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<span style='color:blue'>thanks here's a little more


I was asked by People Magazine to do a photo shoot and interview in my house for a celebrity home special of some sort. I didn’t really want to have cameras in my house but John thought it would be a good idea. It’s not that bad because I can just show them whatever rooms I want to, like they’re not going to see my bedroom or my bathroom or anything like that. I was getting my hair done when Justin came in and threw a magazine on the counter in front of me, “Hey baby nice to see you tooâ€￾ he doesn’t even say hello he just comes in and throws a magazine at me
“Did you see it?â€￾
“No… see what?â€￾ he pointed to the magazine and I picked it up, “Oh… can you give us a minute please?â€￾ I asked and the hair stylist left, “Sorryâ€￾
“No, I don’t care.. it’s not that. Read the whole thingâ€￾
“I don’t want toâ€￾ Seeing the picture of me on the cover drunk off my ass was enough
“Then I willâ€￾ he said as he grabbed the magazine from my hand and flipped through it, “The picture perfect romance seems to be over for Kat Sharpe and Justin Timberlake. Last week Kat was at Suite 16 in New York and Justin was… well nowhere to be found. Kat was seen spending the night with different men, including of course her ‘just a friend’ Adam Dutra. Witnesses say they were acting a little more than just friends as they both claimâ€￾
“We were dancingâ€￾
“I don’t really care. I know it was nothing, I’m not worried about Adam, just listenâ€￾ he paused as he scanned the article for something, “It says how I came and I almost kicked Jared’s ass. Ok here’s the best part… the conversation we had while in the carâ€￾
“What? How is that possible?â€￾
“It’s not… unlessâ€￾
“Noâ€￾ I shook my head, “She wouldn’tâ€￾
“Kat no one was in the car with us except Melâ€￾
“So there were a lot of people at the clubâ€￾
“It’s word for word Kat. Everything I said is in this article word for word. The whole conversation. It was only you, Mel and I in the car. Did you sell the story?â€￾ I shook my head, “And I sure as hell didn’t. So that leaves one personâ€￾
“I really don’t think she would do thatâ€￾
“It all fits together Kat. She lives in that sh** apartment yet she has more designer clothes and bags than you doâ€￾
“Well maybe that’s whyâ€￾
“Yeah because she sells stories to the magazines. Listen Kat; I’m trying to help you. I mean maybe I’m wrong, I hope I am. But I’ve had people sell my story before and I know the signs and I really think she’s selling you outâ€￾
“And I don’t think soâ€￾ no one’s ever done that to me before and I just can’t see why anyone would. If she needed money or something I could give her money. It’s not true I’m not going to believe it.
“Alright then let’s check it outâ€￾
“What do you mean?â€￾
“Let’s test it. We’ll make up a crazy story and tell only her. Then if it’s in the magazines we’ll knowâ€￾
“Fine if it means that much to you we’ll do it. But if it’s not in the magazine you have to promise to drop it and leave Mel aloneâ€￾
“Oh, it’s dropped. Alreadyâ€￾ he smiled
“Thank youâ€￾</span>

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:huh: Somebody's going to get her ass kicked. Mel, watch yo' back, sister. :no: :nono:

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<span style='color:blue'>dumdum dum :P
Thanks for reading, thanks for the feedback :D
Here's a little more

So here’s the story. Justin and I are getting married. Yup we’re going to Vegas and we’re getting married. Well at least that’s what we’re telling Mel. I feel really bad about it though, like I’m going behind her back to try to trick her. But Justin really thinks she’s selling the stories so I guess we have to. But there’s nothing to worry about because I’m sure she didn’t do it. She wouldn’t.
“Did you hear the news?â€￾ Justin asked one day we were hanging out at my house
“What news?â€￾
“You didn’t tell her?â€￾
“Not yetâ€￾ I said giving Justin a dirty look, he had to bring it up because he knew I wouldn’t
“Tell me what?â€￾
“Go ahead tell herâ€￾ Justin smiled
“I willâ€￾ I paused and tried to act as excited as I could, even though I really felt like sh**, I’m lying to this girl that hasn’t been anything but nice to me, “We’re getting marriedâ€￾
“What? When?â€￾ she practically jumped out of her seat
“I have a show in Vegas in a couple weeks so we’re just going to do it thereâ€￾ Justin said
“Wow, I’m excited. Congratulationsâ€￾
“Thank youâ€￾ I smiled as she hugged me, “Just don’t tell anyone though, we don’t want anyone to know. I mean I know you wouldn’t tell anyone, but I guess I’m just stating the obviousâ€￾
Justin threw his hands up and mouthed the words, “what are you doing?â€￾ I shrugged, “Yeah, you don’t have to tell Mel, it’s more like Trace that you have to worry about, that boy’s got such a big mouthâ€￾ he said as she hugged him and he gave me a dirty look, “Well we have to get going to make some plans, we’ll see you later Melâ€￾
“Yeah, byeâ€￾ I hugged her tightly and said a silent prayer that Justin was wrong about her, “I’ll see you laterâ€￾
“Byeâ€￾ she said as she left
“Well if you make it so obvious then she’s going to fell badâ€￾ Justin said once she left
“If she’s as horrible as you think it won’t matter how bad I make her feelâ€￾
“I don’t think she’s horrible, I’m just saying I don’t trust herâ€￾ he said as he wrapped his arms around me, “I hope I’m wrongâ€￾
“Me tooâ€￾

Fast forward to 9 days later when the tabloids came out and guess what story was on the front page? I feel like I’ve been stabbed in the back literally. I really have never felt this way before. Never in my life have I even imagined that anyone would do that to me. There’s not a lot of people that I trust and there’s not a lot of people I let into my life like I’ve done to her, and now I know why. I’m not going to be able to trust people anymore; I’m not going to be so naive.
Justin came over literally right as I finished reading the article. I don’t understand how someone could do that? I just don’t get it. I looked at him and shook my head, “Don’t say it, don’t even say I told you soâ€￾
“I’m not going to, come here,â€￾ he said as I stood up and he gave me the best hug I’ve ever gotten in my life. I seriously felt like everything was going to be ok just having his arms around me.
“I’m going to kick her assâ€￾ I said between tears with a laugh, “I swear I’m going to kill herâ€￾
He laughed as he held onto me tighter, “Good, I want to see thatâ€￾
“I’m serious, let go of me,â€￾ I laughed as I tried to pull away but he wouldn’t let me, “I’m going to kill her. Oh I can’t wait until she gets here; I’m going to seriously punch her in the face. Don’t you dare hold me backâ€￾
“I’ll let you kill her, she deserves it. Just don’t make me go back to that hospital againâ€￾
“I won’tâ€￾ I smiled as the doorbell rang, “Oh sh**, here it comes. Are my eyes ok? Is my mascara running? Do I look like I’m normal and haven’t been crying?â€￾
He wiped under my eyes, “Go get umâ€￾
When I opened the door I didn’t see her as a friend I saw her as an enemy. Like something clicked in my body that seriously wanted to hurt her.
“Heyâ€￾ she smiled, “What’s wrong have you been crying?â€￾ she asked as she tried to give me a hug but I moved back, “What’s wrong?â€￾ I held up the magazine, “Oh no, who would…I’m sorry, I don’t know who could have…â€￾
“You Mel, you could haveâ€￾
“What? Kat I would never…â€￾
“Save the bullsh**, you’re the only person we told because it was bullsh**â€￾ she didn’t say anything, “ Whoa, so now you’re quiet. Do I have to pay you thousands of dollars to get you to talk?â€￾
“Kat I…â€￾
“No, you know what I don’t even want to hear you. I don’t want to hear your bullsh** excuses. Why don’t you listen to me very carefully so you can go sell this to your f***ing magazine when we’re doneâ€￾ she just sat there fiddling with her hands, “I don’t trust many people. I don’t have a lot of people that I consider friends and actually tell them things. And I considered you a friend, and now I know why I don’t let people into my life like I should. I trusted you Mel. I thought that you were a good friend and a good person but I was very wrong. You’re not. Can you just tell me how you sleep at night knowing that lied to me like that? Like seriously, how do you think that’s ok?â€￾ I screamed and I got no reaction from her whatsoever. It’s like she was on some murder trial and didn’t even care that she killed someone, “Why don’t you say anything? My God Mel I trusted youâ€￾ I said between sobs, “And you don’t even careâ€￾ I couldn’t even look at her, I wanted to ruin her face, I wanted to hold her head under water. “You don’t even… have anything to say? Like you’re not even going to try to explain yourself?â€￾ I looked over at Justin even though I could hardly see him since the tears were making my vision very blurry. “Get out of my apartment. I don’t ever want to see you again near my house or anywhere. I swear if I ever see you again I will hurt you, and that’s not a threat, it’s a promise. You can go sell that to your f***ing magazines. Get out!â€￾</span>

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:huh: Ooooooooooh. What a disappointing friend ... Kat can barely trust people and Mel has to screw it all up. Not fun at all.

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<span style='color:blue'>Ok thanks for the feedback... I'm in a bit of a dumb mood because the Red Sox just got totally killed and I'm embarrassed lol so here's some more for you B)
Feedback please?

I swear Justin is bipolar or something. I need to do some research on bipolar disorders and figure out where he can get help. He’s been so unbelievably moody lately I seriously am ready to hold his head under water. I understand he’s been busy and he has a lot of stuff going on and a lot of stress but he needs to learn how to control that and not blame it all on me. It’s obviously not my fault that his manager has been booking extra things and his cousin wants tickets and his mother wants him to come home.
I stayed in New York for a week after Justin left and then it was back to LA. I really wish I could just stay on one coast; these plane rides and time differences are really getting to me.
My sister is coming out to LA for the weekend. I’m really excited I haven’t seen her in awhile. Ok, I just saw her like a month ago but a lot has gone by in that month. I really am not good at being away from people for so long. On the way to pick up my sister at the airport I called Justin. The truth is I’ve been trying to give him his space and trying to stay as far away from him as possible. That’s so horrible to say about my boyfriend but seriously if you were around him the last few weeks you would feel the same way.
“Kat I’m in a meetingâ€￾
“Alright, I just wanted to know if you were coming tonightâ€￾ I paused when I heard the phone click off, “He hung up on meâ€￾ Jim laughed, “Why are you laughing that’s not funny. He just hung up on meâ€￾
“He’s busyâ€￾
“He’s always busy. He’s been busy the past two weeksâ€￾
“It’s been a busy two weeks for everyoneâ€￾
“Thanks for standing up for himâ€￾ I said sarcastically as I text messaged him asking the same question. He texted me back and asked what was tonight. Seriously we’ve been through this so many times. I’m going to strangle him. I text messaged him again to remind him that we were supposed to go to dinner with my sister and his reply: I can’t tonight I’ll be out in 10 minutes I’ll call you then. Uh… what if I’m not going to be around in ten minutes?
Fifteen minutes later when I was waiting at the airport for my sister to come out he called me back, “I can’t talk my sister’s just getting off the planeâ€￾ I lied, hey if he’s too busy then I’m too busy too.
“Can you just wait a second and listen to me?â€￾ he screamed, ok not really screamed but he definitely raised his voice. This is proof that he’s gone mad; he’s never talked to me like that until recently.
I didn’t’ say anything at first, “Ok, talk awayâ€￾
“I didn’t know your sister was coming this weekendâ€￾
“I told you like a million timesâ€￾
“Right well… I have a lot of sh** going on this weekendâ€￾
I rolled my eyes and I saw Jim laugh, “Alright thenâ€￾
“Don’t be a b**** about itâ€￾
“Ok, number 1- don’t ever call me a b****. Number 2- don’t blame me because your management team is f***ed up and over booking you. And number 3- don’t you dare act like this has come out of nowhere. You need to learn to stick up for yourself and complain when you’re working too much. And get your priorities straight, when you say you’re going to do something then you sure as hell better do itâ€￾ I paused for a second, “ I gotta go, Em’s hereâ€￾
“You told him,â€￾ Jim laughed and I rolled my eyes.
“I’m not talking about it right now my sister’s hereâ€￾ I’m not letting him ruin this. As Emily walked off the plane I ran over to her and hugged her tightly, I swear she always comes at the right times. “I missed youâ€￾
“Is that really something to cry about Kat? Come onâ€￾ she laughed as she looked at me; I wasn’t even really crying, just a little teary eyed. It was just a relief to have her there at that moment.
“Shut up. How was your flight?â€￾
“How’s your boyfriend?â€￾
“Fine, how’s your boyfriend?â€￾
“Fineâ€￾ I said as Jim laughed and I shot him a dirty look, “Soâ€￾ I said after a few minutes of silence, “Are you hungry?â€￾
“A littleâ€￾ she shrugged
“Well, I thought we could go out later to The Ivy or something. Do you want to stop at White Castle or something on the way home?â€￾
“Yeah, sure. I just want to go to your place and get in that hot tubâ€￾

While we were sitting in the hot tub my phone rang. I jumped out to get it and took a deep breath when I realized it was Justin. I thought about pressing ignore but I decided to answer it. “Hello?â€￾
“Hey, what time are you guys going out?â€￾
“I don’t knowâ€￾
“Well I’m going to be done here at around 8 or 9. So if you want to go thenâ€￾
“No it’s ok. I don’t want you to go if you don’t want toâ€￾
“I want toâ€￾
“It’s not a big deal. I just thought maybe you’d want to see herâ€￾
“I doâ€￾
“No you don’t Justin. It’s really not a big deal. I don’t want you to come if you don’t want to be there. You’re probably tired you’ve been working a lot. So just go home, go to sleep and I’ll see you when you have timeâ€￾
“Why do you say it like that? When I have time…â€￾
“I haven’t seen you in two daysâ€￾
“I’ve been busy Katâ€￾
“Exactly, so call me when you have timeâ€￾
“I have time nowâ€￾
“Well I don’t, my sister’s hereâ€￾
“I want to take you guys out to dinner tonightâ€￾
“You do know I’m leaving in three daysâ€￾
“I doâ€￾ he paused, “So can I come to eat with you or what?â€￾
“Yeah, nine thirty at The Ivy, don’t be lateâ€￾</span>

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:huh: :huh: :huh: Ah, crazy work schedules are causing trouble. That sucks a big one. I'm sure once everything calms down for a week or two, the moodiness will subside. :pray:

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<span style='color:blue'>So i totally thought I posted this before lol so anyway here you go here's some more lol thanks for reading


We sat down at The Ivy, which in case you’re unaware is pretty much all an outside patio. That may not seem too exciting right now but trust me this will be the key later on. Justin showed up 20 minutes late.
“Sorryâ€￾ he said as he kissed my forehead then Emily’s cheek then my forehead again, “I’m sorry I just got outâ€￾
“It’s okâ€￾ Emily said and I nodded my head, I’m really getting sick of it. Justin’s phone went off 9 times during the first hour while we were waiting for the food, I counted. He ignored it twice, answered it but told them he was busy four times, talked at the table twice and left the table once to take the call.
I took a deep breath when he left and Em laughed, “Calm down he’s busyâ€￾
“Oh really?â€￾ said sarcastically
“At least he came, it’s not his faultâ€￾
“He could have forgot his cell phone, or there’s a silent buttonâ€￾
“Just don’t think about it. He’s here, that’s worth somethingâ€￾ I hate how she’s on his side. I really don’t think I’m over reacting.
He came back and sat down after apologizing to us, “Everything ok?â€￾ I asked
“Yeah, fine. I said I’m sorryâ€￾
“I know, I’m just making sure everything’s okâ€￾ I guess I could have possibly made a face at him, not purposely of course
“Don’t look at me like that. What do you want me to do?â€￾
“Nothing, never mindâ€￾ he took a deep breath and I rolled my eyes “Where the hell’s the food? Haven’t we been waiting for an hour?â€￾
“Yeah it has been awhileâ€￾
“They’re really busy,â€￾ I said as I took another sip of my water, even though I was wishing it were some alcoholic beverage. Justin let out a sigh and threw his head to his hands. He probably has to be at another meeting or something but he doesn’t want to say it. “Do you have somewhere else to be?â€￾ I asked and he shot me the dirtiest look ever
“I’m just hungryâ€￾
“I’m sure it will be coming soon, relax,â€￾ I said it more like a joke but I guess Justin didn’t see the humor of it.
“I’m relaxed, I’m just f***ing hungry,â€￾ he said as he grabbed another piece of bread
We sat in silence until the waitress came a few minutes later, “I’ll get you guys some more drinks, anything else?â€￾
“Some more bread… and maybe our f***ing food, that’d be good tooâ€￾
“Justin, calm down, it’s not her faultâ€￾
“I never said it was her fault. All I’m saying is we’ve been here for an hour and a halfâ€￾
“I’ll go see what’s taking so long,â€￾ she said softly as she quickly walked away.
“You don’t need to yell at the waitress it’s not her faultâ€￾
“I know it’s not her fault. We’re at the f***ing Ivy not f***ing Friendly’s. I have been here hundreds of times and I’ve never had to wait for more than twenty minutes for my foodâ€￾
“They’re really busy tonight. And guess what? Just because you’re Justin Timberlake doesn’t mean everyone’s going to stop what they’re doing so you can eat before everyone elseâ€￾
“I didn’t say thatâ€￾
“Why are you so defensive with everything I say you?â€￾
“I’m notâ€￾ he took a deep breath, rolled his eyes, and made a face. I swear I wanted to strangle him at that very second. I shook my head and couldn’t stand to even look at him.
The waitress came back to the table with drinks and I swear she was scared to bring them to us. She smiled and took a deep breath, probably saying a little prayer, “The food should be up shortly, they’re really backed up in the kitchen. I’m really sorry about thatâ€￾
“It’s not your fault, don’t worry about it,â€￾ I said and then Justin kind of rolled his eyes again
“It’s just we’ve been waiting for our food and there’s people across the street taking our pictures and they have been for the last hour and a halfâ€￾
“It’s public property, there’s nothing we can do about itâ€￾ the waitress said afraid to even look at him, and I can’t say I blame her
“I understand, but that’s why we came here to eat and leave, not sit out here for four hours and do a f***ing photo shootâ€￾
“Stop it,â€￾ I really feel bad for this girl, he’s acting like such an a**hole, “We’re fine, don’t worry about usâ€￾
“Why are you telling her we’re fine when we’re obviously not?â€￾
“We are fine Justin, obviously you’re not. But you’re the only oneâ€￾
“It’s bullsh**. I have things to do. I don’t have time to just sit here for three hoursâ€￾
“Then why did you come?â€￾ I asked him seriously. I told him not to come because he’s too busy and cranky but no, he wanted to come. And then he acts like this and ruins the night for everyone.
“This is such bullsh**. I don’t have time for thisâ€￾
“Of course notâ€￾ I said as he threw the bread to the floor, stood up, pushed his chair into the table, and stormed out of the restaurant. A sea of flashes went off and everyone in the restaurant stopped talking and stared. I looked over at Emily and then at the waitress and they both had the same look on their face, complete shock and almost fear. I rolled my eyes and took a deep breath, “I’m so sorry. Sweetie, don’t worry about it. He’s just in a crazy mood I don’t understand. I swear he’s not normally not like thatâ€￾ I laughed a little as I stood up and started picking up the bread he threw, “Just… go work on your other tables whenever the food is ready is fine, I’m so sorryâ€￾ the waitress left and I sat down, “I’m so sorry Emily. I’m sorry you had to see that. He’s just been… crazy recently. I’m not making excuses for him because there’s no excuse. But I’m just really sorry that he did that in front of you and in front of everyoneâ€￾
“Don’t worry about me, I’m fine. Are you ok?â€￾
“I’m… I’m fineâ€￾ I was really pissed. The truth is I wanted to punch Justin so hard. It’s embarrassing. He made himself look like an idiot, and me look like an even bigger idiot for being with him. And there are so many cameras; I swear we’re going to be in like every magazine around the world. I feel like I’m on Punk’d and I’m waiting for Ashton Kutcher to jump from the bushes.
The waitress came out with the food no more than five minutes after Justin made his scene, “Here you go, and here’s some calamari too, the whole bill’s taken care of, on the houseâ€￾
“Oh no, no you don’t have to do that. Seriously it’s not a problem at allâ€￾
“No, we insist, is there anything else I can get you?â€￾
“No, we’re all set thank youâ€￾ when the waitress left I laughed a little, “Am I getting Punk’d Emily? Seriously I’ll kill youâ€￾
“I wish,â€￾ she laughed as we started to eat the food in front of us. It was wonderful, and we even got some food to take home for a midnight snack since Justin left his. We didn’t end up paying, but I did leave her a three hundred tip because I felt so bad. I was so embarrassed; I don’t think I’ll be going back there anytime soon.

Feedback please B) </span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Sun Oct 09, 2005 4:13 pm

Jesus. Way to act like a complete jerk, Justin. :no: That behavior was disturbing. He must have something really big going on with work that is getting him so worked up. I hate it when people talk on the phone at dinner. The phone is not surgically attached. It can wait, dude.

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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Wed Oct 12, 2005 1:40 pm

<span style='color:blue'>here's a little more thanks for reading!

The rest of that weekend was pretty crazy. I didn’t talk to Justin at all; I just spent it with my sister, which was good. Except for the few hours where I had to talk with the evil publicist and try to explain what she should say to all the phone calls she’s been getting. I told her to ask Justin but she didn’t take that as an answer. After Emily left I had a day to pack and then it was time for me to go back home to NY. I can’t even explain how excited I was to get out of there. It’s like the time couldn’t pass quick enough. As I was packing I saw a picture of Justin on my refrigerator, he looked so sweet and innocent but I guess I know that’s not the truth anymore.
I took a deep breath and picked up my phone to call him “Hello?â€￾
“Are you in a meeting?â€￾
“Are you busyâ€￾
This is an exciting conversation, “Ok, well I’ll be quick. I just wanted to tell you I’m leaving tomorrowâ€￾
“I knowâ€￾
“Bye. Have a safe flightâ€￾
“Are you serious?â€￾
“That’s it?â€￾
“What are you talking about?â€￾
“That’s all you’re going to say to me? Bye. Have a safe flight?â€￾
“What do you want me to say?â€￾
“Oh I don’t know. Maybe I’m sorry for being an a**hole. Maybe you could apologize for storming out of a restaurant because your food wasn’t ready when you snapped your fingers. Maybe I’m sorry for leaving and making you pay a three hundred tip to the poor waitress who is probably scarred for life. Or I don’t know, maybe for making me look like a loser in front of my sister and the entire restaurant when I was on my hands and knees picking up the bread you threw on the floorâ€￾ he didn’t say anything, I’m sure because he’s not even listening
“I gotta go Kat I’m busyâ€￾
“Of courseâ€￾ I took a deep breath, “When are you going to be in New York?â€￾
“I don’t know, when are you coming back here?â€￾
“Never if I can help itâ€￾
“Ok then. I guess I’ll see you laterâ€￾
“Yeah, whateverâ€￾ I hung up the phone and for the first time since I came to LA I cried. I broke down; I felt a pain in my heart. I didn’t know it was possible for my heart to hurt but it did. I can’t even explain how much it hurt. It’s not like my heart was breaking because it wasn’t. It just hurt. I’ve been holding it in for a really long time and I thought that maybe if I held it in it would just go away, that’s how I’ve always dealt with things, but I’m beginning to realize that it doesn’t work.
I just want to leave this stupid city. I hate it here. I want to go back to New York and never come back again. I want to change my flight to leave now instead of tomorrow. How can he seriously just say bye to me, like we’re acquaintances, not even friends. I picked up my phone and dialed Kristen’s number.
“Hey, what’s up?â€￾
“Kristen, can you… change my flight for tonight instead of tomorrow?â€￾
“I don’t know, it’s kind of late. And we need to get security and everythingâ€￾
“Well can you try? Please?â€￾
“Yeah, yeah I’ll try. Is everything alright?â€￾
“Yeah, just try please try.â€￾
“What’s the matter?â€￾
“Nothing I just… I just want to get out of this f***ing cityâ€￾
“Noâ€￾ I said softly and I felt myself start to cry again, I hate that I can’t hide my emotions. I used to be able to keep them inside for so long but now I can’t, I hate that, as soon as I get started there’s no stopping,â€￾ It’s not him, I just want to leaveâ€￾
“I’ll be there in like 10 minutes I’m leaving nowâ€￾
I nodded my head and sniffled the tears back, “Can you just like… stay on the phone with me on your way?â€￾
“Yeah, yeah of course. Do you want to tell me what happened?â€￾
“No. I just want to leave. Please?â€￾
“I’m coming as soon as I can Katâ€￾ </span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Wed Oct 12, 2005 4:40 pm

OMG! He has turned into such as ass. Boo ... if he's going to be like that, she should get back to NY, and go on and enjoy herself. Boy has got issues.

