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<span style='color:blue'>Ok so I know I didn't finish the other one and I will I promise but I like this one better right now lol. I've been really busy with everything and I kinda have a lot of this written already, well parts of it written lol. Anyway I've never really done a sequel before so I hope it doesn't suck. But I like it lol so hopefully you will too. So anyway here it is. I hope you like it.
Leave lots of feedback please! :D

Chapter 1

I woke up and felt two strong arms wrapped around me and took a deep breath. For once in my life, it seems like everything is actually working out the way it’s supposed to be. I moved his arm so I was facing him and felt a smile come across my face, “Wake up, wake upâ€￾ I whispered softly and traced his lips with the tip of my finger, “Wake up, wake upâ€￾
He kissed my finger without opening his eyes, “I’m not waking upâ€￾
“Why not?â€￾
“I’m tiredâ€￾
“Just open your eyes for one secondâ€￾
“Why not?â€￾
“Because then I’ll be awakeâ€￾
“Good try Katâ€￾ he said with a chuckle, “What time is it?â€￾
“I don’t know, why don’t you open your eyes and seeâ€￾
He laughed as he wrapped his arms around me and kissed my forehead before opening his eyes, “Why won’t you let a man sleep?â€￾
“Because it’s 11:30â€￾
“We were up all nightâ€￾
“So, that doesn’t mean we have to sleep all dayâ€￾
“Yes, it most certainly doesâ€￾ he laughed as I shook my head, “What’s happening today that you feel we should be up for?â€￾
“Well feel free to go ahead and make breakfast. No one’s stopping you there Kitty Katâ€￾
“No, I was thinking more like you would make me breakfastâ€￾
“Sureâ€￾ he said as he closed his eyes, “In a few hours, I’m still sleepingâ€￾ I took a deep breath as I closed my eyes, and then took another deep breath and opened one eye. Nothing. One more deep breath, and I got a laugh. Finally. “Alrightâ€￾ he sat up and stretched, “Alright, I’m up Kathleen, stop with the deep breathsâ€￾
I giggled and wrapped my arms around his neck, “I’m hungryâ€￾
“I know you’re hungry, you’re always hungryâ€￾ he said as he stood up and pulled me up with him, “Come on, make me breakfastâ€￾ I pulled my slippers on and jogged into the kitchen to catch up with him.
I took a deep breath as I looked at my almost empty fridge and felt his strong arms around me, “Well… there’s a couple eggsâ€￾
“Mmmâ€￾ he moaned softly as he started kissing my neck
“There’s probably some potatoes in the pantryâ€￾ he’s not even listening to me, he just continued to kiss my neck, “Stopâ€￾ I laughed, “Justin I’m seriously really hungryâ€￾
He turned me around, “Me tooâ€￾ he smiled and then started again
I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him gently, “Can we please just eat first?â€￾
“Alrightâ€￾ he said as he walked over to the pantry, “You need to go shopping girlâ€￾
Well here we are, a little over a month after the whole fight thing. Everything’s going really great between us. It’s amazing. Justin was home for a month, that we pretty much spent together every minute of. He’s going back to work in a couple days, which means he’ll be starting to tour again soon, but we don’t talk about that. I hate that he’s going to be away from here but it’s part of life I guess. But it’s going to be all right, it won’t be that long, and I’ll probably be able to fly out and meet him somewhere.
“You don’t have any food Kat, let’s just skip breakfastâ€￾
“Shut up Justin I’m hungry we will find foodâ€￾ I said as I looked through the cabinets, opened up a package of Pop Tarts, stuck one in my mouth and the other in his and grabbed the container of Orange Juice, “ So back to work soon huh?â€￾
He nodded his head as he finished chewing and I handed him a glass of orange juice, “I guess soâ€￾ he took a sip of orange juice and sat down on my counter, “I have a couple more days freeâ€￾ he smiled, “What about you?â€￾
“Fashion show tomorrowâ€￾
“For what?â€￾
“Some new designer, I thought I’d help her outâ€￾ this girl is really crazy. She literally has called me at least 15 times; how she got my number I don’t even know.
“Sounds like funâ€￾ he said as he stood up and put the glass in the sink, “So there’s nothing tonight?â€￾
I shook my head and he walked over to me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck, “Nothing tonightâ€￾ I said before kissing him gently
He nodded his head, “Goodâ€￾
“Good?â€￾ I asked with a slight laugh
“Great? Wonderful?â€￾
“Betterâ€￾ I smiled before kissing him again. The phone rang and I jumped off the counter, “Mike’s Meat House, what’s your beef?â€￾ I answered
“Kat, what’s up? It’s Johnâ€￾
“I know who it is Bay-bay, what’s goin’ on Johnny?â€￾
“I’m here with the publicist, we want you to come to the office so we can discuss some things,â€￾ oh yeah… I have a publicist now. How insane is that? Apparently Johnny thinks I need someone to release statements for me and fix up what I say, especially after the whole ordeal a couple weeks ago.
“Oh Johnnyâ€￾ I wined, “I just woke up, I’m in my pajamasâ€￾
“We can come byâ€￾ errr
“Okâ€￾ I’d rather they come than I have to get all dressed up and drive into town, “I’m not dressed or anything, do I have to get dressed?â€￾
“Just have some sort of clothing on Kat and that will be greatâ€￾ he said with a chuckle… cute. “Great, we’ll be there in a fewâ€￾
“Byeâ€￾ I hung up the phone and Justin wrapped his arms around me and started kissing me, “You have to goâ€￾
“What?â€￾ he asked with a chuckle, “I’m not leavingâ€￾
“Yeah, John and my publicist are coming overâ€￾
“Since when do you have a publicist?â€￾
“Since, um… a certain someone got in a fight with he who we do not speak ofâ€￾
He laughed and grabbed another Pop Tart, “I’m still not leavingâ€￾
“Yes you areâ€￾
He shook his head, “I’m going back to sleepâ€￾
“At your houseâ€￾
He shook his head again, “Alright, but let me take a shower firstâ€￾
“No, there’s no timeâ€￾ I said with a laugh
“Wait waitâ€￾ he said as he held his hand up to my face, “You said after we eat…â€￾
“I said no such thingâ€￾ I cut him off, “Seriously they are comingâ€￾
“Alright, alright I’ll go,â€￾ he said as he sat down and pulled on his sneakers, “But I’ll be backâ€￾
“You bet your ass you’ll be backâ€￾ what?
“You bet your ass you’ll be back?â€￾ he repeated, “Who the f*** says that?â€￾ he laughed
“Uh, me obviouslyâ€￾ I smiled, “Now go, I’ll call you when they leaveâ€￾
“You bet your ass you willâ€￾ he said with a chuckle and kissed me gently, “I’ll talk to you laterâ€￾
“Byeâ€￾ I walked him to the door and saw John pulling into the driveway, “Noâ€￾ I laughed and grabbed onto his arm, “No, don’t go outâ€￾
He laughed, “But you told me to goâ€￾
“I changed my mind stay. Please stay? Hide?â€￾
“Hidingâ€￾ he laughed as he went into the other room
I closed the door, then opened it a little, “Thanksâ€￾
“Go talk to your publicistâ€￾ he said with a little smile… he’s great.
I went to the door to let them in, “Hey, thanks for comingâ€￾
“How are you?â€￾ Johnny asked before hugging me
“Wonderful, yourself?â€￾ I kissed his cheek, “It’s nice to see you againâ€￾ I said to the publicist… a complete lie; it’s not nice to see her again. I hate her. She’s so snotty and I swear she like looks down on me because of the things I say or something. She thinks that because she’s a publicist she knows everything and her way is always the right way. She’s good… or so I’ve been told, she knows what she’s doing but it’s just the way she acts that annoys the hell out of me.
“Let’s get to work,â€￾ she said as she pulled out a folder from her bag
“Of course, take a seatâ€￾ they sat down at the kitchen table, “Can I get you some coffee?â€￾
“I’ll get it Kat, sitâ€￾ Johnny said as he grabbed himself a cup of coffee
“Alright, let’s goâ€￾ I smiled as I sat down across from the evil publicist
“Ok, well before we start you need to tell me exactly what happenedâ€￾
“That night at the clubâ€￾
I feel like I’m being integrated by the police. “Um… okâ€￾ I paused; I haven’t really talked about it at all since it happened. I’ve tried to block it out of my memory. “Well what do you need to know?â€￾
“Exactly what happenedâ€￾ she repeated, this time with more of an attitude. Ok like get a clue lady this isn’t the easiest thing for me to discuss
“Okâ€￾ I paused, and then started talking quickly, “I went to the club with Ryan, this girl showed me the pictures, I went in and confronted him, left, ran into Justinâ€￾ I paused, “Timberlake… the singer. And that’s itâ€￾
“What were the pictures of?â€￾
“Are you serious?â€￾ why does that matter?
“Of courseâ€￾
“I don’t see why that’s importantâ€￾
“To make a statement, it’s important we know the truthâ€￾
“That’s a tiny detail that’s not important to the point of the storyâ€￾ I paused, “That’s not something that needs to be projected to the publicâ€￾
“In order for me to make a statement, it is important we know the truthâ€￾
“Well that’s not what the statement is on, so don’t worry about itâ€￾ I hate her.
She took a deep, obnoxious breath, “Moving on, what happened after you ran into Justinâ€￾
Why does she need to know this? I swear she doesn’t she’s just being nosey. I looked over at John and he kind of nodded his head, I guess I have to tell her, “I told him what happened and he went over to Ryanâ€￾
“Where they began to fight?â€￾ I nodded my head, “And who threw the first punch?â€￾
“I don’t knowâ€￾ seriously, I think this lady thinks she’s a detective or something, get over yourself you’re a f***ing publicist, “I wasn’t exactly paying attention to the detailsâ€￾
She took a deep breath and wrote something down. What is she writing? “So in short, your relationship with Mr. Timberlake?â€￾
“There is no relationship. We’re friendsâ€￾
“Friendsâ€￾ I repeated. She’s such a f***ing annoying b****.
“I can’t stress how important it is that you are honest with me so I can come up with a statement that is true to not only you but the other parties involved in the incidentâ€￾
“Justin and I are friends, there’s absolutely nothing more to it than thatâ€￾ I said as I took a sip of my coffee. She is prying into my life and being an a**hole about it. I’m seriously surprised Justin is still in the other room, he must not be listening to this conversation or he would have been out here screaming at her himself.
“Can I quote you on that?â€￾
“Quote awayâ€￾ I said as I took another sip, “Are we done?â€￾
“We’re doneâ€￾ she stood up and headed for the door
“Greatâ€￾ I said as I stood up.
John stood up and hugged me before leaving, “Tomorrow right?â€￾
“Tomorrowâ€￾ I smiled, “I hate her,â€￾ I whispered to him
“I know, I knowâ€￾ he laughed slightly, “I’ll talk to you tomorrowâ€￾
“Alright, byeâ€￾ I walked him to the door, watched them drive away and then opened the door to Justin standing at the door
“There’s absolutely nothing going on between usâ€￾ he smiled before kissing my lips gently
“Absolutely nothingâ€￾ I laughed as he picked me up and threw me on the bed
“Absolutely nothingâ€￾</span>

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oh yeah right it's the sequel to someday we'll know lol I'm sorry I'm a little out of it :P

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:yay: It took me a few minutes to refresh my mind on what had happened prior to this, but it all came back. :lol: Good old Justin and Kat. And Ryan, the dickhead. :rofl:

Glad to see these characters back in action. I loved the ending of this chapter ... gotta keep it hush hush. ;) Evil publicist lady is probably going to spill the beans one of these days.

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ok sorry it's taken so long, i'm busy thanks for the feedback :)


The sound of the rain against the sky light windows was driving me crazy, it felt like someone was tapping me with every drop. I took a deep breath as I pulled my knees up to my chest, “What?â€￾ Justin asked as he turned the TV on mute
“Nothingâ€￾ I said before resting my head on his shoulder
“Okâ€￾ he said with a chuckle
“It’s rainingâ€￾
“Is it?â€￾ he asked sarcastically and I punched his arm
I looked over at the clock, sh**, “It’s four thirtyâ€￾
“Damn we missed Oprahâ€￾
I laughed, he’s such a dork, “ I thought you had a fitting at 4â€￾
“sh**, today’s Friday?â€￾ he stood up and I nodded my head, “well damn someone could have called meâ€￾
“Uh yeah like maybe the same person that did call you like 20 times yesterday causing you to turn off your phone?â€￾
He shrugged as he picked up his phone and turned it on, “Maybeâ€￾ he kissed my forehead, “Call me when you get in, have fun tonightâ€￾
“Byeâ€￾ I grabbed my bag and threw my hair into a messy ponytail. I’m running late too, I’m surprised I haven’t gotten a million phone calls already.
I drove to the studio where the show was. I haven’t done a show in so long. This girl is like some new designer that somehow got my number and pretty much called me until I said I’d do it. She has real good designs though, and you have to give it to her for persistence. So I decided to help the girl out. But I will say there’s going to be a lot of media people here so I’ve done my part. It’ll give her some exposure; the rest is up to her.
I parked my car in the parking lot and stuffed my purse under the passenger’s seat. I followed the signs and made my way to the backstage area where there were already a bunch of models getting ready. I knew I should have taken Kristen; I have no idea where to go. I just decided to wander around.
“Katâ€￾ I heard my name and turned around to see the girl standing there, “Over hereâ€￾
“Oh God, I’m just wandering aroundâ€￾ I laughed, “It’s good to see youâ€￾
“You too, thank you so much for doing thisâ€￾ she said as she led me to makeup
“Oh yeah, I told you don’t even mention itâ€￾
“This way Ms. Sharpâ€￾ the makeup designer said as I sat down, “I’m Jimmy Deanâ€￾
“Jimmy Dean?â€￾ he nodded his head, “Like the sausage?â€￾
He laughed, “Yes Kat, like the sausageâ€￾
I laughed at the reaction I got as he worked his magic with my hair and makeup. I was actually having fun; it was cool to be with these girls just starting out and everything. A lot of the models haven’t done a lot of runways, so it was cool that they were asking me for advice and everything. Time goes by so fast before the show actually starts. Well the whole show goes by fast but everything is so hectic it’s insane. I kind of hate doing these shows because it’s so stressful and everything happens so fast. At least with Victoria Secret it’s a little less hectic, I mean it’s hectic no matter what but there everyone has their own stylist and their own people here it’s kind of like everyone sharing everything. But it’s also a bit of a reality check to be with all these girls just starting out, everything’s so fresh, no one really has their big egos yet.
As I walked onto the runway for the first time I swear there were more flashes than I’ve ever experienced. It was crazy; I almost fell off the stage a couple times, although I’m sure that’s what some of them wanted. All in all, I’d say the show went pretty well.
“I think it went well,â€￾ I said to the designer as I finished getting ready to go. She nodded her head, hardly even looking at me, “Is everything ok?â€￾
“It’s just… you were smiling while you were doing the walkâ€￾
I think I must have looked at her like she’s crazy, is she really yelling at me because of the way I walk? “Ok?â€￾
“It’s a serious line, dresses and stuff, it’s not like it’s teen clothes or like trendy thingsâ€￾
“So you’re upset that I smile when I walk?â€￾
“Well maybe if you went to rehearsal or somethingâ€￾
Are you serious, “Ok, I was never told that there was a rehearsal so if this whole thing is because I didn’t go to a rehearsal I was not aware of then maybe you should have contacted me about itâ€￾ she didn’t say anything, “And if you don’t like the way I walk I don’t know what to tell you. It’s the way I walk. It’s me. I’ve walked that way my whole careerâ€￾
“I’m just saying it’s a serious show. It’s not like it’s Victoria Secret where you’re dressed in lingerie and are supposed to look like some sex kittenâ€￾
“Sweetheart, I’ve done Vera Wang bridal shows and I walk the same way. If you had a problem with the way I walk why did you even ask me to do this?â€￾ she didn’t say anything, “Ok well I’m leaving, I understand you’re stressed out which is completely normal but there’s defiantly no reason to take it out on me. Especially since, not to sound egotistical, but let’s face the facts, I’m the reason why so much press cameâ€￾ I had to leave because if I didn’t I’m pretty sure I would have punched the b**** in the face.
I drove back to my house and pretty much slammed the door shut. I threw my purse on the floor and went right to the bedroom, but saw Justin sitting on my couch watching the Lakers game, “I’m going to bed,â€￾ I said as I walked past him
“Ok?â€￾ he said as he turned off the TV and followed me, “Good show?â€￾ he asked with a slight chuckle as he jumped on my bed
“Remind me never to do shows with no names,â€￾ I said as I pulled my shirt off, “Can you believe the nerve of this girl? She like yelled at me because she didn’t like my walk. Ok seriously, if she’s such a big fan of mine like she claimed she would know my f***ing walk. I walk the same damn way I have since I started doing runway, that’s such bullsh**. Vera Wang didn’t have a problem with my walk, Versace didn’t have a problem with my walk, but this f***ing no-namer has a problem with it. Like who is she to say that? I like took time away from my schedule to do this show to help this girl out, knowing I would get nothing for it. But damn a little respect or something would be great. Like she’s blaming me because she had a problem. I understand it’s stressful and sh** but come on, I’m like the one person in that whole thing that has experience, the one person that got her all that f***ing publicity, the one person that knows what she’s doing, the one person she should NOT be blaming her sh** onâ€￾ I paused as I pulled a t-shirt on
“Want to go egg her house?â€￾
I looked at him and laughed, “Desperatelyâ€￾
“Let’s do itâ€￾ he stood up
“Sit downâ€￾ I laughed as I sat down next to him. It’s so cool that I can vent to him and he can bring humor into the situation, which kind of makes me realize how stupid I’m being. Who cares that this b**** wants to blame me for her sh**? It’s over, it’s not like I’m just starting out and my career will be over.
“I’m serious, eggs are on sale at Albertson’s this weekâ€￾
“You are such a dork shut up,â€￾ I laughed before kissing him gently, “How was your fittingâ€￾
“Just as exciting as it sounds,â€￾ he said as he reached for something, “I got you a presentâ€￾
“You can’t buy me Justinâ€￾
“I didn’t buy you sh**â€￾ he handed me a box and I held onto it, why did he get me something? “Open itâ€￾
I gave him a look before opening the box, “A piece of paperâ€￾
“Not just any piece of paper Kat,â€￾ I picked it up in my hand and my mouth dropped. An application to NYU, Justin moved over to get a good look at the expression I was making, “Breath, that might helpâ€￾ he said with a smile
“I can’t do thisâ€￾
“What are you talking about? Of course you can. It’s the Gallatian School so you can make your own classes and stuff. That way you can still do some modeling while you’re at school. It’s in New York so you’ll be in your city. The fashion capital of America so you can do shows if you want. You’ll be home with your brother; close to your manager…â€￾ he’s really given this a lot of thought
“Thousands of miles away from youâ€￾
“Well that’s the thing though. I’m going to be touring and hardly be home anyway. I mean, you could go to UCLA or something, but I know you’re a New Yawk girl and you’re getting a little sick of the whole LA scene. You want to do it Kat, so just do itâ€￾
“I can’t go to college though Justin, and NYU? I haven’t been to school in like five yearsâ€￾
“Who cares? Kat it’s obvious you’re getting fed up with the whole modeling thing. You’ve told me how much you hate it pretty much from the first time we metâ€￾ he held onto my hands and looked into my eyes, “I know it’s what you want, and maybe for once you should so something for yourself. Everyone will be all right, your brother has a job, your sister’s on scholarship, and you have money. You’ll still be making money doing showsâ€￾
“I guess I could apply and see what happensâ€￾
“Just think of how horrible the show today was and then…â€￾
“Give me a damn penâ€￾

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Thu Mar 03, 2005 10:43 am

:clap: She applying! Woo ... I hope she gets in. :nod: The modeling seems to have taken it's toll on her, so it's probably for the best that she gives something new a try. I don't know how the sepration from Justin is going to go. They better keep this relationship going. I love them! :D

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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Thu Mar 24, 2005 9:10 pm

<span style='color:blue'>Sorry it's taken me so long to update I've been crazy busy. So here's some more... hope you like it. Don't forget the feedback B)

Chapter 3

“John Stewartâ€￾
“You’ve got to be kidding meâ€￾
“As in two days from now?â€￾
“That’s like asking Charlie if he’s interested in finding the golden ticketâ€￾ I found a smile covering my face, I love John Stewart. I love his show I watch it every night and I can’t believe he wants me to be on it.
“So it’s a yes?â€￾
“Greatâ€￾ my manager laughed into the phone, “I’ll give the Daily Show people a call and then I’ll call Kristen with the detailsâ€￾
“Oh Johnny did I ever tell you how much I love you?â€￾
“Everyday… but it never gets oldâ€￾
“Thank you Johnny, I love youâ€￾
“Yeah, yeah. So you’ll be leaving tomorrow thenâ€￾
“And I will see you in New Yorkâ€￾ I hung up the phone and went into my kitchen. I sat at the table eating my bagel with cream cheese and drinking my strawberry, banana and orange juice smoothie while I was reading the paper. Oh yeah so now it’s a big story about that stupid show the other night. It’s insane I guess she sold this whacked out story to all the tabloids, but it’s cool the tabloids are my best friends, they know more about me then I know about myself.
My cell phone rang and I answered it with a mouth full of food, “I’m going to New York tomorrowâ€￾ I heard Justin’s voice on the line
“Shut upâ€￾
“For a couple weeks to do some promotion for the tourâ€￾
“Me tooâ€￾
“You too what?â€￾
“I’m going to New York, tomorrowâ€￾ I paused to take a sip of my smoothie, “John Stewart Thursdayâ€￾
“Awesomeâ€￾ he paused, “I’ll see you there then?â€￾
“Totallyâ€￾ I laughed, “What are you doing now?â€￾
“Rehearsal you?â€￾
“Nothing I’m bored. I think I’m going to go to the gymâ€￾ I heard him laugh, why is he laughing? “What’s so funny about that?â€￾
“Nothingâ€￾ he laughed
“Nothing, I’ve just never heard those words come out of your mouthâ€￾
“Shut up, I have a membership at the gymâ€￾
“I don’t doubt that you have a membership, but that doesn’t mean you goâ€￾
“Well I’m going today. I have a catalog shoot in a month, I’m getting chunkyâ€￾
“I know, you’re going to start oinking soon,â€￾ he said sarcastically
“It’s already startingâ€￾ I laughed, “I’ll talk to you laterâ€￾ I hate the gym. I really hate it. Ok that’s a little harsh. The truth is I haven’t spent much time in the gym. I’ve been really blessed as far as that goes. I could always pretty much eat whatever I wanted and would never gain a pound. But I think it’s starting to catch up with me a little.

