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Postby laura » Wed Mar 22, 2006 10:09 am

<span style='font-family:Times'>aw sod it, im here i may as well post it, this is ladies....

THANKUTHANKUTHANKUUUUUUUU SO much for reading this and loving it as much as i have loved writing it, as my fics go this is def, in my top 3!!! I adored it, i loved writing the characters and all their screwed up way, it was SOOO much fun. And even more fun to see what you thought of them!
Thanks again for reading, love ya! Muah!


When I got back to Los Angeles I expected her to call and tell me that she’d tested Kate and realised she was wrong, I was right I love you lets have babies…but she didn’t. I mean not one single call in over a month.

We were entering December and still nothing, I was on the verge of giving up when Trace came bursting into the kitchen with what he considered “newsâ€￾

“So I was at star bucks on Wilshire right…getting my usual when I banged into this tiny little blonde.â€￾

“Ahuh…â€￾ I continued peeling my potatoes. “And?â€￾

“She turns around to cuss me out, and guess who it is?â€￾

if he says Cameron Diaz ill kill him, that b**** has been after me for months….


“Nikki.â€￾ I almost cut myself.

“Nikki….Nikki Johnson…â€￾

“Yeah, she's here in LA. Living apparently….â€￾

“What??? Are you sure?â€￾

<span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-family:Times'>
At last my love has come along
My lonely days are over

He rolled his eyes at me and sat at the breakfast nook “well considering we sat and talked for like an hour, yeah im pretty sure.â€￾

He was gonna make me dig for info, I knew the smug look.


“and she's got an appartment near here, in fact its like ten minute drive….on the complex at sunset, the posh end- her company set it up for her…..she says its swish!â€￾

“Trace I don’t care what her place looks like, how long has she been here?â€￾

“Few weeks, she just moved into her place, apparently she got a transfer….she didn’t say why but I think it MAY have had something to do with you….i may be wrong.â€￾ He sblacked.

I felt awkward “well…did she…I mean did she say anything…you know about…me…â€￾

“God, what are you 12….of course she did, she said she was gonna call but she wanted to be settled in first, with her place and job an all…she said she just didn’t have time to “dealâ€￾ with her issues with you, and that she wanted to do it right.â€￾

“Wow. That's NOT good, issues?….No one says issues in a good way.â€￾

“The rolling stone people do…â€￾ he smiled.

“Shut it….seriously…um…okay what do I do man, this is weird territory for meâ€￾

“Id wait, I mean she seemed really busy and stressed, the last thing you wanna do is add to that only for her to blow up on you again. If you want another shot with her then wait for her to make the first move…that's what id do anywayâ€￾

“Yeah but you’d also hook up with a newly separated woman and convince her to divorce her husband, not something ID do…â€￾

Id given it some serious thought, I really had. It had taken me all of a…hour to do what I did. I needed to see her, for real…I needed to know if she found her “friendâ€￾ out. So I gotten her address out of Trace and went there. I swear in the longest time id never felt such nerves. It creeped up on me like nothing id ever felt before. Her building was nice, it seemed fairly upscale, and it had a door man which was rare that part of town.

I didn’t need permission to enter or anything like that, but judging by the girl behind the counters response to me, it wouldn’t have been difficult.

I think he name was heather, she seemed sweet….i almost made her spill her water when I approached the desk.

It was funny.

When I got to her door, 342 I almost turned to head home again. I realised I hadn’t really thought it through, I mean I had this romantic idea in my head that maybe she’d moved her to be near me, to forgive and forget….for us.

Then again she might still hate my guts, not know the truth and throw me out.

Oh the pressure…

But I knocked….it was now or never.

There was a shuffle at the door and then she answered, in her sweats with her hair in two small plaits into her head.


“Hi…I um…well…welcome…to LA.â€￾

She smiled, “are you my welcome tour guide then?â€￾ she opened the door wider to let me in, I saw that all her things were either still in boxes or half out of them.