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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Fri Oct 14, 2005 5:49 pm

<span style='color:blue'>Thanks for reading here's some more


As soon as Kristen came I felt a little better. I told her the whole story and she listened, even though I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m exaggerating. And I wish I were. Seriously he’s never been like that before so why would she think he would start now? It doesn’t make sense. It really doesn’t. She tried to change the flight to tonight but she couldn’t. But on the bright side we’re now leaving early tomorrow. We were outside in the hot tub, having a good time, enjoying our last night in LA when Justin walked through the screen door. “What are you doing here?â€￾
“You’re leaving tomorrowâ€￾
“So I… want to spend some time with you?â€￾
“I’m going to go I’ll see you tomorrow Katâ€￾ Kristen said as she got out of the hot tub
“No, no please don’t leave, Kristen, no don’t go please, no noâ€￾
Kristen laughed a little, “Bye… later Justinâ€￾
Once she left Justin sat down next to me outside of the tub. He didn’t say anything, and neither did I because I had nothing to say. He obviously has something to say if he came here. I took a deep breath and went under water, hoping when I came up he would either be gone or have thought of something to say. Of course neither of those two things happened, I’m not that lucky. We sat for at least 10 minutes without either of us saying anything. And then Justin came in. He just pulled down his pants, took off his shirt and came in in his boxers. I looked the other way as he sat down right next to me, it’s a big hot tub, there’s a lot of room there’s no need for him to be this close. He went under water and I was so tempted to hold his head under there. I didn’t want to kill him just watch him suffer a little. He put his arm around me and I moved it away, “Are you serious?â€￾
“What? What the hell is the problem Kat?â€￾ I got out of the tub and wrapped myself in my towel, “I can’t put my arm around my girlfriend?â€￾
“Not when you’re acting like such an assholeâ€￾
“How am I acting like an a**hole? I haven’t said one thing since I’ve gotten hereâ€￾ he said as he followed me into the house
“Exactlyâ€￾ I said as I threw my towel at him, “You’re dripping all over the floorâ€￾
“I’ll clean it upâ€￾ he said as he continued walking, “Can you just stop and listen to me?â€￾
“What?â€￾ I stopped and turned around, throwing my hands up, “What Justin? What do you have to say?â€￾
He took a deep breath, “Forget it, I’m leavingâ€￾
“Yeah, good go. I don’t know why you even came in the first placeâ€￾
“What the f*** is happening to us?â€￾
“I don’t know you tell meâ€￾ He took a deep breath, “You’re the one…â€￾
“Don’t even f***ing blame meâ€￾
“Right ok, I’ll blame myself because…?â€￾
“I’m busy it’s not my faultâ€￾
“It’s not my fault either and you take it all out on meâ€￾ I said before crying once again, I hate crying in front of him, I hate showing such weakness, “You’re killing me here Justin, you’re killing me. My heart, like my heart hurts because I’m so confused. You’re treating me like I’m a big piece of sh**, like you don’t even care about me, and I can’t take it. I don’t understand how things can change so much between us. I can’t deal with it. I can’t deal with that. I can’t be with you if we’re going to be like this, I don’t want toâ€￾
“Don’t cry,â€￾ he said and he hugged me tightly and I fell into his arms. I can’t even explain how it felt. I felt safe in his arms but I also felt sick, like the pain in my heart was still there. I thought it would all go away but it didn’t, “It’s okâ€￾
“It’s not ok Justinâ€￾ I said as I pulled away from him, “I’m not going to give in. I always give in. I have to pack,â€￾ I said as I walked into my bedroom
“So you’re just going to leave?â€￾ he asked while following me into the room
“Or what? I could stay here and be ignored by you even more?â€￾
“Don’t give me that sh** Kat. I have a million things to do because if you remember correctly I took a month off at the beginning of the yearâ€￾
“And that’s my fault? Are you kidding me? I’m sorry I got hit by a car, but nobody made you stay with meâ€￾
“I didn’t mean it like that, come on baby calm downâ€￾ he wrapped his arms around me but I moved away, “What do you want me to do Kat? Do you want the money? Hereâ€￾ he said as he grabbed a wad of cash from his pant pocket and counted out three hundred dollar bills and threw it on the table
“Don’t give me that sh**, I don’t want your f***ing money and you know that,â€￾ I said as I pushed it off the table, “Your f***ing money isn’t going to solve anythingâ€￾ the worst thing he could do at that moment was give me money. Like I give a sh** about the three hundred dollars, there’s obviously more important things going on right now than the fact that I had to pay three hundred dollars.
“Calm down Katâ€￾ he said as he tried to hug me but I moved away
“Don’t touch me, just stop it,â€￾ I said as I walked to my closet, “I need to packâ€￾
“Can’t you f***ing stop for a minute?â€￾ he yelled as he grabbed the skirt from my hands and threw it on the ground. I looked at the skirt on the ground and then at my hands when I noticed I was shaking. I’m not good with confrontations, I can’t deal with people yelling at me, it’s happened to me too much when I was younger at those foster homes I can’t deal with it.
“Can you please just leave?â€￾ I asked softly, still looking at the ground. When I looked up at him he was staring and my hands that I could not get to stop shaking. I think he realized how uncomfortable he was making me. He took a deep breath and walked out of the room.</span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Sat Oct 15, 2005 12:30 pm

Ahhh ... this is going from bad to worse. I know what she means about hating confrontations. I hate fighting with people. I'm terrible at holding my own and standing my ground, but at least she is showing him that he can't just expect things to be perfect after how weird he's been acting. He has a lot of explaining to do.

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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Mon Oct 17, 2005 5:51 pm

<span style='color:blue'> thanks for reading and thanks for the feedback :)
Here's some more


Once I was back in New York I felt like all my problems just went away. Of course they didn’t and I knew they really didn’t but it just felt like it. I fell onto my bed and just stared up at the ceiling. I don’t know what’s even happening in my life right now. I really cannot even find normal people. Seriously something’s wrong with me. Why does every man I get involved with turn out to be crazy? You don’t talk to your girlfriend the way he talked to me. I don’t care how busy you are I don’t care how stressed you are. It’s just stupid, whatever. I’m over it.
“Kat? Are you here?â€￾ I heard my brother screaming and I literally ran out to him and jumped in his arms, “What the hell? Calm downâ€￾
“I missed you,â€￾ I laughed when he dropped me on the couch
“Aww, I saw you last week. You need friendsâ€￾
“You need lessons on how to be polite. You need to learn how to be nice when your favorite sister is telling you how much she missed youâ€￾
“Oh I didn’t know Emily’s hereâ€￾
My mouth dropped and I threw a pillow at him, “You’re such an assholeâ€￾
“How was LA?â€￾
“Just fine?â€￾
“Yeah, I don’t really want to talk about itâ€￾ I paused as I sat on the couch, “I want to get a dogâ€￾
“A puppy. Will you come look for one with me?â€￾
“You can’t take care of a dog are you kidding?â€￾
“What? You’re right, I need friendsâ€￾
“I mean a human Kat, not a dogâ€￾
“But I want oneâ€￾
“What kind?â€￾
“A labordoodleâ€￾
He laughed, “Get a life, do you know how big those are?â€￾
“They’re cuteâ€￾
“Kat, you live in New York City, and you’re on the road 90 percent of the time, you’re going to take a dog on the plane with you?â€￾
“No… you stay in New York while I’m goneâ€￾
“I knew it, get a life you’re not getting a dogâ€￾
“What about just a poodle? We won’t get the labordoodle just the doodleâ€￾
“Why are you saying we? I am no part of thisâ€￾ he paused, “And it would be an oodle not a doodle because there is no d at the beginning of poodleâ€￾
“You’re so boringâ€￾
“I’m realistic Kat, realistic. You’re going to get a dog and then be bored with it a week laterâ€￾
“I am not shut up,â€￾ I said as I walked into the kitchen and looked in the refrigerator, “I’m not talking about it anymoreâ€￾
“Oh no, damnâ€￾ he said sarcastically.
“I don’t have any food. Want to go shopping?â€￾
“Yeah, if you wear a hat and a sweatshirt. I don’t feel like running through the streets with bags of groceriesâ€￾
“Oh OKâ€￾ I said before making a face at him. We didn’t call Jim because I had Joey and he won’t let anyone touch me. The truth is they really don’t bother me too much in New York anymore. I think they’re all scared that next time they’ll kill me haha, that’s not funny at all. We bought a lot of food; we’re going to have to take a cab home. But I’m going to be here for a while.
We waited in the line to check out when the cashier noticed who I was… here we go, “Hey, you’re Kat Sharpe right?â€￾ I nodded my head and Joey moved closer to me, “Is he your new boyfriend?â€￾
“Oh god no, he’s my brotherâ€￾ I laughed
“Ohâ€￾ she said as she continued checking us out, “I always liked Justinâ€￾ I smiled, “but if he did that to me I would have dumped him tooâ€￾
“What are you talking about?â€￾
“It’s in all the papers,â€￾ she said as she pointed to the magazines on the shelf. And there I was, face to face with what I knew I’d see but hoped I never would. All the pictures from that night at the Ivy, and all pictures of us fighting wherever the hell we are. I knew I’d have to deal with this at some point but I didn’t think it would be in a public place with my brother right here with me.
“Don’t believe everything you read in those magazinesâ€￾ I said as I threw a copy of each on the belt, “90 percent of the stuff in these is bullsh**’

Once we got back to my apartment I started to unpack. I didn’t say anything, I just honestly wanted Joey to leave so I could throw some stuff maybe? That’d be great.
“So are we just going to continue our day pretending like nothing happened or are you going to talk about it?â€￾
I took a deep breath and looked at him, “We’re just going to pretend nothing happenedâ€￾
“So then I should just read the magazines to get my information?â€￾
“Yeah you probably should. For once I’m pretty sure it’s all extremely accurate,â€￾ I said as I stuffed a carton of ice cream in the freezer. “Well I’m going to go take a shower, feel free to leaveâ€￾
“You want me to leave? An hour ago you were telling me how much you missed meâ€￾
“Joey I just have a lot of thinking I need to doâ€￾
“Fineâ€￾ he said as he walked into the kitchen, “But I’m taking some food… and the magazinesâ€￾
“No, no you can take the food but not the magazinesâ€￾
“Whoa, someone’s got her priorities straightâ€￾ he laughed as he walked over and gave me a hug, “Even though I don’t know what’s going on… stay strong. Call me laterâ€￾
“Bye, thanksâ€￾ when he left I didn’t even take a shower. I just went back to my room and started to look through the magazines. It’s like with every page I flipped another piece of my heart broke off. The pictures in there were just heart breaking because it just refreshed my memory about that night and everything that happened.
I picked up my phone to call Justin, I didn’t know exactly what I was going to say but I knew I needed to call him; “Hello?â€￾ someone answered the phone that wasn’t Justin
“Hello? Who is this?â€￾
“It’s Trace, sorry Kat. Justin’s in an interviewâ€￾
“Ohâ€￾ I paused, “Is he really or does he just not want to talk to me?â€￾
“No he isâ€￾
“Are you sure?â€￾
“I swearâ€￾
“You’re not just saying that because he’s standing right in front of you telling you to?â€￾
He laughed, “No I swear he’s in an interview for the radio, you can turn it on and hear himâ€￾
“Ok. Well do you know when he’s going to be done?â€￾
“No, he just went on, then he has a shoot and…â€￾
“A lot of stuff. That’s cool. Um… can you just have him call me later, when he has time? Like anytime no matter what time it is, it’s important. But make sure he has time, not like a two minute period between things ok?â€￾
“Yeah… you alright?â€￾
“Yeah, I’m fineâ€￾
“Should he be worried?â€￾ he asked with a slight chuckle
“No, noâ€￾ I laughed, “It’s all good. Um just make sure you have him call me. If he doesn’t I’m holding you personally responsibleâ€￾
“Alright, I’ll make sure he calls youâ€￾
“Thank you,â€￾ I said as I threw the magazines on the floor, “How are you Trace? I’m sorryâ€￾
“I’m good, everything’s coolâ€￾
“Ok, coolâ€￾ I paused, “So I’ll talk to you later then I guessâ€￾
“Yeah, alright, I’ll have him call youâ€￾
“Whenever he’s done, remember thatâ€￾
“I remember,â€￾ he laughed, “Bye Katâ€￾
“Bye Traceâ€￾ I said as I hung up the phone and turned off the light in my room. I should take a nice relaxing bath but I don’t feel like getting up.
I guess I feel asleep because I woke up awhile later to my cell phone ringing, “Hello?â€￾ I asked half asleep, not even opening my eyes
“Hey, are you sleeping?â€￾
“Yeah, what time is it?â€￾
“It’s eleven here so I guess it’s 3 there. I can call you back tomorrow, Trace said you wanted me to call you anytimeâ€￾
“Yeah, it’s okâ€￾
“I don’t have to work tomorrow so I can call you backâ€￾
“It’s okâ€￾ I paused and looked at the clock then closed my eyes again, “Are you going out tonight?â€￾
“I don’t know, probably not. How was your flight?â€￾
“Did you do anything today?â€￾
“No, not really. Just went to the grocery storeâ€￾
“Ohâ€￾ he yawned, “Did you need to talk to me about something?â€￾
“Yeahâ€￾ I paused, I don’t know how I’m supposed to be mad at him when he’s acting normal. “I don’t know, I don’t rememberâ€￾
“You don’t remember?â€￾ he was calling my bluff
“No, I just went to the grocery store right and I was checking out and I was with my brother and the girl asked if he was my new boyfriend. And then she said something like she would have dumped you tooâ€￾
“And it got me thinkingâ€￾
“That you’re going to dump me because a f***ing girl at a grocery store told you to?â€￾
“No Justin of course not, calm down. I just looked at all the magazines and we’re on like every cover and practically every pageâ€￾
“Yeah, we always areâ€￾
“Not like this thoughâ€￾ he didn’t say anything, “It’s like everything in it is true,â€￾ he didn’t say anything again, “Are you still there?â€￾
“Yeah. What do you want me to say?â€￾
“I don’t know, but maybe you should think of somethingâ€￾ I heard him take a deep breath but I kept talking, “I just think it’s kind of weird that it’s almost a week after we went to The Ivy and you still haven’t said anything to apologize to me. I sat there in a crowded restaurant, with my sister, while you screamed at the waitress and me in front of everyone… and my sisterâ€￾
“What do you want me to say I’m sorry?â€￾
“Not if you’re notâ€￾
“Well I’m not sorry about the whole situation. I’m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable. I’m sorry that you care so much about what other people think of youâ€￾
“Oh give me a break Justin. I care when I’m at a fancy restaurant and you make a scene and everyone looks because that’s embarrassing. I care that I’m on the front page of every magazine and for once it’s not all lies. I care that I have to explain this to my brother and my sister and everyone I’ve ever met. And I care that I’m going to have to stand up for you when everyone tells me how they would dump you if they were in the same situation as meâ€￾
“You know what then Kat, maybe we should break up if you care so much about it. I don’t want you to feel like you have to stand up for meâ€￾
“Yeah, you know what Justin, maybe we shouldâ€￾
“Let’s do it thenâ€￾
“Alright then, let’s do itâ€￾
“Consider it doneâ€￾
“Fine!!!â€￾ I screamed and I heard the phone click, “Wait… Justin?â€￾

:ph34r: :D </span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Tue Oct 18, 2005 3:37 pm

:( AHHHHHHHH! I did not just read about them breaking up. :( I mean, Justin is being a jerk, and she has every reason to dump his ass, and find a cool boy. But, the other part of me thinks that they'll work it out. I don't want to be the hopeless romantic, but for this story, I think I'll stay hopeful because when things are good, they are both on top of the world!

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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Fri Oct 21, 2005 2:06 pm

<span style='color:blue'>Thanks for reading... here's some more, you know the drill :)

The day after the phone call I spent most of the day by the phone. There’s no way that last night was serious. How could it be? We couldn’t have really broken up. Could we have? That’s stupid. The thing is we don’t really fight. I mean some people do but we really never do. Like sometimes we argue but it’s never really been that bad, at least not where we’ve threatened to break up.
I don’t know, that’s stupid. He’s stupid. Whatever, I don’t have time for this. I’m sick of the drama and I swear there’s always drama with him. I’m over it.
A week later I was running late for a photo shoot when Kristen came in my apartment. The first few days I was annoyed but after that I just got over it. It wasn’t like I was sad that we broke up, I don’t think I ever even was, it was just that I was pissed that he was being such an a**hole.
“Sorry Kristen, I’m totally out of it today. I can’t find my keys anywhereâ€￾
“They’re right here,â€￾ she said as she picked them up, how do I not see them when they’re right on the table?
“Oh, alright, sorry. I’m readyâ€￾
“Alright, let’s go. Jim’s outsideâ€￾
“Ok, okâ€￾ as we drove to the studio nobody said anything
“Are you alright?â€￾ Kristen asked.
I stopped looking out the window, “Yeah, fine. What are you talking about?â€￾
“You just haven’t been yourself recently. Since like…â€￾
“I’m completely fineâ€￾ I seriously am fine, I’m actually a little relieved to be away from him
“Okâ€￾ she paused, “He hasn’t called you yet?â€￾ I shook my head, “That’s so stupidâ€￾
“Why? We broke upâ€￾
“It’s just stupid. He’s stupid. You guys are stupid, you tooâ€￾
“Wowâ€￾ that was quite the outburst, “Is stupid the adjective of the day or something?â€￾
“I’m just saying you’re stupid. I’m being honest, you’re both idiotsâ€￾
“Ok? Thanksâ€￾
“One of you needs to pick up the damn phone and call the other one. You both are so stubborn it’s like disturbingâ€￾
“Kristen, we broke up. Get over itâ€￾ she’s like more into it than I am
“No it’s stupid. You were mad and you got in a fight, get over your ego and call him and tell him your sorryâ€￾
“Me? I didn’t even do anything, please. He was screaming at me Kristen, I’m not going to call him and tell him I’m sorry when I didn’t do anything to be sorry aboutâ€￾ I paused, “Just get over it. I’m over it and you’re still caught up on it and it has nothing to even do with youâ€￾
“You two are just like perfect for each…â€￾
“Can you please just stopâ€￾ it’s like she’s making it ten times worse. I’m completely over it and she needs to be too. She started talking again, “Seriously Kristen stop. Jim can you tell her to stopâ€￾ I whined.
“Alright, both of you stop. Just be quiet I was enjoying the silenceâ€￾ Jim said with a chuckle, it’s like she’s my sister and he’s the father. But why is she trying to get involved like that? If she likes Justin so much maybe she should date him.
Later that night I was lying in my tub trying to just get away from the world for a little. But I couldn’t…everything just goes through my head a million things a second. I swear I have ADD or something. I picked up the phone next to the tub and called Johnny, “Kat how are you doing?â€￾
“Fine, I’m fine. Why does everyone act like I just lost a member of my family or something? I’m completely fine.â€￾
“Alright, sorry. What’s up?â€￾
“I want to sell… my house in LAâ€￾
“I’m never there. It’s a beautiful house and I’m never there. Someone should live thereâ€￾
“Ok… but you might want to think about it a littleâ€￾
“I did… I want to sell itâ€￾
“You’re going to be spending more time in LA in a couple weeksâ€￾
“Ok good then we can pack up while we’re thereâ€￾
“So then can you maybe call and find a realtor or something for when I go backâ€￾
“You’re sure?â€￾
“Yeah Johnny seriously. I’m going to be starting school and then I’m never going to be going back thereâ€￾
“Alright, well I’ll look into itâ€￾
“Thank youâ€￾ I smiled, “Oh one more thing, don’t tell Kristen ok?â€￾
“Yeah. Is everything ok between you two?â€￾
“Yeah, she’s just going to think it’s because of Justinâ€￾ he didn’t say anything, “It’s not Johnny seriously. I just don’t get the point of having two houses when I’m never there and when I was a kid we hardly had a house and people can use the money more than meâ€￾
“Alrightâ€￾ he paused, “If there’s a problem with Kristen you just let me knowâ€￾
“Oh God no, Kristen’s awesome. Don’t take away my only friend,â€￾ I said with a laugh although it’s true, “If you really want to help me you can fire that evil publicist ladyâ€￾
“She’s goneâ€￾ are you serious it was that easy? I could have told him months ago and she would be gone? “It didn’t work out, we got a new guy. We’ll come by tomorrow so…â€￾
“Awesome, alright thanks Johnny I’ll see you tomorrow then?â€￾
“Tomorrow it isâ€￾
“Alright, later gatorâ€￾
“After awhile crocodileâ€￾
I laughed before hanging up the phone, “Byeâ€￾ I love how he’s such a dork with me, I’m so lucky to have him as my manager, seriously I don’t know what I’d do without him.</span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Fri Oct 21, 2005 5:15 pm

I like how Kat never lets the fame and fortune get the best of her -- like with the house selling thing. Most celebs have way too many cars, houses, and things than they know what to do with.

I can see that Kristen is going to be the one to push for a reconciliation between the two. :lol:

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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Mon Oct 24, 2005 4:25 pm

<span style='color:blue'>Thanks for reading... here's some more :)


“Katâ€￾ I heard my name being called and jumped out of bed. I would know those voices anywhere
“Silly and Billy?â€￾ I screamed as I ran out to the living room and saw them sitting on the couch giggling, “What are you two doing here? Come hereâ€￾ I said as I fell on the couch and they both came and sat with me. Silly and Billy are actually Megan and Ashley, Johnny’s twin daughters. They are just about the cutest kids I’ve ever come in contact with; I love them like they’re my sisters. They’re two beautiful seven-year-old identical twins with blonde hair and blue eyes, “I haven’t seen you two in so long. I’m going to cryâ€￾ I love kids because I can be as goofy as I want and no one looks at me like I’m weird.
“Mommy had to workâ€￾ Megan said with a smile
“So daddy gets the angels,â€￾ Johnny said sarcastically
“I’m so glad I haven’t seen you girls in so long. Do you have them all day?â€￾ Johnny nodded, “Awesome can I take them later? Can we go out?â€￾
“Oh please daddy?â€￾ Ashley began
“Yeah, pleaseâ€￾ Megan began
“Yeah please daddyâ€￾ I joined in, “Come on guys make the puppy dog face,â€￾ I laughed
“We’ll see but Kat has to do some work firstâ€￾ they both pouted and I did too. But then I realized there was someone else in my living room
“Oh God, I’m so sorry. I didn’t even realize you were here, I’m so rudeâ€￾ I stood up and put my messy just woke up hair in a bun
“Not a problem, I’m Gabe Justice, the new publicistâ€￾ Gabe is pretty damn good looking. All in his suit and tie… very sexy. Ok stop Kat he’s your publicist. Oh and how I love Johnny for getting rid of the evil lady and getting me a hot publicist.
“We’ll go in the other room, you two can have your privacyâ€￾ Johnny began
“No, come on. We’ll go there you guys watch TV. Oh you know what I got?â€￾ I asked as I went through my DVD collection and grabbed Shark Tale, “Have you guys seen it yet? Oh my God it’s like my favorite movie, you’ll love it, Uh Silly can you handle it? My DVD player’s a little confusing, maybe daddy-o can help youâ€￾ I said as I walked into the dining room, “Ok Gabe, go ahead and take a seat I just need to go brush my teeth and make some tea, so you can set up or whatever, I’ll be real quickâ€￾ I said as I started walking to the bathroom, “I’m sorry I didn’t realize you guys were coming this earlyâ€￾
“Don’t worry about it,â€￾ he shouted after me as I quickly brushed my teeth and brought Johnny a cup of tea
“You girls want something to drink? I’m going to make you something good ok? Orange juice and cran-grape juiceâ€￾ I said as I poured it in a glass and brought it over to them, “Yum, just be careful, don’t spill it ok? Okâ€￾ I gave them a thumbs up and they returned it to me. “Ok, I’m sorry, one more second do you want some tea?â€￾ he shook his head, “Ok. I’m sorry. My father was from London, a love for tea’s kind of in my bloodâ€￾ I laughed slightly and then realized how stupid I must be sounding, “Anyway, yeah I’m readyâ€￾ I said as I sat down across the table from him
“Greatâ€￾ he laughed, “We need a quote on the breakupâ€￾
“Oh um… no offence Gabe but isn’t that kind of your jobâ€￾
He looked at me for a second, I guess surprised that I would call him on it but it is his job. I don’t care how hot he is he should be making the quotes, that’s the point, “Yeah, but I don’t know what you want me to say, I don’t know about the relationshipâ€￾
“Ok, you can say that he’s crazy… bipolar… um schizophrenic maybe would be a good word to describe himâ€￾ I laughed and then he did, I think he thought maybe I was serious for a little, “I don’t know, did he say anything yet?â€￾
“Yeahâ€￾ he grabbed a paper from his folder, “It says, Kat is a beautiful person inside and out. Things did not work out but we still remain closeâ€￾
“That bastardâ€￾ I laughed. Why does he have to be nice about it? I want to say that he’s really crazy and has anger problems but I know I can’t do that. I took a deep breath, “I don’t know say he’s great and wonderfulâ€￾
“I can do that,â€￾ Gabe laughed
“Great. Next?â€￾
“How’s your foot?â€￾
“Fine… what did you hear?â€￾
“Nothingâ€￾ he laughed, “I’m just politely asking you how your foot isâ€￾
“It’s fine… my toes might be a little crooked but that has nothing to do with anything,â€￾ I laughed
“Are they really?â€￾ he really thinks this is funny
“Look… Gabe. My toes got crushed. Crushed. They’re not going to be perfect. It’s something you’re going to have to get overâ€￾ he laughed, he has really cute laugh, “You wanna see it?â€￾ I asked him as if I had found a buried treasure or something, he nodded his head, “You have to promise that you will not laugh or make any faces. Especially not like a disgusted look because it is kind of gross. I’m warning you now so if you don’t think you can take it that’s fine you can change your mindâ€￾
He laughed, “Let me see itâ€￾
“Pinky swear?â€￾
“Yup, pinky swear, let me see itâ€￾
“Okâ€￾ I said as I took my slipper off and put my foot on the table
“Holy sh**. Take it down, please cover it up, that’s the most dis…â€￾ he screamed like I was showing him a human heart still beating
“Shut upâ€￾ I laughed, “You pinky swore, I warned youâ€￾
‘That was not a warning sufficient enough for that nasty ass footâ€￾
“I think you’re forgetting that I am your boss and I could fire you… so fastâ€￾
He cleared his throat, “Alright Ms. Sharpe, is there anything else I can do for you?â€￾
“Actually… I would like to know my schedule for the next few weeksâ€￾
“Certainly, tomorrow you have a meeting with Cover Girlâ€￾
“Ok, see, my last publicist used to make me a really cute calendar. Like she would come in and put it on my refrigerator at the beginning of every week under the little magnet she got me that said my name and stuffâ€￾ I smiled at him. I’m so full of sh** right now it’s awesome.
“Well I’m obviously not your old publicist Katâ€￾
“Obviously, I’m just giving you some suggestionsâ€￾ I smiled
“No problemâ€￾
He stood up and started getting his things together; no I don’t want him to leave. But he had to go, he had to get me some stuff to do. And Johnny had to leave too, but the good news is I got to keep the girls. I had so much fun, we went to the movies, and then we went shopping and we met up with Johnny and Gabe for dinner. It was so fun.</span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Mon Oct 24, 2005 4:38 pm

Awww, the kids sound adorable. That's always the way when they aren't your own. :rofl: Glad she had a day of fun.