I didn’t end up going to the gym. But I seriously thought about it so that’s worth something. Kristen came over instead and we went shopping and got everything ready for New York. I’m not going to even tell my brother, I’ll just show up on his doorstep… or my doorstep since he’s living at my house.
We went to the airport the next morning, and of course Justin was on my plane. It’s weird because we have to act like we haven’t really seen each other in a few weeks or whatever. I know its kind of dumb this whole thing, but the truth is I’m not going through what I went through with Ryan with Justin. That’s just complete bullsh** and there’s no way I want that attention again. Besides, it’s not even like we’re boyfriend/girlfriend. There’s no label and that’s how I like it, how we want it to be.
When we got to New York I just felt like I was home. LA’s cool and everything but this is my city. I love it here, I love the smell of the crisp autumn air, I love the smell of the pretzels in the streets, and I love the bustle on the city streets. We drove right to my apartment and knocked on the door waiting for my brother to answer it. “Let’s go, you’re getting evicted. Open upâ€￾
“What the hell are you doing here?â€￾ he asked when he opened the door and pulled me into a hug
“It’s so nice to see you too,â€￾ I said as I walked into my apartment
“Well obviously it’s nice to see you Kat but what are you doing here?â€￾
“John Stewartâ€￾ I smiled as I dropped my bags at the door, “It’s so good to be back hereâ€￾
The next day was so busy for me. I went to do an interview with Allure magazine; I have to do the shoot tomorrow. Then I went to do some charity stuff, the whole day was pretty non-stop. TRL wanted me to stop by but like I said before I am done with TRL. Although John thought it would be a good idea for me to go…and of course that psycho publicist lady. But I seriously refuse to step foot in that studio again, at least not for TRL. Maybe I would think about it if I were promised Carson would be doing the interview but we all know that he doesn’t even work there anymore so forget it. I called in though, just to make psycho lady happy. Even that was pretty hellish. They were asking me about the show last week, and what happened. It’s really so sad this is such a big story.
Then it was the time I was waiting for. John Stewart. I walked in with my brother, Kristen, and Slim Jim singing the theme song. I was actually really nervous. After getting my hair and makeup done I waited at the side of the stage for him to call me out. “Please welcome, Kat Sharpeâ€￾ I walked out, scared I was going to trip in these heals, “Kat Sharpeâ€￾
“John Stewartâ€￾
“I hear you’re quite the b****â€￾
I laughed, “You just come right out and say it don’t you?â€￾
“Can I just say before we even start this, I’ll get back to the fact that I’m a b****, but I just want to say honestly, I think you’re one of the sexiest men aliveâ€￾
“Oh well Kat, do you know what I think?â€￾ he paused, “Dare I say it… I think I am THE sexiest man aliveâ€￾
“You know you may beâ€￾
“uhhhh yeah I amâ€￾ he smiled and the audience laughed, I’m serious though I really think he’s so sexy, “Ok, enough about me Kat try to control yourselfâ€￾
“I’m tryingâ€￾
“I know you’re here to talk about all… actually I have no idea what you’re here to talk about. Are you doing a movie?â€￾
“Noâ€￾ I laughed
“TV show? Broadway? Speaking at Harvard?â€￾
“No, not exactlyâ€￾ I laughed
“Well then what the hell are you doing?â€￾ he paused and the audience laughed, he just looked at me trying to figure out what I was doing there, “Are you going to be in a video?â€￾ I shook my head, “A fashion show?â€￾
“There ya goâ€￾
“Of courseâ€￾ he said as if he had just solved the mystery of who stole the cookie from the cookie jar, “Well I know you’re here to talk about the fashion show crap… are you here to talk about that? Well anyway the point is first I want to talk about how you’re such a b****â€￾
“Ok let’s talk about how I’m such a b****â€￾
“What’s going on with that?â€￾
“Long story, I’m going to make it really short. I did a show with this girl who’s like never had a show before. I did it knowing I would get nothing from it, just to help this girl out. There were no problems while I was there or anything, before I left we had a little problem because of the way I walk or somethingâ€￾
“Just get to it Kat, how are you a b****?â€￾ he broke in
I laughed as did the audience, “It was just a big fight man, hair pulling, scratching, you name itâ€￾ I said sarcastically and he laughed
“That’s what I wanted to hear,â€￾ he said as he pretended to write something down on the paper in front of him, “Tell the truth now, what are those Victoria Secret shows like behind the scenes? Everyone fighting over lipstick and heals?â€￾
“Yeah, totallyâ€￾ I said sarcastically
“I totally see you and Tyra and Giselle throwing lipstick at each other,â€￾ he laughed, “Do all you girls really get along?â€￾
“Yes we do, they’re all really coolâ€￾
“Really nowâ€￾
“Seriously, they’re great girlsâ€￾
“So you all have sleepovers and paint each other’s toe nails and talk about boys?â€￾
“Every Friday nightâ€￾
“And how would someone like… oh I dunno, me, get an invite to one of these sleepovers… you know for researchâ€￾
“Oh you can totally come next week. We’ll paint your nails and everything,â€￾ I said with a laugh, I hope these people know I’m kidding. I think I’m being pretty obvious but next thing I know there’s going to be stupid tabloids about how we have sleepovers and paint each other’s nails.
“Sounds great. We have to go unfortunately Kat, thank you for coming, you better come back next time you’re doing something… anything. I don’t see the b****, I’m trying really hard but I’m not seeing itâ€￾
“Thank youâ€￾
“Thanks for coming, we’ll be right backâ€￾ I left the stage and went to the car waiting. That was fun. It was cool to actually meet John Stewart, plus the fact that he was so normal and everything. And I’m glad he just laughed about the b****y rumors and stuff. It’s stupid, the people who know me know I’m not like that. And I think in general people know I’m not like that and it’s just some girl trying to get some publicity. It’s just messed up that I tried to help her out and this is what happens. Oh well it’s not a big deal; don’t sweat the small stuff, that’s what my mother always said.
“I say we go egg that b****’s houseâ€￾ Joey said as we drove back to my apartment
“What b****?â€￾
“The designer b****â€￾
“That’s what…â€￾ I stopped before I said it was what Justin had said.
“No, it’s just like what everyone is saying,â€￾ I smiled as we were dropped off at my apartment, “I’m so hungry are you hungry?â€￾ I asked as I looked through the empty refrigerator, “Do you eat? God Joeyâ€￾
“Let’s get a pizzaâ€￾
I looked at him and made a face, “I’m not supposed to eat pizzaâ€￾
“Why not?â€￾
“Too many carbsâ€￾ I shrugged and he laughed
“Damn Kat after the sh** we ate when we were kids, I’d think you’d be grateful to eat anythingâ€￾
He’s right, even though he’s only saying that because he wants pizza, “Alright, screw itâ€￾ I said as I reached for a menu. I have no self-control. Absolutely none.
“Where’s your boyfriend?â€￾
“I don’t have a boyfriend,â€￾ I said not able to look at him. He knows, I don’t know why I’m trying to hide it. He knows everything even when no one else does. Even when I don’t tell him, he knows. It’s kind of annoying actually.
He laughed and grabbed the menu from my hands “Don’t lieâ€￾
“I’m notâ€￾
“Then look me in the eyeâ€￾
“Noâ€￾ I laughed
“You’re such a baby,â€￾ he laughed as he threw the menu on the counter, “Is Justin Timberlake in New York?â€￾
“Yesâ€￾ I said softly
“Why are you hiding him from me?â€￾
“I’m notâ€￾
“Are you afraid I’m not going to like him?â€￾
“No, I know you’re going to like himâ€￾
“Are you afraid I’m going to steal him away from you?â€￾
I laughed as I looked up at him for a the first time, “Yeah, that’s itâ€￾
“Then what are you afraid of?â€￾
“Nothing. I’m not afraid of anything Joey, you know thatâ€￾
“You’re acting like a little scaredie Katâ€￾
“Hahaâ€￾ I laughed sarcastically, “So cleverâ€￾
“Are you going to call him or am I going to call him?â€￾ he asked as he grabbed my cell phone
“Why are you being so dumb?â€￾
“How am I being dumb? I want to meet my sister’s boyfriend. I want to shake the hand of the man that kicked Ryan’s assâ€￾
I held my hand out and Joey placed my phone in it. I dialed Justin’s number and it rang a few times, “oh he’s not answering, we’ll have to try again some other…â€￾
“Heyâ€￾ sh**.
“Hey, what’s up?â€￾
“Nothing I’m just on my way back to the hotelâ€￾
“Do you want to come over and get a pizza?â€￾
“I thought your brother was thereâ€￾
“He isâ€￾
Justin didn’t say anything for a second, “So you want me to come over while he’s there?â€￾
“He wants to meet youâ€￾
“And I thought we weren’t telling anyone about usâ€￾
“We aren’t… I know, I’ll tell you later are you coming or not?â€￾
“Do you want me to come?â€￾
“Are you just saying that because you’re brother’s standing next to you staring at you making you call me?â€￾
I laughed, as I looked at my brother, standing next to me staring at me, “Noâ€￾
“Are you sure? I can pretend I’m still working and I’ll just see you tomorrowâ€￾
“Seriously, comeâ€￾
“Alright I’ll be there in a half an hourâ€￾
“Ok byeâ€￾ I closed my phone, “He’s coming in a half an hourâ€￾ </span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Sun Mar 27, 2005 11:48 am

:dance: :dance: I'm jealous she got to meet Jon Stewart. :lol: He's awesome. Great interview, by the way! :headbanger: I hope Joey likes Justin ... he should give him a hard time just to keep Justin on his toes. :P

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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Mon Apr 04, 2005 10:08 pm

<span style='color:blue'>Thanks for the feedback Paige! :lol:
Here's some more

Chapter 5

I was actually quite nervous by the time Justin came. I don’t know why I am. It’s stupid. Joey’s going to love Justin. He totally will. They’re a lot alike. They’re both able to make me laugh no matter what kind of a mood I’m in. There are not many people that can do that.
“Why are you so nervous?â€￾
“I’m notâ€￾
“Remember when you had a conscience and you couldn’t lie to me?â€￾ he asked with a chuckle
“I don’t know why I’m nervous, I just am, so shut up, get over itâ€￾
“Ohh I am beginning to see the b****y Kat I’ve heard so much about,â€￾ he said, as there was a knock on the door. I’m beginning to think this is a mistake
“Hiâ€￾ I said softly when I saw Justin standing there.
“Well don’t you look niceâ€￾ he said as he kissed me gently, “How was John Stewart?â€￾
“Good, he’s so funnyâ€￾ he nodded his head, “Alright well come in. This is my brother, you met him right? Joey this is Justin, Justin Joeyâ€￾
“The secret boyfriend nice to meet youâ€￾ Joey said as he shook Justin’s hand
Justin laughed, “That would be me, what’s up man?â€￾
“Wow, you were right Kat, he is just gorgeousâ€￾ he’s such an ass. I’ve totally never even told him that. Justin laughed a little but I saw him blush, it was cute.
I rolled my eyes and shook my head, “I’m going to get changed, you two behave yourselves, there’s beer in the fridgeâ€￾ I walked into my room and quickly got changed, I don’t want to leave them alone for too long. I know Joey’s gonna be telling him stories, he seems to enjoy that. I threw a pair of sweatpants and a tank top on and quickly made my way back out to the living room. Justin and Joey were laughing, and stopped when I walked in, which of course cannot be good. “Is there a problem?â€￾
“Noâ€￾ Joey answered, keeping a straight face, but I looked over at Justin and he was turning red from trying to hold in his laughter
“Whatever you guys are jerks,â€￾ I said as I sat down on the opposite side of the couch from my brother. Well at least there’s no problem with them getting along, although I never really thought there would be. They’re too much alike I guess.
After we ate the pizza we spent the night talking. It was actually a lot of fun. I laid next to Justin on the chair and a half, which by the way is like the best invention ever. There’s not enough room for anything but cuddling, which is just great. I rested my head on his shoulder and he rested his head on mine, “Well aren’t you two the cutest thing I’ve ever seenâ€￾ Joey said as he stood up, “I’m going to bed, I’ll see you later manâ€￾ he shook Justin’s hand, “Goodnightâ€￾ he kissed my cheek
“Nightâ€￾ I said, not moving my head away from Justin. I was so comfortable I didn’t want to move. Ever.
I closed my eyes and must have dozed off for a second, “Katâ€￾ Justin said softly, “You should go to bedâ€￾
“I don’t want to get upâ€￾
“You have to get up early tomorrowâ€￾
“But the floor’s cold and my feet are warmâ€￾ He laughed as he stood up. No. He’s missing the point. I don’t want to get up and I don’t want him to either. It’s not as comfortable if I can’t rest my head on him. He picked me up in his arms and walked me to my bedroom
“What are you doing?â€￾ I laughed slightly as he threw me on the bed
“You’re tired,â€￾ he said as he lay down next to me, “That wasn’t so badâ€￾
“No, not at allâ€￾
“So does this mean we can tell my mother?â€￾
“Yeah, you can tell whoever you wantâ€￾
“Yeah?â€￾ I nodded my head and he crawled on top of me, “You’ll have to come home with me sometime and meet her… well, see her again. She’s been talking about you since the Grammy’sâ€￾ aww that’s cute
“Your mother’s adorableâ€￾
“Mmmhummâ€￾ he said softly as he kissed my neck, “ Let’s stop talking about my motherâ€￾
I laughed as I rested my hands on his head, “Okâ€￾ He continued kissing my neck, “if you give me a hickey, I swear to Godâ€￾
“You’ll give me one on my forehead?â€￾ I nodded my head, “Is that even possible?â€￾
“I don’t know wanna test it and find out?â€￾ he shook his head and laughed as I moved my hands to his chin. He grabbed my arms and pinned them down over my head as he continued kissing my neck, “I love youâ€￾
He stopped and didn’t say anything, or move at all, “What was that?â€￾
I laughed slightly, “You heard meâ€￾
“I think I heard youâ€￾
“I said I love youâ€￾
He moved so his face was just inches away from mine. He had a big smile covering his face, he was trying to hide it but it wasn’t working, “It’s about damn timeâ€￾
“Don’t be an ass about itâ€￾ I laughed
“You were getting me worriedâ€￾ he smiled and kissed me passionately, “I love youâ€￾
“It’s about damn time, you were getting me worriedâ€￾ I mimicked </span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Tue Apr 05, 2005 7:40 am

:wub: :wub: Awwww, love is in the air. :lol: Could they be any cuter together? I actually think so. :nod: Yay for Joey getting along so well with Justin. :headbanger:

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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Sat Apr 16, 2005 4:43 pm

<span style='color:blue'>Chapter 6

I hate being away from everyone. I sat on a private jet, watching the ocean below me. I almost like flying on normal flights instead of this. I know that’s crazy and most people would kill to be on a beautiful private jet like this, but it’s a little freaky. Honestly, it’s small and lonely. It’s weird that there’s only like five people on the plane. I don’t know, it just seems like something could happen easier when only five people would die than if like two hundred were on the plane. But it’s cool; I’m on my way to Australia to do a shoot for… I don’t even know what it’s for, that’s so bad. I think its Levi’s but don’t quote me on that.
I’m actually quite excited about this. I just wish I could keep all my family and friends on a leash or something so they could be with me all the time. I love that I get to go to all these beautiful places but it would be so much better if I had people with me.
As soon as I stepped off the plane it was like stepping into paradise. I haven’t been here in Australia in years and it’s so beautiful. Not that I’m going to have much time to actually enjoy in, but the beaches here are so amazing
“Ms. Sharpâ€￾ my name was called as I was greeted by some people who I followed as we continued to talk
“Katâ€￾ I smiled, extending my hand and the girl took it. She looks about my age; she smiled slightly as she shook my hand
“Welcome down under, it’s a pleasure to meet youâ€￾
“Oh you too, thank you. It’s great to be hereâ€￾ I followed her to the car waiting for us, “This is Jim, by the wayâ€￾ he smiled at her and she introduced herself, she has the whole accent, I love it, “So are we going straight to the shoot or?â€￾
“Oh no ma’am we’re going to bring you to the hotel and then call time is tomorrow morning at six. As far as tonight, there’s a little get together for everyone at the restaurant in the hotel, all the information is in your roomâ€￾
“Cool, thanks a lot, what was your name again, I’m sorryâ€￾
“Cool, well thanks a lot Nicoleâ€￾ I said as we made our way to the hotel, which was beautiful, with a view of the beach, “Alright Jimmy, I’m just going to rest, you want to come back at like 8?â€￾
“8 o’clock I will be hereâ€￾
“Dress to impress misterâ€￾
“Of courseâ€￾
I grabbed my phone and walked out to the balcony of my room… voice mail, wonderful “Hey Kristen, it’s me just calling to say I got in, it’s beautiful here, I miss you already, call me later. Byeâ€￾ I sat down on the chair outside and watched the people on the beach below me and dialed the next number
“Heyâ€￾ I said with a slight chuckle, “What’s up?â€￾
“Did you just get in?â€￾
“Yeah, dude it’s so pretty here, it’s beautiful’
“Yeah, I betâ€￾ he paused, “You don’t have to shoot yet?â€￾
“No, tomorrow morning, I’m just gonna like chill though, take a nap and stuff, I’m totally messed up as far as time and everythingâ€￾ I paused and walked back into my room, “What about you?â€￾
“I have a show in an hourâ€￾ someone’s banging on my door. Like we don’t knock or anything? Ok they’re like banging
“Cool, alright I gotta go someone’s like pounding on my door, I’ll talk to you laterâ€￾ I hung up the phone and looked out the peephole, except it was being covered. The knocking continued, getting louder and louder, ok someone’s a little impatient, “I’m coming my god chill,â€￾ I said softly. I opened the door and I swear my mouth dropped, “Oh My Godâ€￾

“Adam oh my Godâ€￾
“Felixâ€￾ he smiled and I jumped into his arms. Adam Dutra. When I first started modeling he was the first person I met that I actually clicked with. He’s been modeling like his whole life and he’s helped me out so much. When I started Abercrombie he was like the pro with that, he’d been working with them for so long he was the star. Unlike a lot of the people working there he was very down to earth and he pretty much is the reason I actually stuck with the whole modeling thing. I haven’t seen him in years, he decided to take some time off and travel, I’m pretty sure he did the whole backpacking through Europe thing.
“What are you doing here?â€￾ I asked when I finally let go of him
“Well excuse me Ms. Victoria Secret you’re not the only one doing this shootâ€￾
“I saw your Estee Lauder adâ€￾
“Yeah, I f***ing tore that sh** upâ€￾
I laughed and walked back into the room, “It’s so good to see you’re so modest despite all your successâ€￾
He laughed and followed me into the room, “It’s good to see you Felixâ€￾ Oh yeah, that’s his nickname for me, Felix that Cat… Kat… yeah he thinks he’s cute
“You too, I’m so excited you’re here. Are we doing the shoot together?â€￾
“You and me kidâ€￾ he said as he jumped on my bed
“Yes! That’s going to be awesome; we haven’t done a shoot together in years. I’m excitedâ€￾
“Me tooâ€￾ he smiled; damn I missed him so much. I never realized it until I saw him at the door. This is insane. I used to have the biggest crush on him. He was always like the older guy you have a crush on but could never get. Although it did get pretty close a couple times. But that’s over, I’m just happy to see him again.