“Um I could be if you need that, ive been here a while now…if you ever get lost…you know where I am…â€￾

She laughed “somehow that doesn’t fill me with any warmth, I spent some “qualityâ€￾ time in a car with your ass remember, not the best in the direction department if I recall.â€￾


She sat down, “sit…â€￾

“You been here long?â€￾

“Um no, few weeks, I requested a transfer from new York, short of Europe this is the only base on the west coast, so here I am…â€￾

“You like it here?â€￾ I was stalling I know but I was shocked that we were having an actual conversation…

“It’s different, I feel so pale here for some reason, oh and my boobs are TEENY compared to some of those plastic fantastic ladies ive seen…â€￾

I just laughed, “I know some of em are weird though, it’s scary what they think of as beauty.

There was that awkward un-fill able silence that we just couldn’t seem to fill, it was meant to be filled with the questions…but neither of us we willing to ask them.



She sighed, I shifted in my seat….then she broke the silence.

“Justin I confronted Kate…well I tricked her really…she…well I…Im sorry that I didn’t believe you before. I really am, its just she's been with my forever, and I really did trust her….not to say that I shouldn’t have trusted you, I should have…that's my mistake….but yeah she admitted it and I sort of kind of got her fired.â€￾ She looked almost sad, but I couldn’t help but laugh out loud

“How in the hell did you get her fired????â€￾

<span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-family:Times'>And life is like a song

At last the skies above are blue

“your not allowed “contactâ€￾ with the clients in anyway other than what is deemed professional…the only professional contact she and her clients had was that of the hooker variety….so yeah I ratted her out, but I had to…the b**** screwed us over….â€￾
“is that why you wanted to leave NYC?â€￾

“In a part that's why, on the other hand LA…I liked it…it seemed nice and I needed a change of scene….â€￾

“Did I have anything to do with your decision?â€￾

She visibly shifted in her seat when I asked her that. “I thought about you, being here…me being here…yeah so in a way yes you did influence it a little…but it was more so for me than anything else….â€￾

I nodded, I was glad I wasn’t the sole reason but also glad I had something to do with it.

It gave me hope.

“Well I just wanted to say hi…that's why I came over here…Trace told me…â€￾

“I figured he would, that's why I gave him my address….â€￾ She smiled “Im really glad you came to see me J…its nice to see a familiar face in all this newness.â€￾

“I know what you mean when I first moved here, the only comfort I had was Trace….you have to know how hellish that was….but um…look im glad you know the truth about me and Kate – or the lack there off…but just know that im only a call away if you need me okay???â€￾

She smiled again; she was doing that a lot.

“I will….â€￾

<span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-family:Times'>And my heart was wrapped up in clover
The night I looked at you

A week after he showed up at my door id called him, it was my first night off since id gotten to the city and I asked him to be my guide.

It was my not so sneaky way of asking him out. He said “yesâ€￾ like right away so that put me completely at ease, he picked me up and we went driving, we did the whole tourist thing. It was fun, then not so fun when we got tagged by paps but we managed to shake them, and headed to dinner at this nice small – I assumed exclusive restaurant.

Finally a chance to set the record straight.

“I don’t want to sound like a broken record Justin, but I am so sorry for everything that went down with us before.â€￾

“Don’t…you don’t have –“

“No, I know I don’t but I do….i messed up even before Kate and her evil ways….i fell in to my old ways, and even though I knew what I was doing was wrong I did it anyway…so in that respect I get what Kate was trying to do, she was trying to gain control….see…one of my problems was just that – control….i didn’t have any when I was with youâ€￾

“I beg to differ, I have bruises to prove otherwise…â€￾ he laughed

“you know what I mean, being in love….it made me…well I just didn’t know how to deal and that's the only thing I knew id have control over, weird logic I know…â€￾

“No it makes sense; it’s ME your talking too remember."

I just….didn’t want to get so lost in you, us…that id forget who I was, what I wanted….i didn’t want to give something up, then realise later on that maybe things weren’t worth it…but I see now, im not my mother, that's what I was really afraid of. Becoming her, becoming my parents….since rehab…things have fallen into place for me, I know now that ill never be her – thank god.â€￾

“Nikki your nothing like your mother, nothing….ive known that.â€￾

“but I didn’t, that was part of the problem…the other was that I refused to address my flaws….everything that ive done, right back from us way back then, when I did what I did…to our baby…to everything…most of all myself.â€￾

“and now? You think you’ve got a handle on all of that? you think you can deal??â€￾

“I…Yeah I think im getting there….â€￾

<span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-family:Times'>I found a dream that I can speak to
A dream that I could call my own


“Well come on already, tell us…we’ve all waiting dad…what are you most thankful for???â€￾

As I sat around the table that held my dad, his new girlfriend – as weird as that was, Lynn, Paul, J, Sadie Bill we all did the “Im most thankful forâ€￾ my dad was last.