Gabe sounds like a hottie. I wonder what's going to come of that. Mixing business with pleasure is usually a bad idea. :no: But his hotness sounds too good to be true. :lol:

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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Wed Oct 26, 2005 9:21 pm

<span style='color:blue'>Here's some more thanks for reading :)


When I opened the door to my apartment I wasn’t that surprised to see the lights on and the TV going. I swear one of these days I’m going to be getting robbed and I wouldn’t even know it. “Where were you?â€￾
“Silly and Billy were here, we went to the movies and went shoppingâ€￾
“Oh coolâ€￾ Kristen said as she turned the television off, “I have some things you need to fill out that I forgot aboutâ€￾
“Oh, do I have to do them now?â€￾
“By tomorrow at threeâ€￾
“Okâ€￾ I yawned as I sat down on the couch, “How’s it going?â€￾
“Did you meet the new publicist?â€￾ She nodded her head, “He’s hot huh?â€￾
“I guessâ€￾
“You guess? Kristen did you look at him?â€￾
She laughed, “Yeah he’s pretty gorgeousâ€￾
“Yeah, he isâ€￾ I laughed
“Have you talked to Justin?â€￾
“Kristen… don’t even startâ€￾
“Alright, alrightâ€￾ she paused, “Your brother was looking for youâ€￾
“A few hours agoâ€￾
“Why didn’t he call me?â€￾
“Is your phone on?â€￾
“Noo…â€￾ I laughed as I turned my phone on, “I was having a girls days with Silly and Billy, everyone was calling meâ€￾
“I don’t care,â€￾ she laughed as my phone rang and I gave her a look, as if to prove to her that it’s been going off all day.
“Oh my Godâ€￾ I said as I looked at the caller ID
“It’s Justin’s motherâ€￾
“What?â€￾ she laughed, “What the hell is she calling you for?â€￾
“Good questionâ€￾
“Well answer itâ€￾
“She’s obviously calling you for a reason, what if something’s wrong?â€￾
I took a deep breath before answering the phone, “Hello?â€￾
“Hi Kat, sweetie it’s Lynn, Justin’s motherâ€￾
“Hi, how are you? Is everything ok?â€￾
“Yeah, everything is fine, I’m doing fine. Is everything ok with you?â€￾
“Yeah, everything’s goodâ€￾
“Good. I’m going to be in New York next week, I was wondering if you would want to get lunch one dayâ€￾ oh my God, is she serious?
“Um…â€￾ I paused and looked at Kristen who was by now laughing since she could tell something was going on, “Yeah, I have a pretty busy week but I’m sure I’ll be able to do lunch. Let me check with my assistant and figure out the schedule and I’ll call you back tomorrow?â€￾
“That sounds great thank you sweetie. I can’t wait to see you againâ€￾
“Aww, I’ll talk to you tomorrow thenâ€￾
“Alright, have a good night sweetieâ€￾
“You too, byeâ€￾ I hung up the phone and threw it on the ground, “seriously, why do these things happen to me?â€￾
“What’d she want?â€￾ she laughed
“She’s coming to New York and wants to get lunchâ€￾
“Maybe she doesn’t know you broke upâ€￾
“Are you kidding, Justin tells his mother everything… it’s so weirdâ€￾
“Then say you’re busyâ€￾
“I can’t say that under pressure, I can’t lie to mothersâ€￾
“Then have fun at lunchâ€￾ she laughed

A few days later I met up with Gabe for lunch, he had some stuff to talk to me about. I thought I was in trouble but thank god I wasn’t. Joey came with us… I don’t really know why but he kind of insisted he come.
“Hey Gabeâ€￾ I said as I hugged him, “This is my brother Joeyâ€￾
“What’s up?â€￾ they shook hands and then they sat down
“What’s the news?â€￾
“We have an offer for Ellen, Tony Danza, and John Stewartâ€￾
“Okâ€￾ I paused, “You just need to talk to them and tell them what can and can not be discussedâ€￾
“And what is that?â€￾
“Should I make a list?â€￾ I laughed and he didn’t say anything, “Talk to Johnny he knows more than I doâ€￾
“Ok. Oprah’s still been callingâ€￾
“Oprah herself?â€￾
“Oprah’s peopleâ€￾ he laughed, “Have been callingâ€￾
“I’ll do it when Oprah herself calls. If she wants me so bad she’ll call me herself. And don’t tell that to her people. If she happens to call herself I’ll do itâ€￾
“Alright, anything else?â€￾
“Um…â€￾ he looked at Joey, something’s going on, “You know Tyra Banks has that new show?â€￾ I nodded my head, “She wants you to come onâ€￾
“Oh sh**â€￾ I said softly then realized I had said it out loud. She’s a totally cool girl but I really don’t want to do her show, “Can you just say that I’m really busy and…â€￾
“Yeah,â€￾ he nodded his head, “I’ll think of somethingâ€￾
“Thank youâ€￾ this is why I’m so happy I have Gabe as my publicist and not evil lady. He will make excuses for me and won’t make me do anything I don’t want to do while Evil lady made me do things I didn’t want to do and wouldn’t let me do things I did want to do. I think she was confused or just evil… humm… I’ll go with evil.
“Ok, one more thing and then we’re doneâ€￾ he smiled and I nodded, “The ESPN awards are in a couple monthsâ€￾
“Oh awesomeâ€￾ I said sarcastically, “Why are you telling me this?â€￾
Gabe looked at Joey before answering, they have something up their sleeves and I don’t like it, “They want you to present an awardâ€￾
“Did you tell them no?â€￾ he didn’t say anything, just looked at Joey, “You told them yes?â€￾
“I told them that you would think about itâ€￾
“Well then tell them noâ€￾
“I can’tâ€￾
“Why not? I thought about it and the answer’s noâ€￾
“I can’t because I… already… told them yesâ€￾ his voice got softer the more he spoke and I heard Joey laugh
“Are you kidding? Gabe I know nothing about sports. I’m going to look like a loser up on stage introducing some football player I can’t even announce and wouldn’t be able to pick him out of a lineupâ€￾ Gabe looked at Joey and Joey looked at Gabe. I took a deep breath, “This isn’t fair. You two are doing this because you want to go. Gabe you’re not supposed to book me at things just because you want to goâ€￾ I said with a laugh
“Get over it Kat, you’re goingâ€￾ Joey began, “Michael Jordan is going to be there Kat. Do you know who that is?â€￾
I rolled my eyes, “Fine I’ll go, but just because I’m not going to back out. Next time Gabe; ask me before you say I’ll do something. And I’m not taking youâ€￾ I said to Joey, “And you’re not coming eitherâ€￾ I looked at Gabe
“I have to go it’s my job,â€￾
“That’s not my problem, I’ll find a replacement for the nightâ€￾
“You can’t do thatâ€￾ he said with a smile, he thinks I’m kidding… ok so maybe I am but I’m still a little pissed.
“Oh you waitâ€￾
“I’m going to work,â€￾ Joey said as he stood up, “Get over yourself Kat, I have to go find a suit for the ESPN awardsâ€￾
“Yeah you do that, for when you’re watching it… by yourself…alone in your apartment. I’ll wave to you though ok?â€￾ I smiled and he messed up my hair
“Later Gabeâ€￾ once Joey left I put my head in my hand and played with the bread in front of me
“What so you’re not going to talk?â€￾
“Oh that sucks, because I ordered all these mozzarella sticks and I’m going to have to eat them all by myselfâ€￾ he said as the waitress put the plate in front of him. I looked at him then grabbed one from the plate, “Oh so your mouth works just no sound can come out?â€￾
I laughed, “I’m mad at youâ€￾
“What are you going to do, stick your nasty toes in my face?â€￾ he laughed
“Uh yeah, actuallyâ€￾ I laughed, “I’ll do itâ€￾
“I know, that’s what I’m afraid ofâ€￾ he laughed, “Well lookâ€￾ he said as he grabbed something from his briefcase, “Here’s your schedule for everything we have planned so farâ€￾ he said as he handed me a little computer type thing that there’s no way I will ever understand, “Just look at the calendar and everything will be updated whenever it needs to beâ€￾
“Ohhâ€￾ that’s so cute, “Thanks Gabe, I will take it everywhere I goâ€￾
“Of course you will but wait there’s more,â€￾ he smiled, “This is for your refrigeratorâ€￾ he said as he pulled out a piece of paper calendar he made on the computer, “And a magnetâ€￾ he paused as he held up a magnet that said Kate with the e cut off, “They didn’t have any Kat’s so I cut off the Eâ€￾
I laughed as I grabbed it from him, “That’s so awesome, thank you so muchâ€￾
“Adauhâ€￾ he said as he held up his hand, “It gets betterâ€￾ he handed me a planner with the Yankees logo on the cover, “I promise that every week I will pencil things in for you but the catch… is you have to read the facts and learn about baseball. And every week I’m going to give you a different sport and by the time the ESPN awards come around you’re going to be a proâ€￾
“Because Kat, I can’t work with someone that doesn’t appreciate sportsâ€￾
“Oh God, I don’t think I can work with someone that’s obsessed with sportsâ€￾</span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Thu Oct 27, 2005 9:00 am

:huh: I am starting to wonder if Justin didn't tell his mother about the breakup. It seems pretty unbelievable that he'd be able to hide that, but still possible. :thinking: Unless Lynn has some tricks up her sleeves and is going to try to patch things up for them so that they get back together. Hmmm. :thinking:

:lol: :lol: Gabe and Joey need to quit fronting and date each other. :rofl: :rofl: They are too much. Way too much! Boys and their sports. :lol: Seems like Kat has a full schedule ahead of her. OPRAH! :o I hope she gets to do that show. She could definitely hold her own with Miss Oprah.

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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Sat Oct 29, 2005 8:41 pm

<span style='color:blue'>Alright here's some more thanks for reading :D


The next day I was sitting in my apartment, in my pajamas when Gabe came to go over some stuff. “Hey, you sick?â€￾ he asked as he sat down
“Noâ€￾ I said as I took a sip of my tea, “Why?â€￾
“I don’t know isn’t it a little late for you to be in your pajamas?â€￾
“Noâ€￾ he obviously doesn’t know me very well, “I had a photo shoot until like two this morningâ€￾
“It’s two in the afternoonâ€￾
“Yeah, soâ€￾ I laughed a little, “Do you have a problem with how I spend my day off?â€￾
“No, no of course notâ€￾
“Good, well be happy because the only reason why I’m awake right now is because I knew you were comingâ€￾
“I feel very specialâ€￾
“Good, you shouldâ€￾ I laughed, “So let’s get this over with so I can go back to sleepâ€￾
“Okâ€￾ he said as he got out his folders, “The View,â€￾
“Noâ€￾ I didn’t even let him finish, “No, no hell no. They scare me Gabe, they will tare me apart and bring me to tears. Hell noâ€￾
“Okâ€￾ he laughed, “A simple no would have been sufficient enough,â€￾ he said as he wrote something down, “What about Access Hollywood?â€￾
I shook my head, “Can we just like… chill on the publicity stuff for awhile?â€￾
“Yeah, alright. Any show you would definitely do?â€￾
“Nopeâ€￾ I shook my head, “Except Conanâ€￾
“So you’re doing nothing for the rest of the day?â€￾
“Nope… why?â€￾
“I have to go pick something up for my girlfriendâ€￾ damn he has a girlfriend, I knew it
“I didn’t know you had a girlfriendâ€￾ he nodded his head, “What do you have to pick up?â€￾
“A ringâ€￾
“What kind of a ring Gabe?â€￾
“Uh, an engagement ringâ€￾ he said shyly
I laughed at him, “Why are you embarrassed about that?â€￾
“I’m notâ€￾ he paused, “So will you come with me and help me pick one out?â€￾
“Yeah, but I don’t even know her so I don’t know if I’d be the best person to go with you. Maybe you should take one of her friends or somethingâ€￾
“No, her friends all have big mouths. I already picked out the ring I just want a female opinion on itâ€￾
“OKâ€￾ I laughed, “But when are you planning on doing this because I don’t want the media to like spot us and ruin it for youâ€￾
“Tonight? Are you kidding?â€￾ he laughed and shook his head, “Well wait a second let me get changed you must have a million things to doâ€￾ I said as I literally jogged into my room, “I can’t believe you didn’t even tell meâ€￾ I screamed as I quickly through on some clothes, “I can’t believe you like are getting engagedâ€￾ I said as I grabbed my purse as started walking to the door. I stopped and he followed me, “Why didn’t you tell me?’
“It just didn’t come up in the business relationship we have,â€￾ he laughed a little
“Business relationship? Yeah, ok. It’s never professional Gabe, to make me go to the ESPN awards because you want to see Michael Jordanâ€￾ he laughed, “What do you have planned?â€￾
He shrugged, “you know, just the usualâ€￾ he said as we stepped in the elevator, “Do we have to get your security guy?â€￾
“Jim, his name is Jim, no we’re goodâ€￾ please I so look like crap right now no one’s even going to know who I am, “So how long have you guys been together?â€￾
“Um eight yearsâ€￾ he laughed as my head literally shot over at him, “Since high schoolâ€￾
“Awwâ€￾ I couldn’t help myself, I didn’t mean to aww but that’s cute, “What’s her name?â€￾
“How come you never told me?â€￾ he shrugged, “So how are you going to do it?â€￾
He took a deep breath and shrugged, “I was just going to make her dinnerâ€￾
aww that’s cute… I managed to keep that one to myself, “Flowers?â€￾
“I was going to get some on the way…â€￾
“No where are you going to stop like the corner store?â€￾ he nodded his head, “No, you have to get like roses, good ones not from the grocery store. I’ll order you some, what like five dozen?â€￾
“What? Kat…â€￾
“No, you’re right eight dozen, one for every year you’ve been togetherâ€￾
“Kat there is no need to give someone eight dozen rosesâ€￾
“Yes there is, calm down, I’m getting them for you.â€￾
“You don’t have toâ€￾
“Oh okâ€￾ I made a face at him, “You’re not giving her flowers from a grocery store. Eight dozen red rosesâ€￾ I paused as I took out my cell phone
“This is insaneâ€￾ he laughed, “There is no need for eight dozen roses that are all going to die at the same timeâ€￾
“Well you could do the whole fake rose in every dozen, because your love will never die thing but personally I think that’s a little tacky. But a lot of people like it so it’s totally up to youâ€￾
“No, no. No fake rosesâ€￾
“Ok, goodâ€￾ I laughed as we walked into Tiffany’s and the guy gave him the ring and I thought I was going to pass out, “Oh my God, it’s so beautiful, did you pick it out all by yourself?â€￾ he nodded his head, “Shut up did you really?â€￾
“Yes, I really did. You like it?â€￾
“Yes, it’s gorgeousâ€￾ I said as I held the box in my hand, “Don’t get married to her marry meâ€￾ and I can’t believe I just said that aloud. I laughed quickly, “I’m kidding, that was a jokeâ€￾
“I knowâ€￾ he laughed
“No, but seriously it’s beautiful. I’m sure she’ll love it even though I know nothing about herâ€￾
“Alrightâ€￾ he laughed, “Thanksâ€￾
“No problem, I’m so excited for you, are you nervous?’
“Nahâ€￾ I think he’s full of sh** because I don’t think any man is not nervous the day he’s going to propose, even if he’s been with her for eight years.
“Well she’ll love itâ€￾
“She better love it, that’s like two paychecks right thereâ€￾
“Ok, don’t tell her thatâ€￾ I laughed, “That’s something to keep to yourself. Don’t ever tell her that, even if you’re in a fight or anything, don’t tell her how much you spentâ€￾
“I’m not,â€￾ he laughed after he paid and stuck the box in his pocket, “I’m going to get a coffee you want something?â€￾
“Yeahâ€￾ I said as I followed him into Starbucks, “I’m going to call for the flowers, can you just get me a caramel apple cider?â€￾ I said as I handed him money, or tried to
“Yeahâ€￾ he said as he walked inside, without taking the money and I sat outside and made a couple phone calls to get those flowers ready for him. When he came out he handed me my apple cider and I explained where he should go and pick up the flowers.
“I know you’re a little nervous even though you won’t admit it, so good luck. I know she’s going to say yes and you’ll live happily ever afterâ€￾ I laughed, “You’re not working tomorrow are you?â€￾
“I was planning on itâ€￾
“No, no don’t, stay home. We can survive a day without you I’m sure. Good luck, have fun and um… yeah good luckâ€￾
‘Thank you Kat, thanks for comingâ€￾
“Yeah, of course. I’m excited to know how it all goes so remember everything to tell me ok?â€￾
“Alrightâ€￾ he laughed as he gave me a hug and we went our separate ways… and there he goes… the perfect man… gone.</span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Sat Oct 29, 2005 10:33 pm

Damn is right. :lonely: Well, what can she do? He's a good guy. Maggie got to him first.

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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Tue Nov 01, 2005 3:02 pm

<span style='color:blue'>
As I thumbed through the magazine in front of me I took a deep breath when I finally found the article I was looking for: Justin Timberlake and Joanna Allen- dating. I closed my eyes as I took another deep breath and got myself ready for the article I was about to read. I read it carefully and quickly threw it under the pillow next to me when I heard the door open. Kristen walked in with a folder of papers and sat down next to me, “Heyâ€￾ I said as she moved the pillow and held the magazine in her hands. I grabbed it from her as if I were twelve and she was holding my diary with my deepest darkest secrets in her hand, “Where’d that come from?â€￾
“Oh I wonderâ€￾ she said with a chuckle as she dropped it on the ground, watch it Kristen I didn’t get to read the whole article, “Why are you reading this sh**?â€￾ I shrugged, why do you think? “We are doing all this sh** to sue these bastards and you’re buying their magazinesâ€￾
“I didn’t buy it, I stole itâ€￾
“Even betterâ€￾ she rolled her eyes, “You know it’s probably not even true. Don’t get all depressed over something that’s not even trueâ€￾
“Well some of it has to be true. They’re together, there are picturesâ€￾
“Haven’t you ever heard of photo shop? Do you not remember the pictures they had of you and Justin before you even met? They like to hook that boy up with girlsâ€￾ she paused, “Why do you even care? You broke up, you’re over him remember?â€￾
I looked at her and rolled my eyes ok maybe I’m not completely over him, but I’m really close, “It’s just early that’s allâ€￾
“It’s been a month kid, maybe you would know that if you left this building once in awhileâ€￾
“The point is Kristen… that I’m supposed to have a boyfriend before he has a girlfriendâ€￾ by the way, I totally have been out of this building. She’s inferring that I’m some kind of a hermit or something and I’m not.
“Well then get searching,â€￾ she said after taking a deep breath and standing up, “You’re not going to find a boyfriend sitting on your ass watching Laguna Beachâ€￾
“I don’t know Stephan’s kinda hot and I mean, he’s not with Kristen anymore and he’s totally not into Laurenâ€￾ I said sarcastically, “Oh leaving so soon?â€￾ I asked her even though she wasn’t heading for the door or anything, I just thought maybe she would take the hint
“Yeahâ€￾ she smiled, “Read through that stuff, sign it, date it, initial, all that stuff. READ itâ€￾
“Why are you doing Gabe’s job?â€￾
“Because you gave him the week offâ€￾
“Oh yeahâ€￾ I laughed, “Ok, bye. Have fun on your dateâ€￾
“Oh I will. Don’t forget about the show tomorrowâ€￾
“I knowâ€￾ I said as I lifted my feet to show her the heals I was already practicing walking in
“Good, I’m proud. See you tomorrowâ€￾
It’s not fair that Justin has a girlfriend. I’m supposed to be with someone first and then he’s supposed to get jealous of me not the other way around. But I’m not jealous. Seriously I’m not. It just seems like everyone has someone but me. But whatever, I don’t need a man; I’m an independent women. I finally have some time to myself I need to enjoy it. I picked up my phone and called my brother because the truth is I really don’t want to spend the night alone, “What’s up Kat?â€￾
“Hey what are you doing?â€￾
“Just getting readyâ€￾
“For what?â€￾
“I have a dateâ€￾
“With who?â€￾ What?
“This girl from workâ€￾
“Why didn’t you tell me?â€￾
“It’s not a big deal, just dinner and a movieâ€￾
“Alright have funâ€￾ I said and hung up the phone before I could even get a response. Even Joey has a date tonight and Joey doesn’t date. Whatever, time alone tonight I should be excited. I could watch a movie… I could work out on that new elliptical machine… no. I could take a nap, that’s what I should do. I took a deep breath and fell on my chair and a half… the perfect invention for cuddling… uh I hate how everything reminds me of him. I turned the TV on just as Ryan’s new video came on. It was like a car accident, I knew I shouldn’t watch it but I had to. I turned it off quickly once it was over like I would get caught. I kinda miss him and I hate that. I really feel like we were made for each other. I mean yeah sure he’s done some crazy sh** but at the end of the day we’ve got each other’s backs. But I mean we’re made for each other like as friends. I can’t not have him in my life like this, it sucks. I should call him. I dialed his number and then hung up quickly as soon as I heard his voice. He wasn’t supposed to pick up. Oh great, I’m such an idiot. It’s called caller ID, he knows it’s me. I just got nervous. The phone rang and I saw his name sprawled across the screen and I quickly pressed the ignore button. A few seconds later my phone beeped telling me I had a message so I pressed the button to hear Ryan’s voice, “Hey what’s up? I know what it means when the phone rings twice then goes straight to voicemail. Call me back, or I’ll call you back… later,â€￾ I laughed at the fact I had just been caught as I shut the flip phone. It rang again and I took a deep breath before answering it, “Hello?â€￾
“So you decided not to press the ignore buttonâ€￾ he said with a chuckle
“I didn’t… I pressed the wrong button. Sorryâ€￾
“Right… so what’s up?â€￾
“Nothing… you?â€￾
“You called?â€￾ he laughed
“No… I didn’tâ€￾
“Your name showed up on the phone and I could hear you take a quick breath when I answeredâ€￾
I laughed, “Ok, so maybe I didâ€￾
“Well I just… um… well I’m cleaning and I found some of your stuff like… well like your black beanieâ€￾
“Oh sh** I’ve been looking for thatâ€￾
“Yeah, so do you want to come get it or should I send it to you?â€￾
“Yeah, I’ll come get it. Are you going to be around?â€￾
“Yeahâ€￾ way to sound desperate, “Yeah I mean I’ll be around for a littleâ€￾
“Cool, I’ll be over soon then. Laterâ€￾ what just happened? Why did it happen? Now I have to find his damn hat. After awhile of cleaning and searching for his hat there was a nock on the door. I knew it was him because he’s the only person that comes to my house and nocks on the door. Everyone else either just comes in or rings the doorbell but not Ryan… he nocks. “Heyâ€￾ I smiled and he did the same when he saw me
“What’s up?â€￾ he asked before pulling me into a hug and kissing my forehead, “What’s up with all the boxes?â€￾
“I sold my place in LA so I’m here for goodâ€￾
“Oh yeah because you’re all nerdy and going to NYUâ€￾
I nodded my head, “Did you hear who bought my house?â€￾
“I’ll give you a hint, he’s moving to LA to take Jay Leno’s spotâ€￾
“Shut upâ€￾
“Yup, Conan bought my damn houseâ€￾
“That’s awesome, did you get to see him?â€￾
“No, I had to be here to get ready for school and stuff, they wouldn’t let me see himâ€￾
“That sucks. You excited?â€￾
“Yeah, mostly nervous thoughâ€￾
“Why?â€￾ he asked as if it were insane for me to be nervous about something like that
“I haven’t been in school in like… at least six or seven years. I’m old. And I’m going to the same school as Michelle Tanner dude, and they’re ahead of me. They’re like twelveâ€￾
“I know for a fact that they are at least eighteenâ€￾
I looked at him for a second and shook my head, “I don’t even want to know why you know thatâ€￾
“You’ll do fine kidâ€￾ he smiled as I handed him a beer, “Nice shoesâ€￾
“Oh you like um huh?â€￾ I love that I’m wearing a tank top and shorts with these 40-inch heels, “I have a show tomorrow, and I need to practiceâ€￾
“I figuredâ€￾ he paused, “So how are you doing?â€￾
“Absolutely Fantasticâ€￾
“Absolute bullsh**â€￾ he laughed, “You’re the worst liar I have ever metâ€￾
“I know, I suckâ€￾
“Nah, it’s a good thing. You’re too pure to lieâ€￾ … ok? “So you finally broke up with the pretty boyâ€￾ I nodded my head, “What happened?â€￾
“He’s jealous and… stupid and… crazy and…it just didn’t work outâ€￾
“Good move on your partâ€￾
“I thought you liked him. You Liar!â€￾
“Nah, he’s a cool kid, just not for youâ€￾
“And who is good for me?â€￾
“I don’t know, just not him. He’s cool for like… that girl he was with when we went out, someone that just goes out with him to be seen with him. You’re not shallow enough… close but not enoughâ€￾ he smiled
“Thanksâ€￾ I rolled my eyes
“I’m f***ing hungry Katâ€￾
“Yeah, me too, you want to order something?â€￾ he nodded his head as I reached over him to get the menus, “There’s some here and there’s a Chinese menu in the kitchen, should I get that?â€￾ he didn’t say anything, just looked at me, “Ry… do you want it?â€￾
“Yeah, sureâ€￾
“Okâ€￾ I smiled, I walked into the kitchen to get the menu and when I walked out he was staring again, “Ry, seriously, you’re staring at the wrong part of meâ€￾
“Sorry f***!â€￾ he screamed, “You’re too f***ing hot for your own f***ing goodâ€￾
“Whoaâ€￾ I laughed, “That was quite the outburstâ€￾ I am definitely all scrubbed out I don’t know what this kid is talking about, “I think you’ve been locked in that studio a little too longâ€￾
“Nah, that’s what’s so f***ing sexy, it’s like you don’t even realize how f***ing hot you areâ€￾
“I’m sorry if my shoes are giving you the wrong impressionâ€￾ I laughed as I reached over to take them off
“No, leave them onâ€￾ he grabbed my arm, “I will control myself, I’m here to get my sh** and get some food and that’s itâ€￾
“Yes, that’s it. We’re friendsâ€￾
“We’re friends. I can do thatâ€￾
“Goodâ€￾ I smiled as he started staring again, “You’re doing it again. Controlâ€￾
“I’m tryingâ€￾
“Ry, it’s not that hard. If I can control myself then you can control yourselfâ€￾
“Wait, hold up, what are you controlling yourself over? Cause if you’re controlling yourself over the same sh** I’m controlling myself over than what the f***’s the point?â€￾
“I… I can’t really think of the point right now but I know that there is oneâ€￾
“Right onâ€￾ he said as he stood up and paced around my apartment. I know there are a million reasons why we should just get food and leave but I can’t think of even one. I looked at him staring out the window wall as I tried to come up with all the pros and cons of hooking up with him. I could think of plenty pros but as for the cons… I got nothing. f*** it. I stood up and walked to him and kissed him passionately. He smiled when I pulled away, “f*** controlâ€￾ I laughed as he turned me around and held me against the wall.