“In other news, it appears here at ET we have solved the mystery of Kat Sharp’s newest conquest. Fellow model Adam Dutra. The couple have been spotted around Sidney Australia where they are shooting an ad campaign, we’ll have more on the story as it develops, back to youâ€￾ what story? There is no story? This is so annoying. I hate when people think just because I go out with a guy that we’re dating. I’ve known Adam since I was like 17. It’s so stupid. My phone rang…here it comes
John the manager, “Helloâ€￾
“Kat, how’s it going?â€￾
“Good, are you going to ask me about Adam?â€￾
“No, I don’t care it’s your lifeâ€￾
I laughed, right. “Well we’re not together,â€￾
“I knowâ€￾ he laughed, “I guess I forgot to tell you he’d be at that shootâ€￾
“Uh yeahâ€￾
“It’s coolâ€￾ there goes my other line, “Can I call you back my other line’s beeping inâ€￾
“Yeah, byeâ€￾
“Hey babeâ€￾ I answered the phone… Justin
“Hey, what’s up?â€￾
“Nothing, are you calling about Adam?â€￾
“Noâ€￾ he said softly, “I trust youâ€￾
“Well do you want to know the story?â€￾ it’s dumb because I know that’s why he’s calling. Even if he says he trusts me, I don’t doubt that he does but that’s why he’s calling because he wants to know what’s going on.
“If you wantâ€￾
I took a deep breath, I didn’t mean to, but I think he heard it, and he was probably annoyed with that, “Adam was like the first person I met when I started modeling. We worked at Abercrombie together. He was like the reason why I stayed because a lot of the people there were really snotty and he was so down to earth and everything he taught me a lotâ€￾
“Sounds like a great guyâ€￾
“Yeahâ€￾ I said, pretending like I didn’t recognize the jealously in his voice, “Well anyway, I haven’t seen him in years. He took a break from modeling and everything and like disappeared for a while. He’s like an older brother or something, just a complete friend. There’s nothing to worry aboutâ€￾
“I’m not worriedâ€￾
Yeah, bullsh**, “I knowâ€￾ I said softly, “I’m just saying…â€￾
“Well don’t worry about itâ€￾ he paused, “So you’re still coming to Tennessee after you leave there, excited?â€￾
“I am, I’ve never been to Tennessee beforeâ€￾ I said mimicking a southern accent
“Yeah, you’ll fit right inâ€￾ he said sarcastically
“Yeah, thanksâ€￾ I paused as someone knocked on my door, “I gotta go to the shoot, I’ll talk to you laterâ€￾
I hung up the phone as Adam walked in, “Come on Felix, what’s with you making me wait?â€￾
“Sorry, I would hate to make the one and only Adam Dutra waitâ€￾
“That’s right,â€￾ he said as he grabbed onto my arm, “We need to talkâ€￾
“Lifeâ€￾ he smiled as we walked to the elevator, “So what’s with this boyfriend of yours?â€￾
“Didn’t you see Entertainment Tonight? Apparently it’s youâ€￾
“I’m seriousâ€￾
I took a deep breath, I know he’s just looking out for me but it’s annoying that all these people care so much about someone I’m dating, “Why do you care?â€￾ I asked with a chuckle, hoping I wouldn’t come off as a b**** but I would really like to know
“Of course I care, I don’t get why you’re making it so secretiveâ€￾
“It’s just annoying with the media everywhereâ€￾
“So you don’t even tell your friends?â€￾ I shrugged, “I’d like to meet him, you know to make sure he’s not a complete assâ€￾
“He’s notâ€￾
“I’ve heard that beforeâ€￾
“Well he’s not,â€￾ I said, getting annoyed for real this time
“Don’t get all defensiveâ€￾
“I’m going to Adam my God. It’s like everyone cares so much about my life. I understand you’re just looking out for me but I’m not a little kid anymore. I know what I’m doingâ€￾
“Alrightâ€￾ he said as he held his hands up in defeat, “Alright, it’s overâ€￾
“Thank youâ€￾ we didn’t talk the whole ride to the shoot. It’s just annoying. Once we got to the shoot we were sent different ways to get our wardrobes settled. The shoot is for Levi’s jeans, so I’ll be wearing jeans. It’s crazy they sent us all the way to Australia to do a jeans ad but whatever, I’m all for the free trip. So they decided I’d wear a pair of jeans… and that’s it. Now, usually this wouldn’t be that big of a deal, I mean I do a lot of topless work with Victoria Secret, but I’ve never done it with Adam. But I just need to get over that quick… it’s not like he’s never seen them before.
Once they finished my hair and makeup I was led out to the beach where Adam was already standing wearing the same as me… only a pair of jeans. They had us lay in the sand, next to each other, Adam on top of me, me on top of Adam, our legs interlocked, our faces inches away from each other, pretty much every uncomfortable position imaginable. Especially for two people that have known each other for 5 years. Thank God the shoot didn’t last too long, the photographer thought we had some kind of chemistry or whatever, but seriously I think that was the hardest shoot I’ve ever had to do.

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Mon Apr 18, 2005 6:01 pm

The media prying into her business about every little detail and every person she's seen with has got to SUCK! :no: It puts an unnecessary strain on friendships, relationships, you name it. Adam seems like a cool guy. It must be nice to have his familiar face in Australia so that she doesn't feel so alone.

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Postby fricksgirl1 » Tue Apr 19, 2005 11:03 am

I started reading but I can't remember exactly what happened at the end of Someday We'll Know. I tried searching but it came up with nothing. Does anyone have the link to it or can you tell me how everything ended?

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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Tue Apr 19, 2005 1:45 pm This

I don't know if that works lol but I just searched and found it :huh:

But you have to change it to like older than 30 days or whatever... hope it helps :D

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Postby fricksgirl1 » Wed Apr 20, 2005 7:27 am

Thank you!! I'm completely caught up now. Just need more please :D

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<span style='color:blue'>Chapter 7

I sat on the airplane nervously tapping my fingers against the plastic tray in front of me. I popped my lips as I continued tapping, now I was making some sort of song or something. I stopped mid song when the old man next to me cleared his throat, “Sorry. I’m meeting the boyfriend’s parentsâ€￾ he politely nodded his head, but he didn’t care, obviously he doesn’t care, why would he care? “I’m a little nervousâ€￾ I finished softly. I don’t know why I’m nervous, I already met his mother and that’s always the hardest. Especially since they have such a close relationship, I’m pretty sure Justin would not talk to someone ever again if his mother told him not to.
Once I stepped off the plane the first face I saw was Justin’s. Thank God we get these ‘celebrity’ benefits because if I had to walk through the terminal by myself I could pretty much promise you I would get lost. I took a deep breath as I walked up to him. He placed his arms around me but I didn’t move mine since I was carrying my bags, “Put the damn bags down Kat and give me a hugâ€￾
I laughed slightly as I dropped the bags on the ground and wrapped my arms around him, “It’s good to see you, I missed youâ€￾
“You say it like it’s so hard to believe you would miss someone as wonderful as meâ€￾
I rolled my eyes as we pulled apart and he grabbed my hand with one of his and my bag with the other. We walked through the airport, making our way to his car, “So I hear there’s some really cool shops in Memphisâ€￾
“You are not going shopping the whole weekendâ€￾
“Well of course not the whole weekend but it’d be nice to go shopping… like onceâ€￾
“You need to chill with the shopping a little,â€￾ he looked at me and laughed, “You and my mother are going to go shopping the whole weekend, I can already see itâ€￾
“Really? She’ll go shopping with me?â€￾
He rolled his eyes as he opened the car door for me, “My mother’s going to adopt youâ€￾
I laughed as we drove to his house. Of course he took me on a little tour of the city and everything. And then we kept driving… and driving… deeper into the woods… and deeper, “I thought you lived in Memphisâ€￾
“Millingtonâ€￾ he paused and looked at me, “It’s right outside of Memphisâ€￾
“Aren’t we already past right outside?â€￾
He laughed, “We’re almost thereâ€￾
“You’re a real country bumpkin huh?â€￾
“We don’t really like that termâ€￾ he said with a smile, “But yes, I’m not a city girl like youâ€￾
“Well I would hope notâ€￾
He laughed sarcastically as we pulled into a driveway, “This is itâ€￾
“This is your house?â€￾ it’s so cute. It’s like a real country house, like from a movie or something, with the porch wrapping around the house and the white picket fence, I was waiting for the golden retriever to come out.
“Yupâ€￾ he said as we stood in front of his car, “It looks small but it’s really big insideâ€￾
“No it’s adorable I love itâ€￾ I paused, “It’s just hard to picture Justin Timberlake living in a house without nine bathroomsâ€￾
He laughed, “It’s where I grew up. We don’t even have a bathroomâ€￾
“Yeah okâ€￾
“No seriously. We have an outhouse. But it’s really not that bad, you get used to itâ€￾
“Shut upâ€￾
“I’m serious Kat. I guess I should have told you that before. There’s some zoning law that you’re not allowed to have a septic system less than 100 yards away from the building. They’re doing rezoning and stuff though so we’re going to get one soonâ€￾ he paused and looked at me. Ok he’s totally lying. How could he not have a bathroom? It’s not like we’re in the 1800s or something, “I’m sorry I should have told you that before, if you want to stay at a hotel or something…â€￾
“Noâ€￾ I paused
“Alright well if you change your mind, don’t be afraid to askâ€￾ he said seriously as he got my bag out of the trunk. I nodded my head and he started to laugh, “I had to going so goodâ€￾
“You did not shut upâ€￾
“Obviously we have a bathroom Kat, come on we’re not that countryâ€￾
“I knew you did, shut up,â€￾ I said
“Right rightâ€￾ he laughed as we walked into the house. I knew I loved his mother but seriously his whole family is like perfect. His stepfather is so sweet; they’re seriously straight out of a movie or something.
We spent the rest of the morning talking. I really love them; they’re so sweet and nice. They’re just like good people. I love them. Then, his mother found out how much I wanted to go shopping and we took a little trip to the city to hit the stores.
“You are such a cool mother that you go shopping and everythingâ€￾
She laughed, “Doesn’t your mama go shopping with you?â€￾
“Oh noâ€￾ I paused, “My mother passed a long time ago, when I was eightâ€￾
“Oh I’m so sorry. That must have been really hard on youâ€￾ I nodded my head, “And your father too, that’s really hard for a girl to grow up without a motherâ€￾
I nodded my head, “Yeah. He died too. When I was 13â€￾
“Oh myâ€￾ she held her hand up to her mouth, “I am so sorry to bring that upâ€￾
“Oh no it’s okâ€￾
“No really Kat, I’m so sorry. I can’t even imagine what that would be like. Did you live with your grandparents?â€￾
I shook my head, “I never even met my grandparents. My sister and I were sent to foster homesâ€￾
“I’m so sorryâ€￾
“Oh no seriously, it’s okâ€￾ I hate telling people about this because they always treat me like I’m some charity case. It was a hard time but I don’t want people to treat me differently because of it, “It was a long time ago. Like yeah, I miss them and everything, but I just think everything happens for a reason. If they were still alive I wouldn’t be where I am today. I was adopted when I was 17, which is like so unlikely. Usually if you’re like over 12 months no one wants you. It was like a sign from God or something. So it all worked out for usâ€￾
“That’s an amazing storyâ€￾ she smiled, “I’m so sorry I brought it upâ€￾ she hugged me
“Seriously don’t worry about itâ€￾</span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Wed Apr 27, 2005 8:59 pm

Kat really has a good head on her shoulders. She's overcome so much with the deaths of her parents and foster homes, etc. And, she has the ability to talk about the past and realize that she can't be held back by it. I'm sure Lynn admires that quality.

They need to hurry up and get married. :lol: They are too cute together! :wub: And she fits right in with la familia. :thumbup:

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<span style='color:blue'>Chapter 8

After spending pretty much the whole day shopping we drove back to the house in the middle of the woods. It’s really cool though, it’s like in the middle of nowhere, it’s so relaxing. I love it, “I can’t believe we were shopping so longâ€￾
“I canâ€￾ Justin’s mother laughed as we walked into the empty house, “I think they’re out in the backyardâ€￾ we walked outside and there were seriously a lot of people out there.
Justin was standing behind the grill cooking something and walked towards me when he saw me come in, “It’s about damn time,â€￾
“We would have been longer but the stores closedâ€￾
“I bet,â€￾ he laughed as he kissed me quickly and then grabbed onto my hand, “You gotta meet some peopleâ€￾
“Okâ€￾ I smiled as I was led around meeting everyone, his friends, and his family. It was so cool. I want what they have. After we ate the most amazing barbecue I have ever had we just sat around talking. It was so fun, seriously so much fun.
I sat with Justin and his friends when one of his little brothers came over. By the way, his brothers are the most adorable kids I have ever seen. I love kids as it is but they are amazing, “Kat, wanna go play catch? I got this cool football Justin got me and it glows in the darkâ€￾
“Steve leave Kat alone, we’ll play laterâ€￾ Justin said and I gave him a dirty look
“Excuse me but I think I can speak for myselfâ€￾ I said as I took one last sip of my beer and stood up, “Let’s go Steveâ€￾
“It’s really cool cause you can play it in the dark and you can still see itâ€￾
“But what if you can’t see the person you’re throwing it to?â€￾ he put his hand to his chin, I really got him thinking
“Well… I guess you haftaâ€￾
“Yeah, I guess soâ€￾ I laughed as he ran to the other side of the yard and threw the ball at me, “Whoa dude I didn’t know you had such a great armâ€￾
He laughed, “Throw it back throw it backâ€￾
“I will I willâ€￾ I laughed
“Were you named after your pet?â€￾
“What do you mean?â€￾
“Your name… it’s cat. Like after your cat? Did your mommy really love your cat or something?â€￾
“No silly. My real name is Kathleen but everyone calls me Kat for shortâ€￾
“Well the same reason everyone calls you Steve and not Stephanâ€￾
“Ohâ€￾ he paused for a second before throwing the ball back, “Come on they’re making s’moresâ€￾ he ran off to the bon fire Justin’s father had set up.
I walked over to Justin who was sitting at the fire and sat down on the ground in front of him, “Do you want a s’more?â€￾
“What’s a smore?â€￾
“Are you kidding?â€￾ I shook my head and he laughed, “City girl don’t even know what a smore isâ€￾ he stood up and pulled me up, “Graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallowâ€￾
“Mmm sounds goodâ€￾
“It isâ€￾ he handed me a stick with a marshmallow at the end, you would think there would be an easier way to do this, “Now the secret,â€￾ he said as he held onto my arm and guided it towards the fire, “is to hold it right above the flame, you want it a golden brownâ€￾
I looked at him like he was crazy, “Oh crap it’s on fire, what do I do?â€￾ I asked as I frantically waved it around
Justin laughed, “Calm down, hold it stillâ€￾ I did as I was told, “Blow it outâ€￾
“Great, now it’s ruinedâ€￾
“No it’s not calm downâ€￾ he continued laughing, “Just peal the burnt off and it’s doneâ€￾ he said as he slid it off between a graham cracker and a piece of chocolate and handed it to me, “Eat itâ€￾
“I will,â€￾ I said as I held it in my hand and then took a bite, “mmm, oh my god this is amazingâ€￾ he laughed, “Seriously Justin, try itâ€￾ I held it to his mouth and he took a bite, “Mmmâ€￾ I laughed
We spent the rest of the night eating s’mores and sitting by the fire. It was so amazing, I’ve never been anywhere like this before. After awhile everyone left and it was just Justin and I sitting by the fire, “I really love it hereâ€￾
“Yeah, it’s greatâ€￾
“Why do you live in LA if you could live here?â€￾
He laughed, “I couldn’t really live here. I come as much as I canâ€￾
“Well if I were you I’d live hereâ€￾
He stood up and pulled me up, “Come on, I want to show you somethingâ€￾
“I am not going in the woods when it’s dark out, you don’t even have a flash lightâ€￾
“City girl I grew up here, I know these woods like the back of my handâ€￾
“Well I don’tâ€￾
He laughed as he grabbed my hand, “I won’t let you fall off the cliffâ€￾
“That’s not even funnyâ€￾
“I think it’s quite funny myselfâ€￾
“You think everything that comes out of your mouth is funnyâ€￾
“Just shut up, trust me, you’ll like itâ€￾
“What’s that noise?â€￾ I asked, ok so I’m totally not afraid of anything but seriously this is freaking me out a little. There are strange noises and we’re walking into the middle of the woods
“Just the coyotes, come onâ€￾
“Are you serious? Justin…â€￾
“Noâ€￾ he laughed, “It’s probably a squirrel, we’re almost thereâ€￾
“If I get attacked by a coyoteâ€￾
“You don’t have to worry about coyotes… it’s the bears you have to look out forâ€￾
“That’s not funny,â€￾ I laughed as I held onto his arm tighter
“Then why you laughing?â€￾ he said as he lead me to an open field, “Don’t lie, is this the most stars you’ve ever seen in your life or what?â€￾
“Wowâ€￾ I said as I kept walking into the middle of the field, there were millions of stars, it’s like we could see every star in the galaxy “It’s like when I was little. My father used to take me to Central park, and we’d lay down and look up at the stars, but we could never see this many. I used to name every single one of them, we’d make up our own constellationsâ€￾
“What’d you name them?â€￾
“You don’t want to know all the names,â€￾ I said as I lay down in the middle of the field
“I wouldn’t have asked if I didn’t want to knowâ€￾
“Alright, you see the big dipper?â€￾
“To the left is the liberty bell, you see it?â€￾
“I don’t see how that’s a bellâ€￾ he laughed
“Not just any bell Justin the liberty bellâ€￾ I laughed, “you have to use your imagination… picture the bell, then look up and you’ll see itâ€￾
“Oh hell there it is,â€￾ he laughed
I laughed as I rested my head on his chest, “I told youâ€￾
“What else you got?â€￾
“Well, over near the north star is a Christmas treeâ€￾
He laughed, “sh**, that’s good. And look, over there’s Michael Jordan shooting a jump shotâ€￾
“Shut up, Michael Jordan is not a constellationâ€￾
“Alright, maybe it’s not him, but it’s a basketball playerâ€￾ he laughed, “Use your imaginationâ€￾
“Oh, sh** I see itâ€￾ I laughed, it really looks like it. I guess it’s like the clouds if you look carefully you can see anything in the stars
“There’s anything you want there to beâ€￾
“Yes there is. My father used to always say, reach for the moon, because even if you miss you’ll still be among the starsâ€￾
“And look at you, among the starsâ€￾
“I’d say I made it to the moonâ€￾ I smiled, “I’ve never seen a moon so big beforeâ€￾
“Yeah, it’s pretty bigâ€￾ he paused and then started singing, “Blue moon, you saw me standing alone, without a dream in my heart, without a love of my ownâ€￾
“You are such a nerd,â€￾ I laughed but he continued, he’s such a singer he always has to be singing. Not that I’m complaining he has an amazing voice but he’s totally a singer
“Blue moon, you knew just what I was there forâ€￾
“You heard me saying a prayer for, someone I really care forâ€￾ I joined in, what the hell even though I can’t sing it’s all good
“You know the words, I’m impressedâ€￾
“Of course I know the words,â€￾ I laughed when he stopped singing. I guess he’s had enough of my beautiful voice “So you lived here your whole life?â€￾
“Pretty muchâ€￾ he said as he stood up, “We should get inâ€￾ I nodded my head and followed him back inside his house, “We’re going to bed, goodnightâ€￾ he said to his parents who were sitting in the living room reading, they’re so cute
“Good night, thanks for everythingâ€￾ I said as I kissed them each on the cheek
“Good night sweetie, we’ll see you in the morningâ€￾
I followed Justin upstairs to his room, “I brought your bag up while you were shoppingâ€￾
“Thank youâ€￾ I sad as I looked around his room, “So this is the room you grew up inâ€￾
“It isâ€￾
“Coolâ€￾ I said as I looked through his trophies, “You played baseball?â€￾
“I did everythingâ€￾
I nodded my head as I picked up a picture, “Look at you, that’s so adorableâ€￾
He laughed as he got changed, “Yeah, yeah come onâ€￾
I got changed quickly and lay on the bed, “I love it hereâ€￾
“I know you do,â€￾ he said as he kissed the back of my neck
“I love how it’s so peaceful and you can go anywhere and do anything and no one caresâ€￾
“I love your familyâ€￾
“Me tooâ€￾
“I love the way you get your southern accent back when your down hereâ€￾ he laughed, “I love like everything about this placeâ€￾
“Let’s just quit our jobs, move down here, get married and have lots of babiesâ€￾
“I’m not ready for kidsâ€￾
“Why not?â€￾
“Because then I could never model againâ€￾
“You hate modelingâ€￾
“So that doesn’t mean I want to never be able to do it againâ€￾
“Alright, then let’s just move down here and get marriedâ€￾
“I’m not ready for that yet either,â€￾ I said as I turned around so I was facing him. I put my hands on either side of his face, “Slow downâ€￾ I said as I kissed him gently, “Goodnight Justinâ€￾