“well sweetheart, I am most thankful for….second chances, a chance that you might have missed…be it in love…â€￾ he look at his lady friend, “be it in family….â€￾ He looked at me “or in your self….its important to give people a second change, now if they mess that up….â€￾ He laughed as we all did “they might just be too dumb, and need a little more help…but for now, that's what im thankful for – second chances.â€￾

Justin took my hand from under the table, we’d been sneaking around the entire two days we’d been home….i swear it was like we we’re 16 again.

“Ill second that….â€￾ everyone noticed, his mom smiled and whispered something to my dad? “Second chances….Now lets tuck in….â€￾


All throughout dinner, we all engaged in polite conversation – its was the thing to do. No matter how boring it was, we just existed. It was nice.

“Are you two….a what do you call it…â€￾ my dad began nodding me to his side “a “thingâ€￾ â€￾

“Daddy, a ‘thing’…careful you may just fall into our culture yet….â€￾ He looked bewildered “no, we’re not a thing….hes…my boyfriend…official title.â€￾

“Really? But I thought you two never really liked each other?â€￾ he smiled knowingly.

I saw him mingle with his dad in the back ground….

“No we didn’t, really…we didn’t. But I don’t know – things…people change right dad, and in this case it’s for the better…â€￾

“Do you love him? I think you love him…â€￾ I blushed, I didn’t mean to – I just wasn’t expecting the question so out right.

“I…yeah I do – very much so….â€￾ He smiled wider at that, “what daddy….â€￾

“Well I just, im happy to see you like this to see YOU happy…it makes such a nice change, and if he's the boy to do that for you, then I fully approve.â€￾


“Yes…it’s not like I don’t already know his background sweetheart – ive worked with Paul for years…â€￾

I always forgot that part. It was nice he agreed on my decision, not like id go back on it if he didn’t you understand…but it was just nice that he liked him.

“Thanks daddy.â€￾ I kissed him on the cheek and went on search for said boyfriend.

“OOH sweetheart??â€￾ I heard from the kitchen as I headed for the door. It was Lynn.

“Hey there…come sit with me for a second.â€￾ She smiled welcoming me to the dinette table. A table covered in notes and contracts…papers. It was her work station; I don’t think she believed in desks.

“Sure, is something wrong?â€￾

“No, of course not….its just – ive been talking to my son. Mostly about you young lady.â€￾

Uh oh.

<span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-family:Times'>I found a thrill to press my cheek to
A thrill that I have never known</span></span>

“Really, is that a bad or good thing???â€￾ I asked her more nervously that id ever asked anything before.

“Well he's been telling me everything that's gone on between you two, lately and things that have happened not so lately…â€￾ she closed her eyes a little longer than she should have it meant only one thing – she knew.

“I see…Lynn I would have told you, its just…its been something that has been the source of so much pain that I didn’t really want to address it, I mean the idea that you would be disa-“

“Sweetheart, no…I mean yes he told me about…the baby, but I understand it…I do.â€￾

“You do????â€￾

“Yes, given your circumstances then and the fact that your mother…was…well your mother, I get it…I was shocked sure of course. But see he also told me everything else you’ve been through these last few months and I just want to tell you that no matter what happens with you and my knuckle head of a son, that im here for you… I always will be here…you’re the daughter I never had Nicola…â€￾

Yeah that's my full name, don’t tell anyone okay?

“Lynn….â€￾ I felt that sting of tears, but I was determined not to let them loose. No I was not going to cry.

“Don’t say anything okay cause I might mess up my makeup…and I can’t do that ive desert to serve.â€￾ She pulled me in for a quick hug, “Now young lady get your ass out on the deck…he wants to talk to you…but everyone keeps cornering him in here, that's where he's hiding.â€￾

“Thanks lynn…â€￾ I added before heading for the side door on to the patio.


Id been hiding out in the garden for about twenty minutes when the door swung open, “hey you, I take it you saw my mom?â€￾

“No, the tracking device I had installed in you is now up and active…no need to worry ever again.â€￾ She laughed taking off her black baker boy cap and sitting on the swing with me.