Thanks for reading! :P </span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Wed Nov 02, 2005 8:12 am

:huh: :huh: Wall sex. Well, maybe just wall making out, but this is looking pretty hot. :P I feel like she's just caught up in the moment, especially because of the magazine showing Justin with a new girl. I hope she doesn't regret what she's doing with Ryan. They have chemistry and a history, but a lot of bad stuff went down between them. He's the cheating rocker ... he can't change his stripes! :lol:

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<span style='color:blue'>Chapter

We lay together in bed with my head resting on his chest and his arms around me just enjoying each other’s company, “Damn I missed you Katâ€￾
I laughed as I shook my head, “I knew you were going to say thatâ€￾
“You didn’t miss me at all?â€￾
“Of course I didâ€￾
“Well that’s what you’re supposed to say. Not I knew you were gonna say thatâ€￾ he mimicked, “you’re supposed to say: oh Ryan I missed you so much, I missed the way you make my toes curl and my eyes roll to the back of my head and the way you make me scream out your name…â€￾
“Shut upâ€￾ I laughed, he was seriously going to keep going, “Can you just shut up for like ten seconds and try not to ruin the moment completely?â€￾
“Ok fineâ€￾ he said as he rolled on top of me, “One, twoâ€￾ he whispered
“Never mindâ€￾ I laughed as I pushed him off me, “It’s too lateâ€￾
“It’s never too late, don’t ever say thatâ€￾ he said seriously as he pulled me on top of him, “Now shut up for like ten seconds and try not to ruin the momentâ€￾ I laughed and closed my eyes against his chest. He’s right it totally wasn’t too late, “OKâ€￾ he said as he stretched his arms, “Time’s upâ€￾
“Shhâ€￾ I said as I covered his mouth with my hand before even opening my eyes, he licked the palm of my hand, “Ew are you three?â€￾ I laughed as I wiped it on his chest. He laughed and grabbed my hand and kissed each of my fingers. I laid on top of him and stared at him for a couple seconds, he made a big dorky smile, I laughed and laid down next to him, “You confuse me so muchâ€￾
“I think we confuse each otherâ€￾
“I’m seriousâ€￾
“Me tooâ€￾
“How do I confuse you?â€￾
“You had me pinned against the f***ing wall Katâ€￾
“So you’re saying…â€￾
“Nothing. Never mindâ€￾ we were both quiet for a couple seconds, “How do I confuse you?â€￾
“Never mind, just forget I even said itâ€￾ I don’t know why I did
“Nah, that’s not fair, I said how you confuse me, your turnâ€￾
“It’s justâ€￾ I took a deep breath, here we go, “When we’re together we’re so cool, like even when we don’t see each other for months then we see each other again and everything goes back to normal and we’re cool… perfect even. And then you go away and sh** happens but… never mind, let’s just forget itâ€￾
“No, maybe we should talk about it since we never haveâ€￾ I nodded my head before closing my eyes and saying a silent prayer that this would not be as hard and uncomfortable as it could be. I looked over at Ryan and his eyes were closed, I guess it’s possible for this to be as uncomfortable and hard for him as it is for me. “It’s not like I do it on purpose. These girls just like find me, even more when I’m with you than when I’m not. I’m not making excuses, I know it’s f***ed up but I don’t plan on it. These girls don’t take no for an answer, I turn them down at first, trust me. I don’t know, I know it’s f***ed up and I’m an idiot but I don’t know what to tell you. You know how I feel about youâ€￾
“No I don’t, that’s the thing. I have no ideaâ€￾
“Well f*** Kat you know I love you. If I had it my way we’d run away to some deserted island or something and be left alone foreverâ€￾
I felt my eyes water and before I knew it the tears were falling down my face, “Don’t cry Kat, I hate to see you cryâ€￾ he said as he wiped my face, “Now come on I’m f***ing hungryâ€￾ he said as he stood up and left the room. He has a way of changing the subject whenever something comes up and thank god for that now. I made the bed with tears falling down my face, just hoping I could pull myself together before I have to go out there again. “You ok in here?â€￾ I heard his voice and quickly wiped my eyes before turning around so I could face him
“Yeah, I’m just making the bedâ€￾
“You want pizza or Chinese?â€￾
“Alright, I’m going to order, you want chicken and broccoli?â€￾ I nodded my head, “Alright, hurry upâ€￾ I nodded my head again and waited a few seconds before I left the room. I took a deep breath and sat down on the couch and watched Ryan pacing around the room on the phone, “No, no not white rice, fried rice… yes fry liceâ€￾ he mimicked the man on the other end, “The address? Yes ok we’re in the Lucas Towers on Park Ave… yes yes… ok the 57th floor… no not the 75th 5 7. Yes apartment number 57211… no 211. Not 112 yes 211. Ok. Thank you.â€￾ He hung up the phone and I laughed, “It’s f***ing impossible. I tell him the 57th floor he says 75th, I tell him room 57211 he says 57112, I say fried rice he says white rice. Impossibleâ€￾
“That’s why I had you call,â€￾ I laughed
“We should have got pizzaâ€￾
“No, they take too long it’s always cold by the time they get hereâ€￾
“Well maybe you should find a new place to get your pizza from thenâ€￾
“No, it’s so good though, even when it’s coldâ€￾ he laughed as he sat down next to me, “So you’re recording?â€￾ he nodded his head, “Is it good?â€￾
“I like to think so. What time’s your show tomorrow?â€￾
“Probably like 8 or somethingâ€￾
“Alright, enough of the damn small talkâ€￾
“Do you want to talk about something deep?â€￾ he shook his head and I laughed, “Did you even get your hat?â€￾ he shook his head and I stood up and grabbed his hat then sat down next to him and put it on his head, “You washed your hairâ€￾
“I always wash my hair,â€￾ he laughed
“Since when?â€￾
“Since always Kat, come onâ€￾
“Oh rightâ€￾ I said as I put my fingers through his hair, “It looks niceâ€￾
“It looked better before you messed it upâ€￾
“Shut upâ€￾ I laughed as I messed it up some more. He pushed my hand away and I lay down and rested my head on his lap. “So how much longer do you have for recording?â€￾
“I don’t know like a month? We have a couple songs done and we’re working on the restâ€￾
“Coolâ€￾ I nodded my head, “Well, I heard that the single is doing great and everyone’s looking forward to the cdâ€￾
“Oh yeah, where’d you hear that?â€￾
I shrugged and laughed, “I dunno I just heard itâ€￾
“Oh okâ€￾ he laughed as the doorbell rang, “It’s for youâ€￾
“No it’s for youâ€￾
“No it’s notâ€￾
“Ry, I don’t have any pants onâ€￾
“I don’t have a shirt onâ€￾
“Oh, well thenâ€￾ He laughed as he pushed me off him so he could answer the door, “And get me a water while you’re up!â€￾ I yelled at him and I heard him laugh again, but he came back with the water and threw it at me, “How much food did you get?â€￾
“I told you I was hungryâ€￾
“Yeah, but damn have you not eaten in months?â€￾ I asked as he took the food out of the bags he had in his hands, “Oh are those dumplings? Can I have one?â€￾
He shut the container on my fingers, “I got so much food because I knew you’d be eating half of itâ€￾
I laughed as I grabbed a dumpling, “Then why do you shut my hand in the container?â€￾ he shrugged as he grabbed an egg roll. “Because you’re a dork, that’s whyâ€￾
“Just hurry up and eat so we can go back to bedâ€￾
“What makes you think that when I go back to bed you will be coming with me?â€￾ I laughed at the face he gave me, “Seriouslyâ€￾ I grabbed one of his chicken wings, “I’m so serious Ryanâ€￾
“I know you areâ€￾
“I’m just kiddingâ€￾ he looked at me and then back at his food, “Ryan stop, you know I’m kiddingâ€￾
“Do I?â€￾
“Yesâ€￾ I said as I took a deep breath and sat on his lap, “You knowâ€￾ I kissed him gently and he laughed, “You’re such a jerkâ€￾ I said as I stood up but he pulled me back on his lap
“How am I a jerk?â€￾ he laughed
“Because you knew I was kidding the whole time and you took advantage of me so I would make you feel betterâ€￾ I laughed
“No, I really didn’t know you were kidding but now I do, so let’s just go to bedâ€￾
“Can we eat first?â€￾ I laughed

Thanks for reading!
Feedback please! :D </span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Mon Nov 21, 2005 12:14 pm

Ooooh.oooooooh.ooooooh. They are getting awfully close again. I don't know what to think of this because I do love them together when everything is going right and there's no cheating. :lol: I dunno ... will this last? :thinking:

Fry lice ... :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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<span style='color:blue'>Sorry I haven't been around in awhile....... here's some more :) Thanks for reading!

I woke up the next morning and looked at the clock, “sh**â€￾
“What?â€￾ Ryan asked as he stretched his arms over his head, “What’s the matter?â€￾
“I have to be somewhere in half an hourâ€￾
“With who?â€￾
“Justin’s motherâ€￾ I laughed a little
“What? Why?â€￾
“Because I’m an idiotâ€￾
“No, seriously why?â€￾
“I don’t know, she called me and I couldn’t say noâ€￾
He laughed as he pulled the covers over his head, “Have funâ€￾
“Oh I will thanksâ€￾ I said as I threw a pillow at him, “You can stay as long as you wantâ€￾
“I feel so cheapâ€￾
“Shut upâ€￾ I laughed, “you are cheapâ€￾
“Thanks Kat, that means a lot,â€￾ he said sarcastically as I got dressed quickly
“I’ll call you later, just lock the door on your way outâ€￾
“I willâ€￾
“Byeâ€￾ I said as I kissed him before quickly grabbing my bag and walking to the restaurant down the street. I was so nervous to have lunch with her, I don’t even know why I said I would, and it’s going to be very awkward, I’m sure of that. As I walked down the street I saw her sitting on the front patio of the restaurant and took a deep breath before walking up to her, “Hiâ€￾ I smiled
“Oh I’m so happy you could make itâ€￾ she said as she stood up and gave me a hug, “How have you been?â€￾
“Good, I’ve been good. Busy but goodâ€￾ I smiled, “How about you?â€￾
“What brings you up to New York?â€￾
“There’s a meeting for Justin’s clothing line and he’s stuck in LA recording so he couldn’t get away so he sent me up hereâ€￾ she laughed slightly
“That’s good though you get a little vacation
“Yesâ€￾ she paused and then smiled, “We miss having you aroundâ€￾
“Me. And Justin does too. He really misses youâ€￾ Here comes the awkwardness, what do I say to that? I just looked at the menu and tried to pretend I didn’t hear her, “It’s such a shame you two broke upâ€￾ I knew it was going to happen, I knew that’s why she wanted to see me. I didn’t know what to do, I wanted to just run away, I smiled slightly and continued looking at the menu
“Do you know what you’re getting? Everything here is so goodâ€￾ I said to change the subject, hopefully she’ll get the hint, “I can’t decide if I want the Cobb salad or the lobster briskâ€￾
“Everything looks so goodâ€￾
“It really is, I can promise you whatever you get will be magnificentâ€￾ she got the hint for most of the lunch, then she started up again and I really wanted to run away. She’s such a wonderful, amazing person, she really is, but I just need her not to talk to me about this stuff
“You’re so adorable, you’re such a sweet girlâ€￾
“Aww, thank youâ€￾
“I really wish you two would get back together. Justin just hasn’t been the same since you broke up. He doesn’t have that twinkle in his eye that he did when he was with youâ€￾ she paused, “Are you seeing anyone else?â€￾ I looked at my plate and shook my head, “Yeah, neither is Justin. I know you two are busy and that’s why you broke up but I know that as soon as your schedules clear up you’ll be back together like you were. But I just hate seeing my boy like this. I know I shouldn’t tell you this but he called me after ya’ll broke up and we cried together for hours. He really misses youâ€￾
“Wowâ€￾ I said as I stood up, “Would you look at the time? I have a meeting I was supposed to be at ten minutes ago, I’m going to get in so much trouble. It was nice to see you againâ€￾ I hugged her quickly, “I’ll see you soonâ€￾ I left without even giving her a chance to respond. I went right to Kristen’s apartment and banged on the door, she didn’t answer so I banged harder. She opened the door and I walked inside, “I hate him so much, I seriously hate himâ€￾
“What happened?â€￾
“Why did I go? Honestly why did I go?â€￾
“Because you’re a good person, what happened?â€￾
“It started out fine and then she says ‘we miss you’ so I’m like we? Thinking she means her and it just came out that way but no, she says Justin misses me. Like ok whatever, if he misses me he should call me, or maybe have some sort of contact that’s not through his mother. And then she goes on to say how he hasn’t been the same since we broke up and he’s not himself and he doesn’t have the twinkle in his eye he had when he was with me. And how when we broke up he called her and they cried together for hours. Why did she tell me that?â€￾ I started crying, “I don’t get it. Honestly why? And she thinks we broke up because we’re so busy. Ok I am not busy. I haven’t done anything in like a month and I have like 3 things planned for the next two months. I am not busy. And she honestly thinks her son is like the best thing ever. Maybe if he didn’t act like such an a**hole then we would still be together. But she doesn’t even know that. he didn’t even tell his mother who he tells everything to the real reason why we broke up. That’s such bullsh**. If she knew the truth she would leave me alone and she wouldn’t expect me to get back with himâ€￾ I paused, “I’m sorry I’m venting to you I’m just so pissed off. Like she’s a good person and she means well but come on, how can she seriously think it’s ok to talk to me and tell me that stuff? I don’t want to know about that stuff. We broke up, it’s over. It just pisses me off so much because I haven’t talked to him since we broke up… over the phone. If he had a problem with the break up he should have talked to me instead of his mother. I feel like I’m in junior high or something, who does that? he is a grown man he is not a little boy anymore he should not have his mother fight his battles and work the guilt tripâ€￾
“I’m sure he doesn’t even know his mother cameâ€￾
“Yeah, right he knows I want to strangle him. No I want to send my brother to LA and have him talk to him, then he’ll see what it’s likeâ€￾
Kristen laughed, “Do you want to do something?â€￾
“No, it’s ok I’m just going to go home and sleep and wallow in my self pity. I’ll see you around 5 for the show. Thanks for listeningâ€￾
“Alright, call me if you change your mind or you need anythingâ€￾
“Alright, thanks, byeâ€￾

When I got back to my apartment I went right into my room and saw a body under the covers on my bed. I lay down next to him and pulled some of the covers away from him so I could have some as Ryan woke up, “Did you have fun?â€￾
“I don’t want to talk about itâ€￾
He sat up and looked at me, “Have you been crying?â€￾
I pulled the sheet over my head, “Please Ryan, I don’t want to talk about itâ€￾
“Alrightâ€￾ he said softly as he laid back down, “Are you going back to sleep or…?â€￾
“Oh my God, seriously Ryan can you just shut up?â€￾ he was quiet and then I heard him getting up and I pulled the sheet away from me and saw him getting dressed, “Are you leaving?â€￾
“Well obviously you want to be aloneâ€￾
“No, no Ryanâ€￾ I said as I sat up at the edge of the bed grabbed onto his arm, “I’m just annoyed as all hell and I’m in a mad mood, I’m sorry, it’s not your fault. I don’t want you to leave, don’t leave, please don’t leaveâ€￾
He looked at me for a second and then took a deep breath, “Alrightâ€￾ he said softly and I wrapped my arms around his waist
“Thank youâ€￾ I said as I kissed his bare stomach in front of me, he fell on top of me and kissed my neck
“I want to stay here with your foreverâ€￾
“OK, but you have to leave by 5 cause I have a showâ€￾
“OKâ€￾ he laughed as he continued kissing me
“You can comeâ€￾
“That’s ok, I have to go to setâ€￾
After spending the whole day in bed my alarm went off telling me it was four o’clock, time to get ready. “OK, Ryan, time for you to leaveâ€￾
“You said 5â€￾
“No, they’re coming at five, so you have to be out by thenâ€￾ I said as stood up and looked in the mirror, “Are you kidding me Ryan, you gave me a hickeyâ€￾ he laughed, “It’s not funny, uh I hate hickeys. I’m not going to be able to cover it upâ€￾ I said as I grabbed my makeup bag, “Why do you do this to me?â€￾
“I had to mark my territoryâ€￾ he laughed
“Yeah, really funny. And what am I supposed to tell everyone when they ask me about it?â€￾
“You just tell them that you ran into this really hot guy last nightâ€￾
I threw something at him and he laughed, yeah it’s all fun and games but I hate hickeys and how am I supposed to do a fashion show with a hickey on my neck? “Bye Ryanâ€￾
“I’m not going anywhereâ€￾
“Yes you are, you have to goâ€￾ I said as I tried to pull him but he wasn’t moving, “Ryan come onâ€￾ he shook his head, “What do I have to do to get you to leave?â€￾
“Oh, you know what you have to do get me to leaveâ€￾ he smiled slyly
“I’m not doing anything of the sortâ€￾ I laughed, “Ryan, seriously you have to leaveâ€￾ I whined, “If you don’t leave I’m calling security on your assâ€￾
“Yeah I’m sure you willâ€￾ he said as he finally stood up and got dressed, “You could give me a kiss before I leaveâ€￾ I laughed and gave him a kiss and he wrapped his arms around me, “And thank me for a magical night and morning and afternoonâ€￾
I laughed, “Thank you Ryanâ€￾
“And now you tell me that you’re going to call me even though you’re notâ€￾
“I’ll call youâ€￾
“Yup, okâ€￾ he said sarcastically
“I will, I promise. Bye Ryanâ€￾
“You’re not even going to walk me to the door? I see how it isâ€￾
“Alright, let’s go quicklyâ€￾ I said as I walked him to the door, “Bye Ryanâ€￾ I kissed him gently and then opened the door to see Gabe standing with his hand ready to hit the doorbell… sh** we’ve been caught.</span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Mon Nov 28, 2005 8:48 am

Oh dude, Gabe is gonna have something to say about this.

That lunch with Lynn sucked for Kat. Lynn's going to really push for them to get back together. :no: It's a nice gesture, but it's between Kat and Justin. Mom's need not apply.