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Sat Apr 30, 2005 1:26 pm

Awww, Justin's all caught up in the moment. He wants Kat so badly. I hope that they do eventually do the marriage and kids things, but only when they are BOTH ready for it. They are such a great couple! :wub: :wub:

I love how he was teasing her when they were in the dark woods. :rofl: :rofl: He seems so fun to be around. :nod:

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<span style='color:blue'>Ok so here's the thing, I'm going to Amsterdam soon, next week... i think lol whatever, and the point is I'm going to be there for 3 weeks so there's not gonna be any updates obviously lol so I'm going to try to post a couple more before I go so yeah... leave feedback lol thanks... :)


The rest of the weekend went by so fast. I had so much fun though. We went for walks in the woods and played basketball with his brothers and went swimming in a lake. Justin even took me on a tractor ride, it was crazy. It was the most fun I’ve had in a real long time. I totally love the city and everything but I would love to live here at least for a little, maybe start a family down here when the time comes.
“I don’t want to leave,â€￾ I said as I finished stuffing the rest of my things in the suitcase
“Yeah, me neitherâ€￾
“You’re leaving tomorrow?â€￾
“At 5 in the morningâ€￾
“Eww that sucks, where are you going?â€￾
“I don’t know, Cincinnati or somethingâ€￾
“How funâ€￾ I laughed as he wrapped his arms around my waist
“Where are you going?â€￾
“New York, fashion weekâ€￾
“How funâ€￾ he laughed as he fell onto the bed, pulling me down with him, “When’s the next time you’re coming to see me?â€￾
“I think it’s your turn to come see meâ€￾
“That’s very trueâ€￾ he smiled that smile that gets me every time. I swear it’s like he knows how much it gets to me, “Come on we gotta goâ€￾
“I’m not leaving. You can go. I’m going to stay here with your mother and go shoppingâ€￾
“Yeah yeah come on,â€￾ he said as he pulled me up and we walked downstairs. His brothers were sitting down on the couch and got up when we came down. They are so adorable I wish I had a little brother.
“I hate goodbyesâ€￾ I said as I stuck my bottom lip out a little, “I’m gonna miss ya’ll. Oh my God I said ya’llâ€￾
“That was a southern accent too, oh my godâ€￾ he mimicked and everyone laughed
“Well I’m really going to miss everyone, I had so much funâ€￾
“Well you’re gonna have to come back thenâ€￾
“I most definitely willâ€￾ I smiled when the boys came up to me, “Wait wait wait, come here come hereâ€￾ I said as I walked into the other room with Jonathan and Stephan following me, “I got you guys something, it’s like a dart board but it’s magnets and it glows in the dark so you can play at nightâ€￾ I said as I handed it to them. They thanked me and gave me a hug, I seriously love these kids so much I’d totally think about stealing them, “And when you’re brother gets some time off you guys have to come and visit me in New York ok? We’ll have so much funâ€￾
They look excited; they totally need to come up though that’d be so fun.


Weeks passed of crazy fashion shows and shoots. I haven’t seen Justin in two weeks and I’m seriously driving myself crazy. I just finished a wild photo shoot for Rolling Stone where I was sitting in a shower, looking like I was naked, but I wasn’t… just for the record, and the water was falling from the shower. It was crazy, and cold, but fun I guess. But now, I’m all dried off and just laying on my couch waiting for the pizza to get here.
“You have a shoot tomorrow with Peopleâ€￾ Kristen said as she came into the living room and sat on the chair next to me
“Ew why?â€￾
“They’re coming out with their most beautiful people thingâ€￾
“Are you serious?â€￾
“Yeah, they want you for the cover. You and Leonardo DiCaprioâ€￾
“Are you kidding?â€￾ It’s kind of lame actually. Like it’s cool and everything but there’s no way I’m the most beautiful female on this earth. I would say Leo’s pretty close, but I do not deserve to be on the list in general forget about the cover
“Totally seriousâ€￾ she said in an airhead voice
“Is Justin on it?â€￾ she shook her head. Great. Things have been getting kind of weird between us. He’s been getting jealous over stupid stuff. He tries to pretend like he doesn’t care and it doesn’t bother him but it totally does. Like whenever I hang out with Adam or whatever he gets quiet and doesn’t want to talk. It’s dumb. “Do I have to go?â€￾
“Are you kidding?â€￾ I shook my head, “Yes, Kat you have to go. If nothing else you’re doing a shoot with Romeo himselfâ€￾
I laughed slightly, Romeo oh Romeo. It’s not a big deal; I’ve met him before, a bunch of times actually through Giselle. He’s a really cool guy but that doesn’t mean I want to do a shoot with him, “So I’ll be done at what time?â€￾
“And I don’t have to be in on Thursday till 6â€￾
“Can you find me a ticket to Florida?â€￾
“Justin’s in Floridaâ€￾ she laughed slightly, “I’m seriousâ€￾
“You’re going to go to Florida for the night?â€￾ I nodded my head, “I don’t think soâ€￾
“Why not?â€￾
“Because then you’ll be tired and you have a show Kat, you’ll fall down the runwayâ€￾
“I really need to see himâ€￾
“Because I haven’t seen him in two weeksâ€￾
“Oh my God, two whole weeks. How have you made it this far?â€￾ she said sarcastically
I took a deep breath, she doesn’t understand, “I’m so serious I need to see himâ€￾
I took a deep breath, to tell her or not to tell her, I threw my arms up, “Because I need to get laid ok? I. Need. To. Have. Sex. Do you understand that Kristen?â€￾ she was laughing too hard to answer, “Why are you laughing? This is not a joke it’s serious. I’m going insaneâ€￾
“You need to stay strong Kat, you’re not going to Florida for the nightâ€￾
“Kristen I really need to. You don’t understand. I am so going crazy. This phone sh** just doesn’t do it for me and I need to goâ€￾
“Ok seriously you do not need to share all this with meâ€￾ she laughed as she held her hand up
“Then get me a ticket and I’ll never talk about it againâ€￾ I whined
“Ok Kat seriously you were just with him like two weeks agoâ€￾
“We were at his parents house Kristenâ€￾
“So you’re saying you didn’t have sex once the whole weekend because you were at his parents house?â€￾ I nodded my head, “Bullsh**â€￾
“Ok onceâ€￾
“At his parents house?â€￾ she asked as if it were such a big scam. I wouldn’t have sex at his parent’s house that’s rude
“No… outsideâ€￾ I laughed as she covered her ears while laughing. I am totally giving away too much information, “Look Kristen I am a sexual being, and I’m going insane… please get me the ticket?â€￾
“I’ll see what I can findâ€￾
“You’re so full of sh**â€￾ I paused as the doorbell rang, “I’m going to like go out on the streets and get a male prostitute or somethingâ€￾ I said as I walked to the door, maybe the pizza will make me feel better. I opened the door to see Justin standing with a pizza in his hand and a smile on his face, “Oh my Godâ€￾ I said as I practically threw myself on him.
“Whoa, whoa calm downâ€￾ I grabbed the pizza box and dropped it on the ground, I’m not hungry anymore, well at least not for pizza
“We were just talking about you,â€￾ I said as I kissed him passionately, seriously the best kiss ever. I really missed him so damn much; I hate this long distance sh**
“Yes we sure wereâ€￾ I heard Kristen behind me, “Which is why I’m leaving, have fun kids,â€￾ she said as she grabbed a plate of pizza and left us alone
“Oh my God, I was going insaneâ€￾
“Me tooâ€￾ he said as he started kissing my neck frantically
“No, come on come onâ€￾ I said trying to get him to the bedroom or the couch or something. I can’t take it. </span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Wed May 04, 2005 11:14 am

Have a great time in Amsterdam. Smoke up, in honor of me. :pimp: :lol:

That's awesome that Justin showed up. Just in time, too. I think we all know what they did for the rest of the night. :lol: I hate to hear that he's jealous of all the guys she works with. It's understandable, but it's clear for all to see that Kat only wants Justin.

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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Thu May 05, 2005 11:03 pm

<span style='color:blue'>ok Last one before I go so don't forget the feedback :)


I’m going crazy. Seriously. Insane. I’m currently in like every tabloid where they say I’m cheating on Justin with Adam. So stupid. I haven’t even seen Adam in like a month. Justin is going pretty much insane. It’s like he’s a totally different person and I don’t like it at all. I really think he has a problem or something. He’s so jealous over such stupid sh**. I’m obviously not cheating on him but I don’t even know what he thinks. He like second-guesses everything and it’s really driving me crazy. I want to strangle him.
The Levi’s ad came out last week and that’s been really crazy. The ad is actually really hot and I love it. Like ok sure it’s revealing or whatever but I’m a model, that’s what I do. It’s not like I’m in playboy or something. The ad is Adam and I lying on the beach, each of us only wearing the Levis. So the cameras over us, Adam’s right arm is over me, covering my left breast with his fingers resting in the front of my pants. Then there’s my left arm over his chest with my fingers in his pants and I’m covering my right breast with my right hand. I know it sounds a little crazy but it’s really hot. The lighting and everything’s amazing and the angles of our arms crossing each other are really cool. I understand that it’s a little provocative and he doesn’t like driving around LA and seeing his girlfriend with her hand down another guy’s pants on the billboards throughout the city. But it’s not my fault, it’s my job. It’s not like we were doing it for fun. That’d be like me getting mad at him for making out with that girl in the Cry me a River video. No.
And then of course he’s still pissed about the whole people’s most beautiful thing. Because that’s my fault. I don’t know why he’s getting so insecure with himself or whatever; it’s driving me insane. I sat alone in my apartment watching some stupid special on vh1 about the Hilton sisters when my phone rang…. Speak of the devil, “Heyâ€￾
“Hey what’s up?â€￾
“Nothing, just watching you on E!â€￾
“For what?â€￾
“Ohâ€￾ he just needs to come out and say what he’s gonna say
“There was a whole section about you and Adamâ€￾ ok here we go. I didn’t say anything because it’s one of those things that I don’t think even disserves a response, “I don’t know if I like you hanging out with him so muchâ€￾
“So much? Justin I haven’t even talked to him in weeks, I haven’t seen him in a monthâ€￾
“It’s just annoying when there’s all these pictures of you guys togetherâ€￾
“So you don’t want me to hang out with the friend I’ve had the longest out of all my friends?â€￾
“It’s just it’s always you two and never anyone elseâ€￾
I rolled my eyes, “If you think I’m cheating on you why don’t you just come out and say it?â€￾
“I don’t think thatâ€￾ yeah-ok bullsh**
“Then what’s the big deal if I hang out with my friend?â€￾ he didn’t answer, I took a deep breath, “Ok you go to clubs and have like 30 girls around you and you get mad at me because I go get coffee with a friend I’ve had since I was 17 who just happens to be a guyâ€￾
“That’s differentâ€￾
“Yeah it’s different because Adam’s like a brother to me and nothing would ever happen between us when you have these girls whose goal in life is to get in your pantsâ€￾
He took a deep breath, “I don’t even want to have this conversation right nowâ€￾
“Then why did you call me?â€￾
“Alright I’m just going to hang up and we can talk about this when we’re both a little more calmâ€￾
I took a deep breath and hung up the phone. He’s seriously driving me crazy. Who the hell is he? Yeah ok I’ll stop hanging out with my friend because I have a boyfriend that can’t deal with the fact that he’s not the only person in my life. It’s so annoying.
My doorbell rang and before I could even get to the door it opened. Ok why even bother ringing the bell if you’re going to just come in? “Heyâ€￾ I said softly as John, Kristen, and evil publicist lady came in. Something’s going on… and it can’t be good, “What’s going on?â€￾
“Sit downâ€￾ John said, and I did as I was told, after giving him a strange look, what the hell is going on?
“What?â€￾ I asked getting annoyed this is not exactly what I want to be doing right now.
“I don’t even know how to say thisâ€￾ John began and of course evil lady jumped in because if there’s ever any bad news she jumps at the opportunity to be the one to tell it to me.
“There’s apparently a sex tape out of you and Ryanâ€￾ she continued talking but I couldn’t hear any of it. I swear my heart skipped a beat or two. I started to breathe heavily; I seriously thought I was going to die right there.
“Kat, are you ok?â€￾ I heard Kristen’s voice bringing me back to reality
I nodded my head, “And who apparently has released this tape?â€￾
“Some guyâ€￾
“Well then let me save you a lot of time and money. It’s not trueâ€￾
“What do you mean it’s not true?â€￾ evil lady asked. What the hell do you think that means? Uh maybe that it’s not true?
“ I mean it’s not possible. There’s not a tape of Ryan and Iâ€￾ evil lady took a deep breath; I hate this lady so much it’s not even funny. I want to hold her head under water.
“Kat I know this is uncomfortable for you but it’s important that you tell us the truth because there’s no way we can stop the problem without knowing the truthâ€￾ John said as he grabbed onto my hand and looked me in the eye
“I know John but seriously, there is no tape. I swearâ€￾ I looked him in the eye
“Alright. Then I guess we’re doneâ€￾ John said as he stood up
“Wait, no we’re notâ€￾ evil lady began
“Yes we are. Trust is important, I’ll talk to you later Katâ€￾ he said as he kissed my cheek and the three of them left me alone once again.
Yes it’s official. Worst day ever.</span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Fri May 06, 2005 8:11 am

OMG! :blink: Worst day ever is right. :no: I hope they can stop the sex tape rumor from getting way out of hand. And Justin needs to get over the Adam thing. Kat is allowed to have other friends than him. She shouldn't have to stop being friends with the guy just because of Justin's jealousy.

The ad sounds hot, though. ;) :lol:

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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Sun Jun 12, 2005 9:31 pm

<span style='color:blue'>Hey I'm back... yay lol I've been back for a couple days actually but whatever :)
So I totally forgot what was going on with this and everything so I just reread it lol so I hope you don't forget everything too lol but anyway yeah here's another chapter :)

Why is all this sh** happening to me? I’m aware how good I have it; I know first hand how things could be so much worse but this past week I feel like I should run away or something. I usually don’t cry, but tonight I’ve been crying nonstop. Everything is just piling up and I can’t take much more of it. A f***ing sex tape? That makes me look like such a whore. That’s so annoying. I want to have kids someday; I don’t want them to hear about that. What is my brother going to think? My sister? What about Justin’s family? What about Justin? This is a nightmare.
I picked up the phone and he answered it after two rings, “Heyâ€￾ I couldn’t say anything after I heard his voice. It’s been the first time in almost six months.
I took a deep breath and gained my composure, “What the f*** Ryan?â€￾
“I don’t knowâ€￾ he yelled back, “It’s not true, it can’t beâ€￾
“What do you mean it can’t be? How the f*** can’t it be?â€￾
“It’s notâ€￾
“Well who the f*** got it? Who the f*** do you show it to?â€￾
“Oh you know, just the guys. When we’re bored on tour we break it out, make some popcorn and have a movie night,â€￾ he said sarcastically, “No one. You think I show it around to all my friends or something Kat? I’m not a f***ing moron. No one has ever seen itâ€￾
“Well obviously someone has. Did you give it to someone?â€￾
“Yeah Kat cause that’s what I want. A video of me f***ing you on everyone’s computer screen, I passed it out with the Christmas cards last yearâ€￾ he said sarcastically, “That’s exactly what I wanted to give my parents for Christmasâ€￾
“Well how else do you explain it then smart one?â€￾
“I don’t f***ing know Kat. I’d say it’s all sh**. Some bastard’s trying to get some money so he’s going to act like he’s got some sh** he doesn’t have. His plan is to get us to admit it and give him money not to show the tape he doesn’t haveâ€￾ that actually makes sense. There’s no way anyone would get it. Ryan has it and he wouldn’t let anyone watch it. He’s right, seriously though, he’s way too close to his family he would never want them to know we ever even made a tape.
“So what do we do?â€￾
“I don’t know. Just act like you don’t know what he’s talking about and it’s all bullsh**. Just say it’s not possibleâ€￾
“I didâ€￾
“Alright then it’s doneâ€￾
“Yeah except if he really has it and lets it out and then we look like assholes for pretending we didn’t make one and then people could have stopped it all alongâ€￾
“It’s not out there Kat. It’s seriously not possibleâ€￾
“Swear on your Gibson?â€￾
He laughed slightly, “Yes I swear on my Gibsonâ€￾
“Okâ€￾ I laughed softly, “Thanks. Byeâ€￾
“Laterâ€￾ I hung up the phone and fell onto my bed. I don’t even know what to think. It’s a complete nightmare. The phone rang and I saw Justin’s number show up on the caller ID and I threw the phone back down. I don’t even want to deal with him right now. I’m going to just climb under a rock for the next year until this is all over.
The phone rang again and I unplugged it. God people leave me alone. I placed a pillow over my head and screamed as loud as I could. It actually helped a little until I heard the door open. I didn’t even look up to see who it was. I honestly didn’t even care. It’s either my brother or Kristen. And to tell you the truth, I really hope it’s not my brother.
“Heyâ€￾ I heard Kristen’s voice, still not looking up at her, “I brought you foodâ€￾ she placed the take out bag on the coffee table
“I’m not hungry,â€￾ I said as I sat up so Kristen could sit down next to me
“Good more for meâ€￾
I took a deep breath and rested my head on her shoulder “Shoot meâ€￾
“Don’t worry about itâ€￾
“Yeah, sure I won’t worry about it. Did Victoria’s Secret call yet? Because they’re going to drop me. We’re supposed to be classy not trashy and a sex tape is trashyâ€￾
“They’re not going to drop you. Especially if there’s no tapeâ€￾ there was a few seconds of silence, I don’t know if she was waiting for a reply or something, “And you do know that there would be nothing wrong if there was one. I mean you two were engaged it’s not like it was a one time thing, you’re allowed to do what you want in your free timeâ€￾ she paused again, “And you know no one would look at you differently or anything. I mean people do it, it’s not like you’d be the first person to do it. But if there is a tape, which would totally be fine, we need to know so we can get lawyers involved and everything, that’s an invasion of privacyâ€￾
“I knowâ€￾ I said as I grabbed a roll from the bag, “There’s no tapeâ€￾
“Alrightâ€￾ I hate lying to her, I hate lying to anyone but I have to. I have to trust Ryan about this. Which is honestly hard, but I do trust him.</span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Mon Jun 13, 2005 8:55 am

Man, what a rough situation. :no: I'm gonna hope for the best that Ryan is telling her the truth and wouldn't put her through all of this shiit, but I will always have doubts about that dude. :lol: I can't help it.

And she's gonna have to talk to Justin soon and let him know what's going on. He'll probably be very supportive and help her to get past this obstacle.

