this is working out between us.â€￾ Justin stated.

“You are breaking up with me?â€￾ Laura said without any emotions.

“I think it’s for the best.â€￾

“Yeah well I don’t. I can’t believe you are breaking up with me.â€￾

“I just don’t think we are meant to be. I like you but as a friend and that’s it. I’m sorry for hurting you.â€￾

“Whatever Justin, I’m leaving bye.â€￾ She got her purse and bags and left quickly while Justin stared at the door. He couldn’t believe this just happened and so fast. But he was glad because he knew that she wasn’t right for him and he wasn’t right for her.
Laura got the room key out and unlocked the door. She entered ‘their’ bedroom and she took all her clothes from the closet and packed them into her bag. She didn’t care to fold them or anything. She got her bags out and put them near the door. She was really angry that she threw the lamp that was sitting on the side table and broke everything that she laid her eyes on.

“There that will teach him a lesson.â€￾ She said out loud. She called the taxi and she disappeared into the New York traffic.
Justin walked his way into the hotel and was greeted by the doorman. He clicked for the elevator. He heard the door open for the other one so he walked to it and entered. He clicked for the fourth floor and went towards his room. When he got there he realized the door was already open, so he pushed the door open and was shocked to see what had happened here.

“Holy sh**!â€￾ He said to himself. He dropped into the couch and covered his face with his hands.

“How the f*** am I going to pay for this broken sh**?â€￾ He knew he couldn’t call his mother or father so he decided to call Raquel, she was a smart girl and he knew she will help him out.

“Hey Raquel it’s me Justin.â€￾

“Let me guess, you called because you broke up with Laura, am I getting warmer?â€￾

“Yeah that is right but damn that f***ing girl has some major anger problem. When I got back from the movie shoot, I opened the door and everything is all smashed up, the lamps, mirrors, and glasses. What the hell am I suppose to do?â€￾

“Oh wow she did that? All she said to me was that you broke up with her and that’s it. She did sound pretty pissed off.â€￾

“Well yeah what the f*** should I do?â€￾

“Pay for it or tell the manager what happened.â€￾

“There is not point of telling the manager because he will tell me to pay for it.â€￾

“Then you pay for it or ask your parents.â€￾

“I guess I have to pay for it. Talk to you later. Bye.â€￾ They both hung up and Justin knew he had to pay for this entire sh**ty thing. He went to the manager’s office and told her what had happened and she said that Laura will have to pay for it since she did this. Justin was relieved. She took down Laura’s address and phone number. After that they both shook hands and Justin left and went to his new room. </span>

should i continue or not? :unsure:

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Thu Jan 20, 2005 9:40 pm

I don't have a chance to read tonight, but definitely continue, and I'll get caught up tomorrow morning.

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Fri Jan 21, 2005 10:20 am

:huh: Whoa, Laura went psycho on Justin. Didn't expect that, but it never seemed like Justin was all that into her in the first place. I saw him going out with her as more of a favor to Raquel, since Laura is her good friend.

When Jason was talking about how hot Laura is, I was starting to get worried. Now you've got me thinking that he's going to go after Laura, and dump Raquel. Ah, I don't know! I will wait and see. :nod:

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