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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Wed Nov 30, 2005 2:18 pm

<span style='color:blue'>thanks for reading, don't forget the feedback :)

Gabe looked at Ryan and Ryan looked at Gabe and I just looked between the two of them, wishing Ryan would just run away quick and maybe Gabe didn’t see him “This is Gabe, my publicist, and Gabe this is Ryanâ€￾
“What’s up man?â€￾ Ryan asked as he shook his hand, “I gotta go. Later Kat, nice meeting you Gabeâ€￾
“Byeâ€￾ I said as I walked back into the apartment and Gabe said nothing, but he did follow me. I looked over at him and he gave me a weird look, “He’s just… a friend,â€￾ Gabe nodded his head, “Do you think you could possibly, not tell anyone? You know keep this between you and me?â€￾
“Yeah, of courseâ€￾ he laughed, “But a little piece of advice, if you’re going to say that someone’s just a friend, you should cover up the hickeys that friend gave youâ€￾
I laughed as I went back into my bedroom and he followed me, “I’m trying but nothing’s workingâ€￾ I laughed at Gabe as he sat down on the bed and then quickly stood up and moved over to the chair, “You’re here earlyâ€￾
“You told me to come earlyâ€￾
“I did? Oh my God, yeah because you’re getting married… right?â€￾
“Yesâ€￾ he laughed, “She did say yesâ€￾
“And she loved the ring and the flowers right?â€￾
“Yes, she said if I brought her grocery store flowers then she would have said noâ€￾
“Shut up she did notâ€￾ I laughed, “When do I get to meet her?â€￾
“You really want to?â€￾
“Of courseâ€￾
“Alright, we’ll go to dinner sometimeâ€￾
“Ok, pencil yourself inâ€￾ I laughed, “Did you have a good break then?â€￾
“Yes, I sure did. But now back to workâ€￾
“Yes, back to workâ€￾ I said as Kristen walked in
“Are you almost ready?â€￾
“Are you feeling better? What the hell is that on your neck?â€￾ she asked as she moved to get a better look, “Is that a hickey?â€￾
“Noâ€￾ I said as I moved away from her
“It looks like a hickeyâ€￾
“It’s not a hickey, I just saw you like three hours ago, who would I get a hickey from?â€￾
“Then what happened?â€￾
“I burnt myself with a curling ironâ€￾
“You’re hair is straightâ€￾
“Well yeah because I burnt myself so I stoppedâ€￾
“Okâ€￾ she said as she sat down, she doesn’t believe me but whatever, there’s nothing else I can do
“Well can you help me get rid of it?â€￾

A few days later there were pictures in every magazine of us. But it was worse than ever because they’re from outside looking inside. Like there are pictures of Ryan and I kissing and… practically undressing each other. We are in my apartment. That’s creepy, I feel like they’re watching my every move. And I don’t want a peeping tom and everyone in the world watching me doing whatever I am doing.
“Did you see the pictures from that magazine?â€￾ I asked through the phone
“Yeah, that’s an impressive cameraâ€￾ Ryan said as I closed the curtains in my apartment
“Tell me about it, it looks like they’re right outside the window and I’m on the 57th floorâ€￾
“I smell another law suitâ€￾
“I know, I’m so sick of them thoughâ€￾
“Let’s just sue for that camera. That’s all I wantâ€￾
“Sounds goodâ€￾ I laughed “I gotta go Kristen’s hereâ€￾
“Tell her I said hiâ€￾ he laughed, “Laterâ€￾
“Hello Kristenâ€￾ I smiled as she sat down next to me, “How are you?â€￾
“Wonderful, how are you?â€￾
“Good. I see you closed your curtains. Good callâ€￾
“Yeahâ€￾ I laughed, “A little late I guess… I take it you’ve seen the magazinesâ€￾ she nodded, “I’m sorry you had to find out that way. Are you mad at me?â€￾
“No, I don’t care, I’m not even getting involved. You’re a big girlâ€￾
“Thank youâ€￾ I smiled, “What’s with that big folder you got there?â€￾
“Some law suit stuffâ€￾
“Which one?â€￾ I asked seriously and then laughed
“Who knows?â€￾ she laughed as she threw the folder on the coffee table and sat down on the couch, “Come, sit, let’s talkâ€￾
“About what?â€￾
“Girl, let’s talk about boysâ€￾ oh here we go, “Don’t give me that lookâ€￾
“I just thought you said you didn’t want to get involvedâ€￾
“I don’tâ€￾ she smiled, “I just want to talk to my best budâ€￾
“ I just want to know, like in all honestly what the hell is it about Ryan? I just don’t… I mean it’s not that I don’t get it because I see how you’re like in a different world when you’re with him or whatever. Does he have like the golden dick or something?â€￾
“Kristenâ€￾ my mouth dropped
She laughed, “Seriously what is it?â€￾
“I don’t knowâ€￾ I said seriously, “We just have a bond or something I guess, I can’t explainâ€￾
“Right wellâ€￾ she laughed as she stood up, “You do realize he’s the same person?â€￾
“Yes I do Kristen. We’re just talking we’re not like together or anything. But seriously a lot people do it, there are many people that have made it throughâ€￾
“I don’t know. Heather Locklier and her husband, Steven Tyler and his wife, don’t tell me they never cheated…â€￾
“Steven Tyler and his wife are getting a divorce, it’s on the page right after your story. And another example of people who have made it work… Pamela Anderson and Tommy Leeâ€￾
“Ryan is nowhere near as bad as Tommy Lee Kristen, don’t even compare the twoâ€￾
“I didn’t have to, there’s a whole article comparing you two with themâ€￾ she said as she dropped a magazine on my lap. I don’t want to be compared to them. She looked at me, took a deep breath and smiled, “I’ll see you tomorrow, sign those papers… read it firstâ€￾
“Byeâ€￾ I said as she left. Why the hell are they comparing us to them? I am not like that, we’re not like that. I took a deep breath as I made myself some tea and sat down at my computer. I need to write a letter for my brother’s center thing for the kids, it’s going to start soon. We’re almost done and I’m excited but not as much as him. It’s going to be so cool. Anyway I need to write a letter to give to different ‘celebrities’ and people with a lot of money to get some donations. the phone rang and I picked it up before I even looked at who was calling, “Hello?â€￾
“Hey Kat… it’s Justinâ€￾ sh**, see if I looked at the caller ID I would not have had this problem
“Oh hey, how are you?â€￾
“Good how are you?â€￾
“Goodâ€￾ I paused, “Look Justin, I’m really busyâ€￾
“It’s ok, it won’t take longâ€￾ great, “Or I could call you back later if you wantâ€￾
“No, it’s okâ€￾ because he will call me back, “What’s up?â€￾
“Are you back with Ryan?â€￾ I knew it. Mind you this is the first time I’ve even heard his voice since that time on the phone when we broke up
“I don’t think that’s any of your businessâ€￾
“I’ll take that as a yesâ€￾
“Well you should take it as a ‘it’s none of your businessâ€￾
“I just don’t understand why you would go back to him all the timeâ€￾
“Lucky you, you don’t need toâ€￾
“Kat, I’m serious. Why do you go back to him over and over again. You know what he’s like. Just because we’re not together anymore doesn’t mean I don’t still care about you and I don’t want to see you get hurt. And he will hurt you. He has in the past countless times and you know as much as I know that he will do it again. Don’t you think it’s a little weird that every time we have time we have problems you run back to him?â€￾
“Or every time we have problems I run to youâ€￾
“That was lowâ€￾ he paused, “That hurtâ€￾
“Oh does it? Why don’t you call up your mother and have her come talk to me about how it makes you feelâ€￾
“What are you talking about?â€￾
“Don’t play dumbâ€￾
“I’m not, what are you talking about?â€￾
“Where is your mother right now?â€￾
“New York… sh** she didn’tâ€￾
“Yeah, she didâ€￾
“I had no idea she was going to… sh**â€￾ he paused and I rolled my eyes, his acting skills really need some work before he starts that movie. He has to know
“Right, wellâ€￾ I took a deep breath, I have to just let everything he says go in one ear and out the other, “Are you done?â€￾
“No Kat, I’m not doneâ€￾ he yelled, “I just don’t get you. You say you’re no actress but you are, you’re like the best actress. You act like you’re so tough and you’re so hard and you don’t need anyone because you’ve been through so much sh** but you’re not. It’s all bullsh** because you can’t spend like a month without a guy so you run back to Ryan because you know he’s easy and he’ll take you back in a heartbeat. When the truth is you could have any man in the world yet you go back to Ryan because it’s easyâ€￾
“That’s such bullsh**. How dare you even say that. You’re the one who tells me you love me after being together for like a week and I don’t return the feeling right away and then a week later you have a girlfriend. And then now we break up and then like two weeks later you have a new girlfriendâ€￾
“Oh so that’s what this is all aboutâ€￾
“No Justin, I don’t careâ€￾
“She’s not my girlfriend. We hung out maybe twiceâ€￾
“I don’t care that’s not the point you don’t have to explain yourselfâ€￾
“Then what the hell is the point?â€￾
“I don’t know Justin, you called meâ€￾
“I’m just saying he’s not good enough for youâ€￾
“Then who is Justin? Because I mean obviously you’re too good for meâ€￾
“What? Why would you ever even say that?â€￾
“I have to go I’m busyâ€￾ I said and quickly hung up the phone before the crying was too obvious.</span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Wed Nov 30, 2005 6:06 pm

Golden dick :rofl: :rofl: That's awesome. I'm going to have to remember to use that expresssion one day. :rofl:

Justin is kinda right. Not that he should be telling her who to be with, but Ryan hasn't been too great to her in the past. But he's still a jerk for calling up and trying to tell her what to do. Let the girl make her own mistakes.

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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Thu Dec 01, 2005 11:32 pm

<span style='color:blue'>Thanks I'm glad you appreciate it :lol: Anyway... here's some more, thanks for reading.

“Seriously they’ve gone too far this time’’
“I agreeâ€￾
“Johnny there are pictures from outside, of me in my house. They can watch my every move. That’s creepyâ€￾
“I know it is Kat, I don’t know what to tell you. We’re doing the best we can. Just keep the curtains closed and be careful what you doâ€￾
“Thanks Johnnyâ€￾ I said sarcastically as I hung up the phone. I love him to death but I hate that he doesn’t have a solution to this. He always has had some idea on how to get through all the sh** I’ve had to but this is the first time he hasn’t and I hate that. There are pictures of Ryan and I in every magazine across the world kissing at my window and undressing each other. That’s disgusting. People are sick. It’s going too far. I took a deep breath as I fell onto the couch next to Ryan.
He put his arm around me and pulled me so I was laying with my head in his lap, “Don’t worry about it, it’s going to get settledâ€￾
“I just don’t like the fact that they’re like watching me nowâ€￾
“They are notâ€￾ he said as he looked over at the curtains covering the window
“Let’s run awayâ€￾
“Alright, where do you want to go?â€￾
“Um… Miamiâ€￾
“Alright cool,â€￾ he said as he stood up, “Get packedâ€￾
“Wait, where are you going?â€￾
“Home to get packedâ€￾
“Wait, you’re serious?â€￾
“Yeah, what the f***?â€￾ he asked as he wrapped his arms around me, “We need a vacation, get readyâ€￾
“Aren’t you supposed to be recording an album?â€￾
“f*** it, they can do sh** without meâ€￾
“Alright then, let’s goâ€￾
“How long do you need to pack?â€￾
“Ten minutesâ€￾
“I’ll get ready really quickâ€￾ I laughed
“I’m going home to get packed, when I get back we’re leaving, if you’re ready or notâ€￾
“Want me to call Kristen and have her get the tickets or something?â€￾
“I got it coveredâ€￾ he said as he kissed my forehead, “An hour Kat, I’m not f***ing kiddingâ€￾
“I’ll be ready, don’t worry about itâ€￾

Five hours later we were in a limo on the way to the hotel, “Now this is what I’m f***ing talking aboutâ€￾ Ryan said as he looked out the window
“it’s really beautiful here. What are we going to do first? Swimming with the dolphins?â€￾
“I’m going to sleepâ€￾
“Shut up you are notâ€￾
“I’m tiredâ€￾
“I don’t care you’re not going to bedâ€￾
“You can come with meâ€￾
“Oh yeah?â€￾ I laughed, he doesn’t even try to be subtle, “Can we at least get dinner first?â€￾
“Yeah, some nice room serviceâ€￾
“No, I want to go somewhere, when’s the last time we’ve been somewhere?â€￾
“We’re in f***ing Miami Kat, what else do you want from me?â€￾
“Dinnerâ€￾ I laughed as we pulled up to the hotel, “Oh Ry, it’s beautifulâ€￾
“Yeah, the architecture and landscaping definitely put it over the edge and made my decision very easyâ€￾
I laughed as he helped me out of the limo, “I’m glad you put so much thought into itâ€￾
“Anything for you my loveâ€￾ he smiled as we walked into the lobby
“Yo, Ryan, you rock man, you f***ing rockâ€￾ some kid screamed as we walked in
“Right on, thanks manâ€￾ Ryan said as we continued walking
“Yo, f*** me. Kat Sharpe, are you f***ing kidding me?â€￾ he asked and I smiled as he grabbed onto my hand, “You are even more beautiful in person then in my dreamsâ€￾
I laughed as he kissed my hand, “Aww, thank you darlingâ€￾
“Marry meâ€￾ he got down on one knee and I looked over at Ryan for some help but he was too busy laughing his ass off, “I’ll make all your dreams come true, I’ll take care of you, treat you like a queenâ€￾
“Aww, that’s so sweetâ€￾ I smiled and Ryan finally came over
“Alright that’s good manâ€￾ Ryan said as he grabbed onto my hand
“It was nice meeting you, thank youâ€￾ I smiled as we walked to the room
“That was strangeâ€￾ Ryan said as he wrapped his arms around me in the elevator
“I guessâ€￾ I shrugged
“No? You get proposed to every day?â€￾
“Pretty muchâ€￾ the look on his face was priceless, “I’m kidding, it was very weirdâ€￾ I smiled as we made our way to the room, “Oh my God Ry, it’s so prettyâ€￾ I walked right into the huge suite and walked right to the windows and closed the curtains
“Good moveâ€￾ he laughed as he jumped onto the bed
“Oh, look how romantic. There’s strawberries and chocolate and champagneâ€￾ I said as I ate a strawberry seductively
“Don’t eat it like thatâ€￾
“I’m hungryâ€￾
“Well if you keep eating those strawberries like that I can promise you we will not make it to dinnerâ€￾
“Oh really?â€￾ I laughed as I fell onto the bed, “You really think you have that much control in this relationship?â€￾
“Nahâ€￾ he laughed
“Goodâ€￾ I said as I rolled on top of him, “I thought you were a little light headed from the flight or somethingâ€￾ I kissed him until we were interrupted but a ringing, “What the hell is that?â€￾
“My phoneâ€￾ he said as he kissed my neck
“Aren’t you going to answer it?â€￾
“No, I’m on vacationâ€￾
“Well aren’t you going to turn it off then?â€￾
he laughed after removing his lips from my neck, “Go get readyâ€￾
“Dinner. We have a reservation in an hour and I know how long it takes you to get readyâ€￾
“Awwâ€￾ that’s so cute, I didn’t know he went all out on this thing, I thought we’re were just going to get away and chill at the hotel and at the beach, “I didn’t know Taco Bell took reservationsâ€￾
he looked at me and laughed, “I know it’s amazing huh? Miami ROCKS!â€￾
“So I should dress up then?â€￾
“Well you could wear a dress Katâ€￾ he paused as I took my shirt off, “Taco Bell has a strict dress codeâ€￾
“I bet it does,â€￾ I laughed as I pulled my pants off and lifted my suitcase to the bed, “Are you going to wash your hair? I brought the good shampooâ€￾
“Oh my God, no way, I totally willâ€￾ he said sarcastically like a valley girl- he jokes but he totally loves that shampoo, and he should, it cost 75 bucks a bottle, I don’t pay for it don’t worry.</span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Fri Dec 02, 2005 8:46 am

:lol: :lol: :lol: Talk about spur of the moment plans. Now that, I could get used to. I really liked that they actually went through with it ... just pick and leave. I hope they enjoy Miami.

Taco bell reservations. :rofl: :rofl: Every chapter always has that certain line that cracks me up. :lol:

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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Sun Dec 04, 2005 3:39 pm

<span style='color:blue'>thanks for reading... I'm glad you liked the Taco Bell Reservations :D

We woke up the next morning early to hit the beaches. We had a very romantic dinner and night and didn’t get much sleep but we were planning on just passing out on the beach. There weren’t many people on the beach and we found a quiet spot to set up camp. I put a hat over my face and passed out. I woke up hearing a lot of voices and cameras flashing and said a silent prayer that it was a dream before removing the hat from my head and looking up to see at least ten grown men with cameras pointed at us. “Um, hi?â€￾ I said as I sat up moving Ryan’s arm off my stomach, “Ry, wake upâ€￾
They all answered their hello’s, and started immediately with the questions, are we back together, are we getting married, what happened with Justin, yada yada yada. Maybe if they would take turns talking I could actually understand them enough to reply, but I doubt I would answer their dumbass questions anyway. “What the f***?â€￾ Ryan asked softly as he sat up, what a great thing to wake up to.
“We seriously can’t even go to the beach in Miamiâ€￾ One of the murmured something about a picture of us going for twenty thousand or something and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. I don’t understand how they even knew it was us. I had a baseball cap covering my entire face and Ryan was lying on his stomach with his face buried in a towel.
“Alright dude, you got your f***ing pictures leave us aloneâ€￾
They yelled that they wanted us to kiss because that would sell more if we were actually kissing. But instead we stood up and walked to the water. We learned a long time ago that you could either let them get to you or go about your business. Although it’s much easier to get mad and cuss them out that’s what they want. They’ll stay around longer and be more annoying. If you just try to ignore them and go about doing whatever it is you’re doing then they won’t bother you as much. The pictures of you looking angry sell more because they can make up stories. So instead we went swimming. “I feel like we’re doing a photo shootâ€￾
“It’s so f***ing annoyingâ€￾
“Just don’t let it get to youâ€￾
“Too late, how’d they even find us?â€￾
“Good question,â€￾ we tried not to let them get to us but it’s really hard. There was like an audience of people watching us swimming, all the paparazzi people and then a lot of normal people were looking now, “You want to go?â€￾
“Yeah, let’s goâ€￾ he said as we walked out and grabbed the towels and walked back to the hotel, with a bunch of people following us. “Yet another vacation ruined,â€￾ he said as he shut the door to our room.
“It doesn’t have to be,â€￾ I said as I shut the curtains, because apparently the maids came in and opened them up for us. I’m honestly just so paranoid after all this, I feel like there are hidden cameras in here watching my every mood. I quickly pulled a shirt and sweatpants out of my bag and covered myself so I wasn’t just wearing the bikini. “They’re outside taking pictures of the windowâ€￾
“Do you want to leave?â€￾ Ryan asked as he pulled a t-shirt over his head
“Not really, I don’t knowâ€￾ I sat down on the bed and heard a nock on the door.
Ryan went to look out the peephole, “Are you kidding me they’re at our f***ing doorâ€￾
“Let’s just go, I’ll call Kristen and have her get ticketsâ€￾
“No waitâ€￾ he grabbed my wrist so I couldn’t call and picked up the phone, I left the room and started to pack up my stuff, it was fun while it lasted but we were obviously stupid to think we could go away for more than a day without getting attacked. I quickly put my things in my suitcase; I really just want to go home. It really sucks that we’re like these animals that can’t do anything without being mobbed. We’re really not that cool, people need to realize that. I went through my bags to find my ring and it wasn’t there. I never take that ring off unless I’m going in the water and I always put it in the little jewelry bag and it wasn’t there. It’s my mother’s wedding ring, I’ve worn it since I was twelve years old and whenever I go swimming I take it off and put it in the jewelry bag, and I’ve been doing that since I was 12, that means for 12 years I’ve been doing that, half my life. And it’s not there. I went through my bags, throwing everything on the ground, it has to be here somewhere. I went back into the other room where Ryan was busy yelling on the phone to someone. I was searching for my ring when Ryan hung up the phone, “What?â€￾
“My ringâ€￾ I said as I continued looking for it, not even looking at him, “I took it off and I put it in my jewelry bag and it’s not there. I always put it there, I didn’t put it anywhere elseâ€￾ I started shaking and crying, I need that ring; it’s all I have left of her.
“Alright, calm down, we’ll find it. Where did you take it off?â€￾
“No Ryan someone took it. It was here. Since I was 12 years old I take it off and put it in the jewelry bag. And it’s not there, I need it Ryan, it’s my mother’s wedding ring, I need itâ€￾
“We’ll find it,â€￾ he said as he grabbed onto me and gave me a hug and I broke down in his arms. I need that ring, it’s all I have left of her, I can’t lose it. “What else did they take? Anything elseâ€￾ I shrugged, unable to even think. I don’t care if they took anything else I need that ring. Ryan went looking through his things and I continued searching for the ring, even though I couldn’t even see anything with all the tears falling from my eyes. “My wallet’s not here, give me a f***ing break, is your purse here?â€￾ I shook my head as I wiped my eyes; I need to pull myself together so we can handle this.
A few minutes later we had the manger of the hotel in our room, apologizing for the inconvenience, give me a break. “Dude, you need to find who was in this room so we can get our sh** back. There have been people knocking on the door for the past hour and a half; they’re taking pictures of our f***ing window. They took her ring and our wallets, you can’t just apologize for this you need to fix itâ€￾
“I don’t know what you want me to do sirâ€￾
“I want you to get my f***ing stuff back. Who was in this room while we were gone? Where’s the maid?â€￾
“We’re getting her up here now. I’m sure it’s just a misunderstandingâ€￾
“Yeah, I’m sure she just took my wallet to get cleanedâ€￾ he said sarcastically
“I can assure you that we’re taking care of this situation as best we can, the people outside will be shown out as soon as possible, they will not be a problem any longerâ€￾
“Yeah, your damn right they won’t because we’re not staying here anymore. As soon as we get our sh** we’re leavingâ€￾
“That’s not necessary sir, we’ll get it straightened outâ€￾
“I’m going to call the policeâ€￾ I said, since this guy is planning on doing whatever he has to do to make himself and the hotel look good and us look bad.
The maid came in as soon as I hung up and Ryan stood up, “Where’s our sh**?â€￾ she told us she didn’t know what we were talking about, then the manager told us that she’s been working there for 20 years and she’s never done anything blah blah blah, I don’t care I want my damn ring back, “Who’s that?â€￾ Ryan asked a young kid, no more than 15 years old.
“That’s my sonâ€￾
“Well maybe your son took our sh** thenâ€￾ Ryan began and the kid just stood there looking like he was tough, all thugged out and sh**.
“I didn’t take your sh**,â€￾ he said
“Oh that’s great, then who did? You were in the damn room, who else was in here? What is it bring your son to work day? Did he have all his f***ing friends here too?â€￾
“I didn’t take your sh**,â€￾ the boy repeated
“You little f*** I know you have it. I’m not scared of you, give me my sh**â€￾ Ryan yelled at the kid and then the cops came in and I felt relieved, they have to find my ring
“What’s going on?â€￾ one of the cops asked and everyone talked at the same time, “Alright, one at a time, youâ€￾ he pointed to me. Why did he have to pick me, I’ve been crying this whole time
“Ok, we came here yesterday. Everything was fine; we woke up this morning and went to the beach. We fell asleep at the beach and woke up to ten grown men taking pictures of usâ€￾
“Don’t you think they were paparazzi?â€￾ the cop answered smartly, I love how they think that’s ok
“Yes, they were, does that make a difference?â€￾ I paused, “So anyway we come back because they’re following us everywhere we’re goingâ€￾
“That has nothing to do with usâ€￾ the manager started, “There’s nothing we can do…â€￾
“I’m not saying that, let me finishâ€￾
“Keep goingâ€￾ the cop said with his arms crossed
“I’m trying. So we come to our room and I go to put my ring on and it’s not there. So we look around and Ryan noticed his wallet was missing too, and so was my purseâ€￾
“And that little f*** over there took itâ€￾ Ryan said from the couch
“Alright, calm down sirâ€￾ the cop said as he held his hand up, “What makes you think he stole your stuff?â€￾
“He’s the maid’s son, the only one that was in the damn room, it has to be one of themâ€￾
“They’re just hatin’ cause they can’t find their Louis Vuitton bags and sh**. They’re blaming us just because we ain’t got as much money as them doesn’t mean we gonna steal their sh**â€￾ the boy spoke for once and I took a deep breath before I personally slapped the sh** out of him
“Don’t ever say that, you have no idea. I grew up in Harlem and we had 100 percent less money than you have I’m sure of that. I do charity work; I’m building a f***ing center for kids like you to go to. I want to believe that you didn’t take our sh**, I really do. But right now, you’re the only logical person. So prove us wrong and empty out your pockets and show us that you don’t have our stuffâ€￾
“I don’t have your sh**â€￾
“Then empty out your pocketsâ€￾
“Alright, let me talk to you over hereâ€￾ the cop said to me and I walked over with him while the other one talked to the kid, “I’m Officer Mike Kellyâ€￾
“Kat Sharpeâ€￾ I shook his outstretched hand
“Nice to meet you, here’s the thing. We can’t make him empty out his pockets, if you want to press charges…â€￾
“I don’t want to I just want my stuff backâ€￾
“Alright, we’ll get your stuff back Ms. Sharpe don’t worryâ€￾ he said as he walked back, “Alright son, Ms. Sharpe here decided that she will not press charges if you give her stuff backâ€￾
“I don’t have her sh**â€￾
“Alright, then we have to take you down to the station for some questioning. And if we find out that you do have it after that she will press charges and you’ll be faced with anywhere from a 200 to 10000 dollar fine as well as 65 hours of community serviceâ€￾</span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Mon Dec 05, 2005 9:13 am

:unsure: OMG! What a bad end to this little getaway. The saddest part is the loss of her ring. I really hope that this situation gets resolved. It definitely means a lot to her and she needs that back. :pray:

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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Wed Dec 07, 2005 1:27 pm

<span style='color:blue'>Thanks for reading!