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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Tue Jun 14, 2005 12:42 pm

<span style='color:blue'>Thanks for the feedback... here's some more :D

Chapter 11

I was sitting in a small room, trying to keep myself awake at 6:53 in the morning. I don’t do mornings, especially for this reason. I was taping my Jimmy Choo’s against the metal folding chair I was sitting on, trying to think of how I was going to deal with this. In seven minutes I will be sitting on a stage with a million flashes and people screaming at me, asking me about something that is not supposed to be discussed. The door opened and Kirsten called me out where I was standing at the door waiting to go out and pretty much get attacked. Where’s Ryan? I’m a little afraid to see him for the first time in six months but he better not leave me alone to deal with this. He walked out of his little room a few seconds later and I let out a sigh of relief. I never thought after the time I saw him last that I’d ever be happy to see him.
“Heyâ€￾ he said as he hugged me and kissed my cheek. I smiled slightly as he took a sip from his foam Dunkin Doughnuts cup, “It’s too f***ing early for this sh**â€￾ he said as he moved his hood a little so it wasn’t covering his face completely.
“I knowâ€￾
“I would have brought you a coffeeâ€￾
“No it’s okâ€￾
“You want some?â€￾ he asked holding out the cup
“No, I’m fineâ€￾
“If they start sh** I’m getting up and leavingâ€￾ I nodded my head, “This is not exactly how I want to spend a day offâ€￾
“Tell me about itâ€￾
“We should just get up, tell them all to f*** off and leaveâ€￾
“And then we’ll look like even bigger assholesâ€￾
He laughed, “We’re not the assholes, they are. Remember thatâ€￾ this kid confuses me so much.
“Alright let’s goâ€￾ some guy told us as we walked out, greeted by the flashes and people screaming at us. I feel like a monkey in a cage, “Why don’t you two introduce yourselves before we get startedâ€￾
Are you serious? I think everyone out here knows who we are, “Hi, I’m Kat Sharpeâ€￾ I said into the microphone on the table in front of me
Ryan took a sip of his coffee before answering, “Ryan Morrisonâ€￾ he has this ‘f*** you’ mentality about him, like he doesn’t care what anyone thinks. I really wish I had that right now. We sat up there; feeling like the entire Brazilian soccer team was kicking balls at us nonstop. They were being assholes, pretty much just lecturing us on how we’re making a bad name for ourselves, like I wasn’t aware of that before.
“The point is Ms. Sharpeâ€￾ one lady in the front row stood up. This is not going to be good, I’ve been watching her the whole time writing things down frantically, “You’re a role model, whether you want to be or not, you are a role model. And for children who look up to you this is not something they should look up toâ€￾
Who the hell is this lady? “I am aware that I am a role model. I may not understand it at times but I’m always aware of it. I take that very seriously and I would never do anything to put that in jeopardy. I have a younger sister, I’m involved in many charities where I work with children, and for you to infer that I’m not a good role model is just ignorant. You have no idea what I’m like. You do not know me. You’re judging me on something that has not even been proven and is not true. All you people are so quick to jump on the side that makes us look like we’re evil like devil worshippers or something and forget the simple fact that we’re human. This whole thing is like a rumor spread in high school, blown way out of proportion. It’s not true. Like do we have to drill it into your brains? There is no tape. Have you seen the tape? Has anyone seen the tape? If there was a tape don’t you think someone would have seen it by now?â€￾
Ryan laughed a little, “Are we done?â€￾
Another lady stood up, I don’t want to be here anymore. I would totally walk out if I knew the people wouldn’t write a lot of sh** about me the next day in all the papers, “Kat, it’s obvious that you’re a Victoria Secret model and are obviously very comfortable with your sexuality. And Ryan being a quote unquote rock star whose relationship has been very much in the public eyeâ€￾
“Not by choiceâ€￾ I added
“But in the public eye none the lessâ€￾ she paused, “You both are very… in tune with your sexualityâ€￾ where is she going with this? “You really expect us to believe that two people as sexually driven as you two would never do a sex tape? I mean honestly Kat; your main source of income involves wearing lingerie. There’s a billboard four stories high just blocks from here with you lying on a beach topless with your hand down a man’s pantsâ€￾ was there a question in that whole spiel or was it just to make me look like even more of a slut? I couldn’t even respond. I couldn’t even stick up for myself. No one’s ever called me a slut before, especially not to my face. I wanted to cry. I wanted to break down right there and then run away and hide in a cave for a couple years until no one even recognizes me anymore. I couldn’t say anything because I knew if I even opened my mouth all that would come out is sobs. I felt myself shaking and clenched my mouth shut, praying that I would not break down in front of all these people.
“So you’re inferring that she’s a whore because of her job?â€￾ Ryan asked and I looked over at him. I wanted to cry. I wanted to run and hide under a rock, who do these people think we are? Seriously they have no soul. “That’s so f***ed up and foul. I don’t know if you’re parents ever taught you about manners but I was always taught not to judge a book by its cover. If we were all to live by your example and believe all people in certain professions went along with their stereotypes all lawyers would be crooked, all actors would be shallow, all male nurses gay…â€￾
“All strippers would be easyâ€￾ so now they’re comparing me to a stripper?
“See ma’amâ€￾ he continued, “If we were to judge all people on their profession I would think that you were a jealous b**** who is stuck in a job where she is reminded everyday that she is not as young and beautiful as she once was. So to deal with the constant humiliation she’s faced with everyday of the reality that she will never be the person she dreamed of being as a child, she spends her life stalking celebrities and spreading rumors and publishing articles to try to ruin people’s lives who have worked hard to accomplish all that they have. That would make me, the crazy rock star, someone who would be aware of your b****iness even before getting the opportunity that I got today to experience it first handâ€￾ she sat down quick before he could even finish
Everyone’s hands went down, except one guy, I really thought we were done. The man stood up, “And just for the record Mr. Morrison, the reason Ms. Sharpe and your engagement ended and the reason you broke up a second time was because you were unfaithful… twice. Is that correct?â€￾ the smug a**hole asked with a smile
“We’re doneâ€￾ Ryan said as he threw his hands to the table and pushed away before flipping off everyone on his way out. I looked over at John who was standing at the doorway for some answer as to what I should do next. He motioned for me to leave, so I stood up and walked away, after a million more flashes. My life is over.</span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Wed Jun 15, 2005 10:04 am

:no: Gosh, the press is BRUTAL. I like how Ryan took down that lady a notch or two. Please let this get easier for the both of them. I'd want to sit in a room and never come out again.

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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Fri Jun 17, 2005 6:35 pm

<span style='color:blue'>ok so my computer crashed and I lost everything on it... all my school sh** and everything and of course this story which was like almost done lol I know I saved it a little while ago so I just have to find the cd and hope that there's more then i think there is on it... so it may take awhile. But as soon as I find it if there's any left I will post it because I'm going home soon and who knows when I'll be able to post there since that computer sucks so bad.... so anyway... yeah... lol </span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Fri Jun 17, 2005 9:10 pm

Damn that computer. <_< :lol: Give it a good kick for crashing on you. I hope you find it cuz you know I have to know how this all ends.

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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Mon Aug 08, 2005 3:08 pm

<span style='color:blue'>ok so my computer's still broken but I'm home so I found the cd with it saved on but it's not a lot but anyway here's the next chapter :)

The next morning, at 5:35 I was sitting in the NBC studios getting my makeup done, getting ready for the Today Show, where Ryan and I will once again be grilled. When I was finished I walked into the green room where Ryan was already sitting on the couch, “Hey, I brought you coffeeâ€￾ he said as he handed me the Dunkin Doughnuts foam cup. They have coffee here, probably something much more expensive than Dunkin Doughnuts, but to him, Dunkin Doughnuts coffee is like the nectar of the gods.
“Thanksâ€￾ I said as I sat down on the couch next to him
“It’s even f***ing earlier today. But I was promised today was the last dayâ€￾
“Yeah me tooâ€￾
“It sure as hell better beâ€￾ I nodded my head, “Are you alright?â€￾
“Yeah, I guessâ€￾
“I mean after yesterday and everythingâ€￾ I nodded my head, “Well you did good kid. You shut them up for a littleâ€￾
I laughed, “Thanks for that whole speech and everything. I’m such a baby I can’t even stand up for myself. I was totally like in shock I didn’t know what to sayâ€￾
“No it’s cool don’t worry about the f***ers, you’re better than themâ€￾
“This whole thing is just a nightmare,â€￾ I said before the stagehand came in and told us to get out there. We sat on the couch with Katie and Matt and the interview began. They were actually nice about the whole thing, which surprised me because I totally did not expect that, I thought it’d be like yesterday.
“If there was a tape though, we would totally take responsibility about it. We would never want something like that to come out, so if we had one we would be doing something about it instead of denying itâ€￾ I said a few minutes into the interview
“Right, and I think another thing worth mentioning is if there was a tape it would be out by now,â€￾ Katie said
“Right onâ€￾ Ryan said
“So then you think that the man claiming he has this tape is just looking for money?â€￾
“Exactly, just thinking that he would say he has a tape, that way if we did happen to have one we would give him anything he wanted for him not to release itâ€￾
“Except the dude’s plan backfired when there’s no tape,â€￾ everyone on the couch laughed a little
“So I take it there will be some legal action from thisâ€￾
“Oh you can bet on it,â€￾ I said with a smile
“And there were some problems I hear with the press conference yesterday?â€￾
“Those people just need to focus on their own lives and then the world would be a much better place for anyoneâ€￾ Ryan said with a chuckle
I laughed as I rested my hand on his leg, “I think they were just focused on this fact that we are these evil people and didn’t listen to anything we said because as far as they were concerned we’re these horrible, stuck up, egotistical celebrities so they just want to ruin us, whether it’s with the truth or notâ€￾
“Well it’s apparent you two are anything but. Thank you for coming in and clearing everything upâ€￾
“Thanks for letting usâ€￾
“And we wish the both of you the best of luck in everything. We’ll be right backâ€￾
“Now that wasn’t so bad,â€￾ Katie said as we stood up
“Thank you so muchâ€￾ I said as I hugged her. It’s so good to know some people in this world care about other people and not just themselves. I spent the rest of the day at my apartment doing phone interviews with radio station and newspapers across the country. This is so sad. When I was finally done everyone left, I just wanted to be alone.
I picked up the phone after a few rings, Justin… so nice of him to call, “Hello?â€￾
“Heyâ€￾ I heard his voice, “What’s going on?â€￾
“Um… a lotâ€￾
“Yeahâ€￾ he said softly, “I saw you on the Today showâ€￾ I didn’t say anything. I haven’t even talked to him for the past like three days since all this sh** started, “With Ryan huh? You two seem to be old chums again huh?â€￾
“You have got to be kidding me. Justin do you know how much sh** I have gone through these past few days? Do you know how many names I’ve been called to my face? Do you have any idea what it’s like to have all these f***ing people like screaming at me and lecturing me? To have all these people look down at me as if I’m some sort of prostitute. All because of a f***ing rumor. And because of a f***ing tape that does not exist. Do you know what it’s like Justin? Do you know how horrible it is to be made fun of on every talk show, radio show, in every magazine? You have no idea how hard it’s been for me these past few days and now you’re going to call me and complain about me doing an interview with my ex boyfriend who is the other party involved is all this sh**. I’m sorry that you’re so jealous and insecure of yourself. Which, by the way, has come out of nowhere and it’s really annoying the f*** out of me. If you really have such a problem with this that you can’t trust me to be on a f***ing TV show with my ex-boyfriend then what exactly are we doing together? I mean honestly Justin things have changed and I don’t know what’s going on. This is like seriously the biggest time that I would ever need you to be there for me and you’re jealous of every male I have ever come in contact withâ€￾ I paused and waited for some reply but then I realized that I didn’t want to sit there and listen to his explanation. I’m really not in the mood for it at all. “I gotta goâ€￾ I hung up the phone. Seriously he hasn’t called me in like three days and then I do an interview with Ryan and he calls to infer that I’m best friends with him or something. It’s so annoying. I’ve never had any problems dating a guy that got jealous over such stupid stuff and I can’t deal with the drama.

I picked up the phone again and dialed Ryan’s number, “Helloâ€￾
“Hey, it’s meâ€￾
“Hey what’s up?â€￾
“I’m just like… going crazy and I really think I’d feel a lot better if we could just get rid of the tapeâ€￾
He was silent for a second, “Alright, you want to come over?â€￾
“Yeah, I’m leaving nowâ€￾ I paused, “Wait Ry, are you like busy or something?â€￾
“Noâ€￾ he laughed, “It’s cool come overâ€￾
“Alright I’m leaving nowâ€￾ I was already out the door before I hung up. It’s just so annoying. I know no one has the tape but it’s just scary to think someone could get it, and that it exists in general. I was at his house on Long Island a half an hour later after what should have taken an hour. I’m a reckless driver and I should not be allowed to drive.
“That was fast,â€￾ Ryan said as he opened the door
“Yeahâ€￾ I laughed slightly as I walked inside his house
“Are you doing ok?â€￾
“Yeah I just will feel a lot better if it’s goneâ€￾ he nodded his head and I followed him to his bedroom
“I don’t even know where it isâ€￾ I gave him a look like he’s got to be kidding, he laughed, “Well I mean I know where it is, just not exactlyâ€￾ he said as he got down on the floor, “It’s under here somewhereâ€￾
I sat down on his bed, “It better be under there somewhereâ€￾
“I got it, I got it,â€￾ he said as he pulled a box out and sat down next to me. He opened up the box and inside of it was a bunch of pictures of us and old movie stubs and everything
“What is all that stuff?â€￾
“Nothingâ€￾ he said as he closed the box quickly, that’s kinda cute that he still has all that stuff
“What do you mean nothing?â€￾ I asked as I reached for the box and he handed it to me
“It’s just… stuff from beforeâ€￾ I looked through it, he had all the pictures from those booths at the mall, ticket stubs and booklets from my shows, the ring. Oh my god he still has the ring. I closed the box quickly when I saw it; I was seriously about to cry. I looked at him as he looked at the box in his lap and then looked up at me and smiled, “I got the tapeâ€￾ he held it up
I laughed as I wiped my eyes quickly incase any tears got away, “Awesomeâ€￾ I said as I grabbed onto the tape and he held on tight making me laugh again, “Ryâ€￾
“You’re sure you want to do this?â€￾ I nodded my head, “Positive?â€￾
“Yesâ€￾ I laughed
“You’re sure you don’t want to watch it one more time?â€￾
“Give me the damn tapeâ€￾
“Alright, alrightâ€￾ he said as he let go and I threw it on the ground and started stomping on it with my heel, “Do you want a hammer or something? Damnâ€￾ he laughed as I shook my head and continued stomping until it was destroyed.
“Thank youâ€￾
He took a deep breath, “Yeah, no problemâ€￾ I laughed at the face he made, he really did not want to let go of it. He stood up, “Do you want a drink or something?â€￾
“No I should goâ€￾
“Alrightâ€￾ he paused, “How’s everything with Justin?â€￾
I was quiet for a second before answering. Now what am I supposed to do? Pretend that everything’s wonderful or tell him the truth? “Fineâ€￾
“Just fine?â€￾
I bit my bottom lip and nodded my head, “yeahâ€￾
He nodded his head, “Alright well I’ll see you around I guessâ€￾
I nodded my head; I hate this uncomfortable sh**, “Thank you so much for everything, seriouslyâ€￾
“Yeah, of courseâ€￾
“Byeâ€￾ I smiled as I hugged him tightly, it felt so good to actually get a hug from someone, I needed a hug so bad, I really did not want to let goâ€￾

Don't forget the feedback B) </span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Wed Aug 10, 2005 8:44 am

YAY, you're back! :hug:

Ooooh, so there was an actual tape. :lol: ;) But it didn't get out, so thank goodness for that. They've had to go through enough with the press and interviews.

I'm surprised Ryan kept a memory box. :lol: He doesn't seem like the nostalgic type of guy, but that's cool that he appreciates all the memories he has with Kat. :wub:

Great update. I want to see Justin back in her good graces, but not if he's going to be Mr. Jealousy all the time. :no:

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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Mon Aug 22, 2005 8:15 pm

<span style='color:blue'>Oh Paige... the last reader standing lol
Thanks for the feedback B)


I spent the next day in bed. Yeah, that’s right all day in bed. I’m not ashamed to say that. I didn’t get up at all. Ok I got up twice, once for the bathroom and once for a can of whipped cream. I didn’t turn the television or radio on once because I didn’t want to hear about myself. I’m just so confused with life in general. I hate it.
I lay on my bed on my back with my feet sticking up in the air when I heard the door open. I took a deep breath, wondering who was bothering me now. I just want to be alone. I looked at my doorway and saw Justin walk in. Great. I looked at him and then back at my feet, “Are you sick?â€￾
“Are you not feeling well?â€￾ he asked as he walked into the room
“It’s 4:30â€￾
“You’re in your pajamasâ€￾
“Well get dressed, let’s go get something to eatâ€￾
“I’m not leaving my house todayâ€￾
“Because I don’t want toâ€￾
“Okâ€￾ he said softly before sitting down next to me, I’m being a b****, I’m aware but I can be.
“Why are you here aren’t you supposed to be somewhere else?â€￾
“Hartford actuallyâ€￾ he looked at his watch, “I can’t stay longâ€￾
“What?â€￾ I laughed and then stopped when I realized I did. I’m supposed to be mad at him I’m not supposed to laugh. Damn him for making me laugh
“Seriously I have to be on stage in four and a half hoursâ€￾
“Then what the hell are you doing here?â€￾
“I thought we um, needed to talk. And I know we couldn’t have done it over the phone because you would have hung up on me, if you even answered the phoneâ€￾
“My phone’s offâ€￾
“Yeah I knowâ€￾ he said as he lay down next to me, “I’m really sorryâ€￾
“For?â€￾ I know what he’s sorry for, he knows what he’s sorry for but I want to hear him say it
“Everything. For being such a f***ing idiot. I can’t even imagine how hard these past few days have been for you. I should have been there for you. I should have came sooner, or sent you out with me, or calledâ€￾
“Yeah, you should haveâ€￾
He pulled me closer to himself, “I’m sorry for acting like such a jealous bastard recently. It’s hard to deal with your beautyâ€￾
“Shut upâ€￾
“I’m serious, I’ve never dated anyone hotter than me,â€￾ he laughed a little, “No one I’ve ever been with was bigger than me, and you’re way biggerâ€￾
“Shut upâ€￾ I shook my head, “You dated Britney Spears, she’s way bigger than meâ€￾
“That was different… but uh, well she cheated on me so maybe that’s whyâ€￾
“I wouldn’t do thatâ€￾
“I knowâ€￾ he paused, “It’s just weird for me to have the sexiest girl in the world as my girlfriend and I’m not even on the listâ€￾
“That’s so lameâ€￾
“It’s just stupid, I know, but it’s hard. I mean, Ryan made it, and Adam made it, and you’re the f***ing hottest you made the cover, it’s like everyone’s thinking what’s she doing with this loserâ€￾
“Oh my GODâ€￾ this is like high school drama, “How shallow do you think I am that I would even care about that? I think that whole magazine is the stupidest thing in the world. I didn’t even want to do it. They made me. I really think the whole thing is so lame. Like who are these people and who are they to rate people on who is the sexiest? It’s so stupid; I’m obviously not the sexiest female in the country. And it’s ridicules that people think thatâ€￾
“Who’s sexier?â€￾
“A lot of people are you kidding? Halle Berry, Carmen Electra, Giselle didn’t make it she’s way hotter than me, my sister, the girl downstairs that works at Starbucks,â€￾ he laughed but I’m serious. It’s such a lame concept to begin with, who came up with it? “Obviously I think you’re the sexiest man in the world or I wouldn’t be with youâ€￾ I rested my head on his chest, “Even if you had like 3 eyes and four teeth, I would still love you because there’s more to life then looks. Beauty is only skin deep, haven’t you heard that? My mother used to tell me it everydayâ€￾
Justin kissed my forehead, “Come to Hartford?â€￾
I shook my head; I don’t want to leave, “No thanksâ€￾
“There’s people outside right?â€￾ he nodded his head, “I don’t feel like going out into the war zone so I can get made fun of and called names and laughed at.â€￾
“Well what the hell is Johnny doing about it?â€￾ I shrugged, “He’s not doing anything?â€￾ he almost yelled, the protective boyfriend was defiantly coming out at that point
“He’s doing all he can but it’s going to take time. So until that time passes I’m going to stay in my cave until the hunters go awayâ€￾
“That’s dumbâ€￾ he laughed at the look I gave him, how the hell is it dumb that I don’t like being called a slut and have people make assumptions when I walk out the door, “Don’t you think that maybe it will look good if your out with your boyfriend and you act like you don’t care about what they say?â€￾
“Yes, in theory it would. But in reality I do care and I can’t just go out there and act like everything’s ok when it’s not. I seriously think if I get called one more name or one more person says something about me that I’m going to just break down and probably fall onto the ground crying and give them more sh** to write in their little papers, like that I’m on crack or somethingâ€￾
“Get readyâ€￾ Is he serious?
“Did you listen to anything I just said?â€￾
“What?â€￾ he smiled, “Get ready I have to be on stage in four hoursâ€￾
“Justin I just told you I’m not goingâ€￾
“Girl, I have snuck out of this building so many times. Do you not remember the first time we went out in New York and how amazingly awesome I was at getting us out without even one person noticing? Get readyâ€￾ I bit my bottom lip as I seriously thought about going, “there’s nothing to think about let’s go. Kat, it takes two and a half hours to get there, I have to get changed and get my hair didâ€￾
“And get your man makeup onâ€￾
“Andâ€￾ he pointed at me, “Yes and get my man makeup on. And I’m supposed to do a meet n greet but that’s not going to happen if you do not get ready and I’m blaming you. I will tell those poor girls who have waited their whole life to meet their idle, which is me by the way, that the reason they couldn’t is because Kat Sharpe would not get her ass out of bed at five o’clockâ€￾ I love that he can make me laugh even when I feel like the world is going to end. And I love how he pretends to be cocky.
“I don’t knowâ€￾
“Jim is waiting in the kitchen Kat. And he’s already pissed because I woke him up at 5 this morning to find out where you even were. If you do not hurry up or you decide you don’t want to come he will kill me, and you’ll have to live with that for the rest of your liveâ€￾
I laughed as I stood up, “Can I take a shower first?â€￾
“Noâ€￾ he said seriously, “Just put some clothes on, seriously you’re going to get me firedâ€￾
“Rightâ€￾ I laughed as I changed my clothes, “Can I brush my teeth?â€￾
“Oh, thank god… I thought you were planning on leaving without brushing your teeth… your breath Kat, seriously is disgusting…â€￾
My mouth dropped from laughter and I hit his arm. I’m really nervous about going out there but with Jim and Justin… no one will mess with me.</span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Mon Aug 22, 2005 10:02 pm

Oh Paige... the last reader standing lol

I'll never give up on my favorite authors. Girl, I love this story! :clap:

Ahh, good to have my old Kat and Justin back together. Being as cute as ever. It's a good relationship when you can make up that easily. :lol: I want to see Justin get her out of the building and make it to the show on time. Talk about cutting it close.