“Funny, but did you see her?â€￾

“Yes, and she told me that she knows…all of it…â€￾ she lowered her head; she always did that when she was embarrassed.

<span style='font-family:Times'>[I]
You smiled, and then the spell was cast
And here we are in heaven

“She’s okay with it you know??? She gets that it’s in the past and that we’re most importantly, over itâ€￾

She nodded and leaned into my embrace, it was cold outside I didn’t blame her.

“I know but it doesn’t make it any better though does it…â€￾

“No…â€￾ I answered her honestly – softly.

We were silent for a few minutes the only things I heard we’re someone’s dog barking and some birds chirping. She linked her freezing hand in mine

“I love you.â€￾

That made me smile; we’d been avoiding any talks of the love, love, and love variety since we got back on track. Neither of us wanted to rush things, we just couldn’t, not if we wanted to pace ourselves.

I looked at her, her rosy cheeks in the cold air and her bright eyes just looking back, “I love you too, so much….â€￾ I laughed, I had too.

“What???â€￾ she squinted at me?

“Nothing…I…just, this is funny right?â€￾

“What is??? Tell me!!!â€￾ she playfully punched me in the arm…

“Well, think about us…between now and then, whoever would have put you and I together? Of all people…â€￾

She laughed with me, “yeah I know…what were they thinking right? They must have been crrr-azy.â€￾

“They were thinking something though, we’re here aren’t we???â€￾

“Yeah, we’re here….we made it…at last.â€￾

<span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-family:Times'>And you are mine at last </span></span>

The end…..


LYRICS: Ella Fitzgerald AT Last.

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Postby Angelpopstar7 » Wed Mar 22, 2006 12:03 pm

I had no idea you had updated until you emailed me this morning. I'll get on it ASAP but it might take me a while because there's a lot of reading to do. :lol:

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Wed Mar 22, 2006 12:42 pm

:wub: :wub: :wub: "At Last" is one of my all-time favorite songs. It always manages to make me smile and it worked perfectly with the ending of this story.

They finally worked past all of the obstacles and were free to be in love ... AT LAST! Took 'em long enough, but I think they both realize how much they mean to one another. They could never be apart after all they've been through.

What a pleasure it has been to read this story. Thanks for sharing your work. You know I'll be begging you for more stories until the end of time or until you get sick of writing them, which I hope is never. I need my fiction! :lol:

I think he name was heather, she seemed sweet….i almost made her spill her water when I approached the desk.

Hmmmm. Sounds like someone I know. :rofl: :rofl: (I'd do it too, girl).

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Postby Angelpopstar7 » Thu Apr 06, 2006 12:35 pm

I finally finished! :yay: See I said I'd be done by the end of the week. :rofl:

I think he name was heather, she seemed sweet….i almost made her spill her water when I approached the desk.

Hmmmm. Sounds like someone I know. :rofl: :rofl:  (I'd do it too, girl).

:rofl: That is sooo something I would do. In fact, I believe I've done something quite similar to that in the past. I've done everything from running into doors, talking into volleyball nets, you name it I've done it. :rofl:

But onto the story. I'm soooo sad to see it end. I really loved everything Nikki and Justin went though. And even though Kate was a b!tch and tried to break them up, in the end she lost the battle. That's too funny that Nikki got her fired....although home girl had it coming to her. If she would have lied to me about my man like that, her @ss would be living on the streets. Okay maybe not the streets but I'd deff get her fire. I'm cruel aren't I?

Anyways, Lynn is the version of a true Southern women. I mean how many can you see being okay with that fact that one of their grandchildren wasn't here because the child's mother had a miscarriage. I know all of the grandmas I know, if their daughter/sons girlfriend/whatever had an abortion, they'd be balistic because it's their flesh and blood. But Lynn can overcome and see how much it really hurt her to have to do that. That's a good woman. :nod:

And I loved how the lyrics in the last chapter were from At Last. I mean it fit their love perfectly. At last, they're finally together where they belong. Though everything they've been through, they've pulled through stronger then ever. :wub: :wub:

Hopefully you'll have part 2 some day (maybe a wedding and some kids hint hint) but whatever you write I'll take. Anyways, awesome story as usual mah dear. :hug: :blowkiss:

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