I sat cross-legged in a chair getting my hair done for a Victoria’s Secret photo shoot for the new catalog. “So how was your vacation?â€￾ Dave the hair stylist asked with a smug smile on his face
“You’re really funny,â€￾ I said sarcastically
“You didn’t have fun Kat?â€￾ he asked and laughed at the look I gave him, “What happened?â€￾
“Seriously?â€￾ he nodded his head, “Alright we went to the beach, fell asleep, woke up to ten men taking our pictures, we went swimming, and I felt like I was doing a photo shoot. Then we went back to the hotel, being followed by at least 20 people to find someone stole my purse, Ryan’s wallet and my ringâ€￾
“Your ring?â€￾
“It’s my mother’s wedding ring,â€￾ I said as I held my finger up
“Why did you take it off?â€￾
“It’s too big, it’ll fall off if I wear it in the oceanâ€￾
“You know you can get those things fixed,â€￾ he laughed
“No, I don’t want to, it’s her ring, I don’t want to change itâ€￾
“Alright, go onâ€￾
“So then we spent the rest of the day in the hotel fighting with the a**hole manager and the maid’s son who took themâ€￾
“The maid’s son took them?â€￾
“Yeah, we finally got him to admit it after sitting in the hotel for 2 hours and then the police station for an hour and a half where they almost arrest Ryan because the kid said he hit him. So then we left and got to the airport just in time to see the plane leaving the gate. And guess what, that was the last plane leaving all night. So then we drove 3 hours to get to Orlando without stopping so we wouldn’t miss the last plane leaving in Orlandoâ€￾
“And you missed it?â€￾
“No, oh no. They held the plane for us; we were only 2 minutes late. So we sit on the plane, getting ready to take off, we’re on the runway and then they say we have to go back because they’re having problems with something. So we sit on the plane for 2 hours until they fix the plane and finally get back to New York at 7:30 yesterday morning. So yeah I didn’t have a really fun vacationâ€￾
“Well, I’m very sorry darling, but it’s going to be all fun todayâ€￾ he laughed, “You’re all setâ€￾
“Thank you dearâ€￾ I smiled as a walked over to the wardrobe corner where they undressed me and put a sexy bra and panty set on me. I always feel like I’m a doll or something the way they dress me, it’s still weird to me, you’d think I’d be used to it by now.
“Do you not see your stomach?â€￾ Emma, one of the stylists asked me with a chuckle
“What?â€￾ I asked and she pulled me in front of the mirror, “Oh Godâ€￾ I laughed. I definitely have a big tan line with Ryan’s hand on my stomach, a big white hand and arm across my stomach, wonderful, “I’m so sorryâ€￾ I laughed
“How the hell?â€￾
“We fell asleep on the beach and I guess he had his arm on meâ€￾
“Only you Kat, only youâ€￾ she shook her head and called some make-up artists over and they started painting me with some fake tan stuff.
“I really had no idea, I’m so sorryâ€￾ I laughed
“You’re going to have to take a lot of shots from the back and have something covering your stomachâ€￾
“No stopâ€￾ I said as I held my hand in front of it, “You can totally airbrush it out can’t you?â€￾ now they’re making me feel bad
“You’re so lucky you don’t have to do the catwalk todayâ€￾

After the shoot I went home and Ryan came over. As soon as he came inside I pulled my shirt off, “Whoa, you just get right to business don’t you?â€￾
I shook my head and held up my hand, “Do you notice anything different about my stomach?â€￾
“You lost weight,â€￾ he said not even looking at my stomach
I rolled my eyes, “Shut up, lookâ€￾
“Shut the f*** upâ€￾ he laughed, “Is that my hand?â€￾ I nodded my head, “That’s f***ing amazingâ€￾
“I’m glad you like itâ€￾
“Well if you won’t get a damn tattoo with my name on it, this is the next best thingâ€￾
I laughed, “You’re such a nerd. I’m going to slap you really hard so I can get my hand print on your stomachâ€￾
“Do itâ€￾ he laughed as I put my shirt back on, “Leave your shirt off, there’s no reason to put it back on, it’s just going to be coming off in a couple minutes anywayâ€￾
“You really think so? Because I really doubt itâ€￾ I smiled as I pulled my shirt over my head, “What do you want to do?â€￾ he raised his eyebrows, “Besides thatâ€￾ I rolled my eyes, “I fear our relationship is all about sexâ€￾
“It is notâ€￾
“It really isâ€￾ I nodded my head, “That’s all we doâ€￾
“So, there’s nothing wrong with thatâ€￾ I gave him a look and he laughed, “That’s not all we do. It’s a good thing that we’re attracted to each otherâ€￾
“I bet we couldn’t go a week without sexâ€￾
“Why the hell would we want to?â€￾
“I’m seriousâ€￾
“Me too. We could if we wanted to but we don’t. There’s a big difference between what we can do and what we will doâ€￾ I took a deep breath and plopped on the couch, “What, so now you’re not going to have sex with me because you think that’s all we do?â€￾
“No, I just want to do something else first. You have to at least buy me dinner first Ry, I’m not freeâ€￾
“I have to tell you something and you’re going to hate meâ€￾
“I already hate youâ€￾
“I’m seriousâ€￾ he looked at me like he was indeed very serious
“What did you do?â€￾
“Nothingâ€￾ he took a deep breath and put his arm around me but I moved away, “I have to go on a short tourâ€￾
“How short?â€￾
“Two weeks?â€￾
“That’s not short. You don’t even have an album out, why are you touring?â€￾
“We’re trying out some of the new stuffâ€￾ he paused, “You can comeâ€￾
“No I can’t. When are you leaving?â€￾
“Tonightâ€￾ he said and I slapped his leg
“Why do you tell me now?â€￾
“I just found outâ€￾
“Have funâ€￾
“Don’t be like that, I don’t want to goâ€￾
“I know, I knowâ€￾ I said softly, “Just behave alright?â€￾
“I willâ€￾
“I’m serious. Don’t do anything stupid. When those tramps come up to you just remember I’m here waiting for youâ€￾</span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Wed Dec 07, 2005 7:58 pm

:rofl: :rofl: What a tanline!! That is kinda awesome. Not when you have to do a shoot, but just for the pure hilarity of it all. :lol:

I swear, Ryan better keep his ass in line on this tour. I know he's going to be tempted. I hope he rises above and does the right thing. I'm starting to like him again and I want him to be a good guy. :pray:

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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Thu Dec 08, 2005 7:13 pm

<span style='color:blue'>thanks for reading :) here's some more

The whole two weeks Ryan was away I felt like I was going crazy. I wanted to go crazy. I can’t live this way. He came over the night he came back straight from the tour and I know that only because of his smell. That’s the difference between the different types of music. Justin stays at these huge hotels with awesome rooms and showers while Ryan stays in the bus and showers like once a week if he’s lucky… no if I’m lucky. When I went to open the door he wrapped his arms around me before I could even say anything, “I missed you, gorgeousâ€￾
“I missed you too…but you smell really badâ€￾ I laughed
“Thanks Katâ€￾ he laughed, “I’ll take a shower?â€￾
“Yes pleaseâ€￾
He held onto my chin and kissed me gently, “You can come if you want?â€￾
“No thanksâ€￾ I shook my head, “I just got my hair doneâ€￾
“It looks niceâ€￾
I laughed because he obviously doesn’t know the difference of my hair, “Go take a showerâ€￾
“It’s in thereâ€￾ I said as he left and I sat down on the couch before taking a deep breath. I don’t know how I’m going to do this. I feel so bad, like I’m really toying with his emotions.
He came out and fell onto the couch next to me, “Can we talk for a minute?â€￾
“Uh-ohâ€￾ he said as he sat up
“No, no don’t. it’s not badâ€￾
“I will be the judge of that one Kathleenâ€￾ I took a deep breath and started to play with my necklace, “Just spit it out, I can take itâ€￾
I took another deep breath, “You know I love youâ€￾
“Oh sh**â€￾ he said as he stood up, “You know it can’t be good if you start it like thatâ€￾
“No Ryan, come onâ€￾ I said and he sat down and I took another deep breath, “It’s just like… when you’re away… I can’t sleep at night because I don’t know what’s going with youâ€￾
“Oh f*** Katâ€￾ he started pacing around the room, “I know I f***ed up, I know you can’t trust me and I don’t expect you to. All I’m asking for is a chance. That was a long time ago, I was stupid. I didn’t realize how much I f***ed up until I lost you again. Just give me a damn chanceâ€￾
“Ryan I have given you so many chances thoughâ€￾
“I know. But I don’t do anything anymore. I went home every damn night last week by myself right after the show. I don’t drink that much, I don’t go outâ€￾
“I knowâ€￾
“Then why can’t you trust me? Why can’t anyone f***ing trust me? I’m in every f***ing magazine that I’m sleeping with this person and I’m cheating on this person. My f***ing mother doesn’t trust me when I tell her I’m not. I went to the grocery store the other day and there’s this f***ing 90 year old telling her 95 year old husband that ‘I’m that oneâ€￾
I dropped my head into my hands, “You don’t even let me talk Ryan, I’m not saying…â€￾
“I didn’t f*** with anyone while I was there. There were five feet between me and every f***ing female I saw those whole two weeks. I could have gotten them if I wanted to but I didn’t because I want you Kat.â€￾
I took a deep breath, “I know. I know you didn’t hook up with anyone I know that. Like deep down I know that but there’s a part of me that just doesn’t know. It’s hard for me to trust you again after how many times I’ve trusted you before. And I’m not saying I shouldn’t trust you because I want to trust you so bad. But I’m just not ready to trust you like that right now. I just want to take it slow and just be friends first. We’ve never been just friendsâ€￾
“Friends? Alright we’ll be friendsâ€￾ he said as he started walking to the door, “I guess I’ll see you in a couple months at some award show or something where our paths will cross and you’ll walk by and pretend you don’t see meâ€￾
“Why are you making this so hard?â€￾ I screamed, “You’re acting like such an a**hole about this. I’m telling you the truth and you know how hard it is for me to do that. I love you so much Ryan and I want you in my life but I can’t be your girlfriend now. I want to be your friend. And I don’t know why that’s so hard for you to fathom. I want to hang out with you. I want to spend my Friday nights curled up on the couch watching a movie with you. I want to make out with you, I want to fool around with you. But I want to meet other people, I want you to meet other peopleâ€￾ he turned around and walked back in the room
“So basically you’re saying…?â€￾
“I don’t know what I’m saying. I want to be with you but I don’t want it to be serious. I don’t want to be labeled as your girlfriendâ€￾
“So you’re saying you want to hook up with other people?â€￾
“Noâ€￾ I shook my head, “I’m saying I want to be with you but I don’t think it’s going to last forever, so I don’t want you to think more of it than it is. So I think we should just do the whole casual relationship. But there’s definitely rulesâ€￾
“I’m listeningâ€￾
I laughed a little as he sat down, “We’re only doing this until either of us find someone. If you’re dating someone then it’s over, same with meâ€￾
“And I’m not into the whole sleeping with me one night and another girl the next. It’s gross and I don’t want that. As soon as you start with someone else then we’re done, and the same with meâ€￾
“You pinky swear?â€￾
“I pinky swearâ€￾
“Seal it with a kissâ€￾ I said and he gently kissed me, “Alright, we’re cool?â€￾ he nodded his head, “Let’s go do your laundryâ€￾</span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Fri Dec 16, 2005 9:46 am

Hmmm, interesting idea, I suppose. I don't know how this casual relationship is going to work, but I'm willing to watch it all unfold. :lol: I think it's way too hard not to attach feelings, but it works for some people, so who am I to judge.

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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Fri Dec 16, 2005 3:49 pm

<span style='color:blue'>Thanks for reading, here's some more B)


So I don’t exactly know what’s going on with Ryan and I at this point in time. We are friends… but of course it’s friends with benefits. I know everyone thinks it’s so stupid but it’s good for us. I’m not getting emotional with it, its just friends with benefits. Ryan’s leaving for pretty much the whole summer for his tour. It’s actually a good thing, it will give us both some time to meet new people and just be on our own for a little. Meanwhile I, of course, had the pleasure of getting ready for those ESPN awards that I know nothing about. I’m taking my brother, obviously and Gabe’s coming too because he thinks he has to. I still don’t want to go, I’m going to look like such a loser. I’m presenting something I don’t even know with some baseball player that’s going to make me look like a midget. I was getting my hair and make up done when Joey walked in with White Castle, “Are you like so excited?â€￾ I asked sarcastically
“Almost as excited as you are for these burgersâ€￾ he said as he waved the bag in front of me
I grabbed it from his hands, “Where’s Gabe?â€￾
“Getting his hair doneâ€￾ Joey laughed
“Don’t laugh, you’re nextâ€￾ I smiled, “I don’t wanna go, do I have to go?â€￾
“What if they make fun of me?â€￾
Joey laughed, “WHEN they make fun of you I will laugh right along with themâ€￾
“You’re lucky your birthday is tomorrow because if it wasn’t we’d be sleepingâ€￾ I paused, “Do you want your present now?â€￾
“No, wait till tomorrowâ€￾
“But I want to give it to you nowâ€￾
“Fine whateverâ€￾
“Really?â€￾ I clapped, as I grabbed the envelope from my jacket sitting on the counter, “Here ya go, happy birthdayâ€￾ I got him tickets to see the Yankees against the Red Sox in New York. They’re really good seats and they’re right up in front
“Are you kidding?â€￾ the smile on his face was bigger than I have ever seen my entire life
“Noâ€￾ I smiled, “Apparently there’s like this huge rivalry between them that’s been going on for like a hundred yearsâ€￾ I said as a joke really, I’m not that much of an idiot. Especially after Gabe’s been quizzing me.
“Thanks Kat, that’s awesomeâ€￾

A couple hours later we were on our way to Radio City. I was more nervous than I had ever been in my entire life, I kid you not. I really truly thought I was going to make a fool out of myself. As we walked down the red carpet we stopped at all the cameras for interviews, I must remember to hurt Gabe for making me, I really think he’s enjoying making a fool out of me too much.
“Kat, who’s your choice for MVP?’
I just laughed and looked at my brother, “I… have no ideaâ€￾ I laughed and my brother and Gabe were just standing there laughing hysterically, “Any questions about sports you can direct to either my brother Joey, or my publicist Gabe. Any questions about what I’m wearing or who did my hair I’d be happy to answerâ€￾
We finally made our way through the red carpet of hell and found out seats. I guess Gabe suddenly grew a conscience or something and felt bad for me and decided I didn’t have to stop at every single sports station for an interview. And then it was time to go backstage and get ready for the presenting. I’m presenting with Derek Jeter because apparently he’s a bit of a playboy… so they thought it’d be cute if he presented with the model. I really know nothing about him except he plays short stop for the Yankees and my brother has a man crush on him… oh and he’s definitely on steroids I don’t care what they say. I felt like I had to be super nice to him because if I said anything wrong he could snap my neck like a toothpick.
“Excuse me, Mr. Jeterâ€￾ I reached for him and then pulled my hand back, “Could you possibly take a picture with my brother so he’ll like shut up and leave me alone?â€￾ he nodded, “And Gabe wants one tooâ€￾

The rest of the show went by like it was three years of my life. It was honestly the most boring event I’ve ever been to, but my brother was in heaven so I guess it was worth it. We went to the parties after which pretty much consisted of my brother and Gabe talking to all these sports stars that I’ve never even heard of. I just sat at the bar as they went around making fools out of themselves.
“Heyâ€￾ a guy said as he sat down next to me, he’s very cute and very… built so I take it he plays a sport, “I’m Mattâ€￾
“Hi, I’m Katâ€￾ I said as I shook his hand
“Kat Sharpeâ€￾
I nodded my head, “Matt…â€￾
“Longâ€￾ he laughed
I nodded my head, “ I knew thatâ€￾ not at all
“Okâ€￾ he laughed, “Do you know what sport I play?â€￾
“Of courseâ€￾ I paused, I really have no idea what sport he plays.
“Yeahâ€￾ I paused and looked for my brother for some help, but he was too busy chasing down Kobe Bryant or Tom Brady “Baseballâ€￾ it was just a guess
“Good guessâ€￾ he laughed, “What team?â€￾
Oh God, why is he doing this to me, “The Yankeesâ€￾
“Oh sh**â€￾
“Am I right?â€￾
“No, you’re very wrong. I’m on the Red Soxâ€￾
“That was my second guessâ€￾
“Oh, alrightâ€￾ he laughed
“My brother would kill me if he knew I were talking to someone on the Red Soxâ€￾
“Oh, you’re Yankees fans?â€￾
“Not me, I couldn’t care less. But my brother isâ€￾
“Oh I’m sorryâ€￾
“Why are you sorryâ€￾
“I’m sorry that your brother’s rooting for a team that’s obviously going to loose this yearâ€￾ he smiled
“Oh… ohâ€￾ I laughed, “You’re pretty sure of yourself huh?â€￾
he nodded his head, “Definitelyâ€￾
“Well that’s goodâ€￾ I smiled, “So have you been playing baseball your whole life?’
He nodded his head, “Have you been modeling your whole life?â€￾ I shook my head and made a face. He threw his head back and laughed, “You mean you weren’t a Gerber baby?â€￾
“No, I’m afraid notâ€￾
“That sucksâ€￾
“Why?â€￾ I laughed
“No, I just thought I could get a picture of you with your naked ass when you were two to hang in my roomâ€￾ I laughed a little, although it was a little weird, “You know to put with the poster I already have of you hanging in my roomâ€￾ Ooook… slowly I need to walk away, back away, “That was a joke, sh**. I don’t have a poster of you hanging in my room, that’d be creepyâ€￾ yeah… a little, “sh**, it was a joke, obviously not a funny one. It came out wrong, I didn’t mean it like… sh**â€￾
“It’s okâ€￾ I laughed as I put my hand on his, he was getting so embarrassed. It was cute, to see this big tough baseball player get all embarrassed and nervous
“I just ruined any chance I would have ever had with you didn’t I?â€￾
“No, noâ€￾ I laughed, “Not necessarilyâ€￾
“Not necessarily? Which means that I have to do something to prove to you that I’m not creepy?â€￾
“Like… take me back to your place to prove to me that there is no poster of me in your bedroom?â€￾ he gave me a look and I laughed, “No, that was a joke too, see I can joke around tooâ€￾
“Yeah, you’re really funnyâ€￾ he said sarcastically as he pointed at me, “really funnyâ€￾
“Thank youâ€￾
“So what do I have to do to get back on your good side?â€￾
“Um, well you can start by buying me another drinkâ€￾
“That I can doâ€￾ he said as he waved the bartender down and ordered me another drink
“No more for you?â€￾
“Oh cause you’re like in training?â€￾
“Something like thatâ€￾ he laughed
“Or you’re just trying to get me drunk so you can take advantage of me?â€￾
“I would never do thatâ€￾
“Ok, good because my brother’s here and he wouldn’t let that happenâ€￾
“No, I have a game tomorrowâ€￾
“Against who?â€￾
“Yankees… heard of them?â€￾
“Yeah, I think so. I’m going to watch and look for you. What time is it on?â€￾
“Ok, I’ll watch. Where do you play? Like what position?â€￾
“Short stopâ€￾ he looked at the face I made and laughed, “That’s the one between second base and third baseâ€￾
“It’s confusing, why is it called second base if you’re not on second base?â€￾
“That’s the question that I’ve been trying to figure out my whole lifeâ€￾
“Shut upâ€￾ I laughed, “So can we have like a secret code when you’re up to bat you like touch your nose or something and that will be like our little secret?â€￾
“You want me to go full out What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?â€￾
“Yeahâ€￾ I laughed
“Sure, if you do it your next fashion showâ€￾
“Sureâ€￾ I laughed, “It’s getting late, shouldn’t you go get your rest for the game?â€￾
“Yeah. Can I see you again?â€￾
“Yeah, definitely, let me give you my number. How long are you going to be here for?â€￾
“Three daysâ€￾
“And you have a game every night?â€￾
“Yeah, you should comeâ€￾
“I actually am coming, at the end of the seasonâ€￾
“Cool, but you should come this weekâ€￾
“I’ll get you ticketsâ€￾ he laughed, “You can take your brother, and he can cheer for the Yankees. But the catch is you have to cheer for meâ€￾
“Of courseâ€￾
“And you have to wear a shirt or a hat… for usâ€￾
“Okâ€￾ I laughed even though I don’t have a shirt or a hat
“I’ll call you tomorrow. Which is better for the game, Wednesday or Thursday?â€￾
“Are you seriously going to come or are you just?â€￾
“Noâ€￾ I broke him off, “I want to comeâ€￾
“Alright cool, I’ll talk to you later then?â€￾
“Yeah, definitely, I’m excitedâ€￾
“Good, me too. I’ll see you laterâ€￾ he said as he gave me a hug and kissed my cheek.

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Mon Dec 19, 2005 10:08 am

Oooh, a new man is already in the works. :lol: Joey is going to go apesh** if she hooks up with this guy. This should be amusing!

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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Wed Dec 28, 2005 11:26 pm

<span style='color:blue'>OK... so sorry it's been so long I've been busy with Christmas stuff and whatnot :) I wanted to do a Christmas chapter so bad lol but it didn't fit in so whatever, I'm giving you two new chapters because the first one's short... hope you like it :)

The next day Matt actually called. I thought he would but usually when guys say they’ll call that means they won’t, or they will call at some point but not for a couple weeks.
“Hey Kat, its Mattâ€￾
“Whoa, you really are callingâ€￾
“Of courseâ€￾ he laughed, “So listen, I could get two tickets, right next to the dugout for tomorrow, or I could get you four but it’s the tenth row I thinkâ€￾
“Two is goodâ€￾
“Alright cool. So I’ll send them to you, where should I send them?â€￾ I gave him the address, “Alright, well then, I’ll send them to you. Do you want to get dinner or something after?â€￾
“Yeah, totallyâ€￾
“Alright then, I’ll probably call you tomorrow. So, I’ll see you tomorrow then?â€￾
“Yeah, I’m excitedâ€￾
“Good, me too. Watch tonightâ€￾
“I’m totally ready for itâ€￾ I laughed
“Wonderfulâ€￾ he laughed, “I’ll talk to you later Katâ€￾
“Byeâ€￾ I hung up the phone and fell onto the couch
“Was that Matt Long?â€￾ Joey asked with a not very nice tone in his voice
“Yes, it wasâ€￾
“You are such a traitorâ€￾
“Please Joeyâ€￾
“Dad is rolling over in his grave right now knowing you have a date with a Red Sox playerâ€￾
“Ok, then I guess you don’t want to come to the game with me tomorrow, I guess I’ll ask Gabeâ€￾
“Wait, he’s getting you ticketsâ€￾ I nodded my head, “Where?â€￾
“Front row, right next to the dugoutâ€￾
“I’m not wearing a Red Sox hatâ€￾
I rolled my eyes and laughed, “Oh really?â€￾ I asked sarcastically, I’m not stupid I don’t expect him to wear a stupid Red Sox hat.
A couple hours later the game came on. It’s actually really exciting if you get into it. And it’s also a lot of fun to cheer for the team my brother hates. Kristen came over and Gabe and the wifey, Maggie, she’s so sweet.
“Yeah, he’s really hotâ€￾ Kristen said when Matt was up to bat
“I knowâ€￾ I laughed, “Look at his ass… that’s hotâ€￾
“Too bad he sucksâ€￾ Joey said
“He does notâ€￾ I said, even though I don’t know he could perfectly suck. Matt when up to bat, and hit the ball way out almost a home run but it didn’t make it, he got a double though, “Yeah, he sure sucksâ€￾ I said sarcastically. As he got to second base the cameras were talking about him and he totally touched his nose and laughed, he did the Gilbert Grape thing! I started laughing and no one understood why, “It was like… I told him to touch his nose… never mindâ€￾ I laughed, even though no one else found it funny.
The doorbell rang and I ran to the door to see a man with a box, “Kat Sharpe?â€￾
“Yeahâ€￾ I said as I took the box, “Thank youâ€￾ I said as I sat back down on the floor, “I got presentsâ€￾ I said as I opened the box and took out the two tickets and handed them to Joey. Then there was a little Red Sox shirt, with his number and name on the back of course, and two hats, with a note that said one was for my brother… haha. I took the hats out, put one on my head and one on Joey’s but he ripped that off so quick, “It’s for youâ€￾ I laughed
“Yeah, I won’t even wear that at the weddingâ€￾
“The wedding? Now you want me to marry him? You just said you hated himâ€￾
“I don’t hate him, I hate his team. And no, I don’t want you to marry himâ€￾ he paused, “Why can’t you date like Derek Jeter or something? He’s a good looking guyâ€￾
“And he’s like a total playboy a**hole. And besides you’re the one with the crush on him, I wouldn’t want to make you jealousâ€￾ Joey made a face at me and grabbed the hat off my head and threw it on the ground. “Do you even know anything about this guy?â€￾
“I know that he’s niceâ€￾
Joey laughed, “You know that he’s nice. And he’s hotâ€￾
“Aww I’m so glad that you think he’s hot tooâ€￾
Joey rolled his eyes, “Do you even know what position he plays?â€￾
“Short stopâ€￾
“Which is…?’
“The one between second and thirdâ€￾ I said as I put a potato chip in my mouth
“Goodâ€￾ he laughed, “Do you know how long he’s been playing?â€￾
“No, does that really matter?â€￾
“Yes. It’s his third year; he’s been on the Red Sox all three years. He went to BU and then got drafted to the Soxâ€￾
“You know a lot about him for someone that hates him so muchâ€￾
“I don’t hate him I hate his team, he should be playing for a better teamâ€￾
“Like the Yankees?â€￾
“Yeahâ€￾ he laughed, “He got Rookie of the Year his first year and was up for MVP last year but… A-Rod took that oneâ€￾
“Then why do you say he sucks? Obviously he doesn’tâ€￾
“His team sucksâ€￾
“What would you say if I only let you come to the game if you wear a Red Sox hat?â€￾
“I’d say have fun with Gabeâ€￾

The next day I got up early to get ready. I was so excited to go; I’ve actually really gotten into it. And of course I was excited for my little date after too.
We ended up going early; the seats were amazing I felt like I was actually playing the game. I was so scared I would get hit by a ball though. Joey was like in heaven all decked out in his Yankees clothes. And I, of course, had my new shirt and hat on. We were sitting right next to Matt Damon who I seriously cannot get away from. He’s really nice and he was there with his future wife who is just adorable. The only problem was that I could feel the cameras on me the whole time… I don’t know why people care that I’m at a baseball game. It was so exciting. The game was awesome and Matt even waved at me a little, it was cute.
I heard my phone ring and I quickly picked it up, “Hello?â€￾
“Hey Kat, it’s amazing they keep talking about you on ESPNâ€￾ Kristen laughed
Great, “Why?â€￾
“They say you’re there with Matt Damon, first of allâ€￾ she laughed, “And then they saw that you were wearing Matt’s number… your Matt not Matt Damonâ€￾
“He’s not my Mattâ€￾
“Whatever, you know what I mean. So they think something’s going on between you two and they’re like… we’ll have to see what this turns intoâ€￾
“Oh greatâ€￾ even ESPN cares about me? Why are people so nosey?