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Postby ashleybull » Mon Aug 22, 2005 10:30 pm

I'm still reading sorry for not posting any feedback. Im so glad you kept going with this story I loved the first one and I love this one keep writing pls

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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Wed Aug 24, 2005 1:45 pm

<span style='color:blue'>thank you B)
Here's a little more


“If you put the damn dishes in the dishwasher then wouldn’t pile upâ€￾ I screamed into the other room, why I don’t know it’s not like he’s even listening, “Ew Joey there’s still food on here, seriously that’s so gross… Do you hear me?â€￾
“Loud and clearâ€￾ he said not even looking up for the television. “I’ll take care of it after the game
“’Yeah, my assâ€￾ I said as I loudly put the dishes in the dishwasher, is it really that hard? He’s driving me crazy, seriously insane. He’s here all the time, don’t get me wrong I love spending time with him but he’s always here.
“I said I would clean it after the gameâ€￾ he said as he came into the kitchen with another plate. I grabbed it from him and stuck it in the dishwasher and stuck it in the dishwasher while I faked a smile, “What’s your problem?â€￾
“You are. You’re such a pigâ€￾
“If you would have waited five minutes I would have cleaned it upâ€￾
“Right, I’m sure you would haveâ€￾
“I’m beginning to see this b**** I’ve heard so much aboutâ€￾ I laughed sarcastically and rolled my eyes, “Seriously, what’s going on?â€￾
“Alright… well come on we have to go get Emâ€￾
“I’m not goingâ€￾
“I don’t feel like going. I don’t feel like dealing with peopleâ€￾
He rolled his eyes as he grabbed the keys, “You’re such a diva. Should I bring Em to my place then? Since you don’t feel like dealing with people?â€￾
“’Do you even have a place anymore? Like are you sure your key still works? You’re never there; I mean they might have changed it you’d never know. And it’s not all people I don’t feel like dealing with, it’s just youâ€￾ I smiled
He laughed as he threw a roll of paper towels at me, “You are a b****â€￾
“I learned from the bestâ€￾ I love my brother more than life itself but he really annoys the hell out of me sometimes. I just have so much sh** going on right now. I’m going crazy. I have a show in two weeks and have to loose 5 pounds by then, it doesn’t sound hard for any normal person but for me… it’s close to impossible. Plus I haven’t seen Justin in weeks and I miss him and am driving myself crazy. Plus we’re trying to close on this building piece of sh** so we can build an after school center thing for the kids in the old neighborhood, but that while thing is such a pile of stress. The building is such a piece of sh**, we need to nock the whole thing down and start from scratch. Its kind of cool because we can do everything the way we want to but it’s also a lot more sh** to deal with. Time is money except it’s more like time is lives, the quicker we get it started the more people we can help before it’s too late. Money’s not a problem so far, since I’ve gotten a lot from that lawsuit, but we have to think about sponsors and donations and… it’s just a lot of work. I just want kids to have a place to go to so they’ll stay out of trouble and get some food and have a safe haven… and it will happen, even if I have to do it all by myself. I’m also really late… which I’m sure is just because of the stress but I’m still nervous. It’s just the stress… it has to be. It’s not like I could be pregnant or anything… it’s not even possible. Well ok technically it’s possible but whatever, it’s not.
When I was finally alone with my sister I heard the words come out of my mouth, “I’m like two weeks lateâ€￾ why did I just say that out loud? “ It’s not a big deal though, like I’m just stressed and stuffâ€￾ I paused and looked at her face, “I’m ok, I promise. That just came out of nowhere, I’m sorryâ€￾
“Do you want to go get a pregnancy test or something?â€￾
“No, oh no please it will be in all the papersâ€￾
“I’ll goâ€￾ she stood up “Don’t be nervous ok?â€￾
“Thanks Emâ€￾ I nodded my head, it’s like she’s my big sister or something, it’s weird. I’m a total baby I like to have people do things for me.
So a few days later and a bunch of doctors’ appointments it was official. I am indeed pregnant. I still haven’t told Justin. Half because I’m afraid and half because I feel like if I tell him there’s no turning back and it’s actually going to happen. I can’t have a baby. I’m not ready, I’m too young, and I’m still a baby myself. I can’t take care of myself. I’m not ready. I have too much going on in m life. I was flipping through the channel when I stopped on ET- where they were exposing the whole store… Kat Sharpe, pregnant? Wonderful. I hate how they have to announce it to the world before I even get the chance to tell the father. I heard the whole ring and took a deep breath before answering it, “Hello?â€￾
“Hey babe, how are you?â€￾
“Good, I miss youâ€￾
“I know I missed you too, two more weeks and I’ll be thereâ€￾
“Can’t waitâ€￾
“Me neither. Did you hear the latest in the news? Apparently you’re pregnant,â€￾ he said with a chuckle. I didn’t say anything and he got worried, “Kat did you hear me?â€￾
“Yeahâ€￾ I said softly
“That’s crazy huhâ€￾ I once again didn’t say anything “Kat are… are you pregnant?â€￾ I nodded my head, “Katâ€￾
“I’m nodding my headâ€￾ now he was quiet, “I’m sorry Justinâ€￾
“No don’t be I’m… I’m going to be a father?â€￾
“Well, yeah I guess but…â€￾
“But what?â€￾
“Well I don’t know if… if I’m going to keep it or…â€￾
“What? Of course you are… why would you even say that?â€￾
“I don’t know I just… I can’t Justin you know I can’t have a baby I can’t take care of a babyâ€￾
“You won’t have to do it by yourself, I’ll be thereâ€￾
“As it is now I see you like once a monthâ€￾
“Well screw that, I’ll quit, we’ll take time offâ€￾
“I know, I just… “ I paused, “I don’t knowâ€￾
“Well, we’ll talk about it, I’ll try to come early, don’t do anythingâ€￾
“I’m not but I just… I don’t think it’s going to work outâ€￾
“How can it not?â€￾
“I don’t know Justin I can’t be pregnant. I’m a model I need my bodyâ€￾
“You hate modelingâ€￾
“So that doesn’t mean I don’t ever want to do it againâ€￾
“You still can. Hell, Heidi Klum has like give kids and she still modelsâ€￾
“Heidi Klum like lives at the gym, I don’t do gymsâ€￾
“Oh yeah, totally. So just get rid of the kid ya’know, as long as you don’t have to go to the gymâ€￾
“Justin come onâ€￾
“When were you planning on telling me?â€￾
“I just didn’t want to tell you on the phoneâ€￾
“So I find out on TV with the rest of the worldâ€￾
“I’m sorryâ€￾
“Well I gotta go my mother’s beeping in. I need to try to explain to her why she found out on TV… the same way her son didâ€￾
“I’m sorryâ€￾
“And the best part is I have to go on leno tomorrow and press stuff all week, that’ll be awesomeâ€￾
“Justin I’m sorry. What else do you want me to say?â€￾
“I don’t know, I’ll talk to you laterâ€￾ great now he’s mad at me, “Wait Katâ€￾
“It’s going to be ok, don’t… do anything drastic, we’ll get through it. I love youâ€￾
“Ii know I love you tooâ€￾ I need to get away. If I turn on the TV it’s be, if I open a magazine it’s me. I need a secret hiding place where no one will ever find me. I pulled my hair up and hid it under a hat, put on a big hooded sweatshirt and a pair of sweatpants and sunglasses and decided I need to go for a walk, or a run to let some of my frustration out. I was actually quite surprised at the beginning because I got some time to myself and no one bothered me. I got some seriously thinking done… I’m going to keep the baby, I mean obviously, I could never go through with getting rid of it and I would never want to. I would regret it forever. Everything’s going to work out. It will be fine. Justin’s going to be an unbelievable father and that’s all that matters. All of a sudden I realized I was being followed. It’s stupid that I thought I could make it without people seeing me. It’s stupid for me to go alone too because they scare me. Especially when it’s these big creepy men and I’m walking alone on the dark streets of NY city and I don’t even know if they’re paparazzi or if they’re getting ready to mug me. I started running and then ran across the street without even looking. It all happened in slow motion. I saw the cab coming but I couldn’t move out of the way. It hit me in slow motion as well and I felt myself hit the cold cement.</span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Thu Aug 25, 2005 3:37 pm

:huh: :unsure: OH MY! That last sentence has me terribly worried. I hope Kat and the baby are going to be okay. That's a lot of trauma for a developing fetus. :blink: Looks like Kat's world is getting turned upside down once again. I feel so badly for her. :(

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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Sun Aug 28, 2005 6:36 pm

<span style='color:blue'>ok here's a short one... thanks for reading!

I woke up alone in a cold, dark hospital bed. I jumped up and could feel my heart beating through my throat. I hate hospitals and I’ve never even been in one like because I was the one admitted. I wanted to leave, “Calm down you’re okâ€￾ I heard my brothers voice and let out a sigh of relief
“Oh Joey, thank god, what am I doing here?â€￾
“Word on the street is you got hit by a car… what you were doing alone on the streets of NY at night is beyond meâ€￾
“Am I ok?â€￾
“You tell meâ€￾
“Yeah, I’m fine. Can I leave?â€￾
“I doubt it, just relax you’re okâ€￾ he let out a sign of relief, “God Kat, you scared the hell out of meâ€￾
“Sorryâ€￾ I laughed and then the doctor came and I felt my heart beating fast again
“Hello, Ms. Sharpe, I’m Dr. Wattsworth, how are you feeling?â€￾
“Good, can I go home?â€￾
“We’re going to have you stay over night so I’ll ask you again, how are you feeling?â€￾
“Um, I can’t really feel my leg too good, and my head hurts, and my neckâ€￾ Well, I guess I’ll be honest since I’m going to have to stay anyway
“Alright, I’ll send the nurse in to get you something for that pain. As for the leg we took some tests before and it’s just a sprain, nothing to worry about just keep it propped up. Besides that you’re fine, nothing to worry about. You took a pretty bad hit but it looks like someone’s looking out for you up thereâ€￾
“What about the baby?â€￾
“The baby?â€￾ why is he asking, he’s the doctor he’s supposed to be telling me about that, “You’re pregnant?â€￾ I nodded my head, “How far along?â€￾ he asked as he pressed the button above my head
“Like a couple weeks, maybe a monthâ€￾ he nodded his head as he flipped through papers on the clip board attached to my bed, “What are you doing? Why can’t you just tell me the baby’s ok?â€￾
He took a deep breath, “I don’t know if the baby’s ok Kat. We didn’t know you were pregnant, nobody knewâ€￾
“How do you not know?â€￾
“We have to run some more testsâ€￾ I felt myself begin to shake. I don’t understand how a doctor does not know I’m pregnant. I know the baby’s real small now but seriously, he’s a doctor. Joey stood up and followed me as they rolled me out to another room where a bunch of people in scrubs started gathering around me. I refuse to call them doctors when they can’t tell a person’s pregnant.
“Yes, just what I had expectedâ€￾
“What? What is just as you expectedâ€￾ I asked the doctor
“There’s no babyâ€￾
“What?â€￾ I yelled as the doctor brought me back into the room, “There’s a baby, how can there not be a baby? I’m pregnant. Maybe you should get another doctor if you’re not able to see a fetus inside someone’s bodyâ€￾
“I’m sorry Kat, but…â€￾
“No… how? How does a baby just disappear? Did it just decide it didn’t want to stay in me anymore and grow legs and walk to someone else’s body?â€￾
“Katâ€￾ Joey began
“No Joey… I want another doctor, this guy doesn’t know what the hell he’s doingâ€￾ I started crying and shaking, the room went black. The tears were stinging my eyes, this can’t be happening; please tell me this isn’t happening. If it weren’t for my brother’s arms around me at that moment I really think I would have died.</span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Mon Aug 29, 2005 8:17 am

:huh: Eek. I knew something bad was going to happen to the baby. That's so terrible. I can't imagine how sad Kat is feeling. :(

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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Wed Aug 31, 2005 8:39 pm

<span style='color:blue'>Thanks for reading and the feedback lol here's some more


“Joey, why don’t you go home it’s getting late?â€￾ I asked after what seemed like hours of crying. I was calm now, or at least for this moment. But he’s been crying too and I’ve never in my life seen my brother cry and I don’t like it.
“I’m not leavingâ€￾
“Please, I want you to go. I need to be alone for a littleâ€￾
“I’ll wait outsideâ€￾
“Joey seriously. I’m fine. I need you to go home and call everyone and tell them I’m ok. You can come back in the morning. I need to sleep and you know Emily is going crazy so please just call her and go homeâ€￾ he looked at me, “Please?â€￾
He kissed my forehead, “Call me if you need anythingâ€￾
“Obviouslyâ€￾ I managed a smile, just mostly to convince him that I was fine to be left alone.

I must have fallen asleep from all the drugs they’re given me. I woke up to hear the door open and saw Justin with his arms against the foot of my bed and his head down so he could catch his breath, “Hey youâ€￾ I smiled
“Oh sh** Kat, are you ok?â€￾ he asked as he ran his hands down my hair and arms
“I’m fineâ€￾
“You had me so scared, thank God you’re alright. Who did this? Who chased you? I will hunt that f***er down and kill him with my bare hands. Who does that? These people are f***ing monsters, they don’t care they just chase you into a car? What the hell is going through their heads?â€￾
“Calm down Justin, it’s going to be okâ€￾ I said mostly to convince myself that it was going to be ok, but I honestly don’t know if it is.
He took a deep breath, “I ran all the way here from f***ing 5th streetâ€￾
I laughed as I ran my hands through his lack of hair, “Thanksâ€￾
“When do you get out of here?â€￾ he asked as he sat down next to me
“Tomorrow, you want to sneak me out early?â€￾
“Yeah if we can get by your brother firstâ€￾
“He’s outsideâ€￾
“Are you kidding? JOEY!!!â€￾ I screamed and he came in, “It’s not fair that you take advantage of the cripple. Just because I can’t get up to check on you doesn’t mean you can lie and say you’re going home when you know your notâ€￾
“Good job Broâ€￾ Joey said to Justin as he threw a magazine at him
“Well how the hell am I suppose to know you’re in hiding?â€￾
“Go home Joey… seriouslyâ€￾
“You’re a little b****, you know that?â€￾
“Yes, I knowâ€￾ I said, as Justin laughed
“You’re a little b**** too,â€￾ Joey said to Justin
“I knowâ€￾
“Call me if you need anythingâ€￾ he said before finally leaving
“Ok, you can sneak me out nowâ€￾
“Yeah, Kat, you know he can kick my ass… I’m goodâ€￾ he looked at me and smiled, “Oh f*** you had me scared to death. I wish I were closer to NY. I know how much you hate hospitalsâ€￾
“Nah, I’m getting used to themâ€￾ I said sarcastically, “My brother was hereâ€￾ I held onto his hand, “I’m glad you’re here thoughâ€￾
“Me too… so everything ok? You’re all right? The baby’s alright?â€￾
I looked at him for a second and bit my bottom lip; I seriously thought I’d never have to tell him. I felt a tear fall down my face and I shook my head, I couldn’t get any words out.
“I’m sorry, I know how much you wanted …â€￾ he pulled his hand away from me and started pacing around the room
“I’m going to f***ing kill… those motherf***ers…I swear to godâ€￾
“Calm down baby, it’s…â€￾
“Don’t tell me…â€￾ he’s screamed and he stuck his finger in my face, I’ve never seen him this angry, and honestly it scared me a little. He caught himself and stepped away from me, “You got what you wantedâ€￾ he said it under his breath but I heard it loud and clear. He pushed the chair across the room and the sound of it hitting the ground made me jump. I was actually scared, but only for a second.
“What?â€￾ I screamed and let me tell you he’s lucky I couldn’t stand up because I would have probably killed him, “Who the hell are you? How… how Justin, tell me how it’s possible that you are perfect one second and the next you’re a complete a**hole? How dare you say that? How dare you think I did not want this baby just as much as you did? Yeah, I was scared but damn Justin. How can you even say that? That’s hurts so much more than any of this other sh**.â€￾ I paused to wipe my eyes and catch my breath, “Get out. Get the f*** out. I can’t even look at youâ€￾ And he did. I was alone again, crying to myself in the cold empty hospital room.

There was a nock on the door and the doctor walked in. I quickly wiped my face and forced a smile, “How are you doing Ms. Sharpe?â€￾
“I’m not really sure. Everything’s still kind of sinking in, I’m sorry about before…â€￾
“Don’t worry about it, of courseâ€￾ he smiled, “Let’s get you to some x-raysâ€￾ he said as he helped me into the wheelchair, “I’m surprised I found you all alone. Usually the family will not even leave the patient alone to get any restâ€￾
“I think most of my family doesn’t even know I’m here yetâ€￾
“Oh I doubt thatâ€￾ he laughed as he rolled me to a window, there were seriously at least a hundred people out there and cameras and stuff… great, “They’ve been out there since you came in. And they’ve been calling off the hookâ€￾
“I’m sorry, I know I’m such a painâ€￾
“No, of course notâ€￾ He took the x-rays, and I have to admit I do feel special that I have the actual doctor wheeling me into the rooms not some nurse. But anyway turns out my foot is broken, and I got one of those cool boot things that will look totally hot on the runway next week. I went back to the room where I was all alone again. It’s so creepy in this place, I was seriously contemplating calling Joey and begging him to come back. But no, I need to stop being such a baby and grow up a little. I can get through this. I was so tired, all I wanted to do was sleep but I couldn’t even close my eyes. I wish I could go back in time, just to yesterday so none of this would happen.
The door opened and Justin walked in. He stood at the door with the hood of his sweatshirt covering his face and a pair of sunglasses to hide the tears but I still saw them, “I’m sorryâ€￾ he said softly as he walked over to the bed, “I am so sorryâ€￾
I nodded my head and moved over so he could lie down next to me, “I was going to keep itâ€￾
“I knowâ€￾ he said softly and wiped my eyes. I was crying anyway, but seeing him cry is what pulled me over the edge. I never want to see that again. “We’ll get through this, it’s going to be ok,â€￾ he said to convince himself. Neither of us said another word because we didn’t know what to say, but just being next to him made me feel so much better, like I could actually get through this. And then we both fell asleep, crying together in each other’s arms.</span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Thu Sep 01, 2005 8:15 am

:( :( Poor Kat, poor Justin, poor everyone involved. I hated seeing them fight at such a sad time like this. I'm glad Justin wised up and didn't stay mad for too long. They need each other now more than ever. :nod:

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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Wed Sep 07, 2005 3:12 pm

<span style='color:blue'>ok here's some more... I've lost track of the chapter numbers lol so anyway hope you like it and don't forget the feedback please :D

“Welcome homeâ€￾ Joey said as Justin and I walked back into my place. Finally I’m home, you don’t even know how glad I am to be home.
“Thank Godâ€￾ I said as I dropped my purse on the ground. I’m so happy I’m out of that hellhole they call a hospital. Ok I’m totally being a drama queen it wasn’t that bad. I just don’t like hospitals, “Thank you Jimâ€￾ I said as I hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. I was very relieved to see him, of course after I got the lecture on how I shouldn’t have gone out without him… especially in New York… when I’m on every television station (including CNN)… and it’s dark out… and I’m angry. I learned my lesson for sure. I don’t think I’m ever going to leave my apartment again… at least without Jim. He told me once again to be careful and said he’s going to put in a security camera just so I couldn’t sneak out. It wasn’t sneaking; I totally didn’t do it purposely. I just felt like going for a run and I didn’t think of asking for permission… but now I know. I sat down on the couch and put my foot up, “I’m so hungry, can you get me something to eat Joey?â€￾
“What are your legs broke?â€￾ he asked as I pointed to my foot, “Rightâ€￾ he laughed as he stood up
“I got it Joeyâ€￾ Justin said as he went into the kitchen
“Thank you babyâ€￾ when I looked into the kitchen I realized for the first time that my house was full of flowers and presents, “Whoa, where’d all this stuff come from?â€￾ I asked as I walked into the other room, although it took me a little longer than usual, I’m still getting used to this boot thing
“Oh now you can get upâ€￾ Joey laughed, “They’ve come the past two days… they’ve been coming all day. From everyone in the world,â€￾ he said as he grabbed the notes from a couple, “Giselle and Leo, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, Ellen, Jay Leno, Britney Spearsâ€￾
“What? Let me see thatâ€￾ Justin said as he came over to us
“Justin it says to Kat not to Justin, it’s mineâ€￾
“Come on let me see itâ€￾
“Justin grow up it’s to meâ€￾ I said with a laugh
“She’s my ex-girlfriendâ€￾
“The letter’s to meâ€￾ I repeated he’s so dumb, “Alright, I’ll read it out loudâ€￾ I cleared my throat, “Kat and Justinâ€￾
“Oh… Justin… that’s meâ€￾
I rolled my eyes as I continued reading, “As soon as I heard your story I found myself crying like I had just been told I’ve lost my own child. I can’t even imagine what you two must be going through. I know we’ve never been friends Kat, except the occasional hello and fake Hollywood kiss. I do respect you in the highest extent and I know that you’re a tough girl and you can get through this. The amount of respect that I have for you has recently exceeded any amount imaginable. As for Justin, well you know as much as I know that he is one of the most amazing, strong willed and sensitive men on this planet. I am convinced that the two of you will get through this and one day all of your dreams will come true. I wish you both the best of luck and I know at times you’re going to feel like you should just give up but don’t. It’s all worth it in the end, everything happens for a reason and I am positive that you will make it through. If you ever need anything, or just someone to talk to, please don’t hesitate to call. I’ve had my share of run-ins with the paparazzi although none have been as extreme as yours. I know you both have gone through your share of hard times and I am convinced you’ll make it through this. You’re both amazing people and everything will work out in the end. You’re in my thoughts and prayers, Love Britney,â€￾ I wiped my eyes, wow, “Yeah, she’s such a b****,â€￾ I said to Justin because that’s all he ever says about her is she’s a b****. I looked over at him and he was sitting at the bar in the kitchen looking into space. I took a deep breath as I put the letter on the refrigerator. That was so nice of her to write, I need to write a thank you note… well to everyone especially her. I think I’ll call her she left a number
“Wellâ€￾ Joey stood up as he tried to change the subject or something, “Let’s see who else sent you things,â€￾ he started to look through, “Elton John? Whoa you’ve made it now, Robert Dinero, are you kidding me?â€￾ I sat down on the couch and grabbed a tissue to wipe my eyes. It’s really amazing to see that in such a hateful world so many people that don’t even need to care do care. Like Elton John, I’ve never met him in my life. I would never think that he would even care about me or even know who I was if I walked past him. And Brad Pitt. This man does not need to care about anyone. He’s like the biggest star ever. He could get away with being an a**hole to everyone and it would still be considered ok because he’s Brad Pitt. And he sent me flowers. I just can’t understand it. It’s so refreshing to know that people still care in this country. “Conan O’Brienâ€￾
He had been listing other names but I was caught in my thoughts, “Shut up, let me see itâ€￾ I ran over, or tried to, with that boot I looked rather silly and I knew it… and just in case I didn’t Joey and Justin’s laughter made it clear for me.
“Oh here we goâ€￾ Justin laughed but he walked over rather quickly himself. I know he wants to know what my Conan said.
“No, shut up. Conan O’Brien knows who I am,â€￾ I said as I picked up the card, “Oh look, he gave me a bat, it says it’s to ward off the stalkerazzi, he’s so funny.â€￾
“He sure isâ€￾ Justin said sarcastically
“Don’t be jealous, I don’t expect you to be as funny as himâ€￾
“How sweetâ€￾ Joey said as he hugged me, “I’m going to get going I have some stuff to do. Call me later… if you need anything or not. And don’t go anywhere Kat, seriously if you leave this house…â€￾
“I know, I know, bye thanksâ€￾
“Bye Kat, later Justinâ€￾

A week later I was sitting in the same spot in the same clothes… ok not the same clothes I’m bad but not that bad. But I seriously am driving myself crazy, I’m so bored but I’m not leaving. I grabbed the remote from the couch and turned the television off, “What are you doing?â€￾ Justin asked and I shrugged
“We have watched this same episode of Laguna Beach like fifteen times in the past week. I know what’s going to happen. I know Stephan is still in love with Kristen and I know Lauren still loves Stephanâ€￾
“It’s not my fault you won’t splurge and get direct TVâ€￾
I laughed as I rested my head on his shoulder, “I’m boredâ€￾
“What do you want to do?â€￾ I shrugged, “Do you want to play a game?â€￾
“I don’t know, rummy?â€￾ I shook my head, “Monopoly?â€￾ nope, “Balderdash! Yeah, let’s play balderdashâ€￾
“Balderdash isn’t fun if you don’t have like eight peopleâ€￾ he’s getting way too excited about Balderdash
“I’ll get eight peopleâ€￾ I shook my head, “No seriously though you want to go somewhere?â€￾
“No… never mindâ€￾ I said as I turned the television back on
“You want to go get a movie or something? You want to go somewhere? Kat I’ll call Jim let’s go somewhereâ€￾
“I don’t want to leaveâ€￾
“The longer you wait the bigger it’s going to be when you finally leaveâ€￾
“I’m scared Justinâ€￾ I don’t know why I just admitted that to him. I don’t think the words ‘I’m scared’ have ever come out of my mouth, I usually hold that stuff in.
“I know you are, and I don’t blame you, I’m scared too but we can’t just sit here and hide out. We can’t live our lives like thatâ€￾
“Alrightâ€￾ he’s right, I can’t hide my whole life. I stood up and pulled him with me, “Will you wear your glasses?â€￾ I asked as I put a hat on his head, we’ve been lying here so long he hasn’t put his contacts on in days.
“If you will wear my sweatshirtâ€￾
“I will, can you call Jim?â€￾
“Doneâ€￾ Justin said as he reached for the phone and I put my hair up and put on a hat and a pair of fake glasses. No more than ten minutes later Jim was at the door.</span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Wed Sep 07, 2005 6:57 pm

Aww, that was very sweet of everyone to send her such thoughtful notes and flowers. I must say that Britney's letter was very sincere and kind. :thumbup: Kat needed the cheering up.

I hope they can get out in the real world for a little while without being bothered. We shall see!

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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Mon Sep 12, 2005 5:43 pm

<span style='color:blue'>thank you


We decided to go to Target because it’s open 24 hours and it’s late and it’s out of the city. We figured no one would be there at midnight on a Saturday night and the ones that are there will either be too drunk to know who we are or they won’t care. It turns out we were pretty right, there weren’t too many people there and no one even gave us a second look. Although I can’t say either of us look like ourselves, we’re both looking pretty gross, and I say that with love.
“They have some real cute clothes hereâ€￾ they really do. I haven’t been here in a long time and I don’t understand why anyone would pay thousands of dollars for a tank top when you can get one here for 6.97, “I’m getting one of these, and one of these, and one of these, oh my God look at this skirt, twelve dollars. You’ve got to be kidding meâ€￾
“Oh my Gawd are you kidding me?â€￾ Jim pretended like he was excited but it’s obvious he didn’t care, but seriously twelve dollars? I could get this same skirt in LA for like twelve hundred, “I’ll go get a basketâ€￾
“Thank youâ€￾ I smiled as I continued looking, I’m going to seriously buy everything here… and they have Isaac Mizrahi? I love him, “This was an amazing idea Justinâ€￾ he stretched his hands over his head and nodded his head, “Ok, we can move on, what do you want to look at next?â€￾
“The lingerie section is right over thereâ€￾
I laughed at how he tried to just sneak that in there, “Ok, Let’s get you some clothes. Oh my God if I get you an outfit will you wear it?â€￾
“It depends,â€￾ he laughed
“No, oh my god, look Justin they have jeans here for twenty dollarsâ€￾
“Let me seeâ€￾ he said as he walked over, “Well I will say I was more of a Wal-Mart man myself, but this place is changing my mindâ€￾
“Good, I’m gladâ€￾ I laughed as I saw a bright pink flowered shirt, “I’m buying you thisâ€￾
“Oh thanks,â€￾ he said sarcastically
“Will you wear it?â€￾ he shook his head, “I’m still buying it for youâ€￾
“I don’t want it. Buy me these jeansâ€￾
“I will but I’m buying you this too, babyâ€￾ I smiled and he rolled his eyes
I continued looking through the racks when a lady came over to us with a baby in her carriage. Why she had a two year old out at midnight is beyond me, “I’m sorry… are you Kat Sharpe?â€￾
I didn’t know what to do. Jim wasn’t back yet. Now I know she wasn’t going to do anything but I also knew if I told her she would tell people and we’d have to leave and I don’t want to leave I’m having too much fun and there’s too many cool clothes here. “I… Iâ€￾ I paused, “I do no… how do you… say…comprende? I do no speak iglesâ€￾ I began in my best Spanish accent. Knowing Spanish does have its advantages.
“I’m sorry you just look…â€￾
I shrugged , “I sorry, I do no… I do no…â€￾
“Okâ€￾ she whispered and waved as she walked away. I walked the opposite direction very quickly so I wouldn’t get caught laughing.
“Pricelessâ€￾ Justin laughed as he wrapped his arms around me
“I do no… comprendeâ€￾ I laughed, “Where’s Jim?â€￾
“I don’t know… what would you have done if she started speaking to you in Spanish?â€￾
“I know Spanish, don’t worry, no problemo, let’s go get some food, oh waitâ€￾ I stopped as we passed the hair color isle, “Let’s get some hair color, will you dye my hair?â€￾
“What color?â€￾
“Black… like reddish blackâ€￾
“Why don’t you like your hair?â€￾
“I just want it to be different so maybe people won’t recognize meâ€￾ I shrugged, “Like this color?â€￾
“I guessâ€￾ he said as he looked at it, “You’re hot no matter what color your hair isâ€￾
“You’re supposed to say beautiful not hotâ€￾
“You’ll look beautiful no matter what. God Kat, take a complimentâ€￾
“Thank you,â€￾ I laughed, “Alright, this is a $45,006.97 bottle of hair color,â€￾ I said as I bit my bottom lip, “Alright let’s do itâ€￾
“Because if I do anything to my hair and they don’t like it, it’s a forty thousand dollar fine. But… you said it will look good so you better not miss any spotsâ€￾


My hair is officially black, like reddish, it’s cute but it’s dark. Whatever I like it, but what I like the most is that people don’t really recognize me. I’m sure they’ll figure it out soon enough… although I would think the big boot on my foot would give it away, these people really aren’t as smart as they claim to be. It’s like ‘humm… she looks like Kat Sharpe, she’s coming out of Kat Sharpe’s building, she has the big boot like Kat… but her hair isn’t brown anymore it’s reddish black… so it can’t be’
As for Justin… he left last week because… well pretty much he’s getting fined like forty thousand dollars for everything he’s missing and it’s like two things at least a day. So after a couple million dollars we decided he should probably get back to work. And when I say we I mean me. I decided I was fine and there’s no use in him losing money.. or having to pay money for not being at stupid things.
I miss him already. Which is not a big surprise. I hate having to be away from him. It’s so stupid. We seriously need to just quit, both of us and move to Tennessee and bring Joey and Em and Kristen and Jim. And then no one will bother us and no one will care. Wishful thinking I guess but someday maybe it will happen.
So I’ve been watching all the entertainment shows since I have nothing better to do and my Laguna Beach partner has left me. It’s really actually quite amusing. The stories that they tell… it’s just awesome. There’s this one guy from Access Hollywood that they check in with everyday and he says he’s like camping out across the street or whatever. And he’s saying how I haven’t left the building in weeks, since I got back from the hospital… except I’ve left a bunch of times. But the best thing ever is while he’s saying that I haven’t left you can totally see me in the background going back into my building. How awesome is that? And nobody catches on. Like not one person notices it’s me. What is wrong with these people? Granted it was from across the street, but still you could make out that it was me. Justin called me up laughing hysterically when he saw it. He couldn’t even speak; it’s just an incredible hysterical ironic moment. And then Ryan called me and said he saw me too. So then we decided to make it more like a game. I figured out the timing, and everyday that they did the report I walked in and out, sometimes I even waved. That lasted like a week until Jim and Johnny came over and I got in a little bit of trouble. They explained how it’s not a good idea and yada yada yada. But the thing is I can’t stay inside forever, and I want to go out. And when I say go out I mean like go to the store or stop off and pick up a pizza. Just like no more than an hour thing. And if Jim comes, he kinda gives it away. I love him to death but it’s really obvious when I have the big man following me. And they totally listened to me. So now I have this other dude who’s cool and all but he’s no Jim. It’s like in that Mandy Moore movie where she’s the president’s daughter and she has that secret service dude who looks like he’s twenty. Except mine’s not hot and he’s kinda weird… and he takes his job too seriously. But I have to keep reminding myself that it’s important that he takes his job seriously because that’s protecting me.
So the boot thing gets off in two weeks and then I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things. My first thing back is a commercial for Victoria’s Secret. I’m excited but also nervous because they haven’t seen my hair yet. But I think it’s ok, it looks good… at least I like it. But then when the ads come out my disguise is going to be over. So that sucks. But I just need to keep thinking about all the free bras and panties I’m going to get and that makes it all worthwhile.
I’m so bored though. I’m seriously driving myself crazy. Why is there never anything good on TV? Justin’s been sending me packages like every week. It’s really sweet. There are movies and magazines and books and crossword puzzles since he knows I’m such a dork. The thing is I’m usually so busy that when I actually have so much time off like I do now I don’t even know what to do with myself. But I need to enjoy it I guess because who knows if I’ll ever get this much time off again.
So anyway, I’m trying to get Johnny and Jim to let me go on tour with Justin for a couple weeks. I don’t know if they’re going to let me go. The first time I asked it was a definite no, and then slowly they’ve been thinking about it. Last time I asked Johnny said, “Give it time Kat, we’re still thinking about itâ€￾ I know it doesn’t sound to promising but I think we’ve made a lot of progress. The point is it’s going to happen, I know it is. I need to get out of this place.

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Tue Sep 13, 2005 11:50 am

Wooo for late night Target runs. Those are always the best! :yay: I loved how she pretended not to know English when that woman approached her. :rofl: :rofl: And then dying her hair and sneaking out of the building and waving to Access Hollywood. :rofl: Even funnier! This chapter was a lot of fun ... I'm glad she's finding some way of having fun with her foot being all messed up.

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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Sun Sep 18, 2005 9:45 pm

<span style='color:blue'>here's some more thanks for the feedback and thanks for reading lol


Two days later I was on a plane going to Chicago. Johnny and Jim talked it over and decided I could go with Justin for two weeks.. No more. I think it’s just because they knew I would just leave if they wouldn’t let me… probably because that’s what I told them. But I totally would not have just left. This is like a high security situation now. Jim and Johnny actually flew out and met with Lonnie, Justin’s security guard a couple days ago. I don’t feel like all that is really necessary but I do feel really safe and everything so I guess that’s important.
I sat on the plane as it landed, with Jim next to me. They wanted to get me a private jet but I think that’s going a little far for a two-hour plane ride. But they snuck us on late and now we’re being rushed out before anyone else can get off. I really think we’re overreacting a little but I’m not going to fight with the big guy. As we walked through the airport I felt like the biggest loser in the world. Jim was on the walkie-talkie practically the whole time, and he was holding onto my hand like I was a three year old in Disney World. “I think it’s safe you can let go of my hand now. There’s no one even hereâ€￾
“Shhâ€￾ he said as he finished saying something into the walkie-talkie. He put it to his side, “Kat we’re not joking around with this. You’re lucky you’re even here. I don’t think you realize how serious this could be. We don’t want a repeat…â€￾
“I knowâ€￾
“I know you know Kit Katâ€￾ he said as put his arm around me, “But if you and Justin even try to sneak away from us I swear to God Kat you and I will be on that plane going back to New York so fast you won’t even know we left. And once we get back home you will be in your apartment until you go to LA for that Victoria’s Secret shootâ€￾
“I’m seriousâ€￾
“Me tooâ€￾ I paused, “Jim I’m not going to sneak out, I learned my lesson. Trust me Jungle Jimâ€￾
“I trust you. Let’s go,â€￾ he said as I followed him into the limo waiting outside for us. It was just getting dark and thankfully no one was outside. When we drove to the venue there were so many people outside waiting to go inside. I really think that’s so cool that all those people are out to see him. We went right inside, through the gates like we were high class or something.
We got out of the limo and I expected Justin to be waiting there for me but he wasn’t. “Where do we go?â€￾ Jim shrugged. How does he not know where to go now that we’re here but he was talking on the damn walkie-talkie all day? I didn’t know where to go or what to do. Everyone was looking at me like I was crazy.
“Katâ€￾ I turned around when I heard my name being called.
“Oh thank God, I was so lost,â€￾ I said as Trace, Justin’s assistant and best friend since birth, came over to me.
“How was your flight?â€￾
“Good. How are you? I haven’t seen you in so longâ€￾
“Good. I see the hair’s a little darkerâ€￾
“Yeahâ€￾ I laughed, “Justin did itâ€￾
“I heardâ€￾ he laughed, “Oh yeah, I see where he missed that spotâ€￾
“Shut upâ€￾ I laughed, “And what about you? I heard you’re getting married. Congratulationsâ€￾
“Thank you, now we just have to get Justin to get going huh?â€￾
“Oh yeahâ€￾ I laughed, “Where is he?â€￾
“He’s at a meet n greet… for five more minutesâ€￾
“Oh… can we go?â€￾
“I uh… I guess I mean…â€￾ he looked over at Jim who was shaking his head, “No, I guess notâ€￾
“Oh come on Jim. I’ll sneak in, I’ll just sit in the back, no one will even know I’m thereâ€￾ Jim took a deep breath, “That’s a yes, thank you Jim. Let’s goâ€￾
“Let’s goâ€￾ Trace said as I followed him through the building. We snuck in the back door of the room where Justin was sitting at a table and a bunch of girls were going through the line to get his autograph. He’s so cute up there. All the girls are so excited to see him and he’s so nice to them. It’s so cute. I sat down on a table against the wall and watched and listened carefully. People were crying and screaming when they saw him and he’s so sweet. He looked up and saw me sitting there and a big smile came over his face. I stuck out my tongue and he laughed and then went back to signing autographs. After the last girl left he walked over to me and I seriously felt like I hadn’t seen him in months. He wrapped his arms around me and I rested my head on his shoulder. I can’t even explain how good it feels to be in his arms. He took the hat off my head and looked at me for a second before kissing me gently, “Come on man, you have to get readyâ€￾
“Thank you Traceâ€￾ Justin sarcastically
“No problem manâ€￾ Trace laughed as Justin grabbed onto my hand and led me into his dressing room
“How was the flight?â€￾
“So awesomeâ€￾
He laughed as he sat down on the couch and patted his lap so I sat down, “I’m surprised they let you comeâ€￾
“I told them I was going to come if they let me or notâ€￾
“You’re such a liarâ€￾ he laughed, “You would not have come if Jim didn’t come with youâ€￾
“Well you know that and I know that but they don’t know thatâ€￾
“Hum, I like the way you thinkâ€￾
“Did you miss me?â€￾
“Ehâ€￾ he shrugged, “I guess, I mean I’ve been pretty busyâ€￾ my mouth dropped and he laughed as he hugged me tightly, “Of course I missed youâ€￾
“That’s what I thought</span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Mon Sep 19, 2005 7:57 am

Awww. :wub: That put a smile on my face. I'm glad they're getting to be together, even if the security issues are annoying to deal with.