After the game I went home and got ready. Oh and they won, by the way, thanks to a homerun by the great Matt Long. Joey was a little pissed but too bad, it was a good game. So it was like eleven thirty by the time Matt got to my apartment. He looked really cute, wearing a blue button down shirt.
“Wow, you look very niceâ€￾ he smiled
“Aww, you think?â€￾ I laughed as I looked down at the black dress I was wearing, “Thank you, you look very nice yourselfâ€￾
“Shall we?â€￾ he asked as I put my arm in his
“Yes, we shallâ€￾ I laughed, “You did very well at the game todayâ€￾
“Oh, thanksâ€￾ he got a little red, “Did you have fun?â€￾
“Yes, I didâ€￾
“And your brother? How’s he doing?â€￾
“Goodâ€￾ I laughed, “He had a lot of fun. He was starting to like you too, and then you had to go and get that homerun and ruin itâ€￾
“Sorryâ€￾ he laughed, “I’ll have to work on that for the next gameâ€￾
“No, don’t do thatâ€￾
As we walked around the streets of New York on the way to the restaurant people were literally staring at us. It was really weird. There were no cameras or anything just normal people staring at us, “This is a little weird,â€￾ Matt laughed
“Yeah, a littleâ€￾
“I’m sorryâ€￾
‘It’s not your faultâ€￾ I laughed
“Red Sox suck!â€￾ a random guy screamed as he walked by.
“Thanks, manâ€￾ Matt said and for some reason I could not stop laughing.
“They really hate you here huh?â€￾ I laughed
“Next time you’ll have to come to my turf. They don’t hate me thereâ€￾

I had so much fun with him. He’s really a cool guy and he’s not like a dumb jock or stuck up or anything. He’s really down to earth and normal and funny. He got yelled at “Red Sox suckâ€￾ like a hundred times and I swear every time he had a different response that made me laugh. After dinner we went back to my apartment for some coffee. And when I say coffee I mean coffee not anything else.
“Do you want a tour?â€￾ I laughed as I opened the door to my apartment. I promise you I haven’t stopped laughing the whole night.
“Sureâ€￾ he smiled
“Okâ€￾ I smiled, “This is the living room, and this is the kitchen and over there… the dinning roomâ€￾
“Yeah, it’s unbelievable,â€￾ I laughed, “And down this hallway brings you too… dundadaa, the exercise roomâ€￾ I laughed, “It’s very exciting and I’ve been in here maybe once, and then…â€￾
“Wait, wait a secondâ€￾ he held the door open so I couldn’t close it and turned the light back on, “What’s that on the wall?â€￾
I laughed, “I don’t know what you’re talking aboutâ€￾ I said even though I knew what he was talking about. I got a poster of him yesterday and put it on the wall… as a joke of course because he said he had one of me… yeah yeah, I’m a dork.
“Is that… are you serious?â€￾ he laughed and it was so cute because he got all red and he covered his head with his hands
“Now, all I need is one of you when you’re two with your ass sticking out to put next to itâ€￾
Matt bit his bottom lip and shook his head, “You’re a funny girl Sharpeâ€￾
“Thank youâ€￾ I smiled proudly, “Now can we continue the tour?â€￾
“Pleaseâ€￾ he said as he motioned for me to continue.
“Great, over here’s the guest room, and there’s a bathroom in there and over here’s my roomâ€￾ I opened the door so he could look in and then shut it, “And then back to the kitchenâ€￾ I laughed
“Ok, I get the point. Thanks for not making it so obviousâ€￾ he laughed
“Oh anytimeâ€￾ I laughed, “What kind of tea do you want?â€￾
“What are my choices?â€￾
“Pretty much any tea that was ever madeâ€￾
“What do you suggest?â€￾
“Lemon Green?â€￾
“Sounds goodâ€￾ he said as he sat down on the couch, “So Sharpe, do you bless Boston with your presence very often?â€￾
I laughed as I handed him a cup of tea and sat down next to him, “ No, I’ve only been there once and I didn’t really see muchâ€￾
“It’s an amazing cityâ€￾
“I betâ€￾
“You like shopping?â€￾ I nodded my head, “Some of the best stores in the country are in Bostonâ€￾
I laughed, “Really?â€￾
“Oh yeah. A very historical city. And the baseball team… I hear… amazingâ€￾
I laughed, “I hearâ€￾
“So you should come sometime. When I have some time off and I can show you around. And you’ll see what it’s like to be in a city where people don’t hate meâ€￾
I laughed, “I’d like thatâ€￾
“Coolâ€￾ he smiled
“Yeah, coolâ€￾ I smiled
He looked over at the clock, “sh**, its three o’clockâ€￾
“Oh, wowâ€￾
“I have to get going. I have to be at the field at 10:30â€￾
“Oh no, really? Why?â€￾
“Day gameâ€￾
“Oh, what time?â€￾
“Two, you gonna watch?â€￾ he asked with a smile
“Of courseâ€￾ I laughed, I really am addicted to it now, “Well have fun and um… do well?â€￾
“I’ll tryâ€￾ he laughed as I walked him to the door
“I had a lot of fun. Thank youâ€￾
“Good, I’m glad. I had a lot of fun too. Thank youâ€￾ he smiled, “I’m going to call youâ€￾
“Are you?â€￾
“Yes, I amâ€￾ he laughed, “And you’re going to come to Bostonâ€￾
“Is that an order?â€￾
“Pretty muchâ€￾ he laughed, “I’ll call youâ€￾
“Ok, I’ll be waitingâ€￾ I laughed
“Okâ€￾ he said as he went in for the kiss. It was really cute. Like you know when a guy goes in for the kiss for the first time and he’s nervous but you can tell he’s going to do it before he actually does it. It was cute. He took a deep breath as he pulled away, “sh**, alright I’m leavingâ€￾
I laughed as he walked away, “Bye Matt, thank youâ€￾</span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Thu Dec 29, 2005 9:53 am

Awww. I really like Matt. :lol: He hasn't let any inner a**hole tendencies come out yet. And he better not. I want Kat with a good guy. I wonder if Justin knows about this yet. He's the sports-loving kind of guy. He's probably jealous as hell.

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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Sat Dec 31, 2005 12:23 am

<span style='color:blue'>Thanks for reading and Happy New Year! lol here's some more, hope you like it :)

The next day my brother woke me up because the game was on. I don’t know how I slept till one thirty but I did… congratulations to me for being so lazy. But then I felt bad because Matt must be tired too and he had to be up hours ago.
He actually did really bad… haha like he had a lot of errors and didn’t hit or anything. You could tell he was really tired… I felt really bad.
“You should go out with him moreâ€￾ Joey laughed after Matt made another error.
“Stop, you’re making me feel badâ€￾ I laughed, “I swear I had him home by like 3:30â€￾
‘Oh that’s goodâ€￾ Kristen said sarcastically, ‘He probably had to be there by like noonâ€￾
“10:30â€￾ I paused, “But it’s not my fault I didn’t knowâ€￾
“Don’t apologize Kat, I think you need to spend some more time with himâ€￾ Joey laughed
I rolled my eyes as I stood up and answered the door to let Johnny and Gabe in, “Whoa, Johnny wearing jeans? What is going on?â€￾ I laughed as I hugged them both and they sat down in the living room, Johnny never wears jeans he’s always wearing a suit and tie
“We can turn off the game, we already know who wonâ€￾ Joey laughed as he turned it off after I gave him a dirty look.
They’re here to talk about the charity. It’s actually doing really well, like we’re doing well. The whole building is almost done and it’s going to be opening really soon. But we are now trying to think of ways to get more money in. We’ve been taping like the whole thing from the beginning and we’re hopefully going to be able to make it into like a show or TV thingy so we can get people to donate. I really think if people saw what it’s like and what we’re doing they’d help.
“Well we can always do the bracelet thingâ€￾ Johnny suggested
“Yeah, I think so. But can we do it like… more… not rubber bracelets. Like maybe a strand of like cloth or leather or something, and make it tie… I don’t know something cuteâ€￾
“Ok, but that’s going to cost more to make so it’s going to cost more to buyâ€￾ Gabe said as he wrote something down
“We should charge more anyway, like five bucks, how much can it cost to make them? No more than like a dollarâ€￾ Joey said as he stuffed a potato chip in his mouth
“Alright, what else?â€￾
“What about like a concert or something?â€￾ I suggested and Joey laughed, “Why is that funny? I’m serious. Ryan will do itâ€￾
“Of course Ryan will do it, and Justin will do itâ€￾ Joey laughed, “And if we just get Matt a harmonica or something I’m sure he’ll do it tooâ€￾ he paused when I gave him a dirty look, “Now we just have to find a recorder or maybe the kazoo for Adam and we’ll have all your boyfriends togetherâ€￾
“First of all Adam never was my boyfriend, and second of all shut up. I’m seriously thinking about raising money and you’re too busy being an assholeâ€￾ I paused, “All I’m saying is that we can get a lot of people to do it I’m sure. And people will come and we’ll get a lot of money. We’ve just had a lot of singers and stuff that would helpâ€￾
“Like… who besides your ex-boyfriends?â€￾
“I’m going to ignore the assholeness. And there’s a lot of people, like that rapper… what’s his name? He’s been like already giving moneyâ€￾
“Kanye West?â€￾
“Yeah, sureâ€￾
“The one that’s madly in love with you?â€￾ Kristen asked with a chuckle, why is everyone being so mean today?
“He is not shut upâ€￾
“Gabe, did he or did he not call you like 10 times trying to get Kat’s numberâ€￾
Gabe just laughed, “’I’m not taking part of thisâ€￾
I rolled my eyes, “OK, guys seriously can we just stop the whole being stupid thing and focus on what we’re here for? Seriously you guys have like taken the mean pill all of a sudden. Can we just think of some other ways to get money, which is what we’re here for isn’t it?â€￾ everyone was quiet and I laughed because me being mean actually worked, “You guys are such dorks, what are we doing?â€￾
“Alright, what about doing some auction thing or something where the highest bid gets a trip here, we’ll put them up in a hotel they can hang out with you, go to dinner, take them to fashion week or somethingâ€￾ Johnny said, he always comes up with the good ideas
“Yeah. But can we do like a contest too? Like the highest bidder or whatever and then like randomly picking someone. I just like… you know for kids who don’t have enough money. It’s not really fair for some like rich b**** spoiled brat to get it when the kids that want to come could never afford itâ€￾
“And how will that raise money?â€￾
I took a deep breath, “Well can’t we just do something for the good of the people that can’t afford it?â€￾
Johnny nodded his head, “What else?â€￾
“What if you have celebrities donate something, like design a pair of jeans or something and raffle them off?â€￾ I nodded my head
“You just need to get out there and do some publicity for itâ€￾ Johnny said and I just nodded my head even though I knew I had to but I really didn’t want to.
“Like Oprahâ€￾ Gabe said and I think I made a face at me, he laughed, “Yesâ€￾
“I just think that Oprah is going to be like… mean and pryingâ€￾
“If you don’t want to talk about something you just tell herâ€￾
I took a deep breath, I need to just get over myself, “Alright, we can talk about anything but the focus has to be on the charityâ€￾
“Of courseâ€￾</span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Mon Jan 02, 2006 5:09 pm

:lol: They are really busting her ass on the Matt thing. Kat really seems focused on making this charity really work out well and help people. I think it will since she's actually involved and trying to make it the best it can be. :clap:

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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Wed Jan 04, 2006 12:23 pm

<span style='color:blue'>Thanks for reading, here's some more :)

After a few weeks it was finally the opening of the center. I was so excited I couldn’t even control myself. We’ve worked so hard for this and it’s finally happening. It was the first time ever that I was actually ready before everyone got to my place.
“Alright, Gabe, tell me the scheduleâ€￾
“Yes, Ms. Sharpeâ€￾ he said sarcastically, “OK, we’re going to get there and finish setting up. Then Joey’s going to talk, you’re going to talk, Kanye West is going to perform and possibly talk, probably while performing. And then we’re just going to open it up and let the kids explore and have fun. There’s going to be a lot of press there so you’re going to have to do that and once it gets started we’re just going to play with the kids and everything for the rest of the dayâ€￾
“Who else is coming?â€￾
“As far as celebrities?â€￾ I nodded my head, “There’s a bunch of them. Kanye West, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kelly Clarkson, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilsonâ€￾
“Awesome, I’m so excited are you guys pumped?â€￾ I can’t wait to see my brother, I really am so excited. As soon was we got to the center I was really excited when I saw there were already people outside. There was a lot of press and stuff which I already expected but there were a lot of kids too which was awesome. I was honestly a little scared that no kids would show up… how embarrassing would that be? As I walked into the building I saw my brother setting up some stuff and I ran up to him, “Are you so excited?â€￾
“I can’t believe it’s actually happeningâ€￾ he said as he gave me a great big bear hug, “Are you ready?â€￾ I nodded my head, “Do you know what you’re going to say?â€￾
“No idea. But I’ll think of something. Are we all set, what do you want me to do?â€￾
“Uh… just go over the schedule and stuff, Kanye West should be here soon and all the other celebrities. So when they get here I guess you should just go up to them and tell them what’s going on. Thank them and all that jazzâ€￾
“Oh, I willâ€￾ I said as I went ahead and got some stuff together. I was helping set up some chairs when I felt some arms around my waist and turned around to see Ryan’s smiling face, “you scared meâ€￾
“It’s happening, are you freaking out?â€￾
“I’m so excitedâ€￾ I smiled and hugged him, “Thank you so much for comingâ€￾
“Are you kidding, I wouldn’t miss this for the worldâ€￾ he smiled, “What do you want me to do?â€￾
“Um… just help me set up these chairs? I have to go greet… that’s Kanye West right?â€￾
“Yesâ€￾ he laughed after looking behind me, “Go for itâ€￾
“Thank youâ€￾ I smiled as I slowly walked over to Kanye West, “Hello, thanks for comingâ€￾
“How you doing girl?â€￾ he asked me and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek
“I’m great, thank you. Thank you so much for coming and everythingâ€￾
“Of course, it’s a great idea we’re glad we could helpâ€￾
“Do you want to do a sound check or something?â€￾
“Yeah, that’d be goodâ€￾
“Great, let me get someone to help you outâ€￾
Even though we were opening up in literally minutes there was still a lot of stuff that had to be done, because of course we wait till the last possible minute for everything. I finished plugging in the mouse to many computers when I saw Justin walk into the room. I took a deep breath, I totally was not expecting him to come and I haven’t seen him in person since before we broke up. “Hey, I’ve been looking for youâ€￾
“Heyâ€￾ I smiled, “I didn’t know you were comingâ€￾
“Yeah, there’s no way I was going to miss this. The building’s unbelievableâ€￾
“I know, it’s amazing isn’t it?â€￾
“It really is. I’m so happy you got to do this, I’m proud of you, it’s greatâ€￾
“Aww, thanksâ€￾
“How’ve you been?â€￾
“Good, how about you?â€￾
“Good. You must be freaking out huh? It’s finally happeningâ€￾ I nodded my head; I’m really going crazy I just want to do it. He laughed, “I can tell, you’re nervous too huh?â€￾ I nodded my head, “Don’t be, you’re going to be amazingâ€￾ he said as he gave me a hug, “Take a deep breathâ€￾ he laughed as he held onto me tightly, “There’s mostly kids out there and you’re good with kids, don’t worryâ€￾
“Come on Kat, we’re ready to startâ€￾ I heard my brother and pulled away from Justin
“Alright, thanks Justinâ€￾
He nodded his head, “I’ll see you later, go getumâ€￾ he said as he started to massage my neck as I laughed and made my way to the gym.

Once we finished all the speeches and everything we got to just run around with the kids. It was so much fun, they’re all so cute. We gave them all shirts and stuff, it was awesome. “Look at this one over here with the movesâ€￾ I laughed as the cutest little boy, no more than seven years old danced his way through the crowd. When he came up to me he stopped and just danced his little heart out. So I started dancing with him, “Where’s Justin, get Justinâ€￾ he would love this kid. Justin came over and started dancing and beat boxing along with the kid and a couple other ones that were now joining in. It was so much fun. “You’re goodâ€￾ I said after they stopped
“I knowâ€￾ he smiled, so cocky, I love it.
“What’s your name?â€￾ I laughed
“You’re awesomeâ€￾ I laughed and he gave me a hug, “Thank you, did you get some food?â€￾
“There’s food?â€￾
“Yeah Danteâ€￾ I laughed, “There’s a lot of food go eat as much as you wantâ€￾ and he just danced his way over to the food, he’s so happy.
“That kid’s amazing, I want him in my videoâ€￾ Justin laughed once he was gone
“Go get himâ€￾ I laughed
“I will. You did good, are you a little more relaxed now?â€￾
“Yeah, much moreâ€￾ I laughed
“I’m going to go get some food,â€￾ he said as he picked up a random child and put her on his shoulders and ran away with her.
“Hey you, come hereâ€￾ I pointed to a little girl that was not wearing a t-shirt, “Where’s your shirt?â€￾
She shrugged shyly, “I didn’t get oneâ€￾
“Why not?â€￾ she shrugged again, “Well let’s get one, what’s your name?â€￾
“Alright, let’s goâ€￾ I said as I grabbed her hand and went to find her a shirt, “Joey, can you believe no one gave Ms. Stephanie a shirtâ€￾
“Whaaaat?â€￾ he asked as he grabbed a shirt from the box, “Here’s the perfect shirt for you sweetieâ€￾
“Thank youâ€￾
“Your welcomeâ€￾ I smiled, “Let’s go so you can get your hand on the wall ok?â€￾ we walked into the main lobby area and put our hand prints on the wall. I actually came up with the idea; I thought it’d be cool if everyone put their hand print on the wall so they’d all feel like they were part of it. And then there’s a photographer here taking pictures we’re going to put up all over too. It’s going to be really cool. After I put my hand print on the wall I went looking for Justin and Ryan to make sure they put there’s on. I found Ryan in the videogame room, playing with a fifteen year old, taking it very seriously, “Ry, you need to put your hand up thereâ€￾
“Oh yeah, rightâ€￾ he stood up, “I’ll be back bro, hold my spot, don’t think this is overâ€￾
“Thank youâ€￾ I laughed
“Yeah, where am I going? To the front?â€￾
“Yeah, thanksâ€￾ I said as I walked to the gym where I knew Justin would be. He was playing basketball with a bunch of guys. I’m really excited that there’s a lot of older guys here too. That’s what this whole place is really for, to get the teenagers off the streets but I was a little afraid they’d be too cool to come. Hopefully they’ll come back and they’re not just here for the opening. They all stopped playing when I opened the door, “Hiâ€￾ I laughed, “Did you guys put your hand prints up on the wall?â€￾
“Noâ€￾ they all answered together
“Well do you think you could get on that please?â€￾ I asked with a smiled
“Yeah we canâ€￾ one of them spoke up, “If you can get it in,â€￾ he said as he threw the ball at me
“You’re kidding right?â€￾
“Nah, I think he’s serious,â€￾ a different one said and I was seriously scared.
I looked at Justin and he shrugged, “Go for it Katâ€￾
I took a deep breath as I bounced the ball in front of me, “Alright, but if you guys laugh… I’m… I’m going to take away those shirtsâ€￾
“Oh, no, not the shirts!â€￾ they all said sarcastically and I took a deep breath, shot the ball, and actually got it in. God must have been on my side with that because there is no way I could do it again.
“That’s rightâ€￾ I laughed, “You didn’t think I could do it huh? Now go get your hand prints up thereâ€￾ once they left I let out a sigh of relief, that was close I almost made a complete ass out of myself
“You have luck on your side tonightâ€￾ I heard Justin behind me and felt his hands on my shoulders
“What makes you think that was luck?â€￾ I turned around to see his smiling face
“Oh you’re rightâ€￾ he threw his hands up, “I forgot you have natural basketball skillsâ€￾
“That’s rightâ€￾ I laughed as I looked over and saw Trace, where the hell did he come from? “Trace… I didn’t know you were hereâ€￾
“Thanks Katâ€￾ he laughed
“Seriously, you don’t even say hello? Don’t even blame meâ€￾
“Where’s the bathroom in this place?â€￾ Trace asked
“Oh sh**, we totally forgot a bathroomâ€￾ I smiled, “Out there to the leftâ€￾
“Thank youâ€￾
“You’re welcome,â€￾ I said as I sat down on the bleachers, “Do you think they’ll come back?â€￾
“Trace? He better come back he’s my ride homeâ€￾
“No, not Traceâ€￾ I laughed, “The kids that you were playing basketball with. Like the little kids will come back, I know they will. But do you think the older kids are just here because everyone’s here and they’re not going to come back?â€￾
“Nah, they’ll come backâ€￾
“You really think so?â€￾
“Yeah, for sureâ€￾ he nodded his head as he reached to my hair, “You have something… in your hairâ€￾
“Oh… thank youâ€￾ he nodded his head; it is so hot in here. We looked at each other for what seemed like forever and I really thought he was going to kiss me.
“Alrightâ€￾ he let out a deep breath and slapped my lap as he stood up, “I’m going to go get my hand up on that wall, you coming?â€￾
“Yeah,â€￾ I grabbed his hand as he helped me up, “let’s go punkâ€￾</span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Thu Jan 05, 2006 9:26 am

:clap: :clap: What a great event. Everything turned out so well and the center for the kids looks like it's off to a great start. I still think Kat is beyond awesome for wanting to give back to the community and taking so much interest in the center. She's very hands-on.

I thought there was going to be beef between Ryan and Justin, but it looks like they stayed out of each other's hair for the night.

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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Thu Jan 05, 2006 11:31 pm

<span style='color:blue'>thanks for reading :)

“Kat, can we have you talk to Access Hollywood?â€￾ one of the producers said as I walked over to him
“Of course, for Billy Bush the worldâ€￾ I laughed
“Alright, whenever you’re readyâ€￾
“Billy Bush here, with the lovely Kat Sharpe in Harlem New York, opening up the Past the Waves Centerâ€￾
“It’s open Billy, it’s officially openâ€￾
“It’s beautiful, there’s everything here, I’m moving inâ€￾
“I know huh, I don’t want to leaveâ€￾ I smiled, “Thanks for comingâ€￾
“Yeah, of course this is an awesome place I’m not leavingâ€￾
“Thank youâ€￾ I smiled, “Thank you all for donating, it wouldn’t be possible without you. But keep donating, this is only the beginning, we want to build these everywhereâ€￾ I smiled and then went back to cleaning up.
“Stephanie, come hereâ€￾ I whispered to the little girl from before, “You want to take some food home to your family?â€￾ she nodded her head, “Are you going to come back?â€￾ she nodded her head, “You betterâ€￾ I smiled and she gave me a big hug and I wanted to cry right there, it was so cute, “Bye sweetie, I’ll see you next timeâ€￾
“Kat, I’m going to get goingâ€￾ Ryan said as he wrapped his arms around me, “Call me laterâ€￾
“I will, thanks for comingâ€￾
“Of course,â€￾ he kissed my cheek, “I’ll talk to you laterâ€￾
“Byeâ€￾ I said as I continued cleaning up the food when Dante came up to me, “Dancing Dante, you look tiredâ€￾ he nodded his head, “Are you going to go home?â€￾ he nodded his head again; “Take some food home alright?â€￾ I handed him a container and he nodded his head, “You going to come backâ€￾
“Yeahâ€￾ he smiled, “Thank youâ€￾
“Thank you, I’ll see you later thenâ€￾
“Bye Katâ€￾ he gave me a hug and a bunch of the older guys came in with Justin
“You gonna come back superstar?â€￾
“Yeah, I’ll be back, there’s no way it’s over guys, you’re not taking the title, there will be a rematchâ€￾ Justin said as he grabbed the ball from one of their arms and then threw it back
“Are you guys coming back?â€￾ I asked them
“Oh Kat, we will be backâ€￾
“Thanks for coming guysâ€￾ I said as they all left, but one stayed back
“Thanks for doing this. You’re the only person in history that got out of this place and has come back by choice. Thanks for not forgettingâ€￾ he laughed when he saw a tear from my eye, “Is that a tear? Supermodel’s crying?â€￾
I laughed as I pushed him, “Shut upâ€￾
He hugged me, “See you tomorrowâ€￾
“Cool, byeâ€￾
“We’re leaving tooâ€￾ Justin said, “Congratulations on everythingâ€￾
“Thanks for comingâ€￾
“Yeah, we’ll be backâ€￾ he smiled, “Give me a call if you need anything, you know my numberâ€￾
“Yeah, thanksâ€￾ I smiled

“Can you believe Justin and Ryan were in the same building and they didn’t kill each other?â€￾ Kristen asked as we drove home
“I didn’t even think about thatâ€￾ I laughed, “I had so much funâ€￾
“Yeah, it was awesome; did you know Justin was coming?â€￾
I shook my head, “No idea, he’s so weird sometimes. Like last time I talked to him we were literally screaming at each other and then now everything’s ok. It’s just weird, but whatever I’m not going to worry about itâ€￾
“He’s just being civil, maybe he’s turned over a new leaf or somethingâ€￾ she laughed, “Are you just going to sleep or what?â€￾
“Yeah, I’m tired; I’ll talk to you tomorrow?â€￾
“Yeah, alright yeah I’ll talk to you tomorrowâ€￾
“OK, thanks for everything Kristenâ€￾ I gave her a hug and then made my way up to my apartment. I took a deep breath and fell on my couch, I’m so happy its open and I’m so happy it worked out. It’s so exciting. After a couple minutes of thinking and staring at the ceiling I realized that I was already bored and I’m not good at being bored. I picked up my cell phone to call Ryan because I’m very weak and I’m aware of that. I sat down on the counter and took a deep breath when I noticed the Red Sox hat Matt got me and slowly put the phone down. I like Matt a lot but Ryan’s… here. Maybe I could call my brother and he’ll come over and we can watch a movie or something, then I’ll at least get my mind off it or something. I am not going to call Ryan, that’s the goal of the night… don’t call Ryan. I looked in the refrigerator but quickly remembered how full I was and decided on a cup of tea. I sat down tapping my fingers against the table and looking between the phone and the Red Sox hat in front of me. Ok, we’re definitely not exclusive. We haven’t even slept together yet…but I really like him… but he’s Matt Long, the biggest thing in baseball since who knows when, he’s the Michael Jordan of baseball. I’m sure he has a girlfriend in every zip code. I heard my cell phone ring but closed my eyes and said a silent prayer that it wasn’t Ryan because I know if it was him I wouldn’t be strong enough to tell him not to come over. I looked at the caller ID and saw it was Matt and I felt a smile covering my face, “Hello?â€￾
“Hey, are you busy?â€￾
“It’s not too late?â€￾
“No, no wayâ€￾ I smiled as I put the hat on my head and went to my bedroom, “How are you?â€￾
“Good, how are you doing?â€￾
“Goodâ€￾ I smiled, “Where are you?â€￾
“Tampa Florida. is it nice and warm there?â€￾
“Yeah, it’s hotâ€￾
“Did you have a game today?â€￾
“I didâ€￾
“Did you win?â€￾
He laughed, “We didâ€￾
“Good jobâ€￾ I laughed, “Your Tampa girl knows not to keep you out when you have a game the next morning huh?â€￾
“Yeah, she knowsâ€￾ I didn’t say anything because I knew he was seeing other people, “That was a joke… as you can tell I’m a really funny guyâ€￾ he said sarcastically, “It was a jokeâ€￾
“I knowâ€￾
“No you don’tâ€￾ he paused, “But seriously when I’m here we play, sleep and leaveâ€￾
I nodded my head even though he couldn’t see me, “So anywayâ€￾
“Yes, anywayâ€￾ he laughed, “I just wanted to call and tell you I was thinking about youâ€￾ aww that’s cute, “I’m not going to be back in New York for a couple weeks,â€￾
“Yeah, I’m not going to be around that much eitherâ€￾
“Where are you going?â€￾
“Chicago… I have to do uh… Oprahâ€￾
“Oprah?â€￾ he shouted, “Big time huh?â€￾
“Yeah,â€￾ I laughed, “I’m nervous as hell thoughâ€￾
“No, you can take herâ€￾ he laughed, “When are you going to do that?â€￾
“Next weekâ€￾
“I’m going to be in Chicago next weekâ€￾
“Shut upâ€￾
“No seriously. We’re playing the White Soxâ€￾
“Cool then we should meet upâ€￾
“Yeah, definitelyâ€￾
“I’ll have to talk to Gabe because I don’t know exactly what’s going on with itâ€￾
“Yeah, that’s cool we’ll figure it outâ€￾
“Good, I’m excited, you’ll make the dreaded trip less dreadedâ€￾ I laughed a little to cover up the fact that I just admitted that. We’ve been out like two times I’m not supposed to admit that yet.
“Yeahâ€￾ he laughed, “So you never told me you were opening up a centerâ€￾
“Ohâ€￾ I paused, “Are you sure?â€￾
“I would have remembered that. I could have done something to helpâ€￾
“It’s not too lateâ€￾ I laughed, “There’s going to be a whole special on television, and that’s why I’m doing Oprahâ€￾
“Cool, well tell me what I can do and I’ll do itâ€￾
“Thanks, I willâ€￾</span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Mon Jan 09, 2006 1:24 pm

Kat needs some kids of her own. She's so great with them and I think she'd find motherhood fulfilling. Now she just has to figure out which guy to stick with forever and pop those babies out. :lol:

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Postby IDIDTHEJRT » Mon Jan 09, 2006 4:39 pm

<span style='color:blue'>Thanks again for reading :)
Here's some more

A week later I was sitting in the green room getting the finishing touches on my hair waiting to go on Oprah. I was more nervous than I had ever been in my entire life. I decided that I’m going to just be honest and answer everything she asks. If she asks about Ryan I’ll tell her about Ryan, if she asks about Justin I’ll tell her about Justin. I’m not going to be mean about it but I’m not going to lie either. It’s time I get these things off my chest and people stop looking at me like I’m a hoe. I was ready to cry from nerves before I even set foot on the stage.
When she introduced me I took a deep breath before walking out there to a standing ovation of the best-dressed audience I’ve ever seen. Oprah hugged me and I sat down on the couch, and the audience was still cheering, I don’t get why. Honestly, they’re not really my prime audience.
“How are you, thanks for coming?â€￾
“Thank you for having me. I’m so nervous, I’m like shakingâ€￾
“Why? Don’t be nervous,â€￾ she said as she rested her hand on mine to stop it from shaking and it actually worked, it made me a little calmer.
“I’m ready for you Oprah. I have my tissues and waterproof mascara,â€￾ I laughed slightly and she laughed.
“Where to start… how about the beginning? You were born in New York?â€￾
“Yes, in Harlemâ€￾
“Tell us about your parentsâ€￾
“Okâ€￾ I took a deep breath; pretty sure I was going to start crying already, “My mother’s from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro area. My father is from right outside of London. Um they met…â€￾ I paused, “Do you want to know that stuff?â€￾
She laughed, “Yes, tell us everythingâ€￾
“Ok I just didn’t want to get your boredâ€￾ I laughed slightly, “They met in Brazil. My father was on vacation and my mother was working at the hotel her family owns. They fell in love at first site and um… wanted to get married. Her parents said if she got married they would disown her, but she did…and so did theyâ€￾
“They disowned her?â€￾ I nodded my head, “Has she talked to them since?â€￾
I shook my head, “My um… my mother wrote to them every week but um… she never got a responseâ€￾ here we go I was crying already… not even 2 minutes into the interview I’m already crying, “I’m sorryâ€￾ I laughed as I wiped my eyes, “Already you got me crying. It just meant so much to her. She wrote so much and she was so upset that they never repliedâ€￾ I paused again, “Anyway, moving on. They moved to NY, to Harlem,â€￾
“And you didn’t have a lot of money?â€￾
“No, we didn’t have any moneyâ€￾ I laughed slightly, “Like we literally had nothing. We had one bed for the five of us, and it was just a mattress on the ground. It had to be on the ground because there were shootings and stray bullets would go through windows all the timeâ€￾
“What was it like growing up in a place like that?â€￾
I took a deep breath, it’s impossible to explain that, “I don’t even know how to explain it. It’s just scary. Like you grow up with this constant fear that you could just get shot for walking down the street and no one would even notice enough to do anything about it. I mean, I remember going to bed not knowing if I was even going to wake up the next morning. And part of you hopes that you don’t so you don’t have to live like that anymoreâ€￾ I paused to wipe my eyes again, “You just spend all your time wishing that you could get out of thereâ€￾
“How old were you when your mother passed away?â€￾
“I was eightâ€￾ I paused while the tears kept coming, “It was really hard because I was the oldest girl so I felt like it was my job to do the motherly things. Like my sister, she was only 6, and I felt like it was my job to take care of her but I didn’t even know how. There were so many ways I wanted to help her but I didn’t know what to say or what to doâ€￾ I paused and looked over at my sister and my brother who by now were crying too. I can’t believe I’m saying this on national television when I’ve never even admitted it to myself. “And I’m still like that, and it’s so unbelievably annoying and I know that Emily, and I’m sorryâ€￾ I laughed. Oprah laughed a little and wiped her eyes, well good I’m glad I made Oprah cry if she’s making me cry.
“And what about your brother?â€￾
“My brother… oh godâ€￾ here we go, “I don’t… OKâ€￾ I took a deep breath, “The neighborhood that we grew up in was a horrible neighborhood, and it’s even worse now. There were shootings all the time; we went to sleep hearing bullets every night. I mean it was like we ran home from school in the winter when it got dark out early because we did not want to be stuck outside in the dark. So we were walking home from school one day and um… a bunch of guys came up to us, shot my brother’s best friend and killed him and then beat up my brother and put the gun in his hand and made it look like he did it. And like, there were never cops around ever, but for some reason, that day there were cops. They locked him up so fast he couldn’t even explain what happenedâ€￾
“How long was he in jail for?â€￾
“He was sentenced to 20 years but he got out after a lawyer took interest in his case and was able to prove his innocence after 9 yearsâ€￾
“Wow, what was that like?â€￾
“It was so scary and… I don’t even know how to explain it. I mean I was there, my sister and I were there, we saw the whole thing, we knew he didn’t do it. It was so scary to think that he was in jail. And not only that, he was like my saving grace you know. I mean he still is, but I mean he’s my best friend he was my hero and he was goneâ€￾
“What did you do whey they took him away?â€￾
“We ran home and told my father. And he ran out, he told us to stay home, lock the doors, and don’t leave or anything and he ran out. I remember watching him from the window running down the street. He ran to the jail and you know, he fought to get his boy backâ€￾
“And it didn’t work?â€￾
“No, they wouldn’t even let him in. they threatened to arrest him too if he wouldn’t leave and you know, he couldn’t leave us aloneâ€￾
“And then your father died?â€￾
“Yeah. When dad died we came home and found him lying thereâ€￾ I paused and wiped my eyes, “And we went to the neighbors and hours later people came and took the body and my sister and I in this car. They didn’t tell us where we were going or what was happening, we didn’t get to take anything except what we were wearing, we didn’t get to say goodbye to my brother nothing. All they told us was that we were going to be together but we didn’t even believe themâ€￾
“How did your parents die?â€￾
“I… don’t even know. I know Mom was sick the hospitals there were just so crowded and dirty, there was no way she could have gotten help there. That’s what makes it so hard because I know it was something that could have been helped with a little medicine but we couldn’t afford it. If we had a little more money she would have been able to get the medicine she needed and she’s probably still be hereâ€￾
“Do you still miss her?â€￾
“Oh God yes, every day. She was such a wonderful person and she taught me so much. I learned everything from her,â€￾
“How did your father pass away?â€￾
“We don’t knowâ€￾ I shrugged, “He worked himself too hard I think, but he had to. He was always working and we didn’t have money but he always made sure we had at least something to eat, so he didn’t always have something to eat, at least not enoughâ€￾
“Then you got adopted?â€￾
“No, well we were in foster homes for a couple years. And then we finally got adopted by the most wonderful people in the worldâ€￾ I laughed when I looked over at them, “Jackie and Matt. They’re our angelsâ€￾ I smiled, “That’s what we call them, our real angels. I was seventeen; my sister was fifteen, which does happen very often that you get adopted at that age. I mean people want little babies, no one wants annoying teenagers,â€￾ I laughed, “But they saved usâ€￾
“We’ll be right backâ€￾ we went to commercial and Oprah thanked me for being so honest and saying everything I had said. She really is like a therapist or something because she makes you feel comfortable even though there’s an audience of a couple hundred people in front of you as well as millions of people watching at home, “We’re here with Kat Sharpe, now tell us, when did you start modeling and how did you get discovered?â€￾
“I was seventeen and I was on the beach actually and this man came up to us and asked me if I modeled. After the initial laughter and shock I told him pretty much to get a life and get away from me,â€￾ I laughed, as did the audience, “But he gave me his card and really wanted me to get involved and call him I was really reluctant at first, I didn’t want to model, it was nothing I had ever even imagined doing. I was more of a tomboy, I mean I still am, I’m not girly girly. But um, you know, I needed money honestlyâ€￾ I laughed, “I thought I’d try itâ€￾
“And the man that discovered you?â€￾
“Oh he’s now my managerâ€￾ I laughed, “He worked with Abercrombie and Fitch when I started and then he left with me to be my manager. Johnny Jackson, the best manager ever. He has some weird faith in me that I still to this day do not understand. I owe everything to himâ€￾
“Did you love it as soon as you started?â€￾
“Noâ€￾ I laughed, “Not at all. I thought it was really fake and I didn’t like how materialistic and shallow it isâ€￾ I laughed, there goes my career, “I do love it now, I promise. But it took a lot of getting used toâ€￾
“How did Victoria’s Secret come along?â€￾
“You know I just got the offer. I don’t know how it happened, they were looking for models and Johnny sent them some pictures and it just happenedâ€￾
“Did you know you wanted it right away?â€￾
“No, no way. I was so scared. I mean, I wasn’t comfortable with my body at that point, I really didn’t think I could walk down a runway in my panties and bra, I felt like I should just go out there naked or something. But they talked me into it. That first runway show was so scary and I honestly still have nightmares about itâ€￾
“And you started off as just a runway model and then you graduated into catalogue? How does that work?â€￾
“Um, yeah I started as runway because that’s like ‘my thing’ they sayâ€￾ I laughed, “And then I did catalogue at the same time. The commercials came later. I mean, for some crazy reason I still don’t understand people found something about me they liked and I kept getting more offersâ€￾
“What do you mean you don’t understand it?â€￾
“Oh I still have no idea why I’m even here. I mean I’m sitting on a couch with Oprah, why? I don’t get things, I mean… I feel like people are going to figure me out. I’m a fake and I’m just waiting for the day when everyone realizes that and I go back to my small houseâ€￾
“How are you a fake?â€￾ she asked with a slight laugh
“It’s just like the people in this business are so talented and worked so hard to get to where they are and I’m not. Like what’s my talent? I can walk a runway? Whoa… yay. I can walk,â€￾ I laughed
“We’ll be right backâ€￾ as we went to commercial she gave me a little pep talk that I am talented and yada yada yada. “Let’s talk about Ryanâ€￾
“Oh here we go,â€￾ I laughed slightly
“Ryan Morrison, lead singer of the band Pivot, how did you meet?â€￾
“It was actually on the set of his video. The director was treating me like a dumb model, which we get a lot, and I was sick of it and actually stood up for myself for onceâ€￾ I laughed, “And Ryan was there and I felt really bad after I said everything and I kind of scared the director and he just made me feel better and we just clicked right awayâ€￾
“How long after you met where you engaged?â€￾
“A yearâ€￾
“And then the engagement was called off?â€￾ I nodded my head, “He cheated?â€￾ I nodded my head again, “What was that like?â€￾
I shrugged, “It was… like my whole world came crashing down. I thought that finally things would work out for me… but they didn’tâ€￾
“And it took a long time for you to deal with that? To get over him?â€￾
I nodded my head, “Every man that I had ever loved had left me. My father left me when he died, my brother left me when he went to jail. Ryan left me. It was hard for me to trust people again, it still is hard for me to get close enough to trust peopleâ€￾
“And there was so much publicityâ€￾
“Yeah, it’s like everyone was focused on it which made it so much harder. Because you think you’re over it, and then you turn on the TV and there’s pictures of us together or pictures of him with another girl, it’s just hardâ€￾
“And then you found Justin Timberlakeâ€￾
“Yeah, Justin was like my saving grace. He really helped me get through things and helped me deal with the way I was feeling. He had been through so much that I was going through so I could relate to himâ€￾
“So how long after you met before you started dating?â€￾
“Umâ€￾ I laughed slightly, “The truth? The first night after we met we hung out together. It wasn’t a date at all, in fact I made a complete fool out of myself and vented to him the whole time. I felt like I could tell him anything and I’d known him forever. I definitely didn’t think I would ever see him again after that, because I was honestly so annoying and like pathetic I was sure I’d scared him away. So it was a couple meetings later, maybe like a month before we actually started dating. But it was a secret thing. I knew how much the publicity ruined or made my relationship with Ryan so difficult and I didn’t want to go through that again. And Justin had been in relationships too in the past that were in the public eye so we didn’t want to go through that againâ€￾
“So when you say secret…â€￾
“Oh like nobody knew, not even my friends or family,â€￾ I laughed, “It worked out for awhile actually we were good at sneaking around. Jim, my security guard asked me about it one day and I was so surprised because I thought no one knew, but he was the only oneâ€￾
“And then you got back with Ryan?â€￾
“Yeahâ€￾ I paused, “Things were moving too fast with Justin and I was still at the point where I was not ready for a relationship. So we stopped our secret relationship thing and then I saw Ryan again. It was the first time I had seen him in months and he kissed me and I felt like we were still togetherâ€￾
“And then you got back with Justin?â€￾
“Yesâ€￾ I laughed, “It’s like a soap opera or something huh? Justin and I got back together, we were both ready for it this time and it all worked outâ€￾
“And then you broke up? What happened?â€￾
I took a deep breath, “It was just a lot of stress and we were both really busy and had a lot going on and were on different sides of the country it just didn’t work outâ€￾ And he was an ass… but I left that last part out.
“And then you got back with Ryan?â€￾
“Noâ€￾ I laughed, “We didn’t get back together after that we just got close again and became friends again. It’s really hard to explain the relationship we have, it’s crazy. Ryan’s like my boy… he has my back no matter what and I have his. We have this weird like soul mate thing that we can always be ourselves around each other and he’s really one of the people I feel most comfortable around. He’s a really great person. And I know he’s been getting a lot of bad publicity in the past but it’s really insane because he’s an amazing person. He’s made some mistakes but we all haveâ€￾
“And now you’re dating Matt Long, short stop for the Boston Red Sox?â€￾
“How do you even know about that?â€￾ I laughed and I know I turned bright red, the audience was all laughing too and I thought I was going to die, “This is an example of crazy mediaâ€￾ I laughed, “It’s embarrassing, people make a big deal out of things before they even become a big deal. I’ve dated Matt… I mean we’ve been out a couple times. We just met not too long ago, so… we’re not boyfriend girlfriend,â€￾ I laughed I don’t even know what I’m saying, “Who knows, I mean we dated before maybe someday… who knows?â€￾ please change the subject.
She went to another commercial and came back to talk about the charity, which was actually the point, “Alright let’s get to the charityâ€￾
“Yes, pleaseâ€￾ I laughed slightly
“Tell us about itâ€￾
“Ok, it’s called Past the Wavesâ€￾
“Where did that come from?â€￾
“It’s something my father always told us growing up. You know the saying; if you look past the waves you’ll see the ocean. If you look past the hard, rough times you’ll see life as a whole and it’s beautifulâ€￾
“I love that saying, it’s beautifulâ€￾ I nodded my head, “If you look past the waves you’ll see the oceanâ€￾
“Yeahâ€￾ I smiled, “So basically what we’re doing is we’re building these centers for kids to go to in the inner cities where they can be safe and get off the streets. We have built one so far, in Harlem right where we grew up, and it’s really spectacular. It’s made more of a difference than you can even imagine. We never even expected to get as many people as we have. The kids love going to it, they don’t want to leaveâ€￾
“What kind of things do you have for them?â€￾
“We have a gym, games, computers, movies, homework help, tutors, they can get dinner. I mean there’s really anything that they can do. And if they come up with ideas we arrange it if we can. I mean, for example, a group of fourteen year olds came up with the idea that they wanted to learn Latinâ€￾
“Wait, what?â€￾ she asked and the audience laughed
“I know. Where they came up with that is beyond me. And just the fact that these kids who are fourteen years old want to learn Latin is amazing to me. And it also brings so much hope to the world for those people who think these quote unquote problem children don’t want to do anything in life except drugs and violence. They’ve never had the means to learn Latin, I mean where are they going to learn Latin?â€￾
“Did you get someone to teach those kids Latin?â€￾
“Yes, we did. We got a Latin professor from NYU to help out and he meets with these kids a couple hours a week and they’re learning and they’re loving itâ€￾
“Ok we have a video of you there?â€￾
“Yeah, we filmed the whole process from the planning, to the building and the actual opening. So you can see the whole thing and how much it’s really helping the kidsâ€￾
“And that’s going to be on television?â€￾
“Yes, it’s playing on ABC next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, it’s three day thing, 9 to 10. And then I believe it’s on Sundayâ€￾ I paused and looked over at Gabe and Joey who were nodding their heads, “Yes Sunday they’re playing the whole thing from 7 to 10â€￾
“Now you’re building other centers?â€￾ she asked after showing the clip
“Yes. We’re working on one in LA now, and we want to keep going and build as many as we can all over the country, you know Miami, Chicago, more in New York and LAâ€￾
“That’s so wonderful, what can we do to help?â€￾
“Alright there’s so much you can do and every little bit helps so much. If you go to the website, there’s links to all the ways that you can help. It tells you exactly where your money will go, like it tells you a five dollar donation will do this, a 500 dollar donation will do that. Um. You can buy the bracelets,â€￾ I said as I held up my arm to show them
“Yes, and everyone is wearing these bracelets, I mean I went to an event last week and Tom Hanks had one on, I saw on TV Kanye West was wearing oneâ€￾
“Yeah, a lot of people are getting involved it’s been wonderful. Kanye West was actually there the opening day and he put on a concert and was wonderful the kids were so excitedâ€￾
“That’s great, so they can get the bracelets online?â€￾
“Yes, they’re only ten dollars. And 100 percent of the profits go to the charity. It’s not one of those shady things, I promise you the money goes straight to the kids. You can see pictures of the kids and everything. It’s really helping and I really think we can make a difference with thisâ€￾
“You know Kat, you’re a great girl and I’m really glad that you’re doing thisâ€￾
“Oh no, thank you, it’s the least I can doâ€￾
“Now you’ve been working on this charity for awhile but why are we just hearing about it now?â€￾
“You know, it started off just me basically doing it, I didn’t extra publicity and I hate how celebrities use charities to make them look better. But everything’s costing a lot more than we ever imagined and we want to branch out and build more centers so now we need everyone’s helpâ€￾</span>

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That was great background info. to see how far Kat has really come. Gosh. Such a brave woman to make it through the hardship. :clap:

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