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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Wed Sep 21, 2005 3:00 pm


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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Thu Sep 22, 2005 9:00 pm

<span style='color:blue'>Sorry I thought i posted... lol

Back in LA and back to reality. I wish I could have stayed on tour with Justin longer but I have to get to work. Once I got to the Victoria’s Secret shoot I was surprised to find that there was no shoot planned for the day. They planned a cute welcome back party and all the Victoria’s Secret girls… or Angels that’s what we’re called haha. I was so surprised and I cried… a lot… and everyone else did too. I really love those girls so much.
I went to Jay Leno after the party to make my first television appearance after the accident. I’m actually really nervous and I don’t know why. People offered me like millions of dollars to do a show on their channel first, like Good Morning America or an interview with Barbara Walters and Oprah. But I’m not really ready to discuss the details yet and I honestly don’t know if I ever will be. I still don’t think that it’s really anyone’s business. Maybe someday I will change my mind, but at this point I’d rather just move on. And I know that Jay is not going to push and ask me questions about things I don’t want to answer.
I got quite the welcoming at Leno too. People are being so sweet. Everything was going well until of course I realized that I forgot my shoes. I have a really pretty black dress and no shoes. I have pink flip-flops and that’s it. That’s horrible. But the truth is I came wearing sweatpants and I brought the dress but of course forgot the shoes. I don’t really care that much. Kristen says I should tell them my foot’s still messed up and I can’t wear heels but I’m not worried about it.
I stood by the stage and I was seriously shaking. I have no reason whatsoever to be nervous. I used to be nervous doing these shows but I’ve gotten over that. And Jay’s like the coolest person ever. “Ladies and Gentlemen, Kat Sharpeâ€￾ I walked on the stage and people were standing up for me. It was so sweet. I waved and blew a couple kissed then hugged Jay and everyone was still standing up and clapping, “Look at them allâ€￾
“I knowâ€￾ I said as I waved some more, “Sit down, sit downâ€￾ finally they all sat down and stopped clapping, “Thank you so much, wowâ€￾
“Wow is rightâ€￾ Jay laughed, “Before we get started, without getting into it too much… you’re ok?â€￾
“I’m fine. I’m great, thank you. Thank you Jay, and thank you everyone for all your thoughts and prayers and letters and gifts. Seriously all of you have helped us so much and made everything so much more bearable… so thank youâ€￾ I laughed to hide the fact that I was beginning to cry, “But anywayâ€￾
“Yes, anywayâ€￾ he laughed, “What is this I heard about your shoes?â€￾
“Oh God, it’s so embarrassingâ€￾ I laughed, “I had such cute shoes and I forgot them. It’s so horrible. I’m so mad. Kristen… my assistant told me to say that I can’t walk on heels because of my foot but that’s some complete bullsh**â€￾ I paused and covered my mouth, “Can I say that?â€￾
“You can say whatever you wantâ€￾
“Well I just didâ€￾ I laughed, “That’s some bullpoo so yeahâ€￾
“So you’ve been on tour with Justin?â€￾
“Yeah, it was so much fun, I just finished and he still has another monthâ€￾
“I love how you say you just finished, like you were out there performing every nightâ€￾
“I know huh,â€￾ I laughed
“Now, just… where did you two meet?â€￾
“Now Jay you know perfectly well where we metâ€￾
He laughed, “I do but I’m not sure if everyone else doesâ€￾
“We met hereâ€￾ I smiled, “Right on this very stageâ€￾
“That’s what I thoughtâ€￾ he laughed, “So that means I will definitely be going to the wedding… better yet I should be best manâ€￾
“You should, you’re right. It’s definitely between you and Justin’s best friend that he’s known since he was born… but I wouldn’t worry about it I think you’re goodâ€￾
“Alright good. So what was it like going on tour? Have you ever done that before?â€￾
“Not with Justin. I’ve gone on tour before but not with Justin. I loved it. I had so much fun. It’s so exciting to me to be at all these different cities I would never go to otherwise. I love itâ€￾
“But aren’t there a lot of girls at his shows like screaming and throwing brasâ€￾
“Yes definitely. I think it’s so cool. They’re so cute and they love him so muchâ€￾
“Do you get jealous?â€￾
“No, of course notâ€￾ I laughed, “I think it’s adorable. I’m so happy they all love him so much. I mean, I love him too, it’s good to know I’m not the only oneâ€￾
“Yeah, aww… that’s so cornyâ€￾ I laughed
“Do they really throw bras and stuff onstage?â€￾
“They totally do. It’s insaneâ€￾
“Now I have a question, do they actually take the bras off or do they bring an extra one?â€￾ the audience laughed and he could hardly get through asking the question
“That’s an amazing question and I do not have the answer to it. I wish I did, I’ve been trying to figure it out myself. I sit like on the side of the stage. I’ve never actually seen the person throw the bra so I don’t know if they’re taking it off or grabbing it from their purse or somethingâ€￾ the audience laughed, “You guys laugh but it’s like the big mystery. So if anyone out there has done it before and knows the secret please… I’ll get in touch with you after the showâ€￾
“What happens to all of them after the show?â€￾
“I don’t know another good question. They should donate them or something, they’re really pretty bras too, they’re nice onesâ€￾ I laughed, “We should change the subject because I’m going to get made fun of when I get homeâ€￾
“Alright, let’s do thatâ€￾
“You know, every single time I’ve been on your show Matt Damon has been onâ€￾ I said as I looked over at Matt Damon sitting on the couch next to me, “What’s up with that?â€￾
“He wasn’t scheduled but he heard we’d be talking about bras so he just showed upâ€￾ Jay laughed
“It’s trueâ€￾ Matt laughed
“I can probably get you some of themâ€￾ I laughed, “For your fiancé, I hear you’re getting married huh? Congratulationsâ€￾
“Thank youâ€￾ he smiled
“That’s so cute, he’s so happyâ€￾
“So what’s next for you Kat?â€￾
“Um, I’m doing some Victoria’s Secret commercials and stuff. I’m not doing runway for a while I need to do some training and stuff to get my walk back to normal. But I’ll be out there soon, I can’t wait to get back to itâ€￾
“Have you been doing anything?â€￾
“No, nothing. I’ve been so bored, so I’m so excited to get back to workâ€￾
“Well we wish you the best of luck. Come back and see us again?â€￾
“Of course. I love it here. Thank youâ€￾
“Alright then, thanks you Kat, we’ll be right back with music from the All American Rejectsâ€￾</span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Fri Sep 23, 2005 7:49 am

That was a fantastic interview. I loved the bra jokes. I felt like I was actually watching the show. And good old Matt Damon. :wub: Showing up because he heard they'd be talking about bras. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Mon Sep 26, 2005 9:59 pm

<span style='color:blue'>thanks for reading... here's some more :)

“Baby, are you sure you don’t want to come?â€￾ I asked Justin as I finished putting my makeup on
“Positive, I can’t even stay awake and I have to be at rehearsal at 6â€￾
“That sucksâ€￾ I laughed as I sat on his lap, “You look dead, you should go to sleep nowâ€￾
“I knowâ€￾ he yawned, “The last place I want to go is a club where I have to dance. I’m done with dancing foreverâ€￾
“Or at least until tomorrow morningâ€￾ I laughed as I kissed him gently, “They work you too hardâ€￾
“I know. Are you going with that girl from MTV?â€￾ I nodded my head. Her name’s Mel. She’s like an intern… here’s the deal. You know how much I hate MTV, but I had to go on, they did like a whole news special thing on me, which wasn’t that bad because it wasn’t Lalala interviewing me it was John Norris? Is that his name? I don’t know it’s the guy that’s not a little b****. And I know you know whom I’m talking about because there’s only one person on MTV that’s not a little b****. So anyway this girl’s project for the day was to keep me happy and she’s really cool because she’s normal and she doesn’t think she’s cool because she works for MTV and she hates everyone there almost as much as I do. So anyway she’s funny and normal and cool and we hung out a bunch of times.
“You can stay hereâ€￾ I suggested, he really looks like he’s going to pass out; I don’t think he’ll make it to the hotel down the street.
“So you can wake me up at 3 when you come in? No thanksâ€￾
“I know, I’ll be quiet?â€￾ I knew I couldn’t promise that I’ll be quiet, and he knew that too. The truth is I would much rather spend the night here with him watching television and cuddling… I think there’s even a new Laguna Beach on tonight. But no I can’t. Justin needs some time to himself to just sleep and I need a life. I seriously have no friends.
“Bye babeâ€￾ Justin said after kissing me, “I’ll call you tomorrow. Have fun. Be goodâ€￾
“I will, goodnight,â€￾ I said as the doorbell rang
“Goodnight, be carefulâ€￾ he kissed me one last time as he opened the door where Mel was waiting, “Hey Mel, what’s up?â€￾ he politely hugged her and then made a face at me as he left. He acts nice and everything but I can tell he doesn’t like her, I don’t see why; she’s a cool girl
“Whoa, don’t I feel special, he remembered my nameâ€￾
Justin laughed, “I’ll talk to you tomorrow, Later Melâ€￾

I sat down at the bar when Mel started talking to some guy. I wish Justin were here. That’s why I hate clubs because someone always gets left behind. I don’t know why I even came. The whole club scene is totally not even my thing; especially herethere are’s all those rich kids whose daddy’s like the founder of google or something. And they’re so annoying because they all want to be the center of attention and they all think they’re the coolest thing since sliced bread… and they’re not. I hate the clubs though, it’s like I always want to go and then once I get there I realize how much I hate it here.
“What can I get you Kat Sharpe?â€￾ the bartender asked as he leaned against the bar
“Vodka and red bull pleaseâ€￾
“I can do thatâ€￾ he smiled, “How are you doing gorgeous?â€￾
“Aww, good thank you. How are you?â€￾
“My night just got 100 percent betterâ€￾ he smiled- real smooth, “So tell me, what kind of man lets a girl as beautiful as you go out all alone?â€￾
“Let me? He doesn’t let me do anything, I do what I wantâ€￾
“Oh really?â€￾ he asked as he placed the drink in front of me
“Yes really, trust is the key wordâ€￾
“And he trusts you?â€￾ I nodded my head as I took a sip, “And should he trust you?â€￾
“Yes, he shouldâ€￾ I think I must have given him the dirtiest look in the world, but I don’t think he noticed. What a dork seriously, that’s just his way of asking me if I wanted to hook up with him or something.
“That sucksâ€￾ he smiled a cocky smile, and I almost laughed in his face, “Well listen… if you change your mind… anytimeâ€￾ he handed me a piece of paper, “I’m Dave by the wayâ€￾
“Well thank you Dave,â€￾ I said as I walked away and threw the number away in the first garbage I passed. I hate these cocky guys that think I’d cheat on Justin for them… right
“Kat Sharpeâ€￾ I heard my name being called and looked for the exits, once again another reason why I hate clubs, everyone pretends they know me. And half the people I don’t. Like seriously I would remember you, and if I don’t it’s probably for a reason, so don’t pretend we went to school together or we were in girl scouts together or I dated your brother. The things I get… seriously. So you could imagine how surprised I was to turn around and see Adam, “Adam Dutra, shut upâ€￾
“Tell me Felix, how is it I only see you once every four months?â€￾
“I don’t know-how is it you’re in New York and you don’t call me?â€￾
“I’ve been busy- I’ve been getting offer after offer after that Levi’s adâ€￾
“Yeah, I bet you have. I’ve been getting so much sh** from that adâ€￾ which is just another reason why the world isn’t fair. Being a man, Adam gets more work from that ad. And me, being female gets called a prostitute.
“From the boyfriend?â€￾
“From everyoneâ€￾
“Well that sh** was hot and you know itâ€￾
“I knowâ€￾ I laughed, “Do you want to dance or what?â€￾ he looked at me for a second then laughed and put his arm around my waist as he led me to the dance floor. We spent most of the night together just dancing and drinking and being silly. I miss him so much. We seriously used to be like joined at the hip. We’ve spent so much of our lives together and then they we don’t see each other for years. That’s dumb.
“Alright, Felix, it’s been fun but… if I want to get any ass tonight I need to find me some since… I’m guessing I’m not going to get any from youâ€￾ I laughed and shook my head, “Worth a try… nah I’m kidding, it’s cool. Talk to you laterâ€￾
“Alright, try not to make it another 4 monthsâ€￾
He laughed before kissing my cheek, “I’m here for a month, you call meâ€￾ I love that kid. Seriously he’s awesome. He’s such a typical male model though. Like the comments he makes and how he’s just looking for ass. I don’t think he’s ever had a girlfriend for more than a couple months. But a lot of female models are like that too so whatever. I sat down at a different bar with a different bartender and ordered a Cosmo
“Kat Sharpeâ€￾ I heard my name and looked over to see that guy from that group… it’s too late in the night and I’ve had too many drinks to remember his name. All I know is he’s in a group but then he went solo- I think- just like Justin. Yeah. They’re arch nemesis. In fact I’m sure the only reason he’s calling my name right now is to get to Justin.
“Youâ€￾ I laughed as I pointed to him, “I shouldn’t talk to you- you’re troubleâ€￾
“I’m trouble?â€￾ he laughed as he took a sip from his beer, “We’ve never even met, I’m Jaredâ€￾
“I knowâ€￾ he smiled, “I shouldn’t talk to you- I have to goâ€￾ as I stood up he grabbed my arm
“Because my boyfriend will never talk to me againâ€￾
“Ohâ€￾ he laughed, “Where is that boyfriend?â€￾ he asked as he looked around
“Home? What kind of a man lets their beautiful girlfriend go out in New York City by herself?â€￾
“The kind of man that works 15 hours a dayâ€￾
“Oh please, I worked 17â€￾ here we go, he’s gotta one up him, “well you tell him I was asking about himâ€￾
“Right, I sure will. Bye Jaredâ€￾ I said as I walked away. Now I am a grown women and I can tell when I’ve had too much to drink and it’s time to leave. Now if only I could find Mel. When I finally found her she was talking to Jared, seriously what’s so cool about this kid? Justin’s sold more records and has more talent and is actually a nice human being… and of course is way hotter. Even though Jared was on that People Magazine bullsh**, but you know how I feel about that. Justin never mentions the fact that he has been on the Teen People’s hottest list for the past 5 years, and they’re his fans, what really matters. Plus the record sales speak for themselves. Jared Morgan my ass.
“Mel are you ready? I’m going to call the carâ€￾ I could feel myself getting more and more out of it. I wanted to go home before anything stupid happened and I could feel something was going to happen soon enough. Before I knew it the lights were on and it was closing time.
“Come on Katâ€￾ she said as she helped me outside
“I’m fine I just drank too much. Dude, where’s my car?â€￾
“Where’s your car dudeâ€￾
“No seriouslyâ€￾ I laughed, “Did you steal my car Jared? I knew you were troubleâ€￾
“I didn’t take your f***ing car, call for itâ€￾
“Oh yeah right. I don’t know the number,â€￾ I said as I almost fell off the curb, “Call a cabâ€￾
“No moneyâ€￾
“Justin. Call Justinâ€￾ Mel said and I picked up my phone
“Justin I’m drunk. And we’re stuck. Come get me?â€￾
“Where are you?â€￾
“Wait. Where are we?â€￾
“Suite 16â€￾ Mel laughed
“Yeah, suite 16â€￾
“Alright, I’ll be right thereâ€￾
“He’s comingâ€￾ I said as I shut my phone, “I have the best boyfriend everâ€￾
“You sure doâ€￾ Jared said and I took a bottle of water from some random person. I was beginning to sober up when the black escalade stopped in front and Justin helped me into the car, “Bro you need to watch your girlâ€￾
“You need to stay away from my girl palâ€￾
“Alright buddy. Maybe you should keep your girl off me and we wouldn’t have a problemâ€￾
“What the f***?â€￾ I yelled as I walked over to Jared, ready to kick his ass right there, “That’s such bullsh** and you know itâ€￾
“What the f*** is wrong with you?â€￾ Justin yelled as Jared got right in his face, “Get the f*** away from meâ€￾
“What are you going to do about it?â€￾ Jared yelled back and they both stared at each other for a little and puffed out their chests
“Alright chief, it’s been fun,â€￾ Justin said as he walked away, “Get in the car Kat, if you’re coming Mel you better f***ing comeâ€￾

There was no talking for the first few minutes of the ride. I looked over at Justin and he had that pissed off look on his face like his mother just told him he had to go to bed without dessert. I put my head on his shoulder and he and moved it off, “I’m sorryâ€￾
“That’s great,â€￾ he said not even looking at me
“You don’t have to be a jerk about itâ€￾ he rolled his eyes and shook his head, “Why don’t you just say something instead of making faces and pretending you can’t hear meâ€￾
He looked at me and took a deep breath, “What do you want me to say, you f***ed up? Because you did. You f***ed up Kat. Congratulationsâ€￾ he looked back at the road, “You really shouldn’t go out if you can’t take care of yourself while you’re outâ€￾
“Oh f*** you I can take care of myselfâ€￾
“Well yeah, that’s apparentâ€￾
“You’re such an ass,â€￾ I said as I slapped his arm. He really is being an ass; I hit him again, and again
“Stop itâ€￾ he pushed my hand away, “Where are you going Mel?â€￾
After she told him he once again moved my head away from his shoulder, “Why are you being so mean?â€￾
“Sleep Kat. Just shut up and pass outâ€￾
“Don’t tell me to shut upâ€￾
“Then stop talkingâ€￾
“Why are you being so mean?â€￾
“Why do you get so drunk you can’t even standup?â€￾
“I can stand up just fineâ€￾
“Yeah, I’m sure you canâ€￾
“You’re an assholeâ€￾
“I’m an a**hole? Kat you call me at three o’clock in the morning to come and get you. So I come, and find you chillin’ with f***ing Jared Morgan. Out of all the f***ing people in that club you’re talking to Jared f***ing Morganâ€￾
“I wasn’t talking to him, he was trying to talk to me but I didn’t want to talk to himâ€￾
“Yeah, that’s exactly what it looked like when I got there and he was holding you upâ€￾
“Shut upâ€￾ I said as I slapped him again. He pushed my hand away but I hit him again
“I swear to God Kat if you do not stopâ€￾
“What Justin? Then what? You’ll break up with me?â€￾ he rolled his eyes and shook his head
“Just stop Katâ€￾ I was too tired to deal with him so the car was silent until we got to Mel’s apartment.
“Thanks for the ride Justin, I’ll call you later Katâ€￾ I waved as she left and Justin drove off
“She lives in a little sh** box apartment huh?â€￾
“I guess. She’s an intern at MTV, I don’t think she even gets paidâ€￾
“Well she’s gotta get paid from somewhere with all those purses she hasâ€￾
“I don’t know Justin, you’re thinking too much about itâ€￾ I yawned as he pulled into my parking garage, “Are you mad at me?â€￾ I asked him as he helped me out of the car
“No, it’s cool, you were having fun. You just need to be more careful when you go out by yourselfâ€￾
“I didn’t I went with Melâ€￾
“That’s like going out by yourself. Especially when you’re around assholes like Jaredâ€￾
“I know he’s an ass. He was following me around all nightâ€￾
“I’ll kick his assâ€￾
“I know you will, I’m sorry,â€￾ I said as I kissed him gently
“You taste like a mini barâ€￾ he laughed, “Go to sleepâ€￾</span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Tue Sep 27, 2005 10:07 am

I was about to get really mad at Justin for a second there. He wasn't there, so he did not know what really was happening with Jared. That fool was hanging around like fools do. Kat handled herself well brushing off all the crazy dudes in the club. And, even though she got drunk, she called for help instead of going with Jared or somebody unknown. Justin was just mad she woke him up. :lol:

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